Hagure Yuusha No Estetica

February 9, 2013

I actually didn’t know what the heck the storyline is before I decided to jump in and watch Hagure Yuusha No Estetica. All I know is that the hero is perverted in some ways and has some perverted moves which I must see to know. I guess today your typical chivalrous perfect hero isn’t quite a hit anymore with the audience. That’s why you have imperfect heroes with their own dark past, anti-heroes who lacks the attributes of a typical hero, the twisted hero that solves problems in ways similar to villains and are just heroes in name. So is there any different for a Rogue Hero here? Sounds like an oxymoron here, right? Akatsuki Ousawa is one. Not your typical hero. And from the plot of this story, he has just returned from the other world after successfully killing a Demon King. And people who return from the other world are put into BABEL, an organization that houses such people to hone their skills learnt from the other world. Such convenience. I smell some conspiracy. What more can I say? If you like some fantasy, action and fanservice, well, you know the drill.

Episode 1
Akatsuki is running away from a couple of maid guards. He easily ‘disarms’ them by biting one’s earlobes and taking off the bra of another. WTF?! How the heck does he do it without removing her clothes?! Soon he is surrounded by Valkyria and her maid troops. Even if they attack together, this guy immobilizes them all by taking off their bra and panties! Without removing their clothes! WOAH! HOW DOES HE DO IT?! I want to have this skill to! Oops. Anyway Valkyria reminds him of Princess Listy’s order she must not pass through the Transport Gate. You think he’s going to listen? In the end, not even Valkyria could beat him. So Akatsuki makes his way to the Transport Gate and meets Listy waiting for him. She doesn’t want him to leave. But he notes after he has defeated the Demon King, Garius, there is no reason for him to be here because it’ll only serve as a gateway to more difficult battles. Especially if it is a Rogue Hero from another world. Besides, there is something he needs to do back in his world. I guess those princess tears won’t convince him either. But how does he turn things around? He kisses her! That’s greeted with a slap for kissing a royalty. Now she doesn’t want to remember him at all and get the hell out of her sight. Wow. Instant change. But what the hell? He reminds her if she is in any trouble, all she needs to do is call and he’ll be right by her side no matter how far he is. Back at his home, he unzips his bag revealing to us a naked girl (something about transporting would be easier without clothes)! Such big boobs… She seems pretty anxious about her new surrounding so he introduces himself and we learn her name is Myuu. On the way to the institution, Akatsuki reminds her to play along like what they have rehearsed. She is to be his long lost little sister reunited in Arezard (the other world) and came back through this world via Transport Gate. Anything more, just say “I don’t remember”.

As narrated, Samon Syndrome is a paranormal phenomenon discovered 30 years ago whereby thousands of children were summoned to other dimensions. Only half of them made it back through the Gate and those who return retain their fighting skills picked up in the other dimension. This includes magic. This is where the BABEL institution comes in as they will guide and develop children with such powers on the correct path. Do you believe it’s all that glossy? Besides, I thought it was a slight alteration from Zettai Karen Children’s BABEL. Myuu has just come out from the physical examination and is worried that they may discover she is not of this world. Guess he said? Even if her tits are unnaturally big, they won’t give her away. I think that’s not the point. Good news is that they both pass. The next test is in a simulation room whereby the instructor tells them to pick a weapon to gauge their fighting powers. Myuu opts for a sword but Akatsuki will do it with his bare hands. He will take on Myuu first and though he analyzes Myuu has the magic type, he is taken by surprise by her sudden magic power. Also, she was able to keep up her defence while attacking. The instructor is pinned to the wall and a bolt knocks him out. Myuu is worried she cheated to let his guard down (as suggested by Akatsuki). Since the guy’s out, here comes Kyouya Hikami, JPN BABEL’s High School Sector Student Council President to take him on. First he attacks Myuu just to test Akatsuki’s reaction and reflex in saving her. It’s a good thing he’s fast. Next, he wants Akatsuki to break the large ice pillar infused with extraordinary magic with his bare fist. Akatsuki takes up the challenge, powers up and cracks it. Kyouya finds it magnificent and ends today’s test. Kyouya notes about the True Hero and this is the power he wants. Back home, Akatsuki remembers the moment before Garius’ defeat. He was told Myuu is his daughter though she may not look like it. Even f she falls into human hands or worshipped as the new devil, her path will only lead to destruction. That’s why he entrusted her to Akatsuki. Oh sure, that’s a big responsibility he’s shouldering. Yeah, big tits… Oops.

Episode 2
Even demon girls have emotions when they cry and think about their father. She thinks of killing Akatsuki because her father did mention if the one who defeated him is unsuitable, she may do so. But she decides not to and will watch over him and judge him later. She may regret that because this pervert Akatsuki is sleep walking and tries to rape her! She tries using the little sister excuse and got caught off guard when he mentions his sister died years ago. It’s back to the raping! She puts a stop to his atrocious act by hitting his head with the alarm clock. Gee, his head must be so hard that the clock even broke! And he’s wondering why he’s got an awful headache… At school, everyone is staring at the new transfer students of Class B. Classmate Chikage Izumi knows a lot about them and becomes friends. Suddenly Kenya Onizuka from next door’s class barges in and wants to make life a living hell for Akatsuki. Well, he got taste of his own medicine when he blasts him out and crushes his face with his palm! Yeah, coincidentally he likes bullying too. Especially bastards that look down on others. On his first day of school and this is what happens. Thankfully he didn’t kill him otherwise it might have been worse when the special division to deal with student squabbles called Fuukiin arrives. Akatsuki is taken to the student council room and to the other member’s dismay (especially vice president Haruka Nanase), they see him sitting on Kyouya’s seat like nobody’s business. No respect. When Kyouya comes in, Akatsuki immediately attack him! It took all the other members’ power to stop him dead in his tracks. Akatsuki thought Kyouya called him for a grudge match. No siree. He too doesn’t understand what’s going on. Haruka called him to thank him for using restraint but warns him his first day disturbance has put a black mark on him on Fuukiin’s books. If such similar problem arises in the future, they will not hesitate to use full force to restrain him. On the way out, petite class rep, Kuzuha Doumoto walks him back. I guess she must be a genius to be skipping a few grades, huh? She is impressed that he picked a fight with student council members. Kuzuha may get to see more ‘sparks’ because Haruka comes looking for him and wants his head! How the hell did Akatsuki stole her panties without so coolly? She’s not going to forgive him and is going to cut him with her blades. She thought she made a clean cut but instead Akatsuki now stole her bra and cut open her shirt! Major embarrassment! She shall be back and he shall not be forgiven! He just aggravated the situation by pouring oil on the fire, no?

After PE classes, Kuzuha, Akatsuki and Myuu are putting away the equipment in the storeroom when they hear ambiguous sounds coming from the back. Oh. A couple of lesbians making out. Isn’t that Chikage? She’s cool about it but her companion got embarrassed and ran away, accidentally locking them from the inside. Though Akatsuki wants to bust them out, Kuzuha advises that all they need to do is wait since another class rep will come to unlock this room with the master key after class. Chikage blames Kuzuha all this wouldn’t happen if she didn’t interrupt them. Kuzuha didn’t like the way it sounded like it was her fault. Myuu thought they’re getting along well but they vehemently disagree. They wait and wait… Kuzuha is feeling uneasy. I think she needs to go to the toilet. How long can she hold? The only way is to use earth magic and create a toilet but Kuzuha is the only one who can use that magic and she can’t even stand at this point. Besides, she can’t trust the girls and thinks they’ll be sneaky and peek on her. Akatsuki can’t let this go since now a maiden is in distress, he has to help (says who?). He makes Myuu and Chikage stand by her side. Then he pinpoints their pressure points on their tummy and suddenly they have this urge to pee too! WTF?! How is this going to help Kuzuha out? If they all pee together, it won’t be so embarrassing. WTF???!!! They try not to succumb to this pervert’s idea but too late. Akatsuki bites Kuzuha’s ear and they just let everything flow. I think the mattress is going to need triple washing. After that embarrassing incident, the girls beat him up and as soon as the door is opened by Haruka, the girls rush out. The trio are taking a shower as Chikage suggests forming an alliance against Akatsuki. Myuu realizes Akatsuki purposely played the bad guy so that they could become friends.

Episode 3
Myuu is giving Akatsuki the cold treatment. How about having a box for breakfast? Can’t blame her since that embarrassing peeing incident. Onizuka cuts the queue in front of Tanaka but gets a taste of his own medicine when Akatsuki does the same to him. Don’t want to mess with this guy. The others are impressed that somebody is able to stand up to Onizuka and that his reign is over. Myuu is worried that Kuzuha is being called by the student council to report on Akatsuki’s actions. When she returns, she refuses to let them know anything since it doesn’t concern them. Now it’s Akatsuki’s cue to weave his magic. He goes talk to her and allows her to ask him any question. From the kind of girl he likes right down to their ideal 3 sizes. WTF. Knowing that the student council members gave her some lackey mission, she reveals she has to give timely reports on him every morning or else they will revoke her status and send her back to elementary school sector. She laments no matter how much she studies, she is viewed as a child, not an adult. Akatsuki is going to help her out writing those reports. Myuu and Chikage are on their way back when they spot Akatsuki and Kuzuha entering a manga cafe together. Why lose this chance to go spy on them? Since Kuzuha is reluctant, Akatsuki presses her pressure point on her wrist to render her temporarily paralyze. What is he going to do? He’s going to turn her into an adult. Myuu and Chikage are eavesdropping next door but sneaky Chikage decides to take advantage of the situation by getting horny with Myuu. Kuzuha tries to explain this is not what she meant when she wants to become an adult. It is more of reading other people’s mood. Akatsuki says he is a kid too. He then hugs her and wants her to cry and smile more as and when she feels like it. As for the reports she can write as much crap and bad stuff about him. He doesn’t mind. When they leave, they almost caught Myuu and Chikage in a yuri position. But the girls are worried if the pervert did something to Kuzuha. What is your impression when she said he ‘used his magic want to set her body free’? That just seals his perverted status. Haruka is getting worked up and wants to deal with Akatsuki right now but Kyouya with those scary eyes tells her he will personally handle anything to do with him. No objections, anybody?

The class is being trained to use a band wristband called Arms Device or AD for short. It supposed to materialize weapons most suitable to the person. While Myuu is able to materialize hers, Akatsuki can’t. The class is to divide themselves into pairs to spar. Since the girls don’t want Akatsuki, that guy has no choice but to bug Onizuka. Can’t refuse, no? But when Akatsuki mentions he can’t use magic, he got his hopes up. The first thing he did when the fight begins, he uses a magic barrier to seal him. He got cocky and bragging about his win. Don’t count your chickens because Akatsuki breaks out easily. Now he panics and throws his weapon. Deflected easily. Even got a sword pointed at his throat. So scared sh*t that this guy fainted!!! WUSS!!! Akatsuki borrows Onizuka’s AD and notices his weapon almost materialized. But trouble is looming at the other side of the class because the Cockatrice monster summoned for the simulation battle went berserk and out of control that it is turning students into stone. Kuzuha stalls it with her earth magic and thought she’s a goner when Myuu and Chikage help protect her. It made her realize the more reason why she wants to be with them and for the first time she smiles. But they soon realize that the monster is absorbing their magic attacks and growing stronger. Chikage and Kuzuha protect Myuu from its attack and got turned into stone. I’m sure Myuu is furious and wants to protect her friends but how long can she hold on? Don’t worry. Here comes Akatsuki to the rescue. Took him long enough. Where was he? He got lots of AD wristbands now as he summons a huge badass sword. He’s going to end it in one shot since direct and magic attacks won’t work.

Episode 4
Okay, so he didn’t finish it in one shot. It took him on the eighth hit to destroy the monster since he needs to channel every power from the band into the sword. With Cockatrice gone, the stone people return to their original selves. Akatsuki credits everything to Myuu because if she had not stalled it before he got here, everyone would have been doomed. Akatsuki goes to confront the culprit: Tanaka. Though he feigns ignorance, Akatsuki knows his plan to plant something in Onizuka’s pocket during that chaos. Too bad that dude went to the infirmary straight. Akatsuki knows Tanaka is stronger than Onizuka and is interested in him since he takes in the bullying without fighting back. As punishment during the classroom ruckus, Onizuka was made to clean the gym. He used the master key to break into the programme room an altered Cockatrice data. So the programme Onizuka was ordered to change was actually made to go even more berserk by Tanaka. Since it’s futile hiding it now, Tanaka attacks Akatsuki. Though Akatsuki takes a lot of beating, he pretends to be down to trick Tanaka. But how can he still stand after all that beating? His special power can only be used as defence and not a weapon. Tanaka plans to use his magic to attack the entire BABEL building. He reveals his plan to take down this organization because it sends trained students to battlefields in other parts of the world. In short, BABEL is like a death sentence. So he’s going to kill a few students for this revolution of his? Sacrifice? Screw it. Before they could see who is faster, Kyouya was faster and freezes Tanaka in his ice pillar. I guess that is enough incidents for today so they agree to settle their differences another time. When Akatsuki returns to Myuu, she is so worried about him that she collapses. She wakes up in the infirmary still with pain over her body but Akatsuki puts his palm on her shoulder and she starts feeling better. He claims what he did wasn’t magic and just manipulated the energy in her body to heal faster. Sounds like magic to me. He teases her, she gets annoyed. Then suddenly she goes silent. He tells her to cry her heart out. Ever since Garius died, she hasn’t cried. He is willing to take whatever anger or sadness without her holding back because the fact still stands he killed her father. He understands is he wants revenge. So if she can’t cry, he’ll make her cry. Huh? After that lecture, you think the girl won’t start crying? Man, this guy is good.

Back home as Myuu takes a bath, she talks to Akatsuki that she plans to go out shopping with her friends. What irks her is that he is standing on the wall talking to her! He is practising gathering all the energy at his sole? Lame excuse! Even if it was true, couldn’t he do it somewhere else? And so… It’s that box for breakfast he’ll be getting. During the news, when the name COCOON is mentioned, Akatsuki’s face turned serious. Myuu asks her friends what the heck is COCOON. An abbreviation for Children Of Cross Over Other Nation, they are simply caretakers of this world. Each one commands equal military power from every country and fight what their ideal world should be (sounds bad). They oversee and educate children who return victorious from other worlds so they won’t use their powers for evil. In the event if wars do erupt, BABEL itself intervenes. Speaking of those shady people, those shadowy figures are discussing about keeping an eye of a certain kid in a certain class so that they can determine if he’s powerful enough to join their group. Chikage and Kuzuha notice Akatsuki acting differently ever since, not his speaking his mind as usual. Maybe he’s got something to do with COCOON? They understand why Myuu is worried since she lost her memories and that he is her brother. Myuu blushes and tries to deny all that, saying he has no feelings for her and the likes. But why is her heart hurting when she thinks about this? Akatsuki is at the rooftop thinking about things. He knows that guy is here when Motoharu Kaidou appears before him. Maybe Akatsuki’s reputation has got him so famous that he wants a handshake. Of course unless you count the fact pulling a punch is a handshake. Don’t worry. Akatsuki saw it coming from a mile.

Episode 5
Then it turns into a series of kicks before Akatsuki trips his feet. I guess Kaidou gives up seeing he doesn’t want to be pummelled. So after shaking hands for real, he wants him to follow him next week since there’s this guy he wants him to meet. Because Akatsuki heard something about Myuu’s underwear size not fitting, he is going to follow her shopping with her friends. Oh God… But Myuu is really surprised at the stores in the mall. Never seen them before, eh? Like as though she’s a country bumpkin. Myuu starts feeling guilty over Akatsuki’s kindness to cover up her real identity. But does Akatsuki really need to follow the girls into the lingerie store too? Well, if Myuu wants him to wait outside, he will. But you know, she allows him to stay. Then he starts bragging he was a guard in the courtesan’s guild at Arezard and is damn good in picking out girls’ underwear. Regret hearing that trivia? The assistant helps Myuu measure her size and teaches her how to put on a bra. So as Myuu checks them out herself, she is once again irk Akatsuki is standing on the wall and has observed her! WTF?! How did he?! Well, she said to be close to her, right? Too close! Oh, I guess her boobs were too big that the bra ripped! Myuu panics when the assistant comes knocking at the door. She thought it’s the end of the world. Literally. Really. But Akatsuki can’t use his wall standing trick since he got caught the second time and gets reprimanded by the assistant. Haruka in the next room comes to see what the fuss is about. Oh. It’s this bugger again. By the way, she’s trying out a bra that won’t be easily removed by any sleezeball. Want to bet that theory will be proven so wrong later? Anyway Akatsuki the pro even tells the assistant to come back with a bra 3 times the measured size. She thought an amateur like him doesn’t understand but leaves to get them anyway. Akatsuki then has Myuu show her back. Don’t worry. He won’t do anything funny. Hopefully. After pressing a pressure point on the back of her neck, I’m not sure what he is doing with her body because those bone breaking sounds really sound awful. Especially if you look on the faces of Kuzuha and Chikage.

The assistant comes back with the bra and it fits! Yeah, this guy is boasting about that courtesan guild thingy again on how boobs are their livelihood (“Bras are gift wraps for boobs!”). No wonder he could fit the bra on so perfectly on Myuu like a pro! The reason for her size was because of her anxiety. This causes her boobs to get smaller so he released her tension and ups a size. Because of her posture, he fixed that and her breasts up another size. As for the third size up, that’s a trade secret ;). The assistant is amazed and admires his knowledge on it! She blames her own lack of knowledge that they don’t have to pay for the ripped bra. But Akatsuki doesn’t want her to blame herself for it and will pay for the broken bra and hopefully Myuu will come to patron this store in the future with more confidence. Myuu couldn’t take his kindness anymore and starts crying that he doesn’t have to lie to protect her. She reveals she was the one who got the bra ripped and she initially didn’t apologize because she didn’t want him to get into trouble. He is cool enough to say that no matter her feelings for him, in this world they’re family so they stick up for each other. Even Chikage and Kuzuha agree with this surreal erotic love story. Now it’s Haruka’s turn to reprimand him for being shameless but it seems Akatsuki has stolen the underwear of Chikage, Kuzuha and Haruka without them suspecting a bit! It’s now their turn to be sized up by him because he’s giving an excuse if this keeps up, Myuu will start avoiding them for being too ashamed. He is going to make them boob sisters from today! Myuu, stop this guy before his perverted skills take off! Yeah, she should be feeling ashamed for having such a perverted ‘brother’. Later they discuss about next week’s ranking test which is basically a practical battle aptitude test. Next year’s assignments are decided from this. So they are trying to form teams and Myuu putting on her tsundere mode is ‘inviting’ Akatsuki to their team. If he’s desperate and no other group takes him in, they’ll consider letting him join. He’s in. See how happy Myuu is?

Episode 6
Kyouya is away at some summit with high security. Maybe they should up the security since Kyouya has put out of commission several terrorists. BABEL students are taking the exam but Akatsuki seems like a smart ass because he is soundly asleep (with a smirk on his face) way before exam time is over. If you want to know, the teacher checked his answers and they’re all correct!!! Couldn’t say the same for Myuu because she’s just down after that. Her friends thought of a change of pace and go somewhere but Kaidou stops them and reminds Akatsuki has a ‘date’ with him. He doesn’t even remember this guy. Or the promise at the rooftop. Anyway he follows Kaidou to a race track. It’s not for racing but a test circuit. Kaidou talks to his boss, Kaitou Kubota that he wants Akatsuki to ride it but he doesn’t think he can and will end up hurt like him. Akatsuki tries touching some cool cyber bike but was electrocuted off his feet. This supersonic bike is Sleipnir and with all the cool specs, it is a bike that breaks the sound barrier. However it has a ‘flaw’. It chooses its master so if anyone unworthy tries to ride it, they get electric shock. That one for Akatsuki was just a warning and the next time he’ll be dead for sure. Akatsuki isn’t sure he wants to ride this thing when Kubota says the only person who ever rode it was his father, Gouki. He knows his father long ago but not that well. Suddenly Akatsuki gets mad. Now he is fired up to take the challenge. Haruka tries to check out the disturbance at the race track and sees Akatsuki riding Sleipnir. She is amazed that even wind users have difficulty standing up faster than the sound barrier. Of course she goes down to reprimand him about unauthorized permission, breaking the school rules, blah, blah, blah. Shut the f*ck up, you might want to tell her. Kubota says it is his him who is breaking the rules and hopes she would let this go. He tells Akatsuki that Sleipnir now belongs to him as it has acknowledged him as its master. Haruka wants to confiscate the bike but the electric shock rips her clothes! Changed her mind in confiscating it? Don’t want a bike as perverted as its master, eh? Yeah I agree because it only ripped her clothes. Otherwise, how can her handphone still be in good working condition? That call she receives is about some trouble brewing somewhere. Even when she’s going to leave, she can yap about getting him the next time, he’ll regret his actions, blah, blah, blah. Akatsuki just shuts her up by throwing his jacket to cover up. Now off you go and don’t forget to dry clean it too.

A terrorist group known as Ake No Tasogare (Dawn’s Twilight) are holding hostages in a building floor. They are demanding the release of their captured comrades at the summit and will not negotiate. Failure to do so will result in the deaths of the hostages. Though it is noted that such hostage taking is not their style. Haruka and her other student council members, Minami Aihara and Ryouhei Uesaki enter into the fray and take out the terrorists one by one as they make their way into the main room (don’t expect any Die Hard material here). It’s not over yet as one of the terrorists takes a little girl as his hostage and demands a helicopter for his escape. Haruka has no choice but to oblige. Suddenly out of nowhere, from the wind, comes Akatsuki to knock that guy out and save the girl. Young or old, he won’t take lightly on anybody who makes girls cry. After taking care of the rest and the day is saved, Haruka still wants to reprimand Akatsuki over his recklessness. Could have gone wrong this, could have gone wrong that. Who cares? It ended happily, right? See how grateful the little girl’s mother is? One of the terrorists masquerading as the hostages thought of blowing up the building but was confronted by Kaidou. He chides him for misusing the group’s name and is going to teach him a lesson. We don’t know what he did but those screams sure sound painful. Myuu is surprised to see Haruka at the door. Did Akatsuki get into trouble again? It’s natural to worry like this, right? Surprisingly, she’s here to return his jacket. She got it cleaned. Twice. So what’s gotten into her lately? I call it tsundere…

Episode 7
At Aleclaster Imperial Granada Palace, the bigwigs that include Listy, Volk Rem Aleclaster IV the Imperial Benedict of the Rishal Faith, Miranda Quenti the Archbishop of the Rishal Faith, Zechs Doltrake the Minister of War, Loutier Trum the Spiritual Advisor and Baram Dai Aron Disdia the Emperor of Disdia are discussing about the missing Demon King’s daughter. Baram proposes to send someone immediately after her. Listy mentions ever since Garius’ death, the demons have been keeping to themselves in the Gale Pane woods. If they take any action, they may grow hostile. But if Myuu shows up, they can bare their fangs at them again and even though she has not committed any sin but they need to be careful since her existence throws their peaceful future into question. Meanwhile Myuu has trouble choosing a swimsuit so she closes her eyes and randomly picks. This is what you get when you leave it to luck. So the gang are at the beach courtesy of the little girl’s mom gratitude. And Haruka still can’t stop b*tching about everything. Even she said it was rude to refuse. Akatsuki has a glimpse of Myuu’s swimsuit but wonders why she chose it if she’s so embarrassed. But he points out there are other girls with even flashier swimsuits. Take a look around. He even quips if there are perverts staring at her… Oh, is he talking about himself? Myuu invites Haruka to play with them but she has her reservations. Till Minami and Uesaki tell her she’s just thinking too much about them. Avoid them too much and she’ll end up looking like an ungrateful b*tch. So I guess she has no choice but to go. By herself since her pals have some excuse to stay out.

The gang see Kaidou who is part of the committee organizing the annual Swimsuit Beach Tag event. Since Myuu wants to participate (to win prizes as she’s tired of being a freeloader), the rest participates. Even Haruka. Since she got ‘no choice’. Out of the large pool of participants, only one will be chosen as the runner and the rest will have to grab the runner’s swimsuit. Don’t worry, the runner will be chosen from a random male. Guess who? Yup. Akatsuki. See all the faces of the women turning into demons? They’re out for his pants! So better start running! Whoever holds his pants after one hour is the winner and he can run wherever he likes within the sands of the beach which serves as boundary. So we see lots of girls starting off eagerly but it’s two way too because if they can try to take off his trunks, he can take their swimsuits off too! And you know how bloody good he is. Yeah, now the game is turned the other way round with the runner turning the tables on his pursuers. I guess the men are spared but it’s surprising that just the top bra off and the girls can’t ‘move’ anymore. The only ones left are Myuu, Chikage, Kuzuha and Haruka. They plan on taking him down before they get completely stripped. Too bad he found them. But Chikage and Kuzuha work together to trap him in a sand pit. If this guy can walk on water and jump onto high cliffs, you think this pit hole is going to keep him down? So out Chikage goes and before he could fully remove Kuzuha’s one piece, he is stopped by Kaidou that since this event is broadcasted live onto TV, it may be cancelled if underage kids are participating. So with 20 minutes left, I guess he goes after Haruka who holes herself up in the women’s shower room. She thinks she’s safe. Think again because here comes Akatsuki barging in with no shame! Hey, it’s still within the boundary, right? If he can put up with all the women throwing things at him. So it’s a showdown with Haruka. Can she learn from past mistakes not to get her swimsuit stolen again? Akatsuki gets distracted by Minami in the shower so Haruka uses this chance to grab his pants. However she slips on a soap but Akatsuki catches her. No need to thank him. He got her swimsuit as a reward. And she is the only one he completely stripped naked! Myuu thought she’s fine hiding in the ocean but you can’t keep hiding from Akatsuki, can’t you? She tries diving to hide but is in risk of drowning. So how? Akatsuki grabs her boobs with an excuse that if she tries to cover herself, she’ll drown. Haha! His hands may slip if she touches other places. The event is over and since the duo are outside the boundary, they’re disqualified. Akatsuki carries Myuu and leaps back to shore. Myuu thinks about her father’s words and won’t kill him.

Baram theorizes that Myuu was brought to the other world by no other than that hero because people from the other world are the only ones who can go through the Transport Gate. Listy views Akatsuki as a hero who singlehandedly defeated Garius and now they’re treating him as a traitor. Baram is going to send Phil Barnet to the other side seeing he too came from the other world and leaves him in charge of finding Myuu and bringing her back. He even gives permission to kill Akatsuki if he gets in the way. Listy objects but was told if she protects Akatsuki, she is siding with the enemy as the Demon King’s daughter only brings misfortune. Still thinking Akatsuki is their hero, Baram says the real hero is Leon Esperio who died while protecting Akatsuki from the Demon King. Akatsuki is just a Rouge Hero. On top of that, she and her subordinates who survived the ordeal ran away and hid themselves. He calls them cowards. Listy adds Akatsuki rushed to aid him and because of this, many of her people survived and this even led to the formation of her own kingdom, Sheffield. Akatsuki submitted to that title because he felt guilty over Leon’s death. She wants him to stop insulting her kingdom’s hero. Baram has no qualms about her faith in whoever she chooses to believe in but the same can’t be said for him. He will only take back his words if she proves his theory wrong. Before Phil departs, Zechs wants to test his skill level and draws his sword.

Episode 8
I don’t know what Phil did but it left Zechs and the rest pretty stunned. Some guards down too… Baram tells him the real enemy is elsewhere so off he goes into the Transport Gate. The ranking test is about to begin and what Akatsuki understands from Kaidou is that everyone is out for his head. But if he beats the crap out of all of them, he gets to be promoted to Class A. Myuu continues to be the centre of lots of stares. You know why. But despite her popularity, why aren’t boys trying to even talk to her? Ah… There’s her scary devil brother to deal with. Feeling like a bug repellent, eh? Since the student council are part organizers of this test, they will only participate on the second day. Speaking of them, here they come. Akatsuki really wants to get down and dirty with Kyouya but sorry to disappoint. He can’t participate in this test because he has to attend the all-important COCOON summit in which Japan is hosting. But he’s not going to be there 24/7, right? If the summit finishes on time, he may come back to face other finalists on the last day. Seems fine for Akatsuki. Haruka is being cocky that even without Kyouya around, Akatsuki is going to have a hard time with them, if not fail. I guess she really doesn’t know or she just doesn’t want to admit. So everyone is briefed on the rules of the test. It will last 48 hours straight to test how long they can fight and under what circumstances. You can sleep and rest during that time but be warned that the risk of being attacked is allowed. Lower rank participants who beat higher ranked ones will automatically advance and those who do anything inappropriate or be deemed unable to continue will be disqualified or retired respectively. So if you’re wondering why the students are wearing such an odd uniform, it’s because it’s infused with AD material as well. What I understand that a suitable battle gear will materialize. Hmm… Everyone seems like cosplaying for an RPG party. Of course the most eye catching one would be Myuu. More exposed! Worst than before. Akatsuki had to tell off the guys that his sister loves watching late night hentai anime, wear sexy swimsuits and is very sensitive about sex! FIEND!!!

The test begins and Team Kuzuha makes a brutal start taking out the first team. It even gets more brutal when Akatsuki is involved. No matter how many teams against them, they just can’t beat them. So even before the one-hour mark, the organizers are surprised that already 14 teams have been retired! All by you-know-who. Of course leave it to Haruka to remain cocky. Even her comrades don’t want to underestimate Akatsuki and he is more powerful than meets the eye despite his slacking attitude. This doesn’t sit well with Haruka as she wants to settle the score with him. Team Kuzuha must be earning a scary reputation for them to even afford a campfire dinner that would make others vulnerable to attacks. Akatsuki even suggests making their own hotspring to soak in and promises not to peep. That’s because he’s joining in with them! And to heal those tired muscles, he’s going to give them a massage. Thankfully that was just Myuu thinking too much ahead. Better refuse this offer while their virginity is still intact. They can’t rest yet as Haruka and co come seeking for a challenge. Her friends put it, ‘she can’t wait till tomorrow’. Since a pretty babe invited him, Akatsuki can’t turn her down and doesn’t want his teammates to interfere. Myuu’s heart feels strange when she chides Haruka for trying to pick on Akatsuki. But when she realizes that folly during the beach, she got pissed off and tells Akatsuki to hurry his ass into the battle and get his ass kicked. Before Akatsuki begins his bout with them, he is told Haruka put some barrier that will be off the organizer’s screen. This mean they can be brutal as they want without suffering any consequences. Also whether he wins or loses, because of his ‘outstanding’ performance today, he is guaranteed promotion to Class A. Haruka remains cocky. Akatsuki his usual cockiness. Haruka gets mad for the insult. Starts fighting. He’s too fast but she manages to hold her ground. Could’ve been done for if her teammates didn’t intervene. They remind her not to get her emotions involved because if she falls, everything they’ve worked for in JPN BABEL will be for nothing. Akatsuki breaks out from their barrier easily so the only way left is to fight him via hand to hand weapons. Before Akatsuki could unleash his worst, Kaidou interferes. Something emergency has happened. Noting Akatsuki has received real damage when the barrier set up is to only ensure the bodily damage happens in their minds, this means the barrier has gone off and the alarm hasn’t even been sounded. Something pretty bad has happened. An explosion occurs where Myuu and the girls are.

Episode 9
Myuu is worried about Akatsuki and wants to go to him. Kuzuha and Chikage want to come along not because they’re a team, but because they’re friends. They say how lucky Akatsuki is to have girls worry over him and to Myuu’s surprise, he is quite a hit with the girls like how the guys are with him. Sure, he may be a pervert but after that Cockatrice incident and standing up against the student council, is it a wonder why the girls take a liking for him? Suddenly Phil appears before them and Myuu recognizes his crest as the Sacred Knight of Disdia. The main programme has crashed and is acting weird. Kubota takes control and gives directives to control the situation and minimise damage. By the time Akatsuki arrives, the place is devastated. He finds Chikage and Kuzuha wounded close by. Kuzuha tells him Myuu ran off by herself to lead Phil away from them. Akatsuki orders the student council team to evacuate students in the battlefield while he goes after the perpetrator alone. He’s got to do what he has to do since his sister is in danger. Haruka feels she shouldn’t be doing this by himself, facing danger alone but as he points out, they can’t stop him. And they already know that. She promises they’ll catch up with him once they’re done with the evacuation. Phil is stopped by Onizuka. The delinquent attacks him with his fire and tries to use his cloning illusions but it has no effect whatsoever on him. It’s not like Onizuka is interested in Myuu. This is a matter of pride. He has always been unable to accept his own weakness and takes it out on others via bullying. He even plotted revenge by those who are ranked higher than him till he realized his pitiful attempts at glory were manipulated by a terrorist. In the end, he still got blamed for everything. Thanks to Akatsuki, casualty was kept to a minimum but his lust for revenge was guided by terrorists. He won’t run away from his own weakness anymore. I’m sure Phil is not interested in all that and attacks back till he is knocked out. Since he is not really helping the Demon King’s daughter, he lets him live and has no reason to kill him. When Onizuka wakes up, he sees Akatsuki healing him. He tells him that saving his sister is more important. I guess he is right. So Akatsuki calls Kaidou out (he knows he is been followed ever since the test started) and wants him to take Onizuka back for treatment. I suppose Kaidou has to since if Onizuka dies, his life will become ‘difficult’. Uesaki manages to broadcast that the test is cancelled under the emergency and warns Akatsuki not to take things into his own hands. You think he will listen?

Myuu remembers Haruka told her about some prophecy she saw in her. Some crap about her choice embracing solitude and rejecting fate. She was warned about the dangers that will surround her. Phil catches up to her and once again introduces himself and his mission as the new hero assigned to bring her back. But Myuu notes that those who have returned from Arezard never return there again. It is true that citizens of Arezard can’t pass through the gate and it’s something they have accepted as absolute truth. But Akatsuki did bring Myuu over, right? So there’s a possibility that they can return. Phil pins Myuu down and tells her when they return to Arezard, she’ll be executed. After Garius’ death, there is a faction of demons that have not stopped rebelling. But if Garius’ bloodline is completely destroyed, they will cease rebelling and she should die for the peace of Arezard. Myuu sees through his lies because it would be easier to kill everybody instead of just her. She knows he has to take her back alive as bait to lure out the demons and then kill them all. So if she knows the truth, what can she do to stop it? Phil plays further guilty mind games on her that if she commits suicide, he’ll kill her friends. She calls him a hypocrite unworthy of the hero title. But he points out the hypocrisy in her who ran off with the Rouge Hero who killed her father to preserve her own life. He adds as long as the Demon King’s daughter is alive, a new bounty hunter will take his place and she risks getting her friends involve. As long as she exits, people of both worlds will continue dying. Is she okay with that? I guess Phil was talking too long that it’s time for Akatsuki to make his appearance. Yeah, he won’t forgive the bastard for making Myuu cry.

Episode 10
As the guys clash swords, Akatsuki learns he was the one responsible for causing the havoc and the system to go down. Well, he needed to ask for information and they refused at first so he showed some power to beat them up and the rest complied. Phil notes the irony he is from this world while protecting that is considered an abomination from Arezard. You think he cares? Phil also learns about his chi manipulating thingy which isn’t magic. Not really believing it, he puts up a barrier for magic and the air pressure chi Akatsuki materialize just went straight through him. Phil then says Listy has been in sorrow ever since. Though he didn’t do anything to her, he desecrated Leon’s grave because he couldn’t accept him being a hero. Since the glory of the dead is eternal, it symbolizes its pointless existence. Sounds like he’s jealous just because he couldn’t be named the hero. He is going to bring Myuu back and become a hero. After getting punched by Akatsuki, Phil swiftly takes Myuu hostage and makes Akatsuki drop his weapon. He reveals his goal is to become the new hero and is willing to abandon this world and live in Arezard. After all, this world is as messed up as over there. Akatsuki can understand that but wants to know his reason to kill Myuu. In order to surpass Akatsuki, he needs to kill the Demon King. But since there is none, that onus now falls on Myuu. Akatsuki gives out a laugh at his pathetic conceited reason which is just plain stupid insecure macho jealousy. This works Phil up as he attacks him but his chi barrier protects him and after that pummels Phil into the ground! That was one heck of a beating. It’s not over yet because Myuu runs away. She feels guilty she will cause more people to die and have no place that she belongs to. She is going to kill herself and end everything. Wait. She’s going to jump off a cliff? But there’s a river below. Drown? Maybe her boobs are that heavy. Haha! Oops. But hell, Akatsuki is not going to easily let her die and saves her.

He reprimands her for listening to that bullshit but she still feels bad as long as she’s alive, people will suffer and die. He points out that would just be running away. Her father fought to the very end to ensure his daughter could live in a happy and peaceful world. Despite Akatsuki was the enemy, he still entrusted him with his dream. Her being alive is proof that Garius’ struggle had meaning. Dying would just mean betraying all that. She doesn’t know what to do unlike him. In that case, don’t die and save those she wants to save. If she can’t do that, don’t worry. He’ll do it for her. He has chosen this path and they’re not in this mess because she is the Demon King’s daughter and came to this world. It is because he killed Garius and brought her here. Have faith in him. Myuu still has her reservations because his kindness confuses him. Mentioning about losing her home, home is not a place. It’s in your heart. Also, it’s not possible for her to lose her home and that her home is with him! So if his kindness makes her uneasy, he’ll be rough with her. To punish those naughty ears for listening to that bullshit, he gently bites them! And for that insolent mouth for talking back, the punishment is a kiss! Enjoy the sensation. You just got to love this guy! Myuu thought she will be a bigger burden from now on but he reminds her Garius didn’t entrust him a burden but hope. After all that heroic talk, he suddenly collapses due to a poison wound on his neck. Now it’s Myuu’s turn to save him, she sucks the poison out and realizes his body temperature dropping. Only one way left. Get naked and use body warmth! Remember his sleepwalking? I think he’s going to rape her starting by groping her boobs! Then he wakes up and assures her everything is okay now. He was just using his chi to heal the poison. He cheekily points out all their ‘poison’ is gone and causes her to fluster for taking advantage of this situation. Well, she trying to help him made her irresistibly cute. I guess this time they took too long talking so Phil is back. He is amazed he survived the poison. Akatsuki is amazed he is still talking and standing because that pummelling should’ve messed up his body’s chi. He’s going to show why it didn’t work and transforms.

Episode 11
Chikage wakes up in the infirmary with Kuzuha by her side. The latter leaves her to rest as she’s going to settle some unfinished business. Phil seems to have formed a contract with an ancient spiritual life form back at Arezard and transforms into a huge white dragon known as Zahaag. Since Akatsuki hasn’t fully recovered from the poison, Myuu will be the decoy till he recovers. Better go fast before he says no. Kuzuha meets Akatsuki and learns what is happening. She plans to become a decoy too because 2 decoys are better than 1. Make that 3 because Chikage is joining in. When Kuzuha left, she had the same look on Myuu when she ran away from them. I guess Akatsuki can’t say no. He’s always having it his way so it’s right they can have theirs sometimes too. But they better not be pulling any reckless stunts. Myuu lures Zahaag away but is saved by Haruka before she is flattened. She and her student council members go on the offensive and soon Chikage and Kuzuha join the fray. Since magic doesn’t work, they use their weapons and Chikage uses a little science to explode hydrogen in the air to hurt the creature. They need to stall for 30 minutes before Akatsuki is fully recovered. Myuu uses a technique from her father on Zahaag but it backfires, causing her friends to get knocked out. Now in the tentacles of Zahaag, Phil reminds her about her sin to exist and to come back to Arezard with him. Myuu has learnt a lot from Akatsuki not to listen to this jerk’s words so she’s not easily swayed this time. She tells him Akatsuki is not a fake, not a Rouge Hero but a real one. For Phil, he will never become one because only a Demon King can acknowledge one as a hero when he fights his life on the line and judging his honour in battle. So even if she is killed, he won’t be acknowledged as a hero. Of course there is only one hero she acknowledges. No prize for guessing who. As for her hatred in her father getting killed, Garius is probably the last Demon King. She threw away her position as the Demon King’s daughter and now is just a girl named Myuu living with her friends. In that case, Akatsuki can’t be called a hero if she isn’t a Demon King. He’ll always be one in her heart. Phil doesn’t care anymore and is going to transport back to Arezard via this ancient life form. I guess all that talking was long enough for Akatsuki to ride in with Sleipnir and save Myuu from those vile tentacles. Now it’s his turn to do the piece of his action as he wants Myuu to bring the others far away and just sit back watch. Akatsuki incessantly strikes the beast with his sword and Zahaag returns that with incessant magic blasts. Zahaag starts to feel something strange and as pointed out, the chi attack on his sword left its mark though the effects were slow. Both sides power up for the final attack but to Akatsuki’s horror, Zahaag aims it at Myuu.

Episode 12
Thankfully Akatsuki was fast enough to protect Myuu. But of course. The cost is that his sword broke and he is an AD short to summon it. Myuu is worried so Akatsuki tells her to believe in him crap. She gives him her AD. Not only her. Haruka too. For insurance. So man and dragon once more face off to settle their unfinished business. When Akatsuki is seemingly losing and a moment before getting toast, Myuu screams out the reminder about his promise about her place of belonging. Akatsuki recovers and summons his badass sword and cuts Zahaag into half! Myuu is so happy that she comes crying into his arms. Meanwhile those shadowy figures are discussing about Akatsuki’s performance against the spiritual life form and defeating it all by himself. Also on the agenda include the stabilization of BABEL’s controls still in progress, the last stages of Plan Y and something about the Ake No Tasogare group. So we are let known that Kyouya is part of this group despite his face not shown but being called his name. He is talking to some higher up why he didn’t finish Zahaag himself. He notes this spiritual life form isn’t weak and if its breath had directly hit the Tower of BABEL, it would’ve crumbled to the ground. Even using Light of BABEL could’ve easily solved the problem but it would cause damage the size of 3km radius. He has a responsibility to look after over his students. His superior doesn’t care because the priority is Plan Y. At school, Kaidou sees Akatsuki hanging out at the rooftop. The latter disappointed he didn’t get to settle things with Kyouya. Akatsuki points out Akatsuki and his group have been promoted to Class A but Akatsuki knows it was sneaky Kaidou who magically chained Zahaag in its final moments before Akatsuki destroyed it. Either way, he is confident the results would’ve still been the same. After Kaidou leaves, we see him talking to his boss. Something about Akatsuki being a good match against Kyouya from COCOON. Though he doubts Akatsuki would join their group. He is told to continue keeping watch on him.

Listy chides Baram for using an underhanded tactic to contract Phil with Zahaag and did it secretly. Baram says they need to do anything they can to get her back and sees no wrong in using Zahaag’s powers if it’s used properly. He also mentions that the results will prove everything. If Phil returns home successful, he’ll be a hero. Otherwise he will take responsibility for his words and bow to Listy for his insolence. Suddenly Zechs and Loutier barge in to relay an important message. Monsters in the black mountain have begun fighting each other. Possibly it’s because they’re release from their control upon the death of their master: Zahaag. Now are you going to eat your words, Baram? Also another important news is that the combined forces stationed at the national border are eliminated as they were attacked by demons in the middle of the night. As Listy’s army begin to move out, she starts thinking about Akatsuki’s last words to her. Probably she really wanted him to come back so much so it reached Akatsuki. Yeah. He thinks it’s time to go. Before that, Myuu wants to tell the truth about herself to Chikage and Kuzuha but is nervous. Suddenly Akatsuki fondles her boobs and earns her wrath! I guess this was all part of his plan to ease her nervousness. But still… WTF. So once they listen to her story, Akatsuki announces he is going back to Arezard to check things out. Because they found out about Myuu’s location very fast, he has a hunch that someone from this world tipped them off that he brought her here. Guess what? Myuu wants to follow. Not only her. Chikage and Kuzuha too. Shouganai naaa… Haruka is outside Akatsuki’s house. What the heck is she standing there for 30 minutes?! Is it too complicated just to go in and give him some bracelet by Kubota? Even Kaidou had observed for that time span because it was quite amusing to see her as a ‘suspicious person’. Then they realize something is happening inside the house and rush in. Akatsuki and co are preparing to return to Arezard. I guess they can’t let them have all the fun or leave them alone so they join in too.

Ero Hero…
Oh my. So it ends halfway, eh? Why do they always do this? Because in case if there is a need for a sequel, you know the rest. There are so many things going on and probably lots of potential if you want to talk about the storyline and characters such as COCOON, BABEL, Arezard and whatever groups there are out there that this season just seems like an introduction to it all. Everything was just a setting or a beginning for things to come. If they make a sequel. Akatsuki didn’t get his fight with Kyouya so this is certainly on the cards. What about this secret COCOON organization with shadowy people and their Plan Y thingy? There are movements back at Arezard too and I’m sure that the demons aren’t just going to sit back and let the humans annihilate everyone of them, right? What is it that Akatsuki has against his father? At least the expression he puts up indicates he doesn’t like his old man too much. What about his relationship with the late Leon? What’s this secret organization that Kaidou is in? Don’t tell me he is with that Ake No Tasogare group. Even the simple part of how Akatsuki tamed Sleipnir seems to be elusive. The bike was so ferocious in not letting anybody touch it and then suddenly when Akatsuki puts up an I’m-not-going-to-lose-to-this-piece-of-sh*t-machine, suddenly he rides him like the wind. WTF. What happened in between? So many potentials, so many questions and yet to hear any sequel whatsoever. Do I care about all that? Looks like I stopped caring. But if you don’t expect too much, I suppose this action ecchi series may just pass.

Akatsuki as the main character is sure an amusing guy. If there is one word I should describe him, it should be cool. No doubt his perverted ways are questionable but for most of the time he is just a cool guy who doesn’t let others get above him. He has a way with words and doesn’t show hesitation in what he says or does. If you won’t do it, he’ll do it for you. If you can’t accept it, he’ll talk and persuade till you give in. He is the kind of guy you would love and hate at the same time. Of course his most questionable skill is still his stealth underwear stealing skill that every girl will never notice they’ve got their undies taken away. He’s better than the best magician on Earth. How on Earth does he do that?! I’m still pondering and laughing each time I think about it. And he’s just cool in doing it. If it’s not magic I don’t know what it is. Maybe just plain ol’ panty stealing skill. Perhaps the girls are too distracted with him to notice he got his hands on their undies. Best of all, he is not afraid to be a pervert too. Of course he has considerable strength so anybody who wants to mess with him better think twice. If he wants to be serious, he can be and you’re in real trouble when he is in this mode. Not that you have a better chance of beating him when he is fooling around either. He may not look like it either but he is not only a smart ass, but a smart guy too. You know the saying about clever people hiding their cleverness? Deep down despite it all, he cares and is a kind person. So Akatsuki is a good example of how not to judge a book by its cover. Except for his perverted ways of course. Not to be emulated in any way, please. In a nutshell, he’s got almost every quality that everyone would love to have in a hero except his perverted ways which makes it like a drop of ink in white milk.

I’m not sure about the demon race in Arezard because Myuu doesn’t look and act close one bit to a demon. For Akatsuki to slay the Demon King, it must be one big bad mother of all bosses, right? Then he has a daughter who is as sweet and naive as a high school student. Feels like it is out of place. So basically in this season, Myuu is trying to find a reason why she can’t kill her father’s murderer. With a good and suave guy like Akatsuki, is it no wonder that she is more and more attracted to him? I bet those are what her feelings are. Not brother-sister love kind of feelings. Then she begins questioning her own identity and existence and isn’t it ironic for a demon girl to feel guilty that she is causing trouble for others, especially her friends? How nice and considerate. If not for Akatsuki showing her the right path, maybe she would’ve turned into a badass queen back in her own world. So all Myuu wanted was acceptance and a place to call her own. Thank heavens that she also found that in Chikage and Kuzuha and most importantly, Akatsuki. Yeah, if that guy can take down a Demon King, he can make his daughter fall for him too. Some human he is. Maybe in no time, he’ll amass his own harem. As it is now, he’s got his own unofficial ones if you notice. That’s not even counting all the other unknown girls he is popular with.

Haruka feels like a b*tch of this series because she’s trying to find fault with Akatsuki, if not get her revenge ever since her first humiliating panty stealing incident. She acts tough like as though she is in authority in Kyouya’s absence but when confronted with Akatsuki, she is definitely shown her place and made to shut up. It felt so deserving when she gets that kind of backfire. You can’t beat this guy. That’s why she also feels like a tsundere when it comes to Akatsuki. Is it not hard to see that she really has feelings for him but her pride wouldn’t allow herself to admit it? Even I think Uesaki and Minami can see it and are more rational when it comes to dealings with that Rogue Hero. The other characters just feel well, they’re just there. Chikage and Kuzuha are just there to prop up a little moral support for Myuu. Of course the disturbing thing about Chikage is about her lesbianism but this isn’t so obvious throughout the series. Kyouya is just avoiding an early big showdown with Akatsuki and trying to gather a presence as a main antagonist if there is a sequel. Kaidou may be acting like Akatsuki’s self proclaimed best friend but we know he harbours many secrets and skills. Maybe Akatsuki noticed it all like how he noticed all his behind-the-scene moves. Just that he chose not to give a damn. What happened to Onizuka and that traitor spy Tanaka anyway? Then we have the characters from the Arezard. So the first and last time Akatsuki and Listy met was at the beginning of the first episode. She hates him for kissing her but still needs him. See how great this guy is? And now that she really needs him, we are given a cliff-hanger that they are going back to Arezard as this season’s end.

One reason why you watch this series is the fanservice (despite it itself isn’t that appealing). Akatsuki’s mind blowing skill is perhaps the main reason for this. How can you not take advantage of it when you’re so good at it? And poor Myuu has to bear the brunt for most of the time. I’m not saying that this show is filled with them to the brim but there are some to keep you ecchi fans occupied. I’m not sure if there are several versions but the one I watched was uncensored. Yeah. Panty shots and bare tits. No stinking blinding lights or darkness to cover those ‘delicious’ parts. There are several specials too that come with the DVD. But I wasn’t really turned on with the excessive harassments so I passed them. Just like the specials’ title suggests, there are going to be lots of embarrassing moments. Guess from who? I can already make a guess who is going to end up as the ‘predator’ and the ‘prey’.

As for the action, at first it started out lame especially during the Cockatrice fight. I had a feeling that it would end up pathetic all the way but as it goes by, I felt the action at least became decent. No doubt Akatsuki’s strength may make it seem he can pull off power punches. As for the drawing and art, it seems like it is of lower quality though I won’t go so far as to say it is bad quality. Sometimes the characters lack details. Is it just me or that the female characters especially look chubby? I thought it is this series’ style but somehow the Myuu in the ending credits animation seems slightly differently. A little bit slimmer. Hmm… Maybe it’s the angle? And I thought the white training outfit that the BABEL students where resembled a lot like Bleach’s Arrancar. Of course I’ve already said that their materialized battle gear during the ranking test makes them look like RPG cosplayers. Felt like more visual style and aesthetics over substance. Shouldn’t the AD material give them more armour? Reflects the heart, you say? Well, then I think it isn’t quite doing its job.

Nobuhiko Okamata is cool as the voice of Akatsuki, something similar like his other role as Usui in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama. Youko Hikasa has voiced a myriad of anime roles that I ironically can’t identify her anymore when I’m supposed to grow more familiar with her voice. Playing as the sweet Myuu, she doesn’t sound anything like Mio from K-ON!, Rias from High School DxD or Seraphim from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Still recognizable are Kana Hanazawa as Kuzuha (Tenshi/Kanade in Angel Beats) and Kana Ueda as Chikage (Rin in Fate/Stay Night). Likewise as Marina Inoue as Haruka just like her other haughty characters Yozora from Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, Kyoko in Skip Beat and Tsukiumi in Sekirei. Other casts include Atsushi Abe as Kaidou (Touma in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Takahiro Sakurai as Kyouya (Suzaku in Code Geass), Noriaki Sugiyama as Phil/Zahaag (Sasuke in Naruto), Rina Satou as Listy (Kaoru in Amagami SS), Satoshi Hino as Uesaki (Saito in Zero No Tsukaima), Ayana Taketatsu as Minami (Azusa in K-ON!), Takayuki Sugo as Baram (Leo in Bakuretsu Tenshi) and Hideo Ishikawa as Onizuka (Ukitake in Bleach). The opening theme, Realization by Faylan is a rock piece that somewhat reminds me of her other anime song, Last Vision For Last of Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. The ending theme is Ai No Sei De Nemurenai by Aki Misato and is a rock pop outfit.

What’s in a name of a hero? Is it his accomplishments and achievements seen in the eyes of others or is it his character? Each people have their own brand and definition to what they constitute a hero so some may be considered a hero but a villain in the eyes of others. I’m sure when we were young, we dream of becoming some sort of hero of justice. Whatever happened to that when we grew up along the way? We got disillusioned and perhaps abandoned our beliefs so we put all our hopes onto others who can do it instead. Being a hero is also tough because you have to live up to expectations of everyone else. And when you don’t, you’ll get lots of brickbats and scorn. It’s fine if you want to still play the hero. Just don’t stealthily remove girls’ panties. You definitely won’t get away with it. Maybe that’s what you call a He-Rogue…

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