Riding on the wave of the Galaxy Angel series, finally I manage to finish up the sequel spin-off, Galaxy Angel Rune. I remember in my previous blog of this series, I was rather a little upset because of all that licensing thingy since nobody subbed it and such. Well, I don’t know who subbed it this time but it made me had the opportunity to finish it. Thanks. In this spin-off, we can expect the wacky stuff that the original Galaxy Angel series offered us but don’t be too surprised if it doesn’t seem all too familiar. That’s why it’s a called a sequel spin-off lah.

Instead of Milfeulle as the ditzy very lucky lead, we have her sister in place, Apricot. Thing is, she has a fear of men and at the slightest touch, she’ll panic and gain superhuman strength, enough to toss that poor chap away. Then we have the crude Anise, the no nonsense swords(wo)man Lily, the happy and carefree robot Nano Nano Pudding and the split personality of kind Kahlua and aggressive Tequilla. Oh yes. Don’t forget that flying black head cat, Mimolette that is close to Kahlua, their on-screen commander (literally) Isabella and that cross-dressing dorm manager guy, Kuuchen. Ah yes, what a new lovely bunch of quirky characters.

Episode 4
Continuing from where I left off a few years ago, Apricot and Nano are to accompany Princess Natsume Izayoi of the Arms Alliance as she arrives to sign a treaty. Seems Natsume is tempted to eat ice cream, crepe and chocolate but held back by her head butler Tanaka and his assistant Satou due to a vow. Each time, she takes it out on Tanaka when she fails to land a bite. They learn Natsume has never eaten sweets before and due to the royalty’s strictness, no one eats sweet things before reaching the age of 10. Natsume has just celebrated her 11th birthday recently and thus Tanaka wanted her to eat a cookie that is worthy of being her first. Apricot and Nano take her to a nearby stall and though it is delicious, it isn’t the taste she hoped it would be. Natsume is disappointed and wants to return home but Apricot pleads her to come with her to her dorm. She meets Kuuchen who treats her to his cookies but again it isn’t what she had in mind. Kuuchen suggests trying at a store on Planet Desperado. By the way, that planet is in the midst of wars. It has been ongoing for years. While barely getting caught in between the crossfire, Tanaka and Satou use their diplomacy to end the war! Why the heck didn’t they do it much earlier? On the planet, Natsume patrons the store and takes a bite of the cookie. However she is disappointed and feels it is laughable, shocking the owner. After Natsume returns in time to sign the treaty, she secretly goes back to Kuuchen. Yup, she prefers his cookies and finds it to be the best. She offers him to work as her personal chef and will pay 1 million in cash per month! He laughs it off as a joke as she realizes what he lacked wasn’t skills of a great cook, it was hospitality and a creepy character. Huh?

Episode 5
Lily and Anise are hunting down a criminal, Kuroki. But since they disagree on how to catch him, they fight each other, which allowed the suspect to escape. Ten years later, both meet at a bar in hopes to reconcile. However they seem to get on each other’s nerve while managing to refrain from doing anything physical. For instance, telling past stories like how they first joined the Rune Angels (didn’t like each other and fought) and joining Apricot at a fine dining restaurant (Anise was loud and fussy so disgusted Lily fought her till the shop was destroyed. Yeah the bill wasn’t for the food but reparations and lawsuits). Then they decide to go to another joint since they couldn’t agree and another fight threatens to begin. Till they hear a roadside performer singing about not wanting to grow up. They patron a nearby stall as compromise and decide to talk about the good parts instead of remembering memories of each other fighting. They remember how they trapped and captured Kuroko (turned into Dejiko in her desperate attempt to escape?). But each time they try to say how they did a better job than the other, provoking anger. Like Kuroki’s capture led to Anise’s discovery of a secret location and organization that she destroyed, but Lily captured the true boss (Gema?) and destroyed their stronghold, which led to Anise saving her comrades from thousands of Gemas and then leading to her imprisonment for destroying planets. This led to her breaking free with the prisoners and forming an independent government but was subdued by Lily’s Democratic Unity Federation. I don’t know if all that was true. In the end after that long story, they both started fighting again and destroy the stall. It got worse instead, eh? I think for these girls, they just let their fists do the talking.

Episode 6
The girls are shocked to see Nano and Natsume debuting as idols. On a talk show, Natsume reveals how her meeting with Nano led them to being idols (she was bored, that is). The duo became so popular that they have overtaken the Rune Angels and are even doing their jobs! Like unloading cash to the public just to catch the bank robber?! And the news is entirely nothing but them. The other Rune Angels confront the duo while performing in one of their concerts. They want them to stop mocking their name. Natsume throws down a challenge saying that she will admit new members to her group while the least popular of the 4 will be fired. The rest seems to indicate Apricot as so as they start fighting among themselves. During the concert, the quartet try to win fans’ vote (Lily and Kahlua increasing their popularity but Anise and Apricot went the other way due to their lame gag). Then a space quiz as only Kahlua manages a point and the rest, chicken egg. As Natsume is about to announce the result of the new members, Apricot says she can’t go on and has always viewed the Rune Angels as the 5 of them and this will not do. Though touched, however the rest take it as a sign she’s stepping down so unhappy Apricot rejoins the competition. Natsume resumes the announcement when a sniper is ready to take her out. Nano spots this and quickly pushes Natsume out of harm’s way. The other Rune Angels go into action to apprehend the culprit (thanks to Apricot’s super strength) Nano reveals she knew Natsume was targeted and was secretly guarding her. She has always been a Rune Angel all along so she steps down from being Natsume’s partner and rejoins her friends. The Rune Angels sing their swan song. Back home, the girls are watching a replay of their concert. Lily shrugs it off as a silly thing but she secretly watches herself singing in her room while the rest tease Apricot for being the least popular.

Episode 7
The much awaited appearance of the original Galaxy Angels! Yay! We see them leading different lives and the most different one has got to be Vanilla. She has let her hair down and is a teacher. Hey, where’s Normad? Oh, Chitose isn’t forgotten too. WTF?! She’s doing accounting? The originals are to pay Rune Angels a visit. While Apricot dreams of what dish to make to welcome her sister, the rest are starting to dread it. Like Anise (she owes Mint tons of money), Nano (fear she isn’t a worthy creation of Vanilla), Kahlua (thinks Ranpha may be mad over some group date thingy) and Lily (resolving to greet the Angels with a brass band?). Rune Angels individually go off to ‘prepare’ for their original counterparts’ visit in a week’s time. But they decide to show their true strength and go on beating up baddies throughout the universe with outrageous moves so much so they abandon their post and journey into space. We also see the original Angels making their journey for their promise. The oddest one has got to be Ranpha. She gives her inconsolable husband a divorce letter. She says she was interested in marriage but not married life! That poor chap is really crying!!! Isabella and her army are waiting to greet the original Angels’ arrival (Rune Angels are missing by the way). After waiting for such a long time, she gets upset that no one turned up! We see how Rune Angels went on to live their own lives like Apricot becoming a farmer, Anise conquering planets but turned into a sad wandering hippie, Kahlua and her own bustling panty hose business that went bust, Nano achieving some absurd combination and Lily touring the galaxy with her castanet (she’s not that popular anyway). As for the original Angels, they never reached their destination because they either got lost, strayed or gave up. Don’t feel bad Chitose, at least you’ve been mentioned that you’re not related to the story. Insult? What an inconclusive end after throwing everyone into chaos, fear and confusion!

Episode 8
On a rainy day, a mysterious little girl haunts the dorm. It all began when Kuuchen takes her in soaking wet when she suddenly disappears. This causes Kuuchen to frantically start digging the yard. Anise feels something freaky in her room while Kahlua gets a mysterious SMS before disappearing and the dorm blackout. The girls start panicking when they actually see the ghost. Apricot spots Kahlua’s SMS and reads the message to be from a girl named Rainy Day Melissa. Seems it is linked to an inactive online horror website. Suddenly she can’t move her body and felt somebody climbing up her body! Yikes! Scary! Lily is talking to the mayor and learns their dorm used to house an IT network provider that went bankrupt shortly. Before it was to be sold off, all its employees disappeared after a lightning strike. Ever since on rainy days like these, there are sightings of a ghostly girl near the dorm. Lily rushes back to the dorm and finds it dark. She spots Melissa. At the same time Kuuchen has found a memory chip motherboard and smashed it with the spade, causing Melissa to disappear. Everyone wakes up like as though waking up from a nightmare. Lily explains how this dorm used to be a transmitter provider and that lightning strike may have caused such events to happen and thus the reason why a character that should only exist on the internet became real. Due to certain events, Melissa can only move about on rainy days and this time of the year. Kuuchen was probably possessed by Melissa to free her. The girls see Kuuchen putting up a grave for Melissa but are shocked to see them having a nice chat! Before disappearing, Melissa thanks them for freeing her and to come play again. So that haunting was her playing around?! And since now she can move freely like this…

Episode 9
Anise prays at the shrine to become a rich celebrity so she doesn’t have to work anymore. She is bestowed a hay straw. Except for Nano, her other pals don’t believe and mock her. Anise and Nano go around town hoping to strike it rich. However they bump into several people who use their items. So much so Anise had to become a rude ruffian to demand for something in return. In the end, she manages to get the loads of cash from Natsume. The duo decide to go on a trip to become celebrities, shocking their pals. The envious trio too decide to follow and break their banks to go on a trip. Not that Isabella is happy anyway. Whatever first class treatment and facilities Anise and Nano enjoy, the rest experience low third rate ones. Then at a party to celebrate Earl Danish’s birthday, Anise bumps into that old geezer. He’s so weak that he’s going to die from that but tells Anise he will give her his entire fortune if she stays beside him. He does something perverted on her so Anise punches him in the stomach. Yup, hastening his death alright. Anise announces to everyone how she inherited the Earl’s fortune as the party turns into an inheritance celebration. They are going to let her taste the feast when she is shocked to see Apricot, Lily and Tequila in a giant soup cauldron. They got into that mess via some automatic massage thingy. Natsume thinks this is some legendary soup and wants a taste of it. Even the Earl. Yup, he revived. As they try to get their hands on the soup, chaos ensues and in the end the soup spills and floods the entire place. Anise is sad she couldn’t be a celebrity but Nano comforts her that they get to stay forever this way. But it gets worse when Anise receives a hotel bill for damages. There’re lots of zeros by the way. Yeah, now she can really stay longer with them and not only she didn’t become a celebrity, but deeper in debt! Work harder, girl.

Episode 10
The Rune Angels used a very destructive power that destroyed lots of planets on a mission. Because of that, the higher ups think of having them undergo retraining. The girls still think it’s not their fault and put the blame on other things when the retraining military barges in. Under the supervision of Kanesaka, the dorm becomes a retraining HQ for the Rune Angels. It’s either they go through and complete the entire training or beat instructor Sakae in any training exercises. Sounds easy? Think again. Sakae beats them flat in all exercises with his superhuman strength. Like in gun assembling and target shooting (he just threw a gun part at the target), swimming and rescue (not only he dived in to save to victim but caught a whale for lunch too) and parachuting (Anise tied his parachute down so he dives down without one! Don’t worry, he still lives. Impossible!). The Rune Angels learn Sakae is some sort of living weapon and hear stories of how he is a legend in the military. They get to know his weakness. That is, he is stupid and fails in doing simple things. As the Rune Angels continue to sabotage him (of course they fail), they resume training and slowly are being awed by his ways and simplicity. They complete the training and developed fighting skills comparable to Sakae so much so the higher ups got worried and decided to let them go on a paid leave. The Rune Angels are vacationing on a planet but got involved in a Male Festival (some fight for a holy tree – isn’t that Dejiko they’re after?). Sakae is also participating since the competition only uses physical brawns. He’s like a rampaging demon! The girls team up to fight him but they have no choice but to combine their hearts and unleash their ultimate power. Sakae still stands in the end. Though the girls are disappointed, Sakae speaking for the first time tells them they have grown stronger. The girls cry and emotionally hug him. And what new legend born from this?!

Episode 11
The Rune Angels are to investigate a murder case of 1 of Natsume’s many servants, Suzuki 1062. As Apricot does the groundwork, surveillance camera photos show that Anise was at the murder scene last night. She denies and gives her alibi that she was called to patrol. Her reasons were suspicious because it’s not like she’s hardworking and never told this to her pals. Murder mystery lover Kahlua comes up with a motive of why Anise killed Suzuki: She lost money due to gambling and needed cash to repay her debts. She entered Natsume’s place thinking she has what she needs but when patrolling Suzuki spotted her, she killed him. Everybody believed that theory and Anise is taken away for interrogation. However another murder occurred. It’s Suzuki 3516 this time. Back to square one, the investigations continue and Lily now appears in the surveillance photos. Of course she denies saying she was there to help look for clues to help Anise. However it is suspicious since Lily and Anise are always fighting. Anise creates her motive to kill like giving birth to Suzuki and had to abandon him for her job. So she killed him to keep him quiet about her other children. Like that happened. But the rest believed it! Lily counters with proof she found on the site: Nano’s tail fur. Nano admits she was there playing hide and seek with Mimolette. This has Kahlua to pinpoint the suspect she learned from TV dramas via some cast list. The third person is always it? Seems Kahlua’s name is the third one and thinks she might be the culprit. But it may be Tequila since she has no other memories when she is her other self. Yeah, some affair thingy maybe. Kahlua is ready to be taken in for her crimes when reports of mass murders of Suzukis come in. Their bodies lay strewn all over the palace. They notice their body stretchy like rubber. Tanaka suddenly remembers something important. Actually there was no real murder. Just that the Suzukis were shedding their skin since last night was the full moon of the 7th year. Case close? But it seems some Suzuki (no. 62 pretending to be 1062?) taking out the real 1062 and a bunch of other Suzukis. Erm…

Episode 12
The Rune Angels are to investigate a Hotspring Comet believed to end wars. After Apricot’s blunder causes them to crash land, they are greeted by a boy who is the only person on this comet. He touches Apricot but she doesn’t panic. Seems he’s a conscious entity materialized by electromagnetic waves. Since he has no name, Apricot calls him Onsen-kun. He guides them to the hotspring as the girls change into outfits by just imagining them. Then a foot massage to collect their data on what pain they are suffering. Erm… Looks like crucifix? The rest are in pain except for Apricot who is laughing. No worries, eh? Then as they trek to the goal, Anise and Lily get into a heated competition eating manjuus. Nano sits in a mini sauna while Kahlua and Tequila change back and forth via some electric hotspring. Apricot is near the goal when Natsume’s fleet appears. She tells her this is a demon comet that must be destroyed. The reason wars ended wasn’t people changed their minds but rather they overheated from hot water and died out. Onsen-kun is sad and laments how it is always the same every time. People enjoy at first but once they find out he’s a menace, they try to destroy. Apricot reluctantly rendezvous with her pals in their respective Frames with orders to destroy the comet. However she can’t do it after thinking about it though she accidentally zaps her pals. Onsen-kun thanks them and will try to change the comet’s direction to save their planet. This results the comet being torn apart due to the immense stress. Pieces of the planet come falling like shooting stars. A minor character makes a wish to have more appearances but I guess the comet comes crashing on him. Wish not granted? All isn’t lost since the main hotspring crashed into their dorm so they can bath all the time. Why are they bathing in their full clothes? Apricot is sad of Onsen-kun’s fate but he assures her he is alright since he’s reduced to a voice core. He will continue his journey and will only return in several million years. Apricot promises to live till then. Can she do that?!

Episode 13
Since Apricot is having her day off, the other Rune Angels are to retrieve a giant Lost Technology peach in space but got sucked into it. Apricot spends time with Milfeulle and thinks she can’t be like her sister yet. Yeah, destroying planets and cities. Even Milfeulle has good fond memories of trashing 100-200 planets! Oh, the trauma for the customers nearby who overheard that! Suddenly they see Anise becoming a badass biker delinquent leading a pack of badass followers doing mischief. They also see Tequila trying to seduce and do naughty stuff to an underage boy, Lily breaking the traffic rules and Nano doing a ding dong ditch on Natsume’s mansion. Considering how large her palace is, it really takes time to reach the gate. If you have to do it several times… Poor Satou. Tired out from the walking. Poor Natsume and Tanaka. Tired out from that weird Rune Angel dance. The Rune Angels’ dorm is messy and even Isabella and the mayor close an eye on this case and would just observe them for now. Heck, they did worse things than this. Says a lot, doesn’t it? Even Milfeulle is okay with it since this is what their commander said.

But Apricot is adamant to return her pals back to normal so she goes off alone to find the peach. She meets it but finds her pals guarding it. The peach plans to control them to take over the universe. They attack Apricot but Milfeulle arrives to help. Then the fallen Rune Angels combine into a mean dark mecha so Apricot and Milfeulle do the same and merge into a cool heroic one. What’s with that meaner-looking machine gun they have?! A power battle filled with power moves ensues but the evil side is winning. Apricot isn’t giving up because she won’t forget all those fond memories they spend together. This causes her pals to start remembering as they fight against the controlling evil. In the state of confusion, the duo use this chance to use their ultimate weapon, Luxiole Cannon and send the peach crashing into a planet. The rest return to their normal state though they have no recollection of what happened. Then a boy appears out from the peach (that minor character in the previous episode) but the planet is soon blown in half! Don’t worry, that kid who was being controlled by the Lost Technology still survives. Though they just leave him floating in space since their retrieval mission was a failure. Like Milfeulle said, everything is back to normal so don’t worry about the minor details. Everyone return back to the dorm and it seems they have a thing of becoming a delinquent gang. Are these the bunch of people who are going to protect the galaxy? Oh heck, don’t mind the minor details.

Rune Rules!
And so it ends here for me for the entire Galaxy Angel series. Thank you Angels for making my time an enjoyable one. It’s hard to compare the Rune Angels with the original Angels due to the vast difference in number of episodes. Furthermore, I find that the Rune Angels are slightly less comical in the sense that they aren’t so dim-witted like their original counterparts. Because of that, I feel that they have a slight competency to it though I may be wrong. Some of the episodes in this series too ended randomly and had that no-effect thingy when the next episode begins. However the way they do it seems like it isn’t so obvious. Mainly because I guess the story lasts longer for the entire episode as compared to the original series which is split into half. As usual, some of the mysteries I would like to know but ended abruptly such as the true murderer in Suzuki’s case. I wish it had something to do in further episodes but I suppose they leave it to your conclusion. Also, we don’t see them going around finding Lost Technology in a big chunk of the episodes as we see them getting involved in other antics like becoming idols or confronting a haunted dorm.

Of all the characters, I find the Suzukis to be the most annoying yet amusing one. What the heck are those little white clone blobs anyway? They sure are a bunch of multi-tasking and multi-purpose servants and could sure come in handy such as becoming your unconventional shields for the spacecraft. The hilarious part is magnified when Tanaka and Satou start squabbling among each other. Due to the short nature of this spin-off, there wasn’t enough time and space to flesh out the main characters but I suppose you can guess they’ll be the same bunch right till the end. Hey, notice how the Rune Angels never meet Isabella face to face in person? She’s always seen in a monitor screen so much so I thought she was just someone made out of pixels. It’s a pity that all the original Galaxy Angels could only make a brief appearance as I thought they would actually meet each other and do some huge battle in the end. Maybe better not. They’ll destroy the entire universe if both the predecessors and successors combine their powers. Internal fighting, that is.

I skim through briefly over the internet and Wikipedia and learn that the game and the anime series do have their difference so I guess with a different story line and other characters, you’ll have to play the game if you want to know more and experience the true universe of the Galaxy Angel. For instance, Natsume is the latest member to join the Rune Angels in the game but in the anime she’s still a princess. As for me, I think the anime is enough or I’ll really become like one of them. It’s ironic that a unit made to protect or find Lost Technology end up being such a destructive force. Well, somebody has got to do the job. Maybe that’s why there were no more sequels after this because there were no more successors to the Angel Unit. Angel-tai, over and out.

Galaxy Angel Rune

June 6, 2008

If this was shown during the time when I was first infatuated with the Galaxy Angel series, then heck, I would’ve set a resolution that I would see it no matter what. Galaxy Angel Rune is actually a sequel spin-off of the Galaxy Angel series and has been adapted from the highly popular pc game into an anime series. However, though the original Galaxy Angel series span several seasons, I’ve only watched the 1st season. Talk about quick waning of interest over the years.
Out of the 13 episodes, I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes. One very good obvious reason is that those were the only subbed episodes that I could ever find. Why didn’t the fan-subbers continue the series? Well, here’s the story. When this series was first aired during the 4th quarter of year 2006, there weren’t any takers to sub the series. It is only after when the series ended that a particular fansub group (Katana Fansubs, that is) decide to pick this up. Call it fate or just bad timing that this series was then announced to be licensed. I guess it just stops there. And if I were still a Galaxy Angel maniac, I would be cursing and swearing rather than Oh-since-it’s-like-that-then-I’d-better-drop-watching-it attitude.
Ironically, I read that the Galaxy Angel franchise and series is only quite popular in Japan, but outside the land of the rising sun, it’s close to unknown. So it made me wonder why the American company decide to go license it in the first place. Probably based on history, it wouldn’t mean anything successful but I guess there’s no harm in trying.
Based on the first 3 episodes that I saw, I could say that the overall wacky Galaxy Angel humour and silliness is still there. But this time a new group of girl troupe takes the spotlight. To sum up the 5 crew member of the Rune Angel Troupe, first we have Apricot Sakuraba as the main character. She has that fear of being touched by boys and you could find yourself head over heels (more of in pain rather than in love lah) if you do so. This is done unintentionally, though, even if it’s just the slightest touch. Then there is the active, outgoing, competitive and not to mention a little tomboyish Anise Azeat. Lily C. Sherbet is a skilled swordswoman and your typical serious no nonsense gal while Nano Nano Pudding is as annoying because she ends her sentences with "~Nanoda" and her features seems to resemble of a cat. Finally there’s the dual personality Kahlua/Tequilla Marjoram. Kahlua is the gentle and quiet personality but when she consumes alcohol, her personality and appearance will change to a more aggressive, seductive and hot tempered Tequilla. So can we consider her as 2 members or just 1. I’ll just stick to 1 then. Then I’m not sure whether this character Kuchen Baum is part of the troupe or not. Obviously this guy is a transvestite and that horrible cross dressing doesn’t cover it. It’s like a man trying to act as a woman but fails so badly at it. As far as I remember, he is the villa Angel’s management officer. Then I think the girls have a so called pet, which is just a flying head of a black cat. Huh?
After taking a look at the characters, I thought they were rip-offs from the original Galaxy Angel series. Like how Apricot is designed after Milfeulle, Lily taken after Forte, Kahlua seems to look like Ranpha, and Nano Nano a little like Mint. Of course I found out later that these characters do indeed have a connection with the original Galaxy Angel casts like Apricot is Millfeulle’s little sister, Forte is Lily’s teacher, Nano Nano was discovered by Vanilla, Anise owes some debt to Mint, and Kahlua/Tequilla regards Ranpha very highly.
The plot is generally the same too. In the sense that, the Rune Angel Troupe are still looking for Lost Technology and at the same time, they have to maintain peace and order in the certain part of the galaxy in which they are entrusted to. As mentioned that this series is based on the game, I’m not sure how closely it follows it, since I haven’t played any of the Galaxy Angel games in my life. Speaking of games, there are several of them and the manga is still currently ongoing in Japan.
So not going into details of episode 1, this episode mainly introduces the cast and characters of the series. We also see the Rune Angel Troupe living in some kind of dorm on a planet as opposed to the original Galaxy Angel troupe who lived on a spaceship. We see the gals being visited by a strange moustache shorty man in a white suit named Baron, who seems to remind me of the mascot of the board game Monopoly. I’m not sure what this guy’s real intention but as far as I can remember, he seems to want to give himself up by surrendering to the girls and wants to be punished. A villain with a conscious? Another strange part about him is that, I was wondering why in every darn speech has the lines "He said~". It’s like talking from a 3rd person perspective. Then I realized (I may be wrong) that he’s speeches are actually muffled and that you can’t actually hear a single word he utters. So the speeches are from a narrator who’s narrating and translating what he’s actually saying! Oh, boy.
Of course even if he’s a self confessed villain (some perverted crime he confessed and a stolen handkerchief?), the girls still need proof of what evil deeds he has done and will need to do some investigations. Anyway Baron decides to give himself up to the proper authorities. Since the interrogation was kinda rough, I’m not sure whether he’s enjoying it or filled with anger (what the? Ecstasy explosion?!). The girls are talking over things and find out that this Baron is named Galette and is on the wanted list for questioning. Before that, I remember seeing a little yuri between Tequilla and Apricot…
Next thing you know, the Rune Angel Troupe are sent to counter some invading force in space. We see a giant sized Baron and his several thousand mini fleets going to attack. So we get to see our Rune Angel Troupe heroines do some space shooting action. The lasers and missiles firing are very elaborated and exaggerated so much so you might think it’s some kind of light festival display. But it’s kinda cool with all that speed and intensity. Blast! Boom! Bang! Maximum fire power! Three hours into the fight, Baron still wants to be punished and such. I don’t really know what’s this guy’s problem. Finally one super maximum combined power shot allow the girls to defeat Baron, who then thinks they can be arrested… and tied up. Well, I guess he got his wish. But we see Baron still floating in space alone because Apricot forgot to bring him in as she’s being chided by Anise.
Episode 2 is something about a bloody big bargain sale (really!) because Apricot wants a particular fashion dress so she along with Kahlua/Tequilla and Nano Nano head down there to some sale to get one. The event is like war. And I mean big time war. Even before the opening of the store, we see countless customers waiting in line, some obnoxious looking ones. When it’s time, everyone is elbowing and pushing each other like as though they’re all kiasu. At this rate, Apricot and co will be crushed! I guess the day ended with lots of muscle aches and pains. Kahlua mentioned that she saw an advertisement on the bargain and it may contain some herbal seaweed which could rejuvenate one’s body. Apricot is all hyped up to do her best. Meanwhile we see Anise talking to some lethargic elderly guy, Kobayashi, in a bar with Kuchen. At the same time, Apricot undergoes intensive training in order to face the next big bargain sale.
Change of scene, we see the Rune Angel Troupe gals investigating a hijacked ship. However the girls didn’t suspect that the criminals were the one disguised as the ship’s crew, even though they’re sweating in panic. They’re even surprised the girls left without arresting them. But later Anise realized that 1 of the crew looked familiar and by thinking back, she remembers him as that Kobayashi guy who patron the bar earlier on and is pissed off. Yeah, revenge time. So Anise devises a plan to get back at them. When Kobayashi and his henchmen patron the bar to relax, Kuchen uses his disgusting womanly charm to get some info out of him like his job and his next one. Well, it worked. Partly Kobayashi is dumb too. Something about a fukubukuro at the next bargain sale.
Soon the day of the next bargain sale arrives and we see the usual suspects plus Kobayashi and his henchmen there. This time Apricot goes alone while her comrades watches from a safe distance behind. The storekeeper gives the green light and once again everyone goes into a violent shopping frenzy. People, remember that this is not the proper way to do shopping. So a lot of exaggerated moves being pulled off. Apricot has got a fukubukuro in her hands and Kobayashi spots it and tries to get it but got into the path of those other unruly violent housewives. Beaten to a pulp. Just when Kobayashi is crawling up to Apricot, he touches her hand. You know what this means. She unleashes some awesome never-seen-before power. In the end, Kobayashi didn’t get what he wanted and the housewives commended Apricot for her strong will. Back at the dorm, the gang are having doubts whether to drink Kahlua’s specially made seaweed drink. After they’ve gulp it down, they all turned into a chibi version of themselves. As for Anise, she’s upset that the fukubukuro that she got was destroyed by Apricot’s amazing power shot and is saddened she can’t repay her debts.
Episode 3 sees Anise leading her team to get the ingredients to make the ultimate legendary nabe (hot pot). This weird dream of hers started when she was young, some afro guy attacked her group while eating nabe and tells them that she will never taste nabe ever again. But Anise of course would beg to differ. So the girls go off on a wild adventure to find the 6 essential ingredients from raiding trap-filled tombs to playing national shogi (Japanese chess) tournament to fighting a group of bad ass delinquents to seducing some normal looking guy to just buying it at the store and well, intergalactic spaceship battles. So the coveted ingredients included pork belly, tofu, noodles, shitake mushrooms, hot pot mix and chrysanthemum. That’s it? I was hoping for something more elaborated.
Back at the dorm, the girls have finally prepared the legendary nabe when Nano Nano gulps it down in 1 sitting, shocking everyone. Luckily they still have leftover ingredients and proceed to prepare another one. Just then, Kahlua transforms into Tequilla and she dukes it out with the rest over the nabe but the due to the tussle, the pot tipped over. Let’s start all over again. Everybody’s waiting and suspicious of each other. Can you feel the tension in the air? Anise, not wanting to lose, makes her first move. But again she spills the nabe pot. Ah well… It’s the 4th time now. Can they start savouring the dish? This time Kuchen is at the table but because of the way he said things, Anise knew he was the Nabe Magistrate in disguise. Yeah, it’s that afro guy. He’s back and to take their hard work all away. With their determination and combined power, another round of exaggerated fighting before Anise and her team lands victory. The final moment is here. Anise reminisces all the tough times she went through to get the ingredients and making the nabe and finally gets to taste it. Tears of joy. It’s the best nabe ever! As the rest enjoys the legendary nabe, we see a paper on the hot pot mix ingredient being peeled off. It states "Legendary-like nabe". Oh well, it’s all in one’s mind after all.
So I guess that’s it for me. Even though there are RAW versions of the complete series, but I think even if I watched them, I wouldn’t understand what they’re trying to say. Yeah, it’s like taking out half of all the funny and comical stuffs. But I’m pretty sure the hilarious stuffs will still remain consistent and if not, even wilder as the series progresses.
The drawing, art and animation seem consistent with the previous seasons of the Galaxy Angel series with cute big wide-eyed girls with quirky personalities. The computer graphics in the space battles that they used are kinda cool. I find it funny and amusing to see the girls doing some hip shaking dance during the opening theme song, Uchuu De Koi Wa Ru-run Run. I still prefer Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu’s Hare Hare Yukai dance, though. Though the opening and ending songs are upbeat, the ending theme, Happy Flight, is a little slower and shows the characters in their chibi form standing in a line. I’m not sure you can call that dancing but you also get to see clips of what is shown in that episode.
I’m not too sure if I’m gonna watch a 3rd sequel if they ever make one in the near or distant future. But even if I don’t sit through the entire series, I’m sure watching a few episodes will be worth the laughs, for old time’s sake. Ah, Galaxy Angel… That name does bring back fond memories of the show. Cute space girls in uniforms… Looking more like pop idols. Will the universe be a much safer place in the future? Don’t count on it. But you can count on them making you laugh.
Galaxy Angel Rune

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