Green Green Character DVD

September 10, 2010

What’s this? Another round of mindless surfing on the internet has me chance upon something that would never would have come across my mind even if I were to rewatch that series again. Yup, it’s Green Green and I was a little surprised that they had several specials in them. Oh heck, every anime that has its release on DVD or Blu-Ray definitely has extras and specials to go with it. So for this particular one, they call it Character DVD because well, it focuses on the main characters of the series. Of course, girls only. Heh…
For those who have watched the series that premiered way back in 2003, who can’t forget the mindless ecchi antics that comes with it. Remember the all-boys school, Kanenone, deep in the midst of the natural forest is getting its first co-ed experiment by having a few girls coming over? Remember the Baka Trio who are always up to perverted antics and drag poor Yusuke along and reaping what they sow? Oh yeah, sure brings back memories. So the specials here are divided into 2 sections. The first section has 3 videos each dedicating to a pair of girls in the series lasting about 9 minutes each. Expect some sexual innuendoes and tits baring sessions…
Character DVD 1 – Midori and Reika
What a way to start things off with Midori moaning to Reika that it just couldn’t fit in because it’s too big. Well it seems Reika was trying to help put on her yukata but due to Midori’s poor calculation on her measurements (not to mention her huge boobs), of course the dress couldn’t fit. What were we thinking? Midori thinks she’s getting ‘fat’ because she’s in love but Reika thinks otherwise. So it starts, a session of molesting each other boobs that turns into a wrestling match (fanservice cue!), bothering the other female guests. After tiring out, Midori has an idea. That is, to take a dip at the school’s pool. Since it’s late at night, she’s confident no one is around especially the boys. They float in the cool water while looking up at the stars. Probably they got drifted into their own world of fantasy so we viewers too have a nice view of them flying through space. Naked. They’re brought back down to Earth when Chigusa calls out to them. Seems she can’t sleep on this hot night and decides to cool off here. Soon the other girls come by and here sounds of the fireworks. In their yukatas (I couldn’t recognize some of them when they tied their hairstyle differently, they climb to the school’s rooftop and watch the fireworks display. They are glad that they came to this school and make cheers to everyone’s youth.
Character DVD 2 – Futaba and Chigusa
This has got to be the best sexual innuendo. Futaba enters Chigusa’s infirmary panting and then collapsing onto her. Behind the curtains we see silhouettes of them with Futaba sitting on the bed with her legs spread open and Chigusa telling her to relax and closing in on her lower region. She’s going to touch it. As she moves Futaba seems to be in pain and embarrassment. She wants her to stop but Chigusa knows she felt pretty good. With that finally over, Chigusa finishes wrapping a bandage over Futaba’s sprained ankle. HAHA! What were we thinking seriously?! Next, Futaba brings drunken Chigusa back to her room. Chigusa doesn’t want her to leave so she holds her back and embraces her on her bed. It got so steamy that Chigusa is going to kiss her. But Futaba can’t take it anymore and slams her against the closet. Chigusa comes to her senses so she’s quite embarrassed of what happened. Furthermore, she starts breaking down and tells Futaba about her problems. Something about her boyfriend broke up with her because he wanted her to choose between him and her job. Well, we know how it ended. Probably Futaba was too kind in lending her ear so much so she had to stay up all night listening to her. It’s already morning, you know… Next, Futaba and Chigusa take a hot bath together. Futaba seems disturbed by Chigusa’s huge boobs so she requests if she could touch them in hopes that some energy of her big boobs could be transferred to make hers bigger. What kind of logic is that? I didn’t know this tough girl had this kind of complex. Chigusa allows her but after she puts her palms on them, they trip. Chigusa tells she noticed breasts got big during middle school probably of doing push-ups and the gravity made them big. Next day, Chigusa spots Futaba doing push-ups. That desperate, eh? 764, 765, 766… Keep going girl. At this rate, they may even sag. Oops, sorry.
Character DVD 3 – Sanae and Wakaba
The duo are admiring the beautiful flowers blooming and dreams of its petals spinning like pinwheels. They then decide to water them. While doing so, they got playful and splash each other with water so much so their clothes become soaked. In the end, Wakaba pours the whole pale of water onto Sanae. Isn’t this too much to be doing to an ill girl? What the heck, they seem so happy. Next, Wakaba notices Sanae longing to wear a swimsuit. Because of her body condition, she isn’t allowed to join swimming class. Wakaba allows Sanae to try her swimsuit. When Sanae takes off her top, she felt itchy on her neck so Wakaba spots a pink spot and thinks she got stung by a bug at the flower garden. She proceeds to suck the poison via her mouth. Then she spots more bug stings on her chest. Actually it’s her tits you dummy! But for yuri fansevice sake, she starts sucking them both of them causing Sanae to feel sensations she has never felt before. Moving on to the lower region, she notices more bug bites so Wakaba continues to suck out poison… Let’s leave it to your imagination. Can’t she tell? Then the duo bath together at the hot bath. Still talking about sucking out poisons? Anyway they got too friendly while trying to clean each other so Futaba has to forcefully separate them from their wild play. Then they talk about their time in Kanenone is nearly up and hope to come again next year. Sanae promises she will be well enough to swim in the pool by next year.
Music Videos
The second section is just music videos that last about 3 minutes or so. There are 6 of them and each video dedicated to a girl of the series. Visually there is nothing spectacular or different in my opinion because they seem like footages from the TV series itself. More like a music montage. I’m not sure if there are extra never-seen-before scenes since I don’t remember much. Hey, I can’t be remembering every damn scene, can’t I? As for the music, they are mainly rock based with either NANA, Yozuca or Yuria doing the vocals and milktub as the composer.
Blue Blue…
There was even a 23 minute interview extra special that sees seiyuu Kana Ueda, who was the voice of Reika in the series, being handed the task of going around interviewing the other cast members of the series. Well, I wasn’t interested so I didn’t stick around to find out more on their opinions and thoughts. Maybe I’ve missed some important details or maybe I have saved myself from watching something that doesn’t interests me. Hey, now I remember that the specials here don’t feature that Arisa girl. I don’t know. As far as I remember, she was just a side character and not popular with the guys unlike the 6 of them here. Not even to the Baka Trio. Sidelined…
So you could say I have watched every entire recording that this series has got to offer. From the initial TV series to the very rushed and badly produced spin-off OVA to the very erotic and heavily censored (at least the version that I watched) 13th OVA episode called Erolutions. And now these specials. Too bad there isn’t any sequel since the story properly ended or even a remake. Imagine the riot the Baka Trio would bring if there ever was one. Those guys really need to undergo sex rehabilitation. While the specials do serve as nostalgia for the TV series, it was a good thing I didn’t turn into erotic idiots like them. Hmm… Probably it was the root of why I prefer anime genres along this line…

Green Green

Green Green OVA

April 1, 2007

The first thing that hit me when I watched Green Green OVA is the horrible drawing and art of the show. Yes, after watching the tv series, the drawing and art here seemed so unrefined, unpolished, unappealing, choppy, so much so that I felt that it was like a rush job when they made it.
Also because of the drawing, the characters too look weird and one kind. I mean, you can still recognize those characters if you have watched the tv series previously. But when you look at them here, it made me feel ‘disgusted’. Yeah, they’re downright ‘ugly’ in a way. I still prefer the original one 100 times more.
But this OVA isn’t a direct sequel of the tv series. In fact, it’s actually some sort of an alternate retelling of the story. Instead of the girls coming to Kanenone Gakuen, it’s the boys who’re gonna visit the all-girl’s school, Hananoka Gakuen, this time. And since there is only 1 episode of around 30 minutes, I also felt that this OVA isn’t as funny as the tv version, though there are still some ecchi and comedy elements, but a little more toned down.
The OVA starts of with some Hananoka Foundation Festival and the girls of the school are pretty much excited about tomorrow. That’s because tomorrow’s the day that the experimental transfer boys of Kanenone Gakuen will arrive. And they’re wondering what kind of guys they are. Oh, if you girls only knew… They’ll be studying beside the girls for 1 week. Is that enough time. Well, maybe that’s more than enough time, thinking about some of the boy’s nature, if you know what I mean.
The scene changes as we see Yuusuke walking around the festival when he saw a girl, Sanae, cowering a little because she got frigthened of that puppet dracula. Yuusuke asked if she’s alright. Sanae replied she’s just a little surprised and would be okay if she took her medication. Then, Midori comes by, her hands cupped with some water. But Midori tripped and spilled it. She apologized and asked Sanae to hold on a little longer as she intends of doing it all over again. This girl… But Yuusuke told her that he’ll carry her to the drinking fountain instead of Midori bringing it here. Now that makes a lot of sense and saves time.
Just when they left, Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi arrived and noticed some crow and talking something about it when they heard a girl’s scream. Then what’s this? That Arisa girl is part of the Public Morals Committee? I wouldn’t have guessed it. Plus, she looked serious than goofy. And I didn’t know Futaba and her little sister Wakaba are that close to her. Yeah, Wakaba’s still carrying that pet cactus of hers around. Anyway, they’re making their rounds inside the horror house. Arisa isn’t too fond of the horror house thing as she mentions about guys using the darkness as an opportunity to hug girls. Look who’s talking. Arisa’s so different here!
Just then a dracula monster springs up to scare them. Of course, only Wakaba is afraid. After some chiding from Arisa that there’s no such thing as ghosts, that dracula figure proceeds to grab and grob Arisa’s breasts! She then proceeded to rip of the dracula’s mask revealing… Bachi-Guu! Oh, he’s in real trouble.
Meanwhile, Yuusuke and Midori managed to get Sanae who’s now resting in the infirmary. The school nurse, Chigusa, thanks them for their efforts and brings them some tea as Yuusuke and Midori introduces themselves. Well, in this OVA, it seems that Midori doesn’t know who Yuusuke is and doesn’t seem to be that over genki person. Then Yuusuke spots outside the window that Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi being chased by an angry Arisa and her 2 assistants (Futaba and Wakaba lah) and Yuusuke then rushes out of the room.
Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi than spots their male comrades, Soccho, Tenjin, Dokugasu Kuyasu and a new guy that we’ve never seen in the tv series, Itsuki Kobayashi. They think those guys are gonna save them when Arisa shouted that they’ve touched her breast. Yup, Soccho is still that non-pervert justice guy as he proceeds to give his ‘affection’ to those 2 idiots, which is an uppercut to the chin. AIJOU!!! Yeah, affection alright. Those 2 were knocked out cold. I guess Yuusuke arrived too late.
So in class, we here that announcement over the PA system about the boys being here as an experimental thingy and such, so treat them nice bla bla bla. Hey, is smoking allowed in school? I mean, there’s a cigarette in Soccho’s mouth and he’s doing it in class! Oh well, maybe the teachers are afraid of his gangster looking face and decides to leave him alone. And it seems that Arisa and Futaba still haven’t forgiven Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi about that incident as they threaten them not to do it once more or else they’ll inform the teacher and them expelled. But why is Yuusuke sweating? It’s not his fault to begin with. Are they supposed to be under his care?
At the boy’s bunker, Itsuki and Yuusuke are so happy they get to sleep on dry beds instead of on the floors back at their own school. That bad, huh? Then Tenjin comes and the 2 asked him where Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi had gone. Yup, it seems that in this OVA, Tenjin isn’t part of The Baka Trio. So it’s The Baka Duo now. Tenjin told them that those 2 went out exploring. Yuusuke probably knew what they’re up to. So do I.
Yup, they’re doing something hentai like trying to peep on the girl’s panties while they’re playing tennis. And they’re so enjoying it. Hey! Back in the tv series, those guys never liked Arisa and would ‘vomit’ when they just caught a glimpse of her. But now, it seems they’re all over her. Yeah, maybe as long as she’s a girl. But an approaching tennis ball hit the fence which bounced onto their faces. Ouch. Arisa’s not too fond of it.
Back at the boys dorm, Midori and Sanae are thanking Yuusuke for what he has done earlier on and offers to show him around school. Then Tenjin spots Sanae and instantly fell in love with her and pesters Yuusuke to take him along on their trip as well. Meanwhile, Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi are peeping the girls doing gymnast. And their faces got hit by one of the gymnast tools when one of the girls spots them and threw it and them. Serves them right. I guess they’ll never learn. What’s this, Soccho impressing the girls with his brick breaking karate chop? Midori, who’s watching then asks Yuusuke if he has any special skills like judo. Tenjin then says that they have something like that when Midori whisks Yuusuke away to follow her somewhere.
Midori must have taken that judo thing seriously as I wonder how she managed to convince Yuusuke to get dress in that judo outfit as he takes on a female judo student. Because Yuusuke saw that girl’s ‘top part’, he got embarrassed and lost a little focus there which the girl then managed to overthrow him. Some words of encouragement from Midori. Even Midori thinks that he lost focus because he saw the girl’s breasts. Yuusuke of course denied but blushing. Midori than whispers "Ecchi". Well, you won’t see that from Midori in the tv series, right?
That night back at the boy’s dorm, Tenjin’s still swooning over Sanae. But looks like he’s serious. That’s because he’s mentioned to the other guys that he’ll kill them if they try to get his girl. Don’t mess with this oversize monkey. The boys then decided to take a bath together and Bachi-Guu has his usual fantasizing that the bath place has girls’ scent in the waters as he soak his face in the tub and saying how delicious it is retaining a mouthful of the tub’s water. But he spit it out when he found out the the guys are already in it. Yucks. By the way, I’m thinking that Itsuki may be a girl. Yeah, earlier on before the bath, Tenjin said something like they’ve never get into a bath with him. Meaning they’ve never seen him naked. But if he’s from the all-boys Kanenone Gakuen, then… I’m confused. Nah.
But it seems the next day, we see Itsuki being flanked by several girls asking him if he has a girlfriend and what type of girls he like. He says he likes the kind which that doesn’t talk a lot. And the girls were all saying how cool it is. *Eyes rolling*. Then we see Bachi-Guu doing some analysis over the other guys who have hit it with girls like Soccho, Tenjin and even Dokugasu! That zombie-faced guy even has girls around him! Unbelievable. And in the tv series all these guys were losers! What a turn around. Of course, Yuusuke told him that probably why he doesn’t have one was because of his own doing that day and more importantly asked him if he has apologized to Arisa.
Bachi-Guu then announces out loud in class to his ‘female comrades’ let’s wash away what happened back then and be friendly as he did a little jiggle. But Futaba and Arisa aren’t too fond of it, chides him and soon all the other girls starts calling him pervert and the likes. Midori then comes in and wishes good morning to the guys, one of them being Ijuin. The other girls are wondering is there a guy by that name. Are you too? Well, that’s Bachi-Guu’s real name, much to the girls surprise. Futaba thinks that a pervert like him doesn’t deserve a name. Before Futaba and Bachi-Guu can get into a brawl, Midori pleaded for them to get along but Arisa said that there’s no way that they would get along with such kind of guys. Midori then says that these such guys seems pretty nice to her. Then Ichibanboshi seems to be making his move on Futaba by saying that the earlier perverted act was just a joke and they’re really sorry for it as he’s gonna hug her. Of course, Futaba gave him a good kick. But I guess that pain must be worth it because Ichibanboshi managed to get a peek of Futaba’s panties when she lifted her leg.
Back at the boy’s dorm, it seems that Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi are going to sneak out to see Midori. Yeah, Bachi-Guu thinks that for a girl from a different class to come to their class to talk to them, she must have a crush… Yuusuke then blushes (perasan!). On Bachi-Guu himself! Lagi perasan! Yuusuke must be real shock. As for Ichibanboshi, he wants to make Futaba his. That kick must’ve got to his head. So the 2 are on their way. When Itsuki told Yuusuke that they’re nightcrawling, Yuusuke wanted to go after them but Itsuki says that there’ll be tight securities around the girl’s dorm.
And before you know it, the sirens are sounding and the usual patrol watchdogs barking with those spotlights trying to find the culprits. With the girls screaming perverts in the midst, we see Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi running away trying to hide from being detected. The next day, the girls are accusing Bachi-Guu, Ichibanboshi and Yuusuke (why is he there and where’s the rest of the guys?) with Chigusa being the mediator. Ichibanboshi wants them to show evidence of it. Futaba mentions the plaster on their faces. Yeah, those 2 blokes have multiple plaster on their faces. And they still want to implicate Yuusuke by saying that they’re in the dorm that time and all those and they claimed that they’re being framed. Some sad pathetic performance those 2 put up there.
The girls proceed to tell them that Midori’s lingerie got stolen last night, much to the guys’ surprise as they said they didn’t do such a thing because they never had time to do such a thing. *Smack*. I guess the girls are pretty much convinced that it’s them then as they’re gonna teach them a lesson. But Bachi-Guu then told them that they’ll have to catch the underwear thief to prove their innocence.
Later that night, the boys are on patrol. Hey, Dokugasu has some lines (although a short one) and he’s peeping girls from a treetop! Can that be considered as standing guard too? Meanwhile, Yuusuke gets paired up with Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi and some little complains here and there like how hot it is in the city at night. Bachi-Guu asked for a handkerchief but nobody seems to have one. Ichibanboshi then spots one (a panty actually!) on the ground and gives it to Bachi-Guu which he wipes his face with it! It must be too dark to see things. And they can still brag about finding the criminal and all the girls would be so sorry and swooning over them and such. Just then Yuusuke trips and the other 2 just teased him to be careful of traps and walks ahead. Then somebody threw a pebble at Yuusuke’s head. It’s Midori!
Yuusuke and Midori then have a little private chat and Midori even prepared some onigiris for him. She’s apologizing for all the trouble she has caused just because her lingerie went missing. But Yuusuke that it’s nothing as they’re trying to clear their name. Then Midori nicely asked Yuusuke to tell her that the real nightcrawler who took her lingerie was him and she promise to keep it a secret. Of course, Yuusuke would deny it as he didn’t stole her lingerie, disappointing Midori a little. Yuusuke then asked why is she being so nice to them but she replies she wasn’t exactly being kind to them when she decided to ask why Yuusuke covered up for her at the infirmary that day and didn’t tell Chigusa that she spilled water on his shirt but his sweat instead. Yuusuke said he didn’t know why either. Yeah, I didn’t notice it too.
When Yuusuke asked why she asked about that, Midori just blushed and stammers and says for no particular reason. Midori then lies back and stares at the sky and says she has never seen so many stars before. Yuusuke then told her that there are many more stars in the sky and that back in his school in the countryside, the air is cleaner and the stars shine brighter. Midori then mentions how she wanted to see more stars and asks if she could come to his place the next time, which Yuusuke says she’s welcome to do so. Midori then says "Let’s make a promise" and brings her face close to Yuusuke’s. Are they gonna kiss? Well, that part wasn’t show clearer. But maybe they did.
Soon the it’s sunrise and Yuusuke abruptly woke up and apologizes for dozing off. He’s wondering if it’s all a dream. Well, you’re still sitting next to Midori at the tree spot from last night. Maybe you’re referring to the kiss, right? Midori says nevermind and asks him to do his best before getting up and leave. Just then, Yuusuke receives a kick on his head from Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi. Those 2 don’t seem happy as they think he was slacking his guard duty and making love with a girl under the stars. I wonder what’s that synchronized performance from the 3 before Bachi-Guu and Ichibanboshi grabbed Yuusuke. The other boys arrived and was told by the 2 of what he did. Yuusuke tries to deny but Soccho gave him his ‘affection’.
When Yuusuke landed, the boys caught a glimpse of a crow flying above. And it seems that the real underwear thief is the crow as they snap some photos as proof. That crow is making a nest using several lingeries! Is that crow perverted? I mean, naturally they would use twigs and the likes, right? Anyway, the boys’ name are cleared and luckily they’ve manage to do it just before the day they’re supposed to leave. Phew. What’s this? Tenjin giving some insights and explanations about a crow’s life cycle? And Sanae’s impressed with him. Well, you’ll never see this happening in the tv series as she’s always afraid of him and Tenjin is more brawns than (if not nil) brains. But Futaba seems unimpressed, though.
As Yuusuke brings Midori to have a private chat with her, but was interrupted when Arisa then saw Bachi-Guu wiping his face with her panties, the one she claims to have lost last night (the one they picked up last night in the dark). Futaba’s ready to give him a beating when Arisa asks her to hold her horses. What’s this?! Arisa’s starting to fall for Bachi-Guu and thinks that all those perverted times was an act of love, much to Bachi-Guu’s horror. She’s even started to call him darling! I thought any girl would do for this guy? Now that she’s chasing him, Bachi-Guu’s freaking out and running away from her. So ironic. Yeah, that’s just how it is in the tv series.
Meanwhile, Midori asks what Yuusuke had wanted to say earlier on. Well, Yuusuke was just wondering if she could come to his place to watch the stars. That’s it? I thought you said that earlier on. Besides, I think this guy wanted to confess to her. But then Bachi-Guu pulls him away and wants him to quickly go home already. However, Arisa’s in her lovey-dovey mood and wants her darling to touch her breasts like before! Poor Bachi-Guu. Arisa’s all over him now, kissing, licking, biting… hey, that’s what he said. Don’t this, don’t that, somebody help me. Well, you reap what you sow right? Take it like a man.
Overall, for a short spin-off of the tv series, I would still say it’s a little enjoyable. Though, I still can’t get over the terrible drawing. Yeah, even the colouring is a little ‘bleached’ in the sense that it’s not as bright and colourfully sharp and smooth like the tv series. Also, I find that the animation part a little ‘imbalance’. Like how when they’re walking through the forest but at that speed the forest in the background seems to zoom past them so fast. Or when Futaba kicked Ichibanboshi, the action was like ‘slow and lame’. And hey! Now I noticed. There’s no Reika in this OVA. Maybe she didn’t want to mess with the fate and destiny of this alternate story telling universe.
As mentioned, the ecchi part has been toned down quite a lot here and there are no hentai scenes as well. Most probably it’s because of the different storyline. Even some of the characters didn’t play such a prominent role here as compared to the tv series, such as Tenjin. He’s on his own here. Then again, different storyline.
The opening and ending theme song are the same and it still has that beach surfers kinda electric guitar playing. Well, that’s about the only part of the song that I like, even though the song sounds lively. And there’re are pics in the opening and the ending themes which I believe aren’t from the screenshots in the show though the drawing still sucks. So unless you’re a hardcore fan of the series (which many also complained about this unsatisfying production), then you might just want to pass this one.

Green Green

September 22, 2006

If your first impression is that Green Green is gonna be a hentai anime, than I wouldn’t blame you totally. Uh-huh, the opening credits already features several naked girls (with the important areas being strategically covered), gradually being clothed by some hand-like mouse icon. But the one thing that I like most about the opening credits is the music. Yes, the music, not the naked girls. I love the electric guitar part especially. Sounds like one of those beach surfers kinda music and tune.
However it’s the hentai part which makes this 12 episode series funny and fun. And in a way I seem to like and laugh at those moments. No, no, no… I’m not a pervert, mind you. As I say, that’s the core element which drives this anime. Yeah there’s a little bit of romance and drama too, but somehow I felt that the hentai thing overwhelms it all.
So what’s it all about, you ask? Okay, to start things off, we have this all-boys high school, Kanenone Gakuen, situated right smack in the middle of the luschious forest among the mountains and hills. In other words, right in the middle of nowhere, isolated from the rest of the world. Then the school announced that for the coming summer semester, there’d be some sort of an experiment for the school to go co-ed. Yup, you know what that means. There’ll be girls, who’re gonna be transferred there for 1 experimental semester, for the first time at Kanenone Gakuen. And it’s very good news for those girl-starved high school boys.
As seen in the first episode, the boys are preparing a welcoming party for the girls, who most of them seem not too happy about it. Before we delve deeper into the storyline, I’d like to introduce the characters of the series first. Though, there’re many boys at Kanenone Gakuen, the series mainly focuses on these 4 boys.
First off, we have Yuusuke Takazaki, who is the ‘normal’ one out of the 4 musketeers. The term normal here means that he isn’t obssessed about the girls nor is he really pervertly excited about them. Maybe in a way that isn’t quite ‘normal’. So this means that the other 3 must be real perverted, right? Right. Yeah, one of them is Tadatomo Iju or more commonly known as Bachi Guu. He’s the fat bespectacled cassanova (yeah, right) who wants to turn into a man (adulthood)from a boy. Also, the slightly more handsome looking self-proclaiming ladies’ man, Hikaru Ichibanboshi, another don juan (yeah, right) who’s nearly as similar in pervertness of the mind to Bachi Guu but less extreme. Finally, there’s Taizou Tenjin, the kind where he’s got the size but lack the brains kinda guy, has that ‘little sister’ fetish. To describe these guys in a word… Losers. Real desparate losers AKA The Baka Trio. That’s right. Most of the time, these 3 will drag Yuusuke into one of their perverted schemes and poor Yuusuke has to bear its consequences with them too.
There’re 2 other guys as well, but they aren’t that prominent. The school ‘s student president, Soccho (who looks a bit like a cross between Kazuma of Yu Yu Hakuso and Onizuka of GTO), seems to be ‘not perverted minded’ and serious about preserving justice and fairness in his school. Also, there’s that sickly and zombie looking Koyasu guy, who doesn’t have much of a dialogue. Though he too wants to get close to a girl, but he usually ends up being ‘repelled’ away too. Plus he isn’t that aggressive as compared to those 3 losers, maybe that’s why he always lose out. Oh, by the way, doesn’t he look a little bit like Manta of Shaman King? I mean, the latter may be shorter and rounder and the former taller and thinner, but hey, look at the facial features. Isn’t it close? Dunno. But that’s my first impression when I first looked at him.
So much for the guys. It’s now the girls. As usual, we have one of those tough-raging-no-nonsense girl, Futaba Kutsuki. Then her little sister, Wakaba, who carries her pet cactus, Togemura, around whenever she goes. She even talks to it! Funny. She even has names for her cactus’ ‘attack moves’ (actually she’s just swinging it aimlessly) which looked the same to me, often hitting Tenjin. Poor Tenjin. A sickly looking and weak girl, Sanae Minami, who opted to be in this transfer for the fresh air surroundings to help cure her illness. Midori Chitose, a little bit genki type, cheerful and sometimes blur one. The mysterious and Reika Morimura who seems to provoke, incite, and stir up trouble for Midori. Why? You’ll find out later. Also, they’re not just transferring female students, but a female teacher as well. She’s Chigusa Iino, the physical ed teacher and also to supervise things. So you’d probably guessed already how’d the boys react with such a sexy and ‘lenient’ teacher. I’ll let you imagine that part. Plus, she actually encourages the girls to flirt with the boys.
Also, there’s this one girl, Arisa Haruno, whom unlike the other girls, is ‘desperate’ to be with a guy. Ironically, the other guys, including The Baka Trio, seem to avoid her. I have that impression that they think that she’s ‘ugly’, but to me she looks rather ok. Dunno.
So back to the story. As the bus carrying the girls arrived, the boys just couldn’t wait and rushed to greet them (or rather have a glimpse of them). Yeah, like wolves on the loose. With the girls’ mindset not too keen on such experiment (with the exception of Arisa) and with the boys’ attitude of display, I guess most of them already made up their mind what kind of school they’re gonna be in. Plus, with Yuusuke as the welcoming committee leader, he’s being ‘persuaded’ by Bachi Guu to greet the girls first. As the bus door opens, a ray of light shines as though it was something coming from Heaven. Must be Heaven for these guys.
Soon a female figure appears. Actually it’s Midori. And in her excitement and happiness, without hesitating, she jumps and grabs Yuusuke, saying something like "I’ve found you". Er… Do they know each other? Well, Midori does, but Yuusuke doesn’t. So basically the main premise of the entire series will be to find out or discover the relationship that Midori and Yuusuke had or what kind of their relationship they had. Midori will try her best to make Yuusuke remember. Then Reika, who seems to know about their past relation, tries to separate them, also saying discouraging things like their relation wouldn’t work out. But an adamant Midori would still try her best. Of course in the mean time, The Baka Trio will carry out one of their perverted schemes and this is where the fun usually begins.
After some mingling with the ladies, you’ll pretty much figure out The Baka Trio’s ‘ideal’ girl. Ichibanboshi‘s got his sights set on Futaba while Tenjin wants to be Sanae‘s ‘big brother’. Yeah, he doesn’t think more than that, just playing ‘big brother’ is suffice for him. As for Bachi Guu, though he wants a harem, then any girl, then at one time it was Reika, and I think he finally settled for Chigusa. This guy really has the wildest perverted imagination. And though, Yuusuke just want to be friends with Midori and the rest of the girls, it’s Midori who takes action (not so perverted ones like The Baka Trio) as she would willingly do anything for him. Like filling out a perverted questionaire form for The Baka Trio. Yeah, the perverted questionaire is what The Baka Trio would call ‘getting to know the girls even closer’. Nobody else except Arisa filled it out. And Arisa’s so happy that she’d even read out loud her particulars. And as usual, the Baka Trio wished they didn’t want to hear it from her. How ironic.
So in episode 2 as The Baka Trio embarked on another perverted scheme by trying to take a peep at the girls taking a bath at the hotspring at their dorm, tagging along with them a reluctant Yuusuke. Of course, the dormitory had to be separated, duh. Unfortunately, they’re being discovered. Surely, if you can’t control your pervertness and there’s only 1 tiny hole in the fence to peek into, what do you expect. As there’s gonna be punishment for them, Soccho steps in and announced something like a game of finding the key thrown in the hotspring, where the winners get to use the hotspring. Something like that. I think it was something like there’s only 1 hotspring and the boys wanted to use it too. As the girl side is represented by Futaba, the boys chose Yuusuke, much to his dismay.
Of course, the boys lost. But the thing is, during the game, Futaba noticed that Yuusuke was different from the rest of the other boys, for instance, instead of gawking like the other guys at her wet and soaked clothed body, Yuusuke handed her a towel to cover her up. So this is the point where Futaba’s got a change of heart for him. Yup, she’s starting to fall for him and have feelings for him gradually. And for the rest of the episodes, you’ll notice how spaced out she’d be whenever Yuusuke comes to mind. Haih… But it looks like another ‘competitor’ for Midori and Reika is already scheming to capitalize on it.
In episode 3, Futaba just had enough of Kanenone Gakuen when The Baka Trio pulled off a perverted and humiliating prank on her. So she decides to leave and go back alone, but gets lost in the forest on her way. However, Yuusuke and Midori went to find her. Luckily for Futaba, she gets rescued by Yuusuke, and this made her to like him even more, though she still puts on that tough act in front of him. Oh yeah, there’s those 3 mischevious monkeys in the woods too. They suspiciously resemble like The Baka Trio, don’t you think?
By episode 4, The Baka Trio still isn’t giving up on ‘visiting’ the girl’s dorm. And as usual they ‘forcefully’ bring Yuusuke along with them. I like the hilarious part where Bacchi Guu was gonna ‘do it’ with a girl. Yeah, the road to adulthood. He said something like he’s so captivated with your beauty that I can’t hold it back. And that girl nod her head and allowed it. Bacchi Guu was so happy that he stripped naked and the censored part of his crotch was a number in degrees indicating his erection. So funny. While Tenjin found Sanae while she was sleeping and was doing something like smelling her and eating rice at the same time (some pun which I don’t get) while she’s asleep, in the nick of time, Wakaba came in and thought she saw a bear. And another Togemura in Tenjin’s face. Too bad. Oh, Ichibanboshi’s been ‘kicked away’ by Futaba long before.
Finally Bachi Guu‘s rendezvous came to an end when he discovered that the girl he was gonna ‘do it’ was Arisa. Oh, the horror! So the girls rounded up the 2 and Bachi Guu’s censored crotch has the word ‘shrivel’ written on it. So funny. Meanwhile, Yuusuke who’s been running away from Futaba’s wrath, came to hide in some room. And it was a coincidence that the room was Midori’s and Reika’s. And how happy Midori was when she intepreted that Yuusuke had ‘come to her’ instead of she always coming to him. I guess Reika wasn’t too happy about it.
Episode 5, focuses more on Sanae. Also, Tenjin made some bear sculpture as a present to Sanae. At the same time, because Sanae was pretty scared of Tenjin when he decided to give his present, in her haste she forgot her medicine. So Yuusuke decided to help Sanae looked for it. In the end he found it. And in a way, you could say that Sanae too likes Yuusuke. Is this gonna turn out to be another one of those harems. Just then, Sanae suddenly fell ill. So at the infirmary, Midori used her mysterious light power to heal Sane. I see Midori seems to have some sort of power too. Entering Sanae’s dream, making her feel warm, some voice of encouragement. You know that kind of stuff. Fortunately, Sanae felt better afterwards. And she said something like how she’d support Midori and Yuusuke, to be grateful. Well, Tenjin’s not ready to give up either.
Episode 6 is the sickest episode, and one of the most funniest too. Bachi Guu has been tricked by Reika to ‘do it’ with her in the gym room. So as he’s getting ready for the meeting, a jealous Ichibanboshi and Tenjin sneaked in so as not to be left out. Just when the 3 of them were arguing, Reika locked them in. There’s no way out for them now. Overtime, the gym room gets hot and stuffy. And since Reika didn’t show up, Bachi Guu and Ichibanboshi started to have arguments over who’d be the best lover. Yeah, and those imaginations are pretty wild too. So… They took their wild fantasies out on each other!!! Naked!!! At first Tenjin didn’t want to be involve, but he’s been dragged in too. It’s like a seemingly sick wild threesome orgy!!! With their imaginations running wild and those moaning and groaning, it’s all too hilarious lah, I tell you. Just when the gym teacher decided to investigate some commotion at the gym, once he unlocked the door, the biggest misintepreted situation ever. Sad case.
More perverted antics from The Baka Trio as they continue their schemes at the school’s swimming pool in episode 7. Of course, they all flop lah. And Ichibanboshi’s been using some step by step love guidebook by Dr Tanaka to improve his chances. As usual, he flops too. In this episode, The Baka Trio gets some tips and advice from Midori on how to attract girls. What an unusual source. Like how Ichibanboshi wrote some song and sang it over the school’s PA system about Futaba. A furious Futaba rushed down to the office and bashed him up. Ouch. Must be painful. Very painful.
Bachi Guu’s encounter with Chigusa also ended in failure. Yeah, Chigusa wanted to stick some injection needles in him. Ouch. Also, Tenjin’s decision to give Sanae his now smooth bear sculpture as a present wasn’t received well either. So The Baka Trio decided to go to its source. Yup, they’re gonna dress up as girls to further understand how girls feel. And all of them looked so hilariously ugly in it. Before that, they knocked Yuusuke unconscious and dress him up as well. Surprisingly, he looks pretty good. While The Baka Trio were dressed in their female costumes, again they had their wild imagination and fantasies run wild. And Bachi Guu squeezing his fake fruit as his breasts with all the juice oozing out, I felt a little disgusted in a funny way and was laughing like crazy this part.
In the end as Ichibanboshi approached Futaba, as usual, shocked and disgusted too, she pounded him. But luckily Yuusuke arrived in time to stop her. Yeah, he made her realized something like how The Baka Trio was true to their feelings although they’re being foolish. I guess this made Futaba realized something too about her feelings for Yuusuke. Eventually, Ichibanboshi decided to follow and rely back on his Dr Tanaka guide book. Sad case also. Hey, wait a minute. Why would Wakaba want her sister to teach her pet cactus how to swim? Strange.
Everything just went bare in episode 8. Yeah, I mean this episode the girl’s breast are so visible from the start right up till the end. There’re other episodes too where the girl’s breast are visible but this one was just too long and I felt that it was done on purpose. This episode actually isn’t that much except Reika doing some analysis on what has happened so far (read: episode recap) in the hotsprings. And is mainly about the love interests of some of the girls they have with Yuusuke.
Then slowly, the other girls join in. A little chit chat here and there. Then at the near end of the episode, we see The Baka Trio being camouflaged against the rock in the hotspring with their backs facing the girls. Yeah, they’re so tempted to turn and take a peek but have to hold it back. It must be real hard for them, huh. In addition, with some ambiguous talking (read: ambiguous sexual innuendos) from the girls, I guess it must be real torture for those guys. Surprisingly, The Baka Trio didn’t get caught even when after the girls left. They just float in the hotspring, feeling relieved (or are they?).
It’s that time again with Chigusa organizing a ‘test of courage’ for the school in episode 9. Thing is, the boys are to be paired with the girls in pair. So it must be delightful news for The Baka Trio. Anyway, the pairing ended up like this. Midori with Bachi Guu (the latter wanted Chigusa, but she’s part of the organizing committee thus exempted), Sanae with Ichibanboshi, Wakaba and Tenjin, Arisa and Koyasu, and Futaba with Yuusuke. Oh, and Reika played the scaring part. But mostly she wanted to scare the Yuusuke-Futaba pair so that Futaba would get closer to Yuusuke.
Ichibanboshi’s charming lines didn’t work on Sanae. Yeah, she’s blur on what he’s saying. Tenjin’s been ‘attacked’ by Wakaba’s Togemura. Seems like Tenjin’s more afraid of that little cactus than the ghosts. Midori gets concerned about Yuusuke and Futaba being alone together when Bachi Guu explains the implications of the ‘test of courage’. So Midori ran off to find Yuusuke leaving Bachi Guu behind (yeah, he was dreaming himself again the pervertness of being held so tightly when the girl’s afraid).
One of the funny part is that those 3 mischevious monkeys after some scolding from Midori, helped put a stop to Reika’s plans by doing some hentai thing to her, like taking off her panties and ahem… You know the rest lah. Can’t believe she’s being stopped by monkeys. Then the other funny part was Bachi Guu who’s seemingly lost caught a glimpse of Tenjin (as so he thought) and rushed to hug him. He’s in for a surprise when he found out that he isn’t Tenjin, but a large bear. Yeah, in the final scenes of this episode, we see the bear ‘doing it’ with Bachi Guu. Too bad boy, being mistaken for something like that. Hehehe.
With the exams just around the corner, the gang are putting in some effort to study. So in episode 10, in order to encourage Midori to do well, Yuusuke suggests that if she does well in the exam, he would give her anything she wanted. Of course, the word spread throughout the college and somehow it has been twisted into ‘if you do well in your exam, you can do anything to your loved one’. I suspect it must be Arisa who twisted it along the way. Imagine that when it reached the ears of The Baka Trio. At first they tried their best but didn’t do well. So they resort to some purification thing like sitting under the waterfall. At the same time, the rest of the school students are studying very hard and the school library being fully utilized. something that never happened before.
I love this funny part. Just before the exams, The Baka Trio returned, looking so manly, so knowledgeful, so terror, so ready to sit for the exams. Suddenly a girl ran passed them and they saw her G-String. When they saw the girl’s face to be Arisa, they suddenly vomit and lose all their knowledge of what they’ve studied. HAHAHAHA!!! The vomitting part was bloody hilarious, the way they draw the animation.
Though in the end, Midori didn’t do quite well, Yuusuke still allowed her to request for whatever she wanted. Then suddenly she slipped, and their lips met. Suddenly Yuusuke’s memories began to come back. Now he remembers her. It seems something like this. Long ago, both Yuusuke and Midori were lovers, but their love was a forbidden one. So before they committed suicide, they made a promise to be together in the future. However, they’re being borned 100 years apart, with Yuusuke in the present and Midori from the future. This explains that first encounter in the bus where she’d appeared right in front of him.
Also, we find out that Reika is actually some Guardian Of Fate thingy. And according to her, Yuusuke and Midori’s meeting shouldn’t have happened, that’s why she’s been trying to break them apart. But I guess she gave in too. After this, Reika seemed more friendly towards Midori and even supports her relationship with Yuusuke. In the mean time, Futaba tries to confess to Yuusuke her feelings but unable to do so as she realized that Midori is the one for her. I guess she just accepted things as it is too.
In episode 11, the co-ed experiment is soon coming to an end. Meaning the girls will soon have to go. Not wanting to waste their last days, The Baka Trio decides to do something for their ‘memories’. Yeah, again they try to sneak into the girl’s dorm, in full ninja outfit. And as usual, they failed. This time, Soccho was there to punish these guys. And like he said "Those guys never learn…". I think they never will. As punishment The Baka Trio are forced to organize some Bon Odori festival. They wanted Yuusuke to help, however he was reluctant. That’s when his relationship with The Baka Trio was strained. Yeah, they kick him out of the group. They claimed that since he’s being lovey-dovey with Midori, he rarely had time to spend with them.
So Yuusuke felt confused about himself since now he knows about his past. Something like there’re 2 Yuusuke’s, the past Yuusuke known by Midori, and the present Yuusuke known by The Baka Trio. As Midori is happy with the way things are, she tried to cheer Yuusuke up. I think Yuusuke isn’t comfortable with who is right now and wished that this never happened in the first place.
During the Bon Odori (somehow The Baka Trio manage to set it up nicely), Futaba seems receptive of Ichibanboshi when he asked her to teach him to dance. Wow! He couldn’t believe it. Perhaps he was expecting another whack in the head. Yeah, he thinks his Dr Tanaka book was the source of his success. Looks like the other boys and girls are getting along pretty well too. Meanwhile, Yuusuke who’s still upset over what has happened recently got into an argument with Midori. A tearful and upset Midori ran away but Yuusuke gave chase. As it was raining, Midori slipped down a slope. Luckily Yuusuke manage to grab her but used his body to protect her.
Fortunately, the 3 monkeys manage to alert The Baka Trio and take them to where Yuusuke is lying unconsciously. Looks like he’s in coma and the school’s power is out due to the heavy freak storm. As the gang ponders what they’d do to save him, Midori uses her last resort to save Yuusuke. Yeah, she used her light powers to heal him. It seems that the light is some sort of ‘lifeline’ for Midori to survive in this time period, as mentioned by Reika. If the light ever runs out, so will her time to stay in this period as well.
As Yuusuke comes to, Reika had to take Midori back to the future in order to save her. So I guess they said their goodbyes and soon parted. I think Yuusuke said something like we’ll meet again in the future. Next day, the girls are leaving and the boys especially The Baka Trio are so sad. Before that as they exchange and viewing pictures they took during their stay at Kanenone Gakuen, they noticed a pretty girl in the photo but don’t know who she is. It’s Midori! Only Yuusuke remembers her. Looks like she’s being wiped out from the other’s memory banks. Even Bachi Guu said something to Yuusuke like he’d wouldn’t stand a chance in dating this girl even if she existed. Hmm… As the girls left in their bus, Yuusuke said he’ll gladly plan another great welcoming party when they return in the future. The end.
But wait… Actually there’s this episode 13 called Erolutions and I was a little surprised when I watched it. It isn’t a direct continuation of episode 12 as it takes place 6 months after the co-ed experiments ended. And it seems that starting next year, Kanenone Gakuen will become a co-ed school. Happiness! And we see that Chigusa, Futaba, Wakaba, and Sanae returning to Kanenone Gakuen for a short stay. Hey… Since when Yuusuke and Futaba are all lovey-dovey and a couple? It’s so obvious here. A lot of blushing from them. They also have their moments of intimacy! Plus, since when did Ichibanboshi liked Wakaba? Since when Sanae’s more receptive of Tenjin? In addition, these girls don’t seem to mind when the guys pull off their perverted wild fantasies. Yeah, they seem receptive of it and put up with it, even that naked ice sculpture The Baka Trio made.
Speaking of which, there’re lots of sex scenes here, all of which are censored (the version that I’ve watched). The show is 30 minutes long, and I’ve only watched 15 minutes of air time. So, you thinking what I’m thinking? Also a lot of ejaculation depictions from The Baka Trio. And there’s this deja vu and nostalgic feeling from Futaba of a certain girl being here before, but can’t quite remember it. Yup, it’s Midori. Yuusuke still does remember her but for now, he seems to be wanting to be with Futaba only. And we can see Midori smiling from above. Hey, Midori’s hair is long now.
So as the girls prepare to head back the next day and the boys eager to start the new term with them, Arisa finally arrives in her bicycle. Aw… Too slow, you missed the whole experience. And she’s so eager to start the next term with the boys together. Yeah, it seems that The Baka Trio aren’t too happy about that now. Now the end.
Ahh… Though the ending was a little far fetched for episode 12, but I guess it’s rather okay. And it was a culture shock for me when I watched episode 13 as it was so contrasting to the earlier 12 episodes, though the ending was a little okay. I love the perverted antics of The Baka Trio and how they fantasize their wild imaginations. It made me laugh so hard. Plus, I felt that it was these guys who made an impact and impression on the series rather than the girls.
Besides the perverted schemes, however I didn’t like the nudity of the series. Yeah, though it’s from a hentai pc game, but I felt rather uncomfortable with it, with too much chest-baring moments from the girls. The sound acting is really good, especially Bachi Guu’s. In a way, I like and enjoy his character the most. And again, no, no, no, I’m not a pervert, nor am I planning to be one like him.
So lesson learned is… No matter how desparate you are for a girl, DO NOT imitate any of these loser moves anytime, anyplace, and especially on any girl. Such antics are solely for entertainment and ‘educational’ purpose whereby it gives you an idea WHAT NOT to be done. So be warned! In the meantime, I’ll be thinking back those silly perverted antics and laugh my heart out once more. Hey, some laughter is good for the heart, isn’t it? Okay, maybe too much isn’t a good thing.

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