13 Gatsu No Shukumei

April 11, 2008

  Tetsu no kabe ni mieru no wa,
  Tobira wo kakusu KAATEN kamo shirenai,
  Koko wa mayakashi no machi,
  Taisetsu no wa osorenai koto
Ever since I’ve got my hands on the karaoke version of 13 Gatsu No Suhukumei, due to the nature of the name of this rock song, this piece will always be the first song to sing in my list when I’m doing my usual karaoke session. Besides, this is the only karaoke version anime song which I have that starts with a number. How’s that for a little trivia
  Koi suru RIARU,
  Juusan gatsu ni wa kitto,
  Itodzuku SHUURU,
  Namida no sekai ga umareru
This is the opening theme song from the anime El Hazard: The Alternate World and is sung by Fence Of Defense. I could very well say that this song also serves as a warm-up to my several hours long karaoke session. Well, I can’t be singing tough songs right away, especially those with high pitches and long sustaining vocal chords, so I suppose songs that are relatively easy on my voice should are like ‘appetizers’ before the ‘main course’.
  Uso ni yuganda jidai no kaze wo saite,
  Kimi no kagayaki to kienu itami
  Dakishimete habataku
Yup, since the voice of the singer is a male and in my opinion is a little crude (not meant to insult), it’s easier for me to just jump in and not strain my voice at first go. In the sense that, this song has no serious high pitched tunes nor long sustaining out-of-breath lines which will make me sound horrible 100 times. Not to say I really sound good, but at least it doesn’t magnify the cacophony or speed up the tolerance level for any glass to shatter.
  Yume wa dare mo ga motteru mienai tsubasa,
  Kokoro hirogetara jigen no hate PARERU na mirai e,
  Tobikomu no sa, I’m flying to your love
Even having said so, there’s something which I can’t seem to put my finger on each time I sing the chorus. I mean, the verses are pretty fine and I can sing them with ease (heck, maybe I even sound close like the singer. Just kidding). Probably it’s the way I sing it which makes me feel that I didn’t do it right. Not that it’s obvious, but could it be that I’m trying real hard to sound like how the singer does it when he sings the chorus? Dunno. At first the chorus lyrics may seem a little longer but they’re not, as it repeat itself towards the end.
  Haruka senoku kouya no yoru wo koete,
  Kimi no hitomi no kanata ni aru,
  Rakuen wo sagasou
Other than that, I guess this is a mighty fine karaoke song complete with background vocals and all. Yeah, at least it won’t actually make me feel that I’m singing his song all alone or that I’m really performing with a real band. Oh wait, it’s just my imagination. Who am I kidding. But it’s good to know what I’d be doing if I’m a successful singer, right? Yeah, I’ll keep dreaming.
  Ai wa dare mo ga tsukaeru saigo no mahou,
  Mune wo korasu kanashimi sae binetsu ni tokeru ima,
  Tobidatsu no sa, I’m flying to your love
Besides, I find myself inconsistent at times especially the part after the solo. I’m just a little too fast to start singing the end chorus. Probably I should do and keep a little counting rather than go with my gut feeling "Okay, I should start singing just right about… right about… now! Dang! A beat too fast". Ah well, there’s always next time since I don’t really have time to go over this ‘easy’ song each karaoke session and have other ‘challenging’ ones to try out.
  I’m flying to your love…

El Hazard

Haih… This is another one of those animes where I really don’t understand what happen at the end. El Hazard: The Alternate World is supposed to be a mini sequel to El Hazard: The Magnificant World. That’s because you’d be lost trying to understand the characters if you didn’t see the prequel at first. In this particular sequel, a new character is introduced, namely the Priestess of Water, Qawoor, is on her way to her coronation ceremony when she’s ambushed by a Bugrom warrior. Then she’s found unconscious by Makoto and as you know developed a crush for him. Now that adds to the tension and jealousy for the other 2 ladies, Nanami and Shayla-Shayla, who’re also trying to gain his affection. Yeah, I guess three’s a crowd. Anyway, before you know it, some strange device of Makoto is activated and it whisks most of the main characters to another strange land, Creteria. Of course, they’ll be separated and scattered here and there at first but later on will come together later on. Now this is the part where I really become blur. What’s the Eye Of God got to do with the Spring Of Life? I mean I notice some machine that’s supporting the kingdom is dying. So our Makoto tries to fix it. To make matters worse, there’s a mad emperor who’s eyeing on Qawoor. So what happens when someone is jilted? Yeah, he loses all sense of logic and wants to destroy them. You know the if-I-can’t-have-her-nobody-else-can kind of mentality. Moving on, at the end after some weird machine is activated, everything went back to normal as if all this weird things never happened, and our heroes manage to get back to El-Hazard and complete Qawoor’s coronation. So here are my many questions. What’s the significance of Shayla-Shayla and Jinai’s entrapment in a large cave with funny looking bugs who wants to eat them? What happend to Princess Rune Venus’ lover, the farmer? Weren’t they in love? Doesn’t Makoto care, notice or even bother that there are girls vying for his love? What’s Ifurita’s appearance in Makoto’s dream have any significance in this anime? What does the last episode of lesbian-hentai between Fatora and Alielle with Qawoor mean? Oh, forget it. The more I ask anymore, the more blur I become. Now I just need to sit back and think back all the good parts from this anime. Yeah, the part where Nanami, Shayla-Shayla and Qawoor attempting to get hold of Makoto’s love. Hahaha! Wait a minute. Did Qawoor gave way to Nanami somewhere near the end?

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