I know this is long overdue. But what to do? That is what happens when you procrastinate. You decide that tomorrow is the day that you will get things done but when tomorrow comes, once again delay rears its ugly head. Besides, tomorrow never comes. Because it becomes today! So technically we’ll never get things done! HAHAHA!!! Oh… Oops… Anyway, I somehow managed to pull away from the laziness and finally do a versus blog between Gabriel Dropout and Jashin-chan Dropkick. I only remembered doing this because the latter is getting a second season. Yeah, some sort of ‘wakeup’ call for me to get it on now instead of waiting and watching till the second season is over. Who knows I might lose motivation again and being lazy. And yup, speaking of lazy, both animes have loser characters in their lead. But since they’re so cute and adorable, we forgive them for making us laugh, no?

The leading failure:
You could’ve guessed from the title…
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel – Lazy and unmotivated angel. Becomes a slacker addicted to video games.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Jashin – Manipulative and self-centred serpent. Becomes Yurine’s slave and always gets what’s coming after several failed attempts to kill Yurine.

Her childhood friend:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Medusa and Minos.

Dumb troublemaker:
They never learn from their failed mischiefs…
Gabriel Dropout: Satania. Always trying to get back at Gabriel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Jashin. Always trying to kill Yurine.

Gentle devil:
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Gabriel Dropout: Vigne.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Medusa.

Fallen angel:
How the might have fallen…
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Pekola.

Stalker girl:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Mei.

Gabriel Dropout: Martiel is obsessed about Raphiel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Mei is obsessed about Jashin.

Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel’s sisters are Haniel and Zelel.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: The snow sisters, Yusa and Koji FKA Yusa.

Don’t mess with this girl:
Think twice…
Gabriel Dropout
: Yurine.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Zelel.

The underclassman:
Gabriel Dropout: Tapris – Admires Gabriel and wants to get rid of Satania whom she views as the one responsible for turning Gabriel into a slob.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Poporon – Hates Pekola and wants to get rid of her so that she could take her place as a fully-fledged angel.

Always doing her best:
Gabriel Dropout: Tapris.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Minos.

Delusional girl:
Gabriel Dropout: Machiko – Delusions of trying to be more responsible.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Jashin – Delusions of trying to kill Yurine.

The dog:
Gabriel Dropout: That damn dog that keeps stealing Satania’s melon bread!
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Beth, Yurine’s demon pet dog.

The umbrella:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel shares her umbrella with Satania when the latter forgets hers.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Yurine uses the umbrella as a weapon to stab Jashin!

The eye:
Gabriel Dropout: There is a blind girl undergoing a risky surgery to restore her sight. With the miracle of a certain angel, she gets her sight and a second chance at life!
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Yurine wears an eye-patch as part of her emo gothic fashion, I guess. But does it really have some miracle power behind it because she once used it to unleash Beth’s power or something.

Part time job:
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel works part time at a coffee shop.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Poporon works part time at a ramen shop apart from being an idol.

An angel’s halo…
Gabriel Dropout: Can be corrupted.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Can be eaten!

Falling sick:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 7 when Vigne caught a human cold. Heartless Gabriel even has her do both their homework and even forcing her to make tea! Better kick out the leach!
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 11 when Yurine becomes sick and doesn’t even retaliate to Jashin’s attacks! Is she gonna die?!

Solving hot days…
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 3 when the air-cond died, Gabriel beats up and forced annoying Satania to fix while she makes herself at home at Vigne’s.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 2 when Jashin is b*tching about having no air-cond in Yurine’s home, Yurine kills her and let her blood drip! You feelin’ cold now, girl?

Money woes…
Gabriel Dropout: Gabriel spent too much money on microtransactions to even buy food.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Rotten Jashin is always borrowing money from her personal ATM AKA Medusa on the slots.

Online shopping:
Gabriel Dropout: Wow. Hell even has its own online shopping network. What’s this gun that won’t make you stop laughing for 10 minutes?
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Oh Yurine, is this where you shop and order for new weapons to be tested out on Jashin?

The great pretender:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 12, Gabriel returns changed after her re-education and her entire slacker character is nowhere to be seen. Turns out she was just putting up an act to deceive Zelel and will continue to do so until her big sister goes away.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 4, Jashin pranks Medusa with her dead skin to scare her that she is dead. But Medusa didn’t find it funny and instead ended their friendship. Panicked Jashin pleads for forgiveness and apologizes as she couldn’t stop crying. Turns out Medusa was just putting up an act to see her reaction. Gotcha!

Keep looking:
Gabriel Dropout: Raphiel loves watching all sorts of movies to find contrasts in dubbing and subtitles.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Persephone II is always looking for Jashin but always misses her.

Party gathering:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 11, the gang gather for a takoyaki party.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 1, the gang gather for a sukiyaki party.

Getting drunk:
Gabriel Dropout: In episode 9, Gabriel becomes drunk after drinking sweet sake and starts flying in the sky.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: In episode 5, drunk Jashin comes by Pekola’s cardboard home to mock her food. Also, in episode 11, Mei is drunk while on duty.

Beach episode:
Gabriel Dropout: Episode 4.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Episode 12.

Christmas episode:
Gabriel Dropout: Episode 9.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Episode 3.

Number of episodes:
Gabriel Dropout: 12 episodes + 2 OVAs.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: 12 episodes. There will be a second season in 2020.

Year TV series was released:
Gabriel Dropout: Early 2017.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Mid-2018. There will be a second season in 2020.

Studio production:
Gabriel Dropout: Dogo Kobo.
Jashin-chan Dropkick: Nomad.

It is definitely hard for me to say which one is clearly better as both are cute and funny. But if I had to really, really, really, really, really pick one, I think the slight edge will go to Jashin-chan Dropkick because of all the crazy, silly, nonsensical slapstick comedy that it is. No holds barred. Gabriel Dropout is okay too but it isn’t as funnily violent as the former. Yeah, I’m such a sadist. So it goes to show that Earth is such a fun place to be that angels and demons prefer to live here. Be it a NEET or somebody’s slave. I hope this doesn’t send the wrong idea that being a failure is so much fun than being successful. Maybe with the exception of watching others fail so badly that it’s good. Others failing for the sake of our entertainment, is that a success or failure?

Gabriel Dropout

July 9, 2017

Do you once have this experience whereby you have a certain perception and view of something only to be shocked or disappointed when you see the real deal? Just like that Paris Syndrome in which Japanese people will go into shock when they see the real Eifel Tower. So can you believe what is absolutely so shocking that would turn angels astray? I’m not kidding. The expectations of mankind has been so vastly different that for a pure angel who came down to Earth to help is left in shock so much so she decides to just f*ck all that and become a bum. Really. I’m not kidding! Basically this is the premise of Gabriel Dropout. An angel who just graduated with high scores and promising future descending onto Earth only to see the blasphemous and ungodly activities of humans. So how? Well, if you can’t beat them, join them! And so this is a (funny) story of how a fallen angel has sunk so low that light could never reach her as well as her equally failed friends as they continue their pitifully and ironically funny existence of life on Earth.

Episode 1A
Gabriel White Tenma graduates top of her class as an angel. She and other graduated angels will now attend human schools to learn more about them before coming back as full-fledged angels. You know they’re screwed when they choose Japan, right? So Gabriel is fascinated with the human world. At least in Japan. She gets hooked on helping people on MMORPG via healing them. She loves to help them out but it seems she ran out of healing points. Need more? Buy them! And because more and more people are seeking her help, she succumbs to the temptation of paying! And before you know it, Gabriel turns into a total NEET! Her messy room and lifestyle is a far cry from the honour student she once was! Her demon friend, Vignette “Vigne” April Tsukinose has to straighten her out but Gabriel doesn’t give a damn. Gabriel isn’t afraid to admit she is useless and she has no intentions of returning to heaven and thinks all those angelic stuffs are overrated. Yes, she admits herself as a fallen angel. Or as she puts it herself, fail-len angel! So when she finally decides to go to school, she feels lazy to walk and is going to teleport. However she only teleports her panties. All the boys must be worshipping to the sudden appearance of this ‘God’.

Episode 1B
Satanichia “Satania” McDowell Kurumizawa is the self-proclaimed future queen of hell. She thought of giving Gabriel trouble. But she is shocked to see her spilling her drink, not giving a f*ck to recycle. When Satania tries to make her, she ends up cleaning it herself because she lost a game. Satania fantasizes about her diabolical plan to embarrass Gabriel. Too bad she runs out of toilet paper and is now stuck in her cubicle. In class when the teacher (let’s call this baldy Sensei) signals his students to hand in their homework, she is proud that she did not do a single bit and is not sorry at all. Soon her maniacal laughter turns into cries after she gets punished. Boo hoo.

Episode 1C
Gabriel overslept and doesn’t give a damn about the promise to go shopping with Vigne today. You can see why Vigne is visibly upset after waiting for hours. So they clean up Gabriel’s hell apartment. Gabriel notices her halo corrupted and black but doesn’t give a damn. In fact she likes it. Vigne goes into shock when Gabriel quips she isn’t acting so demonic since she is responsible, etc. So Vigne is asking an angel how to be a demon? How about killing someone? How could you?! Are you a demon for thinking like that?! They spot a cockroach. Vigne freaks out and overkills it. Gabriel’s room is destroyed. Was that demonic enough?

Episode 1D
Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha is bored ever since she came to the human wold. But now she has God to thank for when she sees Satania fighting with a dog over a melon bread! Pure entertainment. This idiot is going to be her toy. Satania actually took Raphiel’s advice to talk in dog language to get her feelings through. How many barks is it going to take? When Satania gives up, Raphiel mocks she is running away. She then gets serious to fight back. So did the dog. She lost. And would you know this is the umpteenth time. Oh, did I mention Raphiel is in the class next door and went to the same angel school with Gabriel? Vigne thinks she is a nice girl and could be friends. But after seeing how Raphiel mocks Satania by enticing her with a melon bread if she licks her feet like a dog, she might want to be careful in choosing her friends.

Episode 2A
Is Gabriel racist for not wanting to go to the cafeteria because there are too many humans? And no, Vigne isn’t going to pay for your lunch. They spot Satania trying to go somewhere with her lunch. Turns out that poor demon is eating alone. She gets a shock when they want to eat with her. And somehow the dog stole her melon bread. Satania becomes her haughty self trying to make them beg to eat with her. They leave her alone and now she is the one begging to eat with them. Satania orders udon for all of them. Gabriel didn’t like it so the lunch is on her. Satania shows her inept ways when she doesn’t even know how to use disposable chopsticks. Gabriel decides to play a trick on her since Satania doesn’t know this spicy condiment. Following Gabriel’s advice, Satania dumps loads of it into her udon. Time to taste. Delicious! Oh well, demons can stand hot things, right? The prank backfires as Satania peppers the spice in Gabriel’s udon. Try it. It’s great.

Episode 2B
The class president, Machiko notices Gabriel is the only one who hasn’t submit her career survey form. Then she overhears her talking with Vigne about submitting a survey to heaven about the diet of single men?! She is confused and thinks they are trying to find husbands. She can’t help make some comments and get lost in her fantasies of what they say. One including Gabriel’s wish to destroy the world?! When Gabriel finally submits the proper one, Machiko is shocked to see her first career choice is to do nothing all day long. It’s the same for her second and third choice. Laziness…

Episode 2C
The girls are supposed to cook but with Satania bringing some ugly deep sea fish and Gabriel ingredients for curry, boy, this is going to be tough for Vigne. You can tell she is going to get worked up from their idiocy from cutting the fish to chopping the vegetables. It’s like running a nursery? When it’s done, the end product looks inedible. But it tastes delicious to Satania…

Episode 2D
Satania gets a rude awakening when she finds Raphiel sleeping next to her! She wants to toy her be her friend but obviously Satania doesn’t share the same sentiments. Before she can kick her out, Raphiel says the buzzword: She wants to be her disciple. And that is enough to get her to change her mind. So the great master Satania orders her to do shopping. Guess what? Raphiel gives excuse she is tired! Instead, why not demonstrate how awesome master is? With that, Satania didn’t even know she is doing the errand for Raphiel’s breakfast. Next mission is to spy on Gabriel’s weakness. Nope. Don’t understand. If that isn’t bad enough, Raphiel thinks sleeping together with her is too cramped and that she wants to sleep alone in her futon. You’re fired.

Episode 3A
Gabriel is working part time at a coffee house. She’s not happy either. She needs the money for microtransactions! With such bad service, you’d think Master would have fired her. But he thinks she is a foreigner and lacks knowledge about the local custom and tries his best not to scold her. Even if he has to do the bulk of the work. Even if she criticizes his proud house blend. Even if she says she likes to continue working here because nobody comes here. Even if she will not work on weekends and only once a week. Boy, I’m surprised she isn’t fired. I can’t believe there is such tolerant (also read, dumb) people. Drink that house blend of yours. You’re going to need it…

Episode 3B
Vigne can’t believe Raphiel is also a top student at angel academy. Realizing she knows nothing about her, she decides to talk to her. She’ll soon get to know her twisted ways of fun because Raphiel loves watching all kinds of movies in the sense of finding contrasts in dubbing and the subtitles and a roulette cream puff (one is super spicy that will have you sleepless nights). Thankfully both girls didn’t pick it. But when Raphiel spots Satania, she immediately has her eat the last cream puff. Raphiel is going to in for some shock when Satania loves its taste…

Episode 3C
When Satania enters the coffee house, instantly Gabriel beats her up and throws her out! Master still won’t fire her? Satania becomes a customer and thought she could be king but Gabriel gives her bad service. Master treats her his special house blend but with Gabriel threatening to spill and not serve her, the one thing that hurts Master the most is how Gabriel notes how much this coffee sucks! Remember her taste deaf… Later Vigne visits and Master is afraid of youngsters like her. His fear comes true when she orders the special house blend. He braces for the worst when Vigne claims how super good it is. His confidence restored. She’s an angel! Demon actually…

Episode 3D
It’s just not Gabriel’s day. The air-cond died, she’s sweating like hell and mosquitoes are biting her. An angel can’t even beat those little bugs? Satania picked the wrong day to go bug her because Gabriel is so in a bad mood that she beats her up and then tells her to fix her place. Then she goes to Vigne’s place and make herself home there. Use her air-cond, use her bath, use her t-shirt, get her bites treated and even staying for dinner. Heck, she is staying for the night too. And she’s all forgotten about Satania still knocked out at her place.

Episode 4A
Satania is upset that her friends left her out in discussing about a beach trip. So she makes it obvious hinting that she is damn free to go. Raphiel and Gabriel play a prank on her to just tell her, not invite her. That priceless shock face… Eventually Vigne invites her and Satania becomes cocky. Now you know why, right? They make a guidebook for their trip but they have to first deal with their exams. You know about the remedial classes if you fail, right? Thankfully they all pass (it must be a miracle) but on the day of the beach trip, it rains! Gabriel is happy as she doesn’t want to do this and go home. Satania will not stop b*tching about it so Raphiel might have pulled some strings to clear the skies! It is their first time on a human beach and the first thing Gabriel does is to stay under the parasol and surf the internet. In order to entice her to do beach things, Satania fails in her swimming and Vigne is just boring in making sand castles. Raphiel then has Satania become the watermelon for the watermelon splitting! Now this gets Gabriel’s attention. She wants to do it! Oh no. Satania almost loses her life when Gabriel smashes the bat but missed just inches. Gabriel joins in the rest of the fun like splashing water (throwing sea life with Satania?), eating shaved ice cream and being buried in the sand (the dog almost peed on Satania!). In the end, it was a fun day and they all head back sleeping on the train home. Even angels and demons do get tired from the fun in the sun.

Episode 4B
Vigne thought she is going to have fun for the rest of the summer till Gabriel barges in to copy her homework. Well, Vigne should have seen this coming, right? Yeah, Satania is here to copy too. While guiding the dumb ones, Satania wants to know how Vigne and Gabriel met. It was a time when Gabriel was still the pure innocent angel. She bumped into Vigne who was lost looking for her apartment. Gabriel gladly helped guide her there. Before they part, Gabriel also said she just moved here and doesn’t have any friends yet. She hopes Vigne could be her friend since they are going to the same school too. The rest is history but Satania couldn’t believe this ‘creepy’ story that she puts up the freakiest face ever. Yeah, it sounded like Gabriel was a totally different person. You don’t say because disappointed Vigne would really love to have that old Gabriel back.

Episode 5A
Tapris Sugarbell Chisaki just arrived from heaven to Earth. In a spacesuit? Is everything on Earth dangerous? She hopes to find Gabriel she looks up so much. Yeah… At school she doesn’t recognize Gabriel since the latter is extorting her for money to buy a can drink. Luckily Raphiel is here and recognizes Tapris. She is happy to know she’s got a new ‘toy’… Imagine Tapris’ shock to realize this ruffian is Gabriel and that angelic version was a lie. Raphiel further aggravates the situation by saying that a demon made Gabriel’s downfall. Of course you know what kind of idiocy would ensue when she is going to let Tapris handle Satania. Because Satania already blunders herself by waiting and locking herself in the locker. When she manages to get out, she proudly claims how she subdued Gabriel under her command by showing picture ‘proof’. Gullible but scared Tapris wants to avenge her so they decide to play old maid? Satania obviously sucks at the game but she cheats to win it. Hey, she’s the devil so all is fair for her. Satania gloats on her victory while Tapris runs away in tears. And Raphiel has the best entertainment of all. Thank you God for this amusement. Tapris bumps into Vigne and by this time she already has trust issues. However Vigne is kind enough to help her and restore some faith. Tapris loves her kindness and Vigne loves being looked up as a senior. But then the dream shatters when Gabriel points out Vigne is a demon. Trust issues coming back again as Tapris accuses Vigne of playing nice to let her guard down. Vigne tries to dismiss it but the damage is done. She fears Tapris hates her now. However she gives her some hope that she would still love to join her for tea.

Episode 5B
Tapris is glad to stay with Gabriel. Till she sees how filthy a pig sty her room is! Oh dear. Her halo is getting corrupted by the disappointment. Gabriel then tells off Tapris to stop trying to clean up or anything. Because Vigne already did it and she failed to change! Tapris can’t believe Gabriel continues to play her online game till 3am. She is sad of the good ol’ days when Gabriel was kinder. Sniff, sniff. Can’t help think back of those days, eh? Next morning, Tapris wakes up to find a blanket over her and thinks Gabriel covered it for her and slept on the floor herself. She is further touched when she thinks Gabriel left her a present on the way out. Actually it is burnable garbage! This has Tapris scold her that today is not burnable garbage day!

Episode 6A
Satania after failed attempts to get back at Gabriel, finally buys a gun from hell’s network shopping channel. It is believed when shot at, you won’t stop laughing for 10 minutes. Huh? Surprisingly, Gabriel admits she has lost. This makes Satania very happy and cocky. But Satania still wants to get her revenge and shoot her so Gabriel asks if she has tested it out to see if it works. Apparently not. Gabriel offers to fix it. And what do you know? Gabriel shoots her! Now Satania can’t stop laughing! Hey, at least it’s working. The idiot deserves it, right? So when Sensei enters and she still can’t stop laughing, you can say she died laughing…

Episode 6B
Satania continues to challenge Gabriel but the latter doesn’t give a damn. Then Raphiel pops up and wants in. I mean, if Satania is going to win, she needs someone to tell her awesome legacy, right? That sealed it. So they’ll be playing shogi. Obviously Satania doesn’t know how to play and quickly refers to a book. Clearly she still doesn’t know how to play after making the first wrong move. Taking advantage of this is Raphiel of course. She starts penalizing Satania based on rules from other sports. Not even whatever Batman formation can save you. Gabriel also makes full use of her idiocy to win the game via God piece. Next day, Satania challenges her again to shogi and loses in a more pathetic fashion.

Episode 6C
Machiko is only posing like a chuunibyou because Satania is using her as a model for an art competition. May God bless her soul. Of course Satania is being picky what kind of pose should motivate her. Because Machiko won’t strip, Satania gets bored. Machiko feels responsible if Satania cannot finish her drawing because of her. She hopes the props will give her some motivation but nothing. Desperate, Machiko decides to just strip for her sake but Vigne tries to stop her. That silly pose has Satania start drawing. Turns out to be sh*t that even a 5 year old could do better… Anyway, Vigne won first place for her surreal picture of Gabriel. Now that’s art.

Episode 6D
The girls arrive at Gabriel’s place to go trick or treating. Apparently she’s not interested but they invite themselves in. Vigne tries to convince her to do this activity with them and wants her to put on a Halloween costume. Gabriel decides to go with her own real angel outfit so with Raphiel’s help, Vigne manages to put on a monster cat costume on her. Satania leads the way to a person’s house for trick or treating. Little do everyone know that house is Sensei’s! So this is Satania’s way of trying to get back at him because apparently on Halloween everything is fair play? Surprisingly Sensei has got sweets for them. Satania is not satisfied but he gives her a limited deluxe edition of a melon bread. Now you’re talking. But then it got stolen by a dog. Trick or dog?

Episode 7A
Lazy Gabriel does nothing but sleep and play her online games while Vigne is hardworking in her chores. At the end of the day, both are shocked to see their allowances are reduced! Vigne confides with Raphiel on this and she says it may be because she isn’t acting like a devil. So her advice is to make her dress up like a bear? Ah-kuma. Akuma! Get the pun! Not even Master’s coffee can help her so Master decides to talk to this ‘angel’ who appreciates his coffee. Apparently she wants to be bad. Yeah, as shocking it may sound but it’s true. As he is bent on helping her, they try to brainstorm ways for her to become a bad girl since Master was once a rebel himself. So the first order is dress sloppily? I think Gabriel trumps her on that. Then she is supposed to skip class but since that is too evil, try avoid taking notes for the entire lesson. That itself is like skipping class. Vigne doesn’t realize how hard it is to do nothing for an hour! In the end when she tries to show off to Gabriel she didn’t do anything, she didn’t even react. How disappointing. On her way to the toilet, Satania notices her dressed differently. Vigne is invigorated and gives her a high-5. The same when she gets back to Gabriel. Not that she understands. Too bad Vigne’s allowance didn’t change. Obviously…

Episode 7B
Poor Vigne caught a human cold and has to stay in bed. She tries to count Cerberus to sleep but it seems they won’t jump the fence and pile up before it. A nightmare? She is woken up by Raphiel and Satania who are obviously here to play. She kicks them out so she can get some rest. Yeah, don’t want your fever to go up further. So she counts Gabriel this time but still the same problem of not jumping over the fence, falling asleep before it and piling up. When she blows her top and wakes up, she is surprised Gabriel is by her side. Although it is to pass her notes from class, devilish Gabriel was actually doodling on her face. Vigne might feel better till she realizes Gabriel also passes her own homework for her to do on her behalf! Hey, didn’t she say she was feeling better? Yeah, she even made sick Vigne make her tea. After kicking her out, Vigne realizes Gabriel left some snacks for her takes heart she cares for her.

Episode 8A
Raphiel realizes her bra is too tight. She manages to hook it but today is not her today because it is physical examinations. This means Gabriel is throwing a tantrum she doesn’t want to participate and Vigne had to bribe her by treating her yakiniku after that. So while Gabriel is doing the minimum effort just to get it over, Satania is overhyped and passes each test with flying colours. On the other hand, Raphiel is trying to stay low in fear her bra hook might snap anytime. What a bummer since she can’t do any pranks. The 100m dash is the last test. To avoid Satania being cocky for a week, Raphiel agrees to stop her by challenging her. Raphiel wins at the expense of her bra snapping. Therefore it is odd for others to see the winner sad and the loser happy (because one lost isn’t enough to put down an idiot’s spirit).

Episode 8B
Vigne and Satania attend an interview test handled by Sensei. Vigne is trying to be cautious but stupid Satania is acting and saying things that would definitely incur his wrath. But Vigne is surprised that Sensei doesn’t blow his top and continues his interview. Thus Vigne can’t help fall in and out of paranoia thinking the next stupid thing Satania says or does will be the killing blow. But nothing happens. Sensei is just cool. Hmm… His kindness is even scarier? Vigne herself slips up from all the overthinking but nothing as she thought has happened. The interview ends. But then Sensei calls Satania to stay back. He needs to talk to her. This is where the real hell begins…

Episode 8C
Gabriel has spent so much on microtransactions that she has no money for dinner. So how to feed her hunger? She is going to join the cooking club! Great. Because Machiko is in that club. Obviously Gabriel is joining to get free food. She doesn’t care if club members Tanaka and Ueno are in the same class with her. She orders lots of food and being the proud cooks they are, they agree to whip them up for her. Gabriel doesn’t even listen to how they meticulously prepare the food with their heart and soul. She devours them and even asks for seconds! The girls think it is a challenge so they make more for her. Gabriel is satisfied with everything and will definitely come back for more. Tanaka and Ueno are in high spirits too because if Gabriel joins their club, they hope to change it to a taste testing club. Not happening, says Machiko.

Episode 8D
On a rainy day when Satania forgot her umbrella, Raphiel offers to share hers. Now, Satania might be an idiot but she is not stupid so by this time she has learnt that every time Raphiel offers something, it must be some kind of trap. Satania relents but all the way as they walk, she cannot let her guard down and becomes paranoid thinking of all the traps she might have laid out. Yeah, silly conspiracy theories. In actual fact Raphiel has planned nothing. But come to think of it don’t you think this also means this is part of her plan to see her paranoid reaction? When the rain stops, Satania picks up a frog. She notices Raphiel scared of it. Time to turn the tables as Satania chases after her to let her touch it. For once Raphiel did not get her way…

Episode 9A
Vigne is eager to celebrate Christmas. A demon celebrating the birth of Christ? But Satania calls. She hates this day and wants to strike fear in all humans! She is coming over to derive a plan. But when she arrives, Vigne and Raphiel throw a surprise Christmas bash in hopes to make her forget. Some melon bread will do the charm to distract her and stay at this party. But you know Raphiel. She is going to have her own fun teasing her. One of them includes making her the ‘star’ by dressing her up as a reindeer but leashed like a dog. Vigne hopes to distract her to decorate the cake. Since Satania ate the entire decoration, Raphiel replaces with a cross. What is a cross for… Luckily Vigne lets her decorate her cake into her own evil version. Just when Satania thinks Christmas is about celebrating the rebirth of the devil, Vigne loses it. She keeps spamming Merry Christmas in her face. When Gabriel comes over, she sees Satania tied in a corner. Vigne has ignored her presence… Even the dog is mocking and slapping her! When Satania gets cocky trying to curse the world, she backs down when Vigne fork ‘accidentally slips from her hand’. Raphiel cheers her up by saying good kids get presents. But Satania is a demon. Don’t worry. Just listen to her and she’ll get some… And so Satania acts like a baby before realizing she’s been duped. Because there are no presents here…

Episode 9B
The girls visit the shrine on New Year’s Eve. Because Gabriel almost got lost in the crowd, luckily Vigne pulled her out before she blows her apocalypse trumpet! Because the angels are of western background, kneeling and praying at a Japanese shrine seems odd and hell of a confusing! Vigne tells of the tradition of adults giving kids money. Gabriel has no need for that since she has the lottery! She’s not cheating, isn’t she? Well, she’s just praying to God for her number. That’s cheating! Vigne rips it apart. You demon! Technically correct… When they drink sweet sake, Gabriel gets drunk. She turns into her angel form and is going to blow her trumpet as she flies into the sky! Everyone is stunned seeing this. UMA?

Episode 9C
Time for our girls to return to their respective heaven or hell. Gabriel is acting so nice not because she fears God. As heaven forbids human items, there is an exception if you are an honour student and have a valid reason. At the customs, Satania thinks she can fool the angels. Take her away, please… Gabriel lets the custom check her stuffs. She explains this is foodstuff she got as souvenir for her family. A bit too heavy to be food, isn’t it? A handheld console inside… The customs isn’t buying that is human food these days. Confiscated. What about this dual screen Blu-ray player? Pancake griddle. Confiscated. The laptop is her last item. Gabriel realizes she has failed because she is trying to BS them. So she reworded it in a way that this laptop has internet that she uses to apply info and save humans. Very impressive. But heaven’s library has got tons of computer and with connectivity too. Feel free to use them. So her laptop? Confiscated. GODDAMNIT! Did I hear that right?! Meanwhile Vigne is profusely apologizing to the interrogating angels for Satania’s behaviour. But the latter is unrepentant so Vigne forces her to. Wow. Even heaven there’s a scary place.

Episode 10A
After passing the customs, Gabriel returns home but only her hyper genki little sister, Haniel is home. She is excited to hear her stay on Earth. Too bad Gabriel isn’t interested and passes her brooding behaviour as maturity. In order not to let Haniel down, she decides to play with her. Noticed how they play old games before electronic devices became a fad? Yeah… Those were good times… Gabriel wonders is heaven is stuck in some feudal era or something.

Episode 10B
Satania returns to her home and lies plus exaggerates how she is steadily having humans grovel beneath her feet, much to her parents’ delight. They praise her as their talented daughter. How about that angel they heard who is giving her trouble? Don’t worry. She is in the midst of bringing her to the dark side! Let’s toast to that! The only sane person in this room is Satania’s little brother who notes how crazy his family who just runs a bakery is. I guess that looks on his face means he is tired of playing the straight man and can’t wait to grow up to leave the house.

Episode 10C
Vigne can’t wait to meet her folks. Especially that small baby monster whom she picked up injured before she left for Earth, Chappy. Imagine her shock when Chappy is now way bigger than her! She can’t believe it is her cute little pet. She is having doubts whether to take it for a walk on a leash as mom suggests and true enough, it starts running and pulling her along. Meanwhile Satania is training her little baby monster, Alexander (Charizard?) when Satania and Chappy run into them. Satania gets scared seeing how big and powerful Chappy is. Yeah, Alexander even had to play dead…

Episode 10D
Raphiel returns to her mansion. My, she is like a noble with her own house servant, Martiel. As all her family members are out with appointments, Raphiel also has hers but she finds them boring and has Martiel do the necessary to deny them. Martiel might seem decent till she wants to get hold of her underwear. This is because Martiel might be a masochist and loves her milady’s scorn. Long time no scorn, eh? Raphiel isn’t so kind enough to allow such unholy act even when she tries to photograph her while bathing.

Episode 10E
Gabriel and Raphiel see their principal. His light aura is blinding! They are to report their accomplishments on Earth. Raphiel explains hers like an honour student. When it is Gabriel’s turn (was she sleeping?), she starts passionately explaining how she saved 2 countries! OMG! She’s not lying, is she?! As she slowly unravels how she did so, it would have occur to us she was referring to her online game. Yeah, next update when? Despite flabbergasted, the principal is glad they are doing well and increases their allowance. Later Gabriel and Raphiel hang out together but they are so bored with nothing to do. They play a staring game and obviously nobody can beat Raphiel. Raphiel gets a call from Satania. She wants to know how to sneak into heaven. Raphiel agrees to meet up at the gates to brainstorm. Yeah, this is more interesting, right?

Episode 11A
Satania just bought a melon bread and is anticipating for that dog to steal. But it doesn’t pop up. Then Raphiel points out it has been caught by a dog catcher. No more running joke? Shockingly, Satania runs after it to rescue and free it! Am I dreaming? It shows its gratitude by eating her melon bread. Well, things are back to normal. Because all of their places do not allow pets, Satania thought she could ask her dad to change her living place. She is asked to do it herself since she is the future queen of hell. Too bad she is broke because somehow the demon shopping keeps ‘stealing’ her money. Bad financial planning if I should say. So how? Satania and the dog run away together looking for a place to live. Thanks to Raphiel registering a tracking GPS on her, she is as far north at Hokkaido. Time to get her back. Satania is sad and insists she wants to live with her ‘familiar’ when she gets a call from Gabriel. It seems she has made a deal with Master to adopt it since his apartment allows pets in exchange she will work a little harder. Twice per week. So little…

Episode 11B
Tapris visits the human world but is somewhat made a fool when she doesn’t even know how to use the simplest machine or mechanism. Didn’t know she had to push a button to cross the streets, eh? This reminds her she has never touched a PC before and perhaps she could learn to use one to help Gabriel and save her. The best way to learn is at the public library. We see her being a total noob at the computer. Trying to use the hamster (mouse) and then hovering it over to the internet icon. She waits… Nothing happens… Did she do something wrong? Is the machine broken? Panic time. Luckily the librarian helps her out by introducing loads of books for PC beginners. Too much to read… Don’t understand a thing… Later Tapris tells Gabriel about her ‘achievement’ in using a PC so Gabriel agrees to teach her some. However Tapris knows a bit of C+ and Java. Now she is aiming for PHP. Is she trying to become a programmer?

Episode 11C
Tapris waits for a certain demon to pop up at Gabriel’s place to accuse her. Turns out to be Raphiel. Better apologize. But Tapris is still suspicious of Vigne although the latter says she’ll get used to it over time. The reason today for their gathering is because of a takoyaki party in which Vigne has brought a cooking grill just for it. Gabriel tries to show off she knows how to make them but messes up. Tapris tries her hand but they all turned out black. Vigne the master shows it how it is done. Finally Satania arrives late because an important person always shows up in late fashion (so she believes) but now rues how her portion is finished. The reason she is late was because she was buying this dark pot for a dark nabe. The rest tell her to have fun by herself since they told her it was going to be a takoyaki party. Wasted… As Tapris leaves, she tells Gabriel that her elder sister will visit tomorrow morning. Oh Gabriel, you don’t mean to look so shock, do you?

Episode 12A
Gabriel is really panicking of her sister’s visit. Zelel is believed to be a more capable and talented angel. So much so Satania doesn’t want to mess with her but Gabriel won’t let her go and calls her a traitor! So desperate that Gabriel is willing to destroy the world! Can’t visit Earth if there is no Earth in the first place. See how awesome Zelel is when angelic white feathers rain down and humans can’t see her presence. At Gabriel’s doorstep, she is greeted by cute Gabriel in a cat maid outfit? The night before, Gabriel roped in her friends to play along with this cute little sister role. She learnt it from the MMORPG whereby playing the cute little sister allows you to get free help. Zelel meets Vigne the first time who is forced to lie and cover up all of Gabriel’s laziness! The lying is killing her! But can she fool Zelel? She knows something is amiss. So we see Gabriel lie through her teeth. Lie after lie. Including Satania tied up and all the garbage dumped inside the closet because Satania wouldn’t play along. So when Satania busts out, Gabriel frames her as the evil arch demon whom she is trying to make her fall. Worse, Satania stupidly plays along sings she believes she is the demon lord. However this is where Zelel puts her foot down. She knows Gabriel has been living a life of decadence ever since. She thought of coming here and if Gabriel repented her actions, she would be lenient. But now she is even trying to implicate her friends. How low can you go? Apparently even further for Gabriel as she accuses big sister of trying to fooling her! If that doesn’t work, perhaps prostrate herself to apologize. And when she thinks she got her guard down, fire some angelic arrow in her face! Too bad Zelel saw it coming, caught it and deflects it back. Gabriel, that’s the last straw. You’re coming back for re-education. And Zelel isn’t going to wait till she finishes today’s MMO events.

Episode 12B
A week later, Gabriel comes back all changed! OMG! She’s so good! Is this the Gabriel we all know?! Oh yeah. This is the Gabriel Vigne knew when she first came to Earth. She is studious that Sensei even cries! She even cleans the toilet before Machiko had the chance! So true! You’re not hallucinating! The odd part is how her friends missed the old corrupted Gabriel. Yeah, even if she was a pain in the ass for Vigne, why does she want the old Gabriel back? Even Satania who enjoyed making Gabriel her lackey till she started taking over her life and finances to turn her into a better demon! Thus Raphiel suggests they should turn her back into a fail-len angel again. So when they converge in her room to tell her so, Gabriel gives out an evil laughter. She puts up a secret barrier that no one else outside can hear. It seems she had them fooled. She was just putting up an act. If she can fool them, it means she can fool Zelel. She will act all good till she goes away. I guess that re-education of just being yelled at didn’t work. But if you think Gabriel is getting her way, think again. Zelel heard it. No flimsy barrier is going to stop her as she has clairvoyance. Now sh*t hits the fan as Zelel will take Gabriel back to heaven for further re-education. This means she cannot set foot on Earth anymore. Desperate Gabriel now plays the friendship card that she can’t leave her friends behind. Guess what? Zelel believes it! WTF?! She’s even crying?! But wait… There’s a catch! Zelel will stay with her on Earth to help with her rehabilitation. Oh sh*t… At this point’s Satania’s melon bread drops and the dog comes in to eat it. Then everyone sees this ‘horrifying’ sight. Zelel squealing like a little girl because she is afraid of dogs! She can’t stay on Earth like this and vanishes back to heaven! Just like that, Gabriel is proud she has ‘vanquished’ the ‘evil’ and immediately returns to her online gaming. And that is how peace continue to reign on Earth. Soon Vigne reminds her that she needs to pass the exams or she will be held back a year. Gabriel thinks she is a powerful being since she has driven out Zelel so she decides to teleport to school. Only her skirt teleported. Please don’t destroy the Earth just because of that!

The quartet head for the hotsprings. Satania has brought lots of luggage and with that smirk on her face, the rest can tell she has a plan that is bound to backfire. At the inn, it seems Satania keeps pestering Gabriel to go with her to the hotspring. But Gabriel feels lazy and when Vigne volunteers, she is shot down. Before they can go to the hotspring, they play ping pong in which Satania lost to Gabriel. Twice. Curse yourself for not knowing the rules. Then they have some good food in which after makes Gabriel feel sleepy. So much so Satania really cried and pleads for her to just come with her to the hotspring. Okay, okay. Let’s go. We see those heavenly light censors for the angels and those dark black holes for the demon. But Vigne has got her entire body emitting holy light! Is she God?! Now that everyone is at the hotspring, Satania returns to her devilish self to unleash her devilish scheme. She summons a giant slime but nobody is scared because they played with this toy before when they were young. Satania wants to slime to teach Gabriel a lesson but was devoured instead. As Vigne tries to rescue her, she got tentacle raped. The slime wanted to pick Gabriel but then it passes her and tentacle rapes Raphiel instead. Why do I have a feeling it has to do with boobs? Gabriel got mad and purifies it with her arrow. Then she ‘purifies’ Satania with the wooden scoop. Everyone has had a relaxing bath except for Satania still knocked out…

On a cold day, the girls stumble unto a blind girl at a park. However she can see them and identifies them as angels! Apparently she isn’t totally blind but has imperfect vision. Somehow she could see them clearly in detail. Isn’t it insulting when she calls Vigne as the most angelic of them all? Yeah, she should just quit being a demon. One day, Gabriel buys her a drink and accompanies her. It seems her other friends have also separately bought her stuffs. Blind girl tells Gabriel of her upcoming eye surgery in which she could see again. However the procedure is risky and failure means she will lose her sight forever. She tries to keep positive while Gabriel also tries to give some encouragement. Of course her other friends also know about this. However as Raphiel points out, they can’t intervene as they are only trainees. The best they could do is hope for a miracle from God. So for the next few days, the friends spend time and hang out with blind girl. Even that dog steals Satania’s melon bread to give it to her. Aww, so sweet? I guess they have been splurging so much just for her and then one day she isn’t at her usual place. When an ambulance passes by, they heard the people talking a girl with a cane got hit by a car. Blind girl is in hospital and her condition isn’t looking too good. Satania is most emotional as she blames the angels for being useless. The doctors are losing blind girl when she starts to see Gabriel in her angel form before her. She realizes they are really angels and Gabriel is here to take her to heaven. That’s why they all let her have so much fun till the end. After a flash of light, blind girl wakes up. Her parents are relieved. Even better, she can now see clearly! Indeed a miracle! The demon girls are crying over this good news. Raphiel talks to Gabriel how she broke a sacred rule and will soon face punishment. She isn’t scared since she considers herself a fallen angel. Shortly, Gabriel is summoned by heaven. A month later, it seems she got off lightly. Well, if you consider her allowance close to zero as a slap on the wrist. She sees (ex) blind girl living her normal life with her friends. When Gabriel returns her dropped handkerchief, she doesn’t seem to recognize her. But she felt somewhat familiar and thanks her with a big smile anyway. Not too sure if she is playing dumb or she is this grateful for her returned handkerchief. It made Gabriel’s day. Now motivated for a little manual labour?

Failure: The Easiest Achievement!
Now you know why Earth is screwed. Now you also know why Jesus Christ never came down a second time to save us from our sins. Because with angels like Gabriel around, it sure proved that the son of God died in vain! Oh Gabriel. With angels like you and the f*cked up attitudes of humans all over, it is no wonder why Apocalypse and Judgment Day will be coming sooner than ever. And when that happens, heaven will be such a barren place and hell filled to the brim, crammed with everyone and no breathing space. Phew. Thank goodness I am imagining this only on this anime’s level of what might happen.

The bite size skits that are only several minutes long per episode makes it enjoyable and fun to watch. Without any proper plot, it allows more flexibility and freedom for the characters to do more random and funny stuffs to tickle our funny bones. I mean, for a change we have seen so many shows about humans failing. How about angels and demons failing for a change? Fail the human way. No wonder it is so much fun seeing them trying to understand and adapt to our pervasive fail culture.

The characters are lovable despite I can safely say that they are all dumb failures! Angel or demon, none are any wiser or any more successful. Yes, that includes you too, Vigne. Because on one hand we have angels who are too lazy to do God’s work and on the other hand we have demons who are arrogantly dim-witted to do any actual harm, let alone hurt a fly. So if you think Earth is screwed, it would be even more worrisome to think that heaven and hell itself are screwed! With future angels and demons like these, you bet heaven and hell will crumble in no time, leaving souls of the dead to forever wander in limbo. Scary, no?

Gabriel as the titular character has fallen down the corrupted path so much that it makes you wonder if God is really the Almighty, the omniscient and omnipotent being. Again it makes you think if God is really God in doing His job because the moment Gabriel has fallen, you might think God would have done something to punish this lazy couldn’t-care-less internet-addicted angel. Remember, Gabriel is a top angel graduated from her heavenly school. Therefore all eyes would be focused on her or at least there would be some parties who would keep watch on her for updates for her ‘splendid work’. But instead she has been left idle to do whatever she wants. Is heaven dead? Because do they not feel that Earth didn’t change for the better? Heck, mankind has never changed so perhaps heaven never placed any real hope to begin with?

Anyhow, with Gabriel even managing to lie and worm her way to cover her unholy activities, don’t you think that maybe this isn’t really Gabriel’s fault? The fault lies in heaven’s system that they even allow this to slip by! OMG. In that sense it is scary to think that heaven might not actually exist. No wonder Gabriel wants to be a NEET. It’s so much fun. You know how unrewarding and ungrateful many humans are after being helped even by a heavenly being, no? Gabriel has been such a lazy failure that if she really turns back to become good, it will be like fish out of water. We are so used to her being a big fail that even being a true angel won’t cut it. So it goes to show that we love Gabriel for being Gabriel. Never change… Just don’t get caught…

Satania doesn’t fare any better than Gabriel because of her constant idiocy. Blinded by her own arrogance, she is drowned in her own baseless confidence that everything would one day bend to her will. She might even be passed off as a kid having chuunibyou issues. Thanks to her stupidity, Satania is mainly the comic relief character as she is the resident troublemaker and mischief maker as well as that overused running joke of the dog stealing her melon bread. Come to think of it, if she always allows a puny dog to steal her food, what if one day when she is an adult she will always have her throne stolen from her? So keep up with the good job being an idiot (not like she would learn any lesson anyway) because making us laugh with her silliness is what she unconsciously does best.

I feel Raphiel is the most dangerous among the four. Overall she might not really pose a threat to mankind but what I meant is that because of her constant smiling face like as though it is stuck in that expression forever and I have never seen her really blowing her top, you really don’t know what is going on in her mind. Of course that sneaky devilish grin is a big hint that she has some sort of scheme planned out. What is worse than a fallen angel is an angel who toys with you for her own amusement and entertainment. Thankfully Satania is that toy. Too much fun to let go. Remember not to overuse her because toys too have their expiry date when played too often and will breakdown. Though in Satania’s case of thick headedness it will last a very long time.

So like in every group, you need one who tows the line and puts others in line when they step out. Vigne as the most rationale and responsible among the quartet is also considered a failure since she is born of a demon but yet does goodie angelic stuffs. Yeah, based on this technicality is the reason why she is a big failure like the rest of her groupies. It’s like she was born in the wrong place and body. A demon doing good? That’s a sign of failure! Because it would have been a sh*tload scary if Vigne really stayed true to her demon roots and becomes a responsibly terrifying demon. It might be true that Vigne might be a sadist-cum-masochist on Gabriel. Look how when Gabriel became good despite being an act and Vigne was all unsatisfied. Is she saying that she loves yelling at Gabriel and being annoyed by her? Well, better to know the angel than the devil. Oh wait. That’s not right…

The other supporting characters are fun too like Tapris who is trying hard to be a good angel but fumbles a lot along the way. At this rate I fear she might become Gabriel the second. Hopefully from the looks of it she is persevering but she too has her limits. You thought Zelel would be the ultimate match for Gabriel but with her fear of dogs, it seems that this angel proves that not every angel is perfect. Makes you wonder if there are dogs in heaven… See our image of the almighty shatter when you see angels being afraid of Earthly things. Machiko is another funny girl. Though with limited scenes, she is mainly concerned of feeling responsible for the outcome of things and goes to great length for that even if it makes her look stupid. No one messes with hardcore baldy Sensei but Satania never seems to learn. He might look strict and in the wrong job (he should have been somebody’s SP or bodyguard) but deep down he has quite a soft spot too. Halloween candies from this guy? Never would have thought of it. Master is too kind. Another adult trying to be responsible? Having a part timer like Gabriel, other employers would not have tolerated kids like her who dictate the terms of her employment. It makes you wonder who is working for who. If you ever find this guy please let me know. Because I also want to work under him like Gabriel.

Art and animation lean towards the cute and kawaii feel. The colours are bright and vivid giving more effect on the comedy aspect. Sometimes it makes you think that hell isn’t such a bad place after all because at least physically everybody and everything there looks so cute. Cute enough to be dumb. Animated by Doga Kobo, you might find the art style of this anime to be familiar since the studio has also animated quite a number of series with this cute and kawaii design such as Himouto! Umaru-chan, YuruYuri, New Game, Sansha Sanyou, GJ-Bu, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei and Love Lab. See the similarities in these animes?

I love Kana Hanazawa as Raphiel. Her voice definitely fits Raphiel’s sneaky character very well. Despite always sounding sweet and polite, you can’t help feel that there is some sort of devilish scheming plan behind it without sounding like a retard. All too perfect. The other casts include Miyu Tomita as Gabriel (Otako in Oshiete! Galko-chan), Saori Oonishi as Vigne (Miyuki in Shomin Sample), Naomi Oozora as Satania (Inari in Inari Kon Kon), Inori Minase as Tapris (Noel in Sora No Method), Mai Fuchigami as Machiko (Nagisa in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu), Hidekyuki Umezu as Master (Diamante in One Piece), Tsuyoshi Koyama as Sensei (Leon in Trinity Blood), Sumire Morohoshi as Haniel (Seira in GJ-Bu), Yukiyo Fujii as Martiel (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park) and Miyuki Sawashiro still recognizable as Zelel.

Both the opening and ending themes are sung by the main quartet (Gabriel, Vigne, Satania and Raphiel, that is). Gabriel Drop Kick as the opener is sure one hell (or heaven) of a crazy song. I think I can classify it as one of those denpa songs. Its tune goes back and forth between its angelic melody and devilish hard rock beat. It is more evident for the ending theme, Hallelujah Essaim. It sounds darker and has this fiendish badass feel to it. A song that truly befits evil demons and corrupted fallen angels. A song that would most likely fit if they team up to dominate the world.

Overall, this is one of the funniest anime series for the season and I totally recommend you check it out if you are looking for some laughs. Just be warned that although the characters are likeable, they are not to be taken as role models. At least you can tell the producers put in some effort in making this anime decently satisfying. It would have been a very big irony had they slack on it. Come to think of it, maybe Gabriel and co are allowed to continue their depraved ways not because God isn’t looking. It is could be a part of His bigger plan. When ordinary humans get to know how f*cked up these angels and demons are, maybe they’ll think about it and bring about some change. Oh yeah. That must be it. Or they could not be bothered and continue failing till kingdom come. Humans. Failing has never been so fun…

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