Girls Bravo

January 17, 2009

Another ecchi comedy harem series. What more can I say about Girls Bravo. That was the main reason why I decided to go watch this year 2004 production. Seems like a little ‘old’ huh after the way new animes are being churned out year after year. Yeah, I still find myself attracted to such genres after all these years. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. Let’s just say it still boils down to one’s preferences.
Anyway as mentioned, such harem series must have that ecchi element in it. Yeah, it makes viewing more ‘pleasurable’. Let’s see. Lots of fanservice, check. Lots of panty shots, check. Girls with big boobs (though not all), check. And one shameless perverted guy, check. Ah, it’s all here. But be warned though, at times you may actually see the girls topless.
This series has a total of 24 episodes. Actually it is being split into 2 seasons. The first season spanned 11 episodes while the remainder 13 episodes belong to the second season. Why didn’t they make it even numbers? Don’t know. Probably it’s to surprise viewers at first because usually a short anime series has either 12 or 13 episodes. So when the series ends at number 11, it would probably send a sudden surprise to viewers. And yeah, to make up for that, the second season would slightly have more episodes. But that’s just my speculation.
Unlike most harem animes whereby the main male protagonist has a bevy of babes surrounding him as time goes by, this one starts off on a different note. Meet the petite high school student of Mizuno High School, Yukinari Sasaki. As seen in episode 1, he has been abused and used by girls so much so he develops a phobia of girls. How bad is it? Whenever girls come into contact with him, whether it’s just a mere touch, he’ll break out into hives. Meaning that, you can see chicken pox-like dots outbreak all over his skin, face and body. Extreme allergy reaction. Wow. I just hope I don’t turn into that state. Poor guy. But the girls still continue to harass and bully him. Hey, pick someone your own size.
As usual, kids like him have their parents working overseas so he’s always home alone. Not really. His childhood friend and neighbour, Kirie Kojima, is seen taking a bath in his place when Yukinari comes home. The reason she’s there? Her heater broke down. Oh, so it’s like she’s treating his home as hers. Come in here as you like and do whatever you want, will ya. Because Yukinari accidentally spots Kirie in a towel, she thinks he’s a pervert. But I assure you, throughout the rest of the season, Yukinari isn’t a pervert like many harem guys out there. Okay, so he is a bit but not the kind who shows it. In order to clear the misconception, Yukinari says a taboo sentence which should not be said in any harem anime, "Even if you are not naked, I’m not attracted to you at all!". Uh huh. It may send signals that he’s gay. However, even with that sentence, Kirie gets even upset because she thinks she doesn’t have a nice body. I mean, this girl is so busty, right?
Without thinking further and letting her emotions get the better of her, Kirie beats up Yukinari and her super punch sends Yukinari crashing into his bathtub and… disappears. His bathtub isn’t that big right? So where could he possibly have vanished to? Yukinari probably thinks he’s dead after such impact but when he comes too, he finds himself in a larger bathtub and a girl named Miharu Sena Kanaka (looks a bit like Yuuna of Maburaho) all over him. This girl seems to be fascinated with him and has a mark on her forehead which resembles like those 3 holes on a bowling ball. However, Yukinari is surprised too. It seems Miharu’s touch has no effect on him. He doesn’t break out into hives. Yukinari soon finds out that he is on another world called Seiren and well, the place is quite close to Earth. You can see our blue planet so big and close in the sky that sometimes you feel you can touch it. Besides, this Seiren place has lots of water canals which remind me of Aria The Animation.
Soon, Miharu’s elder sister, the busty Maharu, comes by and is delighted to see Yukinari. She wants to tease him, if not keep her all for her own. Of course Miharu won’t allow that as she takes Yukinari running through the streets of Seiren. Another thing about this place is that, the population here is 90% female! A pervert harem’s paradise! Because of the lack of males, we see the deprived instincts of those girls kicking into action. Yup, they started chasing Yukinari when they spot a guy. It’s like he’s such a rare commodity. Good thing it doesn’t happen here. What do you do when you’re being chased and cornered by a stampede of females? When Yukinari and Miharu are being surrounded, Miharu’s displeasure of how it all turned out seems to unleash some super explosive power from the mark of her forehead. Boom. Everyone gets knocked out. Wow. The duo soon gets back to Miharu’s home and through the bathtub reflection, Yukinari sees Kirie crying and worried for Yukinari to come back and is sorry about her brute actions. Should’ve thought about that before you move your fist. Yukinari decides to go back as he can’t stay here. Yukinari jumps into the bathtub and resurfaces back into his own bathtub. Kirie is relieved to see him. But then when she sees another girl (Miharu), all that sob feelings has been forgotten and it’s another painful moment for Yukinari. Poor guy.
I would like to mention that Kirie is somewhat a tsundere character. In time, you’ll notice her body language may indicate some feelings for Yukinari but you know brute violent girls like her has her own pride to protect. In nearly every episode, you’ll get to see Kirie pulling off some super wrestling or grappling moves on guys (usually perverts or poor Yukinari even if it’s not his fault) and her trademark line of sending that perpetrator to hell. She’s quite a fighter and could put many of the WWE wrestlers to shame. On the other hand, I kinda noticed Miharu has a big appetite and loves eating! Not only that, I feel that she’s a little air-headed and simple-minded in the sense that she doesn’t really understand the implication of things and seems to accept them quickly. Miharu also doesn’t hesitate to get all over Yukinari, although she herself doesn’t know that it’s love. Thus in episodes to come, you’ll get to see the antics of the gang on Earth. Too bad, it would’ve been even more havoc if it was on Seiren.
Like in episode 2, with Miharu staying at Yukinari’s place (getting all clingy on Yukinari and coming out from the toilet. Another classic misunderstanding case when Kirie comes by. You know what this translates into), Miharu seems to take a liking for bread and no matter how many buns of curry bread they bought, Miharu can’t get enough. Yukinari and Kirie have to attend school so they left Miharu home alone and hope to get back once class is over. Of course, Miharu gets impatient and goes to Mizuno High School. Along the way, you’ll find out that her number 1 food has to be banana. Yeah, the way she touches, licks and sucks them is so ‘stimulating’ if you know what I mean. The shop owner really must enjoy it. Thanks to Miharu, he experiences an increase in business.
But this episode introduces another character, Kazuharu Fukuyama. To cut things short, this loudmouth guy is a sexual harassment devil! Super hentai guy. Is this what being filthy rich allows him to be? Does it allow him to dress in a different white school uniform from the rest? I mean, he enters class and instantly put both his hands under Kirie’s shirt to caress her boobs and has the nerve to say he’ll make her his woman. Of course Kirie’s response is her usual painful punishment. Does this guy ever learn? I mean, Fukuyama will be the one who will be the receiving end of Kirie’s punches or bone breaking moves. He deserves it. Love hurts. Literally. So when Fukuyama spots Miharu (who has entered the school and met Yukinari), it’s no wonder this pervert decides to make her his. She should be perfect for his harem paradise. Not. Fukuyama doesn’t like Yukinari much and always calls him ‘chibinari’. Fukuyama tries to make Miharu his own while Kirie and Yukinari have a hard time trying to escape from the clutches of that big time pervert. In the end, Miharu unleashes another super explosive power to blow everyone away (not to mention damage to the school buildings) and we find out that Kirie knows of Fukuyama’s weakness. It seems Fukuyama has the opposite phobia of Yukinari. Fear of men. So whenever he comes into contact with them, he too breaks into hives. He got what he deserves in the end. But that’s not the last of him. He’ll be back. So beware.
Another new character in episode 3. She is Lisa and is Fukuyama’s younger sister. After watching the horoscope programme and bumping into Yukinari, Kirie and Miharu, Lisa instantly falls for Yukinari because the horoscope predictions of him being her destined one all came true. Weirdness does run in the family. But they have some powerful influence. Because of their wealth and status, Fukuyama has made the school’s principal approve of Miharu’s transfer to their class. Oh great. Though Yukinari and Kirie won’t have to worry about leaving her home alone, now they have to worry about this pervert. And you know Miharu’s naive attitude on this. After Kirie does another combo punishing move on Fukuyama (he’s trying to ask her who the girl they met this morning while he has both his hands caressing her boobs! Sicko!), in some military style fashion, a pair of bodyguards-cum-personal attendants to Lisa, Hayate and Kosame comes by to kidnap Yukinari. Kirie tries to fend off the menacing act as she takes on Kosame but because Kosame has felt Kirie’s powerful kick, she takes a liking for her but decides to retreat for now. The bodyguards take Yukinari to the gym where Lisa is waiting and we find out that Lisa is some black magic user. She tries to cure Yukinari’s disease but summons some giant hand monster instead. Poor Yukinari has to endure another round of pain. Luckily the gang comes by to stop it before it’s too late. I love the funny part whereby Fukuyama is trying to explain things so Lisa has him shut up by asking one of her bodyguards to shoot him using a fake gun.
Later as apology for all that has happened, Lisa cooks up a huge meal for Yukinari. He has to eat it because Kosame is pointing a gun at him. But it’s another part of Lisa’s ploy to get Yukinari’s love because she wants him to eat her! What’s this excuse of it’ll cure his disease? To cure his fear of woman, he has to touch more woman’s skin? It’s like fighting fire with fire. Anyway Fukuyama (coming out from the fridge. Haha) interrupts them and lucky for Yukinari doesn’t have to commit. For now. Over the series, you’ll notice something about Kosame. She really loves Kirie! Yuri desu! Can’t believe she has turned into a cool bodyguard into a love-stricken gal. Kosame yearns to be close to Kirie everytime but Kirie feels otherwise. Yeah, weirdness does run in the family even if she’s just a bodyguard. As for Hayate, he’s still cool and maintains his calmness throughout the series.
Episode 4 has Kirie noticing Yukinari being depressed because Miharu is missing and thinks she has gone back to Seiren. She says she saw Miharu being taken away in Fukuyama’s limo earlier on. The duo then go on a rescue mission and are surprised to see his humongous mansion. They meet Fukuyama’s head maid, Lilica Stacy, who is surprised that Fukuyama has friends but only allows Kirie to enter as her master only allowed girls in (so typical of that pervert). Kirie is shocked to find that this mansion is equipped with the latest technology all for the wrong reasons. Like air-cond blowers at the bottom to blow up one’s skirt and an elevator which scans one’s entire body. Naked. Anyway Kirie bumps into Fukuyama while searching for Miharu and I don’t know why Kirie’s obliged to nurse him even though he is ill (or probably faking it. But he’s sure sick in the head). Yeah, Fukuyama took out his fantasies by putting on several cosplay outfits on her. On the other hand, Yukinari tries to sneak into the mansion but gets chased around by Fukuyama’s hi-tec security robot and maids. Then when Kosame gets her hands on Kirie, she’s going to do it with her! Not until Lisa summon some ghosts and another wild stampede ensued. During the commotion, Kirie finds Miharu and learns that she is working part time here because she feels she needs to contribute something while freeloading at Yukinari’s place. So as the 2 girls head home, poor Yukinari is still lost in the maze.
Episode 5 and 6 has Yukinari and co finding an unconscious girl in their bathtub. She is Koyomi Hare Nanaka. She seems to be suffering from temporary amnesia and to make things worse, she has fear of men. Which means poor Yukinari gets another beating. Though over the series Koyomi gradually comes to open up with Yukinari, this doesn’t help when Fukuyama is around. Uh huh. You know what this means. I think he gets all hyped-up whenever he sees any young pretty girl. Poor Koyomi has a hard time running away from him. Furthermore, there are 2 siblings (I’ll refer to them as Delinquent Brothers) who seem to want to hit on Koyomi. One of them is a big guy who doesn’t have speeches while the other is the usual delinquent kind. Luckily we have Kirie, defender of girl’s modesty to protect scumbags like them. Gradually, Koyomi starts to remember her mission. She is from Seiren’s Space-Time Administration Bureau (STAB for short. Haha, made that one up myself) and is sent by her superior Nanae Kuu Haruka to retrieve Miharu back. Something about how people of Seiren can’t stay long on Earth as it’s illegal. Furthermore, Koyomi has to complete her mission within 36 hours and with all that time wasting memory-losing and Fukuyama-chasing antics, she has got 12 hours left! In the end, Miharu decides to go back so as not to give anyone more trouble. With Miharu gone, the gang are depressed but you can’t have this series without Miharu because she soon comes back. Why? It seems Maharu understood Miharu’s feelings and allows her to stay on Earth. In addition, Koyomi too gets to come back and stay with them because Maharu has requested Koyomi with a new mission. To find her a husband. I’m not sure if Maharu really wants a guy from Earth. But it seems, it isn’t Koyomi and Miharu who is coming back. Why, there is another little girl too.
She is Tomoka Lana Jude. And in episode 7, she is Koyomi’s partner to help Maharu find her a husband. Tomoka is your typical little brat as she ends her sentences with "~na no da". Just don’t call her a kid, even if she doesn’t want to admit that she’s one. Plus, she likes to call others with nicknames she comes up with rather than their own names. Tomoka unpacks her backpack with an equipment to help with her mission. Unfortunately what came out from it looks like a cute alien seal. The gang tries to give it some names and in the end Miharu decided it should be Ebi (prawn) because it looked deliciously like one. Hehe, see those sparkles in her eyes? Enough to send shivers down poor Ebi. She really likes to eat… The rest of this episode sees how the gang tries to find a suitable candidate for Maharu’s husband, like doing some bike show wearing revealing outfits. I wonder if Koyomi can really handle all the perverted males ogling at her. To make things worse, Lisa thinks Koyomi is another new rival for Yukinari’s love. Then those Delinquent Brothers spot a depressed Tomoka and she tells them and the other passing guys about her mission. Oh now everyone wants to go to Seiren. But they are being distracted by Hayate and Kosame to some other girl, who is Koyomi in a panda outfit (how did she end up in that?). Lisa soon learns that Koyomi isn’t finding Yukinari as her husband. In the end, Tomoka bumps into Fukuyama and decides to bring him to Seiren. They appeared when Maharu is taking a bath. As usual, Fukuyama starts pounding on her but Maharu isn’t the helpless damsel in distress and beats him up. Maharu isn’t pleased to have a pervert for her husband and sends them back to Earth to continue their search. Even Maharu knows what she wants but ironically earlier on she did mention how she’s going to use her busty boobs to get one, so why reject Fukuyama? Perhaps she likes to take the lead and tease innocent men, huh? Poor Koyomi, continued to be chased by Fukuyama. Hope this doesn’t scar her.
Episode 8 has Miharu accidentally drinking some chemical concoction during their science class. This results in multiple Miharu clones. They’re everywhere! So how do we find out which one is the real Miharu since their characters are the same? When come into contact with a fake one, she will explode, not before leaving a little painful sensation when it goes boom. By the time they do that, I think they’ll be seriously wounded. But I think it’s got to be heaven for Fukuyama. And since we’re talking about Miharu here, she’s rummaging anything edible, especially bananas. Oh the horror, invasion of the pink-haired Miharu. Keep all your foodstuffs locked away! Yukinari goes to find the real Miharu while Kirie and Fukuyama tries to stop the madness. The shopkeeper of the banana store which Miharu usually patrons, teams up with several shop owners and make their last stand at a supermarket. They just keep on coming. Finally, they summon Fukuyama to wear some oversized banana outfit as he jumps into the sea of Miharu while grabbing here and there while at the same time making them all vanished. What a noble act of sacrifice. Not. If he wasn’t that perverted-minded, he wouldn’t have gone through all this hell. Enjoy while you can. Like they say, no pain no gain. Once all the clones are gone, Yukinari finally finds the real Miharu sleeping at a park and the shop owners erect some statue of a banana outfit Fukuyama in honour of his sacrifice. No, he’s not dead yet. Damn.
We find that Tomoka loves watching some mahou shoujo (magical girl) series called Poyon-chan in episode 9. So when she gets into a dispute over what to watch on television (hey, it’s Yukinari’s TV by the way), Tomoka unleashes her magic and changes Ebi into a little girl. With that, everyone else pays more attention to their newfound cuteness rather than Tomoka. Soon, Lisa comes knocking on Yukinari’s door and before you know it, she engages in a magical battle with Tomoka. Black magic versus mahou shoujo magic. Who’ll win? This time, Lisa wins and I don’t know why, she took Ebi with her. Lisa remembers the time how she got into black magic when she used it to turn a doll, Eri, into life due to her inability to make friends. But her friendship was brief as Eri turned back lifeless. So I guess, Lisa worked hard just to revive Eri but to no avail. Of course in present time, Fukuyama spots Ebi and is thrilled to have her. Can’t believe any girl is fine with this guy. Not if Lisa could have it her way. Lisa uses magic to blast Fukuyama away. While Lisa and Ebi are at the park, Lisa faces a 2nd round match again with Tomoka. Even if Tomoka turned the animals in the vicinity into vicious ferocious armed creatures, they’re still no match for Lisa’s magic. Then idiot Fukuyama shows up to take Ebi away. Lisa is horrified as she doesn’t want to lose another friend but luckily Tomoka gives Fukuyama a good kick in the face. Tomoka also summons Eri for Lisa as she knows she wanted to see her (how did she know because the flashback wasn’t told to her?). Soon both girls became friends. I don’t know how but this is the only time we’ll see Ebi in her human girl form. How did they change her back anyway?
More fanservice in episode 10 as Yukinari and the girls head to the hotspring. They decide to go to another one after finding out the one they patron is out of hotspring water and is infested with crocodile and bananas. However they should’ve stayed there because the next one they visited is owned by Fukuyama! In fact this whole mountain area is owned by them. How rich can they get. The siblings strike up a deal so that Fukuyama can have the girls while Lisa takes Yukinari. It was funny to see Tomoka watching her Poyon-chan show and when the show intensifies, her speeches were as though directed at Fukuyama, who is making his move to peep on the girls taking a dip (he has cameras everywhere!). However their scheme didn’t go as planned as they find out a ghost is haunting the area. Ironic to see a tough girl like Kirie cowering in fear. However that ghost girl can’t seem to live in peace as she tells her back story how she died. Years ago while she was soaking in the hotspring, she noticed a peeping tom and chased him. But she slipped and knocked her head on the rocks. Sadly, she died. So she thinks in order to move on, she has to do something perverted. I don’t know how she got this logic. The plan is to possess 1 of the girls and to some perverted stuff on Yukinari. Why not on Fukuyama? Well, he slipped himself into the hotspring while trying to ‘punish’ the ghost by hugging her. Lisa thinks it’s her big chance but because she’s fantasizing about doing this and that, the ghost possessed Kirie. Against her will, Kirie just touched Yukinari here and there. Nothing serious. I wonder why Lisa didn’t do anything to stop it since she wants to do it so much herself. With that, the ghost found peace and moves on. What the?! Just like that? As she leaves, she tells Kirie that Yukinari is a wonderful boy. Yeah, very wonderful.
While the gang continues to have fun at Fukuyama’s hotspring inn in episode 11, Koyomi is still wary of him as she fears he’ll come after her. Better keep alert at all times. But the gang found out that the inn that they visited earlier on has been bought by Fukuyama and because he wants to turn the hotsprings into a co-ed one, Kirie decides to challenge him. Through ping pong? But you know, it’s part of their usual plan to get their desired ones. Due to Kirie’s ego, she can’t back out from any challenge thrown at her. So it’s Fukuyama versus the rest. They have to beat him or else they’ll have to do undesirable things. Like Kirie, has to give him a sponge bath with her boobs. You guys better win. However, with Lisa secretly using her black magic, it’s no wonder Kirie lost when she could’ve beaten him fair and square. Next is Yukinari but that kid got knocked out, so he’s out. Finally, everything rests on Koyomi. Unfortunately for him, Koyomi is a champion of this game back in Seiren, though they call it by a different name which I don’t remember. Fukuyama is on the losing end and tries to play dirty indecent mind teasing, which causes her to lose concentration. With Kirie’s encouragement to think the ball as Fukuyama, Koyomi gets back to her usual self (woah! the glass cracked when she counters with her fast super smash!). Fukuyama uses his final tactic by unleashing several balls but Koyomi manages to hit them all back at him, knocking him out and winning the game. As punishment, Fukuyama has been tied and left alone in some hot barrel while the girls including Lisa have their fun in the hotspring. Koyomi seems to be more open now.
The 2nd season continues in episode 12 with a promise of more fanservice. That wouldn’t be possible without Fukuyama, right? I mean, that guy is seen laughing like an idiot about his plans naked while Lilica looks on smirking at his… I’ll leave that to your imagination. This is a pool episode whereby we see students of Mizuno taking a splash at their school’s pool. But due to Fukuyama’s plan to get Miharu and Kirie into his harem, he turns the mini school pool into one that is a large-sized resort with just a push of a button. Wow. But the weird part isn’t about Fukuyama riding on a jet ski. It’s when Yukinari touches a weird staff and before he knows it, he switches body with Fukuyama! Yeah, partly thanks to Lisa’s magic. So with Yukinari in Fukuyama’s body, who is going to believe that he is the girl-phobia kid? Fukuyama is slick and with that he gets to be closer to Miharu and Kirie. Why didn’t they suspect anything wrong with their behaviour? But Kirie soon realizes that Yukinari isn’t who he is because he doesn’t break into hives. Wait a minute. Even those allergies got switched? So as expected she beats the fake Yukinari up and accidentally touched the staff. Uh huh. Soon everybody start switching bodies so much so I don’t know who is who. Haha! All I know is the guys are in the girl’s body and vice versa. Then some magic circle in the pool starts to go haywire as somehow a giant octopus is summoned. You know, tentacles covering girls has got to be a turn on… And I think Fukuyama is in Miharu’s body so he’s really letting the tentacles go everywhere! Lisa uses her magic to fry the octopus and put an end to this mindless chaos. Everybody goes back to their original bodies except for Fukuyama who has become stuck as some plank. He deserves it.
But Fukuyama doesn’t really know how to give up or learn. In episode 13, the gang gets invited to a baseball match but to their horror, they are being led to watch an underground all-female hand-to-hand combat in silly cosplay outfits. And this tournament is sponsored by Fukuyama and I don’t know why all the best female fighters would want to get their hands on the Fukuyama Rankings. Is it that prestigious? According to him, yes. Must be lah. Then why would they slug it out in front of thousands of perverted male spectators. As usual, Fukuyama tries to get Kirie to enter but the latter refuses. That is, until he whips out an embarrassing photo. Only if Kirie wins, he’ll destroy it, or else he’ll spread it like love. Kirie breezes through the first few round until the semi-finals where she meets Kosame. Oh oh. During the match, Kirie is horrified that the lesbian bodyguard is all over her. Yeah, she is. She’s so lovin’ it. You can’t call that a fight. But the crowd loves it. Kirie is seen going to lose when Miharu’s sneeze causes a big explosion to knock Kosame out. Phew. In the finals, Kirie goes up against the defending champion who is Lilica. Looks like Kirie is no match for a tough cookie like Lilica. So before Lilica can deal the final blow, Kosame jumps into the ring and uses her body to block Kirie from her attack. I guess she can’t stand to see her beloved Kirie getting hurt. With renewed determination, Kirie charges back at Lilica but blacks out. When Kirie comes to, she realizes that she has lost but is grateful for what Kosame had done, making her a little happy. Meanwhile Fukuyama is happy with everything that he rips the embarrassing photo, which is a young Kirie wetting her bed and creating a world map out of it. Yeah, he doesn’t need that anymore. I suppose it would better if he had an ecchi one.
Miharu goes on a date with Yukinari in episode 14. Is this true? Are they a couple now? Well, not really. As the duo go about on their so called date, we see Kirie and Fukuyama spying on them. Yeah, Kirie has Fukuyama on a dog leash. Should be like this all the time. But the places Miharu went are all ‘erotic’ stores like a lingerie shop and even an ecchi movie. Though Yukinari is embarrassed, but Miharu seems not to know the implications of it. I mean, she’s still an air-head but so shameless lah. It’s as though all this are nothing to her. So Kirie finds out why Miharu is acting so is because Miharu has read a book filled with dating tips written by Fukuyama. No wonder. Then at a park as they stop for lunch, Miharu starts to strip! She says it’s all part of the book she read. Really, this girl has no shame. Luckily Yukinari stops her but Fukuyama appears and took away their lunch. Yukinari tells Miharu to stay put while he goes retrieve their lunch. Though he corners Fukuyama, but the midget still can’t get the upper hand. Until Kirie shows up in a poorly-made disguise with hand puppets and beats the crap out of Fukuyama. While they’re doing that, Miharu wanders off her own and helps other citizens in need. Because of that, Yukinari and Miharu can’t find each other. So close yet so far. As Miharu goes back to the park, Fukuyama (again being tied up) borrows Kirie’s handphone (his was accidentally destroyed by Kirie earlier on) to inform Yukinari to go back to the park. When Yukinari does, he is relieved to see Miharu there. As they leave together, Kirie wonders what prompted Fukuyama’s change of heart to help them when his initial plans were to interrupt their date. Something about being in the spur of the moment. At least, this guy isn’t a total heartless pervert. At least till the next time.
While Miharu and gang are enjoying their crab-flavoured bread in class in episode 15, the accidental litter of the bread wrapper upsets a clean freak named Mamoru Machida. Yeah, he wears a weird wrestling mask and claims himself to be the justice and defender of cleanliness. Some sort of superhero wannabe? Mamo Ranger?! Litterbugs beware! While Mamoru is chiding Miharu, a strict teacher of Mizuno, Hijiri Kanata, takes him away. Miharu feels guilty for him and decides to help Mamoru by introducing him to Lilica. What a better way to learn about cleaning then from a maid of a huge mansion. There, he undergoes various tough training in order to be a superhero of cleanliness. So as Mamoru powers up and tries his hand to clean the school (by singing on the rooftop with multiple coloured Power Ranger-like dolls?), a bird poops on him and he gets so mad that he destroyed the school. Then when he tries to stop Lisa from doing her magical experiments, they accidentally summon a giant monster who starts wrecking havoc in school. Mamoru doesn’t know what to do but luckily Lilica is there to give him some encouragement by showing him her scar-ridden body. Woah! This lady has been through every tough war, tortured and returned alive! With renewed determination, Mamoru defeats the monster but the whole school has been decimated. Yay! School is out. I suppose this episode takes a little break from the previous usual ‘heavy’ fanservice and concentrates on this extra character (whom by the way won’t be making prominent appearances for the rest of the series) and Lilica, which I also feel that this is her only other prominent appearance besides the fight match a couple of episodes ago.
Tomoka is tired of being treated and called a kid by Kirie in episode 16 so much so Tomoka calls Kirie a boobs monster. Along the way, Tomoka bumps into Fukuyama who tells him of her mission to find Maharu a husband. Of course Fukuyama is still bent on being a candidate, in which Tomoka dismisses after the last time. The duo soon spots a guy who seems to indicate he has feelings for Kirie. As they follow her, there are a bunch of guys who like her! Wow, lots of guys to dig violent chics. Perhaps they haven’t felt her fist yet. Yeah, a group of them are surrounding Kirie! Tomoka uses a powerful beam from Ebi to send a billboard crashing down and disperse the crowd. Though Kirie doesn’t know what’s happening, Fukuyama devises a plan of his own seeing that he knows Tomoka wants to be acknowledged as an adult. Fukuyama plans on using Tomoka to get Kirie by making Kirie acknowledging Tomoka as a grown up so that Kirie could be his while Tomoka plans to use Fukuyama to make Kirie do the same and in return get some Poyon-chan outfit. They try various stuff to show Kirie like Fukuyama pushing a kid away from an incoming truck (to bad he got hit when Ebi ran out of laser beam to blast it away. Haha. Ouch), helping a girl get a balloon stuck on a tree, and throwing free money. In the evening, Kirie is being confronted by several thugs so Fukuyama jumps out to save her but gets beaten up badly. Kirie of course beats up the thugs. It’s revealed that those thugs were hired by Tomoka but she played out Fukuyama on that. With him out of the picture, Tomoka decides to go in for the kill. However, Tomoka got lost and it is nightfall. Yukinari, Miharu and Koyomi bumps into Kirie to tell her that Tomoka is missing as they search for her. It’s raining and Tomoka seeks refuge alone under a bridge and thinks nobody will come for her after doing all those bad stuff. But surprisingly, Fukuyama comes by to offer his short to keep him warm. Because of that and for the first time, Tomoka calls Fukuyama by his name. Fukuyama carries Tomoka back as he meets up with the rest. Another episode where we see his kind side.
Episode 17 has Miharu breaking the bathtub with Koyomi. So the next morning, Tomoka spots Miharu, Kirie and Koyomi going out secretly and thinks they’re going to have fun without them, and forces Yukinari to wake up and follow them. They arrive at an otaku convention filled with typical otakus and Tomoka was excited to see a real-life Poyon-chan. But it turned out to be some guy in cosplay so she beats him up. Yukinari tries to restrain Tomoka from creating more fuss when he bumps into a cloaked girl who breaks into hives upon touching him. She quickly shoves him away and leaves. What’s this? Hijiri is there too with her? Anyway Yukinari soon finds out Miharu and co are doing a part time job as an emcee to pay for the broken bathtub. However Kirie says they are short a member and drags Yukinari into doing the part time job with them. Uh huh. She forces Yukinari to wear a sexy girl outfit and even renames him Yukina-chan! On stage, Kirie is as lively as ever, much to the joy of all those otakus. Then Yukinari finds out that this event is organizes by Fukuyama’s family. Oh the horror! Kirie seems to have a sadistic plan of her own as she leaves Yukinari in a lurch. Yeah, she’s making a contest between Yukinari and Fukuyama. I mean, since Fukuyama is paying her in advance, might as well give this pervert a good time and at the same time a taste of his own medicine. The deal is, Fukuyama can do whatever with Yukina-chan if he wins the best-out-of-3 games. Yukinari has no choice but to play along. Fukuyama wins the first round through a racing simulation and then purposely loses the 2nd round in a twister game so that he could play a 3rd round match, which is a fighting game, in which Fukuyama won. Then this is the hilarious part. Fukuyama is caressing Yukina-chan here and there on stage when his hands seem to wonder into the crotch area! He felt something which shouldn’t be there. Kirie then instantly takes off Yukinari’s wig to reveal that he is a boy. As Kirie laughs out loud and so hard (oh, she’s having fun, is she), all the otakus and Fukuyama are devastated. Fukuyama soon breaks into hives (it goes to show that it’s all in one’s mind since his allergies only appear then) and collapses! He’s being screwed! Oh, dashed are all the dreams of the otakus! How could Kirie do this to us! But poor Yukinari, the one being violated the most… Well, he was often abused and used in the past, right? The real winner of it all… Kirie!
In episode 18, because Tomoka once again kicks up her childish fuss of wanting to play an adult game (real reason is she kept losing at a card game), Fukuyama makes his surprised unannounced appearance at Yukinari’s home and suggests to play mahjong. However this isn’t a typical mahjong game because the tiles have ecchi and erotic things on them. Why not? It’s Fukuyama we’re talking about. What I remember is that it also works somewhat like a strip poker. The loser has to strip off pieces of his/her clothing and put on some silly outfit. Kirie has to participate since Fukuyama knows her ego about being challenged as she even ups the ante of walking around town in embarrassing outfits. The 1st round match comprises of Fukuyama, Koyomi, Tomoka and Hayate. We see Ebi’s manly thoughts like as though he’s an expert in this area but because Tomoka isn’t really listening and is just playing, Ebi’s devastated and knows their fate is sealed (no pun intended for Ebi). So Fukuyama wins with the help of Lisa’s magic and the trio are made to wear embarrassing outfits (Hayate and Tomoka a robot suit while Koyomi wrapped only with a life python!). Next round pits Fukuyama with Yukinari, Kirie and Miharu. As usual, Fukuyama is on a winning streak. During the break, Yukinari is confronted by Kosame who points a gun at him as she wants him to team up with Fukuyama so that she could see Kirie in an embarrassing outfit. Sicko. I don’t know why but Fukuyama manages to convince Yukinari that he has this inner desire to see Miharu naked. Ah well, Yukinari is still a boy deep down. As Hayate and Tomoka duke it out themselves outside in their unrelated match, the main match continues with Fukuyama conspiring with Yukinari and Lisa by switching tiles. Then in the final round as Fukuyama needs a good dice roll to win it all, Tomoka comes swinging Ebi and accidentally hits him, making him roll a bad number. Thus the tables are turned. Soon Kirie learns that the guys are cheating and is disappointed that even Yukinari is in it. So she them punished by walking around town in embarrassing outfits. Even Lisa and Kosame too. They all deserve it.
Episode 19 starts in an unusual and different setting. This episode is like those detective mystery thriller based in England during Sherlock Holmes’ time. Uh huh. Kirie, Miharu and Koyomi are a group of thieves known as Phantom Rabbits by night while operating a cafe by day while Fukuyama is the head detective of Scotland Yard with Yukinari as his assistant. Ironically, Fukuyama is a frequent patron of that cafe and it’s like the perpetrators are right under his noses. What’s this? Kirie having a secret crush on Fukuyama? Also, a young member named Tomoka yearns to be part of the group but since she’s too young, the trio doesn’t allow her. The Phantom Rabbits decide to steal a golden Mamo Ranger Mask owned by millionaire Mamoru. Though they are successful, they had a hard time getting away from Fukuyama as a stray bullet wounds Kirie as she drops the mask into the river. Not only that, there is a new thief in town called Black Snow and he has kidnapped Lisa, Mamoru’s daughter in order to lure the Phantom Rabbits. No choice, the trio has to go even if it’s a trap. So even if they got jailed, busted out and stuck on some sticky tape, they find out that all this was a setup by Fukuyama. Uh huh. He’s dressed as Lisa while Black Snow is actually Yukinari. How will the girls get out of this sticky situation? Luckily Tomoka comes by to rescue them as they float away with Ebi who’s acting as a hot air balloon. Not determined to let them go, Fukuyama clings on dearly on to Ebi. But Ebi can’t hold much longer as it’ll crash. So Fukuyama makes a deal with them. He will let go in exchange that they turn themselves in. Furthermore, he has always known the identities of the girls. Their lies cancel each other’s wrongdoing (but remember, 2 wrongs still don’t make a right). It’s sad to see Fukuyama let go as he plunges below. Oh Kirie must be feeling real sad. But the next day, as the girls turn themselves in, the are relieved to see Fukuyama there (he was saved by a pole he was stuck to). So like in such movies, the guy gets the girl. All of them are fighting over him. Then it’s revealed that it’s some crappy movie Fukuyama created for the school festival! Now this explains everything. The gang are in horror after previewing it and the funny part is that Fukuyama’s name appeared almost everywhere from directing to editing! Haha! Self made movie. Of course as the end credits of that movie roll, we see the blunders and bloopers of the reluctant gang. It still amazes me how well and convincing it turned out in the end.
After being frustrated of being unable to contact Koyomi and Tomoka, Maharu accidentally comes to Earth clad in only a towel in episode 20. Yeah, really an eye-puller. Meanwhile, Mizuno is having a school festival and Yukinari’s class is doing a maid cafe. Because Miharu has ate all the bananas, Yukinari has to go buy them. On the way, he meets Maharu and has to spend money buying her clothes. Soon Maharu follows Yukinari to his school. Similarly, Tomoka and Koyomi are having fun at the festival. Though Koyomi is worried that they’re slacking on their job, Tomoka tells her to relax and even called Maharu some names. So when Koyomi follows suit, they are shocked to find Maharu standing behind them and has overheard everything! Be careful of what you say next time. Maharu decides to teach them a lesson as the fearful duo ran for their lives. During the chase (Maharu taking out many guys including Fukuyama and Mamoru with her brute force), Maharu passes by Hijiri and she somehow knows who she is. Also, Koyomi spots Aqua Lamps in Hijiri’s hands, a device which only exists on Seiren. At the end of the chase, Maharu finally caught them and they’re really repenting what they have said. Turns out that Maharu wasn’t going to hurt them and was just having fun. In the end, Maharu goes back to Seiren and tells Yukinari to take good care of Miharu. A good lesson for those 2 to keep on their toes.
In episode 21, we learn that the mark on Miharu’s forehead is called Seikon, which has the power to open the dimensional gate between Earth and Seiren. Even Koyomi has them. So for those who don’t, they use Aqua Lamps. This episode focuses on Koyomi who remembers the time when her late mom told her how her dad from Earth has went back there (read: currently missing). The reason she can’t go with him was because her Seikon has lost its powers. Because of that, Koyomi is kinda gloomy and spaces out. And because she spots a man who resembles so much like her lost dad on TV, she decides to go look for him. The gang soon learns of her issue and helps out but to no avail. Well, if they’re going to ask every person if they have seen this guy in the picture, of course cannot lah. Even Fukuyama helps out by doing a live telecast interview. I know some may find it heart moving but for Koyomi, it’s another terror ride. WTF?! A life sized model of sexy Koyomi?! Because of that, all those loser passer-bys starts claiming to be Koyomi’s father. Poor Koyomi being surrounded again. In the final scenes, we see Hijiri conspiring with that cloaked girl to carry out their plan. And looks like Koyomi’s dad is under Hijiri’s spell…
The turning point begins in episode 22 as Miharu goes out alone shopping to buy presents for everyone. We also see that cloaked girl having lots of Seikons over her body. But back at Yukinari’s place, it’s getting more lively as usual. Wild is the right word. The usual suspects. Fukuyama is chasing Koyomi while Lisa is setting her sights on Yukinari. Meanwhile Kirie is trying to get away from Kosame’s advances and Hayate and Tomoka have their unfinished battle. Nobody’s left out, really. Their house is like a playground. Probably war zone. At the end of the day, the gang discovers that Yukinari doesn’t break into hives when being touched by the girls. What happened? Beats me but everyone is sure happy and starts celebrating this breakthrough. When Miharu comes home late at night with a bundle of presents, Koyomi spots her and tells her what has happened. I don’t know why, Miharu starts to feel jealous. I mean, she doesn’t show it but her speeches indicate so. All this while, it has been an exclusive for only Miharu to touch Yukinari so I suppose with his hives gone, that exclusivity is under threat. Some may say that it’s love that she’s unaware of. Miharu solemnly goes to her room and starts thinking but at this point of weakness, Hijiri appears and hypnotizes Miharu as she brings her to the bathtub and back to Seiren. The gang parties on without knowing Miharu is gone.
When the gang realizes Miharu is gone in episode 23, they mounted a search for her. They also realized the presents that Miharu bought for them. Each of them has got a present even Hayate and Kosame. You don’t know value of something once it’s gone. Then Fukuyama uses his ultimate satellite surveillance to retrace the steps of Miharu. Now we know why Fukuyama knows how, where and what the gang does and always pop up at the right moment. Another beating from Kirie. So they found out Hijiri has taken Miharu but the problem now is that no one can go back to Seiren because Hijiri has took all the Aqua Lamps Koyomi and Tomoka has. Yukinari’s self confidence hits an all time low of what to do to save Miharu and even Fukuyama scolds him to bring him to his senses but the former just ran away. Even so, Fukuyama plans to go save Miharu without that midget’s help. Fukuyama then has his group of maids to find a way to Seiren. He must be all fired up and betting on his family’s history to do so after getting panties as a present form Miharu.
Yukinari is wandering through the streets and remembers the time he spent with Miharu. Even the big sized Delinquent Brother hammers his little teasing bro away and for the first time, we hear him talk to Yukinari. In no time Yukinari gets his self confidence back. He goes back to his house to find everyone gathering at his bathtub. Looks like the clue is here. I don’t know how but they manage to have temporary communication with Nanae and Maharu on the other side. Something about the Secret Service is starting to put their plan in motion. Before they’re being cut off (I think the Secret Service arrested them), Nanae tells of Koyomi’s Seikon which she inherited from her mom. Since she always deemed herself as a failure, that’s why it never worked. With that, Koyomi’s Seikon comes into power as she opens the gate to Seiren… Through their bathtub of course. Koyomi, Hayate, Kosame and Lilica stay behind to keep watch on the gate while the rest heads in for operation rescue Miharu. Miharu is seen trapped naked in a bubble.
The gang arrives in Seiren in episode 24 but ends up in a famous place where the ladies bath. The ladies are thrilled to see some guys and as usual tries to get a piece of them. Heaven for Fukuyama as he decides to ‘sacrifice’ themselves while making the rest go ahead. Yeah, how noble. The rest got lost along the way and are confronted with some cute killer bears in some woods. Lisa teams up with Tomoka and Ebi to buy some time for the rest to escape. Once Yukinari and Kirie reached the STAB headquarters, Hijiri greets them with lots of STAB employees under her mind control. At the same time, Koyomi’s dad under Hijiri’s spell tries to close the gate Koyomi is trying to hold open but is met with some resistance from the rest. Back in Seiren, Maharu arrives in time to help Kirie do some cleaning up as Yukinari heads deeper into the building. You know for an ecchi harem series, the fight between Kirie and Hijiri has got to be the best scene ever. The fight and camera angles are cleverly choreographed. It’s so cool! Every flip and turn, every somersault, every punch traded and every blow blocked are smoothly animated. Just wow. Yukinari finally enters the area where Miharu is kept imprisoned. We find out the cloak girl’s name is Yukina. Ah ha. How ironic. We find out the real reason why she’s doing this. Yukina is the most powerful person on Seiren due to her Seikons. But she has a flaw. She can’t touch men or else she’ll break out in hives. Because of that, she decides that there will be no more guys from Earth to Seiren and thus doesn’t have to suffer this way. What sick logic is this?! On the other hand, by bringing Miharu here and sealing the gate forever, Hijiri gets Miharu. What do I mean? Uh huh. Another yuri character! OMG! Hijiri has always loved Miharu ever since don’t know when. So Maharu thought when she joined the Secret Service, she was out of sight for good, until now. See, the lack of men on this planet has even caused girls to become like this. So that’s the deal between the 2.
Soon the entire gang comes into STAB building and wonderful Fukuyama has all those crazy ladies on his side as they take out the zombie staff. Kirie then decides to do and say her trademark hell line (previously she said how she’ll beat her) and with that, does a painful slam move to knock out Hijiri. With that, all those hypnotized by her are freed from her control, including Koyomi’s dad. All that’s left is Yukinari but words isn’t reaching Yukina as she attacks him. But remember, don’t resort to violence yet. More bla bla bla from Yukinari saying how they’re both the same and she’ll definitely find someone yada yada yada. With that, Miharu unleashes some power from her Seikon and the bubble bursts, freeing her from her imprisonment. In the end, everyone goes home but it’s not the same anymore (actually it is, but worse). Miharu wakes up Yukinari to find Yukina clinging on to him naked! Oh dear, so now Yukina loves Yukinari. Luckily Miharu isn’t jealous or anything. Hey, is her hives cured? And would Lisa allow that, seeing that there’s another rival? Another disturbing fact is that Hijiri now loves Kirie! She’s going after her now. But would Kosame allow that? I’m thinking that any girl who gets a taste of Kirie’s kick will fall in love with her. As for Fukuyama, it’s pretty obvious he needs Kirie for his harem paradise. While Tomoka and Hayate are having tea, we see Koyomi glad to have her dad back to normal and that snake looks like it’s going to be her pet. Well, she’ll be fine as long as she’s out of Fukuyama’s sight. Yukinari narrates the final lines about how he’s being abused by girls since young. However, he concludes that even so, he thinks girls are wonderful. Oh great. I hope that statement won’t turn him into a future pervert. But it proves that he isn’t afraid of them anymore.
This series has been quite enjoyable for me. I know that some may think it’s the ecchi scenes but it’s partly why the series is funny. By the way, for the 1st season, there are 2 versions of it. One is the censored version and the other of course, full blown uncut and uncensored one. I have watched both versions and have come to notice that the censored ones will have the necessary parts blocked by steam (like when the girls taking a bath) or some other objects ‘obstructing the view’, or even totally cut out. It’s necessary since the 1st season is telecast over TV. But as for the 2nd season, as far as I know, there is no censored version as you can ‘see everything’ here.
The first thing which surprised me was the voice of Yukinari sounded so much like Mamiko Noto. Indeed it is! OMG! I believe I have never heard her doing a little boy role. This has got to be the first time. Nevertheless, I got used to it and I think she did quite a good job in voicing Yukinari. Other casts include Ayako Kawasumi as Miharu (Nodame in Nodame Cantabile), Chiwa Saito as Kirie (Natsumi in Keroro Gunsou), Masayo Kurata as Koyomi (Shinobu of Love Hina), Ryotaru Okiyaku as Fukuyama (Tezuka in Prince Of Tennis, Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist), Yuki Matsuoka as Lisa (Osaka in Azumanga Daioh, Orihime in Bleach), Ayaka Saito as Tomoka (Honey in Ouran High School Host Club), Aya Hisakawa as Hijiri (Yuki of Fruits Basket), Natsuko Kuwatani as Lilica (Suisei Seki of Rozen Maiden), Sayaka Ohara as Maharu (Ayano in Chokotto Sister) and Sakura Nogawa As Yukina (Nemu in Da Capo). Tomoko Kaneda who voices Ebi (Chiyo in Azumanga Daioh) must have got the easiest lines because all that animal does is just go "Nyan nyan nyan…". Nothing else.
In both seasons, the opening themes are sung by Yozuca while Miyuki Hashimoto does the ending themes. The 1st opening theme is Going My Way whereas the 2nd opening theme is Ever After. Both sound lively and upbeat. Though the 1st ending theme Koko Ni Iru Kara sounds like a slow Broadway-like ballad, the 2nd ending theme entitled And Then (that’s right, that’s what it is called) is my favourite as it is more upbeat and pop-like. While the animation for the opening credits for the 1st season seems normal (showing all the characters, that is), the 2nd opening credits has the girls going topless. Pretty obvious. The 1st season ending credits animation shows Miharu enjoying her bath with Ebi in the bathtub whereas in the 2nd season ending credits animation has Miharu skipping throughout various sceneries before reaching Yukinari.
A monochrome manga drawing of a character complete with his/her name acts as the mid-intermission. Though I find the background music for the 1st season during the mid-intermission to be lively with all that fanfare, the 2nd season sounds like a comical countryside banjo-picking. At the end of each episode, you can see a very simple and chibi drawing of some comical situations the characters are in. Also, there is no next episode preview during the 1st season and only the 2nd season has this. Also, each of the title has the word ‘bravo’ in it. According to the Oxford English dictionary, it means a cry of approval. Do we really need such approval here? I’m sure ecchi lovers would approve of it.
You really got to love the wild and wacky characters in this series. Especially with Fukuyama around, he’s a character you’ll love to be disgusted with. Don’t ever try pulling off all those perverted stunts, no matter how desperate you are. Like in most harem animes, Yukinari didn’t really choose which girl he wanted to be with in the end but most viewers would agree that he should end up with Miharu. That girl’s air-headness still boggles me. Now that Kirie has several girls to fend off, I guess she won’t have time trying to ‘compete’ for Yukinari. That guy has got his hands full too with Lisa and recently Yukina around. I guess life is better this way. Plus, with all that abuse he has received, I’m sure Yukinari’s tolerance is quite high. Poor guy. Just like Ebi, always being used as a hitting tool by Tomoka.
Looking back, I’m glad I don’t have such allergic reactions. It would really be inconvenient. I’m sure that there are much worse allergic reactions out there but that’s another story. I wonder if Yukinari is really cured from it since there is no mention about why or how his allergies vanished. In addition, I still don’t know the reason why Yukinari isn’t affected by Miharu’s touch in the first place. Likewise, having a population dominated by a single gender isn’t good either. Unless you’re the kind who shares the same vision and ambition as Fukuyama. So do we want an encore of this series? Anybody who does, just stand up and say "Bravo!".

Girls Bravo
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