November 26, 2011

Fancy the utopian life? The ultimate luxurious lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of is now attainable. All your utmost and deepest desires will be fulfilled while living out the lifestyle you have always wanted. This is true freedom. This is true living. This is where your dream is your reality. Folks, welcome to the world of Fractale. Seems like a far-fetched idea, eh? But then again, it’s not wrong to dream, right?

The setting is in a distant futuristic world. But that term is just relative if you’re living your dream world. Many people have gained the ultimate way of living through a system known as Fractale. A system that ensures mankind’s stability and prosperity throughout the ages. All you need to have is just a terminal inserted in your head to enjoy the benefits and blessings of this system. I’m not sure if the human population has dwindled or not but it seems in addition to the humans, there are holographic artificial intelligence creatures called Doppels. They take a life form of their own and have their own thoughts, feelings and can act independently. Whether it is some trader on the street or friends or even substitutes for your parents, Doppels have become part of life for those using the Fractale system. So does this system really bring happiness to mankind as it seems?

Clain Necran is one of the many users of Fractale. His Doppel parents are very odd looking creatures. Aliens? Unlike many other residents, Clain prefers to live in an old fashion house instead of a mobile one (rational of opting the latter is to experience true freedom and not being ‘tied down’). Plus, he loves anything old and before the Fractale system era. I guess with too much wired and advance technology, young kids like Clain have taken an uncanny interest in rare items. Remember the time when handphones used to be such big bulky items? There were no iPhones or iPads for your modern conveniences. Yeah, those were the good ol’ days. Heck, for those of us old enough, do you still remember what a typewriter is? Thank God I still do.

Episode 1
Clain must be in his rebellious age as he decides to head to the flea market to see if he can get any old junk rather than eating with them. Do Doppels really eat? Along the way, he ponders the weird lyrics of the Day Star Song because instead of wishing upon it, you offer your wish to it. Clain got some data disk at the market but soon it turns into a ghost town when the Data Security turns up. Clain listens to the disk in hopes it’s some music data but it turns out to be a textbook-like history of the Fractale system. It has several trillion processors? Woah. Can today’s technology match that? Clain seems to be content with this boring life. The usual 5 o’clock prayer in which everyone has to face to the direction of the temple and not blink. But appearing before Clain’s eyes is a priestess, Phryne riding a little glider being chased by goons in a mini blimp. Clain chases them (unbelievably his bicycle can match the high speed chase of the aircrafts). But he trips and tumbles. His eyes met with Phryne. He blushes. She jumps off her glider. SHE WHAT?! Sorry Clain, she can’t fly. He climbs down the cliff to see her unconscious and they hide in a little cave before the pursuers gave up. Clain brings Phryne back to his house and he has a tough time explaining to his Doppel parents about the situation. Have you ever seen a tomboy priestess in your life? Well, Phryne is one. Without shame, she takes off her clothes right in front of Clain! Don’t worry, she’s not getting horny because she wants him to apply ointment for her wound on her back. Sheesh. Asking a guy to do it. But then again, who else is around?

Phryne sees a hologram album of Clain when he was a baby and a time when he had real parents. She thinks he treasures the memories and times with his parents but he says it’s rather he is interested in the antique device. Phryne starts crying because he doesn’t smile like that anymore but soon pulls his mouth to make him understand what she means. She notes that he is the one and starts singing the Day Star Song. She then gives him a little amulet as a charm to protect his smile. Then the pursuers came knocking on their door. Clain could tell them because of their horrible disguise and excuse. They’re so dumb no wonder they couldn’t find Phryne when she dropped right off the cliff right on to the edge. Couldn’t her blue outfit be easily spotted against the backdrop? Yeah, they tried as staff from the hospital and travellers seeing their sick mother but even a normal person can tell they’re just trying too hard. Anyway the goons, led by obnoxious loudmouth loli Enri and her underlings Butcher and Takami, storm into the house to search for Phryne. Enri spots Phryne’s dress and thinks Clain has done something perverted on her. They ‘disinfect’ him by throwing out of his own house. But they soon leave seeing that they couldn’t find their target. Their blimp experiences problems after flying off thanks to cheeky Phryne ‘borrowed’ a screw from it. A little missing part can cause such a problem? Clain brings Phryne to his secret hideout, a ruined chapel supposedly where radio waves can’t reach. Phryne is talking about the moon light that gives her peace but that kid just doze off. At least it’s not as bad falling asleep when a girl is confessing to you. I’m not saying Phryne is but just saying… He wakes up at the break of dawn to find Phryne missing. He goes back home to analyze the amulet she gave and suddenly a red haired girl appears.

Episode 2
That energetic and happy girl is Nessa. Clain thinks she is a Doppel but to his surprise he can touch and feel her. Nessa is one quirky girl because she bluntly says she loves love and hates hate. Erm… Yeah, I figured that one out too. Though she has no memories prior whatsoever, she starts singing the Day Star Song and goes exploring the house. What would Clain’s parents say after yet another girl in the house? They advice him to give her back since she isn’t human. Clain peddles Nessa to the main town. She is rather playful causing Clain little worries. Like running off on her own into a building. Clain has a hard time chasing her down because since she has this ability to pop up just about anywhere. So when Clain catches up at the top of the building. She’s already down there. Boy, he’s going to need lots of strength to keep up with her. See how technological conveniences have made us unfit? Nessa then causes havoc with those freedom-living citizens at a campsite because her mere touch causes their machine to go haywire. Now they are gunning for Clain’s head. Clain thinks of leaving Nessa with Security but she wants to be with him because her home is wherever he is since he is the one who summoned her. But Clain can’t touch Nessa anymore so he leaves her with Security and goes off. He finds his bicycle dismantled courtesy of Enri and her goons. Revenge? WTF?! They bring him to Enri’s brother, Sunda Granitz. He is interested on the one causing an uproar at the campsite but since Clain doesn’t know any much, he has him leave, much to Enri’s chagrin. Sunda parts with words to Clain that though they leave work and stuff to Doppels, but something you can feel on your skin will have a totally different impression. Clain goes home to do research on Doppels like Nessa. He is shocked to learn they are sold on the black market as sex toys. Uh? What? Later Clain’s parents talk to him about his recent change in behaviour and the importance of trust in families. Well, when you have strange looking Doppels for parents… Yeah, just turn them off. See how convenient if you don’t want your parents to lecture you? Every kid wished they could do this. But Clain still feels bothered. Or rather lonely. So he runs the whole day till he tires out. Lying flat on the ground, then the reminder for the 8 o’clock prayer. He dreads that it’s just some excuse to collect data. Suddenly he sees happy Nessa approaching. She jumps into his arms as he thinks her smile isn’t that scary after all. But the mood is ruined when he notices the 3 Stooges (Enri and the gang) stalking them nearby. They’re so easy to read. Then Nessa spots a suspicious treasure chest nearby but and approaches it. It was an obvious trap as the duo fall into a pit. Enri and co captures them and prepares to take them away in their blimp.

Episode 3
They are taken to Granitz Village as prisoners. But Clain gets excited upon seeing all the old stuff. Some of the citizens meet them and it seems they need a special visor to see and touch Nessa. That’s because unlike Clain, they do not have terminals input in their head. So there are many villages living outside the Fractale system too. Sunda has a man to man chat with Clain. Sunda feels that the post-Fractale system has caused humans to have lost their pride and spirit and robbed them of their true lives. Thus the Lost Millennium is a big rebel group formed to bring down Fractale. To Clain, it’s just a big terrorist group. Clain further learns the village does everything without the help of Fractale or Doppels. From growing food to the good ol’ schooling system. Sunda feels recently the Fractale system is collapsing because Balloons everywhere are crashing. As for why they’re chasing after Phryne, she is the priestess of the temple and Key to the world and ran away carrying data of a Doppel with her. He thinks there are invaluable secrets and data hidden in that Doppel. Meanwhile Nessa continues to freak Enri out by appearing anywhere, including the toilet. Hey, she’s a Doppel. That night, everyone celebrates to welcome their guests. I thought they’re prisoners? Clain doesn’t like the people here though Nessa thinks everyone here are nice. Then Clain tastes a soup and finds it really delicious! Yum! Why not? He has never eaten anything outside from a tube. Eww… Clain and Nessa are given a room to live as Butcher and Takami advises him to go easy on the horny stuff. Yeah, what else to do but to spy outside. Since Nessa couldn’t eat, she asks Clain the taste of the soup. He has a hard time describing it to her (like explaining colours to a blind man) so he starts dancing in weird poses to convey it to her. Uh? What the? I don’t know if Nessa really understood that but she seemed so happy. As for our spying duo, they think Clain’s horniness has just kicked in. Yeah, those shadows cast on the curtains… Man, he’s good…?!

Next morning, Clain learns that Sunda will be leading his team to gatecrash the Star Festival. We learn that this festival is a must to attend. If you don’t you won’t get your blessings. That is, your Doppels stop functioning properly. Sunda gives Clain special visors so he won’t be influenced by the festival. The place is packed as the priestesses arrive. As the process begins, they see everyone staring at the sky like as though they’re possessed. Sunda mentions this festival is just a cover-up for a mass update of nanomachinery. In short, brainwashing. Before humans start to stray by asking questions about their lifestyle, this is what this festival is for. So much so it is normal for them not to be living together as real families. No wonder nobody rebels against the system. Sunda and his gang start the rebellion by firing at the old priestesses. The priestesses in turn protect the main priestess. Her hood falls off and she reveals to be Nessa! The real one? But the temple also retaliates with guards firing back. Many of the innocent people were hit and died without knowing what hit them. Between the firing from both sides, Butcher was hit and killed. Clain gets sick upon seeing so many dead bodies. Suddenly Phryne shows up to continue to ritual. She goes up to priestess Nessa as she greets Phryne as her sister.

Episode 4
Sunda changes his plans and wants Phryne captured. When the people snap out of the ritual, they panic upon seeing so many dead bodies and cause a stampede. Phryne is surprised to see Clain here but smoke screen soon fill the place. Sunda knocks Phryne out and takes her with him as his gang retreat. While Enri is saddened over the passing of Butcher, Clain and Nessa go to cut Phryne lose and want her to escape with them. She is not amused and slaps him for awakening Nessa. Nessa gets upset and starts hitting Phryne for hitting Clain. Their kiddie fight is interrupted when Sunda (after kicking Clain in his ass) comes to escort Phryne for questioning. Phryne also shares the same view of wanting the Fractale system to break down so Sunda offers her to join them but she doesn’t answer. Back at Granitz Village, everyone attends Butcher’s funeral. Clain is still confused that these murderers are being called noble warriors. Elsewhere at the temple, many old priestesses report to the grand priestess Moeran about the recent events and the Lost Millennium faction. With no choice, she thinks of suppressing the rebellion. Sunda also has predicted that the temple will be after them so he and his big Granitz family will be preparing to leave the village to spare its people. Clain and Nessa take this chance to escape. Since Clain is thinking about Phryne, Nessa gets upset and wants him to only think about her.

Suddenly part of the temple’s army led by Barrot arrive at the village. Under the name of God, they seek to capture the Granitz family and not kill those who aren’t related to them and only use force as a last resort. As mentioned, the temple has always known about their location but chose to keep quiet and tolerated their actions. Sunda and his gang spring into action to defend the town while at the same time make their escape to their ship, Danan. Clain sees Phryne trying to climb down from her prison tower with a makeshift rope. She’s no damsel in distress that’s for sure. Nessa blocks him from going to see her but he still insists so she starts sulking. Meeting up with Phryne she notes that Nessa hates her and never thought someone like him could break open such a data. She won’t allow the temple to capture her so like the tomboy she is, she rides a quad-bike to escape with Clain as her pillion. Wow. She sure is multi-talented. Barrot’s ship is hot on their tail, even firing beams at them. Then Barrot corners them but she isn’t going to follow him back to the temple quietly and continues to escape on her quad-bike. Phryne probably has more balls than Clain because she rides off the cliff! Oh sh*t! Probably everything was calculated because she lands on Danan. They leave Barrot’s ship with a farewell present: A barrage of missiles. Clain and Phryne meet up with Sunda and the crew in the cockpit. Sunda thinks he likes their company despite of what he said against them. As for Nessa, Clain feels bad for leaving her behind and won’t be appearing till she cheers up. However Phryne doesn’t think that’s possible. Nessa is seen standing on a cliff watching Danan fly away.

Episode 5
Clain is given a choice whether to leave the ship or work and earn his stay. Since it won’t be a good idea to just parachute down to nowhere, I guess it’s better to take the latter. But that means doing boring chores like cleaning toilets and the laundry. Clain finds it odd that everyone eats together but as they say, food taste much better when eaten together. Except for Phryne who is nowhere to be seen. As Sunda notes, she doesn’t blend easily unlike him. Clain couldn’t get Nessa out of his mind. For the longest time, she has not appeared. He sees Phryne at the laundry room and they talk about Nessa. She envies him because Nessa thinks highly of him. Clain bombards her with lots of questions pertaining to the temple but she didn’t answer. As for Nessa’s case, she mentions she can’t allow herself to love her. Suddenly Danan’s cooling system breaks down. Everyone heads to the laundry area as it is the coolest area. Yeah, they even crack jokes why it’s so hot because of Clain-Phryne thingy… Clain goes to the cockpit to find out what has happened but the grumpy grandpa throws him out thinking he’ll contaminate the system. So where to search for the source? In the toilet of course. Anyway from the mumbo-jumbo talk about the pre-Fractale system that this ship is using, Clain thinks Nessa is the source and is hiding somewhere in this ship. She is in some sort of bad mood and they need to cheer her up. So how to cheer her up and make her appear? Dance? Okay, let’s dance. Everybody starts dancing that it looks like a very weird orgy. Believe me. It really looked like that. Shake it everybody! It just feels so wrong… Then when everybody tumbles to a side together, Clain spots Nessa. Everybody starts chasing and finding her in this hide-and-seek game but it would be hard to catch a Doppel who can just disappear and pop up anywhere. Nessa spots a weird spider and plays with it. Turns out to be a spy camera of Moeran. Then Phryne got locked in some room. She thinks Nessa won’t come out because she’s still mad but Clain says she has forgotten about that and having fun playing hide-and-seek. But Phryne continues to talk in riddles and wants him to forget about her. As she sits by herself, she sees Nessa who thinks she’s hiding too. They made up as Nessa ‘catches’ Phryne who is ‘it’. Once that is done, the ship’s system recovers. Everyone smiles more often and they don’t treat Clain like an outsider anymore. Yes, Phryne also eats with the rest at the table.

Episode 6
Danan lands so that they could undergo maintenance. Nessa and a young girl of the ship are having fun in the water. Phryne wants to join in the fun and suddenly strips naked and jumps in! Has she no shame? And if Clain happens to come by… Oh wait, he already did. Enri really thinks his pervert radar is super strong. However they see an old guy snapping photos of them. A voyeur? He runs away but Clain is interested in his old fashioned camera. Then they see a group of lost people wandering aimlessly. Sunda points out that they have stopped receiving Fractale’s blessing when the Balloon crashed. They can’t live on their own and was totally reliant on Fractale. The dark side of human nature is seen when they tussle with that old guy after thinking he is hording food in his bag. Clain goes to help him out when suddenly an army arrives to retain order. Another Lost Millennium faction led by the dashing Dias. He gives the accuser a taste of pain and seems to know Sunda. Then he proclaims he wishes to help those who have been betrayed by Fractale and wants them to follow him. The old guy dashes off so Clain goes after him. He too is living in an old fashioned house and the first thing Clain said to him is he wants to be his friend. This old man is some antique collector too so it’s no surprise Clain is absolutely excited about the treasure hoard. He tells Clain to meet him tonight at this place because he wants to show him something. When Clain returns to the rest, he talks highly of Dias compared to Sunda so the latter punishes him by making him do the night patrol. When everyone is asleep, Clain uses this chance to sneak away but was caught by Phryne who insists she wants to tag along.

On the way, they pass by Dias’ camp as he treats all the lost Fractale citizens. He seems to be a pretty nice guy so it’s no surprise that they feel very indebted to him. But Phryne says she prefers the people of Granitz more. Because of this, Clain and Phryne try to outrun each other, accusing the other of being a sore loser. Huh? What? Upon reaching the old guy’s place, he takes them to his roof whereby he tweaks some device and suddenly the entire place turns into a beautiful town landscape. As explained, the temple accesses these Balloons at midnight on a full moon. The radio waves become stronger so his antenna managed to pick this up. This is what the town looked like before the Balloon collapsed. The old guy’s dream is to bring this region inside the active zone (areas receiving Fractale’s blessings) once more since people can’t live without Fractale anymore. So instead of wandering and searching about for radio waves, why not bring Fractale’s blessings right here themselves? He tells them to go down to the town to see the truth with their eyes. Down there, they see some of the lost people relieved upon seeing the return of the Fractale system. However there are some getting upset that they can’t. As mentioned by Dias, he removed some of their terminals so they can’t see utopia anymore. Dias shows his true colours when some of them try to escape and has them shot dead!  Though he assures that he will save them, they have no choice but to follow him. Hey, they said they were indebted to him, right? Soon the place loses the waves and return to normal. Clain rushes back to the old guy. He can tell he is dying but he is not leaving this place since there are precious memories of his past. He wants to keep searching for radio waves from where all his memories lie. He gives Clain his camera as his parting gift before they all depart in Danan.

Episode 7
Clain is having fun experimenting with his new camera. Suddenly he finds himself in bed with a sexy hot babe, Meegan. Clearly she is a Doppel but she claims they had a passionate night. This is a dream, right? Well, this is definitely a dream city, Xanadu. Remembering back how it all happened, seems Clain and Nessa took the little blimp out and it crashed after Nessa starts feeling sickly. Phryne, Enri and Takami investigate the crash blimp and are curious where Clain went but meet some Tibetan-like guy. He claims his village isn’t part of the Lost Millennium as everyone lives a simple life alongside nature and appreciates its blessings. Clain is taken on a tour of Xanadu by Meegan but he is worried of Nessa’s whereabouts. She takes him to see one of her friends, Collin, some sort of Doppel designer. Clain finds Nessa in fever on his couch. He explains that she is being hacked. So it’s something similar to human bodies following sick. You know white blood cells attacking the virus so in Nessa’s case her antivirus programme is fending off whoever is hacking her (it’s the temple actually). Then later Clain overhears Meegan and Collin discussing about handing over Nessa to the temple since she is a wanted girl and getting their share of the reward. But Collin isn’t giving an inch to Meegan. Meanwhile Enri talks to Phryne if she’s in some sort of a sexual relation with Clain (tsundere mode on!). She claims that they are just friends because she has no right to be loved. Then Phryne enters the art workshop of that Tibetan guy. He sure has a weird taste in art. He asks for her opinion and in her honest words, it looks like a tap-dancing neurotic worm. Haha! That’s what I thought too. However that guy isn’t happy and slams a vase at Phryne! He accuses her of being a parasite of the network and is going to kill her. But Enri knocks him out with a giant work of his. Enri explains everyone here are liars. They are billionaires completely immersed in Fractale while they let their Doppels do their work as they themselves go around pretending to be environmentalist nomads. Meanwhile Clain takes Nessa and tries to escape. He feels how warm Nessa is and realized that being in a world one can’t touch is sad and cold. Meegan prevents Clain from escaping by inputting a virus worm in his terminal. Nessa gets distraught seeing him writhing in pain. She goes berserk as she promises to protect him. A bright light engulfs the city and turns Xanadu to its original state. Yeah, a desolated city void with all the ‘cosmetics’. Collin (in a form of a stuffed doll monkey) confronts Clain as he won’t let Fractale end because some people can only be free here. He also mentions about the rumours that the Key that could destroy or save Fractale. Then he shoots Clain. To complicate matters, Barrot has also arrived.

Episode 8
Enri notes that Clain and Phryne are captured. Nessa went crazy after that and is currently hiding somewhere in Danan. Phryne meets her father Barrot and we this creepy scene is enough to disgust you. He rubs his freaking face over her stomach, happy that he is reunited with her. He then wonders how close she and Clain is and will have her undergo a test to see if she is still worthy of being the Key. She has too since Clain’s surgery is on the line. Impatient Nessa wants to go safe Clain so even if the rest are properly watching her, you can’t hold her down. Poof in a blink of an eye. Clain wakes up fine and sees Nessa by his side. She is the one at the Star Festival. She claims she is here to watch over him. He learns her name is Phryne but he wants to go see HIS other Phryne. Oh, this is getting confusing, the names that is. Sunda talks to the other Lost Millennium faction leaders about attacking the temple-cum-laboratory. But they disagree and would prefer to sit and wait. But only Dias agrees to come along because he deduces Sunda has found something interesting, perhaps the Key? Phryne Nessa (that’s what I will call her to distinguish from the others) takes Clain to a room filled with her clones in a tube. They are all Phrynes and they can be touched and not Doppels. They are all also Keys. Clain gets a headache after reflecting on Sunda and Collin’s words. Then he notices Phryne Nessa’s hand bruise and wraps a cloth around it.

Elsewhere Phryne is taking an eligibility test which turns out to be some virginity test. Just sick. Suddenly the room bursts into flames. Nessa is here to the rescue but the alarm has already sounded. Fate has them meeting up with Clain. Phryne leads the way as Clain asks about everything (including Barrot as her father but he’s only a father for raising her, that’s about it). She mentions that she was trying to run away from it all as she couldn’t bear that she was just a Key and afraid she wouldn’t be herself anymore. Till she met him. They end up in a chamber with lots of Phryne Nessa clones being vaporized. As explained, they are all failures and deemed useless. Phryne says they are all her, her younger self. WHAT?! So if Nessa is her younger self, how come they looked so different? Nessa is engulfed in sadness that she fades away. Then Clain spots the Phryne Nessa with a bandaged on her hand and tries to safe her. Is he serious in pushing to tube out? I mean, it doesn’t seem to be even budging. Phryne thinks his attempt is futile as there will be many more replacements but he denies that each and every Phryne is different and unique. It was enough for her to go help out. Too bad Barrot has got to them. Sunda and Dias prepare the charge head on since sneak attack won’t help as the laboratory has already detected them. The blast throws everyone inside off-guard. Clain takes this chance to escape with Phryne. Dias launches a daring move by blasting his missiles right into the laboratory. Clain sees Phryne Nessa and wants her to come along but she points the direction to the safety shelter before the whole area blows up.

Episode 9
Thankfully Clain, Phryne and Nessa are safe and well. Thankfully the shelter is the only one standing as the whole place is now a crater. Too bad all the other clones had to die. Enri and Takami pick them up back to Danan. Moeran talks about how perhaps they are receiving the same punishment from God. You know, in the Bible the time when men tried to build a tower to reach the Heavens? That freaky Barrot is still alive albeit bandaged and sulking that he is humiliated and tortured after find the Key. I think he deserves it. Moeran is left with no choice but to make an announcement to all the remaining Fractale citizens to exterminate the Lost Millennium factions. Clain talks to Phryne and learns that Nessa is the first girl who looked like her (really? I don’t see the similarity in terms of physical and personality). That personality that is called God is residing in a girl’s body is the soul. Thus Phryne is the body, the physical medium created to house that soul. The Key will be born when the body and memories come together. That very Key will allow the Fractale system which close to collapse due to entropy accumulation to reboot. They don’t know how this come together thing will happen but she feels if it does, they won’t be themselves anymore. Nessa wakes up from a nightmare of disappearing. Clain comforts here and promises that they will all be together. A group of Fractale citizens gather outside Danan as they tell Sunda and his crew to get out of their place or else the temple will stop giving them blessings. They think their actions to destroy Fractale will only kill them. Enri becomes distraught that what she struggled for to free people had turn into this. Yeah, we’re all only human. Then they receive report that villages of the Lost Millennium faction are being hit by the temple.

They rush back to Granitz Village as the Lost Millennium leaders hold a meeting about what to do next. Dias suggests that since Sunda holds the Key, they have lost their rational. Which means there is no reason for them to exist. In short, it’s going to be a big showdown and an attack by every Lost Millennium force against the temple. Sunda wants Clain to stay back to protect Phryne and Nessa. Before Sunda and his crew depart, they take a group picture with his camera. Butcher has not been forgotten either. Perhaps Enri’s body language was telling us she wanted to confess to Clain but she ends up punching him when he thought she wanted to go to the toilet! Haha! Sunda wonders why they can laugh so Phryne says that it’s because they are scared. But they are more afraid if they can’t protect the ones they love. Sunda and his crew leave and rendezvous with the other factions. Clain, Phryne and Nessa spend time together and take time to notice the beauty of the natural world regardless of the kinds of people. Phryne asks Claine’s wish on the Day Star so he says he wishes for all 3 of them to be together. But it seems that night, Phryne decides to leave them while they’re sleeping. Noting that Nessa is herself when she was beautiful, if she can be with him forever, she’ll be okay with that. Phryne plans on returning to the temple to negotiate with Moeran and Barrot and is confident because since she is half the key and thanks Clain for giving her the confidence to do so. So when Clain reads her goodbye letter, he’s not going to let her have her selfish ways. Yeah, he’s going to rescue her with Nessa. The big showdown with the temple and Lost Millennium begins. Lots of aerial missiles and beams like it’s some day time fireworks show.

Episode 10
Of course the temple can’t go down that easy. It won’t be the main temple if it doesn’t have loads of cool arsenal, right? I don’t know how this is possible because Clain’s mini blimp get to catch up with Danan and board it. I know it is light and face but distance-wise, can it really match Danan’s speed power? Sunda is not happy that they came because it means their efforts are wasted if both the Keys fall into the temple’s hands. He punches Clain. Despite that, though he thinks they are murderers, he considers them his friends. That’s why he wants to go where Phryne is. Dias has overheard them and plans to use himself as decoys to give time for the negotiation. Meanwhile Phryne sees Moeran. Phryne threatens she will kill herself if her request to let Nessa go isn’t met though she will stay here and endure the pain. Moeran explains that it will be useless since they need both Keys to reboot Fractale and there will be no point to stop this battle if she doesn’t function as the Key. She continues that people are dependent on Fractale. Take that away and the world will descend into chaos. Sunda and Clain have breach into the temple. Moeran asks Phryne’s intention to return if she doesn’t intend to become the Key. She wants to stop this battle and is confident she can do it. That’s because she knows Moeran understand her feelings as they used to be the exact same Phryne. Oh God. Don’t tell me this grand priestess is the older version of Phryne. Maybe. That’s why Phryne called her mother or rather, her sister. Phryne explains even if she is successful in rebooting Fractale, the same problem will recur again in hundreds of years’ time. Then they will have to undergo painful experiments to see if they’re fit to become the Key. With tears in Moeran’s eyes, she has Phryne come to lie on her lap. Then she starts strangling her. Moeran is envious Phryne is trying to protect something for someone she loves but she on the other hand has no one to love but have to continue to protect this world. She will reboot this world as many times as it takes so that the people will die without knowing the true joy of being born or what is important to them. She considers this her revenge to the world for giving birth to her. So she is just as twisted as any villain who wants to rule the world.

After she lets go of Phryne, Phryne now understands Moeran’s sadness and leaves. Sunda and Clain are cornered by the temple’s army when Dias’ ship comes crashing in. They have also hacked the temple’s systems. Sunda is surprised to see Enri and Nessa in the temple. These girls are just so impatient, eh? The army has captured Nessa in a spell so for the first time, Clain fires his machine gun, killing the army and the old priestesses. Then they are surprise to see a blob floating around Dias and realize he has a terminal within him. He claims this is a necessary tactic to have a winning chance against the enemy on their ground. Clain and Nessa go off to search for Phryne.  Sunda then hears Dias’ actual sneaky plan to destroy the actual Key to prevent the reboot for now. Sunda punches him but Dias mocks him that he has fallen for her. Nessa begins to fade as she sings the Day Star Song. Clain wonders if that song was popular during pre-Fractale days. Meanwhile as Phryne escapes, she comes into Dias’ men. They fire at her but the old priestesses protect her with their bodies. Finally Phryne and Clain meet but a glass wall prevents them from contacting. Nessa becomes their medium of communication as Phryne says Nessa is all she wanted him to protect, the time of her memories when she was beautiful. It’s such a bad time to have Barrot coming in now. He’s saying that Phryne is still beautiful in both body and soul. He hugs her and starts licking her cheek!!! He wants to let her ‘boyfriend’ know how they are bonded by a deep love. Now this guy just totally creeps me out.

Episode 11
Barrot explains the truth about the world. To conserve and protect the biological data of the original Phryne whom they called God, the scientist who created the Fractale system split God into body and spirit, creating the Key. Hundreds of years later, for some reason, the Key did not fit into the keyhole when it became necessary. Thus they decided to have God descended again to reboot the system. God’s spirit was of a 10 year old girl and thus it is that 10 year old girl they recreated attempted to imbue into the spirit. However the results failed no matter how many times they tried. Thus the many rejected experimental bodies we see in Phryne Nessa. Barrot was given this task and in the process adopted several of them as his daughters. Then one day he found the elusive secret to God and Phryne. It turns out God’s age was 16 (which is this Phryne as we know) and not 10 as believed. Due to some traumatic experience, God created a 10 year old personality and hid herself in it. So do you understand everything? Hell, no. I’m still bloody confused. Barrot continues that God and Phryne went through the same experiment: They knew love. He starts bragging how she belongs to only him and mocks the total loser Clain is. Watch your mouth buddy because Phryne stabs him while he is ranting away! He deserves it. Phryne upon realizing what she has done, runs away in shock. Nessa goes after her and comforts her. Then they hear a familiar song. Meanwhile Clain is so troubled with Barrot’s words that he starts seeing visions of him! He nearly mistook Enri for him and almost shot her! Anyway as Sunda explains, Dias’ team has set explosives all over the temple and are attempting suicide. The reason being is that he knows he has been betrayed since all other factions have pulled out. Nevertheless it proves that they’re human after all. Sunda orders reluctant Enri to take the rest of their men out of the temple and assures her he’ll return. Sunda and Clain follow a familiar song to a room whereby Moeran is conducting the sacred ceremony. Phryne and Nessa have volunteered to be part of the ceremony and become the Key to the world. She invites to witness the historical moment that happens only in a thousand years. Dias comes in and wishes to be part of the moment. He goes up to Moeran and hugs her. The way he says things indicates that he’s going to sacrifice himself (he’s already badly injured by the way). The way she says things indicates she cares little about her life. And yeah, Dias blows both of them up. In the commotion, Sunda has Clain, Phryne and Nessa enter an elevator to the Firmament. I guess Sunda too wants to be a hero because the way he says things indicates he’s going to sacrifice himself. Follow the path you believe in? Those are the words of a man going to meet his maker. So what about his promise to return? Maybe not in human form, eh? He stays back to stall the advancing soldiers.

As the trio ride the elevator up, Phryne is going to merge with Nessa though it may be risky and they may lose their lives. Clain wants to know if they cared about his feelings and though both the temple and Sunda had some things right and some things wrong, he is definite he’d be sad if he loses both of them. He then hugs Phryne and says he loves her. Even if she’s stubborn and decides things on herself, he loves her for being that way. Enri has managed to get Danan out of the temple and finds it hard to contain her tears. Grandpa comforts her by saying Lost Millennium wasn’t created to destroy the Fractale system but to pass down true freedom of being humans to future generations. Clain and co reach the top of the Firmament. Looks like a pretty flower garden in space. Phryne says this is where Nessa’s memories will lead them from here. They see a short video clip when God, a happy Phryne recording a video of herself summing up her courage to go to some place called Fractale for ‘data collection’. She gets her confidence from a stuffed toy rabbit named Nessa. So God is that girl?! Oh God! But as Phryne notes, they are both different because that Phryne was able to accept this twisted world with a smile. At first Phryne thought she couldn’t but now feels she can because of Clain and Nessa, they were there for her. She wants to protect them with all her strength. Clain promises that no matter what happens, he’ll take them both back and live together. Phryne and Nessa start the process as they sing the Day Star Song. Clain could only watch but oddly he couldn’t shed any tears because he feels that there are people wishing for his eternal smile. In the aftermath, Fractale has been rebooted and a year has passed. People have begun to rely less on Fractale to live. Enri and the Granitz family are doing fine (minus Sunda). Enri is grooming into a fine leader as grandpa says that another reboot is impossible since the temple was completely destroyed. Meanwhile Clain continues to live in his permanent house. Phryne is also there but sleeping in his bed. Then she wakes up and it’s like both personalities of Phryne and Nessa are in this girl. Hard time guessing which, eh? When Phryne says that she loves him ever since the first time they met, he breaks down and hugs her. Aww… How sweet. Phryne finds it odd since he’s crying like a baby. And the group photo they took back then, Nessa is missing from it.

Welcome… To The Real World
So the world was not destroyed like I thought it would be. Considering that there are quite a number of deaths in this series (though most of them are unimportant minor characters like the temple people and innocent civilians), I was expecting a major tragedy at the end. Maybe having people relying on Fractale system from the start is already a tragedy itself. I think I can consider this to be a bittersweet ending because though we have the main characters continuing with their normal lives, it is sad that all the sufferings and sacrifices that had to be made in order to achieve this. The idea and concept of the Fractale system seems interesting in the sense that mankind has reached its ultimate utopia but at what price? Does mankind really achieve true freedom by being too dependent on sophisticated technology? Immersing yourself in the fake digital world, is that call true living? This depends very much on the individual. Some like it, some don’t. But the bottom line is, are you truly happy with your lives now? But when you’ve been brainwashed for such a long time, it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. How many of us can do that?

However the explanation of the rebooting system of the Fractale system seems a little far-fetched to believe, if not complicated. If God was a young girl, they could have given Haruhi Suzumiya the job. Sorry, jokes aside, the reason of why they need this Key thing to work the Fractale system still bugs me. How it didn’t fit one day and how they came up with the conclusion that a 10 year old is the key to solving their woes add to the confusion. So is this Phryne girl, a descendent of the original one many centuries ago? If so, she must have been over-cloned. No wonder the experiment hurts. I wonder if it really was a virginity test. Assuming despicable Barrot may have laid his on Phryne, what are the chances she isn’t that pure in this sense?

Clain has turned from someone who prefers to be alone at the start into someone who enjoys the company of others. Though he leads a simple life but I guess you’ll never know the meaning of loneliness if you have never have friends before. Having Doppels do not count. It’s like talking to your television or some other electrical appliances. Just that it has more interaction capabilities. Phryne also learns to open up at the end from being someone who keeps to herself. Nessa is always the happy girl and she really acts like a kid, throwing tantrums and fits whenever she is unhappy. It boggles me that if she was part of the Key to rebooting the system, how did Phryne get her hands on it? Where was she all the while when others searched high and low without finding an answer in sight? Enri’s tsundere proves to be amusing and a comic relief. Too bad she just didn’t have the chance to tell Clain her true feelings. Either way, Clain would have preferred very much to live with Phryne and Nessa. Sunda and Dias aren’t as bad as they seem. While Sunda may sound arrogant and Dias hides a cold blooded nature, ultimately they stood for what they believe for and fight all the way till the end of their lives. Barrot is the creepiest character, possibly the most hated character. I’m sure his molesting of Phryne creeps you out. Because this isn’t an ecchi series, caressing a girl’s stomach and licking her face is utmost disgusting. Partly because he’s an old geezer and not a hot bishonen :p. I thought we’d seen the last of him when the slab collapsed on him at the lab, but he is one tough nut to crack. Well, we must be all happy since he’s dead for good in the end. Moeran’s jealousy is fuelled by the fact that Phryne is considered more important compared to her even though her intentions of protecting this world is sincere. Any point bugging me is that if Nessa is the younger version of Phryne, then Moeran must be the older version of her, right? I mean, she did address her as her sister. So we all know what she’ll look like when she grows old :p. And don’t tell me all those grandmas at the temple are her too.

I need to say something about the drawing and art. It reminded me so much of Sora No Woto in the sense that the scenery and backgrounds are breathtaking that it makes you go ooh and ahh. However the same can’t be said about the human beings. Their details are so lacking so much so it feels like not much effort has been put into them. At one point (the part where everybody was dancing and getting jiggy with it), they really look like weird sketches. Just horrible. Therefore I sometimes would avert my eyes to the scenery behind rather than the characters in focus. Of course the main characters like Clain, Phryne and Nessa are given more details but generally the quality of the art isn’t as good as they give to the background. Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Hitomi Azuma. I’m not sure if I could classify the opening theme, Harinezumi as a dance song even with its upbeat nature. That’s because the animation is just all about zooming in and out of the colourful kaleidoscope effects. Not sure if you’re watching some virus thingy or light show. The ending theme, Down By The Salley Gardens is a slow and calming piece. It is totally sung in English though I feel that some of the grammar doesn’t make sense. Then halfway it changed to a Japanese version before reverting back to its original English. The animation here is nothing surprising. Nessa sitting by the rocks watching the scenery till a little butterfly flutters by and in her distraction, she falls off the rock. Cute, no? For the Day Star insert song, humming it by yourself is just horrible. The full version with other instruments accompanying it sounds better.

I don’t really have any problems with the voice casting except Clain’s. Yu Kobayashi is the voice behind him and I feel that her voice doesn’t really suit this character. Based on my views, Clain just sounded odd and with Yu Kobayashi’s crazy voice antics, I had this feeling the character would burst into a crazy fit somehow. Though she has voiced some boy’s role before, I still feel that she would suit better in other roles than this. In contrast, Kana Hanazawa was perfect and definitely suitable for the sunny Nessa. After watching her voice lively characters such as the titular character in Kobato and Kozue in Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, there is no others who would be better than her to play Nessa. Other casts include newbie seiyuu Minami Tsuda as Phryne, Yuka Iguchi as Enri (Index in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Shintaro Asanuma as Sunda (Tsuda in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Sumi Shimamoto as Moeran (Kyoko in Maison Ikkoku), Mitsuru Miyamoto as Barrot (Ayame in Fruits Basket), Tomoaki Maeno as Dias (Junichi in Amagami SS) and surprisingly Aki Toyosaki as Meegan (Yui in K-ON!).

Modern conveniences serve to lessen the burden of humanity and to make life easier. But depending too much on it has reduced the quality of life. You can say that this is some sort of apocalypse. Some sort of illusionary prison on Earth without everyone realizing it. In a way, this series reminded me of a Hollywood blockbuster, The Matrix. See the similarities? The people in general are living in the fake world with those in power trying to brainwash and keep things as they are. Then there are a few outsiders and rebels trying to break into the system and save humanity once and for all. If you are given a choice, would you really want to be part of the Fractale system or get down and dirty with reality? For me, as long as I can watch my animes, I’m fine. Come to think of it, is this life of mine just an illusion too? If so, I don’t want to wake up yet.

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