First Kiss Story

November 24, 2006

Here’s another 1 episode OVA, First Kiss Story. Recently I’ve been watching short OVAs mainly because… it’s short. Yup, you don’t need to maintain a fixed schedule for a duration of several months trying to keep up with the development of the storyline and the characters. Just like watching it once and you don’t have to think too much about it.
As usual, if there’s only 1 episode worth 30 minutes of show time, would there be much? Would it be worthwhile to watch? Well, you’ll have to watch it yourself to decide. After all, it is only 1 episode. Probably the producers don’t have any long run ideas to make it like a continuing series and maybe dump all they want to portray in just 1 show. Don’t you think so? At least, I felt that way.
So the story starts off as we see a girl named Kana Orikura, watching her boyfriend, Yoshihiko Mizusawa, going away. Well, it’s not like they’re just fresh from a fight. It’s just that he’s going away to study in some college. As Yoshihiko’s walking away, Kana’s mom, Yayoi, told her if her feelings were true, then she should tell him right away or else she’ll regret it.
Thus, heeding her mom’s advice, Kana ran towards him before he’s gone forever. Yeah, that usual please don’t go away, because if you do my life will be so lonely therefore I can’t go on living without you, because I love you, bla bla bla. I guess Kana’s a lucky girl. That’s because Yoshihiko seems to be quite understanding too. Saying the typical ‘because I love you very much too’, much to Kana’s happiness. And they share a brief moment of kiss. And I guess that’s where the story starts from, huh?
Next morning, Kana is awaken by the ringing tone of her handphone. Who could it be calling her at such a time in the morning. Okay, maybe it’s late morning, not that I can tell. Anyway, the call is something about Yoshihiko being too busy at college and that he had to apologize and cancel any outings with Kana this coming weekend. Not only that, any future ones too are put on hold as he explained that his professor seems to be ‘depending’ on him on some big project. That’s a good thing and a bad thing, right? Of course, Kana’s being reasonable and modest too, saying she has some college entrance exam and that she wouldn’t mind of their date is put on hold for a while. After the conversation ends, we see how gloomy she is and she said to herself how she’s not being true to her feelings and lying to him. Ah… she actually really wants to go out with him then.
Her mom spots her gloominess when Kana comes down for breakfast. And as a caring mother, of course she’ll ask what’s wrong and is there any boyfriend problems. Kana told her the conversation earlier on and have that girl to girl talk. As Kana’s mom tried to suggest to her what to do, Kana replied that it’s not her business. Wah… can say like that to your mother wan ah? But her mom didn’t scold her back. Just then, Kana’s little sister, Manami, came in and Kana just left abruptly. Maybe little sis thought she said something wrong. Nope she didn’t. Just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
While on her way to school, even Kana’s gloominess is easily spot by her friend, Ayaka. She makes a joke that Kana had a fight with her boyfriend. However, Kana just said sorry and just went ahead. She’s in serious depression. Meanwhile in class, their homeroom teacher introduces a student teacher, Shougo Hayakawa, who’ll be learning along with the class for 2 weeks. And Ayaka is getting all excited. Yeah, she’s taken in by his handsomeness and decided to make him her boyfriend. While Shougo’s introducing himself, Kana, thinking to herself, heard how nostalgic and familiar that voice is. As she looked up, and the moment she saw Shougo’s face, it immediately reminded her of her late dad. Oh, how could this be? Someone looking like her dad is gonna be a teacher and a student in the same class as her as well? Anyway, she’s spacing out.
During recess as Kana and Ayaka rush to get lunch, Kana bumps into Shougo. Oh oh. Another spacing out from Kana. And that Shougo guy quipped that by looking at her face, she’s got boyfriend problems. Well, he’s half right. But Kana denied and quickly runs off. Shougo doesn’t seem worried that he said the wrong thing. He seems cool.
Later at class as Ayaka’s bragging about Shougo’s coolness, they overheard a nearby conversation from their classmates saying how one of their friend’s boyfriend has been cheating on her since they had a long distance relationship. This made Kana even more spaced out and thinking about her own situation. Luckily Ayaka manage to lift Kana’s spirits with some comforting words. Like how you must believe in him even though he didn’t say anything. Also Ayaka decides to help support Kana.
During after school at some cafe. The 2 had some talk about their future, how Kana’s trying to get into the same college as Yoshihiko. And again, they overheard some next table conversation. Another one of those boyfriend-girlfriend problems with one of their seniors. Yup, more spacing out from Kana. And before you know it, Kana just left in a hurry. Poor Ayaka. She tried her best to look after her but in the end she too gets worried.
A depressed Kana finally reaches home to discover there’s a guest at a home. And to her surprise, it’s Shougo! And he’s been waiting for her the whole time. Of course Kana would ask why is he here, that sort of thing. Yayoi explained to Kana that she wanted to tell her about this this morning but she left in a hurry. Plus, he’s gonna stay at their place for 2 weeks. Actually the apartment he rented got demolished. So no choice though. In addition as Manami mentioned, Shougo is actually a relative of their deceased dad. Now that explains why he looked so much like his dad.
But Kana’s not too impressed, saying that she doesn’t know anything about him coming and things like that and that he came in the wrong time as she’s having an exam coming up. Just then her mom suggested that Shougo could help her with her studies, since her grades are getting bad recently. But Kana yelled that leave-me-alone line and leaves the room. Ah… must be those raging hormones that make teenagers filled with angst and rebellion.
Later that night as Kana gets up to go to the toilet, she spots a light coming out from a room and thought it was her father as she runs over there and calls him out. Too bad it isn’t. Well, it certainly looked like him. Must be imaginating things. Probably she’s still sleepy. But Shougo manage to notice Kana watching from behind. And they had some chit chat over things here and there. Like how the room makes Kana feel so calm, bla bla bla. And before you knwo it, the 2 become like friends. Yayoi, who just happen to pass by, is glad that everything’s okay.
Next morning, Kana overslept. And as Manami was just about to leave for school, Kana ‘scolded’ her for not waking her up. Over the next few scenes we see how Kana and her family enjoyed her moments with Shougo. Then at home, Kana’s thinking about Yoshihiko and decides to give him a call. Only thing is, the answering machine took up the call, much to her disappointment. The next morning, Manami had a little chat with her mom as she noticed how Kana has turned back to her usual energetic self. Yayoi says it’s probably Shougo’s presence. Just then Manami replied that at this rate, Kana may be taken away by Shougo. And her mom said with a grin that it may not be a joke. And she’s okay with it. Hmmm…
Just then Shougo came in and Manami told them what they’re talking about earlier on. Also Shougo found out that it’ll be soon the anniversary of their dad’s passing. In the end, Shougo suggests that they all take a holiday to somehwere during Kana’s next break. An eager Manami suggests that she wants to go to the pool. The phone rings as Manami went to pick it up. It’s Yoshihiko! Out of the blue, somehow he’s got a break on the same day they planned to got to the pool. Too much of a coincidence, huh? Thus, Manami decides to invite him as well and will tell Kana about it.
Next holiday at the pool park, it seems everybody is there, and it’s quite crowded too. We see the girls having fun. Then we see Yoshihiko having that uneasy feeling. Yup, earlier on, he was introduced by a happy Kana to Shougo and his current condition. And when Ayaka went about saying that Yoshihiko’s isn’t Kana’s senpai, but her boyfriend as well, Kana got embarrassed and quickly denied it and said it isn’t something like that, much to Yoshihiko’s surprise. Has Kana already… Nah, don’t jump to conclusions yet.
Yoshihiko’s flashback is interupted when Shougo calls his name and said that he shouldn’t stare at him with that scary face. Don’t worry it’s just a joke. The 2 had some chat and some subtle hints like "if you don’t hold on to them, they’ll slip away". I guess this guy’s quite aware of his surroundings.
Then Yoshihiko met one of his old high school friend, Yukiko, who’s just happened to pass by and also taking a break. Is it just coincidence? And Yukiko’s asking about things between him and Kana. Kana saw the 2 chatting from across the pool has that gloomy mood again and decides to go somewhere else. Meanwhile, Yoshihiko denies anything going on between him and Kana. And we find out that Yukiko’s has got a boyfriend too and going steady. So much for that ‘stealing him away’ thought from me. Well, the end their conversation as she leaves.
At the end of the day, while Manami feel so refreshed, Ayako saw how Kana and Yoshihiko had that ‘uneasy’ talk like how they’ve never been talking for so long. Then Yoshihiko mentioned something about how Kana may be well suited with Shougo since he’s an adult and he himself isn’t. This made Kana sad as she thinks that Shougo has got nothing to do with this. Then she said maybe they need some space between them. Oh well, early signs of cracks in the relationship. Soon, Yoshihiko leaves instead of going back to Kana’s place for a while as Manami invited him. Ah well, Kana’s back to her gloomy self again.
Back in her room, Kana’s thinking what she said earlier on and how did it turned out to be this way. And before you know it, it’s been 2 weeks already and Shougo’s packing his stuff and ready to leave. Not before thanking everybody and say how he’ll come by again in the future. Before Shougo leaves, he and Kana’s family went to visit her late dad’s grave only to find that someone has been there earlier before them. Yeah, I don’t know what’s that burning thing (I think it’s a joss stick) in front of the grave. But I suppose that indicates that someone has paid their respects. Kana thinks it must be Yoshihiko, since she remembered him saying something how he’ll come and visit next year too.
Back at the front door of their home, they have another round of goodbyes. Yeah, goodbye seems to be the hardest word. Manami quipped that if he ever needs a girlfriend, he can come by anytime, much to Kana’s surprise. Shougo’s response is that maybe he would because Kana, Manami and even Yayoi are very charming. Oops… looks like Yoshihiko has arrived and overheard things. Is that a tear or sweat dripping from his side forehead? Anyway, he leaves. As he’s walking away, Kana caught a glimpse of him and tries to go after him. Since calling his name doesn’t make him stop and turn around, Kana’s a little worried. Yeah, is that a tear or sweat dripping down her side forehead? Then she looks back at her mom and Shougo. With a nod and smile from both of them, Kana knew what she had to do and ran after Yoshihiko.
This time, Yoshiko manage to stop and turn around. It’s that deja vu feeling again just like in the beginning of the show. That feeling, that face to face meeting. As Yoshihiko gladly opened his arms, Kana realized that she really does love him as they both hugged. The 2 then apologized to each other for being stubborn and things like that. Then some talk of ‘reassuring love’. What do I mean? It means stuffs like ‘if you’re not here, I can’t do anything’. Get it? More hugging before they kissed. Well, I guess that’s Shougo’s cue to go as he waves goodbye.
Then this part I don’t get. As Shougo walks pass some guy in the street, that guy looked back as though he’s seen Shougo before and Shougo just acknowledges him with the guy smiling back. Huh? Another one of those old acquaintances? Perhaps that will be another story.
In the final scene, Kana and Yoshihiko have the time of their lives, having fun at some amusement park. Hey, a cameo appearance of Dejiko of Di Gi Charat! She’s such a famous character, appearing here and there in certain animes. And in the ferris wheel we hear that Kana has passed her entrance exam and will be attending the same college with Yoshihiko. A happy ending for the lovers as they have another round of kiss. And as the story starts with a kiss, so it must end with one too.
Overall, the story’s pretty decent and nothing too evident. I felt that all of the characters didn’t play such an important role nor did they have an impact. Just mediocre. Yeah, even Shougo’s appearance didn’t do much. He’s just there for a while and then the next thing you know, he’s on his way. And that little tension between Kana and Yoshihiko doesn’t seem to leave any serious impression at all. Then some characters just come and go like Yukiko, and some just played a little role in the beginning then towards the end, nil, like Ayako. But what do you expect if it’s just 1 episode.
Plus, somehow I find the characters to have ‘high forehead area’. Don’t you notice? Maybe it’s because of that they have a ‘higher’ front part of their hair. Looks weird at first. But I got used to it in the end. What? Got used to it just after 1 epsiode? And what’s with that ending credits showing sketches of random girls. Maybe they’re girl characters in the anime, just that I didn’t recognize them. Maybe.
In the end, I felt that this was another one of those watch-and-forget animes as it didn’t have a lasting impression on me. Everything is just average. But I’m not saying that it’s a waste of time. If you like shows where there’re little teenage relationship problems and in the end it’ll all work out just fine, then I suppose, you can have a go at this one.

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