Fushigi Na Somera-chan

April 15, 2016

Bored of the taking the same drugs again and again? Need something higher and different for that fix of yours? Don’t worry. There is always a better drug. Before you get the wrong idea of what this blog is going to be, please be reminded it is anything but that. When I watched Fushigi Na Somera-chan, it reminded me so much of how similar it is to another wacky nonsensical show. It is no surprise. From the same author and producer that brought you that drug filled Ai Mai Mi, comes another spiritual successor that is no less different. With all the bizarre and crazy crap going on, you’re going to love this new drug more than ever. You think you have cleansed yourself from all that anime drug crap? You’ll be back to total addiction once you see this!

Episode 1
If an animal looks cute, don’t be deceived by it because like Somera Nonomoto finds out the hard way, it stabs through her guts! Back to our story proper, Kukuru is the youngest daughter while Somera is the first. They are so hungry but only have 3 grains of rice each! I don’t think Somera can accept this reality. Their next door friend, Shizuku Tendou interrupts and suggests Somera uses her magic fists that she inherited from her late parents. Well, she summoned mayonnaise… Somera juggles oden and dreams of the rich life till she accidentally spills them. Again, she uses her magic to put them back together again but their pet dog Koro gets sucked in. I don’t know what funny animal it turned out to be. Kukuru remembers how Somera brought back this stray dog to help Kukuru cope with her loneliness. They spend their money on its food. Poverty mystery solved. You think it’s time for a heart warming scene? This weird Koro bites Kukuru’s hand off! Ah, biting the hand that feeds you literally…

Episode 2
If you are wondering what the hell is this Menoussoue animal is, don’t worry, it is explained ‘in detail’ in this short opening. Not that I care. Somera and co are holding auditions for a new anime character. Man, it’s a long line. Then they notice Ai Matsushima having a French bread on her hands and is currently looking for her sister. Then the next person also has French bread on her hand. Her name is Aya Matsushima. See the similarities? Kukuru goes to bring Matsushima and reunite with her sister. But… Who the heck is this person?! Not related???!!! Oh well… I guess to cut short their work, they just pick Matsushima as their anime character. She is forced to pay upfront 8,500 Yen and every anime character does this every week! Poor Matsushima is going to eke out her little savings but Kukuru points out it was a joke. You mean it wasn’t real? I thought I had to pay for my anime!!!

Episode 3
Somera is impressed that Matsushima can play a CD via her mouth! What’s this song with a baby crying?! When an alien UFO lands on their backyard and Matsushima decides to visit it so she can take a shower, she got zapped! Her last wish is to have the anime studio animate her life’s work! When the UFO blasts the radish farm, Somera becomes furious. A little alien girl pops out and Somera abuses her. Seems her UFO needs radish as fuel to go home. Why destroy the farm then? Just for fun. FFFUUUUUU!!! More abuse! The alien general might look intimidating warning Somera about bullying but he is just as small as alien girl. Since road kill can also serve as fuel, Shizuku brings them dead squirrel and they return home with a fuel tank. Oh, Matsushima is also revived.

Episode 4
Matsushima made a stupid dance about a perverted eel. This causes an instant hit around the world and internet. Everybody loves it! Everybody loves her! She is the newest and best sensation ever! Shizuku tries to store tension by telling the sisters Matsushima is now on her high horse. To her happiness, Somera agrees. However she is not going to bring her down for revenge bur rather for being cocky. Because Matsushima must realize she is on the lowest level of the pyramid, even lower than bugs! They try to sully her name with the free food samples she hogs on. But everybody finds it cool! They love her even more! But her popularity only lasted 2 months since her followers are her groupies and in turn they too lost interest and now she is back to zero lovers. Hey, at least she has Somera and co. Yeah, I figure they don’t have other friends too. All seems to be fine when Somera brings up that food samples thingy to blow Matsushima’s top.

Episode 5
Matsushima is used to fish a huge haul. I wonder how she can use her body to haul up so many fish. Then again, don’t even think about it. As they are talking about legends of this lake, this huge Nessie creature, Hideyuki pops up to tell them about the plague that is poisoning the waters (he thinks they are here to search for the source and stop it). I am sure the girls aren’t interested but he goes on to explain the cause of it. Some Dr Wormie failed his driving test and came to hate humans. So he created an underwater lab here to pollute the lake. I guess Somera would take on the job since Hideyuki will give them his huge pearls. The girls easily sneak into Wormie’s lab and tickle him to submission. Then they hook him up to the computer and made him undergo a personality change to love humans. Hideyuki rewards them with the pearls but it turns out to be bowling balls in paint. Time to buy poison and put it in this water…

Episode 6
Kukuru is getting creepy since her friend, Konomi is clinging so close to her. Yuri? Shizuku sees this and reports to Somera that homosexuality isn’t right. However something is wrong with Somera today because she can’t help see every woman on the street as beautiful. Konomi is using every excuse to hide her blatant harassment on Kukuru. Till it gets obvious she wants to do something with her in the bushes. While Kukuru struggles to free herself, here comes Somera to the rescue. However she doesn’t act and Konomi thinks she is also into yuri. She starts flustering. Shizuku then gives her some pills that will cure her. Konomi doesn’t think it will when suddenly Somera finishes her off with a pile driver! Back to normal. Next time, the girls notice Konomi has turned into a stalker. Even worse, she loves the verbal abuse since the shock last time last time turned her into a masochist. Now they call her woman-womanizer.

Episode 7
After Matsushima licks Somera’s dropped ice cream on the ground, Somera punches her! Matsushima threatens to unfollow her and if that is the case, Somera will close her account! Shizuku suggests settling this via sumo match. However with Somera having nothing much to eat, the only thing she is having big is her debts. On the fated day, Matsushima has turned into a buffed up giant! OMG! So hilarious! She is really going to kill Somera for that unforgettable incident. Naturally Somera is no match for her monstrous power. This is when she evens the odds by using her magical hand. The sumo match eventually ends with a draw. Matsushima returns to normal size and both reconcile. Yeah, friendship is the best, right? They suggest having ice cream to cool off but Kukuru knows better to have something that started it all.

Episode 8
Kukuru wants Somera to be her art model. But sister is going to charge her! How could she do such a thing? Anyway Kukuru sucks at drawing so much so Somera tore up the picture. This has her to bring Shizuku and Matsushima into the picture. When Matsushima asks if she will be paid, Somera chides them for taking money from a friend! Look who is talking?! Anyway the painting sucks. Shizuku suggests drugging a teacher on pretence in helping somebody finish her homework. The girls hide in the closet as Maari Miyamoto sits and waits. However she gets freaked out upon hearing noises in the closet. But all that turn into excitement as she thinks it is Domunperg! Who the f*ck?! The girls dress up as a ghost acting as Domunperg. She gets even more excited. She is told to make a pilgrimage to a doctor and thus immediately hospitalized. She alone continued to believe that she was being helped by Kukuru’s hideous artwork of Domunperg as a homework assignment.

Episode 9
What is the difference between a genetically modified Matsushima with the original one? The latter has a taller mouth to catch salmons on their way to spawning grounds! Somera just lets her go and Matsushima doesn’t really care about her except for Kukuru pleading for them to help her. They thought releasing her into the forest would be fine but soon the clone appears in the news after racking up a reputation of terrorizing a village. It even starts randomly biting people. With the military men called in, our girls head to the jungles to take action. Man, those military guys are using all-out offensive to bomb the village just to corner this clone! Kukuru protects the clone while Matsushima goes to talk to it. The clone is going to bite her but Matsushima hugs her, apologizing for all the suffering she has brought her. Suddenly that little alien girl pops up and knows a good planet where they can take her in. And so she is on her way to Planet Funyanko never to set foot on Earth again. Matsushima mourns her lost and always looks up to the sky ever since.

Episode 10
A skinny Santa comes in to give sleeping Kukuru a present. But Somera has been hiding and wants to know what an old guy is doing in her sister’s room this late! Somera doesn’t believe he is Santa and must be a burglar since nobody gives free presents in this economy. He shows his bag of toys but she thinks it is the loot he stole. To prove himself, he gives her a toy car. But that is not enough. She wants passive income! He tells her off not to think like the devil and make easy money. Anyway he gives her a protective amulet and a toy train rail for Kukuru. Next day, the sisters show their presents. Shizuku got a heater while Matsushima a remote controller that is connected to a cannon in the mountains pointing at their house! You know what this means… Then they discuss about Santa’s intentions of giving free presents. He must be some rich dude who got everything except people’s heart. So he must be doing this and forcing others to accept his presents just to make himself feel good. Despicable…

Episode 11
Matsushima tells her friends of her new part time job whereby she lies on her back and spins some gear. She brings her friends to check it out and along the way they see a hideous monster, U-ko. It speaks English! Matsushima knows her since she is her employer. They are taken to the workplace where all of them start spinning the gear. Unknown to them, they seem to be activating something. When the machine goes boom, Somera tries to blame it all on Shizuku and will even give her a free 4GB flash drive instead of compensating for this. But U-ko is happy she has completed her artificial human and will fill the world with despair. So this artificial human… Looks like a derp? First thing she does is to punch out U-ko for modifying her with no permission. She goes back to her hometown to find a job. As for U-ko, I think she has better integrity than Somera because she still pays them despite the outcome. 400 Yen isn’t bad, you know…

Episode 12
Somera laughs off a magazine’s prediction a meteorite is going to hit Earth. Then it isn’t so funny anymore when Shizuku says so and there are posters of it everywhere. Kukuru tries to calm her down that it won’t probably happen but Somera tells her off for being the worst for not trusting her friend! With the entire town panicking, I guess there is nothing better for them than to go eat unagi. Matsushima crawls in and they think the smell attracted her so Somera zaps her! After they revive her and she has her fill of unagi, she says she is waiting for this day because she has built a shelter. Too bad it is only for one person. Bye dorks. As the meteorite approaches, Shizuku chickens out and saves herself. No use for regrets now, Somera. But there’s time for revenge as she goes to flood Matsushima’s shelter with unagi sauce! That should teach her! When the meteorite is closing in, Kukuru suggests Somera to use her magical fist. But she is too nervous to say the right words. In that case, she’ll die in a funny pose! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!! End picture: Somera holding an unemployment notice. Yeah, I guess that is worse than death…

Magical Idiocy Delight!
Oh no! It ended already?! I was just enjoying myself, damn it! I’m sure we couldn’t care less about the so called official plot about the sisters inheriting that magical fist since it was hardly used and they go about in their random and crazy adventures. It was so irrelevant that it shouldn’t be there in the synopsis but I felt they had to put something up as part of the obligatory series synopsis. So that dumb viewers can stop asking what the heck is this show is all about. Really? This show has a plot? After watching the dozen episodes worth 3.5 minutes each, you’ll be glad there isn’t any confusing plot or even a decent plot to begin with.

As far as this series is concerned, it is so weird and crazy that I really loved it as much as that crazy Ai Mai Mi series. I hope they do another season because I am really getting addicted. Whoops! To say it is better than Ai Mai Mi might not be accurate but I will definitely say that it is on par with that show. Everything you see here is a reminiscence of it. The style of everything is a reminiscence of it. The characters, the art style, the exaggerated jokes and the way it is executed is so freaking familiar that you would definitely believe that the characters in Ai Mai Mi underwent some sort of facial surgery to change their identities to get new ones to fool us viewers who might be bored with them if this ever turned out to be the third season of Ai Mai Mi. Am I right?

But not everything in this series is totally nonsensical and aimed to melt your brains and dumb you down. Am I saying that there is educational value in this bizarre series? Yes! You think I’m joking right? No I am not. Because at the beginning of every episode (except for one episode), there is a short narrative of the Menoussoue being! Yes! That’s right! Believe it! From its characteristics to its mating style to its legendary status in history books, man, I never knew there were lots of trivia and facts I didn’t know about this creature! Just like that fake panda in Senyuu, eh? What? You think I have been taken for a ride and being duped with this imaginary creature?! It is real, I tell you!

What can I say about the characters? Wacky and crazy aren’t just enough. If they are going to be in this sort of anime, might as well have that crazy attitude, right? So each of them are like stupid troublemakers one way or another except for Kukuru whom I feel is like the punching bag for the rest at times. Because she is different in the sense she has more heart and cares about other things that the rest don’t, it is like she also serves as the butt of jokes and rebuttal of just about almost everything. Poor Kukuru. Wrong character in the wrong anime. I guess you need a character like her who is less a sadist so as to make the rest look even more a sadist. Imagine if all of them were just selfish hypocrite cold hearted b*tches, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, right? As for the other characters, don’t think too much about them as they never recur maybe except for that little alien girl. Heck, they should have just introduced another alien character instead of reusing her again. If you are sharp enough, you can spot the characters from Ai Mai Mi making a very short cameo in one of the episodes.

Matching the outrageous style of the series is the equally crazy opening theme. But unlike Ai Mai Mi’s retro video game animation, we get just the normal but crazy opening credits animation with all the crazy stuff that some would never even appear in the episode proper. Though, Prism MAX~Heishi Ishin Full HD Remaster-ban by the voices behind the main quartet, sounds more like a typical anime rock for an all-girl group. It isn’t anything that special in terms of its music. Replacing the ‘ending theme’ is a drawing song that ‘teaches’ you how to draw certain characters. Somehow I think they are just trolling you as I feel the lyrics don’t really match up to how the lines are being drawn for most of the time.

So if you are feeling stressed out and the need to laugh out loud or just shake your head, this series is just the perfect tonic for that. Or if you want to dabble in anime drugs and get high in anime land, this is also the perfect tonic. Even more so, a slightly higher dosage for those who have watched Ai Mai Mi. Somera might not be magical and suspiciously a lunatic mental patient that has escaped an asylum (only this world is one big asylum), but the drug effects of this anime certainly is! Oh and remember, always stay away and never do real drugs.

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