Fairy Tail: Final Series

February 22, 2020

Nothing says hype and even more hype when you have the word final in your title. Yup, imagine the hype, excitement, hysteria and everything when Fairy Tail: Final Series came out in late 2018. Oh my. Is this going to be the final season of this long running series? Well, it couldn’t be the next One Piece or Naruto (or Boruto as it technically continues in) so I suppose it has to end somewhere. Oh yeah. Nothing like working on everybody’s nostalgia and those who have been following the series that first aired back in 2009. Yup. 10 years. That is a very long time in anime terms. And like every story that has a beginning, there has to be an end. Oh my. Are we getting nervous and teary eyed to finally see this (debatably) epic series come to a close after 328 episodes?

Avatar Arc
* It has been a year since Fairy Tail disbanded and Makarov gone missing. Lucy is on a mission to reunite her fellow guild members but so far she only got Natsu and Happy.
* Haven’t you heard? Wendy is now one half of the idol group, The Sky Sisters with Cheria! Oh, haven’t you heard too? Wendy is now a member of Lamia Scale!
* Think you’ve seen it all? Wait till you see Carla who is now capable to transform into her human form! Hot cat girl chick! Meow!!!
* After the disbandment of the Magic Council and the formation of the new Ten Wizard Saints a year ago, Orochi Fin, Lamia’s Scale’s bitter rivals launches an attack since Jura is no longer with the guild.
* Guess who’s back too? Bluenote of the previously Grimoire Heart has been hired by Orochi Fin to take down Lamia Scale. Of course the match up with Natsu is fast and short. So as just to show us how much Natsu has grown because his powerful single fire breath blows him away!!! Enough for Orochi Fin to immediately surrender.
* I guess it’s time for Wendy to say goodbye to Lamia Scale and rejoin her buddies in rebuilding Fairy Tail. Yup, lots of emotional loli BFF goodbye tears. Sob! Sob!
* Natsu and co stumble Juvia living alone in this rainy town. I don’t think she’s as happy to see them as much as she sees Gray. The story goes that she was living a blissful life with Gray here a year ago. One day he had black marks all over his body and he started acting strange. He would leave this place often and 6 months ago he left and never came back. Juvia searched around but to no avail and decided to wait till he comes back.
* Avatar Black Magic Cult: Apparently a group of weirdoes who worship Zeref. And yeah, Gray is a member!
* Natsu heads to Sabretooth to find out more details. He forcefully takes a job they’re doing (to hunt down Avatar) although he’ll let them have the reward. Now, how does Natsu think he knows Gray is in this group? Remember when future Rogue spilled the beans about Frosch will be killed a year later (which is now) and that the killer is Gray? Yeah. That. Even if the future is changed, he isn’t taking any chances.
* Avatar realizes that the Magic Council is on to them and believes there is a spy among them. They accuse Gray since he has no reason to revere Zeref and his closed ones were killed by Zeref related incidents. Gray makes his clear his end goal is to find and eliminate END. He will use Avatar as a stepping stone to achieve his means.
* Haven’t you heard? Levi, Gajeel and Lily are now part of the Magic Council’s Custody Enforcement Unit (MCCEU).
* Natsu and Lucy bust in. What a way to show how strong Natsu is by taking out 3 of Avatar’s members! Then with Gray showing up, is it time for final boss fight? Gray claims he is no longer part of Fairy Tail on his own volition. So the memories and bond don’t mean anything? You sad? You mad? Well, enough time for others to round them up and throw them in prison.
* Purification Plan: Sounds simple but it’s a nasty plan to purify souls to resurrect Zeref. Lots of souls. All of Avatar heads out to conduct this plan except Goumon who stayed back to interrogate them to find out who sent them.
* Goumon is going to cut Lucy in half when he is suddenly frozen! Gray? Change of heart? Apparently he was pretending all along till Natsu showed up to ruin all their hard work. Gray isn’t working alone, though. Remember Erza?
* Half a year ago, Erza was sought by Jellal to help uncover Avatar’s plan to resurrect Zeref. The investigation hit a dead end so she stumbled upon Gray and asked for his help. He agreed to this undercover mission and didn’t tell Juvia because the less outsiders know, the better. Because Avatar is big and has branches all over, the only way to wipe them out is during this Purification Plan when all branches gather.
* So you’re telling me Purification Plan is to purge the 30,000 lives of a city but it is not done by some grand magic or something? But rather everyone physically killing the people?! Damn, I think this is a cult who just loves to murder people! It goes without saying those small fries are easily taken out by our Fairy Tail wizards. Even more so the generals of Avatar. Damn, this is going to be easy.
* Natsu even has a go at Arlock, Avatar’s big boss. Uh huh. Just another showpiece to show how strong Natsu has grown. After even beating up the guy, looks like the real Purification Plan is here. Arlock summons a giant battle god to kill their own comrades! Apparently the lives of the devotees are more important ones to resurrect Zeref. Yeah, leave it to Natsu to lecture about friendship and the likes and the one single devastating blow to send the giant battle god crumbling down!!! Damn, he makes it all look so easy! With Avatar in shambles and losing motivation after seeing Fairy Tail’s might, I guess it’s good timing the MCCEU is here to arrest them all.
* When Zeref was young, he studied magic on life and death that was deemed too dangerous by the adults so they banned him from ever studying magic. But Zeref defied and continued so all because he had a younger brother who died and wanted to resurrect him. For many years this went on until the academic council decided to take action to expel him. With the hard hitting fact his brother will never return to life, that was when some curse possessed him. Everyone around him died. With this contradicting curse, the more he cares about life, the more it dies. Hence he goes about living not caring about anything. As he cannot age and is an immortal, he had time to study magic and everything else until he decided he wanted to die. Hence he created demons from the Book of Zeref to kill him but they couldn’t. Hence his final creation might be the one to do the job.
* That final creation is END: Etherious Natsu Dragneel. Natsu is actually that deceased brother of Zeref whom he preserved in this well state for this day.
* Fairy Tail is back in business! Because the whole gang received Lucy’s letter and reunite once more at where their HQ once stood.
* Erza becomes the 7th guild master.

Alvarez Empire Arc
+ Saving Makarov
* 10 years ago, Mest was requested by Makarov to invade the Council to find any info pertaining to the western continent, Alakitasia. He claimed it was to protect his family. After the battle with Tartaros, it seemed Makarov has got all the info he needed on Alvarez Empire, the empire that united all 730 magic guilds in Alakistasia. Long ago, they tried to invade and steal Lumen Histoire but only backed down because the Council flexed their muscles. Now that the Council is gone, they might invade again. Hence Makarov headed there to negotiate and told Mest to create a new Magic Council for this continent’s first line of defence. The reason to disband Fairy Tail was that he feared if something happened to him, his children might be next. It has been a year since so it could be Makarov might still be in negotiation, locked up or worst, dead. Hence Erza wants to do an infiltration and rescue mission with a small team of members who only knows about this.
* Gajeel forms his own team with the other Fairy Tail members to go look for Laxus.
* What’s this? Raijinshuu has joined Blue Pegasus?!
* God Serena is supposed to be the strongest wizard on the continent but he abandoned it to join Alvarez and become one of the 12 shields of Emperor Spriggan known as Spriggan 12. Oh wait. God Serena isn’t some celestial being but human? Some name. And he’s a man, not a woman?!
* Mest and co set sail for Caracol Island to meet a spy so as to get info to infiltrate Alvarez. However the island is sealed off by Alvarez guards as they are also searching for the spy.
* Natsu and co get involved in a brawl with one of the Alvarez’s military guys, Marin Hollow who controls the laws of space and Brandish who is one of Spriggan 12. Because Brandish doesn’t like troublesome stuff, she takes out Marin since he bested Mest. She knows what is going on and warns Fairy Tail to return. She assures them Makarov is still alive but will not guarantee that if they continue with this foolishness.
* Mest and co go meet up with the spy who is no other than Angel as she brings them to Alakistasia.
* It seems Makarov has been a guest at Alvarez and has been negotiating via Spriggan’s minister, Yajeel. Because Spriggan has been wandering over for a year, that is why Makarov has been waiting. Speaking of the devil, he has returned! Wait a minute. Isn’t Spriggan… Zeref???!!!
* Makarov finally talks to Zeref and it seems he wasn’t responsible for the invasion 10 years ago. Though, now he has decided he wants Lumen Histoire AKA Fairy Heart. He intends to bring war for and see who is fit to survive this extermination. The black wizard, the king of dragons and humans. Zeref wants to kill Makarov so that Fairy Tail will get angry to destroy him but luckily Mest teleports Makarov back to the safety of his children.
* As Fairy Tail tries to escape, Ajeel who one of Spriggan 12 is hot on their heels. Our young ones as usual show us why they can fight on par with him. But just enough for the cliché moment before they get swallowed by his sandstorm, here comes Laxus and Team B Fairy Tail members to save the day and bring home everyone alive.
* Now that Fairy Tail is back in business, Makarov once more becomes the guild master? This trend has got to stop… Knowing that Alvarez will come straight for them, Fairy Tail is more than prepared to take them on. But first, Makarov wants to tell everyone about Fairy Heart. How convenient Mavis resurrects just to tell everyone from her mouth the most secretive thing in Fairy Tail that the world must never know about that is so important that Zeref wants.

+ Invasion of Alvarez
* So it’s Fairy Tail Zero part 2? Going back 100 years when Mavis was Fairy Tail’s tactician during the trade war, after the treaty is signed, Mavis stumbled into Zeref again. They catch up on stuffs and when Zeref learnt Mavis is unable to grow or age, he realized she has the same curse as him. The reason others around her do not die is because she doesn’t know the value of life. Once she does, then everything around her will start to die. However Mavis refused to accept this and ran home.
* Right after Yuri’s wife, Rita gave birth to Makarov (whom Mavis named from a kind hearted character of a story she once read), Rita instantly died. Mavis is traumatized and with Zeref’s words ringing in her head, she ran away and never returned to the guild.
* After wandering for another year, once more Zeref chanced upon her. True to the curse, she cannot die. So Zeref tells her about his plans of creating a new empire on the other continent to start a war even though he hates fighting. Zeref’s contradicting contradictions has him in pain. Mavis assures she will not reject him. Then a weird kiss that started a weird romance between them. But don’t hold your breath because it soon died out. The ultimate contradiction of all as this takes Mavis’ life.
* Zeref then dumps Mavis’ body back at Fairy Tail’s guild. Since Purehito was the only one there, he sensed a faint magic power from her and sealed her in some healing lacrima in the basement. Eventually as he tried to resurrect her, he too connected the dots that she was responsible for Rita’s death as well as having that curse. He decided not to tell this to everyone and instead erected a grave for Mavis back at Tenroujima. He then became Fairy Tail’s second guild master. He continued to find a way to resurrect Mavis but during this period, Yuri died without ever knowing the truth.
* Mavis’ sealing throughout the years has combined elements and created a form of magic known as Fairy Heart. In short, it is unlimited magic. Zeref might want it to destroy Acnologia. So why can’t Fairy Tail just use it against Alvarez and Acnologia themselves? You see, its power is so great that even after using it, it will continue to rain down more magic and continue destroying everything. It’s like using poison to fight poison. That’s why Mavis is adamant that Fairy Heart must never be released to the world.
* Even if they defeat Alvarez, how do you defeat an immortal like Zeref? Don’t worry. Natsu has the answer in his right hand. It is a secret for now so stay tuned when the time comes!
* I know Fairy Tail has devised a few strategies to deal with Alvarez should they come from any sides. But they didn’t expect them to start the invasion from the skies?! Did Mavis overlook this? But nothing like Freed’s barrier and the Dragon Slayer trio to go buy some time. Hope they prepare just in time because somehow Alvarez has breached in and coming from all directions at full force!
* Erza vs Ajeel – Because Dragon Slayers can’t fight on a flying ship. Damn motion sickness… Ajeel’s sandstorm might be wreaking havoc all over the place but with Erza shining brightly so that Bisca can fire her Jupiter cannon and take out Ajeel, the skies are all clear again.
* Lucy vs Brandish – Not sure how getting in the bathtub together makes this a fight. But hey, great fanservice! A+!!! But when pollen suddenly fill the air, Brandish becomes allergic and is easily knocked out by Cana. WTF…
* Raijinshuu-Ichiya vs Wall Eehto – Spriggan 12’s Wall’s magic is to identify weaknesses and then create machines to deal with them. Furthermore, Wall himself is an evolved machine and is immune to lightning attacks. Instead, he charges up. But isn’t it easy to defeat them by just switching your opponents? Freed who has been busy concentrating in putting up a barrier around the town, once he heard news of Natsu’s side defeating the invading force, he is now free to use his magic and go all out. With Ichiya, they punch and destroy Wall. One Punch Men! MEN!!!
* Apparently Wall’s real body is in the next coming wave. He decides to fire a cannon directly at Fairy Tail’s HQ but Ichiya uses his ship to block the shot. This isn’t just Fairy Tail’s fight. No, senpai. This is our fight!
* Next wave is coming. Fending off from the north are Sabretooth and Blue Pegasus. Defending from the south are Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel. To the east, they have to get past 4 of the Ten Wizard Saints that include Jura, Warrod, Draculos Hyberion and Wolfheim. It is believed to the east is Zeref and since this portion is moving slowly, until all other directions are safely dealt with, they can then focus all their strength in this final direction.
* But wait. Final boss fight already?! Because Natsu flies directly to fight Zeref! Showing off the might of his power, he takes out 973 foot soldiers! Wow! Definitely quality > quantity. Only 999,027 left… But all that don’t matter since Natsu faces off with Zeref directly. Unleashing his secret weapon, is it this super flaming right arm? OMG. Zeref takes a beating! Are you sure this is not the last episode of Fairy Tail?! Apparently this power comes from the last power that Igneel gave him. It is his tenacity. He has been training to use it for this moment and can only use it once. Zeref finally thought he could be killed…

* Zeref still lives but one more time and he could really die. Hence, he takes the liberty to tell Natsu the truth. The truth of Natsu being his brother and END. You see, their parents were killed by dragons 400 years ago. Naturally Natsu also died so Zeref tried to bring him back alive. Proof Natsu is related to END, Zeref shoots the book and Natsu reels in pain. Igneel was Zeref’s friend and one of the few dragons who didn’t hate humans. These dragons decided to teach 5 orphans to use Dragon Slayer magic and to be sent to the future to defeat Acnologia. Because back then, I guess there wasn’t so much nano whatever magic in the air. Celestial wizards, Anna and Layla via Eclipse, the former opened the gate while the latter opened the exit. So the day and year when the dragons disappeared was actually when they woke up in this era. Hence Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers actually came from 400 years in the past.
* The last kicker is if Natsu kills Zeref, he will also die because they are connected. Not that Natsu believes his story and his hell bent on defeating Zeref anyway. But then Happy doesn’t like the fact Natsu will die and brings him back. Stupid cat! You mean you let the whole world destroy than just let Natsu give up his life to protect the world?! Whatever. His Igneel magic is fast fading. You lost that chance. Now nothing can stop Zeref.
* You’d think Marin snuck into Fairy Tail’s prison to rescue Brandish. But he is here to kill her! So had enough of being her toy? Thanks to Lucy and Cana’s quick intervention, this girl didn’t have to die.
* I guess as thanks for that, Brandish reveals her connection to Layla. Her mom, Grammie was one of Layla’s servants. When Layla retired, she gave some of her celestial to some of her servants. Grammie received Aquarius’ key. But if Lucy got Aquarius’ key from Layla, there could only be one way how that happened: Layla killed Grammie to get it back!
* Time for Aquarius to reveal the whole truth. Anna who is an ancestor of the Heartfilia family, made a deal with Zeref to open Eclipse to send warriors to the future to defeat Acnologia. The one waiting at the other end of the gate was Layla. But to open the gate, she needed all 12 Zodiac celestial keys. Because Grammie was uncontactable and moved to Alakitasia, Layla compensated it with her own life. This caused her to develop some illness. When Grammie heard about it, she rushed to her side and returned the key, thinking she is not fit to hold it. When Grammie left, she was killed by Zoldeo (one of Layla’s servants who received Capricorn’s key). He blamed her for what happened to Layla. Grammie accepted her sin but in exchange for her life, she hopes he would spare Brandish.
* Now we get another problem because Happy brings Natsu’s body back! Is he dead?! Poluchka diagnosed some magic tumour inside him after using lots of magic. No medical technology can save him. Ah, but Brandish can. Just locate the tumour and she can shrink its size. It was that easy to save Natsu!!!
* 4 of the Ten Wizard Saints vs God – No contest, God beats them flat!!!
* God vs Acnologia – No contest, Acnologia kills him before he could finish his sentence!!!
* Laxus vs Wall – Time to get payback for hurting his Raijinshuu. It could have been easy for Laxus to deal with this robot alchemist had not the poisonous particles he inhaled during his fight against Tempester. But don’t worry. Laxus tricks Wall to use his ability on him because apparently it cancels out the poison. And then using red lightning which isn’t exactly lightning to dismantle Wall.
* Wendy-Cheria-Carla vs Dimaria Yesta – How do you even fight a Spriggan 12 member who has the power to stop time? Ah, don’t worry. Ultear is here to help them move in that space. But Dimaria turns into the god of time and how do you kill a god? Better hurry because Carla protected Wendy from her beam. Is she dead? Ah, don’t worry. Ultear once again just in time ejected her from this space. And then gives them some special technique that will allow to defeat this god but in exchange they’ll never be able to use magic again. So convenient yet so complicated.
* Cheria vs Dimaria – Apparently Ultear can only give her god technique to one of them. In the end, Cheria gets it and beats the sh*t out of Dimaria. Oh Wendy, please don’t cry like it’s the end of the world. Cheria can live fine without magic like a normal girl. After all, love > magic, no?
* Jason Statham, oops I mean, Jacob Lessio, one of Spriggan 12 just waltzed into Fairy Tail’s HQ. Apparently he is an assassin (not Transporter?) and why do they always brag they have never failed a mission? His magic is making things disappear so everyone in the guild disappears into some void. Because Mavis is a ghost, she is the only one left. Jacob can also somehow abuses ghosts to make them talk.
* Lucy-Natsu vs Jacob –Thanks to Horologium shielding them during Jacob’s disappearing magic, thank goodness Natsu has woke up and with Lucy they kick Jacob’s ass before Mavis dies again. Can she? Stupid assassin makes Lucy’s dress invisible but he himself can’t look at a naked lady. You tell me that isn’t a chance for the pair to own him? When Jacob decides to kill his hostages, he learns Brandish and Marin are among them. The moment he brings them back out, Lucy uses Gemini to copy Marin’s power and nullify the space area, effectively bringing everyone back. All that’s left is for Natsu to give one hot fiery punch to defeat this guy for good. First loss, I take?
* Mavis shows Cana her real body underground. Mavis has thought of a way to defeat Zeref and the first step is to remove lacrima from her real body. This means Cana must use Fairy Glitter to eradicate this ghost that would destroy the lacrima. Technically Fairy Glitter will only effect the projection and not hurt anybody else. Cana is worried it will still hurt the real body but you have to trust the first master on that. How deep is your faith? After all the spamming of Fairy Glitter, finally the lacrima is destroyed and Mavis’ real body freed.
* Spriggan 12’s Neinhart has the ability to see through the hearts and memories of others. Hence bringing back dead foes complete with their own minds and emotions for our wizards to fight. Well, if your will is much stronger, you can even scare them into vanishing or just beat the crap out of them!
* Jellal vs Neinhart – Once all that is out of the way, taking care of Neinhart is just easy. Jellal opening his sky magic and raining down whatever chariot on the enemy’s fleet.
* With the south liberated, it is opposite for the north. Sabretooth and Blue Pegasus have been pathetically routed by the Alvarez army led by Spriggan 12’s Irene Belserion, Bloodman and Larcade. To add insult, they got even crucified. Don’t worry, Gajeel’s team is here to help. Even Oracion Seis too.
* Brandish offers to negotiate with Spriggan 12’s strongest man, August the Wizard King and Spriggan 12 leader to avoid this conflict. Not going to be easy since he is very loyal to Zeref. Just when she seems to use some logical stance and August readily to give negotiations a chance, Mest mind controls Brandish to stab August! Old fart didn’t die. He just turned Dark Super Saiyan and melts everything?!
* Gajeel-Levi vs Bloodman – Must poisoned Levi die so Gajeel can defeat this grim reaper? Oh yes. The power of love has Gajeel absorb Bloodman’s poisonous particles, combine and mix in his body so he can fight on the same level as him. Is this magic or sci-fi crap? Enough to beat down Bloodman till he departs to the other world! But wait. For more added drama, Bloodman is going to drag him to hell too. And so the cue for a tearful and emotional goodbye between Gajeel and Levi. Uh huh. Gajeel admitting he has changed thanks to the power of love. Now he cares about others and the future, blah, blah, blah. Bye Gajeel. GAJEEL GONE?! NOOOOOO???!!! I wonder how long Levi will cry.
* Irene vs Acnologia – Irene doesn’t want Acnologia to intervene so that this war could end quickly. Hence she initiates some ultimate magic that restructures the entire world?

+ Universe One AKA World Reconstruction
* So uhm, Fairy Tail Zero part, uhm, 3? Irene’s magic causes everyone to be scattered. Mavis is shocked to find Zeref in the guildhall and none of her Fairy Tail members around. Apparently this is what happened. Irene’s goal to hasten the war has scattered specific people throughout the continent. This means putting Zeref and Mavis together while putting Acnologia far away as possible. Because Fiore has become sizeably smaller, she wants Alvarez to clash with everyone on Ishgar as soon as possible.
* Thanks to this magic, I guess Gajeel is still alive and not dragged to hell. Just in time, huh? However he is next to Zera. So the magic also caused this illusion to become real too, huh? With everyone in the state of confusion, Zera uses her telepathy to communicate to her Fairy Tail members the direction of their guild and to head there now because Mavis is in danger. Because nobody knows her and some are distrustful, thank goodness Gajeel’s voice is all the assurance needed to let everyone know Zera is on their side. Convenient.
* What’s this? Angel and Yukino are sisters?!
* Mirajane vs Heine Lunasea and Juliet Sun – Irene’s b*tches beat down Mirajane. Until she uses her ultimate Satan Soul to return the favour. They revert to their true forms: Swords.
* Irene wants revenge over her subordinates but before she could kill Mirajane, August kills him for her. He wants Spriggan 12 to convene at Zeref. But don’t cry again if there’s another dead Fairy Tail member because nobody died ever since, uhm, Mavis? From what it is hinted, Brandish minimized Mirajane’s wounds till it’s gone. This isn’t magic. This is crap BS!!! So you telling me if you have a serious fatal injury, all you need is to just reduce that damage till it’s gone???!!! WTF???!!!
* Spriggan 12’s chief admin, Invel puts some freezing chain on Mavis to inhibit her movement and thinking. Zeref wants Mavis to remove Fairy Heart from Mavis. Mavis thought this is impossible? Well… Irene is believed to have that capability but it’ll take time.
* All Spriggan 12 (including the resurrected dead thanks to Neinhart) is reunited with Zeref and the entire Alvarez army are stationed outside Fairy Tail’s guild.
* Hence Fairy Tail, wave by wave return to take down all those mindless Alvarez soldiers. Showing us again that quality > quantity. Until the first real obstacle, God shows up and slow down their progress. Who can take on his multiple magic? What do you know? Gildarts is back!!! Where the f*ck have you been all this while?!
* Gildarts vs God – Because God is just a dead clone, he isn’t as powerful as his original self. Hence Gildarts easily pummels him. Another quick loss for God, huh?
* Mirajane vs Jacob – How can this assassin fight properly when Mirajane’s cleavage are so revealing?
* Rogue vs Bloodman – Not really shown but since the enemy is already dead to begin with, I guess it’s Rogue’s win with something happening later.
* Minerva vs Wall – Ditto. Like above.
* Elfman-Lisanna vs Ajeel – Ditto. Like above too but this time with family bond thingy putting the stops.
* Natsu vs Neinhart – Just when you think Neinhart has powered up after Irene released some seal of his, then Natsu just defeats him in one punch…
* Gray vs Invel – Battle of the frozen guys. However Invel’s winter ability to change everything into ice is way superior than Gray’s ice creation. Gray circumvents that by using some Dragon Slayer magic but risking his own sanity and falling into the dark side.
* Gray vs Juvia – In a slight distraction, Invel manages to chain Gray and Juvia’s mind. He has them fight each other to death. He calculates will win and hence crossing over to the dark side. This will awaken his dark power and will be the one to destroy END. Guess what? Both take their own lives simultaneously! Didn’t see that one coming, Invel?
* Remember, Fairy Tail doesn’t have dead members in the current era. So Gray lives because did some water blood transfusion on him.
* Gray vs Invel – Round 2 grudge match. No matter how power Invel is, nothing beats the power of love! Yup, Super Saiyan Gray demonic version beats him down. Won’t bring back Juvia, but that sure felt good, no? No? Okay. Invel tells him the truth about END and why he is the only one who can defeat Zeref’s greatest demon…
* Remember again, Fairy Tail doesn’t have dead members in the current era. So Juvia lives because Wendy and Carla found her in time to heal her.
* Because Invel was defeated, this allows Mavis to trick Irene with one of her illusions and allow herself to escape. She is rescued by Mest who told her about that mysterious female voice that gathered them all. Mavis realizes it is Zera. The moment she remembers her, some twisted logic means Zera ceases to exist in this world. I guess it is cue for them to have one last talk before she disappears.
* Lucy vs Brandish – After Brandish enlarges Natsu’s tumour again, both bikini babes duke it out. However Dimaria stops the fight and knows Brandish is only pretending to fight because she is being observed. Otherwise, Brandish’s powers could have easily killed them all. Dimaria kills Brandish and kidnaps Lucy and Natsu. Blaming them for corrupting her Brandish, she isn’t going to make death easy for them.
* Before Dimaria could do her worse, the next thing Lucy knows, the place is in a mess, Natsu is missing and a very traumatized Dimaria. I think we know who the monster she is referring too. Of course, cue for Poluchka to explain (also, healed Brandish because apparently such characters cannot be killed) that due to Brandish enlarging the tumour, it may have awakened something worse. Wait. Don’t say. Let me guess. END, right?!

* Gray vs Natsu AKA END – Literally a battle of fire and ice. Both going out ferociously because they think their loved one is dead. Gray thinks Juvia is dead. Natsu thinks Lucy is dead. WAAARGHH!!!! PUICH! PUNCH! PUNCH!!!!!
* With Irene turning the Alvarez soldiers into raging berserker zombies that feel no pain, our heroes once more find themselves cornered. Makarov can’t stand the fact his children are going to suffer and uses Fairy Law. Too bad, this spell drains his life force. The more enemies… Well, you can do the math and see where this is going. Hence lots of flashback and tears. They didn’t troll us this time. RIP Makarov… MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* You know real sh*t is going on when Natsu and Gray’s fight is stopped by a crying Erza. You better realize what’s happening when Erza starts lecturing about love and family. The guys finally lose all their strength when they realize their women are still alive.
* Crime Sorciere (Jellal and former Oracion Seis) vs August – Nobody could even touch August…
* Larcade casts his pleasure magic and affects many (but not all) of the people in the battlefield, affecting some of his own allies. What’s this? Larcade is Zeref’s son???! So this means Natsu is his uncle and his mom is… OMFG, MAVIS???!!! This family tree is starting to look weird.
* Sting vs Larcade – Any light or white magic has no effect on Sting. However Larcade casts some hunger spell on him. With no strength to fight, he sees Lectar as food and they try to eat each other? Sting manages to snap out from it and knock out the others from eating themselves. But still he is weak from hunger. Herald Rogue, letting Sting eat his shadow powers, Sting is now a fusion of light and shadow, ready to beat down Natsu’s nephew. Larcade’s turn to go to sleep then.
* Erza vs Irene – The battle of the scarlet hair. Wendy backs Erza by enhancing her powers to fight on par with Irene. If you have a hunch why Irene is similar to Erza, wonder no more because here it is. Can you guess it? Irene is Erza’s mom! Wow. How many more family bonds like this are they going to need to surprise us? Oh well, I guess blood isn’t thicker than water here as both sides refuse to acknowledge why they are blood related. And so we get Irene’s flashback. The former queen of dragons…
* 400 years ago, dragons and human coexisted on Ishgar. Irene had Belserion on her side and he was loyal to her. However the war on dragons soon came to be because on Alakitasia, dragons ate humans. Dragons on both the divide fought each other but the western dragons were superior in numbers. Hence Irene created a magic called Dragon Slayer that imbues humans with dragon powers to fight against dragons. Unfortunately due to the instability of the magic, many humans have gone berserk. Irene herself is slowly turning into a dragon and at that time she was pregnant with Erza. The war ended when Acnologia appeared and destroyed both sides. After Belserion died, her husband whom she was married to under a political marriage feared she would turn into Acnologia. She was imprisoned and tortured for years. He did not believe she could be pregnant for 3 years! Yeah, she casted a spell to put her pregnancy on hold but it’s still hogwash to guys like him. Before he could kill her, she turned into a dragon and killed him. She fled and tried to find ways to turn herself back but to no avail. That was when she met Zeref who easily turned her back. However it was only in form. Her body started feeling pain and misery. That was when she thought she could become human again but exchanging with the baby inside. However the process failed and because Erza was no longer useful, she tossed her away at some remote village.
* You think Erza could easily kill Irene. But Irene did some enchantment and now she possesses Wendy’s body. Now that she is in a human’s body, she is not going to give up on it and will stop at nothing to kill Erza. But luckily too, Wendy also did some enchantment and now she is in Irene’s body. Obviously Irene’s body has better magic so she uses them all to push Irene out of hers. Even if Irene tries to scar Wendy’s body, she still wants it as it holds lots of memories. I think forgoing those huge boobs is just a minor loss. Heh.
* Now that they’re both back in their original bodies, Irene gets desperate. So mad that she turns into her dragon form. One smack is enough to shatter all bones in Erza’s body. Then she could even use some high level magic sh*t to pull in a meteor and smash into the world!!! Not if Erza could muster all her strength to charge towards the meteor. Looks suicidal but shouldn’t Irene be happy Erza to be sacrificing herself?
* Holy sh*t! Erza could even slice the meteor and then drop down and slice the dragon???!!! Irene was probably shocked by everything she saw and got owned.
* You thought it would be easy for Irene to kill Erza now. Unfortunately Erza’s smile triggered her. Yup. Those old memories. And hence, Irene kills herself!!!! WTF???!!! I guess in the end, she is still her mom.
* Whatever tumour inside Natsu has him fallen into a deep state of unconsciousness whereby he talks to Zeref and he fills out some other details in their past that Natsu doesn’t know of. Like the scarf Natsu is wearing isn’t from Igneel but Anna.
* Inside Natsu is both the dragon seed and demon seed. As they are both merging now, this means his death is inevitable. However he can prevent that if he chooses one. Either a demon or a dragon. Of course we all know what Natsu is going to choose. He is human. And with that, both seeds disintegrate! Wow! WTF?! That easy???!!! And with that also, Natsu wakes up from his slumber.
* With Irene’s death, her spell dissipates and Fiore returns to its normal size and position.

+ VS Zeref
* Gildarts-Cana vs August – Well, with other Spriggan 12 members defeated, dead or given up, somebody has got to keep the final Spriggan 12 member company.
* Gray vs Zeref – Gray being the first one to reach Fairy Tail guild, Zeref explains his goals and all. Including killing Gray so that Natsu will be overcome with anger and fight all out with him. Gray’s trump card to defeat and not kill Zeref has him use some lost magic that involves sacrificing his own life, memories and existence. So how is this different than Zeref killing him? Ah, I see if you do it yourself, it’s okay. Time to freeze Zeref forever.
* Too much sadness, nobody to grieve over him if they don’t remember him anymore, huh? Oh well, if visions of Ul can’t stop him, maybe Natsu can. Uh huh. Let those flames burn everything away. Then one of the most touching and weirdest friendship reconciliations between Natsu and Gray. Friends can’t die on each other, right?!
* Natsu vs Zeref round 2. Natsu despite still strong, clearly he is not as strong when he first clashed with Zeref. Igneel’s power is gone.
* Better hasten the fight because time’s up. Yup, Acnologia has returned. First thing he did is to desecrate Irene’s body! Take that for giving humans Dragon Slayer magic!
* Larcade thought he could help Zeref by putting Natsu to sleep and make it easy for father to kill him. But Zeref didn’t appreciate this and kills Larcade for interrupting his fun! Zeref reveals he is not his son and was just the closest demon in the book as an experiment to create Natsu. Now he is just a failure. Flashback shows Purehito knew Mavis was pregnant. Not sure how he delivered the baby when Mavis was crystalized. In a dilemma to kill or let him live. He chose the latter but then abandoned him somewhere else. Gee, thanks?
* August threatens to kill Cana just to see Gildarts’ reaction. Being the caring father he is, of course he won’t let that happen as he gets really serious in fighting August. This prompts August to note that Zeref never loved his son. Gildarts becomes reckless enough and willing to bring him down just to protect Cana. But he just trolled us because he figured out August’s magic properties. He can copy and repel any form of magic but cannot replicate those magic that needs some sort of tool. Hence a single fatherly punch to send this old geezer into defeat. And those flashbacks you see of a young boy being picked up by Zeref, you thought it was Larcade, huh? Turns out to be August! So why doesn’t Zeref love his son? Because he never knew he had one, silly!
* August intends to sacrifice himself and take everyone with him. This devastating ancient magic could have actually worked had he not spot his ‘mother’. Yup. That’s you, Mavis. It’s like he just gave up and let himself be the only one to dissipate from this spell. Phew. Everybody else saved. I didn’t think a mother’s love saved the day, but whatever.

* Mavis rendezvous with Gray, Lucy and Happy. She shows them the END book which she stole from Zeref while she was in his captivity. She has a plan to eliminate Zeref once and for all. But first nobody is to approach the guildhall until Natsu takes down Zeref.
* Acnologia could have killed Erza and Wendy had not Jellal intervened. And then Wendy thought of playing the heroine and could have been killed had not Blue Pegasus rammed into that arcane dragon. The plan now is to lure Acnologia as far away from this place and to a certain spot where Ichiya is certain Acnologia can be defeated. Says who? Anna?!
* Yup, that’s Anna in the flesh. She explains to the rest all that we already know. Anna also came to the future to take care of the Dragon Slayer kids but due to some distortion, all were sent scattering. She took a few years to find them but realized they were living happily. As she continued her search, she found something strange. That strange thing that could seal Acnologia forever is this rift in time. Because of this time travelling thing, it gave rise to this distortion. Inside it, nothing could exist. Not even Acnologia. All that they need to do is lure Acnologia and let him just touch this orange sized rift. So why nobody ever found this rift? Anna hid it. Yeah, that simple, people.
* Zeref’s true ultimate goal revealed: He wants to reset time and go back in time before he became an immortal. To do this, 2 powers are required: Mavis and that rift in time.
* Just when Blue Pegasus has baited Acnologia to go through the time rift, he passes through it! Nothing happened! Oh sh*t?! Plan failed? Actually, at the same time, Zeref found that time rift and closed it so he could steal it. Any second plans, Anna? Sounds crazy but she’s going to try open it again.
* Zeref and Natsu’s fight is interrupted by Mavis. She claims she has a way to save Zeref. However he is uninterested and prefers his Neo Eclipse method. He extracts all her Fairy Heart and becomes God! Now he can cross time, go back to save humanity and prevent Acnologia to become as powerful as he is today.
* Natsu thought he had obliterated Zeref (and part of the guildhall. Sorry). Turns out Zeref can reverse time and revert things back to way they were. You’re screwed. And just like that Zeref kills Natsu. The end of END?
* Meanwhile Lucy opens and reads END. Condense words start flying out of the pages. She thinks it is linked to Natsu and will rewrite some of them.
* Because Zeref is using the time rift to open another portal, looks like the time rift is also appearing back in its original spot. So, 2 time rifts now? Jellal thinks of sacrificing himself to push Acnologia into it. I guess he couldn’t. Now that Acnologia is crushing him and Blue Pegasus’ ship has taken so much damage that it could explode, everyone abandons ship. Well, not everyone. Ichiya and Anna are going to ram it into Acnologia and push him into the void. Will they make it? Oh yeah. Now they’re gone.
* Natsu revives thanks to Lucy rewriting some of the missing words. Don’t look down on her, she memorized the whole thing. However it comes with a cost as Lucy is now possessed. Whatever demonic curse that is eating her, her insides are burning. But nothing like a bit of Gray’s powers to cool her down so she could help rewrite some of the words and give Natsu and even more awesome power. That fiery power is so fiery that Zeref’s God’s power is no match! You mean nothing beats the raging flame of emotion? Well, Natsu is carrying the feelings of his entire guild, so yeah. So powerful his single punch that Zeref now cannot move.
* Time for some really awkward emotional moments between Zeref and Mavis. Mavis making a lot of contradictions about loving him and hating him. So which is which? Make up your mind! You love him or hate him? So the key to Zeref dying is just to be loved? Well, that’s contradicting. And what’s dad about death = love? Yeah, Mavis probably is confused by everything. So am I. Are you? No wonder marriage = death! HAHAHA!!! Anyway, both decide to die together and with the power of Fairy Heart, damn, death never felt so warm and good?

+ VS Acnologia
* The biggest troll they’ve done so far: MAKAROV LIVES!!! OMFG!!! So Mavis and Zeref gave up their life force and this somehow brings this old geezer back to life???!!! Can’t they let this guy rest in peace already?!
* Lucy has rewritten enough of END and she doesn’t need to do any more since the book starts disappearing. The ultimate test if Natsu is still around. Oh yeah. Here he is. Wow. So super happy ending.
* And just when we think we could let our guard down thinking they’re going to wind up everything, suddenly somehow Natsu is nowhere to be seen.
* More surprise in store for us. Because the sky cracks! Acnologia bursts through and returns! He then absorbs Wendy and all the other Dragon Slayers as he wreaks havoc across Magnolia. End of the world is here.
* Natsu is also in this time rift and looks like he’ll be getting his wish to fight Acnologia. The other Dragon Slayers are encased in a crystal.
* I guess we need some good news too because Anna and Ichiya return from the time rift! We’ve seen this one coming! Anna explains that she miscalculated and because Acnologia devoured time and space, he possessed the ultimate power. But that comes with a price as he can no longer control it. Hence he is split into 2 forms. His physical form (the dragon) is in this world while his spirit form (the human) remains in the time rift. He is using the power of the Dragon Slayers to keep the balance. Since Anna and Ichiya weren’t part of the balance, hence they were ejected. I see, so they didn’t get to die then. Just ejected.
* The power of determination is what Natsu has (and always has done) to break free from Acnologia’s crystallization and regain his magic again. The same for the other Dragon Slayers. They heard the voice of the people supporting them and that was apparently enough to bust them out. Oh boy. Acnologia vs Dragon Slayers. This could get messy.
* 400 years ago in a country where dragons and humans coexisted, before Acnologia became a dragon, he was a human doctor treating the guardian dragon known as Acnologia. He heard of some troublesome Dragon Slayer magic that could rip apart this coexistence and went to further investigate. When he returned, Acnologia turned against humans. After the destruction, he became filled with hatred towards dragons for all the destruction. Hence he went to seek the Dragon Slayer magic to kill them all. He hunted them down one by one and the more he kills, the more insatiable for destruction and dragon blood he became. For all the obliteration he did, he forgot his own name and took on Acnologia’s name.
* Because Acnologia is immune to all sorts of magic, the Dragon Slayers have a hard time even touching him. It’s like everybody vs Thanos. But you know, their strong will and determination to protect their friends is going to be fuel that they need to get over this.
* Lucy has this idea to seal Acnologia. They are going to let it ride a giant ship and then seal it within Fairy Sphere, that barrier Fairy Tail members put up when Acnologia first attacked them on Tenroujima.
* They divide themselves into teams to get this done. Lucy’s side need to find the book in their library on how to cast Fairy Sphere. You mean the last time they did it on Tenroujima was a fluke? I thought you just need to hold hands around and wish very hard? Anyway, she finds the book among thousands of unlabelled ones. Yeah. Gotta get the plot moving. Gray’s team managed to secure a huge ship left behind by Alvarez. So they’re going to knock Acnologia down to ‘ride’ the ship? You think it won’t be destroyed that way? Why not somebody just fly the ship up to it? And Minerva’s team has led Acnologia towards the ship but upon arrival, Acnologia destroys all the ships! Holy cow! Now what? Don’t worry. Gray and Lyon will create a giant ice ship!
* Everything is in place to seal Acnologia in Fairy Sphere. Can they do it? Uhm, not powerful enough. Acnologia can still break out. But don’t worry. Meldy has linked everybody on the continent to lend their power to seal Acnologia. Woah. Hence every damn character that has appeared in this series to lend their help and power! DO YOU STILL REMEMBER THEM???!!! From those Edolas cats to those Jiggle Butt idiots and the rest of the bunch whom I honestly can’t f*cking remember!
* With the Dragon Slayers’ fight going nowhere, I guess now they’re going to channel all their energy towards Natsu. Yup, the only guy who can somewhat defeat Acnologia. Man, he has got some rainbow flames now!
* That single punch is enough to disintegrate Acnologia! Wow! And final lecture from Natsu that he doesn’t need anything else except his friends. I hope nobody takes that literally. I guess that’s his version of “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”. I really hope nobody takes that literally.
* Even the dragon Acnologia vanishes. Oh hell, we know it wasn’t Fairy Sphere. It makes everybody’s efforts futile and as though they didn’t trust Natsu in the first place. But heck, at least it made them look like they did something.
* And our Dragon Slayers return falling from the cracked sky. Of course, Natsu on Lucy. Is this a sign? Hey, who fixed the cracked sky then? And where did everybody get enough confetti to scatter everywhere? Clean up is going to be one big mess.

+ Epilogue
* It has been a year since and Lucy wins the prize for best new author. I guess writing a book is easy when you based the protagonist as yourself and your life’s adventure as the setting. A party is held to celebrate her achievement but you can tell those rowdy guys are her Fairy Tail members. Yup, some things will never change.
* Lucy also narrates briefly what others are doing but I’m going to list those that sound ‘interesting’: What’s this? Levy is rumoured to be pregnant???!!! Cheria slowly getting her magic back???!!! I guess never getting to use magic again was just a lie, huh? Ichiya won most handsome man???!!! MEN???!!!! Do Blue Pegasus people have bad taste???!!! Hisui ascends the throne after her father the king retires. Her first step is to amend relations with Alvarez and also give Crime Sorciere amnesty.
* Are you waiting for the biggest troll ever? Mavis and Zeref spotted in the flesh at the party!!! OMFG!!! WHAT THE F*CK???!!! THEY STILL ALIVE???!!! Turns out to be some random strangers who look and sound so much like them. They are young budding writers, Mio and Alios. I guess that’s that. Nothing else here for us. Move along.
* And even though peace reigns over the land, Natsu still drags Lucy into his job quests. Probably it is a subtle way of saying that they will always be together forever. I mean, he did tell her again literally they’ll always be together but we all know it means more than that, right?

End Of A Fairytale Run
That’s it, guys. Until they adapt the next arc in the manga! Hard to say if that will happen because otherwise why have the final in its title? Are they trying to troll and clickbait us for the viewership?! Hey, they didn’t really put ‘Owari’ AKA The End in the final scene and instead they said ‘Mata ne’ AKA See You Again. So I suppose that throws everything up in the air, huh? But for now and as far as everything is concerned, this would be the final and last of the series. So goodbye, RIP Fairy Tail. For now. After all, all those who stick around and grown up watching this series, well, we might have grown up and out of it already. So time to end it. Please don’t reboot this damn series… Please. Don’t.

After watching this series for a decade, it is with mixed feelings that I have for this entire series. A great series? Yeah, sure. But not so great that I became anything near as an obsessed fan that I must know every single lore in this series. The thing that still irks me until the end is their brand of nakama or friendship drama that this series always played out. You know, the bonds among the Fairy Tail guild members that make them closer than any actual family unit related by blood. Sometimes you get really sick of it that it’s that same ol’ goody-goody my nakama style of drama that is always so prevalent. I’ll do anything for my comrades. Including sacrificing myself. But wait. You can’t do that. Because everybody else will be sad if you’re gone. So we gonna stop you from sacrificing yourself. And we’ll find another roundabout way to do it without sacrificing anybody! Wow. So great. So irritating. But I can’t give them all the hate because this is their brand and style. This is what makes Fairy Tail stand out from other guilds in the continent. If they had a different approach in treating their comrades, I don’t think we’ll like it either. So for better or worse, this kind of nakama style friendship drama thingy is what makes Fairy Tail, so Fairy Tail. It’s just them being them. Nothing more, nothing less.

Having said all that, I guess it is also annoying that this means that none of the current Fairy Tail members actually die. They have trolled us for so long that this character might eventually die and some of us (like yours truly) keep falling for it because well, it could be the plot twist that is supposed to shock us. And of course, the real shocker in the plot twist is that they didn’t die. Heh. The biggest troll goes to Makarov because just when you thought that old grandpa has finally found peace, by some miracle account this guy is resurrected back to live. He is going to be Fairy Tail’s umpteenth master for the umpteenth time forever. Running joke or not, that’s his fate. Heh. If Makarov can’t die in peace and even return back to live again, I think that was the last straw. I thought that nobody is going to die in Fairy Tail ever. Until…

OMG!! WHY THE F*CK THEY NEED TO KILL OFF MAMIKO NOTO’S CHARACTER AGAIN???!!! OH MAH F*CKING GOD!!!!!!!! Technically Mavis isn’t dead. Trapped in that lacrima for ages, you can’t say she is a dead character. It was nice seeing the first master of Fairy Tail meeting her future descendants of the guild. But in order to finish off Zeref, put an end to their weird romance, to show that both sides of the divide are somewhat draw in this big battle, hence both of them have to die for this part of the war to end. Hence Mavis remains as the only Fairy Tail member in modern times TO ACTUALLY DIE!!! Yeah, probably it’s time for her character to go seeing there’s a different set of people in this new era. But whatever. Then that last episode troll that she might be alive. Oh f*ck. Mamiko Noto Mavis really died, huh? I didn’t think it was somebody’s magic to make them reborn again. Of all the Fairy Tail characters, they had to pick Mavis. Mavis, voiced by Mamiko Noto. Yet another killed off character added to the list. Boy, I’m so sore. No wonder I didn’t really enjoy this series when it reaches the home stretch. Plot convenience saved Gajeel from permanent death. The same too when Gray and Juvia were about to kill each other. Heck, even Ichiya and Ana came back from the void! And Makarov, like I’ve said in the previous paragraph. F*ck. Mavis, poor Mavis. More like, Mamiko Noto, poor Mamiko Noto. I thought they would bring her character back to live again in the last episode somehow, but now I realized there could be a conspiracy theory all along that will lead to this when they made her play this Mavis character…

So yeah, the rest of the other characters, probably they are a hit and miss in this final season. The main ones get their fair share of the limelight and those favourite supporting ones get theirs too but to a lesser extent. And the not so important ones are thrown behind as background supporters. If I want to do a list of these characters, I might not finish it so I’m going to keep things short and just nit-pick. For instance, I thought Romeo is going to be at least playing a supporting role since this kid has grown up a bit. But nah. He is not the next generation of Fairy Tail we think he is to be. That goes for the other guilds such as Sabretooth, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel and Quatro Cerberus. Because this final season is mostly Fairy Tail vs Alvarez, it is understandable the rest of the other guilds are casted aside as the battle builds up to its finale. So the most is that they just help aid Fairy Tail in some ways. After all, this is Fairy Tail’s fight. As the main guild in focus, they have to show us that they are capable of taking out the enemy by themselves with the minimal of aids from the other guilds. I suppose that’s the problem when you have too many characters. Trying to make everybody matter will eventually fail. So just pick the main ones and a few supporting ones and forget about the rest. Because they don’t really matter. Like, Angel and Yukino are sisters? Uh huh. So what?

Probably the final season want to nail it in the family thingy because they brought in a few family ties from both the Fairy Tail and Alvarez side. Probably you’ll be sick by the time it reaches its end. Erza’s got a mum? Surprise, mother*ckers! It’s Irene! Who would’ve thought, right? August being the love child between Zeref and Mavis? Something weird happened in between but whatever. And Cana finally calling Gildarts as her dad instead of his name? Always daddy’s girl forever. Zeref and Natsu are brothers? Did you see that coming? So I suppose that is why the difference between Fairy Tail and the enemies is that they have love among them. Because of love, they live. Otherwise, you dead. Simple.

So speaking of the action sequences and the fight scenes, it is probably all within expectations to see the epic fights and match-ups. It comes to no surprise if you’re a veteran viewer and long-time fan of the series. So the other thing which irks me is how Fairy Tail makes it look so easy fighting the Alvarez side especially Spriggan 12. Unless they’re trying to be cautious and not get over confident, Spriggan 12 is actually more or less the same kind of powerful foes that Fairy Tail has faced and overcome in the past. They are nothing really special. So painting Spriggan 12 as the ultimate, the most devastating, fearsome and powerful foe that they have ever faced, well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Sure, the usual drama of losing to them initially (but not the kind of loss that would be a devastating blow to their overall morale, etc), but that is only they are unfamiliar with the enemy’s power. Once they get to know how it works, then it’s just easy to defeat them. Just find the loophole (sometimes known as plot convenience) and take the chance to defeat them. For example, you think Dimaria had the best and unbeatable power with her time manipulation. And then what the f*ck is this Ultear convenience to give some godly magic to take down god. TOOK DOWN A GOD THAT CONTROLS TIME! Can you believe this? And to think that Bloodman who looks the creepiest didn’t have his fight last longer than the rest. What a shame.

So yeah, the Fairy Tail members do grow in their skills and all over the years and all the training they’ve developed since they reunited again. Especially Natsu who has gained a few of them and of course I suspect it is to have the final showdown with Acnologia among with the rest of the Dragon Slayers. Hence the redundant Avatar arc just to show off to us how much our Fairy Tail guys have grown. Don’t mess with them! Think thrice! But the final fight with Acnologia feels rushed. Maybe it is because the entire year it has been a long battle with Zeref’s side so the final fight with Acnologia feels short. Yeah, we’re running out of episodes. Better end it. I suppose that’s the only way. But still, it feels a bit a downer for the greatest dragon, the Dragon King to get defeated (and get lectured) like that. Power of friendship in your face!

You know that Dragon Slayer weakness is vehicles or transports? I thought it was just some sort of running gag but it wasn’t really funny anymore when this was actually the catalyst that they used to defeat Acnologia the dragon version! It was just weird to think that anything they considered as a mode of transport, they get seasick. I believe it is all in their mind. If they’re in a house that transforms into a mobile transport, they will then get motion sickness. See the nonsense logic here? It’s all in your mind!!! So why don’t they carve the continent into a giant boat (not necessarily a grand looking ship) and then Acnologia will forever be immobilized! Or put the world on a giant skateboard. Like as though the planet is skating in its orbit. All Dragon Slayers seasick for sure! Gee, I’m so smart. Pat myself on the back. Not even Mavis thought about that. Oops, she didn’t live that far…

This season also trolled us with some of the romance and the pairings of some of the characters. Especially Natsu x Lucy, you’d think they would finally be officially an item especially that trolling scene of her needing to get naked to warm up Natsu when he was in coma fighting his inner consciousness. That’s the closest we will ever get to see them together like that! After all, isn’t Lucy the fanservice girl with her huge tits? Oops… I don’t know how many jumped ship to Brandish. Sexy huge tits girl parading around in leopard motif bikini? A+++, definitely!!! And of course, Gray x Juvia is already given seeing that the stalker girl’s persistence paid off.

Then there is also Gajeel x Levi. Finally this touch macho guy admits he loves her. Only when he faced death. Wow. And you thought love makes you do all kinds of silly things but death too. Good thing about Gajeel this time is that he doesn’t resort to that running doo-wop joke. Phew. But now they make him have this running joke because his favourite line now is to arrest everybody for the silliest of violations. WTF. Oh yeah, he got Levi pregnant somehow. Way to go, buddy. How do you arrest yourself for knocking up a cute girl? I suppose Erza x Jellal? Isn’t this why Ichiya gave his blessing? Well, we’ll wait and see. They’re still ‘passing’ each other. Unfortunately, Elfman x Evergreen didn’t play out, making us even forget that they had a thing for each other. Happy x Carla? Cat girl evolved into a hot human chick! You’re way out of her league, cat boy!!! Laxus x Lisanna rumour? Laxus x Mirajane rumour? I think there’s a higher chance with Laxus x Freed happening! Romeo x Wendy? Nah. Loli too old for him. Romeo x Asuka? Nah. Loli too young for him. After seeing his playboy father, you think he wants to live up to his Shakespearean name?

The Alvarez story might be a bit too long even if it is the ultimate final arc. At least for the TV series. But at least it puts to rest and solve some of the mysteries regarding the missing dragons and yeah, the relationship between Zeref and Natsu. At least it is better than being his father! Heh. And plot twist! Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers came from the past! I guess that’s why you have that Eclipse thingy, huh? And the Natsu vs Gray showdown? Felt like a big troll too. Goes to show that the future isn’t really fixed and all you need to do is change it with your own hands. And the power of nakama! I think I said too much on this topic. Time to close it and move on.

New opening and ending themes for this final season of course. Power Of The Dream by lol (yes, that is their group’s name) as the first opening theme sounds more like a dance song. Second opener, Down By Law by The Rampage From Exile Tribe has this hip hop and rap element in it. Not too shabby. Third opening theme, No-Limit by Shunka Shuutou is a hard rock piece. Didn’t really like this one although it suits the action battle pace of the series. Singer trying to sound like an American punk rock speaking her opening lines. Another rock piece for the fourth opening theme, More Than Like by Bish. Also didn’t like this one as it sounds weak. The first ending theme is Endless Harmony by Beverly. Feels like a song sung by a diva. I wonder if this is what Mariah Carey sounds like if she was Japanese. Pierce by Empire is the second ending theme. Not really impressed with this generic piece. Boku to Kimi No Lullaby as the third ending theme by Miyuna is the only slow ballad this season and it’s not that bad. Exceed by Miyuu as the fourth ending theme has some acoustic rock in it. Sounds rather okay. Nothing exceptionally special.

Overall, it has been one long ride. Especially the Alvarez story arc that is the second longest arc in the series (after the Grand Magic Games arc). So like I have said, I have mixed feelings overall knowing the series has ended. It has its good and bad points but still unfortunately, not anywhere near the top of my all-time favourites. And also, not anywhere near the worst or mediocre animes that I have seen. So I guess this series is still good, huh? After everything that we’ve been through, perhaps you can say that me and like other viewers of this series, we’re like family guild members of Fairy Tail, right? Hey, we ‘supported’ you guys by buying all the goods and merchandise! So with all the magic died down, where do we find our next fairytale of magic and legendary deeds? Well, they say Black Clover is the closest next thing but that’s another fairytale… Thank you all for giving us a great (albeit not a masterpiece) series for the last 10 years. At least we know that itself isn’t a fairytale.

Fairy Tail S2

December 16, 2016

After taking a year worth of break, I suppose it was only right to resume an epic series instead of leaving it hanging forever. I think. And even if Fairy Tail did resume its run back in 2014, this time around they only lasted for 2 years before going on another hiatus. I guess that is better than nothing. So time to recall your memories of what happened in the previous episodes and seasons and carry on with the greatest adventure of magic and guilds against the never ending fight against evil. If I still remember all of that, that is…

Grand Magic Games Arc (cont.)
* It is a day off for everyone before the final day of the games. Gajeel brings our related parties to the dragon graveyard and with Wendy’s summoning magic, the spirit of the jade dragon tells the whole truth about dragons.
* Dragons ruled the world supreme. One day, a dragon believed in human rights. Actually, more like dragons and humans should be on equal footing. Some opposed and some supported that view. It led to the biggest dragon wars ever. Dragons supporting coexistence with humans gave them magic powers in which they are known as Dragon Slayers today. Unfortunately one human used this magic to kill all dragons. He killed so many of them till he became a dragon himself. It should come to a surprise for our Fairy Tail guys because that super dragon king is… Acnologia! Who wouldn’t have guessed, right?
* Meanwhile back at Sabretooth’s guild, the big tengu-lie boss, Jiemma berates Sting and Rogue for their embarrassing lost. Lectar tries to sooth the tension but was killed off by Jiemma!!! Well, I can’t say I’m not sad over this arrogant cat’s death. Sting got so mad that he beats up Jiemma! Boss or not, you mess with his cat, you pay.
* Arcadios reveals to Natsu and co right after their dragon story about his Eclipse Plan and thus the need for celestial wizards. That means Lucy and Yukino are both important for this plan. The essence of this plan is to travel back in time 400 years ago to kill Zeref before he obtains immortality and thus the Zodiac celestial keys are essential.
* Unfortunately the Minister of Defence, Darton arrests all of them as he is not in favour of changing history. I mean, the present will be changed too, right? Arcadios, Lucy and Yukino are arrested while the rest are freed. I mean, what harm would they pose since dumb Natsu used his magic and had it all absorbed by the Eclipse Gate.

Day 5
* The final day of the games is here. While we are introduced to the teams, the shocking one is of course Fairy Tail. In place of Natsu (who of course has been magically weakened) is replaced by Juvia. The final game is a big game of battle royal. The entire city is their battlefield. You have to knock out your opponents to earn a point. But if you knock out the leader you get 5 points. So we know even the lowest and unpopular team will still have the chance. But we don’t really care because you know, Quatro Puppy became the whipping boys to have everyone eliminated first. Then followed by Blue Pegasus. With the field halved, you know the remaining ones are strong mothers. Even more shocking, Fairy Tail team just stood there doing nothing for a long time! All part of Mavis’ plan? Whatever. And when it is time to move, they head out to their designation posts. All part of Mavis’ plan, I suppose.
* While the games are in progress, Fairy Tail sent in a second team on a sneaky mission to rescue Lucy. Natsu, Wendy, Mirajane and the Exceed cats sneak into the castle for a rescue mission. Though successful, they are caught by the kingdom’s princess, Hisui and thrown into the palace dungeon deep below the castle. Nobody ever escaped from here, huh?
* Gray vs Rufus – We need a rematch because Gray lost the first time, right? And so Rufus uses his memorization magic to memorize and imitate all ice attacks back at Gray. It’s expected. Good guy must take beating first before he turns on the tables by creating ice weapons faster than Rufus can memorize. Wait. What? And with that, Gray wins it for Fairy Tail and marks the downfall of Sabretooth.
* Speaking of that number one guild, Sting has become its new leader because Minerva intercepted that if Jiemma got defeated it means he is not worthy to become Sabretooth’s leader. They’re just following his policy. Good or bad news, Lectar is still alive. Minerva teleported him before Jiemma blasted him to smithereens. But if Sting wants him back, all he needs to do is win the games.
* Natsu’s team come across the kingdom’s secret executioners, Garou Knights (it goes without saying another bunch of weirdoes) with orders to execute the ‘criminals’. As expected, we get our team fights before they get separated to have one on one fights. Like Natsu vs axe wielding mask boss; Wendy vs plant controlling lady; Mirajane vs coloured confetti scattering lady; Lily vs fat drunkard with acid power; All other ‘useless’ non-fighters, Lucy, Yukino, Happy, Carla and Arcadios get to face off with this comical fisherman with Popeye arms. Tai! I’m not going into details of their fight because you know the drill of how it works. They get beaten up, enemies show their power, with the power of family and friendship they defeat the enemies. All at the same time! Great timing? And you know how characters just can’t die, right? I mean like Arcadios he is willing to sacrifice himself for Lucy and Yukino and should have died if not for Loke coming into the picture.
* Darton suspects Hisui is the mastermind behind Eclipse Project because she threw Fairy Tail in there to rescue Arcadios. And there is something about another plan called Eclipse Project 2. Want to bet that if it is not carried out, this kingdom will be destroyed as soon as possible?
* Remember that mysterious hooded character at the end of last season? Appearing before Natsu and co right at the exit, the big revelation of who this character is… LUCY???!!! Another Lucy? Sure this is not Lucy from Edolas? Apparently she is from the future. She is pleading to them for help because this country will be destroyed tomorrow. What did I just tell you?

* Juvia vs Cheria – A cat fight over Lyon’s love. Except Juvia isn’t really for Lyon. Do you want to see little girly fight?
* Erza vs Kagura vs Minerva – Now this is the epic cat fight we have all been waiting for. The strongest women in their respective guilds kick each other’s ass! Oh yeah! With their powers even, Minerva decides to change the pace by revealing Millianna as her hostage. She wants the winner of the fight to face her.
* Erza vs Kagura – So I guess it is back to this duo dancing together. Kagura is hell bent in defeating Erza and slice Minerva to rescue her comrade. Erza notices Kagura’s grudge for Jellal still going strong. Why? Because Simon was her brother. Oh yeah. Time to dig deep into your memories of that Tower of Heaven arc. Kagura managed to escape capture and spent years looking for Simon till she met and heard from Milliana. But when Erza mentions Jellal didn’t kill Simon and it was her weakness, Kagura is so mad that she just wants to unsheathe the sword she kept sheathed specifically for Jellal’s head. Erza blocks the strike. So awesome that the shockwaves probably split the city! Erza defeats Kagura and even saves her from a falling rock. And what do you know? Erza remembers she comes from the same village as her! The one who hid her before baddies took her away. Why do they remember stuffs like that now?! And just when you think reconciliation is on the cards, think again because bad girl Minerva stabs Kagura to claim all the points. Milliana? She tortured her and finished her off too. Yeah, Mermaid Heel all out. Time for mad Erza to shoulder the burden of avenging her friends’ defeat.
* Gajeel vs Rogue – Do we need to see any rematch? I’m sure we won’t believe how Rogue is starting to get cheesy with his understand why Gajeel joined Fairy Tail because of this nakama thingy, right? That is why suddenly we have his shadow possessing him and powering up to kill Gajeel. But don’t worry. Gajeel also has a trick up his sleeve. He inhales all his shadow and transforms into… A shadow metal dragon?! Gajeel becomes stronger and proceeds to beat up Rouge till he loses! Wow. That was reasonably fast. Hey, at least it didn’t take episodes.
* Laxus vs Orga vs Jura – Lightning vs lightning. Till Jura joins in. Orga is powering up to test Jura to see who is stronger. Before he could move, Jura knocks him out with a strike! OMG! That’s it?! You think Laxus would be sh*tting in his pants after seeing that. He charges and goes down in a strike too! Laxus down?! Not yet. He gets back up. Then to show how strong Laxus has grown, he fights on par with him and beats him!!!
* Gray-Juvia vs Lyon-Cheria – How did the guys get involved in this battle of love? In this tag team battle, Lyon can’t hurt his crush Juvia and with Cheria being jealous, they are lacking team work. Our Fairy Tail duo use this to their advantage to wipe them out. This completes Lamia Scale’s wipe out.
* Erza vs Minerva – Erza is injured and Minerva is that bad b*tch that throws all her magic at her. Despite the injury, Erza is fuelled by her deep feelings to avenge her friends. She summons some special armour that negates Minerva’s magic. So powerful that Minerva is starting to get scared! Yup, she is defeated!
* You think that Fairy Tail has an 8 point lead and is on course to win the games, right? Then the people realize there is still Sting. If he beats all of them, he can get the maximum 9 points and steal the crown. Oh sh*t. Why is everybody so panicking? Is this part of Sting’s plan to beat them all at once since they are worn out? Yeah, he even reveals his position so that all of them can face him.
* Sting vs Fairy Tail – You think you are going to have an awesome battle, right? Well, it could have been if not for Sting seeing the determined looks on their faces. They are so worn out and yet they can still fight. This gives Sting the jitters. It makes him scared. It makes him hesitate. He can’t do it. HE SURRENDERS!!! OMFG!!! THE FINAL MATCH ENDED WITHOUT A FIGHT???!!! WE’VE BEEN RIPPED OFF!!!
* And so Fairy Tail becomes champion after being in last place. So awesome Fairy Tail is that none of their members lost this final game. To cap a happy ending, Lectar seems to be with Milliana and thus cue for a very emotional reunion with Sting.

Dragon Invasion Arc
* One of future Lucy’s experiences is that after the games, 10,000 dragons came to destroy the city. And if you are wondering why Lucy was seen crying in Carla’s vision is that everyone is dead. So what better way than to use Eclipse to try and go back and redo the past again.
* Just as they are trying to escape the palace, they are faced with palace guards and the return of Garou Knights. They mix up the individual fights this time but before we can drag it out forever, a mysterious shadow swallows them and all the palace guards.
* Arcadios makes his way to see Hisui because he thinks she has been lying. Especially about Eclipse Plan 2 that will use all the accumulated magic from the games throughout the years to blast the dragons. From what he heard from future Lucy, she doesn’t know about this plan and definitely lying will not do her comrades any good. However Hisui points out the person who advised her about the future wasn’t a woman but a man. So there were 2 people from the future? Could there be more?
*So who is this mysterious dude with the shadow power? It is Rogue from the future! Seven years from the future to be exact. Hey, he looks like Black Jack?! By that time dragons have ruled the world and less than 10% of the human population have survived. He is back here to eliminate that person who closed the portal and thus preventing Eclipse from firing and destroying the dragons. That person is… LUCY! Rogue tries to kill present Lucy but future Lucy saves her. Lots of crying. Lots of emotions. Lots of final words before future Lucy bites the dust. Oh well, you don’t need 2 Lucys anyway. See how mad Natsu is even if one is dead? Natsu fights future Rogue so that everyone can pass and rendezvous with Hisui. Future Rogue is so powerful combining shadow and light because he killed Sting and stole his power! Natsu lost and he got away.
* The portal for Eclipse opens. Everyone stares in awe at the uncertainty that is the certainty that will save mankind. Get it? Remember how Lucy kept spamming and reminding she believed in herself that she will not close the portal? Suddenly a change of mind, eh? Before you start calling Lucy a hypocrite, if only Lucy was faster in her explanation that this gate is a link to 400 years in the past and BRINGING THE DRAGONS IN!!!!!!!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!
* You know what is the most disturbing thing? I know everybody is in shock that 10,000 dragons will come and destroy the world this way, but why the f*ck are they just standing there watching the dragons coming through one by one???!!! Are they going to stare like this till 10,000 of them come through?! WTF?! And why isn’t anybody trying to help Lucy close the f*cking door???!!! Finally with Yukino, they use their Zodiac keys to seal it. Despite only 7 dragons made it through, it is still enough to cause havoc.
* Of course the culprit behind all this is future Rogue. Just as planned. He has some sort of magic that controls the dragons under his will as he commands them to destroy all the wizard guilds. It is good to see the guilds put aside their difference and work together to kick ass. But the dragons are so freaking tough that their magic left no scratches. I don’t think they even feel a thing.

* Time for Natsu’s rematch with future Rogue. The latter further explains about the future in 7 years. When he said dragons rule the world then, he didn’t mean these dragons. There was only 1 dragon: Acnologia. Wizards and guilds do not exist too and the remaining humans lived their lives scared. Future Rogue mastered the arts to control dragons but did not work on Acnologia. The only way for a dragon to be defeated is another dragon. That is why he went back in time to convince Hisui to open Eclipse. He expected more dragons but these magnificent 7 are enough. After killing Acnologia, he will then take over as the new dragon king and the new ruler of the world. Boy, sounds like history repeating itself.
* But remember, who are those who can only take down dragons? Dragon Slayers! And since there are 7 dragons and 7 Dragon Slayers, the big dragon hunt is on. Wait a minute… Did I count wrong? Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy Laxus, Sting, Rogue… There are only 6. Did I miss out anybody? Oh… Looks like Dranbalt was kind enough to listen to Jellal’s suggestion to free this prisoner, Cobra. Remember him?
* When Natsu eats the flames of the dragon, Atlas Flame, the latter felt something familiar about Natsu. He felt he was like Igneel, the king of fire dragons. When Natsu explains he is Igneel’s son, Atlas Flame teams up with him to go fight future Rogue and fellow dragon, Motherglare.
* Lucy finds the diary of her future self and reads it…
* Things start to get bleak when Gray is killed by little dragons. He even took a headshot! Then other Fairy Tail members start dying too…
* Ultear is rife with regret that she almost succumbed to her dark side and feels she doesn’t deserve to live. Therefore she is going to invoke a magic that will reverse time in hopes of altering all this. The downside of using this magic is that she will lose her life. So how far back did she turn back time? JUST ONE FREAKING MINUTE!!!!!!!! Oh dear. Is this how much your life is worth? However this single minute is enough to reverse time before some of the Fairy Tail members die. They have this weird sense of seeing the future and thus manage to take evasive action and turn the tables on the dragons. So that one minute itself was the difference between life and death. See Ultear? You saved the future.

* Lucy returns to Hisui with the future diary. It states that if Eclipse is destroyed now, future Rogue will not be able to travel back in time and will avoid all this mess. But how do you destroy something so big? Not even the Zodiac guys could make a dent. Maybe this giant ball of fire comet will. Actually it is Natsu-Atlas Fire combo taking down future Rogue-Motherglare. As easy as it seems, Eclipse is destroyed that way. All the dragons start disappearing and future Rogue’s final words for Natsu is a revelation of Frosch’s death in a year’s time that made his shadow merged with him that brought out the evil he is now. He needs Natsu to do a favour to tell his present self to protect Frosch from being killed. Despite the victory, none of the Dragon Slayers feel proud because they couldn’t even take down a dragon.
* Future Lucy returns to the future alive and rejoins her comrades who are also alive. Hooray. Wow. Yay. What a happy ending. And what does present Lucy give Natsu for all his heroic deeds? A big hug.
* Naturally with the day, world and future saved, the palace holds a big banquet for the wizards. Time for forgiveness and reconciliation. Since Yukino isn’t part of any guild, everybody starts fighting over her to join theirs. If you have been wondering like everybody else where the heck Natsu is, here he is, usurping the king and dressing in his clothes and crown just because Fairy Tail won the tournament. The most disrespectful thing ever… Hisui being the responsible princess she is wants to bear the punishment. As expected, everybody says it is not her fault and vouch what she did is for the best. If the king wants to punish somebody, punish everyone else too. And as expected, the king isn’t such a black heart because he forgives everybody and Hisui’s only ‘punishment’ is to wear a pumpkin headgear for a week. Since it looks trendy, everyone also joins in this fashion. Seriously…
* Fun is over, time for everyone to head back. Cobra voluntarily gives himself up to return to prison. Because he heard that the gates of the underworld will soon be opening. That spells big trouble… Tartaros! Related parties are wondering where Ultear went. She used the remaining balance of her life to write a goodbye letter to Jellal and Meldy. A sad end. But she finally forgave herself. And she most likely could be this very old lady… I know because sounds like the same seiyuu…
* Naturally when Fairy Tail gets back to Magnolia, it is to a roaring crowd celebrating the return of their heroes. How does it feel to be back on top again? Even better, the mayor has reconstructed their guild’s headquarters to its original gigantic state. The only party pooper is that Natsu actually took back the king’s crown…
* Sting now takes over as Sabretooth’s head since Jiemma and Minerva went missing. Under the new leadership, Sabretooth is smiling more often instead of that scary dictatorship guild. Yukino has also rejoined Sabretooth.
* Before we move on to the next arc, the obligatory filler episodes like the gang ridding a town of a boobs-loving mudskipper monster (it’s not a mole!), Frosch getting lost and trying to find his way home (how the f*ck did he end up in Fairy Tail’s HQ?), a little past how Bisca and Erza met and ultimately the former joining Fairy Tail (how was billiards involved again?) and Lucy giving each of her Zodiacs a personal wish and reward for their efforts (why is it that Happy always bears the brunt of the misfortune?).

Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc
* As the world’s weather is going topsy-turvy, Fairy Tail members have split themselves to do various jobs to solve the strange weather phenomenon. Lucy finds that her Zodiac keys do not answer at her call. And when they do, they attack her! OMG. They look even more badass than before. But still weird nonetheless. It seems they have broken free of her contract and do not possess any memories of their past (goofy) selves. What they are seeking for is perfect freedom. It must be very heartbreaking for Lucy to see all that bond gone. Like eggs gone bad, huh?
* From what little information they have gathered, seems the celestial world is in disarray. The contract that formed between the 12 Golden Gates has suddenly vanished (so is the Celestial Spirit King). It is believed that the perfect freedom could be Liberum, some sort of ritual. Its place is Astral Spirytus, somewhere in southern Magnolia. Everyone sets out to find out more information on it. One of the key equipment for Liberum is the celestial globe in which they found it in a magic library only to be stolen. Thanks for finding it for us. Oh, did I mention that in exchange for perfect freedom, they have only 12 days to live.
* Hisui blames herself for the evens that happened. Ever since Project Eclipse, the great power from its sealing not only affected the world’s weather but so great that it affected the celestial world! She has also made 12 identical Golden Gates keys that can force open or close them. But how can a princess like her do all this? Simple. She is also a celestial wizard.
* As the Zodiacs begin their Liberum at Astral Sprityus, our Fairy Tail members crash into the party. With Hisui giving each a key, it is perfect setting for individual matchups to try and seal them.

* Elfman vs Taurus – Brawn-brawn vs Brain-brawn? Taurus seems superior and intellect in every way. Till he shows his clean freak behaviour. Because of this, Elfman is able to stun him with his manly sweat and seal the bull. That easy?
* Natsu & Happy vs Leo – You know something is probably off if you see the ‘boss battle’ this early. Something interrupts their fight and they get separated. Natsu and Happy are trying to find Leo ever since.
* Wendy & Carla vs Aquarius – Loli vs loli? At an amusement park? Do we really want to see little girls quarrel? Do we really want to see little girls fight? Well, it doesn’t seem like they’re fighting but having fun! Especially Aquarius firing her powerful water pot cannon. Heck, there is even an ice cream break!!! When the ‘play’ resumes, it gets dangerous, the Ferris wheel falls apart, Wendy saves her and good girl Aquarius agrees to get sealed. My, such great playmates.
* Mirajane vs Pisces – Not even a detailed battle fight because in this one sided match, Mirajane easily owns the mother-son fish combo and easily sends them back. What a letdown?
* Cana vs Scorpio – Yugioh style card battle? Everything goes here. Because it seems they can make the rules as they go by no matter how stupid they sound and even summon their comrades (though they are just life-like illusions) to help in the card battle. As expected from all the nonsense, Cana wins it to defeat and seal Scorpio.
* Gray vs Cancer – Disco battle? Stayin’ Alive! Saturday Night Fever! Gray can’t dance and he’d rather die than do this embarrassing crap. But Cancer unleashes his shame so Gray turns into… Michael Jackson! Aaow!!! He is putting on cool dance moves that even make Cancer admire him! Gray even turns into a cool figure skating dance! It gets a little serious when they fight and dance. But ultimately with Gray having this gay pair skating dance, he just wins it. Then the shame comes back and Gray threatens to kill Cancer if he tells anybody about this.
* Levi vs Capricorn – Quiz battle? Each time you answer wrongly, your chair will incline by a few degrees. Answer correctly, your opponent’s chair will. Be careful. Buzzsaws below! When the quiz is tied, they are down to the tie breaker in which the question is: Who is the man Levi is in love with! Capricorn thinks she can’t answer but she did. Although we viewers won’t hear it, we all know who that guy is, right? Levi becomes the queen of quiz and seals Capricorn.
* Juvia vs Aries – Hot battle. Hot as in desert hot. Aries lets Juvia wander to drain her stamina. Then when she is dehydrated, she beats her up to break her spirit. This includes dragging her around the desert tied to her car. However Juvia revives by taking the water from the radiator. She becomes invincible to take out that street racer ram and seal her.
* Gajeel & Lily vs Gemini twins – I don’t even know how Gemini turned the duo into squirrel pets. Or any other animal they wished. But Gajeel used his wits to outsmart them and use their own magic against each other to finally seal them.
* Erza vs Sagittarius – A warrior’s battle. Best of 3 matches. First match is horseback archery in which Erza impressively wins. Second match is horseback race in which Sagittarius wins because Erza is heavier? Final match is horseback battling with a catch. There are landmines around! Just when Erza seems to lose her horse and weapon, she jumps on Sagittarius to ride him like a horse! He stumbles and gets bombed. Like the true warrior he is, he admits defeat and agrees to be sealed.
* Yukino vs Libra – A balancing act?
* Lucy vs Virgo – A punishment and whipping battle? I definitely know why Lucy is forced to fight in her swimsuit the entire time…
* Natsu, Happy, Wendy & Carla vs Ophiuchus – While searching for Leo, they stumble into Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac. This serpent nurse torments them with her medical and dentistry torture.
* Natsu vs Leo round 2 – We interrupt the torture antics so that Leo can put forth his Liberum plan by using the power of the globe to the sealed Zodiacs. So everyone has been on a wild goose chase? So it is round 2 for these guys. Fire flames vs dark flames? Natsu defeats and seals Leo after absorbing his dark flames, combining with his and blasting the daylights out of him. Now why didn’t he use this from this start instead of getting beaten up and almost running out of power? Anyway, Liberum is still proceeding despite Leo’s defeat. Something is definitely wrong…

* So Ophiuchus hinting that the Celestial Spirit King is behind all this. Natsu hits an obvious weak spot on Ophiuchus to merge Lucy and Yukino’s fight so together they can combine their powers and send Virgo and Libra back. So you think this is the end of the story? Turns out to be a whole goddamn ploy by Ophiuchus to have Fairy Tail send the Zodiacs back to the celestial world. The globe and the entire ritual were to funnel the powerful energy to the Celestial Spirit King. He was going berserk and the Zodiacs were flying and our heroes inadvertently sent them back there. Ophiuchus hatched up this entire plan and planted lies about the true freedom of life so that she could give the Celestial Spirit King more power. At this rate he will destroy everything. Ophiuchus has no qualms about being destroyed too because if this is what he wants, so be it.
* Natsu begins his attack on Ophiuchus but because of her flute that keeps messing with his powers, he can’t get close. Easy. Just destroy the flute and she is free to go. Other Fairy Tail members start destroying their surroundings because some Trinity thingy that they need to destroy before Liberum becomes invincible. The celestial wizard ladies combine their power to take out the globe and bring down the stars.
* All over after they’ve stopped Liberum? Not quite. Because when you hear the mighty roar of the Celestial Spirit King, you know sh*t has just begun. So our heroes venture to the celestial world to fight him and to their horror they see his giant eerie celestial form. Is it me or do I see his head like a shape of a dick? To show how powerful this dude is, individual attacks won’t work, simultaneous attacks won’t work, he absorbs other planets, has black holes over his body, he turns some of the heroes into constellations (?!) and even vomits out some sort of galactic gas. I hope that isn’t indigestion. Oh great. Now he is turning into some even hideous form and more powerful.
* If you can’t defeat him on the outside, go into the inside! At least that is Natsu and Happy’s idea. Another big space inside his stomach? They see the real Celestial Spirit King tied to the core and on the verge of being absorbed. Natsu absorbs the core’s power and blasts everything. Once the beast collapses, the celestial world returns to normal, their constellation pals return to normal, the Zodiacs return to normal (though they have no recollection of what happened), a big thanks from the Celestial Spirit King himself, the normal world below returns to normal and Lucy receiving the best presents when her Zodiacs make a contract with her again.

* Natsu babysits Asuka for a day and has to do anything she asks for. Eventually they do jobs to buy a snow globe Asuka wanted to give her parents. Turns out the same snow globe they sold many years ago was to get funds for Asuka’s medicine.
* Time to remind us how obsess Juvia is for Gray. Aside her room filled with creepy Gray dolls, she asks other Fairy Tail females what to give to a guy on the 413th anniversary. You know what kind of answer they’ll give… Eventually Juvia settles for knitting him a scarf and after searching high and low and even bugging him to accept it, he rejects her. After all, as an ice wizard he isn’t susceptible to cold, right? Juvia is already heartbroken and making it even worse is when she learns today is the death anniversary of Ul. She feels sad and lousy for not knowing. Gray remembers Ul once gave him a scarf so he backtracks and looks for Juvia’s scarf. Nice and warm. Next day, everything back to normal because Juvia is bugging him to accept a giant size dakimakura of her.
* Natsu, Lucy and Happy trek to the icy cold mountains on a job to obtain some special Hakobe Ice. But they have to put up with the blizzard, getting lost in a cave, getting stuck in a cave for days, a challenge not to fall asleep for days and without food too. Yeah, they’re even seeing delusions by diving into the cold waters thinking it is hotspring and eat ice thinking it is food. And to top it all, escape from a giant tentacle monster. If that is not bad enough, once they escape from it all only to realize they have to start again because they don’t have the Hakobe Ice.
* Lucy tries to learn transformation magic from Mirajane. Macao and Wakaba tries to learn it secretly but they turn into villainous monsters. Herald Erza the hero to save the day. Is she Catwoman? She beats them up and returns them to normalcy but she herself transformed into a realistic version.
* Natsu and Happy find and hatch an egg. WTF is this Kemokemo?! Definitely not a dog… Conveniently there is an exchange programme where guilds who participate in the Grand Magic Games can exchange wizards to learn more about the other guild. Natsu and co take this chance to learn more about Kemokemo but not only nobody knows anything about it but they really cause big trouble and got kicked out. So when it is finally Sabretooth’s turn, an emergency props up because a dangerous island just popped up from the sea. Strange things going on. A sea serpent attacking, everyone collapsing over some virus and ancient ruins with writings that Lucy manages to decipher all in time. In time for Kemokemo to grow into this huge giant monster to fight the sea serpent. So this island is giving out virus and Kemokemo which is some plant god of the island is releasing some sort of smoke to neutralize it? The island has sunk and risen many times and people who lived here wrote about Kemokemo protecting them. Once the monster is defeated, Kemokemo becomes one with the island and sinks with it to contain the virus. Goodbye is the hardest word for Natsu since he has been treating it like family. The only memento left behind is a seed in which he plants it outside his house.
* Laxus and Raijinshuu are tasked to solve a town that has been plagued by lightning. They are treated by heroes when they temporarily send the dark clouds away but it will build up again. It seems the cause of this was Laxus himself. Before the Grand Magic Games, he passed by this town on his way back and was set upon by ruffians. Bad mood means he unleashed his lightning on them. So Laxus has the responsibility to fix this or the mayor will reveal the dark truth and this will in turn stain Fairy Tail’s name. Laxus absorbs the lightning but there is only a limit of how much he can take it. They find a Lacrima responsible for enhancing the lightning under the sewer and it is the mayor’s ploy to get Fairy Tail to compensate the damages. So Laxus goes to teach him a lesson but lets him off the hook since he could protect his granddaughter. Unfortunately the mayor didn’t learn from his lesson since he is targeting another guild to pay the cost of repairs.
* The best and funniest Fairy Tail filler ever! Everyone in town has slowly turned into Ichiya sniffing zombies!!! Men! OMFG!!! The horror! The trauma! There is no escape! Everywhere you go, everyone has that ugly Ichiya face! Once you get sniffed by them, it’s over! This is hell! Lucy, Natsu and Happy are the only ones unaffected as they try to run from the zombie horde. This isn’t funny (on the contrary it is). Because thinking of every darn character with Ichiya’s face… Horror! Trauma! Apparently the only cure is some odour-eating Lacrima that Natsu has. Wait a minute. A small can of that is enough to cure everybody in Magnolia?! Makes no sense! Oh, but what the heck. Everybody turning into Ichiya itself is already nonsense. By the way, it is discovered he created some hot men potion which is now banned and that guy is thrown into the slammer. Yeah, even with everybody turned back, just thinking back how they turned into Ichiya just gives everyone the creeps… Truly fearsome. Men…

Sun Village Arc
* Since when is Flare friendly with Lucy? Well, she did save the latter during the dragon invasion. But why is she at Fairy Tail? Apparently Raven Tail disbanded and she has nowhere to go. Though, she wouldn’t want to join Fairy Tail.
* Our usual Fairy Tail heroes get a personal request from a VIP. He is one of the 10 Wizard Saints, Warrod Sequen (he is 4th rank if you must know). Is this guy a tree or broccoli? During his journey, he stumbled upon a Sun Village. Everything there was frozen. Lives, buildings and even flames. Despite frozen, the trapped humans are still alive. Of course it is no ordinary ice that is why he is requesting their help. But seeing he is one of the wizard greats, couldn’t he have solved this himself? Contrary to popular belief, he is not powerful. He lacks offensive magic and can only manipulate nature. He was chosen as part of the Wizard Saints without his consent. And wouldn’t you know, Warrod was one of the few founding members of Fairy Tail along with Mavis 105 years ago.
* They see frozen giants at Sun Village. There are also a treasure hunter guild, Sylph Labyrinth who plans to steal the Eternal Flame that the village worships. Because the giants are always protecting it, the hunters take this chance to steal the flames. But how can they melt the ice if none of our wizards can? Remember that Moon Drip from Galuna arc? Yeah… But I wonder if that small bottle is enough to melt everything.
* Coming into the village in the shadows is a dark guild, Succubus Eye. Guess who joined this guild? Long time no see, Minerva!
* While other Fairy Tail members hunt down the hunters, Erza stays back to look for clues. Before she knows it, she reverts to child size. She has the bad luck to stumble into Minerva who is going to avenge her humiliation in her weakened state.
* After Moon Drip accidentally breaks and only restores a very small patch on the ground, Natsu rushes off to find a familiar voice he hears. The hunters now turn their target to Lucy and want to steal her keys. If the hunter trio think they can outnumber Lucy and Wendy, then Flare is here to even the odds. Apparently Sun Village is her home and was raised by the giants. Though they treated her kindly, she hated being different and left. Then she got overwhelmed by people of her same size and being naïve at that time, she joined Raven Tail.
* Natsu stumbles into Doriate, a member of Succubus Eye and gets turned into a child by his magic. He manages to slip away and it is Gray’s turn to have the misfortune of turning into a child. Not only you’re young, but your power and attributes are also reduced. Too many factors remind Gray of his past. He almost loses it but takes control of his destiny. Gray uses his brains to outsmart Doriate, temporarily reverting all the kids back to their normal size (it’s a good thing because Minerva almost owned Erza). But Doriate becomes furious, turns into some demon and his howl turns everyone in the village into kids. Realizing the ice covering the village is his weakness, he uses and channels it to defeat him. Now let’s hope everyone stays this size.
* Minerva leads everyone to where the Eternal Flame is but it is frozen. Well, if you expected the flames to be the only thing that was unfrozen, wouldn’t it have been easier to find it?
* Gray uses his magic to defrost the Eternal Flame. So this is the familiar smell that Natsu has been pondering since. This giant flame turns out to be Atlas Flame. He can’t remember much. The entire village was turned into ice because of a Devil Slayer who mistook Atlas Flame for a demon. There is also something about one of the demons from Zeref’s book, END that Igneel failed to destroy. Atlas Flame uses the warmth of his flames to melt the village and return it to its original state before his conscious disappears forever.
* That Devil Slayer turns out to be Absolute Zero Silver of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros.
* As expected, the giants and Fairy Tail party till dawn as gratitude. The giants welcome back Flare.
* Minerva returns to her guild only to find her members turned into… Uhm, you know those stick people you find outside gender separated public toilet doors? Yeah… Apparently Kyouka from Tartaros ‘enhanced’ them but they were too weak to handle it. She is trying to gather members for their next big operation. Will Minerva survive her ‘enhancement’?
* Warrod hears Fairy Tail’s success. As a reward, they get… A potato! I hope he is joking. A nice hotspring and meal would suffice. The biggest shocker our Fairy Tail guys learn is when Warrod shows his Fairy Tail mark on his arm. More nostalgic crap of Fairy Tail’s founding words of guild bonding and togetherness. Yeah…
* P/S: Is it me or does Lucy dress like a slut for the entire arc?

Tartaros Arc
* The Magic Council are having a meeting to tackle Tartaros because there are signs that they are moving. Suddenly the entire place gets bombed and all of them gets killed! OMG! Even Lahar is dead?! Jackal from Tartaros is responsible behind this massacre. Only Dranbalt survives. He seeks forces Cobra for more information about Tartaros but he will only do so in exchange for freeing his Oracion Seis members. He lets him off with a free advice: Tartaros members are not humans and are all demons. Their master is the all powerful END.
* Not only current members of the Magic Council are targeted but former ones too. Like Yajima who almost got killed by Tempester had not Laxus interfered. Tempester unleashes poisonous magic particles that could’ve killed everyone had not Laxus inhaled them all. Too bad he thought he saved everybody. The villagers all died. Laxus, Yajima and Raijinshuu are critically poisoned and it is only a miracle that is keeping them alive.
* You bet Fairy Tail are going to be pissed when this happens. Too bad they don’t have enough information to strike them. So for now they decide to become bodyguards of former council members. Natsu’s group gets Michello. His house gets bombed by Jackal and everyone could have died had not Natsu devoured the exploding flames. Here is our first epic showdown. Natsu vs Jackal. With Natsu beating him down furiously since he is able to absorb Jackal’s flames and explosions, but the latter turns everything he touches into bombs. Can the rest survive after Natsu got bombed? It is amazing his body is still in pieces. Of course you know how main characters don’t die in this show, right? Even if Lucy had the unfortunate role in playing Jackal’s game of picking which life to save (cowardly Michello or a pregnant lady), Natsu is back up to continue with their explosive fight. Natsu has learnt how to ‘eat’ his explosives and pounds him to a pulp. Jackal is so scared that he turns into his giant demon form. Even that is not enough to stop Natsu to go on a rampage and defeat him! Jackal is going to bomb himself and take the entire town with him. Happy takes him up in the air to explode. Amazingly I don’t know how the cat survived all that and all he got was just an afro. Huh?

* Unfortunately, the other Fairy Tail members were too late as the ex-council members are already dead. A visibly stricken Michello reveals Tartaros might be after Face, one of the many powerful hidden weapons that the Magic Council has like Etherion. Face is some magical pulse bomb that will destroy all magic across the world. This will render all wizards unable to use their magic in addition to some magic deficiency disease. Tartaros will be the only ones affected since they do not use magic but curses. Michello doesn’t know where Face is but they need to have 3 former members to unlock its seal. Perhaps why Tartaros is indiscriminately killing all of them is that they might now where Face is. While trying to uncover addresses of those former members, they discover more addresses of former councils and other guilds are sent to protect them.
* Erza and Mirajane are at the former council’s chairman’s house, Crawford. Unfortunately Face is so secretive that he too doesn’t know its location or the members who are sealing it. Even those who are sealing it don’t know it themselves. The place is under attack by low level Tartaros guards.
* Oracion Seis is freed and Brain wants to resume his evil operations but Cobra kills him off! Dranbalt has sent Jellal to keep an eye on them knowing they will do something sneaky.
* Natsu seems to have figured out something very important that nobody else has. If nobody in the council knew about Face or the addresses of former members but Tartaros do, this could only mean one thing. Somebody is feeding them information. And the biggest crook of them all is Crawford himself! After Erza and Mirajane get knocked out by the sleeping drug, he takes them back to Tartaros’ base where Mirajane is being experimented on and Kyouka tormenting Erza about Jellal’s position. It is believed Jellal is the last surviving member sealing Face.
* Natsu follows his strong senses of smell and with his rage, I suppose he is the first ever person who is not from Tartaros to crash into their base. Natsu fights off Franmalth before the latter tags out with Silver who then instantly freezes Natsu and throws him in prison. Also inside his cell is Lisanna.
* Happy manages to make a clean escape and although fraught with the guilt of abandoning Natsu, he returns to Fairy Tail to tell them everything. Now they can try to pinpoint Tartaros’ moving base and attack. Similarly Elfman returns to Fairy Tail and something sounds wrong. Cana lashes at him for failing to save Lisanna and even coming back empty handed. Apparently Elfman could be the turncoat that would destroy Fairy Tail from within. When Seilah uses her curse to make Elfman kill Lisanna, he pleaded and perhaps exchanged his soul to save her life. Now he is under her command to put a magic bomb inside Fairy Tail that will vaporize the entire guild and leave nothing. He would destroy the entire guild just to save his sister.

* Jellal is beating the crap out of Oracion Seis to give them their true freedom? Somehow Brain revives as Zero to kill off Jellal. Fortunately Jellal saw through Midnight’s tricks and seals his own sight to counter his attack. And them some mega super magic to wipe them out. Jellal’s plan is not to kill them or send them back to prison. He wants them to join him to defeat Zeref.
* Although Crawford has found Jellal, he did the dumbest thing ever by transferring the key inside Jellal to himself. While he is so proud with this new method, obviously he wanted to transfer it to somebody else so that person will die and Face activate. Why go to all the hassle because Kyouka just kills him off! There, Face activated. Fortunately for us and Fairy Tail, it is activated in quite a remote area. It has to be activated manually. They could have activated it by remote had they not kill off Crawford.
* Tempester and Jackal revive with their new bodies in Lamy’s lab. Also revived as a new badass demon is Minerva. And it will soon be Mirajane’s turn soon. Unfortunately Mirajane is partly demon so it doesn’t really work on her.
* After all that calculation from Levi, it just felt like a waste of time because when she finally calculates Tartaros’ location, they are right above Fairy Tail now. Saves all the trouble to go after them now that they are coming for them. Oh, a big explosion is set to go off…
* You know you can’t kill any Fairy Tail character, right? Just before the bomb explodes, Cana used her magic and absorbed everyone into her card (wow, it felt like there was so much time) and used the Exceeds to fly them up to Tartaros’ base. Once there, time for our angry guild to kick some low level guards and give some screen time action to our lesser known Fairy Tail members.
* Kyouka thought of using the prisoners as hostage but during Face’s activation, the tremor somehow freed them from their captives. It’s Erza’s turn for some pay back as she interrogates and fights Kyouka, revealing Tartaros’ aim is to return to Zeref.
*With some of our main Fairy Tail heroes already engaging with some of Tartaros’ Nine Demon Gates, Face has been manually activated by Ezel. Less than an hour before the ultimate disaster sets upon us humans. Wendy and Carla head there to manually stop it. Can a little girl and cat stop a multi-limb monster? Well, I think Wendy is going to get a new hairstyle from this attack. And oh, Carla almost got eaten and this forced Wendy to activate her Dragon Force. Finally? Faster and more powerful than before, she fights on par with Ezel. Erm… Instead of reminding Wendy about the remaining time, shouldn’t Carla try to stop it herself? I know she is out of strength but as long as she is still conscious and speak, shouldn’t she be trying?
* Wendy thought she downed 2 birds with a stone by slaying Ezel and destroying Face. But the countdown continues. Well, from Carla clairvoyance of the possible futures, there is a way to stop it. Yeah, converting its energy into some self destruction power. The catch is that they will be caught in the blast. And so begins the tearful drama of cat telling little girl to go away as far as she can because feline is going to sacrifice herself. You think Wendy will allow that? Uh huh. Got enough time for flashbacks. Got enough time to reminisce all the things they’ve done together, the adventures they’ve had together. OMG. Are they going to really stretch this for half an episode? Yeah, yeah. Can be blow this thing up now? Boom! Goodbye Face. Goodbye Wendy and Carla. First Fairy Tail main characters to die? Sniff, sniff. But wait! They live because Dranbalt teleported them out in time! Curses! I knew it was too good to be true! Give me back my tears!!!!

* With the failure of Face’s activation, Kyouka abandons her fight with Erza and lets Neo Minerva handle her. Kyouka didn’t account for Face’s failure so she is going to desperately revive END.
* Natsu, Lucy and Happy have been fighting Franmalth whose ability is stealing souls and using their abilities. Franmalth uses his ultimate soul, Hades but even so he is more comical than anything. When Franmalth tries to absorb their souls, the trio uses their will power to resist. Lucy’s trick allows them to break free as Natsu pounds him with slabs of rocks till he is defeat. Can’t absorb souls from inanimate objects, right? This also frees all the souls. Hades warns them Tartaros’ true objective is not Face. He wants them to tell Makarov to release the light (Lumen Histoire).
* In Hell’s Core, Lamy’s lab where defeated Tartaros members come to respawn again, making them an immortal guild. Mirajane is having her fight with Seilah (throwing books?!) and once the former knows what this lab is for, she easily destroys it. She controlled the demon tentacles during her capture and made them under her command. As both their power don’t work on each other, looks like this is going to be settled via physical fist fight. But Seilah powers up so much and beats the hell out of Mirajane that we get to glimpse her flashback. The siblings persecuted by the villagers they saved and forced to leave till they stumble upon Fairy Tail. And you know such flashbacks give our characters the will to fight back. Mirajane controls an ability of Seilah to wrest control back of Elfman and has him pound the hell out of her. Game over.
* Some of Oracion Seis especially Racer is still against following Jellal. Guess who they meet? Remember Grimoire Hearts’ Rusty Rose? Apparently he is still alive. I don’t know how even Hades was killed before his eyes. He is trying to search for his missing companions after their loss to Fairy Tail. He confronted Kyouka after noticing Tartaros has been wiping out sub-guilds under Grimoire Hearts. He tries to negotiate with her but was beaten the crap out. He then saw Zeref and he started sh*tting in his pants. So there is something more fearful than Tartaros themselves? That could only be Zeref, right? Jellal wants to go to Tartaros but Oracion Seis won’t seeing they are and were part of the Baram Alliance, they still have their guild pride. Rusty tries to force Meldy to join him but Oracion Seis changed their minds and defeat him. Now they follow Jellal to obtain their true freedom. They leave Rusty to decide his path and if he ever decides to join their guild, their doors are always open.

* Kyouka sees the king of the underworld, Mard Geer in hopes of awakening their master, END. However it is not possible because they don’t have enough curse power and even more so if they have nor eradicate magic. But Mard Geer is not pressing the panic button yet. Face’s failure is just but a point in a long plan. He then tortures Kyouka as punishment for toying around with Erza despite it was all to get information but Tartaros’ hate for humans means she shouldn’t be even resorting to this. He is going to unleash Alegria. Tartaros’ base turns out to be a giant monster prison, Plutogrim as the Fairy Tail members (and many low level Tartaros soldiers) become imprisoned in this, uhm, gum? However only Lucy somehow escapes from this predicament.
* Mard Geer announces whoever kills Lucy will be promoted to fill in a vacant spot of Nine Demon Gates (for the soldiers) or be personally rewarded (for Nine Demon Gates). So it becomes a race to take Lucy down. Lucy is at her limit as she simultaneously summons Loke, Virgo and Aquarius to fend of Jackal, Lamy and Torafuzar. Lucy loses much of her power. Jackal continues to play around with her and Torafuzar loses interest. Jackal then kills off Lamy so he could take all the credit. In this hopeless situation, Aquarius suggests summoning the Celestial Spirit King. There is no physical key. The price to pay is to destroy one of the Golden Gate keys to summon him once. Of course you know Lucy won’t do that. But with Aquarius making lot of hate statements just to get her going to save her friends, heavy hearted Lucy did just that as Celestial Spirit King breaks through Plutogrim and sends it crashing.
* I’m not crying because I know Aquarius will somehow not stay dead forever. She becomes Lucy’s power as she summons the stars to wipe out Jackal!
* With have an epic battle on hand against Celestial Spirit King and Mard Geer. However with Lucy using up all her powers, this weakens the former. Fortunately he has a trump card and that is using his magic to break Alegria to free all the Fairy Tail members. His final move before he returns to the celestial world is turning Mard Geer into stone. But you know that won’t last long, right?
* I’m sure we’re all glad Wendy and Carla are alive. But time for them to be in despair again when they find out there isn’t just 1 Face, but 3000 of them! FUUUUUUUU!!! Oh well, I suppose new resolves means new hairstyle for Wendy?
* We have yet another round of clash between Minerva and Erza. This time we have a glimpse into Minerva’s past whereby Jiemma imposes his cruel training and thoughts on weakling Minerva so that she could be strong. You’d feel bad for her and understand how she came to be such a b*tch. But you know, this resurfacing trauma is cue for her to be defeated by Erza and she even wants her to be killed by her hands. You think Erza is going to do that? Well, well. If Erza won’t do it then Mard Geer would. And to show how caring her old guild is, here comes Sting and Rogue to save her. So while the duo take on Mard Geer, the ladies and cats try to find the control room to stop Face as it will all go off in about an hour.

* The fate clash between Gray and Silver begins. For those wondering about their relationship, Silver is Gray’s father! But Gray believes he is an imposter who sounds and looks like his dad since he saw with his own eyes he died before Deliora. Silver’s story is a bit more complicated than that. As we all know the Nine Demon Gates are all demons from Zeref’s book. So how did a human like Silver become one? His actual form isn’t human but he possessed Silver’s corpse as walking around in his demon form is troublesome. In that case what has Silver has against Gray? His goal is to kill off all of Ul’s disciples. Believe it or not, Silver’s true form is Deliora! And you thought he was sealed off by Ul 10 years ago.
* Ice magic properties won’t work on Silver so Gray is desperate enough to do Iced Shell and seal him forever like how Ul did. You sweating now, Silver? Fortunately so as not to trick us into crying again, Gray remembers all his guild friends and did some bluff before throwing a real cannonball right through him. He might be invincible to ice but not other stuffs, right? In another twist, Gray knows Silver is not Deliora but his real dad all along.
* Silver isn’t human or demon. Just a dead man for many years. He was revived by Keyes the necromancer as he likes to experiment with humans as tools. Despite being his puppet, Silver had rage and vengeance for his family. He went around defeating demons with his Devil Slayer magic and has a plan to destroy Tartaros from within. However when he saw Gray alive at the Grand Magic Games, he felt he was no different. He wants to die by his hands. Can Gray kill his own father? He can’t. Time for emotional father-son hug.
* This means Juvia has to defeat Keyes since he is controlling Crawford to remotely activating all of Face. This also means Silver will cease to exist. Can she do it? Just like what it seems that she gets eaten by Keyes, this anime trolls us again with a few tears before Juvia bursts back alive. I don’t know how she turned into some water magic inside Keyes’ stomach and explodes him to bits. I suppose that’s what you call the power of love. And she still has time to cry over Silver’s death. I mean, when a father gives his approval to take care of his son, that has got to mean a lot, right?
* So our father and son journey ends here. Silver reveals he learns Devil Slayer ice magic is because END is a fire demon. He entrusts this power to Gray to defeat END.

* Time for Natsu and Gajeel to end their fight with Tempester and Torafuzar. Everyone powers up to their ultimate forms. But Fairy Tail is so mighty you might think the Tartaros side got weaker in their ultimate form. So eager in a competition to take their enemy down, I don’t even know how Natsu and Gajeel ended up punching each other. Is this a joke?
* Time to get serious as Torafuzar floods the area with his black magic water. Naturally humans can breathe underwater, right? And its magic is also sapping the life force out of them. Everyone is out and Gajeel is the only one left to face this water creature. He takes a beating. He is out of air. Who comes to his rescue? Ah, Levi. The biggest excuse to see this pair kissing. After Levi gives the much needed air to him, this guy powers up and beats the crap out of Torafuzar. Because nobody messes with his girl. But Gajeel needs more of it?! The air or the kiss?! She should have just used her solid script to give everyone air. Gajeel combines his metal with the poisonous carbon in the water to form steel! I guess this is where science comes in handy. And with that, a knockout punch to Torafuzar. What a hard hitting move you could say.
* Laxus returns to fight Tempester. Despite his body still filled with poison, he is more powerful and faster as he beats down Tempester. The rage of harming his guild fuels his determination. Yeah, that is basically what Fairy Tail guys need to fight. You wonder where Laxus’ limit is after taking all that pounding. Tempester got stupid enough to reveal the only method to take him down. Hit him with the most powerful hit ever that doesn’t give him a chance fast enough to heal. And Laxus just did that. You lose. It’s déjà vu again as Tempester releases poisonous magic particles to drag everyone down. But down worry. Gray freezes them all! OMG! He powered up so much?!
* It will be moments now before Face will activate. Time for a final showdown between Kyouka and Erza.
* Making things worse is the appearance of Acnologia! All the Dragon Slayers start resonating to the black terror who is just decimating the land with its beam. Even Mard Geer is scared but he thinks Acnologia is trying to find END and eliminate it.
* Perhaps this could be the biggest troll ever when Igneel appears before Natsu. Guess what? He has been hiding inside him all the time! Holy sh*t! And there he was spending years searching for his dragon dad and he was all along right under his nose?! Tears for Natsu and paralyzed in awe for everyone else as they see the mighty dragons fight each other.
* Natsu wants some answers. Right in the middle of the dragons’ fight? So they make a deal. Igneel wants Natsu to steal the END book from Mard Geer. Do not open it, do not destroy it. Just steal it. Do that and he will tell everything he wants.
* As Natsu fights Mard Geer, the latter feels the need to hasten Face. So he contacts Kyouka to position herself as a living link to personally activate all of Face. Not only all wizards will lose their magic ability but also drain the lives of the dragons whom Mard Geer believes are a nuisance to his plan. This means she will use up her life. Is she afraid of death? Either way she is going to die, right?
* As she uses her life to speed up the countdown, Kyouka fights Erza. Her curse power is increasing by the second as she overwhelms Erza. Enhancing her pain sensory, stripping her clothes and even stripping her sense, you’d think Erza is done for, right? Well, Erza could still get up and beat the crap out of Kyouka because you can steal everything from her but you cannot steal her path of light! WTF?! She can fight without her senses?! Is she using her sixth sense then?! Even after besting Kyouka, Erza runs out of stamina. Not even Minerva finishing off Kyouka could save the day because Face has been activated.

* Sting and Rogue team up with Natsu to fight Mard Geer but even the triple Dragon Slayer threat isn’t enough to put a dent.
* Makarov finally brings out Lumen Histoire. Which is basically naked Mavis frozen in a crystal?!
* Further revelations reveal that Zeref cursed himself to become immortal. His wish is now to die and those who can only kill him are those demons born from his book. END was his masterpiece but something happened since he was sealed in the book. So once END is revived, he will kill Zeref.
* Our Dragon Slayers are having a tough time fighting Mard Geer and here comes Gray easily fighting on par with him, giving a run for his money. It’s only logic that Dragon Slayers slay dragons and thus you need a Devil Slayer to slay demons! OMG! Since when did Gray become so cool! Obviously his magic source is ice so…
* Before Gray can land the decisive blow, he is stopped by Jiemma no reborn as a demon. So as the Sabretooth guys clean up their own house (and defeat him with the power of nakama-ism and guild bonding. But of course), Natsu and Gray face off with Mard Geer who now transforms into his most powerful form. Why always wait for last minute? After all that pounding and dragging, Mard Geer unleashes his ultimate curse called Memento Mori. A fate worse than hell or death. Because you are neither alive nor dead when hit by it. Your existence vanished into nothingness for eternity. What? I too dumb to understand such abstract curse.
* Guess what? You can’t kill off main characters as we have learnt! Thanks to Gray’s Devil Slayer power, he negates the effect! Mad Mard Geer, mad Natsu. Fight, fight, fight. Then it is end of the road for the underworld king after Gray shoots him with some ice arrow.
* Too bad everyone is a step late as Face is activating and everyone can feel their magic draining from their bodies. It’s as though magic powers them to stand up? I’m sure it was for a tiny moment for the other guilds to show off what they can do by damaging Face but they can’t even put a scratch.
* Everyone calls this a miracle but we call it plot convenience because after somehow Igneel defeats Acnologia, all the other missing dragons from Grandine to Metallica pop up to smash through all the Face!!! They make it look so freaking easy!
* Gray and Natsu lock heads over the book of END. Gray wants to destroy it for good unlike Natsu who has promised Igneel to hand it over to him.
* It seems the dragons have been hiding inside their respective Dragon Slayers’ body all the while. Igneel explains there were 2 reasons for doing this. Firstly, doing so prevents the human from becoming a dragon like Acnologia since they were making antibodies. Inside their body? As for the second reason, we’ll have to wait since Igneel resumes his epic battle with Acnologia.
* I suppose Natsu and Gray’s standoff took too long so END’s book is snatched away by Zeref himself. Then he kills of Mard Geer and burns the book with the snap of his finger. Too easy. Well, despite creating the demons himself, he doesn’t feel they are needed anymore. Zeref is here to settle things with them but with Acnologia in the way, he wonders if the dragon will bring ultimate destruction. So he is going to wait and see if Natsu and co survive all this. Then he’ll be back to bring more despair.

* Moments before Igneel’s defeat, he tells Natsu the other reason: Waiting for the right moment to defeat Acnologia. Hey wait a minute. Where the f*ck are all the other dragons?! Where are they?! Why aren’t they helping him! I believe Face was deactivated a long time ago since there was this huge sign to tell us blind viewers that it is over. So where did they go after that?! No wonder Igneel is going to get killed by Acnologia as he has been fighting by himself! And cue for flashbacks and time well spent with Natsu. Ah, great times. Does this mean Igneel is going to die? NO WAY! YOU CAN’T FOOL ME THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Or is it???!!!
* Everything is over when Acnologia flees. The war is over. The dragons see their respective Dragon Slayers for one last time. They reveal they were already dead in the first place after Acnologia killed them. Staying in their bodies extended their lives but once they come out, it is game over. The dragons disappear vowing to watch over the humans. Natsu mourns over Igneel’s death as he vows to defeat Acnologia in his place. So I guess bringing out Lumen Histoire was such a waste, huh?
* In the aftermath of everything, the continent is undergoing major repairs and recovering from the scars of the war. Highlights from all the pondering and soul searching include Wendy getting her long hairstyle back courtesy of Cancer. I guess we aren’t going to get used to her short hair. Juvia is sad and feels she has no right to love Gray after indirectly killing his father. But Gray can only cry in her bosoms while apologizing and thanking her. Jellal and the reformed Oracion Seis continue their journey to find Zeref. In lame hooded robes? As promised with Makarov, Dranbalt erased all of Fairy Tail members’ memories of Lumen Histoire. Dranbalt is shocked when Makarov tells him he was originally a real member of Fairy Tail. He erased his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council. Unbelievable, right? Since many Fairy Tail members are seeking out their own journey, Makarov is going to disband Fairy Tail. Wait. What?! Lucy is shocked to find a letter from Natsu and Happy. They are going away for training for a year. Feeling lonely?

Fairy Tail Zero Arc
* I guess to make up for Mavis not making her appearance, an arc to tell a tale of how Fairy Tail came about.
* About 100 years ago on Tenroujima, Mavis was a 6 year old girl living under the guild Red Lizard. Is it me or does Mavis’ head look a little bigger than her body. Heck, all the little girls too! Anyway, she is mistreated badly by everyone especially the guild leader, Zeeself. You can tell the double standards as he treats his own daughter, Zera with care and utmost love. Mavis’ parents were wizards under Red Lizard but died with great debt. Mavis is forced to work to clear their debts. At least she has a (miserable) place to stay and (miserable) food to eat. Despite the hardships, Mavis continued to look forward with optimism. Her hope is to meet fairies. I guess she read too much fairytale? Yeah well, it’s her only escapism.
* One day she is sent to deliver lunch to Zera through the dangerous forest. She makes it after befriending a forest creature. Zera is ungrateful for the late lunch but her friends are impressed with Mavis’ critter and gather around her. Jealous Zera kicks her out and her friends are forced to side her so as not to incur her wrath.
* Mavis dozes off in the forest and when she wakes up, she finds Red Lizard under attacked by a rival guild, Blue Skull. Zeeself was killed. Mavis finds Zera stuck underneath a rubble and rescues her as they run into the forest to survive. After the girls reconcile and make friends, Zera collapses. When Mavis returns to the village in the aftermath, everyone is slaughtered.
* Seven years passed, Warrod, Purehito Gaebolg (who would become Fairy Tail’s second master and then Grimoire Heart’s master) and Yuri Dreyar (Makarov’s father) arrive on the island. They are treasure hunters in search for the Tenrou Jade.
* Mavis and Zera have all grown up and living in the library. It boggles me how the library is so neat seeing some massacre and chaos happened 7 years ago. Heck, the books are in pristine condition! Plus, is that all they’ve been doing so far?!
* When Yuri stumbles in, it feels even odder because for Mavis who never interacted with others except Zera for 7 years, she can outtalk this scheming guy. To get her cooperation to reveal Tenrou Jade’s location, he suggests playing some word guessing game. You lose if you lie. Of course if he loses, he will show her a fairy, something Mavis wants very much.
* Again, we see how f*cking sly Mavis is as she already sneakily corners him on the first try via loophole in the rule! Being the sore loser, he has another go. So what was the confident question that has her win on the first round again? He has blinked 57 times since the game began!!!!! WTF?! Is she that observant?! Of course Yuri doesn’t know it and this means he loses. But if he answers without even knowing, it means he is lying and he still loses! OMG. What a pinch.
* Too bad all that is for nought as Warrod and Purehito come in to say they have found Tenrou Jade’s location. Too bad it is already stolen. Mavis thinks Blue Skull stole it 7 years and wants to go on a journey with them to get back that treasure. Wait a minute. She never noticed it was missing for 7 damn years?! She has studied tactics by herself for 7 years to fight wizards. Of course the treasure hunters might not give it back to her. When that time comes, she’ll just wager it via another game. For now their goals are the same. Soon Mavis and Zera leave the island with the treasure hunters.

* Their adventure at sea includes Mavis making friends with dolphins, finding an ancient underwater ruin, getting trapped, fighting off with a vicious fish and then deciphering the ancient code to get out but it only turns out into a trap that blows her out of the water and back to the surface. Seriously, she survived that?
*Landing on the port town, Mavis follows Purehito to find clues about Blue Skull. Apparently Purehito has bad PR skills so it is natural that people misinterpret his good intentions as something sneaky. Then they get into a bar brawl and the bartender turns out to be a member of Blue Skull. It is a dark guild and his job is to relay information. Mavis’ scary illusion magic showed him his place as he spilled the beans of Blue Skull’s hideout, a town in Magnolia.
* While traversing through a forest, similar reckless actions by Yuri brings back memories of a dangerous treasure hunting mission that almost cost them their lives many times. So while Yuri and Warrod butt heads, Purehito tells what happened during that time when they were seeking a valuable treasure but it turns out to be a lure to some sacrificial trap. They killed the beast, got the treasure and (barely) got out alive. Despite of many such moments, the trio are still together. Mavis is amazed at their strong bond. And as expected, Warrod and Yuri made up like they have never fought in the first place.
* As they arrive in Magnolia, the famous landmark cathedral now has a giant blue dragon skeleton over it. Since they are here to get back Tenrou Jade, they are not going to do any head on confrontation. Sneaking around, they indirectly save a woman and her daughter from being Blue Skull targets (thanks to Mavis’ grand illusion). She tells them the town is dead ever since Blue Skull arrived many years ago and they just took over everything and killed anybody who opposed.
* After seeing an old man getting killed before their eyes, you bet they can’t just stand around doing nothing. They fight back to teach them a lesson but reinforcements arrive. Mavis puts up a huge illusion of knights to scare them and call out their master, Geoffrey. However he sees through her illusion and shatters it, also shattering her confidence. Blue Skull goes all out attacking them. With Yuri and Purehito out for the count, Warrod carries them and rams through Blue Skull who lets them escape because they are sure they’re never coming back. Our defeated heroes continue running into the forest.

* Purehito is blinded in one eye and Mavis is blaming herself. While reflecting on her actions, she meets Zeref in the woods. Sad guy doesn’t want to kill everything around him but his magic is doing it. Feeling pity for him, she lets him experience life around him via her illusion magic. Then she introduces Zeref to the rest as he teaches them the basics of magic. Each start their own training and making their progress except for Warrod who is lagging behind. With Zeref giving his advice, Warrod finds his calling in tree magic. Mavis is the last one to master but by this time Zeref has already left.
* With more practice, the gang decides to free Magnolia from Blue Skull. First, they have the townspeople gather and make a ruckus outside their base. When Geoffrey is away hunting, he gets word about the rebellion and rushes back only to see the entire town in flames. So Mavis wants to gain revenge the same way Blue Skull burnt down Tenroujima? Of course he knows all this is just a ruse and dispels the big illusion. And he didn’t see the giant cage coming down to trap him?
* Yuri and Purehito are beating up Blue Skull members inside their base. They find the Tenrou Jade at the table. When Geoffrey warns Mavis about the dangers of touching it, she runs back to warn them but too late. It is already in Yuri’s hands.
* Wait a minute. Now Mavis tells that it is not a treasure but some dangerous gem that absorbed too much evil and became uncontrollable and once sealed Tenroujima?! Wait. Did she know this all the while?!
* Of course it soon goes out of control and absorbs Yuri. He becomes the dragon skeleton and goes about destroying the town. Mavis thinks words can reach his heart. Nope. Anyone’s only option is to destroy it, right? Well, not Mavis. She is going to save everybody.
* She distracts the dragon with gold coins. Yuri’s money instincts are still strong. Imagine what happens when he finds out when it is all just an illusion. Even madder. But you know, with the power of friendship and all that related crap, Mavis eventually uses a powerful ancient magic, Law which is supposed to take 10 years to perfect. The dragon collapses, Tenrou Jade shatters, Yuri is back albeit unconscious and the town is saved.
* I guess all that is worth it considering Mavis is now in coma! No doctors can diagnose what the hell is wrong and certainly not even the doctor specializing in wizards from the next town.
* Eventually she wakes up and Yuri is almost certain to go apologize and everything. You know, he doesn’t deserve to live, was only using her, blah, blah, blah. Although there is nothing wrong with her, the effect of using Law is that her body has stopped growing. Yuri is very thankful for her and wants to make her dream come true. He will protect and believe her.
* This means that he needs to talk to her about Zera. He cannot see nor hear her. Everyone else too. This means if only Mavis can see and hear her, Zera is only her illusion. You know, why the heck am I not surprised and expected something like this since the start?

* Zera explains she died on Tenroujima that day. She is kept ‘alive’ because of Mavis unconsciousness so she isn’t entirely an illusion. Now that she knows Zera is just an illusion, she needs to disappear so Mavis can move on. Mavis still doesn’t want to let her go but after a long emotional goodbye and how Zera will always be in her heart, Zera becomes visible for a short while to Yuri before she disappears forever.
* Mavis was down for a while before she realizes she needs to get back on her feet to things that are more important. She suggests to the treasure hunter trio to form a wizard guild. Although Magnolia is freed from Blue Skull, they are not truly free yet as they aren’t doing well economically and at this rate they are no better off and will slowly rot. At first the townspeople are sceptical as they have no experience but I guess you can’t bite the hands that saved you.
* After getting all the necessary documents and preparations, Fairy Tail is finally formed. Mavis named it so because of her eternal pondering if fairies do have tails and thus a symbol of their eternal adventure.
* Geoffrey intends to get his revenge on them so he decides to form a new guild to attack them, Phantom Lord.
* A short narration of Fairy Tail’s chronological milestones: Some trade war that enhances Mavis’ status as a tactician -> Yuri getting married -> Trade war ends and some treaty signed -> Makarov is born -> Mavis’ grave is built on Tenroujima -> Purehito becomes the second master as per Mavis’ request -> Yuri dies -> Purehito dabbles into black magic -> Warrod retires -> Purehito retires and passes on the leadership to Makarov -> Acnologia appears on Tenroujima and precipitates the disappearance of the core members -> Macao becomes the fourth master -> Gildarts becomes the fifth master before quickly passing it back to Makarov -> Fairy Tail is the champion of the Grand Magic Games!

* It has been a year since Fairy Tail disbanded. Lucy is now working under Jason as a journalist as they cover this year’s Grand Magic Games. Strangely all of last year’s participants didn’t participate and we have never-heard-before guilds taking part and wizards looking more like they came out from some freak show. Serious.
* Apparently Lucy started out as a gravure model at first. See, the only thing worth in her is her sex appeal, right? But since she wanted to be a novelist/writer so much, she pleaded to Jason who finally gave her the approval. She put in a lot of hard work and effort to get where she is now. So I guess she isn’t all about sex appeal after all.
* This year’s Grand Magic Games must be the most boring. Who the f*ck is this Skull Milione wining the overall? The members look like bunch of delinquents. It is no wonder Lucy isn’t even motivated.
* Suddenly Natsu and Happy return to beat the crap out of the newly crowned champions! No chance at all! Is this the best they’ve got? How low the standards must have been to be champions. Natsu is so powerful that his fire melts the stadium and everyone’s clothes!!! WTF?! Shouldn’t everyone have melted too?! But Lucy seeing Natsu is back, the joy in her heart returns and she knew Fairy Tail was never gone in the first place.
* Natsu was arrested at first but released because his past deeds of saving the kingdom gave him a free pass to pull off such ‘harmless’ pranks. Seriously.
* Catching up with Lucy, they tell stories of their training that includes getting into big massive landscape changing brawls with other guilds. All because of food. There is also a time he ran into Gildarts and they beat up each other just for fun. I wonder if the landscape also changed for good.
* Eventually Natsu and Happy learn Fairy Tail has been disbanded. Definitely shocking. Makarov is missing and everyone has gone their separate ways. Lucy tells him off he should be in no position to say everyone should have protested since he left on his journey without consulting everyone.
* Lucy invites them back to her home and they really make a mess out of it. Nostalgia? They see detailed memos, information and locations of ex-Fairy Tail members in her room. She must really miss them.
* Next morning, Lucy can’t understand why guards have surrounded her place. Natsu takes her and run. It seems he vandalized the palace by putting up a big fire graffiti of Fairy Tail’s logo. He is going to gather everyone back and reform the guild.

* Taking place during the Grand Magic Games, Fairy Tail relaxes at a pool amusement park which also doubles as an aquarium. Time for females to flaunt their curves in their swimsuits. This means some of the other guilds are also here to have fun. Highlights of this filler include Happy wanting to substitute an absent staff in feeding fish for a show so he can eat the fish but becomes fish fodder instead; Ichiya and his Blue Pegasus bugging Erza and Lucy (and other beautiful women); Mavis leading the rest doing pool exercise; Jenny and Mirajane doing nipslips to each other; Flare apologizing to Lucy; The hilarious love water slide jinx and it all began because of Natsu’s accident that causes unlikely pairs to ride down the slide. From Gray-Lyon (gay yaoi time?), Lily-Carla (backdoor position?!), Lucy-Juvia (koi no kataki!!!), Gajeel-Levi (she must be enjoying this); Elfman-Evergreen (WTF are they doing here in the first place), Jellal-Erza (somehow her bikini is thinning out). Finally Gray and Lyon freeze everything and Natsu unfreezes it all with his destructive flames. Everything destroyed. Fairy Tail must pay for the damages.
* It’s bound to happen. Just like One Piece and Toriko with Dragonball, now we have Fairy Tail and Rave. No, those jiggly butt idiots as cameos don’t count. Our Fairy Tail members are in a town for a job but got separated and stumble into their Rave counterparts. Like Lucy and Happy come into Elie, Plue and Griffon Kato. As expected, Natsu and Haru become best friends but when Natsu reveals the details of his job that the targeted person seems to resemble a lot like Elie, the guys become hot-headed and paint the town red. And with fire. Eventually that target turns out to be Erza doing part time in some casino and in a way causing ruckus. Time for both sides to team up when the real villain rears its ugly head: A talking slot machine? Okay, so he transformed into a decent robot and launch coin minions to attack all over the place. To cut things short, our heroes cooperate and defeat the evil to save the day. The only casualties are Lucy’s panties. Pervy robot stole it somehow and she has to walk home all the way feeling breezy down there. Couldn’t she just bought one or wear something else?

Still On A Fairytale Run?
So what’s next for our heroic Fairy Tail? I mean they’ve done almost everything they can, gone on every adventure they could possibly go, defeat as many super big enemies and guilds that there are practically almost none left in the continent, not to mention the missing dragons mystery has been solved. Yeah, the best next thing was to disband and retire, let everyone take time to ponder and reflect. Think about their future and the new direction that is best for everybody. And there you have it. The end of Fairy Tail or just merely a giant sleeping waiting to wake up from its slumber? When it does, you’ll know there’ll be another season of it but as for the time being, nothing has been said yet. So not sure if the producers are going to take another year or so off or if there is even going to be another season. Who knows? This anime is too big to tell with so many potentials and developments as well as closures, it is hard to say. Suffice to say this season isn’t really a wrap up of any sorts but could usher a beginning of a new one.

Albeit this season is still great overall, as usual with long running anime series, too much of something can be detrimental on me. Like how One Piece is still ongoing. That’s not going to end, right? But of course there are exceptions because I would still love Gintama to go on forever. But in the case for Fairy Tail, I can’t tell if I would be excited if they ever come back because we have seen them defeat all the big enemies. Heck, Baram Alliance is no more if you think about it. They’ve been to other worlds and even fought the Gods, won the Holy Grail of magic competitions. They’ve achieved almost everything that there is nothing else for them. Well, there is one left: Defeat Acnologia.

It is great they finished the Grand Magic Games that was left hanging at the end of the previous season. But sometimes an arc like that can drag for too long and like the Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc being fillers and Tartaros dragging out that it makes watching a chore. I know it sounds like me complaining because you’re going to tell me that if the arcs were so short to begin with, I would complain there would be not enough story and was just rushing everything.

Personally I thought the Fairy Tail Zero arc was a little letdown and possibly the most boring arc this season. Partially I myself am to blame for having high expectations to learn more about Mavis and the founding members of the guild and the deeper aspects of the relationship between Mavis and Zeref. Well, it did turn out that Mavis and Zeref have met and thus you can say some sort of connection. But it certainly didn’t tell the standoff between Mavis and Zeref in the present. Or at least that was how I remember it should be. But the biggest disappointment was Zera. Because I have watched shows with such a twist (think The Sixth Sense), I could actually guess right from the first episode of the arc that Zera was actually dead. No, I’m not kidding. From the way others ‘react’ to her, I already knew that somehow this was the twist. It took away the fun while watching the arc because at the back of my head, I keep reminding myself that Zera was dead and she was probably a ghost all along. And every time someone else doesn’t respond to Zera, I would be going like, “Hey, it’s because you don’t exist!”. So when the twist of the arc was revealed, I wasn’t surprised or anything. Just somewhat a big relief that the thorn of ‘Zera never existed in real life’ just got out of the way. So the only thing that made this arc passable was the fact Mamiko Noto is thrust to the spotlight and having to hear more of her is a good thing. Oh, Hana Kanazawa as Zera is not bad too but I prefer Mamiko Noto way better :-).

One of the big problems in this series is regarding its many characters. Too many in fact for us to care. That is just Fairy Tail itself. Now that you have other cool characters from other guilds, it gets even more overwhelming. This means lacking screen time for such characters and they are reduced to just cameos and the likes. Even among Fairy Tail itself you can see that not every damn member gets the spotlight. Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy, Wendy and Happy get most of the screen time because they are the main characters. And then when you start to segregate the amount of screen time other characters have in correspondence to how ‘main/support character’ they are, you’ll end up drawing up a tiers for it. Like in my case with the usual sextet having the most screen time, this is followed by the next group of ‘important’ members like Juvia, Laxus, Elfman, Mirajane, Cana, Lisanna and Carla. And then further down the group you have the rest of the blokes whose names you can’t even remember but from time to time they have to appear just to show us that Fairy Tail is a big family group and they care for each other.

Hence with so many characters, it somewhat dilutes the effect to care for these characters. I know you are supposed to root for the guild as a whole and thus automatically everyone in it but it is hard to do so when you have firebrand Natsu hogging the limelight in every arc. Sure, the reason why enemy guilds or groups have so many members is so that they can spread out the fights to other Fairy Tail members and give them more coverage but that is so much about it. Otherwise it would always be Natsu, Gray or Erza kicking the big bad final boss’ ass, right? And one of the most powerful and kickass Fairy Tail member, Gildarts has been primarily missing for the entire season. I know he is on a journey… Then there are others like Jellal’s new group, the whereabouts of Ivan (remember Raven Tail?) and the likes but at this point thinking too much about them would be a waste of my brain cells.

So that is why I thought when Wendy and Carla were going to die and would really shake everything up in the series, I was really, really, really, really having this heartache that Wendy may no longer be around. Maybe deep down inside of me I didn’t want to see her go. And then it is like they heard my wish and made a cheap move not to kill her off. I know. It’s my fault. I regretted that. Now I’m confused if I should be disappointed if Wendy is alive or she should be dead. I mean, let’s face it. If Wendy is gone, who the hell is going to take over her as the poster loli of the series? Asuka? No way in the world, right?! So Wendy’s near death was the cheapest move I’ve ever seen and after that, nothing would shock me anymore because even Fairy Tail’s disbanding wasn’t so shocking after all. Aquarius never meeting Lucy ever again? Hmph. Just you wait in future arcs that there will be some sort of solution to bring them back together again. I tell you, something will. Yeah, it’s like I have lost faith in this series, no? It’s like this series is averse in killing off many characters. Like they couldn’t kill off Ultear and just turned her into an old broad. I didn’t expect that Rusty guy to come back but somehow he is alive. So basically I’m ‘shocked’ when they do kill off people and make them stay dead like the entire Magic Council and Erza’s Simon.

Other characters to try noting of include Lucy whom I feel that is the fanservice girl of the series because there was this one arc she dressed like a slut and at other times it is like her role is forced to show us her fanservice. I’m sure other mature ladies in Fairy Tail (and other guilds) have their cameo of fanservice but nobody beats it as Lucy, the go-to girl for fanservice. Really. Erza’s too violent and Cana’s a drunk. Where’s the appeal in that? So who else is left? There you go. Then there is Juvia who has become some sort of an annoying love-stricken girl. When not fighting in serious battle, she is either fawning over Gray or claiming everyone to be her koi no kataki! Hah. If Gray is too close to somebody, that person is koi no kataki. Woman, man or child. If Gray is close to an object, that thing is also a koi no kataki. WTF. Seriously. This has become her running joke? Speaking of which, Natsu and Happy could be manzai comedy duo because of Natsu’s rashness to act before he thinks, he gets into a lot of trouble and possible the reason for dumb jokes, silly antics and a reason for a kickass fight back. Gray seems more mature at the end after having to deal and have a closure over his father.

This brings me to the love/romance department of this series. It feels like a hit and miss and sometimes a distraction. It’s to show that they aren’t just a bunch of wizards who like to brawl with each other and as powerful as they are, they’re still humans who can fall in love. There are a few subtle hints to indicate Lucy x Natsu but nothing is concrete. But we fans can tell, right? Then there is Gray x Juvia, Gajeel x Levi (sorry Jet and Droy, Levi’s not interested in both of you), Elfman x Evergreen just to name a few. Heck, I think those are the only ones. So why not just give everybody somebody to love? Whatever happened to Happy x Carla? Can we just get Wendy x Romeo? Howzabout Freed x Laxus? I know, crazy yaoi gay stuff, right? Can Erza get back with Ichiya? Cana might have her father complex and I suppose there are no men worthy enough for the other great Fairy Tail ladies like Mirajane and Lisanna. What the f*ck am I ranting about anyway?

The other annoying thing about Fairy Tail is that somehow I feel that after hundreds of episodes, they are still trying to subtly force and shove it into our brains about their brand of nakama-ism. You know, what it means to be a family. This gets evident when we see people from other stricter guilds who don’t even have the liberty to experience such free flowing fun and when they see Fairy Tail members getting serious one minute and then fooling around fighting each other the next, they get this heart-warming feeling inside of how ‘cool’ Fairy Tail is. At this point I would just be rolling my eyes and say, “Yeah, yeah. We get it. Move along please”. So it’s like Fairy Tail is the freaking best guild ever in the continent because everyone can laugh, cry and stand by each other’s side on equal terms without having the pressure and fear of being reprimanded. For whatever reason. And it is icing on the cake when they won the Grand Magic Games. I know everybody loves an underdog story since technically Fairy Tail is one after being missing for years but we all know they are hell of a powerful (and caring) so by the time this season ends, it is no surprise at all. Yes, we still support Fairy Tail but not as much as we would for a real rags to riches story. Partly every other guild then is a big jerk too.

The fight scenes and matchups are one of the biggest draws of the series but I have mixed reviews for them. Like I have said that with the only reason why a guild has so many powerful and worthy opponents is so that the rest of Fairy Tail can have their share in fighting and showing off their stuffs. While the fights are great for a while, it kinda gets a little draggy after a while. Especially like the Tartaros arc where the fight just drags on for episodes after episodes. And once the enemy is defeated, you don’t hear anymore about them. Not like we care about them, right? They only exist to be defeated. So it is that eternal dilemma within me that tells me despite the long fights are to build up drama and the likes, but if it was too short viewers may be complaining on what a sham it is. I mean, when you fight a boss monster, you’re going to take some time in learning its patterns and then make a comeback after taking serious damage, right? Even that Celestial Eclipse Spirits arc as a weird filler arc felt like it was simply for this purpose. Because hell, the so called closure and ending for this arc made no sense. Seriously. The more I think about it, the more confused and disappointed I’d get.

Just like last season, Fairy Tail has a many opening and ending themes. Although last season there were only a handful that I was attracted to, there was only just one that I liked! Out of all the 8 opening themes and 8 ending themes, only Never Ever (5th ending theme) by Tokyo Girls’ Style gained my attention because of its amazing Latin Flamenco acoustic style. Some slow and calming pieces like Azayaka Na Tabiji by Megumi Mori isn’t bad too but eventually it wasn’t my favourite. Basically, many of the opening themes have this lively rock beat while the ending themes are mostly to a slower tune. While there is a new OST released for the new season, I didn’t really take notice of them as the original Celtic based BGMs from the previous albums that are still being played over the series remain my favourite.

There might be a lot of things I wanted to say but either I have forgotten about it or decided to drop it seeing I might confuse or contradict myself. Whether they are unexplained parts (maybe I just wasn’t paying attention) or parts that I have absolutely forgotten. As a long running series, I hope to see some sort of closure instead of going on forever like a certain pirate series and ninja series. Heck, even the manga of a certain shinigami series has recently ended. Overall, still not bad an anime series despite running so long. To give an example, like how World of Warcraft is still the favourite MMORPG today although it is not as it peak as it was many years ago. The same thing can be said for this series. It is still strong but not at the pinnacle right now. Unless you are hardcore fans. Well, I know I’m in for another long run if Fairy Tail is picked up for another season. I have the ‘experience’ to know what to do in watching series that lasts more than 2 cours, right? Let’s hope the magic is still around to make me feel all that awe again. Oh wait. There is. It’s called nostalgia.

Fairy Tail

April 28, 2013

Woah!!! It ended?! Finally?! After 3.5 years?! For sure?! Here was I resigned to the fact that Fairy Tail will join the likes of Naruto and One Piece in running forever even when the universe ends but it seems to have surprised me. Instead, it joined the ranks of long running animes to finally end its run such as Bleach, Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn and Keroro Gunsou. Wow. I still can’t believe it even for some time now. There is a very good reason for this. No, it is not because the people have become bored with it (like a certain long running ninja series) but rather the contents of the anime have caught up to the manga. There is always this dilemma when this happens. Either you stop it or you put in mindless fillers and keep the series going and going (like a certain long running ninja series). Even the Energizer bunny can’t last that long. And so on March 30th, the anime series finally ends its run after 175 episodes. Feels like a long time if you have been watching faithfully every week. Thank goodness I wasn’t following a certain long running ninja series.

This show has been so long and my memories of course have become hazier and hazier by the week. I can’t remember much of the earlier episodes. I just remember them generally. That is why this is going to be one of the shortest blog for a long running series. I know I don’t want to waste my time putting up long winded summaries like I do for short animes because eventually I too can’t really remember if it happened. So I will just put up very briefly of what happened in each arc. Even if they seem long winded but they are considered brief, considering the amount of information and plot that this series has. There is of course the good ol’ Wikipedia and Wikia for decent and overflowing information if I ever wish to refresh or read up on what is going on or need to know about this series. There are lots of devoted fans out there so I’m sure they will do a better job in listing down the characters, episodes, images and other terms than this simpleton’s blog.

Basically as the title of the anime suggests, it is about this strongest magic guild in the fantasy world of Magnolia in Fiore, Fairy Tail. At first glance, many would see them as a rambunctious and noisy guild filled with magic users who only seem to drink, have fun or pick fights that causes massive destruction instead of doing proper jobs. A young celestial wizard becomes the newest member of this guild after running away from home, determined to lead an independent life of her own. Together with the guild members, they go on in lots of adventures, getting into trouble, save the world, kick villains’ butt and most important of all, build and strengthen bonds among themselves. I guess this is what makes them the strongest. Not their magic powers. They learn a thing or two about themselves, about others, about the world, help others, help those in need, etc. You get the picture. If you like big fantasy adventures with big action and some comedy, this is your cup of tea. But be prepared to stay up all night or days because you can’t finish this fairytale in just one bedtime story. You’re in for the long ride.

Lucy Heartfilia – Blonde 17 year old joins the guild after running away from home. She is a celestial wizard and is able to summon celestial spirits or open gates of the stars to aid her in battles or other tasks. It makes you wonder if all her Zodiac celestial spirits are some sort of a circus because they are absolutely weirdoes. Like Taurus is a perverted muscular bull, Virgo some S&M maid, Cancer a hairstylist with a pair of scissors, Aquarius has a freaking mean attitude and doesn’t like her dates interrupted and Sagittarius is some guy in a horse suit. Lucy doesn’t have all the Zodiac keys at first but she’ll obtain them all (or most of it) along the way. One of her celestial spirits is Plue. Yes. It’s that bug from Rave.

Natsu Dragneel – The fiery, hot-headed, reckless and carefree fire wizard who lets his fists do the talking. He is a first generation Dragon Slayer and his father is supposedly a dragon named Igneel. Apparently, dragons went missing several years ago and he is on a mission to find out what happened to them. Has motion sickness. Cannot ride in vehicles. Yes, any sort of vehicles. What kind of a hero has such an obvious weakness? Has a flying cat named Happy accompanying him almost everywhere. Fish loving Happy feels like a character that makes comical punch lines for comic relief. Natsu and Happy love crashing in at Lucy’s rented apartment. She has to pay rent. They don’t. Can’t blame her for blowing her top, can’t you?

Gray Fullbuster – Ice wizard who is always in conflict with Natsu. Always butting heads with each other and trying to best each other. They are like frenemies. Even though they dislike (not hate) each other’s guts, they still respect each other as guild members and will help out whenever the need arises. It’s more of a last resort. Eternal stripper and would strip down naked even without himself knowing it. I guess it comes natural.

Erza Scarlet – Nicknamed Titania and is the most powerful female wizard in the guild. Serious, no nonsense and strict (though, she too has a quirk or two) her main magic power is to summon and re-equip herself with all sorts of armour and swords that she keeps in a different dimension and space. If you ask me, though different armours and swords give different effects and powers, it makes her look like she is cosplaying. Yeah. Those armours look very much like cosplaying outfits. She is the one who keeps Natsu and Gray in line. If they don’t stop fighting, she’s going to whip their ass. You don’t want to mess with her. Seriously.

Makarov Dreyar – The current third master of the guild. This little old dude may seem like an old geezer but he deeply cares about his children (the guild members). Other current main members in this guild include Elfman Strauss (big guy who thinks anything is manly – even if you’re a woman), Mirajane (Elfman’s older sister who is a pin-up model and is the bartender and administrator of the guild – another woman you don’t want to mess and make mad. Serious. Take my word for it), Cana Alberona (drunkard who uses tarot cards), Levy McGarden (specializes in writing runes), Alzack Connell and Bisca Moulin (guns pair), Reedus Jonah (fat painter dude), Jet (fast dude), Droy (plant dude), Macao Conbolt (purple flare user), Wakaba Mine (smoke magic), Laki Olietta (wood magic), Nab Nasaro (Native American guy who never gets to picking up a job), Max Alors (sand user), Warren Rocko (telepathic user), Laxus (Makarov’s arrogant and electric wizard grandson) and Mystogan (nobody has really seen his face or know who he is).

Introduction Arc
* Lucy mistakes somebody else as Salamander (Natsu’s nickname) and ends up discovering this jerk’s plan to smuggle out young girls. The true Salamander saves the day and Lucy joins Fairy Tail.
* Lucy, Natsu and Happy take on a job to steal and then burn some book from a wealthy corrupted man. The book turns out to be an apology letter from his father for neglecting him.
* Erza recruits Natsu and Gray along with Lucy to stop the evil guild called Eisenwald led by the wind wizard, Erigor from using some flute that will kill anyone who hears it. His plan is to kill all the guild masters who are gathered for a meeting.

Galuna Island Arc
* S-Class missions are only reserved for S-Class wizards. Natsu isn’t and is desperate to take a mission to prove himself. Plus, the rewards are much higher. Lucy is dragged along. The people of the island are under some curse that is slowly turning them into monsters during moon light.
* Gray is supposed to bring them back but once he learns of the plot to unleash Deliora, a super powerful monster that his late teacher, Ul once sealed away using her life, he decides to join and end this before the monster is resurrected.
* Lyon Vastia and his subordinates, Sherry Blendy, Yuuka Suzuki and Toby Horhorta want to unleash Deliora because of the thinking that in order to surpass Ul, they must defeat this beast.
* Gray believes Ul is not dead. Flashback reveals when Deliora ravaged his town, he and Lyon became Ul’s disciple to learn ice magic to defeat the beast (I guess this is where his stripping habits come from too). However Deliora’s return and more powerful than ever means that Ul had to use her ultimate magic to seal the beast. Iced Shell has her body transformed into a giant ice block to seal in Deliora. So if Lyon melts the ice away with the moon light, he is like killing Ul.
* Lyon knows this and despite so is still bent on resurrecting Deliora. The monster is resurrected but soon dies because for the entire time it was encased in Iced Shell, Ul was zapping its life force away. Thank goodness it was a short-lived freedom.
* As for the islanders, they weren’t under a curse to begin with. They were actually monsters themselves and due to the moon light ritual Lyon was doing, it caused them to turn human and altered their memories. The heroes destroy an invisible membrane hovering over the island to restore everything back to normal. Lyon and his subordinates repent their ways and promise to turn over a new leaf.
* Filler episodes: Due to a strange book, the Fairy Tail members begin swapping each other’s bodies. It’s one helluva messy swap… Lucy learns how Natsu befriended Happy (the cat was born out of an egg?) and Natsu’s childhood friend, Lisanna (youngest sister of Mirajane and Elfman). What happened to her? She died. Oh…

Phantom Lord Arc
* Fairy Tail can’t be the only guild in town, right? Phantom Lord is another rival guild and it seems they have a bone to pick with Fairy Tail. When Phantom Lord’s guild master, Jose Porla attacks and destroys part of Fairy Tail’s headquarters, Makarov didn’t retaliate and feign ignorance. But when Levy is attacked and Lucy kidnapped, that is the last straw and Makarov declares all-out war against Phantom Lord for hurting his children.
* The reason Phantom Lord kidnaps Lucy is because they are being hired by Lucy’s father, Jude to get her back after the daughter of a rich family ran away. Natsu rescued her from her locked tower.
* Phantom Lord brings and fires some super magical power cannon at Fairy Tail’s base.
* Fairy Tail vs Element 4: Natsu vs Totomaru; Gray vs Juvia Loxar; Elfman vs Sol; Erza vs Aria. As expected, our heroes beat their enemies in the end.
* Phantom Lord has a resident Dragon Slayer too: Gajeel Redfox and his metal dragon is Metallica (who also went missing years ago). Natsu and Gajeel butt heads together with Lucy helping Natsu to overturn his misfortune of having no fire to eat and power by summoning Sagittarius.
* Fairy Law: A very powerful spell that purifies all evil. Jose became ‘victim’ to it when Makarov unleashes this spell on him. Battle over. Fairy Tail won.
* Phantom Lord is disbanded by the Magic Council.
* Lucy returns home to confront her father to reject him straight that she doesn’t want to inherit his vast wealth because she considers Fairy Tail her true home.
* Loke, one of the members of Fairy Tale is actually the Zodiac celestial spirit Leo. He was banished from the spirit realm for accidentally causing the death of his cruel master 3 years ago by preventing her summoning magic in order to avoid her bullying another celestial spirit Aries. Spending too much time away from the spirit realm will cause him to fade and die so Lucy faces and challenges the Celestial Spirit King on Loke’s contract and makes a new one with him, allowing him to return to the spirit realm and live.

Tower of Heaven Arc
* While on vacation, Erza remembers her horrifying past whereby she was a child slave to build a towering Tower of Heaven. She is soon kidnapped by her other friends who help build the tower as they view her as a traitor. Sho, Simon, Millianna and Wally bring her to Jellal Fernandez, a twin brother of Siegrain of the Magic Council. He is bent on completing this R-System.
* What I remember was that this tower is able to bring back life to the dead. And they intend to resurrect (thus the R-system) the darkest wizard ever in history, Zeref. When Erza was young, she tried to escape but was captured and tortured. Jellal who was a fellow child prisoner rescued her and was also captured. Erza led a rebellion to save him but Jellal had been brainwashed by Ultear Milkovich who thought he was Zeref. Brainwashed Jellal managed to persuade Erza to flee the tower while he stayed behind with the other slaves to complete it.
* Now, Erza’s friends plan to make her a living sacrifice in order to complete the tower.
* Fairy Tail vs Trinity Raven: Gray vs Fukurou (owl head); Erza vs Ikaruga (samurai girl); Lucy and Juvia vs Vivaldus Taka (heavy metal dude).
* Siegrain = Jellal. He tricks the Magic Council into firing a powerful magic spell, Etherion to destroy the tower. As the tower is laced with lacrima crystals inside, inside of leaving nothing but dust, it causes the tower to turn into a giant lacrima form and absorb all the energy around. Now it needs a sacrifice for a second activation to resurrect Zeref. Someone with equivalent powers. That’s where Erza comes in. But Natsu won’t have it his way and they fight.
* Jellal is dismayed over the massive destruction Natsu caused and makes himself a sacrifice by fusing with the tower. He tries to kill them both but Simon saves them and got killed. Natsu becomes furious in seeing Erza breaking down over her friend’s lifeless body. He eats the lacrima to defeat Jellal once and for all. Now that the tower is becoming unstable, Erza fuses herself with it to control it and save Natsu.
* Erza offers her friends to join Fairy Tail but they decline as they wish to see the world more.
* Fairy Tail’s main guild is now bigger than ever after renovations and restoration.
* Gajeel and Juvia officially join Fairy Tail. Juvia falls head over heels for Gray ever since he defeated her in their match. She considers Lucy as her rival for Gray’s affection though this is a misconception on her part.

Battle of Fairy Tail Arc
* Laxus decides to take over the guild by force. While celebrating the annual harvest festival, Laxus and his Raijinshuu consisting of Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow put their plan in motion by turning some of the guild members into stone. To save them, all the other guild members are forced to face off with each other in a battle royale. Makarov, Natsu and Gajeel are the only ones stuck inside the barrier with the ladies while the rest duke it out.
* Laxus has surrounded the entire city with his Thunder Palace. Attack them and you receive enough bolts to shock your system. One is enough to kill you if you’re not that strong.
* Fairy Tail vs Raijinshuu: Lucy and Loke vs Bickslow; Erza vs Evergreen; Mirajane vs Freed.
* Mystogan confronts Laxus at the cathedral in a showdown of the most powerful wizards in Fairy Tail. The truth of Mystogan’s identity is revealed… Jellal?! He looks like him but he’s not. Thus he can’t continue with this battle anymore and leaves it to Erza.
* Erza leaves it to Natsu to fight Laxus as she goes off to help take out Thunder Palace with everyone else who are still able. Lucy’s heartfelt speech must have given them the motivation to get zapped. At least nobody died when the Thunder Palace has been all taken out.
* Natsu with Gajeel’s aid (they refuse to acknowledge they’re cooperating to fight) battle Laxus who considers himself a second generation Dragon Slayer. Laxus becomes impatient and invokes Fairy Law to destroy everything but the spell is rendered useless because it does not recognize anything that is deemed an enemy. Plus, deep down in Laxus’ heart, he did not see his guild mates as foes too.
* Even if Laxus admits defeat and repents his ways (sort of), as punishment he is expelled from the guild. But everyone gives him a send-off by showing that finger gesture. No, not the middle one. The one where you make your hand like a gun with your palm facing you and point your index finger to the sky.
* Filler episodes: A reporter from the magazine Weekly Sorcerer, Jason (“COOOOOOLLLLL!!!”) interviews the Fairy Tail members (leaving out only Lucy; Gajeel’s shooby doo bop sucks…); Juvia tries to use a love potion on Gray but it backfires because everyone else drinks it and falls in love with the first thing they see – ultimate love panic!; Jude is now broke and even seeking Lucy for some money. She refuses to help him in any sort as she still harbours bitter feelings from then. But when she hears the merchant guild he is supposed to work at is being robbed, Lucy goes all out to save him only to find he isn’t around. Apparently he arrived late because he had no money for transport. Even if she hasn’t forgiven him or doesn’t admit it, Jude can still feel his daughter’s love.

Alliance/Oracion Seis Arc
* All the dark guilds in this world fall under the Baram Alliance that consists of 3 dark guilds. One of them is Oracion Seis and they have only 6 members: Brain (leader), Midnight (Brain’s ‘son’), Cobra (has very good hearing and a giant flying snake, Cubellios), Racer (speed and anything to do with it like his name) Angel (celestial wizard) and Hot Eye (money makes the world go round, desu ne?).
* To take down Oracion Seis, Fairy Tail and several other magic guilds form an alliance. They are Blue Pegasus which consists of Ichiya Vandaley Kotobuki (does this parfum guy have some sort of past relationship with Erza?) and his other ladies men Eve Tearm, Hibiki Lates and Ren Akatsuki; Lamia Scale includes Jura Neekis (one of the Ten Wizard Saints), Lyon and Sherry (looks like they both have joined a guild). Cait Shelter oddly only consists of a young girl Wendy Marvell and her cat Carla (pronounced Sharuru and officially spelled as Charles but I guess Carla would seem more feminine – NB: Happy’s one-sided love for her…). Wendy is believed to be a Dragon Slayer of the sky (and her missing dragon is Grandine). From Fairy Tail’s side will be the usual quartet of Natsu, Gray, Erza and Lucy.
* Oracion Seis plans to unleash a powerful magic spell called Nirvana.
* Oracion Seis attacks the alliance first, wiping out many of its members. Brain kidnaps Wendy and forces her to use her healing properties to revive… Jellal!
* Gray fights Racer and along with Lyon and Sherry’s help, they defeat the first Oracion Seis member. Brain sensing his defeat awakes Midnight from his slumber. Nirvana begins activating.
* Lucy faces off with Angel and with a little help from Hibiki, another Oracion Seis member goes down and Lucy obtains her Gemini keys.
* When Erza comes into contact with Jellal, that guy is amnesiac. He seems like a different person. Like as though he has turned over a new leaf. He feels guilty for the pain he has caused her and self destructs himself. Thankfully Erza convinces him to live and repent his ways. He agrees to help them stop Nirvana.

* Nirvana has gone into its second stage. It turns into a huge lost city. With legs. And it is on its way to destroy the Cait Shelter guild. As far as I remember, this guild was the one who created Nirvana 400 years ago. It was supposed to protect their tribe but was the same reason that caused their downfall.
* Natsu engages with Cobra in an aerial battle. Cobra can predict his moves because he can hear his thoughts. He is defeated when Natsu fights using his instinct. Don’t think. Just do it!
* Hot Eye was fighting Jura when Nirvana’s first stage was activated. This caused Hot Eye’s personality to change (guess what? He is looking for his brother Wally) and he defects from Oracion Seis. Midnight fights and defeats him. At the same time, Jura also fights Brain and easily prevails over him. This sets the revelation of the 7th member, Klodoa, Brain’s talking stick. I’m not sure if the stick is easier to beat up but Klodoa reveals that they are targeting Cait Shelter first because it is the only guild that can seal Nirvana.
* Erza and Jellal are being confronted with Midnight. Though Jellal got owned, Erza’s determination assured her victory.
* Seems Brain isn’t really out yet. With all the Oracion Seis members defeated, his other dark personality called Zero gets activated. He doesn’t break into a sweat beating Natsu and the gang but lets them live because he places priority in destroying Cait Shelter.
* Nirvana’s firing misses Cait Shelter because thanks to Blue Pegasus’ flying Christina ship that destroyed one of its legs in the nick of time. However to fully put it out of commission, all 6 legs must be destroyed at the same time. Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Wendy and Jellal station at a leg each and await the right time to destroy it. But Natsu must defeat Zero first who is stationed at this leg spot. We all know how this will turn up in the end, don’t we? Zero defeated. Nirvana destroyed. The day is saved.
* In the aftermath, Lahar the captain of the Custody Enforcement Unit from the Magic Council arrests Jellal and the latter does not resist.
* Cait Shelter is revealed to never have existed. It’s some sort of a ghost guild. Wendy was found by a young boy that looks like Jellal during his journey and put into care of this guild for her sake. Nirvana’s destruction means the guild has no longer a reason to exist and vanish.
* Wendy and Carla officially join Fairy Tail.

Daphne Arc
* This is actually filler episodes. Natsu finds out rumours about a woman named Daphne who has met dragons. However it is a trap and to make matters worse, Gray is on her side. Daphne uses Natsu’s power as source to power her Dragonoid which is on its way to destroy Magnolia. The other Fairy Tail members fight and destroy it after they learn the reason Gray helped her out was so that she could capture Natsu and help destroy Dragonoid from within (via overloading it with power) and lift a curse that caused the inhabitants of a town to turn invisible.
* Natsu and Happy uproot and ‘steal’ a rainbow sakura tree for sick Lucy to view since she can’t attend the flower viewing.
* Wendy’s first big job involves working in a theatre troupe.
* Fairy Tail engages in their annual 24 hour endurance marathon. Makarov makes the one who finish last to dress up as a girl! And their photo will be published in Weekly Sorcerer! Better get your asses moving. It’s the case of the Tortoise and the Bunny for Jet and when he realizes he is at the back of the pack after oversleeping, he makes a dash only to find that Happy has already won the race followed by Wendy and Carla. The final spurt has other Fairy Tail members crossing the lines and the only ones left behind are Jet, Natsu, Gajeel and Gray. They fumble and try to outdo each other to avoid being last but since they crossed the line together, all of them are considered finishing in last place! Time to put on those girly outfits! NO WAY, MAN!!!

Edolas Arc
* The least favourite arc of mine starts off with one of the most powerful Fairy Tail members has returned after a long mission journey: Gildarts. Everybody is wary of his return because he has crash magic. Anything he crashes into goes boom. Dangerous.
* Mystogan was the young boy whom Wendy met and saved. Seems he has been going around plugging up holes in the dimension called Anima. It is a powerful magic that will destroy Magnolia. He feels he can’t stop it now. And before you know it, a bright light booms down on Fairy Tail’s guild and everything and everyone goes missing. The only ones left behind are Natsu, Happy, Wendy and Carla but they are soon transported to Edolas by Mystogan (something about them being Dragon Slayers so they’re immune to Anima’s effect).
* Apparently there are 2 sets of worlds in this universe. Earthland (as we know where Magnolia and everything else we seen happened so far) and Edolas. The other world where Happy and Carla supposedly came from. Cats called Exceeds rule over humans and every human in Earthland has a doppelganger in Edolas. Although they have a total opposite personality. Who would have thought Natsu is such a chicken but drives a cool and mean machine? Who would have thought Lucy is a badass leader of the guild? What about Gray who loves putting on more clothes and totally digs Juvia who doesn’t care about his affection and loves to walk around scantily? Yeah. Wendy is all grown-up and busty.
* So the quartet wander about in Edolas to rescue their friends when they bump into their Edolas version of Fairy Tail. Almost everyone in Fairy Tail as said has an exact opposite except one: Erza. Erza Knightwalker to be exact. In Edolas, she leads the Royal Army Captain and is known as Fairy Hunter because of her persistence in hunting down the rogue guild of Fairy Tail (which is always on the run).
* You see, unlike Earthland, Edolas is magic deficient. You can’t use it as many times or any time you please as magic can’t be stored in one’s body. However magic can be stored in the form of magic crystals called lacrima. That is what happened to Earthland’s Fairy Tail guild. One member is enough to materialize a huge lacrima. Enough to send the people salivating. That’s how powerful and sacred magic is.
* Carla thought her memories of this place are coming back and leads the rest to rescue their friends because the ‘map’ of the place starts popping up in her head. Till they walk in a trap that has her human friends captured. It is actually clairvoyance on her part though Carla is stunned that she unknowingly caused her friends to be captured while Knightwalker praises her in capturing their enemies.

* Carla and Happy are brought back to Extalia, home of the Exceeds and meet Queen Shaggot and her right hand men (cats rather), Nichiya (Ichiya look-a-like?) and Nadi (can’t stop punching upwards in the air, can’t he?). They learn why they have been sent to Earthland since birth: To destroy Dragon Slayers. There were hundreds of Exceed eggs dropped to Earthland 6 years ago just for this mission. I don’t remember about the part how they decided to change that to bring the Dragon Slayers here so that they could use their magic.
* Gajeel is a lucky Fair Tail not to be crystallized in lacrima. So he and his Edo counterpart (a reporter?) decide to crash a lacrima viewing exhibition and set free their friends. Erza and Gray are freed.
* Faust is the king of Edolas and you can tell by his face that he is power crazy. Make that magic crazy too. He has been planning for a while to destroy Exceeds once and for all and finally fires his ETD (Exceed Total Destruction) Cannon that turns Exceeds into lacrima. He also plans to use the lacrima from Earthland’s Fairy Tail to power his Dragon Chain Cannon to destroy them so that magic could forever rain down on Edolas. No more worries if you’re short of magic, huh?
* Gajeel’s attempt to save more of his friends is thwarted by another Royal Army Captain, Panther Lily (the only Exceed in Faust’s army). Natsu, Gray and Lucy fight off other Royal Army Captains that include Sugarboy (goofy gay?), Hughes (“Amazing” guy) and Byro (old fart).
* Coco, the young girl working as a messenger for the Royal Army decides to disobey Faust and defect when she realizes his act would harm her best friend Lily. She steals the key supposedly to activate Dragon Chain Cannon and is subsequently destroyed by Gray.

* Erza impersonates as Knightwalker to present Natsu and Gray as hostage to Faust and to disarm the Dragon Chain Cannon. Till the real Knightwalker appears. So much for Plan A.
* Shaggot’s divinity status was a lie cooked up by their Elders to shield Exceeds from humans.
* Mystogan finally arrives in Edolas after sealing Anima and is actually Edolas’ Prince Jellal. He is the one who saved abandoned Lily and brought him in.
* Erza faces off with Knightwalker while Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy cooperate to fight Faust in his Droma Anim. Dragon Slayers vs mechanical dragon? You know the fights will end. I know how it will.
* Mystogan plans to make himself a villain and turn Lily into a hero by sacrificing himself so that the people can be given renewed hope via a hero. Lily can’t do that to his saviour but Mystogan won’t budge. Then comes Natsu acting as a rowdy villain to fight Mystogan and turn him into a hero. This is his way of bidding farewell to Mystogan from Fairy Tail. Earthland Fairy Tail are teleported back to their original world with the Exceeds tagging along (Extalia got destroyed). Mystogan stays behind and rebuilds Edolas as their new prince. Mystogan exiles Faust while the Royal Army Captains are ‘punished’ into helping the citizens to rebuild Edolas.
* Back in Earthland, Shaggot leads the other Exceeds to find the other eggs. Lily officially becomes a Fairy Tail member in place of Mystogan and becomes Gajeel’s pet cat. Sort of. Hey, Natsu has one, Wendy has one, so why can’t this Dragon Slayer have his own too?
* An Edolas inhabitant seemed to have stowed away with Fairy Tail back to Earthland: Lisanna. Isn’t she the Edolas’ version? Well, no. She is Earthland’s. Confused? When Elfman went berserk with his powers and failed to save her, she was believed to have died but mysteriously vanished into thin air. I take that as she got transported to Edolas. The one in Edolas died for real so the Edolas Fairy Tail took her in. Now that her own Fairy Tail has come, it’s time to head home. And so Fairy Tail regains another member.

S-Class Promotion Exam/Tenroujima Arc
* It’s that time of year again whereby a Fairy Tail member will have a chance to be promoted to S-Class rank and take on S-Class jobs (and earn higher rewards of course). Makarov has chosen 8 finalists for this exam that is to be held at their very own sacred island called Tenroujima. They are Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Freed, Levy, Juvia, Cana and Mest. Mest who? Another mysteriously dude who claims he is a disciple of Mystogan. No wonder nobody can remember who he is. Or could they? Each finalist are to engage a partner that will help them in achieving the S-Class status. They are Happy, Loke, Evergreen, Bickslow, Gajeel, Lisanna, Lucy and Wendy respectively.
* For the first round, teams need to pick a route. Of the 8 possible routes, 3 of them will have an S-Class wizard stationed there (Erza, Gildarts and Mirajane). The other 4 routes will have 2 of them converging and only the winners will pass. The final route is a free route in which there is no obstacle and it’s like a free walk over to the next round.
* Those who end up fighting S-Class Wizards are Natsu-Happy vs Gildarts, Juvia-Lisanna vs Erza and Elfman-Evergreen vs Mirajane. Natsu became overwhelmed with Gildarts power and as reluctant as he may, he admits defeat in which Gildarts passes him. Sometimes admitting once weakness and knowing when to withdraw is a strong point. Juvia and Lisanna couldn’t overcome Erza’s might while Elfman manages to defeat Mirajane with a big lie that he and Evergreen are engaged.
* Gray-Loke ends up fighting Mest-Wendy in which victory goes to the former. Picking on a little girl, aren’t they? The other match has Freed-Bickslow against Cana-Lucy in which the latter emerges victorious. That means the only other pair left, Levy-Gajeel got the safe route. Boring, isn’t it? At least for Gajeel.
* Carla and Lily head to Tenroujima to investigate as they suspect Mest isn’t really a Fairy Tail member. Suspiciously enough, Mest persuades Wendy to search for something on this island.
* For the second round, the winning teams must find the grave of Fairy Tail’s founder, Mavis Vermillion.

Grimoire Heart Assault Arc
* While searching for the grave, Elfman-Evergreen and Natsu-Happy come into contact with a young man supposedly known as Zeref. It seems anything he touches turns into death and anything. Or at least his death aura randomly starts shooting out death waves. Not that he has control over it. Not that he wants to kill. Natsu could’ve been dead but his scarf saved him.
* At the same time, Hades the leader of Grimoire Heart orders his generals known as Seven Kin of Purgatory that include Ultear, Meldy, Zancrow, Rusty Rose, Caprico and Hikaru Kain to launch an assault on Tenroujima. Their goal is to find Zeref and resurrect him for their ideal World of Great Magic. A place where only wizards with magic thrive and those without (like ordinary humans) will perish.
* Mest is revealed to be a member of the Magic Council under Lahar. His real name is Dranbalt and is tasked with infiltrating Fairy Tail to find evidence to disband them.
* The exam is put on hold since Grimoire Heart has launched an assault. One of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, Azuma who has infiltrated the island earlier, destroys Mest’s reinforcement ships. Makarov uses Fairy Law to repel Grimoire Heart but Hades uses Grimoire Law to counter it and injures Makarov. Hades is revealed to be Purehito, Fairy Tails’ second master and Makarov’s predecessor.
* Each of the Seven Kin of Purgatory practises Lost Magic abilities. Natsu fights Zancrow in the battle of Dragon Slayer vs God Slayer. Yellow flames vs black flames. Clearly Zancrow’s powers are too much for Natsu to handle but he improvises by eating both their flames for a new power up.
* Lucy, Cana, Gray and Loke fight Caprico who is supposedly one of the Zodiac celestial spirits gone rogue. Caprico turns out to be a human fusing himself with the Zodiac celestial spirit Capricorn. When he was tricked into possessing Loke, he got destroyed instead and frees Capricorn.
* Mirajane and Lisanna go up against Azuma. Mirajane sacrifices herself to save Lisanna (though she very much lives but is heavily injured).
* Elfman and Evergreen vs Rusty Rose and lost to the latter’s Arc of Embodiment power.

* Lucy deciphers where Mavis’ grave is so Cana knocks her out to take the spoils for herself (she’s desperate to promote into S-Class after year after year of failing). She is revealed to be Gildarts’ daughter whom he is unaware of. She takes a super power called Fairy Glitter from Mavis’ grave.
* The comical team of Natsu and Lucy fight against Hikaru in a comical bout. Natsu and Happy use Hikaru’s voodoo doll and turn Lucy into a human fireball to defeat Hikaru!
* Juvia vs Meldy. The latter wants to kill Gray because she believes he hurt her saviour Ultear. Juvia is determined not to let that happen to her beloved and fights her despite their senses being linked to each other (Meldy, Juvia and Gray could feel each other’s feelings and pain). Though Juvia wins, she prevents Meldy from committing suicide for her failure.
* Ultear finds Zeref and captures him.
* Gray encounters Ultear. Guess what? Ul was Ultear’s mother. He knows she was spouting crap when she tells him he is his ally and it was Ultear’s wish to resurrect Zeref. Ultear was abandoned to a magic facility to be experimented on. When she escaped, she was devastated to find Ul taking Gray and Lyon under her wing. She became enraged and this led to her becoming a follower under Hades. So it’s revenge she wants? When Gray defeats her, she is able to see Ul’s memories (I guess when Deliora’s ice melted, it went into the sea – technically you can view her memories from anywhere in the world, right?). Ultear realizes Ul did love her after all.
* Azuma plans to destroy the great big tree in the middle of Tenroujima because it contains the power that protects all those with the Fairy Tail mark. It’s no wonder why our Fairy Tail guys survive even in the most dangerous of situations. He is absorbing the tree’s magic, thus rendering the Fairy Tail members on the island weak. He absorbs all Fairy Tail members’ power except Erza, leaving her to play the role of the heroine who must defeat him to save her friends. She draws enough power after hearing Jellal’s voice to bet him.
* Gildarts vs Bluenote Stinger. Grimoire Heart’s second in command moves out when Seven Kin of Purgatory starts falling. Initially Bluenote came into Cana but she’s not match for him till Gildarts show up. After Erza’s victory over Azuma that returned the powers to her comrades, Gildarts defeats Bluenote.
* Likewise, Rusty Rose is fighting against Freed, Bickslow, Levy, Lisanna and Lily. Again, Erza’s victory was the turning point in assuring Fairy Tail’s victory.
* Zeref was handed over the Meldy before Ultear had her bout with Gray. Juvia chased her. They bump into Zancrow who reveals Ultear was the culprit who destroyed Meldy’s home. Zeref awakens and his death wave kills Zancrow.

* Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy, Carla and Lily board Grimoire Heart’s ship to fight Hades but they can’t even ruffle his hair. To their surprise, Laxus returns to fight Hades as revenge for Makarov. It is because he is not part of Fairy Tail that he is free to do as he wishes. Hades is so powerful that Laxus himself can’t defeat this old guy. It took the cooperation of Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Wendy to bring down this geezer. Even that, it is thanks to the Exceeds who were stumbling around for Hades’ power source and destroyed his mechanical heart.
* Grimoire Heart is left defeated and to Hades’ surprise, Zeref is on board the ship. He dismisses their goal of achieving such a world because it’s just fairytale cooked up by his followers. Their efforts to revive him were futile because he was never ‘asleep’. Accusing them of awakening Acnologia, he destroys the ship and kills Hades along with Hikaru and Rusty Rose.
* Ultear after resurrecting Tenroujima’s big tree, tries to kill herself to atone for her sins only to be stopped by Meldy who forgives her.
* Makarov postpones the S-Class Promotion Exam while Gildarts learn about Cana.
* Just as Fairy Tail thought they could breathe a sigh of relief, here comes the mother of all problems. Acnologia the black dragon is supposedly the most powerful, destructive and fearsome dragon attacks Fairy Tail. Makarov wanted to fend off Acnologia to let his children get away but they’re not leaving their gramps behind. Eventually Acnologia was too powerful and wipes out everybody and the island. OMG. Fairy Tail gone for good? I thought everyone holding hands in a circle trying to put on some defensive barrier spell felt a little gay…

X791 Arc
* Yup. Seven long years have passed since Fairy Tail members who have left for Tenroujima had returned. Romeo, the son of Macao never stopped believing they will return one day. Oh, he looks like a mini Natsu.
* Fairy Tail now is in shambles. No more the strongest guild as before. Many members have left leaving a skeleton staff. Those who stayed behind have aged. Macao has assumed the role of Fairy Tail’s fourth guild master while Wakaba as his assistant. Man, they really look so old. Must be all the worrying throughout the years. Jet looks hagged, Droy and Reedus swap body size with Droy the fatty and Reedus the slim one. Nab has a stomach and is still unable to get a job (I guess the only part of him that didn’t change). Alzack and Bisca are married and have a daughter named Asuka.
* Fairy Tail is at the mercy of being bullied by another guild called Twilight Ogre who is harassing them for the debts they owe. Suddenly they get their butts kicked by Natsu! OMG! Is that Natsu for real?! He and the rest of the gang are back?! But how?
* Apparently when Acnologia attacked and disappeared on that day, Mavis protected them. I don’t know why it took 7 years for them to unfreeze. Just like returning from a long vacation, isn’t it? With the strongest members back in town, Twilight Ogre can’t be bossy anymore. Or else… I’m sure they would prefer to talk things out than risk fighting, eh?
* There are so many changes within the span of 7 years that just went by so you could imagine how shocked Lucy was when she discovered her father’s demise recently. So where has all the hate gone to now? For each year passed, he left a present in her rented home. Now do you realize how much your father loves you? Too bad she had to realize that when he’s gone.
* Lamia Scale throws a welcome party for Fairy Tail. Lyon falls in love with Juvia. The feeling is not mutual for her. Like how Gray’s is for her…
* Filler episodes: Natsu and Lucy take on a job to capture some escape convict who plans to gatecrash a ball a wealthy count holds to find a husband for his daughter. Guess what? They’re in love with each other. Just to prove himself that he truly loves her, he must turn himself in, in which he does; Lucy turned herself invisible and though this may seem cheeky at first, it becomes serious when the effect also has people’s memories of her starting to disappear! Thankfully everyone manages to recall her and bring her back to existence; Remember those annoying butt shaking petty criminals from Rave? They’re back here! Natsu, Lucy and Wendy are guarding a train carrying gold. The Jiggle Butt Gang plans to steal it but after getting rid of Natsu and Lucy, all that is left is Wendy. They want to recruit her for their nefarious ways (because of her Dragon Slayer power) and though she disagrees, she plays along with them and tries to talk and make them turn over a new leaf. Does she really have to wear those tight suits too? Anyway the idiotic trio got what they deserved and a taste of Natsu’s fiery punch.

Key of the Starry Sky Arc
* Although this is considered a filler arc, I find this the most confusing one as I am unable to follow most of the story and plot.
* It all begins when a girl named Michelle Lobster arrives at their doorstep claiming to be a distant relative of Lucy. In her hands is a large clock hand supposedly a memento left behind by Jude. Lucy is determined to find out what was it that her father left behind for her.
* Edolas’ Royal Army counterparts pay their visit to Fairy Tail: Mary Hughes (who is a woman), Sugarboy (loves anything spicy) and Coco (sprinter girl) from Legion Corps demand the guild hand over Lucy from them.
* Of course the close knit Fairy Tail guys aren’t going to just say yes and to let the real Lucy and Michelle escape, all the girls impersonate as Lucy since Legion doesn’t know how the real one looks like. Eventually Hughes takes the clock hand from her and Legion retreats.
* Byro (a much more menacing figure than his Edolas’ counterpart) is the leader of Legion and under the orders of Zentopia’s Archbishop to retrieve parts of the legendary clock. He rides a giant octopus.
* Lucy and co head back to the former’s mansion to find out more clues about the clock and stumble upon a children’s picture book called Key of the Starry Sky by Will Neville in which this legendary clock may be based on. They are attack by a couple of Legion members, Samuel (an Exceed who always thinks his calculations are right) and Dan Straight (knight in no-so-shining armour who falls in love at first sight at any pretty woman he sees. That’s Lucy). Natsu is shrunk into a mini version.
* Fairy Tail goes in search for part of the missing clock in hopes they can do so before Legion. They split into several groups and use the clues in the book for their search.
* Natsu, Happy, Romeo, Lucy and Michelle meet a group of archaeologists on their way before falling into a labyrinth in the middle of a dessert. They face off with Dan and Coco.
* Lyon joins Gray and Juvia upon hearing their mission (I guess he wants to impress Juvia). Gray fights Sugarboy in another parallel dimension for the clock part.
* Gajeel, Lily and Levy are searching for the parts in the mountains only to encounter Samuel.
* Erza, Wendy and Carla are at an old library. Their foes are the annoying Jiggle Butt Gang. Fart power?
* Mirajane and Lisanna uncover a clock part underwater. They encounter some resistance from Hughes.

* Natsu fights Byro and finds Legion’s motive of gathering the clock parts to prevent the resurrection of Infinity Clock suspicious. Byro’s ability nullifies all magic so Natsu has a hard time burning him.
* Other Fairy Tail members show up in the labyrinth with their clock parts they gathered. Coco betrays Legion after finding Fairy Tail’s friendship touching.
* However appearing in the midst of it all is Oracion Seis. They’re back. Led by Midnight who now calls himself Brain II, the rest of the members include old ones like Angel, Cobra and Racer and new ones such as Grim Reaper (Erigor’s new name. Now bald and amnesiac) and Jackpot (giant teddy bear with slots on his stomach?). It is all part of their plan to make them gather the clock parts because when they are close enough, Infinity Clock will assemble by itself. The reborn Oracion Seis has powered up a lot (each sacrificed something important to gain such powers) and attacks Fairy Tail and Legion. If not for Blue Pegasus saving their ass, they could have been done for. Oracion Seis disappears with the clock parts. Lucy realizes that Jude gave her the clock part to prevent it from being assembled. Too late, huh? If he had only made it clearer in his writing. Since they’re now into this mess, I guess they’ve got to clean it up and stop Oracion Seis from whatever plans they have with Infinity Clock.
* Coco has been imprisoned so Cardinal Rapowant adds convict Gattman Kubrick (strange block head he’s got) to the team as replacement.
* Gildarts and Laki continue their investigation which brings them to a place filled with artificial priests and nuns. They find a comatose body of what they believed is supposed to be the real Michelle.
* Because Oracion Seis has been going around destroying churches as part of their plan to resurrect Infinity Clock, Fairy Tail splits up into groups based on Cana’s divination to protect churches that aren’t assaulted yet.
* Lahar convinces Dranbalt out of retirement to help him investigate current matters. Dranbalt is still suffering from depression over his guilt on what happened to Fairy Tail at Tenroujima 7 years ago. He still hasn’t gotten over it?
* Natsu-Elfman-Lucy-Michelle vs Byro vs Jackpot; Wendy-Bickslow vs Grim Reaper; Happy-Carla-Lily vs Samuel; Gajeel-Juvia vs Hughes-Gattman; Gray-Freed vs Angel; Erza-Evergreen-Max vs Cobra.
* Lahar and Dranbalt’s investigation lead them to a girl, Katja who is one of the many celestial wizards who are descendants of Will Neville and must protect some organic link that serves as a seal on the Infinity Clock. Till Racer shows up and uses Anti-Link to disable that link. Though this causes her to lose her magic powers, on the bright side she doesn’t have to live with the ‘curse’ for the rest of her life.
* When all of Will Neville’s descendants’ link have been severed and thus lifting the seal, Midnight who is at Will Neville’s coffin destroys it to make Infinity Clock turn into its true form: A giant bony fish? Alzack and Bisca can do nothing much to stop him.

* Jackpot is revealed to be Klodoa hiding inside that oversized teddy bear suit. But he is not actually the sixth member of Oracion Seis. Guess who is the sixth member? I’m sure Michelle’s actions have been suspicious lately. Jenjejeng… Michelle! Or rather, Imitatia. Plant woman… Imitatia orders Byro to take Lucy. He can’t refuse since she has the seal of the Archbishop which he must obey faithfully.
* Lucy is pinned to a device in Infinity Clock to activate Real Nightmare as a celestial wizard is needed to control it. When it is fully activated, it will cause everyone to lose their state of time.
* Natsu is imprisoned in the cathedral but breaks free with the comical help of Jiggle Butt Gang. He also frees Coco.
* Ichiya offers some of the Fairy Tail members to fly up in his Christina to infiltrate the flying cathedral.
* Rapowant as you may have guessed a long time ago is the sneaky villain behind everything from controlling the Archbishop to the activation of Infinity Clock. Too bad he turns out to be another puppet created by Midnight using Zero’s hair.
* Mirajane vs Racer; Ichiya vs the octopus; Natsu-Coco vs Gattman but interrupted when remorseful Hughes comes to the former’s aid; Erza vs Cobra; Gray-Dan vs Angel; Gajeel vs Midnight; Gildarts vs Byro; Coco vs Samuel (the latter wants to assassinate Lucy but changed his mind after a fist bout with Lily); Natsu-Elfman-Romeo vs Imitatia.
* Lucy is in danger of being absorbed and fused with the Infinity Clock. The Archbishop wakes up to his senses and informs of a way to end this by destroying the many chains the flying fish is linking itself to the ground. Every able bodied of Fairy Tail and Legion cooperate to destroy those chains.
* When Imitatia realizes she has been tricked by Midnight (she wanted to be with Lucy forever but got the raw end of the deal because once Lucy is fused with Infinity Clock, everyone’s memories will be erased – that’s like being with her forever, right?), she regrets all that she has done and frantically tries to undo the process. Imitatia is revealed to be Lucy’s doll. As the only child in the family, Lucy treated it like her ‘sister’, the reason why Michelle kept referring to Lucy as her big sister.
* Natsu defeats Midnight since the latter couldn’t control Infinity Clock entirely by himself (other Oracion Seis members have been defeated by now). Lucy is floating aimlessly inside the clock as she remembers memories with Michelle. She hears her friends calling her and with the help of a celestial spirit, she breaks out from the clock. This causes the Infinity Clock to break up and scatter while returning all those descendants affected by Anti-Link to return to their normal states. Lucy is happily reunited with her mates once more.
* In the aftermath, Legion is ordered by the Archbishop to retrieve those clock parts and seal them for good. They make amends with Fairy Tail one last time before leaving on a long journey.

Grand Magic Games Arc
* The most interesting arc in my books as it pits different guilds together but…
* Makarov shows Gildarts an underground secret of Fairy Tail called Lumen Histoire because Gildarts will be the next guild master for Fairy Tail. However Gildarts doesn’t really want to become the next master yet and reappoints Makarov as the next master before heading off on a solo journey to who knows where. Sneaky… He also wants Makarov to reinstate Laxus back into Fairy Tail.
* Due to the missing 7 years, Fairy Tail has fallen from being Fiore’s strongest guild. That honour now goes to Sabretooth. Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney are both third generation Dragon Slayers and once looked up to Natsu and Gajeel. They both have an Exceed each, the arrogant Lectar and the retard Frosch.
* Every year, there is this Grand Magic Games held in Fiore’s capital, Crocus to determine the ranks of the guilds. For 6 consecutive years, Fairy Tail has always finished last, turning them into laughing stocks and for those (weaker) members who stayed put, it became such an embarrassing event to forget. Despite their desire not to compete this year, Natsu and the rest want a piece of this action. So there is no argument that Fairy Tail is going to enter this year’s tournament and reclaim that top spot.
* Natsu and co are training hard with 3 months more to the games when they are whisked away to the celestial spirit world so that they can throw them a feast to celebrate their return. After all the food and entertainment, they think they can use this alternate dimension to enhance their time and do serious training. Unfortunately, 1 day in the spirit world = 3 months in Earthland. FFFUUUUU!!!! Give us back our time!!!
* Reformed Jellal, Ultear and Meldy have formed their little own guild called Crime Sorciere and dedicate themselves in destroying dark guilds that try to resurrect Zeref or use his power. They have a request from Fairy Tail to help them out because for the past several years, they have been detecting some magic anomaly that feels closely to Zeref’s at the Grand Magic Games but couldn’t pinpoint its exact source. In exchange for their help, they help awaken Fairy Tail’s Second Origin, supposedly some powerful magic within them, although the process going through it is painful enough.
* Makarov has selected Natsu, Gray, Erza, Lucy and Wendy to be Fairy Tail’s representative at the games as each time is allowed to have 5 members plus 1 reserve.
* When they arrive at Crocus, Wendy is ambushed by an unknown figure.
* Because of the hundreds of guilds participating in this year’s event, a qualification round is held to trim down the participants to only 8 teams. Wendy is missing and Fairy Tail is in the midst of being disqualified if they don’t start moving and make their way through the sky labyrinth. The first 8 teams to find their way out will qualify. Without haste, Elfman quickly takes Wendy’s place as Fairy Tail begins the mad scramble with other guilds.
* Wendy’s unconscious body is found near the Mercurius palace and is taken back to their base for recovery by Poluchka.
* Natsu and co finally find the labyrinth’s exit and thought they were the first to arrive. Well, they’re the eighth and final team to arrive. Barely made it, huh?
* On the first day of the games, the final 8 teams are announced in ascending order of arrival. Fairy Tail receives the most boos and continuously being mocked by the crowd. In 7th place is Quatro Cerberus (consists of Rocker, War Cry, Yaeger, Nobarly and Semmes), 6th place goes to Mermaid Heel (all-female guild comprising of Kagura Mikazuchi, Beth Vanderwood, Arania Web, Risley Law and Millianna), taking 5th place is Blue Pegasus (Ichiya, Eve, Hibiki, Ren and… Rabbit?) and in 4th place is Lamia Scale (Jura, Lyon, Yuuka, Toby and Cheria – Sherry’s cousin).
* Coming in at 3rd place surprises many because Raven Tail is supposedly a dark guild. Did they just turn into a good one? That is what’s baffling Makarov because Raven Tail is headed by his own son Ivan. They are the ones who attacked Wendy as their ‘greeting’. Those participating include Alexei, Obra, Flare Corona, Kurohebi and Nullpuding.
* Even surprising everyone in second place is… Fairy Tail again?! Consisting of Laxus, Mirajane, Gajeel, Juvia and Mystogan (Jellal in disguise for his up-close investigation) with Cana as reserve. It seems that every guild is allowed 2 teams, thus contributing to the many participants during the start before the trim. Natsu’s team will be identified as Fairy Tail A while Laxus is Fairy Tail B.
* Of course the crowd favourite Sabretooth is in first place. They include Sting, Rogue, Rufus Lohr, Orga Nanagear and Yukino Aguria.
* Oddly, Mavis is also a spectator at the games to give her support although she remains a spectre, a ghost. Only those with the Fairy Tail mark can see her. She’s funny as a ghost. I mean, at times she feels the need to go to the toilet or even feels nervous. Even if she’s a ghost?!
* The Grand Magic Games will last for 5 days and each day there will be a main contest (rules will only be announced when each guild has selected their member to participate). First place gets 10 points, second = 8 points, third = 7 points, so forth and last place = 0 points. After that, there will be a one-on-one battle among the teams with the victor getting 10 points, none for the losing team and 5 points each when it is a tie (if both sides are still standing after the time limit of the battle). The commentators will be Chapati Lola (watch out for his falling wig), former Magic Council member Yajima (a close friend to Makarov) and a guest commentator.

Day 1
* Personally the most interesting contest of all called Hidden. Clones of the participants are scattered all over the arena. You earn 1 point by taking out the real participant and in turn, the one who got owned loses 1 point. In addition, you lose 1 point if you hit a clone. Those participating in this contest are Gray, Juvia (because Gray is in it), Lyon (because Juvia is in it), Rufus, Nullpuding, Yaeger and Beth.
* When the contest begins, Nullpuding seems to be targeting Gray. Rather, Raven Tail is picking a bone with Fairy Tail. This causes Fairy Tail A to go dead last. It ends with Rufus uses his magic that attacks all participants at once, giving Sabretooth top spot and drawing first blood. Fairy Tail B and A occupy second bottom and last spot respectively. You know that underdogs and dark horses like them will surely make their way up, right?
* Lucy vs Flare – Although Lucy is a better fighter, crazy fire hair girl Flare plays dirty using Asuka as hostage without everyone’s knowledge. Lucy has to be a ‘good girl’ and gets whipped real badly by her. Till Natsu hears Lucy’s soft plea that Asuka is in danger. Once he puts away the danger, Lucy is able to go out at full force and summons some planetary magic that would certainly have earned her victory if not of Obra’s subtle intervention of cancelling out her magic. Because nobody but the higher level judges saw it, they have no choice but to announce Flare as the winner. Gray and Lucy’s humiliating lost only serves to increase the mocking from the crowd.
* Ren vs Arania – Victory goes to Blue Pegasus.
* Orga vs War Cry – No effort needed for Sabretooth to win this one. Easy victory.
* Mystogan vs Jura – In a closely fought match, Jellal is about to unleash his magic that would reveal his identity so that he could bring victory to Fairy Tail. But Ultear won’t risk it and uses Meldy’s sense link magic to tickle him into submission. What a big joke… What a big let-down…
* Carla sees a fearful vision that at the end of the games, Mercurius will crumble and Lucy in tears.

Day 2
* The Chariot contest is mostly not shown and even so it is at its end. Participants are to run across chariots leading to the arena in a free-for-all race. The odd part is that Sting, Natsu and Gajeel are all dead in last place! Something we learn that it seems all Dragon Slayers have this motion sickness! So it’s not just Natsu after all, eh? How embarrassing for someone with such a high and respected status as Dragon Slayers.
* Sting questions Natsu’s reasoning to participate in this games. Was it due to pressure? The Fairy Tail he knew wasn’t the kind to give in to what others think. Natsu’s heart moving speech about the bonds they share not only moved his comrades but the crowd as well. Yeah, at least they’ll think better of Fairy Tail next time. Sting drops out so Sabretooth goes from hero to zero in this contest as Natsu and Gajeel push themselves for 6th and 7th spot respectively. The race is won by Bacchus, Quatro Cerberus’ backup member and S-Class wizard who could fight on par with Erza.
* Toby vs Kurohebi – Dog boy wants to know Kurohebi’s real name and otherwise he will tell his own secret. Kurohebi wins and so what is Toby’s secret? His missing sock. Isn’t it around his neck? Bummer… To show how evil Kurohebi is, he rips it to bits.
* Elfman vs Bacchus – Due to a misunderstanding, it was supposed to be Erza against Bacchus. Which member of Fairy Tail starts with ‘E’ and has transformation ability? Sounds ambiguous, right? And so both sides make a wager. If Bacchus wins, he gets both his sisters and if Elfman wins, Quatro Cerberus changes its name to Quatro Puppy. It becomes a match of stamina with Bacchus most offensive attack versus Elfman’s most defensive armour. Who can outlast who? In the end, Elfman outlasts Bacchus and wins Fairy Tail A’s first full points.
* Mirajane vs Jenny – Blue Pegasus’ reserve member starts off the match with Mirajane, in swimsuit poses. Everybody just love the pinup models, eh? I don’t know how, it descended to every woman to drop in and pose in various outfits. WTF moment indeed. I don’t know how, but the men also got involved when they dress up as brides. With the match proper beginning, they make a bet that the loser has to pose naked for Weekly Sorcerer. Whoever loses, it’s a win for the guys, right? Jenny was so confident that she didn’t expect Mirajane to have powered up so much and loses this match. Look forward to naked Jenny next edition…
* Kagura vs Yukino – Both serious girls wager their lives for this match. Though celestial wizard Yukino has Libra and Pisces in her position, summoning the greatest celestial spirit, Ophiuchus wasn’t enough to best Kagura as she takes down Yukino with her gravity magic. Kagura spares Yukino’s life.
* Fiore’s squad captain, Arcadios seems to be putting his Eclipse Plan into action and that will happen on the last day of the match. He needs a celestial wizard for this plan to complete. Guess who fits that bill? Yup. Now he is spoilt for choice. Lucy or Yukino?
* Erza meets up with Millianna and is glad she has joined a guild. However Erza is thrown into dilemma because she is still out for revenge against Jellal, the very same reason that Kagura has.
* Sabretooth’s guild master, Gemma punishes Yukino for her failure by exiling her from the guild. Yukino goes to pay Lucy a visit and give her Libra and Pisces keys but Lucy won’t accept them seeing ownership of the Zodiac celestial spirits are based on trust and bond and can’t be transferred easily.
* When Yukino breaks down in front of Natsu and tells him how she was kicked out, Natsu barges into Sabretooth’s base to pick a fight with Gemma. If he wins, Gemma must quit Sabretooth. The match is stopped by Gemma’s daughter, Minerva taking Happy as hostage. Let’s take it out in the ring, okay?

Day 3
* Pandemonium is today’s match and it pits participants to fight in a citadel filled with demons. They can choose any amount of the 100 demons with various classes they want to fight. If they cannot defeat them all in their turn, they lose points in that round for demons they have defeated. So the key is not to be greedy. This goes on until all demons have been terminated and the winner is the one with the most points.
* Erza is picked to go first and guess what? She wants to fight all 100 demons! In a gruelling battle that has Erza change her armours back and forth, she finally takes out the super demon and automatically wins first place!!! Awesome!
* As for the rest, they need to be ranked so a simple game of hitting a magic device to measure their strength will suffice. Because Obra cannot show his magic, he makes his turn as a farce and gets the lowest score he can. Cana wins this match when she uses Fairy Glitter to pound the device. It’s off the scale! For the first time, it is Fairy Tail one-two.
* Millianna vs Semmes – Somebody needs to be the whipping boy, right? You can already guess who is going to win this. Cat girl FTW!
* Rufus vs Eve – Another swift match with Rufus attaining victory.
* Laxus vs Alexei – What looks like Laxus being beaten up by Alexei turns out to be an illusion. The real Laxus and Alexei are in an alternate dimension. Alexei turns out to be Ivan in disguise and he could easily turn the match into Fairy Tail’s favour if he just tells him the location of Lumen Histoire. I don’t think Laxus knows. Even if he does, will he tell? So Ivan and the rest of his guild members take on Laxus but they are no match for him. He beats everyone up as revenge for his friends. When the illusion is shattered, everyone is in a state of shock over the other secret match. The game officials announce Laxus as the winner and disqualify Raven Tail from the rest of the games (because Ivan is not supposed to participate). Ivan warns Laxus about Lumen Histoire which is supposed to be Fairy Tail’s darkness. That’s why Raven Tail was set up to as anti-Fairy Tail.
* Wendy vs Cheria – Sky Dragon Slayer vs Sky God Slayer? Wendy uses advanced magic to attack and just as it seems she is the winner, Cheria stands back up with all her wounds healed and Wendy’s magic is close to depleted. But this is part of Wendy’s plan to enhance Cheria’s attack. Given this much power, she miscalculates and misses Wendy. The first draw of the day with both teams sharing the spoils.
* Jellal has sensed that magic anomaly in Wendy-Cheria match. He accidentally bumps into Dranbalt and knows this is Earthland’s Jellal. Jellal follows the mysterious hooded figure he sensed the magic anomaly but is stopped by Lahar and Dranbalt. Though his face is revealed, Jellal is given reprieve thanks to Yajima that this Jellal is from Edolas. Lahar and Dranbalt have no choice but to give him face despite knowing Jellal is the real deal. So happen Kagura and Millianna have also seen Jellal’s face. Millianna is left to ponder if Erza is hiding him.
* Laxus confronts Makarov about Lumen Histoire and what Ivan said. He won’t reveal much but Mavis says it is Fairy Tail’s light. So which is true?
* Yukino becomes a sergeant under Arcadios’ command.

Day 4
* Naval Battle must be the favourite among the crowd. Think of it as an underwater sumo match. You push others out of the giant water sphere and try to be the last one standing. Why the crowd’s favourite? It’s because it is like a swimsuit battle with girls from each guild participating! Oh yeah! Who wouldn’t love to see Lucy, Juvia, Minerva, Jenny, Risley and Cheria battling it out? Oh wait. There’s Rocker in it too… Nobody gives a damn about the sole guy in this contest. What a disappointment. Anyway he was first to be pushed out. Though Juvia’s powers flushes many of the other girls out, her own distraction causes her to be kicked out. Only Minerva and Lucy are left.
* Minerva becomes merciless in beating up Lucy even after the contest has ended. This causes her Fairy Tail comrades to get upset as they rush to her side once the match is officially declared over. Lucy is taken to the infirmary for recovery.
* Makarov announces that the officials want both Fairy Tail teams to combine. Worse, their points won’t be combined and will take the lower one will be taken. Not fair, huh? But take it as a positive note because it means that this will be the strongest Fairy Tail team: Natsu, Gray, Erza, Laxus and Gajeel.
* Ichiya-Rabbit vs Bacchus-Rocker – Finally, Rabbit’s identity is revealed… NICHIYA???!!! WTF???!!! Apparently both guys bumped into each other in the woods and taken a liking for each other’s face. WTF. Since then, Nichiya joined Blue Pegasus. Anyway Nichiya is useless and goes out first. But Ichiya in his Incredible Hulk mode is sufficient enough to take out Bacchus and Rocker to win it for Blue Pegasus.
* Kagura-Millianna vs Lyon-Yuuka: Kagura lets Millianna handle the duo but when she is comically taken out, Kagura goes into action and knocks out Yuuka. The match ends in a draw.
* Natsu-Gajeel vs Sting-Rogue – The most anticipated match that we’ve all been waiting for. Four Dragon Slayers! The crowd is shocked when Natsu and Gajeel turn the tables on Sting and Rogue. This causes the Sabretooth duo who killed their respective dragons to power up into White Drive and Shadow Drive respectively. Fairy Tail is able to stand their ground so Sabretooth activates Dragon Force on their own will, resulting a huge crater in the arena. I think the match goes underground now. Sting beats up Natsu and Gajeel singlehandedly but the duo are still able to stand back up. Just how strong are these monsters? That was nothing. So much so Natsu and Gajeel have time to argue to fight Sabretooth alone. It ends with Natsu pushing Gajeel away in a mining cart. Motion sickness… Even with the combined powers of Sabretooth, Natsu in the end overpowers them both! With Sabretooth down, Fairy Tail is declared the winner of the match. In the standings, Fairy Tail overtakes Sabretooth as the new leader by a single point.
* Gajeel discovers a dragon graveyard below the arena.
* Jellal follows the hooded figure and is shocked to know who this person is. We won’t get to see the face yet because…

* OVA 1: Lucy first arrives at the dorm for Fairy Tail female members. She takes up a weird job by an old woman to find some treasure. The grandma turns out to be a ghost and the treasure filled with jewels hidden in a tree hole supposedly to be given to young Erza but she died then.
* OVA 2: This is what happens when you turn Fairy Tail members and other cast of characters into a high school setting. No musical however. The principal of the school… Plue… Best in the world…
* OVA 3: They add time paradox here because the gang travel back in time when they were still their child selves. Despite trying hard not to come into contact with their younger selves, it turns out that their actions led to why Lucy decided to join Fairy Tail and the scar Natsu has.
* OVA 4: Taking place before the Grand Magic Games, other than their typical destructive antics, your fanservice filled episode when Natsu and co are at the beach for their training and why women are scary and dominating when drunk. At least that’s what the guys experienced. This episode main focus is on Mavis and how this lonesome ghost watching over Natsu and co decides to go support her guild at the games.

No Fairytale Ending Yet…
NoooOOOoooOOOooo!!!!!!! I can’t believe it ended incomplete just like that! There is still one more day of the games to go, right? What about the Eclipse Plan that involves Lucy? What about the newly discovered dragon graveyard? And it looks pretty grim from what we have glimpsed at the end of Carla’s vision that seems to have come true. Fairy Tail destroyed for good? So many questions and no answers… Yet. I understand that this is where the manga is currently at now and although I have not read the manga, I am pretty sure from what I have browsed through, it has enough material to cover at least another season of the series. Well, at least even if it wasn’t, they can drag and expand certain scenes like how long running animes do, right? Obviously with the big “To Be Continued…” words flashing right at the end of the series, it proves that the anime hasn’t really end yet and the series’ author has soothed fans (for now) to wait for the good news as the anime isn’t really the end. Not the end of the world. Really. I figure this is better than adding in mindless fillers that will bring down the good name of this series. Like a certain long running ninja series. And of course much better than putting in fillers right in the middle of important arcs. Several times. Like a certain long running but already ended shinigami series. Despite the unsatisfying ‘end’ after coming a long way over these years, I can say that this series lives up to its potential and from the looks of it, will even have greater potential in the future.

Well, just like any long running anime, the list of characters, major, supporting and minor ones have grown to such an extensive list. The members of Fairy Tail are growing gradually despite many of the non-important extras leaving after 7 years in the doldrums. Due to the tight bonds that the Fairy Tail members have, it is hard not to support them when they go all out to rescue their friends. This is what a guild or rather a family should be. Fairy Tail people might be oddballs but they are closely knit than any others that we have known. Besides, their rambunctious personalities are what define them. Despite their disorderly behaviour, deep down in their hearts they care very much and look out for each other. After such a long run, the characters really grow on you and many of them would leave some sort of mark, be it emotional or comical. Just like any other shonen genres, our main characters get more powerful, turn some enemies into allies and above all still remain generally the same character will know them since day one. Even so, they still have a great potential to grow further. Although some of them have undergone major changes like Mirajane who was once the badass resident of Fairy Tail. Now she is quite demure and gentle. Unless you provoke her or hurt her loved ones. Very minor characters that only appear in certain arcs are thrust into oblivion. Meaning, you might wonder so and so ended up. For instance some of the members from Element 4 of Phantom Lord. Once in a while you just hear about them (if I’m not mistaken, I remember only once) and that’s about it. Some characters I thought would play some sort of a significant role in an arc but they turn out to be nothing much like in Katja’s case in the Key of the Starry Sky arc. Her scattered appearance felt like she would be a major pivotal role in the arc but suddenly when her link was severed, it’s the end of her. Felt as though if they had just shown her once for that one or two episodes, it still would have been sufficed for the story to go on. It was disappointing for the Edolas counterparts too because here I thought they were going to play some major role throughout the arc only to see our Earthland counterparts are the one doing most of the work before the Edolas equals butt in at the end to help out with whatever that’s left.

As mentioned, the show tries to teach us about the importance of being a family and looking out for each other. This is very evident in Fairy Tail and can be seen in almost every dramatic scene. They will never leave a guild member behind and treat them like their own family even if they are not blood related. There is a special bond that ties them together and it helps in getting through rough and bumpy rides. The other lesson learnt is never to judge a book by its cover. From the outside, Fairy Tail may seem like a bunch of rowdy people, getting drunk and wanting to pick a fight. But if you put that aside, they are pretty reliable and deserve to be called to strongest guild in Fiore. During the Grand Magic Games when everyone looked down upon them, with hard work, perseverance and determination, they manage to claw their way back into the hearts of everyone. Now they’re made to eat their words, huh? Of course the ultimate lesson is that good will always triumph evil after a long struggle. It’ll leave a very bad taste in the mouth if evil actually wins. This isn’t that kind of dark anime. Although evil can never be wiped out, at least with these good guys around, you can be assured that they will be kept at bay.

Drawing and Art
When I first take a look at the series when it was released, I thought it had very similar traits to One Piece and that the author for this one and the pirate themed manga is the same. You know, some of the characters really do have weird body parts but not all of them. But upon closer inspection, I realized that it isn’t so. The familiar art is because Fairy Tail’s author is the same one as Rave (though the latter manga series have already ended). Actually, it is the appearance of Plue that made me realize that and went to do a little research on it. Of course there are a handful of similarities you can see in both the series like some other characters having a very uncanny resemblance. For instance, Jellal/Mystogan is taken after Rave’s Sieghart while Oracion Seis’ name is borrowed from Rave’s Oracion Six. And then, who would have thought that the Jiggle Butt Gang would actually make a cameo in a couple of episodes. Overall, the art is a mix of funny, cute and good looking for the bunch of characters. I don’t really pay much attention to the backdrops and scenery since that isn’t what the main focus of this series is. It’s the characters that we should be paying attention at. But I suppose for a fantasy setting with magic, some of the lands are enchanting but other than that, the usual towns and all just feel normal. On a side note, I thought the younger versions of Fairy Tail members like Erza and Mirajane look cuter than their adult self. No, I’m not a lolicon! In each arc, I notice the main characters have a slight alteration or design in their outfit. I guess it will be a big bore if you had to see Natsu wearing the same ol’ clothes from the first episode right down to the last one.

Though divided into several arcs, as mentioned not all are my favourite. After watching for a very long time, it is hard to say that the pacing and flow of the storyline is good. Because if it does, it wouldn’t have made me yawn on several occasions and find it hard to follow especially if it involves lots of terminologies (which this series is abundant of but not as bad that you need to crack your brains to understand). Sometimes it feels like a drag to sit and watch some of the drama unfold but I suppose they are still important in fleshing out the plot and the characters so patience is definitely a virtue. With some of the emotional drama scenes with the characters breaking down or being comforted by his/her comrades, such scenes are touching and would tug a heart string or two. Maybe because I’m already an ‘old’ person so I am more susceptible to more emotions. So those kind of scenes still do warm my heart and indirectly increase my rooting for the heroes.

This is the main highlight and strength of the series. There are plenty of fight scenes to keep viewers occupied especially during the final moments of the arc. You can expect our main heroes taking on the antagonists of the arc and come out tops after all that beating. As everyone powers up with new skills and techniques, sometimes I can’t help feel that some of them are just a slight variation of certain moves. For example Natsu and Gajeel. I don’t keep count of how many flame or metal moves they have come up with when they fight their opponents but somehow I feel that one fire or steely move is almost similar to the last one they pull. I mean, how different can Natsu’s fire breathing skills get? Either he blows them out from his mouth or he channels them via his fists. Well, maybe how the flame materializes calls for a different name for the move. After all, it all ends the same, right? Natsu materializes his fire, throws it at enemy, enemy evades/blocks/gets hit. See the pattern? Still, the fights are engaging enough to draw you in although some may end in a way that makes you wonder what he had done or what moves he did to make him earn the victory. With the myriad of characters and each with their own power and strength, I suppose they did a good job in balancing their fight time and rotate the other supporting characters in Fairy Tail. Eventually it will be the big ones like Natsu, Gray and Erza to fight the main baddies but be rest assured that their fellow comrades will still have their share in the battle albeit to a lesser extent.

Despite the few hints, I think it is safe to say that there is close to zero romance between our characters. I mean, the real kind of romance and love that you see in romance genre animes. Many have speculated about Natsu x Lucy and though there are a few indications, they are not conclusive and mere speculative. You might say the reason he and Happy always crash in her house instead of their own is because maybe he likes her but I think from Natsu’s thinking, it’s more fun to gatecrash other people’s home, right? Then you have cases like one-sided triangle love affair in the case of Lyon -> Juvia -> Gray. Well, Gray was advised somewhere in the end to make his feelings clear to Juvia after episodes after episodes of indecision. But then the series ended. It is also one-sided for Levy because she really does have a crush on Gajeel despite him injuring her in his debut. I guess some girls love bad boys after all. But then, Gajeel isn’t the kind to seem interested in love. Just be patient, Levy. There are hints too that it might happen for Erza and Jellal (they almost kissed!) but if that is to happen, it will have to wait for the current things to settle down first. More promising one should be between Elfman and Evergreen. Ever since that lie about them being engaged, noticed how they’ve been close together despite not admitting anything? Maybe the only blossoming romance was between Bisca and Alzack but we don’t get to see any of it since they are side characters in Fairy Tail and that 7 year warp just cut out their wedding and everything. Sure, we’ve got the handsome ladies men trio in Blue Pegasus but they seem to be more of flirting around than committing to serious relationship.

Besides the action, there are many comical moments in the show whether it is during unimportant parts of the arc, the build up and even the serious fight itself. It is peppered throughout the series and sometimes the comedy factor can just pop up for a while and strike you to make you have a little chuckle. Of course we know the peculiar behaviour of Fairy Tail members and especially Natsu’s brawn over brains or Happy’s silly punch lines but somehow it doesn’t get old.

Sometimes, you just got to satisfy that element that stimulates the male audience. I feel that for the most part of this topic, Lucy plays a major role in giving viewers their fanservice due. The comical hijinks that she gets into, coupled in with the fact that she has a very well endowed body makes her a good source for many of the fanservice elements. Of course there are other many busty women in Fairy Tail and those outside the guild to provide this. For those not into mature woman, you have lolis like Wendy and even flat ones like Levy. Oops. Sorry.

This is also another strong point for the series. With several soundtracks under its belt, there are a variety of background music that ranges from fast to slow, rock to ballad. What I noticed is that the main ones are a mix of Celtic music and rock. Especially the grandiose Fairy Tail theme which is magnificent and fits the overall theme of the series and the guild itself. It’s a good battle song if I should say so myself. Of course just like any other animes with their own soundtracks, there is bound to be variations in such a theme although I have not heard all of the soundtracks or all its variations. There are also classical orchestra pieces and the most prominent one is Bach’s Air On G String (which I believe is Juvia’s theme song). Overall, the music perfectly matches the mood and pace be it battle scenes or emotional dramatic ones.

Voice acting
With a long running anime, there is bound to be a very long line of cast of characters. Of course some casts play multiple roles especially side or minor characters. With so many characters in this series, you won’t even hear the difference unless you have very sharp ears. Many popular seiyuus have also lent their voices to the series. After such a long time, I have grown used to their voices and I don’t really have qualms about any mismatches or anything. Not that I can remember if there are any. So here is the very selected list of the casts:
Natsu = Tetsuya Kakihara (Kouichi in Linebarrels Of Iron)
Lucy = Aya Hirano (Haruhi in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu)
Erza = Sayaka Ohara (Alicia in Aria The Animation)
Gray = Yuuichi Nakamura (Tomoya in Clannad)
Wendy = Satomi Satou (Chitanda in Hyouka)
Gajeel = Wataru Hatano (Yuuto in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu)
Levi/Romeo = Mariya Ise (Aruka in Needless)
Juvia = Mai Nakahara (Mai in Mai-HiME)
Happy = Rie Kugimiya (Louise in Zero No Tsukaima)
Carla = Yui Horie (Yuuki in Vampire Knight)
Lily = Hiroki Touchi (Abel in Trinity Blood)
Elfman = Hiroki Yasumoto (Sado in Bleach)
Mirajane = Ryoko Ono (Atsuko in Minami-ke)
Cana = Eri Kitamura (Liliana in Campione)
Freed = Junichi Suwabe (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis)
Evergreen – Saori Seto (Grayfia (High School DxD)
Bickslow = Yoshihisa Kawahara (Bobby in Binbougami Ga)
Laxus = Katsuyuki Konishi (Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
Lisanna = Harumi Sakurai (Hayami in H2O ~Footprints In The Sand)
Makarov = Shinpachi Tsuji (Daniel in Master Keaton)
Jellal/Mystogan = Daisuke Namikawa (Waver in Fate/Zero)
Gildarts = Kazuhiko Inoue (Kakashi in Naruto)
Sting = Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku in Code Geass)
Rogue = Kenichi Suzumura (Sougou in Gintama)
Lyon = Yuuki Kaji (Shu in Guilty Crown)
Ichiya = Sho Hayami (Ichigen in K)
Mest/Dranbalt = Shuuhei Sakaguchi (Kagerou in Nabari No Ou)
Midnight = Kouki Uchiyama (Ichika in Infinite Stratos)
Michelle = Yukana (Ai in Amagami SS)
Zeref = Akira Ishida (Gaara in Naruto)
Mamiko Noto = Mavis (Enma Ai in Jigoku Shoujo)

Opening and Ending Themes
For every season, they change their opening and ending themes. This means there are 14 opening and ending themes each. That’s 28 songs dude! They range from rock to slow ballads. Some of them sound funny and some sounded gay… Serious. Not many of the songs in Fairy Tail really appeal to me as I only prefer Kimi Ga Iru Kara by Mikuni Shimokawa (4th ending theme) and Glitter” (Starving Trancer Remix) by Another Infinity featuring Mayumi Morinaga (11th ending theme). One of the ‘annoying’ aspects of the opening theme is that it tends to be a battle spoiler. In here, you can see who fights who in that certain arc and perhaps in such a way throws away the guessing game need of who fights who. Of course those who have read the manga would certainly know the match ups but for a guy like myself who doesn’t, it felt like spoilers and made me go “Oh, so when is Natsu going to fight this so and so guy?”. I feel the ending theme credits are like a chibi gathering of the Fairy Tail family.

The Unexplained…
Throughout the series, I am sure there are many things that boggled my mind but I guess I have forgotten about them. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention when they were explained. But one of them that clearly bugs me till the end is that if Lily and Samuel the Exceeds can transform into their buff form, why haven’t we seen one for Happy and Carla? Maybe they aren’t really fighters so it is not required. I know. It will be totally weird if we are to see a very buffed Happy and a very sexy and mature Carla. Or a very comical one. That won’t look good on them…

So it will take some time before the anime resumes again. Hopefully. So good this series that right after the season ended, they have begun showing reruns of the series. I’m not that mad so I won’t be reliving nostalgia again even if I heard that some of the reruns (termed as Fairy Tail Best) might have extra scenes in selected episodes. I am pretty sure they are not going to show all 175 episodes again. That will take like another 3 over years, right? In a nutshell, this is quite a good series if you ever want to watch something over the long run with lots of potential plots, character developments, epic action, adventure, comedy and just about everything else. It’s nice having to escape into a different fantasy world and let all my imagination and creative fantasies let loose just thinking about this series. It is sad to leave the series for a while but hey, sometimes you need to take a breather once in a while. Now I am free on weekends and this enables me to watch more of other animes. That’s not so bad after all. This world may not have any magic powers, but after watching this show, I don’t really regret it all in the end despite the way it ended with many questions left hanging in the balance. Now, that is magic.

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