Golden Time

July 13, 2014

Memories are important, right? So when a main character has amnesia, it usually sets up a convenient drama tale in which something shocking can be revealed about his/her past. Cliche? Well, everybody has got their own past or two. So it is in the case of Golden Time. Our main protagonist suffered losing his memories after getting involved in an accident. Good thing he didn’t die. Unfortunately, it was his memories that ‘died’. Or kept somewhere locked in the deep dark recesses of his mind. But life has to go on, right? Taking a step at a time as he makes new memories, new friends and a new love, there is a growing possibility that his old memories might return. Perhaps return isn’t the right word. Reset is more like it. What happens if those old memories threaten to reset and replace the new ones like as though they have never happened? Quite alarming isn’t it? And so this is the story of his life, love and drama, everything threatened by the fact that his old memories may just pop up and change everything he has now.

Episode 1
Banri Tada arrives late for the opening ceremony of his law college because he is not used to Tokyo having arrived from Shizuoka. By the time he gets there, it’s over. As he doesn’t know the way to college, he thinks of following a couple of girls. But imitate their actions too? Buying ice cream? Anyway he loses them and meets fellow classmate, Mitsuo Yanagisawa who is also lost too and did the same thing. They strike up a friendship and as they make their way to college, Banri learns Mitsuo is having some sort of girlfriend problem. Actually, he terms it as calamity. Suddenly a beautiful lady, Kouko Kaga gets out of the taxi, congratulates Mitsuo and smacks him with a bouquet of flowers! It’s like she’s telling him off that he can never run away from her despite enrolling in a different school. He’ll always be hers! Muahahaha! During orientation class, Mitsuo explains Kouko is his childhood friend and been to the same school since young. Their parents know each other well and her dad is a director of a big hospital. The reason she is attached to him is because she wants to go through life according to her perfect plan. And Banri saw what happened when he tried to deviate from it. Yup, he enrolled in a different school to run away from her. Because of that, he is also having a fight with his parents and they aren’t sending him any money so he’s in a pinch. Mitsuo paints her a naggy bossy woman although Banri paints her in a more positive manner.

To Mitsuo’s shock, Kouko is sitting right behind him! What the hell is she doing here? She knows about this place as her father has generously donated to many colleges. Seems she decided to enrol here too. What about her perfect plan to study in France and be a fashion designer? She just modified it a little. After all, she can’t enjoy life without him. See? He must be happy for he has a loyal woman. No, Mitsuo is not happy. He runs away with Kouko chasing after him. But Banri may just be smitten by Kouko’s grace and politeness. Because Mitsuo left a mess, Banri picks it up for him and a girl, Chinami Oka helps him pick them up. She hopes they can be friends. Outside, there are various clubs trying to recruit new members so you can say it’s a traumatic experience for a newbie like Banri trying to get away from it all. It’s like a warzone. So the one that catches his attention is the one that is not so desperate. Linda Hayashida of the festival club helps him up and tends to his little wound after he fell down thanks to all that pushing. He compliments her pretty lipstick so she blows him an air kiss. Banri feels confident he can fit in this new place and wants to fall in love. Don’t tell me he just did for her too? Going home, he sees Kouko waiting at the intersection as she believes Mitsuo will come here. Banri gets a call from Mitsuo saying he is still in college. Stalker girl snatches his handphone to tell lover boy to stay put because she’s coming to get him! She returns his handphone and hopes they can be friends. As she leaves, Banri sees an incoming call from the hospital. It made him remember about an accident he got into.

Episode 2
Kouko shows Banri all the pictures she has in her handphone containing Mitsuo. Scary… Speaking of that guy, he is right behind and trying to escape. Banri better not tell… Just when she turns around and spots him, she becomes the fastest runner. But he’s faster… Kouko even thought of enlisting Banri’s help to find out everything about Mitsuo’s likes and dislikes but ditches the idea and even pay him. Better to do it herself. When Mitsuo is hanging out at Banri’s place, Banri feels sympathy for Kouko because she sits alone in class and nobody talks to her. Mitsuo didn’t like that but Banri argues that it’s his right to feel pity for her like how it’s his business if he continues to ignore Kouko. Mitsuo takes Banri to a party by the film club. Chinami is a member and Mitsuo decides to join. Banri would like to check out a few more clubs before making his decision. Chinami expresses she wishes both Banri and Kouko could join. The next door part starts getting rowdy. When it turns out to be the tea club, the film club members cower in fear at the corner. Sao-chan and Shi-chan recognize Banri during the recruitment warzone and drags him into their hell. Sorry kid, you’re on your own. All the girls in the tea club are wild, partying like tomorrow and the guys are like ‘slaves’. Banri is made to do sumo wrestling with Takaya Sato AKA 2D-kun. Hell indeed. Yeah, 5 more parties after that…

Next day, Banri sees Kouko diligently waiting for Mitsuo at the front gates but Mitsuo wants to take the rear gate and doesn’t want Banri to tell her anything. Not even the club he joined. Banri must be hot property since he is not attached to a club so he is hounded by desperate recruiters. Linda (looking very plain without her lipstick) brushes them away, lying that he is already part of the festival club. But they had to part when she notices him caught a glimpse of Kouko sitting alone ahead. Banri hears some guys making comments about Kouko. So pretty. So like a model. Must be rich. An heiress of a famous hospital. Definitely out of their league. They sound like they’re mocking her. Banri sympathizes with her and goes talk to her. Sao-chan and Shi-chan come by to try and force him to come to another party but when they realize he’s talking to Kouko, they take their leave. Kouko asks him about what he thinks about the club recruiting. She’s not asking about the tea club. Because he lost count of how many clubs tried to recruit him, Kouko says none has recruited her. Why hasn’t anyone tried talking to her? Although she’s not interested in clubs but if Mitsuo is not there, it defeats the purpose. Ever since coming here, she feels like an invisible person. She thinks she is strange, the reason Mitsuo is avoiding her. Banri tries to cheer her up because she gets emotional when a club member sees the club poster in Kouko’s hands and thinks they’re interested in joining. So she treats them to coffee at the cafe as she explains all the things that they do in the club. That’s like everything, right? And it took her all day to explain everything!!!! Is she done yet?! It’s already night fall! Their bowl of coffee is finished (yes, coffee in a bowl) and she’s not out of energy yet? The duo are ready to drop dead any time… So, feel like joining?

Episode 3
Banri and Kouko decide to try out this club. They meet with other potential joiners (including 2D-kun) and are wheeled into the van for a 3-days-2nights trip. Banri notices something wrong. They passed the supposed university seminar house they were supposed stop, the club members all wear the same white outfit and had a snowflake pendant, newbies were made to write their details on a piece of paper and all their luggage are locked in a room. Yes, it’s clear. This is some sort of religious cult. Banri feels guilty because he was responsible in bringing Kouko here. They are made to watch a marathon of movies about the soul and universe and during dinner, 2D-kun blows his top about this deception and can sue them for unlawful detention. Soon the rest follows but Banri surprisingly tells him to shut up. He tells off those who complain are just bringing them down and that he is here to have fun. He adds he lost his memories as he suffered a serious injury in an accident. He woke up only to find strangers around. He doesn’t know who his parents or friends. He feels lonely and insecure. The believers take up his suggestion to make those not interested to leave. Just when Banri thought he is the only one remaining, Kouko returns. Back in the hall, Kouko knows he put up an act to let everyone escape. Although Kouko blew hers, she felt she couldn’t leave him alone here. Of course they’re not going to stay here. On pretence of putting Kouko’s luggage in the room, he asks for the key. One of the believers wants to follow them just in case. That’s when they make a run. They lock themselves inside the room and climb out through the window. Then they run like hell while the believers go searching in full force.

Once they’ve managed to get a safe distance, they take a break and talk. Banri feels guilty of bringing her to join this club as he thought it would be nice for her to make friends. Kouko admits it is her fault too. It is true nobody talked to her in college and was just trying to earn his sympathy to get more information on Mitsuo. Banri is the only one who talks to her so she is quite happy in that sense. They put up a little silly act and plan to get Mitsuo realize his true love is Kouko. She further admits her life is centred on him. All she does is think about him and can’t do anything without him. She explains about the rose bouquet smacking incident. It wasn’t supposed to be like that but when she saw him happily with Banri, she got enraged. She regrets it now and probably she does things to Mitsuo to give him reasons to hate her. Banri also confesses his amnesia is real. After he fell off a neighbourhood bridge, he woke up and didn’t know everybody. He also didn’t know what were his likes and dislikes. A year in rehabilitation didn’t help. He was afraid to see his friends as he thought they wanted to see the Banri they know and not who he is now. He thinks if he had a girlfriend, it would be different. But sometimes he feels that those vague memories are still lingering deep within and when he tries to pursue them, they disappear. Kouko wonders if he wants to return to his old self. He is not sure. But if his present self would disappear and be replaced by his past self, he doesn’t want it. He notes the person here right now is the new Banri. The duo have to make haste and continue running because the believers are catching up. But they see their flashlights going around in strange patterns like there is some sort of ritual. They thought they have been caught but it seems Barbara has found them. Oops. Linda, what Banri means. And you thought Kouko was the only one bad with names.

Episode 4
Seems Banri and Kouko ended up near the seminar house where her festival club is having an overnight trip and the ones doing some weird dances with flashlights. 2D-kun is very much relieved that Banri is back in one piece. So are Mitsuo and Chinami. He was worried when he texted them (including Kouko) but got no reply. Kouko must be one happy girl to receive that mail. When Mitsuo wants Chinami to hang out longer, here comes Kouko putting on a dominant b*tch attitude. She doesn’t want any girls speaking to Mitsuo and starts scaring her off by berating the way she talks and even her name. After constants reminders to stay away from Mitsuo, eventually that guy puts his foot down and his mean face puts a stop to Kouko’s dominating spree. Mitsuo leaves with Chinami as Kouko starts to shudder in fear as she realized the stupid thing she just did. She knew it but couldn’t help it. Banri invites Kouko to go thank the festival club members. Linda tells them she has reported to the college about the cult who has also infiltrated other schools. She also hopes they could join them and Banri would like to try it out first. Linda’s expression made Banri feel nostalgic. During classes, Banri sees Mitsuo discussing with 2D-kun that he wants to make Chinami his girlfriend. One day, Kouko and Mitsuo had a showdown at the cafe to settle everything once and for all. But why is Banri here? As witness. Oh brother. She has many stacks of files to prove her case. What’s this? A divorce case? From their family homes to childhood photographs, she states her case why they are destined to be together. Mitsuo is sick of her assumptions and just tells her straight there is a girl he likes. No, it’s not you Kouko. It’s Chinami. Kouko gets upset thinking after all she has done for him, is she not special? No, she’s not. She’s an idiot because she never tried to understand him. She doesn’t get it. That’s why he can’t date her for the sake of it. Even if he did out of pity, she won’t be happy. She might be special, he cannot be her boyfriend. Kouko grows desperate if that is the case, she doesn’t need him anymore. So forget everything like it never happened! I think he might really want that because he just pack up and leave! She might be regretting that too but she profusely apologizes to Banri. He thinks of what he said about the old him who disappeared from this world.

Banri tries to cheer her up and stays with her until late in the evening. Then Kouko has decided: She wants to die!!! But before she can really do that, Nana (is she THAT Nana???!!!) wants her to come to her concert where she can ‘die’ by her music. So as part of her process to completely fall apart, Kouko lets her hair down and attends this punk rock concert. She even goes up on stage to yell her heart out the idiot Mitsuo is. But she had to be brought down. She’s not authorized to ‘sing’ along with Nana. Banri brings her back to his place so he tries to explain he is in a similar position like her. He feels difficult to accept the new him when everyone else rejects it. As if they’re waiting for the old Banri to return. If he stays the way he is, everyone will be disappointed. Kouko for one won’t. Who else will she share this disgraceful night with? She hopes he won’t disappear and won’t forget about her. He won’t. Because he likes her. It might come as a surprise to her and wrong timing for him to say this but Kouko notes how everything always turns out fine no matter what she leaves behind. She gets enough strength to return to her place herself. Banri receives a mail from Kouko saying that worrying about rejection may be the same as rejecting himself. That weekend he goes back to his hometown unannounced. It’s his home, right? Going through all his old stuffs during high school in hopes of remembering something, suddenly pictures of him and Linda drop out. What on earth? Starting to remember something?

Episode 5
Banri rushes to the bridge where he had the accident but is sad he can’t remember a thing. Then it’s like we see his spirit watching over him. The one with memories somewhat became a ghost to watch over the soulless body entering college. They can never communicate. What the heck? Since when there is supernatural stuffs in RomCom? Kouko gives Banri a mirror set and now they have a matching pair. When they escaped from the cult, she had this in her pocket. She thought it would be a good symbol to commemorate their friendship. So she only views him as a best friend? When One day Kouko sees Banri coming in with Mitsuo, she acts a dramatic act of a lovely friend Banri is to her. As though they were destined to meet like in their past lives. Just creepy… Mitsuo? Just ignore her. Kouko is with Linda as she is being helped for class registration. Banri introduces Mitsuo to Linda, the person who saved them from the cult. Mitsuo starts to panic when Linda comments on the professor he has chosen is very strict. This gives Kouko the chance to snigger and put up that sarcastic “you-in-trouble-brother?” kind of expression. Mitsuo reverts to being childish, hoping she fails all her subjects and that she is dumb. But Banri’s thoughts are about Linda. If she knew something about him, why didn’t she say anything? Banri and Kouko decide to join the festival club as Kouko thinks of having a more positive outlook in life. They meet the club’s president, Koshino and he is glad they have a couple of new recruits. They start off practising the Awa dance for the summer festival. But Kouko… She’s doing the robot! Because Banri was good enough, she calls him a traitor and then dramatically breaks down despite knowing she’s just using his kindness to lash out at him, blah, blah, blah. So it seems Kouko is confused. Despite being just 2 days after Mitsuo rejected her, she thought she could put it behind her but it seems tougher than she thought. She wanted to deal with her feelings for Mitsuo but panicked and got emotionally paralyzed. Then she talks about Linda. She admires her good qualities and wants to be like her. She thinks Linda has a boyfriend.

This made Banri think about the time he was in hospital. Although hospitalized for 2 months after the accident and diagnosed with amnesia, he felt he was being confined for observation. He noticed late in the night there is a strange flashlight outside his window so one night he snuck out to just head there. He felt the meaning of true freedom and eventually bumped into the girl with the flashlight. Unknown to him, she is Linda. He explains that he was attracted to the flashlight because he felt it was as though somebody was signalling to him to escape. He felt suffocating and boring in the hospital and couldn’t take it anymore. He asks about her part she does every night. She says she came to visit a hospitalized friend but somehow can’t see him so she thought she could at least drop by. He is from Tokyo and she also goes to a college in Tokyo. Banri got an idea that if he could go to Tokyo, he could say goodbye to this ‘prison’. Linda tells him to come to Tokyo where it’s fun. And so Banri got the resolve to head down there. Looking back, Banri is certain that girl is Linda. But why didn’t she say anything about him or the time he was hospitalized? Banri’s spirit continues to watch over him as he comments himself has memories but no body but his other self has no memories but a body. He really wants to tell him what Linda meant to him.

Episode 6
When Banri’s class graduated, they got their own customized shirt that has everyone’s name. However Banri’s name wasn’t on it so he started crying like a baby thinking it was intentional. Of course it wasn’t and so Linda and the rest had it remade. Linda is worried for him because after they graduate, they won’t be together anymore (she’s going to a prep school in Tokyo). That night, he wanted Linda’s answer because he wants to be with her forever. She needed to think overnight and will give him a reply the next day. He will wait at the usual bridge. Banri narrates he was in love with Linda in high school but everybody else saw them as just either ‘siblings’ or best friends. Linda probably thinks the same too as Kouko does for him now. Banri seems to fit well into a pair of sneakers. The festival club guys are amazed since Linda wanted to sell them. To their surprise, she gives it to him for free since Banri is their junior. The club’s seniors visit them and have some souvenirs. Fans with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ printed on them? For the Awa dance festival? Disappointed? Do you like them? NO! Kouko notices Banri acting a little strange with Linda. He acts as if there is nothing but she hopes he can tell if there is anything. They’re friends, right? Chinami comes to invite them to a party but Kouko greatly refuses. Banri wonders why she would invite Kouko considering what happened the other day. Chinami holds no grudge against Kouko and finds something irresistible about her. Thanks to Banri’s convincing, Kouko is at the party. But Mitsuo is also there. Not on talking terms. Bad. Before you know it, they start arguing with Kouko accusing him he likes Chinami just to spite her. She dares him to confess to her. And so Mitsuo calls Chinami and really did confess he likes her and wants to date her! Ultimate shock for Kouko! But Chinami brushes it off as a joke! Ultimate shock for Mitsuo! To control the situation, Banri throws both of them into the next room where the tea club is having their wild party. New tributes…

Banri walks Kouko home and she’s quite drunk and naughty. She wants to party more. If Banri is out of money, they can stay at his place and talk things that include badmouthing Mitsuo. That’s when Banri has had it. He doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore. All she talks about is Mitsuo and has she ever thought how he feels. He gives back the mirror. Although he understands her situation, when she rejected him, she lost the right to want those things. He shouldn’t have become her friend. He can’t associate with her anymore. Goodbye. Even in the clubroom, Linda can guess something is wrong with them. Having a fight with you girlfriend? Not his girlfriend… Banri is upset that she can act like she doesn’t know anything. Banri lashes back at her. Does she have a boyfriend? Someone from high school? He is sure she will say there is no one. It’s like she feels bad for the old him. Banri knows he is doing the same thing, acting like he doesn’t know them. He locks himself in the toilet as Linda tries to reason with him. He was like a bomb. She doesn’t know what to do. One wrong move and she might lose him again. She thought it was her fault. Was it her fault for not making it on time to the bridge to tell him her answer? If it’s so, it can’t end like this. Now Linda feels lousy. Banri later leaves. Kouko was waiting for him but now he won’t even talk to her. Something must have happened. Banri runs away as far as his feet could take him. He is confused. Not knowing where to go or which path is the right one. He can’t turn back or find his lost past. At the bridge, he thinks if he jumps, he can start all over again. But Kouko crashes into him. She grabs onto him tightly and doesn’t want him to run anymore. Don’t run to places where she can’t reach him. Because she loves him.

Episode 7
Before things can get more romantic, the policeman arrests her. Because she stole a bicycle to catch up with Banri and the owner reported her. She gets off lightly with a warning. She explains her reaction at the party wasn’t that she didn’t get over Mitsuo. She felt sad. Because Chinami easily had everything she wanted, she was afraid she would get Banri too. She thought she was attracted to his kindness because of the pain of being rejected. She thought saying no was the right thing and would change the world. Guess things didn’t go accordingly as planned. Her father is here to pick her up. He apologizes on her behalf and hopes he can continue to be her friend. But Kouko disagrees. He is not her friend but he boyfriend! And so they become a lovey-dovey couple with flower frames and romantic talk everywhere they go. Just creepy? Or jealous? F*ck! This better not be a dream. Kouko even waited for him at the train station just to walk with him to school. Banri wanted to walk her from her home but it seems that isn’t possible. Not because her parents object to their date and it’s more like to keep the harm away from Banri! Her father thinks a weird girl like her can ruin his life. Oh well… 2D-kun is surprised that the duo are dating. Even creepier that Kouko romantically spells it out for him. Then here comes Mitsuo. He dyed his hair blonde. Repentance? Mitsuo isn’t surprised the duo ended up dating because he observed Banri had always been able to handle her. Now he’s so relieved an evil load is off his shoulder. But Kouko plays dirty. She had to mention about his stinging rejection by Chinami. Mitsuo hasn’t seen her since then but if he does, he intends to interact normally with her. Oh, here she is. Here’s your chance. He can’t and flees. Chinami explains she didn’t count Mitsuo’s confession as a proper since they were at a party. But it’s Banri’s turn to flee when Linda sees him and tries to talk to him. Many days passed with Banri and Kouko dating like a couple. He received several messages from Linda wanting to talk but he ignores them.

Kouko visits his room to ask about what happened with Linda. He explains she noticed about their awkwardness but he lashed out at her and now they’re awkward. She accidentally opens the box containing his porn magazines he put away. Why the heck is there a condom in there?! They panic. Though, they brush it off as normal, Kouko feels it should happen naturally. She’d prefer it to be in Paris. Ah yes, Paris. Where else is there such a romantic place in this world? Linda attempts to contact Banri fail. Her friend Nana notices this. One day Banri gets a call that his neighbour’s room is leaking and to check whether his room is flooded. He rushes back only to meet with Nana. That punk rocker is his neighbour? It is revealed it was all a setup to make Banri and Linda talk. Nana made that fake call and hopes they can settle and get it over with. It just irritates her to see them so indecisive. Banri invites Linda into his room. She explains Nana (not her real name) was once in the festival club but quit when she became too busy with her band. She talked to her about the issue with him and that’s when she was told Banri was her neighbour. Linda breaks down and apologizes for confusing him and doing things half-heartedly. But this made Banri break down too. He’s sorry for not knowing what she was thinking. She’s glad he is alive and got to meet him. That’s all she wanted. She explains how close they were in high school. He confessed to her on graduation night and she wanted time to think. She was late to arrive on the bridge because she was scared. If she was early, would he have not fallen off? As his senior, she wants to support him and as someone who knows about his accident. Even if he doesn’t remember, she considers him important and enjoys spending time with him. Banri gets a call from Kouko. Mitsuo is in trouble.

Episode 8
Another flashback. While waiting for Linda, Banri heard her talking to her friends. They insist she likes Banri but she kept coming up with reasons it’s not what they think. Linda made the killing statement that she never liked him. And when she realized Banri had heard, she felt devastated. She tried to talk to him but he completely ignored her. Till one day she waited in the rain and broke down. If Banri can’t accept her apology, he’s a total jerk. Their friendship was mended and they continue being friends but he kept wondering if Linda actually didn’t like him. Back to present time, Kouko wants Banri to go check on Mitsuo in his room because he left early. She can’t because that would amount to cheating, right? He makes his way only to see a girl trying real hard to seduce Mitsuo. He’s having a hard time trying to keep her away. Banri walks up to them and acts like his gay lover. Mitsuo gets the hint and plays along while borrowing that past life lines from Kouko. The girl feels disgusted and leaves. I guess this is how you chase away pesky seducers. Banri learns that Mitsuo and Chinami’s meeting didn’t end well. Because everybody in college knew about his rejection, he doesn’t want her to talk to him. Forever. He knows he should act normal but can’t help freak out each time. It’s embarrassing and sad. Banri gives him the encouragement to have more confidence in himself. Then he calls 2D-kun to throw a cheer up party for him. But why is Kouko here too? Because she wants to be with Banri. It has nothing to do with him. Besides, it’s her suggestion to go to the amusement park for this cheer up party. They could have ‘killed’ each other with their shoes… 2D-kun gets a call from Chinami and is hesitant if he should pick up. Kouko snatches it and in her dominating tone, invites her anyway even though she despises the idea.

So Chinami can’t refuse the idea and came. She brought dried noodles for the party? But Kouko continues to act like the snobbish b*tch and that she’s doing this for Mitsuo’s sake. Chinami finally tells her off whatever they do is none of her business. Her boyfriend is Banri, right? So why doesn’t she pay more attention to what she has? She wants her noodles returned but her bag breaks and her camera drops. Is it still working? She tests it out and records Kouko. She is about the cry but Kouko won’t allow Banri to see her cute crying face and slams her with the dried noodles!!! She’s suffocating! Once she has composed herself, she passes the camera to Banri to film her. The noodles are still stuck on her face! Funny! They have a good laugh and return to the amusement park to begin the party. Everyone hangs out at Banri’s place and they make a pact that if anybody needs some sort of hanging out like this, all of them should be invited. Dead in the night, Banri can’t sleep and he has this feeling Linda is still awake and texts her. She’s hanging out in Nana’s room and outside their balcony they casually talk. Banri thinks he used to like her and Linda feels the best way for them now is to come clean as there’s nothing between them that they can’t say anymore. Banri asks out of curiosity her answer on that graduation night. It would be no. She just couldn’t think of him romantically and was going to tell him to stay as friends. He then asks if she wants to go back to how things used to be. He yells out he wants to go back but isn’t sure if he really said that. Linda thinks he just fell asleep and should go back to bed. Banri’s spirit notes he still loves Linda and would love to be with her forever but the current him is dating Kouko. He can’t leave his current self or he’ll disappear.

Episode 9
Kouko comes down with a cold so she couldn’t come to class. However her cold lasted quite long and even into the weekend. When she did recover, she seems to be acting strange. Banri thought she is still sick and needed some rest but from what I hear, she’s sounding insecure. She wonders if he loves her. Of course. So what’s wrong? She feels anxious in whatever she does. Banri consoles and comforts her like a true guy would. A kiss to cast away that insecurity. Banri’s spirit notes that is how she comforted Linda in the same way. Another time for flashback. Back in high school, Linda had a brother whom they call Brother and he was a great passionate guy as a football coach. He had a fiancée whom he can’t wait to show Banri. But Linda doesn’t seem impressed. She later tells him that she caught his fiancée cheating on him. She saw her having a fling with a guy because they kissed. Not only she wants to get photographic evidence to break this marriage, she’ll do everything she can to make her pay so much that she will regret it and won’t be able to make a living! I’m sure Banri won’t go to such great lengths but he’ll help her nab them in the act because he doesn’t want a cool guy to be married to such a woman. So the duo wait behind the bushes and snap shots of the fiancée (Kouko clone?) and her lover entering the room. But after that, Linda had a change of mind. She wants to delete those photos instead of taking more damning evidence. She wants to take this as an adult.

As the fiancée leaves, Linda confronts her and wants to talk. She had no choice and during the entire talk in the car, she was crying. Linda hopes she will stop this if she still wants to get married. Banri keeps a watch on the car because the lover was watching them the entire time. Scary. Once the talk is over, Banri quickly takes Linda away and not to look back because that guy is still staring… I don’t know. Maybe he was just a mannequin… Outside a convenience store, they talk as Linda expresses she doesn’t want to hurt her brother so this is the best route to take as she isn’t destroying anything. But she is in a dilemma too. If they ever get married, they’ll forever live a life of lie. Can they endure this forever? Banri assures he will always be by her side if she wants to cry or scream. He doesn’t know how but he’ll be there. He’ll always be her listening voice. Blah, blah, blah. Getting pretty poetic there. Linda seemed hopeful. Can she trust him? Unfortunately he didn’t have the courage to answer her then. But his feelings for her grew until the need for that confession day. Back in present, Kouko seems to have fallen ill again and is absent. Linda talks to Banri. He doesn’t remember she has an older brother. She tells him to take care of Kouko since she is his girlfriend (reiterating that same poetic line Banri said to her). Banri’s Spirit wonders if he had answered her then and said he loved her, would things have turned out differently? Would they have been together and not become a ghost? Too late for regrets. Deep in the night, Banri’s spirit suddenly feels he has a body! He’s back? Is he? No more a ghost definitely! The first thing that comes to mind is… Linda!

Episode 10
Banri couldn’t understand that weird feeling. His memories didn’t come back but yet his desire to see Linda is strong. Next morning, he tries to look for hat picture of Linda in his cabinet but it’s missing. He thinks Kouko must have taken it. Maybe that explains her weird act. Banri is sick and injured himself last night when he fell off the bed. He could have ‘died’ if Nana hadn’t picked him up to hospital and back. She gets annoyed when he thinks she is actually a nice person. Even worse, somebody who cosplays and trying to act tsundere. Once Linda is in the picture, she gladly passes the baton to her. Good grief. Linda heard from Nana and the reason she came. She nurses him in bed as his thoughts are only to be with her. But being with her feels like meeting with Kouko was a dream. But it’s not… Because here she is now! She calls him a cheater and thankfully she didn’t smack him with the bouquet of roses. Linda was scared for a while with her scary expression but Kouko loosens up and gets all love-dovey with Banri. That was just a joke? I’m sure Mitsuo and 2D-kun acting like lovers fighting over the roses was one. Kouko from the heart thanks Linda for taking care of Banri. Mitsuo isn’t really convinced because she was really panicking all over before and thus the reason she called them to come (yeah, they skipped class for it). It could have descended into another childish fight f not for Linda telling them to stop. It’s not nice in front of a sick person. Kouko truly believes Banri wasn’t cheating on her but she still feels sad that another girl came to take care of him instead of her. They then discuss their plans for the summer vacation and it is suggested to rent a big car for all of them to go to the beach. That night, Banri wakes up much better. Kouko has been waiting by his side. Kouko feels she isn’t a good girlfriend and someone like Linda would be much suited. Banri assures her with a big hug. Kouko assures she’ll do anything she can for him. She’s got lots of love, that’s for sure. She also expresses of wanting to go to the beach with him. Just the 2 of them. It doesn’t have to be Paris. He promises to take her there once summer vacation starts.

Episode 11
Banri is pretty much fine now with Kouko coming to visit quite often. However he still can’t ask her about the missing photo. The duo head for their club activities to practice for the Awa dance. Kouko has been nicknamed Robo Girl thanks to her robot dance… She’s still like that? Some of the guys give lip service to Banri that taking a train to the beach with such a high maintenance girl may not be a good idea. Since he has no money, they suggest he do some part time job and earn his keep. Of course Kouko disagrees. She doesn’t want him to work because it would mean less time spent with him. She can offer to pay for his part since she’s rich. Banri isn’t sure so she had to tell him that he’s missing the point she really wants to be with him as much as she wants. Chinami sees them and joins in much to Kouko’s dismay. She wanted to leave but Chinami is also about to leave for a part time job. Speaking on this, Banri uses this argument that it is normal for students to work. Chinami invites them to the posh cafe she is working. Kouko’s verdict? He DEFINITELY CANNOT work here! Banri knocks on Nana’s door to thank her for the help and even pay back for the taxi fare and some cookies. Learning he is short on cash, she knows this weekend there is a party that he can earn big money as a waiter. With her recommendation, he doesn’t need to go for an interview. A condition is that he must bring Mitsuo. Banri tells Mitsuo about this and he has a feeling that it’s something shady. But when Sao-chan and Shi-chan butt in to ‘persuade’ them to join their club and get a job (wholesome healthy manual labour?), it’s no thanks for the guys. Better get out while you have the chance! Banri hopes Mitsuo won’t tell Kouko about this job. You know her response, right? Yeah, she’s even calling him every minute so he has to lie about writing a report, the reason he can’t respond immediately. Mitsuo is amazed that Banri can stand this stalker and even gush about loving her. However inside Banri, he feels guilty that he still has feelings over Linda. Seems that the guys are to be waiters at a masquerade party. Banri is made to dress up as a maid (which he doesn’t mind at all. Even if he shows this to others) but Mitsuo is only wearing an underwear!!! On top of that, he has to give ‘special service’ to those elderly ladies. Check out those abs! Although Nana is also working there, Banri didn’t expect to see Linda working here too. He can’t take his eyes off her sexy devil outfit… Meanwhile Kouko tries to call Banri but there’s no answer. Worried? And that missing photo… It’s with her!

Episode 12
Mitsuo is such a coveted guy. All the ladies want him. The boss is even willing to pay more if he goes up on stage with the rest of the macho men and strut his stuff. Oh hell! For the money! Even those old hags are horny with Banri. They want a one-night stand! Thanks to Linda’s swift action, he is saved from being ‘tainted’. Meanwhile Kouko starts acting like a stalker. Many calls go unanswered. She even heads to his place but nobody is in. She searches around town… Banri seems to be enjoying this and could get used to it. He and Linda are made to pose in ambiguous and sexy positions together because the crowd wants to take photos of the cuties. And then it happened… Kouko walks right in and sees this atrocity! She takes a drink and splashes it at him before concluding with a slap! Kouko looks upset. Banri looks stunned. The guests think it’s a good show. Nana takes Linda away as they can’t make a fuss in front of the guests. Banri does the same but at the backstage, he says he needs to finish his drop and then he’ll explain everything. Since she can’t hang around here, he gives her his keys to his place to wait. Once the job is over, Banri makes haste home. He decides to call her when he realizes the SMS and call spam. She was really frantic asking where he is and why he isn’t around or not answering. She even texted him of the locations she is looking for him. When he reaches home, Kouko is sitting dejectedly in the dark corner of his room. First she apologizes for splashing and slapping him. She really wanted to be his good girlfriend but lost control of herself. Banri instantly gets down on his knees and profusely apologizes he kept this a secret because he wanted to be a cool boyfriend in front of her and fund their trip. Then she throws that photo to him. What about this? He comes clean telling her Linda was his classmate and that he was in love with her before he lost his memories. He didn’t tell her because he didn’t want her to know. Not because she’ll become an annoying woman but because he will feel guilty. Those feelings of wanting to be with Linda would return to him sometimes and his soul would be screaming to go back to her.

But Kouko is upset he is telling her this. When she found the photo, she thought of waiting and giving him time to tell her instead of interrogating him. She was trying hard but now if it comes to this, everything’s ruined. Banri wanted to be honest with her but Kouko didn’t want to know. She hugs him and doesn’t want him to remember his past. That’s the only thing she wants from him. He promises her that and they start calling each other by their first names. It ends peacefully when they say “I love you” to each other. Kouko still feels uneasy because they don’t have anything together. No experience, no memories, no photos. Okay. Let’s just start with one from here. Next day, Banri meets Linda who is very sorry for what happened. Banri assures her everything with Kouko is alright. The reason he is meeting her alone is because he wants to ask about the past. Although he likes her, she didn’t like him. Linda admits she does like him but not romantically. Just a friend but wasn’t in love. Banri is going to shred the photo, resolving to himself he can’t go back that one-way street and to forget about Linda. But his inner voice yells hell no. He has been searching for Linda and wants to go back to her. Banri thanks Linda for everything and wants their relationship to just be club senior-junior. She is no longer his former classmate. Worried about Kouko, he thinks of putting some distance between them. Linda agrees and rips the photo apart. Later Banri takes a photo of Kouko.

Episode 13
When Banri ‘escaped’ from hospital and bumped into Linda, there was more to it. Not only had he vowed to go to Tokyo but to be a completely new guy. I guess now we know why this turned out like that. As thanks, he wants to convey the message to Linda’s ‘friend’. However she feels it is too late to reach him because she was late (and the accident happened). But anyway her message was for him to try his best. The festival club is holding its activities with the same club and societies from other universities. Kouko is in ‘trouble’. Because she’s nervous. Very. For the umpteenth time she feels like heading to the toilet. Her bladder must be empty by now. So nervous this girl that when she tries to put on her lipstick, she shoves it up her nose! The rest had no choice but to show them that dance. I don’t know, it looks odd. Very odd. Because it was easily imitable and they made Banri do it with them, soon nervous Kouko also joined in and became nervous no more. Effective. The activities went smoothly and the day ends well. Banri’s Spirit notes that although his feelings still remain in his heart, he thought this new Banri as his younger twin would respect the feelings he nurtured. But he abandoned him and rejected those feelings. He vows to be a vengeful spirit and curse him. Wait a minute. He’s going to make himself unhappy?! I suppose the curse starts because all the activities that Banri is supposed to attend somehow got cancelled. It’s going to be a boring summer. He sees Kouko arriving at the apartment. He thought of surprising her and waited by the lift. To his surprise, it wasn’t her and he got punched by Nana in the face for trying to be funny! Yeah, Kouko took the stairs to surprise him. That is the spice of love? Banri is extremely excited when Kouko puts on her apron and is going to cook him her yakisoba. But she warns she does not want him to help at help and even uses a blindfold. Sit there till it’s then. As she is making it, the blindfold slips down so Banri sees this through the mirror… She’s air cooking? Ready-made yakisoba? And when she realizes that, she explains that it was supposed to be a joke. An air yakisoba. So laugh! As they talk at the park, Kouko explains she really wanted to make it herself but since she was weak under pressure, the maid took over. She thought of cancelling her family’s long vacation to Barcelona just to be with him but he wants her to go along with her family. It will be boring if she hangs out with him. Kouko seems to be hinting for a kiss but Banri is reluctant to give her one. Banri worries that at this rate Kouko might abandon him for a better man. He thought he heard the voice of ghost cursing him to be unhappy.

Episode 14
2D-kun calls Banri and talk. It includes about Mitsuo who is busy these days to hang out with them. But he thinks he has a girlfriend. This piques Kouko’s interest and as a pro stalker, today is going to be a busy day for them to stalk on Mitsuo and Chinami. They wait outside Chinami’s house. Kouko is all into it but the guys… They’re bored. Chinami comes back home surprised to see what they’re doing. So she’s not with Mitsuo? She hasn’t seen him since the start of the vacation. So whose fault was it to jump to conclusion that Mitsuo is dating Chinami? She invites them in they find it empty. Her family is in the process of moving out due to her dad’s job changing. She will be the last to move out and needs to find a place of her own to stay and save money. Thanks to that, it killed her plans for whatever she trip she wanted to go for filming. 2D-kun suggests they can go to the beach and everyone agrees to it. When they go get something to eat, they see Mitsuo and Linda together! I thought his love for Chinami was unwavering? Although everyone is surprised, Chinami wants to leave them alone for the time being. She is sure they have their reasons. On another day, Kouko goes to Chinami’s house so that they can choose a swimsuit together. She shows the one she is wearing underneath. Will this be enough to charm Banri? Another goal for them to change swimsuits together is so that in the event if they end up wearing the same one, Chinami must change! Kouko wears a very sexy bikini which alerts all the signals in Chinami that this is no-go. But the casual look Chinami opted for her swimsuit had Kouko comment she is wearing ‘pipes’. It doubles as a home wear too? I guess it’s no-go too. Chinami says that Kouko doesn’t need to worry about Banri but Kouko is worried. Sure, she’s not putting any pressure on him? She lets her know the other day she went for a kiss but Banri didn’t give it to her. Chinami seems to get the gist of what she is saying and how Banri is feeling. She says Banri is hesitating because he wants to show he really cares for her. But Kouko wonders if Banri really loves her. She is worried he will disappear and if he is still searching for himself. Will he leave her if he does? Back to the swimsuit battle, Kouko finally picks school swimsuit for the both of them. This calls for a camera moment so the girls put up some introduction, nonsense talk (Kouko spamming “I love you Banri) and funny faces in front of it. Meanwhile Mitsuo shows the pair of trunks Banri must choose to wear: An innocent pair or that Speedo pair from that party. Mitsuo talks about Linda and wonders where she is from. He wanted to invite her to the beach too but she’s back home.

Episode 15
While on their way to meet 2D-kun, Kouko wonders if Mitsuo told him anything. But Banri reminded her that they made a pact not to pry. She explains it’s not because she still has feelings for Mitsuo but is worried how Chinami would feel. Oh, she brushes off she likes that midget and hates her. Being tsundere? Banri knows one thing for sure. She is the one he loves. The duo waited at the wrong place before fuming 2D-kun picked them up. There is a crawl to pick up Chinami and the air-cond broke down. When they get there, Chinami’s handphone is out of service so Kouko goes to look for her. Seems the cafe she was had no signal. It’s been a bad day and 2D-kun thinks somebody is cursed. You don’t say… But his spirit is lifted to know that Chinami is wearing her swimsuit underneath her skirt. But the bad luck continues… A traffic jam to Mitsuo’s place. 2 hours behind time. Mitsuo could feel the standoffish feeling when he tries to talk to Chinami. The journey to the beach continues but… A huge traffic jam. Raining. Should they turn back? They’ve gotten this far. It’s still raining at the beach. Nobody around. What to do but sit and wait. Kouko needs to go to the toilet for real. Since she is wearing her swimsuit underneath, this gives Banri an idea. He tells her to strip and he puts pressure by taking off his own clothes. He wore that Speedo trunks?! Kouko gets caught in his pace as they both dance silly in the rain. Then they have the rest join them in their mad pace. Soon the sun shines and they have fun for real in the water and sand before playing sparklers at night and have their own mini fireworks. When it’s time to go home, 2D-kun is really tired and it would be dangerous for him to drive. Kouko volunteers to take over. She has a valid driving licence. Thankfully, no false start. She makes a smooth ride home as the backseat people fall comfortably asleep. Banri talks to her that it was fun for everyone to come on this trip. As for her family trip next week, he still wants her to go but just bring back a souvenir for him. Though, Kouko would have preferred much to stay back with him. When Banri dozes off, Kouko too shortly! Gasp! Nobody is watching the road!!! Banri’s spirit is furiously trying to wake himself up. So his curse went too far? This wasn’t what he wanted? The car picks up speed as we see montage of Banri’s memories. Banri suddenly wakes up and slams on the brakes on Kouko’s behalf.

Episode 16
Thanks to the railing, the car didn’t fly through the slope. But it was a bumpy ride and it woke everyone up. Yeah. Now everyone is wide awake. Kouko is in shock. Even more shock to see Chinami is bleeding on her lips due to the bump. Banri calls the police to the scene to do their investigation. Because Kouko as a minor was the driver, they have to call her parents. When they drive back to Tokyo, Kouko’s father was there to pick her up. He immediately slaps her. She cries like there is no tomorrow. Banri calls Mitsuo and he wants to meet up. On his way out, Nana beats him up because of his gloominess. It’s pissing her off so get over it. So the friends minus Kouko talk about Kouko’s family trip was cancelled. Her father met with Chinami and 2D-kun’s parents for the injury and car repairs respectively. Everyone feels responsible and guilty for what happened. Of course the reason Banri calls them here is to plan their next step. He doesn’t want to break up with her and wants to know how she is doing. Kouko hasn’t been replying their mails ever since. It is suggested to go visit Kouko at her home but Mitsuo thinks Banri should go alone because it will probably be easier for her to talk to him. Kouko’s father lets Banri in and let him into her room. Kouko is hiding under the covers of her blanket. She has become a shut-in. She is surprised to see Banri. She feels so guilty over what happened that she thinks she doesn’t have the right to see anybody. She explains for the first time she thought about what she had done and it made her realize she was stupid. She thought she was an adult who could do anything but apparently just a child. Falling asleep at the wheel was inexcusable and even more letting her parents handle the fallout. This is how immature she is.

When she says she can’t face him anymore, Banri takes it as she won’t see him anymore. He akin this to running away and not taking responsibility. So if this happens again, will she start over at her convenience and leave everyone behind? Kouko fights back. She didn’t want to hear this from him. Because he did the same too. He abandoned his past and hasn’t accepted it at all. So when he said his former self was in love with Linda, what was she supposed to do? It’s like he never had any intention to accept his past self because he left his family, friends and Linda behind. She fears she will be cut next. Because she saw it in a dream. She was driving on the highway with Banri by her side. There’s a sign to say to get off and when she does, Banri drives off and leaves her behind. She is afraid to go to sleep because each time she will dream of this. If he really loses his memories again, she really won’t know what to do if he leaves her behind. So don’t leave her. If he goes somewhere, please take her with him. Banri hugs her, admitting that he abandoned parts of himself he couldn’t accept. He promises not to run away anymore. In that moment, Banri realizes her father is watching! He can’t stop Kouko because she’s already on an apologizing and “I love you” streak. And when she realizes father is behind her, daddy became a joker to say he thought he wanted to have lunch together! Kouko throws a tantrum while father has Banri make the instant noodles for him. How can he act like this in such a time? How else should they act? They should act normal, right? This is normal? Once Banri is done, father seems to have put Kouko to bed. He lets Banri take over the watch. He sees her dreaming. It must be that dream again. He whispers not to get off this time.

Episode 17
The festival club has reserved a spot for the fireworks festival. When Banri comes in, everyone starts to act oddly nice. Banri didn’t get what’s happening after they throw a few hints to him. It seems they think he has broken up with Kouko (because they don’t answer their mails and avoid this issue when talked about). So they’re throwing this party to help him cheer up and also in hopes they won’t quit the club. When Kouko comes in, they too treat her very nicely. Then Banri tells them it was a big misunderstanding. Everyone felt so disappointed… You mean they were really hoping for it? They divert their attention to a senior who just arrived. They think he has found a job, thus attending this festival. Turns out he didn’t and just wanted a change in pace. Linda has heard about their accident from Mitsuo. They talk about the past of them lighting fireworks before he lost his memories. He has a scar on his left leg. Linda didn’t want to bring this up but mentions anyway that there is a class reunion. She thought he won’t be coming and thus didn’t want to say. But if he turns up, it will show to everyone that he’s alright since they have been worried about him. Kouko wants Banri to attend. And so he will. Later Banri and Kouko talk. He feels nervous if his friends are expecting the old Banri. When she told him the other day that he too was abandoning his family and friends, it made him resolved to face his past. Kouko thinks she has got to see the whole Banri. She thought she couldn’t accept him before and only saw the Banri she wanted to see. When he said not to get off the car, it made her realize she was really in love with him. She doesn’t care the sides she doesn’t know or like and will be fine for who he is. So go see who he was in the past and then tell her about it. She gives him a little kiss on the lips. While Banri leaves for Shizuoka, Kouko helps Chinami unpack her stuffs in the new apartment she has found. It took the whole day so she slept over. Mitsuo and Linda are working at the same place. He notes she needs to go home again and realizes she comes from the same place as Banri. She doesn’t seem too pleased when he teases her. Kouko treats Mitsuo and 2D-kun. But Mitsuo asks 2D-kun about the place Banri came from. He is unsure but Mitsuo is surprised to learn about Banri’s first accident that got him hospitalized. 2D-kun doesn’t have the details since he vaguely heard about them during their stint at the cult. When Mitsuo asks Kouko about this, she shrugs it off that she knows anything about it but he doesn’t look convinced.

Episode 18
Now that Banri is gone for a while, Kouko lingers around his room. She’s throwing a tantrum and trying to hold back herself from doing anything perverted. It made her do some weird body contorting move… Exorcist! And then… Nana saw her in that pose! Oh sh*t!!! I guess she heard some ‘weird’ noises and came to check out. Because she was so impressed by her Exorcist move, she wants her to come work for her concert using that pose as her theme will be fear. Kouko quickly denies everything and that she can barely move in that. She’ll do anything but that and almost strangles Nana to death because she doesn’t want her to tell Banri about this. So Nana has her stay put while she goes out shopping. Soon, a yakuza dude comes banging on the door asking for money. Frightened Kouko hides in the closet but yakuza guy breaks down the door and searches the place. When he opens the closet, he gets the biggest scare of his life because Kouko is doing that Exorcist move!!! Then she whacks him out with her handbag. As revealed, it was all a plan by Nana. She became her guinea pig and it worked. They’ll feature yakuza crashing into her next concert. This yakuza dude is her bassist. Oh, she moved quite well in her Exorcist, didn’t she? Kouko screams for Banri’s return… He can’t hear you… Once Linda arrives at Banri’s home, Brother drives them to school. This gorilla is the most emotional dude to see this guy. Because Banri is still afraid of his classmates expecting the old him, Linda has him close his eyes and lead him by his hand. And then he realized he has been short-changed because somehow Linda swapped out with another guy. Embarrassed?

Everyone is glad Banri is back and they begin by playing dodgeball. Something about an unsettled grudge between Banri and Linda back then. The highlights of the match are Banri tricking Linda and slamming the ball in her face and Linda paying back the favour dearly. Everybody chats with Banri and talk about his old strange habits which seem more fiction than fact. However they’re all true. Fact is stranger than fiction, they say. The teacher is also glad to see Banri and they all take pictures together. That night Banri walks back with Linda and he talks about living and moving forward. He doesn’t want to be controlled by what happened to him. Linda is glad he felt that way as she was worried what would become of him. Although his past self is still part of him, he has chosen to be what he wanted to be. He is who he is. He explains that during the near-death experience with Kouko and friends, he heard a voice that made him wake up and slam the brakes. It was her message from back then that reached him. Banri wants to take a picture of the bridge where he got into an accident to show Kouko. When he gets there, it seems the past re-enacts itself. He saw himself been bumped off when a scooter zooms past him. Banri tries to save himself but his old self lets himself go. In the process, his mirror broke and he wonders if his memories are returning.

Episode 19
Banri explains what he experienced to the doctor. Of course he couldn’t find anything wrong. Banri has a feeling he is fighting with his past self. Because he tried to disappear back into the darkness, he deduces he won’t try to take over his body again. Kouko is going to relish her reunion with Banri but the rest of the friends beat her to it. So everyone has a welcome back party for him. Chinami has cut her hair. Mitsuo requests a favour from Banri and Kouko. He is doing an independent filming for his club and would like to film his festival club. He admits there is a girl there he wants to get closer with although he knows it’s completely one-sided. Later Banri tells Mitsuo that they know about him and Linda as they saw them once. Mitsuo also says that he felt something suspicious between Banri and Linda. She was very worried when he told her about the accident and that they’re from Shizuoka. He wants to know if he is hiding something important. Banri is in a dilemma to tell him. But when he made up his mind to, Mitsuo drops the case and apologizes for pressuring him. Kouko doesn’t go berserk since Banri’s mirror broke. Since he is alright, she is okay. When Banri left for Tokyo, his mom gave him her ring to give to Kouko. But he is hesitating to give it to her as it would seem like a proposal. He thinks too far into the future all the ‘troubles’ he might get into in marriage. Like her dad… Kouko gives him a present. She artistically made something while he is away. What the heck is that? Banri couldn’t guess it, how can we? So have you figured out what is this ‘club’ thingy? It’s the Eiffel Tower! Holy cow!

Then it’s like Kouko’s horny switch flipped on so she hints she wants to do something that will take them into adulthood. She starts off aggressive. Banri, if you skip this chance you’re a jerk! He didn’t. Now it’s his turn to get aggressive. However it is interrupted with Kouko trying to swallow back her vomit (because she at too much) and it ends with the ‘Eiffel Tower’ dropping on her head. That really killed off the mood. Literally, ‘Paris’ got her… She laments she couldn’t make things more romantic and feels she belongs to this place more than her own home. Banri wants to take things at their own pace. Mitsuo is given permission to film the festival club in their practice for upcoming activities. Some girls want to hit on him. But Linda isn’t too pleased and gives him the cold shoulder. In the end, he couldn’t get a chance to talk to her. After practice, Banri goes to talk to Linda to find out why she is so upset. She tells him to figure it out himself. So Linda’s anger made Banri pissed off which makes Linda even more pissed off. Huh? So when they calm down, she explains it’s not that she wants to ignore him. Mitsuo had treated her several times before and it dawned to her why is he so happy being with her. Thinking he sees her as valuable, she got scared as she couldn’t tell why he is interested in her. She doesn’t think she has what it takes to be that attractive and wants to keep a distance. They talk about the ring Banri’s mom gave him and if Mitsuo knows that they were quite close in the past. They are interrupted when Chinami wants to speak to Banri. Now it’s her turn to be upset. She chides him for being close to Linda as she is the girl Mitsuo likes. He shouldn’t be this close to her. She thinks Kouko will feel bad if she sees them like this. Wouldn’t you feel bad for her? She calls him the worst. What’s her problem?

Episode 20
Banri tells what happened to Kouko. She believes in him so he is fine. He thinks the mood now is perfect to give the ring but realizes he forgot to bring it. Back home, he wonders who else he could get advice from for the ring. Chinami is definitely out. Next morning, coincidentally he and Nana take the same train to college. She needs her attendance points. But seeing she’s so grumpy and moody, there is no way he can ask. She mentions about Kouko being funny… The Exorcist… When all the friends meet, Chinami instantly takes Kouko away to buy some rare Belgian chocolates on sale. Banri notices Chinami ignored him. Mitsuo is still lamenting he hasn’t had a decent conversation with Linda because it seems all the club members are trying to ‘protect’ her. Each time he approaches, she is somehow taken away. Later when Banri and Kouko hang out, he mentions about that Exorcist thingy. Oh no! Her face turns blue. She quickly changes subject that they should attend Nana’s concert some time. She hopes their days could stay like this forever and Banri feels the need to quickly hand her the ring. With cheeky Sao-chan and Shi-chan back in the picture, I suppose Banri can get the much needed ‘advice’. Those ‘experts’ explain the meaning of giving a ring to a girl. I don’t know if they’re encouraging him or putting him off. They dramatically over-react when they learn the ring was worn by his mom. It means mommy wants him to bring his girlfriend home and show off the ring on her finger. Mitsuo is in another filming of the festival club. Again, he fails to talk to Linda. Banri and Kouko feel for him. Kouko tells Banri that whenever she talks to Chinami about him, she would change subject and leave. They think they should leave her alone for a while. The festival club is holding another dance with other colleges in public. Kouko is not nervous anymore. During the dance, Banri suddenly loses all his memories. It resets to the time he was on the bridge waiting for Linda. He gets scared what the heck he is doing here. In his panic, he screams and run away. Everyone couldn’t understand what is happening but they have to continue dancing. Linda and Kouko run after him. Linda finds him cowering in some dark corner. When she mentions Kouko is waiting for him, his memories gradually come back. Clearly Banri is still shaken and trembling. He thinks his past self is trying to take back his body and his existence again.

Episode 21
Banri takes some medication but he is still worried his current self will disappear. Thanks to that little ruckus, many other colleges don’t want to deal with the festival club as what happened dampened the festival spirit. Besides, some of the seniors didn’t practised their dance well enough and made mistakes. Though, Banri blames himself for all that has happened. Kouko knows something is wrong with him despite Banri assuring everything is alright. Don’t give her that crap. It’s like he wants to run away again. He tells her about his fear that he will disappear without anyone knowing. Kouko thinks he is worried that he hasn’t told anyone about this because it might change the way they think about him. She assures she will be there for him no matter what. That kiss seals it. Banri and Kouko plan to gather their friends for a party at his place. Kouko’s bringing Kobe beef, so it’s your lost if you don’t come. After convincing 2D-kun, Banri goes to find Mitsuo as he is collecting dried leaves for his movie club. Chinami is also helping but she isn’t happy to see Banri. She continues to be upset with him although she insists she isn’t and was just upset that it was a mistake to cut her hair. I guess the Kobe beef got her attention but that doesn’t change how she treats him. Chinami seems to be the first to arrive. Because there is something she wants to tell him. Earlier she saw Linda at Nana’s door. She went to chide her for wanting to do something with Banri. But when Nana wonders what she is doing with her guest, Chinami felt embarrassed she jumped to conclusions and tried to pick a fight with her. That night when Banri was talking to Linda, she felt happy in the sense that if Linda doesn’t like Mitsuo, it’s all clear for her. Yes, she likes Mitsuo. She regrets it the moment she realized he was in love with someone else. So she pretended she didn’t care and cut her hair. But she still felt hurt. She wants him to record her stupid self now. That’s when Banri also wants to tell her something. But he wanted to wait for everyone so he could tell the whole story.

And then it happened again. The old Banri returns. He becomes frantic in this unfamiliar place and yells to Linda for help. Chinami rushes next door to get her. Mentioning Kouko’s name seems to bring back his memories. Then he panics. He doesn’t want Kouko to know about this and begs Linda. Nana slaps him for losing his senses. But he continues to panic. Realizing others are watching, he runs away. Out in the streets, he bumps into Mitsuo but continues running. He goes after him and calls 2D-kun to cut him off. Once he has calmed down, the guys sit down and talk. Banri mentions the gathering was to tell them all something. He has been thinking for a while about this but the right moment just didn’t come up. He is afraid of disappearing without anyone noticing, something which is worse than death. They might not really understand what is going on so they promise to do something about it when that happens. Besides, Kouko will always find him, right? Yeah, stalker girl… When Banri goes home, he finds a note from Kouko that the girls had Kobe beef next door and since Chinami said not to say a word, she didn’t pursue the matter. Next day Banri finds out more from Chinami herself. She told Kouko he ran away and it seemed she didn’t panic like she would. Banri wants Chinami to film what he wants to say. He is going to leave a message for his future self that he once existed so that he won’t lose his old self again when he looks back. He doesn’t know how much longer he can stay this way but he views Kouko as his light. If he loses his way, he is sure he can return to her and come back to life again and again. That’s why he wants her to trust and wait for him. When Banri finally gives her the ring, Kouko refuses she cannot accept it. She cannot promise a future with him. She hadn’t said anything until now but it’s high time he knows it. Remember her plan to attend this college just for Mitsuo? Yeah. That was her plan from the start. Goodbye. Poor Banri. Shell shocked! That’s what you call a blonde bombshell… Actually Kouko is more of a brunette.

Episode 22
Banri thought Kouko was joking so he waited and didn’t move. She never returned. Her father picks him up, though. But he thinks this is part of his ploy to keep them away. He tells Banri that he himself isn’t chasing after Kouko and not even telling him to let him see her. Instead of facing her, it’s like she’s waiting for her to change her mind and return. He also mentions Kouko asked him the meaning when one takes anti-anxiety medication and that might the reason Kouko reconsidered their relationship. Nana finds Banri alone outside. She knows about his case because Linda told her about it a long time ago. She never asked because she was in no place to get involved. When Banri feels like he wants to die, Nana warns him if he does that, she’ll kill him. Isn’t that the same? Don’t take life lightly. Nana talks about the harsh facts of life but after learning Kouko broke up with him, she starts feeling sorry and started to hate herself for ignoring and making light of him. She wants him to go home and rest. Tomorrow, try talking to Kouko again. She’ll help out whenever she can. Next morning, Banri bumps into Kouko and she seems to be pretty normal talking and apologizing to him. So everything is alright now? But when all the friends gather as usual, Kouko drops the bombshell that she has broken up with Banri. Wait. That was real? Banri cannot accept this. Since when did they break up? Oh, you mean he doesn’t remember? He lost his memory? Kouko claims they did talk about it yesterday and has already lost interest in him. She talked to him this morning because it was a form of apology. Now they have returned to being just friends. Mitsuo tells Banri not to accept this but Kouko warns that if they won’t let this go, she’ll avoid all of them. In fact, she doesn’t care about classes or college anymore. Now she’s mad at everything and everybody. Shocking?

Chinami thinks she knows what triggers this. When Banri had that fit in his room the other evening, it was all captured on her camera. Though the girls were having Kobe beef next door, Kouko returned to his room to get something and saw the camera. She must have seen the part whereby Banri screamed aloud of not wanting Kouko to see this. Banri knows it is all over. Nothing he does will help as Kouko knows everything even before they were dating. As for the recording he recorded for his future self, he lets Chinami do anything with it. He even cheekily mentions that they are now members of the broken hearts club. Banri tells this to Linda and she doesn’t take this well. They end up arguing. Collar grabbing. Sumo pushing. Hair pulling. Linda cannot accept this but to Banri, Kouko gave up on him and there is nothing more he can do. Banri fears his disappearance is coming closer and closer but Linda asserts she is always here to believe in him. Banri accuses her of not accepting who he was initially. Although she was late that day, he should have waited for her and not get into the accident (was this possible?). If she could, she wants to go back and redo that day. Unlike her, he still has time. When Mitsuo comes in, Banri lets everything out of the bag. About his relationship with Linda that goes back to high school and the accident that caused him to lose his memories of everything. Linda also views it is her fault. Kouko comes in to hand her resignation from the club. Banri snatches it from her but she doesn’t care and leaves.

Episode 23
Banri catches up to Kouko for an explanation. She says it’s an important place to him that’s why she’s letting him have it. Banri realizes it was his own fault for being pathetic. Realizing she has saw what happened in the camera, he reveals his memories have been returning lately at the expense of those after the accident. He might return to his old self and probably she wanted to break up with him because she knew about that. She couldn’t handle it. He asserts he loves her and can never hate her so please don’t distance herself from their friends. Although they officially break up, they still remain friends. Kouko hopes that as long as he doesn’t forget her, she’ll stay with him for the rest of his life. They bump into Linda who is looking for Mitsuo. He too took off. Linda also doesn’t want Kouko to underestimate her because Kouko told her to look after Banri when she disappears. She won’t do that. Kouko revoked her resignation to the club and Banri went to Mitsuo’s place and left a note. But he never called back. He even skipped classes and this made the chance of patching things up bleak. As the cultural festival approaches, one day when Kouko greets Banri, he just sat there spaced out. She felt so sad and ran away. 2D-kun didn’t understand what the heck was happening because he was just spacing out like it wasn’t his problem. He didn’t even realize Kouko was there! 2D-kun tries to get more information from Chinami but she cannot say much as she doesn’t know the exact details. Since he continues to feel excluded, 2D-kun summons everyone (minus Mitsuo) and wants to hang out tonight despite tomorrow is the festival. He throws a tantrum about that hang out code their gang had and wants it done because the group is falling apart. Banri agrees to come and will explain everything then. Kouko will bring Mitsuo and knows how to trick him into coming.

That night as Banri waits, Kouko and Mitsuo (he fell for the ‘emergency’ trick) meet up with him but Banri lost his memories. Reverting back to his old self, he is screaming like a baby of this unfamiliar place and shouting Linda’s name. Not even Kouko’s name could bring him back to his senses. Seems like there is some Banri-in-old-mode antenna in Linda as she quickly goes over to soothe him. Well, she was watching him for a while and feared something like this might happen. Linda brings him back in the taxi and that’s when his memories return. They pass by the store they were supposed to gather and Banri sees Kouko’s excruciating crying face. Back home, he calls his mom about seeing a doctor and can’t live here anymore. But he hopes she can come for the festival tomorrow. Next morning, he wakes up to find Nana sleeping next to him! Did he do her in?! Nana punches him in the head. Did he forget? Linda told him not to lock the door in case something happened. She was staying at Nana’s place and in the dead of the night, Nana went to check on him but seeing his peaceful sleeping face, she couldn’t resist sleeping next to him. Banri had not told his friends that he is moving out soon. He has also written a bunch of important notes that contain detail of his current memories. As the festival club prepares itself, the president of the private school committee comes in to talk to them. He has seen the footage Mitsuo put together from filming the club. Noting that they were working hard, he felt wrong to have not helped them. To make it up to them, he is lending them the costumes and instruments they need. This gives the much needed boost to the club. Banri and Mitsuo talk and made up. Mitsuo was really worried of losing sight of him but found him. He will continue to watch him so he won’t disappear (that context itself sounds creepy) and will always be waiting for him. As the festival proceeds smoothly, seems Banri has accepted his fate of losing his current self. What matters to him now is that he is alive in the present. After the festival, he reverted to his old self and lost all memories since the accident.

Episode 24
Banri has gone home for good. Mitsuo gives Kouko the broken mirror from Banri that probably fell out while he packed. It made her weep uncontrollably. Now that the old Banri is back, he doesn’t have a single memory of the time he spent in Tokyo. Not even the notes helped. Nothing. The ring accidentally dropped from his pocket and off the bridge. He checks his email to find lots of spam. But mostly they are from Kouko to ask if he remembers. Those ‘romantic’ words did creep him out. He doesn’t want to think too much about her since she dumped him, right? Al least that’s what the notes said. Oddly, there are replies from him which he never made so he thought somebody was using his name to make the replies so he replies back not to do so. Strangely enough, a reply comes back saying he won’t stop! Creepy! I hope it’s not his ghost mailing him from the other side! Banri and Linda’s relationship continues to be the same. He still loves her but Linda has not given him an answer probably to maintain this balance. One day, Kouko pops up at Banri’s home to return his DVDs. Banri thinks she is Chinami. Kouko doesn’t mind playing along with this since she is glad to see he is okay. He hands her back the mirror, thinking it is hers. She asks for directions to that ‘famous’ bridge and leaves. Banri felt something odd about the mirror and goes back to check his stuff. There is another set lying in the box but it is not broken. He realizes this is not his. Then memories of Kouko flashes through his mind. Then he rushes out to find Kouko. Did his memories return? Well, he was running so fast and clumsily that Linda had to throw him proper sneakers to wear.

When he reaches the bridge, it’s like he entered some alternate dimension of his mind. He confronts his other self. I don’t know who is who anymore. Which Banri is which. Is this the old Banri or the new version? I’m so confused? Anyway, one of the Banri is lashing to the other about being impatient and not noticing, the reason he gave up on everything and decided to stay hidden. Suddenly Linda comes running to hug this complaining Banri. Her answer to him is yes. Yes, she loves him. It is a yes to everything about him. Even his relationship with Kouko is a yes. It’s like as though peace has been made. Waiting after all this time has been worthwhile. He gives the other Banri the dropped ring and says goodbye. So when Banri returns to reality, he calls out to Kouko’s name and hugs her. Kouko is happy he didn’t forget her and they make a new promise to be together for the rest of their lives. Kouko asserts she won’t leave him and most importantly loves him. What is Banri’s reaction after her kiss? He laughs! Oh yeah. Everything that has happened seemed like a big joke now, no? And so they made up, blah, blah, blah and since there are lots of things that happened during his absence, she can tell him all about it back at his home. She accepts the ring he gives her. As later revealed, 2D-kun was the one who sent those emails acting as Banri. While he was helping him move out, he caught glimpse of the important notes that contained the user name and password of his email. Kouko learnt about this and didn’t like it so they got into an argument. But 2D-kun’s rational is that he once abandoned Banri during that cult night and won’t give up on him this time. Kouko too must have felt the same way so why isn’t she going crazy like her usual self? That got her going. All the friends continue to be together. Linda doesn’t spite Mitsuo so much and more importantly, Banri and Kouko together. Ah, golden time indeed.

Remember The Time
From the looks of the good happy ending, it seems Banri’s old self won’t be returning or bothering his current self again. Happily gone over to the other side? Made peace with himself? So all he needed was just an answer from Linda? Seems simple enough to make us go if she had gave her answer from the beginning, everything would have been somewhat solved. So theoretically if Linda never gave that yes answer, he’ll forever be going back and forth with this hell. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if he had not taken those anti-anxiety medications. Because logically, the side effects may have caused him to hallucinate and lose his memories. You know, adding more chemicals into your system is like putting in more toxins.

For an anime that is supposed to be romantic comedy in nature, it was a little surprised that they added his spirit and made it a little supernatural. At first I thought this was just a joke or a figment of his imagination but when it gets apparent that the ghost of himself was real, it just feels weird. At one point it got me thinking about it and I almost scared myself. What is worse than having a ghost watching over you? Having a ghost of yourself watching over you! Yikes! I hope there’s none for me as I type this. I hope. I didn’t lose any memories, didn’t I? Although I have a bad memory and can’t remember many things so this doesn’t count, right? Right?! I suppose this aspect of the supernatural element makes it a little different from other romantic comedy animes that some would resort to fanservice of panties flashing and the likes. Thankfully this show doesn’t have any of those or else it would have felt cheap.

Banri comes across as a normal ordinary guy, the kind of protagonist that majority of everybody would draw up for any kind of romantic comedy genre. He doesn’t have anything outstanding or notable except for the fact that he has this memory relapse thingy. And so it gives rise to some sort of twisted love triangle because his old self still loves the old girl while his new self has already fallen for the fashionable high class lady. Sometimes seeing Banri losing his memories is just awfully painful (of the sympathetic kind). When this problem crops up too often in the later episodes, it’s like as though his past self has taken a trip to the future as he suddenly finds himself with unfamiliar surroundings. Then it takes some time or some sort of trigger for his ‘new’ memories to come back. It’s like somebody up there is screwing with his mind and having fun seeing him make such reactions. Yeah, his grimacing in anguish was really heart-breaking. Thankfully with his good friends around and their perseverance, Banri has gotten all the support he needs to be where he is now. I understand that initially he didn’t want to tell this problem to his friends out of fear that he would be ridiculed. But looks like it got worse off since eventually he himself can’t remember. So… Silence is not always golden.

On a trivial note, I guess with Banri’s memories problems, I suppose he can get away with not remembering birthdays and anniversary dates! Haha! But would he even be forgiven if he forgot the woman he married? I don’t even want to think about it. But having such memory loss seems like a great idea and excuse if your wife comes nagging with a long face if you have forgotten some sort of important date that you should always remember. And no, it is not the date of the next important football match. Somehow after watching this show, Banri’s failed memories made me want to sing Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time… Do you remember the time/ When we fell in love/ Do you remember the time/ When we first met girl…

Kouko is the best girl of the series. At first she gives off this stalker feeling when she is constantly bugging to be with Mitsuo. She is so good in stalking him that she can even tell apart his things by just a glance. She isn’t easily broken down and is always doing things her way until much later when she falls in love with Banri and that near fatal car accident that made her wake up a little. There are times where she shows her weak and feminine side, indicating that she isn’t always the perfect girl. Perhaps Kouko’s approach in being persistent was wrong. Being persistent is good but too much of it makes her like a stalker. Was it the reason Mitsuo wanted to get away from her? I can imagine if she became his nagging wife if he never breaks free from it. Her perfect life. His nightmare. If this wasn’t a RomCom and Kouko persistently continued pursuing Mitsuo, she might have become yandere potential! But one man’s poison is another man’s meat. Mitsuo’s reject becomes the desire for Banri. It was with mixed feelings that for someone who always had Mitsuo on her mind to suddenly shift her attention to Banri. Of course, this is what the direction of this show is. Heck, Banri gives her proper attention better than Mitsuo so I guess there’s a time to give up. And so Kouko learns in this painful lesson of life and love that nothing really goes according to what you plan. Sometimes it’s good to make some modifications or take an entirely new path. Who knows what you’ll find? And look what good it did to her? I believe that Kouko is happier now with Banri as opposed if she was stuck onto Mitsuo.

Kouko is a funny girl. Many of the funny moments in this series are stem from her especially when her emotions start to fluctuate. She’s funny in her dominating haughty personality, she is funny when she throws a tantrum and she sure is funny when she is freaking out. Her most unforgettable and funniest moment? EXORCIST! That was a classic! It’s amazing how a human’s body can contort in ways you thought it was impossible. But not funny when she is crying or being sad. Watching her in that was just painful and heart-breaking.

Other supporting characters do well but lack the attention and focus that the series mainly gives to Banri and Kouko. Most of the character development and progression is on them although overall the development of the characters is satisfactory and adequate. A little side budding romance between Mitsuo, Linda and Chinami but nothing too deep or anything concrete. It is after all, a Banri-Kouko series and ending. Although I find it strange that Mitsuo who has always been charmed by Chinami to suddenly shift his focus to Linda. Maybe that rejection hit him hard so he didn’t want to pursue it anymore and quickly found a new one. Banri and Kouko’s friends do a fine job in supporting each other and especially the duo. Good friends and good pals always stay together, right? Linda probably has played the most important support role for Banri. She’s always there for him whenever he is lost or loses himself. Even 2D-kun in the end did something for Banri to bring him back so he isn’t that all just a useless member of the group. Nana is the coolest character of the series because she doesn’t give a damn and is always in her own pace. She won’t be dominated and if she doesn’t like it (even though she doesn’t understand it), she gives you a whack and tells you to solve it or get over with it. Nobody goes against her because if you do, she’ll give you that ‘what-the-hell-did-you-say’ vicious look and you’d be turning your tail and decision in a split second. I later found out that she isn’t really a character from that Nana anime series but a person who just dresses up like that anime character. Like paying homage or something.

The art and drawing are quite good too seeing this anime was produced by J.C. Staff, an anime production company that has been around for a long time and responsible for producing many good animes in this romance genre like Ano Natsu De Matteru, Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo and Kaichou Wa Maid-sama. So here is another feather they can add to their cap. On a trivial note, most of the mid-intermissions feature Kouko in a different outfit and supposedly the dress of the episode. Perhaps this is what Kouko would be if she pursued to be a fashion designer instead of being a lawyer. The way she dresses to college makes her look like a fashionable girl instead of an advocate or barrister wannabe. Heck, I don’t feel that the lessons they attend in this college amounted to study anything law (aside lectures in college, what we mostly see is the festival club) so it never crossed my mind that they are actually law students and just ordinary college students until I think about it. Other mid-intermissions would feature other girls and sometimes the mirror. Eh? What?

So one of the important lessons is that when you are hesitating about loving someone or replying to someone’s love, as seen here it is best to go for it or you will forever lose that chance. See how Linda liked Banri but couldn’t say it. Then she almost lost him physically and lost out to Kouko. No matter how much it pains her that she wants to redo it, she has to bite the bullet and move on. It is pretty much similar for Chinami’s case too. She didn’t take Mitsuo’s confession seriously at first. And then when it is revealed that she really likes him, she started to have regrets. Now that he has his eyes on Linda, can’t do anything about it, can’t she? That’s why whenever such opportunity arises, be sure to take the plunge. The risk and pain of rejection is always there but it is better than regretting it later on for not doing so and no use pondering that what ifs.

Yui Horie as Kouko suits her character very much. I guess when you have over a decade of voice acting under your belt, you tend to be a professional in what you do. So voicing a sweet and lovely girl in my opinion is what suits her voice best. Sometimes I have a feeling that this show pays some sort of tribute to her because there are a handful of scenes that her Miss Monochrome character (a character that she personally created and designed) appears as cameo in some scenes. It is not obvious but you do have to keep your eyes peeled. The most surprising voice acting casting goes to Satomi Satou as Nana. I could never imagine her playing such a badass role after hearing her voice usually for sweet innocent/soft-spoken girls like Chitanda in Hyouka and Wendy in Fairy Tail. The most I ever heard her was cheeky ones like Ritsu in K-ON! So hearing her as Nana was something that blew my mind away. Other voice acting casts include Makoto Furukawa as Banri (Smoking Thunder in Log Horizon), Ai Kayano as Linda (Inori in Guilty Crown), Kaito Ishikawa as Mitsuo (Ledo in Suisei No Gargantia), Ibuki Kido as Chinami (Natsuki in Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku) and Takahiro Hikami as 2D-kun (Makoto Sakurai in Nichijou). I have a feeling that Sao-chan and Shi-chan are named after their seiyuus, Saori Goto (Bara Suishou in Rozen Maiden Traumend) and Shizuka Itou (Suzuna in Inu To Hasami Wo Tsukaiyou) respectively.

It would be such a waste to have a talented singer like Yui Horie voicing the main role but not let her sing any of the anime’s themes. In fact, she sings all the opening and ending themes! That’s good, right? She is just as much a good and experienced singer as well as a voice actress. But after hearing them, it gives off that one-kind feeling because you know, too much Yui Horie and her typical singing voice that is more of less sounding the same. The first opening theme (which is the same name of this series) is most probably my favourite and personally the best one of this series. Yui Horie in her trademark sweet and natural voice sings this anime pop in quite a lovely fashion. The first ending theme, Sweet and Sweet Cherry isn’t all too bad either but it’s a slightly slower pace than Golden Time. It is the same fluffy feeling of Yui Horie goodness in the second ending theme, Haneikyuu-teki Ni Aishite Yo. The second opening theme, The World’s End is probably (it is) the oddest one. Starting off like a solo tune from an orgel, it slowly descends into some heavy loud orchestra strings. Actually calling it music is somewhat inaccurate. Noise sounds more appropriate. The background music was loud and cacophony enough that it drowned out the singer’s voice. Even if you could hear her voice, it sounds like a big mismatch. Something feels like she’s rushing the notes and not in tune with the music. I guess when you have an apocalyptic song title, the harmony needs to match it as well. In fact, all of the themes’ lyrics are about Kouko’s feelings and insecurities about love.

Overall, this anime has an excellent has amazing romance, and drama to keep you in for the 2 dozen episodes. It has his fair share of giving us a roller coaster ride of emotions from funny comedic moments and heart-breaking break-ups to bitter rejection and jealousy. The plot overall may look like a simple love story and the little supernatural element may have cause some to feel awkward. A ghost of your past coming back to haunt you which is no other person but yourself? Might as well make the other self the another you from a different parallel dimension. But the human mind and feelings can be very complicated so let’s not go there. As seen here, love can ultimately change everyone and everything. For better or worse that depends. So give this anime a try and have a golden time watching-cum-experiencing it.

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