Flint The Time Detective

November 26, 2005

In some ways, this anime reminded me a little bit about Pokemon. At least those small cute creatures and their individual special abilities in Flint The Time Detective. It’s about these prehistoric stone age father and son duo trying to stop the villainess Petra Fina and her 2 dumb henchmen from getting some ‘time-related-device-thing’, I think. However, they were fossilized (frozen, that is) by her and fast forward millions of years into the future, the duo are unfossilized by the members of the The Bureau Of Time And Space Investigation members Toby, Sara and that professor who’s name I always forget. This bureau travels back in time to protect history from being altered from bad guys (the usual baddie of course, who else is there). I also noticed that at the end of most episodes which involves those small cute creatures, will become part (as in live-in) of the bureau. So it accumulates. Wow, that’s gotta be alot of them by now. Yup, looks like it. I wonder how much more of those could be added and would the evil Petra Fina finally get what she wants, that is, to be with her mysterious true love whom she always fantasized about (the latter definately a no-no because she can’t get the job done in the first place).
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