Fruits Basket Soundtrack

November 14, 2009

It’s that time again. Though the Fruits Basket anime series has ended a very long time ago and no sequel has been announced ever since, that still didn’t deter me to go back and listen to some of my favourite background music (BGM) in the show. The music is equally as heart warming as the series itself and of course when I listen to such songs, it brings back nostalgic memories and possibly stir a little emotion in me when I was watching the anime.
There are several original soundtracks released between 2001 and 2002. As for the original soundtrack, there are two of them. Fruits Basket OST I is entitled Memory of You and contains 28 tracks while Fruits Basket OST II is named Eternal Memories and has additional 20 songs. There is also an image album called Fruits Basket Shiki (Four Seasons) – Songs For Ritsuko Okazaki and contains 11 songs. I’m confused to who are the rightful composers of the albums. I know that there is more than 1 but the crediting seems contrasting. So while I’m pondering who composes what, I’ll just list them generally. They include Jun Abe, Seiji Mutou, Masaki Iwamoto and Tatsuya Murayama. Of course they do the BGMs while Ritsuko Okazaki sings the rest of the vocal pieces especially in the image album. Listed below alphabetically are my favourite tracks:
1) Chiisana Inori (Orchestra Version)
2) Fruits Basket In Waltz
3) Going On My Way
4) Jokyoku (Overture)
5) Komorebi
6) Memory- At Home
7) Memory – For You
8) Memory – In Daily Life
9) Secret
10) Serenade (Piano)
11) Shuukyoku (Epilogue)
12) So Gorgeous!
13) Tada Nakitaku Naru No (Orchestra Version)
So okay, perhaps many of the pieces are just variations of one another in terms of tempo, musical instruments and arrangement. But that still doesn’t make them sound less interesting or boring. Somehow these variations enhance the atmosphere and mood of the setting. If I had to pick which of my favourites is tops, then it has to be Shuukyoku (Epilogue). A slow and calming piece which combines piano, orchestra strings and wind instruments in the best possible way to give a heartfelt effect.
Tada Nakitaku Naru No (Orchestra Version) is also another slow heartfelt piece and combining easy guitar pickings and orchestra strings both as its lead and strong background support. Of course a little bit of wind instrument and soft fanfare at certain points. Serenade (Piano) is a piano solo which is befittingly used as the ending theme for the penultimate episode of the series. The slow and calming pace of the song hides a sad and gloomy feel. Though the track may be named Secret, the way the echo chime instruments at the start of the song gives a mysterious and enigmatic feel. This effect is lessen with the introduction of the piano midway but goes back to its enigmatic ways towards the end.
Of all the 3 Memory-named tracks, the one I liked best is Memory – In Daily Life because of its lively and energetic piano pounding introduction and vibrant flute solo. Memory – For You is another slow paced melody which uses strings and tinkly synthesizers which kinda make it sound sweet and lovely. Just like Tohru herself. Memory – At Home is a tubular bell chime solo variation and gives an impression of a homely atmosphere. The shortest variation among the Memory-named tracks is Memory – On Vacation which is an upbeat and spunky. The short and quick strings accompanied with guitar, bass and drums in the background makes it feel like getting ready to go on a fun-filled vacation.
As the name suggests, Fruits Basket In Waltz is a short lively waltz BGM version of the opening theme and I remember is played during the next episode preview in the series. Chiisana Inori (Orchestra Version) is of course the slow BGM orchestra version of the ending theme and since it’s an orchestra version, that means grand orchestra strings to give a grand but soothing feel. This tune is also accompanied with piano. Jokyoku (Overture) another variation piece using horns this time to complement the magnificent strings and piano. Same feel with Komorebi which is also done at a slow soothing pace.
Going On My Way is a cheeky and fun piece which suits Momiji just fine. It conjures up a playful entrance of that little rabbit boy. Another Momiji related song is So Gorgeous! The song is totally played in strings only and on occasions the kettle drum to have that majestic effect. Those who have watched the series couldn’t really forget the other theme for Momiji. That’s right. It is Teru Teru Momiji, a piece which is played while he is at the hotspring. The BGM version is a short string version lasting under a minute. Also another song for Momiji is Hot Blooded Man. A marching-like tune which feels like giving out a patriotic sense because of the upbeatness.
There are some repetitive songs such as I’m Fairy is a repetitious happy-like flute lead with strings in the background. On the other hand, I’m Drummer is a song comprising of drum beats and cymbals only. Playing with the different tempo and beat, it sounds pretty repetitive after a while. I’m Chin-Don-Ya is a weird song because I don’t know what that lead instrument is since the tune of it makes it sound fitting for comical scenes. A seemingly laidback and another repetitive piece is Reason For Quibble. I think that’s the harmonica in the lead with the keyboards, bass and drums in the background.
Theme For Landlady sounds very oriental with the traditional strings and like what you’d expect to hear in such oriental shows. A variation of this tune entitled Theme For Landlady (So Hard) gives a hectic helter-skelter feel. I remember it was played when Ritsu and her mom goes into hyper apologizing mode. Try playing those traditional strings fast. It’s like fast forwarding them a little. Psycho Doctor starts out as a string solo and is later accompanied by piano. This piece is slow yet sad and unlike its name, not a fast psychotic melody. Solitude though starts off with a strange ‘slow-cosmic’-like feel, later it progresses into somewhat like a slow and soft rock because of the electric guitar and the background synthesizers. Mogeta No Uta (Instrumental Version) sounds like a combo between comical rock ‘n’ roll, soft rock and slow waltz. If my memory serves me well, it was played during the scene those Prince Yuki Fan Club girls at Hana’s house. Every time I hear this song, it makes me want to laugh. Another wild rock piece is On The Stage. Gives a feeling of a cool rock band performance. After hearing this piece, I’m wondering how this actually fits into the series.
With the fun pace and waltz-like tune of Both Styles, this tune sounds like another one fitting a comical scene. I’m Hardworking Fellow has a samba feel because of the lively fanfare. Forward Looking Attitude is mainly strings driven which makes it have a little cosmic feel and as usual though it may be slow, the song has a hint of sadness in it. Mysterious Family is a creepy piece due to the high pitched end notes of the piano. Gives out a fearful feeling and painful hidden secret for those cursed under the Souma family. Sounds like a song befitting a horror film (at least for the middle part of the song) because of the fast play of the electric harpsichord.
I don’t know. For me the vocal pieces sung by Ritsuko Okazaki don’t really appeal to me. Mainly it’s because of her voice. I know she sounds like that but every time I hear her voice for some of the songs, it somehow reminds me of the dubbed version of Doraemon… Anyway the songs she sing include the on air versions of the opening and ending theme in OST I while the image album she does almost half of the tracks. They are the full length versions of the opening and ending theme, For Fruits Basket and Chiisana Inori respectively, Serenade (Kiriyama Strings), Lovable Tomorrow (Fruits Basket Version) and Sky Blue (Kiriyama Strings). I’m still wondering why they call the image album Songs For Ritsuko Okazaki. Maybe as a tribute to her? Just like another single image album entitled Kazeiro – Songs For Yui Horie. Since she does the voice for Tohru in the series, this album has her singing her version of the series’ opening and ending theme.
If you noticed that most of the BGMs that I’ve blogged are from OST I and the image album. It is much later that only I found out about OST II which is a rare find and many listeners find it contains missing tracks from the series not found in OST I. Tracks under this album include Labyrinth (a creepy and slow piano solo piece), Abyss Of Despair (another creepy yet mysterious song. Is that the sound of an Owl hooting in the background? Scary…), Image ~Hanajima Family~ (the suspenseful nature of the track using short sudden bursts of the voices gives off a feeling that something terrible can happen anytime), Sea Of Illusion (a longer but echo-y variation of Secret), One-way Love (a slow piano piece accompanied with strings. The first half of the song may sound repetitive), A Thaw (another slow and calming piano with strings), Memories ~Sunshine~ (An echo-y bell and chime variation of Memory), Memory ~Beginning~ (a slow and soft waltz Memory version with quick strings and flute), Extreme Girl’s Heart (using tubular chimes and strings. Though it starts off on a slow and waltzy note, it suddenly becomes hard techno halfway like you hear in action video games then back to its initial tone), Momentary Storm (has a slow dramatic oriental feel), Shackles Of The Heart (music box-like instrument which is later accompanied with guitar and strings), Prince Yuki (pipe organs and voices in the background to give a grand presence), Breath Of Spring (a soft and calming mix between piano, strings and a little sound effect), Young Leaves (another slow and soothing piece using the electric piano and strings). Melody For Episode Eight (a cello solo), The Most Foolish Warfare In The World (entire song is in tubular chimes), King’s March (a grand tune what sounds like Scottish bagpipes to signal the herald of the king), Solitude Piano Version (as the name suggests, a slow piano solo variation of Solitude), Serenade Solo Version (a piano solo but a longer and full version almost lasting 5 minutes) and the crazy and wild vocal version of Mogeta No Uta.
Prior to the release of the anime, there is a drama CD called Hana To Yume which serves as a promotional item for the anime. I have never heard it before simply because it is already out of print and from what I have read it uses a completely different seiyuu cast from the anime. Then another drama CD released in 2005 way after the anime has ended called Fruits Basket HCD Series which features the voices of Yui Horie, Aya Hikasawa and Tomokazu Seki. Basically from what I have read, this HCD Series is based loosely on some Cinderella play in the manga. Sounds like a teaser for those who can’t get enough of the series, eh? But for me, since the series isn’t going to be continuing anytime soon, you can bet that I’ll continue to listen to those BGMs of the series. It’s a basket filled with a good mix of warm, cordial and pleasant tunes.
Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

August 26, 2006

*Sniff sniff*… Oh my… This is such a heartwarming story. Yeah, I’m talking about Fruits Basket. I have to say that I really like that anime. The one thing that really touched me besides the storyline is this girl, Tohru Honda, the main protagonist of the series.

She’s really a unique character. A 16 year old high school girl who’s just being orphaned as her mom died in a car accident. But yet she manage to remain cheerful and optimistic about life. But that’s mainly thanks to her late mom too who also hold this same principle and passed it on to Tohru before her demise. In addition, Tohru’s such a kind and nice girl that her overpoliteness and over-apologetic ways will overwhelm you. Haih… Is there such a girl in this real world nowadays?
Anyway, here’s the storyline. Because of the recent event as mentioned above, Tohru now lives in some make shift tent in some forest and tries to live her life as normal as possible. That is, until she stumbles upon a house in the middle of the forest too on her way to school. And what a coincidence, that the house is dwelled by the ‘prince’ of her high school, Yuki Souma. I guess this guy must be the dream of every girl at his school. Of course, there’s another dweller, Shigure, Yuki’s older eccentric cousin. He works as some sort of a writer and the editor’s always hounding him to finish his work (as Shigure often tries to escape her and do other things), only to realized that he’d earlier done it already. So frustrating for her. Pity her lah. After all that chasing and screaming was just a waste of time.
Anyway, upon learning her current living conditions, both Yuki and Shigure suggested that Tohru lived along with them as their housekeeper. I’m sure those guys could use some cleaning up. After all, their house is in a mess and needs that ‘womenly touch’ to tidy up, don’t you think? Well, Tohru did turned down that offer, except the fact that a mudslide destroyed her tent. Plus, she holds that picture of her late mother very close to her. What about her other relatives? Well, her grandad’s retired and she felt that living with him would only burden him financially too. So what the heck, I guess living with the Soumas wouldn’t be such a bad thing. After all, Yuki the ‘prince’ is there, right?
But that’s just the beginning of the troubles to come. Another Souma member Kyo, barges in and demands to have his fight with Yuki. As Tohru tried to stop them, she slipped and hugged them. Suddenly Yuki and Kyo changed into a rat and cat respectively! What the? And Shigure’s passing by too. Whoops, another slip from Tohru. Poof! Shigure turns into a dog! What’s happening? Of course, who wouldn’t be surprised to see people changing into animals at first, right?
So after Tohru has settled down and is more composed, Shigure explains the Souma’s curse. When a member of the Souma family is being hugged by an opposite gender or under a very very very great deal of stress, he/she will turn into one of the animals of the Juunishi (12 animals of the chinese zodiac). Actually 13 animals, The 12 chinese animals and a cat. Ever wondered why a cat isn’t part of the zodiac? You see, long ago there was this tea party hosted by some God and all the animals were invited. But the rat told the cat that the actual date of the party was the day after, thus making the cat missing it. And when the cat found out, it got furious. Neat way to explain why cats and mice are bitter enemies, huh? Just like Yuki and Kyo too. Always fighting and can’t seem to get along well.
In addition, when they’re in animal form, they can still talk. Plus, the time to change back to human form is undetermined and unknown. Meaning that it may take a long time or just a short time to change back. And when they do, they’re usually naked (much to Tohru’s surprise and shock). Of course! Animals don’t wear clothes. And if they do, it wouldn’t fit them and thus will become lose.
Though, the Souma family is huge, not all of them are cursed with this. Plus, Tohru also learns that the head of the Souma family is Akito Souma. Since the cat’s out of the bag, Shigure now gives Tohru a warning and makes a deal with her. That she has to keep the Souma’s curse a secret from everybody or else her memories will be erased. That’s because if society found out, they’ll be shunned, embarrassed or whatsoever. And it won’t be just the memories of the Soumas that’ll be erased. With that, Tohru agreed and will do her best to protect the secret.
But Tohru won’t be intimidated by this nor would she just sit back and just try to keep the Souma’s curse a secret. In fact, she’s become more enthusiastic and interested to find out more about the Soumas. And that’s what the rest and most of this anime will focus on. How she meet new Souma members, interact and communicate with them, learning their past, and evidently how she changes each one of them, especially Yuki and Kyo. So the character developments of this anime I can say is superb.
So the first other Souma member that Tohru will meet is Kagura, and another member cursed with the Juunishi. Yup, she’s the pig. Yeah, she’s a wild child who’s madly and deeply in love with Kyo. Plus, she’s quite violent in expressing her love. No wonder Kyo wants to run away from her. She’ll beat him up everytime she sees him or he does something not to her liking. Poor Kyo. At first she saw Tohru as a competitor to Kyo so she decided to win Kyo’s heart by doing his laundry and cooking and things like that. But in the end, they both became friends.
Then she’ll meet with the genki Momiji (the rabbit) and the serious no nonsense family doctor Hatori (the dragon) at the school cultural festival. Just to note that, Hatori’s animal dragon meant that he’d turn into a seahorse. A find it a little funny, as I was expecting maybe a lizard or a komodo dragon. But a seahorse? Funny lah. Then there’s the ox Hatsuharu, who seems to want to pick a fight with Kyo. But he and Yuki seems to click, just like in the Juunishi how the rat and the ox do. Yeah, after the rat deceived the cat, it ride on the back of the ox happily to the party. Hmm…
Besides meeting other Souma members, Tohru has got a few problems of her own too. Like the time when her grandad asked her to come live with him alongside Tohru’s rude uncle and aunt. Tohru reluctantly left. Of course the house now seems empty and in a mess again without Tohru doing all the cleaning up. Eventually, her grandad understood her situation and knew that she’s happy where she is now and allowed her to go back and live with the Soumas.
Then there’s that Prince Yuki Fan Club, a club who seems obssessed with Yuki. Members of the club who can’t even get close and talk to Yuki, all of a sudden saw Tohru being close to him and chatting with him casually, that makes them all mad. But luckily, Tohru’s got 2 best gal buddies to back her up and protect her. The mysterious electric psychic, Saki Hanajima, and the ‘yankee’ Arisa Uotani (who seems to be hot-headed with Kyo). Both these girls are quite close to Tohru as a result of what Tohru’s mom did for them earlier on, thus indebted to her. As mentioned during these 2’s visit to the Souma’s house where Tohru’s staying (much to Tohru’s surprise when they said they want to take a look at the place she’s living in), Uotani was saved from those biker-gangsters and Hanajima… well, umm… she did want to tell but, her facial expression… well, I guess the Soumas lost their ‘appetite’ to hear further on.
Then there’s the part where they visit Tohru’s mom grave and it made Yuki and Kyo think a lot. Can’t remember. But I guess they felt lucky to met such a girl like Tohru (me too). And there’s the part where Tohru, Yuki, Kyo and Momiji took a trip to one of the Soumas hot springs rest house. The rest house owner, an elderly lady, seems to be the very apologetic kind. In fact to apologetic. You should see it to see what I mean. So funny! And here we also find out that Momiji is actually a year younger than Yuki and Kyo, and the same age as Hatsuharu. What a shock! And Tohru thought he was just a little kid and slept next to him in the same bed at the hot springs. But Momiji’s so innocent and his mind is like a child, he wouldn’t do anything suspicious. Plus, it’s even weirder when Momiji attends the same high school as Tohru’s wearing a girl’s uniform! He says it suits him! Weird kid.
Also the part where Tohru failed one of her midterms and needs to retake it (along with Hanajima), but she fell ill and became worried whether or not she’ll be a useful person when she grows up. Luckily with the other’s support and her memories of her late mother’s, she manages to pull through and she also finds her hopes back up. Oh yeah, do you know why Hanajima purposely failed the midterms? That’s because the retake is much simpler and she’ll be able to score. So true!
So as Tohru finds out more and more about the Soumas (like Hatori’s partially blinded eye and Momiji’s mom who unwanted him), there’s one Souma who doesn’t really like what’s going on. Yup, it’s Akito. He’s planning to make Tohru regret the day she met the Soumas. The first time Akito met Tohru was at the beginning of the new school term. Yuki and Kyo were surprised to learned this from Momiji and Hatsuharu. So a concerened Yuki rushed to find Tohru and see if Akito has done anything to her. Luckily nothing happened. But it seems that Akito has once tormented Yuki before, and Yuki seems to fear him in a way. Just like most of the other members of the Souma family, many of them have been abused physically or mentally tortured, thus fearing him like as though he’s God.
So more ‘adventures’ and comedy as Tohru proceeds in life. Like the delirious Ayame (the snake), who’s Yuki’s elder brother. Ayame’s wackiness is on par of Shigure’s but more extreme. One funny part is that during the days of his high school years, when he was a student council, something like addressing the problem of morally declining standards among the students. So what was Ayame’s solution? I expected he said something like ‘doing it’ with him. But what I didn’t expect that he was asking the GUYS to ‘do it’ to him! Yeah, he’s sacrificing (or offering if you see it this way) himself for their sake. Hahaha. But it was of course a no no still by the school board.
Although Ayame wants to improve his relationship with his little brother, Yuki doesn’t seem to be all for it. But nevertheless, Ayame never gives up. Plus we learn that Ayame runs some kind of a costume shop along with his assistant, Mine Kurame.
Then there’s that one-episoders where that particular episode focus more on that 1 Souma and that’s the only episode that Souma will ever appear in the entire series. Yup, the first one in episode 21 on Hiro (the lamb) who’s jealous of Tohru for ‘taking away’ his ‘girlfriend’ Kisa (the tiger). Yeah, he’s got an attitude, and he doesn’t really admit things. Kisa became close to Tohru because of her encouragement and kindness. Previously she stopped talking because the kids in her school teased her too much. So Tohru’s magic manage to open her up once again. Plus with Akito disapproving Hiro and Kisa’s relationship (Akito slapped Kisa. Oh, that demon!), Hiro couldn’t do much but just watched. Thus, he dislikes Tohru at first. But eventually, came to accept Tohru as a friend.
The second one in epsiode 23, appears Ritsu (the monkey), who’s the son of the owner of the hot springs. At first I thought Ritsu’s a girl, the way he dressed and her voice. But it turned out that he’s another cross-dresser, only more extreme! Something like he was so weak just like his parents that all they could do to defend themselves was to apologize. So Ritsu’s just like his mom. So hilarious lah. You should see him apologize too. Even for the slightest things. Of course, the other Soumas knew of this and don’t seem to have much pity on him.
Remember the Prince Yuki Fan Club, there’re 2 episodes dedicated to them, episodes 18 and 22. Well, not really dedicated to them. It takes a breather from that Tohru-learning-about-the-Soumas-thing. In episode 18, the fan club realized that their major obstacle to Prince Yuki is Tohru and to eliminate Tohru, they need to eliminate her friends. So the 4 club members decide to pay a visit to Hanajima’s house. Big mistake. Posing as school newspaper reporters and armed with a camcorder to discover Hanajima’s weakness. Of course, they didn’t manage to pull it off. After all, Hanajima’s little brother Megumi, is as scary as ever (reminds you of Ju-on). Yeah, he place some ‘fake’ curse on them, sending them rushing out of the house for their lives. Serves them right.
And in episode 22, focuses more on the fan club’s president, Motoko Minagawa. As her time in school is running out, so is her time to be with Yuki, therefore, she tries to pluck up her courage and confess her feelings to Yuki. Well, not really a direct confession and it didn’t end up the way she had hoped for. But she understood something about Yuki’ll always be in heart. Sorry I can’t remember this part. But something like that. I think.
The last 3 episodes of the series turned very grim. I had goosebumps watching this. All gags and comedy are shoved aside. Akito is making his move to make Tohru regret the day she met the Soumas. So he sends a Souma member, Kazuma, who isn’t a Juunishi, but Kyo’s master, to Shigure’s place. Kazuma’s intention is to ask Kyo if he is prepared to show Tohru his true form. At the end of episode 24, Kazuma takes off Kyo’s bracelet and Kyo transforms. Just as Tohru passing by, she saw what happened. She was shocked.
Kyo had turned into monstrous and ugly looking cat. Because he doesn’t want Tohru to look at him, Kyo ran away. As Tohru tried to run after him, she slipped and there she met Akito, saying to her nasty things. Luckily Shigure was there to stop from anymore damage done to her.
But the thing is, Tohru broke down and her hopes lost. I felt sad and pity for her. Was she regretting that she met the Soumas when she’s at her mom’s grave? I don’t know. But I guess it was too much for her to handle. Another funny thing is, Hanajima and Uotani were passing by and saw Tohru. As Uotani approached to comfort her, Hanajima obstructed her and held Uotani back and told Tohru to do what she needs to do. I wonder if Hanajima knew about the whole thing all along? The way she said things, maybe. Maybe not. With that, Tohru heads off to catch Kyo.
So does Yuki, after some ‘lecture’ from Kagura. So we hear a little story from Kyo about his cat curse. Seems like the cat is the only Juunishi who can transform into something that vile because of all that hatred locked inside it throughout the ages. Plus, when Kyo was young, his mom was always lying to him about his appearance. But Tohru told Kyo the truth, how he is scaring her and how she wants all of them to lived together happily. With this, Kyo manage to calm down and returned back to his normal form now that the bracelet is back in place. And the accomplice Kazuma seems to be glad that things turn out this way. Some guy. But I guess he changed to after seeing Tohru.
Finally, Tohru requests to have a talke with Akito. In the room Tohru along wilth Shigure, Yuki and Hatori. Akito asked why she’d come to see him, Tohru replied that she doesn’t know. Then Akito became furious and proceed to pull Tohru’s hair, as Shigure and Yuki tried to hold him back. So we hear some sad story how Akito as the head of the Souma family is holding the core of the curse (what ever that means). Because so, he’ll die young, thus the other Souma members let him do what he wishes. With so, Akito said once he’s gone, the Soumas will be so happy. But Tohru refutes, saying how dearly he’ll be missed and things like that. After that, Akito calmed down. I wonder if he really forgived Tohru and realized things. Dunno. It wasn’t shown clearly.
But I didn’t like the ending of this anime. Actually, there’s no ending. It just left hanging. As Tohru and the rest walked out of the main Souma house, as usual Kyo challenges Yuki to another fight, and we see how Tohru reminisces about her friends and everyone around her and how they’re all moving forward. End of story. Hey, this isn’t the kind of ending that I expected.
So eventually, there’re a few questions that remained unanswered. The most prominent one, so who in the Souma is the horse and the rooster? I was hoping for their appearance but nope, nothing. Then I learned that the anime story continues in the manga and in there too, Rin (the horse) and Kureno (the rooster) made their appearances. *Sighs*. Oh well, then another thing is that, as the series progresses, I noticed that there’re less transformation from the Soumas. Yeah, for example, like Kisa, only transformed into a tiger cub once and that’s it no more. Same with Kagura, Hatsuharu, Hiro, Ritsu and Hatori (his flashback doesn’t count).
Then there’s one part where Yuki fell sick during the school run, so they need to bring him back. I wonder why then would Hatsuharu need to change into an ox and carry him back. Isn’t he and Kyo strong enough to do so. I mean, it wouldn’t be such a burden for these 2 tough guys, right?
Overall, besides the ending I really love this anime as it really touched and moved my heart. Haven’t felt that for such a long time. And like I’ve mentioned earlier on, Tohru is such a unique girl. And how she changed and opened up the Soumas is really a wonderful thing. Though, it’s not clear whether she really likes Yuki or Kyo (the latter because she’s a cat person) more, but I guess the important thing is that those 2 get to get along better because of her (though not 100%). Plus, I really like it when Tohru smiles and when she’s all cheerful. It warms my heart *blush*
The opening and ending themes songs are quite waltzy and slow pace. Makes you feel like closing your eyes and sleep (not because it’s boring, duh!). Actually, it’s quite calming and soothing if I must say. Plus I find some of the background musics to be quite nice. Especially those slow ones with strings and piano. They really fit the scenario and mood perfectly. Like that piano version of Serenade at the end of episode 25 for the ending theme had a little emotional effect on me. Ahh… Really music to my ears.
But how sad there isn’t any plans to make a second season of Fruits Basket. *Long sigh*. So, If there’s ever season 2 of this anime, I’ll definitely without a doubt watch it. You can count on that.

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