July 6, 2012

It nearly got banned?! Woah, need to check this out then. Actually I have never heard of Gokujo till I read the little news that Japan has banned several episodes from being aired on television for having so called raunchy stuff. Actually they termed it as ‘self-restraint’ (inclusive of ’roundabout apology’) in cancelling some of the episodes though it was made viewable via webcast for a limited time. And you know human nature, when authorities do not allow us to do something, we rebel with all our might against the flow to do it. I guess that was my case when I decided to check out Gokujo to see for myself how controversial this short anime series with only a dozen episodes lasting 6 minutes per episode could be.

The setting is the all-girls high school named Gokurakuin Joshi Kouryou or Gokujo for short. Ironically with ‘gokujo’ meaning ‘the best’ or ‘the finest quality’, the plot and characters are somewhat a total opposite. The main character is Aya Akabane. At first from her mature looks, I thought she was the teacher. Heck, she’s a student! From her prominent big boobs to her hairstyle curls and down to her fashion sense, she’s not your typical angelic and well-mannered lady. Excuse me if I should call her b*tch as the right word but even so, that will be an understatement. As you can tell, she is the source of the many antics, troubles, laugh out loud laughter, ecchi pervert and yuri moments that the show has to offer. And if you really want to talk about the plot, heck, there isn’t because it’s basically situational gags of Aya and her other eccentric friends in their (yuri) misadventures at high school. Need I say more? Better watch out or your chastity will be in danger.

Episode 1
Aya is checking her perfect body and sexy style. Lots of self-boasting included. It’s taking her so long that she realizes she’s late for school. Yeah, and she claims she isn’t really done preparing yet. So while feeling bloody confident on her way to school, her friend Konatsu Toro calls out to her but gets abused (Aya holding her ponytail like pulling a radish from a ground!) for calling her “Aya-chan“ instead of “Aya-sama”. Yeah, she even purposely gloats her almost revealing boobs for they exist to be seen! The abuse could’ve taken a worst toll if not for Ai Nanasato coming by to tell them about the lost panties she has found. Aya laughs her ass off over that dumb incident but when Ai shows the slightly humongous granny-like panties, suddenly Aya stops laughing. Before she can make some sense into them, the duo rush off to school as the bell has rung. Aya is in the infirmary and realizes that she has all the while being commando and that panties is hers. Thinking back how this freak accident happened, while she was dressing up, she felt her panties was still wet and changed into a plain one. Well, nobody is going to see them, right? Ironically, she lets people see her boobs instead. In the midst of changing, she gets distracted by an SMS from Konatsu that she found a pair of cute cats (they’re f*cking each other!). And that’s when she forgot her plain panty was hanging on her ankle while laughing her ass off over Konatsu’s stupidity. Who is the stupid one now? Aya calls Konatsu right in the middle of class to tell her to get her ass over to the infirmary. You can tell something is awfully wrong when Aya is making the most beautiful smile. Asking politely to hand over her panties, of course Konatsu refuses. Now it’s the hard way. She’s forcing it off her! F*ck! Blaming her as the source of everything, thus her logic of why Konatsu should lend her panties to her! The struggle continues as Konatsu views Aya’s ‘flower garden’ or ‘rafflesia’. Most beautiful place in the world? So when she finally manages to strip them, Konatsu chases her down the hallway. I wonder how many students have witnessed this bare ass ladies act. Aya bumps into Ai and even brags about the panties she stole. So when Konatsu crashes into her, they both tumble and reveal their bare ass to everyone. They can still get married, right?

Episode 2
Aya’s hiccups are not stopping. Konatsu gets her hair pulling and tossing treatment when she tries to scare her as a cure. Not working. Ai suggests to drink a full glass of water but to hold her breath while she’s at it, she gives her a pair of chopsticks. I don’t know how, it ended up right in her nose! Konatsu tries to remedy of pulling her tongue. Kind of sticky, isn’t it? And since it’s not working, it’s hair pulling and tossing for that poor girl again. Aya panics if her hiccups reach 100 times (now she’s at the halfway mark) so Asuka Utsonomiya comes in to explain the mumbo-jumbo of diaphragm muscle suddenly contracting. After tying a ‘cute’ ribbon over her hair, Utsunomiya does a silly ritual to summon the spirits to have a look since she pinpoints ghosts as the source. Seeing her past of eating a pickled plum on the floor yesterday and stepping on dog poop today, she points her diaphragm resides a ghost! But why is she pointing to the forehead as the problem? The cure to exorcise it is to caress and lick her face!!! WTF?! Yeah, feeling very slimy, isn’t she? Then Utsunomiya sees the ghost in her lips and targets it next. Before anything more yuri can happen, Aya storms off in a huff citing their uselessness. On the way home, Aya is bloody grumpy and she blows her top when her friends couldn’t stop yapping about the quack remedies. Suddenly a fly enters her mouth and she swallows it. Instantly her hiccups disappeared and she thinks getting mad was the key to it all. But Konatsu and Ai know the disgusting thing that made it stop and choose not to tell and ruin her celebrating mood. I guess she deserved what she got, eh? Some things are better off not known. Let her be…

Episode 3
Aya’s sister, Saya visits her at the infirmary to hand over some strawberries she bought. Aya starts shivering in fear but her friends think Saya is such an elegant and graceful lady. Even Madoka Owada can’t contain her wild fantasies. Pissed off Aya tells them the real truth about Saya. Many years ago, a scary delinquent lady named Kaname Oku came to pick Saya up to ‘clean up some trash’. Aya got dragged along for the hell ride (maybe it was the way Saya held her while Oku rode her bike). The duo beat up a group of motorcycle gangsters without mercy! And to call them gangsters or delinquents is an understatement because they are more towards Grim Reaper and Demon King! That’s how the urban legend of them wiping out all delinquents in the prefecture came to be. Her friends still don’t believe her and think she’s exaggerating. Since telling them the meanness they’ll get when they become angry won’t work, Aya pulls down Konatsu’s skirt to reveal her bare butt! Then she compares it with hers to show a bruise that she got. What bruise? Can’t see anything. Suddenly Oku crashes into the infirmary and they realize the Demon King that Aya had been calling is their own school nurse. Scared Aya serves her the strawberries and is forced to buy some milk after Oku shows her brute strength. However Oku can’t enjoy them since the strawberries are spoilt. Aya can see this coming that her sister will blame her and is starting to feel the deep sh*t she’ll be in. Oku drags Aya and along with Saya on her bike, they’re heading to the shop that sold those strawberries so they could beat the seller up. Can Aya’s heart be at ease seeing Saya mentions she isn’t mad at her? Don’t be fooled by her smile…

Episode 4
Aya seems to be rather lively at the pool. I know she can show off her sexy figure in that bikini but her real aim is this. After Owada brings the camera she requested for, Aya goes underwater swimming snapping forbidden shots of the girls from underneath. Now their dirty little secrets will be hers says she? Then she spots Utsunomiya farting but gets a kick in the face. So a fierce battle begins including insults about still being a virgin. Till Utsunomiya ends with an advice that some things are better off kept to themselves. Aya lost. She is so upset that she kicks the water so hard that her foot cramp (actually she accidentally kicked Konatsu’s face). The rest know Aya is in trouble when only her bottom part of her bikini surfaced. I don’t know how they put it back but Aya is still unconscious by the side. And it’s getting worse by the second. See her foaming in the mouth? The only way to rescue her is via CPR. You know what this means. Yeah, Ai, Konatsu and Owada have their own hesitation or ulterior motive to give their first kiss to Aya. All that isn’t necessary when Utsunomiya volunteers to do it. Why are they so disappointed? But she won’t get her turn too because Oku comes by to see the ruckus those b*tches are making. Aya wakes up as she feels something slimy over her mouth. Then she realizes Oku is giving her a f*cking passionate mouth to mouth resuscitation! Her first kiss… It’s going to be a memorable one. On the way home, Aya laments today’s events and would have preferred a romantic kiss. Utsunomiya offers to give hers and pecks her on her cheek, leaving Aya pretty much stunned. Wow. Two kisses of different poles in a day.

Episode 5
Aya is sick and her friends think they should visit her. However Utsunomiya points Aya is in danger and will be going now herself. Why does she have all the exorcism tools with her? Aya is so sick that she can’t even pull up her own panties. She curses the kissing incident but blames it more on Utsunomiya. Speaking of the devil, there she is! After checking her fever, Utsunomiya points out she is being possessed by a ghost. That excuse again? Aya believes her since she is showing symptoms like feeling chilly. Hey, she’s sick, right? Utsunomiya continues to instil fear in her mind saying their school was a ground for warriors who met their untimely demise. Among the dead is a female warrior who forgot to wear her underwear and got killed. Crap. And that ghost is possessing her. Crap. She is going to exorcise it and for starters, to get some fluids into her body. Aya thought she chose the safest liquid she offered, water. But I guess she didn’t see it coming Utsunomiya transferring the water via her mouth! Passionately! That’s her third kiss, right? Next, Utsunomiya is going to wipe the sweat off her body. She blindfolds her and starts wiping her body with mayonnaise! Feels good? Finally it’s time for suppository. Oh sh*t! This is necessary for removing the spirit’s negative energy in her body? What the hell did she just stick up into her ass! Hurts like hell!!! But soon Aya becomes better and is back to her lively self, something that Utsunomiya feels it suits her. Sure, her body may be feeling good except for the pain in the butt. But what do you think was inserted into her ass? Ping pong balls!!! OMG!

Episode 6
Utsunomiya doesn’t give a sh*t about Owada’s fantasies. Then when Aya comes in talking about panties, she just leaves. Aya is puzzled by her moodiness and goes off to eat lunch with Konatsu while ignoring that perverted Owada. Aya talks to Konatsu that she feels Utsunomiya should be in their circle of friends since she took care of her when she’s sick (although the ping pong balls are a different story). Owada shows up to join them but was totally ignored as Aya continues to molest Konatsu. But Owada gets a surprise because Aya asks her about flashing. Aya draws a hilarious face over Owada’s boobs and stomach and calls it Bikini Monster Owada. Actually this is what Aya is planning to do. First they tail Utsunomiya home, Owada than flashes her body monster to her and this will cause her to be scared and start crying. This is when mastermind Aya will appear with a poster to say this is all a heart throbbing surprise. And the result will have Utsunomiya open her heart to them. Sounds easy? Well, it gets off to a great start. Till Owada’s can’t unbutton her coat to do her flashing. Konatsu gets distracted by a butterfly and drops Aya too early and sends her crashing. To the ground. Utsunomiya is still expressionless but apologizes she doesn’t know what to do at times like this. Owada just says a simple laugh will do and soon a little grin cracks over Utsunomiya’s face. Wow. That easy? I’m sure Aya is the most surprised one in this surprise feat.

Episode 7
Konatsu’s mom has bought tons of the famous Matsuzaka beef. Aya is going to have a grill party at her room. I guess it’s true when you say less man more share because Aya plans to leave out Owada and Utsunomiya. And do you know it’s true that the walls have ears too? Yeah, behind the cabinet, Oku has heard their conversation and is going to spread the word. So at Aya’s place before they dig in, she is disheartened to see Owada and Utsunomiya joining in. Aya is made to ‘shut up’ when Utsunomiya puts a piece of the meat in her mouth. Delicious! So happy that she starts her flashback mode (she could’ve eaten more like her pals if she had just stopped ranting). Eating meat back at her home with Saya and Oku is like a massive battle of survival. First, the beef they got was fresh from slaughtering cows in the vicinity. Then, Aya can never lay her chopsticks on a single beef because it becomes a big brawl each time. She always loses out. Not even the last piece. Even Saya had the cheek to tell her it’s not good to hold back and sometimes she should stuff herself with meat. Well, just hold in the anger… Her friends thought she is exaggerating again so Aya is going to do some abuse on Konatsu when suddenly Saya and Oku’s bike smashes into her room! Instantly taking out her friends with a single strike, fearful Aya has no choice but to offer all the remaining beef to them. And Saya’s swinging of the bat and advice of meat should be enjoyed together with everyone is a signal that she’ll get none eventually. The only person who is enjoying the meat is Utsunomiya who is happily chewing her share outside the dorm.

Episode 8
New transfer student from Los Angeles, Minami Kurihashi sees Aya in the middle of punishment of holding buckets of water (something to do with Konatsu not lending her panties?). Aya chides Minami for staring at her so the latter tries to be polite but since Aya continues to insult her, Minami reveals her dark side and gives that b*tch girl a taste of her own medicine. In class, Minami introduces herself as an angelic and friendly girl, much to everyone’s delight. However it’s just a ploy to gain their hearts and make them her slaves. Minami accepts to be the class’ health officer but she hears other girls pitying her over her post. As she goes to the infirmary to clean up, she is appalled at all the junk. After cleaning up, she goes into hiding upon seeing Aya and Konatsu entering their ‘home’. Aya goes berserk upon realizing her ‘treasures’ are missing. Konatsu thought she may have cleaned up and forgot about it but this earns her an abuse streak (pulling her hair, pulling off her pants thinking she may be hiding them there!). Minami feels pity for Konatsu as she sneaks out but when she hears Aya going to pummel the brains of the culprit, Minami can’t let her find out and is going to burn all the evidence in the incinerator. I don’t know how as she is reminiscing about a motorized toothbrush, she somehow stuck it up under Aya’s nose! Aya is furious upon knowing her ‘treasures’ are going to be burnt as Minami tries to worm her way out. Aya sticks the toothbrush into Minami’s nose. No more nice girl. It’s a showdown! Just when their hands touch, they start feeling how soft it is and something yuri could have happened as their bodies edge closer to each other if not for Konatsu coming by. Next thing Aya knows, Minami makes the infirmary her hang out place much to her dismay. Well, she is the health officer. So is she part of the gang now?

Episode 9
As Minami is taking out the trash, she is shocked to see a bloodied Aya unconscious by the incinerator. Seems Aya is having a case of amnesia and doesn’t remember herself and her friends. Why, she is shy and so modest! Covering up her boobs?! So un-Aya-like! Her friends have an emergency meeting to restore her memories. Aya is appalled at the grossness of her own room and even her own hairstyle. So as she tries to lose those tacky curls, her friends forbid her since if she undoes them, she’ll become bland and no longer special. I guess that’s what identifies her, eh? So each have their own try to make Aya remember. Konatsu offers her hair to pull. Not working. Ai brings out those granny panties. Not working. Owada does that bikini monster act. Not working. Minami brings in all her ‘treasures’ and that motorized toothbrush. Not working. Utsunomiya is going for that mouth to mouth water transfer. But since Aya is genuinely so embarrassed, Utsunomiya can’t bring herself to do so because she herself becomes embarrassed. They contemplate to send her to hospital or try repeating an accident that caused this when Aya serves them tea. Then they think it may be better for her to remain like this since she’s sociable. Then when Saya comes in, she learns about the amnesia problem and tells the friends this is a problem she had for many years. To cure it, Saya just gives a light peck on her cheeks. After several violent body convulsions, Aya returns to her brute, crude, rude, unpolished and moody bully we all know her. Yeah, she’s swinging around Konatsu via her hair like as though she’s swinging a lasso. Surprised, aren’t we? But good to have her back, eh?

Episode 10
Aya eavesdrop Ai and Konatsu reading a handphone novel and misinterpret that to be appealing, one needs to be wet down there. Then bumping into Minami, the duo trade insults to each other about being the wettest (and taking a pee doesn’t count). So the b*tches are going to have a showdown of the wettest tomorrow. Minami prepares herself by using Francois. Francois the motorized toothbrush. As for Aya, she’s forcefully stripping Konatsu to see what it’s like to be wet down there. Konatsu realizes what Aya is doing and tells her about the popular handphone novel she and Ai was reading. Suddenly Aya has this evil expression over her face. Next day, Minami is walking to school for the showdown with the toothbrush inside her panties! She must find it very stimulating, eh? Then appears Aya, commenting on Minami’s constipated look, she’s going to show her true form as the Soaking Wet Queen. Giving the signal to Konatsu, she turns on the pipe and the water starts gushing into her panties via hose. Then it gets too much for her to handle as she can’t take the sensation anymore. Aya pleads to Minami for help and wants her to take off her panties. Ai passes by to see Minami taking off Aya’s panties and Aya is claiming herself to be one appealing chick because she got soaking wet. Huh? Oh, the forgettable showdown ended in a draw.

Episode 11
Oku is going to hold a masquerade ball tonight. With all the girls in their fancy outfits, the most surprising one has got to be Aya! Not, she’s not in a horny or revealing outfit but rather a lady-like outfit that makes her look beautiful and so lady-like! Well, Saya made her wear it. Though she is not happy with this modest taste and wants to lift her skirt, her friends stop her because they don’t want their fantasies to be ruined. Oh God… Somehow the drink that Oku serves has most of the students getting drunk (despite 98% grape juice). Everyone is acting weird (Utsunomiya can’t stop laughing), some horny (Konatsu just wants to kiss). Minami is trying hard to maintain her sanity when Aya comes crashing into her. Minami realizes Aya is drunk when every question she asks, her respond is just a nod on her head and with a smile. Minami uses this chance to ask if she wants to kiss… Ai, probably the only one who is sober spots this horrifying act with Utsunomiya and is going to stop them. However she got distracted by Utsunomiya’s repeated punch on the wall (she’s still laughing). By that time, they’re already gone. Minami has brought Aya back to her room and something steamy is about to happen. Ai needs to stop them and since the door is locked, she crawls through the air vent with Utsunomiya close behind. I guess everything that Ai says is misinterpreted by Utsunomiya because you know, all she sees in front of her is Ai’s ass. “Watch carefully what is in front of you”, “Oh, there’s a hole (in the vent)”, “Something wicked is about to take place”, “We’ll have to force out way in”. Get all those subtexts from Utsunomiya’s point of view, eh? As Minami prepares to kiss Aya, Utsunomiya is going to do the same for Ai. Ai finally gives in and wants her to be gentle but rest assured, Utsunomiya is an expert in this sort of things ;). Then the air vent gives way and they come crashing down and everybody is knocked out till morning comes.

Episode 12
Minami is going to transfer out and back to Los Angeles and she seems eager. Wow. That’s a short time. Aya isn’t happy since nobody is going to clean the infirmary. Hey, it’s always messy in the first place, right? Aya puts up a brave front that she doesn’t care for that selfish annoying b*tch so Minami boasts how she likes it there better than boring old Japan. Aya continues to piss her off when Ai wonders if Minami could join them to make their final memories together. So that night as everyone plays fireworks, Konatsu sees Minami crying. It was the words Ai just told her. Ai said despite her personality, she doesn’t hate her. Though her stay was short, a lot has happened and to have her leave is really sad. Just when Minami is about to open up her heart and feelings, Aya had to come destroy the mood because she’s carelessly playing the fireworks and burns a part of Minami’s hair! That is clearly her fault but she won’t admit it. Next day, Minami leaves in an annoyed manner like as though she doesn’t care while Aya is still unapologetic. Minami leaves and sees the sadness in her friends’ eyes. Aya continues to be happy over Minami’s departure. Then at a secluded spot, Utsunomiya finds Aya crying and tells her it is okay to let it out sometimes. Even if she didn’t bawled, at least she has tears streaming down her eyes. And for the first time, Aya called Minami by her pet name, Minamin. If only she was here to hear this. But the next day, for reasons unknown, Minami suddenly returns! For revenge? Forbidden love? Supernatural powers? Whatever the reason, everyone is delighted to have her back but Aya returns putting up her tough facade telling everyone to shut up. Hope she doesn’t mean Oku or else there’ll be lots of apologizing to be done. Oh, that’s one already.

Of Bimbo B*tches and Psycho Sluts…
Okay… Firstly, I have to admit that I have watched lots of animes of this kind of genre so you can say that I am somewhat numb and immune to some of the disgusting jokes that would be deemed overboard for amateur ‘people who cannot take a little more bare skin’. Therefore I don’t really see or consider anything that would be deemed controversial based on my standards. Yes, MY standards. So some of the cancelled episodes maybe had topics that were ‘too hot’ to handle for some like stealing panties, butt baring scene, violent beat ups of delinquents, shoving things up one’s ass and getting wet down there. If you are a newbie, sure, you may be horrified in ever knowing that such offensive thing exists and can actually happen as far as this anime is concerned. But hell, if you’re planning to watch this series, you’re no means a saint because let’s just admit it, you and me who have seen this are just dirty minded bastards who revel in seeing sexual innuendoes among the slutty b*tches. Unless you got ‘lost’ and ‘strayed’ into this anime then that is a different story.

The characters as I could say are an interesting bunch because they are what keep this anime funny. Of course their attitudes are not something that you should be looking for as a role model. Take for instance a very good example is Aya herself, the biggest b*tch and slut among the girls. Everything about her is just about offensive. From the way she looks to the way she talks and acts. If this was a strict and proper society, she’ll find herself booked and breaking the law in just about every second! It’s amazing she isn’t quite seen as a delinquent yet (maybe Saya and Oku helped stem that with their badass characters). I wonder how many times she has gotten herself punishment and disciplinary records. That bucket punishment I guess was just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, if you have the school nurse as a delinquent, I’m sure you can tell what kind of teachers they have in this school too. Aya is also a bully but only towards Konatsu. It seems awfully painful the way she grabs and pulls her hair but heck, do you care? On the other hand, she also treasures friendship but does not show it and puts on her loudmouth and uncouth attitude. See how she wanted Utsunomiya to be part of a circle? See how she can still cry when Minami left?

I didn’t expect to see Minami to be part of Aya’s group so fast. Heck, there’s not enough time and episodes so I guess since she’s part of the main cast might as well put her in (well, she made her appearance after halfway of the series). Whatever happened to her plan to use her beauty to dominate school? I suppose all she wanted deep down was to make friends despite her rich and obnoxious background. It’s just sad it had to be the weird group of Aya and co. Utsunomiya has got to be the most mysterious character. You don’t really know what is going in her mind since she rarely puts up any emotions. I’m not sure if her exorcism and seeing ghosts are real but that seems like an elaborated excuse to get up close with Aya. She is one of those few characters who won’t go with Aya’s flow or get dominated. In a way, coupled with her expressionless face it makes her look cool. The other characters whom Aya are afraid are Oku and Saya. I’m sure she won’t be exaggerating stories on how fearsome and dominating they are at home and thus her instant trauma each time they make their appearance. While Oku’s rash delinquent behaviour and brute power makes you think twice if you want to mess with her, Saya is equally scary since she always has that eternal smile on her face. Sometimes it’s not a good sign and especially for Aya’s case. But each time Saya is about to do something that is seemingly horrible and painful to Aya in front of the eyes of her friends, it turns out to be something mild and gentle instead. So are Aya’s stories on her really just an exaggeration? But I guess with these ladies around, Aya won’t be having so much freedom to do as she pleases. But she’s still rude, crude and uncivilized when they’re not around. Never learn, will she?

I feel Konatsu’s role in this anime serves as the beat up girl or punching bag for Aya to take out her frustrations. Each time you see Aya gets pissed off and if Konatsu is in the picture, you can tell either it is her hair that is going to be pulled like a vegetable being plucked out from the grown and swing around like a rodeo rope. Otherwise she gets stripped. Somebody should call the abuse hotline and report her case. And you still want to be friends with this ill-tempered pervert? Aren’t there any better friends out there to make? If there is a group of girls, then there is always one who has to be the delusional fantasy dreamer, right? That is what Owada’s presence in this anime is about I feel besides providing the megane moe factor. Of all the eccentric main characters, Ai has got to be the only one that is normal and level-headed. Yeah, what is a group without the ever normal person among the pack.

I won’t say the yuri factor is obvious but at least it is noticeable. If you don’t get it to your head or get annoyed by the little yuri subtexts (including girls kissing), I’m sure it’ll just pass in a blink of an eye. Erm, make that two blinks. So I figure out why Aya’s friends stay close to her. One obvious reason: They secretly like her. Yeah, this is perhaps where the yuri part is. As mentioned above, ever wondered why Konatsu tolerates every torture Aya gives her? It’s because she likes her. Maybe Konatsu’s a masochist herself and despite disliking being pummelled, deep down she yearns for more. I don’t know. Just saying. For Minami’s case, if she truly likes Aya, then her character can be constituted to what most of us would refer to as a tsundere. There are hints that Utsunomiya and Ai also harbour a secret crush on Aya. There were several incidents that pointed to Utsunomiya having so for instance, kissing her and taking care of her when she’s sick. Ai’s concern that Aya’s lips were going to be stolen by Minami also shows that she cares for Aya more than just friends. What about Owada? Well, she’s generally being painted as a delusional yuri girl so I’m not sure if any yuri moments with any girl will do for her. But it seems it’ll be better if Aya is in the picture.

And for this kind of show, you can’t have yuri without the fanservice. Though present, I won’t go so far as to say every scene is filled with them that your mind will go numb. But the few butt baring scenes would either turn you on or make your stomach cringe. As already said, Aya provides most of them simply because she loves sticking out her boobs. Making as though they are busting through her shirt. Maybe it’s her way to assert her authority. I know, it can be frightening if a woman with big boobs try to push her weight around. Uh huh. Intimidating boobs she’s got there. But it’s not like she has the biggest boobs among the group (if I’m not mistaken, that ‘title’ belongs to Owada). At this rate, I am guessing that Aya has a potential to become a future porn star ;p. Due to the short duration and nature of the episodes, there are certain scenes and circumstances that I don’t understand. For example how did Aya ended up getting bloody and lost her memories or why did Minami suddenly decide to make a u-turn and return to her friends’ side. I know if you don’t mind the minor details, it doesn’t really matter how it turned out that way as it wouldn’t spoil your enjoyment of the series either. But it would be better if we know how lah.

The voice acting is pretty okay and once more, Youko Hikasa as the voice of Aya does another one of those degenerated characters like how she did so for Hana in Seikon No Qwaser and Shino in Seitokai Yakuindomo. Okay, so it’s not fair to label her that as she did play some other decent roles like Mio in K-ON! and Saki in Ro-Kyu-Bu. My favourite Mamiko Noto also had a role here as Saya but it’s just that seeing her Saya character is a scary smiling character, I can’t help wonder when will she break into that scary expression of Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai. Ayana Taketatsu is recognizable as Minami and she could have sounded as close to her usual reprimanding roles like Kirino in OreImo and Mio in MM! should her character step further into that upset mode. Other casts include Natsumi Takamori as Konatsu (Mei Misaki in Another), Maaya Uchida as Ai (Rea Sanka in Sankarea), Nozomi Sasaki as Utsunomiya (Nanami in Bokura Ga Ita), Satomi Akesaka as Owada (Kurusu in Softenni, Futaba in Mitsudomoe) and Yukari Kokubun as Oku (Tsuna in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn).

Watching this series brings back memories of watching an equally silly and hilarious anime called Girl’s High (Joshi Kousei). Well, the characters of both series have almost the same eccentric and oddball personalities. So does this mean that such exploits are only prominent in a school that is only made for girls? Hey, only if you have a girl with a crude, rude, uncouth, uncivilized, unpolished, moody, short-tempered, grumpy, irritable, bully personality who are as big as her own boobs. Is it a wonder why she doesn’t have her own boyfriend or is still a virgin (despite the fact she is from an all-girls’ school)? Would you even want this kind of sadistic arrogant woman to be your girlfriend? Well… Don’t let those gokujo boobs fool you. Resist the temptation…

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