Duel Masters

November 6, 2005

Another anime based on card games. Although with a much different concept from Yugioh, Duel Masters focuses on a young aspiring duelist Shoubu, who wants to become the greatest duelist in the world (yeah, who wouldn’t want to) just like his father. Of course, like in Yugioh, he has a couple of friends to accompany and support him all the way, namely Sayuki, Rekuta and that cute & kawaii (in my opinion, of course) Mimi. As usual, I didn’t understand the basic card and game rules, so I was very blur even when they explained it. But I know the cards are divided into several categories like Fire, Water, Light and Darkness, and our hero seems to prefer playing the Fire type cards. Along the way he fights battles, wins them, and then his opponents becomes his friend, although there are some which isn’t the case. Compared to Yugioh, there’re more comical elements. However, since this anime is shown very very early in the morning, I always tend to miss it (somehow the sleep factor is overwhelming). And somehow also, I prefer much to watch Yugioh.

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