February 8, 2013

It’s always good to have lively and healthy discussions among your friends. Whether they are informative or just plain absurd, I’m sure a lively debate helps our creative minds to flow as we exchange different ideas and opinions. It’s something like that for Gakkatsu. In this short ONA that lasts five minutes per episode, we have a special period called Gakkyuu Katsudou (Classroom Activities) or Gakkatsu for short whereby students can participate in debates on just about anything. Well, if intelligent ones inspire you, then I guess silly ones would make you laugh. This series seems to be of the latter. And they get to do it all packed under five minutes.

Episode 1
Class rep, Chiho Takachiho has the class discuss on the topic of bumps. What bump? Not the kind of baby bump. The kind of bump you see when you turn your wrist and see that bone sticking out. Since nobody know what it is called, thus calling forth for today’s discussion. So we have Chiho giving different types of bumps in existence from a camel’s hump to a middle aged guy’s guts. Till Kuroda stands up and calls it ulnar styloid process since it’s common knowledge for those studying at medical school. However Chiho will not accept that name because it’s not cute and the word ‘process’ conjures up a different image (pointy?). She will not listen to Kuroda and has the class come up with their own name for it. In the end and after a poll, it Pimpie-chan gets 30 votes to Pimpion’s 9. Yeah, they should be proud that not only they have come up with a new word but went about it democratically as well.

Episode 2
Chiho wants to know why boys won’t do their business in the school’s toilet stalls. Based on her interview with other boys, it seems the main reason is embarrassment and some would even hold it till they get home. So what on Earth are they afraid of? Well, the boys give their roundabout answer but eventually note they still won’t use it. Chiho realizes the problem runs deep as the guys fear of bearing the shame for their entire lives so Kimoto suggests turning everything in the toilet into stalls since people will still tease and once you get embarrassed it takes a long time to change the hearts of people. The guys thought this is a good idea but Chiho notes there is a flaw. She shows them the cubicle is exposed on the top and bottom and people can still peek through there. They never saw that blind spot? Chiho thinks what they need aren’t stalls but secret rooms! So now the boys’ toilet has barb wire, barricades and Doberman dogs? What security to increase?! And Sakurada is still holding it till he goes home…

Episode 3
Chiho sees a UFO outside her window and thus becomes the agenda for today’s discussion. She is pretty sure we are not alone. Hiroshi seems to be harassing the new transfer student, Gurei but nobody knows he is an alien! An outer space alien! Are they blind?! Well, with so many weird looking characters in this class… After discussing the existence of aliens, they vote of their purpose to come to Earth. All vote that they are here to destroy mankind. Except one against: Gurei. Hey. He has very long arms… They thought he was too optimistic and tell about the hideous experiments and abductions they do (oh, really?). Chiho then has them vote if mankind has met its end. Once again all vote yes except one: Gurei. Chiho tells him to lay off Gurei because they also need to hear the voice of the minority. She can tell transfer students are anxious people as they wonder if they’ll be despised in their new home. They wonder if they can be friends or outcasts so how can they be on good terms if they act nasty? Despite different language, culture and environments, she is sure they’ll understand each other’s heart (aliens have heart?). Seeing that Chiho is applying Gurei’s transfer student status to aliens, everyone supports her notion that aliens are here to make friends. Hiroshi thinks Gurei just wants to be closer. Gurei might regret it since he is getting too friendly. To think that this traumatizes the alien…

Episode 4
Somebody defaced the school statue and gate. But this isn’t going to be today’s topic because it will be what they call their mother!!! Chiho overheard Kuroda mistakenly calling Sensei as his mama so I guess he is so shocked at it that he passed out. Though the girls earnestly give their answers but what Chiho wants is to hear the guys’ answer. Starting with Hiroshi, he calls his mom a God Damned Hag (kusobaba). Chiho claps her hand instead because she takes this as he is in a rebellious state and is embarrassed to call mama. So the boys agree that they find it hard to call their mothers that so Chiho has the class take a vote on what Hiroshi should call his mother. Till Inaba points out Mother God Damned Dearest (kuso okaasama). Chiho likes that term as it reflects growing pains and great respect while maintaining his bad boy image. He won’t call her that anyone. Chiho calls Hiroshi’s mom as a special guest. She wonders what Hiroshi has done wrong since the school called her. Hiroshi is so shocked to see her that he spewed “Mama!”. I guess everybody is giving him that stare. But Chiho claps away. Though the vandalism culprit is caught, they could’ve prevented 2 ‘victims’ in the first place.

Episode 5
Chiho has a sad announcement that N’vangida is leaving for his home country of N’fn’’ (however you pronounce this and wherever this is). His country is famous for producing pink diamonds so I guess he has to head back to head the throne due to some promise with his father. Yes, he is a filthy rich prince. N’vangida gives his goodbye speech about how small Japan is but their hearts are big. Sounds like he is trying to pick a fight? But Hiroshi isn’t amused about this teenage drama and that they’ll forget him in 3 days. Chiho knows he is sad inside too and N’vangida points out he is the kindest of them all (because he saw him cried while watching some anime!). Everyone sees N’vangida off at the airport and Hiroshi is the most emotional one. Suddenly the TV news report that mines of the pink diamonds in N’fn’’ have been exhausted and the royal family have skip town and whereabouts unknown. The palace is empty and up for sale?! I guess N’vangida is going to stay here longer. Yahoo!

Episode 6
Inaba seems to be having trouble what to write for his future. Football player? Government worker? But for Chiho, she wants to be the president of Japan! You mean Prime Minister? No. President! Because the class doesn’t seem motivated in achieving their dreams, Chiho is going to talk about sunfish. Eh? So she describes the sunfish, its size and could even lay 300 million eggs at one go! That’s the size of America’s population! Yup, it’s like a swimming America. Everybody starts having positive thoughts on the sunfish as Chiho vows to live as large as the sunfish. However Kuroda spoils the excitement by mentioning the downside. Parasites. Sunfish has 40 different types of them and it is what kills it. Chiho counters that it is able to leap 3 metres into the sky. They jump to get rid of those parasites. This shows they soar from darkness into light to overcome difficulties that the heavy chains bind them. They can fly high into the sky and so can they! Hooray! Three cheers for sunfish! Let’s live like the sunfish! WTF is this fairytale?! And Inaba finally decides he wants to be Japan’s top footballer.

Episode 7
The class notices something strange with Chiho. She’s sparkling and her mouth is different. It’s like she is pursing her lips and making her face smaller. They realize she’s making a duck face and how cute she looks. All the boys start falling for her while Hiroshi tries to resist. Eventually he can’t. It is revealed that Chiho’s hypothesis has worked. No guys can hate a duck face! She plans to run as president for the student council and since there is a female candidate getting all the male votes, she will get her duck face to appeal to them. What about manifesto and policies? It doesn’t matter because she is going for mass appeal! The girls chide the boys for falling for the duck face but Chiho maintains her stand, causing the girls to be more upset. Then Kimoto points out she will lose her appeal among girls that way. Realize too late, huh? Yeah, she already printed 3,000 embossed posters of her duck face…

Episode 8
Because Chiho notices the different train fares for adults and children, this prompts her to discuss what makes a person an adult. Everyone has their own suggestion and when Kuriyama suggests says when one stops licking ice cream containers, he gets teased by Hiroshi for being a kid and to go home and drink his milk. So what makes Hiroshi an adult? He buys the smallest coffee 190ml without hesitation. While the guys are in awe, Chiho points out it is still sweet. Just like a bicycle with training wheels, coffee with sweetness is just like that. So if Hiroshi is an adult, he would like his coffee black with no sugar, right? Yeah, have one now. Hiroshi acts tough, drinks it and endures the bitterness. He can have refills as many times he wants. Hiroshi is force to eat (drink rather) his words as he gulps down another cup but is knocked out. Quick, somebody get milk and sugar! Suddenly they see Kuriyama drinking black coffee with elegance! The one who laughs last laughs best as he tells Hiroshi to go home and drink his milk. Chiho states they clearly learnt something. Those who act like an adult is still a kid. That’s the biggest embarrassment for Hiroshi to swallow.

Episode 9
Chiho has another sad announcement. Their pet turtle Johnny died this morning and Inaba who is the one who takes care of it is deeply devastated. Yeah, remember the times they found out it was a female and tried to change its name? After having a minute of silence, they discuss on the next class pet. Everyone as usual has such strange taste. Till this alpaca-like girl, Alpako suggests getting an alpaca. Everyone digs the good points that an alpaca has but like its warm fur and carrying heavy load. But Tanaka disagrees. Because he is more into llama. Alpako and Tanaka get into a heated argument why theirs is better and put each other down (I guess both animals suck if you look closer). Then Kimoto puts her foot down. She tells them they are not sensitive over Inaba’s feelings. They apologize and Chiho shelves this discussion for another day. Suddenly Inaba runs up to the board and writes rabbit. A rabbit wants a rabbit as a pet? So he’s gotten over Johnny? Seeing Inaba is very enthusiastic over it, everybody rejoices and decides they’ll get a rabbit.

Episode 10
Because Chiho forgot her umbrella and got splashed by a puddle, today’s discussion is whether one brings an umbrella when it is forecasted to rain at only 20%. I guess Chiho is pissed for having to wear this stupid jersey. Kuroda explains about the percentage thingy so Chiho counters that by saying it’s not manly. The rest give examples of things in life using percentage like chance of passing an exam. Kuroda further explains about percentage being just a guide so it is ultimately themselves who must make the final decision. So obsessing with the final result could mean one is just lazy. This doesn’t sit well with Chiho so she gives another example that the girls have their own boyfriends. Imagine him saying he will only protect you 20% of the time! Can you trust this guy? NO! She also adds the shape of the percentage makes it look like a lazy person. The class starts agreeing with her as Kuroda tries to bring order back by saying that the slanting shape makes it look like it’s apologizing instead. Everybody including Shiho is convinced.

Episode 11
Tsukahara takes a break by playing her console game after studying. However her mother checks on her and isn’t pleased. This becomes today’s agenda as to why mothers come into their rooms at the worst times. With each of them having experience such case, Chiho points out this is the Mama Coming Phenomenon. The kind of phenomenon whereby it always rains when you forget your umbrella. They further discuss about mothers equipped with some device that can sense their kids having fun. Chiho then ends the debate by showing a video. Hey. Isn’t that Tsukahara’s room? How the hell did Inaba videotaped it secretly?! The video shows her studying for about 10 minutes before she goes off playing video games for over an hour! After that she resumes her studies but shortly doing her eyelashes! Not studying at all! Is it a wonder why her mom catches during her break? Chiho scoffs off there is no such thing as Mama Coming Phenomenon but Quick To Slack Off Phenomenon. Time flies when you’re having fun but crawls slowly when it’s boring. People don’t really work as hard as they think they do. Such harsh reality.

Episode 12
Saionji will be the trainee teacher for a short period. Sakurada has fallen for her and has the class help out on what to do next. Well, that letter to meet he put in her shoe locker looked more like a challenge letter. Judging from her pretty looks and manners, they think she is a prim kind of person. Kimoto suggests he should be himself. I think he took it too literally because his idea of being manly is being naked in a loincloth! Tsukahara notes that she is into pretty boys. You know, those idols. So can Sakurada stand a chance? Chiho doesn’t see a problem and orders a complete makeover! The clothes and hairstyle make him look like Saturday Night Fever and since no makeup is going to do it, a total makeover over his face includes a buzz saw and chisel! What the heck did he do to his face?! I don’t know but he looks more handsome now!  A totally different person! So Sakurada meets Saionji at the rooftop and confesses his feelings. As he stammers, Saionji punches his face to crack his hard mask. She reveals she isn’t a prim and proper rich girl he thinks and has a black belt in judo. However this only made Sakurada love her even more. She tells him to come back when he grows up and can face her as his real self. Chiho concludes a mask hardened by lies will eventually shatter. Though, she was the culprit behind the extreme makeover.

Episode 13
Who loves T-Rex? The dinosaur, that is. The guys and especially Chiho! She’s pretty excited talking about it when suddenly she sounds gloomy. Based on new scientific evidence, it shatters her perception of the terrible lizard because now it has feathers! Kimoto quips she has an aunt that looks like that! Not funny! At least to Chiho. She won’t accept such lame T-Rex. Kuroda argues that nobody has seen them since their extinction 65 million years ago and scientific theories change in time so it’s their duty to accept them. So as long as there is scientific evidence, it’s okay? Chiho certainly isn’t. So what if T-Rex has a long nose? Her basis? Mammoths have trunks but you don’t see the long nose bone, right? Since she has a point, Kuroda accepts it but this causes to further infuriate Chiho because now it looks even lamer. She further adds more lameness to shock Kuroda like how it carries a handbag, sounds like a goat and has carp colours. Again, she becomes pissed with that lame T-Rex she just imagined. She wants to know if Kuroda also likes such lame T-Rex and during the struggle, a T-Rex keychain falls out from his pocket. It is the same keychain Chiho has. Kuroda reveals he too likes T-Rex the way he first saw it. Just as you think they both have reconciled, Chiho screams that she has won this match! No one will rob her of what she believes in! Not even scientific theories! Victory!

Episode 14
Because Tanaka is having a hard time remembering where he put his train ticket, it made Miyamoto miss out on buying a top mp3 player as it just got sold out. Chiho asks Tanaka where he keeps his wallet and it seems he starts getting frantic searching it. Three minutes later he finds it in his bag and unknowingly puts it in his back pants. When asked where is his wallet, he frantically searches in his bag. This is bad. With suggestions of how to overcome this (write a memo, have someone do it for you), Tanaka and Miyamoto end up blaming each other. Chiho puts her foot down and suggests that he should buy 10 tickets from now on! When such case happens, wherever he searches he will bound to find one. He’ll run out of money, right? Even better. Because he doesn’t need to keep his wallet. About his lifestyle? Ditch his modern lifestyle for a more simple and natural one! Looks like a homeless person! On another day, Tanaka’s ticket stalling act once more causes Miyamoto to be late for another sale. When they arrive, the store employees congratulate them for being the 100,000th customer and their prize is a home theatre set! Sometimes there is a blessing in being late too.

Episode 15
Chiho suggests calling each other nicknames to deepen their bond. Hiro-kyun? Kuro-pyon? Miyamoto thought it’s embarrassing but Chiho says they won’t make progress if they don’t and calls him Ordinary. Yeah. Normal. Not amused. So while Chiho goes into ecstasy with all the cute nicknames her classmates throw at her, she pesters Ordinary to give her one. Really? Okay. Nitpicker Girl. That must be a shock to her, eh? She tries to act okay and theorizes that if the ones before were like sweet juice, this sharp one feels like seltzer spray! Soon the rest starts calling her names like Pretend Leader, Tyrant and the ultimate one from Inaba, Bossy Girl. Looks like she dug her own grave. Depressed now, isn’t she? Ironically nicknames are supposed to deepen bonds but it looks like they have deepened the ditch. To cheer her up and figure out a suitable nickname for her, N’vangida suggests shortening names like celebrities do. Like Kenji Matsukawa = Matsuken and Kumi Morinaga = Morikumi, So Chiho Takachiho becomes… Takachiho! Isn’t that the same?!

Episode 16
Kuroda prays at his grandpa’s grave. In class, Chiho suddenly asks if they believe in ghosts (with flashlight effect). That’s because she feels something heavy on her shoulder! THERE’S SOMETHING ON HER SHOULDER! The class panics but Abe exorcises it with her bell. Though everyone is relieved, Kuroda brushes their silly farce. With his usual scientific explanations, he says ghosts are products of self suggestions and Chiho’s heavy shoulder is because she just has a stiff shoulder. The light start flickering and it’s getting cold. Are the ghosts out for vengeance for their lack of respect? Kuroda: The temperature is just changing and it’s time to change the fluorescent light. Chiho wants Abe to give Kuroda a piece of her mind but her story of ghosts that include having one as a pet and first love (yikes!) didn’t convince him. She gets his attention when she knows his grandpa is dead and he reveres him. How does she know? She can hear his voice! Chiho then borrows Abe’s bell and starts ringing to call for Kuroda’s grandpa! Disrespectful! Surprisingly his spirit comes! Kuroda scoffs it off till he takes a closer look. Oh God! It is grandpa! So now does Kuroda believe in ghosts? But what did grandpa tell him? There is no such thing as ghosts and to hell with occultism! Even though he is one right now…

Episode 17
Before Chiho can begin today’s agenda, a dog bark distracts them. She thought it was Inuyama but it’s a real dog! Everybody wants to play with it and pays no heed to Chiho. She tells them off about dogs lacking independence and submissive to humans. But that’s what makes them cute, right? Chiho won’t take anymore of this and takes the dog outside. Five minutes later, she returns all messed up. Before she can begin, the dog returns. Everybody isn’t paying attention to her now. Pissed, Chiho takes the dog out once more. Once outside and nobody is seeing, she starts playing with the dog! She loves it! So that’s how she got all messed up. Isn’t this what you call a hypocrite? Well, her words may sound tough but they do sound ambiguous too so it’s not like she’s totally wrong. And so once more before the agenda can begin, the dog returns. I guess when you can’t beat them, join them. So here comes happy Chiho running towards the dog and ending today’s class! EEEEEEEHHHH???!!! Can’t resist the temptation, no?

Episode 18
Why is summer so God damn hot? It’s getting hotter only because Chiho is screaming her head off! Why even bother chasing the cicada? Sakurada suggests about strengthening their wills so that they will be cooled by the flames. Well, I guess it only made Chiho more pissed since she didn’t understand his poem. Kuroda explains it to be some sort of death poem since a monk didn’t move an inch and was burnt to death when a man set fire to his temple. So, did Sakurada suggest they all should die? Unless you want to wear loincloth like he does! It’s even getting hotter! Then the cicada turns on the heater! I guess their brains are fried by now if they think it’s getting cooler. They run down to the teacher’s room but find the air-cond is out of order. Even Sensei is losing her mind. Chiho leads everyone to the pool and emergency measures mean they all jump in! Ahhh… How refreshing.

Episode 19
There’s only 1 manjuu left so who is going to take it? Call it holding back and compromise for peace and safety but Chiho points if everybody gave way, nobody will get anything (baseball example). Is there a non-creepy way to get the last piece? Till one of them suggests to announce oneself when taking it. The class marvels at the bold move but Kimoto finds it creepy because what if both announce at the same time? They’ll become embarrassed and reserved. Back to square one. Blonde Dude suggests playing a game to see who gets it. Everyone would’ve agreed with him if not for Kimoto worried that nobody wants to play and it would make her look like a greedy girl. Thus being teased and all. Chiho stomps her foot down they shouldn’t get scared by the little things and sometimes holding back isn’t good manners. She suggests a stare down in which sides are prepared to fight for the last piece. Since amateurs can’t do anything, she’ll have professionals doing it in her stead. Then she uses her force by crushing the manjuu with her fist. She considers herself the staff and eats it. Taking responsibility? More like she wants to eat it. I guess that’s what you call ‘others fight, I profit’.

Episode 20
Chiho is in a pinch. She doesn’t like sweet and sour pineapples in her lunch! What’s the big deal? So don’t eat it. But noooo… She had to rant about setting a good example as a class rep. Hah. Why even threaten Tsukahara with serving her with red beans that she dislikes (since she was the one that loaded the pineapples into her lunch). So with N’vangida chanting out loud about the international phrase for not wasting, maybe she’s just stalling for time. But she can’t do it still. She fools around and stacks them up! Please be serious. Chiho thought she saw the pineapple cry. She starts feeling sorry for it because it was made to become this school’s lunch. Do pineapples have class reunions? Just eat it! She can’t. She is too emphasized with it. Tsukahara notes that she doesn’t hate pineapples but only sweet and sour ones. She returns with the pineapples in a bowl of whip cream. Chiho gladly eats it and finds it good. I think the rest couldn’t stomach the sweetness. Yuck.

Episode 21
Ushiyama is always late to class. Even his response is late! Sometimes he comes to school when it’s already over. So Chiho tries to find out if he has a problem getting up in the morning but he says he woke up at 5am. Because he is too slow explaining, everyone starts complaining about his slowness. So slow that Alpako had limited time when he is passing the sheets (she sits behind him). Slower than a fax machine! I’m sure everyone had something to say but Ushiyama thinks they’re talking too fast! They become pissed off when he starts repeating his story (by the way, he never completed his first sentence). Chiho tells everyone off that they’re always in a rush and hurrying to somewhere. Even technology like bullet train, handphone and internet. What do they gain by having things faster? Explaining about the Sagrada landmark building in Spain that takes hundreds of years to complete and it is still not completed. Where would be the charm if it was built in a week? Everybody feels sorry for rushing Ushiyama as he continues his story. At least everyone is being patient now. Well, we won’t get to hear his slow story (that mostly involves waking up and falling asleep halfway). By the time he ends his story, nobody is around! Has everybody gone back? Heck! It’s the next day and everybody thought Ushiyama was early for once! He never left in the first place!

Episode 22
Why can’t Miyamoto give up his seat to an old man in the train? He somewhat felt weird, lost the initiative and pretended to fall asleep. The worst. Should’ve just given it up, huh? But Miyamoto feels it’s odd talking to old people so Hiroshi says he doesn’t do that. At least not telling he is giving up his seat. He just stands up and walks away. But there’s this danger that the seat may be taken by others if not properly announced. So Kuroda gives an example on how to clearly and officially announce he is going to pass on his seat to the old guy. Too troublesome! N’vangida just tossed the old dude but he put him in the wrong place! The bag compartment?! Kuriyama would give the old man his seat, then sit on his lap like a little grandchild! Miyamoto wonders if he can do it so Chiho teaches him the hand signal to give way and to speak out loud. He has his chance to show what he learnt. But it isn’t just the old man who steps in. A bunch of elderly people too! Who is he supposed to give his seat to? Can’t decide? He goes back pretending to sleep. Maybe next time, huh?

Episode 23
Chiho hopes everyone can help Hokura with his problem. He wants to get rid of his hokuro (mole). Why? Because everyone keeps mispronouncing his name. Everyone looks at Chiho. Yeah. Repeat offender. Though Chiho thinks his mole has charm points, Hokura laments that even if people do remember him, it will usually be ‘the guy with the mole’. Worse, he wonders if people are seeing him as the mole instead of himself. He starts going crazy about the what ifs but Hiroshi tells him not to be paranoid because it’s not like everybody is out to get him. But even so, he gets disturbed when people call his name. What if he is just something attached to this mole? He wants to part ways and make a fresh start. Since N’vangida wants it (it’ll be a waste to throw it away), he has no qualms. Everyone is okay with that but Chiho objects. Sure, he can take away the mole but just as he said about something being attached to it. What if the mole is the real him? So it might be the case of removing Hokura from the mole instead! What if the mole contains his soul? That would mean trapping himself in his mole prison. And since Chiho messed up his name again, Hokura blows his top but Chiho refutes she pronounced it wrongly. He insists. She denies. He’s becoming mad. She’s feigning ignorance. Here we go again…

Episode 24
Chiho is fat! OMG! However she is in denial giving excuses her uniform shrunk and all. So once she realizes her expanded size, she rants about the willpower to change her body back. So is she going to stop her cravings in between meals? Of course. She’ll start tomorrow. Weak willpower! Procrastinator! They want her to do it now and till Kimoto mentions she is their leader, she got the strength to put down the doughnut. But that’s just about it. She is reluctant to exercise and even so, wants everyone to do it with her. Serious lacking of willpower. She persuades everyone to join in by claiming they should support their leader and that they are just scared to realize their own lack of willpower because they expect their leader to do things they can’t. With everyone wanting to show they’ve got the willpower to do so, Chiho unveils her exercise programme that includes air sitting, bunny hops and marathon. 42 kilos isn’t their target weight but the marathon length! Oh sh*t. Let’s see how much willpower they’ve got. After a month, Chiho is back to her slim self but the rest have lost so much weight that they are looking like skeletons!

Episode 25
The class is doing self study instead. Because when Chiho submitted the agenda minutes, Sensei realized there are too many stupid agendas! True! From now on she’ll be approving her agendas that are deemed meaningful. I guess the class agrees that if they’re going to discuss stupid topics, they might as well do self study and be more productive. Chiho wanted to give her piece of mind but can’t raise her voice since Sensei is patrolling outside the corridors. Chiho notices the sun and it reminded her of a youth drama called Race Towards That Sunset. It prompts her to ask how far they should run. Despite another stupid question, some gave their suggestions. Till Inaba suggests they should run themselves to find out. Great idea. But they’ll do it after school. Later as they gather at the riverbank, they start running towards the sunset. Wondering why Japanese always run towards the setting sun, Chiho concludes that they don’t want the sun to set. If they run in pace with the Earth’s rotation, the sun will never set! We run because we want this moment to last forever! But the Earth rotation is faster than the speed of sound. Then just run faster than the speed of sound! Holy cow! Run with all you’ve got!

Well, it was pretty much okay and entertaining seeing Chiho coming up with absurd topics and having he own absurd theories as well. It is a good thing that this series is only several minutes long so the impact of the comedy and funny moments are there instead of being prolonged. It makes the discussion lively and moving at a fast pace (despite one episode being Ushiayama’s slowness) so everything is like hitting you simultaneously and instantly. Plain and simple. I’m sure there are even sillier topics that Chiho can come up to discuss with but all good things must come to an end despite she wanting to run this period as long as possible. It’s not that I really wished that there were more episodes but I guess quarter of a century is good enough so it doesn’t feel bored. Unlike some daily joke show that seemed to go on forever (which I didn’t see).

The characters don’t really amount to much although some episodes feature them more prominently and some only had like one or two appearance. I mean, what do you expect when you have a class with a bunch of students looking like weirdoes? If a delinquent, bespectacled genius, afro boy, blonde guy and some tall African transfer student isn’t weird enough, how about a bunny, a matured looking one and an elementary schooler in the midst sound? Yeah, there is even a student wearing a full face helmet! Who is he? I don’t know. But just don’t say normal, okay? Though many of the agenda and topic of discussion are really dumb, but not only they give you a good laugh but it makes you think too because most of the topics do occur in our everyday life but we are just too preoccupied with something else just to notice them. You could say that some are quite informative. Well, I certainly know a little more about the sunfish now. I think this series is trying to tell us to be inquisitive and question everything and not just accept everything blindly. Okay, there is still a line between smart questions and stupid questions. Ask wisely. As for Chiho, I have a feeling that she engages in lively debates and comes out with her own theories of stuffs is because she hates to lose and wants everyone to know that her way is always the right way. Especially her being loggerheads with Kuroda so you can see the clash of ideals of scientific backup or just plain nonsense. Either way it’s funny.

The drawing and art of the series makes it very cartoonish but this is okay seeing that it adds humour to the overall. Plus, with the characters looking chibi, I guess some of them do look cute. Some of course, weird. I guess you need the characters to match with the topics they discuss. So it just hovers somewhere in between cute and not horrible. Maybe with a pinch of weird. When characters become angry or pissed off, you see their face turning red like as though their head is going to explode. Plus, when they are mad or panicking, you see their heads bobbing. Sakurada seems to be a habitual offender of this since I notice he can’t stop his head from quivering. Somehow I find the rock background music quite complementing to the flow of the series and especially the short opening guitar riff which is quite catchy as it wants to make your head go bobbing too.

This anime series may not be a masterpiece or become something mainstream and won’t be as popular as more current ones. But at least I’m glad to have watched it as it provides humour and enlightening facts that I may or may not apply or remember in my life. Anything and almost everything can be made as a topic of discussion. You can learn a thing or two if you participate in such debates and even have your entire perception of things changed if the facts from the other party are too good to be true. So shall we pick the next topic on the agenda? How can we turn animes into the world’s favourite past time? Hmm… One suggestion. Turn every country into Japan. The world = Japan. I think pigs flying will have a higher chance of happening.

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