Here is another set of anime series which I find closely similar to each other. This time they are Da Capo and Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~. One reason why they are suspiciously similar is because they are both based on the H-game developed by the same company, Circus. So just change the few characters, the storyline and plot a little bit, add some novelty here and there, and wah lah! There you have it, another different story altogether. So okay, here we go:

The lead guy
Refers to the main male protagonist.
Da Capo: Junichi Asakura.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Haruhiko Amami.

The harem girls
Refers to the girls who are seen as the main love interest to the main guy. And yeah, the main guy eventually ended up with one of them.
Da Capo: Nemu Asakura and Sakura Yoshino.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Riko Fukamine and Kirino Konosaka.

The other girls
Since they are both harem anime genres, it is not surprising that there are other side and supporting girls in the fray too. Albeit not as important as the ones mentioned above.
Da Capo: Kotori Shirakawa, Miharu Amakase, Mako Mizukoshi, Moe Mizukoshi and Miski/Yoriko Sagisawa. In the second season, Tamaki Konomiya, Nanako Saitama and Alice Tsukishiro join the harem.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Chisa Fujimiya, Rinka Hokazono and Yukari Kamishiro.

The other guy
In order not for this series to be dominated by a single guy, he needs to have a best buddy, eh? They do have that similar personality…
Da Capo: The mysterious Suginami seems to have knowledge just about anything and though a top student and excellent athlete, loves dragging Junichi into various situations. In the second season, Suginami seems closer to classmate Kanae Kudou.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Maki Endo is an outgoing and passionate person obsessed with anything to do with science and has crazy inventions but often goes out of control. Also likes setting up Haruhiko in various situations.

The returning girl
One of the girls who have returned from a faraway place back when they were young and now back to their hometown when the series begins.
Da Capo: Sakura returns from USA.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Riko.

The detesting girl
What’s this? A girl who does not seem to like the main male lead? Ah well, nobody is perfect.
Da Capo: In the second season, Aisia may not show her loathing side towards Junichi but she does not like the fact the way Nemu is hogging Junichi so she creates a little magic-cum-trouble to level the playing feel for those who are after Junichi’s affections. In the end she realizes her mistake and notes that magic can be used for greater good.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Nami Satou is obsessed with Rinka and doesn’t like the fact (rather jealous) that Haruhiko is too close to her even if that guy doesn’t harbour any romantic feelings. Nami causes trouble when she tries to use her Gift resulting in dimension and space distortion. In the end, she reconciles with Rinka, accepted her Gift and became part of her dojo.

Siblings but not quite blood related
Must be the trend in today’s animes because Junichi and Nemu of Da Capo consider themselves as siblings while Haruhiko and Riko of Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ too regard themselves in the similar way but of course not blood related. Does she have big brother complex or is this situation to confuse viewers about incest? Either way, they both ended up with each other. Blood is thicker than water, eh?

The little animal that seems to always be by a character’s side.
Da Capo: The mouthless white cat named Utamaru seems close to Sakura. In the second series, Sakura has a little puppy named Harimao.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: A little black crow (I thought it was an owl!) named Jinta seems close to Chisa.

The place
The setting of the story.
Da Capo: On an island named Hatsunejima.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: In a seaside town named Narasakichou.

The magical phenomenon
The distinguishing occurrence always seen 24/7.
Da Capo: Sakura trees bloom all year long throughout the island and a large never-withering sakura tree which grants wishes.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: A permanent rainbow in the sky, night or day, rain or shine.

The magical feature
Refers to the magical aspects that the residents of that island/town has.
Da Capo: Some of the inhabitants posses magical powers like the ability to make sweets from one’s palm or read the minds of others. However later in the series, as the never-withering sakura tree is able to grant wishes, it doesn’t filter bad ones from the good ones and thus mishaps do occur. That sakura tree withers in the end.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Each of the residents posses 1 Gift, a once in a lifetime miracle which can only be evoked once. There must be a willing giver and a willing receiver or else it will wreck havoc and this is evident with 1 of the rainbow colours turning black. That rainbow in the sky disappears in the end.
The teacher
Refers to the homeroom teacher for our student casts.
Da Capo: Koyomi Shirakawa, Junichi’s homeroom science teacher and Kotori’s elder sister.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: The name of Haruhiko’s lolicon homeroom teacher is not known but I referred to him as Sensei. Sick loli lover!

The school
Refers to the school where our student casts goes to.
Da Capo: Kazami High School.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Shimono High School.

Student council
Da Capo: Nemu is part of the student council. In the second series, Otome Asakura is the head of the student council with Mayuki Hosaka as her assistant.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Because student council president Sena Asakawa is so klutzy, her assistant Ibuki Yajima is the one pulling the strings. She also has 2 followers which echo every sentence she says: Ayako and Maiko.

Da Capo: Koyomi is also part of the research team responsible in creating the robot Miharu.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Tamami “Tama” Konoe is part of the research team studying about the existence of Gifts.

When things get tense and the desperate attempt to get the main lead guy for herself. All part of the conflict in a harem series.
Da Capo: Episode 20 has Sakura trying to play psychological guilt on Nemu by forcing Junichi to carry out his promises. The heated quarrel has Nemu collapsing and coughing out sakura petals.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Episode 9 has Kirino accusing Riko for breaking their promise about not using their Gift for Haruhiko, in which the latter did so. Kirino is unwilling to forgive Riko which causes the latter to be guilt ridden and gloomy.

Beach episode
Ah, what is a harem series without the mandatory fanservice. And what better way to show off some skin at the beach.
Da Capo: Episode 6 whereby Junichi invites his pals to the beach for some fun and relaxation.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: Episode 4 whereby Haruhiko and the rest take it to the beach on a hot summer day.

Jungle and hotspring episode
Yeah! More fanservice episodes! Hooray!
Da Capo: Episode 13 sees Suginami inviting the rest to a jungle themed hotspring but ditzy Moe causes a little havoc about misinterpreting and saving some ostrich eggs.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: In episode 4, Maki sets up a test of courage through a forest to test the relationship between Haruhiko and Riko but it awfully went wrong when real ghosts appear. Episode 13 (OVA episode) sees Haruhiko and the girls running a hotspring inn belonging to Kirino’s parents and faces tough competition from an unscrupulous new hotel owner.

Jealous guy
Not that song from John Lennon. We know that he’s the main harem guy so I guess it’s obvious when someone else shows an interest in one of his harem girls. Pfft…
Da Capo: In episode 9, Nemu receives poems from an admirer but it turned out to be a girly guy instead of a girl she’d hoped to be.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: In episode 3, Riko receives several requests from other guys (who are much uglier) to be their boyfriends. But in the end, Riko’s first love has always been Haruhiko.

Number of episodes
Da Capo: In 2003, the first season span 26 episodes followed by second season with another 26 episodes in 2005. It then spawned a sequel spin-off containing 13 episodes in 2007 and another sequel following that in 2008 with a further 13 more episodes. If that isn’t enough, in late 2008 and early 2009, a 2 episode OVA called Da Capo If was produced. Phew! They sure stayed true to the meaning of its name Da Capo.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: The original TV series ran in late 2006 with 12 episodes and a single OVA episode.

Opening and ending themes
Da Capo: Yozuca does the opening themes. First season is Sakura Saku Mirai Koi Yume and for the second season is Sakurairo No Kisetsu. All ending themes are sung by CooRie which include Mirai E No Melody (first season’s first ending), Sonzai (first season’s second ending), Akatsuki Ni Saku Uta (second season’s main ending) and Kioku Love Letter (special ending theme).
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: The opening theme is done by Miyuki Hashimoto entitled Nijiiro Sentimental while the ending theme is Kokoro Niji Wo Kakete by Misato Fujiya.
I know I’ve said this before in my blog but let me say this again. Notice how most of the lyrics in Da Capo songs have sakura while Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ has niji (rainbow)? Yeah, even the lyrics are themed this way.

Drama CDs
Da Capo: There are lots of them produced ever since its inception. Based on Wikipedia, a total of 11 drama CDs covering the anime and the visual novel.
Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~: A total of 5 drama CDs which features the 5 main heroines of the series each.

In my opinion, since Da Capo was one of the very first animes that I have watched, I would definitely prefer it over Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~. Besides, the drawing for the former is much better as compared to the latter because in the latter’s case, there is something about the way the characters’ eyes are drawn. Too big their pupils? Because of that, the character designs in the former series is better and taking into account that this series has spawned several sequels, there has been ample character developments, storylines and other factors which makes it a better series. But I wouldn’t say that the latter series is totally bad. Rather I felt it was a little rip-off of the former even if they are both different but from the same producer. If both shows ever have any sequels, I’d definitely go watch them.

Da Capo Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~

Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~

April 25, 2009

What’s this? A Da Capo rip-off? Well, that is my first impression when I first watched Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~. Having said that, it means that there has to be obvious similarities which reminded me of the Da Capo series. This anime though is made and produced by a different company than Da Capo, but it did get help from a company who created both the PC game for Da Capo and Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~, Circus. Ah, so I see that’s why they look closely similar to each other.
How similar they are? Let’s take a look at the characters first. Seeing that this series is another one of those harem romance comedies with a little ecchi in it, we have the main male protagonist Haruhiko Amami. He’s this series version of Da Capo’s Junichi. Then there’s his childhood friend, Kirino Konosaka which looks a little like Nemu. What about Riko Fukamine? She’s the Kotori of this series and unlike in Da Capo, Riko is the little sister of Haruhiko but not really blood related. You’ll guess that there’s going to be a love triangle brewing between these 3 characters.
Then there are other characters who share some uncanny resemblance to Da Capo too. Like Chisa Fujimiya looks close to Sakura of Da Capo because she has blonde hair and twintail. Not only that. If Sakura has a cute mouthless little pet cat named Utamaru, then Chisa has a little black crow (I thought it was an owl at first) named Jinta. Yeah, they’re very attached too. Always seen with each other. Other than that, the supporting male character, Maki Edo too has a strange resemblance to Suginami of Da Capo. But unlike Suginami, this guy is more outgoing and has his passion in science and technology.
Now let’s go over to the setting. In Da Capo, the place where the anime takes place is a half crescent shaped island called Hatsunejima. In Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~, it’s a little town by the seaside called Narasakichou. Then there’s a never withering sakura tree in Da Capo whereby the sakura trees bloom all year round and in this series we have an eternal rainbow always hovering throughout the sky whether rain or shine, day or night. Plus, in Da Capo some of the inhabitants of the island posses little magic abilities like mind reading or making sweet out of one’s palm. Here, everybody has a power called Gift.
Which brings me to the next topic. What on Earth is a Gift? From what I understand, it’s supposed to be some sort of magic power for a person to grant some sort of wish or miracle. Since it’s a once in a lifetime power, everyone can only use it once. So better make your Gift count. Furthermore, in order for a Gift to work properly, there must be a willing sender and a willing receiver. If not, a colour of that eternal rainbow will turn black and ominous events will bestow upon the town. Something like that.
So let’s go straight into episode 1 whereby we see the mandatory flashback of a young Haruhiko who is so sad to see his sister Riko leaving town by train. For a kid, it must be devastating. Back in present time, high school teenager Haruhiko is wakened up by childhood friend-cum-neighbour Kirino. I guess it must be a trend for girls to wake up guys like him. Of course being waken up from his slumber, he is surprised that it’s Kirino who wakes him up and proceeds to ask her embarrassing questions to confirm she’s the real deal like did she really wear a bra in 7th grade. I see this guy is cheekier than I thought.
Also, we see Kirino making breakfast for Haruhiko. Well, his mom passed away so I guess they need some womanly figure to help his household while Haruhiko’s dad, Souichi, is your typical salary man heading off to work. He wanted to tell Haruhiko about the arrival of some company but since he was so busy, I guess he had to leave first. We also learn that Haruhiko is an advocate for Gift as he narrates the details about it.
Since it’s the entrance ceremony, as usual they have to make their way to school. Just outside his house, Haruhiko nearly gets bumped into a witch on a broomstick (it’s Chisa and Jinta by the way but nobody can seem to recognize them. Are their disguise that good? But it’s obvious…). On their way, Haruhiko and Kirino spots a girl named Rinka Hokazono being confronted by 3 unruly punks. Though Haruhiko would even think twice about getting involved, Rinka doesn’t really need his help as she teaches those punks a good lesson by throwing them off their feet. Upon arriving school, Haruhiko and Kirino learns from Chisa that they can’t get into school because a large sakura tree has blocked its entrance. Uh huh. Somebody has used his/her Gift but it went awfully wrong. This is causing lots of trouble for people. Especially one of the school’s teacher (let’s just call him Sensei). He’s so disappointed that he can’t see the faces of the girls graduating. WTF?! He may have that intimidating professor look but I assure you that you’ll find out that he has loli fetish. WTF?!
Then there’s the vice president of the school’s student council, Ibuki Yajima. She seems like the one pulling the strings because the president, Sena Asakawa, is some sort of a klutz and ‘weak’ girl. But the thing which raised my eyebrow the most is that Yajima has 2 student council members, Ayako and Maiko, who follow her everywhere she goes. That’s not the weird part. It’s that they tend to repeat what she says! It’s like they are her echo speakers or something! It gets really annoying after a while. Furthermore, Yajima isn’t the kind of person who supports the use of a Gift. A short bickering between Haruhiko and Yajima because the former still thinks Gift brings happiness. So he’s going to get to the root of this problem.
With the help of Maki and Kirino, Haruhiko finds out that a second year tennis club member student named Sakaguchi is the one who used his Gift. Just like a negotiator and problem solver, Haruhiko goes over to talk to him. Sakaguchi tells them he likes a junior player named Miho and the feeling is mutual. But ever since entering high school, they became busier and busier and hardly had time to see each other. So he wanted to go back to those days. It’s Haruhiko’s turn to give his round of lecture and he seems pretty good on it. Why, he can be a counsellor in the future. Soon Kirino brings Miho to face Sakaguchi and they both reconcile. As they accepted each other’s Gift, everything returns back to normal in no time and the entrance ceremony proceeds on as usual. Finally, we see a grown up Riko returning to Narasakichou and notes how the air of this place hasn’t changed yet.
Episode 2 begins with Haruhiko and Kirino walking home when they spot Riko outside the former’s house. Haruhiko is surprised that she has returned without informing him but Riko says that she did informed Souichi about it. So looks like she’s back to stay at Haruhiko’s place and the way she addresses Haruhiko as onii-chan even though he’s not her real brother, is like what Nemu does to Junichi in Da Capo. Yeah, a short flashback of how Souichi told Haruhiko that he’ll be having a new sister and it seems they got on pretty well after that. In this episode, Riko’s return doesn’t mean she’s just bumming around. She needs to attend school and has Haruhiko accompany her to buy her school uniform. In town, Riko notices that it’s snowing on a bright day and Haruhiko mentions how a Gift is in effect and there’s a research facility built in the outskirts of town to research on the mysteries of Gift.
With Riko’s return, I guess she has to take over Kirino’s duties like making breakfast, cleaning and even waking that guy up. Yeah, Riko’s not as gentle as Kirino and since Haruhiko has a hard time waking up, Riko jumps on him instead. This guy sure has waking up problems. He pushes her off and caught a glimpse of her panties. In her embarrassment, she lands her foot right in his face. On their way to school, the trio spot that flying witch above and Kirino says how there’s a rumour that there’s a girl who can use magic to make wishes come true. In class, Riko is the new transfer student in Haruhiko’s class and everyone is making a big fuss about it. Especially those loser boys when they learn from Sensei that she is Haruhiko’s sister. Sensei has the cheek to say how a young boy and girl is living under the same roof and that if anything happens and if God forgives them, he’ll not. Yeah yeah.
During recess, in order to avoid those jealous loser boys, Haruhiko runs away but arrives at the doorstep of the school’s dojo where Rinka is practicing. Since Riko is a little jealous that Haruhiko is staring at her, she tries to hit him but he avoids. This causes him to activate lots of booby traps on the kendo grounds as he barely tries to dodge each and every one by the skin of his teeth until he couldn’t. He is then treated by Yukari Kamishiro AKA Yukarin, who happens to be Chisa’s friend and also living at her place. Back home, Riko gets a very warm welcome from Tamami Konoe or Tama for short (yeah, she’s smothering Riko in her bosoms). I’m not sure who she is but Haruhiko calls her big sister. Anyway she’s here to celebrate Riko’s return with the rest. Haruhiko mentions how he’s glad that Riko’s back because he was really sad when she went away. After the party, Kirino requests Haruhiko to walk her home even though she just lives next door. You can obviously tell that she’s pretty concern ever since Riko’s return because she’ll no longer get to wake Haruhiko up, cook him breakfast, etc. You see the point. But as compensation, she’ll settle for going to school with everyone. If it was only this simple…
Episode 3 has Haruhiko learning that Riko still holds on to her stuffed toy bunny in which she feels that it’s still her precious thing. Then at school, we see several guys boldly asking Riko to be their boyfriend! She’s turned into an overnight idol. Even if the word jealous is the right word rather than being over-protective, Haruhiko quickly takes her away from them. Hey, Haruhiko’s the main star of this harem series, okay. Even in class Haruhiko has a tough time trying to put his classmates at bay. They’re really pestering Riko. I know some of the guys really look horrible like an otaku geek and nerd, if I should say. Even if Haruhiko tries to give an excuse that Riko is his sister, but as Kirino mentioned, they don’t even look like siblings. That night, Riko didn’t return home so Haruhiko goes searching for her in the rain. He gets a call from Tama that Riko is at the research centre, the place where Tama works. Haruhiko learns that Riko was trying to buy tomatoes no matter what since she found out that it’s his favourite food but got drenched in the rain instead. Due to that, Riko develops a slight fever.
On the way to school, Kirino hints that she wants to be by Haruhiko’s side but I guess he couldn’t understand it. Even if Maki explains to him about Haruhiko and Riko’s relationship that even though they’re siblings but still a male and female if they look at it on another perspective, Haruhiko still doesn’t get it. Back home when Haruhiko goes on to check on Riko’s fever, they nearly kissed if not for Riko’s handphone ringing. Later, Riko has an interview with the local magazine publisher who asks her about her first love and things indicate that she was referring to Haruhiko. After the interview, Riko tells Haruhiko that she lied about her first love just to give the magazine some service but Haruhiko tells her that his first love has always been Riko and that’s not a lie. Riko is embarrassed and tries to walk away but he grabs her by her hand and asks her opinion because he thinks she wasn’t lying during the interview either. But Riko couldn’t give him an answer and apologizes because after hearing Kirino’s piano, she remembers that she had nearly broken a promise made with her. Haruhiko lets her go and thinks he has been dumped.
It’s a hot summer day in episode 4 and once again Riko wakes Haruhiko up from his slumber and still dreaming about last night’s events when the intense heat of the morning sun gets to him. This is your typical fanservice beach episode with Maki suddenly inviting Haruhiko and Riko down to the sandy beach. This is part of Maki’s plan to have Haruhiko mend his relationship with Riko. So we’ve got a load of beach babes here. Riko, Kirino, Yukarin, Chisa and even Rinka in their swimsuits. Hey wait a minute. Who’s that girl clinging on to Rinka?! To cut things short, she is Nami Satou and is quite obsessed with Rinka. Ever since Rinka saved her, she’s been pretty much hanging around her. Yuri girl? But it really gets annoying that she praises Rinka for the slightest thing and goes high-pitched about it. Obviously this is a harem anime so by right Haruhiko should hog all the girls, right? Just kidding. Anyway Nami doesn’t like Haruhiko much and is suspicious of him. So the usual fun in the sun and the mandatory watermelon hitting event. The weird part is that Maki used his science thingy to make the watermelon ‘unhittable’ (if there’s such a word). Everytime one tries to hit it, the watermelon moves away in lighting speed. When it’s Rinka’s turn, Maki unleashes several watermelons but was defeated by Rinka’s superb swordsmanship. Science lost this time… Then Kirino decides to put some salt on Haruhiko’s watermelon put over spills them. I don’t know why but she decides to go wash it off with sea water. Same thing, right? Yeah, even Haruhiko wonders if she has a grudge against his kidneys. Riko watching the duo from afar with that worried expression.
Later that night, Maki continues his plan by organizing a test of courage in pairs and trek through the creepy forest to a shrine. Of course the pairs are also ‘decided’ through his LED sticks, which means Haruhiko is paired up with Riko. But it seems that the test of courage is only for Haruhiko and Riko as Maki ropes in the rest to scare them. Since it isn’t going as he had planned, Chisa (in the witch outfit) appears before Maki and tells him that she could grant him a wish. I don’t know what Maki is thinking but his wish is to take on the most powerful military in the world?! Of course Chisa can’t probably do that so she leads him back to his earlier wish, that is to make this test of courage a living hell. Chisa passes to Maki a Gift and soon numerous monsters and ghosts start to appear. Now this is a funny part. We see a couple being lovey-dovey in the woods as the guy says how he’ll protect his girlfriend even if it kills him. Then when the monsters appear, that guy runs away in fear and this really upsets that poor girl. Haha. Now she knows what that guy is made of. Erm… There are quite a number of naked couples having sex in the bushes! Even a pair of muscular macho man! So gay! Thanks to those ghosts, I guess they’ve been ‘flushed out’ of their immoral activities, huh? Rinka too has her hands full as she slashes each and every ghost as Nami watches and cheers her on in awe.
Anyway the ghosts starts to haunt everybody in the forest and one of them grabbed Riko. Haruhiko tries to rescue her but comes across a kappa monster trying to attack Kirino. I didn’t know they’re perverts too. Luckily Haruhiko tripped and his flashlight hit that kappa to send it disappearing. Kirino rushes over and hugs Haruhiko in her fear. After the ghosts disappear, Riko is lost and is trying to find Haruhiko when she spots Kirino hugging him behind a bush. Please don’t jump to conclusions yet. When Haruhiko spots her, Riko runs away. On the sandy beach, Riko’s tears keep strolling down her cheeks as she says how she do like Haruhiko after all.
In episode 5, we could still see that Riko can’t get that Kirino hugging scene out of her head. But this episode focuses more on Rinka. I guess she couldn’t take the pestering from Nami anymore but couldn’t tell her straight in the face either. So during recess, Haruhiko teases Nami and has a taste of her bento that she made for Rinka but it turns out Nami isn’t a great cook. He nearly died. I suppose with Nami’s persistence, Rinka has no choice but to try one herself. I don’t know if Nami has bad taste or what because she ate her own cooking and thinks it’s so delicious. When Nami says she’ll make lunch for her every day, Haruhiko tells her not to do so or else Rinka won’t be able to go on a date with her boyfriend. Nami is so sure Rinka doesn’t have one and even asks her for reassurance but to everyone’s surprise, Rinka says she does have one and points at Haruhiko! Surprise surprise. Later Rinka apologizes to Haruhiko and explains the reason she’s doing this is to get away from Nami. So Haruhiko has no choice but to act as her boyfriend. Since Nami doesn’t believe it, we see her so obviously stalking them. Thus in order to convince Nami, the duo decide to go on a date. That night, Rinka is seen reading her shoujo manga. The next day date is hilarious because at a cafe, Rinka is trying to recite those love lines she read from her manga (Nami again spying on them). The thing is, all the other customers are snickering at them! So embarrassing! Haruhiko begs her to stop but Rinka continues with her lame lines so much so the other customers couldn’t hold any much longer and bursts into laughter!
The next day in school, Nami confronts them and knows that they’re just pretending and wonders why Rinka hates her so much. As Nami runs away upset, Rinka decides to stop playing boyfriend with Haruhiko. In the dojo, upset Nami decides to use her Gift to be closer to Rinka. Then after school, as Haruhiko, Riko and Rinka tries to leave, it seems wherever they go, they are seemingly drawn back to the same place or to some other place within the school area. Maki then appears and tells them that the space inside this building has been distorted. He demonstrates by opening a door, which turns out to be the girl’s locker room. Those surprised girls starts throwing things at Maki before he shuts the door close. Weird part is that Maki took the thrown panties on his head and starts wiping his glasses! I don’t know how Maki creates a device which can tell the centre of the distortion but it points to the dojo and Rinka thinks it must be Nami. A short earthquake occurs and a locker threatens to flatten Riko but luckily Haruhiko summons his strength (did the distortion also distort his strength into a strong one?) to hold the locker and give enough time for Riko to escape. With Maki’s device, Haruhiko and Rinka manages to reach the dojo as Rinka tries to talk with Nami. So we find out that Rinka is trying to carry on her family’s sword tradition after her beloved sister’s death and since it’s such an arduous task, she doesn’t want to get anyone else involve. But for Nami, she’s willing to endure anything for Rinka. With that, the 2 reconcile and accept each other’s Gift and everything returns to normal. In the aftermath, Nami joins Rinka’s dojo and flexes her authority on the other members as Rinka’s number 1 assistant. Some things never change.
Episode 6 begins with Haruhiko dreaming of his late mom on a beach but as usual was awaken by Riko. As the gang reaches school, a couple of girls requests Kirino to play in a recital for their music club but she declines. Haruhiko and Riko learns that even though Kirino is a good pianist, she never finishes playing her piece. Then in class, Haruhiko is upset to find out that it was part of Maki’s plan to set him and Riko up after Maki thinks the duo are getting along fine but Riko tags Haruhiko out of class to buy some bread before they’re sold out. In the music room, Kirino is playing her piano when she is being visited by Chisa disguising in her usual witch outfit. She gives Kirino a Gift before leaving. Everyone spots the witch leaving on her broomstick and Haruhiko is upset that she is giving fake Gifts so freely. Later as Haruhiko and Riko spend some time together at the beach, Haruhiko gets a little alarmed when he suddenly sees Riko as his mom. Is he seeing things?
The next morning, probably he’s still sleepy from waking up because he thought it was his mom who’s serving him breakfast! But the appearance of his mom soon reverts back to Riko and before he knows it, he overspills his coffee onto his shorts. Riko tries to clean it up and Haruhiko has the cheek to say that if she continues rubbing there, he’ll get excited. She throws the cloth in his face in her embarrassment. However, Haruhiko still keep seeing Riko as visions of his mom. Better rub your eyes harder. Even in school, Haruhiko is experiencing the same thing so he goes to seek Tama’s advice. Tama then take out a box of photo album and to their surprise, Haruhiko’s mom, Haru, has a striking resemblance to Riko during her younger days. So the question is, does he like Riko because she resembles her mom? Is he trying to find his mother in Riko? But even so, Tama disagrees and says if he needs a motherly figure, she’s always there for him. Back home, Haruhiko is pondering about it when Riko comes in to tell him that he’s playing his music too loud. Haruhiko yells back at her to leave him alone. So the next day, Haruhiko decides to spend some time on his own and when Kirino finds out that something strange is happening around Haruhiko and Riko, she tells him that it may the fake Gift she used. Well, she didn’t really want to use it but the fake Gift started flying out of her hands and above Haruhiko’s house after she had wished they could be as close as they were in the past since they’ve been seeing less of each other since Riko’s return. Maki then says that the fake Gift may have misinterpreted their words and acted upon them without an explicit wish being made. Maki tells him about that ghost spawning incidence of his own (something about wanting a hell of an army). So Haruhiko is going to end it all as he tries to find that witch.
In episode 7, as Haruhiko tries to find the witch and discovers that several of his schoolmates have been using the fake Gifts, Kirino approaches Riko and tells her what has happened. Haruhiko gets a call from Maki who have spotted the witch and decides to help him get to her by lending him his weird swan scooter called Ichiro-kun. I guess it’s pretty hard to control the scooter, huh? Finally Haruhiko manages to catch up with the witch and wants her to return him back to normal. She thinks he wants a fake Gift but what he meant was to cancel out the fake Gift she gave to Kirino. She says that it’s impossible to cancel out those Gifts individually and tries to leave but Haruhiko tries to prevent her. In their struggle, they crashed down into the pond below and Haruhiko discovers her true identity is Chisa. She explains how she got this power from her mom. When she was young she used to follow whatever her mom tells her to do and when she questions if happiness is something one can really receive, that’s when her mom gave her those powers. Haruhiko thinks Gift shouldn’t be used that way and it’s something more precious but Chisa disagrees as she has made several people happy with her fake Gift and can’t take their happiness away. You can see that insane delusional look in Chisa’s eyes…
Later Haruhiko goes to talk to Yukarin about Chisa’s case and learns that Yukarin herself is suffering some sort of amnesia. Though she doesn’t know if her previous life was pleasant or miserable, she’s happy now with the support of Chisa and her family. She says what is important isn’t the past, but the future. That night, Haruhiko goes to Chisa’s place and requests a fake Gift from her. He wants to use it to erase the eternal rainbow. He doesn’t want to live under the condition that he’s seeing Riko as his mom as he wants to see Riko as she is. So if he can’t return the fake Gift back to normal, he’s willing to erase the rainbow his late mom loved so much. But after hearing his words, Chisa is unable to give him a fake Gift and decides to return her powers to her mom, even if it means that all the other people who have received their happiness through her fake Gifts will disappear. Chisa understands that happiness isn’t something that can be received easily. With that, Chisa return her powers and Haruhiko is free from his ‘curse’. As Haruhiko walks back, he tells Kirino not to blame herself anymore and teases Riko now he has to see this tiring face every day and wants her to at least cosplay for her. Yeah, everything’s back to normal. The next day, Sensei is telling the class about their upcoming field trip and recommends some shrine famous for some love fulfilment. But what he means is the kindergarten next to it which he’s so looking forward to see innocent little angels skipping in the early summer sunshine. That loli creep. Later Kirino learns of the field trip of Haruhiko’s class (Kirino’s class isn’t going by the way) and mentions how she wants a love charm from that shrine from Haruhiko. Looks like she isn’t bent on giving up yet. Hey, Riko’s there too you know. But I guess she’s feeling desperate.
In episode 8 as Haruhiko and Riko packs for their school trip, Haruhiko says how he’s not going to get the charm as Kirino requested. During the field trip, the tour operator thinks how dedicated Sensei is when he mentioned visiting some temple but is unable what to do next. The tour operator then suggests another place, in which Sensei agrees because there’s a kindergarten there. We all know what he’s thinking. Then at the inn, because Haruhiko’s classmates are still thinking about dating Riko, Haruhiko puts his foot down and they question him what is his relationship to her. He replies that they’re just siblings but Riko overheard that facial expression is a sign that she didn’t think so. Because of that, there’s this odd tension atmosphere between the duo. Then the obligatory hotspring fanservice. Funny part was Sena’s mechanical rubber ducky pecking the butts of Yajima and her 2 stooges. Yeah, they even sound so coordinated in that way too. Of course several guys decide to take this opportunity to peek at the girls. Maki gives Haruhiko a hint that his sister may be in danger. Good thing he manages to stop them but the bad thing is in his haste to do so, he breaks down the wooden barrier and into the hotspring right next to Riko. Uh oh. But luckily Riko understood that Haruhiko was just trying to protect after he explains it to her.
Meanwhile Sensei is happily taking photos of the kindergarten lolis when a little girl appears before him, takes his camera and throws it into the lake. Sensei’s laughter of surprise soon turns into despair. Serves him right! After Haruhiko and Riko took a photo together (making them look like a couple), Riko tells him about her precious bunny. It’s still important to her because it was a present Haruhiko picked for her back then. The duo could’ve nearly kissed but once again interrupted when Nami busts in to brag about her love charms she’s going to give to Rinka. Haruhiko then tells Riko to come along with him to the shrine. There, he tells her he isn’t going to buy a charm for Kirino because the girl he loves is Riko. Then Riko says how she has used her Gift for Haruhiko, which is that eternal rainbow. What the?! That rainbow was Riko’s Gift to Haruhiko? I thought there needs to be a willing sender and receiver? But Riko did mention how she used her Gift without telling him. Finally, the duo share a kiss. No interruptions this time.
It’s the last day of the field trip in episode 9 as the students are browsing a shop for souvenirs. Maki comes by to show Haruhiko and Riko his raccoon souvenir which can fire 40 ballistic missiles from its belly. He demonstrates it and the way the missile comes out from its belly looks a little horny, if you know what I mean. When Haruhiko and Riko return, they walk home arm in arm and notices Kirino waiting for them outside their home. Haruhiko gives Kirino a normal souvenir and not the one she had requested. Furthermore when Kirino asks if Riko did confess, Haruhiko replies that he was the one who confess to Riko. Even if Kirino congratulates them, tears start swelling up her eyes as she rushes into her home and cries uncontrollably on her bed. Feel so pitiful for her. The next day Haruhiko and Riko went to a watching place on a hill to watch the eternal rainbow. A short flashback of how they made a promise to watch the rainbow together and the reason Riko used her Gift to make an eternal rainbow was so that they could forever be together as long as they could watch the rainbow. Riko then teases Haruhiko if he would like to kiss her again and before he could answer, she quickly pecks him on his lips.
Meanwhile Kirino is playing her piano and as usual she couldn’t finish the piece. Flashbacks of how Kirino was always by Haruhiko’s side and she couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to be by his side anymore. Woah! She suddenly slammed on the piano keys! Later as Kirino visits Haruhiko (Riko was out buying groceries), she tells him how she doesn’t want her friendship with Riko to fall apart that’s why she gave in. But when Haruhiko mentions how Riko used her Gift, Kirino’s mood changes and you can tell that she’s quite upset about it. When Riko comes home, in a disappointed tone, she wants to know why she broke their promise of not using their Gift. Another short flashback how Kirino and Riko made that promise while they were young since both knew they can’t be Haruhiko’s boyfriend and at the same time didn’t want to lose him. Ah, those innocent years. Look how it all turned out now. Even if Riko gave a reason that she thought she won’t be able to see Haruhiko again, Kirino is still unconvinced. Kirino says how she has always wanted to be his little sister and be with him forever. Riko tries to apologize but I guess Kirino is not in forgiving mood. Thinking that Riko hasn’t been fair all the time, Kirino hints of using her Gift.
In episode 10, Riko must be feeling so guilty about it that she couldn’t concentrate and breaks down even if Haruhiko says that they’ll go to talk to Kirino once more. As Riko sleeps, she dreams of how Kirino tells her she won’t allow only her to use her Gift. You can see the dark and evil expression on Kirino’s face. I didn’t know cute little girls can put up this kind of face. Scary. Riko wakes up when Kirino seemingly ‘takes’ Haruhiko away from her. Since Haruhiko is out delivering something for his dad, Kirino decides to go over to Kirino’s place to apologize. Kirino is seen sitting alone in the dark in her room. Riko starts apologizing but I guess Kirino starts playing guilty mind games with her. In a way if you look at it, Riko did broke her promise. Well, it’s that scary evil expression again. Riko would do anything to mend their relationship. Kirino then says how she want Riko’s memories of her days she spent with Haruhiko. In other words, Riko can keep the present and future Haruhiko and Kirino wants the past Haruhiko. Riko agrees as Kirino uses her Gift. As Haruhiko makes his way home, he notices how kids these days have handphones, which prompts him to remember his own secret telephone line he had with Kirino. Since they were just neighbours, they communicated with each other through the age-old paper cup phone with strings. Who says you need high-tech sophisticated handphones to make a decent communication.
When Haruhiko reaches home, he is surprised to see Riko acting strange, as though she doesn’t recognize him! Even if she has forgotten Haruhiko, some of her body reactions indicate that there are still memories of him left in her. Haruhiko suspects Kirino may have used her Gift and goes to find her. At the rainbow watching place, Kirino is describing ‘her’ memories spent with Haruhiko (actually they’re Riko’s) but even so, Kirino doesn’t spot a happy expression but an insane look in her eyes. Hmm… The rainbow doesn’t have one of its colour turn black so I guess the Gift was a success. So it goes to show that even a real Gift can’t guarantee true happiness. Riko’s condition seems to be getting worse so Haruhiko once again goes to talk to Kirino playing her piano in the dark. She explains to him why she couldn’t finish her piece. On the day Riko left town, Kirino had a piano recital and won, though she would’ve liked it very much that Haruhiko came to cheer her on. When Kirino came back to tell Haruhiko about it, Haruhiko was so upset that her sister had left, in his rage he pulled the paper phone string so much so it snapped! I guess to a kid, it must be quite traumatic. Though Kirino has gotten her memories from Riko, she still can’t understand why she couldn’t finish her piece and breaks down. Haruhiko then realizes all this are his fault which made Riko and Kirino turned out like this. Meanwhile Riko is talking to her bunny and wonders if she should be here in the first place.
In episode 11, Riko’s inability to remember whether she has a brother or not, has her been absent from school ever since as she isn’t feeling well. So in school, Haruhiko seeks Maki’s advice on misguided Gifts but Maki said it isn’t misguided because there’s proper sending and receiving. He suggests removing the cause so that the consequences will disappear. Haruhiko goes over to Tama’s research centre to find out more about the Gift’s existence. Though not much is known about how the Gift magic came about, they discover that it first appeared 17 years ago and on the day Haruhiko was born, April 15th. Later when he goes tell Maki about this, Maki feels it’s just coincidence because he can’t condone to Haruhiko being worshipped as a God. Haha. Thinking further, Haruhiko realizes that it’s also the day his mom died. He remembers how Souichi told him how he’s here thanks to his mom and that his mom’s life was his Gift. That’s why he always cherished it. Haruhiko goes back to ask Souichi more about his mom and to his surprise, he wasn’t born on April 15th but April 1st. Is that an April’s Fool Joke? Don’t think so. The reason for moving his birthday was so he could attend school a year later. You see, in Japan a schooling grade starts from April 2nd to April 1st the following year rather than January to December. Haru died on April 15th and was able to hold Haruhiko before her demise. So is he death and Gift related?
At school, Haruhiko is pondering over things. Chisa, Yukarin and Rinka are worried about Riko and Kirino so Haruhiko assures them that he’ll do something about it. Even Yajima dismisses Haruhiko from class so that he could settle things. Haruhiko goes over to his mom’s grave and says how he wants to protect and save Riko. Suddenly a flash of light from the tombstone has Haruhiko sent back in time to see what actually happened on that day. 17 years ago on 1st April, Haruhiko was born as a premature baby. April 5th, Haru is having certain problems like producing breast milk and her condition isn’t getting any better. On 9th April, Haru knows she hasn’t have much time left and tells Souichi that she intend to leave something behind for Haruhiko and how much she love rainbows. April 13th, Haru collapses while watching Haruhiko in the incubator. In bed on D-day April 15, a weakening Haru tells Souichi she wants to take Haruhiko out of the incubator and show him the rainbow. That’s when Haruhiko is brought back to reality and present time and understood what his mom gave him wasn’t his life but something more important than that. He thanks her and says that he would do anything to protect the one he holds dearest to his heart and decides to erase the Gift because he wants to bring back the smile of his loved one and protect her with his own hands.
So in episode 12, Haruhiko erases the Gift and the eternal rainbow along with it just like that. So easy, huh? Probably he used his last Gift powers. When Haruhiko comes home, he is relieved that Riko has regained her memories. Everyone notices the sky without the rainbow now and it feels kinda different and odd. Haruhiko continues to explain to Riko the creation of Gift on that day. Haru held Haruhiko in her arms and on the hospital’s rooftop, she told him how she’s a magician and sometimes hated the power she posses. But she doesn’t hate it anymore then because it allows her to give him a wonderful present called Gift as this power will show the various bonds between people. She decides to give Haruhiko the Gift powers instead of Souichi because even though he’s a good person, he can be out of touch of this world. Thus Gift is Haru herself and will always watch over him until Haruhiko is old enough to chase the rainbow on his own and find a person precious to him. In present time, Haruhiko further explains how his mom knew he would 1 day erase the Gift and was just waiting for the day he could stand on his own 2 feet. With their relationship back on track, now the problem is Kirino. She’s still an important friend to them.
Haruhiko comes into Kirino’s room and requests her to play her unfinished piano piece but she is still unable to. Then when she tells him about that paper cup phone incident, she is surprised to find that Haruhiko still keeps his piece and has never thrown it away. But the string is broken and how will he fix it back? Simple. He just tie a knot to connect the phones together. It’s really that simple! Also, he tells her that Riko will come listen to her play so that Riko could make amends with her. In school, their pals are glad that Riko is back in class. I’m not sure why but Sensei seems to be disappointed that Riko has ‘grown’ in some areas. He walks away saying something about a young man and woman living under the same roof. I guess Sensei do have loli fetish. Later Yajima talks to Haruhiko about how the disappearance of the Gift has been the talk of town lately and she indicates that she doesn’t think it’s as bad as before. Perhaps it’s because the Gift is gone? Maki wants Haruhiko to tell him how he made the Gift disappear, a request which Haruhiko says it’s impossible no matter how long it takes. I guess it makes sense because what Haruhiko did isn’t something which can be explained by science.
That night, Haruhiko and Riko arrives at Kirino’s doorstep to listen to her piano recital. As she starts playing, the duo gave her the courage to go on and cheered her on. Finally she manages to play the piece till the end and Kirino thanks Haruhiko that she’s able to move on now. She also reconciles with Riko and they’re both friends once more. Now they all can get along fine and Haruhiko did a funny facial and hand ‘yoroshiku’ gesture like as though he’s doing some rap thingy. It looks funny and ‘disgusting’. Finally Haruhiko and Riko stop by the rainbow watching place and he says how they have came back here to watch the rainbow (even though there isn’t one now) as they’ll always be together. He asks her to chase the rainbow with her. Finally Haruhiko narrates that precious gifts can be given even without relying on miraculous powers. As long as you have that precious person you want to protect, as long as you never give up or forget about those feelings, one can give gifts anytime. We see several scenes of everyone leading a happy life. From Sakaguchi and Miho, to Souichi helping Tama picking tomatoes, to Kirino now confident of playing her piano recital, to Maki who’s still inventing scientific creations of his own. We also see that the same punks who harassed Rinka are back and it’s like they never learn their lesson. But hopefully they will this time because Nami gives them a kick in the crotch! Yeah, nobody can touch her precious Rinka. Finally Haruhiko and Riko share a kiss.
But it isn’t really over yet as there is a light-hearted OVA episode which gives Chisa, Rinka and Yukarin more screen time. Can’t have Riko and Kirino totally hogging the spotlight since the trio too occupy some space in the opening credits too. The gang are trying to get some customers for the hotspring inn run by Kirino’s parents. Yeah, Haruhiko did that weird rap gesture again. Surprisingly, Nami isn’t here next to her beloved Rinka… Anyway the gang faces competition as there is a newly opened hotel right in front of the inn and with its new attraction of a luxurious cuisine, they’re somewhat stealing away the hotspring inn’s customers. Since their rivals are using semi-naked girls, Haruhiko thinks it’s not fair and tells Riko to strip too. Yeah, she nearly did that. Back at the inn, the gang are discussing that there are no customers for the day. Maki then suggests that they need to have another specialty to draw in the customers and that is to cook better meals. The girls try their hand in cooking when a small explosion occurs which leaves Chisa, Rinka and Yukarin coughing after inhaling the smoke. It seems Haruhiko has used some of Maki’s weird seasoning. Riko is pissed off and kicks the guys out of the kitchen. As Haruhiko takes a walk down the corridor, Chisa appears and notices his cut fingers so she sucks them to make it better. Haruhiko wonders if she has a thing for him. Then Yukarin arrives to do the same but realizes she was too late. But never fear, she spots a lose thread on his robes and bites it off. Rinka is watching nearby and wonders if Haruhiko likes women with domestic qualities and asserts that she too has some of them. Later Haruhiko wants Maki to be frank with him when he says how those 3 ladies may be interested in him. Maki’s frank answer: He’s deluding himself. That’s frank alright.
Then Chisa and Yukarin comes by to give Haruhiko a break. It seems like a competition to outdo each other to feed Haruhiko their lunch. In a way, he’s like been tortured. Haruhiko nearly gets hit by an arrow with a note on it (written with Haruhiko’s name many times and from Rinka as she’s trying to follow some charm guidelines she’s been reading). Maki observes them and thinks there may be something weird going on and decides to investigate further. Haruhiko is ‘saved’ when he is being called by Riko and Kirino who are being confronted by the hotel manager and his wife (one of those b*tchy kind). Why does the manager have a pet crocodile named Strawberry?! Anyway the manager’s wife is saying how their place will shut down soon but Haruhiko thinks their crab cuisine ad was a scam. She disagrees because a crab has 10 legs but the one in their ad has 12. So what on Earth is that creature even if it looks like a crab? She calls it the fruit of a great marketing effort. I see. They go away with over confidence. Later as Rinka decides to wash Haruhiko’s back, she is surprised because Chisa and Yukarin have beaten her to it. Because the trio are trying to tussle for his attention, they scrub his skin too hard. Ouch! Since the floor is slippery, they slipped and Yukarin fell on top of Haruhiko’s face. Let’s just say he saw the ‘universe’. Riko and Kirino are wonders what all the fuss is about and heads to the bath area. They saw what they saw. Is Haruhiko a hit with the ladies? Riko is damn upset while Kirino faints from that shocking discovery.
Haruhiko tries to explain it but the duo aren’t really convinced. I mean, the 3 girls are seen clinging on to him. Maki then explains that his seasoning which contained some rare mushroom may be the cause because it will become some sort of a love potion when it’s cooked. Luckily Maki has created an antidote with the remaining mushrooms and pours for the affected ones to drink. However, it worsens their condition as the trio are now more lovey-dovey as ever! Riko is mad and pours away Maki’s hard effort outside the window (oh, he’s so devastated). But it seems the hotel manager was looking for Strawberry and Riko happened to pour that antidote on his head. Since he was holding Jinta in his palms, that guy suddenly fell in love with the bird! Then it gets out of hand when the trio kiss Haruhiko at the same time. No time to explain, just run for your life! Outside in the dark forest, the 3 ladies now look like love-stricken zombies. As they continue to run, they fell into a hole which is some underground passage under the inn. Then they panic to find Strawberry is at 1 end and the 3 love zombies on the other hand. As Haruhiko said, either way he’ll be ‘eaten’. So true. We won’t find out what really happen next because the scene changes to where Haruhiko is walking to school with Riko and Kirino. They meet the trio on the way and the effects have wear off (don’t they remember a thing?). Then when Haruhiko says how he’s a little sad that all that is over, Riko pinches his cheeks in disapproval. He really did enjoy girls chasing him, huh? Ah well, that’s the role of the harem guy. In the end, Maki narrates that the hotel manager somehow developed a fetish of Jinta, withdrew from hotel management, bought several products of it (which went unsold) and in no time ran out of business (the love potion is still in effect, huh?). Thus the hotspring inn was safe and regain its usual business. Maki also says how this episode doesn’t bear any relation to the anime series (that’s because the eternal rainbow is still in the sky) and why is Strawberry on his lap? And what’s with him asking viewers are they savvy about science.
Ah shucks, if the TV series had more light-hearted episodes like the OVA then it would have really been more enjoyable. I’m not saying that the TV series is no good but most of it focuses on Kirino and Riko while at most 1 episode each only for Rinka and Chisa. For a harem series, the fun is about seeing how the girls vie for the guy’s attention. Maybe it could’ve been ‘hotter’ if Riko and Kirino were part of the affection crazy spell in the OVA. Furthermore, there are a couple of other girls in the series which I feel didn’t make an impact and in a way could’ve been done without them such as the vain and popular Nene Himekura and the bookworm Miyu Agihara who’s always having a book stuff in a face (a resemblance to Nagato from Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu?). Their appearances are really so short that they’re quite forgettable. I’m not sure if these minor female characters are more evident in the game version.
I’m glad at the end of the TV series, Haruhiko ends up with Riko as expected. It feels like a sweet revenge for Da Capo fans because in a way this pairing make it seems as though it was like Junichi and Kotori ended up together but in a different series. I could understand most viewers particularly hate Kirino because of her selfishness of wanting to be by Haruhiko’s side. But I guess after being so long with a person, a special bond is bound to be created. I think she was just lost and felt desperate and feels threatened when something precious is about to be taken away from her. But that’s to be expected in a harem anime. Though Haruhiko may be a little mischievous at times, he’s still a responsible fellow and selfless when it comes to helping out others.
Maki is another amusing character. You can’t help sometimes feel that his weird inventions are really science defying contraptions. Though just playing a side supporting character role, sometimes his advice to Haruhiko and lending an ear to listen to his problems really helps. As for Sensei, he’s not the kind of person anyone should model after. Even for lolicon people. Talking about facial expressions, I still can’t get that Haruhiko’s rap-like gesture out of my head. Besides, you can have a glimpse of it during the opening credits animation. About Kirino’s dark evil glare, that’s the last kind of expression you’d expect to see on her face. And when she bits off her nail, it’s like as though she’s really turning into a yandere character and initially thought the series would end up something like in School Days.
There’s something which still confuses me about the eternal rainbow and Gift. If the Gift powers came about during Haruhiko’s birth, then it shouldn’t be a long time that it came into existence and shouldn’t be a mystery, right? So how did Haru bestow the inhabitants of Narasakichou with the Gift powers then? What about the eternal rainbow? If Riko was the one responsible for it, then how come Haru knew one day her son would erase the rainbow? Did she have a premonition?
Though the drawing and art lean more towards bishoujo type, I can’t help but notice something about the drawing which is unappealing to me. The character’s eye are drawn big but that’s not the unpleasant part. It’s the character’s pupils which are drawn as big as their eyes which makes it unappealing to me. It just made me go ugh when I first saw this series drawing. Due to that, the characters do look one kind. I still prefer Da Capo’s art in comparison. In addition, I noticed that some of the episodes have a drop in quality. I’m not saying that it’s obvious but if you look harder, you tend to notice it.
The opening theme song, Niji Iro Sentimental, feels like another generic pop song and is sung by Miyuki Hashimoto. The ending theme, Kokoro Niji Wo Kakete, by Misato Fujiya sound like a country pop song maybe because of the catchy electric guitar. For the record, just like Da Capo who have the word ‘sakura’ in each of its theme songs, both opening and ending theme for this series have the word ‘niji’ (rainbow) in theme. Yeah, seems like the rainbow is the theme of this series. In the ending credits animation, we mainly see Riko playing her guitar. I was hoping she would do a duet with Kirino’s piano play but it didn’t materialized. I wonder how good they’ll sound together.
The voice acting isn’t really anything to shout about but I found out that the voice behind Haruhiko is Yuuki Tai, the same person who did Junichi for the Da Capo series. Ai Shimizu voices Riko and you could recognize her as the voice of Mikoto in Mai-HiME and Koyori in Sola. Ui Miyazaki does Kirino and her previous anime roles include Iroha in Sumomomo Momomo and Aisia in Da Capo Second Season. Other casts include Ryoko Shintani as Chisa (Millefeulle in Galaxy Angel), Ami Koshimizu as Yukarin (Tenma in School Rumble), Shiho Kawaragi as Rinka (Sekai in School Days), Michiru Yuimoto as Tama (Jun in Happiness!) and Kazutoshi Hatano as Maki.
Well in my opinion I still prefer the Da Capo series but I’m not saying that this series is bad either. For a short harem series like this, I guess the storyline is pretty much okay. With some fanservice and comical moments here and there just to make it one of those ubiquitous genres. Just as Haruhiko said, you don’t need magical powers to do miracles. Even the smallest and kindest gesture could be considered as one so long you put your genuine heart into it. That’s the magic of human nature (aside from the dark aspects, that is). It’s a good thing that in this series everyone only has 1 Gift. This is so as not to waste the magic they’re bestowed upon and think real hard and thorough who they want to give it to. Even if I had such Gift, I’d be scratching my head who to give to. Aha! It should by Mai Tokiha!!! And many times over too.

Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~
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