April 21, 2007

Imagine a world full of conflict, strife and power stuggle. Seems pretty much like the world we live in, huh? Well, that’s the same case too in Grenadier – Hohemi No Senshi. Basically, the dark side humans never did change throughout all these centuries. But of course, there are a few who still have hope in humanity and try to advocate peace throughout the land.
In this half hour 12 episode series, you’ll see that. Okay, maybe not so obvious but that’s the underlying principal of the series. Couple in with some comedy and adventure, and you’ve got another one of those gun slinging action. But beware a little because there is a little ecchi element in this series. Don’t worry. It won’t amount to hentai.
Foremost, you’ll notice that the ecchi element comes in the form of the beautiful and busty blonde-haired main female protagonist of the series, Rushuna Tendo. She is one of the 10 Heavenly Enlightened, supposedly to best warriors and bodyguards under the ruler of this world, Tenshi. Currently, she is on a dangerous journey to spread Tenshi’s teachings by taking away their will to fight by smiling or even getting naked! But that means she just hugs them in her bosoms! Theoratically, those perverted guys would feel ‘good’ and lose their will to fight, right? Yeah, in a nutshell, Rushuna is every perverts dream come true. She’s so lenient and would allow any guy to sleep on her breasts or hug her without getting mad. Of course, it just stops there and nothing further than that. So Bachi-Guu of Green Green, Saji of Iketeru Futari, Keita of Inukami and Yuji of Tonagura… You guys are in the wrong series! Hey, I also want a hug from Rushuna!
But the thing which amazes me most about Rushuna is her superb and amazing gun and shooting skills. Armed with only a six-shooter pistol, the way she reloads amuzes me very much. Here’s how she does it when she runs out of bullets. Firstly, she keep her bullets in her cleavage. Yes, right there. Then when it’s time to reload, she’ll flip her breasts and the exact number of bullets required will leap out of her cleavage into the air. Then in just one swing, all of the bullets will exactly fit into the chambers of her pistol and she’s ready to go. WOOOOW!!!! Ngam ngam ho! AMAZING!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes at first and watched this amusing part several times. Is this the advantage of having big bouncy breasts?
Then Rushuna has another superb skill. With her enemies having gatling/machine guns and guns that fire several rounds of bullets at rapid speed, she can evade and dodge them all by just spinning around as though she’s dancing! DOUBLE WOW!!! So precise! So terror! And then she can disarm them all in just one shot of bullet each missing exactly their vital points and make them pass out, thus not killing them. All this seems very exaggerating. But I like it lah. This girl should’ve got numerous offers for this kind of job if she ever exists in our world. So you see, it’s not the gun. It’s the skill.
Of course, Rushuna would try not to use violence to disarm her enemies at first. However, due to circumstances, she’ll eventually have to use her gun. And you won’t want to make her mad. That’s because she won’t give you her smile anymore and you know what that means. Also, Rushuna has a peculiar liking for taking baths. Yeah, she enjoys soaking herself in them. One reason as she quoted was that she gets all sweaty too fast and ends up dirtying her clothes. Uh-huh. She has no qualms of asking anybody of any gender to join her in a bath. And even in the next episode preview, she always asks viewers if they would like to join her in one too.
Anyway, back to the story. As seen in the first episode, another one of those struggles led by a mercenary samurai Yajiro Kojima AKA Rear Guard Tiger, who posses a very long samurai sword, leading a small band of warriors to launch an assault and rescue mission on a fort occupied by a large sized bandit Nagou. He has sezied a castle belonging to the rebel’s leader, Lord Kanetsugu, and taken him prisoner as well. What do you expect if it’s swords against high tech machine guns. You’d know the outright winner already. Thus, Yajiro calls for a retreat but Nagou’s men are going after him to eliminate all future threats.
As Yajiro escapes, he’s cornered by the enemy at the cliff and has no choice but to jump down. Below, he is shocked to find his face in the bosoms of Rushuna! His pursuers arrived but ‘Rushuna’ hid him well. I suppose those guys would like to join her too but they’ve got a more important mission and left. So Yajiro’s thankful for what Rushuna did and they both find out about each other’s mission and stuff.
Soon, Yajiro decides to try and penetrate the castle again but it seems Rushuna tags along, much to Yajiro’s dismay. Of course then Yajiro was awed by Rushuna’s magnificent display of gun shooting skills and manages to quell the threat even from long distance. And inside the castle, Rushuna even nicely asking Nagou to release the lord. Do you think a guy with a machine gun stuck to his left hand (though not much accuracy but at least it hits everything!) would listen to a nice girl? Nope. So another round of magnificent gun fight ensued. Must be shameful for a big guy to lose like that.
But Nagou ain’t giving up yet even though all his henchmen are down. He did a cowardly thing by taking along the lord as he escapes. He’s climbing up the hilly mountain when Rushuna shoots another long distance shots which made Nagou’s clothes come loose. WAH! Nagou then just dropped the lord and ran away in embarrassment covered only his loincloth. In the end everything ends well and Yajirou then decides to follow Rushuna on her travels. I guess this guy forsee that he could learn a thing or two with this gal.
The journey continues in episode 2 and 3 which starts off with the duo being attacked by some mob who mistakenly thinks that Rushuna is a wanted criminal. Well, close enough. At least the hair, but that demonic face? Anyway Rushuna manages to dispose them off. Soon she finds that the wanted criminal is that monster who’s been killing and causing terror in the kingdom of Tara. And so happen that they’ve just arrived there. Furthermore that monster in a hug armour suit appears and kills one of the mobs running away. The monster than attacks Rushuna and in the midst of the battle, Rushuna unmasks the monster and to her surprise to find a face of a child. Because Rushuna can’t kill a child (at least his child-like face), the monster attacks her causing her to fall off the cliff and into the stream below.
Later, Rushuna’s being found by a girl, Koto, who brings her back to the inn where she works. While Yajiro decides to help to earn money for their stay, Rushuna comes to and came downstairs to find some grub when she saw a pic of the child she recently battled. Koto tells her that child, Furon, is the king of this kingdom and everyone respects and loves him. Because of that, nobody would believe Rushuna when she says that the kid had attacked her.
Meanwhile, back at the palace, Furon is confiding with his aide, The Jester, who also look like an jester but an evil one. Yeah, you’ll figure that he’ll be the main baddie of the series. And he’s got this gun which reminded me like one of those weapon in the pc game Half-Life. So looks like Furon’s that monster too. He’s telling The Jester how he can’t kill Rushuna even though she saw his face. So The Jester decides to finish the job. What the? He can fly and disappear too? Meanwhile Rushuna’s having her usual bath at the inn when The Jester attacks her with his Half-Life gun. Wow it can create so many holes. Reminds you of a Swiss cheese. Good news is that Rushuna can dodge all his blasts. Bad news is, one of the blasts hit and injures Koto. The Jester than decides to lure Rushuna to the palace by taking Koto with him before disappearing. Darn. Now Rushuna’s really mad because he got an innocent Koto involved as she heads to the palace to settle this once and for all.
And of course some cool battle manoevres from Rushuna as she tries to reach Furon. Once she meets him, she tries to persuade him rather than using the gun. Well, not just yet. Then we hear Furon’s story as told by The Jester like how when the king of Tara died when Furon was really young. Since Furon wanted to protect his people and needed some kind of power to do so, The Jester gave him that armour suit in which because of some effect renders him to look like a young kid when he should be looking like a teen now. Yeah, you could say The Jester manipulated this kid for 10 years to get whatever he wants.
In addition to Rushuna’s normal bullets, she’s got a special chamber of bullets called High Explosive Piercing Bullet. Well, it’s supposed to pierce through that hard armour suit but it didn’t. Rushuna then concludes that maybe with all that thick armour, her words aren’t getting through Furon’s heart (or head. Hehe). So she shoot at the same spot multiple times which then suceeded in breaking the armour. Furon then turned into a teenager. Though he’s weak without the armour, he still refuses to listen to Rushuna. After some heart to heart talk like he’s not alone and the all important bosom embracing, Furon goes soft and soon realizes his mistake and cries on it. See, a woman’s breasts can do wonders! And that’s what I felt in Furon’s case rather than Rushuna’s words.
As for Yajiro, he arrived too late. Looks like Rushuna has taken care of stuffs. So everything ends well for the people of Tara with Furon realizing that he has the people’s strength and doesn’t need the armour or any strength boosting devices. As for The Jester, all those years he put into building up Furon for whatever reasons has been wasted. Disappointed? Of course. But he has to move on and find a new plan. Then this part I don’t get. Back at the capital, we see Tenshi not quite pleased with the news that Rushuna had defeated The Jester and foiled his plans. Hmm…
Another one of those ‘arrive in a new town and save the town people from an oppressive mob leader’ in episode 4. Yup, Rushuna and Yajiro seems to be doing some street entertainment to earn money for food but the town people doesn’t seem too fond of it. That’s because the baddie leader, the ruthless Master Enlightened doesn’t allow the people to smile or laugh except himself. Not even a bit. And if they did, he’ll not hesitate to kill them! Uh-huh, Master Enlightened looks like your typical bad guy and he has a bloody long nose, like as though he’s taken off from some cartoon show.
The usual, he sees Rushuna and Yajirou doing their performance and didn’t like it. The duo of course isn’t going to listen to him and stood up to him which made him mad and a gunfight ensues. In the end, machine gun vs six shooter pistol. Who wins? Yeah, just one bullet from Rushuna will do and send that Master Enlightened running away in shame. Though the town people are grateful and wants them to stay and help protect them from future baddies, Rushuna declined their offer and goes on preaching to them about smiles and other stuff which boosts their confidence.
But Yajiro doesn’t seem to like it when Rushuna mentions Tenshi’s name. Looks like he has some sort of bad experience in the past with her. He tells Rushuna that Tenshi’s the cause of this unrest in the first place but Rushuna disagrees. Before you know it, Master Enlightened and his croonies return to attack Rushuna but was again easily defeated. Why would that loser come back to attack Rushuna for a second time? That’s because, to Rushuna’s horror, she finds that Tenshi has placed a bounty on her head. Yeah, she’s a wanted criminal now. What’s going on?
In episode 5 and 6, Rushuna and Yajiro save a couple of girls being attacked by some male mobs. To show their gratitude, they invited them to stay at the inn called Peach Blossom Tower, where they worked too. Okay, so it’s not just an inn. It’s actually a red light district or rather pleasure house which serves men. There, they met a young girl, Mikan Kurenai who seems to be interested in Rushuna’s gun so much so that she wants to steal it. Yeah, it seems that she’s an orphan and her parents were killed by that mob’s leader, Tenma Ganzo, who refused to pay the gang some protection money. Thus, she harbours a deep grudge and wants revenge on him. Also, Rushuna tells Mikan why her gun feels heavy because of the ‘weight of life’ whenever she pulls the trigger. It makes sense since you’re responsible of taking somebody’s life when you pull the trigger.
Of course they also tried to hide the fact that they’re wanted criminals as they took some bath and change their clothes at the inn. Unfortunately, the owner of the inn, Touka Kurenai (no relation to Mikan. Just that she took Mikan under her care just like the other abandoned girls of the inn) knew of this already and proceeds to attack Rushuna. Furthermore, Touka is one of the 10 Heavenly Enlightened, so her skills are evenly matched with Rushuna’s. Wielding a staff with an exploding ball tied to a chain, Touka seems to be able to deflect each and every bullet that Rushuna shoots with precision. Just when Touka seems to have the upperhand, Rushuna notices that there’s something wrong with Touka and immediately stops to help her rather than finish her off. This prompts Touka to confirm that Rushuna’s still holding strong to Tenshi’s beliefs and her attack was just a test and hugs her. We also hear from Touka that she’s suffering from some weird illness and that not even her employees know and she wants Rushuna to keep it a secret.
Before things can settle down, Tenma and his mobs arrive at the inn and wants revenge on Rushuna for what she did earlier on. Some tough talk before Touka easily disposes them all. Well, if you look it from the current situation’s point of view, with all the wars going on, I guess setting up brothels to ‘make peace and love’ isn’t such a bad idea, isn’t it?Though Tenma and co ran away but you haven’t seen the last of them yet. That’s because Tenma, with the help of some invention master, Banmaru Zoushi, fires from a distance a large cannonball hurling towards the inn.
Everyone saw it coming from the distance. After some flashback from Mikan, she snaps and decides to get her revenge as she rushes out of the inn. Touka tried to stop her but was hurt when the cannonball smashed into the place. So Rushuna and Yajiro has to go look for her. Of course, Mikan’s no match for Tenma but luckily Rushuna arrives and saves the day. Just goes to show that that Tenma guy’s just a big bully. But Rushuna soon has to put up with Banmaru’s robot tank. The funny part was during the battle, Rushuna’s panties snapped and she got so embarrassed about it and told Banmaru to stop the fight for a while. Of course Banmaru’s thinking that it’s all just a ploy to catch him off guard. I wonder why would Rushuna get embarrassed with just that and not when other men grabs and rub their faces on her breasts. Ironic. Anyway, Rushuna’s out of bullets too.
Just her luck, Yajiro brings her some bullets (Rushuna asking him that he should brought her some panties…?!) and we see Mikan, the balloon user, using her balloon skills to help Rushuna foil Banmaru and his robot tank. Balloon skills? Well, you see, Mikan has an uncanny ability to use inflated balloons and turn it into any kind of shapes and sizes for whatever purpose. Yeah, reminds you like a circus performer. And don’t think about condoms, please. Nothing to do with it. Anyway, once the battle ended, some heart to heart talk between Rushuna and Mikan with the former saying the usual stuffs like revenge doesn’t get you anywhere, bla bla bla. Good thing is Mikan believes in her. Another good thing is that Tenma, Banmaru and co realizes their wrongdoings too and now helps Touka fix her inn.
So in episode 7, Mikan joins the duo on a trip to the capital. Yeah, it seems that Rushuna decided to go see Tenshi and seek some explanations on why she’s after her head. And looks like Tenshi is real serious in getting rid of Rushuna as she sends one of her 10 Heavenly Enlightened, Souma Sanzo AKA Blade Bard to stop her. Souma uses the sound of his accordian lodged in his armour suit to give off sound which causes Rushuna to lose her balance. But after some encouragement from Mikan, Rushuna calms herself and spots Souma’s weakness and uses her High Explosive Piercing Bullet to disarm Souma. Now that Souma’s unarmed, the trio then left. But it seems The Jester has his own plans and isn’t too fond of wanting Yajiro to travel with Rushuna. On top of that, The Jester kills Souma himself after the latter fails to do his job. Also we see something back at the capital that the current Tenshi may be a fake one and that the real one seems to be imprisoned somewhere. So things are making sense a little.
The fastest route to the capital is the most dangerous route. In episode 8, the trio have to scale a dangerous mountain top to reach the capital fast. Why is it so dangerous? That’s because of the very strong winds which can even send heavy rocks flying in the air, so much so it’s like a swirling projection. A rock was gonna squash Rushuna when some bespectacled spikey haired guy, Teppa Aizen saves her. This Teppa guy is an interesting one. Yeah, he’s a pervert! He loves rubbing his face on Rushuna’s breasts and Rushuna seems unperturbed.
We see a flashback and find out that Teppa’s actually Rushuna’s childhood friend and has a liking for woman’s bodies… Yeah, so young already a pervert. But he isn’t that bad. Furthermore, Teppa comes from a family who has created the Aizen Style Armour Cloth Skill. What’s that? The cloths and fabrics are fitted with special kind of metal and steel so much so that they can make the cloth soft as paper or as hard as iron at their will. Now that isn’t really possible in our world. Since Teppa’s dad was an ex-Heavenly Enlightened who protected Tenshi, there’s a burden and high expectation of him doing well and living up to it as well.
To cut things short, Teppa’s also one of the 10 Heavenly Enlightened and has orders to take out Rushuna, as Yajiro and Mikan found out too late (besides that stack of perverted girl photos). So another battle takes place. Teppa easily protects himself with his special cloth and as usual it seems Rushuna has no chance to defeat him. But in the end, Rushuna’s superb gun skills as defence managed to repel Teppa’s attack and defeat him. Since Teppa lost, he became discouraged that he has failed his dad and couldn’t live up to his expectations. Of course Rushuna comforts him and hugs him. I guess that’s what it takes to cheer Teppa up again. Though Rushuna asks Teppa to join them on their journey, Teppa declines and the trio then continued their trip. Just then The Jester appears and is gonna eliminate another Heavenly Enlightened failure when all of a sudden Teppa disappears. What the?! Can he do that? But The Jester thinks he’s dead and goes off too.
It’s Yajiro’s turn of flashback in episode 9. Yeah, it seems that scaling up this mountain has brought back some memories. Like how he and his comrades trudged along this mountain to counter some resistance but all of his comrades died because of the strong winds, making him the only survivor. But Yajiro soon spots his old comrade in the snow, Fuuka Shirato (because of her face mask, she looked like the assassin Freesia of Jubei Chan 2). Isn’t she supposed to be dead? At least that’s what Yajiro thought when he was unable to save her. But before Yajiro could get a clearer picture of what’s happening, Fuuka attacks him.
Meanwhile, Mikan inflated a warm bunny suit balloon for Rushuna to wear. So funny. She reminds me of that Pootan character from Cromartie High School. But she loves it! Weird girl. But Rushuna was soon attacked by Fuuka. And we learn that the reason why Fuuka’s still alive because of The Jester. Yeah, he used his armour suit just like in Furon’s case to keep her alive. Without it, she’ll die. Furthermore, Fuuka’s now also part of the Heavenly Enlightened and is sent to kill Rushuna. And it seems The Jester’s there too. Yeah, probably after a few failures from the previous Heavenly Enlightened, he wants to be there to make sure that this one does the job.
Yajiro, a little injured from Fuuka’s earlier attack, arrives to stop the fight between the 2 ladies. We hear that Fuuka’s doing this because she believed in Tenshi’s ideals (the fake Tenshi, that is) and after some more explanations from The Jester, Rushuna gets mad and shoots at him. But she missed and only managed to shoot off his mask. Yup, The Jester’s face and identity is revealed. Who is he? Yajiro and Fuuka recognizes him as their fomer rebel leader, Kaizan Doushi AKA Mountain Templar! And we hear his sick theory that the rebellion he led with Yajiro years ago was just some sick test to see who’s the strongest and that the rebellion was never intended. Yajiro’s really mad that the person he used to trust has turned out like this and all those innocent lives perished to his power crazy ex-boss was like nothing. Just to note that I’ll be referring to this Kaizan guy as The Jester still because it sounds much shorter. ;p
The Jester wants Yajiro to join him since he’s the stongest but of course Yajiro declines. With that, The Jester decides to kill them both since he has no use of them anymore. At least Fuuka too realized that she has been used and shields Yajiro from The Jester’s impending attack. But the blast caused them to hang on dearly on the edge of the cliffs. Just like deja vu, huh? And just like history repeating itself, Fuuka told Yajiro to fulfill his goal and lets go of his hand plunging to her death. Only this time, Fuuka really died. And if it weren’t for Mikan’s floating balloon, Yajiro would’ve plunged himself down to save her. Though Yajiro’s sad, but he’s more determined now. Finally, the capital is in sight.
In episode 10, while traversing a river, the trio got ambushed by another Heavenly Enlightened, Suirou. The trio may have a disadvantage because Suirou’s a water expert and the river is some sort his homeground. After blowing up the boat they’re riding in and dragging Rushuna underwater, Suirou seems to be winning until Mikan gives Rushuna some oxygen tank and with some special underwater bullets, she easily defeats Suirou. Now that has got to be the fastest battle with a Heavenly Enlightened ever. As usual as the trio continues their journey, Suirou just laze around floating on the water’s surface, thinking about his defeat when The Jester arrives and blasts him and sends Suirou to his watery grave.
Once they arrived at the capital, the trio are surprised to find Teppa there. Looks like he’s on their side now. I thought he didn’t want to join them. Oh well, must be for Rushuna’s… um… you know. Yajiro wants Teppa to distract Rushuna so that he could confront Tenshi himself. So I suppose this is Teppa’s chance of getting close to Rushuna as he took her to some bath house and then to dinner. Yeah, it’s so odd to see them dress so nicely. Meanwhile, Yajiro meets up with an old acquaintance and ex-rebel comrade (not from the mountain incident but a more recent one) Kasumi, as she takes him to a secret passage into the palace. Mikan tries to follow them but got lost in the sewer maze.
And during the journey into the palace, Yajiro guessed right that Kasumi too is on The Jester’s side from the way she said things. I mean, using a bamboo mat to hide her shotgun, isn’t that a little suspicious and obvious? Anyway, Yajiro manages to knock Kasumi unconscious and went to see Tenshi himself. At the same time, just when Teppa thought his ‘date’ with Rushuna is gonna be perfect, Rushuna realizes her mission to come to the capital, that is to see Tenshi. She apologizes to him and rushed to the palace. Yeah, you could say that he was ‘dumped’ but I suppose he’s not gonna let Rushuna go off that easy and accompanies her to the palace. At the palace gates, the guards recognizes her as the wanted criminal. But The Jester appears and welcomes her in and tells Rushuna that she has been given the title of Grenadier, the Annihilator Senshi. The highest title which a senshi can achieve, much to Rushuna’s horror. And since Teppa’s under some cloak, The Jester didn’t recognize him. What a blur guy.
So in episode 11, Rushuna unarms herself in order to meet Tenshi. I think this is part of The Jester’s ploy so that she won’t be able to use her superb gun skills whenever the need arises. Also, Yajiro got lost in the maze but accidentally found the chambers where the real Tenshi is being held. There she told Yajiro that about 3 years ago, The Jester confronted her and wanted to convince her of his ideals but was rejected. Because of that, The Jester replaces her with someone else. Meanwhile, Rushuna is seeking some explanations from the fake Tenshi in the palace garden and Rushuna’s still confused about her current method of uniting the kingdom because it conflicts with her previous teachings. But soon Rushuna knew she wasn’t the real Tenshi when the latter snapped a tree twig. Yeah, I guess that’s all it took. Because Rushuna believes the real Tenshi would never harm even a fly. She also realizes that the imposter is Setsuna Oumido. She is Rushuna’s ex-colleague and one of the Ten Heavenly Enlightened and underwent the same training as Rushuna. Because she’s trained to be Tenshi’s double, she got sick of it and decides to rule the world by taking over the capital with The Jester and imprisoned the real Tenshi.
So Setsuna orders her guards to take her down, crying wolf that Rushuna’s gonna attack her. But even without her gun, Rushuna can still dodge all those bullets. Teppa arrives in time to save Rushuna and returns her gun. Then outside the palace, this may seem a little exaggerated or illogical, but Touka arrives by riding a rocket!!! Yes, she’s even standing on it! Ah, just enough hands to take on the palace guards along with Mikan. Rushuna then asks The Jester where the real Tenshi is but he told her that she’s dead. But that isn’t so when Yajiro appears with the real Tenshi, surprising him. But Kasumi appears from behind and takes Tenshi as hostage. So while Rushuna and Yajiro chased after them, Touka and Mikan handled the palace guards.
The final episode 12 begins with Mikan deciding not to use any violence against those guards. So how she won? She threw up several balloons in the air and as the guards shoot it, lots of 4 days 3 nights free stay at the inn coupons fell. All those guards are so happy. And looks like Touka’s glad that Mikan has matured. Yajiro decides to take on The Jester himself and asks Rushuna to go on. So lots of those talk while fighting and when Touka decides to help Yajiro, the latter insists that he finish this one on his own, in which Touka agrees and steps back.
In the tower, Rushuna finds Tenshi but knows that this is Setsuna still in disguise. So some talk of how Setsuna tries to convince that she’s the real Tenshi but Rushuna just smiled and told her to stop her act and give up. Fed-up, Setsuna orders Kasumi (hidden behind some exit) to shoot her. But before Kasumi could properly aim, the real Tenshi pushes her and Kasumi missed but got roughly pushed back by her. Luckily, Teppa arrives and wraps Kasumi in his cloth. Then he said this ‘doomed’ line to her, "Once you’ve embraced my Armour Cloth, you can never get away again". With that, Kasumi instantly fell in love with him. Teppa’s gonna regret having said that later on. Rushuna then asks Teppa to take care of Tenshi as Teppa unties her as well.
Then this is the funny part. Setsuna asks Rushuna how did she still know that she’s the fake Tenshi after her acting was so perfect. Rushuna then says, it’s because her breasts are too big to be the real Tenshi’s. WOAH!!! The real Tenshi must be embarrassed as she covers hers with her little palms. HAHAHA! Well, actually that’s not what Rushuna really meant. She noticed something Setsuna’s hiding in her breasts. Yeah, Setsuna then took out a gun from there and points it at her. What the? She could hide a gun so perfectly there and the way I see it, there weren’t any odd looking shapes sticking out. And I’m not a pervert! So for the first time, we see Setsuna’s real face as she drops her disguise. Woah, another busty figure there.
Soon the 2 engage in some cool exciting gun battle manoeuvres. Yes, this part is really awesome. Setsuna can even do that breast flip bullet reloading thingy. And as Tenshi explains how those 2 underwent similar training to be her double and that they’re actually fighting a mirror image of themselves, the only thing which Rushuna has an advantage over Setsuna was the things she learned during her journey. And besides more of that reasoning talk, I like the choreographic fight scene whereby they shoot-dodge-punch-dodge action. It’s like so synchronized and yet so cool. So it ended when they pointed the gun at each other’s face. Setsuna says she doesn’t have any bullets left but after a slick move and the usual reloading, they’re back to that position again. But this time, Rushuna’s injured and drops slightly to her knees. Setsuna then realizes that this is the difference between them, that she has to guts to kill her and Tenshi. As Setsuna points the gun at Rushuna’s head, Rushuna still could tell her that ideal of taking away the enemies will to fight, angrying Setsuna.
Meanwhile Yajiro is having a tough time battling The Jester but he manages to cut his Half-Life weapon into 2 before the 2 crashed down onto another palace rooftop. But The Jester still isn’t giving up yet as he unsheathes his sword and contiunes fighting. Then Yajiro realizes Rushuna’s words when he wonders why his sword wasn’t able to defeat The Jester. Yeah, remember something having to be all ‘bare’. So Yajiro puts back his sword and hugs The Jester!!! Yes! That’s what he did! And they both went crashing down into the palace garden. I guess The Jester’s weaken not so much of the fall but the shock that Yajiro did to him. As Yajiro collapses after explaining it to him, it seems The Jester still wants to finish him off as he tries to reach for his gun. But Touka tells him off and destroys the gun. With that, The Jester faints.
So Rushuna did the same thing to Setsuna. First Rushuna drops many of her bullets from her cleavage then she flips the remaining ones into the air to distract Setsuna. And as quick as a lightning, Rushuna grabs and hugs Setsuna. But not only that, she even ripped the top portion of her dress! WAH!!!! Setsuna must be really shocked and embarrassed. And after a heart to heart talk, Rushuna collapses into Setusna’s arms because of her injuries. Since Setsuna realizes and admits that she had lost, she gives Rushuna a hug on her bosom. Awww… I ALSO WANT!!!
Yajiro then awakes to find himself in Rushuna’s bosoms and in the same bath too! And after a short chat, Rushuna thanks him for being around and hugs him on her bosom again. I guess Yajiro decides to sleep on it this time. Don’t complain. Touka, Tenshi and Mikan seems very pleased at the way things turned out. Meanwhile, Teppa is regretting because that Kasumi girl is sticking to him like a leech. And all the other girls there are jealous to see Teppa being ‘hogged by an old lady’. Kasumi even wraps themselves in his Armour Cloth and goes on bragging about that fate thingy. Yeah, she wants to be tied up with him in his Armour Cloth forever. Too bad Teppa, Rushuna can’t save you now.
Back at the palace, we see Rushuna telling Tenshi that she decides to continue her journey to calm the chaotic times while Touka decides to expand her Peach Blossom Tower and bring more smiles. Tenshi is impressed and believes that they can do it. Soon, Tenshi bestows Rushuna the title of Grenadier – Hohemi No Senshi (the smiling warrior), much to Rushuna’s delight. So Rushuna along with Yajiro and Mikan set off on another journey to spread Tenshi’s teachings.
Overall, I kinda like this anime. Not because of the perverted stuffs but because I find it amusing and funny whenever Rushuna reloads her gun and especially the final fight between her and Setsuna. By the way, I’m not too sure what happened to her or The Jester after that. Maybe they got arrested? Did they turn over a new leaf? But that isn’t important. More importantly, it ended well and good. I find the mid-intermission a little amusing because there’s a short Mexican or flamenco style guitar strumming then followed by several bullet shots. Well, nothing to it actually.
Though the drawing, art and animation are standard, I like the voice acting especially Rushuna’s. Since this is a short series, the character development is enough just to cover the main ones. Certain parts maybe far-fetched or ecchi but it isn’t so much that you’d feel awful about. Though there are 10 Heavenly Enlightened, not all were shown or even known. I can’t actually help wonder who the remaining ones are. Nothing to it actually. Also, the mid-intermission has that Mexican or Spanish flamenco guitar strumming followed by a few gunshots, which I find a little amusing.
I also thought that the way they show the in-show notices, messages or statements by making the entire screen black and then in kanji written in white. Furthermore, the writing is big enough and fits entirely into the whole screen. This is good in the sense that you don’t have to strain your eye unlike in other series to read such notices. Also, in this way, it makes viewers concentrate on it rather than being distracted by other on-screen distractions.
So the key issue of this series is that violence begets violence and that we should try and solve our problems more amicably. And DO NOT attempt to even think about trying out Rushuna’s amazing gun skills. Tempting, but that such manouevres can only happen in the anime world. Thank goodness it doesn’t in ours. So make peace and love and not war. Just like Rushuna’s classic line "If there’re many clumsy, perverted and fun people like you, the world would be a better place". How true to a certain extend. So just keep on smiling. That’ll be enough. See what a little smile can do. Service with a smile. :)

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