January 21, 2006

ALERT! ALERT! GAY SHOW! GAY SHOW! That was what my perception is when I saw a few clips of Gravitation. I may be wrong, but hey, there’re some elements of homosexuality there right? *pukes*vomits*faints* First I thought that this guy, Shuichi, was a girl at first, but I wasn’t sure. Then I did a little research and I found out that he was a he all along. The story’s something like this. Shuichi an aspiring singer-songwriter one night was composing some lyrics when a gust of wind blew his composition into the hands of the handsome romance novelist, Eiri. After reading it, Eiri critisizes Shuichi’s work and says that he has no talent. How would anybody feel about this? Angry and mad of course. And that’s what Suichi felt and since then he wanted to confront Eiri of his rudeness. But at the same time Shuichi seem to have fallen in love at with him as well. So although there will be elements and factors that will try to break them up, somehow some mysterious gravitating force will bring them together (hence the title Gravitation. What a title). The part that bothered me most was the part where these 2 guys kissed! *pukes*vomits*faints* Yeah… they actually showed several scences where they locked lips! ALERT! WARNING! CODE RED! GAY SHOW! GAY FILM! GAY ANIME! Fans of the series may rebuff my statements. I know, it’s suppose to be that shonen ai romance type of anime and probably many girls would just swoon over the good looking blonde. Of course there’ll be comical moments and if you like animes that deals with relationships among characters then I guess this anime is okay to have a look at. But I still can’t believe they kissed each other! That image has been burned right to my brain! Ugh! Yucks! I think I’m gonna be sick…*still puking & vomiting*

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