Excel Saga

November 18, 2006

Hahaha! Another one of my favourite ultimate nonsensical comedy of all time is Excel Saga. The action comedy here is so bizarre, so outrageous, so out-of-this-world, so in-your-face, so goofy, so… nonsensical, that it never ceases to keep me from laughing all the way. Well, at least most of the time, that is. Also, because of that, nearly every movie genre gets mocked, spoofed or ripped-off. And I think that’s the series’ ‘trademark’, if you know what I mean.
So let’s just get right down to the storyline to why is it so darn funny. We’ve got this guy called Lord Ilpalazzo, a member of some secret ideological organization ACROSS, who thinks the whole wide world is corrupt and is gone to the dogs. So in order to rid the world of this corruption, he plans to take over the world. However, unlike most megalomaniacs who start off big by trying to take over the entire world, Lord Ilpalazzo decides to start small, by trying to take over a small prefecture of Japan first, that is, prefecture F. Yes, that’s what it’s called. Maybe ‘F’ here stands for funny. Well, at least this guy’s being realistic and not being too greedy at first.
Of course, he can’t do it alone, as he has an over-enthusiastic, hyperactive, Ilpalazzo-infatuated assistant named Excel. But this high pitched, fast-talking/yapping (AKA chicken backside) lady is somewhat incompetent. Yup, no doubt, she’s 200% loyally devoted to her lord but due to unfortunate circumstances (whether by her fault or outside factors), she usually fails. Makes you wonder why would Lord Ilpalazzo hire someone like that. Later on, Excel gets a new assistant, Hyatt. More explanations on her later on.
As seen in the first episode, Excel has been instructed to eliminate all manga artistes and animators in the world. And the first target is the series’ creator, Koishi Rikudo. Can she do it? Can she accomplish the mission? Nope. Your guess is as good as mine. She fails. But before that with lots and lots of hilariousness ensuing.
Basically, you can expect the rest of the episodes of the series to follow in this sort of manner. In the beginning, we see Koishi Rikudo giving his permission to let Excel Saga be a particular theme for that particular episode, by stamping his permission stamp. Then we see an over-genki Excel ready and awaiting Lord Ilpalazzo’s orders for her next mission. Since Ilpalazzo isn’t too fond of Excel’s rantings, he’ll usually pull some string and Excel will fall into some bottomless pit trap door, and still ranting. And of course there’re other characters thrown into the fray as well. Much more on that later.
Then during the episode, we see Excel and Hyatt trying to complete their mission, and sometimes what they ended up doing isn’t related to their mission. Read: get involved in other people’s businesses. Then there’s this short side show of some foreigner named Pedro. With a lot of humour, slip-ups, bloopers and blunders, they head back to base with their report. And at the end of the series, we’ll get to see that episode’s title (yeah, which is at the end), and a remark stating about today’s experiment/mission… failed. Except for the last episode. I wonder how is that a success. And also, the ending theme is sang by Excel’s pet dog (AKA food emergency supply) Menchi, with a window of her voice actress translating what she said (except for the last episode too, where it’s the other way round).
Okay, now to blog on the interesting and uniquely weird bunch of zany characters. First of all, let’s start of with Hyatt. She made her appearance in episode 2 as some sleeping princess in some cryogenic tube in some space ship, bla bla bla. Well actually, in that episode, some alien race called Puchuus decide to take over Earth. Yeah, they’re cute looking creatures but when being hit, bashed or punched, their face changes into some very weird expression. So funny.
Anyway, of course as the Puchuus try to invade Earth, Excel, who’s misunderstanding the whole situation, accidentily saves the world and destroys the Puchuus’ space ship, thus crash landing on Earth. Yup, now the Puchuus are stuck here and you’ll get to see their appearance here and there throughout the series. So as a sleeping Hyatt finally awakens in Lord Ilpalazzo’s lair, the latter instantly takes a liking for her. Yeah, he seems to favour her more than Excel and always congratulates her for her effort even though she did nothing. And this Hyatt has a habit of dying. Uh-huh, we some blood coming out of her mouth, then she falls flat to the ground. Though she can still talk. And usually at times when Excel needs her help most or in a tight pinch. And her recovery time is not fixed. Meaning sometimes she might take a long time to get back to her usual health and sometimes an instant revival. And that poor doctor and nurse who sometimes attend to Hyatt, usually gets really freaked out due to her miraculous recovery.
Next is a foreigner named Pedro. As he first appeared in episode 1, he meets Excel in some construction site. Always thinking about his wife and son, after some encouraging words (and action like punching him) from Excel, he became more enegertic about going about in his life. Unfortunately, the site caught fire and he died in it. So he’s become some sort of a wandering spirit. And throughout the series, he’ll face obstacles trying to get back to his wife and son, Sandora, and that Ms Will… Some mini universe with 2 hands sticking out, who can revive the dead (and one of them whom she revived is Excel, who died after the first 15 seconds in the first episode). The 2 had an affair (a weird one) and Pedro has been marked for death by some bad guy whom is called That Guy, who still claims Ms Will as his girl. And his favourite line, as said at least once in every episode is "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!". Pity him. Things just don’t go his way. Oh yeah, I notice that the only other time that Excel and Pedro will ever meet again is in the last episode. Yeah, some fateful reunion to tie up things.
The producer of the series, Wantanabe Shinichi, also made his appearance here and there. Under the name of Nabeshin, his afro hairstyle reminds me of a cross between that guy in Cowboy Bebop and Lupin III. Popping up here and there to help with the flow of the storyline. I like the part where he’s being chased by some waitress called Kumiko, who’d go all the way after him just to let him taste her soup. Yeah, and Nabeshin would always be reluctant to do so and run away. At least, you’ll see this in the early episodes. Most of Nabeshin’s appearance would be somewhere at the end where he helped out Pedro in his training to defeat That Guy. Also, in the the beginning of the some later episodes where he and other production members, forcefully gets Koishi Rikudo to approve certain genre that the latter doesn’t want. Nabeshin’s got some order comrades such as Space Butler, Tetsuko, and Antonio, whom he encountered earlier in the series, but somehow died. Yup, at the end they unite their powers with Nabeshin to defeat That Guy.
Then there’s that head of the Department Of City Security, Kabapu. Yeah, he has some sort of a ‘fake’ moustache. Meaning, that you can see it spinning round sometimes. I foind that a little amusing. Though he’s the boss, most of the times, his subordinates doesn’t respect him, subjecting him to riducule. Though later in the series, you’ll find that he has that devotion to the city and will sacrifice his life to protect it.
Since Kabapu’s the boss, he must have some subordinates under him, right? A few of them in fact. Tooru Watanabe, Norikuni Iwata, and Daimaru Sumiyoshi are 3 ‘friends’ living in the same apartment neighbouring Excel’s. Watanabe the seemingly more ‘rational and mature’ among the 3 (though at times, he can be as dumb), decides to take up this job in hopes of winning Hyatt’s heart (whom he’s referred to as Ms Ayasugi throughout the series due to some misunderstanding). The other 2, I guess just tagged along. Uh-huh, Iwata’s that sometimes lecherous guy and Sumiyoshi, the fat ‘voice of reasoning’ who’s ‘voice’ and lines are just texts you see on the screen.
Also part of the team is Misaki Matsuya. Beautiful, tough and dangerous, I guess she’s the group’s unofficial leader. At first, being hounded by Iwata’s advances (but she manage to hit him away all the time), later on Kabapu adds 2 new android colleagues to the team, Ropponmatsu 1 and Ropponmatsu 2, whom Iwata falls head over heals for the former. Ropponmatsu 2 seems like a child version of the first one and seems to treat Misaki as her older sister and hangs around her. And of course, Dr Gojyou Shioji, the creator of the Ropponmatsus, who posses some lolita complex infatuation, and something about always being on time…??!!
Anyway, this team is also known as Daitenzin (some sort of Power Rangers spoof look-a-like). Yeah, even donning unremovable costumes, they help to keep the city safe from any threats and usually unknowingly stop and thwarts Excel and Hyatt’s world dominating schemes. And towards the end of the series, they play quite a role in saving the world from destruction. Well, maybe not so obvious.
Also, there’s that emergency food supply that Excel keeps. Yup, it’s a dog named Menchi. And that’s all Excel sees her as, nothing more. Everytime Excel contemplates of using her as emergency food, Menchi will usually get frightened and panic, thinking her end is near. And usually, in the end Excel abandons her plans to do so, much to Menchi’s relief. Poor dog, she’s gonna have heart attack sooner if this keeps up. And some of the episodes, see her trying desparately to escape from Excel’s apartment. And everytime she does so, some unfortunate events and circumstances will lead her back to Excel’s arms. Fated to be together? Much to her distress. But there’re some episodes where we can see how happy, blissful and carefree Menchi is. That’s because that particular episode doesn’t involve her in one of Excel’s mission. Guess she better enjoy the moment while she still can.
As mentioned, the episodes are themed so that a particular genre can be ridiculed and mocked (I guess those words are too strong) to its utmost funniness (hope that sentence sounds correct). Like in episode 3 where it’s like a Rambo spoof with Excel getting lost in the jungle and being held as a prisoner while a frequently dropping dead Hyatt tries to locate her. Yeah, and that Nabeshin too has his share of Rambo action.
Episode 4 is some dating simulation skit. Uh-huh, didn’t know Lord Ilpalazzo was into this. Maybe he’s taking out his frustrations here as you could see him being so one-sided by ill-treating Excel while being gentle to Hyatt. Wait a minute. Seems that what Lord Ilpalazzo does in the game seems to have a real affect on the outcome of Watanabe’s attempts to court Hyatt. Oh well, it didn’t end well and Lord Ilpalazzo got fed up by the end of it.
It’s horror style parody with Resident Evil styled theme in episode 5 and gun blasting Aliens in episode 7. In episode 5, Excel and Hyatt are supposed to infiltrate the city hall building where the Department Of City Security is located. I remember something to do with Hyatt’s food cooking made those who ate it become zombie-like. And there’re lots of green ooze coming out from the walls! Meanwhile in episode 8, it’s Kabapu’s turn to send his team to investigate in some underground sewers, which is pretty close to the ACROSS’s hidden lair. Yeah, and what’s that secret lair filled with weapons as said by Excel, located right smack in the middle of the underground sewers. Anyway, the Department Of City Security team found out that there’re Aliens in the form of Puchuus! So the team had to battle their way out for survival and stop the menacing cuteness from taking over the city.
It’s an all-girl episode in episode 8. Meaning that all the guys’ face here are not shown and are somehow blocked by something. In this episode too, Excel and Hyatt befriend a cute little girl named Cosette, who’s a child assassin. I’m not sure how they foil her plans but they manage to do so. Then there’s one funny scene where there’s some adult talk between a man and a woman. What they said on-screen (in a badly dubbed English) and what the on-screen Japanese subtitles are total different and off. It’s so hilarious. And the guy said something to do with a chewing gum, which it isn’t. And poor Pedro too. By the end of the episode, he got chased by all the men because they felt jealous that somehow he got his face shown in this episode (all their faces still not showing).
It’s sports themed episode 9, and the sport that’ll be featuring here is bowling. Yeah, something about Lord Ilpalazzo’s idea of controlling the world through the most popular current sport. How did they end up with bowling? Also, the girls are faced with some mad bowler in Robocop like suit along with his group of bowling fanatics. Also a couple of irritating interviewers dressing up like Excel and Hyatt and claiming to be them. Yeah, Excel manage to defeat that Robocop guy after some silly dream-like lesson from Nabeshin she got in the ladies’ room. How’s that helpful in any way?
Menchi gets her 1 episode worth of fame. Well, actually 2 episodes. The first one in episode 10 and the second one in episode 19. In the former animal themed episode, Menchi manage to break free wanted to go back to his kind hearted owner, some old looking geezer, before she met Excel. And on her journey she met a pack of outlaw dogs who helped her in her quest. Some backstab and betrayal here and there as Menchi found out her previous owner has turned rotten, and is gonna shoot Menchi. Yeah, chain gun looked too heavy for him to carry around. But when the tables are turned, it isn’t pretty clear whether Menchi shot him back or not.
But he’s still alive as you’ll see in the episode 19 and now his body is being fully replaced with metal. And he’s out to get revenge on Menchi. Yeah, in that episode too, Menchi befriended some rich kind little girl (too bad she died in the end while protecting Menchi) and that old geezer needs her fortune in order to repay his body rebuilding operation. But in the end, some unfortunate events (read: unknowing intervention by Excel and Hyatt) caused that old geezer to be blown away, and propelling Menchi right back into the arms of Excel. Is he gone for sure? Fortunately, that’s the last we’ll see of him.
It’s a youth themed episode 11. Lord Ilpalazzo thinks the state of the world’s education is hopeless, thus ACROSS must act now to save the future generation. Yup, that means, Excel and Hyatt are to infiltrate some delinquent school as teachers. But instead, they had to help some poor school baseball team and get back their confidence. Yeah, there’s that punk with a very very very long ‘irritating’ front portion of hair (longer and worse than Ryu of Shaman King) jutting out and that big headed guy supposedly to be some parody of some famous Japanese celebrity, I think.
While Excel and Hyatt explores America in episode 17 (yeah, they took some really long short cut through Lord Ilpalazzo’s pit) and ran into some communication problems (uh-huh, Excel wrongly translates her replies and the thugs are out for their blood), this episode also focuses on Sandora and his attempts to be some future manga artist. Yeah, back home, it seems that Gomez is ill-treating his mom and Sandora’s gotta work hard to pull them out of it. Hey, isn’t that Puni Puni Poemy that Sandora’s drawing? The sequel of Excel Saga. I guess the producers couldn’t wait for it’s sequel and therefore had to preview it here, huh?
Anyway, Sandora realized that he’s being used and duped, and in some twist of events, Excel and Hyatt manage to foil some illegal exchange taking place and in a way save Sandora. Yeah, they show it like those chase and action scenes like in those voiceless movies during its early years, American cartoon style. Hmmm… it’s so different from Japanese anime, come to think of it now. And for the first time the "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" from Sandora.
As mentioned before, somewhere 2/3 in the series, the in-series producers including Nabeshin ran out of ideas for what theme Excel Saga should spoof, ;P. So they had to resort to some episode recaps. Well, episode 13 isn’t exactly a recap episode, but more like some New Year Talent Show pitting Excel and Hyatt against each other (and all the audiences are either clones of them, haha). Showing some previous clips with some editing here and there. And in order to improve on the dropping ratings of the show (I think it’s part of the script and on purpose to say that the show’s ratings are plunging), the decided to introduce a new character, Ropponmatsu, in episode 14. And because she died in that episode, some merchandising team was furious about her one-episode appearance (I also felt this was on purpose just for the show), thus the series producers had to ‘revive’ her in episode 15 and make her a regular appearance along with the Department Of City Security team (though she died again in the end of episode 15, but was revived in the next and at the same time introducing Ropponmatsu 2). And what’s with that yuri shoujo-ai innuendo with Excel, Hyatt and the 2 Ropponmatsus when they got cornered in some building with all the police surrounding it? Oh well, I guess it’s just Excel’s wild imagination. And yes, Hyatt still has that habit of dying.
And in episode 18, Nabeshin and the rest of the production crew again stole one of Koishi Rikudo’s story and introduced and spoofed it in this series as Daitenzin. It’s so funny to see them trying to restrain Koishi Rikudo as Nabeshin steals his seal of approval and approves it on his own. Hahaha.
Even Pedro has his own episode recap, that is, in episode 20. As stated earlier on, Pedro’s side adventures are more like his misadventures. Yeah, after being working away for so long, died in a fire, got revived, he decided to return to his homeland back into the arms of his sexy wife (as said by him) and son, Sandora. Only to his horror to discover that his wife is now in the arms of another man, Gomez, who’s also Pedro’s best friend. And his attempts to persuade his wife that he’s Pedro seems futile. In his depression, he seek solace in Ms Will. Yeah, they bumped into each other at some bar. Before you know it, one thing led to another and they had some affair. And that cheeky remark from Ms Will saying how ‘innocent’ Pedro is. Naughty naughty.
And before you know it too, That Man comes in and accuses him for having an affair with his girl. He sure got some weird taste. And that Ms Will seems to be reluctant to be by That Man’s side. He must be that powerful, huh? And so That Man decides to kill off Pedro by drowning him under the ocean with some pudding as weights…?! Anyway, a pitiful Ms Will revives him again. And this time Pedro goes back to his homeland to confront Gomez. I like the part where they’re gonna have a showdown, wasting a few seconds here and there, and having some masculine macho talk in between. And because of this, Ms Will and Pedro’s wife who’re suppose to be watching their showdown said hurry up and get on with it! I guess they really want to see the men fight.
During the match, Pedro’s being beaten and in some sick twist of events, it is revealed that Gomez is actually That Man. Soon That Man proceeds to kidnap Ms Will and Pedro’s wife. Yeah, he said something about the same voice thingy. And what do you know, it’s revealed too that Ms Will and Pedro’s wife are the same being too. Some twisted twist. And before That Man leaves, Nabeshin suddenly appears to help Pedro and Sandora by giving some super special power… his afro hairstyle??!! Anyway, they still lost and thus the 3 embarked on a mission to train themselves to become more powerful (yeah, that usual sitting under waterfall purification thingy and things like that).
Episode 21 is the prelude of things to come. In this rock themed episode, ACROSS top officials send a handsome young rockstar, Key, to deliver a message to Lord Ilpalazzo. And since Key is some rockstar artiste, he can’t just blurt out his singing telegram and must be ‘in the mood’ to do so. Yeah, some rock concert here and there. And the message is about Lord Ilpalazzo’s lack of progress. And Key even went on to sing how he plays with dating simulation games over national television with Lord Ilpalazzo eventually suddenly blasting the tv screen. Guess he’s heard enough, huh? And there’s one funny part where Key’s temporarily staying at Excel and Hyatt’s apartment. When one night he got up behind some sheet with the lights focusing on it, his hands were going up and down on his guitar fingerboard which looked like some lower male anatomy, if you know what I mean, much to Excel’s shock at first. Hahaha. Also there’s that spoof cameo appearances of Doraemon characters with their names slightly altered. We won’t get to see their faces, just their limbs as they somehow kick Menchi away.
In episode 22, the Puchuus are ready for their revenge on planet Earth in this Captain Harlock spoofed anime. Yeah, there’s some rebel Puchuu which looked like Captain Harlock. Meanwhile, Lord Ilpalazzo who got ACROSS’s message sends Hyatt to prepare for the take over of prefecture F, ignoring Excel totally. Uh-huh, she’s real dejected. Anyway, as Excel and Hyatt team up with the rebel Puchuu and manage to bring down the Puchuus mothership. Yeah, bring down as in, it’s gonna crash into planet Earth! What’s more the exact crash spot is prefecture F. And we see an emotional Kabapu trying to protect the city with a machine gun??!! How’s he gonna stop it? Anyway his subordinates just ran away for their lives. It may sound selfish, but hey, isn’t it the most appropriate thing to do. And we see a huge explosion at the end.
The world’s in a post apocalyptic scenario in episode 23 after the events that happened at the end of the previous episode. So you might guess that this episode’s theme is supposedly some century violence and Mad Max spoof. Excel who’s wandering through the desert, meets and befriends some survivors of the explosion. Of course, they’re rebelling against the ACROSS organization who’re now seemingly dominating the prefecture. The funny part is where Excel using her ACROSS martial art skill whereby if she hit at the right places, the enemy will turn into Di Gi Charat (with permission from Broccoli)!!! How cutely ugly! Yeah, she manage to defeat and turn the whole bunch of ACROSS henchmen bullies into that. But they’ll be back.
Later Excel managed to find Lord Ilpalazzo and she’s so happy and excited. Yup, Lord Ilpalazzo’s taking off in his huge flying ACROSS base. But the sad part is instead of taking back Excel, Lord Ilpalazzo shot Excel right at her heart! Oh, how cruel. Even though she’s such an annoying and bungling assistant, this is way too much. As the base hovers her and Excel lie unconscious, we see a tear drop from her eye. I felt sad and pity for her for the first time.
And also for the first time, episode 24 is a no nonsense, no gags, serious episode. Excel has been rescued by the members of the Department Of City Security. Not only that she has partially lost her memory. So in this episode you can see some deep serious thinking from her. So different lah. So weird. So not use to it. The gang are planning to launch some assault on the griping powers of ACROSS. Ah… Kabapu’s still alive but he looked so weak and frail. Meanwhile, Lord Ilpalazzo seems to be having some identity crisis. Yeah, a darker part of him wants him to go on and conquer the world. But the current him is trying to tolerate and ignore all that. Looks like he’s in pain and in a dilemma. In the end, Excel manage to regain her memories once more (and her hyperactive goofy self) when she finally remembers Lord Ilpalazzo. Ah well, I guess she’s really devoted to him. Manage to recall back everything with such faint memories of him lying in the back of her consciousness. I hope that sentence feels right.
Koishi Rikudo’s really fed-up with the series’ insanity as he gives his approval to end Excel Saga in episode 25. In this episode we see how the Department Of City Security team beat a whole lot of crap out of ACROSS minions while Excel beat the crap out of Lord Ilpalazzo and knock some sense into him. Yeah, at least he’s back to his old self and not that meanie version. Meanwhile Pedro, Sandora along with Nabeshin and his 3 dead buddies (all with afro hairstyle) manage to combine their power and blast That Man (he’s one of the boss for ACROSS??!!) away and save Pedro’s wife. Also, Watanabe learns Hyatt’s true identity. But he still refuse to believe so as he tries to convince her to turn from the dark side. As Hyatt’s gonna shoot him, she goes into her usual dying habit again. Saved! As the ACROSS base is gonna crash (yeah, Dr Shioji pressed some self-destructing button), and the others make their escape (Watanabe carrying Hyatt in his arms), the funny thing is Excel together with Lord Ilpalazzo escaped through that trap door he always used on Excel. See, a trap door can be useful at times. And another big explosion to end things. Hey, Ms Will gave birth to a baby mini universe as the ending credits roll (which’s actually the opening theme)???!!!
Well, that wasn’t actually the last episode. Episode 26 is. And I don’t see how this episode is supposed to be a musical themed one except in the beginning. This episode is the most nonsensical one as the producers try to tie up all the loose ends (which I see wasn’t that good and maybe it was on purpose). Besides hiring Cosette as their 3rd agent, here Excel and Hyatt switch bodies. Hyatt has never felt so healthy before while Excel has never felt so sickly before. Now that’s really the ultimate experience for the saying ‘to be in one’s shoes’. And unfortunately, Watanabe is gonna make his move on Hyatt (which is really Excel in her body) in some love hotel. Unfortunately Excel manage to arrive in time and poor Watanabe got ‘ejected’ out of the hotel just when things are gettting hot for him. Also, Cosette and Dr Shioji’s gonna ‘do it’ too at that love hotel. Unfortunately, he lost interest and walked away when he found out that she’s actually not a little kid but has a developed woman’s body. Yeah, I didn’t like this hentai part in particular. They show Cosette’s developed breasts. Meanwhile Nabeshin and Kumiko gets married only to be interrupted by Koishi Rikudo as the 2 battle it out in the chapel.
Fortunately, Excel and Hyatt manage to switch back to your original bodies. While walking on the streets they meet Pedro and his family. And Cosette’s now looking and clinging on to Pedro as his new ‘play thing’, much to Pedro’s reluctance. Then, Hyatt has one of her most ‘bloodiest’ death, literally. Yeah, she’s bleeding so much that the world is soon flooded by her blood. As Excel looks up to the moon and asks her Lord Ilpalazzo to save her, we see him giving a thumbs up with a grin on his face. Really the end. So what happened to the other members of the Department Of City Security and other characters as well? Not important, maybe.
Overall, I really really really love this series with all sorts of wackiness and craziness thrown into it. Even the next episode preview where Excel narrates the next episode is so darn hilarious. She’s talking so fast without fullstop or rest and though I don’t even understand what she’s blabbing about, it’s so funny just to hear the way she talk. I think she can beat the world record as the fastest nonsensical talker in the world.
The voice acting is superb and is fits well to all the characters, especially Excel’s. I really like her voice acting. As for the drawing and animation, I guess it meets the usual expectation of a typical Japanese anime. Well, not that it’s not good, but I didn’t have that sense of being overawed by its breathtaking sceneries and things like that. I felt it was just okay good, that’s it.
The producers seem to do a good job on pairing Excel and Hyatt together. Though, their characters are quite contrasting, but it seems oddly fitting. So are the entire Department Of City Security team. A bunch of misfits I must say. Maybe that’s why they couldn’t take over the world or save the world (the latter) in the first place. And the outcome that happened are probably all just flukes (and on purpose by the producers, of course). Yup, every turn of events I felt it was done on purpose to make the series excitingly funny.
In conclusion, I would definitely recommend to people to watch this anime just for laughs. And you won’t be disappointed. Each time you’re feeling lousy or down, just think about the crazy antics and you’re spirits will be lifted! At least, that worked for me. Okay, maybe sometimes only. But be warned, do not try and attempt any or all of the stunts in the show as they’re for entertainment purposes only. Not because you may end up getting hurt (actually you will), but more of getting yourself embarrassed.
So, would there be a continuation to this series (nope, I’m not taling about Puni Puni Poemy. Strictly Excel Saga) or Lord Ilpalazzo’s conquest? Perhaps not. Since the world is over-corrupted and there’s no hope for mankind. Or maybe Lord Ilpalazzo’s retired along with his assistants and lived happily together ever after and decided to join the fray of being corrupted. And maybe Hyatt’s really dead. And probably Menchi’s finally been ‘utilized’ and the Department Of City Security has been disbanded and… Well, too much possibilty. That’s what happens if you don’t properly tie things up in the end. You’ll have some people’s imagination running wild.
But this is certainly a great anime! A true classic. King of wackiness. Therefore, I, Chua Tek Ming, give my absolute permission to everyone out there to watch Excel Saga and laugh like idiots!!! :) *Stamp thud*. Now stop whatever you’re doing and go watch the show.
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