Getsumen To Heiki Miina

November 15, 2009

What is the first thing you conjure up when you hear female in bunny-like outfits? Playboy? Not unless you’re and anime otaku and have watched Getsumen To Heiki Miina, then I guess this would be the first thing that comes to your mind. This series is an adaptation of the in-anime series which is made for that popular Japanese live action drama, Densha Otoko (Train Main). Perhaps with the show being such popular at one time, it is no surprise that they decided to make an anime out of this.
So if you are thinking that the plot of this anime mainly revolves around ecchi fanservice, then you’re way off the mark. In a nutshell, think of them more as alter ego heroines protecting the planet from aliens. Bunny aliens. The fanservice here is mild and the bunny outfits that many of these ladies adorn aren’t that provoking (though one of them is). I remember reading a review saying viewers who intend to watch this show should leave their brains at the doorstep so I concluded that this must be a very funny series. Funny, yes. Very, no. But you indeed have to discard some logic and reasoning because in this world setting, aliens do exist although we see only the rabbit form of them. And people do acknowledge the existence of those bunny outfit heroines who are from the Rabbit Force, each of them having Miina in their names.
To start things off in episode 1, normal high school student Mina Tsukuda has just landed a juicy role as a sports announcer in SpoLuna. She’s trying too hard so much so she nearly made a bad start by being late but makes it in time. The midget director of SpoLuna, Katou D, isn’t too pleased with Mina’s tardiness because timing is everything. Mina isn’t going to be alone as an announcer as she has veteran announcers, Daisuke Kiryuu and Suiren Koushuu alongside her. Then there’s the supposedly ‘back-up’ announcer, Escartin Mutsumune. Though she may put up a friendly disposition, she actually hates Mina because she’s always thinking that 3rd announcer seat should’ve been hers and thus her big break. This jealous-laden girl is your typical b*tch and tries to secretly sabotage Mina but it always backfires and deservingly reap what she sows. Other than the SpoLuna’s TV crew member, AD Suzuki, Onoue P is a mysterious boss of Luna Television. A taciturn character but don’t look down on him yet as he has his subtle ways of judging a character. Due to Mina’s near blunder, the rest are thinking about removing her but Onoue isn’t going to make a hasty decision yet.
In school, we are introduced to several more characters like Mina’s friend Tomo Mochimura, Mina’s childhood friend Kanchi Hazemi and the self proclaimed Mina fan Junichiro Yoshimi. Mina’s debut has sure garnered lots of attention so it’s no surprise that her popularity is rising. Tomo advises her about juggling between her job and study but Mina is fine with it. Mina’s next assignment is an interview with a returning famous baseball player Tsuyoshi Nikaidou. However Mutsumune purposely gives Mina the wrong direction to the dressing room so as expected she gets lost. Thinking that she has found the place after hearing Nikaidou’s voice, she opens the door to see someone lying on the floor and Nikaidou’s face seems different. Red eyes? She closes the door and before she could wonder what is happening, the door blasts open. Mina thinks she is done for when that weird Nikaidou is going to pound her but a lady named Miina Ootsuki kicks him away. Note her cleavage and plunging neckline. How low can you go? Ootsuki is here to arrest the imposter but the latter escapes via transforming himself into a red liquid. Ootsuki tells Mina that she has to transform by doing a Ju-Jitsu. Elsewhere, Katou is once again stressed out by Mina’s disappearance so he has Mutsumune on standby. Looks like her plan is going well. Not until some red liquid floods the hallway and takes her down.
Everyone in the stadium is awaiting Nikaidou’s return when the red liquid emerges and transforms into a giant mecha version of Nikaidou, shocking the crowd. With Ootsuki making her appearance a large scale destructive battle is at hand. While at it, Mina is being confronted with a floating baby! Now this is the funny and odd part which viewers would first find. When this rabbit-like bundle baby, Nanashi (meaning Nameless), speaks, his voice is so falsetto! Too hilarious! Even if he is trying to be serious but his falsetto voice is a dead giveaway and I can’t help laugh each time I hear him speak! By the way, how can he talk if he always got a pacifier in his mouth? Anyway Nanashi is the leader of the Rabbit Force team and explains how aliens from other planets love interfering with Earth’s unique sports culture simply because it’s the most popular entertainment in the galaxy. Hey, I did say to leave your brains at the doorstep, didn’t I? Nanashi says Mina is also a Miina and her responsibility to protect Earth from these bad aliens like in this case, a crazy Nikaidou fan who wants to badly replace him. Mina has no time to think what is going on as Nanashi plants a vegetable she hates most down her throat, a carrot. And after saying Ju-Jitsu, a lengthy elaborated transformation with an equally lengthy explanation occurs. Oh now she’s power up into some crime fighting alien busting super heroine named Miina Tsukishiro. Besides, she has 2 giant carrots as her weapon which could transform into any tool/weapon she desires. By the way, as narrated her carrot weapon is blasted from the moon in just 14 seconds! Wow.
Tsukishiro and Ootsuki team up to defeat the alien menace, much to the crowd’s delight. They then arrest the rabbit alien under the "No Interference With Other Planets’ Culture Act". If ever such an act exists… Later everyone celebrates their success at a Japanese restaurant and Katou wonders where Mina was because she was supposed to interview Nikaidou. Note that Mina cannot reveal her identity and Mutsumune is lamenting her fate as she is covered in bandages. Initially I was wondering why nobody could recognize that Mina and Tsukishiro are the same person. Something like the Superman theory? But there is one obvious difference besides their different clothing. Tsukishiro is bustier than flat-chest Mina. Ah, I see that’s why nobody in their right mind would think they’re both the same person. So in most episodes you’ll notice this sort of format. Mina goes about with her announcer job and school life, some sports-crazy rabbit alien tries to take over/interfere in a particular sports it likes, Nanashi appears anytime and anyhow (usually in a weird way) to inform, Mina dreads drinking the carrot juice and transforms to kick ass, busts the alien and saves the day. Mina will also meet other Miinas along the way and you can tell that each of them have their unique vegetable as their weapon. Also not forgetting Mutsumune’s sabotage plan. I don’t know if she’ll ever learn but I guess she’s taking the never give up and try again advice the wrong way. She ends up getting hurt badly in each episode and each time Katou is about to scold Mina for screwing up, some report which increases their ratings changes his mind. It’s all about the ratings, eh? And yes. We can also see Mina’s mom and dad cooking some stuff in the kitchen while talking things related to Mina.
Mina, Suiren and Kiryuu report another successful arrest from Ootsuki on a pro-wrestling maniac alien in episode 2. Mina is assigned to do research on this sport as Suzuki shows her a huge library of Luna Television’s data collection ever since its inception. Good luck girl. She burns the midnight oil doing her research and we see Mutsumune actually living in the station itself! Yeah, in some room tucked away in some warehouse. She really dreams of that announcer job so badly, eh? The next day Mina shows the script she has written from her research to Suiren but the latter disapproves it since it isn’t from her own words. She has no choice but to memorize it. Mutsumune tries another sabotage attempt by handing Mina a fake script in case she forgets her lines on air. Mina starts to panic when the script is scribbled with nonsense. But Mutsumune’s joy is short-lived because Mina closes the script and starts reciting her lines from her heart. Meanwhile, Katou is acting strange. Nope. He IS strange. He is bigger than usual! Katou gets excited the more Mina reads out her lines. The fake Katou is actually an alien as he takes out his wrestling moves on Mutsumune (the real one stuck in toilet). Here comes the pain. The alien is demanding a fight between 2 of pro-wrestling greatest legends but Mina earnestly pleads for him to leave and that his request is impossible since one is dead and the other retired. The alien is still in disbelief and is going to destroy the station if his demand isn’t met. He summons his pals as they start attacking the station. Mina reluctantly transforms and does several submission moves to subdue them and make a successful arrest. Later at the restaurant, Katou is reprimanding Mina for leaving her broadcast while on air and is considering removing her. This news is making injured Mutsumune happy. However after hearing their ratings went up because people liked Mina’s bravery and heartfelt plea, Katou changes his mind and Mutsumune’s sorrow continues. Drink up everybody!
Mina makes another late entry for her job in episode 3. Elsewhere Kanchi’s little sister, Nakoru wakes him up. In school, Mina meets up with Nakoru and notes that she is in middle school now and Nakoru intends to join the cheerleading club to cheer her brother who is in the school’s baseball team. Later Mina is surprised to find her next interview assignment as her school’s baseball team. Of course this garners the attention of her schoolmates. Mina tries to interview Kanchi but he coldly ignores her and leaves. Later Nakoru confronts him and he thinks how Mina has changed. That is, she seems so proud in front of TV. So Nakoru go ask Mina which side she is on. Is she cheering for Kanchi or just for her job? Her reply is that she is on both sides and remembers the promise she made with him. Soon a baseball match between their school and a rival school begins. Mina takes a short leave since her handphone is ringing, pissing off Katou. That call is from Nanashi. I don’t know how but he comes out from her handphone just to tell her that a baseball crazy alien has infiltrated the stadium. Mutsumune intends to lend her cheering support to the rival team when an alien behind her gets hyped up. The alien starts her extreme cheering version by using an invisible spacecraft to send the cheerleaders flying in the air. Mina transforms and another successful apprehension sending the crowd wild. The match continues as Mina continues her announcing. She notices Kanchi in a pinch and once again leaves her seat. She yells to him and makes a hand signal which looks like a rabbit. This was the promise they made, about a signal to use his magic ball to determine the outcome. Kanchi understands and unleashes his super powerful magic ball. That night at the restaurant, Katou once again scolds Mina that there is no such thing as a magic ball but since their school won and their ratings have gone up again, there’s nothing much they could do about it, eh?
What’s this? Mutsumune getting her big break as an announcer in episode 4? It’s not a dream. Really. Looks like some announcer of a different section went out so I guess this gave Mutsumune an opportunity. Meanwhile Mina oversleeps while doing her homework as Nanashi appears to lecture about her attitude on protecting Earth but Mina says Ootsuki is always around doing a perfect job. Then Lunar Television holds a Lunafesta for summer celebrations and one of the programmes include a female beach volleyball tournament among the staff under different programme segments. At the fest, Mutsumune has garnered some fans of her own and thinks her time has come. But she gets jealous once again when more fans of Mina turn up. The beach volleyball tournament starts with Mina and Suiren as a team. Mutsumune has a SpoLuna mascot as her partner but unknown to her, an alien has intercepted to be that mascot. I’m thinking in the hot sands, why should that person wear a full costume anyway? Amazingly it’s a Mina-Suiren and Mutsumune-SpoLuna mascot final. Mina takes a beating but after some words of encouragement from Suiren and unintentional Mutsumune, she gets her confidence back. In the end, Mina-Suiren team wins. But that’s not the end yet as the alien starts acting up. Since this alien is the type that loves stealing trophies and sells them at a high price, it isn’t too happy with the lost. It grows big and stomps on Mutsumune. Ouch. Deja vu? Mina goes into action as Tsukishiro but finds the alien too much to handle. Thankfully Ootsuki appears before Tsukishiro becomes smashed carrot. Though the alien is defeated, its comrades beam it up to their little ship and escape. Ootsuki is not about to let it get away and pounds it and sends it crashing into the bridge. But they eventually manage to get away in a little escape pod. Ootsuki wants to give chase but Nanashi says to attend to the injured and tells Tsukishiro how Ootsuki has always been protecting her. Lastly the aliens decide to abandon their trophy collecting ways and find a new craze to increase their sales: T-shirts of Mutsumune! Ah well, at least she’ll be famous in a different universe.
In episode 5, Tsukishiro must be getting used to this lifestyle after another successful alien arrest. But a little girl notices her transformation back to Mina. That loli, Yuu Takanashi, joins SpoLuna as an announcer for a special broadcast. She is more fluent, smooth and professional so much so it puts Mina to shame. But if you think Yuu is going to be a goody loli, think again because she has a dark side as she threatens Mina for money to buy juice. Then she indirectly hints how tough she’s having since she’s playing 2 roles. Could it be that Yuu knows of Mina’s other identity? Because of that, Mina feels depressed so Nanashi gives her a memory erasing ray gun and to use it on anyone who has discovered her identity. Next day, Yuu knows that Mina has a secret crush on Kiryuu and threatens to reveal her secret. Mina has no choice but to be her errand girl-cum-slave or else. One day as Yuu continues to boss Mina around, she notices a family with a picture of a Ferris Wheel in hand. Yuu tells Mina that she can go home early. Mina learns from the hostess of the restaurant that she is a friend of Yuu’s mom. Due to Yuu’s parents working overseas, Yuu always felt lonely. Mina realizes and decides to take Yuu to ride the Ferris Wheel. However due to impending bad weather, the ride is closed so Yuu throws a tantrum like a brat. As they take a walk by the riverside, Mina ponders whether to use the ray gun but ultimately decides not to. Then she realizes what Yuu meant by 2 roles is that she is referring to her announcer job and high school student life. Yuu indicates that she would like to be Mina’s friend. Then in a train, Mina threatens Nanashi by pointing the ray gun at him saying that she will not use it to erase memories and will use her own powers to solve them. Funny to see Nanashi sweating and panic.
Mina’s next assignment is to cover a football match but the referee is an alien in disguised, red carding everyone for the stupidest reasons. The alien beams up all those who oppose him into his spaceship, including Mina. With that, Yuu decides to help Mina as she transforms into Miina Tamamushi. So another Rabbit Force Miina, eh? The 2 oversized cherries hanging from her rabbit ears do look out of place. As expected, Tamamushi wins the day and arrests the alien. By the time Mina transforms into Tsukishiro, everything is already over. The next day as Yuu reads her broadcast, she becomes like klutzy Mina as she stammers and mispronounces every line. Finally we see Yuu meeting up with Nanashi and that the duo collaborated to see if Mina is worthy of being a Miina. The ray gun is just a toy and if she ever pulls the trigger, only "Failure!" lines would come out of it and that Mina would of course fail her mission. Nanashi is upset because of this, he is misunderstood to be the bad guy and wants Yuu to properly explain it to Mina. Yuu notes that she is one of Rabbit Force’s early members and that Mina will eventually learn stuff that she doesn’t want to, especially the real meaning behind their genes. Back at the restaurant, Mina can’t seem to figure out who Tamamushi is but feels she has met her before. Ah, that Superman theory…
Kiryuu and Mina head to the hotsprings to investigate a case whereby rugby players have become more aggressive and violent during their game after taking a dip there in episode 6. I see Mina gets her chance to be close to her crush but Suzuki starts panicking and relays his worries to cool Suiren because you know, he thinks Mina is at that age whereby she falls in love, starts dating, bla bla bla. The duo reach the hotspring inn and the hostess mistakes them as newlyweds but Kiryuu clears the air. Meanwhile Mutsumune is also at the hotspring and has set a series of traps whereby she’ll make Mina trip, a basin knocking over a head and then the final touch of her slipping into the hotspring. Mina is fantasizing a mixed outdoor bath but finds out that the baths are gender separated. Disappointed? Mutsumune has been waiting for a while and thinks if Mina is ever coming so she steps out from her hiding place and got caught in her own trap. Several wires proceed to grab Mutsumune underwater. When Mina comes in, Mutsumune attacks her but luckily Mina slipped on a soap and evaded her kick. Ootsuki appears to knock her out. She tells Mina how Nanashi contacted her about a secret UFO base under the hotspring. Their intention of using the personality switch machine is to have the leading teams disqualified by making them go berserk. After Mina transforms, she tells Ootsuki how she doesn’t want to be a Mina and also she likes Kiryuu. While Tsukishiro is giving her thoughts, the UFO emerges and attacks them. One of its wires has got Ootsuki so Tsukishiro unleashes her carrot missiles to take out the menace. And I can’t believe Kiryuu didn’t think much of all the commotion. Probably he’s a little drunk? Not till the explosion sends water gushing here and there and almost destroyed the entire place. After the capture, Kiryuu rushes over to see if Mina is alright and thankfully she is. Suiren then comes by in her bike. Shouldn’t she be shocked to see them together clad only in towels? Anyway the trio report their scoop on the alien’s scheme and later at the restaurant, Katou fires another one at Mina about the hotspring repairs but since international relationships have been restored, Sports League will sponsor SpoLuna and cover all costs. Saved.
Everyone is shocked to learn from Katou that Suiren will temporary stop working at SpoLuna because of an affair scandal in episode 7. Her place will be filled by a veteran announcer Kouzai. Mina does an investigation job to meet the paparazzi, Sanae Tsutsuji, who took that scandalous photo of Suiren. Mina’s fears are confirmed when Sanae shows her a photo of Suiren in a misleading kissing-like position with a man. She wants her to give up the photos but Sanae blackmails her to give some money in exchange. Well, I’m not sure how much Mina has but breaking her piggy-bank isn’t going to be enough that’s for sure. Sanae isn’t going to buy it and leaves. At that time a rabbit alien assassin narrowly misses its shot on Sanae and escapes. So they take cover back at Sanae’s home. Mina learns that Sanae is some antique weapons freak and she’s trying to get enough money to salvage them and save them from being destroyed. Right now Sanae is trying to save enough for a tank model 601. Seriously? Then Mina goes to inform her that model 601 is going to be used as a target practice scrap at Mt Fuji so Sanae is suspicious if she’s trying to do this in exchange for the photos. However Mina is sincere and she’s doing it because she couldn’t bear seeing her friend sad. Since when did they become friends? Sanae runs away as Nanashi appears (WTF?! He’s making a funny face?!). Mina is pondering what will happen if a Miina uses her powers other than for mission purposes. For the first time we hear Nanashi’s deep manly and serious voice! He explains there is a Miina who did that but soon her powers were sealed, got kicked out of Rabbit Force and became a rogue.
Sanae is at Mt Fuji and tries to save model 601 from the onslaught of several alien assassins in tanks. She calls Mina who is in the middle of a meeting for help since she’s the only friend she’s got. Tsukishiro arrives in time and deduces why the aliens are targeting Sanae is because of the photo. Upon taking a closer look, the alien assassin can be seen at the edge of the photo. Sanae remembers that Suiren was investigating a corruption case between the alien and a sports league director. Suiren entered the room to confront the man and that’s when she took the photo. After that, Suiren did a judo throw on him. Tsukishiro is relieved that Suiren didn’t have an affair so she unleashes a rain of missiles on the other tanks but their numbers are overwhelming. Nanashi appears and we learn that Sanae is the rogue Miina. He makes a deal with her to take the seal off if she cooperates so Sanae transforms into Miina Satsuki to help take out the menace. But since she’s a rogue, she doesn’t have her blueberry weapon. Not to worry, Nanashi has ordered a delivery of an outdated weapon: A bazooka. Hmm… That delivery girl suspiciously looked like the one back at the Japanese restaurant. How can a bazooka defeat a whole bunch of tank army? I don’t know but they did it. Sanae salvages model 601 back in her room and since it is too big, it collapses. Guess who is walking in front of her house? Yup. Mutsumune. Thinking of replacing Suiren, eh? Ouch. So kids, don’t think bad of other people. Heavy things could befall onto you. Mutsumune’s dream is further shattered because Suiren is back as SpoLuna’s announcer as she clears the air up. And at the restaurant as everyone celebrates, Mina notices how Kiryuu is always looking at Suiren with a warm and gentle feeling in his eyes. I know, I know. It’s called love…
We learn Kanchi is a big fan of Tsukishiro in episode 8. Because of that, he didn’t hear Nakoru calling him for dinner and gets surprised when she comes in. Nakoru becomes a little depressed when she learns of this so she talks to Mina about this that of all the Miinas, why is Kanchi obsessed on Tsukishiro (referring to her as bellybutton flashing weirdo?). Nakoru feels Kanchi may not need her anymore because he never tells her anything. Mina gets a rude shock when she finds out Nakoru and Kanchi aren’t really siblings. Nakoru’s mom who lives faraway once told her that they could live together once she reaches high school. Though Kanchi doesn’t know about this. Then Nakoru gets hurt when Kanchi jokingly says he’s tired of eating her mini hamburgers and that he is going to move to USA to be a major baseball league player. However Nakoru says he can’t become one and runs away. Elsewhere, the way Nanashi appears makes it as though everyone misunderstood that Mina has a baby at such an age! Anyway he’s here to tell that an alien signal is nearby and is the one relating to missing baseball players. Kanchi is taking a break during his baseball practice when an alien appears and wants his magic ball so he teleports him with his ray gun. Nakoru saw everything but was too late to do anything. Tsukishiro and Nanashi arrive and learn what happen. Nanashi traces the signal to pinpoint their location but Nakoru persists she wants to tag along.
Kanchi is being taken to a cornfield and is amazed to see all the famous baseball players there. The alien is assembling the best baseball players for a universal baseball team and wants Kanchi to sign a contract that will make him play in intergalactic matches. Kanchi is still indecisive so the alien says that there’s a possibility that he could marry Tsukishiro. But Kanchi refuses since that won’t allow him to eat Nakoru’s mini hamburgers as he’ll be playing in faraway planets. The alien gets desperate when Mina arrives so he hypnotizes the other players to keep them at bay. Since they are normal humans, Mina can’t hurt them. Nakoru tries to bat the alien away but is blasted away instead. She lands in a tomato field and after she accidentally swallows a tomato and say Ju-Jitsu, she transforms into Miina Minazuki. Since the alien is trying to get rid of Minazuki, Kanchi unleashes his magic ball but to the alien’s dismay it is nothing close to its name. Even so, the slow ball was enough to destroy his speed meter as Minazuki gives the finishing blow. As Kanchi passes out, Nanashi explains that Nakoru’s mom was once a Rabbit Force member but retired once Nakoru was born. When that happens, the power is passed on to the child and the mother will have none of it. In order to protect ex-Miinas from alien harassment after their retirement, their identities were hidden and they moved from place to place. Nakoru realizes her mom’s case and Mina does the same when she realizes her SpoLuna segment is starting. She barely makes it and manages to sooth Katou’s anger with a video which solves the missing baseball players’ case. In the end, Nakoru notes how she’ll continue to live in this house because she is Kanchi’s sister and as everyone in SpoLuna celebrate their soaring ratings, Mutsumune is so relieved that she didn’t get hurt today. Suddenly just about everything fell on her. Haha! A cue just for that. That has to be her trademark already.
All the 5 Miinas are seen imprisoned in an alien spaceship in episode 9. It all happened when they each received a disc which threatens to expose their real identities. That’s when they fell into this trap and got imprisoned here. Tsukishiro is in a further pinch because her broadcast is to go on air in 27 minutes. Ah, late again. Can she get out of this and make it? Because of that, Mutsumune gets the shock of her life when she gets a call to replace Mina. Her big break is coming but she finds her room door locked. Remember her room is situated in the warehouse? Yeah, some big prop is blocking it. Of all times… Anyway the ping pong crazy alien wants to play a table tennis match with the Miinas in which if they lose, their identities will be exposed. No choice so first up is Satsuki. As the game drags on, she hears the alien playing guilty mind games on her and lost. Tamamushi figures that the ball has a device which psychologically attacks their mind if they stare at the ball at an extended time. At the end, they’ll end up hypnotized just like how Satsuki is a vegetable. Tamamushi is up next but falls meets the same fate. Then it is Minazuki and the same thing. Next is Tsukishiro and well, no different. But at least Ootsuki’s voice manages to snap her out a little before fully succumbing to the inevitable. All that is left is Ootsuki. Meanwhile Mutsumune isn’t going to give up yet and is crawling through the air vent. Time is ticking and even news that Mutsumune has gone ‘missing’ reaches the crew. Same thing with Suiren. Her bike is found abandoned at the riverside. Onoue is looking cool as he says to believe in them.
Ootsuki takes on the alien and is in danger of getting hypnotized. However Ootsuki’s determined speech seems to indicate that she is Suiren. She defeats the alien and frees the rest from hypnosis. However the alien isn’t going to give up and like the sore loser he is, is going to expose their identities. But it isn’t working since their ping pong match gave Nanashi enough time to hack and delete the videos. The Miinas violently take out their frustrations on the alien even sending shivers down Nanashi’s spine. "Oh my God…", says he. The spaceship is self destructing as Nanashi only manages to teleport Satsuki, Tamamushi, Minazuki and the alien safely down to the baseball stadium. Ootsuki escapes with Tsukishiro in her arms. I wonder if their suit can withstand all those re-entry temperature and force seeing that they aren’t that fully covered. Before Tsukishiro passes out, she indicates that she knows Ootsuki and Suiren are one. Ootsuki whispers that everyone at SpoLuna is waiting for them. Suzuki starts panicking as countdown to airing is closely ticking away. Kouzai shows up last minute as replacement but in within 3 seconds from air, Mina and Suiren appear right on the dot to take over (haha. Kouzai has to hide under the table). Phew. And where did Mutsumune ended up? She ended up in some garbage bin after sliding out from a garbage chute. How suitable. Finally we see a lady strolling at the beach saying to herself that she set up all this as a preliminary test.
In episode 10, Ootsuki ones again saves the day but not before causing her usual damage. Katou is upset that she is destroying sport buildings and stadiums. Back at SpoLuna, it is confirmed as Mina notes how she knows Suiren is Ootsuki. Then she gets an assignment from Suzuki to accept an interview from a gossip magazine. Kiryuu meets Suiren at a bar and notices her gloominess but she leaves. On her way, Nanashi confronts Suiren about her destructive ways in which she says she can’t help it every time she is Ootsuki. Next day, Mina meets the gossip magazine reporter Sumire Nishiha (looking like that lady at the beach in the previous episode). Sumire takes Mina on an outing which seems like friends having fun rather than an interview. When they come across a stall selling merchandise of Ootsuki, Sumire asks Mina’s opinion of Ootsuki’s violence. Seeing that Mina is on Ootsuki’s side, Sumire signals a fleet of battleships and beams them up. Meanwhile SpoLuna is covering a wrestling match when it’s intercepted by wrestling mania aliens. Suiren confronts them but is blasted away. Then herald Ootsuki who does her usual wild rampaging and almost endangered the lives of the spectators. The alien has got Kiryuu in his grasps and tells Ootsuki not to do anything funny or else. Ootsuki is in a pinch and she just stood there receiving the electric shocks from the alien. Kiryuu says not to care about him and wonders where her wild self has gone to. Ootsuki admits that she’s not the strong woman he thinks and can’t do anything that would force her to leave him. At that point, Ootsuki’s powers has been zapped as she reverts back to Suiren (why is she naked?!). Everyone now knows her identity. Kiryuu confronts her and wants to know why she hid this from him. Is he not trustworthy enough. Suiren didn’t answer so he walks away.
Mina and Sumire too are watching the events unfold so since it turned out like that Sumire is going to transform as she takes a bite from a potato. Mina realizes that she is also a Miina, Miina Shiwasu and is the Rabbit Force’s inspector and a super celebrity Miina. She drops down to Earth and uses her seductive charms to even make the alien voluntarily surrender. The power of persuasion… She’s smooth… On board the battleship, Mina learns from Shiwasu’s assistant Yayoi, that they are from the Rabbit Force Legion, an organization which gives Miinas their true powers and that Shiwasu controls this huge army. Back down on Earth, Shiwasu continues to use her spunky personality to run down Ootsuki and as a result everyone is convinced of Ootsuki’s atrocities and supports Shiwasu to get rid of Ootsuki. Mina rushes back to SpoLuna to find Suiren’s resignation letter. She goes after her but Suiren tells Mina to continue being an announcer. As Mina is on her way back, Sumire appears and says she’s starting a "No more Ootsuki" campaign since her actions were damaging the Miinas’ reputation. Plus, this is an order from the commander of Earth’s Rabbit Force. Because of that, Nanashi has been demoted since he supported Ootsuki. Sumire is expecting Mina’s cooperation. Mina is in a dilemma on what to do.
In episode 11, Shiwasu uses her influence to make herself even more popular, even taking over all Tsukishiro’s websites. But is she really that popular? I mean, Yoshimi is really getting bored of her high and mighty attitude and because of that, he’s being zapped by beams and instantly turned into a Shiwasu supporter. You must love her or else… While Mina’s dad declares his undying love for his wife, mommy says how she was once a Miina. Mina arrives at SpoLuna only to find out that Kiryuu has submitted his registration too. Also, SpoLuna may be closed down since in a way it deceived people about Ootsuki. However they could be saved if they broadcast an Ootsuki bashing script. Since SpoLuna is Katou’s dream, he is desperately trying to save it. Selfish guy. Meanwhile Yayoi is seen talking to Shiwasu about this little harassment on Ootsuki which went too far. The reason Shiwasu did this was just to knock Ootsuki off the top spot for the best Miina. But it went overboard instead. Shiwasu hushes Yayoi fearing that somebody may hear them. True enough, Nanashi has eavesdropped it all behind the air vent. Later Ootsuki visits Shiwasu in her battleship and the latter thinks it’s a good chance to put the entire blame on her. At SpoLuna, Mina is now the main announcer with Mutsumune and Nikaidou as her co-hosts. Mutsumune having her big break now, eh? But why isn’t she happy? The broadcast starts but Mina ditches the script and conveys her earnest feelings to Suiren. Katou starts panicking that his dream is over (that selfish guy!) and even tries to intervene but luckily Suzuki restrains him and says how viewers aren’t stupid. Mina decides to do the unthinkable. She transforms into Tsukishiro in front of everyone, risking her career as an announcer and thus revealing her identity and shocking them. Carrots don’t taste so horrible now, eh? She then flies up to Shiwasu’s battleship to bring Suiren back. Shiwasu considers this an act of treason and orders all battleships to attack and capture them.
However it is a different story on the ground because everyone is rooting for Tsukishiro! With that all the other Miinas, those we have never seen previously or suspected to be one (like those pair from the Japanese restaurant and that bespectacled girl who makes cameo and random appearances and does odd part time jobs such as food seller, hotspring hostess and bartender), all transform to come to Tsukishiro’s aid. Meanwhile Nanashi appears in front of Kiryuu and tells him to deliver a video to expose Shiwasu’s malice. He goes to SpoLuna but manages to toss the video to Mutsumune before being floored by guards and Nikaidou. Mutsumune did something good for once by giving it to Onoue before she too is pinned down. Onoue decides to be the announcer. As the other Miinas destroy Shiwasu’s other battleships, the video is being played and exposes Shiwasu’s true colours. Everyone now supports Tsukishiro even more. With the other Miinas standing steadfast against Shiwasu, Suiren transforms into Ootsuki and together with Tsukishiro blasts Shiwasu’s battleship. She has no choice but to flee but promise will be back. Good riddens. In the end, everyone in SpoLuna celebrates at the restaurant as Suzuki receives a flood of calls and emails demanding the reinstatement of Suiren as announcer. Katou can have a peace of mind since his dream is back on track. Why is Mutsumune in bandages? Was that tackling from the policemen that bad? Lastly, we see Mina having no qualms of transforming into Tsukishiro since everyone knows her identity as she blasts off into the sky. Yeah, carrots aren’t as bad as she thought to be.
So the ending was pretty okay. Though it ended on a happy note and that everyone gets to continue with what they do most but I felt that there are a few things which still bug me. Like instance for the other Miinas which make their short cameo appearances in the end. I thought there would be episodes that will feature them all since we are introduced to some of them. Especially that bespectacled random job girl. It’s like they are teasing viewers by showing her mysterious presence here and there and in the end, she’s part of the Miina Rabbit Force. I wonder what kind of punishment Shiwasu will get since she went this far just to get her number 1 spot. Then there’s the case of the relationship between Kanchi and Mina. Nothing much, really. Now that he knows of Mina’s true identity, would his love for Tsukishiro be the same? Same thing about Suiren and Kiryuu. Now that everything is okay, will there be any chance of any relationship developing between them. So is Kiryuu back as an announcer too? Must be since Suiren is back. Whatever happened to Mina’s crush on Kiryuu? Perhaps saving Suiren was a more important task. Will Mutsumune’s dream of being an announcer be realised? Yeah, she’ll need to go through lots of pain first. The reason why she lives in the studio is still unexplained, though. And what about the time Nanashi did that manly voice back then? Was it really his real voice? And about Yuu’s statement that Mina will learn the truth about their genes? Was it just mother passing her powers on to her child and that’s that?
Though Mina may be a little klutzy and an air-head at times but at least she has her principles like what all main heroines in any show should have. But I guess having her destiny as a Miina while juggling high school life is something she has to live with. Mutsumune may seem like a typical obnoxious rival but in the end she showed us that she isn’t totally heartless. It’s better to bring down your rival fair and square, right? Thinking back of all the dirty sabotaging tactics she used. I guess not. Katou is sure an amusing character for a little guy whenever he goes into loud mode every time he is stressed. Being a director is a tough job too. Onoue is still mysterious in the end and I was hoping he would be some sort of the true leader of the Rabbit Force but that didn’t happen.
The drawing, art and animation are of high quality though sometimes I feel that the characters lack some details. But the thing which I liked most is the computer graphics which are very well done. This is usually done during the transformation period whereby Miina’s weapon is being delivered from the hi-tech secret moon base in an over-the-top fashion. Cool. All very smooth and top notched. Marina Inoue who voices Mina/Tsukishiro is still recognizable if you are familiar with her seiyuu roles in series such as Kyoko of Skip Beat and Chiri of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. But I’ve got to like the voice of Nanashi who is played by Jouji Nakata (also did double voice roles as Onoue). Till this day I can’t help but laugh every time I hear his falsetto voice. And to put it with a floating rabbit-like baby bundle, that’s got to be super hilarious. I still can’t believe he has the capability to do such a voice since his other anime roles that I know are of the low voiced kind like Giroro of Keroro Gunsou and Gran Kaiser of Yakitate! Japan. Other casts include Eri Nakao as Mutsumune (Miki in Hayate No Gotoku), Shizuka Itou as Suiren/Ootsuki (Wilhelmina in Shakugan No Shana), Hiroki Touchi as Kiryuu (Abel in Trinity Blood), Kana Hanazawa as Nakoru/Minazuki (Potemayo in Potemayo), Kazuko Kojima as Yuu/Tamamushi (Chiharu in Lovely Complex), Ayako Kawasumi as Sumire/Shiwasu (Aoi in Ai Yori Aoshi) and Mitsuo Iwata as Katou (Kintarou of Golden Boy).
Speaking of the Rabbit Force, I later found out that the one in Densha Otoko has a different and separate storyline from the anime. They even made 26 episodes out of it. Not sure whether it ran separately or in that live action drama or maybe they are just volumes in case fans of that series are really interested to know what it’s about. The storyline is about the android Miinas (12 of them to be exact) defending Earth from an evil organization bent on preventing humans from colonizing the moon. Hmm… The drawing and art of Tsukishiro here seems more mature and a little better. Yeah, no wonder it is such a hit with the otakus. Not to mention the figurines…
The next time I look up at the moon, I’ll be thinking if there is such a secret hi-tech base singlehandedly run by a certain falsetto baby. Besides, that pattern on the moon is starting to resemble a lot like a rabbit. So rabbits do exist on the moon or even as aliens. Not. So kids, remember to eat your vegetables because they are an important ingredient and ally in saving the world! That’s right. Sexy bunny-outfit heroines can do a better job than Ultraman, Marvel comic characters or even the Powerpuff Girls in protecting Earth from aliens. I also tried to take a bite from a vegetable I hate most (heck, I hate any kind of vegetables) but didn’t transformed into a Miina even after I said Ju-jitsu. Oh right. You have to be a girl in the first place. Yeah, I almost forgot to take back my brain left at the doorstep.

Getsumen To Heiki Miina
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