Gate S2

August 27, 2016

There is always a little devil in our heart. We get worked up when we see the enemy invade and do all the heinous barbaric acts on the innocent. Then we smile and heave a sigh of relief when our heroes turn up to kick all their sorry asses to back where they came from. Don’t we just love such great action stories like that? Be glad because we are about to see more and continue Japan and the SDF’s awesome dominance over the primitive magical world in Gate: Jietai Kanochi Nite, Kaku Tatakeri S2. The first season was awesome enough to assert their dominance and with the sequel, we’ll get to see even more of their coolness as they ride through crisis after crisis plaguing the land in search for peace. Yes people. All hail and glory to the SDF! Ahem… Maybe they just look like big bullies with over-firepower if you sympathise with the enemy… Oh yeah, then there is that otaku first lieutenant guy and his harem girls from this world… It’s all getting as exciting as before, I tell ‘ya!

Episode 13
Itami is dressed as a local for the negotiations. Don’t blame you if you can’t stop laughing at how dorky he looks. Meanwhile Prince Zolzal El Caesar is f*cking hard a furry sex slave, Tyuule. Punishment sex-cum-rape?! She has to put up with it and scream like hell since he threatens her comrades lives depend on it. I guess she couldn’t keep it up. Anyway, he is interrupted by Count Marx about some of their senators being bought over by the enemy ambassadors with the promise of their safe return as a bargaining chip. As this may be disadvantageous to Zolzal who would be next in line to the throne, Zolzal will make his visit and give the enemy his piece of mind. Pina and Sugawara are holding a garden party. There is this noble loli, Sherry Tyueri who seems to be infatuated with Sugawara. Itami and his troops demonstrate their military firepower. The nobles are so freaking impressed and want to know how to make them! Then they visualize how this firepower can bring down their cities and so they are wise enough to negotiate for what Japan wants in exchange for peace. This negotiation is put off when uninvited Zolzal and his party are seen riding in. Pina is surprised to see her brother here. He takes a look around and isn’t impressed. Till he tastes the food. Yeah, he goes away satisfied, bringing back a few of those delicious meat. You know what they say about a man and his heart. Pina talks to Sugawara that she knows this is Marx’s warning by sending her brother here. Sugawara wants to start negotiations as soon as possible but Pina is shocked and fainted after hearing the freaking huge amount of reparations. I suppose all the gold in the kingdom will not be able to pay that off. Marx reports this to Molto who tells him to let Japan negotiate all they want because he is not giving them anything. And when negotiations fail, Japan will break them off themselves.

Chief Nyuutabaru has Kurokawa under his wing as a medical staff. She tends to a local furry, Misery. She is a whore. With a painful name and body for pleasure, I can imagine… She is here to buy contraceptives. Misery gives out some information that Bessala was a big shot around the red light district. Until that fateful night when the army wipe them all out with their firepower. F*cking slaughtered them all! After that all the other big shots split up his money and territory and even went out their way to offer information to SDF. Misery is sad that the men in SDF refuse to do business with the whores and it breaks their confidence. Yeah, heard of STD’s? I’m sure they’re trying to stay safe instead of being gay. Yao desperately tries to find Itami and some information about him. Especially if he has something he would risk his life to protect. She was told there are 3 people… Late that night, Misery brings her fellow furry whores to Kurokawa as one of her friends couldn’t shake off that shaking feeling. Nyuutabaru recognizes this as a sign of a major earthquake because birds and animals panic before one. He orders for everyone to evacuate. Pina doesn’t appreciate Itami waking up her beauty sleep to inform her about the earthquake. She doesn’t believe it. Then the ground shakes… You believe now?

Episode 14
With the locals panicking and proclaiming the end of the world, Itami and the SDF are just cool. They’re accessing the mini earthquake and it is nothing to be alarmed about as this isn’t the epicentre. Pina wonders why they can be so calm at this moment. Because it happens a lot in Japan. She needs to go warn her father and since the SDF can’t just waltz into enemy territory, Pina begs Itami to accompany her. Is she a little girl?! In his throne room before anything could begin, Zolzal barges in and wants father to escape because this woman Noriko predicted another big one coming. Everyone wonders who that woman is and when Zolzal brings her in, Itami and co are devastated she is a Japanese. Zolzal claims she is a survivor during that invasion. Itami becomes so mad that he beats up Zolzal and his entourage! Boxing time! When Zolzal commands to attack, Itami commands his to fire at will! So Kuribayashi relishes going all out from her punches to shooting her machine gun! Man, those shields are useless! The bullets just went through! Now you surrender? Itami questions Zolzal if there are other such survivors but he won’t say. Kuribayashi then proceeds to give him a super combo beat down till his face swells like hell! Itami could have killed him if not for Tyuule protecting him. When Noriko asks about Hiroki, Zolzal says the men have been sold as slaves at the market. Sugawara will have his banquet with Molto once they rescue the hostages. Molto mentions how strong they are but they have a weakness: They love their people too much. Of course he knows he cannot best them anyhow and agrees to initiate peace talks immediately. Pina is sure going to have lots of explaining to do. Can she?

To further show Japan’s might and as warning, the senate house is bombed although there are no casualties. The senate discusses about this unfortunate event all because Zolzal kept Japanese prisoners. Shaky Pina seems to be describing about the Japanese’s greatness and how much they love their people. Zolzal talks to his younger brother, Diabo that unconditional surrender is inevitable. Zolzal regrets he is not smart like him to make his way through life but it is hard too playing the fool. As they talk about succeeding their father, Zolzal believes himself as most likely. Diabo disagrees because word goes around that he is not favoured. That is precisely why. To end this war, father must resign but that man isn’t going to give up on power and will rule behind the shadows. Since Zolzal is easy to manipulate, it makes it more so he will be chosen. Therefore Diabo is told to choose his allegiance either to father or him. They can’t count on Pina as she has betrayed them. As for the slaves, it is learnt out of the 2 that were sold, Hiroki has already died. When Itami and co return to base, he is told by Yanagida that he won’t be charged because the government intends to use this prisoner rescue incident to boost their image and thus cannot punish the saviour. He is also told about Noriko’s family handing out flyers over her disappearance at Ginza then when the invasion broke out. Itami doesn’t want his team to tell her about this yet. Meanwhile Tuka continues to look for her father…

Episode 15
Yanagida further tells Itami about Yao’s request to slay a dragon back at her home. Itami isn’t too keen on it and what’s more, higher authorities have rejected her. But when Yanagida points out there are oil and diamond resources, perhaps a reconnaissance mission would suffice. You know, he has more liberty to do things. Like, he might stumble upon a dragon and kill it? Itami protests to that. He would not risk his men to fight another dragon. Yanagida then tells him to go see Tuka. She is kicking up a fuss because she is being told her dad is dead. When Itami enters the picture, her hallucination is so bad that she sees her father in him. She becomes all clingy with that in-your-face attitude that her ‘father’ is still alive. It is said that Yao told her the truth and that broke Tuka. Itami confronts Yao about this but she doesn’t regret her actions as she merely told the truth. She was also told Itami hold these 3 women dearly and would do anything for help. It gets emotional for Yao when she explains she sought help through her comrades to defeat the dragon but was turned down. They said only Itami could do it. Therefore she broke Tuka’s sanity just to make her understand the dragon killed her father and thus fuelling her desire for revenge. After all, when a man kills another, he can track him down and take dragon. But what if it’s a dragon? How do you direct your anger? She is willing to give her mind, body and soul to Itami if he pulls this off. When Pina tells Diabo that Zolzal has been chosen as the heir, he cautious her that Zolzal plans to go against Molto. He is worried because Zolzal is the kind who will also bring others around him down. Tyuule is told by her informant, Bouro about Zolzal’s succession. Her plan for revenge has begun and will not let this land be in peace. Bouro suggests killing the Japanese slaves so their comrades will burn down the land in rage. She cautions it is not that easy because Noriko was in the same position as her but offered salvation. Bouro wonders who will kill her. She says Pina will do the job.

Everyone is shocked that Itami decides to play Tuka’s father. Oh, happy days are here. Then one day he gets a mission to head to the capital for another translation duty. He takes this chance to tell her he will be going away for a while. Of course she is not too happy about it. Later Itami is confronted by Yao who tells him he can’t keep up with this act forever. She can see Tuka is still in pain. He can play her father but he doesn’t know her father and that is what causes the inconsistency and pain in Tuka. Even playing house continues to bother Yanagida as he wants him to go slay the dragon. He would even help arrange the paperwork when he is ready to go. Itami sees a doctor to ask his opinion if revenge can help one move forward. Then there is this talk with Duran who reminds him he is forgetting his heart. One must act even though it is very dangerous. Because in his heart he already knows what must be done. After Itami and his team leave for their mission, Tuka’s words flash before Itami’s mind. He suddenly changes his mind and jumps out of the helicopter! OMG! Yeah, they’re going to slay the dragon together. I thought Yanagida should be happy but he is blowing his top because he can’t come up with good excuses to cover for Itami abandoning his current mission. So is Itami sure he is going alone with only Tuka? Think again because Rory wants in on the action. You don’t go play fire with a girl alone, right? I suppose she is making him consider her in his team and even so it will be costly. Can he pay for her assistance? She bites his arm and drinks his blood. A contract is formed. What contract? When he dies, his soul is hers! As you might have guessed, Lelei and Yao will also be tagging along. Off they go and Yanagida cannot understand why there are people who volunteer to follow him. Yeah, I wonder. Four hot gorgeous babes, damn it!

Episode 16
Delilah must be one happy singing bunny girl. Till she receives an official kill order. Now, this is all part of Tyuule’s plan to use her spy to kill Noriko and make it look like the orders came from Pina. Relations with Japan will then break down and war will continue. Then Zolzal, the man who destroyed her clan will be destroyed with everything else. When Yanagida reports to Hazama about Itami’s reconnaissance, the latter knows there is more to it. Since Itami is such an important man, he sends out more troops to support him. Yanagida is in shock since he didn’t expect troops to be sent out so easily. Yanagida is then tasked to talk with Duran. He believes his crown prince is trying to get him out of the picture and needs his help to send letters to his allies to retake his province. Of course Yanagida won’t get involved in this family affair if there is nothing in it for SDF. Duran will allow him to cross borders to fight the dragon but that itself isn’t sufficient. Yanagida negotiates for mining rights and tax exemption. Noriko tries to call her family but there is no answer. She thinks of dying. Delilah heard that and she is very much happy to oblige. Oddly when Noriko accepts her fate to die, Delilah becomes worried. Nobody in her line of work would want to die that easy, eh? Yanagida catches her in the act. They face off. As reinforcements come, Delilah stabs him in the back. This causes him to panic and unload all his bullets into her. Double KO.

As they are in ICU, the SDF use their manpower and intelligence to track the mole and information. It seems the anti-peace faction is trying to use the Formar clan to assassinate Noriko and the one who will gain most from it is Zolzal. As information will take 10 days to reach him, they decide to leak out information of the failed assassination and see how far it takes them. Also, they will investigate people around Zolzal. The air force division tracks down a dragon. Normally a dragon would be furious if something zooms faster and closer than it is. This is part of the air force’s plan to observe the dragon’s flying capabilities. Then they play chicken? Well, the jet seemed to get roasted and the pilot got roasted by the mechanic for being too reckless. Itami and co arrive at the canyon where Yao’s clan lives. As she goes down to call her clan, other clan members surround Itami and co. However the dragon drops by. Bullets and arrows do no harm. Rory and Lelei tackle the beast while Tuka starts reeling from the trauma. Itami then tells her this is the dragon that killed her father. She continues to be in denial so he put his foot down he is not her father and they are going to kill the dragon that killed her father. Then he guides her to use a bazooka and aim at the dragon. Missed. But that felt good, right? Or not. But it got away.

Episode 17
Itami and co take shelter for the night. Yao introduces the rest of her clan members who will accompany Itami to kill the dragon as some know where the dragon’s nest is. First, they are trained on how to use a bazooka. I wonder if they understand the fancy words. Then they begin their long trek to the volcano. Lelei puts Tuka to sleep all the way so she won’t kick up any fuss. Because Rory has bad experienced with undergrounds, she is made to wait outside to lookout for the dragon. The rest head in to plant C4 bombs around and it is a good thing the dragon is not around. They notice swords of fallen warriors who died while challenging the dragon. Also, hatched egg shells. Could there be more than one? Rory spots the dragon coming back but the geographical rocks are interfering with the headset. Everyone panics when they see the dragon. I guess the dark elves forgot their training. We see them all get burnt, smacked, stomped and even eaten! Even worse, the wiring to the C4 is cut off. Can Itami rewire them back in this chaos? Tuka wakes up from all that ruckus and this brings back her trauma. She remembers her dad died protecting her and now she blames herself for his death. Lelei dismisses it and tells her it is the dragon that killed him. Now vent your anger towards it. Tuka feels helpless to defeat it. Lelei also explains the same experience of the dragon slaughtering her village and she lost many friends. She uses all her magic to pick up the weapons and pierce the dragon. It worked. But the dragon is even madder. Seeing the utter chaos and Itami’s life in danger, Tuka unleashes her lightning power down on the dragon. This in turn sets off the C4 explosives as it blows the dragon to bits!

Itami and his harem manage to get out alive. If you’re wondering where the hell Rory is all this while, please note that she is bleeding with all the wounds outside! Giselle, a fellow Apostle like her swoops down to explain how she easily defeated Rory. Because Rory made a contract with Itami, all his wounds transferred to her. Therefore in normal circumstances, Giselle can never beat her. Now you know why he is unscathed, right? Giselle is here under orders from Hardy to bring Rory to her. Giselle reveals she has bred 2 dragons and trained it to obey her. Thus the awakening of the dragon 50 years earlier from its slumber is due to Hardy’s doing. Like she gives a f*ck about other lives, right? She orders the dragons to get them as Itami and his girls make a run for it. That is when the air force and the tank artillery support arrive in time to bomb the hell out of the dragons!!! Oh sh*t! Such awesome firepower! Now Giselle is left shaking in fear what the heck she just saw. Better make a run for it before it’s Rory to return the favour. Itami is surprised at the turn of events. I know, it must be shocking to still be alive. Yeah, a miracle. Tuka has come to terms with reality and is glad she has got her revenge. But she won’t stop calling Itami her father is she is already used to it.

Episode 18
For Itami’s act of desertion, he will be suspended for 2 weeks, stripped of his command and get a pay cut. But now for his rewards! And there are a whole damn lot of them! From obtaining honorary ranks from chieftains to commendations to riches to even ownership of Yao, he is also promoted as the Special Region resources and can go anywhere and even bring his harem along to look for anything. What has he got to say for all this? He just wants his break… Itami and his harem make their way to the academic magic city of Rondel since Lelei has a presentation to do so she can be promoted to the rank of master. This town is as odd as any other town. People think they are followers of Rory but thanks to this they get preferential treatment at their inn. Except for Itami whom they think is a manservant so he gets to stay in the dusty storeroom. The gang make their way to the R&D department of the city. The very hip and lively old lady grandmaster, Mimoza La Mer welcomes them with open arms. Only is she managed to pronounce Lelei’s name right. It’s Lelei not Lily! She is impressed she is trying to become a master at such a young age and even making it more commendable is Kato’s recommendations. Happy Mimoza makes a mess by tripping over the books. This earns the wrath of her assistant, Arpeggio. She is Lelei’s older sister. You can tell how much jealous her sister is when she sarcastically hints about a certain someone trying to become a master while her sister is struggling in her doctorate. A certain someone dabbling in romance while her sister can’t land a man. A certain someone hanging out with rich people but her sister has no money at all. Yeah, jealous sister alright. Got a problem? Deal with it!

The peace talks at the capital begin. Sherry continues to bug Sugawara about being her future wife. No doubt being a lolicon is frowned upon in Japan, it is legal here. However Sherry isn’t just an annoying loli because she observes that no one is talking to the Japanese diplomats as the people are too afraid to approach them. She hopes he can use her as lack on conversation skills won’t be good for peace talks. Zolzal is mad that peace talks have reached this stage. He didn’t want this to happen and despite being the crown prince, he feels powerless. Tyuule can only note he doesn’t realize he is being controlled. The ceremony begins. Zolzal breaks protocol to meet some of his subjects who survived that humiliating beat down. He remembers he held back during the beat down so he could feign incompetence and avoid a purge but it backfired. The head of the dragon was found at the castle gates and nobody knew who put it there. Molto wants to know who defeated the dragon so Shandy Gaff names Itami and his harem. He isn’t too impressed hearing the name but as Shandy describes each of the members, Molto takes an interest for Lelei because she can be considered as an Imperial citizen. Furthermore, a student of Kato. He orders Pina to find her and invite her to this palace as he wants to reward her. Zolzal is furious that someone else is getting higher glory just for slaying the dragon. When everyone drinks to a toast, suddenly Molto collapses, shocking everyone. Tyuule and Bouro had slipped poison in his drink. Zolzal didn’t have a part in this but you can see his face he is sure damn happy about the turn of events.

Episode 19
Zolzal takes over the throne as he rallies his people and army to make their kingdom great again. In short, they’re going to war with Japan. Pina talks to him about imprisoning pro-peace senators without proof that they were bribed to support Japan. Well… They’ll eventually find it. His friends are made generals as they plot their less than ethical way to wage war with Japan. This includes gathering goblins to attack villages around Arnus. They will also dress some of their men up as bandits and criminals. This means Japan will take the fall and have the people lose faith in them. Pina then tries to convince Diabo to help her stop Zolzal’s tyranny but his plan is to bring in other countries to stop Zolzal. Not a wise move from Pina’s perspective because this could mean their kingdom and people will be stolen. Unfortunately Diabo will do the way he deems fit. Meanwhile Mimoza talks to Lelei and co. Mimoza knows Rory 50 years ago and once travelled with her. Rory tries to tease her for becoming an old woman but Mimoza the ever happy old lady takes that in perfect stride. No fun… When Lelei talks about cheap books, this sends Arpeggio into break down mode because it seems her part time job is writing book copies (no Photostat machines in this world) and her pay is dictated by its price. Well, studying mineral magic isn’t cheap… Rory reminds Mimoza about the ‘homework’ she gave her before they parted: Why are there so many races in this world. Her life research shows that the Gods created some Primal Forest where elves came from and then its different clans scattered throughout time. As every elven legend points Arnus as their home, the reason why there are many reasons is because of the Gate. From time to time, a portal from another world opens and it brings other worldly creatures here. They fight with the locals but over time they mix and consummate with each other. Thus it is no doubt that humans here have also originated the same way although they are the newest to arrive. Rory praises her work. Although Rory might not know everything entirely, demigods like her only obey the will of Gods by guiding those who are promising and eliminating those who approach the forbidden. That is how world order is maintained.

Back to Arpeggio is might be going crazy upon seeing a laptop. You know how this could replace books, right? She reaches breaking point upon realizing Lelei has surpassed her in everything and that she should just give up and be a housewife. She asks if Itami is single! Then all the girls gladly give out what they know about him and she is taking down notes! However Lelei notes Itami is no longer single because he has done Ceremony of Three Nights with her. Basically it is as good as married in this world when you sleep in 3 different places together. Didn’t know that, did he? Furthermore, Tuka can be considered during her moments of lunacy. This makes Rory mad because she is left out! Now Arpeggio has lost it. She snaps. Lelei is ahead in everything she does. What else to do? SHE DUMPS SOUP ON HER HEAD!!! OMFG!!! Time for a b*tch fight! Rory officiates this ‘match’ and anything goes as long as you don’t kill or scar the face. So destroying the city is okay? The match is equally fought and when it seemed like a draw, an assassin walks up to Lelei and fires his crossbow! Luckily Grey Co Aldo took him out. They explain about the orders to bring Lelei home because she is a human hero of the Imperial that slew the dragon (I wonder if Arpeggio can keep her cool upon hearing another awesome milestone). Although Lelei protests and doesn’t consider herself an Imperial citizen, that is not what the people thinks. Furthermore, this assassination could mean somebody is jealous of Lelei and wants her taken out. Grey adds another skilled assassin, Pied Piper is also hired to assassinate Lelei. He hopes to work with Itami to protect her and defeat the enemy. However Itami has a different plan: Run! Meanwhile Tyuule passes to Luflus a law created by Zolzal that would make him convict anyone he wants. She hopes the senate will pass this and set it in motion.

Episode 20
Kanou learns this oppressive law, Oprichnina. However he will not let Japan take in refugees and wants those in the Special Region to stay low. As many are being arrested, Casel as the leader of the pro-peace faction is seeking refuge in Sherry’s home. But it isn’t long before those Cleaners come looking here. Sherry’s parents have her guide Casel to safety as they sacrifice themselves and burn down the mansion. She is in shock over her parents’ death but Casel slaps her to her sense so as not to let their sacrifice be in vain. As they have no food, Sherry has to trade some of her pearls Sugawara gave her to get some. Luckily she also has gained some valuable information about the changing of the guard. She suggests to Casel to seek asylum at Jade Palace, the only foreign territory here under Japan that is guarded by the treaty and the empire cannot touch them. They make their way as the Cleaners are making a ruckus from their door to door search. Bozes and Beefeater E Caty have them wait as they go request for the ambassadors to have an audience with them. No luck. Rejected. Sherry wants her to try again and seek Sugawara’s help since that guy is going to be her future husband. Being the good diplomat he is, he has to turn down that offer because if he accepts one, he might as well have to accept all. Besides, Japan’s orders are already clear. Even more heart breaking is how Sherry is screaming his name to hear his voice. Being the professional, he ignores her. The Cleaners are here and Casel knows his time is up and surrenders. Sherry is dragged away but she continues to scream Sugawara’s name. I guess it got to him because here he is telling those uncouth barbarians not to touch his future wife. The Rose Knights help Sherry cross over to Japan’s territory. Sugawara and Sherry emotionally embrace. She apologizes for selling his necklace but he promises to get her another one with his own money and not taxpayer’s money. So that’s how… Of course Sugawara’s act just opened a can of worms. The Rose Knights fight off the Cleaners.

Episode 21
The Cleaners are amateur soldiers so it is no wonder they take heavy casualty. Some ministers talk to the PM about this crisis and to get their people out to safety but the PM insists no action to be taken because of the media and foreign ambassadors who are touring Arnus currently. He doesn’t want such information leak would let the media have a field day. So looks like everyone will have to hang in there for a week… After the Cleaners retreat, Sugawara is left wondering the consequences of his decision. By saving Sherry, he put his nation in danger. But Casel has who now become a refugee in Japan, mentions about the sin he will bear either way. The most he could do is choose the sin he feels most satisfied with. As part of the Imperial’s law, he is now Sherry’s guardian. That is, he is now her father-in-law. Noriko is now a neutral coordinator for the media and talking to Kazunari Komurazaki who intends to expose the SDF’s incompetency and wasting taxpayer’s money. He is sure SDF only wants them to visit areas they approve and the locals are putting up a show to see how good their relationship is. Noriko wonders about this negative reporting and if there is no objective journalism, who are readers supposed to trust? It is not the media’s responsibility! I guess in a way he is right. You are responsible for what you read and believe. Itami and co are back in Rondel after a little runaway detour. That night they anticipate assassins will come into their room. True enough, they did. Itami unleashes a flash bomb that temporarily blinds them and Rory knocking them out. They recognize those assassins as the inn’s staffs. Talking with the inn’s manager, Hamel, they reveal somebody paid them and convinced them they were criminals. They are very sorry for what they done and Hamel too hopes they won’t punish them. Thanks to Lelei and Rory’s mercy, they live.

Grey talks about Pied Piper whose real identity is unknown and he operates from behind the shadows manipulating others to do his dirty job. Unless he is defeated, he will send more assassins. Lelei suggests they remain staying at the same inn as those who are tricked will be more wary. Also, it helps narrow down their opponent’s identities and she is confident Pipe Piper will contact them again and will use the inn staffs as bait to ambush Pied Piper. Next morning, there is a commotion outside the inn. With the bridge repaired, a messenger arrived and spread that heroic dragon killing act, which of course has been blown out of proportion. So the people want to glimpse them especially Lelei who has been made a hero. Itami feels something amiss. If Grey knew about their situation and came here from the capital, but how come this just became public knowledge? As there are many bridges from the capital to here, Itami suspects someone knocked them out and that something happened in the capital after Grey left and they didn’t want them to know. A thousand Imperial guards now appear outside the Jade Palace. Pina is summoned by Zolzal to request her knights to stand down so he could capture the escaped people there. As promised he won’t hurt the ambassadors and leave them until the political situation stabilizes. She refuses to hand over Casel and tells him to do what he wants since this country now belongs to him. In that case, he won’t let her leave this place. The PM chides his ministers about Sugawara’s actions in accepting those refugees. If the media finds out about this, they will be criticized in every way and lose the next elections. But these good men would rather lose the election than not do the right thing and regret it. The PM relents and gives him permission but they will solely bear this responsibility. Time for the SDF to get moving.

Episode 22
Shandy is tasked to keep tabs on the inn staffs as they do not recognize her face. She spots them meeting up with this hot chick, Norra who tells them to let Lelei know there will be an assassin on her presentation day and to wear an armour. Norra will pretend to be the Pied Piper and pretend to kill Lelei. The real Pied Piper will come to check the body and that is when they will nab him. After Norra leaves, Shandy goes to tail her. Man, it took her 4 days to return to the rest! She lets them know everything as well as seeing the real Pied Piper in person. Itami’s plan is to let the enemy think their plan is proceeding well. On the day of the presentation, everyone is on a lookout for anybody suspicious. A frail old man takes out his knife but is easily apprehended. He accuses Lelei of stealing somebody’s life research for he cannot believe a girl as young as her is trying to be a master. When it is Lelei’s turn to present, Norra comes out of her hiding to attack. Suddenly all the magic blasts Norra away. As word of Lelei’s assassin spread around, it seems everyone in the hall has anticipated for this day. Itami and co believe Lelei is in safe hands as they leave the stage. Suddenly Shandy stabs her in the chest! Thankfully Lelei was wearing armour beneath. But I wonder why didn’t everybody blast her with their magic? They didn’t think there would be a second attempt?

The battle between the Rose Knights and the Imperial guards are taking its toll. Tyuule is not amused that Luflus is taking this long and warns him to do whatever it takes to win because Zolzal is awaiting news of their victory. Pina is now treated as a slave and locked in a cell where Tyuule was once imprisoned. Tyuule herself even personally welcomed her to her old room and tells her a message from Zolzal: You lose. Shandy is apprehended and Lelei manages to finish her presentation but her masters title will have to wait until this commotion is settled. I don’t understand this part because it seems Shandy doesn’t remember hearing the inn staffs talking to Norra about letting Lelei wear an armour. Unless she didn’t hear them or she didn’t believe they would tell her. Shandy explains her doing. As Zolzal is after Pina’s life, she wants to prove her loyalty to Pina by bringing Lelei’s head. If Pina is held captive in the palace and risking her life, wouldn’t it be easier to just raid the castle? Unless you want to fight the thousands of soldiers protecting it. Therefore Grey says the fastest way is to cut everything off from the source and kill Zolzal. Otherwise the assassinations will just keep coming. The messenger has just arrived to update everyone about the bad news on Pina. Hazama has now received the official word. He immediately mobilizes the SDF.

Episode 23
It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! To see how cool SDF kick ass and kill all their enemies! The action that we have been deprived of this season is now here! Oh yeah! Watch how the SDF easily take out the primitive enemies with their firepower and stealth, leaving no stones unturned. Everybody dies! Also see how cool their jets bomb the place and helicopters drop down parachuting troops into the capital. You enemies are no match! You’re in sh*t hell now Zolzal! Tyuule reminds him he mustn’t run and stay here even if the enemy comes here because he is supposed to give orders. The SDF continue their mission to free the nobles and ambassadors and send them to Italica. They made it to Jade Palace to slaughter all the troops there. To show that they aren’t all perfect, just one freaking guy just got an arrow in his arm. That’s it?! Luflus is slain when he attempts to escape. With the enemy slain, they secure Sugawara and the rest. Bozes and Beefeater hope the SDF can take their Rose Knights with them to Italica too. Then they ride off to rescue Pina. Unfortunately the castle defence is heavy so they have to make a run for it. Fortunately for them, a unit of SDF has been waiting for them. They shoot the chasing cavalry pack and everyone got onboard safely just in the nick of time! Super wow! Only Bozes is crying hysterically because she couldn’t save her beloved Pina. Yeah, no fun reading yaoi doujin without her partner, right? Oops… Zolzal is at a loss over the heavy defeat and asks Tyuule for advice. She suggests telling the people he is leading his army to defeat the Japanese even if it doesn’t seem so. But she knows they will come back here because the biggest key to peace is still locked up in the capital. Pina is screaming at the top of her voice to be freed but nobody is there… Itami is driving recklessly and fast back to the capital. His girls wonder what gives for this bumpy ride. He is worried about his men and can’t let them die.

Episode 24
We are reminded of Itami’s priorities of working to support his hobby. Remember who this guy really is. Itami is reunited with his team as they plan out a rescue mission for Pina and Molto (yup, this guy is still very much alive but in ICU). Although Itami will go through the front gates with Rory and Lelei, he has to act as their servant. Pulling the humvee hidden beneath all that wood to make it look like an oversized cart? Good luck. Pina is bought before Zolzal and she isn’t giving him any answers he wants to hear. However is not cowed because he knows the SDF will return to save her and he will be ready for them when they arrive. You think so? See how scared he looks when Rory bursts in. The guards are hesitant to act because all those outside have been put under a sleeping spell and those inside the chamber want to slug it out with Rory, be my guest. Zolzal becomes desperate as he calls his ogre to attack them. Man, how did this huge creature enter the hallway? Anyway, Rory and Lelei fight it but it is Lelei who steals the limelight and finishes it off with her powerful magic. Zolzal wants to fight Itami man to man but Itami fires a warning shot to stay where he is. After all, they are always watching him and can go to him anytime they want. He is just here to rescue Pina and Molto as well as remind Zolzal to stop sending assassins after Lelei. With the rescue mission done, Itami and co drive their way out as they pick up their comrades, smashing through the Imperial guards. Seriously, bullets versus spears? Humvee versus horses? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who will win. I just have to commend the Imperial guards for their bravery and loyalty.

The bumpy ride even wakes up Molto from his slumber! He even finishes their sentence about making Zolzal a traitor once Pina reunites with the pro-peace senators in Italica. Molto knows Zolzal will not listen to him anymore and thus a civil war is inevitable. He has decided to side with Japan and will make Pina the crown princess and establish a real government. Whether she wants to fight her brother is up to her. It is her path to decide. Zolzal and his subjects as well as the pro-war senators are leaving the capital to the northeast even if it means the government here would fall. Zolzal promises revenge but how can he say that when he spots such a scared looking face and cowering each time he hears a gunshot? Tyuule is also in a dilemma. She spent her life as a prisoner and trying to bring down the empire to avenge her fallen people. Now it is achieved, she cannot understand why she is still crying. I suppose those aren’t tears of joy? Ten days later at Italica, Pina is officially appointed as the crown princess. In this lavish ceremony, we notice a lot of hook-ups . Other than Sugawara-Sherry, there are also Tomita-Bozes (she’s pregnant too?!), Beefeater takes a liking for Shunya Kengun after that last minute rescue, and finally Delilah taking responsibility caring for Yanagida. Shocking romances, right? Especially Shandy who laments nobody chose her. That’s what you get for being conned by the Pied Piper, right? But the most important person of all, Itami is not here. Because he is back in Japan getting his ‘revenge’ attending his doujin convention he missed so much! Oh yeah! This is it! Screw coronation ceremonies! This is his reason for living! His spree is abruptly halted because Tuka, Lelei and Rory won’t let him have all the fun as they have got permission from Hazama to come here so he must take care of them. He tells them to go back but his nightmare has only just begun. Everyone recognizes the girls and they surround them like celebrities! A policeman offers to give them special escort and as they sit in his police car, Risa passes by and is in shocked what her ex-husband did this time!!! And all he wanted to do is to buy his doujin… This war will continue…

Nobody Messes With Japan! And I Mean Nobody!
The ending felt insufficient… Not because it was a bad one because I want more! It is not enough to end it like that! Don’t leave me hanging, come on! It is a worrying trend these days that anime series usually getting sequels will most likely ending having that sequel faring worse and fall below expectations. Thankfully I can say that Gate does not fall into that category because the second season is still as exciting and impressive as the first. Although there are a few things that prevent me from saying that the second season is much better than the first and even if it was, it is just perhaps a little bit more. Even with the serious stuffs picking up this season feel like glorifying Japan’s military propaganda. Yeah, so good I don’t mind being brainwashed by it.

Now, one reason why I said it isn’t way much better (please note, I still mean this season is pretty damn good) is because there are too many characters and this itself can be both a double edged sword in a short series although this series is 24 episodes if you take into account both seasons. But that is still by far an underachievement where it is concerned. Take for instance Itami’s own troops. Last season some of them I believe had very minimal dialogue and roles like as though they are there to make up for the numbers. This season feels even worse with only Kuribayashi and Kurokawa getting the most albeit very limited screen time. And that is just relegated to the first half of the series. What happened to the other guys? Like Itami’s fellow otaku Kurata? Because with Itami away from his team most of the time this season, it is like they need not showcase his little platoon as there are many other army personnel to feature and go about. Not that it makes any difference anyway. Then it is like because it is the final episode, they decided to make it one last hurrah for them to remind us they are still around and not to be forgotten like Itami’s otaku hobby and thus reuniting his team for one big operation. I don’t know if this is fair or not. As long as it ends well.

Some characters who were featured in the first season were sorely missed in this season. Remember Itami’s ex-otaku wife, Risa? Yeah… My hopes of seeing her make her return this season is dashed. Even making her cameo in the final episode didn’t make up for it. After all, this season mainly concentrates on the events in the other world instead of in Japan. Therefore no sneaky moves from foreign world leaders, hit squads and CIA agents this time (sorry folks, Komakado not appearing this season). Same case for Bozes’ partner, Panache. I didn’t know what happened to her till that final episode cameo. Then there are some characters who didn’t even appear this season despite appearing in the first. Such as Lelei’s old wizard master, Kato. Remember this guy? I suppose nobody likes to remember an old fart so that is why he has been dropped. Not that he would play a pivotal part in any of the plots anyway. Remember that merchant, Lyudo too? No? Guess not. Not that it mattered anyway. Maybe the series was just trolling with some of the characters to appear in the first season, making you think they are important but they aren’t actually. What about Diabo? How long does this guy take to get help from other countries? Or did he just run away and never to be seen again.

Remember Kuribayashi’s reporter sister, Nanami? Only appearing for one freaking short scene when the media visited Arnus. That’s it?! What the heck was that scene for anyway? It wouldn’t have been necessary to the plot (at least for this season concerned) and my view is that it is just to show what happened to Noriko. Some new characters debuting this season showed potential but their very short and sometimes single episode appearance only leaves more to be desired. Especially Giselle whom I thought would become the antagonist or at least sub-boss and thus opening up another development that is related to Rory. How unfortunate that did not happen. At least not as unfortunate as Yao’s other dark elves, all who died during the dragon slaying stint. Because it felt a bit funny when Yao introduced them all like as though they might be staying with us for a little longer but they only served their purpose to be sacrifices. I wonder what happened to Norra too. Just another unimportant character tossed away after her failed assassination…

Then there is the plot too. Rest assured that the plots and developments are intriguing as they are amazing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to anticipate what happens next because a lot of things happened in this season. Some would turn out serious and affect the tone for the rest of the series like Zolzal becoming the next emperor and some turned out to be duds and just trolls. Like that seemingly earthquake that occurred right in the initial episodes. Mainly they substituted many of the comedy parts for the serious drama this season. Either way, they are all interesting nevertheless. The plot moves quickly from one to another and this branches out into a handful of developments, splitting this season into one that focuses on Itami’s group and the other on the rest. That is why it feels that Itami and his little platoon didn’t have much screen time this season as Itami is mostly away with his harem from slaying the fire dragon to escorting Lelei to obtain her masters. And while he is away, Zolzal makes his moves to further throw the world into chaos with his brand of war to Japan. I hope after this season that he and the future emperors would learn never ever to f*ck with Japan! All hail Japan!

Talking about Itami and his harem as the main characters, like I have said in my previous paragraph that because of the plot developments and many other characters, their role and appearance seem to have dwindled albeit you will still feel that they are the main characters. One thing good I can see about this that it shows that the SDF doesn’t need to overly rely on this guy to get things done. Itami may have did some ‘miracles’ in the first season but it goes to show that the SDF too can perform as good without the need for being him in every damn mission. With Itami getting a bit serious here, we hear less of his otaku penchant. My last season’s blog I remembered that I was hoping to see more development for Itami’s harem as well. Unfortunately with what I said about too many other plots and characters, this seems to dilute this too. Tuka is basically a damsel in (mental) distress for the first half of the season until she overcomes it but after that it feels like she is just tagging along. A food for thought: Is it okay to get revenge as cure for psychological trauma? Yeah, we’re only human. Apparently it works for elves too.

It feels the same for Lelei too because doing her masters isn’t exactly exciting but making her the target of an assassination plot seemed to drum it up although it isn’t that necessary. Finally the most disappointing would be Rory because she is cheeky, sarcastic (she did ask Itami how it feels to have a ‘daughter’ way older than him) and bubbly and other than her short stint with Giselle, there was nothing devilishly interesting in her role. You don’t see her go on a crazy killing spree in the name of Emloy and thus she is by far quite tame this season. She didn’t even do bold flirty stuffs with Itami here (biting his arm doesn’t count) like the last time (remember that seductive hotspring inn night?) and dare she blame him for not doing anything to her? I thought she is the one who is supposed to take the initiative? And with Yao confirming to be the latest in Itami’s harem, she didn’t do anything important either. She is with him because she is now his property after the dragon slaying mission.

With the drama drumming up, there is no time for Pina to appreciate and enjoy her yaoi doujin… After all, it is all hard work trying to prevent her kingdom and world falling into chaos and it gets even tougher when she gets imprisoned. If yaoi was something subtle last season, then perhaps the issue of child marriage would be that subtle issue this season. Sugawara’s unexpected engagement to Sherry might seem a bit odd for now. It is not like they are getting married instantly. But you have to remember that Sherry is willing to wait till she grows up till the legal age before they get married. By that time she would have grown up into a stunning beautiful woman instead of looking like a loli. Then it would be no different story because even in the real world, there are many marriages with such wide age gaps between men and women.

Some new characters this season were fast becoming my favourites like Arpeggio and Mimoza. In need for a comical character this season (because Pina was one in the last season especially the way stressed out herself), Arpeggio quickly became a likable idiot in my books simply because of her jealousy towards her little sister who seems to be better in everything than her. That soup dumping incident was the funniest by all. She might not take sisterly fights and rivalry to a new height but you can sympathise with her whenever she goes into that breakdown and stress mode. Or not. Somewhat reminds you a bit like Pina, eh? And Mimoza is truly likable because of her bubbly personality. You can never insult or bring this woman down because she takes everything as a compliment. It is odd for me to say this but I find her penchant for saying “Oh my, oh my, oh my…” to be highly addictive. I thought Shandy would become another joker character especially after that flash bomb incident with the assassins. She was really funny, her reaction being temporarily blinded. I’m not sure why or how she became a traitor even if it is the effects of Pied Piper whom we will never know of his identity, it is just mind boggling that she would easily do the unthinkable. Or a crazy theory of mine, she could be Pied Piper herself! Then again, since she is back to her normal ditzy self, guess not. Or is it?

Zolzal might look like the antagonist of the series but everyone knows Tyuule is the puppet master behind it all. This guy became a puppet anyway and if it is not by his father, it would be his furry slave. All under his nose. Just like Zolzal, I feel Tyuule is also lost because unlike others like Pina who have support and backup, Tyuule has always been very much alone. Had she met the right people earlier, would things have turned out much differently? With the way this season ended, you won’t hear the last of him (or any other characters in that matter) because muscle brain guys like him are very hard to put down or change over a new leaf. Even after being scared by the might of the SDF, he still won’t learn his lesson. And with the SDF do not practise killing the big fish (small fries who are unimportant to the series are acceptable), Zolzal will come back again with a vengeance unless somebody really puts a stop in his tracks. Uh huh. Let’s leave it to Itami and co again, huh?

The action parts do not disappoint and it is as good as before. Though, this season they leave it a little late to showcase the SDF’s firepower. I have to admit that there is a little guilty pleasure inside me (and most of us) in seeing the SDF gun down the ‘enemy’ and emerging unscathed. Yes, they make no mistakes and their missions always work out as planned. To perfection. Even if there are injuries, it is so minor that we will overlook it and still consider their victory to perfect. Flawless victory. Oh yeah. True heroes of the world! It is in a way sad to see them being glorified like this because at the same time if you think too much about it, they look like big bullies taking out on enemies with lesser and backwater technology. Heck, I don’t think they even have technology! That is why in a certain light, the media in this series are the other ‘antagonists’ as they are trying to find ways to bring down the SDF. Of course don’t worry. The SDF can’t be guilty of war crimes and slavery, right? (Read: Sarcasm). Other than SDF kicking ass, the dragon slaying mission was also exciting in its own right. Because they added explosions. Yeah, we all love explosions and things going boom. The most boring one goes to Rose Knights and Imperial guards clashing. See how allies clash in a primitive hand to hand combat… Even Lelei and Arpeggio’s magic fight that didn’t amount to anything much seemed better. Just saying…

The same seiyuus from the first season are retained and with more characters this season, the list of seiyuus expands. Joining the casts this season are Ami Koshimizu as Tyuule (Ryuuko in Kill La Kill), Katsuyuki Konishi as Zolzal (Oga in Beelzebub), Rina Hidaka as Sherry (Silica in Sword Art Online), Rumi Ookubo as Shandy (Hibachi in Mushibugyou), Mutsumi Tamura as Beefeater (Sonya in Kill me Baby), Fumi Hirano as Mimoza (Squall in Infinite Stratos 2), Ayahi Takagaki as Arpeggio (Chris in Senki Zesshou Symphogear series), Yuichiro Yumehara as Diabo (Mitsuhide in Akagami No Shirayuki-hime), Hibiku Yamamura as Noriko (Asuramaru in Owari No Seraph), Ayane Sakura as Giselle (Nao in Charlotte), Rina Satou as Norra (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Makoto Furukawa as Luflus (Banri in Golden Time), Yuka Saitou as Misery (Tamamo in Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai) and Tsuyoshi Kouyama as Bouro (Leon in Trinity Blood).

The same group of people that sang the opening and ending themes for the first season continue to reprise their roles in their respective themes. Thus don’t be surprised to hear Kishida Kyoudan and The Akeboshi Rockets singing the very rock based Gate II ~Sekai Wo Koete~. This song somewhat reminds me of Highschool Of The Dead’s opening theme since it is also sung by the same group. The voices behind Tuka, Lelei and Rory again sing the ending theme, Itsudatte Communication, a generic anime pop ballad. The ending credits animation shows Itami’s harem having fun in a military training stint. Rather odd because I believe army training regiments are quite strict and disciplined. So it feels like they are like in some kid’s summer boot camp. Really.

Overall, this marks the end of a great season and it leaves me wanting for more. Since the novel which it is adapted from is still ongoing, there is still hope that there might be more episodes and seasons in the future. If you can get past all that military propaganda, this series is a good and entertaining watch. If there is one thing we learn from this series, even if it is all just waxing lyrical about the SDF being nice and ethical blokes dedicated to protecting their country and loved ones, you still wouldn’t want to mess with them. They will kick your ass so hard it will send you flying back in time to a primitive era and turn your civilization into a caveman. You have a choice of making them your friends or your enemies and risk being taken out. Don’t you even dare thinking of f*cking them. You have been warned. All hail the SDF! All hail Japan! All hail mighty Japan for their continuous unrelenting efforts in protecting world peace. And anime and manga too!

When an alien civilization starts invading our world and committing acts of terrorism by slaughtering many innocent lives, what would the government do? Send in an army for retaliation! Okay, this was what I had in mind when I watched Gate: Jietai Kanochi Nite, Kaku Tatakeri. I heard that this was a military themed anime and such themes are ranked high above similarly with my ‘unfavourite’ genres like mecha and yaoi. Naturally I was going to pass this. Till that idea of venturing into another fantasy world tempted me. Ah, that is one of the genres that I totally love. So I’m caught in a dilemma. I guess the poster with a handful of cute girls from the other side of the world in seemingly cosplay-like outfits tipped the scale balance in favour of watching it. Sighs… I suppose I never learn. Ah yes. Once again, Japan is the hot place where invasions and disasters love to take place. You can’t have it anywhere else in the world because Japanese people are creative enough to come up with solutions to save the day. Why do this kind of sh*t things only happen in Japan? So from special people with special powers to normal people turned special people with their latent super powers, I guess it is the army’s turn to have a dig at this glory, huh?

Episode 1
Youji Itami is an otaku. He works because of his hobby and if he has to choose between his job and that, it will definitely be his hobby. So he is on his way to a special doujin sale when a strange structure appears right smack in town. Suddenly knights and monsters stream out and start killing the public. Itami sees this and feels the need to stop it or else his sale will be cancelled! A one man otaku stop this? Okay, so Itami isn’t just an ordinary guy seeing the way he skilfully killed an enemy. He takes control and command of the situation, having the citizens take shelter in the Imperial Palace and then calling the SDF and police to wipe out the menace. When it is over, her realizes the sale is over. Too bad. In the aftermath, Itami has been praised and commended. It seems he is from the SDF and was off duty at that time. He is also promoted to first lieutenant. But the most heartbreaking part is that his doujin event is cancelled for good! Subsequently with the recent event, the Prime Minister announces that there may be more of such Gates opening across Japan and they need to take action. The world that lies beyond will be considered as a special region of Japan. They will send the SDF to investigate and secure the ringleader of this terrorist incident. Itami is worried if he is going to get any off days. Sorry, but aren’t all leaves frozen in such times? Three months later and after the bill is passed, the SDF is ready to venture beyond the Gate. As they do not know what lies beneath, they must be prepared for combat at all times. The units move in and reach the other side of another world. It looks as though the enemy has been waiting for them as the SDF gets into position ready for combat.

Episode 2
At the Imperial Capital, Senate Marquess Casel address the king, Emperor Molto Sol Augustus about their embarrassing defeat to the outsiders. But his majesty will not blame anyone seeing that there will be losses in wars and only with wars will there be progress and advancement. Of course the important thing now is to take back Arnus Hill that the enemies have occupied and even set up base. Molto suggests sending men from his neighbouring countries for an allied assault. With different warlords arriving with high spirits, they even argue whose side is to fight in the frontlines. When the first group makes their start, they realize the Imperial soldiers are nowhere to be seen. Could this be a setup? Before they can think further, the SDF drops all the shells and ammunition on them. First offensive of the attack claimed 10,000 lives! The second offensive registered 40,000!!! Eventually around 120,000 enemies perished at the might of SDF! But this is no cause for alarm for Molto for his ulterior plan is so that his neighbours cannot threaten his empire anymore. He orders for all the villages to be burnt down, their waters poison and their food and livestock taken. Molto’s daughter, Pina Co Lada (wait a minute – is his supposed to be a pun?) is not amuse of the defeat so Molto suggests she take her order and scout the enemy’s position. Back on Earth, there are politics going on too. The Americans want to send in their army to secure its resources but Mr President is cautioned to let Japan take the risks. After all, everyone expects them to fail (multitudes of protests against SDF’s invasion) and America must not be seen as conspiring. To Itami’s dismay he is now made to lead a recon unit to make contact with the townspeople and determine their nature. He could have been at some anime event today if not for this. With his ragtag bunch, they make contact with the nearest Coda Village to get some information. As they drive forward, they see the entire forest in flames. At least they are certain it isn’t fire season because a lone dragon is causing it. They are suspicious about the dragon’s nature to burn down the forest without reason and remember the villagers telling them there was another village at this point. At daybreak when they investigate the charred village, there are no survivors and all buildings are burnt to the ground. As they try to raise some water from the well, they see an elf lady unconscious below.

Episode 3
After pulling her out, they return to Coda Village and explain what happened. They cannot put elf girl in their care because the village also needs to flee. Once a dragon starts burning down villages, it will continue to do so. With the SDF’s help, everybody gets busy packing their stuffs including the village’s old wizard, Kato El Altestan and his apprentice, Lelei La Lalena. Even in such world there are ‘traffic jams’. One of the villagers’ carriage broke down and is blocking the way. Lelei goes ahead to check things and sees a little girl wounded. When a horse goes berserk, an SDF soldier shoots it down. Lelei believes she was saved. Meanwhile a group of bandits that survived the SDF’s onslaught thinks of taking over some village and become mini rulers. However they are mercilessly cut down by this goth loli chick, Rory Mercury who is one of the 12 Apostles and the apostle to the Dark God Emloy. Does she need to overkill? The SDF continues to escort the villagers. Another carriage breakdown so Itami wants this family to take whatever they can and the rest of it is left to burn. His reasoning is because they have already passed the front line and if they go back and get a backup vehicle, the enemy might attack and more unwanted casualties and cost for the military. Rory now stands before them. The villagers are happy to see her and explain the SDF aren’t bad guys. She takes interests in their different uniform and humvee. She tests it out by sitting on Itami’s lap and teasing him, incurring the envy wrath of his fellow otaku maniac, Takeo Kurata. So unfair! As the journey continues, a mean red fire breathing dragon attacks. The SDF goes into offensive and probably for the first time their bullets can’t penetrate its skin. Elf girl suddenly wakes up to hint to them at its eye. They start firing there and the dragon becomes distracted and immobilized. With Rory’s flashy move and the RPG inflicting enough pain, the dragon flees. However there were many villager casualties and after laying them to rest, the village chief laments that they cannot take in kids who lost their parents as they cannot afford it. The villagers part ways with the SDF, thanking them for their help. So now the SDF is left with orphan kids, old folks, Lelei, Rory and elf girl.

Episode 4
A few days earlier, elf girl Tuka Luna Marceau was abruptly awakened by her father because a dragon was attacking their village. To hide her, he dumps her into the well. It was the last time she saw her father getting roasted. Rumours of SDF driving off the dragon spread. Many don’t believe it but Pina and her team are interested to get more information out of this. When Itami returns with the refugees to Arnus (now looking like a shuriken shaped Pentagon?), his superior isn’t so pleased about it but the high commander, Kouichirou Hazama allows it on reasons of humanitarian grounds instead of being seen as kidnapping them. And so it becomes Itami’s responsibility to look after them. Yeah… Somebody has got to look after them. Itami is confronted with officer Akira Yanagida who knew he deliberately turned off his communication after the dragon’s fight because they always had connection on. Because SDF would definitely turn away the refugees, the reason he did so as he can’t abandon them. Yanagida then tells him about the situation they are in now. The Japanese government doesn’t know how to deal with this new region or its special resources and there are lots of people against this. The question is, is turning this region worth half the world against them. Because Itami has established relations with some of the villagers, he is deemed the person closest to the most crucial information. Lodging, clothing and food are made for the refugees. Meanwhile back to more politics from our world. China’s president really covets the special minerals and will maintain friendly relations with Japan so they can send their forces too. Japan’s president is hounded with questions that there were reports of civilian casualties so he has to explain they were of natural disasters and not the SDF killing them. Pina sees Duran, one of the warlords who survived the offensive (but his limbs are blown off). He realizes the Imperial’s ploy to get rid of them and that they are the true enemy. Pina begs for any information about the enemy but he tells her to go to Arnus to find out herself. So she gives her team to head to Arnus to investigate but they have to pass through Italica first. When Itami hears Tuka is having some sort of problem (always requesting 2 sets of things, the other set is male and left untouched), he thinks it is her imaginary boyfriend! The ladies check out the dead dragons used by the allied nations during the offensive. Because the SDF doesn’t need the dragon scales that fetch a high price, they intend to pick them and sell in the next village. Itami is kind enough to play delivery boy since it will help them to understand this world’s trade system better. Tuka is troubled in going into an unknown land but Lelei comforts her if there is any trouble, these guys in green will save them. And off they go to Italica.

Episode 5
There seems to be a battle raging at Italica. Pina’s unit and the locals are engaging with rogue bandits although they barely drove them off. Pina is upset that she thought the enemy was those invaders in green and rushed here but ended up facing this. As she rests, she dreams of her younger days when she and the other nobles were trained to be knights. And when they were old enough and drafted as Molto’s Rose Knight Order, Pina couldn’t be more upset that they were treated as mere honour knights. So when will she get her first fight in battle? Well, this invasion seems to be the perfect start. Don’t tell me she is getting cold feet now. Pina is awakened when her team cannot confirm the SDF at the gates as enemy or ally. Slowly popping out of the vehicle are a mage, an elf and a Dark God! Wow. What terrifying combo. Pina is in a dilemma but she becomes rash in welcoming them and accidentally knocks the door open on Itami. Princess got scolded… Itami explains the history and fall of this town. From wars to in-fighting and with the recent case of the Imperial sending expeditionary force to the other world, many never came back. Therefore this town which was once a vibrant trading hub is now ruled by the youngest daughter, Myui. Oh, she is only 11 years old. Therefore Pina is taking command in her stead. Itami and his SDF are supposed to be the decoy of the south gate. They make it look defenceless so the enemy could attack here. Rory wonders why Itami agrees to help the enemy princess. He says it is to protect the villagers but more importantly, he wants to let Pina know that it is better to be friends with them rather than enemies. Rory starts laughing in delusion as she misinterprets his intention to terrorize her soul to the very core and will gladly help him. When night falls, the enemy ambushes the east gate instead. Other than having a spirit summoner on their side, the bandits seem to be happy to be killed. Once the bandits easily break through, they taunt and anger the villagers to fight them. Pina starts panicking that her plan is in shambles. Reality is so different from the plans, eh? What about the SDF? Hasn’t she called them for backup? She believes they won’t come because she sent them on a suicide mission at the south gate.

Episode 6
Previously Itami had called for backup so Hazama sent his air unit as time is of essence. More woes for Pina when one of her men is killed and the bandits making a big breakthrough. But why is Rory experiencing some kind of hentai orgasm at this point? Are we in the wrong show? Lelei explains that the souls of the death are being channelled to her by Emloy and this feed is like aphrodisiac. The only way is to let her fight. Don’t need to tell her that. Quickly she gets up and runs to the south gate. As she starts killing the bandits, laughing and relishing in all the blood, Shino Kuribayashi also enter the battlefield to take out some bandits with her bayonet and guns while Itami and the rest provide backup cover. The air units arrive and they blow away the bandits outside. No chance at all! Finally they are going to clean the entire area and want all friendlies to get out. I guess those enemies never really saw such big helicopters before. So they stood there in awe before the big wipe out. Everyone who saw this must be in awe of its awesome firepower. Including Pina who is just terrified at it all. She felt her side has lost and fears if the enemy demands their surrender, she might find herself begging for her life at their feet. Pina and SDF initiate negotiations. To Pina’s surprise, the SDF demands are minimal. It includes the rebuilding of Italica, the fair treatment of all prisoners and the abolishment of taxes. They are also leaving this place. Hardly believable that they barely gained anything out of this. Lelei and the girls complete their mission by selling the dragon scales to Lyudo the merchant. As there is shortage of coins, Lelei agrees for the balance to be compensated in the form of information. As the SDF make their way back to Arnus, they come into contact with the Rose Knight Order (Pina requested for their reinforcements albeit it will take them 3 days). Itami doesn’t want his men to show hostility and to refrain from violence but those beautiful babes start getting hostile once they learn they are the enemy from Arnus. With diplomacy failed, Itami orders his men to u-turn and retreat. This means he is left behind as their hostage.

Episode 7
Pina blows her top and chastises Bozes Co Palesti and Panache Fure Kalgi for Itami’s mistreatment. Oh God. See his badly beaten up face! This is clearly a violation in the treaty. Don’t worry. Itami has got 4 animal eared maids to take care of him! ITAMI YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!! SWITCH WITH ME!!!!! The SDF has been staking out Italica and when they can wait no more, they sneak in only to see Itami in good company. Worried for nothing? And Kuribayashi couldn’t believe Itami is a certified ranger. The toughest of the toughest. Think of it as Japan’s version of SEAL. Yeah, he sure doesn’t look the part. Pina told Bozes that she will have to pay with her body to appease him. So here she is, entering his room in her sexy gown and suddenly she sees the entire gang having fun talking to each other. Because she is ignored, she got so mad that she slapped Itami! WTF???!!! Clearly, you can see Pina stressing out on this!!! The looks on her face that just screams “Oh… My… F*cking… God…”. Pina is desperate to make up but the SDF have to leave because Itami has to report to the Diet. It is something similar to this world’s Senate. Pina fears that he could report what happened and use this to start a war. Holy sh*t! More stress! Therefore she is going back to Arnus to apologize to his superior. Upon arrival, she is flabbergasted to see the fire power of the army. From iron Pegasus (helicopters) to iron elephants (tanks), it’s that sh*t feeling if the SDF attacks the empire with this ‘magic’ force. Pina and Bozes are made to see Hazama and Yanagida. With Lelei as the interpreter, the more the guys ask for details, the more awkward and guilty the princesses feel. Especially the bruises on Itami’s face. Yeah, it’s like they’re on to them or something. Itami hopes Tuka can follow him to Japan as he wants her to be this world’s representative. Of course Lelei would also come as interpreter. Rory too wants to come as she doesn’t want to be left out of the fun. Next day before Itami and his harem leave for Japan, Yanagida surprises him that Pina and Bozes are coming along too. He has already got the approval so Itami now has to take care of them and show them their country.

Episode 8
Wow! Awesome buildings that reach the sky! Welcome to Japan, girls! Itami is greeted by Hideyo Komakado from intelligence who is here to escort him. Komakado has done his work on Itami’s background. A slacker who barely passed his training and all but that incident propelled him to where he is today. Although Komakado respects him, Kuribayashi literally cannot believe it all! She’s screaming about it! They stop by a clothes store to get Tuka proper clothes (can’t enter the Senate in jeans, right?) and then they get to taste the great Japanese food. Itami and his harem are before the Diet. The coverage is live. It seems a Diet member is calling the girls as witness and trying to fault the SDF for any poor handling of refugees and blame them for the deaths of the civilians during the dragon attack. She thinks Rory can be a good excuse thanks to her mourning-like clothes. To everyone’s surprise, she fires back about the stupid question she asks. Rory describes how the SDF fought bravely and from a distance. I mean, if they died needlessly, then who else would protect their sorry asses? She finds it funny that they are not praised for their efforts. Instead of looking at 1/4 of civilians died, it is an actual fact they saved 3/4 of them. Because the Diet woman is trying to be provocative about respecting elders, Rory is about to show her weapon. Itami quickly retires her and mentions she is the oldest member here. How old is she? 961 years old!!!! Tuka? 165! Lelei? Only 15. End of deliberation. Meanwhile, during the deliberation session, the princesses who are not supposed to be in Japan are instead taken to negotiate with the Prime Minister’s advisor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Something about a negotiation to release the 6,000 prisoners of their world in exchange for something. At the end of the day, the press of course hounds the bus they were on. But that was only a decoy as Itami and co are travelling via subway train. I guess going underground is very scary for them. Especially Rory who is clinging to Itami because this reminded her of some Hardy guy who wanted to force her into marriage 200 years ago by dragging her deep down into the earth. As Komakado meets up with them, he tells of the success of the decoy but it’s not over yet because they have also staged some accident to stop the train service. It’s a warning sign to say they can hit them anything. All that is left is for a direct attack. One seemingly tried to steal Rory’s scythe but he didn’t think it was heavy and it collapsed on him. Komakado tried to pick it up but he hurt his back. Itami brings the gang back to the home of a woman living an extreme otaku life. Who is she? His ex-wife. NO WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy just surprises you every time, eh?

Episode 9
Creepy dolls. Reminds Rory of Hardy. BL magazines! The princesses are hooked! Akira Tomita can’t understand why Itami had to return to his ex-wife Risa’s place seeing they can’t involve a civilian. Something about to check whether if Komakado is leaking information on them. Risa would really appreciate she has nothing to do with this since her deadline is tomorrow! Next day, Risa takes Itami’s harem for shopping while Tomita accompanies the princesses to the library because they want to ‘research’ more on ‘art’. Yeah… Rory who said she didn’t want any other clothes eventually succumb to the temptation of other cute goth loli outfits. Just like woman anywhere in the galaxy, they succumb to shopping spree and buying too much. Only the princesses are left disappointed as they didn’t get what they want. Wrong place, ladies. Itami gets his chance to visit Akihabara and also meet Defence Minister, Tarou Kanou. They’re like good friends. There is a special mission that Kanou has of him. Itami takes the gang to relax at the hotspring. Kanou has his special team discreetly guarding the gang. Just like any woman anywhere in the galaxy, bath times are times to talk about your secret crush and love, right? They learn about Risa’s relationship with Itami. They knew each other since school days and since they’re both weirdoes, they hit it off. Actually, Risa was quite the poor girl so Itami’s stable salary was strangely appealing. Their divorce was due to the terrorist incident. He assured her that some insurance will be left for her if anything happens. That was the reason they separated. It was like he didn’t understand anything. She thought it would be good for them to start over. It seems there are foreign mercenaries in the area and the secret Japanese unit skilfully takes them out. Till the US president personally calls the Japanese PM about the list of bribes and scandals on his cabinet ministers. As a sign of friendship, he would like his agents to come pick up their special guests. The PM agrees to that after being assured if the guests escape, Japan cannot be held responsible. So he calls Kanou to stop guarding them. It’s just that. He hasn’t agreed to hand them over. Kanou fears this will be end of his political career but he doesn’t mind. He is willing to go down. So both sides stop and withdraw before the casualties rise. Rory couldn’t sleep that night because the souls of the dead are being channelled through her. It’s that ecstasy feeling. Can Itami do something about it if she can’t go out and kill? I suppose as compensation she starts seducing him. Tempting, eh? Remember, she’s not a child so he isn’t breaking any pedo law.

Episode 10
Itami’s handphone rings. This upsets Rory. Now she is in a foul mood. Because of that, she goes outside to start killing all the foreign operatives. Not only there are Americans but Russians and Chinese military dudes. In the confusion, they fire at each other but Rory slices all with ease. The bullets do hit Rory but she regenerates. Demigods cannot die. Itami and co change and move out. Everyone hounds Itami for what is going on because they’ve been doing things so secretive. Too bad he too doesn’t know. Kuribayashi really wants to kill him. Pina deduces that there might be factions that are against this peace negotiation. Risa uploads to the social media how the special guests are going to make their appearance at the memorial before returning. This would increase the number in public and harder for foreign agents to move in. Next day, the PM has resigned and suddenly hospitalized. Kuribayashi’s sister, Nanami is a rookie reporter trying to get the public’s opinion but they don’t really care and her superior is telling her to shape up. True enough, the American CIA agents are waiting. They plan to cause some minor disruption to throw the public into chaos and abduct the special guests after cutting the TV connections. But the problem is there are just too many people today. This also means Itami and co are stuck in a traffic jam as the more-than-expected crowd is shutting down the city.

It is too dangerous for them to go outside but Rory couldn’t care less and goes to seek for directions. Those who recognize her start to be in awe as the crowd paves a way for them. Itami has to take this chance for them to walk through or else the PM and Risa’s plans are futile. Itami leaves the van in Risa’s care to dump it somewhere. But she can’t drive! She’ll figure it out. She asks if they’re getting back. He will be away for a while but he is more concerned about the money she owes him! Take care. Nanami gets the fright of her life when her sister gets defensive after she calls out to her. Kuribayashi then uses the broadcast to say hi to mom and complain about some other things. Meanwhile Komakado sees the CIA agents and threaten them about being unable to tell agents from other countries apart so they have no choice but to call Mr President about their entire team being arrested and force him to withdraw. China and Russia also do the same. After they make their prayers at the memorial and before heading back, the crowd gives them a rousing applause. And it was the end of Itami’s tiring ‘vacation’. Rory is glad to try out her new clothes. Lelei got a new PC (Kato freaking amazed). Tuka thinks her dad went off on his own. So return trip when? Pina notes the overwhelming power and technology the other side has and if the empire starts a war, they will definitely lose and be destroyed. She needs to prepare for peace talks as soon as possible and hopes to end this war.

Episode 11
The Arnus refugee camp is now like a mini township with people around coming in to trade stuffs with Japan. Pina and Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kouji Sugawara go off to negotiate with other noble clans. Pina explains about their Senate is split in going to war and peace. Those against those are trying to limit the emperor’s power as he was the one who recklessly started this war. This faction also wants Japan to return to the other side peacefully and is willing to help them. First stop is Lord Cicero. After Sugawara shows his finest Japanese arts and he is interested, the moment he hears he is from Japan, Cicero becomes cautious. But they ‘blackmail’ him to help out with the release of his nephew who is held prisoner in Japan. Cicero agrees to accompany Pina who will negotiate with another clan, the Dussie family. Tuka has been wandering aimlessly looking for her father. Mari Kurokawa feels bad for her so Itami paints a situation that all of them gather to tell her that daddy is dead. If she cannot handle the truth, is she willing to take care of her for the rest of her life? What happens if they have orders to withdraw? They are not in a position to be her pillar of support forever. If you can’t see something to the end, don’t do anything. They have to let her be. Rory seems to be flirting with Itami when this dark elf, Yao Ha Ducy chides him for serving alcohol to a child! Rory is not happy for yet another plan ruined. She planned to get drunk, have him take her back to her room where she will stay with him till dawn. Rory then screams Itami forced her to drink! As she cowers behind Yao, dark elf is going to kill him but Itami has run as fast as he could. Rory has also escaped during that distraction. Yao sits down as she explains she is looking for those green people (she didn’t know she just met one, eh?). She has a favour of them and has prepared a big adamantine rock as payment. If that is not enough, she’ll offer herself. The other guys are interested to take on the job but she believes they aren’t up to it. The job is to slay a wounded fire dragon. Oh… If that’s the case, maybe never mind. Those guys have no balls… Later as she sleeps, she dreams of her village being ravaged by the dragon months prior. She hopes her people can hold out while she brings their saviour. Her hope rises when she sees the magnificent jet fighters in a mock dog fight. Itami and his men prepare to leave for the capital with Japanese goods for negotiations.

Episode 12
A few months ago after Yao’s village was razed, the elders gather and gave Yao the important mission for help or their clan will be wiped out. She promises to come back with help from the green people. Now that she has arrived at Arnus, she excitedly explains everything. Only 1 problem: They can’t understand a word! Seems these green people didn’t make use of their spare time and learn the local language as many (in fact, all if I should say) cannot speak the language decently. Furthermore, local thugs try to con her by they always end up being beaten up. When she picks up a dropped pen, this leads her to a store. She notices the storekeeper, Meia fluently conversing in Japanese. Yao learns that those who work here get a book that teaches them the language. Sorry, Meia can’t sell this to her. Yao becomes desperate to talk to the green people when a couple come in. You can’t imagine how freaking happy she is but it seems they take her in for questioning after they get a series of reports that she is a mugger! Thus, Lelei is called in as translator since her story doesn’t quite match with the report (those thugs report her). After clearing her name and the thugs arrested, finally Yao gets her chance to talk to a green people. She is sent to talk to Hazama but he cannot help her. Because her home, Schwartz Forest lies beyond the Imperial’s territory, to an army that crosses the border without permission means a declaration of war. Yao only needs a dozen or so but still, Hazama will not order his men to their deaths. She is left very disappointed as Yanagida notes, perhaps Itami could have done something if he was here.

Speaking of him, he rendezvous with Pina and her order to give the goods. There is one goods that she is really looking forward to. Don’t say you forget because she’ll blow her top if you really didn’t bring it. What is it? Yaoi doujinshi!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!! She really loves this ‘art’! However it is revealed that it is just the cover. Inside are articles about Itami’s heroic deeds. Lelei accompanies Yao drinking tea. You can see the defeat on her face. All hope is lost. Everything has been a nightmare to her. So sad for her… It even made Lelei think perhaps Itami could have done something. Next table, another group of combat unit eavesdropped on them and also feels bad about Yao’s case. They really want to help but their hands are tied. They cannot do anything that would give the enemy the slightest ammunition. They too wonder what Itami would have done. I guess if they can’t do it, might as well talk about it on how they would tackle and take down the dragon. Yao is feeling desperate. If she could just get one on her side. Maybe she will have to use her body… Then she remembers about the people talking about Itami. Yeah, maybe this guy… Itami on his way back learns that the orphans from Coda Village left a message in Japanese to thank him for taking them in. This makes him feel good and he hopes peace will come fast to this place.

Glory! Glory To The SDF!
I didn’t expect this to be this interesting! OMG. I couldn’t believe I said there. Here I was at the beginning, didn’t put much hopes up on this series and when the action itself gets started in the first episode, I realized I am already hooked on it. It goes to show you just can’t judge a book by its cover and you’ll never know it till you try it. So it was a good thing I checked out this series? Yup. Definitely. As every episode is as exciting as the last even during those drama and political manoeuvres, the only downer that killed my enthusiasm was the ‘final’ episode. I said ‘final’ because this isn’t really the end yet. I knew that this was going to be 2 cours as announced but I didn’t expect them to break for a season before resuming the second half of the series. I guess even the military needs a break, huh? Because of that, the last episode of the first season feels very much boring as everything is left hanging as the first half of the series comes to a close. Maybe because Itami was not around when it matters and thus gone with him are the usual excitement.

The one thing that had me thinking whether or not if this is a good or bad thing is perhaps the way they glorify the SDF. I don’t know if there is some subtle message to have the public have a better image of them but from a casual viewer’s point of view, I feel that they might be glorifying the heroic deeds of the SDF. I’m not talking just Itami alone but the entire force. Because you see how mighty and great the SDF forces are. You see how strong and resilient they are because they can even defeat the mightiest creature in the creature that is probably feared and considered as god by locals. You see how impenetrable and solid their defences are that not even an enemy could scratch them even if they used magic. You see how resourceful and helpful they are because they can just do about anything and everything. You see how noble and righteous they are in dealing with their enemies, the defeated enemies and treating everyone as equal, heeding to their strict military protocol and etiquette. Wow. Too good to be true. Like an ideal army of a fantasy world, eh? Uhm, what is this genre again? Definitely there is some temptation of making you want to join the army, right? I mean, they even showcase Itami’s otaku personality so it can’t be that bad, right? The SDF is freaking liberal, right? Unlike in the past and in some countries where gay soldiers have been persecuted just for their different sexual orientation… So what do you say? The SDF is the best force there is in the world? You bet… Viva SDF! Banzai SDF! Yeah…

Now, when you see alien and monster invasions on Earth and then the army taking on them would all but fail badly. Thus the other reason why the SDF seems so great and powerful is by the only fact that the inhabitants of the other world are such a primitive force, the land is so backwater and technology is close to nothing. Their magic is not even great enough to put up a decent fight. This is a reason why the SDF is able to flex their muscles and maintain their superiority over them. More importantly, the reason why Earth is able to maintain superiority over them with this muscle flexing method. It makes us seem like big bullies considering the vast difference in strength.

Because as you have seen in countless movies, humans fall like flies when they take on a much higher alien civilization and their super technology that none of us can match. That is the same here in this anime as we are like that superior alien race with superior alien technology. The SDF bullets and ammunition can even kill smaller dragons and wipe out an entire clan with their artillery fire. If it was those Hollywood movies, I think dropping an atomic bomb is akin to a mosquito bite on advanced aliens. To give another example closer to home, it is like sending the current generation army back in time to the Roman era. Get the idea? Yeah, difference in military strength, weapon and technology are what sets the game. Checkmate.

Furthering enhance the image of the SDF guys is the fact that the politicians in our world have some sort of ulterior and sneaky motives. As seen in the Diet questioning. Whatever political motives were just shot down perfectly. I don’t know why some people are so against the other side. Nothing better to do, maybe. Then there are those foreign governments also seen as sneaky people trying to get their hands to control the Gate and whatever goes on in this other world. I guess now I know why many sh*ts only happen in Japan. Because Japan and namely the SDF here are the only impartial gatekeepers to a better future for both worlds. Hah!

The other thing that makes this series works is the lively and unique characters. Take for example the SDF and particularly Itami’s little unit. I can’t blame you if you think that every army unit is just some strict and lifeless pack, only adhering to orders and carrying them out. Then you get this guy who was probably at the wrong place and at the wrong time. He gets more for what he bargained for after saving the day and before he knows it, he gets promoted and has to lead his unit to venture into the new world. There goes his otaku hobby… Itami’s out of the box thinking is probably what makes him a great character. When I say out of the box, what I meant was that he thinks and takes actions that are usually rare in the military. Maybe he gets his creativity from his otaku side but you can see that the decisions he makes are the road less travelled in the military world. Because of that, he makes a long term impact on the locals, his unit and probably our world. He is such an interesting guy and isn’t it no wonder why girls from the other world start taking some sort of interest and hanging out beside him? Oh yeah… I was wondering when this anime would turn into some sort of harem. I was waiting for it seeing the tempting and ambiguous opening credits animation. Maybe it is a good thing that it was never materialized at least for this season or else it would just dilute and ruin everything that made this season enjoyable so far. When you have a death god, elf and mage as your harem, it is like you’re telling other envious f*ckers not to f*ck with you! Oh yeah. Who is da man? Perhaps the military should have more guys like him (can’t imagine the SDF sending an entire platoon to Akihabara for ‘training’). His name has spread so much so he is the guy to go to when there is some sort of issue.

Although Itami has like around a dozen men under his unit, not all of them get the spotlight. Heck, I don’t think some even have dialogues. So we are focused on a few and they too are interesting themselves since well, many don’t have that strict military expression. Like Kuribayashi, I am starting to think that she would become a little running joke of the series. Especially when she learns more about Itami. The more she discovers, the more shell shocked she is. It is like her role to put on the most ridiculous flabbergasted reaction each time something about Itami pops up. Sarcasm? She just cannot believe that this guy is all that and is a slacker at the same time. Yeah. Believe it. Then there is Kurata who is also another fellow otaku and his role kinda reminds me of ‘the other guy’ roles like you see in romance and harem animes. Always envious for Itami getting the good parts… Not everyone in Itami’s troop is like wackos because Tomita brings us back to reality with his typical strict and no nonsense military outlook.

As for the rest of the main characters, as this is just the first half, I suppose it is not fair for me to say that some are not fully developed or fleshed out yet. For example, Tuka and Lelei’s presence just feels wasted considering that they are the main characters. While Lelei is not that bad although she is relegated to somewhat translation duties, it is worse for Tuka as I don’t see the point of her role in this season. She is just a lost elf girl experiencing the trauma of her village burnt down, still in denial that her father is around and loves to wander about as he likes. So for a big part of this season when she settles into the refugee camp, her main job function is just to act as the dorm keeper. The only odd thing about her is that she is wearing plain t-shirts and jeans. I know she is some rare elf. Doesn’t she have any other ‘cosplay’ costumes to wear? I understand the dragon burnt down every damn thing in her village. So I’m presuming she’s not wearing any pantsu too? ;p. So I take it that she is the last of her clan that she can’t get any of her local clothes anywhere? Wearing our human clothes makes her feel so out of place and quite odd to look at. Rory is a much more fun character here. A goth loli death god carrying an overly huge scythe is no laughing matter. Making her interesting is her bubbly personality that at the same time hides a devilish heart that is just itching to kill. Even if she is an immortal, she’s still a girl so I guess living for 900 years without any true romance must have made her life a very dull one, eh?

Lastly about Pina, with a very suspicious name that you can’t help but make puns of or stop that song that is playing in your head right now (~if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain~), I thought she was going to turn into some joke character after battle at Italica. The way you see this princess stressing out is hilarious! And then her blooming fetish for yaoi fetish and I fear what would become of her order if she spreads it to the other ladies. Oh yeah. Ladies, a new wave of fetish is going to hit your kingdom so watch out! Jokes aside, Pina is a responsible princess trying to work out the best ways for a win-win situation for both sides. I don’t know what happened to her father king because that stubborn old mule must have his pride so high that he is willing to sacrifice more to prolong this war instead of working together.

This season itself has amazingly a lot of characters and although it is great that it means there would be a lot of colourful characters, it also means that many are just playing minor supporting characters that would hardly have anything more about them fleshed out. Like that old fart wizard Kato. Seen him doing anything useful? Yao only made her debut in the penultimate episode. So there are still lots of potential about this dark elf. My guts had me feel that she too will be inducted into Itami’s harem. I have a feeling that Nanami has a more prominent role to play in the next season and thus her unimportant cameo here. But that itself might be just a red herring. I hope Risa comes back the next season. She is as interesting as her ex-husband is. Having an otaku as your waifu is equivalent for a gamer guy to have a gamer girl as his wife. The ultimate match make in heaven. Ultimately, many of the characters that appear once or twice for a short while may or may not appear again the next time like Pina’s maids, that merchant guy, that afro intelligence guy, the SDF higher ups, people from the Senate, the nobles, the warlords, the politicians and everybody else I missed out. Good luck remembering all of them when the next season airs. I hope I won’t have to scratch my head thinking what happened to that character when the time comes.

Watching this series somehow reminded me of another anime with a subtly similar theme: Outbreak Company. Noticed that both have an otaku as their lead, his possible romance among the few female leads, there is great military presence in the other world in which they invade it in which this other world is vastly inferior to ours that is also practising some sort of feudalism, and the inhabitants of the other world is trying to learn and absorb our culture. Or at least Japan’s otaku culture. And yeah, who could forget animal eared maids… I can imagine the chaos if this world is hooked on BL and then our world starts restricting them… Then our world will know the true power of girl power! Haha!

Art and drawing seems pretty fine. The fantasy isn’t what I imagined it would be because of the world’s primitive setting but it will still do. While female inhabitants of the fantasy world look like cosplay girls, I just keep wondering why older guys from both worlds have this realistic old guy look. Is it me or do I noticed that the presidents of the other super power countries like USA, China and Russia, how come they have this gangster look! Holy sh*t! True! When I first see them, I thought they were some yankee mobster, triad boss or communist mafia head trying to make their move but then I realized they are their country’s top leader! So again, why does Japan’s premier have to be decently good looking and the rest look like thugs? I hope there is nothing political here… Because you know, in the anime they also sound like sneaky bastards having their ulterior motive to usurp Japan for the Gate…

With a myriad of characters, the cast list is a long one containing veteran, new and old seiyuus. Familiar voices from the industry include Junichi Suwabe as Itami (perfecting his carefree-like voice for his character like Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji), Haruka Tomatsu as Pina (reminds me of her other strong female lead characters like Elen from Madan To Ou No Vanadis), Nao Touyama as Lelei (minus the tsundere attitude), Risa Taneda as Rory (she’s getting a lot of anime roles lately, isn’t she?), Hisako Kanemoto as Tuka (the more I hear her, the more I forget that she was once that squid girl…), Hiroki Yasumoto (this guy can only make Bleach’s Sado’s voice because every anime I hear him, he sounds exactly the same), Koji Yusa as Yanagida (that sneaky-like voice – yup, definitely him), Cho as Kato (that gay-like old men voice – yup, definitely him), Youko Hikasa as Yao (is it really her?), Maaya Uchida as Kuribayashi (after all these years I still can’t recognize her voice. Too generic?), Yoshino Nanjou as Risa (I thought she was going to burst into something like Kokoro from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Kaito Ishikawa as Kurata (Tigre in Madan To Ou No Vanadis) and Yumi Uchiyama as Bozes (Momiji in Binbougami Ga).

The opening theme is Gate ~Sore Wa Akatsuki No You Ni by Kishida Kyoudan and The Akeboshi Rockets. The ending theme is Prism Communicate by the voices behind Rory, Lelei and Tuka. This is something trivial: I may be wrong on this but despite the overwhelming military theme of this anime, I believe I have not heard any military type of music or even the marching-like brass band songs. Not that I noticed of (perhaps it is because I was too engrossed in watching the plot and the likes). Maybe they don’t want it to sound out of place like as though it is some sort of parade. Yeah, it may look like fun the SDF gunning down bandits with ease and raking up the body count but I don’t think it is even funny despite we enjoy that kind of bloodbath scene.

Overall, I should have just waited for the next season to run and then watch it at one go to have a better overall perspective of the series. But I guess that is what happens when you are impatient. Therefore as far as this season is concerned, it may look like some run of the mill fantasy series and nothing ground breaking. In fact, this series could be as typical as the abundant of seemingly animes with similar cliché. Well, if you have got a taste that high… But to me since this series is interesting and good, I’ll prefer to keep things that way. Not because the SDF is an invincible all mighty do-gooders. Not because there are cute chicks in cosplay outfits running all over this world. Not because of the interesting cast of characters, the action, the drama, the politics and everything else associated with it. Okay, I lied. Maybe it is all of that. Yes it is. And somehow I get this disturbing feeling that a civilization and kingdom’s fall is not because of the prolonged effects of a ravaging war, but the spread of yaoi doujin… Girls will be too hooked on them to do anything else. Guys will be neglected and slowly die out or kill themselves in view of this. Oh yeah. Yaoi doujin… Fear thy true silent enemy of death! Maybe those Hollywood movies should learn a thing or two and give those advanced aliens a taste of yaoi… Yeah… It might open a new gate to a whole new experience.

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