I guess they didn’t have a decent beach episode for the past 2 seasons (though they had a hotspring OVA episode) and hence it is the right time for one. That is what Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka S2 OVA is all about. No Familia wars. No dungeon raiding. Just pure beach fanservice for Bell’s harem. I mean, Hestia Familia. Whatever.

A deserted island named Paradise…
Hestia Familia is on this deserted island. On a mission to find a mysterious herb that allows one to get anything (doesn’t that sound more suspicious?), hence the gang on this island. But of course you bet the ladies are all out for Bell’s attention. Trying to tempt him to get into the water with them? What if Bell forgot his swimsuit? Turn it into a swimsuit contest! The winner will get to spend the entire day with him alone! You bet it is going to be a tough fight between Hestia and Lily but don’t discount Haruhime as the dark horse. So we see them preparing as well as hallucinating of getting naughty with Bell. Show time. Mikoto goes up first as demonstration. What the heck is this ugly clothes? It’s not even swimsuit. Is she even trying? Anyway, Hestia is up first. Using leaves as swimsuit, huh? Okay. Pass. Next is Lily. Cute one piece suit. But she uses the yoga ball to enhance her flat features. And sucking a candy for the kill. Bell looking flustered. Finally Haruhime. Shy girl may take it all from behind? You bet Hestia and Lily are going to protest this. So what is Bell’s decision? Don’t say all of them are winners because that would be insulting. Oh sh*t… Suddenly Aiz pops up. Oh. Dang. She the winner?! However something is strange. This is not the real Aiz. Because she has a strange mushroom on her head and she is acting like an idiot and retard! WTF?! Because she has no memories of herself, Hestia tries to pull a fast one by telling her that Welf is her lover. She believes it and goes to flirt with Welf before Bell’s eyes. Bell is so heartbroken that he rushes off and ends up in a ditch. Don’t worry. He’s not dead. Just out cold.

Ryuu seems to have found the herb but it is in the middle of a lake. So why does she need to get all naked so as to swim there to get it? Isn’t she wearing a decent swimsuit? Anyway, her scream is heard. Mikoto goes to check it out. Ah, that herb in the middle of a hotspring. And then her scream is heard. Welf goes to investigate. Oh, a smithy in the middle of the lake. You’ve guessed it. His scream. They return acting as idiots so it is up to Bell’s harem to save the day. Too bad they also end up as retards. By the time Bell wakes up, he is shocked to see them all turned into idiots with a mushroom on their head. And then they just stop moving. The mushroom drops off. Uhm, their real personalities become the mushroom? Chibi version? They want Bell to bring them back home. However standing in their way is Finn, Bete, Aisha, Apollo, Ares and a whole bunch of other characters. They’re going to destroy these mushroom characters! Suddenly a volcano erupts. The land cracks. The sea cracks. The sky cracks! WTF is going on???!!! Oh. Turns out to be a weird dream of Cassandra. Did she eat some weird sh*t mushroom? However she fears this is some sort of vision and tries to warn her friends. They brush it off as hogwash since Hestia Familia already went on that mission a week ago and are set to return. Besides, Cassandra was asleep for about a week too. And then Bell returns. A mushroom is spotted on his head. Oh sh*t…

Sexy Beach & Sexy Bitches…
Well, may not be the weirdest but it was definitely one of the weirdest sh*ts I have ever seen. All this turning out to be a dream or a vision could be a lazy way of making all this non-canon. Yup. Just easily write it off as a dream so that this won’t have any permanent and lasting effects. Even so, sometimes I feel that whoever came out with this weird sh*t suddenly ran out of ideas. They wanted to do a fanservice beach episode but didn’t really know how to end it. Because as you can see, it started out pretty decent with some decent fanservice (which is the big goal of this OVA) and as the episode progresses, things started not making any sense and because there is not enough time left, bam! This weird crap that we get. Like, WTF???!!! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING???!!! Like as though the one who came up with this nonsense was also high on some mushroom drug or something. Yeah, so there is no such herb that grants you anything, huh? Too good to be true. So either you love it or hate this ridiculous atrocity but I think we all had some sort ‘fun’ watching this OVA. We laughed, we cringed. We had the weirdest time of our life. Time to move on. And my guess that this is supposed to take off the load for the upcoming third season. Back to more dungeon raiding and possibly more Familia wars. Ah well, it was good while it lasted. It’s not very often that Hestia Familia could get to do something this fun together in such outings, you know. Now we need a high school setting parody for completion. Just saying…

Finally. After being trolled by that side story that wasn’t actually the second season, the real season 2 is now here. Heh. Four years later. Thank fully, this is Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka S2 for real. Yes. Not some side story of the perspective from another character. Thank goodness. Now we can move on and get the story going. So will Bell be able to pick up more chicks in the dungeon? Isn’t that what the title is all about? No? Okay. Whatever.

Episode 0
Don’t worry if you have entirely forgotten what this series is about. This special recap episode has Bell and Hestia narrating all you need to know, the important points and happenings of the first season with recycled scenes to go with that. Yeah. Sorry guys, still don’t remember. And I’m too lazy to go rewatch the series again or even read my blog.

Episode 1
We see Bell’s party finishing up yet another successful dungeon raid. But as they celebrate at the bar, some guys from Apollo Familia start mocking Bell. Normally Bell would ignore them. Until they badmouth Hestia. That’s it. Fist fight! Who wants a piece of me?! Bell and Welf are doing fine until Hyakinthos joins in and beats the crap out of them! He would’ve gone further had not Bete tell them to scram as they’re making his drink taste bad. So as Hestia treats Bell, she didn’t like how he got into trouble but appreciates how he stood up for her. Soon Daphne and Cassandra from Apollo Familia hand him a letter. It is from Apollo and he is inviting people to his party. So we see all the characters dress up fancily for this ball. Freya makes her entrance and Hestia tries to cover Bell’s eyes. With Hestia b*tching about every guy falling for Freya if they gaze into her eyes, Freya backs down. Maybe next time. But then there’s this childish rivalry going on between Hestia and Loki. Because Bell and Aiz are too shy with each other, Hermes intervenes. He trolls Bell by asking Aiz to dance with him. Then he backs out and lets Bell dance in his place. Just follow how the others are doing and you won’t go wrong. They sure make a cute couple dancing together. If only stupid Hestia and Loki can stop bickering and b*tching about this ‘betrayal’! Nice time comes to an end with Apollo making his announcement. He then confronts Hestia about her Familia causing some scene and wants compensation. You know he is a douche when he sets up his own men as witness and fake injuries. Knowing Hestia refuses to admit to this ‘guilt’, he hereby challenges her to a War Game whereby if Apollo wins, he gets Bell.

Episode 2
Realizing this is Apollo’s target all along, Hestia sees no reason to participate in this and leaves. Of course Apollo won’t let this be so next morning, he has his Familia attack Bell and Hestia’s place. Once Apollo sets his eyes on you, he won’t give up and will chase you till the ends of the earth to get you. And so the entire Orario is now a giant ‘playground’ for Apollo Familia to hunt Hestia Familia until Bell joins them or dies. Bell fights again with Hyakinthos and the latter complains how much he envies Bell and as much as he dislikes this, he will obey Apollo’s wishes to join his Familiar. But an ally sniper helps keep Hyakinthos at bay so Bell and Hestia could run and head towards the guild. Speaking of which, the guild can’t do anything because the only penalty is a hefty fine and Apollo Familia is willing to pay any high price. Bell’s allies like Takemikazuchi help fight other ruffians. Welf and Lily also help stave off the enemies but Lili is shocked to see her former captain of Souma Familia, Zanis Lustra. Shockingly, she abandons supporting Welf and claims she has to return to Souma Familia. Hiding, Hestia tells Bell their options: They fight a losing battle or they leave Oratoria and hope Apollo will give up on them. Of course she will follow him wherever he goes and this is supposed to be a cue for her to signal him to confess he loves her. Unfortunately he goes as far as to say he respects her. Disappointing? Yeah, enemies found them and she isn’t impressed of the interruption of this most crucial moment. Hence she now has Bell head to Apollo’s base. She agrees to his challenge in a War Game. Later, Welf reports about Lily’s case. Bell wants to go rescue her but Hestia reminds him of the important thing he must do now. So Bell heads over to Loki’s place to seek Aiz’s help to train him to become stronger.

Episode 3
Lily begs to Souma to allow her to leave. However Zanis threatens her about the price to pay in which she definitely can’t afford. Lily is imprisoned as Zanis reveals his true nature in getting her back. He wants her rare transformation ability to net him a handsome profit. In exchange for this, he will leave Hestia Familia alone. Hestia is relaying her plans to rescue Lily to Welf and other allies of Takemikazuchi Familia. Do they have time for this when War Game is so close? Because Bell recognizes the importance of allies, he recognizes their strength and knows how weak when one is alone. Even if War Game forbids help from outside other Familia, this is an important supporting factor for Bell. Hestia then attends a meeting among the gods with Apollo to decide the rules. Based on the lottery, the War Game will be siege. A bad outcome for Hestia since that game needs numbers. Apollo gives her the honour of attacking since one can’t simply defend with a single person. Apollo strikes down Hermes’ suggestion for outside help since this looks unfair. Until Freya mentions about Apollo being scared of helpers. With the other gods agreeing, Apollo agrees to only a helper but must be outside Orario. Zanis sees Lily because it’s business time. However their base is being attacked by Hestia and her allies. Zanis and his men go deal with them. The jailor frees Lily as he hates arrogant Zanis. Lily sees Hestia fighting and can’t understand why she is doing this. Do you think Bell will abandon her? Because now Bell needs her. So Lily goes to beg to Souma to stop the fighting. However he views her words as empty and lest she can say the same thing after drinking his divine wine, he’ll listen. She does so and goes into seventh heaven. Until Bell’s face pops up. She fights against the temptation to repeat her pleas. With that, Souma orders his Familia to stop fighting. This shocks Zanis because Souma never did anything. Anything. So now he wants to kill Lily? Not if Welf could help knock him out. Lily has one more request of Souma. That is, to leave his Familia and join Hestia. But it’s not only Lily who will be doing that. Welf and Mikoto plead to their respective gods to leave their current Familia and join Hestia. Hermes seems to be trying to convince Ryuu as that helper. Meanwhile Bell continues to be owned by Aiz and Tiona. Getting any stronger?

Episode 4
Bell returns in time to get the War Game started with his ‘extended’ Familia. Cassandra warns Daphne about her weird premonition she dreamt of Hestia Familia won but is dismissed because nobody thinks the odds are stacked against them. The War Games begin with Ryuu attacking the castle walls with her magic swords. Hyakinthos orders half his men to go out and take her out. Even if her magic swords get destroyed, her hand to hand combat is still superior. Mikoto gets into via the wall crack to hold off other men. But this is where the tables turn. It seems one of Apollo’s men turn traitor to open the main gate to let Bell and Welf in. This is actually Lily in disguise and the real person was kidnapped the day before and Lily managed to slip in the last minute before the War Game started as the Trojan horse. Welf keeps Daphne busy so Bell could go face Hyakinthos directly. Nothing like a little firebolt to shock everybody and make your grand entrance, huh? Daphne and Lily try to aid and save their respective leaders. Until Bell takes a near fatal blow from Hyakinthos’ homing blast. Because he still survives, Hyakinthos gets mad and is going to kill him. But this is all just a ploy as Bell is utilizing what Aiz told him about people getting predictable when they let their guard down. Bell is able to predict his moves, dodges and then slugs him one in the face to knock him out! OMG! One punch man?! With that, Hestia Familia wins! An upset! I bet all those who betted on Apollo Familia lost big. Hestia having the last laugh now executes her demands: All his property confiscated, his Familia disbanded and Apollo himself is eternally banned from Orario. This means Hestia Familia now use Apollo’s mansion as their base. Hestia draws their Familia’s emblem. Hmm… They say it is a mix of flame and a bell but I just see some lousy doodle… Or ink blot…

Episode 5
Lily says her final goodbye to Souma. Hestia Familia celebrates back at their newly and extensively renovated mansion to congratulate Bell in reaching level 3. Oh, everyone agrees he should also be their leader. Toast to a new Hestia Familia! Thanks to their victory in the War Game, their reputation has soared. This means lots of people want to join Hestia Familia! Lots of them! All mostly come from outside Orario. Everyone is sure agreeing to the hype Hestia is saying. And Lily making a list of people who can’t join. Hmm… Sexy pretty women… Loli characters that overlap hers… Suddenly Mikoto finds a strange letter. What’s this? Hestia Familia with 200 million valis debt?! And suddenly there were none. Not so hyped to join Hestia Familia now, eh? This letter has the signature of Hestia and Hephaistos. Remember that special knife she gave him? Yup. That’s how much it costs! Bell is so shocked at the price of the knife he has been using to slash, that he faints!!! Apparently Hestia forgot all about it but I guess sorry is a little too late. They have no money left from Apollo’s estate as it is mostly used for the renovation. More dungeon raiding to pay it off? Hestia doesn’t want to drag her family into this and will pay off the debts herself. Can she? 200 million sounds quite a lot… Once Bell wakes up, nothing like a talk in a warm nice bath with Welf to set things straight. Basically, lots of thanking and gratitude towards Hestia. Eavesdropping goddess so touched she wants to climb over to him right now?! And with that, Hestia vows to pay it off no matter how long it takes but hopes her family can help her out. While they are celebrating, Chigusa comes to see Mikoto. From the looks of it, bad news?

Episode 6
Mikoto sneaks out of the mansion. Bell, Welf and Lily tail her. They see her meet up with Chigusa as they enter the red light district?! I wonder if Bell is going to be traumatized with all the sexy women gunning for this cute innocent boy. Don’t worry. Lily the ‘protector’ will keep them at bay. When Mikoto is eventually busted, she reveals that she is here to look for a friend. Rumours has it that she who is born of a noble is working here and they want to see if this is true. Speaking of Bell, they realize he is no longer around. Swept away by the bevy of beauties, huh? He stumbles into Hermes who gives him some aphrodisiac to keep this a secret. Then he stumbles into Aisha Belka and her Amazon women who think they’ve scored big with this boy. He’s that War Game winner, right? They take him back to their home in which Bell realizes they are from Ishtar Familia. Before they could get their way with him, Ishtar Familia’s commander, Phryne Jamil wants to steal him. You mean this big ugly toad thinks she is helluva beautiful and that men can’t satisfy her?! I can see why so many men were ruined… To settle this, the Amazon chicks play a game of tag. Whoever gets Bell first, keeps him! Man, Bell must excel in running away. His chastity depends on it! Yeah, the word has now spread throughout the entire Ishtar Familia. He ends up in the quarters of a fox girl, Haruhime Sanjono. I guess both are newbies. So much so she passes out just by seeing his collarbone? She’s got a lot to learn as a prostitute… Later she learns the mix up and apologizes. They talk about themselves especially Haruhime who angered her father and was kicked out of her family and sold here as a slave. They both click well as they love reading adventure stories. It’s time for Bell to go so she leads him out through a safe passage. She laments her fate to be stuck here and no men will save her. Oh yeah. You know Bell’s next course of action… Meanwhile Hermes sees Ishtar to exchange some shady stuff. No men could resist her charms so after great sex, he spills all the beans. Including Bell. Hence she is now interested to steal him if he is the key to that woman’s weakness.

Episode 7
Boy, Hestia is not happy Bell went to the red light distract. That aphrodisiac isn’t making anything better. But she believes him he didn’t do anything weird. However she still doesn’t like the fact he went there and sends her Familia to clean the neighbourhood. Later Mikoto learns from Bell that he actually met Haruhime who is that noble she is looking for. But Lily warns them they can’t go save another person. Not just after their War Game. It is not right to put their own Familia in danger. Later Bell talks to Eina. She too freaks out learning where he went. He is here to learn about the Ishtar Familia. However it has records of its strong members and none about Haruhime. Eina then warns him that many years ago, many Familia accused Ishtar Familia of under reporting their actual strength. The Guild launch an investigation but found nothing. After that, Ishtar went after those who accused her and their Familia ended up destroyed. Furthermore, the Guild had to pay a fine as Ishtar claimed they exposed lots of her private detail. Mikoto tries to talk to Haruhime but the latter claims she doesn’t know her. She talks to Bell about this and cue for her childhood days with her. As a noble, she was always locked up in her home so Mikoto and co used to sneak her outside. After they left for Orario, they heard rumours she was tricked and sold off as a slave. As she is suffering now, that’s why she wants to save her. You bet Bell shares the same sentiments too. Coincidentally Hermes is here and they talk about this. Although they can’t risk a war between Familia, Haruhime being a prostitute makes things easier because she can be bought. As she is a non-combatant, she won’t be expensive. Hermes wants to know more details so he could speak to Ishtar about this. But the moment he learns Haruhime is a renard, he lets them in on a secret. That night he was delivering a Killing Stone to Ishtar. Speaking of her, Ishtar plans to kidnap Bell and turn him her slave so as to see Freya’s reaction. After the Killing Stone ritual, they will start a war with Freya. Right now they must kidnap Bell but not attract the public’s attention nor must Freya Familia find out about this. So as Bell and co fight monsters to earn money, Ishtar Familia use this dungeon raiding as a guise to kidnap Bell. Aisha attacks Bell the moment they come into contact.

Episode 8
Although Mikoto assists Bell, Aisha and her Amazon reinforcements are too strong for them to handle. Though captured, unfortunately Phyrne steals Bell for herself. This has Aisha and the rest initiate a huge search. You bet Bell is going to be traumatized if Phyrne starts eating him. Is it no wonder why he doesn’t have a boner? Let’s say Phryne will come back with something stronger than Viagra. Luckily Haruhime knows of this place and frees him. Bell is so happy that he can’t stop hugging her. Can we save this later before the fat toad comes back? As she leads him out, Bell tells of his Familia’s intention to buy her. But she doesn’t look relieved as she has already made her peace with what’s going to happen. Uhm, you want to walk faster too? Because Phyrne could catch up any time. Hestia and Takemikazuchi are brainstorming why their Familia were ambushed. Until Hestia mentions something about Bell telling her about Killing Stone, Takemikazuchi fears the worst. So this ritual is supposed to seal the soul of a renard? Even with a small fragment of the stone, it gives you the power known as youjutsu. Once the ritual is done, the stone is smashed into pieces. Yup, an irreversible ritual. Coincidentally, after Haruhime freed Mikoto, the latter snuck around and found a library containing contents of what the Killing Stone ritual is. The moment Bell and Haruhime emerge out on the streets, Mikoto angrily confronts Haruhime for she intends to be a sacrifice. Aisha then snatches Haruhime. She reveals Ishtar’s Familia to start a war with Freya Familia. Bell should have noticed their skirmish in the dungeon was because of the power of youjutsu. They have no qualms sacrificing Haruhime as her death was long ago decided. When Bell reprimands their actions, Aisha must have had time to tell some flashback story of herself. Eventually, it is how Ishtar Familia works and she cannot disobey her goddess. Then she throws back a question to Bell. Why does he not move to save Haruhime? Is he worried about dragging his Familiar into a war? She is disappointed he isn’t the man she envisioned him to be. In that case she cannot let him have Haruhime. With other Amazon reinforcements here, Mikoto is forced to take a stunned and depressed Bell by his hand and run. Is he really living up to Aisha’s criticism?

Episode 9
Oh Bell, you’re going to be depressed and think long and hard about this? Guess not. Because he decides to go save Haruhime even if it means making Ishtar Familia enemies. The plan isn’t just to save Haruhime because if that fails, they need a way to destroy the Killing Stone ritual. Bell makes his offensive attack. Damn, his firebolt so powerful the Amazons can’t do anything. Then he has to face off with the ugly toad and Aisha but Ishtar wants them to leave this boy to him and to prepare the ritual. Ishtar reveals her plans to take down Freya Familia. So it’s all about jealousy because the men consider Freya more beautiful than her? She is going to f*ck Bell and shut him up but apparently this guy can resist her charms. Looking at his stats, he has some spell that crystalizes emotions. This means he is immune to divine charms. While Ishtar is left in shock and possibly insulted, Bell got away. You’d think that Haruhime as an important factor for the ritual, she should have more than 2 guards guarding her. ONLY 2 FREAKING GUARDS. No wonder Mikoto easily dispatches them so we can have some argument why Haruhime doesn’t want to be saved. She thinks she doesn’t have the right to be saved with this tainted body. Even if there are those who are okay, she is not. Not when she knows it puts Bell well in danger. Then reinforcements come and Mikoto gets ‘defeated’. But she comes back in time just after they set everything up for the ritual. However she becomes a punching bag to Samira. Just before defeat, she plays dirty. It looks like she is clinging herself onto Samira and chanting a self-destruct spell. This panics her as she tries to get her off. Don’t worry, nobody died in this light purification magic. Just that Mikoto bows out and it’s cue for Bell to take over. Fast enough, he destroys the sword that would supposedly kill and seal Haruhime.

Episode 10
Ishtar is shocked that her domain is in flames. Well, Freya Familia is attacking. At the same time, Hestia and Takemikazuchi Familiar head in to rescue their comrades. Despite the ritual over, Haruhime still thinks she is not worthy of Bell because of her status as prostitute. That kind of status only taints the hero. But you know, Bell doesn’t care about that. He doesn’t want her to think she is worthless. He hasn’t heard her truth yet. Mad Phryne wants Haruhime to boost her up so she could crush Bell. However she boosts Bell instead. Haruhime pleads for Bell to save her as she is tired of selling her body and doesn’t want to hurt others anymore. He is able to fight on par with the mad toad. I think too much jumping has the ground collapsing? Don’t worry, only Phryne fell through. Of course she survives but stumbles into Ottarl. She tries to attack him but he easily twists her hand. She tries to weasel her way out and offer her body. But she did the unthinkable by comparing herself to Freya. Ottarl becomes mad and smashes her!!! One flat dead toad coming up. Bell is now left to face Aisha. Does she want to see how much he has grown as a man? Eventually after all that hard hitting moves, Bell emerges victorious. Got to be his trademark firebolt to finish her. Ishtar tries to escape but here comes Freya. She’s here to talk. More accurately, say goodbye. Ishtar is cornered and frustrated that Freya’s beauty stands far above her despite being the same. Same? Freya thinks the difference is elegance. Ishtar’s jealousy is at her peak so Freya slaps her off the ledge. Can goddess die from that fall? Well apparently now she becomes a beam of light. As explained, this means she is summoned back to heaven and can never return to this lower world again. Gee, I wonder who wrote such rules. Haruhime is glad now she is free. More happy news when their Familia comes to pick them up. It seems everything is part of Hermes’ plan although he didn’t think it would go out of control like this. He believes in creating Bell as the last hero. Something that Zeus failed to achieve that Orario will accomplish.

Episode 11
Ares, the god and ruler of the Kingdom of Rakia is trying to attack Orario. However his soldiers are only ordinary men so they naturally lose to the monstrous might of the Orario adventurers. Aisha sees off Haruhime since she is now under Hestia Familia. Aisha and some of her other Amazon girls are going to Rakia seeing that there is war going on, some men might be in need of their service. Bell talks to Hermes who tells him about the Three Great Quests that the world wants to see from Orario. That old ancient tale involved the great Familia defeating ancient monsters. Behemoth and Leviathan were defeated by Zeus and Hera Familia but were wiped out. The final monster is the Black Dragon. Since this ‘story’ has yet to be completed, every adventurer in Orario has a right to be that hero. Things must be easy with Haruhime as the maid. Hestia gets the wrong idea that Bell is flirting with Haruhime, gets jealous and imposes a no contact rule. This causes Lily to argue with her. I guess the same rules don’t apply to a goddess, huh? So Hestia asks if some goddess declares her love for him, will he accept? He right away rejects because there is no way that would happen as they both come from different worlds. Obviously, Hestia becomes mad at baka Bell and runs away. Yeah, everybody agrees it is Bell’s fault this time. Time to go look for her. Meanwhile Ares tells his aide, Marius that he plans to kidnap a god from Orario to turn things around! Yes, this guy doesn’t think… Bell meets Miach and Hephaistos and tells of his problem. They admit that gods sometimes do fall in love with humans and sometimes in different forms too. The idea is to respect a god’s love. You can accept or reject it but do not fear it. Hestia is sulking and somehow ends up doing some potato delivery errand? As she heads outside Orario’s walls, Ares who just arrived, spots her and promptly kidnaps her! Bell sees a commotion and good thing Aiz is nearby. She fills him in about Hestia being kidnapped. The problem is the enemy split into many groups and they can’t tell which is carrying the real Hestia. Don’t worry, Hermes will have Asfi guide them. Bell follows Aiz until they catch up with Ares. That guy really thinks he can fight Aiz. His sword broke! Hestia manages to free herself but slips off the ravine. Bell dives down to save her. Aiz too. Is this what you call leap of faith? Yeah well, rapid rapids below.

Episode 12
Don’t worry. When you see Hestia waking up in bed, everybody’s safe and sound. Yeah, thank goodness for the small village nearby. I bet Hestia wants to stay this way a little longer because you know, Bell by her side… Since the village is preparing for the festival, Bell helps out too. There are Black Dragon scales everywhere that the villagers worship as an altar as it keeps monsters away from attacking. This prompts Bell to remember about the Three Great Quests as the villagers feel the irony that if the Black Dragon is defeated, their village will no longer be safe. When Bell returns, Karm the village elder talks to him. Showing him an emblem, he was once in a Familia and was in love with a goddess. She reciprocate his love but he failed to protect her. By saving him from monsters, she was killed and returned to heaven. Karm miraculously survived and has thoughts on following her but realized he must not waste the life she has given him. So his advice to him is to take care of his goddess. That night, the festival gets underway. Hestia even learning some legend of the dance to become lovers. Yeah Bell, wouldn’t you like to ask your goddess’ hand for the dance? And he did because he remembers what Hestia said about a goddess loving him and also Karm’s words. Festival somewhat ruined because Karm is dying. Hestia goes talk to him as he mentions about the goddess he loved, Brigid. Hestia knows her as they used to play a lot in heaven. Dying man fears both to see and not to see her and because he still has regrets, Hestia acts and plays as Brigid to make his passing easier. Later Bell talks to Hestia if Karm would ever see Brigid. Hard to say. She thinks Bell still believes humans and gods shouldn’t be together. He worries that humans will die before them. Like when his grandpa died, he cried so hard and it didn’t change anything. So he fears that same thing again. Hestia assures she will always be by his side no matter what. Even when Bell is gone, reincarnated or aeons has passed between them or even Bell is no longer Bell, she will still come to find him. Enough assurance for you, Bell? Damn, he’s already bawling like a baby. Next day after praying at Karm’s grave, the trio make their way back to Orario.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Prostitutes In A Red Light District?
Well people, looks like we don’t have to wait for another 4 years to get another season. Because there is a third season coming by mid of 2020. Good news, right? Yeah, this means there will be no time wasting in between the waiting years for another trolling side story. Phew. Glad we could just jump straight to a real sequel. Notwithstanding that final scene in the final episode whereby a new character was being ‘born’ in the dungeon (hence the catalyst for the next season), why does it feel like this final episode is just one big roundabout way to ascertain for sure about Bell and Hestia’s relationship? For the longest time their relationship has been in status quo. Bell just wanting to be with his goddess and Hestia trying to get naughty with him. With this mini experience, I’m sure they’ll take their relationship a little more seriously. I doubt it would be to a whole new level but better than the status quo than before. So love your goddess, eh? Ah well, can’t say the same for Aiz and Loki. See that girl avoid her goddess like the plague? Better quit Loki Familia and join Hestia Familia!

This season’s stories are rather okay. Sometimes I feel it isn’t living up to its name in the title anymore. Besides, I feel that there is practically no dungeon raiding this season. Sure, they venture into the dungeons for some adventure but it is hardly the setting of the story for this season. It’s like as though the dungeon has been side-lined and taken a back seat while the stories for this season unfolds in Orario. Oh well, the dungeon was the setting of the final arc of the first season so I guess this season they want to take the story to another direction and instead of fighting monsters in the dungeon, they are fighting for the freedom of others in Orario! Goodbye dungeon raiding, hello Familia wars…

Basically the second season can be divided into 2 main arcs with the first one fighting against Apollo Familia with the plot to establish Hestia Familia for real and the second storyline fighting against Ishtar Familia with the plot to add another member to Hestia Familia. While looking at it generally looks interesting but somehow I feel that it isn’t anything special. Sure, it is to develop and establish a family bond among the Hestia Familia and to see how strong Bell has grown. Like the War Games with Apollo Familia, I don’t know, it felt just easy for Hestia Familia to win. I know, they’re the heroes and main characters of this series. But with all the odds stacked against them, they actually did the impossible which is 0.001%, Hey, the chances aren’t zero. Also, Apollo Familia underestimated them and that contributed to their downfall. And only with such great obstacles that Hestia Familia is finally a whole seeing that it forced members from other Familia to seek permission to leave and join another Familia. Also, it gives Hestia Familia a (huge) place they can call home instead of that rundown ‘love shack’. Yeah… Then for saving prostitute Haruhime, it doesn’t feel so much about the Killing Stone ritual but more of Bell and Haruhime contemplating and coming to terms with what they want and must do. Because if Ishtar had been planning to defeat Freya for a long time, you don’t think she’d allow this little slip up and mistake to make her plans come undone so easily just like that, huh?

Bell and Hestia are the 2 main characters so we get to see more of them. Though, Haruhime seems to take more of the spotlight than Hestia in her arc. So we get it. Family ties are important. The bonds and everything. Hestia Familia might be the smallest Familia ever in all of Orario but at least they are close to each other, which could be impossible for a big Familia with so many members. Yup, the perks of being closely knitted when your family is small. This means many of the other characters fall by the wayside. Like Welf, Syr, Ryuu, Eina and even Aiz herself. With Bell being so busy trying to save Haruhime, it looks like they’re trying to set up some romance between them and erase the initial romance of Bell x Aiz. Still remember that elegant dance they had together in the first episode at Apollo’s party? Yeah, I almost forgot about it… Last episode almost hinted they might have another go had not that goddess thingy hogged it all and made Aiz just some lady in waiting literally. So Aiz, still thinking of not leaving Loki Familia for Hestia Familia? I bet Bell would be the happiest guy in the entire universe and heaven. Not so for Hestia, though… Lily had a fair screen time just so as to justify why she can leave her Familia officially. But after that, she’s more like blending in the background with the rest.

What are the odds that Bell becomes the centre of attention of 2 different gods? Both equally vain themselves. First we got Apollo who wants cute Bell for all himself because apparently his old toys aren’t giving him the same excitement anymore. And then we got sexy Ishtar who wants to get back at Freya just for being more beautiful than her and what a plan she has by, wait for it, involving Bell. Oh Bell, you’re such a lucky guy who wants to be loved by so many gods. Albeit for differing reasons. They only lose because they look down and underestimate our heroes. Yeah, even gods can falter. I see they have to involve Freya too because she feels like the final antagonist with an ulterior motive. I could be wrong but she always gives off that feel to me. The series hasn’t reached its climax or anything yet so no need for Freya to show us more than she needs to and keep us in the dark of her true motives. Hermes might look like he is playing some dumb cowboy but he could be the one pulling all the strings behind everybody’s back. So he is another one to look out for although for now he looks like is on Bell’s side.

One of the strangest lore that I am still confused just thinking about it is how gods and deities are banished from coming down to the lower world. Gods are eternal so that means if they are forever banished, you really mean that until the end of time they cannot return? So I guess Apollo must find his new entertainment in other kingdoms while Ishtar I don’t even know getting killed means you aren’t qualified to play with the mortals anymore. So theoretically if you kill a god or goddess, you can banish them forever? Don’t they get a second chance? I don’t know, maybe another reincarnation in a thousand years? Can’t current gods and goddesses just go back and forth from heaven and Earth as they like? Maybe I’m missing something here and I’m too lazy to research more about this since I’m not really that big of a fan of this series. Uh huh. Eventually my fault that I don’t get it. So for now, Orario is safe from Apollo being a dick to steal mortals he loves as well as the heavenly seduction of Ishtar. Oh man, is Orario going to be a clean and morally upright town now that Ishtar’s district no longer exists? Not even the gods here are absolute when they come down to the world of mortals.

With Hestia mentioning that mortals who die and their souls go to heaven, they become purified into some sort of clean slate of sheet (wiping out all memories and emotions in your previous life), the way she briefly explains it sounds like reincarnation is part of the setting of this world. Hence it got me thinking of this conspiracy theory that perhaps Bell is a soul whom Hestia knew for a very long time ago. Somebody that she was very much in love with. That is why she is flirty and trying to get so close to him because she found that person whom she has always been in love before. That is why when Hestia told Bell that she will always be with him no matter how old he grows or what state his soul is, this only makes me curious that this conspiracy theory might be very well true. Did you not notice Hestia saying all that in a very calm and confident manner? Because she already knew about Bell, who he was and all… And though Bell claimed he is being grateful to her and hence him sticking around her, something in his old latent soul attracts him to stick with her, making my conspiracy theory even more ‘credible’. Oh dear. I don’t know if this would be the ultimate twist of the story! I don’t even know if I should feel happy or worried if this ever turns out so! OMG… I just created an unnecessary spoiler and anxiety!!! Time to distract my mind and talk about fanservice…

Fanservice. I wonder with the red light district arc, did they ramp up the fanservice? Even with lots of sexy half-naked Amazon women running around, I just didn’t feel turned on. Yeah, the real killer is that fat ugly toad! Hope I never have to see this rapist in the next season ever again! And Hestia’s boobs are well, still there. Don’t worry, they aren’t going anywhere. Still jiggling them from time to time… Is it me or does Bell seemed like he was in danger of getting pseudo raped on many occasions? Yeah, with all that has happened, it is amazing that this guy still manages to stay a virgin and his chastity safe in the end. If you’re not into the fanservice, maybe the action scenes would entertain you. They look better and choreographed better this time.

With old seiyuus retained for this sequel, the new ones added to this season include Haruka Chigusa as Haruhime (Sylvia in Gakusen Toshi Asterisk), Akeno Watanabe as Aisha (Rito in To Love-Ru), Takako Honda as Ishtar (Hone Onna in Jigoku Shoujo), Kimiko Saitou as Phyrne (Chieko in Kuragehime), Ryota Ohsaka as Apollo (Vali in High School DxD), Kenn as Hyakinthos (Jinbei in Mushibugyou) and Chikahiro Kobayashi as Ares (Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy). Just like last season, Yuka Iguchi sings the opening theme, Hello To Dream. Since she wasn’t in her trademark cutie voice, I didn’t realize it was her singing this generic anime pop. The ending theme, Sayakana Shukusai by Sora Tob Sakana might sound a bit out of place. With its jazzy fanfare and jazzy bass pickings, it feels a lot like Broadway music and the carnival-like atmosphere of the song sounds contradictory to the tone of the series. Ah well, got to show how much fun Hestia Familia is having. A Familia that is happy together, sticks together. Obviously.

Overall, not really better than the first season and picky people might start to wonder if it derailed from its name. Uh huh. No more picking up girls in the dungeon and in place of dungeon raiding adventures, we have Familia starting wars with Hestia Familia just for the silliest of reasons. I don’t think jiggling more of Hestia’s boobs would save the season either since come to think of it, she is starting to feel a lot annoying and bratty with her whims and fancies. And oh, Bell x Aiz romance didn’t really go anywhere so it’s a bummer. Maybe now I understand that is why the third season will be coming in soon just a year later after the second season went on air. Because of this disappointment as well as Aiz’s side story a couple of years back, they might want to flush away all the frustrated feelings of fans who felt ‘cheated’ that the sequel didn’t live up to their expectations. Maybe the answer was already obvious in the title. It’s definitely wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon after all. Tinder, anyone?

After 2 years a certain coming of age adventurer and his busty goddess ventured into the dungeons and walk their destiny, now we go back and do that all over again. That’s right. Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria not only made the ridiculously long title to even ridiculously longer, it tells the story and events then from a perspective of another character, namely the beautiful Aiz. I guess that is why she didn’t make so much of an appearance in the original since she was away doing something else. Hence this spin-off isn’t technically a sequel and not quite a total retelling or remake. Oh well, if we’re tired of Bell and Hestia, I supposed we have Aiz and her Loki Familia to focus on.

Episode 1
At level 50 where leader Finne Deimne and his party are resting, we are introduced to some of the members like the Lefiya Viridis, the Amazon twins Tione and Tiona Hiryute, beardy guy Gareth Landrock, Riveria Ljos Alf and of course Aiz. Riveria talks to Lefiya who is particularly down because she froze during the battle. Bete Loga is much harsher, condemning the mage for being a chicken and all. At the same time, Finne talks to Aiz for charging into battle alone. He acknowledges her strength but she could end up putting others in danger. The place is suddenly attacked by acid spewing caterpillars. Be careful coming into contact. It really burns your skin. With a few taking damage, Riveria seeks Finne’s permission to let Lefiya take care of the enemies as she needs the experience. She begins her incantation but once more fear overcomes her. She can’t do it. Oh well. Time for Aiz to kick ass again. Riveria takes over Lefiya’s place to finish her incantation and burn all the caterpillars crawling all over the place. It is decided that they retreat despite coming down this far since the caterpillars have caused rockslides and that makes their passageways more dangerous. Lefiya is left to reflect on her own actions but she is also troubled that Aiz too has her own trouble but doesn’t show it. On the way up, a group of Minotaurs surround them. They try to get rid of them but a bunch just fled. This part coincides with the first episode of the original series where a Minotaur cornered Bell and Aiz immediately cut it down, leaving him all bloodied like a tomato. She tried to help him up but he ran away screaming. Bete teases he ran away because he got scared of Aiz’s monstrous strength. Aiz isn’t impressed and pouts…

Episode 2
On the way home, Lefiya feels depressed she had to let Aiz save her again. She has got more to worry when she got the short end of the stick as she became victim to Loki’s boob fondling. It’s like déjà vu again because Lefiya once more depressed in the shower before falling victim to Loki once more. Noting Aiz too is down, she vows to cheer her up. So is fantasizing about it half the battle won? Maybe it’s just self-satisfaction? Finne, Riveria and Gareth talk about the benefit of having Lefiya around Aiz because it could make her think about others. Lefiya manages to give some crystal drops to Aiz. As she is pleased, cue for more happy delusions? Let’s hope it doesn’t get to her head. The ladies head out to get new weapons or do some maintenance over the dulled ones. Lefiya buys a potion for Aiz as a good luck charm. Everyone converges at the pub. The familiar scene of Bete getting drunk and starting to mock loudly about that tomato guy causing that poor kid to run away. Aiz felt bad for him and seems to be even more down ever since. Riveria talks to her and finds out about it. Aiz wonders if she should apologize to that boy but Riveria doesn’t want her to be hasty. If she finds him, she’ll have the right words to say to him. Lefiya thought a change of pace would be good. So they take her shopping for clothes. Lefiya and the Amazons argue what clothes will look cute on Aiz. I guess the one that make her look like Hestia is no go. A lovely dress takes the cake. Aiz apologize to Lefiya since she tried her best to cheer her up but she’s still like putting up that frown face. Tiona hints she should use a better word so Aiz thanks her. Now everyone is all smiles. Until Lefiya again becomes Loki’s victim, not even Aiz can help her out of this one. Sorry.

Episode 3
At the banquet of the gods, Loki meets Demeter and Dionysus. They talk about the Monsterphilia that Ganesha is going to hold during the festival. Demeter notes Dionysus has come up with a wicked scheme. Aiz and Lefiya go night hunting in the dungeons. When they get back, Riveria scolds them for going out this late. Loki butts in and as punishment, Aiz will accompany her to the festival. This puts a damper on Lefiya since she already made plans to go with Aiz on that day. Well, that’s her punishment. Can you stop crying and go to sleep already? During the festival, Loki is called to meet Freya. She is not pleased she has to play along with her scheme because of a certain kid who caught her eye. During the Monsterphilia event, Lefiya and the Amazons notice something amiss. So when they head outside to check with Loki, it seems there are monsters unleashed all over the city. Don’t worry. She sent Aiz to do the job. Before them pops out some snake-flower monster. The Amazons fight it but its skin is so damn hard. Lefiya begins her incantation but takes serious damage when whipped away. Lefiya reverts to her cowardly side. She prays for Aiz to come rescue her like always. Speaking of which, here she is. Even after destroying it, 3 more pop up. Seeing Aiz in trouble, Lefiya decides to stop being a loser. If she wants to support her, she has got to do better. So Lefiya starts chanting a rare spell that only she can do. It allows her to duplicate an infinite number of other spells and hence her nickname, Thousand Elf. She freezes the entire place and crushes the monsters. It’s not over yet as Loki wants them to take care of the remaining monsters at various place. Aiz drinks the potion and lets Lefiya drinks the rest. Indirect kiss? Later Loki confronts Freya for going overboard. Especially the snake-flower monster. However Freya says she did not see or release such monster. Could it be Dionysus?

Episode 4
Aiz gets back her sword but because she broke the one on loan, it’s going to be costly. Hence she thinks of doing more dungeon raiding. The rest agree to go with her. When they decide to take a rest at level 30, they feel something strange. The town is less crowded. Finn’s friend, Bors mentions there has been a murder at Willy’s inn. Of course they’re going to check it out too. A horrible murder site as the victim’s head is smashed beyond recognition. Bors went to buy a potion to force reveal his identity. He is Hashana Dorlia from Ganesha Familia and ranked level 4. Bors gets scared when a high level guy could be done in like that. So he suspects Finn’s ladies. But basing them based on boob size? No wonder the Amazons are mad. Looking around, it looks more than just a simple robbery. His items are ransacked and assuming the culprit didn’t get what she wanted, she could still be in this town. So Bors announces he is going to body check everyone. Get ready to be frisked, ladies! Don’t be silly. The girls will do the checking. However they all want Finn to do it and this earns Tione’s wrath since she considers Finn all for herself. Aiz and Lefiya spot a panicked girl who ran away and chase after her. Meanwhile Loki takes Bete to investigate the sewers. At the reservoir, they stumble into those snake-flower monsters. Bete going all out should have destroyed the entire place but the monsters are the only casualties. When they resurface, Loki bumps into Dionysus. Bete smells the same scent underground. As they talk, Dionysus admits he was in the sewers but to investigate. Previously 3 of his Familia members were killed and he believed these monsters are related to their deaths. Loki thought Ganesha is involved since Dionysus notes Monsterphilia is the perfect cover for the murderer. However he reminds her the origins of Monsterphilia. Uranus was the one who started this festivity. Aiz and Lefiya talk to Lulune Louie from Hermes Familia. She fears for her life thinking somebody is out to kill her. She confirms the item in her hand belonged to Hashana as she got a quest from a mysterious employer to exchange it. Aiz takes this item into her care. It is an orb with some monster foetus? It’s alive! Aiz is immediately overcome with fear. Lefiya holds on to it since nothing happened to her. At this time, some hooded guy blows his whistle and snake-flower monsters start popping all over the place.

Episode 5
Loki goes to see Uranus. She tells him what happened during Monsterphilia. She is trying to blame the Guild at fault but he denies. I guess that’s that. The hooded guy tries to strangle Lefiya. Guess who comes to her rescue. Aiz knows this person is Hashana’s killer. Wasn’t it a woman? Indeed. Revis rips off her fake skin. No wonder Hashana was faceless. She used his skin to masquerade as a man to move around easier. She wants the orb that contains the seed. However it breaks and the seed latches onto a monster to become a, uhm, monstrous monster. Everyone else fights and defeats it while Aiz dukes it out with Revis. When Revis recognizes her wind power and calls her Aria, this leaves Aiz shocked. She takes a massive blow and is about to be killed. Guess who came to save her? No, it’s not Lefiya. The rest heal her as Finn battles Revis. Although she injures him a little, she realizes the odds are not in her favour and runs away. They continue searching for clues but nothing. They believe Revis will lie low for a while now and take some time to train new monsters. They notice Aiz has been more aggressive ever since but she’s not saying anything. She requests to stay back alone. And without food? Riveria also supports this. So now everyone wants to follow? Too bad not enough food. Finn allows Riveria to stay with Aiz. He hears her reason. Riveria knows the inevitable will happen to Aiz and will explode sooner or later. When that happens, she wants to be where she can see her. Okay, first up is the floor boss, Monster Rex Udaeus.

Episode 6
So Udaeus wields a sword because it has never done so. Cue for Aiz to be caught off guard and get slightly injured? Udaeus chipping bits of her armour off for fanservice? Of course Aiz refuses to stay weak and fights back till she defeats it. Riveria then asks about her problem in which she finally reveals that Aria thingy. She tells her that everyone in the Familia treats her as part of their family. When they return, they see Bell unconscious after using magic. Aiz wants to know a way to apologize to him. Lap pillow? When he wakes up, he rolls away! Ran away again. When Aiz tells this to Riveria, she can’t stop laughing. Later Aiz has her stats updated. It seems she has reached Level 6. But she doesn’t seem happy. Loki and the rest discuss about the Guild pulling strings behind the shadow. Riveria brings up about Aiz’s Aria so they think it is time they talk to her. Aiz goes to see Eina after she learns Bell is under her and is glad that he isn’t afraid of her but very grateful. They overheard a few guys talking about Bell going to be scammed. Eina knows Bell will be in trouble again so she requests Aiz to go help him. So she makes hastes down the dungeon, asking adventurers if they have seen Bell. She manages to cut down the remaining monsters before Bell gets done in. He runs away again but not before thanking her. Too bad she didn’t have the chance to apologize. Aiz senses somebody nearby as a dark mage then pops up before her. She is the one who contacted Lulune and has a request for Aiz.

Episode 7
The dark mage has a request for Aiz. Head to level 24 to investigate a monster outbreak. It might have something to do with Revis and the orb. Dionysus talks to Loki about the strange swarm in level 24. This outbreak is affecting the adventurers and the Guild has done nothing. Loki receives message that Aiz has gone to level 24. She needs to bring the troublesome girl back and sends Lefiya and Bete to retrieve her. To earn Loki’s trust, Dionysus sends Filvis Challia with them. However elf girl and wolf boy don’t get along. They hate each other from the start. Can’t blame her as she is some lone survivor of some nightmare level 6 years ago. Aiz meets up with the party for the mission. It is Lulune? Also, the other Hermes Familia members led by Asfi are also joining in. Uranus is not pleased Fels sent Aiz on that quest. Her reason is that they don’t want to make enemies out of the Loki Familia and Aiz is the best person to handle this situation. At level 24’s Pantry, they see the swarm marching. Aiz takes them all out with no sweat. Just practice, huh? Lefiya worries about Filvis being cold to them. When Bete almost touches her, she almost becomes a deranged killer. Investigation shows some strange blob blocking the path is preventing the swarm for getting to their food source. As they head inside to investigate, the passage seals itself off. Snake-flower monsters attack and they realize they’re trying to separate them. When Aiz is separated from the rest, she is confronted with Revis. Bete and Lefiya ask Bors about Aiz’s whereabouts. When Bors sees Filvis, he identifies her as a banshee. He warns Lefiya to stay away from her as she is cursed. No one who teamed up with her has ever returned alive.

Episode 8
Aiz corrects Revis that she isn’t Aria. That is her mother. Bors continues explaining about that nightmare level. A dark faction named Evilus led by Vendetta, misled adventurers to level 27 where they were forced to fight a battle royale with floor bosses. Evilus was eventually eliminated but the scene on that floor was like hell. Filvis as the only survivor looked almost dead herself. She tried to reorganize her party but each time her members die and she is the only survivor. That’s how she earned that nickname. Lefiya being the stubborn one continues to talk to Filvis and will not stay away as suggested. She still consider them a team. When you’re so persistent, there is nothing more but to laugh and accept. Asfi’s team stumbles upon a pillar and an orb is embedded in it. As they try to investigate, a Tamer lets loose his Violas (snake-flower monster) to attack them. Asfi fights him but gets stabbed. Before he could kill her, here comes Lefiya’s side to the rescue. He reveals the Pantry is for Viscum (a bigger plant monster) to feed off and produce Violas. Monster producing monsters? This is so he could destroy the city as wished by his goddess. He unmasks himself to be Olivas Act of Vendetta. He is supposed to be dead. He was. Till his goddess revived in. A magic stone is embedded in his chest. He starts praising his saviour like a lunatic and how she is the one who should rule the land. As everyone continues to battle, Aiz and Revis’ battle got too epic that it had to spill over. Aiz shows why she is awesome but Lefiya-Bete combo also prove they are no lesser. They manage to destroy Viscum. Bete beats the crap out of Olivas and in his pathetic state, Revis kills him by stealing his magic stone before devouring it. It should make her stronger but she knows it isn’t enough to beat Aiz. She will lie low and get stronger for now before their next face off. In the meantime, she tells Aiz to head to level 59 where the answers she is seeking for lurk. Everyone flees as the pillar collapses. Finn and Loki receive this report. Knowing that Aiz wants to head to level 59, it’s a good excuse for them to start another expedition. Lefiya tries to research on Aria. From the book Dungeon Oratoria, A spirit, a race most beloved by the gods.

Episode 9
Aiz sees Eina in hopes of apologizing to Bell personally. Coincidentally he is here. Oddly, to stop him from leaving prematurely, she jumps in front of him and his face ended up in her butt! When she apologizes, Bell then corrects her that he is the one who should be apologizing for running away. Leaning he has no one to teach him but yet has improved vastly, she offers to train him although she feels bad it is her plan to see the secret of his progress that she might use to improve herself. Lefiya is practising to ask Aiz one of those things. Failed. Next early morning she thought of waiting for her this early but she was already up earlier. She tries to follow but bumps into Bell. He runs away learning she is part of Loki Familia. Finding him fishy, she tails him and is disheartened to Aiz carrying him away (their training ended). Because of that, she is in a bad mood. She confronts Aiz about it and learns the truth. But she still feels jealous and wants one on one training as well. Okay. Even so, she isn’t happy because she keeps comparing herself to the treatment Bell gets. Better shape up or you’ll lose to that kid. Too bad she wallows herself in jealousy thinking Bell is monopolizing Aiz for himself when she is the one who kept fainting during training. It’s no surprise Aiz wonders if her training is helping her at all and wants to take the next day off. Lefiya bumps into Dionysus who is thankful for helping Filvis recover. Since Filvis is fond of her now, she helps her train. At least it takes her mind off Aiz. Aiz continues training Bell but this time with Hestia watching over as agreed. No funny stuffs… On the way back, they are ambushed and surrounded.

Episode 10
After a short bout, the assassins leave and warn Aiz not to get involved further or die. Aiz recognizes them from Freya Familia. She reports this to Riveria and they wonder if Freya Familia has anything to do with the recent incidents. Loki also mentions they know somebody has been communicating with the enemy but they don’t know who. Aiz continues training Lefiya and she has gotten better. Still trying to compare herself with that kid? Aiz also trains Bell for one last time before her expedition. Loki Familia will be separated into groups for the expedition and Aiz is in the first group. Before she departs, Lulune is here to give portable rations. She also gives a pendant from Fels. She is supposed to wear it when she goes to level 59. After a while trekking into the dungeon, they spot a few group of injured adventurers running out. They claim some Minotaur attack and Bell is handling it on his own. Instantly Aiz rushes to his aid. However she cannot tell where the Minotaur’s roar originates from this maze. She then spots very injured Lily. Unfortunately her path is further blocked by Ottarl the King. He is the only adventurer who is at level 7 and hence the strongest. He wants a death match with her. Aiz believes this is what the warning was. No choice she has to fight him but the longer she drags this out, the more danger Bell will be in. Luckily her comrades come to distract him and she uses this chance to run past him. Finn then confronts Ottarl if this is the will of his Familia and that Freya wants to provoke them. He claims he is acting on his own accord and leaves. Aiz arrives in time to defend Bell. But this time he won’t let her fight. He doesn’t want her to always protect him. He picks up his dagger and continues fighting the Minotaur as the rest watch in awe how much Bell has improved. And as we know, Bell defeats it. Lefiya is in the second group and starting her descent. She sees Aiz and Riveria running out carrying unconscious Bell and Lily respectively. Her heart just broke. The duo bring Bell back to Hestia who can’t thank them enough.

Episode 11
Resting at level 50, Lefiya asks Aiz what is the deal with Bell. She says he is on an adventure. Because of that, she starts spacing out. More so when she hears others who saw awesome Bell in action praising him. I guess after too much sulking, she realizes she can’t compare herself to others now. She has a goal to catch up with the rest. How could she have forgotten it. Uhm, jealousy? Everyone is excited for tomorrow’s raid and can’t sleep so Lefiya gets more motivation about the team’s vow to protect each other from danger. The descent to the lower levels begin. On level 52, dragons on level 58 start shooting fireballs through the ground at them! Well, it’s a shortcut for many of them but Finn doesn’t want Aiz to follow since they have a couple of supports and they’ll take the normal route. Also, those who took the shortcut are here to clear the enemies for them. Yeah, who needs magic when you can cut their fire breath into half or deflect it! Oh right. If you need to destroy multiple targets at one go, here’s Lefiya’s magic. Meanwhile Fels tells Revis that Aiz is closing in on level 59 and yet she is still here eating magic stones. Revis knows she is still not strong to take on them. She doesn’t care if Fels uses her but in exchange she’ll do whatever she wants. In worse case, she’ll just retrieve Aiz’s corpse. Once the monsters are cleared and the rest of the party reunite, they take a short breather as Finn feels odd about the next level. From Zeus Familia’s records, it is supposed to be a very cold place but they’re not feeling the slightest of it from where they are. Well, only one way to fight out. It is a place where no humans have set before. To their surprise, level 59 is a humid jungle. They see caterpillars being devoured by a monster that has been evolved by those orbs. It then flowers open its humanoid version and lets out a creepy shriek. Aiz is shocked to recognize it as a spirit.

Episode 12
The spirit is calling for Aria to be devoured. The rest realizes these new monsters were created to be its food source. Finn has everyone ready to attack but the spirit is able to chant magic! Although they counter it, it has no effect. It pulls off another surprising by chanting another consecutive spell and even faster! The flames are so great that it blows everyone away. Riveria and Gareth take the biggest damage while trying to protect the rest. Finn rallies the rest to continue fighting. Need more motivation? He quotes Bell’s name. That should do it. As they race to take it down, the spirit starts up another chant. Luckily Riveria manages to chant and take down its personal defence and Gareth using his elephant strength to tear through its thick vine defences. With everyone clearing the path for Aiz, it is up to her to deal the finishing blow. The spirit still has some tricks up her sleeve, though. It still has some short range magic ready to fire at her. Luckily Lefiya was fast enough to pull off a magic to protect her. Aiz uses all her strength to finally defeat it. And the greatest reward for Lefiya is when Aiz pulls her in to hug her. Not a dream. The party returns to the surface and of course a big party to celebrate their victory. We see Fels learning from Uranus that spirit is actually a fallen shadow of a fallen spirit. Its true form lies in the deeper levels and the one on level 59 was just to guard a more powerful entity. Spirits were once blessed by the gods to help humans but this one was turned inside out, became a monster while maintaining its identity, consumed by its primal impulse to survive. So those new monsters were created by it too. The irony is how a spirit was once sent to save mankind now threatens the city. Its leader is Enyo who will destroy the city. Loki discusses with the rest about the fallen spirit and why it targeted Aiz because she had blood descended from the spirits. They fear that those orbs will be used to create more of those spirits and then summon those spirits to the surface. Since we didn’t have Aiz-Lefiya personal time today, we have one now with Aiz thanking Lefiya for her magic or else everyone would have died. Lefiya refutes that as pure luck. Still not confident? Lefiya gets permission to always follow her. Time for a hug. Not dreaming. The Amazon twins join in. The more the merrier, right? Well, Loki wants to join in. However everyone avoids. This time Lefiya instinctively does a judo throw on her. At least she improved in this aspect.

DunGirls: Sword Art Oratoria
Sighs… If only the rest of this series was as exciting as the final episode. Otherwise this entire spin-off feels boring and the way it ended only serves to bring up more questions than answers. So I am not sure if that fallen spirit is the answer Aiz is looking for because I thought it was her mother but a quick checking on the internet said it wasn’t so even though her mother is a spirit and hence she is a descendent. I know the adventure is going to be a long road but with this kind of ‘ending’, it is just like completing a mini side quest. Okay, maybe just the first level cleared and there are 99 more levels before you reach the true boss for the true final ending.

I am not sure if we have been trolled because it could have been our fault for expecting that this spin-off was going to be focused a lot on Aiz. It could have been the expectation from the hype. I don’t know. However after watching this season, we only got half of that and the other half was what no one asked for because we got Lefiya instead. It’s like Bell never left us because as I somehow feel she is the female version of him. Sure, there are a few other characters that this spin-off tells but not as much screen time and focus they give to Lefiya. They should have named this spin-off Gay-den or Lesbian-den or something instead.

While it is good to see the events that has happened on the Loki Familia’s side, sad to say that the plot and pacing doesn’t fare well. We are introduced to subplots that make the series feel like as though it is a standalone rather than something that can be added to the original DanMachi series. Because with the introduction of Revis the direct antagonist, Freya plotting some shady scheme and Uranus similarly moving his plans along, it feels like this spin-off is heading towards a different direction instead of merging with the adventure from Bell’s side. Wow. That’s a lot of antagonist for one small series. And I didn’t even mention Ottarl yet (although he is under Freya Familia). Oh, there was Olivas too but he got killed off. And who is this Enyo dude they throw in?! Man, the problems are just getting bigger. I know I’ve said it is a different Familia and hence a different adventure but one would have expected to see how Aiz’s side ties up with Bell’s side. There are some moments that do coincide with the original but other than that, the story diverges differently. It’s like resurfacing from the water to take a short breath before diving back for a long one.

So to start off with the characters, if you’ve watched the original series, you’ll know a bit about Aiz and this spin-off expands a little bit more about her past. Just a little bit. Very little bits. She is always having this poker face so I’m not sure I can tell how deep her problems are because like Riveria once pointed out, everyone has their own problems. We don’t know how deep it is for Aiz except we know it should be the deepest. Because main heroine. We just know that she is the daughter of some spirit and hence her ability to use wind powers and the reason she is interested in Bell is not because of anything romantic or the natural matters of the heart but rather she wants to get stronger and she believes this kid was the right person to that goal. Well, she did level up to level 6, didn’t she?

If the lack of Aiz is already worrying and annoying, imagine putting in a lesbian fan admirer her would do. Yup, it made it even more annoying. That is what Lefiya is. Basically like I said, she is like Bell because she starts off weak and despite improving as the series progresses, she is still weak. I mean, if you want to compare her to the rest of the main characters in her party, she is still by far the weakest. Yeah, her special duplicate multiple spells whatchamalit thingy is something that is one off like how Bell has his own set of unique abilities. Impressive but they can’t spam it always. Lefiya is already annoying as she fantasizes about her one-sided love and dream dating with Aiz (supposedly the running joke of the series for her), it gets even more annoying when she starts to consider herself as Bell’s rival. Oh Aiz, you are sure one popular girl. It should have served as a motivation for her to do better but instead she got blinded by more jealousy instead.

I mean, the mere seeing of Bell with Aiz without fully understanding why they’re together already makes her blood boil. You so scared Aiz will be taken away by another man not part of the same Familia? When is she going to learn that Bell is Bell and you are you. Stop thinking about others and start improving yourself. To show that Lefiya is not all that bad, she conveniently becomes friends with Filvis. A character that has been so traumatized that nothing else would have brought her back and Lefiya is the first one to do so? Well, maybe nobody dared took the chance. After all, Lefiya doesn’t know her background well. She just heard about it from Bors but that wasn’t enough to scare her despite the risky rumours and coincidences surrounding Filvis. So what has she got to lose? In order to not make Lefiya look like a total amateur loser, hence I figure her pure luck in her magic chanting gone right that saved the day and ultimately her beloved. Beginner’s luck. Okay, okay. I also hope Lefiya would grow into a stronger character too and stand by Aiz’s side.

The other main characters of the Loki Familia are also okay but nothing too deep on them. Finn, Riveria and Gareth as the ‘old veterans’ of the Familia make them good leaders and mentors with their vast experience. Then you have the Amazon twins who are partly for comic relief, partly for fanservice and partly for some action variety. Because isn’t it like a joke when you have one sister with a well-endowed body but the other sister is as flat as a washboard? When it comes down to it, they’ll use their boob size as weapons and counter arguments. That is the only way how I could distinguish the twins effectively. Really. Oh, it must be a running joke for Tione too since she has this shameless crush for Finn, would do anything for him at his beck and call and you would be dead meat if you try to even make a move on him. He’s all hers! Nobody touches him! Finally Bete. This dude might need some anger management class but I am sure he’ll rip it apart before the session could start. I suppose being uncouth is his way of interaction because tough guys don’t show their caring via the conventional lovey-dovey way. That’s so gay for him.

Loki is supposedly taken from the Norse God and is very well known for the mischief caused. That is why she is seen here like a joker character and hence my theory why she is turned into a woman is so that she could do some cheesy boob squeezing fanservice. Imagine if Loki was a naughty guy, we would definitely see him as some perverted bastard. The effects seem less and we don’t think too much of it if the gender is switched. But too bad the only girl who ever falls into Loki’s prank is Lefiya. It’s like the running joke of the series as all other girls are smart enough to avoid Loki time and somehow Lefiya gets drawn the short end of the stick. It’s like a punishment for being an annoying character. Not even this fanservice could save you, Lefiya. That last bit there avoiding Loki was just pure luck and coincidence. I’m sure she’ll be back to the usual victim soon. Is this the fanservice we get in place of Hestia? I could hear somebody screaming they want their loli boobs back…

I don’t know. I don’t really feel I missed the other characters from the original series. Not even Bell or Hestia. Welf or Lily. Syr or Ryuu. Ouka or Chigusa. Maybe I’m not a big fan so I didn’t miss them at all. Many pop up and make cameos as part of the overlapping storyline but they hardly do anything that is unexpected because you know, we have an idea what they were already doing in the original series.

One of the strong points of this spin-off is the action parts. I mean, if you compare it to the original, this one fares better (as I have already mentioned the final episode ‘boss fight’ was quite thrilling since it took the might and cooperation of the strongest Loki Familia to finally bring it down). This is because Bell was such a beginner and he is still learning. Here, the Loki Familia are all experienced dungeon crawlers with a vast amount of fighting experience. So fighting vicious monsters whether in town or the dungeons, they make it look like a piece of cake. Except maybe Lefiya. We also get to see more of Aiz in action especially using her wind powers that we did not get to see in the original series.

Yuka Iguchi who sang the opening theme for the original series reprises her role here for the opener too, Re-Illusion. Nothing special about this anime pop in my opinion, though. The ending theme is Day By Day by Kano. It feels like such a happy and calming song like as though this is the song that Lefiya uses when she fantasizes about Aiz. Heck, the ending credits animation is about the Loki Familia having a nice picnic on a nice day. With many of the casts retained, new ones include Sayaka Ohara as Revis and once again she is casted as a villainess. Even though it feels like stereotyping, I find nothing wrong with that. The rest are Hisako Kanemoto as Filvia (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Mikako Komatsu as Fels (Neko in K), Toru Ohkawa as Uranus (Roy in Fullmetal Alchemist) and Hikaru Akao as Lulune.

Overall, while this spin-off might have been decent on its own right, it didn’t live up to expectations and falls short of what we wanted. I mean, instead of getting more of Aiz, we got half of that and the other half went to an annoying elf. Therefore it is a double edged sword as it somewhat makes this spin-off feels unnecessary considering how it all ‘ended’ but at the same time its consolation is that we get to know what happen on Aiz’s side during the same timeline and events. That’s about it. Therefore I think there will be a dilemma if another season is announced, would it be a continuation of Bell’s side or Aiz’s side? If they’re going to blend in both somehow I think it will be quite confusing seeing that both Bell and Aiz totally have different agenda lest it all overlaps and coincides soon enough. Worse, I don’t want another season telling the perspective of another character during the same timeline! Who you may ask? Freya… Curious what she has been planning during all that time? I’m certainly not curious enough to stay and find out.

I was wondering why it took so long for Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka OVA to come out. It has been more than over a year since the TV series ended in 2015 and this OVA only came out back in December 2016. Trying to match the long ass name of its title? Just kidding. I suppose it is to remind us for the upcoming side story of Aiz. So what better way than to whet our appetite with a typical OVA. What do I mean? Do you love Hestia? Do you love boobs? Do you love swimsuits? Do you love fanservice? If you love all of the above, you’ll definitely going to love this OVA. I guarantee.

Is It Wrong To Pick Up Hotsprings In A Dungeon?
Taking place after defeating that giant monster in that paradise place, as usually Hestia and Lily are fighting over Bell’s attention. Everything’s normal. On their way back, they fight a few more monsters and Hestia becomes jealous that Bell is taken in by everyone’s flattery. She kicks a stone and this leads to some walls breaking down that leads them to a giant hotspring. Alright! Fanservice time! How can everyone go in without losing their modesty? Don’t worry, Hermes has made Asfi brought swimsuits beforehand! Amazingly he knows all their sizes… Except maybe for Hestia. Because it feels it was done on purpose. Her bikini is too small a size and snaps! There are no extra swimsuits so how? Welf is called and he thought he is the luckiest guy getting all the glory. Too bad it is just to help make a new swimsuit from leaves. I thought he is a blacksmith who crafts weapons or armours? Anyway, before they jump in, it seems Mikoto is forcing them to do silly rituals. This is her own and nothing to do with the eastern culture. You can tell how embarrassed Ouka and Chigusa are watching their comrade do this. The few fanservice include Ouka being called by some of the girls to test a portion of a hotspring. He is somewhat fascinated at looking at their crotches that probably he is boiling the water he is in. Yeah, too hot to handle. Also, not sure why Welf can’t help looking at Ryuu’s bloomer-cum-crotch so he tries to take his mind off by carving a statue of Hephaestus on the rock.

Hestia is bummed out that she can’t get a decent time alone with Bell since Lily is always stealing him away. Bell no baka! So when she finally gets that time, something strange is happening with the water. We should have seen this coming. The water turns acidic enough to melt their swimsuits! Before Hestia could confess, here comes monster fish to attack. Luckily the others arrive in time to destroy them. Of course there is this big mother fish, the master of this hotspring whom Bell must slay to show why he is the big hero. He does so but at the expense of his pants! All the girls get a big shock from this free show. Not Hestia. She thinks it is the ticket to beat that Aiz b*tch. Speaking of which, we have a few fanservice of her soaking in her own bathtub scattered throughout the episode. As the gang prepare to leave, they realize this place is just a trap set by the monsters. They believe many adventurers got killed in this trap and that’s why this place was never reported. Mikoto prostrates herself apologizing for losing her sanity when it comes to hotspring. What’s done is done. Time to head home.

Is It Wrong To Like Hotspring Fanservice Episodes?
Those who were expecting something better than fanservice would be freaking disappointed. And like I have said earlier, those who ‘appreciate’ Hestia, boobs, swimsuits and fanservice would totally fawn and gawk all over this episode. I mean, that’s all there is to it, right? Everything is so silly and doesn’t make sense that you just drop thinking and go with the flow. I mean, how can skilled warriors not sense this is a big monster trap? Ah, the allure of the hotspring blinded them. Just like how the allure of fanservice blinds us fans to watch mindless fanservice and fork out a few bucks so we can satiate our horny desires. Plus points if you’re a fan of big boobs loli. Nothing gets you motivated with a loli with big boobs, huh? Even more fanservice with the ending credits animation showing the girls sleeping in their sexy babydoll lingerie while hugging a dakimakura guy they love. Except for Mikoto. Hotsprings will always be her first love.

So it makes me wonder if this is the right OVA for us to refresh our memories for the upcoming new side story TV series about Aiz. Heck, it is a side story of her (supposedly as I have read. I could be wrong). Not even a continuation of this TV series. Perhaps that is why Aiz makes a very limited cameo appearance here (and all of them naked in her bathtub!). Or maybe this OVA is just a long awaited extra episode that fans had been waiting for over a year. That’s all. Right, it’s not even supposed to be a substituted for Sword Art Online or Log Horizon whatsoever. Just as long as you have a loli with big boobs and at least another girl for some harem cat fight, you can guarantee with this perverse reason fans will follow you into the deepest dungeons for this blessing.

Unless you are born with that natural suave charm, I suppose there is a right tactic to pick up ladies depending on the mood, atmosphere and location. Yeah. You can’t use the same cheesy pick up lines for every girl anytime and anywhere, right? I mean, sure you can pick up girls at common places like the singles bar and even not so common places like, say, a dungeon. Uhm… What? Who would want to pick up girls in a dungeon?! Unless you’re a gamer guy playing some dungeon crawling RPG game and happen to meet a fellow gamer girl. Yeah. Ultimate bliss, eh? So that is why they came up with an anime on how to pick up chicks in a dungeon, Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru No Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka. Wait… What?! You mean that is not what this anime is all about???!!!

After being fooled by that ridiculously long anime title itself (the official English title shortened it to be called Familia Myth although this is not what the actual Japanese title meant), this isn’t some sort of edu-tainment for RPG otakus on how to pick up ladies while playing RPG games, though this anime does have the setting of a fantasy RPG. Adventurers enter dungeon, fight monsters, defeat them, obtain items and/or currencies, level up. Rinse and repeat. So this anime is about a young solo adventurer trying his best to level up and make ends meet. And then he had to fall for a girl he met in the dungeon. Not to mention slowly attracting other girls to his attention as well. Are you sure this anime isn’t really about picking up chicks and getting your own harem party?

Episode 1
It is narrated something about the gods abandoning their divine powers, living with the humans below and thus offering their blessing the power to fight monsters. Bell Cranel is a rookie adventurer his adventure could have ended when the Minotaur cornered him only for this cool beauty adventurer, Aiz Wallenstein to cut it in half. Bell is so awed of this that he runs back to town covered in blood just to see Eina Tulle and ask her more about Aiz. Love at first sight, eh? Member of the Loki Familia. Currently level 5. Strongest swordswoman around and nicknamed the Sword Princess. Looks like she’s out of your league, huh? Bell returns to Hestia, his goddess and only Familia. Hestia updates his stats as his agility has increased. But she is not pleased that some other woman caused him to change this much. Next morning as Bell heads to the dungeon early, Syr Flover notices he dropped his gem. Because his stomach growls, she gives him her breakfast. In exchange, he should come to the pub where she works more often. Bell has another great adventure in the dungeons and because his stats went up by so much, Hestia is pretty much jealous over this. Must be that darn woman. Bell visits the pub. The owner, Mia Grand gives him big servings of food. Looks like this will eat into his pocket too. The Loki Familia are regulars here too. As they drink and be merry, one of them starts badmouthing about Bell as he describes the coward being saved by Aiz and covered in blood. Obviously he is drunk. He even got the guts to ask Aiz if that kid asked her out, would she say yes? There is no way a weakling like that can even get close to her. Bell couldn’t take more of this and runs out. Hey. Did he pay his bill? Poor kid… What a better way to take out his frustrations by slashing dungeon monsters. He only comes back next morning and his first words to Hestia for the day are that he wants to become stronger.

Episode 2
It’s the usual suspect. Care to guess why Bell’s stats increase so much again? I suppose Hestia has resigned to the fact this woman can’t escape from their life. She hints she’ll support him but please don’t leave her alone. Of course he won’t. While Bell is off to the dungeons, Hestia attends some party hosted by the gods. She meets Freya and butt heads with Loki (Hestia the loli ‘won’ because ironically she has bigger boobs). Hestia has another reason for being here. She needs the help of Hephaestus. But she is reluctant since Hestia has a reputation of asking money and being broke. But when Hestia starts going on her knees in public to beg Hephaestus to make a weapon for Bell, she can’t refuse her outright, can she? She’ll do it although it may take years and decades for Hestia to repay the loan. Of course. This means she has to work as her assistant. Maid outfit? As Hephaestus can’t involve her Familia, she’ll do this privately. Hestia couldn’t be happier. Once Hephaestus is done with the weapon, Hestia takes it and happily goes look for Bell. There he is in the crowded streets since today some festival is going on. But instead of giving straight to him, she wants to go on a date first. It would have been a fun quality time if not for some gorilla monster escaped from the coliseum prison and attacking them. Run! The gorilla seems to be targeting Hestia. Bell feels the need to be manly and protect his goddess despite feeling very scared. Well, too bad his trusty blade broke. Bell then locks Hestia behind some gate to tell her to run while he stays back to stall the beast. Trying to be a hero, huh?

Episode 3
Bell narrates the catalyst that made him want to become an adventurer was when he heard his grandpa was killed by a monster. Because he is so weak, no Familia would take him in and was chased away. Till he met Hestia. Meanwhile the Ganesha Familia has received reports of several monsters escaped and running rampage. Ganesha orders to get help from all nearby Familia to stop the monsters. Bell might have died again had not Hestia return to save him. Well, it’s all part of being a family. You want to protect her and the feeling is mutual for her. Don’t go off playing the hero and leave her alone. She then gives him the weapon, a dagger and will update his status. She is confident he can take down the monster with this. After his stats increase, Bell goes into action to fight the white King Kong. As we are told, the dagger will only respond and grow along with him. There are hieroglyphs on the sword that makes it alive. Bell cuts the monster into half like a hot knife through butter. Suddenly everybody cheers for his heroic efforts. Where the heck did they come from?! Oh, I see hiding behind anything. How did they watch this spectacle then? Aiz who has been quelling the other monsters need not make her appearance for this one. Bell almost gets a heart attack when Hestia collapses. Thankfully it’s just from exhaustion. She rests in the pub as Syr talks to Bell that she saw how he fought the monster. It was so cool that it stole her heart! Oh Bell, you womanizer! When Hestia is up, she tells him about how she got Hephaestus help to carve this dagger that is only one of a kind in this world. She promised she would help him and didn’t want to just always rely on him. Because she loves him. Time for an emotional hug!

Episode 4
Although Eina is amazed at Bell’s stats increasing so much, she is still cautious about letting him go to higher dungeon floors. Instead, she wants him to go out with her tomorrow. Is the harem picking up pace? She brings him to Hephaestus’ store to show him that although there are many expensive weapons and armours, there are some cheap ones too as they are made by up and coming blacksmith. They see Hestia working here and the goddess whispers her warning to Eina about trying to seduce her Bell. Bell finds an armour he likes and buys it even though it costs as much as he has. On the way back, a girl running away bumps into him as she is escaping from her angry master. Thanks to Ryuu Lion (Syr’s colleague) passing by, she tells off that angry dude to go away or else. Next morning as Bell leaves early for the dungeon, that girl, Lililuka Erde AKA Lily goes up to him and wants to be his supporter. With her carrying his stuffs, he can concentrate on exploring the dungeon more. Bell hires her for today as a test run and she doesn’t disappoint. He finds out she is from the Souma Familia and later asks Eina if she knows anything about it. They run a liquor store but lately they seem to be pushing hard for something. Eina notices that his dagger is missing and this turns him into a big panic. Oh sh*t! How could he drop the gift from his goddess?! Actually Lily stole it and tries to sell it for a profit. However the analyzer rates it as useless blunt junk. As she leaves dejected and puzzled (because she saw Bell using it and slicing the monsters easily), Syr and Ryuu pass by. Ryuu is sharp to notice the dagger in her possession looks like the one her friend has. Lily tries to lie her way out but Ryuu can read the hieroglyphs. Ryuu snatches the dagger as Lily runs but bumps into Bell. He is so happy to see his dagger. Wondering how it got in her hands, Ryuu only says that Lily has it. Bell and Lily go for another adventure and this time they got 5 times more reward than a pro adventurer. Without hesitation, Bell gives half the spoils to Lily, shocking her. Hestia can’t wait to see Bell and just when she thought she sees him coming home, what the heck is this scene, Bell happily holding Lily’s hand while walking home? You damn lolicon!

Episode 5
So Hestia is drowning out her sorrows about being cheated. I think she’s had too much. Naturally she’s got a big hangover and big heartache the next morning. But when Bell suggests taking her out for dinner, suddenly all the pain goes away and she is well enough to go out with him right now! But she needs to clean herself up first so they’ll date in the evening. In the bath, she meets fellow goddess, Demeter who finds out Hestia is interested in a guy. Soon the rest of the goddesses also are quite interested to know who this kid is. As Bell waits, Demeter and the other goddess start glomping him before Hestia could! Before any harem could materialize, Bell and Hestia make a run. I hope nothing interrupts their night. Lily is abused by her masters as they take her earnings. They tell her to keep working till she dies but she is not cowed since her debt is almost paid off. In the next adventure with Bell, she accidentally uses her magic weapon to save him. He is impressed, though. She requests for a day off tomorrow as her Familia is having a meeting. Bell meets Syr at the bar and it seems a customer forgot to take his grimoire back so she lends it to him to read. I’m not sure about this magic dream he is experiencing, though. When Hestia updates his status, she is shocked that he can now use magic! But he can’t wait to test it out so in the dead of the night he goes to the dungeon and uses his firebolt. He got ahead of himself till he tires out. Aiz and Riveria Ljos Alf just cleared a boss level and are returning when they see him passed out. Aiz remembers him as the one being caught up in their mistake. She wants to make it up to him. Giving him a lap pillow is her idea of making it up? So when he wakes up, he gets freaked out and rolled all the way out. HE ROLLED ALL THE WAY OUT! Naturally he regrets running away again. When Hestia learns about that grimoire he is reading and how he got it, she tells him a grimoire loses its power once it somebody else reads it. The pages are all blank now. Bell goes to the bar to return it and apologize but Mia throws it away. It can’t be helped. That fool forgot it, right? Bell is waiting for Lily for their next adventure when he sees her talking with her Familia. Then her ex-master confronts Bell and thinks they should join up to steal all the money she has been saving. Bell is not amused and will not do this. When Lily is ready to go with Bell, she figures it is time to say goodbye.

Episode 6
Lily narrates her tragic life. Lonely, exploited and always abused. No matter where she runs, her Familia always finds her. That is why she hates adventurers. Eina talks to Loki to find out more on Souma Familia. She is surprised they do not worship their god but some wine they have perfected. It is of very high quality that they aren’t selling to others. Because it is quite expensive to make, the reason why its members are desperate for cash because once you taste it, you’ll get hooked. Meanwhile Bell talks to Hestia that he wants to help Lily because shady adventurers are after her. However Hestia hates to break the bad news to him that from his story, Lily herself sounds shady. Can she really be trusted? Bell talks to Aiz and thanks her for saving Bell’s life. Aiz realizes that Bell isn’t afraid of her as she thought. Eina has a favour of Aiz. Lily suggests Bell to go deep into the underground 10th level of the dungeon. She gives him some knife to use. While he is busy taking out the orcs, Lily then steals his equipment and abandons him and let him fend for himself. Lily is finally relieved she will be free from her debt when her ex-master ambushes her. He has been laying a trap for her to steal her spoils. Yeah, he beats her up while at it too. He is in cohorts with the Souma Familia but they betray him by bringing some ant monsters. I guess he died while trying to run away. Serves him right. Souma Familia forces Lily to give her key to the safe where she keeps her money and then throw her to the monster ants as bait so they could escape. Lily resigns to her fate. This is what she gets for betraying Bell. That’s her life. Weak and small. Useless. Eina tries to convince Hestia to tell Bell to fire his supporter because she is bad news but Hestia says it is no use. Bell has already made his decision and won’t abandon her. Speaking of him, here he comes to save the day. Thanks to Aiz’s help, he was able to go back up. Lily starts crying and accusing him of being stupid for not realizing she had tricked him all the time. She admits all the trickeries she did to him just to squeeze out all his money. She is a bad person and yet he still saved her. Why?! Because it is of who she is. There is no other reason to it. There is no reason not to save her. He admits he is dumb so he won’t understand if she doesn’t tell him. Time for a big hug and all the apologies. So the next time Bell is geared up for another adventure, Lily is glad to come along. No ulterior motives this time.

Episode 7
Bell takes Lily to meet Hestia. She tests her determination so Lily promises never to betray Bell again. Hestia is spot on that Lily is trying to win him over after deceiving him and thus the guilt look. But she warns her not to take Bell as her own because Bell belongs to her. Hestia starts holding onto Bell to prove it and as a sign not to make a move on him. She saw him first and doesn’t need another competition. Get what she saying? But Lily is undeterred. She also does to same. Not going to lose too. Is the cat fight officially starting? I guess Bell is smart not to get in between so he runs over to see Eina but to his shock Aiz is talking to her. Before he gets panicky again, Aiz says she is here to talk to him and wanted to apologize. On the contrary, he has always wanted to thank her for saving his life. Aiz volunteers to teach Bell how to fight. Despite bearing the brunt of her full force, he realizes she is somewhat an airhead. So during dungeon adventures, when Bell is cornered by lots of monsters, he won’t run and continues to fight. If he doesn’t conquer his fears, he’ll never catch up to her. Bell continues training with Aiz. Feels like déjà vu. She beats him down, he gets knocked out, he wakes up screaming. Rinse and repeat. Was it that traumatic? But Aiz is amazed that he is able to get strong this fast. Part of the training also includes the ability to sleep anywhere in the dungeon so she demonstrates by just lying down and instantly falls asleep. Bell’s conscious is playing tricks on him. Is he going to take the lips of an unguarded lady? Grandpa’s spirit says go for it but Hestia’s spirit says no way Jose! In the end, he didn’t because Aiz’s murmur freaks him out. As they go get some refreshments in town, they had to stop by a stall that Hestia is manning. You can imagine Hestia blowing her top seeing him with another woman. Bell explains about his training with Aiz for a few more days before Loki Familia begins their next expedition. Hestia goes into jealous b*tch mode again laying down the ground rules and a big warning not to get her filthy hands on her Bell. Yeah, Bell belongs to her. And only her.

Episode 8
Because Syr didn’t have much screen time lately, here she comes running to Bell! Actually she needs his help because she was slacking off washing the dishes. You sly girl! Don’t worry, Bell has got Ryuu to help. When he asks if she was once an adventurer, she advises him about the skills and tactics that are necessary being one. Also, if he wants to get stronger, form a party. You can’t win on your own and party members can help compensate and cover your weakness. Loki Familia begin their dungeon exploration, especially the unexplored 59th floor. So big their team that they have to split into teams. As Bell and Lily trek in the 9th floor, they are attacked by a Minotaur. Bell is paralyzed by the trauma that Lily had to save him. At least that woke him up. Then he takes on the Minotaur himself and orders Lily to run while he draws its attention. Loki Familia heard some adventurers being hurt by the Minotaur. The moment Aiz hears them describing Bell, she quickly rushes over. It might be déjà vu all over again since Bell is going to die and Aiz again here to save him. However this time he will not be a coward anymore. This time he continues fighting the Minotaur alone while Aiz and her party watch. Lily pleads for them to help Bell but it is not like they don’t want to help and just watch the spectacle. They are impressed to see Bell holding his ground well against the Minotaur. Despite not strong, he is using his speed and tactics to get the better of the beast. Both sides take damage as the fight reaches its climax. After Bell has numerously slashed the Minotaur’s body, he pumps his firebolt into it for internal combustion and explodes the monster once and for all. So epic this fight that he passed out while standing. Riveria examines his stats. Make no mistake, all his abilities are ranked S!!! That’s got to be awesome, right? And now for some awesome nursing from Hestia.

Episode 9
Bell has more reasons to be happy. His rank just went up to level 2 in record time. He also obtained a skill called Argonaut. Think of it as some fairytale hero. Hestia attends some gods meeting to get Bell a nickname. You can’t help feel for him when she returns with the plain nickname, Little Rookie. Drinking with Syr and Ryuu, the latter once again advises him about heading beyond the 13th floor because the enemies there are different in strength and abilities. If he needs to he must form a party. Other adventurers eavesdrop on this and they hope to join Bell’s party. Ryuu sees them unworthy of him so they get violent and attack her? Till Mia puts down her foot that they stop. Later Bell goes to buy and replace his armour. He likes the one made by Welf Crozzo but he can’t find any on sale. But he is in luck because that blacksmith himself is here and would gladly sell it to him. Welf agrees to craft any weapon or armour for him but in exchange let him join his party. Lily is of course not happy. I think it has something to do with her alone time with Bell. Anyway, Lily is cautious about Welf’s Familia (Welf is partying with Bell instead of his own Familia is because they aren’t getting along well). She heard his Familiar were once famed blacksmiths but fell from fame when they lost their abilities one day. As they’re fighting a dragon, Lily is being targeted again. Bell notices particles emitting from his and uses his firebolt to destroy it in a shot. As analyzed by Hestia, it seems this power is from his Argonaut. He is able to destroy anything in one blow in the face of overwhelming power like heroes in fairytales. Hestia also snooped around for Welf’s background. Seems he has the talent to make magic weapons but won’t. This made him at odds with his Familia as they think he is wasting his talent that could have made him rich. Later Welf crafts Bell’s Minotaur horn into a little dagger. He reveals he can make magic items and used to have lots of customers. However they want him to make magic items so that they can become stronger and famous. He believes this is not how weapons are to be used. Such power only ruins them and that’s why he dislikes magic items. He hopes Bell can treat him like a comrade like he does for Lily. But of course. On the next adventure, Lily relays the formation tactic they’ll be doing as they prepare to enter beyond the 13th floor.

Episode 10
Bell is excited over his new level up so he leaves for adventure at the middle floors early. Meanwhile Hermes returns to town and he has taken an interest in Bell but much to the dismay of Asfi Al Andromeda his assistant, she prefers him not to get into trouble considering many adventurers do not like Bell. A party is running for safety since one of its members is gravely injured. Yeah, cute killer bunnies are no joke. It is decided they dump their enemies on Bell’s team as bait while they make their escape. Clearly this is unethical but as the team leader says, he’d rather save his own team than risking it with a bunch of strangers. Bell’s team is forced to run from killer rabbits, fire breathing wolves and even monster bats! Things are getting from bad to worse when they are cornered and Bell’s comrades are injured. IS THIS IT???!!! When Hestia realizes Bell hasn’t returned yet and even Eina confirms he hasn’t come through here yet, Hestia fears the worst and organizes a quest to look for Bell. Thankfully Bell and co are still alive because the floor caved in and they survived the drop. But with another dead end, Lily suggests going down to the 18th floor where it is a safe zone with no monsters and wait for a chance for a higher level team to take them back up. As for the need to pass through a level boss, she believes Loki Familia has already taken care of it and now it’s their best chance to pass through before it respawns. It’s your call, Bell. Let’s do it. Takemikazuchi apologizes to his friend Hestia that his team baited and abandoned Bell’s party. Well, Hestia is sure going to hold a grudge on them forever if Bell doesn’t come back. What else to do but to ask their help to search with her. Takemikazuchi can only spare Kashima Ouka, Yamato Mikoto and Hitachi Chigusa as supporter. Hermes surprises them with his return and his offer to help join the search. But Asfi is not happy with the idea. Because he said he is taking her with her. As a rule, gods are forbidden to enter dungeons. As long as nobody knows, right? This means Hestia wants in too. As long as nobody knows… I guess that’s that. Because Asfi is not strong enough to protect both Hermes and Hestia, Hermes believes another help is needed. It couldn’t get any worse for Bell because several Minotaurs appear. However it has become Bell’s destiny and instinct to jump into action and slice them all apart! There, no worries. Before Hestia begins the quest, Ryuu joins in.

Episode 11
The search party can tell from the items left behind, Bell’s party is trying to get to the safe zone. Bell is in despair. Lily and Welf are out and he has to carry them all the way! Then he has to pass through the aptly named Great Wall of Sorrow because the giants are just resurrecting. RUN LIKE YOU’VE NEVER RUN BEFORE!!! He makes it across and the next time he wakes up, he is in the care of Aiz. Her team were on their way back from an expedition and stopped to rest here. His comrades are also in their care. If you’re wondering why this safe zone has sunlight, actually they are special crystals up in the ceiling making the place shine like day. As time passes, it will fade and become like night. How convenient. Bell has to contend with a pair of native twins trying to flirt with him as they are impressed with him taking down a Minotaur. Welf and Lily wake up. They feel guilty for letting Bell shoulder all the responsibility but he reminds them they survived because they are a party. Well, speaking of party, the night party (the food kind) is interrupted when Hestia comes tumbling down. You can imagine her happiness seeing Bell alive. He’s real. She’s not too happy that Bell is in the company of Aiz and with Lily arguing with her, Bell meets the rest of the search party. While Mikoto apologizes for abandoning Bell, Welf and Lily are not impressed. Ouka takes responsibility for this but he feels what he did is not wrong. Bell says that if he was put in the same shoes, he would have done the same. With this done, their next task is to return to the surface. They will have to wait for Loki Familia to destroy the giants first and that will take 2 days. This means free time for the rest. So we have some quality time with Bell and Aiz. That kid is a real bundle of nerves. I don’t know if he is ever going to get used to this. The conversation is interrupted when Hestia is reeking of jealousy and accusing Aiz of trying to steal her Bell for a date. Wait. What? Chigusa handed Welf some magic item from Hephaestus. He remembers he told her he would stop making them. She warned him when he has found something to protect, he will regret throwing that power away. Looks like he is starting to show signs of it.

Episode 12
This place is truly a paradise as the monsters here also live in harmony. There are also local stores founded by adventurers that sell stuffs but the prices shoot through the roof. When Bell bumps into those bar bullies again, the boss Moldo wants to get even but upon seeing Aiz, they give up. Wise move. Bell thought Hermes called him for something important. That depends. It is to peep at naked girls bathing! Because he panics, he plunges down. Though, I think the girls are more than happy to let him but that shy guy runs away. Then he had to stumble upon Ryuu doing the same and almost got killed. Thanks to his honesty and humbleness, she lets it slip although she warns him that doing that often is only belittling himself. She brings him to a grave where her previous Familia lies. They were all killed by a rival Familia. She is the only survivor. So when she went for revenge and killed all of them, she got blacklisted from being an adventurer. Just when she has accepted her fate to die, Mia picked her up to redeem herself despite knowing her full story. This is a warning to Bell that she is a shameless violent elf and will one day betray him. Bell warns her he too can get mad so please don’t belittle herself. Moldo still wants to get even with Bell when somebody approaches him. Bell receives a letter from Moldo that Hestia has been kidnapped and to meet at a place for her release. Moldo wants to fight with him and assures his men won’t interfere. The rule is simple. Winner does whatever to the loser. Bell gets beaten up since Moldo is using some invisible item courtesy from Hermes. It’s not that he has a grudge on Bell, he wants to make him see firsthand the ugly side of human nature. Of course Bell turns the tables when he uses the eye of his heart to detect his location. It doesn’t take long before Welf and the others come but Moldo’s men outnumber and block their path. In the process, Welf loses his magic item and could have been done for if not for Ryuu’s assistance. After Hestia is freed by Lily, she stops the fight by turning into her true goddess form. So scary (her aura) that all the bullies ran for their life. Hestia is sad that Bell is beaten up this bad just to save her. Yeah, how did she easily get kidnapped in the first place? Suddenly a large earthquake rocks the place. The ceiling is breaking apart.

Episode 13
Of all the monsters that fall through, why does it have to be a level boss? Obviously the only way for Bell is to fight it and even saves Moldo’s ass while he is at it. Asfi gathers the rest of the other adventurers to fight it. Since their only exit is blocked, the only way is to defeat it. So we have everybody throwing all their best attacks over and over again. When the mages power up, they hit the level boss with all they’ve got. This is the worst thing that all gamers and adventurers hate. After putting in so much effort to defeat it, here it regenerates! Don’t you just hate it? Well, I suppose they will have to keep doing it until it is killed. Ouka wants to use his shield, something Chigusa sees as suicidal. He uses it to block a devastating blow and save Bell from death. However they are both out and sustain grave injuries. Ryuu continues to buy time fighting the monster while Lily and Hestia try wake up Bell. He can hear them loud and clear but his body isn’t listening and moving. Then Hermes pops up (what the heck has he been doing all the while?) and he narrates the exact words that Bell’s grandpa told him about being the coolest victor. He wakes up but he needs time to power up. So we let Ryuu, Asfi and Mikoto display their trump cards on the monster and even Welf retrieving his magic sword to do some damage albeit it broke in the end. Are you ready now, Bell? It’s your turn. A powerful swing of the sword disintegrates the level boss. Gasp! It is still regenerating! OMFG! What does it take to kill it?! Because its core is exposed, Bell swiftly takes his knife and cuts it. Finally it’s dead!!! Rejoice everybody! Hermes marvels at what he has witnessed. He says something about Zeus telling him that his grandson was not up to it. He is in fact the real deal and the last hero of his Familia. When they return to the surface, you can expect a big party at the pub although Hestia and Lily still won’t let Bell close to Aiz. Bell gets another lovely prize back home. A lap pillow from Hestia.

Dungeon Master
Honestly… It’s not that bad. It’s not that good either. I can’t seem to figure out the direction of where this anime is heading besides about Bell trying to level up and along the way slowly attracts more people into his party once the trope of attracting more girls to his harem is slowing down. Of course there are lots of potentials just like in any other anime. With other adventurers, Familia and even other towns, this can turn into one big interesting or messy affair. But as far as this season is concerned, it feels like the rise of Bell and making his mark in the adventure world.

I truly never understood the world setting of why gods decided to come down to live with humans and lend them their powers. All I thought it was just some sort of excuse for our adventurers to go dungeon crawling and such. An excuse for us to have some RPG elements of monster slaying and picking up currencies. Because sometimes it brings forth more questions of how deep the dungeon is and what lies at the end of the dungeon. Is the dungeon going downwards into the ground or upwards because there is this freaking tall tower that stretches infinitely to the sky so I thought they’re climbing it but on the other hand how can you have such a diverse and wide floor if it’s in that scrawny tower? So they must be going downwards, aren’t they? They are a few terms and other small rules of why gods cannot enter dungeons but they’re just minimal and thankfully I can get by them. I think.

There are quite a number of characters and each having their potential but the biggest one by far is of course Bell and Hestia. It showcases the close relationship between in the world’s smallest Familia. I suppose it is easier to manage your relationships when your family size is small unlike large ones with uncles and aunties you don’t even know. Bell is your typical protagonist who starts out as a no hoper and levelling up as he progresses. In the mean time, meets other adventurers and gets stronger. As cliché it might get with his extreme kind ways, he still clicks with us because that’s the kind of guy we would all like to be despite all the darkness and everything. But in reality it just doesn’t quite cut it. Then the final hint that Bell might just be more than an ordinary human. The grandson of Zeus? Gosh. That has got to be something. No wonder he becomes strong fast and attracts the ladies. If Hercules is the son of Zeus could it be Bell’s dad is this dude? Well, even if Bell believed his grandpa was killed, that was what he believed. Could it all be just a lie? Stay tune next season for answers. If there would be any.

Despite with Bell spending more time adventuring in later episodes, the bond between them is still strong. I guess that is why Hestia would jump at the chance of being with him whenever she gets the slightest chance. Speaking of her, I see her role as to provide some comic relief with her cheekiness and some fanservice. Because seriously, how can a loli ever have big boobs? Even with the goddess status, that is just freaking atrocious. It gets even sexier with her one piece dress, it makes her skirt so short that you think she has been wearing it since she was a kid and outgrown it. And don’t mention the little string across her back (to tie her boobs?). Imagine what a little harmless string could do to up the sexy factor.

Lily and Welf are crucial and important party members to Bell’s ever growing Familia (from what I read, Bell’s party has increased to beyond this as seen in the anime). While it is great to see a number of episodes dedicated to Lily’s case and thus earning the trust and respect of this loli, Welf appeared quite late after 2/3 of the series and I was wondering who this character was in the opening and ending credits and if he was ever going to show up. It’s like they ran out of time and decided to just suddenly bump him into the party. He looks like he too has his own fascinating background but of course there is not much time for that in this season.

As for the rest of the characters, they feel like a mixed baggage. I don’t know what Aiz is thinking since she is always having that emotionless face. Maybe that is why she is the top swordswoman in town. She’s definitely has taken some sort of interest with Bell but I’m not sure how deep it is. Personally training him doesn’t amount to the kind of romance that I expected but it is a big deal to Bell who must have no regrets dying for getting to train under her wing. Or maybe she’s just an airhead. Then she goes ‘missing’ in the final episode. As though it was an episode to prepare and showcase Bell’s greatness. Yup. I think that is what it was. Just like Welf, Hermes and Asfi appeared too late but it’s hell better than suddenly introducing a new character at the last moment of the final episode, right? These guys too make you wonder if they are ally or enemy. At least they are on friendly terms for now. Loki is another joke character and despite her limited appearance, I keep wondering what the deal is with her trying to swipe Aiz’s ass in which she never succeeds. Keep trying…

I don’t understand what this Freya is up to. With her limited appearance, it is like she is building herself as the antagonist of the series by trying to test Bell whom she loves to see grow a lot as an adventurer. It is kinda confusing and disappointing to see where she is going especially her monologue scenes like as though she is playing with herself and getting orgasmic just thinking or seeing results from Bell. Really. Maybe it is a different story if you have read the light novel or the manga but you know, a person like me who has never even had the habit of reading manuals that came with the game (and that was even a long time ago), what are the chances? So as far as this Freya character is concerned for this season, I feel that she could be done without. The plot could have moved even without her. But sometimes I feel that her character is necessary so that it keeps at the back of our mind that why certain bad luck befall on Bell (which is also a blessing in disguise seeing how he levels up and comes out stronger in the end) is because she is likely the source behind it all.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t here for the harem. That is partly how I picked my animes. I liked how it was building up. Almost every girl he met and interact long enough had the potential to be part of his harem. I liked it how this wuss, loser and coward levelled up strong enough and increased his reputation and garnered chicks along the way. Because ladies dig strong guys, right? But then, too much adventuring and dungeon crawling limited the harem fight that I was expecting. Hestia and Lily’s showdown was minimal. It got my hopes up. But I was just being a fool to hope more. I thought it would have really hit off when Syr blatantly told that dense guy in his face that she stole his heart. But after that things toned down like that never happened. Come on, girls. Don’t let the romance run out of steam.

Eina and Ryuu might look like they’re just his ordinary comrades but something deep down in me tells me that they’re just unaware that they may be falling for him. Eina surprised us as she is the first person to hug Bell when he returns from the dungeon. That says a lot, no? Yeah. I mean, who doesn’t like this guy, right? Especially Aiz who looks like she is teasing us with her monotonous looks and stares at him, wondering if she is in love with him or just admiring him or just the heck confused by it all. She’s the only one whom Bell has set his eyes on and ironically the person who is last in the ‘race’ for Bell’s heart. Get what I’m saying? And now with the Amazon twins, I am sure Hestia is pretty annoyed with all the girls she needs to keep at bay so that she can monopolize Bell for her own. I don’t blame her. She’s the first one there and has always been the one by his side. Slowly more girls show up and threaten to steal his attention. It sure makes you mad, don’t you? Every new girl ‘introduced’, this just sends her into a jealous fit. How could you, Bell? Can you blame her for jumping to suspicions and accusing every girl he is with for trying to steal him away? Or maybe she’s just over-thinking it. Whatever. Better be safe than sorry. Heh. Since when Bell is her property? Even if she is a goddess, she’s just a noob when it comes down to romance. So when can the harem war begin?

The action bits seem pretty okay. They’re just enough to keep you preoccupied for the duration of the series. Not to say that they are superbly spectacular but when you have guys having special items and weapons, monsters that hold unique powers, you can’t expect the fight to be anything but ordinary, can you? We see Bell and some of the characters pulling off cool moves and tactics so as far as this anime is concerned, it is still pretty impressive although it could have been better. Because now come to think of it, it is trying to fit into a lot of genres like fantasy, adventure, drama, romance, comedy and action. Each of them somewhat dilutes each other. Well, you can’t have everything always. And for ‘realism’, there are lots of blood spilling here. You get the hint when you see Bell covered in red right in the first episode itself. So if you’re a person who is weak hearted at the sight of blood even if it is animated, stay away.

Art and drawing style seem pretty okay. Albeit this is fantasy genre, it isn’t any typical fantasy world (one filled with floating islands and colourful terrains) since this is mainly about dungeon crawling so many of the scenes underground are quite dark and grim although they won’t give that claustrophobic atmosphere. Therefore the sceneries in town are slightly more spectacular especially during the monster gorilla unleashed in the city to hunt down Bell. The monsters aren’t that scary either although seeing killer bunnies are something to be scary and isn’t exactly funny but I can’t help laugh with all the scary creatures they could put in, they had to use something that is usually associated with cuteness. I like the designs of some of the weapons. It really gives that RPG adventure feel. As for the character designs, some look a bit blend like Bell. I’m not sure if they want to have a wide range of character classes because in addition to dwarves and elves you also have cowboy (Hermes), maid (Syr and Ryuu), samurai (Mikoto) and even Amazon ladies.

If you need somebody to voice an adventurer kid or similar character protagonists, then look no further because Yoshitsugu Matsuoka has been there and done that many times from the more popular Sword Art Online to Trinity Seven and Absolute Duo. He is a safe bet for this kind of roles. Saori Hayami as Ryuu and Haruka Tomatsu as Eina are the only other casts that I recognized. The rest include Inori Minase as Hestia (Noel in Sora No Method), Maaya Uchida as Lily (Hiyori in Noragami), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Welf (Wave in Akame Ga Kill), Saori Oonishi as Aiz (Seisa in Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku), Shizuka Ishigami as Syr (Ellis in Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance), Souma Saitou as Hermes (Tatsumi in Akame Ga Kill), Ai Kayano as Asfi (Kanade in Chihayafuru), Yuka Tersaki as Hephaistos (Bevel in Suisei No Gargantia) and Youko Hikasa as Freya (Mio in K-ON!).

I didn’t realize the opening theme is sung by Yuka Iguchi. She does have a voicing role in this series albeit it is just a minor character (Chigusa) with limited appearance that I too didn’t realize it was her. I suppose it goes to show that unless she puts up her typical Index voice or at least a lower voice like Mako in Girl Und Panzer and Subaru in Mayo Chiki, I guess there is no way I would be able to tell it is her. Therefore hearing Hey World didn’t ring any bells and I just listened to it as just another ordinary anime rock piece. Kanon Wakeshima sings the ending theme, Right Light Rise although the opener of this rock piece might sound deceiving since it starts off with a carnival-like fanfare. There is a special ending theme, Realize by Maaya Uchida, a slow lovely ballad serving as Lily’s turning point and turning over a new leaf to mark the ‘end of her arc’.

Overall, I would still give this series another chance if another sequel is being made but so far… But by far, this series is just average and to some who have watched similar and great RPG adventure-like animes but their sequel fail so hard (looking at you both, Sword Art Online and Log Horizon), this series would make viewers caution in the future of the potential of such series. It has a decent setting but with the plot and character development hardly going anywhere, many would just feel disappointed. And some would feel cheated because it was never about how to pick up girls in dungeons in the first place. But I think it is a lot safer than picking girls up on social media websites in any and every way, don’t you think? Yeah… And still, what is the best way to pick up girls? With your arms, silly! Haha!

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