Another magical girl act. Another magical girl act using cards. In fact, I could probably name a few from the earliest I have known in Cardcaptor Sakura to the recent one in Fantasista Doll. Gen’ei Wo Kakeru Taiyou is another one of those animes that fits into this genre. But this time they use tarot cards in their battle although the designs of the tarot cards are slightly modified to give that cute look instead of the grimmer ones we know in real life. Also, the last time an anime that has tarot cards as its major theme was the disappointing Arcana Famiglia. Although that was a mafia themed anime. Don’t expect to see mafias running around in this one. This is an original anime production of the magical girl genre like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica so I thought it would be interesting to see what happens in this one although the plot of magical girls fighting evil is nothing original.

Episode 1
Akari Taiyou is a helpful and happy girl. She loves tarot cards and wants to follow, Hinata, her late mom’s footsteps in them. Currently she is an apprentice in some fortune telling guild. On the way back, she sees a beautiful lady, Etia Visconti. She dropped her ribbon. Good girl Akari of course picks it up for her. Seems this is part of Etia’s plan to confirm that she is the one. Akari’s room is filled with plants. You might think you’re in a tropical jungle. So much so she needs the help of her cousin, Fuyuna to help her get out of those vines. During dinner, Akari continues to be passionate about her tarot cards to her uncle and aunty whom she is living with. But not Fuyuna. She thought her academic excellence would have her classmates notice her but they are more interested in Akari’s precised tarot card readings instead. Even Fuyuna tries to hint to Akari that this world isn’t as simple as she thinks that she can do whatever she wants. Though correct predictions will have people grateful, wrongs one will earn their scorn. One morning walking to school, Akari got distracted talking to a local fishmonger. Some evil force unleashes the handbrakes of a truck parked on the slope. If Akari didn’t jump away in time, she could have been smashed real bad. Akari tells her scare to her fortune telling colleagues. They too relate there was this weird guy outside their building asking what they could do to bring back his dead wife. Since there is nothing they can do, he went away. They note they must be careful. Akari and her family visit Hinata’s grave as it would mark her second death anniversary. That night when Akari is asleep, she is rudely awakened when a plant demon attacks her, exclaiming about some jealousy stuff. Unknowingly she unleashes some sort of power and the next thing she knows, she wakes up thinking it is just a dream. Then it becomes real nightmare because she sees Fuyuna’s dead body on the floor. Suddenly in the next change of scene, it’s like déjà vu. Akari and family are visiting Hinata’s grave. Minus Fuyuna. It’s like her cousin never existed. When Akari heads to her guild, she sees a huge fire. Because her members are still inside, she rushes in. She sees a weird guy trying to kill everything. Before Akari is a giant flame demon. On the verge of death, her sun tarot card unleashes and she transforms into a lean mean magical girl and tries to kill the beast but was overwhelmed. Other magical girls save her and destroy the monster. Etia carries unconscious Akari away as her deputy, Ariel Valtiel Westcott comments about her powers awakening on the anniversary of her mother’s death as per Leguzario’s prediction. Now all the pieces have fallen into place.

Episode 2
Akari wakes up in a room. She is greeted by Etia who tells her she is in Sephiro Fiore. Her guild friends are okay and being treated in hospital. The flame monster she saw was a Daemonia. They are evil spirits that prey on humans, attracted to their wicked hearts. They offer to grant people’s wishes in return for a contract. After a wish is granted, the contract drives them to slaughter. Thus the organization called Sephiro Fiore was created as a battle unit to destroy Daemonia. On the surface they look like a fortune telling school but they have branches all over the world. Akari used an Elemental Tarot to fight that Daemonia. Each of the 21 members possesses the power of a different tarot card and Akari possesses the sun, which is the last one that they were looking for. These powers are the only one that can defeat Daemonia. They need Akari’s help. Can she do it? Well, since her mom was part of this unit, I suppose her daughter wants to live up to her expectations. So Akari moves out from her uncle and aunt’s place and into Sephiro Fiore as a new student. She is put into a team of newcomers that consist of Seira Hoshikawa, Luna Tsukuyomi and Ginka Shirokane. Luna feels she wants to make friends with Akari and goes to her room. She notices her plants and thinks it is due to her tarot powers their growth is accelerated. You know, the sun. Soon Akari joins the rest of her teammates over dinner. The rest joined this organization in almost a similar fashion and they have never heard of Daemonia prior to that was because fighting them is a very dangerous job so it is natural their loved ones involved in this organization won’t tell them.

Sephiro Fiore acts like a normal school when not battling Daemonia. We see the girls undergo pretty usual school activities and classes. Till the alert is sounded. The girls rush into some elaborate setup just to transform into their magical version and transport to the scene. They’re handling things pretty well till Akari suddenly remembers about Fuyuna. She has to be taken away while Seira settles this. Akari is not too pleased when she learns the truth from Etia. Her memories of Fuyuna were altered. Because Daemonia creep into the crevices of the human heart before taking over their soul, when she first awakened, Akari was almost being taken over by a Daemonia from the shock of killing Fuyuna. Akari is angry because this means she killed Fuyuna twice. She thinks it would have been better for the Daemonia to take over her. Or just kill her. The rest of the girls are feeling gloomy because they too have experienced something similar. Especially Seira. It’s still hard to get over. Akari is over at Hinata’s grave. Remembering Etia’s words that a person who has turned into Daemonia can never turn back. In short, they can’t kill the Daemonia if they don’t kill the person. Every trace of memory and history of that person will then be erased from all those who know that person. Akari’s aunty sees her and thinks she has issues with her new place and ran away. She doesn’t even know she had a daughter named Fuyuna. Akari breaks down in her arms. Meanwhile the messengers for the higher ups of the organization (a crow and a cat?) are pleased that Akari remains stable after regaining her memories but Etia thought it was just cruel. Akari continues to space out at the pier when she sees a guy preparing to kill a father and his son by dropping a mast.

Episode 3
Thankfully that mast missed and Akari engages the monster. She hears voices pleading for help and it is very painful. Her hesitation causes her to get tied up. Fellow magical girls, Priscilla Twilight and Meltina Melvis enter the scene to save the day but to their surprise, Akari protects the Daemonia and lets it get away. Since Akari continues being a stubborn girl, she is handcuffed and brought back. She is being lectured by Ariel that she won’t get away from Daemonia even if she leaves the organization. If she runs without fighting, she’ll die. Since she is still stubborn, Akari is placed in the cell for the time being. The rest continue their class and learn about Daemonia. There are many of them laying dormant and they go undetected. It takes up to 20 weeks for Daemonia to possess people in this area. Because Daemonia are no longer human, they should not have feelings of guilt when they go exterminate them. Destroying them would mean saving more lives. Luna feels bad for Akari and talks to her. She also relates her own experience when she first joined. She was placed in the cell because she couldn’t bring herself to fight Daemonia. Akari mentions the voices she heard although she doesn’t know why. Akari will never forget about Fuyuna ever again. Then she tells Etia and Ariel about the voices but they dismiss it because when a Daemonia takes over, it is not just the body but the mind. Even so, it still doesn’t change the fact they must be eliminated. Akari agrees to rejoin them in battle but will find her own answer. The escaped Daemonia resurfaces and tries to kill a kindergarten teacher and her pupils by making them stuck at the railroad crossing. Our magical girls go into action again. Akari hears the voice again. Seira won’t have her in the way again but Luna believes in her and holds Seira back. Akari listens to the voice of the Daemonia. He seems to have lost his son and was told if he killed enough children, he would be brought back to life. He really doesn’t want to hurt anymore children. He wants her to kill him. Akari without hesitation now slays him. She accepts this is her destiny. Later she talks to Etia that although she’ll never be forgiven for Fuyuna’s death, if she doesn’t accept it, her death will only be in vain. She wants to remember what the people who turned into Daemonia were feeling. Etia advises her to follow what she believes is right. The messengers are noting the interesting guinea pig Akari is and will wait a little longer before putting out their report.

Episode 4
Yume Higashiyama seems to be the star in the art school. But Kiyone Okakura doesn’t think she’s all that impressive as others think. But one day Yume criticizes how plain Kiyone’s painting is and this causes her to be upset. On her way home, she meets this mysterious fortune teller, Cerebrum who tells her she can change her future to her liking. All she needs to do is be honest with her feelings. He gives her a dark tarot card as a ‘good luck charm’. Then she sees Yume having a secret steamy affair with her crush, Shuuji Kishida at school. That’s when she snapped. She’s going to use the card. Meanwhile the Tendou sisters are examining Akari because of her unique ability to hear Daemonia’s voice. They’re going to inspect every inch of her body. Every part. Etia continues her class lessons explaining about the Kabbalah Tarot as origins and how it relates to the Tree of Life. From there, Aeon Tarot was created but also Diabolos Tarot in a similar fashion. The latter is used by Daemonia by taking over that person’s Tree of Life. So to eliminate that, Elemental Tarot was born from Aeon Tarot. Daemonia multiply by splitting but Elemental Tarot uses hereditary, determining its successors through bloodlines that span centuries. Later, Seira notes how it is useless to learn all that because they’ll just kill the Daemonia anyway. Because those who are possessed by them are weak and should be eliminated from this world. Akari strongly disagrees because anyone could be possessed by Daemonia and there is no single person that doesn’t matter. She is sad she couldn’t hear the voice of the person she wanted.

Meanwhile we see Kiyone with red paint all over. Is it really red paint? She ends up the winner at some painting exhibition. Indeed a creepy painting. Yume didn’t participate because it was said she got killed in a truck accident and her funeral is soon. Shuuji congratulates her but wonders if such art is considered painting. Outside, Cerebrum waits for Kiyone. He tells her getting revenge of killing Yume isn’t enough. All those who ignore her must pay too. A Daemonia swallows her. At Yume’s funeral, a bell falls and crushes Shuuji. She plays God and strikes lightning at the shrine to make it on fire and kill everyone. That’s when our magical girls go into action. Akari can hear Kiyone’s voice and wants to talk to her. She is not pleased a brat is going to play counsellor. Akari says she might not save everyone by listening but she wants to try to make her feel better. Kiyone calls her a hypocrite and it’s these kind of people she hates. She adds she’s going to kill her anyway and to go ahead. She won’t let her win. But Akari hasn’t heard her out yet. Well, if she still wants to preach to her, she can die. Akari is saved by Seira who doesn’t give a hoot about everything and kills Kiyone outright. In the aftermath, she warns Akari that it’s because she listen to their voices, she falters. Akari reads a notebook left behind by Fuyuna. Luna talks to her. She was able to hear the Daemonia’s voice because she was touching Akari. Akari feels it is better for her not to hear because it would make fighting them harder. But she is glad that she could. Although not everyone can be saved but nothing can begin unless you listen. Seira brushes off the fact about listening to Daemonia’s voice. It’s pointless and she doesn’t want to hear them. She doesn’t care.

Episode 5
When Akari and Luna are gardening, there is this guy, Yatarou coming to look for Sephiro Fiore. He is Ginka’s father and president of a discount chain store. He is also Sephiro Fiore’s generous donator and is glad such organizations are around to kick Daemonia’s ass. He is grateful for them for picking up her daughter when her abilities were awakened. Ginka explains to her friends about their humble beginnings. They were always harassed by loan sharks and always in debts during Yatarou’s first failed business venture of takoyaki. But things turned around by making a home making takoyaki machine and it became a smash hit. The girls are invited to his grand party. Yatarou learns from his friends that Honda is in trouble. He is on the verge of going bankrupt and it is rumoured he has borrowed money from dangerous people. Speaking of which, those yakuza people are giving Honda some options. It doesn’t look pretty. Ginka and Yatarou are worried for Honda because he was the person who rescued them when they were in debt (Yatarou and Honda were college buddies). Honda always came and gave Ginka chocolate during those tough times and it made her feel better. Honda is about to hang himself when Cerebrum (now in a young girl form) knows how to solve his money woes. She lends him a dark tarot card.

Next day, Yatarou calls Ginka to relay the good news that Honda’s business has revived and is doing great. The yakuza money lenders have mysteriously gone missing too. Yatarou is supposed to have dinner with Honda but he heard a customer had trouble with his product. Because he places his customer first (as taught by Honda), he will have to be late for the dinner. Instead his friends are there on his behalf and they are surprised how things have turned around. It’s just really simple. Cerebrum appears and hands them a dark tarot card each, wanting to know their deepest desires. Once Yatarou is done, he is about to head to the dinner when he sees Honda. He quickly understands that Honda has become a Daemonia when Cerebrum orders Honda to kill him. He uses a tarot card to escape and barely avoids all the mishaps at the skin of his teeth. Our heroines are dispatched to the scene and Ginka is shocked to see this Daemonia as Honda. She touches Akari and hears his thoughts. He is sad that things turned out this way because of his weak heart but is glad to see her grown so much. Seira keeps attacking the Daemonia and reminds them this is the reason why they waver to fight if they hear Daemonia’s thoughts. Ginka agrees with her. She could have fought better had she not hear him. However he is the one suffering the most and is going to let him rest in peace. Ginka kills the Daemonia. In the aftermath, Akari apologizes to Ginka for making her hear the Daemonia. She doesn’t regret it since she was able to talk to him. Although her dad lost all memories of Honda, she is the only one who remembers his last words. Ginka understands what Akari was worried about. She wonders would things be different if her dad and Honda’s position was swapped.

Episode 6
Seira is seen fighting alongside Meltina and Priscilla. The latter duo feel they make a good team but Seira refutes this team thingy and is just doing her job. She still views it as pointless for those who can hear Daemonia’s voice and won’t forgive those who turned themselves into one. Minori and Hanae are best friends. When Hanae wants to get a hairpin for Minori, she wanted something less flashy and seeing Seira and Ginka nearby, she got the idea of the star hairpin that Seira is wearing. The quartet instantly become friends. Minori somehow misplaces her handphone in Seira’s bag so Hanae had to call Seira to meet again. It’s like a blessing in disguise because they’re glad they could meet up again. But during their outing, Minori suddenly experiences chest pains. She is rushed to hospital as Hanae explains she has heart problems since birth. She needs urgent surgery but it is a difficult one so she was unable to get it done. Hanae is worried if there is anything she could do for her because Minori helped her out so many times. Seira tells her to just do whatever she can. This reminded her of her old friend, Manami. They were close. One day Seira went to get a present for her when a Daemonia suddenly attacked. Because Seira was hesitant and wondering how to fight the Daemonia, Manami got blown away and stabbed into a construction pole. After Hanae visits Minori at hospital, she is approached by Cerebrum (disguised as a nurse) handing her a dark tarot card. She plays on her mind that Minori has not much time left and knows she wants to do something for her. The choice is hers.

Seira gets upset when she sees Akari listing down the words said by all the Daemonia. She does not believe they can help a Daemonia that way. Later she talks to Etia and requests to be put in Meltina and Priscilla’s team because as long as Akari can hear Daemonia’s voices, she can’t fight alongside her. Etia tells her to fight with them one more time. If she still feels she wants to switch after that, be her guest. Seira gets a call from Minori. She is worried that Hanae has not showed up despite promising to visit her. Seira gets a bad feeling but then the Daemonia alert sounds. Seira is devastated to see this Daemonia. That star hairpin looks familiar? She becomes hesitant to kill her. Akari knows it is her friend because she can hear her calling Seira’s name. She has Seira listen and talk to her or else she will regret it. Hanae explains since she didn’t have money to pay for Minori’s surgery, the only way was to become her donor. She knows it’s a bad idea but hey, didn’t Seira tell her to do what she has to? But selling your soul to the devil? Since her heart hurts and afraid of killing more people, she wants Seira to end this and take care of Minori. Seira still couldn’t kill her and got blasted away. Akari had to take the lead and tell her off this is the reason they have to take responsibility for hearing their voices. Otherwise it shows they lack the resolve. It gave enough motivation for Seira to finish the job. Seira visits the hospital and hears Minori is going to undergo operation but the donor already passed on. She hands Minori the star hairpin but the latter doesn’t remember who Hanae is. Later Seira talks to Akari. The latter revealing Fuyuna turned into a Daemonia and will never know the reason why. Seira in tears discloses that she has no choice but to hate them and tried to exterminate them without thinking too much. She wanted to avenge Manami despite knowing she will never come back. Though she couldn’t hate Hanae, she still hates Daemonia who keep robbing her of those she holds dear. She was scared something inside her will break and if she listened to their voices, she’d be betraying Manami.

Episode 7
Etia and Ariel receive information from Moscow branch that the user of the Lovers card is missing. Not wanting to get Akari and co involve, they want to investigate this first. Because of that, Akari and co are given a rare day off. They take this opportunity to visit town, eat the famous pork buns, ice cream, making glass and visit several places. Luna notices Seira is more open to Akari now. She tells Akari she had an older twin sister and she reminded her so much of Akari. Meanwhile Etia, Ariel, Priscilla, Meltina and the Tendou sisters are discussing over matters. The profiles of the previous 2 Daemonia exterminated simultaneously at different places were Yatarou’s friends. It shows that Daemonia have a will of its own and also, the Lovers card user was completely annihilated. Akari accidentally stumbles upon her fortune telling guild members. They are brought to their new residence and they are doing fine in the same business after starting everything up from scratch again. They let the girls have their fortune and it seems they vaguely put it as there are some obstacles they have to face. Well, there are lots of interpretations and the future is not set. As long as the girls have each other, they’ll be alright. They suggest the girls to stay for dinner and to even have a sleepover. When they go contact Etia about this, the fortune tellers confide that it was hard to tell them. Destruction lies ahead of them like as though some great power is in their way and their current harmony may be short-lived. After dinner, the girls are made to play kimodameshi. Except for Ginka, the rest are feeling scared. Especially Seira. Seriously? These girls who exterminate Daemonia are afraid of ghosts? Of course the ‘ghosts’ are just some cheap tricks by the fortune tellers. But they’re screaming their heads off. The scariest part is when one of the ghost sheets came off, they see the melted makeup over her face and freak out! That must be so much scarier, eh? A real ghost they think? When they get to the designated statue, there is a picture of cute little Akari sleeping. Embarrassed Akari takes the photo and run! The girls are treated to tasty sponge cake after that. Next morning, the girls feel much better. Thanks to this, they get to know each other better too. They leave and the fortune tellers hope they can come back again another day. Right when they return to Sephiro Fiore, Etia and Ariel summon them to a meeting to discuss something important regarding their future.

Episode 8
The girls are told about the mutual annihilation especially the one possessing Lovers Card. She just vanished from thin air after fighting a Daemonia possessing a twin card. Theoretically because Elemental and Diabolos Tarot are from the same source, it doesn’t matter who wins as one cannot exist without the other, if one should disappear the other will also vanish. They also thought all Daemonia victims were the same but recently originate from specific twin cards that are counterparts to theirs. So all the battles they’ve fought just brought them brief relief. In other words, if they don’t destroy the twin cards, they can’t destroy the Daemonia. Etia advises them to run whenever they face this situation. The girls are torn in what to do. Seira would stand and fight since this is their sole purpose while Ginka prefers to run as it is natural human reaction and that there is more to life. Luna talks to Akari. She doesn’t want her to disappear for fear she will be alone. She gets a little scary while asserting she doesn’t care if everybody else including herself disappears. As long as it was to protect her. Cerebrum just killed a political representative and reporters interviewing him in a freak accident. The mysterious contractor to Cerebrum all this while seems to be a rival politician who isn’t pleased Cerebrum went too far. He only wanted him to lose. But Cerebrum notes he perhaps really wanted him dead. Cerebrum has also found out something interesting about the Sun user. He wants her.

While the girls are fighting Daemonia, another one appears but every attack that connects, Ginka gets hurt. Dark Ginka?! Akari gets trapped and couldn’t do anything so as not to hurt Ginka but Ginka cuts her loose and earns some bruises so that they can all run. Ginka is treated and the rest never knew one would appear this soon. Plus, their attacks had no effect on dark Ginka and the real one took in everything. Although Ginka is up and fine, she tries to be cheerful like her usual self but the rest are in no mood. Ginka remembers how her grandma passed down the Temperance card to her. She might end up being lonely and hating herself but grandma doesn’t see the need for her to do so and wants her to be proud and use her powers. Ginka goes to see her father just to ask about the power she got from grandma. Unlike Akari and Seira, she doesn’t have strong feelings exterminating Daemonia. He doesn’t want her to fret what she doesn’t have or cannot do. Just do whatever she needs to do. And so Ginka confronts her dark self again in a battle to end it. She will have them both disappear together (dark Ginka terms it as combining as one). Her friends couldn’t believe she calls this her final battle and were told to stay out. Seira will not interfere since this is the path Ginka chose. Both Ginkas land the final strike and disappear altogether. Reality hits hard for the rest when they know Ginka is gone for good.

Episode 9
Yatarou is one sad dad but he believes this is the path his daughter chose. Gloom falls on Sephiro Fiore. Luna fears she is next when she receives a call from her butler to pick her home. This is for the best. Once she feels better, she will come back. Luna remembers she was close to her older sister, Selena. One day she disappeared but the adults are happy with it because they will be next in line to the heir. When Luna was able to see Daemonia that her butler couldn’t, he notes that the time for her has come. Luna went into her first battle scared stiff and was more of a hindrance to Seira and Ginka. She is snapped out of her daydream when she thinks she saw Selena. She chases after her but turns out to be Akari. She has requested permission for some time off. Luna is happy that she visited although she apologizes she wants to stay longer. Akari understands and will wait as long as it takes for her to sort things out. In fact, she wants to stay with her for the time being. Luna couldn’t be happier. So they did a lot of things together and even something to suggest a yuri moment. Really. Sleeping together and wanting to get to know each other even more. Meanwhile the Tendou sisters give Meltina and Priscilla fake Elemental Tarot cards. Using one against a Daemonia, they will think it is the dummy and a chance for them to escape. The yuri moment between Luna and Akari continues. A big hug? Luna is so happy that she explains she doesn’t need anything or anyone as long as she is here. She even doesn’t mind disappearing because she is someone so dear. However Akari drops the bombshell. She cannot return her love because she prefers Seira. She is someone better to fight alongside with. Akari adds to the shock. She knows Luna wants her for herself and a vain person. She wants others to acknowledge her existence. She wants people to think highly of her. She wants to be loved. While Luna is confused with everything, Akari stabs her with a dagger! Of course she is actually Cerebrum in disguise. The dagger is the Emperor card as Luna begins to transform into a monster. So this is what happens when you put a Daemonia into an Elemental Tarot user. The Tendou sisters detect a Daemonia but it’s responding like an Elemental Tarot user. They fear it could be one of their comrades.

Episode 10
Now that Luna is a ‘pet’ of Cerebrum she is forced to fight Akari and Seira in their next battle. Seira gets bitten on her neck as Akari brings her away to escape. Meanwhile Priscilla and Meltina are having a hard time fighting their evil twins. They could have been done for had not Akari come in to save them. Akari is told that someone took her appearance and got to Luna. It must have been a Daemonia with a will of its own and also responsible for those twin cards. For the first time, Laplace (the crow) and Schrodinger (cat) speak to Akari. They introduce themselves as messengers from Leguzario organization, the one who created Sephiro Fiore and sending out orders to exterminate Daemonia. They mention Cerebrum is the one behind this and the Daemonia with free will. Now that Luna is under Cerebrum’ control, it won’t be long before Leguzario send orders for her to be killed. They hint to Akari to take care of it before it does. So she has to kill her friend? Due to the bite on Seira’s neck, now she has no more power and can’t use her Elemental Tarot. This means Akari is all alone in fighting Daemonia. She is the only one exterminating Daemonia as she questions why she is fighting.  Etia and Ariel know things won’t improve if they continue to stay in the sidelines but worry if they get involved, it will endanger everyone. Etia is in a dilemma if Akari would be better off not knowing about something. Akari is face to face with Luna. Akari hopes Luna can come back but Luna instead offers her to become a Daemonia so they can be together. That’s a no, right? Luna still has a shred of humanity inside and manages to hold back herself to let Akari escape. This doesn’t sit well with Cerebrum because having her outside his control won’t do. While Seira wanders around town, Akari is at Hinata’s grave. She is unsure what to do next as she can’t stand fighting alone anymore. She sees a young girl crying and looking for her mom and was about to ignore her but her good side gives in. She helps her find her mom till she learns she has no mom and is alone. Akari also relates her own loneliness when this little girl starts to act strange. Looking very familiar this loli? She is about to hypnotize Akari but she is saved by her handphone ring. An emergency back at Sephiro Fiore. When Akari looks back, the loli is gone. There is an angry mob outside the base. It is believed Cerebrum has spread rumours that they are the ones behind the Daemonia attacks. The unruly mob barge in, destroy and burn everything and our poor ladies have no choice but to escape.

Episode 11
Sephiro Fiore girls seek shelter at Akari’s fortune teller guild’s place. Seira has reached an abandoned building and finds Cerebrum and sleeping Luna. He tells it straight to her that he isn’t controlling Luna but her emotions. It’s because Luna wants Seira out of the picture. As she loves Akari, she fears the more time she spends with Seira, she might take her away each time they got closer. He also points out that Seira too has her own negative emotions like her heartlessness and justice when it comes to slaying Daemonia. Of course Luna is weaker compared to her but it is that weakness that took away Seira’s power. Cerebrum has a suggestion. The only way to get it back is to kill her. It’s not like Luna can turn back to normal so won’t it be better to kill her? Or would she rather have Luna live her life as a wolf girl? Plus, it’s not fair to make Akari fight by herself. Either way, Cerebrum is okay with both options. She has a few hours before the drug on Luna wears off. Seira picks up the dagger… But she can’t bring herself to do it. Etia wants to tell Akari how she came to be. Laplace is against it and warns her the repercussion from Leguzario. Etia is well prepared for it and feels Akari has the right to know since it is wrong for someone’s life to be controlled by an organization. Ariel supports her. Laplace is going to report this but Schrodinger is going to stay back and watch how this interesting destiny unfolds.

Etia begins. Hinata once fought alongside Sephiro Fiore. She fell in love with a man studying on Daemonia in a research facility controlled by Leguzario. However he got infected with Daemonia during his research and went missing. His whereabouts are still unknown. She believes Leguzario had a hand in this. Soon after, they learn Hinata had a child and that child is Akari. That’s right. She is born from a Daemonia and tarot card user. As both tarot cards were originally one, it is no surprise she can hear Daemonia’s voices. Leguzario foresaw her awakening and thus Sephiro Fiore was ordered to bring in and protect her. Knowing this may cause her pain and hardship and it may be too late but the decision is hers to make. They will not stop her if she decides to be on Daemonia’s side. After all, Cerebrum is after her too. Laplace reports to Leguzario and it seems this familiar voice also had a hand in contacting Cerebrum. I think I know who this guy is… Akari sees the little girl at her mother’s graveyard but she knows she is Cerebrum. She wants Cerebrum to release Seira and Luna since it has nothing to do with them as his target is her. Cerebrum praises her strong justice and has no evil inside her but that is what is hurting others. So innocent. So bright. Humans can’t exist next to the sun. The brighter it shines, the darker the shadow. That’s what they can’t stand about her. Like Fuyuna. Luna’s drug wears off and she instantly attacks Seira. She has no choice but to take the dagger and defend herself. Cerebrum offers to save her friends on a condition she joins them. She may even find out why Fuyuna turned into a Daemonia and attacked her. However doing so means she will not come back to this side again.

Episode 12
More precisely, Cerebrum wants to mate with Akari! She doesn’t hesitate for the sake of her friends. He shows her a funny traffic light-cum-hourglass called Clessidra. This is where she came from and trying to go. It is what she is. Once this is done, they’ll become one. As Akari is absorbed into it, Seira and Luna return back to normal and back at the base. Luna speeds up the recovery of Meltina and Priscilla. Schrodinger explains about Clessidra, a much higher plane than the alternate dimension they fight Daemonia in. The problem is trying to locate it. Akari relives the day when her adopted family visits Hinata’s grave. Fuyuna still lives. That dreaded night, Akari knows this is where Fuyuna came into her room trying to kill her. Before she could go ask, there she is trying to kill Akari. She tries to ask why she turned into a Daemonia. Why does she hate her so much? Fuyuna lets it all out. The way she forces herself into people’s hearts. The way she wants to know everything about everyone. When Akari gets killed by her, the dream restarts again. Cerebrum says he can end this if she accepts him. Otherwise, she will repeat this forever. Akari thinks she can do this and change things? Here we go again… Luna feels bad for what she has done to Seira but the latter explains Akari did this to save them all because Cerebrum tried to get rid of them so there is no one else in is way to Akari. They just need to keep looking for her. The Tendou sisters find a weird structure in the alternate dimension. Luna remembers this was where Cerebrum took her and this must be Clessidra. The duo are sent straightaway to its coordinates. Luna continues to apologize over her weakness that got them into this mess. Seira admits that it is true that she is weak. The old her would have left it at that. But after learning from Akari, she has learnt to call them friends. She will accept Luna and everyone else for who they are.

They arrive at Clessidra but have an army of twig Daemonia to take care of. Meanwhile Akari continues to relive the painful past. She kills Fuyuna over and over again. She has many instances to find out or change but she just couldn’t find the strength to do so. Cerebrum tries some reverse psychology. Perhaps it wasn’t Fuyuna who hated Akari. It’s the other way round. Fuyuna took her malicious feelings in and started to see her as the enemy. Still can’t believe it? Put it this way. If she hadn’t meet Fuyuna, this would never have happened. Laplace returns and drops Schrodinger a key. The cat then takes it to Etia and Ariel. It is a sign that Leguzario allows their release for a short period of time to prevent Cerebrum’s plan from proceeding into the next phase. Etia and Ariel do not feel happy about this because in the end, Leguzario still sees them as tools and further their own agenda. But the duo are going to do this to save Akari. Seira and Luna are doing well but have trouble fighting the big mother Daemonia. Before they could be defeated, here comes Ginka. She’s back and kick ass! The Daemonia easily defeated. Seira and Luna… Are they shocked, surprised, happy or relieved? Or all of the above. What the heck, time for a welcome back group hug. Ginka explains the Daemonia they fought are guards for Clessidra. Unlike other Daemonia, the Minor Arcana cards animate them. How does she know all this? Because once you go over to the other side, you know everything. Everything? Yes. She knows Seira’s body fat increased by 0.1%. Yikes. But save that for later. Time to go save Akari. Speaking of her, she is at her limit. Another repeat. Will she snap this time? Will she give up? Oh those bags under her eyes… Zombie…

Episode 13
Trying to break Clessidra isn’t working. So trying with words now? Ginka yells out that it’s because of Akari she is able to return. She was fighting her twin in the other world for so long when she heard her voice. It led to her victory and return. If Akari doesn’t come back, everything will be in vain. Akari is at Hinata’s grave again. But this time she notices Fuyuna trying to talk to her and looking at her for the first time. Cerebrum knows this is going to be the last time but Akari doesn’t care if she is absorbed into him. She wants to face Fuyuna head on without running away. Here she comes. They talk. Fuyuna mentions about why she hates her but in the end, she still loves her. She transforms into a monster and in the process of strangling her, she mentions about Akari being too bright as the sun. It makes her like a shadow and a dark haze covered her heart. However being with her also warms her up. She wants to be around that kindness. Fuyuna blames herself for being weak and taking out on her. Akari will still love her even if she turns into Daemonia. Fuyuna pleads for help to be killed. Akari has accepted if this is the fate they have decided, so be it. Akari slays Fuyuna. Cerebrum is devastated that she managed to purify the darkness. How can she be this powerful if she’s just a mere human? Akari says they’re trying to walk the path they believe in. Cerebrum is disappointed Akari won’t be the one and will have the pleasure of killing her and find a replacement.

When Clessidra is detected moving, Etia and Ariel instantly use their tarot cards to summon a great power. With the key, the strike and break open Clessidra. Akari is saved but Cerebrum is desperate to kill them all. He tries to play mind games with them. Trying to make Luna blame Akari that it’s her fault for turning her into a Daemonia. She accepts her weakness and won’t run away anymore. Cerebrum blasted away. Trying to be sarcastic about Ginka’s return. She believes twin cards aren’t for destruction but unification. Cerebrum is blown away. Trying to insult Seira that she’s pretending to be friends again. There was never a quarrel to begin with. Cerebrum be gone! Trying to get to Akari that humans will never change. This world will never change. As long as those feelings exist, Daemonia will never disappear. But Akari won’t give up. Humans possess both light and darkness. Even if she cannot save those who turn into Daemonia now, she will find a way in the future. Cerebrum turns into a monster for the girls to fight. Even Meltina and Priscilla join in. It is revealed that Cerebrum possesses the twin card of The Sun. Using the power of friendship, Akari strikes her way and pierces through Cerebrum’s core. Cerebrum defeated. Etia and Ariel’s power are instantly sealed back soon after. In the aftermath, the girls get along just fine like usual. Akari mentions her intention to keep fighting with everyone so one day she can save those possessed by Daemonia. In the aftermath, Sephiro Fiore’s base is being rebuilt from scratch. Akari and friends are eager to go overseas to a new exciting branch. Akari checks for her passport but sees a note from Fuyuna. It says that even if the sun is hidden away by dark clouds, a single beam is all it takes to chase away the darkness. That is the sun’s smile.

Episode 14 (OVA)
A flashback episode before Akari joined Sephiro Fiore and is mainly on Fuyuna and Luna. Right after Hinata’s death, Akari became part of Fuyuna’s family. The latter was very kind to her and they did all sort of things together. To a point that it looked like Akari had gotten over her mom’s death and was living the normal life. On the other hand, Luna just joined Sephiro Fiore and she is totally scared and couldn’t fight Daemonia. During battles, she was just cowering in fear. Ginka was like don’t-just-stand-there-do-something while Seira was like get-out-of-my-way. Although Luna receives encouragement from the rest, she still couldn’t find the heart to fight. Thus she was placed in a cell temporarily to organize her thoughts. Akari and Fuyuna are leading a happy life till one day Fuyuna realizes that Akari is slowly getting all the attention and praises from her friends. She’s lively, energetic, positive and stands up for Fuyuna from a bully who wants to take her pudding. What’s there not to like about her? Oh… Jealousy brewing. As Luna is still unable to be useful in battle and remains pessimistic, Etia advises to quickly find her powers that are unique to only her. Seira wasn’t so forgiving. Luna takes time off in town to think. Similarly, Fuyuna has been down lately so Akari takes her out to town to cheer her up. At the shopping mall, the place suddenly rocks because a Daemonia attacks. Though the innocent people are evacuated, the Sephiro Fiore trio are deployed. However Ginka and Seira got injured in the process. Akari notices a mother desperately looking for her child whom she believes is still trapped in the mall. Without thinking, Akari rushes back in and finds her. So she did. Now what? When a beam is about to fall on them, Luna can’t bear to see this and her powers suddenly awaken. The beam is deflected, Akari and the girl run out to safety. Luna heals Ginka and Seira and with them feeling good, they dispose the Daemonia once and for all. Luna has more confidence in herself as the rest welcome her healing power. Fuyuna is not happy Akari was reckless and it made her worried. However deep down she notes she couldn’t do it if she was in her shoes. She laments she can’t be like Akari. And Cerebrum is watching her and loves that expression…

There Is Always Sun In Your Heart!
As usual… The fight between good and evil continues. I’m sure I didn’t expect to see a true happy ending where good triumphs over evil and everyone gets to carry on living their happy lives without ever worrying to become a Daemonia. That would be impossible, right? Because as long as negative emotions exist, humans are bound to become one. Therefore naturally the logic of my theory is that as long as there are happy people all around, there won’t be a risk of people turning into Daemonia, right? As far as this anime is concerned, I would still classify the ending as a happy ending since the girls get to be together again and not missing a friend or two. They also get to deal with their past or whatever that is holding them back and move on. That’s good enough for a magical girl series, no? It better be.

I can’t help compare how this anime strives to be like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. Especially the grim outlook and hopelessness in almost every episode but as usual the light will always shine in every episode. Although I still consider Madoka the darker and grimmer one. Then you have a comrade who also ‘dies’ in this anime but that was somewhat just temporary because she returned so that we could all have a good ending. Yeah, Akari didn’t do a Madoka and become God. Although she could have been some super Daemonia. Besides, how grim and dark could you get when you have an ‘important’ character related to Akari who is already killed in the first 10 minutes of the show? Speaking of deaths, you have side characters of the episode die in this anime when they turn into Daemonia and the only way to save them is to kill them. Sad. It’s ironic that the girls have to kill to save. And when Ginka returned for the sake of a good ending, I thought that in my wildest dream that all those killed minor characters would somehow return too. I guess it was really indeed my wildest dream. Or have we actually forgotten about them already? They also try to put some psychological issues like how Madoka did it but here is somehow fails since in Madoka you can somewhat relate it to real life. Especially Kyuubey’s explanation-cum-revelation of how the universe works. So similar to real life.

The characters feel generic and from what I read from most comments for those who have watched this series, they’re a letdown. I guess even if you’re a good girl with lots of cute and moe appeal won’t help save the show. For instance, Akari is your typical heroine and kind girl who loves helping others. Just to show she is human, she gets lost for a little while especially that thorny issue of Fuyuna’s death keep pricking her from time to time. Then she sacrifices herself to save her friends but just that it isn’t really a sacrifice because she came back alive and well, right? Every group needs to have some sort of an unfriendly, cold and I-don’t-want-to-be-friends-with-you kind of character. Seira clearly fits that bill and you know in shows like these, that is why the power of friendship is stressed and in the end she opens up instead of trying to be a loner. Every group also needs to have a cheerful and spunky girl. I don’t think I know any anime characters who use money as their weapon (there’s that anime called C something Money Possibility Control something but I didn’t really watch it). No, Ginka doesn’t bribe Daemonia! If only I had those gold coins as shields… Timid Luna has her insecurities too. I’m not sure if she is seeing Akari as her substitute sister (who knows where Selena went and hell, I won’t be surprised if she turned into a Daemonia) but that weakness of hers becomes her strength, partly because everyone including strict Seira to accept her and everyone else for who they are. And yes people, remember the power of friendship and that everyone is not perfect. It is those weaknesses and strengths that make us unique. So accept them and accept yourself.

As for the other characters, Etia and Ariel feel lacking. Despite being the head of this Sephiro Fiore’s branch, all they do is just watch over the girls and from time to time, guide and give advice (especially Etia). It is hinted that they possess some super power and when that time comes for us to see it, I’m not even sure if that simple act was it. So fast and so I-can’t-see-how-this-is-related-to-their-whatever-power, that in a way it felt disappointing. Then you have Laplace and Schrodinger possibly as this series’ mascot but they don’t certainly look cute or the kind you want to cuddle. Schrodinger maybe. Maybe. But not Laplace. They too give only lip service and watch over everything. They must really be doing a good job, eh? The easiest job if I should say because they’re sitting behind the safety of a room while our girls risk their neck fighting Daemonia. Seniors Meltina and Priscilla also don’t do much mainly because they are secondary characters as compared to Akari and co. One thing I find a little annoying about the Tendou sisters is that whenever they speak, it’s like sometimes they tend to complete each other’s sentence. Well that’s fine but usually the third one would just repeat the last few words of what the second one said. It’s like they wanted to make all 3 of them say something and to remind us that there are 3 of them but since I guess the sentence is too short, they just went with this. As for Cerebrum, I have a feeling he is Hinata’s lover… And as a villain whom we know nothing about and why he wants Akari, it was certainly disturbing he wanted to mate with Akari. She’s underage for Heaven’s sake… Oh sure, they try to cram in a few yuri scenes at the end especially with Luna and fake Akari but I don’t think it’ll work out. Then there are those fortune teller guild members. How are they even relevant? Forgettable.

There are many loopholes or questions that have been boggling my mind since the anime ended or still bugging me throughout my watching duration. Here are some of them (the rest I forgot). What happened to the Moscow branch’s The Lover’s user? So going by Ginka’s experience, she is still fighting her other twin in some other world, right? Her no return means she must still be fighting. Or could you die for good in that world? If so, what difference does it make fighting in another plane? Speaking of going to that other plane, seems Ginka has gained lots of knowledge. Oh, so now she’s God? Does she really know everything or pulling a fast one? Because if she does, she could have easily found a way to come back. I guess you don’t know everything. But really, if disappearing to the other side means gaining knowledge if you come back, then I might just need to take the shortcut and head there instead of studying for my exams. The biggest mystery is Leguzario organization. Something tells me that they are both the good and the bad side. The ones responsible for unleashing Daemonia, the ones turning girls into magical girls that fight them. The angel and the devil all in one. So everything is just going according to their plan? It’s odd that people based with only a strong sense of justice would go work for an organization that they never know the top people or even if it really existed. Hey, they’ve got a talking crow and cat so it’s got to be true, right? I hope if the true face of Leguzario is revealed, it won’t turn out to be a big scam like the Wizard of Oz… Since there are 21 tarot card users (assuming in a branch), where the heck are the rest for this Sephiro Fiore seeing if they say they have been looking for the final The Sun user that is Akari? Now that the quartet are going overseas, who else are going to defend this town? Can Meltina and Priscilla handle it by themselves?

And then there is this part when a Daemonia is defeated, all memories of existence of that person get erased. I don’t even know where to begin because I’m so confused. It makes the time paradox thing sound easier to comprehend. So everything you do with that person is erased. That’s fine if it’s just memories. What happens if there is a photo album? Wouldn’t it be odd just to find that there is a ‘missing person’ in a photo? Besides, if a person who disappeared, what about the things he/she done in their life? Let’s assume that person planted some nice flowers and plants for you. He turns into a Daemonia, gets killed and disappears forever from everybody’s life. Now, if he ceased to exist, tell me who planted those flowers and plants? Don’t go telling me that somebody else did. Because that will be like erasing history and redoing them. You need to be God if you want to do all that. Imagine if a person is a celebrity, everyone in the whole wide world is going to be affected. Which is a lot pain in the ass than just altering memories. Or maybe it is just simple as that. Altering memories. It’s just really easier to forget than do all those painstaking history alteration thingy. Yeah. I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night.

When the girls transform into their battle gear, I thought they just look meaner than their usual look. It makes them look more mature. Those badass eyes… However I have to say that there is not much creativity put in the design of their outfits. You know, magical girls should transform into their ‘creatively’ well designed outfits, right? Basically theirs stay the same and aside their meaner looks, they just have some sort of hair accessory added in this form. Oh sure, like that will make a lot of difference. As for the design of the Daemonia, some of them were creepy enough but some felt cartoonish. Though, I don’t think they will give me nightmares when I close my eyes and sleep every night. Sometimes I feel that the monster designers ran out of ideas and just mash in whatever comes to mind. As long as it is hideous, it passes. Hah. I’m sure you’d be asking me to go design the Daemonia then. The battle scenes are okay though it is typically the girls and their same magical weapon techniques.

Something about the art style and drawing. I noticed that the characters have this lanky look. Reminds me of that ecchi anime series, Onii-chan No Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara Ne. Sometimes I thought they are so lanky and thin that from certain angles they may be suffering from anorexia. Serious. Though it is unique as many animes don’t really have lankiness as its trademark. Another thing is that the characters seem to have almost square jawbones. This is obvious in certain characters like Seira and Luna. So from a certain point of angle, it really looks like they have broad faces. Also, because I think they want to portray this magical girl as some loli theme, the girls have big wide eyes for cute effects which sometimes feel awkward. Unless you’re like Seira whose eyes are squint.

The next episode preview segment is an amusing and interesting part. Amusing because it features the main characters of the series as they make light-hearted conversations. Something that does not happen in the episode proper. Like the Tendou sisters having fun playing shiritori, Laplace and Schrodinger concern about doing their job of communicating, Etia and Ariel trying to guess each other’s hobby (probably they’ve forgotten their own hobby), Meltina and Priscilla talking about trying out the local food and finally Akari and friends coming up with their own team name: Tarot Quartet! Say what? Heck, Akari just came up with that on a whim. Interesting because it features a tarot card and it enlightens us about the basic nature of the card and what it represents. Also, it tells us the good/positive and bad/negative side of this card when drawn chosen correctly or in reverse. Just like everything, you need light and darkness to balance everything. Yin and yang. But I’m not so much of a believer in this (or even the daily horoscope that you can find anywhere even in the newspaper) so I just read it for fun and knowledge (and then forget totally forget about it when I watch the next anime).

For the voice acting department, once again Kikuko Inoue is voicing roles other than dreamy ones like how I often recognized her. As Ariel who is serious and do not let emotions mix with her speech, she is hardly the Belldandy of Aa! Megami-sama and Ranma 1/2’s Kasumi that I know of. The other casts include Mai Kadokawa as Akari (Ilya in Fate series), Eri Kitamura as Seira (Ami in Toradora), Sora Tokui as Luna (Nero in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Yuiko Tatsumi as Ginka (Riko in KissxSis), Aya Endo as Etia (Miyuki in Lucky Star), Nao Touyama as Meltina (Kanon in The World God Only Knows), Ruriko Aoki as Priscilla, Chado Horii as Laplace (Kakeru in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru),Shiori Izawa as Schrodinger (Sodoko in Girls Und Panzer), Atsumi Tanezaki as the Tendou sisters (Natsume in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun) and Ayane Sakura as Fuyuna (Akane in Vividred Operation). Due to Cerebrum’s shape shifting ability, there are 4 different people voicing this character but with Takashi Kondo (Sugisaki in Seitokai No Ichizon) as the main one. The rock outfit opening theme is Traumerei by LiSA while the pop rock ending theme is Mirage by Natsumi Okamoto.

At the end of the day, we don’t really oppose to dark and grim magical girl series. We don’t oppose to series that sees the protagonist and his group sharing and facing the hardship together, overcoming all obstacles. We are not against anime series exploring and tackling psychological and social issues that are controversial to deal with in real life. While there is nothing bad (in terms of story) about lolis killing monsters and trying to save people, the bottom line is that perhaps we prefer our lolis cute, simple and pure instead of making them fight monsters and spill blood which could leave them vulnerable to irreversible psychological effects that may forever scar the rest of their lives. Cute girls doing cute things in cute ways, no? Anybody especially lolicons would turn into a Daemonia if they ever see their loli going crazy butchering each other and being tortured covered in blood… So please keep our lolis safe from such ‘monsters’.

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