Go-toubun No Hanayome

June 16, 2019

What is worse than tutoring a single brat? Nope. Terrible twins aren’t even that bad. Not even the triple threat of triplets can match it. Fearsome foursome? Not even close. Needing to tutor quaint quintuplets would give anybody a real challenge not to quit within 24 hours. And so, Go-toubun No Hanayome has our young high school student who does very well academically to the point of perfection, his job is to tutor quintuplets who are all failing grade. I guess this is not the case of having both beauty and brains. With each having their own quirky characteristic and personalities, how is our teacher going to round them up and make sure they listen? I don’t know. But I heard that it’s pretty cliché that after a while the student might develop feelings for the teacher when they spend a considerable amount of time together. I guess how to handle quintuplets and love were never taught in textbooks…

Episode 1
Futaro Uesugi is mocked by others because of choosing the cheapest school meal set. He gets into a silly argument with a transfer student girl, Itsuki Nakano over a seat. When that’s settled, she finds him rude studying while eating but when she looks at his test scores, he scored perfect! She mentions about wanting a tutor because her grades aren’t so good but instead he mocks her for ordering too much food that will make her grow fat! Later Futaro gets a call from his little sister, Raiha that father found a part time job and a real rich family just moved into the area looking for a tutor. They are willing to pay 5 times the market price and alleviate their family debt. Too bad he learns the person he will be tutoring is Itsuki and she is also in his class. Damn he is seeing the money signs and feels the need to apologize to her and get on her good side. Next time when he tries to sit with her during lunch, too bad the table is already full with her friends. Futaro has weird experiences with her friends like Ichika thinking he is targeting Itsuki and is willing to help her. Yotsuba showing off her perfect zero test scores and following him around. Then you have Miku thinking he is a stalker and outside their rich luxury apartment, Nino stops him from entering but Futaro gives her the slip and runs all 30 floors up to where Itsuki lives. So he is faster than the elevator? At this point he reveals he is her tutor, shocking her. He is puzzled why her friends live together with her. They aren’t her friends. They are quintuplets! Yeah, he is going to tutor them all. Too bad, gathering them is already a handful. Either being spite, ignored or Ichika just plain lazy in her messy room. Before an accusation drama from Miku accusing him of stealing her jersey, thank goodness Nino is wearing it. Finally when they all gather, nobody is in study mood and Nino drugged his water, making him pass out. When he comes to, he is in a taxi outside his home and Itsuki for company. Normally it ends there but with Raiha being so overly cute in inviting Itsuki for dinner, can’t say no. Itsuki hears something about their debt and being so earnest about her brother’s potential, I guess she has to play along that tutoring went well and even hopes to come back again for dinner. With Itsuki giving him ‘permission’ to do as his wish and tutor them, Futaro thinks he doesn’t need to deal with all of them and those who are just failing. Does he not know that all of them failed?!

Episode 2
Futaro gathers the quintuplets again and has them take a test. As long as they pass, they will never have to see him again. Guess what? They scored 100! Combined, that is. Yup, all of them failed. What now? Run away! Next day at school, they’re still being haughty that they don’t need a tutor so he reminds them have they even reviewed their failed test. Nope. Futaro tries to approach Miku since she scored the highest among them. But Yotsuba and Ichika get in the way. From Miku’s reaction they think she is in love with a boy. Futaro discovers a letter from Miku to meet at the rooftop in his desk. Thinking this is a prank, he waits to disprove it but she turns up. Is it true she likes him? Actually it is just to answer his question this morning. It seems she is a fan of the Sengoku period. Obviously nobody knows this since other girls would rather like hot current guys than bearded old men. Futaro tries to use this to get her to study but she remains suspicious he knows more on this area than her. She quizzes him on some Sengoku questions. By fluke he got them right. Just when he thinks she has given in and she gives him a can drink as gratitude, he doesn’t understand why she said it doesn’t have snot in it. This has Miku become suspicious again and will not be tutored by him. Futaro won’t lose so he borrows all the Sengoku library to read up. When he requests for a re-challenge, she refuses. Then it descends into the slowest chase around school as they even play some Sengoku shiritori until they tire out. WTF. He explains the drink snot that has some Sengoku connotation to it but admits he had Yotsuba look up that one for him. Miku doesn’t want him to tell her sisters about her Sengoku fetish as she thinks she is the biggest loser among them. What she can do, others can do. That is when it hit Futaro. Because if that is true, the reverse is also true. Miku can do what others. From that test, he noticed that none of them got the same question right. He vows to have them all graduate with flying colours and he believes all of them have the potential to score 100 on their own. Miku agrees to be tutored by him although her excuse is so that he could take responsibility for what he said.

Episode 3
It’s another tough day for Futaro to gather the quintuplets for tutoring and Nino is here to disrupt again. She tells Yotsuba to go help out a basketball team that has a member injured, reminds Ichika she has a part time job and Itsuki to go somewhere quiet to study. With that, Futaro is only left with Miku. It then descends into a catty argument of outer or inner beauty between Nino and Miku. With Futaro’s stomach growling, they decide to settle this via cooking. If Nino wins, no tutoring today. While Nino’s meal looks good, Miku’s look pretty much ‘destroyed’. Good thing or not, Futaro isn’t a gourmet and finds both delicious. Nino is not happy but we can see the big relief in Miku’s face. With so much time taken up by this, I guess lesson’s over. As Futaro leaves, he realizes he forgot his flash cards. He returns and is surprised to see Miku out of the bath and drying herself. To his horror, she is actually Nino! However she has near-sightedness and cannot see without her contacts. She thinks Futaro is Miku and starts complaining about that guy who has no place among the sisters. Even if her eyesight is that bad, could she not tell the outline of her sister?! Futaro then saves her from the books that were going to topple over her. It is then she realizes it is him. But it gets worse from here with Ichika snapping a picture of this scandal. Hence we have a kangaroo trial court. Only Miku is defending him but when accused she is doing so because of her feelings for him, Miku backs down. Finally the rest realize it was just a mistake and Futaro did save Nino from the falling books (and such a nerd won’t have the balls to rape!). But Nino is not pleased and it hit a nerve when Ichika notes how all of them used to get along so well. She runs away. As Futaro leaves, he finds her bumming outside the building. I guess she locked herself out. He didn’t want to help her, thinking she would just continue her scorn but decides to sit down and talk with her. From the way she says things, Futaro believes she doesn’t hate her sisters but loves them. That’s why she hates outsiders like him getting in between them. Nino’s twisted reasoning has her decide she’ll never accept Futaro even if it means her sisters hating her.

Episode 4
Itsuki is at Futaro’s place to pay him. Is he going to be alright seeing that much money? He can’t take it citing he hasn’t done anything. Since she insists, he asks what Raiha wants to do. Yeah, they hit the arcades. On their way back, they stumble into the other sisters who are just on their way to watch the fireworks. But Futaro reminds them they have homework. Not if Raiha puts up those puppy dog eyes. Okay. Let’s go! But he makes the quintuplets finish their homework first! Hurry. It’s going to start soon. Nino has rented a rooftop of a shop to watch the fireworks but the sisters start going their own way to buy other things first. Futaro learns from Miku that fireworks are very important to them as they used to watch it with their late mother. When Nino is swamped by the crowd, it is Futaro who rescues her. When they arrive at the rooftop, the fireworks just start and Nino realizes they are the only ones here. That’s because she is the only one who knows where this place is. Her sisters are all over the place. Futaro decides to gather them before the fireworks ends. Yeah, the longest fireworks show ever. 1 hour!!! He finds Ichika first but a strange man wonders what his relation with Ichika is. He says acquaintance but everyone gives him that weird stare. He is supposed to go after them but Miku has her feet sore. I bet she wanted him to carry but he bandaged it instead. Wonder why she’s pouting… Some survey assistants ask their relationship and think they’re a couple (how did they end up holding hands?). So as Futaro ponder between acquaintances and schoolmates, I guess Miku didn’t like that answer too. Again she’s pouting. Futaro manages to find Itsuki next and straight up asks their relationship. Without skipping a beat, she says the most as strangers. But she points back he doesn’t need to ask because he already knows. All that’s left is to find Ichika (Yotsuba and Raiha are hanging out at some clock tower) but Ichika finds him and brings him away to an alley. She tells him she cannot join then in watching the fireworks.

Episode 5
Futaro can’t answer when Ichika asks why he is going out his way when they’re just their tutor. Since that guy who is her co-worker is close by, Ichika and Futaro had to pretend they are making out in the dark alley but that co-worker continues to look around the same area?! Looks like Futaro hits a nerve again when he explains why they aren’t friends. Because Ichika thought they were. More trouble when the co-worker mistakes Miku as Ichika and drags her away. Yeah, he doesn’t even care about her injured feet… So when Futaro saves Miku and the co-worker asks him who he is again, chance for Futaro to correct his wrongs. Certainly they are not friends. They are partners. And he wants them back. I don’t know, that sounded odd but to the girls, that sounded better than acquaintances. The co-worker reveals Ichika is late for an audition (despite he was so sure he would never mixed up Ichika’s face!) so Ichika decides to go with him. Is she really ditching the fireworks? Miku tells him to go with Ichika. Can he leave her alone? Yotsuba and Raiha are conveniently here. The co-worker conveniently went to get the car so enough time for Ichika and Futaro to talk it out. He asks if this is what she wants. It’s her dream to become an actress and this audition could land her in a very big role. They even practice her lines here. Before Ichika goes off, Futaro wants her to cut it out with her fake smile. She always uses it to hide her feelings and he could sniff it out as her smile always looks different from her sisters. He explains his true feelings he doesn’t want to get paid with nothing to show for and earn what he work. What about her? She acts like she’s cool with everything but she’s really not. When they were pretend hugging in the alley, he could feel her shaking. He allows her to go but with a condition she apologizes to her sisters. Ichika makes it to the audition and for once she lets out her real smile. I think that could win the audition. When it’s over, she returns and finds Futaro still waiting for her although the fireworks is long over. He brings her to the park where he had the other sisters gather to have their own mini fireworks festival. Mainly sparklers. Nino thanking Futaro for once and Ichika apologizes to the sisters as they in turn also apologize for their own shortcomings. They renew their old promise to share happiness even with one of them finds it. Does this apply to love? Finally Ichika personally thanks Futaro but he is sleeping with his eyes open! The best she could thank him now as partners is to let him sleep on her lap.

Episode 6
Ichika told her sisters about her job and they were thrilled. Ichika felt a burden lifted off her shoulders. But the midterms are coming and this is where the real test is. Futaro tries to get Itsuki to study together. Too bad sounded insulting about her stupidity so that’s no go. What about Nino? He sounded so ambiguous about their relationship that he got a slap in return. I guess only Ichika, Miku and Yotsuba will do. But they’re more in having fun mood than studying. When Futaro goes home, Itsuki suddenly catches up to him. It seems father wants to speak to him. Suddenly the good son, huh? Of course he ‘threatens’ him if any one of her daughters fail, he will resign. Say goodbye to your money. This in turn leads to Futaro and Itsuki arguing. Itsuki thinks he is doing it for the money and hence she is not his tool to make money. It ends with both vowing not to teach or learn from the other. Oh Futaro, you’re going to regret that. Futaro is tutoring the trio at their home and Nino wants to shoo him out. Ichika’s quick thinking means Futaro is going to sleepover and tutor them. As he baths, he thought Itsuki wanted to talk to him so he apologizes and reveals the firing business. Too bad it’s Nino actually and she has now got a gist of what’s happening. Futaro has got a reason to be worried. She’s definitely not going to study and get in his way to make any one of her sisters fail. Futaro returns to tutoring the rest but Ichika is more interested in setting Miku up with him. And out of the blue, Miku asks what kind of girl he likes! Is that part of the study? Futaro will reveal if they finish a page. Wow. See what motivation can do. But the qualities of the girl he likes can only be fulfilled by Raiha! Siscon? Miku must be so disappointing since she’s quite to opposite. With Itsuki still being stubborn, Ichika talks to Futaro about her sister having a hard time being upfront and is definitely hurting inside. She hopes he can do what he does best. Futaro pats her head and notes she really does live up as the eldest of the sisters. Ichika has Futaro sleep in Miku’s room while Miku will share with her. That night Miku went to toilet and back to bed. However she returned to Futaro’s bed! Guess what happens when Futaro sees her sleeping next to him next morning?

Episode 7
Ichika and Nino think of pranking Futaro by making Itsuki look like Miku. Futaro tries to get away before Miku wakes up but look, it’s Miku at the front door! Of course it’s Itsuki. In order to hide the scandal, Futaro pushes her away just when she’s ready to reconcile. This makes her even furious. Futaro takes Ichika and Yotsuba to the library to study. Ichika hints to Futaro about forgetting somebody. He gets the hint and goes back to their suite. On the way out, he passes Miku who is worried if something weird happened last night. He lies about it but at least her heart can rest in peace. Futaro returns to see Itsuki asleep while studying. Because she is still in Miku’s getup, he chastises her to continue studying instead of slacking. With both somewhat apologizing to each other, he continues to tutor her. Futaro sleeps over as they pull another all-nighter since tomorrow is the start of the exam. Too bad they wake up late! Run! I’m sure they could have reached in time had they not been distracted like helping the old lady to cross the road. Of course they arrive late and they can’t simply walk in since a teacher is guarding the entrance. Thankfully Yotsuba was the only one who reached on time so Futaro has an idea. He has all the sisters wear Yotsuba’s trademark ribbon. Pretending to be Yotsuba, one by one they manage to give excuse that a teacher sent them out for errand. Yeah, teacher must be confused. Even Futaro tries to pull this off! Didn’t work! He gets his ass hauled to the office. The exams come and go and the results are out. What’s it like? Let’s just say that each of them pass their best topic but fail the rest. But hey, at least their accumulative score is no more 100 and is way past that. Futaro seems to be telling each one of them how to improve their weakness. The other sisters are confused. Their dad calls and wants to hear the results. Futaro is going to tell the truth after saying he hopes to find a better tutor for them when Nino snatches the phone and hears what it’s all about. Technically she isn’t lying when she says all of them avoided failing all subjects. I guess father is going to keep Futaro for now. Looks like the sisters will have to study harder to avoid being busted for this lie. Futaro would normally want to review their work but allows them some respite and treat them to parfait. The sisters laugh since he is so out of place. I wonder if they have the mood since they see Futaro’s score. Like usual. No biggies. Perfect in every subject.

Episode 8
Futaro’s dad thinks he should cut some slack in studying. Because not too long ago he was a delinquent until a certain girl he met changed his life. Dad fools around with that old photo he keeps in his student handbook since Raiha wants to look at it. With Futaro floored by Miku’s bad cooking, Nino and Itsuki are about to leave but he needs to keep them here to study. Hence he has Yotsuba tell white lies to make them stay. Of course she is a bad liar. Eventually Futaro realizes that telling the hard and blunt truth suits Yotsuba better as she gets pretty honest the 5 of them should study together. With Futaro’s fake illness being discovered, Nino and Itsuki leave. Futaro notes it is just like the beginning. Just the 2 of them. Yotsuba points out everyone has slowly changed. Even Nino didn’t try to kick him out. Yotsuba hints to him there is a reason why she has always been by his side. It’s not to get good grades but rather she likes him. Before Futaro gets to react to this shock, Yotsuba was just trolling you! White lie! She learnt something today. Haha! But really…? Too bad Futaro now has trust issues. Ichika suggests Futaro exchange email addresses with the sisters. All he needs is Itsuki and Nino’s so he had to throw in a bargain that he will give Raiha’s email for Itsuki to join and play on Nino’s psychology that she will be the only one left out. Since Nino will not use her Bluetooth, she lets him write in his handbook. But with the basketball club calling Yotsuba, Futaro tails her to check if she is using this excuse to escape studying. To his relief, she turns down their invitation to join them. Back home, Futaro realizes his handbook is still with Nino. So he enters her room while she is still sleeping to get it back?! Even if Miku allowed it, was he that desperate? She will give it back to him if he helps pierce her ear. Is this his chance to get back at her? As he makes his countdown and slowly try to take back his handbook, Nino changes her mind. This causes Futaro to drop his handbook and unfortunately open to the page of his old photo. So this young delinquent punk is him?! Because he looks so different, Nino can’t tell and really likes this kid! Yeah, badass are her types. Futaro lies that it is his relative. Futaro is glad she didn’t see the other half of the photo. Supposedly that girl who changed his life. Yeah, no surprise but it’s one of the quintuplets. They look so alike (copy and paste?) that it makes a great guessing game.

Episode 9
The school will have a camping trip. And there’s that legend of couples dancing together at the campfire will forever be together. Ichika has Miku substitute her for the meeting. However there is no meet. It was just Maeda’s scheme to get Ichika to dance with him at the campfire because he likes her. Confused Miku tries to weasel her way out but he needs an answer. Good thing Futaro is here so he makes an excuse her sisters are calling. Bu Maeda still isn’t convinced so Miku pretends he is dating Futaro. I guess holding hands is enough to make him give up. Miku asks why people confess to the ones they love. Because they want them all to themselves. The sisters bring Futaro out to shop for clothes for the trip. But Futaro realizes several miscalls from his dad. He rushes home since Raiha is sick. He nurses her until the next day and he is willing to give this trip a miss. After all, he already missed the bus. Too bad the sisters heard about it and came to pick him up in their limo. This sure beats the bus ride. Due to the blizzard, they have to stop by an inn. The sisters especially Nino are wary about spending the night in the same room with a guy. It’s just a room built for 4… And the outdoor bath is also mixed… Why do they assume Futaro is going in at the same time with them? As the sisters bath, they discuss who should sleep next to Futaro. Ironically if they all claim he is just a friend and won’t do weird stuffs, so why is nobody willing to sleep next to him? So their answer is all of them to sleep next to him?! Besides he can’t tell, right? But wait. Wouldn’t that means he knows all 5 of them will be sleeping next to them? I think they aren’t bothered with it now seeing he is fast asleep. Next morning, Ichika wakes up and is shocked she slept close to him. The other sisters are all over the place… Ichika then puts her face close to his… At that point Itsuki opens the door and sees this before quickly shutting it. Too bad she can’t tell which sister did that. Itsuki is shocked to see her school teachers here. Amazingly they too stopped for the blizzard and never stumble into each other. Now they all get to continue the bus trip together.

Episode 10
Futaro helps Yotsuba with the kimodameshi. Ichika and Miku aren’t scared… Since Itsuki is weak in this, what is scarier than a clown mask? A clown asking you to go study!!! Thanks to that, Itsuki runs off on her own and Nino tries to chase her but gets lost. Futaro sees this and tries to get them. When he stumbles into Nino, because he still has that blonde wig on, Nino thinks he is Futaro’s relative and starts getting girly around him. Futaro realizes this mistake and is forced to play along as Kintaro since he knows Nino will blackmail him if the truth surfaces. He tries to act wild and smart but Nino just loves it all. Just when he thought he is busted, it is just Nino putting a bandage on his bruised forehead. Hearing strange ghostly voices has Futaro running off. She is disappointed with this lack of manliness but when she almost falls off a cliff, he saves her. Since she is still reeling from that fear, he gives her some band as charm (from Raiha). She hopes he would be here tomorrow for the campfire dance. You know what all those legend says about those dances, right? The ghostly voice turns out to be lost Itsuki. She is glad to have found Nino. When Nino wants to introduce Kintaro, he is gone. Not a ghost. Because she’s still holding his charm. Meanwhile Miku asks Ichika about Futaro. How does she feel about him. They try to give each other their dance spot to him. Back at the inn, Futaro thinks he has incurred the wrath of all the quintuplets. Perhaps he asked the wrong question at the wrong time. Fearing they would hate him, he tries to be nice but it’s just so unnaturally creepy. While helping out Ichika to move the logs for campfire, he seeks he advice. Just be nice and natural. Futaro has thoughts about choosing to dance with either Ichika or Nino. So he asks if Ichika would like to call their dance off. Not the answer she is looking for. Oh dear. She’s crying. They have to hide when other students come by to lock the place up. Cliché moment of being stuck together for the night.

Episode 11
Futaro has Ichika stand on his back so they could activate some alarm. Too bad they’re still too short. And she’s too heavy… Oh, Futaro! At the same time, Itsuki and Miku realize Futaro and Ichika are nowhere to be found. Suspicious… Futaro tries to make a fire and won’t be distracted by Ichika’s talk. Until she says she is planning to quit school. With her acting roles piling up and that she isn’t quite fond of high school either, she thinks Miku would be better off without her. Though Futaro is sad because that means 20% loss in income (?!), he believes she should pursue her dream because it will be good if it works out. With the fire successful, Ichika thought they could have their own mini campfire dance. Until she realizes that he knows about the legend because Yotsuba knows about it and so does Miku. Ichika panics upon knowing what Miku meant now by leaving Futaro to her. In her clumsiness, a log threatens to fall on her. Luckily he saves her. Weird tango pose… The log also caused the alarm and the sprinkler to go off. All wet and miserable. Even more so when Itsuki and Miku open the door. Whatcha doing?! The duo get a real scolding from the teacher and it is going to be hard to explain things to Itsuki and Miku since they don’t believe what happened. No rest on the final day of the trip. Yotsuba wants to teach Futaro how to ski. With Miku around, he thinks it is a good chance to explain to her. However Futaro as an amateur in skiing can’t stop and crashes. His bandage falls off and Nino thinks he is Kintaro. He runs away to avoid getting caught but she gives chase. More bad luck as he stumbles into Yotsuba adamant trying to teach him. Luckily for a well-placed igloo for him to hide. Yeah, why is Miku hiding here too? They talk about Yotsuba’s athletic abilities as Futaro points out that the quintuplets started out having the same abilities. Along the way, Yotsuba became athletic and he doesn’t want to disregard that effort. Being equal is okay but he prefers it to be fair. So there’s a difference? This gives Miku some inspiration as she makes up her mind. She calls Ichika. We need to talk.

Episode 12
So Miku is suggesting that to be fair, they take each his hand? Yeah, good thing Futaro has only 2 hands, right? However all of them soon gather as Itsuki is missing. As they contemplate where she has gone and what to do, Futaro suddenly realizes something. He will search for her but takes Ichika with him. On the snow elevator, he knows this Ichika is actually Itsuki in disguise. OMFG! The sisters couldn’t tell her apart but Futaro did???!!! The trick was the way she addressed him. Thank goodness the sisters all addressed him differently, eh? So once this mystery is resolved, Futaro collapses on her. He is brought to rest in the infirmary and the sisters feel guilty for making this trip a miserable one for him. The teacher makes the room off limits for everyone for him to rest. During the campfire, Miku and Ichika talk again. About Futaro, about their feelings. Miku realizes that seeing all of them get along well with Futaro, she thought it wouldn’t be fair for her to be special. So she’s done being fair and wants him all to herself. Yup, your official confession from Miku that she loves Futaro. It would be more meaningful had she said it to him instead of Ichika. Yotsuba and Itsuki find Futaro’s memo that lists down all the fun things they were going to do together. So the entire trip isn’t ruined. Itsuki manages to sneak into the room while the teacher is asleep and hide until the teacher gone out! When she turn on the lights, it seems her other sisters also had the same idea! All of them decide to accompany Futaro so that he won’t be alone when the final ‘ritual’ of the campfire takes place. Fast forward to the future, it is Futaro’s wedding day! But Raiha is dismayed because he forgot to bring the wedding ring! Like father, like son. And daddy doesn’t even want Raiha to get married so as not to leave him alone! WTF?! Raiha brings the ring to Futaro’s room in the chapel. This dude is sleeping? Must be tired from all the planning, huh? As Futaro waits for the bride, he fuzzily remembers on the last night of the camp. The quintuplets were holding a finger each. However he had to chase them out come morning because they were so noisy. And when they get back, the sisters are more receptive to studying but might regret a little since Futaro is going to get tough on them. The finals are coming up.

Five Of A Kind: Cute-Win-Tuplets!
And they still leave us hanging! From the opening episode we were treated to see Futaro getting married to one of them. Although we get to see the bride’s face, there is no telling which one for sure because all of them basically look the same. I thought they would at least say who and put an end to the speculation but I guess this means this leaves room for a possible sequel (just to play out the romance part of the quintuplets fighting for his love) until we really get a confirmation on who his bride is. But at least Futaro marrying one of the quintuplets has at least proved that he has earned enough money to stage this lavish wedding! Good for him. I believe he didn’t borrow all this on the quintuplets’ father’s wealth and is all his own efforts. His family still somewhat poor, though…

Basically the entire premise is predictable. The main characters do not get along very well at the start but slowly with lots of persistence, perseverance and stubbornness, you can see that they eventually open up to him. Thanks to the first episode spoilers of telling us that he ends up marrying one of them, it is no surprise to guess that he would at least get along very well with one of them. Characters do not get along well at the start and are only brought together based on circumstances are the perfect ingredients for a budding romance story. You know that all of them will at least have some sort of feelings of varying degrees for Futaro but only the question of when and how.

Due to their initial awkwardness of their relationship, hence we can drag out the romance of the quintuplets trying not to be so obvious that they have fallen for him. You know, they didn’t really like him or his lessons at the start but then they find out he isn’t really such a bad guy and has got lots of merits to boot, now how do I tell this guy that I love him without making it so obvious and ruining my reputation and embarrassing myself? Yup. That’s the big strategy employed here to tell this story. Not a bad thing since it is funny in its own ways. Though, some I feel there are missing pieces to the story like Futaro meeting one of them being young. That felt like a red herring but could also be a great plot device of fate reuniting them together. But then again, troll you again because they aren’t just quintuplets but sextuplets! Long lost twin!!! Haha! Whoops… Gone too far. Besides, is it also considered a harem if all the girls in love with you are also sisters?

My own personal fun was to eventually guess which girl Futaro will end up marrying. Considering all the vague hints to troll and possibly lead you astray, my most likely bet was Itsuki since she had this feeling of being the likeliest. It could be Miku or Nino from that vague hair colour or hairstyle but then again, it could be Yotsuba as she could dye her hair later. Miku looks promising due to her having being the first to recognize her feelings for him or at least officially say those 3 magic words even if it’s not to his face. With Ichika being pushed to the fore in the final episodes, maybe she could snatch him too. So yeah. Everybody is possible. I would go for the harem route but that doesn’t sound likely. Please don’t tell me it’s Raiha! I know he loves his precious little sister but I don’t think it is to a point that he wants to marry her!

Oh Futaro, forget having to choose one of them. Choose all of them! It all comes in one big package, right? So you marry one of them is as good as marrying the other so might as well take on all of them at once. Saves the problem of sleeping with the wrong quintuplet… In view of this, I hope Futaro married to correct one… It would be the biggest prank of the century if suddenly they pull off a Candid Camera moment. That’s really messed up.

I’m sure you can tell that the characters will eventually change over time and their goals slightly modified. Like Futaro he was initially doing it for the money (and he still is) but instead of being a lifeless teacher-student relationship, he goes to great lengths to be on their good side. Because eventually he still needs the money. Yeah. At the end of the day it all boils down to money. But still, you can see that he cares for the sisters in his own way rather than being just a smart ass arrogant dick. But still, it’s the money at the end of the day. Okay, okay. So all in all, it is both money and his human side that makes Futaro care for the quintuplets. I mean, he has a little sister so he should at least know how to treat a girl. Or 5 girls in this case. He might not have normal friends but not many can say they had rich hot quintuplets as friends.

The quintuplets trying to be very considerate for each other, that sounds very sisterly. After all, who knows themselves better but themselves. Hence it gets a little more complicated when it comes to the matters of the heart. Ichika trying to play the big sister to pass Futaro to Miku since Miku is the first one among the sisters (and hence the longest) to have shown some sort of passable romantic interest in Futaro. Miku is like, yeah I’m too shy to go about this so perhaps big sister Ichika should better deserve Futaro. Nino obviously dislikes Futaro but since she is in search of the elusive Kintaro, I suppose it counts since it is the other side of him. Nino being the b*tch because it will be too easy if everybody ends up obviously liking Futaro. Somebody needs to play the b*tch character. Itsuki is like she doesn’t care but deep down she wants to. Stop citing Raiha as an excuse for whatever. Yotsuba has always been such a happy go lucky athletic girl that she might be passed off as a retard. Therefore all the sisters are like playing the greatest pretender game. So the first one to move first wins? Too bad Futaro can’t clone himself so when it comes to the game of love, sister or not, every girl for herself to snag his heart. I think that’s the fairest they can get. Because everyone one being too considerate and giving way will end up everyone getting nothing. Better that somebody ends up with somebody in the end rather than nobody, right? Can we all say they learnt about love through experience rather than studying and in books? I bet they pass this one with flying colours.

Because now that they have a guy whom they are interested in, at least they can put in the effort and stop being ‘stupid’. At least academically. Maybe the way to Futaro’s heart is through his brain? Oh yeah. Where have I heard of smart guy likes dumb girl? Right. Itazura Na Kiss… So either the girls level up and be smart to love him or he dumbs down to love them… I hope it is the former. I guess that’s the downside of being filthy rich. You think money can solve everything. Maybe. Still can’t solve this love polygon… With the quintuplets being so different like night and day so that we could easily profile and tell them apart, it feels like they initially split from one single core into 5 different people. All of them excel in different areas and it feels more like a joke than coincidence to even get this sort of probability. It makes me wonder if they combine together like those sentai shows, will they transform into one big Nakano person. Herald, Reiko! Number zero, if you didn’t get the joke…

Art and animation are your current conventional anime style. The quintuplets are differentiated visually by their hairstyle, hair colour and hair accessories (if any) so you won’t get confused to who is who. If they still want to disguise each other and confuse us, I’m sure they could. That’s why never downplay and laugh at the importance of the wild variations of anime hairstyle and colour! The visual differences among the sisters also serve as a reminder of how far the quintuplets have grown individually. Because you see how they all look like indistinguishable clones when they were young and when they started growing up, each started to have their own personality. That is why it rings true when Futaro says he prefers fairness of equality. We don’t need 5 sisters who have the same personality and looks, right? Might as well give us 100 sisters then! I don’t know, Futaro looks a bit dorky to me. If he wore glasses, he would’ve been even dorkier. And Raiha has got this killer cowlick that makes you feel like you wanna grab ‘em. Really. This series is done by Tezuka Productions who did Sakamichi No Apollon and Dagashi Kashi S2.

For the voice acting department, no complaints since they play their part to fit their characters well. I recognized a few popular seiyuus lending their talents. They include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Futaro, Kana Hanazawa as Ichika, Ayana Taketatsu as Nino and Ayane Sakura as Yotsuba. The other casts are Miku Itou as Miku (Nono in Busou Shoujo Machiavellism), Inori Minase as Itsuki (Hestia in DanMachi) and Natsumi Takamori as Raiha (Yuzu in Sunohara-sou No Kanrinin-san). The opening theme, Gotoubun No Kimochi by the quintuplets is your typical generic anime pop. I prefer the ending theme, Sign by Aya Uchida since it has this very catchy hip hop tune to it. The rap-like whispering makes it sound both cute and catchy.

Overall, this is a cute and funny romantic series. Still enjoyable if you can put aside the romantic comedy clichés like mischievous and stubborn girls hate smart boy but only to fall for him. Something that no matter how smart you are how much money you have in the world, love is something you can only get via experience. Because knowledge fills your brain and money fills your wallet but love fills your heart! Woah! Cheesy! But I think I should put that saying in the opening credits animation where there are different flash cards of idioms that Futaro use to study. On a trivial note, did they pick quintuplets because five closely rhymes with wife…? And so is strife…

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