Hakushaku To Yousei

February 13, 2010

Do you believe in fairies? Whether they do exist in this world is entirely a different story because if you like your animes to be fantasy and romance, then you definitely don’t want to pass Hakushaku To Yousei. If that’s a mouthful for you to pronounce, then how about its English equivalent then, Earl And Fairy. Oh yeah. Don’t forget the gorgeous looking people too.
The setting of this series takes place during the Victorian era back in old England at the turn of the century. Were you expecting some fantasy land with epic names like Lord of the Rings? Or even feudal Japan? Well, to me, it is a little refreshing ‘change of scene’ if I may call it. Lydia Carlton is your 17 year old Scottish lass and she is a fairy doctor. What on Earth is that? As far as I understand, there are some people with gifted powers and are able to see and communicate with fairies, in which other normal people couldn’t. And part of this fairy doctor job thingy is to mediate between the human and fairy world. Who else is suited better for the job, eh? If she was born a few centuries earlier, Lydia may have been burned on a stake for being a witch. Heck, seeing fairies is better than seeing dead people anytime, right? Because of this, I guess Lydia has few human friends to mingle with.
Episode 1 opens with hot looking blonde guy with ash mauve eyes, Edgar J.C. Ashenbert, interrogating some elderly professor about some ancient sword. The professor honestly doesn’t know and suggests that a person named Lydia may. Before anything further could happen, a gunshot is heard. The next scene shows Lydia back in her Scottish abode with her pet cat, Nico. This isn’t your ordinary cat. A little bit like Cheshire cat but not. Well, Nico can actually speak! Not to mention preferring to walk on 2 legs like humans and having a penchant for English tea. So I’m always wondering if everyone else can see that fairy cat since at times Nico can turn invisible. Would an ordinary person be surprised if he/she sees a talking cat? They’d better be. Lydia receives a letter from her dad, Professor Carlton, to meet her in London.
As Lydia boards the ship, a shipmate, Huskley has Lydia moved into a luxurious room onboard the ship. Nico also warns of some escaped American murder suspect that he read from the papers. In her room, upon opening her closet, a blonde man suddenly grabs her from behind. Lydia thought she would be killed but he whispered in her ear to save him instead. He tells her that Huskley is a bad person and he is being held captive on this boat and her fate will be the same too if they don’t escape. He is going to be killed. She has to believe him since he’s got all those wounds over his body. The duo plan their escape and with a little distraction, managed to get off the ship but not with Huskley and his henchmen giving chase but lost them. Once they are safe in a room, the man introduces himself as Edgar, the Blue Knight Earl. Edgar also has a tanned and loyal servant named Raven who would do anything for his master.
You can tell that this Edgar guy has taken a liking for Lydia though the latter isn’t really that interested and is going to leave. But her boat for London has already left and they are onboard another fancy ship to somewhere else. After having Lydia dressed in a stunning gown, they go have dinner with other wealthy people in the hall. They talk about fairies but the rest of the people don’t seem to believe in those children stories. Edgar too believes in fairies and his speech seems to have saved Lydia from her initial outburst about their non-believe in fairies but ironically the Earl (whom Edgar proclaim he is), who is supposedly the one who rules the fairy kingdom. Later outside on the deck, Edgar confronts Lydia and requests her help to retrieve the Merrow Sword. This sword is proof that he would be the Earl since he can’t see fairies (by right Earls should have this power), thus the reason he needs her help. Plus, there are other parties out to retrieve the Sapphire Star which adorns the sword. Lydia has no choice but to accept. No, not because he’s a good looking hunk. But rather she lost her belongings while escaping from Huskley and she is also his target now. I guess you could say Lydia’s life is taking a u-turn. What has she gotten into now?
I may not be well versed in fairies or the spirit kingdom but this series has a few terms of them. Not that I understand or recognize what type of fairies they are and the characteristics they possess but you can tell Lydia is an expert in this area. I’m reluctant to do more research on the types of fairies because I don’t want to have sleepless nights… So in episode 2, Edgar shows Lydia a coin with fairy language inscriptions as proof and as they decipher the meaning, it seems that the Merrow Sword is hidden in one of the vast territories of the Earl. Unfortunately, Edgar doesn’t know exactly where since the last of his kin died without telling him. Lydia suggests an island in Ireland since in Irish, Merrow means mermaid and that is the land famous for such folklores. Edgar writes a 500 Pound cheque for her service. Hey, those days such amount of money was considered big! Can’t refuse, eh? The ship captain comes in with his crew looking for an escaped American murder suspect and even states the recent event of taking a lady hostage. A crew notices Edgar to have the same features as the murder suspect. Blonde with ash mauve eyes but the captain stops him and ends his search in their room. The captain later tells his crew that it is rude to ask the Earl to stick out his tongue since the murder suspect has a cross on it. Furthermore, it is believed that he is already dead.
Lydia heard this news from Nico and tries to ascertain it herself while Edgar is taking a nap. Of course he had to open his eyes and he misinterprets that she was going to kiss him! Or was it French Kiss since in her shock she stammered "tongue". Later Lydia talks alone with Raven and finds out he is totally loyal to Edgar for accepting for who he is. Because of Raven’s green eyes, he was ostracized. Plus, he is half human to begin with. When the ship arrives at the destination, Huskley and his men are waiting for them. We learn that Huskley is out for revenge against Edgar, whom he identifies as John, as he killed his father. However Edgar says that it was Huskley’s bad shot which gravely wounded his dad instead (possibly that scene in the 1st episode). Raven appears as his left eye is glows green, his speed and agility increases while taking out the menace to give Edgar and Lydia some time to escape. However Lydia tripped and is taken hostage by Huskley. Edgar got injured while trying to save her (he calls out Huskley as Gotham?). They managed to successfully escape to an abandoned hut, Lydia learns that Edgar is indeed the murder suspect so Nico advices her to give him sleeping pills and make her escape. As Edgar mentions that she is still with him after knowing his identity, he reveals his past that he came from a royal family but was suspected of treason. His dad killed everyone and himself but Edgar survived. He was sold off as a slave to America but escaped. Thus that cross on his tongue serves more of a brand than a tattoo. He was also a subject of experiment on human brains in which Gotham was doing but managed to make a last minute switch.
Edgar may not be the true Earl and may have lost everything then, thus the only way out is to become the Blue Knight Earl instead of trying to get back his title tainted with treason. Edgar knows that Lydia has put something else in his tea and tells her straight that he would rather die now rather than get poisoned and her escaping. Since Lydia says it is sleeping pills and not poison, he quickly drinks the tea and says how his fate is decided when he awakes because if she escapes while he’s asleep, his life ends here. All this development must be too fast for Lydia to grasp, eh? The next morning, Edgar awakens and is relieved that Lydia is still with him and starts getting a little flirtatious but Lydia says her reason that she’s with him was because he hired her. Hmm… Maybe the effect of the sleeping pill is still on. Lastly, Huskley and the police escort arrive at the place of Lydia’s dad and inform him that her daughter is being kidnapped. Can’t expect Huskley to give in easily, eh?
Edgar, Lydia and Raven reached the Irish island in episode 3 and are received by a butler of an old castle, Tompkins, who has Merrow blood in him. He warns them that many who visited the place and attempted to prove that they are the real Earl die within 3 days after leaving the castle. After another short wooing from Edgar (like kissing her caramel coloured hair. Not rust like how other people would say) in which Lydia is still persistent in fending off (saying got easily tricked by his charms?), Edgar has a little talk with Raven and it seems Edgar is not willing to lose anyone anymore after losing Ermine (Raven’s half sister). Lydia is eavesdropping as Raven caught her in the act. Lydia is still terrified on how Raven immobilized the menace back then so she questions his loyalty if he would really kill if Edgar orders to. But Raven says Edgar will never order him to do that and the evil spirit which resides in his left eye may take over his consciousness and start killing anyone who threatens his master. When she says if anyone could be his master, Raven returns the question if she would be his master to teach him what is right and wrong. This had her speechless. The next day, the trio gather as they start the hunt of finding the Merrow Sword with the clues and knowledge in hand. Their search is interrupted with yet again, you guessed it, Huskley and co. Raven once again distracts them to give his master and Lydia time to escape. The duo then come face to face with Lydia’s dad. He wants Edgar to free Lydia but Edgar surprises them all instead by asking his daughter’s hand in marriage! Huskley catches up and is going to shoot but Professor tries to stop him but was shoved aside. Edgar and Huskley struggle and a gunshot is heard. As Lydia and Nico escape, they come into contact a menacing fairy dog that Lydia recognizes as an Unseelie Court.
Raven appears in the nick of time to battle the spirit in episode 4. The dog retreats after a while. During that time, Lydia and Professor has been locked up. Raven comes to inform her to wait for Edgar’s rescue. Soon Huskley has Lydia lead him to the goal but is knocked out by Edgar and Raven. Edgar could’ve killed him if Lydia didn’t stop him, worried that her father’s life would be in danger. They continue their journey unlocking several places with the clues and objects they have in hand. Then at the underground winery, Nico tells Lydia to immediately kill Edgar once she gets her hand on the sword since the Merrow don’t care who the Earl is as they’ve been waiting for a long time. As they cross the chasm, Huskley and co catches up to them. He threatens to kill Professor but Raven is unfazed and activates a key to collapse the bridge. Edgar and Lydia rush deep into the cave and sees a Merrow taking a form of a young girl. Edgar sees the sword nearby and grabs it. However it was just a mirage. The real sword is in Lydia’s hands since she was able to see it. Lydia tells him how Raven told her about the need of a human sacrifice and thus the reason he hired her. So Edgar admits defeat while ordering Raven not to do anything. Edgar takes the sword with his palm and starts bleeding before disappearing. Then she realizes Edgar need not have a blood sacrifice since he has a mark on his body which resembles the Sapphire Star. Huskley and co manages to catch up once more but Nico and his bunch of little fairies subdue them as Lydia is going into the fairy world, promising to bring back Edgar.
She finds Edgar in the Merrow world and decides to negotiate with the Merrow for Edgar’s release. The Merrow agrees but Lydia must exchange her soul for it. Edgar stops the Merrow in time and shows him the tattoo on his tongue. Though the Merrow notes that it doesn’t resemble the Sapphire Star, it is still a star. The Merrow bestows the Sapphire Star on the Merrow Sword and makes Edgar their Earl. A few days later. Edgar has been officially recognized as the Earl and he officially appoints Lydia as his fairy doctor. And she thought she’ll return to her quiet normal life, eh?
In episode 5, a guy named Kelpie meets a fairy named Marigold who tells him that she has a ring moon gift for the Earl but Kelpie made a quick switch. Meanwhile, Lydia is made to attend a ball by Edgar. But since she can’t dance, he hires a dance instructor. However that dance instructor tries to assassinate Lydia and if not for Raven’s quick reflexes, she would’ve been a goner. Raven notices his scarlet crescent moon necklace as the assassin makes his quick escape. Then Edgar tells Lydia how the picture of Tytania he received resembles greatly to Lydia in terms of cuteness and mysterious character. Then Marigold comes to see Edgar (in a form of a young girl so that he could see her) to talk about the marriage between the Earl and her queen Tytania but she is afraid since she has lost the real moon ring to symbolize that marriage and fears she would be reprimanded if she returned empty handed. They promise to find it and allow her to stay here temporarily. At the ball, Lydia wonders her dress is weird. Her comments caught the attention of a man, Paul Ferman, who is the one who drew the painting for the Earl. They chat about how Paul likes drawing fairies because since no one has ever seen them, it gives him creativity to draw them. Just before Lydia was about to dance, Kelpie appears. He is here to bring Lydia back to Scotland and marry her! Wait a minute. This guy isn’t human too. He’s some sort of aquatic fairy horse. Kelpie presents the stolen ring moon as proof for their engagement. The ruckus has Paul coming out so Kelpie thought he was the Earl. A little struggle ensued and somehow the ring ended onto Paul’s finger. Uh… No gay marriage, I hope. Yeah, he can’t take it off either. Edgar comes by and Kelpie doesn’t like him either. Another fight could’ve started but Kelpie backed off upon seeing Raven.
As Edgar and Lydia dance, he says he is concerned about Kelpie’s proposal but Lydia tells him that he wasn’t serious about her either. So a lot of love wooing kind of talking. Love made no sense… Any other normal would’ve chosen the Earl but you know Lydia herself isn’t normal… You get the point. Edgar is also worried because he thinks Lydia may have a heart for Paul. Lydia has had enough of this flirting game and tells him to stop. I’m not sure if it was her flashback that made her cry but it was enough for Edgar to conclude that she may hate him. Tomkins then comes by to hand Edgar a threatening letter with scarlet moon mark which intends to kill this fake Blue Knight Earl for pretending to be one and to hand over the Merrow Sword. Lastly, another fairy named Sweetpea comes looking for Marigold.
Sweetpea learns of the moon ring switch in episode 6 but intends to introduce Earl as their queen’s groom even if they don’t have the real ring since they’re tired of waiting. But Kelpie turns up and asserts that he’ll be giving Lydia the ring. Edgar ends the ‘discussion’ and decides to hire Paul to paint pictures for him with Lydia as his model till he gets the ring off. While Paul is sketching her, she learns that Paul continued to become a painter due to an encouragement from a person with Edgar’s physical traits when visiting a noble’s residence. After another one of those short spats between Edgar and Kelpie (he made the latter ate foie gras in which aquatic horses shouldn’t), Edgar wants Raven to investigate Paul’s dad whom he remembers going by the name of O’Neil. He also finds out that many people wearing the scarlet moon accessory is seen coming in and out from Slade’s art dealership. That night, another one of those flirtatious moments from Edgar as he kisses her hand. Edgar goes to see Professor on his opinion on the moon ring since he is an expert on minerals. From what I understand, the Blue Knight Earl’s fairy queen was named Gwendolen and was an archer. During that time, a bow and moon meant the same thing. And since Frandolen was also thought to be their daughter, their names could mean white bow and red bow, or white moon or red moon. Of course Edgar too asks about how Professor courted his wife who was also a fairy doctor (hint, hint). So he replies for Lydia’s case that one day an important person more important than her dad will erase all that uncertainty. Seeing Edgar so surprised and speechless for the first time. Was that the answer he was looking for?
Elsewhere, Paul is secretly meeting up with Slade who wants the former to eliminate that fake Blue Knight Earl. Looks like Paul is part of the Scarlet Moon group. But he seems hesitant. Later Edgar after bidding ‘farewell’ to Lydia, he goes to see Paul alone. He knows that he lied about not being able to take off the moon ring and that his real surname is O’Neil, though Paul denies this. Paul realizes that Edgar could be that young noble boy because only he knows that Paul initially wanted to be a poet. Paul prevents Edgar from drinking the tea he earlier laced with poison. He apologizes when a woman comes charging in towards Edgar with a poisoned knife. Edgar is laying unconscious back at his mansion as Lydia learns from Raven that Paul is a spy for the Scarlet Moon. However Lydia isn’t going to sit back and wait as she plans to do something.
That is to ask for Kelpie’s help. So in episode 7, she knows that Kelpie’s blood has to ability to cure the poison. Lydia promises to go with Kelpie to the fairy world in exchange for a little drop of his blood. Initially Lydia was reluctant to give it mouth to mouth since Kelpie says to place it where the blood flows. So she settled for his hand instead. Seeing that there is no effect, she decides to go for the mouth when Edgar awakens. He is relieved that his dream of Lydia leaving him was just a dream. The next day, Professor comes by to tell Edgar that Lydia has gone to live in the fairy world. Well, he’s not going to let her go like that after saving his life. Many times. After bribing Nico for more info and promising Marigold and Sweetpea to marry the ring, he goes to see Paul and the other members of Scarlet Moon. They are surprised he is still alive as Edgar shows them the proof of his Merrow Sword and makes them vow to serve under him. At first they didn’t believe him and are going to attack him but Paul stopped him saying that he isn’t under Prince. After Edgar suggests that they both cooperate to get back the moon ring, with Nico’s powers, Edgar and Nico teleport to the fairy world.
Meanwhile Lydia is with Kelpie and I can’t believe that horse was trying to mate with her! Luckily Lydia shoves him away. Kelpie feels someone is on his turf and goes looking for the intruder. Lydia hears Edgar’s voice and is surprised to see him here while Nico was the one who created that diversion. Edgar tries to persuade Lydia to come back but she mentions she can’t break her promise with a fairy. Kelpie then finds them so Edgar suggests agreeing to his proposal saying that a promise between humans can be broken anytime (so true…). Reluctant at first, Lydia puts on the moon ring as they are transported back to the human world. Well as for Kelpie, he agrees to wait seeing that 30 or 40 years is considered a short time in the fairy world. The next day as Edgar thanks Lydia for saving Paul, he also mentions that his paintings weren’t that great. He also thinks of visiting Professor for a formal proposal. Lydia tries to use that breakable human promise excuse but she should’ve seen this coming because Edgar says she did agree to it and doesn’t remember saying anything like that! He’s so good at this game.
In episode 8, Paul wakes up to find a young woman sleeping next to him. Did he turn into a pervert? Well, that girl isn’t ordinary either because the tears she shed turn into amber. Back at the mansion, Edgar once again is trying to get flirtatious with Lydia and obviously Kelpie isn’t amused. A fairy elf named Coblynau appears to explain that the moon ring belongs to the wife of the Earl. He also puts the ring onto Lydia’s finger and states only Edgar could take it off, much to his delight. Coblynau advices Edgar to treat his ‘wife’ better so he suggests a party to introduce Lydia as his fiancee. Raven accidentally saw Lydia and the maids putting on her corset so as punishment, Edgar has Raven wear a dress. During the party, Paul brings the girl and Edgar misunderstood at first but Lydia recognizes that she is a banshee. When a banshee cries tears of amber, it heralds the death of someone in the household. Furthermore, Banshee doesn’t remember anything much except that her master was Gladys, who is in fact the previous Earl. When Paul and Banshee left, Edgar requests Lydia for a kiss but she refuse of course so he hugs her instead. Soon all of O’Neil’s art works are destroyed and they conclude that this is the doing of Prince and his henchmen. Later when Raven asks on what to do with the amber, Edgar thinks of making a necklace out of it but Lydia suggests burning it as it symbolizes sorrow.
When Lydia promise to support Edgar as long as he did not ask her to marry him, he couldn’t allow burdening someone whom he only hired and if she isn’t happy, he doesn’t need her and takes off her moon ring. Outside the stairways, Lydia sees Kelpie who hugs to comfort her but Raven interrupts. He tells the horse to get lost but Lydia tells Kelpie to go away instead. Raven advices Lydia not to betray Edgar even though their engagement is a sham it is still an engagement. Raven goes to tell Edgar about Kelpie’s advances so Edgar tells him to protect her as a friend and not because she is his fiancee. Elsewhere as Paul and Banshee chat and the former left to take his sketchbook so he could sketch her, Ermine suddenly appears and tells Banshee that she will bring him to her real master. Lastly, Edgar is thinking of leaving Lydia to protect her.
In episode 9, Paul requests Nico’s help to locate Banshee. This leads them to a dark building and to a man named Ulysses, another fairy doctor and the one with the direct blood and descendant of the Earl who is also working under Prince. Paul tries to convince Banshee that Edgar is the real Earl but Banshee feels the power of the Earl coming from Ulysses. Later Nico is bundled in a box and sent to Edgar’s mansion. When Nico comes to, he starts to panic that his whiskers are gone. After calming down, Nico tells what happened but couldn’t remember more and the woman by Ulysses side was a selkie (Ermine). Then Paul returns and it seems the reason he is alive is because Ulysses wants to find a special amber to unlock Banshee’s memories. If those memories of the former Earl are unsealed, then it would give Ulysses the powers of the Earl. Later Kelpie confronts Edgar and wants him to annul their marriage to avoid Lydia being dragged into some mess and tries to hypnotize him. He escapes when Raven comes in. Raven says he thinks he saw Ermine but Edgar says a dead human can’t be revived. Edgar is at Slade’s club investigating a painting of O’Neil for the special amber and tells Slade to directly tell him or Raven if there is any important development instead of going through someone else like his delivery boy Jimmy. Lydia, worried about Edgar makes a late night visit to his mansion and of course Edgar is happy to see her. Could it be that she has finally realized his love for him? Not. Lydia decides to leave but after seeing that Edgar is a little drunk, he tries to support him but it was just a trick as he hugs her. He then carries her to his bed. After all that sweet I-can’t-leave-you talk and just before he passes out, he unconsciously whispers "Ermine" in her ears. And she thought she was ready to give her all his heart. The final scenes show Jimmy transforming into the Unseelie Court dog and entering Ulysses’ place.
Edgar wakes up from a dream whereby Lydia has left him in episode 10. Fed up of his flirtatious ways, eh? A warning sign? Anyway he couldn’t remember much from that night as Lydia had already left. So Edgar has Tomkins prepare a carriage to Lydia’s place. There, he tries to propose to her and misunderstood that he did something to her since he noticed her eyes swollen from crying. But after learning nothing happened, we see that Lydia’s reason for being upset at him was he said another girl’s name instead and makes him leave. Ah, women… A funny part was Edgar was asking Raven to list all the possible names he would say while sleep talking so when Raven suggests if he should do it alphabetically, Edgar takes back that idea. Haha! Such a playboy. Later Edgar, Paul and Slade meet up to decipher a hidden meaning on the painting and it seems to say about the birth of the evil Prince and the hope for the next Earl to destroy this evil. Edgar is back alone in his room when Ermine appears to take Edgar to Ulysses. Meanwhile Lydia is dreaming that she is riding on Kelpie to the moon but Coblynau stops him saying that she is the Earl’s fiancee. Of course it was Kelpie who had infiltrated her dream as he says how once the Earl dies, the promise is dissolved. Lydia realizes why Edger removed her moon ring and decides to go help him. She goes to Edgar’s mansion but only finds Paul. They discuss about the painting Edger was investigating and with Coblynau’s help, they find that the special amber is being used as a paint material in this painting. Lydia wants Coblynau to open a path to find Banshee as Paul tags along.
Meanwhile Raven couldn’t seem to find Edgar and there are no traces of him leaving the house. He asks for Nico’s help to open a path to bring him to Edgar but Ermine appears instead and will bring them to him. Edgar is seen with Ulysses and we learn that even though Ulysses was the unrecognized and illegitimate child of the Earl’s main family (which has ceased to exist), Edgar was groomed to be the Prince’s successor instead. Edgar remembers Ulysses as a high class middle-aged man but the latter mentions how all those memories were implanted. Ulysses mentions Edgar should’ve played his part as the Prince’s vessel but Edgar suggests a bet to see who is more fitting to be the Blue Knight Earl, upsetting him. So I can see why Ulysses hates him so much. Not only being chosen as Prince’s vessel but also taken the title of Blue Knight Earl.
Paul and Lydia arrive at Ulysses’ weird place in episode 11. A sky with 2 moons? Anyway they find Banshee in her room and Lydia knows that the death prophecy is for Edgar and not Ulysses. Jimmy then calls Banshee to see Ulysses. Not wanting her to go, Lydia dons her cloak and goes in her place and leaves Banshee in Paul’s hands. Can’t believe the dog can’t smell the difference. She arrives in Ulysses’ room, as Edgar continues to mock and upset him. As Ulysses comes closer, Edgar quickly pushes him away and steals Ulysses’ pistol. At point blank, Jimmy bites Edgar’s hand so a stray bullet shot hits Ulysses’ shoulder. Lydia takes Edgar away although he wanted to finish Ulysses off. They escape and take refuge at a corridor from a pack of Unseelie Courts courtesy of some magic ornament from Lydia. When they’re gone, their chat feels a little like a lover’s quarrel. Okay, maybe not. Lydia is not too fond of him pulling off this dangerous stunt by himself but Edgar doesn’t want to drag Lydia into this mess. You know, that sort of stuff. And also Edgar mentioning it is his duty not to let Banshee fall into Ulysses’ hands because though he’s a fairy doctor, unlike Lydia, he makes fairies obey him rather than mediate between them.
However Edgar starts to reel from the Unseelie Court’s bite and suddenly they’re transported to the snowy outside and are being confronted by several Unseelie Courts. Thankfully the moon ring shields them from the cold. When 1 of the dogs is going to pound them, Kelpie appears to stop it. I don’t know if Edgar is trying to be a hero or what because he tells Lydia to go with Kelpie. So I guess Kelpie makes a deal with him as he will deal with the dogs while Edgar protects Lydia. The duo are transported back to the corridor. Do a lone aquatic horse versus menacing dogs. Who’ll win? The horse lah. Don’t know how. Don’t ask me. Meanwhile Banshee tells Paul that only Ulysses has the power to unlock her seal and that’s when he and Jimmy come in. Ulysses orders Jimmy to pin Paul done and gets rough on Banshee. He then tosses the painting into the furnace fire but it doesn’t burn. Realizing this is the true amber, he takes Banshee away and chants some spell which has a pair of evil spirits passing through Paul’s body, knocking him out. Meanwhile Edgar can still have that talk about whose girl’s name he murmured when he was drunk. He’s even having thoughts of kissing Lydia after finding out that they didn’t do so. Lydia hints that he may do so if they get out of here safely. Now, that’s some motivation. Suddenly Ermine appears before them and says she will show them the exit.
Raven and Nico arrive in episode 12 as Raven learns that Ermine may be obeying Ulysses because he stole pelt when she turned into a selkie after dying at sea. As Ermine leads them to the exit, they see Paul just waking up alone in the room. When Edgar learns that Banshee and the painting have been taken, he locks Lydia and Paul in the room and decides to retrieve the stolen items back. Edgar and Ermine meet Ulysses and Jimmy in a room as Ulysses continues to be harsh on Banshee. He then burns the painting with his blood. Banshee regains her memories, shed tears of amber before collapsing. Then Ermine takes Banshee hostage and threatens that if Banshee dies, neither will obtain Gladys’ power. She also mentions she has been obeying Ulysses just to protect Edgar. But Edgar tells her to release Banshee and will not allow members of his family to be killed. Ulysses summons evil spirits to take out Edgar but Raven arrives in time to slice them all. Paul and Lydia too arrive at the scene (Nico unlocked them). When Raven learns how Edgar was hurt, his evil residing spirit goes berserk and is going to aim for Ulysses, only to be protected by Jimmy. So Raven takes on Jimmy and beats the latter thanks to a little diversion from Nico. The other evil spirits are going to attack but Kelpie too appears in time to keep them at bay. Ulysses orders Banshee to hand over Gladys’ power but she tries to bargain she’ll do so in exchange to spare Edgar’s life. Plus, Banshee doesn’t consider him her master. Lydia goes downstairs so Edgar tries to protect her but an Unseelie Court is going to wound him. Banshee takes the fall meant for him.
Lydia then shoots the gun Edgar earlier gave her at the moon since this place is enveloped by darkness by the linking of the 2 moons. I don’t know if it’s possible but Lydia managed to hit the moon and bring sunlight to the place, destroying all the evil spirits and healing Edgar’s wound. Heavily injured Jimmy opens a portal for Ulysses to escape so he warns Prince will arrive in England soon and disappears. Banshee tells the gang that she didn’t obey Ulysses because she remembered what she was supposed to do. Also, Edgar acknowledged and protected her like one of his family. Therefore the prophecy will be fulfilled with her death. She hands Edgar the key of Ibrazel and hope he will protect the people of the land from Prince before disappearing. Back in the real world, Edgar says how he once didn’t care about dying but ever since he met Lydia, he only thought about living because it’s his exclusive privilege to love her! Don’t want some other guy taking her away, eh? He continues that he will be the Blue Knight Earl to protect the people he love and wants Lydia to help him and be with him forever. Though she stands firm on not marrying him, he reminds her about the kiss if they got back safely. Not wanting to force her and willing to wait till her heart desires, he kisses her forehead instead.
So it ends another fine series. As usual a possible sequel is at hand seeing the several developments towards the end of the series, though nothing has been said about it yet. I’m curious to know who this Prince guy is. Is he such an ominous villain who will bring misfortune to both worlds as painted by those who know his true powers? I’m also beginning to wonder what happened to Huskley and his men. Perhaps once Edgar has become the Earl, they failed in their quest and stopped? Are they any chance related to Prince? Well, if you’re ever interested, go read the light novel, which is still currently running (last time I checked, around 15 volumes already). The anime’s storyline is probably okay considering the short number of episodes. It quickly shifts from Edgar obtaining the Merrow Sword into a noble who will be fulfilling his duties as Blue Knight Earl against the threat from Prince.
My favourite character is Edgar. Why? Simply because of his smooth and sweet talk! You have got to love the choice of words he uses which puts Lydia in a tight spot. Whether it’s about love or a job (mostly on the former), he’s such a smooth operator. If I was a girl and quite naive, man, I would have fallen for his charms! Oh yeah, I forgot he’s probably attracted to un-normal girls like Lydia. Lydia on the other hand, tries her best to hold her ground and not get Edgar’s charms get in her way. Hey, it’s an employer-employee relationship, eh? Then what about those company bosses having midnight flings with their secretaries? But that’s a different story. I’m sure with the interaction between the duo all the while, the love chemistry romance has to end up as Edgar x Lydia. Too bad for the rest. Can’t think of another fitting pair.
Nana Mizuki is definitely suitable to voice characters such as Lydia. Her innocent yet independent strong voice does nicely fit the character very well. Her other roles include Oboro in Basilisk and Moka in Rosario To Vampire series. Credit goes to Hikaru Modorikawa who voices Edgar whose character’s voice maintains the noble and gentlemanliness at all times. He was also the voice of Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi series and Rukawa in Slam Dunk. Other casts include Hiro Yuuki as Nico (Claude in Star Ocean EX), Hiroshi Kamiya as Paul (Itoshiki in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series), Tomokazu Sugita as Raven (Gintoki in Gintama), Sayaka Ohara as Ermine (Alicia in Aria The Animation), Takehito Koyasu as Kelpie (Kururu in Keroro Gunsou) and Mamoru Miyano as Ulysses (Sho in Skip Beat).
As the drawing and art lean towards a more bishie feel, I guess when the fairies take on human form, they look gorgeous or pretty. Yeah, even the baddies to look good. Hey, this is England so why do I get this odd feeling that everyone does not look like your typical English Caucasian? Yeah, the influence of Japanese anime, I’d say. The opening theme, FEELING, by Acid Flavor is a lively rock piece while the ending theme, My Fairy, sung by Hikaru Modorikawa is a slow pop ballad. One thing which bugs me during the end credits animation is the sleeping semi-naked topless male characters in the series! Hot bods! Yeow! And it ends with Edgar and Lydia hugging each other sleeping. Semi-naked too. Hint, hint…? Yeah, she will always be his fairy.
While I don’t take any sudden interests in fairies or spirits after watching this show, it’s not that I totally do not believe in them. Just with a pinch of salt. But if you take a closer look at the world, each culture and civilization is rich with their own versions of folklores and myths. Some are fascinating and some downright scary. So do we really need a fairy doctor in this world? I don’t know about that, I may need an anime doctor to cure my obsession of animes. Now, if only I had Edgar’s verbal persuasive skills…I take my leave and so goodnight my fairy. Pfft! Lame!

Hakushaku To Yousei
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