God Eater

December 24, 2016

This seems slated to be the season’s reasonably epic. An apocalyptic world with human remnants using oversized weapons fighting against creatures that seem undefeatable. Epic indeed it seems. Till it ran into delay problems. Yup. I thought God Eater was going to pull something off like Kekkai Sensen since it is another TV series that couldn’t finish in its provided season. Its first episode was already delayed and then the final 4 episodes were delayed to a couple of seasons later. Well, at least better than never finishing it or just releasing it exclusively on DVDs. So perhaps the scheduling troubles were the cause of the delays and postponement unlike Kekkai Sensen’s final episode that was too long to be fit into the normal airing slot. But whatever it was, when it finally finished, I could feel that my enthusiasm for the series has waned and I’m just watching it out of obligation in hopes its epic would blow away the frustration. Well, if I am already saying all this in my opening paragraph…

Episode 1
With his iron will of determination, Lenka Utsugi passes an excruciating test to become a member of Fenrir’s Far East branch’s God Eater. When Aragami attack the city walls, he along with Kouta Fujiki are ordered by Tsubaki Amamiya to the training room instead of fighting alongside the other veterans. Lenka fails his simulation. When he sees the injured wheeled in, he requests Tsubaki to attempt the simulation again. Despite failing again, he won’t give up. Branch director, Johannes von Schicksal seeks Tsubaki’s update on Lenka’s progress as he is a New Type. Lenka’s experience of living outside the walls makes him exceptional but it also means his kind are the fastest to die. Johannes wants her to continue keeping an eye on him as New Types are rare. Later Kouta brings Lenka to see his friend, Licca Kusunoki who is the chief maintenance engineer. She has finished customizing his personal God Arc that he can use from now on. Shortly after, reports come in that Aragami have broken through an area of the walls. Lenka then realizes Tsubaki did not send other nearby units to intercept is because there are no units nearby! He wants to sortie but Tsubaki will not have him die early yet. Going against her order, Lenka goes to get his God Arc and blasts through the base walls before command centre could lock him down. He sees firsthand how the people get slaughtered mercilessly by the invading Aragami and a fellow God Eater, Eric gets owned. Lenka tries to save him but he loses his God Arc and is surrounded. Luckily his life is extended with the arrival of the first unit, Far East branch’s best unit made out of Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Souma Schicksal. See how they plough through the horde with ease like as though they are video game veterans. Lenka picks back up his God Arc and rushes to protect a woman moments from being devoured. Because he is out of reach, he inadvertently transforms his God Arc into gun mode.

Episode 2
Don’t tell me Lenka doesn’t know how to fire?! And he doesn’t know how to turn it back? So first unit has to save his ass again. Rindou has Sakuya and Lenka get Eric to safety while they handle the remnants. Lenka’s confidence builds when he manages to fire a shot at the big boss, Vajra. But then the static in the air got to him. By the time he regains consciousness, he is in prison. Detained for disobeying orders. He will remain here till the board decides his punishment. He asks what happened during his blackout. To put it shortly, they won but Eric died. After Rindou carried unconscious Lenka, his team is low on ammo. Had not other units arrive in time, they would not have seized victory. In the aftermath as the mess is being cleaned up, Lenka is stretchered away when a stray Aragami attacks. Eric used his body to protect and paid the price with his life in the process. He didn’t even have any last words. Lenka feels guilty as Rindou hands him back something he dropped during the fight: A compass. So as the higher ups ponder about the possibility of Lenka’s God Arc being confiscate, there is also Eric’s official funeral to attend. After Rindou hears talk that Lenka tried to help Eric without his God Arc, he returns to question why he did so. Would he have left a comrade to die just because you were unarmed? A plane carrying Alisa Illinichina Amiella flying towards Far East branch is being attacked by flying Aragami. Tsubaki receives orders for her team to rescue this plane. Because Souma is out on a separate mission, Rindou believes it will be hard for just the 2 of them to pull this off. Speaking of which, there is a replacement… Johannes gives his approval although he will be under full surveillance. So Tsubaki goes to Lenka to offer him 2 choices. Stay here and wait for the board’s decision or go out and prove he is worth something. The choice is obvious. He is not the kind who believes in prayers. Time to gear up for action.

Episode 3
Alisa isn’t going to be a sitting duck either. She gets out there to kick Aragami ass. With their never-ending numbers, the best option is to abandon the plane but she won’t do it. Besides, she doesn’t need their help. Since first unit can’t just sit there and they have orders to take her back, they decide to assist her. They see Alisa’s New Type as her God Arc is able to devour Aragami and replenish her ammo. An evolved Aragami hails for backup. A huge horde is seen flocking in the distance. At this rate they won’t have any more time so Rindou orders Lenka to retrieve Alisa. She easily baits that guy and beats him up. Lenka continues following her and realizes the reason she won’t leave the plane. There are many injured passengers. Lenka believes he too wants to save all the passengers. Time to kick Aragami ass. Lenka as a New Type learns fast by copying Alisa as he too transforms his God Arc to devour an Aragami to power up. Amidst the high turbulence and fighting on top of the plane BS, we see Lenka and Alisa take turns to show off how cool they slay Aragami. It’s like gravity and physics don’t matter. Then they look at each other like as though it is your turn. WTF. Eventually they manage to take out the entire horde and even prevent evolved ones from calling for backup. When a huge Aragami is detected closing in on the plane, Rindou orders Sakuya and their helicopter pilot to abandon and use their helicopter as bait and everyone will return to Far East branch via this plane. To everyone’s shock, they see a huge mother*cking Aragami through the clouds! These are the types you don’t mess with.

Episode 4
Alisa is brought to Johannes and because of the successful mission, Lenka’s insubordination charges are dropped. He along with Alisa and Kouta are immediately drafted to the first unit under Rindou. Kouta takes Lenka to his slum home. Since Lenka isn’t from around here, he is surprised to see people being handed out food. Kouta tells his mom about his drafting and you can tell from her face the fear that awaits such fate. As they see the people rebuild the damage, Kouta mentions he hopes Aegis will be completed soon. It is an artificial island to shelter all humanity safe from any Aragami attack as it is made out from its core. So it is God Eaters’ job to destroy Aragami and bring back such cores. On the next mission, the first unit is supposed to hunt Gboro for their cores. We can tell the newbies have a hard time. Lenka just couldn’t get it right, Kouta almost got killed (Souma saved his ass) and Alisa is just toying around since she already reached her ‘quota’. On the way back, they encounter a small group of human survivors who are glad to see them. Bringing them back to Far East branch, it seems the guards reject them because none of them show any God Arc compatibility test (at least one of them needs to have that potential). Because of that, they are turned away. I mean, who cares, right? Lenka will not allow this but even if he complains, Rindou tells him there is nothing they can do. Lenka stands there in shock and disbelief as the rejected and dejected survivors trudge back out of the walls. The heartbreaking look on the little girl’s face… It was just inhumane. It didn’t make sense. It was just plain crazy incomprehensible. At least that look on Lenka’s face.

Episode 5
Lenka asks when Aegis is scheduled to be completed. Progress stands at… 0.06%!!! OMFG! Well, it’s a massive project so it needs tens of thousands of cores. Don’t start feeling down now… As Rindou and Souma are away on a special assignment, Sakuya will lead the newbies to gather more cores. Lenka suggests taking on the Vajra because logically it has a bigger core and will speed up Aegis’ completion. Sakuya agrees to it but lays down a few ground rules like if it gets too dangerous they will withdraw immediately. As they enter the Vajra den and engage some of them, they are shocked to see several survivors. When they are cornered by the multiple Vajra, a larger and darker Vajra, Dyaus Pita attack its own kind and devours them! Well, it seems Alisa has a grudge with this one since she becomes mad and goes all out attacking it. Owned. It starts killing the survivors. Sakuya and Kouta are given its electric shock treatment. Don’t just stand there Lenka. Move! Well, he did after getting mad (and Alisa getting owned a second time). Unfortunately he got owned too. Try again. Be madder. Look at the blood flowing through his veins. Nope. Owned again. What’s worse than him watching the remaining survivors get killed and he himself getting stabbed? His God Arc broke! I suppose Alisa got up just to distract it but then collapses from her injuries. Now Sakuya and Kouta distract it so Lenka could retrieve Alisa and escape. But the Pita turns its attention to Lenka and Alisa. I am guessing it is so desperate that it fell off the cliff with them. Flashback shows Johannes was a scientist along with Aisha Gauche and Paylor Sakaki. They were researching on the evolution of some virus known as Oracle. One day a US military guy summoned them to show weird monsters being fished out from their waters. More recently, a vicious mutated creature broke out from its cage and immune to any firearms. They investigated and traced that these life forms have this single core cell colony as its source. Meaning, they originated from Oracle and evolved. The trio are called to help this out.

Episode 6
Lenka wakes up on the riverbed. Alisa is unconscious as he takes her take refuge in a dilapidated house. She wakes up not only to learn the Pita is gone but her God Arc is missing. She wants to go find it but after seeing Lenka collapse from his wound, she stays by his side to give the necessary medications. As she waits, the traumatic memories resurface. She was a happy girl living with her parents. And what a day to play hide and seek in town. Because the Aragami attack and her parents were devoured by the Pita before her eyes! I thought it seemed funny that the Pita looked back at her like though as it is saying, “Why, how about that? You’re f*cked now”. Well, now she is paralyzed with fear and turned into a finger sucking toddler when an Aragami attacks. Lenka wakes up in time to fend it off with his broken God Arc. It feels like a weird MTV music video as we see the duo run and hide from the Aragami pack. Only by day they manage to find Alisa’s God Arc lying by the river rocks. Time to pick them up and fight. However she is still reeling from the trauma. When more Aragami show up and surround her, she just gave up and cower in fear. Time for Lenka to jump in again and save the day. However there is only so much a boy and a broken God Arc can do. So he too is like “Oh, f*ck it!” and he just prepares to be killed while protecting Alisa. All in good timing, here comes Rindou slaying them all like he was cutting butter. He looks disappointed. Lenka wonders what he would have done in such situation but Rindou throws the question back at him. Didn’t he stop looking to God for answers? Why was it he became a God Eater in the first place? More flashback of Johannes and his team trying to find a cure of Oracle. Let’s say things are looking grim. Their progress made no headway and Aisha knows he falsified his report but doesn’t blame him.

Episode 7
Rindou reports to HQ that he can’t rendezvous with them since this place is swarming with Aragami. He takes the New Types to a village besides a dam. Lenka recognizes one of the girls as that group who was turned away by the branch. Apparently Rindou brought them here and people living here are those rejected by Fenrir. Rindou has Lenka follow him to do some stuffs and has Alisa rest. Can she hold her God Arc with those shaky hands? Lenka is shocked to learn Rindou smuggled ampoules from Fenrir. He sees them inject them into several trees in the forest. When an Aragami touches it, the tree reacts and strikes them dead! Of course it only works on smaller types and not large ones like Vajra. Yes, the trees are also a type of Aragami he is using. Even the God Arcs are made of Aragami. They’ll use anything to fight them. Rindou reminds him why he kills Aragami. The alert is sounded and it seems an Aragami has broken through the forest. Rindou will take care of the Vajra nearby and wants Lenka to protect the villagers. Nobody must die today. That’s an order. What about Alisa? She crawled into a closet to hide… Lenka manages to distract the Aragami and then go hide somewhere with some villagers. He devices a plan to flush away the Aragami via the dam. But to slow it down he needs the ampoules. The villagers agree to help and bring the ampoules and ready the dam while Lenka distracts the Aragami. All is set for the big trap as Lenka fires the ampoules into it. It seems to be working and weakening it but the Aragami isn’t stupid and not going to be cornered into the river. With the last ampoule left, Lenka stabs it into his God Arc and it grows into a giant monster hand or some thingy and pushes it into the river. See it flush down the river… The villagers praise Lenka (he’s like a celebrity now) and Rindou too has done his job. Let’s see what the God Eaters have achieved today. Lenka: Saved the village and flushed an Aragami away. Rindou: Destroyed a Vajra. Alisa: … What the f*ck were your doing?! The flashback continues with the scientists making headway on the research as they noticed the mysterious virus avoid Oracle cells. When they report it to the higher ups, their research is then suspended. They realize they want to suppress this information since the virus has already started to claim lives.

Episode 8
Rindou and co are rescued. Due to Alisa’s trauma and Lenka’s broken God Arc, they are both put on indefinite leave. Paylor is called to help Licca diagnose Lenka’s God Arc. He detected a pulse and can restore it but the question is why it broke because it is made using Oracle cells that are made from Aragami. As Rindou is away for a special mission, Sakuya leads the first unit to have a joint operation with the second unit to hunt down Aragami. In an abandoned stadium, they are surrounded and overwhelmed. The ground gives way and they fall underground. As they are being relentlessly attacked by the Aragami, Tsubaki orders them to retreat and return to the surface. However Lenka, who is observing in the control room wants them to continue underground and find an exit path. Tsubaki doesn’t want him to interfere but Sakuya suggests listening to his idea. It seems like Lenka knows the area and where they will hit a wall. He also knows there is an underground path or else the entire structure would have collapsed. Tsubaki then gives him absolute command. When they are in a waterway, Lenka has them hide and wait. This is his plan for them to strike back via a strong pincer attack. As they hide and let the unsuspecting Aragami walk through, Lenka gives the orders for them to give it all they’ve got. Thanks to that, all of them return to Fenrir alive and praise him. Paylor then talks to Lenka and has found the cause. His compatibility is too strong! Their technology is not advanced enough to bring it down so Lenka’s life is shortened and his death imminent. Just great. Meanwhile Johannes briefs the other God Eaters about the new Aragami guiding device they have developed. Something about luring a certain type of strain within a certain range and then eliminating them altogether. This is what Operation Meteorite will be about. Lastly, Alisa talks to her doctor that she needs to kill the Pita no matter what. So please do anything to take away her fear. It’s about time. The flashback continues as the scientists have already successfully stabilized the cells. All that is left is to test it on the new form but it will be hard since they have lost all access to the military. And then the attacks begin. Strange huge spikes protrude from the ground all over the world and shortly the birth of those monsters.

Episode 9
Lenka’s compatibility rate is accelerating his demise. Even if he retires now he has 3 years to live at most. Even so, his Bias Factor must continue to be regulated or else he will die as the Oracle cells in his body will run rampant. Knowing the risk and if he still chooses to fight, he will fix his God Arc. The flashback continues after Aragami took over the world by storm. Johannes regrets he should have disclosed the information but when they notice buildings under Fenrir did not get affected by the protrusions, they plan to continue their research and make a weapon out of Bias Factor so they can fight Aragami. During Tsubaki’s Operation Meteorite briefing, she names the head of the units to set up the guiding devices. One of them is Lenka and Souma is put under his charge. So slap a few bandages on the God Arc and you call this fixed?! Okay, so it is not completely done but it will act more like a shield. Because Lenka notices others keep calling Souma a grim reaper and keeping their distance, he checks into the database to find out more. As you might have guessed, he is Johannes’ son. More flashback as the scientists realize Aragami is also evolving because their weapons now aren’t effective. A suggestion is to cultivate Oracle cells to create an artificial Aragami. Since Oracle cells devour anything it touches, another suggestion is to inject Bias Factor into a human’s body and let it adapt. Since that requires incredible amount of volunteers, the better way is to directly inject into the womb. Don’t worry, Aisha is already a volunteer. Hint, hint. However Aisha died after giving birth to Souma. Lenka asks Tsubaki why she gave up being a God Eater. She realizes how Aragami are born and they cannot be exterminated. But she has faith all this will end and thus is entrusting it to others.

After Lenka’s team set up the guiding devices and as they are leaving, Aragami pop up from the ground within the parameter. They are trying to push and move the devices. Souma can’t stand this and jumps back down to fight them. Lenka wants to back him up but the rest are afraid. Can Lenka protect them with his broken God Arc? Then he just jumps in himself to help Souma. But Souma is still wavering so Lenka tells him he didn’t kill his mom to be born. She entrusted hope to him. Therefore he is not a grim reaper. Souma unleashes a powerful blast to kill the Aragami. Lenka still lives but his infection is spreading. Souma asks why he had accepted this mission in spite of his condition. To complete Aegis. Souma doesn’t believe in that because Aragami cannot be destroyed. Its scattered Oracle cells will gather and slowly give birth to an Aragami. The vicious cycle of despair repeats. In that case… Pass it to someone to do the job! You can’t die until you connect your life with somebody’s. Just like passing responsibility? So does this mean Souma is somewhat friends with Lenka since he mentions that since he didn’t die, he shouldn’t either? Lenka has found his resolve so he wants Paylor to fix his God Arc. Meanwhile Alisa is being hypnotized by her doctor to fight the Aragami who killed her parents. Isn’t that Rindou’s face?

Episode 10
Time to learn about Lenka’s past. 15 years ago a group of people were turned away from Fenrir because they tested negative for the God Arc compatibility. A family sees an abandoned baby nearby. Knowing if they abandon him, they would be no better than Fenrir, they adopted this child and took him in like theirs. He is Lenka. He grows up many years later and mom fell ill. He along with his (foster) sister, Iroha head out to find medicine but the group was ambushed by Aragami. Only the siblings survive. Before they get eaten, they were saved by Rindou. He takes them back to their makeshift little hideout that the other abandoned people are living. They hate Rindou because they were refused entry into Fenrir. Lenka asks him if he could be strong but was asked back what strength is for. To protect others. Before he leaves, he gives Lenka a compass. Shortly, Lenka falls ill and the medicine they have is only enough for one. Mother then tells them to let Lenka take the test kit that Rindou left behind. If he passes, give him the medicine. And he did. Father and Iroha disagree since they want the family to be together. Mother tells them with strong willed words the need to choose sometimes and she believes Lenka would be the one saving the future and the world. After injecting the medicine into Lenka, mom wants them to take care of Lenka and hopes their dream will come true. She passes on shortly.

Many years later, Lenka is a few days short of being 15 years old. Dad suggests Lenka go to Fenrir but Iroha is against it as she doesn’t want the family split up again. Dad reminds her about mom’s wish. Aragami attack the place. Dad is pinned under the rubble. Aragami is inching closer. He tells his kids to go. Lenka won’t leave him so Iroha slaps him. They know what they must do. They ride away in their hidden motorcycle as they use the compass to head south where Fenrir is. After travelling, Iroha’s injuries are getting worse. She cannot go on anymore. Aragami are closing in. To force Lenka to abandon her, she slits her own throat. But she can still talk a lot still? She reveals he is not really their family and was found abandoned, thus the reason they never went to Fenrir. Even if they admitted Lenka, he was unrelated to them. Fenrir only takes in the family of potential candidates. Iroha always viewed him as hope because he was like a flower blooming in the mud. She was the one who gave his name. Lenka sadly leaves Iroha behind. Even sadder that she didn’t die from her slit throat but the Aragami devoured her. Sad… And now Lenka has renewed his determination as he receives his new God Arc. He is going to use it to fight Aragami and save everyone despite all the negative despair and gloomy future about humanity. He will be the one to create hope.

Episode 11
There is this talk between Paylor and Johannes about how Aragami might be God’s way to destroy mankind. Funny, seeing this talk is coming from a scientist. But Johannes is going to fight back. Since Paylor disagrees over his method as it would also cost those dear to him, he opts out. Operation Meteorite will be entering its big phase since members from various worldwide branches are also here to participate. Alisa is also back and she looks refreshed. Hopefully. Tsubaki briefs everyone in the meeting and makes Rindou in charge of the base camp. However declines and nominates Lenka for the part although Rindou will resume that role on the second day. Tsubaki agrees as they prepare to carry out their mission to obtain a thousand cores. So there are lots of training and soul searching which I will skip. The operation goes well with the devices attracting the Aragami and the meteorite system blasting them all away. Thanks to Lenka’s recklessness then, they are able to collect cores at a fast rate by using a factor with a different bias inclination and trigger a frenzy. Johannes remembers waiting anxiously for Aisha when she was in labour. The Oracle cells are eating her up and they had to hasten her labour via Caesarean. However it becomes a horror movie because some blood explosion occurred. All doctors died. Johannes survived because his charm somehow could cut the deadly blob. Souma’s birth was successful but Aisha has died and turned into a hideous blob. When a group of Aragami is moving away from the target, Rindou knows they are heading towards the village near the dam. So Rindou cuts communications with base and acts on his own to draw the Aragami towards him. Tsubaki has Lenka assist Rindou and they will deliver his God Arc there. Why him? Because he is the only one who can do it, silly! Rindou fights a horde of Vajra.

Episode 12
Tsubaki calls Sakuya to destroy the device that is guiding the Aragami to a certain location. They believed it is hacked. Lenka arrives on scene with his newly upgraded God Arc that kicks ass! So badass that its cannon destroys the Vajra in one go! If he runs out of bullets, its sword version can slice and dice as well. But no time to rest because the big boss Pita is here. Even the Vajra give way for him to fight. Pita is smarter, stronger and faster. But the duo won’t have to face it alone as the rest of our usual God Eaters are here. Tsubaki has traced the hacking to be internal. The culprit is Alisa’s doctor, Daigo Ooguruma. By the time they storm his room, he is gone. They check his files. Nothing out of the ordinary. A doctor once involved in Oracle medical treatment who became Alisa’s doctor to cure her unstable emotional state. Then they see a video of him hypnotizing Alisa with a Pita video. At the same time, Alisa is triggered and turns into her panic state. Her recklessness causes Rindou to be separated from the rest and face Pita alone (they are fighting in the Aragami forest so they have to be careful what they touched). Sakuya slaps her to senses but she is overwhelmed with guilt. Back to square one? This time Lenka tells her about her reason in becoming a God Eater. He views her as strong and not weak because of her will to save the passengers in the plane. Alisa picks herself up as Rindou orders the team to protect the village. So he is going to take on Pita alone? Well, he promises to come back alive. Returning to Johannes’ flashback, he is still wallowing in despair over Aisha’s death. He tried to kill himself but survived. Paylor talks to him about Devouring Apocalypse whereby Aragami will devour each other till there is a gigantic Aragami. Once everything is devoured, Oracle will disappear. No more humans, no more Aragami. So if mankind is destined to be eliminated by God’s hand and Johannes was somehow spared, could it mean he is a guide to save the world? Johannes soldiers on to realize Aisha’s hope. Lenka and co reach the village where the Vajra horde is inching closer. But when Pita bursts out of the forest, they fear Rindou has been defeated.

Episode 13
Everyone is devastated that Rindou is dead. Taking the hardest hit is Sakuya. Lenka is the only calm one as he tries to take charge and get everyone together. Some of the villagers want to help the God Eaters out. Lenka tells Sakuya that these villagers are here alive because Rindou brought them here after being rejected by Fenrir. He is filled with hope that he sounds as much as Rindou. I guess a good enough reason for everyone to see Rindou in him and put their trust in him. It is believe there is a device in the river that is attracting the Vajra. While Souma dives down to destroy it, Sakuya and Kouta take on the Vajra while Lenka and Alisa handle Pita. Once the device is destroyed, all the Vajra turn away. Not even wanting to fight? Pita is all that left so the God Eaters team up to take it down. It is a tough mother but when Lenka notices a crack on a part of its wings, everyone concentrates hitting hard there. They get a better chance when Kouta uses his technology to pin the Pita down. Lenka hits hard and accelerates his erosion just to break that small part. Well, at least there is still hope that it isn’t as invincible as we think it is. When Pita breaks free, it becomes mad and goes on a rampage. But this isn’t enough to bring down our God Eaters despite taking a beating. Heck, some are even smiling. Maybe all that beat down has made them gone mad? Lenka then lands the decisive blow. OMG! He turns into a Super Saiyan???!!! At least he has blonde spiky hair now. Pita rips apart into pieces! Finally! So will the price to pay for this victory is Lenka’s life? He looks bad…

Flashback shows Paylor came to Fenrir after Johannes after he built the walls based on the contents of the charm in which he used as a prototype to develop stronger armour. He shows Paylor Aegis that will save mankind. But he is reminded that Aragami evolve so doesn’t this seem redundant when the time comes? Aegis is just a cover. Underneath it is a giant rocket that will launch into space. Carefully selected humans will go into space and start mankind anew where there is nothing. So it’s like abandoning Earth that is no hope, right? Ooguruma reports to Johannes that he has gotten rid of Rindou as instructed and hopes to be onboard as promised. When Ooguruma asks when the Devouring Apocalypse will begin, Johannes says they will make one and sets his Oracle cell to devour Ooguruma. Well, karma, I guess. Looks like he isn’t the chosen one. Back to Johannes and Paylor’s ‘discussion’, Johannes has this belief that in order to save the human species, he will only save a small number. He asks Paylor if he would join him or run again. Paylor says he is just an observer and will not interfere with his decision. Paylor’s view on Aragami is that their evolution will one day allow them to communicate with humans and that they can co-exist together. Because Johannes calls all Aragami as monsters, Paylor sees him as a pessimist. The race is on to see who is right. Whether human will become God or God will become human. Johannes addresses to everyone the success of Operation Meteorite while lamenting the loss of Rindou and vowing to find and bring Ooguruma to justice. Tsubaki pays her respects at Rindou’s grave. There isn’t any for Lenka because he is now the new captain of the first unit. Well, he looks pretty normal now. Did he get a life extension?

Passing Responsibility
Well, the final flashback scene of the scientists’ opposing views had me interested again and then it ended.  Shucks. That was a real shocker to me. I never expected it. It would definitely change the way I viewed the entire series regarding the setting and fate of humanity as a whole. But that is for another story to tell. If you can’t finish it, let the next producers handle it! Haha. Oops. So with that kind of Lenka still alive and being the new captain, I’m not sure if it is a good ending because it’s like it will be too sad if another ‘great’ character was to be killed off. Even worse, 2 Rindous died the same day. That would be awful. So I’m going with the logic that Lenka’s strong will and determination reversed the Oracle cell’s corrosion and thus he is still alive to kick ass instead of becoming an invalid, a fate I guess worse than death. Yeah, it’s to show there is hope, blah, blah, blah… They even teased us with a shadowy mysterious character and some God Arc vrooming to life.

I have to admit that as I started watching the first few episodes, they were interesting enough because of the dark theme and the characters were fighting against creatures that were truly and almost undefeatable. There was this sense of nail biting tension because it is like our heroes can lose anytime. Though it may be a bit slow since everything was just starting to build up and the likes. But halfway through when the drama seems to prolong and with the flashbacks and revelations of this seemingly mysterious cell, I believe that is where it started to wane. Even if the final battle and the commencement of Operation Meteorite had some Aragami slaying action, it still didn’t feel exciting as it was when it started out.

I believe the flashbacks in every episode with Johannes and his scientist colleagues finding out about Oracle and trying to contain it serve to be the back story of how the world is in such state today. But I can’t help but feel annoyed at the pacing. Let me explain first that I am not a smart guy. Thus trying to understand some of those parts were very hard for me. And I thought this was going to be just purely hack and slash anime. Yeah, I was wrong. So in every episode while you have a big portion of the series set in current time, usually at the end we will go back in time to see all that back story. But as the drama intensifies, the flashback also occurs in between. So it’s like trying to keep up with 2 different stories and then trying to connect them all once you have a better picture in the end. Like I already said, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so I was mainly trying to connect how the present state ended up from the past. I’m sure they did explain it enough but I just didn’t get it. Because I just couldn’t understand how that Oracle cell just went berserk and caused all that protrusions and then those freakish Aragami to pop out and kill all humans. I mean like, WTF?

I know this series is trying to paint a dark and gloomy picture about humanity’s future but also give us a little light of hope in our darkest times. However when it is revealed that this is an endless cycle of despair, I just lost it. I mean, it is like fighting a losing battle. Imagine playing a video game and continuously repeating to fight enemies and the big boss. Cycle repeats again. There is no end. Groundhog day, Aragami version. I believe it is to give the next generation hope about passing the task and hope to one day defeat the Aragami, but I personally feel that it is like passing the responsibility and failure of the current generation to the next. Because you can’t finish this screw up, the next generation gets to continue facing this sh*t. Heck, even the end words slap it in your face with this line: One day, you will be passed down the hope. Wait. What? Uhm, bad grammar? A normal guy like me should I learn this truth, I would immediately lose all hope and fall into despair. Better let the Aragami devour me now. In video game terms, I would stop playing and throw away the game. Or at least lock it away forever. And just 0.06% completion of Aegis? Holy sh*t! For how long more?! I suppose this is where we can be grateful for micro-transactions because we would just pay the developers all our goddamn money just to speed up and unlock everything for completion. On second thought, f*ck micro-transactions anyway. There’s no hope in video games these days. Oops. Got a little sidetracked there.

It is never clearly explained why Aragami want to kill and eat humans (like how Titans want to devour humans) and sometimes it felt like lazy writing that they had to resort to using God’s name just to justify it despite it might not make sense and is just speculating. After all, remember what this series is called and thus I think they need to make use of God’s good name and even make you think if you should keep praying in a world where God doesn’t exist. So who is playing God now? But who cares when you have the biggest plan of all plans to abandon the only planet we can live in, right? Because who cares about Aragami when they’re not in the equation of humans living in space. And then Aragami start developing wings that defy gravity and can breathe in space… Oh, humanity is f*cked then!

For the character department, how should I put it? Poor. Lenka might be the series’ main protagonist but there is something that just doesn’t make me feel connected to him. He doesn’t show lots of emotions and always have this spacing out look in his face. Like as though it is for dramatic effect. But because he is the main character, he gets things done anyway. He has his own flashback episode later in the series but it also feels somewhat insufficient. Out of all the God Eaters from all the branches over the world, this boring dude gets to be the one that change things. If this is the case, then the other God Eaters must be even more boring than he is. Besides, he sounds like a generic main hero. He wants to kill all Aragami… Doesn’t that have the same ring to Shingeki No Kyojin’s Eren and Koutetsujou No Kabaneri’s Ikoma? Oh yeah. Why do main protagonists like him need to kill all the enemy as their motivation to fight?

But the biggest disappointment is Alisa. When she first popped into the scene, I thought she was a real kickass and badass girl. You don’t mess with this Russian chick. However things for her started going downhill when her trauma of the Pita killing her parents emerged. I know it is natural for any human to fall into that but for Alisa’s case it has become so obvious and annoying that the badass girl which I knew from the start was completely missing! It was like who is this chicken sh*t chick?! This isn’t the Alisa I know. This isn’t the Alisa I wanted. But then again, how much do I know about her. So she was missing for the middle parts of the series and being left out and it felt like a shoehorned thingy just to enhance Lenka’s credentials as a main character. And when Alisa came back to normal at the end, she doesn’t feel the same anymore. Sure, she got over her trauma but I just don’t feel she is that badass as she started out. So it really goes to show that it just takes one incident to ruin everything and even your first impressions and nothing after that could repair it forever. Lenka with emotions just doesn’t feel like the Lenka I knew. And on course of becoming a clumsy character because she is late in Lenka’s official installation ceremony as the unit’s captain? Hmm… Not a good sign…

The other characters are just rather okay. I mean you have the cool Rindou, the brooding Souma, the kind Sakuya and the strict Tsubaki. Kouta’s character feels like he is the weakest among all the other main and side supporting characters and it is just mind blowing that he is still alive instead of being killed off halfway. Is this guy lucky or what? Because something makes me feel that this guy is just there for the numbers and this series could actually do without him. I mean, Lenka needs a guy who is his age for a partner in his group, right? So once Lenka seems to partner with Alisa, you notice he partners up mostly with Sakuya. I believe he isn’t a substitute for Rindou but whatever. And there you have it, Kouta. This guy do other menial side missions so that our main characters can be left to do bigger stuffs like fighting tough sh*t Aragami. No offence Kouta, but seriously. And whatever technology he did behind that played a ‘significant’ role in helping to defeat Pita? Felt like it was plucked from the air because it was announced so sudden. Many of these characters like Rindou, Sakuya, Tsubaki, Kouta and Licca don’t have background stories thanks to its already limited number of episodes, so you just can’t connect with them whatsoever.

Paylor might have played a part in the flashback but in the current setting he is like reduced to just fixing Lenka’s Aragami. That is just his role now. Don’t get me started on Licca. I don’t know if they even need to introduce her. Like as though they need to show there is someone in a department that fixes God Arcs. Johannes like Paylor too, doesn’t have quite a role in the present state except observing if he is not planning or giving orders. Truly passing on the responsibilities and hope to the next generation, huh? But that is all before the final episode revealing their true colours and intention. It was really mind blowing to see them having very different approaches in thinking. Total opposites. I guess that is a reason why these two never played an active role as we see the young God Eaters do. That is a reason why they look like they remain silent and just observing. A clever way to deceive your enemies by hiding your cleverness.

So Johannes may not be as a good saviour as you think. But can you blame him? If you were in his shoes, what would you do? If you are humanity’s last saviour, can you be picky with your beliefs and methods? Even if this means playing the villain and God? But I just don’t understand why Johannes wanted Rindou dead because as I see it in this case Rindou must have possessed a threat to his plan in some way (he might have learnt about Johannes’ true intention for Aegis) and thus the need for him to be eliminated. All in all, as I was about to give these characters less than favourable opinions because they didn’t do much and then this revelation happened. It would have been very interesting to see them pit against each other to see whose method would eventually prevail. Therefore the most interesting question that I thought about this is not about whether humans can defeat Aragami but whether we have what it takes to have the right to survive.

Action wise, there is a lot of big clashing action since you have puny humans wielding ungodly oversized weapons fighting the enemy to stand a chance. There is also lots of blood and gore so if you can’t stomach innocent and helpless people who cannot fight get devoured, maybe watching Barney and Friends would be better off for you. Oh wait. That children’s show is no longer airing, right? I know it is ridiculous seeing a human shouldering and swinging their God Arc with ease but remember, God Eaters are special people. Yeah, they make Final Fantasy’s Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword look like a baby. And these God Arcs really do pack a punch and give some Aragami a run for their money so the action in seeing unleash super power beams is definitely worth it.

At first it was hard for me to determine whether the unique animation is entirely CGI or still 2D hand drawn. I was tempted to believe it is the former since series like Aijin and Knights of Sidonia were completely rendered in 3D. However as I found out (from my lazy browsing over the internet) that this series isn’t entirely made from computer animation effects. The only CGI effects are rendered for the Aragami. The rest are hand drawn and made to look like as though it is like CGI. Or at least it confused a hell lot out of me then. They look close enough that I can’t really tell them apart so is it a good thing? But personally I think this art style suits the dystopian world that it is set in as it makes everything look edgier and gloomy. If it was all that bright 2D animation look, it might have made this series look like some sci-fi fantasy that would be hard to take seriously despite the dark tones.

The designs of the Aragami monsters look horrifying to me. At first looking at them gives me the chills because they look like demons that you see from Asian folklores. You know, the kind where your grandma tell scary ghost stories about them and then as a kid when you read up on them and see those scary ancient depictions of them that give you nightmares even when you grow up because such illustrations stick in your mind. Yeah. That. But thankfully I don’t have nightmares although I still do find the Aragami designs scary. It sure made me think that I don’t really want to come across one even if the world becomes like that. The other slight issue I have with some of the female character design is their clothes especially Sakuya and Alisa. I know it is for fanservice but since both go out in the battlefield often, the way they dress seems to be like going for a pyjamas party for Sakuya and some hip joint to hang out with friends for Alisa. Heck, even Tsubaki and the operators in base are more decently dressed than them. I know asking them to wear armour would be like restricting them but I just thought that their ‘revealing’ clothes (what’s with the underboobs, Alisa?) makes it impractical for battle. Oh yeah. One swoop from the Aragami and you’re dead. With armour or not. If you’re going to die, might as well die sexy.

You can credit Ufotable for creating the gorgeous looking animation. If you remember how they did the Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works route as well as Fate/Zero, you can feel the quality of their work right here. Other notable works under theme include the Kara No Kyoukai movies, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Zestiria, Coyote Ragtime Show and 2×2=Shinobuden.

Voice acting is pretty okay and nothing much to shout about. Not the best there is. Because the main lead, Ryuuichi Kijima as Lenka (Mitsuki in Boruto: Naruto the Movie) sounds pretty much monotonous. Sure, his character doesn’t have a pretty wide range of emotions. The usual shouting on occasions but that’s pretty much about it. A handful of recognizable seiyuus include Sayaka Ohara as Sakuya, Rikiya Koyama as Johannes, Kazuya Nakai as Souma and Chiaki Omigawa as Licca. Daisuke Sakaguchi as Kouta is also recognizable but I have been so stereotyped as him playing the rebuking Shinpachi in Gintama that he just doesn’t feel right without his retorts. Seriously. Even these veterans’ talents felt wasted since their characters feel bland. Other casts include Maaya Sakamoto as Alisa (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Hiroaki Hirata as Rindou (Benny in Black Lagoon), Atsuko Tanaka as Tsubaki (Caster in Fate series), Taiten Kusunoki as Paylor (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny), Rica Fukami as Aisha (Sailor Venus in Sailormoon) and Ai Kakuma as Iroha (Julis in Gakuen Toshi Asterisk).

The opening and ending themes don’t really appeal to me. Feed A by Oldcodex as the opener is your typical hard rock that is supposed to get you into the feel and pace of what the series is about. Kouhai Chi by Go Shiina featuring Naomi as the ending theme is more of a slow rock. There is a special ending theme, Human After All by Ghost Oracle Drive featuring Bish sounds like a creepy song for a funeral. I kid you not. I don’t think the singer is singing and feels more like chanting lines for the dead. At least that is what I hear. Hearing this piece sends shivers down within me as somehow it reminds me of the atmosphere of funerals that I attended. Seriously. I didn’t realize that this series has lots of insert songs. Maybe I was paying attention to the action or trying to make sense of the drama. They are mostly done by Ghost Oracle Drive and are rock outfits although there are a few slow ones too.

Overall, God Eater didn’t end up as epic as I hope it would to rival Shingeki No Kyojin. The story was interesting nevertheless (though generally it felt generic) but the over dramatization and the poor characters might overshadow the unique art style and the action bits. People might have already forgotten about this anime by the time this blog is released thanks to all the production delays and my personal procrastination. It is not really a bad anime per se but with our expectations so high and perfect, this one would hardly satisfy all your ideal conditions. So if it took Aragami threatening our existence for us all to unite and fight for survival, could the same be said if the anime industry will crash and cease to exist, only then we will unite and appreciate every anime produced as masterpiece? That will be the day… Or we can just blast off to space and start anew, leaving our troubles behind. One day, these will come back and haunt you…

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