December 10, 2005

Cute furry hamsters. Yup, that’s the main attraction of the anime Hamtaro. Actually, it’s not like I’m totally infatuated with these little creatures. In fact, it’s more of the wierd stuffs they do. Basically the anime is all about the hamsters having their adventures. Just like their motto ‘Little Hamsters Big Adventures’. So mainly these ham-hams (that’s what these hamsters are also nicknamed) go around having some crazy adventure of their own like helping some other hamsters in need, trying to save themselves and escape from nasty predicaments, or even sometimes do a spoof of some movie. Well, it’s quite comical in some way, I should say. Then there’s one thing that bugs me a little. Do you know that some of the hamsters have man-made items? I mean, it gives a sense of ‘uniqueness’ to these hamsters. But, a hamster playing the guitar, not to mention the maracas, or having a sock tag behind, what about that one that wears a cape covering the whole of itself (looks like a pac-man ghost), and wearing spectacles too. See what I mean. Also, there’s a little side-story from the human side, Laura (Hamtaro’s pet owner) just to add a little depth to the story. And then at the end of each episode, we can see that Laura and Hamtaro before bedtime recaps the day’s incredible outing and hopes that tomorrow will be even more fun. I think this anime is targeted for little children. But it was a hit with the adults in Japan and here too! So for me, I think those hamsters are just cute. Cute, and let’s just leave it there like that, not even a little more. Oh yeah, the English opening theme is weird too. Weeeiiiiird…..

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