Despite how the name of this anime title sounds, Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun isn’t exactly a grim and sombre kind of genre. Well, the term ‘goshuushou-sama’ means condolences in Japanese and one might think that this series may be some sad tear-jerking drama. I assure you that it is anything like that. Far far from that.
Rather, this 12 episode series is more of a romance comedy and judging by the looks of it, this series is another one of those harem animes. So probably the condolences here goes to that pitiful poor male protagonist who has to cater to the many lovely girls around him. Yeah, at first impression he seems to have got it real tough alright. So is it better off being a lonely loser?
Anyway, as we see in episode 1, this main lead guy, Shungo Ninomiya, is no ordinary high school student. No, not that he posses some cool super powers but unlike most kids his age, he has some sort of military training (just like Sagara of Full Metal Panic) which enables him to effectively get out of sticky situations when needed. Like exceptional close combat quarters and even high and far jumping skills. Because so, I think that’s why the other students of the school loves ‘testing’ him. It’s like a battlefield every day. I mean, girls would tie him up and seduce him because they love seeing his troubled face. Guys would throw more physical and seemingly heavy mass objects at him just because they enjoy seeing his troubled face. What’s wrong with this people? Have they got nothing better to do? Amazingly, Shungo doesn’t get mad or fights back. He just dodges all the attacks.
Shungo’s troubles are going to get much worse when 1 day while evading his usual tormentors, a helicopter suddenly drops a girl named Mayu Tsukimura right on top of him. You could say she fell on him. Crashed on his face, rather. Of course at that height, landing on a human being would either kill him or knock him out. Since Shungo isn’t an ordinary kid, you know which of the 2 categories he falls into, right? Okay, a short flashback while he was young, about some childhood friend, about some promise. You get the idea. But he soon snaps back right out of it to see Mayu sleeping right next to him in the infirmary. So perhaps he’s trying to control his pervertness real hard and not do anything hentai to this busty babe but I suppose just like ordinary boys, he can’t resist to touch her. Before he could, Mayu wakes up and pleads not to touch her. However, it’s too late. To Mayu’s surprise, nothing happened. Then in a dramatic fashion, a guy named Mikihiko, who is Mayu’s older brother, appears from the window and Shungo gets a call from his sister, Ryoko. One thing which made me go WTF was that Ryoko is able to call Shungo while fighting a war in a foreign land. A female James Bond? Yeah, WTF?! Can he hear with all that noise? To cut things short, Ryoko has entrusted Mayu into Shungo’s responsibility. No 2 ways about it. He has too or else he’ll receive something more dreadful from his sister.
To make things even worse, the guys of the school starts entering the infirmary and it seems Mayu has some sort of an effect on them. Uh huh. It made them perverted. They want to touch her and feel her and hold her. Of course this isn’t something Mayu wants and ironically, Mayu has androphobia, that is, fear of men. So how can a girl who’s afraid of men exude so much sex appeal? Probably it’s because of that very same reason. Unlike Shungo, when the guys in trance touched Mayu, they are knocked out. Since Ninomiya is immune to it, he grabs Mayu and makes a dash for it. Those guys are like dead zombies. Shungo takes Mayu back to his mansion where they are safe for the time being. Inside, after introducing themselves, Mayu decides to make things up for the trouble she has caused by doing household chores but flops because she’s a klutz. Then when Mayu slips, Shungo somehow got the urge to kiss her. Fortunately, that didn’t happen because Ryoko and Mikihiko returned and interrupted them. So we hear an explanation about Mayu being a succubus. A kind of creature which depends on the life force of the opposite sex. So when the opposite gender touches or kisses the succubus, the victim will faint due to exhaustion of his/her life force being drained out. Sometimes it can be fatal if it amounts to a kiss. Shungo nearly got that. But somehow he’s immune to Mayu’s touch and I guess that’s why they want to entrust Mayu to him. Not only that, Ryoko and Mikihiko wants Shungo to help Mayu cure her androphobia. That’s going to be a lot of trouble.
Shungo goes to talk with Mayu after the latter finishes taking a bath but you know how klutzy and clumsy Mayu is, tripping and slipping so much so Shungo has an eyeful of her you know what. But it doesn’t end there. Ryoko and Mikihiko are even recording it on their video cam! Sickos! I wonder how many hits it will have on YouTube. So that night to start things off, the conniving elder siblings decide to make Shungo and Mayu sleep together. Meanwhile, the school’s student council president Reika Houjou seems to be preparing for tomorrow’s event. Reika is your typical rich heiress to some big corporation which has hands in nearly sector of the economy. Even if this young influential gal closes business deals with prominent figures around the world, she’s still a girl at heart because she harbours a deep secret crush on Shungo. Ah well, nobody’s perfect. So I guess that’s her main reason why she’d attend such normal high school. Plus, she has an ever-smiling always calm assistant named Mitsuru Hosaka, who usually has comments or says things he shouldn’t have, resulting in Reika giving him a good whack.
So in most episodes you’re going to notice some sort of this trend. Lots of ecchi fanservice. Shungo and Mayu gets into one of those sticky situations. Those situations usually turn out to be Ryoko or Mikihiko’s doing. And they have the whole thing recorded down on their little handycam. More fanservice. Shungo has to go along with Ryoko’s plans or else he’ll be sent to do some harsh training which even makes the devil cry. Some fanservice. Reika jealously watching from afar with a binoculars about how close Shungo and Mayu are. Hosaka says something he shouldn’t. Gets pounded. Fanservice. Flashbacks. Oh, I need to mention something about flashbacks. In each episode you’ll get to see snippets of flashbacks of Shungo’s past (another character who doesn’t remember his childhood life much) and they’ll be playing that solo flute background music. It was okay at first, but this signature music soon got on my nerves. It’s like everytime there’s a flashback, I’ll be going "Oh no, it’s that irritating BGM again…". Some of the flashbacks are pretty repetitive and because they’re not shown at 1 go, I don’t really get them and I think the producers may have jumbled up its timeline. And finally, more fanservice.
Episode 2 sees Shungo having a hard time sleeping because he’s trying not to get his lips locked with Mayu and nearly had one. Because of that, he doesn’t have much sleep as the next day he has to go to school with Mayu as the new transfer student. On the way, the duo meets Reika and Hosaka. You’ll know that Reika won’t take a liking for Mayu because the naive latter unknowingly teased her by saying how her name sounds like an unsaleable girl’s manga. Among other things. During swimming class, Shungo as usual is being pinned down by the other girls, the guys themselves are surrounding Mayu like wolves. So once again Shungo has to spring into action and save Mayu from their perverted clutches but the fence that Mayu’s leaning on fell through. The duo finds themselves in the infirmary and Mayu is on top of him this time. A surprise is in store for Shungo. No, Mayu is not ‘doing it’ with him but Ryoko has become the school’s infirmary nurse. Couldn’t stop tormenting her brother, can’t she? While Reika spies on Shungo and Mayu, Mikihiko appears and throws a challenge to her for Shungo. In a way, you could say she accepts it. At Shungo’s place, Ryoko and Mikihiko set up weird competitions for Mayu and Reika. Like cosplaying. Okay… in terms of boobs size, Reika definitely lost. Though in the end, Mayu wins, Reika is still not satisfied so Ryoko suggests that she spend time alone with him as the rest leaves. If she successfully flirt with him, Reika wins. Shungo must be dead tired and sleeping on the couch. Since Reika has never been this close to Shungo before, Reika’s heart is beating fast and is hesitantly using this competition as an excuse to undress. As Reika tries to kiss him, Shungo is moving in his sleep and did some awful submissions on her. As penalty for her loss, Reika is forced to become their live-in maid. She has to because of that blackmail video cam… Though as a consolation, Reika gets to be close to Shungo. Ryoko seems to like teasing Reika by doing some ecchi molestation on her. Yeah, it does ‘paralyze’ her.
So in episode 3, Reika starts her chores as Shungo’s maid. Ironic for a girl her status to do such things. Reika seems to get mad whenever she sees Mayu and Shungo together. And sometimes at very suggestive or misleading positions. I guess it’s in her right to install herself as the moral police and stop those 2 from doing whatever unethical stuff at home. At school, a classmate of theirs, Irori Okushirou, seems to call Shungo to discuss for their upcoming school festival while another classmate, Hinako Ayakawa notices how Mayu defended Shungo. I don’t understand the rationale of Irori just calling Shungo all the way out just to give him a piece of paper. Perhaps another secret crush for Shungo? But she seems more enigmatic daring rather than shy. Because of this short distraction, Mikihiko tells Shungo that if anything happens to her dear sister, he’ll have to bear some unfortunate consequences. Shungo hurriedly tries to find Mayu. It seems Hinako is taking Mayu out for shopping at town. Meanwhile, Reika has her plans to break up Mayu and Shungo in motion. We see that the shops that Mayu and Hinako enters, the macho men are disgustingly disguised and dressed as females! From playboy bunny suits to karaoke waitresses. Reminds me like that Inukami’s case. Ugh! Everytime the girls scream, Shungo manages to enter the shop and gets himself tangled in whatever sick ideas those macho men has, enabling the duo to escape to the next shop. It goes on and on and on. How many girly macho men are there?! Reika is surprised that Shungo is always there to foil her plans. At the end of the day, it seems Hinako and Mayu became good friends as the former isn’t suspicious of her anymore. As we find out those macho men are Reika’s subordinates, Reika herself wonders why would Shungo go to great lengths for Mayu. He himself doesn’t have the answer. The next day in class, Hinako gives Mayu a present but to her horror, it’s some yaoi magazine! At the same time, their homeroom teacher is conducting a spot check and Mayu is reluctant to show its contents and tries to run away. Only thing is, she slipped and the contents are soon revealed.
The start of episode 4 sees Mayu doing her own doujin work but got rejected when Hinako sees how terrible it was. Back at Shungo’s mansion, Reika is eavesdropping that Shungo and Mayu may be doing something perverted to each other. When she busts in, she finds out that they’re just playing Twister under the watchful camera of Ryoko and Mikihiko. Though Reika tells them off, Ryoko gets naughty with her… Later Reika is left to sulk about Shungo and Mayu’s relationship when she unknowingly made some decisions which causes the Japanese economy to nearly fall into chaos and panic. Dangerous. Reika once again finds Shungo sleeping alone but before she could land another kiss, Ryoko and Mikihiko whisks that hapless kid away to some training. Being left alone, Mayu decides to help out Reika by being a maid as well. Unfortunately, her help brings more trouble than before even if Reika repeatedly tells her not to lift a finger. If you’re wondering what kind of training Shungo is undergoing, viewers will have a glimpse of how he has to tackle a butcher, a carpenter and a journalist. Only thing is, those trio look more like blood thirsty masked psychotic killers like the ones you see in American horror movies. Is this what this poor kid has to go through every day? As Reika continues to clean up Mayu’s mess after mess, they accidentally stumble and fell into a secret door. The duo tries to make their way out of the dark passageway and comes to a place trapped with sensors. See, having big boobs have its down points. Anyway this triggered some life threatening obstacles, which the girls managed to dodge with the skin of their teeth. The duo finally arrives at an abandoned storeroom and finds lots of stuff belonging to Shungo when he was younger. Another round of flashback as we find out Mayu once liked a boy back then (looks like Shungo) but she can’t remember him because of some illness. Mayu then spot a little box and touches it, not heeding Reika’s warning. The room starts to rumble and they’re thrown into the bath area. It makes you wonder what on Earth those booby-traps are laid for in the first place. Anyway Ryoko comes home and is pissed to see them fooling around and decides to punish them both. I think this sister is a sadist.
Episode 5 sees the gang head to a southern island for vacation and some fun in the sun. More excuse to see the girls in their swimsuits. As usual, Reika is filled with jealousy while watching Shungo and Mayu’s getting-closer relationship from a distance. Hosaka comes up a plan for her. Mayu asks Shungo to put some lotion on her back when an embarrassed Reika in a skimpy swimsuit asks him to come with her. She too wants him to put some lotion on her back but it didn’t go too well so Reika ran away. At the same time, a female officer seems to be commanding a ship towards the island. That night, Shungo finds Ryoko and Mikihiko have left the island to attend some ‘business’ (fighting some foreign war I presume?) and that they have left a radio transmitter to contact her if should anything arises. Seeing that Reika is not around for dinner, Shungo decides to go find her. Reika is wandering on the island herself and hears an inner voice questioning her true intentions. Reika is worried that Shungo may not be able to keep his promise. By the time Shungo finds her, Reika is a little injured so he decides to give her a lift back to the hut. However, when Reika starts talking, Shungo has a feeling that this isn’t the real Reika he knows. Why, this one sounds darker and creepier. Shungo wonders if Reika is a succubus like Mayu too. Reika tries to force Shungo to kiss her but before she can do it, she passes out. Because of that, Shungo is indecisive on whether to kiss Reika to resurrect her. By that time, Mayu too has gone off searching for Shungo and spots him kissing Reika in his arms. Mayu is horrified. But before anything else could happen, an army of SWAT team arrives and surround Shungo and Reika while capturing Mayu at the same time.
Episode 6 continues where the previous left off. The trio are being tied and put into a room of the inn. Shungo wonders if this is part of his sister’s job while Reika thinks the Houjou Corporation has a hand in it. And Mayu can only think of that last night’s Shungo-Reika encounter. While we see a white haired lady, Shinobu Kirishima (looks like a simpler version of Aono from Sola), sunbathing on a beach, commanding an army officer to continue their plan, Hosaka comes by and swiftly deals with the guards guarding the room to release the trio. As they search for an exit, Mayu opens a door which is booby-trapped. Luckily it missed her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so for Hosaka as the next door he opens, a gunshot is heard and Hosaka drops dead to the floor in face down his pool of blood. The trio are shocked but reinforcements arrive. Shungo has no choice but to take the girls and escape, despite Reika’s will to avenge Hosaka’s death. After they left, we see Shinobu appearing and telling Hosaka ‘how long is he going to lie there’. Shungo manages to take the girls to safety at some cave and decides to settle this himself. He knocks out Reika and tells Mayu to take care of her, before heading back. On the way, he easily disposes of the army until he meets some masked woman in tights. He lost. As Shungo regains consciousness, he finds himself tied to the chair as Shinobu and a few other soldiers beat him up. Another flashback of how this situation was similar back when he was young. Meanwhile Reika too has come to and learns of the situation. She and Mayu decides to go help Shungo. The funny part is that Reika knows the forest is filled with traps so she sent Mayu as a guinea pig by walking through it. Being the klutz she is, she triggered every darn trap! Amazing. Even when an enemy soldier (whose kid was one of those cross-dressing macho men a few episodes back) tries to help her, Mayu’s jinx seems to make him fall for the trap. And all those soldiers she encounters meet the same fate! She’s really a monster! A devil! Even Reika can’t believe it.
Anyway, all this is just a decoy as Reika gets ready to infiltrate the inn. Also, Reika has a flashback about her and Shungo when they were young. It seems that they’re quite close and even made a promise and a kiss. Back in present time, Reika manages to reach Shungo and free him but as the duo escape that mysterious masked woman appears and knocks Reika out. Shungo engages in hand to hand combat with her. Shungo manages to break her mask, which is revealed to be Ryoko! Oh, I should’ve guessed that this was all her plot all along. And Mikihiko is hidden in some plant recording it all as usual. Shungo has got some patient nerves not to blow his top after all he has gone through. Back at Shungo’s mansion, they are being explained that all this was being planned to access and see whether Shungo is the right man for Reika. So what are Shinobu’s thoughts after seeing it all? Well, this long serving servant of the Houjou family still isn’t too fond of Shungo nor trusts him and would not hesitate to stick her sword at his throat while waiting for orders from Reika to finish him off. Yup, looks like Shinobu has become their maid alongside Reika to safeguard the latter. And yes, Reika gives Hosaka a good pounding once she finds out this elaborated set up and that he is well alive and kicking.
Back to school in episode 7. While Shungo ponders about the events that has recently happened, especially Reika’s other personality, Mayu still can’t help but think about that Shungo-Reika kissing incident. But Mayu gets another shock when she sees Irori trying to get closer to Shungo. Mayu’s attempt to get closer with Shungo fails when Irori swoops him up first. I guess Shungo has no reason not to oblige her. Mayu comforts a depressed Mayu as a guy named Tasuku (judging from Hinako’s earlier talk, he may be Irori’s brother), watches and snickers from a distance. After Hinako leaves, Mayu feels light-headed and collapses but Tasuku manages to catch her. After school, Shungo finally gets to see Mayu but is surprised to see her with Tasuku. Before he can do anything, he is being whisked away by his buddies, Inoue and Yoshida to a room filled with other boys. He finds out that on their upcoming school trip, the guys are planning to sneak into the girl’s room and Shungo wonders why should he be part of their futile plan. It seems they’re keen on seeing Shungo do it with Mayu. After Shungo walks out of the room, he bumps into Tasuku who tells him that he’ll take Mayu as his, which causes Shungo to collapse (I don’t think it’s because of this shocking statement). Mayu rushes to Shungo’s side.
Back at his home, it seems Shungo has come down with a cold. Ryoko and Mikihiko has to leave to attend some business while Reika reluctantly has to go see some important client. This leaves Mayu and Shungo alone. We know why Reika doesn’t want this to happen. But as expected, Mayu’s klutzy-ness made the situation worse. This leads to Mayu to panic so much so she calls Hinako. Her advice is to cook something for Shungo but the meal turned out to be something pulled out from a hazardous toxic waste. Shungo has no choice but to eat it as not to break her heart. Too bad, I think his heart and stomach can’t take it, no matter how physically strong he is. Reika can’t concentrate on her meeting and decides to leave her client halfway when she gets a call on Shungo’s situation. Mayu continues to further panic and decides to inject a giant needle while cosplaying as a sexy nurse. It seems the injection has caused Shungo to hug Mayu against his will. When Mayu asks about that incident about kissing Reika, Shungo has already passed out. Later when everyone returns, they are surprised to find half-naked Shungo sleeping peacefully with Mayu. They think it’s part of his sick fantasy or something. Even Hinako, Inoue and Yoshida are there because since they’re worried of Mayu’s tone when she called. Reika must be real pissed off. I guess she won’t ever leave those 2 out of her sights again. Well, Shinobu, if you slit his throat now, there won’t be anymore purpose of continuing all this, wouldn’t it?
Episode 8 feels like a filler episode because for some unknown reason, Ryoko wants Shungo to make the best ramen for her. Yeah, don’t ask why. Just do it. So Shungo and Mayu Googled over the internet to see what are the best ingredients to make one. Funny part is that Shungo didn’t know that he got his arms rubbing Mayu’s boobs while he’s using the mouse to search the internet. Shungo goes on a journey to get the best ingredients while Mayu stays behind to watch the soup. Can Ryoko wait that long? Another funny part is that, all the farms that Shungo visit, has Mikihiko as the owner. Is it his twin or does he really own it all. The ingredients include searching for the finest grain (how long is he going to take? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack), defeating a monster boar to get some pork, and some wild giant seafood. Meanwhile, Hinako has come by to help Mayu with the broth. Because it’s getting hot (depends how you look at it), Hinako puts on an apron swimsuit and forces one on Mayu. Fanservice time. Similarly, Irori arrives at the mansion to tease Shungo but couldn’t find him. Since she stumbles upon Hinako and Mayu in that outfit and in a misleading position (yuri!), Hinako can’t let her go just like that and puts 1 on her too. The next ‘victim’ is Shinobu. As she’s wandering about in the house as her beloved Reika has gone for a business meeting, she accidentally enters the kitchen. By that time, the 3 girls have gone ‘crazy’ and forces that outfit on her. You could say due to the heat, the girls lost their senses. Mayu ambiguously talking and doing ero stuff with something while Shinobu like a sad drunkard blurting out her despair of not being able to be with Reika. At the same time, Shungo has returned and soon the gang continues making the ultimate ramen. In the end, their hard efforts are being wasted because they see Ryoko eating a noodle cup ramen, a new product from the Houjou Corporation (which was made and decided during Reika’s business meeting). Though Ryoko is satisfied, Reika continues to brag about it, making everyone pissed off. Later as everyone enjoys their ramen, Reika bleakly moans and is left to wonder why does she have to eat a noodle cup ramen in an apron swimsuit alone in her room.
The school trips starts in episode 9. Mayu watches from afar and is unable to do anything when Irori tries to invite Shungo to accompany her. Similarly, Tasuku wishes to spend time with her. Though Shungo spots this, Irori takes him away. As usual, a jealous Reika is spying on them. Looks like she has some sort of plan in store. Later on their way to the hotspring, Shungo and Mayu meet but are unable to convey what they want to say to each other. Inoue and Yoshida snatches Shungo right away. They force him to on a mission to take a peek at the girl’s bath which is situated high on a cliff (Hinako seems to shamelessly unwraps Mayu’s towel in front of the girls). For that moment, Inoue and Yoshida seems to have temporarily gained some superhuman strengths by dodging falling rocks and climbing faster than Spiderman with their so called will. Until the very last minute they flop and fell into the hotspring below. Shungo’s already halfway and he thinks it’s safer to climb up sideways away from the girl’s section. Unfortunately, he enters Reika’s personal hotspring and sees her naked upfront. Reika lets loose a blood curling scream as Shungo to falls down the cliff. I wonder why she didn’t beat him up later. Elsewhere, we see Tasuku’s flashback about how he was ‘humiliated’ by Shungo when he was younger and is planning to get his revenge.
After the bath, it seems the girls are really hoping for the boys to come sneak in their room during their discussion and even wonders if Shungo would come for Mayu. So the guys prepare to sneak into the girl’s room after a dramatic final meeting. Unfortunately, the teachers have set up traps everywhere and one by one, each of them are caught. I can’t believe there’s a room to with several screens to monitor the progress of the guys. Well, they failed miserably. They notice a guy (Tasuku) doing well to evade the patrol. Tasuku then calls Shungo and says that he’s going to do it to Mayu. Shungo decides to spring into action to stop him with the help of Inoue and Yoshida, who acted as decoys. Shungo notes that Tasuku isn’t an average human and finally meets him at the hallway. It seems Tasuku has possessed several girls to do his biddings to surround Shungo. Tasuku relates his humiliation but Shungo doesn’t remember, pissing him off. The electricity goes out and Shungo uses this chance to escape but is caught by Irori. She leans forward and gives him a kiss. During that period, Reika and Mayu are walking around when the lights come on again. To their horror, they along with Tasuku spot Shungo and Irori locking lips. After that being done, Irori coolly walks away, thanking Shungo for the ‘meal’ as he collapses. Mayu rushes to Shungo’s side as Mayu could only stand there and watch in horror. Oh great, another succubus. Probably why Irori is so keen on Shungo.
Because of that, in episode 10, Mayu remembers something similar happened to Shungo while they were young. It seems Shungo, Mayu and Reika were together back then. Back to present, nothing serious or life threatening happened to Shungo as he gradually recovers though he may feel a little dizzy on occasions. Tasuku and Irori bumps into each other and after a short chat, the latter approaches Shungo once more. Irori wants him to accompany her on this free day. I don’t know why he just can’t say no. Likewise, Tasuku also asks the same thing for Mayu. Mayu declines his offer and this time she has more confidence to approach Shungo and takes him away along with Reika. Speaking of which, that girl was spying from behind the bush and that shine off the binoculars was a dead give away. So as the trio had their fun filled day, Shinobu and Hosaka secretly follows them while Irori tells Tasuku not to cling on to the past. Later as Mayu and Reika are dressing up in traditional Japanese outfits, they’re being attacked by a group of ninjas (1 of them dressed as Snake from Metal Gear Solid). Instead of fighting back, they escape. When they could run no more and are being surrounded, it’s revealed that Tasuku is the one leading the attacks. He reminds Shungo about his past and the latter realized that Tasuku was 1 of the few bullies who beat him up back then. The attack continues and you really wonder if those ninjas are on par or not. Because even an unsuspecting Inoue, Yoshida and Hinako even comes in to join the fun as they thought Shungo had left them out of it. Everyone stops when Irori appears. Before Tasuku could say anything, she kisses him. Irori says that she has only loved Tasuku all the while. So WTF?! Why has she been baiting Shungo all the while? What was the meaning of her previous doings? Was it just to make Tasuku realize all this? Weird. What about the humiliation Tasuku was talking about? Is it losing to a girl? Besides, wouldn’t it amount to incest if 2 siblings were in love with each other? Anyway as the duo hug each other, Shungo’s pals are disappointed and thinks all this was just a setting up for the lovebirds. Ah well, at least this problem is solved. Reika goes home on her helicopter when her other dark self takes over. Shinobu wonders what is happening and before she knows it, Hosaka pushes her out! OMG! Something sinister is happening. Back at Shungo’s place, he finds the newspaper headlines labelling Ryoko and Mikihiko as terrorists. It seems like deja vu when a swarm of army invades the mansion to capture him. Then in Mayu’s room, we see a letter stating how she apologizes for everything and that this is goodbye.
In episode 11, the real Reika is having an inner battle but her darker side shuts her out. Shungo is tied up in a dark cell when Hosaka comes by and releases him. He takes Shungo to a little town where Shungo once lived. He enters a little apartment where he lived and encounters a dark Reika waiting for him. Shungo then has his memories flowing back and the flashback comes full circle. Ten years ago, he lived here along with Mayu and Reika while his parents and Ryoko was doing covert operations around the world. It seems Reika then had ran away from home and had stumbled upon this place. Reika was stunned by how a lone boy could do lots of things by himself and tried to help back in kind but just like rich spoiled brats who don’t lift a finger, couldn’t deliver the goods as well as him. Then Shungo was being beaten by Tasuku and his bullies when little Mayu comes by with a flying kick. How cute. Mayu seemed more energetic those days. As the trio lived happily together, Reika’s guardians come by to pick her up and they soon have to part. After Reika kissed him, she made him promise not to forget her. Shungo gives Reika his parents pendant as confirmation. Dark Reika notes that Mayu was the one responsible for Shungo’s memory loss. Soon Shungo passes out after Reika says he won’t hand him over to Mayu. It seems Reika has plans for Mayu and those doings at the end of the previous episode was part of her plan.
Shungo comes to and finds himself tied to a bed and Reika is in a very seductive nightgown! Yeow! She’s gently caressing him all over! I know lots of guys would like to trade places with him. But Hosaka has to interrupt them because of intruders. Uh huh. We see the Irori and Tasuku pair in some sort of 70’s colourful spy outfit rescuing Shungo after Reika and Hosaka leaves. Looks like they’re on his side. Since the pair are succubus, they tell Shungo that Mayu may soon die because she isn’t taking any life force to sustain herself. But the trio are being spotted by Reika who tells them that she will save Mayu in exchange that Shungo will pledge himself to her forever. If not for Shinobu’s appearance (that girl isn’t dead from that fall at that height?), Shungo might have caved in. Shinobu takes on Hosaka to allow the trio to escape. However Hosaka has the upper hand and disposes of her. Also, Ryoko and Mikihiko emerges to lend them a hand and to give those Houjou Corporation bastards a taste of what’s being labelled as terrorists. Mikihiko in a Harrier Jet? Irori and Tasuku stay back to help out as Shungo makes his lone escape. He come across his homeroom teacher driving her mini car along with Inoue, Yoshida and Hinako packed inside. I guess they’re pretty worried when Shungo and Mayu didn’t turn up at school. Anyway Shungo hitches a ride to where he thinks Mayu will be, Neverland Theme Park. True enough, Mayu is seen trudging with pain there and has arrived. Why here? Because during 1 of those flashbacks, Mayu did mention how she wanted to live in a castle so Reika suggests to go visit that theme park.
Episode 12 sees Shungo and gang arriving at the abandoned theme park. Mayu is wandering inside and is reminiscing about the past when Shungo finds her. They chat about how the theme park was closed down because of the ugly mascot and the nostalgic childhood they had when the trio were happy living together. Back then when Reika has returned with tickets to the theme park, Mayu collapses because of her succubus traits. Shungo thinking that a prince could revive a girl by kissing her, did so which led to Mayu being resurrected and himself collapsing. Because time is running out, in present time Shungo has no choice but to kiss Mayu but she stops him. She tells him the reason why he lost his memories was because of the kiss then which drained his life force and was nearly fatal. Reika then appears and confirms this. So back then when this happened, Reika was so shocked that her personality split into 2. Must be that traumatic. Because Shungo’s actions seems not to favour Reika’s, dark Reika is feeling pain in her heart after all that she had done. In her rage, she commands Hosaka to kill Shungo. He gladly obliges and won’t rescind that command. Meanwhile the real Reika is in some sort of dream world and encounters a child version of herself crying. Reika struggles to reconcile with her younger self but eventually manages to do so when she realized that this girl was the other self she created.
The real Reika returns and manages to save Shungo from a falling chandelier and instantly kisses him thereafter. It seems Shungo has taken quite a beating. Who would have thought this Hosaka guy could throw punches and kicks like a super kung fu master. Reika orders Hosaka to back down but he refuses and that ensuring his master’s happiness is the only thing he has in mind. Hosaka and Shungo continue to trade blows. As the duo are about to give each other the final blow, Mayu comes between them and uses her body to protect Shungo while absorbing Hosaka’s punch. This allows Shungo to land a good punch on Hosaka, thus defeating him. Mayu lies in Shungo’s arms and tells him to keep his promise with Reika before passing out. Shungo is desperate and is going to kiss Mayu when Reika interrupts to stop him. She tripped and accidentally fell on Mayu and lock lips with her. In an instant, Mayu opened her eyes and is shocked to see Reika on top of her. Well, she feels fine. The 2 girls had an argument and Mayu thinks Reika is a lesbian and did a horrible imitation of an evil laughter. Sounds so cute. Oh ho ho ho. So why is Mayu still alive? Ryoko and Mikihiko are watching them from the ferris wheel and comes up with a theory that Shungo’s life force may have been passed to Reika via the first kiss and then from Reika to Mayu. I don’t get it. If Reika’s not a succubus, how can she take or transfer life force? And even if that indirect kiss was from the opposite sex, shouldn’t Reika at least feel some life force being absorbed from her? But let’s just leave it there. Inoue and Yoshida manages to fix some electrical parts and lights up the entire theme park as everyone watches it in awe. Hosaka is leaving in pain when Shinobu comes to lend him a hand. Forgive and forget?
Things seem to return to normal for everyone and back at Shungo’s place, I wonder why Mayu is rubbing her boobs on Shungo’s back. Reika once again can’t stand the sight of this immoral activity and ticks them off. Shinobu does her usual entry and threatening which causes Reika to change her mind and let it go. Later as they’re walking to school, Mayu thinks of pecking Shungo on his cheek when Hinako calls him. As Shungo turns, it seems like they both kissed. Horror. Shungo passes out but luckily it isn’t life threatening either. So a little pandemonium ensued like Hinako squeezing and rubbing Mayu’s boobs, Ryoko doing her usual hentai molestation on Reika and the Irori-Tasuku pair being lovey-dovey in the midst of it all. It’s getting a little crowded and rowdy. Shungo comes to and Hosaka sends him his condolences: "Goshuushou-sama, Ninomiya-kun". Now we know why. He’s got his hands rather full, doesn’t he? But I guess he’s prepared to live with it as Mayu and Reika soon comes running to him.
In the end, I find this whole anime just average. Nothing that much spectacular. There isn’t anything more on this succubus thing and even though there is no cure for it as Mayu said at the end, she’d be happy as long as Shungo is around. And so the harem guy gets to live life with his ‘precious 2 girls’. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it made me feel that the other side characters are really just side characters. They don’t really leave an impression on the series and even so it’s just for a short while.
Though the drawing and art are to cater for bishie fans, there’s something about most of the characters which in my opinion makes them look less appealing. Perhaps it’s the way they draw the character’s eyes. Though this is quite standard in Japanese animes, I feel that their pupils are as big as their eyes which make the characters to have that ‘blind’ look. Furthermore, the character designs are quite simple and you may have trouble telling them apart if not of the different clothing accessories, hair colour and style.
At the start of each episode, except for the last episode, there will be short skits by several of the characters which doesn’t really influence the main storyline. For instance, Mayu getting tied up in a sexy suggestive pose when she got tangled up in some paper, Reika trying to fix her hair twirls, Reika trying to change the world’s mind that having smaller boobs is the in-thing, Mayu attempting to make her boobs smaller by wrapping them but they just ‘burst’ out, Shinobu doing all the household chores so that Reika doesn’t have too but the latter gets mad when she spots Mayu preparing dinner for Shungo, Hinako getting jealous of Mayu’s large boobs (yeah, even though she tried eating, it went somewhere else rather than to her boobs), and Mayu trying to tell Ryoko about the existence of aliens but the latter doesn’t believe her even though she went around the world taking shots of extra-terrestrial beings interacting with humans.
The voice acting is rather okay too and Reika’s seiyuu, Miyuki Sawashiro is still my favourite one because of the unique way she sounds. Besides, she was the voice behind Shinku of Rozen Maiden and when I first heard her lines, it did bring back memories of that series. She sounds exactly like that. Only add a more jealousy and prideful tone to it. Likewise, Mai Kadokawa does quite a fine job for a high pitched squeaky Mayu. You may recognize her as Mimi of Kodomo No Jikan and other not so squeaky voiced roles like Chika in Kyo No Go No Ni and Miru in Lemon Angel Project. Other seiyuus include Junji Majima as Shungo (Aoki from Kodomo No Jikan), Michiko Neya as Ryoko (Riza in Fullmetal Alchemist), Ken Narita as Mikihiko (Sesshoumaru in Inu Yasha), Kouki Miyata as Hosaka (Hanatarou in Bleach) and Saeko Chiba as Shinobu (Natsuki in Mai-HiME, Chika in Ichigo Mashimaro).
The opening theme song, Yubikiri is quite lively and upbeat as it reminds me of that race/chase song (darn! Can’t remember that name). Whereas the ending theme, Furefurepponpon! sounds like a cheerleading song. Both songs are sung as a duet by Mai Kadokawa and Miyuki Sawashiro. At first, I thought there wasn’t going to be a fixed ending theme (or even one) because the first 2 episodes show the end credits with continuing animation from the series. You can have your fill of fanservice of the girls doing some cheerleading moves and showing their love to Shungo. Nothing extreme, okay. The mid-intermission seems to show still pics of mainly Mayu and Reika in different poses and outfits, which I think are artworks from the manga itself. Besides, that background music during the mid-intermission sounds a little steamy and drowsy. Is that the sound of an accordion?
So if you want to watch this, just watch for the fanservice and some silly fun. Otherwise there are better harem and romance-comedy animes out there. Oh yes, if you buy the DVD version, there are more uncut and less censored scenes, which means more fanservice for ecchi lovers. Me, nah. I’ve had enough of my fill of this show already. I’m wondering though, what happens if 2 succubus kiss each other. Will they drain each other life force of resurrect each other? Or both. But we all know for sure that this sort of kiss won’t be the kind where the princess kisses a frog who will turn into a handsome prince or the handsome knight kisses the sleeping maiden to awake her from her curse. Love can sometimes be so tiring, literally.
Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun

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