Dragon Crisis

January 22, 2012

The only reason you should watch Dragon Crisis is Rie Kugimiya. Okay, so that is my opinion. But really, otherwise there is nothing extraordinary that makes this action-adventure with some love-comedy-romance stand out from the rest of any other animes in this series. Don’t know who this Rie girl is? Well, unless you’re new to the world of anime, Rie Kugimiya (to me of course) is the best voice for any tsundere loli characters. Enough said. Please note that I am not an obsessed fan of her but when she goes into this kind of mode, it makes the character cute and moe, no matter how annoying or irritating the character is.

So the basic premise of the story is something like this. Normal kid, Ryuuji Kisaragi‘s life will soon become anything more than plain and ordinary when he starts getting involved in the dangerous world of Lost Precious. The series starts off by throwing lots of terms that I feel weren’t explained clearly for viewers like me to understand. If it was so, why the heck do I need to go off searching through other sites to find out what it means? So what is this Lost Precious? Ancient artefacts believed to yield some sort of super power to the holder. Then you have other terms like Breaker (people who are able to use Lost Precious and there are several rankings that come with it), Cursed Precious (a total opposite from Lost Precious and like its name suggests, bears negative effects) and Treasure Hunters (people who seek out Lost Precious). There are other more terms as you will come across in this dozen of episodes.

Episode 1: The Abducted Girl
So we get a glimpse of his boring life. He lives alone. Goes to school alone. Classmate Misaki Etou likes him. Oh wait. This isn’t so bad. Too bad he doesn’t know and she’s too shy to say anything. Her friend Mao Aikawa always helping her out for that confession. Masato Aikawa the perverted buddy of Ryuuji who is often the comic relief and gets whacked by Mao if he steps out of line. How much boring can this get? Well, apparently a hot babe, Eriko Nanao starts walking into class and takes Ryuuji for the adventure of his lifetime. Can she do that?! Right in the middle of class?! Apparently if you are Ryuuji’s cousin I guess it’s alright. If you don’t mind everybody staring at you. Eriko makes Ryuuji her first assistant of Seven Tails, a group she just formed to recover Lost Precious around the world. Well, I guess Eriko wants to be accepted by the Society that badly that she resorts to this kind of desperate measures. I hope Ryuuji has enough time to absorb all of what she has to say. Anyway this first mission is to retrieve some stolen suitcase from FANG, supposedly an S-Class Lost Precious that was taken away from her family. That night, they wait at the harbour for the exchange to take place. Eriko uses her Lost Precious, Genbu Kochou (Butterfly Illusion Dance) to distract the enemies as they drag the heavy suitcase into her car. So heavy, it feels like there’s a corpse in it. It doesn’t take long for the MIBs to regain consciousness and what ensues next is a high speed car chase through the warehouses. During the chase, the suitcase opens and what comes out is a blonde girl. Ryuuji pulls her back in and as for the perpetrators behind, she blasts them with her fire!!! That’s one mean streak of fire she left behind! She then collapses so Eriko is thrilled that she may be more powerful than an S-Class. Back home, blondie is hostile towards Eriko but very clingy onto Ryuuji. Probably Eriko tried to remove her collar. Don’t get too close. She bites. Blondie knows Ryuuji’s name so that guy is left to ponder if they have met previously. Why is his name the only thing she can say? It’s getting annoying. Perhaps blondie is sticking so close to Ryuuji, it gives perfect excuse to leave her in his care. Hey, she’s the only one she accepts, right? Would you abandon a cute loli like her? Soon Ryuuji is made to do his first errand as he meets Misaki waiting outside his apartment (how long has she been stalking him there?!) to return his bag when he suddenly left class. But no time for chit-chat because Ryuuji gets a distress call from Eriko. His apartment is trashed and apparently Eriko thought of giving blondie a bath and that’s when she went berserk. But she found another important discovery: A red dragon mark on her left hand. So this confirms it. She is the mythical Red Dragon. Over dinner, they discuss about dragons and they take form of humans when they’re young before taking on their true form when they mature. Ryuuji decides to call her Rose since that is what her mark resembles. At least Rose’s vocabulary has increased to the point of saying her own name. Eriko befriends Rose with… Ice cream. That always works. So with 2 pretty babes living with him, is his morning going to get livelier? You bet. There’s this scientist, Tokura come blazing in from his helicopter! What the heck is bata-bata anyway?

Episode 2: The Black Assault
Tokura is a dragon researcher from the Society as the trio get transported back to HQ. I guess with a discovery of a dragon, they get special treatment, eh? Tokura seems excited in researching on Rose but be careful, she can burn you. Ryuuji remembers setting foot in this base long ago because he took his Breaker test here. His level is 10, supposedly the highest among all Breakers and there are only 7 of this level 10 Breakers in the world. Plus, his parents are very famous Treasure Hunters. Rose is scared to have this mad scientist conduct analysis on her body but with ice cream and Ryuuji around, she allows it. As they discuss things, it seems that it may be very well Ryuuji’s parents who discovered the origins of dragons while travelling in some Eastern European country. Yeah, Ryuuji seems to start remembering that he actually met an egg during his travels in his younger days (he got lost somehow). And that girl who hatched from the egg was Rose indeed. Perhaps it’s that imprinting which has Rose remember who Ryuuji was. It’s like a newly born bird recognizing the first thing it sees as its mother. It didn’t take long for Ryuuji’s mom to call him and she’s taking and instant flight back to Japan. Looks like all she’s interested in the dragon and Lost Precious, not her son. Ryuuji can’t take anymore of this and doesn’t want to have anything to do with Lost Precious. He just wants to go home and probably resume his uneventful life. Eriko tries to change his mind when the place is on full alert. A good looking youngster, Onyx makes his cool entrance into the facility by disposing of the numerous guards. See the black mark on his hand? Yup, he’s the Black Dragon and is here to reclaim the Red Dragon princess. Really, can normal bullets stop this dragon? He waltzes through everything with ease. They can’t even put up a decent fight. So much for all those hi-tech security. You can’t beat a dragon after all. Onyx makes his way into where Rose is and shows his true power as he throws Ryuuji across the room. Onyx forcefully takes Rose away as Eriko notices her family’s Lost Precious’ earring on Onyx’s ear. Well, he admitted he somehow got it 10 years ago and is from FANG but I don’t he’s going to give it back. Since Ryuuji is powerless to stop Onyx, she agrees to quietly follow him. I thought Ryuuji didn’t care anymore? Apparently now he does. DON’T GO!!!

Episode 3: Contract of Determination
Rose continues to cry so Onyx can’t understand why she would have feelings over that inferior creature. Rose isn’t still fond of Onyx even if he treats her good. Seems Onyx wants Rose to become his wife and that collar on her neck is their proof of engagement. Anyhow, Rose doesn’t like it, what more want it. Onyx realizes a transmitter on Rose’s collar so he tells his assistant Kai to prepare for assault. Meanwhile Eriko and Tokura try to convince Ryuuji to go save Rose. You can’t blame him after all that he has been through. Anyway he’s not the kind of guy who would abandon a loli so he makes a decision to go save her. Eriko brings him to a chamber to retrieve Ryuuji’s personal Lost Precious, Slash Breath. With lots of concentration, Ryuuji is able to focus his power and use Slash Breath. Ryuuji and co arrive at Onyx’s tower as they begin their assault. Onyx tries to change Rose’s mind that humans and dragons cannot co-exist. Since she still insists on Ryuuji, he will have him killed if she doesn’t give up on him. Ryuuji uses Slash Breath to destroy Onyx’s barrier on the tower while Tokura’s hands is busy filming with all the evidence he can get. They enter a room to see Onyx trying to marry Rose in a haste engagement ceremony. I don’t know how Onyx convinced her but it’s from Rose’s own mouth that says she hates humans because they hate dragons. So she hates Ryuuji too? Now, yes. But it took Ryuuji 4 simple words to instantly change her mind. “But I love you”. Now she’s repetitively saying “I love you Ryuuji” like a broken tape recorder. Onyx isn’t pleased with the developments. To protect Ryuuji, Rose’s wings spread. Ryuuji easily cuts off the collar with his Slash Breath. Combining with Rose’s power, they make a formidable team in keeping Onyx’s power at bay. This also allows Eriko to retrieve her stolen Lost Precious from him. Onyx bids farewell to Rose and turns into his true form: A giant black dragon. Erm… The tower is going to collapse at this rate. Don’t worry. Time to power up. How? An insignia glows on Ryuuji’s hand and combining it with Rose’s mark, they did an Engage to turn Slash Breath into a more powerful weapon and in a slice, send Onyx crashing in defeat. However Ryuuji is hit by Kai’s weapon in the stomach. Here’s another surprise too. He won’t die. That’s because Rose’s kiss heals him. More accurately her dragon breath did the curing. In the aftermath as Rose replays that “I love you” line over and over again, Ryuuji vows to become stronger so he stays by her side.

Episode 4: Beauty on the Beach
What’s this? Rose screaming at Ryuuji that she won’t do it? Seems Ryuuji made a promise with his friends to go to the beach and this means he will have to leave Rose behind. I can see why she’s upset. Eriko whispers something into her ear that calms her down. Oh no. So Ryuuji meets up with Masato, Mao and Misaki at the beach. Can Misaki finally get the courage to confess her love? She seems to be able to do so when Ryuuji is running towards her. She extends her arms but he just ran pass through her! Actually he ran towards Rose! Why is she here?! Not to mention Eriko too. Well, they sure didn’t tell him they’re coming along. The artificial skin covers Rose’s mark so nobody can tell she’s a dragon. I hope it’s waterproof too. Back in the hotel, they receive a letter with a dragon’s mark to meet. They meet Margarite or Maruga for short, the imperial princess of the White Dragons. She has a request to ask of them: To recover the White Dragon’s heirloom, a Lost Precious called Ice Rage that was stolen by humans. The current owner is George Evans who is currently living at a nearby church. He’s a dangerous guy because he belongs to a group that sees dragons as evil and will not hesitate to kill them. Why them? A certain somebody is a Level 10 Breaker and also did an Engage with a dragon. They can’t refuse since George’s aim is to kill dragons. Oh yeah, did I mention this George guy is a Level 10 Breaker too? Ryuuji decides to check things out by visiting the church. He seems like a nice guy. George notices Ryuuji is a Breaker too when he reacts to Ice Rage. George tells of a story whereby a century ago, a dragon attacked a village. A hero appeared out of nowhere and killed it before disappearing but left behind this sword. Thus he decided to take this path when he received this sword. Then Rose comes in looking for Ryuuji. Her dragon mark is hidden so George welcomes her and goes get some ice cream. But they can’t leave since Rose ‘burnt’ a few punks on her way here. Yeah, that’s what they get for trying to hit on a loli. But they want payback. Since they do not heed George’s words to leave (and called him an old man), he uses Ice Rage to send them running for their lives. I think he overdid it a little. Ryuuji and the rest go back to confront Maruga about the sword because they feel it’s a little weird that their heirloom killed one of their own kind. She apologizes for not telling them some details but still wants them to retrieve the sword. Ryuuji’s friends barge in looking for him but Masato cuts in and suggests taking Maruga out to tonight’s festival. So partly it’s to get Misaki closer to Ryuuji too. But what are the chances. Then they see the same punks causing a ruckus. Oh, George is there too to give them divine punishment. But the moment he sets his eyes on Maruga, he falls for her. If only he’d knew… Away from the crowd, Maruga tells Ryuuji an old tale whereby a dragon fell in love with a human girl. But the villagers killed her after thinking she’s conspiring with evil. When the dragon found out, he flew into rage and killed many villagers. Its kind took pity on him and consigned him to oblivion. This incident left a deep scar and after that, no humans and dragons fell in love any more. George then comes by and asks Maruga if she would join him for the Mass.

Episode 5: Unpleasant Awakening
With the unexpected turn of events, Eriko plans to have Maruga date George and during that time, they will steal Ice Rage from the church. Ryuuji also has his own ‘task’ and was told by Mao to personally give a puffer fish handphone strap to Misaki. Maruga is left alone with George and that guy would gladly do anything for her. Even teaching her how to swim and search for her missing top. All going according to plan. Eriko and Ryuuji drive over to the church while Rose stays behind (amazingly she didn’t follow him like she always does). When Misaki runs up to Rose, she misheard her saying how she and Ryuuji are Engaged! At the church, the retrieval just got complicated because some guy is taking a kid hostage. Eriko’s Genbu Kochou causes a distraction, enough for Ryuuji to knock him out. In the aftermath, George thanks him for protection the church. Ryuuji asks Maruga if Ice Rage is a Cursed Precious since it can take control of one’s mind. Maruga reveals the slain dragon is her uncle. To avoid chaos, the White Dragon king which is also Maruga’s father took human form and killed her uncle. After that it was taboo to speak about her uncle but they never expected his malice would dwell in the sword that served his tombstone. Eriko also mentions that Ryuuji was once affected by a Cursed Precious. Rose thinks it’s better to tell George directly but Ryuuji thinks this can’t be solved through talking. She gets upset and runs out. Maruga explains how her uncle loved visiting the human world much to her father’s chagrin though her uncle treated her kindly. That heirloom sword is her uncle’s legacy of atrocities but now it’s only her memento of him. She wants to get it back before it goes berserk of malice. While George is reflecting his actions, Kai tells him of a certain red dragon. He is in a great dilemma and wonders why the Lord has put him in such great trial. When Ryuuji realizes Rose missing, they go in search of her but were intercepted by his friends. They can no longer stand him doing his own thing and want him to join them. But he has no time for this so he swiftly gives the strap to Misaki and rushes off. Rose confronts a very disillusioned George and in no time, he doesn’t see her as an innocent girl but an enemy of God. DESTROY!!! Ryuuji and co arrive in time and it seems no words can reach him since he is taken over by the Cursed Precious. As they fight, the malice of the sword gets stronger and stronger. Ryuuji plans to take away the sword from him. As Ryuuji and Rose Engage, Maruga freezes George with her ice powers but he breaks out and walks towards her. He is about to strike her when her necklace shines, making him recognize her. Ryuuji fires his Slash Breath to release George and break the sword. Maruga felt her uncle was touched by the person he once loved and was released from his hatred. George couldn’t believe how he was saved by the very dragons he detest but as Ryuuji notes, it was Rose and Maruga who saved him. Next day before Maruga leaves, she gives Ryuuji a kiss as a blessing. Rose… Not… Happy… Furthermore with Rose pestering him for marriage, Misaki fears that may be the true meaning of engagement for them.

Episode 6: Attack of the Wolf
As Ryuuji attends a party organized by Society for Lost Precious collectors, he sees a girl trying to rescue a kitten from a tree. They fall and Ryuuji tries to catch her. She could’ve landed on her own feet if Ryuuji wasn’t there. She isn’t amused of his interference and goes off. Ryuuji returns to Eriko and Rose and is introduced to some of the famous Lost Precious collectors, including a newcomer Saeki. Noticing that Eriko have only half of the Lost Precious earring, he offers to find the other half. Ryuuji flips through a magazine and sees a shadowy picture of Odd Eyes, a criminal (with wolf ears and tails too?) who only steals A-Class Lost Precious. Ryuuji also meets that cat saver girl at the party but she’s not too thrilled to see him. Suddenly the place is under siege. It is Odd Eyes and she is making her steal. It’s odd to see the dumb security trying to catch her. When she goes on the table, they also go on the table. Have they ever thought what happens if she pulls the cloth from beneath them? Damn right. Ryuuji recognizes Odd Eyes as that girl he just met when they come face to face. A stray knife throw is about to hit an elderly woman but Odd Eyes uses her body to protect her. Ryuuji protects Odd Eyes from an attack so the security head is surprised that he is protecting a criminal. The lights go out and this allows Odd Eyes to escape. After taking statements for an entire day, of course everyone is tired. But Ryuuji wakes up in the middle of the night to see Odd Eyes trying to steal Eriko’s earrings. Ryuuji wasn’t fast enough so he got strapped together with Odd Eyes in some strings. Better release them fast before Rose burns them alive for Ryuuji’s unfaithfulness… However they are still bounded by the wrist. They’ll have to wait a day or two to come off. That long, ah? Eriko does a tickling interrogation to find out more about her. Her master calls her Ai and takes care of her after her parents abandoned her. The tattoo on her body proves that she is a werebeast and when emotions flood in, she turns into one. Break time. What? One of Eriko’s liquor spilled so it’s bath time. This is going to get messy. Then after that, more interrogation. Rose takes a liking for Ai because of her fluffy tail. Ryuuji thinks it’s best for Ai to leave her master but she is adamant in supporting his ideals. Eriko and Tokura discuss that some old guy named Furumori, a Level 9 Breaker and Lost Precious researcher may be Ai’s master. Since his data is highly classified in Society (some incident many years ago whereby he disappeared with a large number of Lost Precious after stumbling upon some forbidden research), Tokura will continue to do more investigation. However Ai disagrees that Furumori is her master since her master is young. She believes his ideals that Lost Precious shouldn’t be monopolized by a group of people. Saeki comes by and seems to have found the other half of Eriko’s earring. But the box is a trap as the gas sends Eriko and Rose unconscious. Ai is relieved to see her master. Ryuuji wonders if he is Furumori but Saeki says he has long abandoned that name and sprays gas to knock him out.

Episode 7: The Truth About Wolves
Ryuuji is thrown into Saeki’s ‘dungeon’ at his hideout. After talking with Saeki, Ai gets this urge to put on the pair of Lost Precious earrings. The power of this artefact is that it allows the user to hear the true thoughts of the speaker. So as she continues to chat with her master, she realizes the discrepancy in his words and heart. Ai is acting so strange that Saeki can tell she may have put on the earrings. Can’t blame her after hearing how she was actually kidnapped by him and raised as his pet dog as an experiment. Meanwhile Eriko and Rose are racing against time to Saeki’s lab as Tokura confirms the identical iris match that Furumori is indeed Saeki. Ai frees Ryuuji but wonders why she can’t hear his thoughts. She breaks down upon knowing she has nothing left. Ryuuji offers her to live at his place. Wait a minute. You may want to reconsider that, boy. As if a certain jealous red dragon isn’t enough… Ai hears his true thoughts how he wants to protect this cutie so they make an escape. Saeki is not going to make it easy, though. Saeki reveals more truth that she was originally a human to begin with. He takes off his shirt and we see several Lost Precious marks embedded onto his body. He has fused with 5 of them. Story time. So that we understand why he is a twisted bastard today. During one of his research, his female colleague was killed by a Cursed Precious. There was a Lost Precious that had that ability to remove that curse and was in the hands of a collector. He refused to lend it as Furumori begged to higher-ups of Society for negotiation but in the end she died. That’s when he began to move against Society by abducting and robbing. Ryuuji and Ai run away from Saeki but his variety of powers have them cornered. Saeki has this thought of fusing with Ai, a result that nobody would know how it would turn out. It’s now Ryuuji’s turn to give his lecture about ruining lives of others. Are we interested to hear this? He gets his determination to protect others as a Breaker. Eriko and Rose arrive as the latter gives Ryuuji his Slash Breath. They Engage to power up and take on Saeki’s various powers. He uses a darkness power that completely paralyzes Ryuuji. Rose’s resolve to protect Ryuuji burnt the darkness away and destroys almost all of Saeki’s embedded Lost Precious. Ai is in a way still loyal to her master but Saeki doesn’t feel that he has done anything that needs repenting or sinful. He mentions about people’s feelings being contained in Lost Precious and there is no way for them to move on to the next world as they’re being used. How would you feel like if you were trapped in eternal darkness? That is what he had felt from the Lost Precious he had stolen. He uses his final Lost Precious to turn into dust and become one with the atmosphere. Ai wants to know what he really thinks of her so in his final truthful words: He never loved her once and was just her pet. Painful as it may sound, but hey, it’s the truth. In the aftermath, Tokura’s research has Ai having a glimmer of hope. Seems one of the collectors at the party had a daughter who was abducted many years ago. Ai seems to fit all that description and she looks forward to be reunited with her family. At least she doesn’t get added to Ryuuji’s harem. Haha. And Ryuuji, he is serious in wanting to register himself as a Level 10 Breaker with Society because he wants to learn more about Lost Precious and this world.

Level 8: Risked Test
This was inevitable. I expected this. Rose is the new transfer student in Ryuuji’s class. Gasp! Makes it easier when the headmaster is also part of Society, eh? I guess having Rose as Ryuuji’s distant relative from America who is a genius so much so she skips grades, cuts it, right? When Rose is asked to introduce herself on what she likes, she mentions 2 things: Ice cream and Ryuuji. Scandal! I wonder if Misaki will accept this. Of course not! Let the cat fight begin! But that will be for later since another mysterious woman waltzes right in and fires a bazooka at Ryuuji! The missile follows him wherever he goes and at a safe place, he slices it with his Slash Breath. Actually this babe is Bianca Alexandra Lou and a researcher of Society from San Francisco. She is sent here to officially test Ryuuji and take samples of his data as part of the process of his registration into Society. But seriously, a bazooka-like thingy just to capture data? Even Eriko has a little fear in her because she remembers the same treatment she got when she first registered at Society. So Bianca wants to measure Ryuuji’s physiques. Oh, Rose wants to do it. Can she? Be my guest. Till Masato barges in (because of another beautiful babe arriving on scene), I guess Ryuuji prefers to have this guy take his measurements. How disappointing. Bianca proceeds to test Ryuuji through various assessments. Some odd. Oh wait. All of them are odd. There is one disturbing scene whereby Ryuuji got his ribs x-ray. Misaki took a shot of it and is breathing so hard! Creepy stalker! Then Bianca continues with her assessment with Ryuuji’s history to see if his Breaker ability is inherited or not. Mao realizes Ryuuji’s birthday is tomorrow and while Bianca got distracted, she peeks into her computer to see his likes. Frogs? But it was good enough hint to let Misaki know what to get for his present. Then to test Ryuuji’s Breaker power level, she has him fight against a giant Neo Golem. How did she drag this large humanoid weapon here? As Ryuuji takes it on, Bianca realizes the limiter which is supposed to shut it down immediately if anything goes wrong, is missing. Of all times? Bianca suits up and is going to shut it down manually. Why do all switches have to be at hard-to-reach places? She has a flashback of some experiment gone wrong. The person who saved her was no other than Ryuuji’s father. Rose disregards Ryuuji’s advice to spread her wings or breathe fire to go save him. Then they Engage and his Slash Breath was enough to take down Neo Golem. Bianca is ecstatic that his Breaker’s power is set at 5,800 which is the highest ever recorded in history. Who is the culprit who removed the limiter? Well, Kai was there watching so… And I wonder how they managed to repair all that damage done to the school building. Next day, Bianca seems to have moved next door to Ryuuji because there are more things she wants to research personally. Beginning of a new nightmare? And when Misaki manages to give Ryuuji his present, he freaks out upon seeing frog designs on the towel. He hates frogs! But how? Somehow Bianca messed up his likes and dislikes. Ah well, nobody is perfect.

Episode 9: The Mirror of Truth
Eriko receives a large painting as part of her commissioning appraisal of Lost Precious. Seems today is the day Misaki has sum up her courage to bring a basket of goodies to Ryuuji. Oh, Ai is also there with the same intention. I can see where this is going. As everyone is enjoying the cookies and cupcakes, suddenly words of “LIAR!” start appearing over the painting. Ryuuji thinks he saw a silhouette in a window of the painting when suddenly a bright flash of light absorbs the girls into it. The girls are wandering around inside the ghost town of the painting and there are words of “LIAR!” everywhere. Then they are chased by a masked serial murderer maniac with an axe. They end up locking themselves in a mansion. Ryuuji has called Bianca for help (what’s with her line “One for all, all for me” line?) and she analyzes it to be a Cursed Precious. It is some sort of trap that reacts when people are nearby. Plus, its target is only women and its power invalidates powers of other Lost Precious. They can see the girls moving and running in the picture as well but can’t do anything. The girls go downstairs into a room filled with photographs of other girls on the wall. Misaki confronts a mirror whereby the murderer asks what her most important experience is. She stammers and is being told she’s a liar. Though Misaki is break out of the spell when they break the mirror, soon each of them is confronted with their own mirrors. They deduce that they have to tell the truth and a lie will have them forever stuck like those girls in the photographs. Eriko and Ai answer the murderer’s question truthfully (something to do with Ryuuji as usual). It’s Misaki’s turn and she is afraid to let out the truth. Flashback reveals how she tripped on her first day at school and Ryuuji was the one who helped her out. I guess that’s where it all started. Rose encourages her to tell the truth so that they can all go back so Misaki manages to say her encounter with Ryuuji was the most important one. When it’s Rose turn, before the murderer could finish his sentence, Rose profusely says Ryuuji’s name! But the murderer isn’t happy and still thinks they are lying because that’s what all women are. The girls rush out and the painting starts to react to Bianca. At this moment, he wants Ryuuji to use his Slash Breath. In all good timing, he pierces the dagger into the painting to free the girls. In the aftermath, Bianca concludes this painting was drawn by someone who was betrayed by his girlfriend, that’s why he has harboured hatred against lies. Thus the only way out was to tell the truth (was it?). Ai thanks Misaki that if she hadn’t told the truth, they wouldn’t have gotten out alive. So what is the truth, Ryuuji asks? A secret. But is it really over yet because like in a horror movie suspense, there is a gaping hole at the back of the painting and the murderer ‘escapes’ into their toilet mirror. Oh look. “LIAR!” is appearing over it! Creepy!!!

Episode 10: Adult’s Ritual
Rose, Ai and Misaki are crying! No, it’s not Ryuuji dumped them or made them pregnant. They’re cutting onions! Yeah, they along with Ryuuji and Eriko are on a BBQ picnic. But trouble comes looking for Ryuuji when a blue dragon, Sapphi wants revenge on him for injuring her beloved Onyx. Oh, he’s still alive? Yeah, Sapphi is his future bride. But you can tell she’s a ditz because she fails to materialize them. And even if she did, she made a blooper on herself. So much for that intimidating appearance. She retreats when Eriko unleashes her Genbu Kochou on her. At this point, Rose’s blunder also causes to let Misaki know she’s a dragon but she promises not to tell. As not to lose out, Ai reveals she’s a werebeast. Sapphi gets a lecture from Kai for pulling off something that would bring trouble to Onyx. She notes her powers aren’t the offensive type and wants her to stay put. In school, Mao is shocked that Misaki and Rose are best friends. What happened to the rivalry? Ryuuji is absent from school because he is attending another party event hosted by the Society with Eriko because he wants to better know Society’s plan. She cautions him that there are others who are targeting him since he is a Level 10 Breaker. Tokura and Bianca are also at the party and the scientist intends on collecting data at the newly repaired building that belongs to Onyx so rest assured he won’t be observing Rose for the time being. When Rose walks homes, she encounters Sapphi. Again the blue dragon blunders and got herself wet. Nice little Rose brings her back to let her have a nice warm bath and even shares her ice cream. Heck, what the heck is she doing here anyway? Because Rose is a newbie, Miss Know-It-All Sapphi tells her the ritual to be a true dragon. If Ryuuji kisses her mark, she’ll become one just like how Onyx did with hers and that’s why she is his future bride. So what are the good points of becoming an adult? Guys will take you seriously, you’ll get more hugs, your heart will flutter endlessly just by looking at him. Wow. No wonder Rose wants to become an adult quick. Sapphi is supportive for Rose on Ryuuji because this will be better for her and Onyx. When Ryuuji comes home, Rose pesters him to turn her into an adult. Don’t take it the wrong way, pal. Learning that Sapphi was here and the adult ritual, Ryuuji agrees to do so. When he does so, Rose suddenly starts feeling weird and doesn’t want him to touch her! Eriko understands what is happening and goes to have a girl talk with her. She assures her she’ll get used to it in no time and that Ryuuji doesn’t hate her. In a nutshell, it’s that stage girls experience when they’re in love. Now with Rose out of the way, Eriko has to calm panicking Ryuuji. This is going to be a tired day. Don’t worry boy, it’s just a natural reaction a girl would have when she likes a boy. The awkwardness between Ryuuji and Rose continues next morning. Meanwhile Maruga learns that somebody has messed up her library of forbidden books. Though there were none missing, she realizes it was done by the black dragon.

Episode 11: Dragon Crisis
Now it’s Bianca’s turn to wear Eriko out. Yeah, she forgot her breakfast. Anyway Eriko is annoyed seeing the duo act like that so she’s in some sort of dilemma in missing those ‘peaceful’ times. Rose asks for advice from Mao and Misaki about love. Misaki seems pretty okay till she learns Ryuuji kissed her. The reason Rose seeks Misaki’s advice is because she knows Misaki likes Ryuuji too and thought she’d understand her. Meanwhile Ryuuji seeks advice from Masato. Of all guys… I guess he’s the only ‘best friend’ he’s got to confide in such things. Masato is happy despite being surrounded by pretty girls, he’s still very much a cherry boy. Unfortunately, he has no real experience so he’ll have to take the offensive. Sapphi goes back to get her boots she forgot but was captured by Eriko and Bianca and made to spill the beans. She seems pretty confident that it would just increase their affection for one another and preparation for some connection. During PE, Rose collapses after a high jump. She is rushed back to the lab (you can’t bring a dragon to a normal hospital, can’t you?) her temperature and perspiration are high but there are no signs of virus or anything. Tokura doesn’t know if the medication he’ll give will bring harm or good. Plus, Sapphi notes this didn’t happen to her. Kai then comes in with a fake pass and wants Ryuuji to come alone to talk to Onyx via some Lost Precious communicator. Onyx tells him Ryuuji is the reason why Rose is unconscious. Not him. Not Sapphi. Onyx went to do some research (the break in at Maruga’s library) and learnt why he was able to use Slash Breath or Engage with Rose. He is no ordinary human and not by the fact he is a Level 10 Breaker. He points out his name which means Dragon User and he himself is a Lost Precious. The kind that can wield the power of dragons so much so he can communicate, command and defeat them. Something that is called Dragon Crisis. He deduces that Rose feared him deep down in her heart because to the dragons, he is an enemy who can take away their freedom, make or break them. As long as he remains by Rose’s side, she will become weaker so the only cure is to hand her over to Kai and she will get treated in his place. Ryuuji doesn’t believe him but he asserts that he is the only guy he wants to kill and not Rose. Plus, even if he had forcefully taken his bride away, he would still help his own kind. Rephrasing his line that dragons and humans can never coexist, more accurately, Ryuuji and Rose cannot coexist. This matter concerns Rose’s life so he can’t be thinking about being selfish. Reluctantly, Ryuuji agrees to hand over Rose but he must do it voluntarily otherwise he will never leave her. In an odd situation, Ryuuji threatens the scientist to release Rose as Kai takes her into her limo. Kai tells Ryuuji goodbye on behalf of Rose while the guards arrest a stunned Ryuuji. Eriko and Ryuuji are under house arrest. He becomes depressed as Ai pays him a visit at school. Mao wants Misaki to confess quickly because if not, some girl will take him away in Rose’s absence. But Misaki doesn’t feel right. Later she sees him at the rooftop. Ryuuji explains that Rose has returned living with her friends since the environment here is not suitable. There’s nothing he can do and it’s the best thing for Rose. Misaki says that she has always been watching him (in stalker sense or as in the big picture?). She noticed he has changed ever since Eriko and Rose came into his life. Although he is smiling and talking as usual, she feels it is all fake. As if somebody is impersonating as the Ryuuji she knows. Ryuuji goes back to see Maruga waiting outside.

Episode 12: Engage
Though Rose wakes up with Sapphi by her side, she seems to not remember who she is. Or anything else. As explained by Kai, she lost some of her memories due to the medicine and fever. This is so that she won’t kick up a fuss about a certain boy. They will have her flown back to Albania tomorrow before her memory recovers. Maruga tells Ryuuji and Eriko about Onyx’s research on red dragons. This means he hasn’t given up on Rose yet. Plus, Onyx and Maruga are childhood friends. Ryuuji doesn’t want to hear anymore of this and gives an excuse to go out to buy ingredients for dinner. Maruga goes after him but he won’t listen. How to catch his attention? Slip and sprain your ankle. Continuing their talk, Ryuuji feels guilty for hurting Rose and couldn’t do anything for her. Maruga feels he is just feeling so as an excuse to get away from Rose. About Rose’s fever, it could be just an emotional change within her body affecting her health. Just nothing but a simple change in emotions, that’s all. She also believes he and Rose could present a new possibility for a relationship between humans and dragons, just like her uncle did but never materialized. So ultimately he has to decide whether to become an enemy of the dragons or a friend. The decision is clear, isn’t it? When they return home, they see Sapphi has left a message on their window of Rose’s departure. So Ryuuji skips school the next day to rescue Rose. Kai and her men are leaving via private jet by FANG. Inside the plane, Rose still doesn’t have her memories back. Sapphi feels pity for her but she is surprised to see Onyx there. Looks like he’s recovered. As the plane starts taxing, Maruga stands in its path. Do they seriously believe she can singlehandedly stop the plane? Do they seriously believe they can ram over her? Not if she turns the runway into ice. Oh, now the plane’s skidding. Tokura and Society have also ‘hijacked’ the airport as the security trucks weave between dangerously the wheels of the skidding plane. Onyx knows they’re not going down without a fight so it’s time to show some of his powers. Ai also joins the fray upon learning from Misaki but is distraught she saved the wrong guy and not Ryuuji. I don’t know how Eriko did this but she drove her BMW right to the top of the plane! Speechless.

Sapphi tries to make Rose remember her memories. How? Ice cream? Mmm… Remember that taste? Yes. You can’t forget it. Then Rose realizes Ryuuji and his friends are in the room. Though happy to see him, she still feels scared of growing up as she wants to stay a kid and be with Ryuuji. However Ryuuji says that everyone have to grow up eventually and decide their own things. At first he thought of protecting her and ended up treating her like a kid. Now he wants her to be an adult because he too wants to grow up with her. Rose hugs him when he said the 3 magic words: I love you. But it’s not over yet. Onyx in his dragon form starts lifting the plane. But he is hit by a Lost Precious weapon, supposedly thrown by Ryuuji’s parents. Don’t lay your claws on their kid! Ryuuji and Rose did a Love Engage? What’s that? Perhaps a fancy term to kiss. Okay, maybe not just an ordinary kiss because the power of their love is so great and overflowing that it causes Onyx to disintegrate!!! WOW! See, you don’t even need to use the Slash Breath. Even he is mesmerized by this awesome power! So, see you again sometime soon when you’ve recovered? Ryuuji and Rose sleep side by side against the plane’s wheel. They look so calm. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t the wheels be burning hot? In the aftermath, Ryuuji returns to school. Rose also returns to school. Mao has a book worth of tactics for Misaki to ‘retrieve’ Ryuuji. Yes, the battle has only begun. All the girls seem to flock around our Ryuuji. Even Sapphi is a new transfer student in their class because as admitted, she’s here to bug them till Onyx returns. Ai is also here, not to lose out on the love fest. Maruga is also here because it’s interesting. Bianca is also here to show off her prized autograph she got from Ryuuji’s parents. Eriko is also here because… Erm… Because… Does she need a reason? And their new teacher turns out to be… Kai! Why doesn’t anybody recognize her?! Oh Ryuuji. You’re one lucky bastard. That’s why you need losers like Masato so you can stand out even more :). Finally Tokura with a hidden camera in class observes (‘spy’ might be the right word here) on the coexistence between humans and dragons as Ryuuji and Rose hold hands. Is the data interesting or a young couple in love?

Draggy Crisis…
Uh… Though the series may not be as bad as I predicted, there are some fun moments but nevertheless at times I find it draggy. So the dragons continue to remain the mysterious beings they are among humans who will continue to be fascinated with such mythical beasts. I thought there was going to be more explanation about them or other stuff like Lost Precious and Society but I guess we are ‘distracted’ with the mini arcs before concluding with a ‘feel good’ ending. So indeed humans and dragons can actually coexist. It’s just the question of whether they want to or not. Ryuuji and Rose are off to a great start as role models for future lovers who believe love shouldn’t just remain within their own race. I was also hoping there would be some explanation about Ryuuji being a Lost Precious himself. Maybe I wasn’t listening or didn’t understand some part so I could’ve missed it. If he is one, thinking about it, so his parents gave birth to a boy or made a Lost Precious? There are many other questions that bugged me and this included Saeki’s mention of feelings trapped in Lost Precious. So really, what are Lost Precious really made from anyway? I wish that part was explored as well. How about the part young dragons take the form of a human? And why ice cream can help initiate the recovery of lost memories? Okay, so the last one was a bit of a no-brainer.

As far as the characters are concerned, they are pretty much one-dimensional and lacking in any depth. Sure, you see Ryuuji and Rose taking steps forward in their relationship but that is to be expected. Besides, it’s not like there is any great change whatsoever. Rose has always loved Ryuuji from the start. She was just confused when she experienced a different emotion. Ryuuji has always cared for Rose from the start. He was just unsure and indecisive if his actions will hurt her. Misaki has always that one-sided crush on Ryuuji and it will continue to be so for a foreseeable time. Mao always wants to play match-making for her best friend and as-predicted-since-you-first-laid-your-eyes-on-him Masato the eternal loser. Ai just wants acceptance and love and probably she indirectly found that in Ryuuji’s kindness since her original master has gone with the wind. Eriko goes around in theses ‘adventures’ feels like she wants to move up the ranks of the society while Tokura is just a data collecting and recording freak just as Bianca is as a test and observation freak. If Sapphi’s hair wasn’t blue, she could’ve been the clumsy dumb blonde of the series. Onyx as the typical villain is the kind that will come back to haunt you if you don’t put him down for good. As indicated, looks like he will be back once he recovers. Again. And the way things are going, he’s doesn’t have any intention to give up on Rose. Kai is the most mysterious one. She is definitely Kai’s loyal subordinate but I’m still wondering why in those mini arcs, she was the source of many of the problems that Ryuuji and co had to face. What was her goal in doing so? Is it to test them? Part of some observation? Or to buy time while Onyx heals? Her appearance as Kai’s teacher puts another question mark over her true role and identity.

Frankly, I was hoping there would be an episode for a cat fight! What am I thinking?! This kind of show, with many gorgeous girls flocking around a single guy, you’d expect some sparks to fly, right? Ding, ding! On one corner we have the main favourite Rose. On the other corner we have other dark horses vying for a piece of the trophy in Ai and Misaki. Throw in Maruga if you will since there is a chance she is really interested in him. And probably minnow contenders in the form of Sapphi, Eriko and Bianca. Sure, many would write off these trio having no chance as a couple with our Ryuuji-kun but if you think deeply about it, Sapphi may be a tsundere even though she gives excuse to pester the gang till Onyx returns, it may be an indication that she likes Ryuuji. Eriko may not show it but don’t you feel she just wants to play more than big sister to him? This might be farfetched but if Bianca couldn’t get her hands on Ryuuji’s dad, she may settle for his son as consolation. So let the harem fight begin! In my dreams. So the tough part isn’t about finding Lost Precious, handling Curse Precious or the prejudice of some of Society’s members viewing him as a Level 10 Breaker, but to keep control and good harmony among the girls. Doesn’t seem like it in this series for now. That’ll be another story.

I don’t know, it may be my computer hardware or perhaps the source of the video. Somehow I find the hue of the series to be a little bright. Okay, not to the point that I have to put on my sunglasses to watch the show but there is a feel it gives off a certain brightness. Maybe it’s Rose’s yellow hair that makes everything look bright? I don’t know about this too but it may just be me. Japanese animes typical trademark are the characters’ large eyes, right? Somehow I feel that the eyes of the characters here are slightly bigger than usual. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. Having wide eyes may not be such a bad thing after all. As for the action, well, some of them are pretty hard to believe. Especially Eriko’s driving. She’s like a pro demon stunt driver behind the wheels. The current weapons that humans have may not be enough to even match the power of the dragons, sometimes it is redundant to see them put up loads of security and then the powerful dragon in a blink of an eye destroys it all like as though he is ripping a piece of paper. So the only thing that can fight a dragon is a dragon or Lost Precious? Don’t forget or underestimate the power of love too. Or just call Ryuuji.

Rie Kugimiya as the voice of Rose, she is a perfect fit with her character. Rose may not be a typical tsundere here but nevertheless she still sounds as cute as Rie Kugimiya’s other tsundere loli roles like Nagi in Hayate No Gotoku, Louise in Zero No Tsukaima and Shana in Shakugan No Shana. So it’s either you’ll love or loath her high pitch squeal during the sponsor screen. Other casts include Hiro Shimono as Ryuuji (Keima in The World God Only Knows), Yukana as Eriko (C.C. in Code Geass), Yui Horie as Maruga (Kotori in Da Capo series), Yuka Inokuchi as Ai (Rin in Maburaho, Nao in Yosuga No Sora), Mayako Nigo as Misaki (Sasa in Omamori Himari), Hiroshi Kamiya as Onyx (Nozomu in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series), Emiri Katou as Sapphi (Kagami in Lucky Star), Yuki Matsuoka as Bianca (Orihime in Bleach) and Nobuo Tobita as Tokura (Domon in Flame of Recca). The opening theme, Immoralist by Yui Horie sounds kinda, erm, ‘chaotic’. Listen to it for yourself. The ending theme, Mirai Bowl by Momoiro Clover starts off like a Broadway style before turning into a pop-ish parade-like finale. The animation here has the characters in their chibi version (well, maybe except for the fanservice ones – the girls in swimsuits, that is) and I believe there are some characters in the animation which I have not seen in the series before. Are they really minor characters from somewhere in the show or I simply do not recognize them? Or just extras? Speaking of chibi, I find the mid-intermission which is filled with lots of chibi versions of CG Eriko and spinning around. It feels rather odd and funny. It made me go WTF?!

Whether there are dragons, mythical items that brings good luck or curses, it all boils down how you respect and use it. Tools work better if you don’t treat and see them as mere tools. Ryuuji’s case is one of those many incidents of girl-comes-crashing-into-peaceful-my-life (you might have seen it in other different forms like falling from the sky or wrong place, wrong time). It could have been any other girl (wolf girl, snake girl, dog girl, you name it) but he got a dragon girl instead. Dragon girls have potential to be upgraded from a pet to lovers and possibly your future bride. So the next time you get one, don’t straight away send it to the zoo or animal shelter. Just make sure you have lots of ice cream in hand just in case. See how useful ice cream can be? Looks like I need to one now to cure this drag or I might plunge into a crisis of my own.

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