Hana Yori Dango

February 23, 2014

I guess this love story back then was popular enough. So well-liked that it spawned several live action sequels as well as live action series in other language. Yes, Hana Yori Dango may have debuted in its manga form 2 decades ago (1992 feels like a very long time) and after its anime adaptation in 1996, it spawned a Taiwanese version (Meteor Garden – oh, how I remembered my relatives watching this) and a Korean version (Boys Over Flowers). And very much recently, there is an American adaptation as well! Boys Before Friends? Well, I won’t have the luxury (or the right) to compare these series altogether since I didn’t (and probably won’t) watch them. Seeing that this old school love drama has caught my attention, that is why I decided to check out the anime version.

For any love dramas to be successful, I suppose there is going to be lots of obstacles in the way of our budding protagonists. They have to be different like day and night. They can’t click at first. They hate each other’s guts. After all that squabbling, misunderstanding, close encounters and love polygons, it’s time they finally realize that they should just stop beating around the bush and come clean. Yeah. That’s what sums up this show. Another reason why I think it’s popular is because the lack of reverse harem in that age. Hana Yori Dango has a single female protagonist surrounded by 4 hot handsome hunks. You read that right. Not one or two but four. Of course she is not going to fall for all of them.

The plot: Her life is made a living hell when she a nobody crosses path with the spoilt rich quartet kids of a prestigious school. They are like kings and do as they please just because their daddies hold power, money and influence. Other students are afraid of them and the teachers dare not take any action because their parents fund the school. Don’t want to be the case of the biting the hand that feeds you, eh? But our heroine is no pushover. Maybe that’s the first mistake she made. Instead of yielding to them, she goes against them just to stand up for what she believes in. And soon the war against love slowly turns into somewhat a war on love. As usual, with 51 episodes in its belt, it’s hard for me to remember everything. Therefore, an excuse to take the short cut by relying on somebody’s episode summaries. If you are still an obsessed fan of the series even till today, this Emily’s Hana Yori Dango Page site has some pretty decent episode summaries for you to refresh your memories (and mine). I usually only blog the so called ‘important’ points that I remember. Feeling lazy…

Tsukushi Makino – The main heroine of the series. Despite coming from a very poor family, she manages to enrol herself into the very prestigious Eitoku High School. I know it goes to show that with perseverance and hard work, you can still get into such school but there is an ulterior motive for this. Her parents hope she would snag a rich man, marry him and set for life. Such parents… But can you blame them since they’re always short of money?

F4 – That stands for Flower Four and refers to out spoilt rich brats of Eitoku. They rule over this school. Nobody dares crosses path with them. Till Tsukushi came along. F4 consists of Tsukasa Doumyouji (the not so very bright leader because he sometimes uses the wrong words – shows you why studying is important than goofing around), Rui Hanazawa (the more quiet and distant member of the group who is a great violinist), Soujirou Nishikado (biggest player in the group) and Akira Mimasaka (most mature in the group).

Yuuki Matsuoka – Tsukushi’s childhood friend and one of the very few friends she can trust. Despite trying to support Tsukushi, there is only so much you can do when F4 is involved.

Red slip on your locker – It is a sign that F4 has declared war on you. Once this happens, you’re finished. Everybody will be ganging up against you to a point you will quit school forever. Tsukushi earns this when she defends Makiko Endou after the latter accidentally bumps into Tsukasa. But instead of succumbing to pressure despite the constant bullying, she is adamant to complete her schooling years and prove that F4 can’t do as they please.

B*tch trio – That even itself is an understatement. Yuriko Asai, Minako Yamano and Erika Ayuhara at first seem like genuine girls wanting to make friends with Tsukushi. They trick her into attending a jeans party so when Tsukushi arrives casually, she is stunned to see everyone in beautiful gowns and dress. Despite the trio trying to humiliate and make fun of Tsukushi as a stern reminder she does not belong to their class, she turns the table on them by humiliating them back in their own game. Who would ever want to date these b*tches because their goal is to snag rich men for their money (especially F4). They love bullying Tsukushi due to their over jealousy of her closeness with F4. Usually their plan backfire and are made to eat humble pie.

It’s all in the kick – Probably the reason why Tsukasa started to develop feelings for Tsukushi because of her kick to his pretty face! I guess she’s different than the rest of the other girls who either fear him or try to put on their fake friendly face just to get close to him.

Extreme makeover – Suddenly Tsukushi is whisked away to Tsukasa’s mansion (where he lives alone because his parents are always busy working overseas and his sister is married to some famous American hotel heir) where she is given an extreme makeover from a plain Jane into Miss Universe potential. Can Tsukushi get used to this? Probably not. Oh, trying to give an excuse that he can hang out with him in his mansion instead of school is not going to cut it.

Who’s that guy? – Tsukasa looks very much different (if not, much better) when his hair is down. This only happens when his hair is wet. Otherwise, it’s back to that natural curl.

Emergency exit door – Rui’s favourite place to hang out and bum around staring into space. Is it just more than coincidence that Tsukushi always finds herself drawn to this place? Or him?

Kazuya Aoike – Another childhood friend of Tsukushi. One word for this guy: Wimp. A bit of a retard too if you ask me because the way he acts, it’s like his role is to be the comic relief of the series. Secretly likes Tsukushi but what are the chances of that being reciprocated? He enrols in Eitoku because his family recently became rich. However after Tsukasa sees Tsukushi hanging out with this wimp, he earns a red slip. Just for that? He didn’t even know what hit him. Tsukushi vows to protect Kazuya from the torment of others.

Is this first love? – Tsukushi has always noticed Rui acting different from the rest of F4 because there is a little kindness in the way he acts. When Kazuya gets a red slip and the duo on the run from the very persistent Eitoku bullies, suddenly Rui stands up to tell them to stop this childishness. Not up to going against an F4 member, eh? Because Rui continues to help Tsukushi, Tsukasa sever ties with him and they are not on talking terms.

Shizuka Todou – The beautiful model currently based in France is Rui’s first love. Guess what? She makes a surprise return to Eitoku. What does this equate to? Possible love triangle.

House visit – Have you ever imagined the president of USA suddenly visiting your little home? This isn’t what Tsukushi have in mind when Tsukasa suddenly drops by. Worse, her parents try to kiss up to him like mad because they know he is the son to the great Doumyouji Empire and if Tsukushi marries him… Tsukushi is surprised that Tsukasa displays his politeness and mannerism. Maybe this guy isn’t such a brat after all.

Atami over Hawaii? – Poor people like Tsukushi and Kazuya go to the local Atami beach for the holidays. Rich kids like F4 go to Hawaii. But when Tsukasa hears the duo going there, he too decides to change his plans and bring his luxury cruise ship (sticking out like a sore thumb in the eyes of the commoners) and his friends to this new holiday destination. Hawaii is getting bored, huh? Or is it someone interesting there?

Kiss in the dark – Tsukushi is forced to join a party on board Tsukasa’s cruiser. There is an event where the lights go out and anybody can do anything. Tsukushi fumbles and accidentally her lips meet with someone’s. When the lights come back on, oh dear, did she just kiss Tsukasa???!!!

Fishing is a man’s game? – When Kazuya learns of this kiss, he wants to fight one on one with Tsukasa. Via fishing. Eh? What? Well, at least Kazuya can fish out squids compared to zero Tsukasa. And this odd scene somewhat turns them into friends. Okay, maybe not. Tsukasa’s arrogance continues to mock Kazuya when he learns that wimp likes Tsukushi. In the end, Tsukasa gathers everybody to get a taste of grilled squid. Rich people don’t know what they’re missing… But this eases the tension between Tsukasa and Rui.

The b*tches are back – The b*tch trio still want to cause trouble. First, they try to stir things up by telling Tsukasa that Rui and Tsukushi are in love. They even have a video to prove it. However Tsukasa is having a bad day. He just witnessed Rui and Tsukushi talking casually at the former’s frequent hangout and is certainly feeling the green eye. After watching the video, Tsukasa gets angrier and breaks it. The b*tches add more fuel to the fire by making patronizing comments. Then he slaps one of them and sends them flying! (I revel in this!).

Killer eyes – Akira and Soujirou express shock because they know that Tsukasa with these eyes, he has become a killing machine. When he is in this mode, he once beat up a guy till his stomach ruptured and was hospitalized!!! So when Tsukasa meets Tsukushi, she can’t get away from him or his grasp. He punches the wall till his fist bleeds. Then he gets rough with her by forcing his way to unbutton her shirt. Then he suddenly calms down seeing the tears in her eyes (she thought she was a goner). Surprise comes when he kisses her and promises not to hurt her anymore. Wait a minute. He was trying to kill her a second ago and now, he becomes an angel that soothes her heart and a vow to protect her?

You’re invited – Tsukushi and her friends are invited to Shizuka’s birthday party. While Tsukushi is unsure of how to face Tsukasa, there is a bigger issue looming. Shizuka makes a surprise announcement that she wants to quit being a model and become a lawyer in France. Though her father disapproves of it, Shizuka shows her resolve by cutting her beautiful long hair and sever her ties with her family.

It’s none of your business – Rui is acting like nothing after Shizuka’s announcement. But does Tsukushi have to butt in to tell Shizuka to stay here for Rui’s sake? I’m guessing that with Shizuka around, she doesn’t have to sort out her feelings to fight over Rui. Because she knows she can’t match up to her. So if Shizuka leaves, it’s fair game for everyone for him. So Rui blows his top at her for interfering.

Last chance for goodbye – F4 minus Rui along with Tsukushi and Kazuya see off Shizuka at the airport. After she leaves the gate, only did Rui pop out. Why so late? Actually he was here earlier watching from behind a pillar. Tsukushi once more becomes emotional to tell Rui to go after Shizuka if he loves her. I think he already planned this because he shows them his air ticket to France. Go get her!

Can’t hear you – The airplane noise drowns out Tsukasa’s invitation to Tsukushi that he wants to go out on a date with her.

Dating for dummies – Yeah. That’s what Tsukasa was reading before his supposed date with Tsukushi. But he doesn’t need that crap because Akira and Soujirou are going to teach him all that they know. Leave it to the experts.

Out in the cold – Tsukasa actually waited for 3 hours for Tsukushi to show up. I guess it must be her gut feeling that made her show up. Otherwise she would have continued shopping with her mom. This causes him to have a little cold.

What’s going on in the elevator – Tsukushi doesn’t want Tsukasa to take her to a posh place and instead knows some snack shop. However they get stuck in the elevator for hours. Feeling guilty she made him sick, she tries to warm him up while learning about his past that his parents has only been home to see him once a year. That busy, huh? Just before we can see them kiss, the construction workers force open the door and it seems Tsukushi got her facts wrong because this building is supposed to be demolished.

Did pigs fly? – Why are the b*tch trio treating Tsukushi so nice? Giving her their stuffs and all? Why is everybody respecting her? Because someone posted up a picture of her and Tsukasa on that ‘date’. Wow. She just gained a lot of respect.

Sakurako Sanjou – She is the girl that Tsukushi saved during Shizuka’s party. She has just transferred to Eitoku and is grateful for what she has done.

Thomas – A foreigner whom Tsukushi meets at a nightclub. The reason why Tsukushi is ‘attracted’ to him is because he looks very much like Rui…

I don’t remember what I did last night – Things start going downhill when Tsukushi passes out at the nightclub only to find herself in a hotel bed and almost close to naked.

Never judge a book by its cover – Where do I even begin? Thomas lives with Sakurako. Thomas despite his handsome looks has bad table etiquette (slurping, burping, farting?!). Sakurako despite her innocent angelic looks, turns into some acid tongue devil woman when she dances at the nightclub. She even reduced some veteran fierce nightclub ladies into tears!

Scandal – Everything starts going downhill when a picture of semi-naked Tsukushi is pinned up the bulletin board sleeping next to Thomas. Suddenly everybody starts treating her bad thinking she has betrayed F4 by sleeping around.

I didn’t recognize you – Tsukushi confronts Thomas to demand why the f*ck he did this to her but he seems confused. That’s when Sakurako shows her true form. It was her that put Thomas up to it by drugging her drink and taking a photo of her in bed (although nothing more than that happened). Because she can’t forgive Tsukushi for being with F4. So what’s her problem? Another one of those girls who don’t believe low class weeds should hang around F4? Sakurako wants revenge against F4 and used Tsukushi for it. Sakurako met F4 when she was young and let’s just say she didn’t have that cutie face. Because Tsukasa commented she was ugly, it really got to her. So she underwent plastic surgery to make herself look more beautiful. That’s why Sakurako was very reluctant to show her photo album because she looked very different.

Bullying is bad – I don’t know what Eitoku teaches but it looks like everybody is teaming up and hunting down Tsukushi like some witch hunt. Even the boys have no honour because they really want to hurt her. WTF. Tsukushi can still put them to shame with her make-by martial arts but how long can she last? Meanwhile Sakurako tries to confess her love to Tsukasa but he continues to believe in Tsukushi despite still in confusion. Trying to force kiss him didn’t work either. Because he has already decided. The final straw came when Tsukushi is tied to a car and the students drive and drag her. That’s when Tsukasa show up and gives everyone the shock by punching those who bruised her. Everyone runs like as though they saw Jesus. Tsukasa hugs and apologizes to her. He has decided to totally believe in her. Next day, those bullies get what they deserve because Tsukasa hangs them upside down on the rooftop!

Rui is back! – Just when Tsukushi thought it is going to be something straight with Tsukasa, Rui comes back from France. But he has changed. Rui flirting around with other girls? He even asks if Tsukushi likes Tsukasa. Well, you don’t think she could answer that straight, right? Rui is happy she isn’t and wants to date her. What?! This coming from Rui’s mouth?

New bully victim – Sakurako becomes the next target bully but the b*tch trio after her photo album has been circulated around Eitoku (how did this even happen?). Even if Tsukushi can’t forgive her, she still stands up for her. Despite the uneasy truce between them, Sakurako still won’t give up on Tsukasa.

Private island – You know Tsukasa is so rich. Now you’ll know how much richer he is when F4 including Tsukushi flies in his personal jet to his vacation villa on a private island he owns. Kazuya and Sakurako also arrive (much later) because they took a much slower tugboat.

Tryst in the night – Tsukushi can’t sleep and while strolling on the beach, she sees Rui sitting alone. They talk and one thing led to another. Okay, so they just hug but Tsukushi must be startled since Rui is the one that is starting to cry. She learns when he went to France, Shizuka welcomed him and they spent lots of time together. However Shizuka was working hard to be a lawyer so was out to school while he just bummed around. And then Shizuka received a marriage proposal by a French politician rumoured to be next presidential candidate. His world came crashing down despite knowing about his (it was the talk of the town in Paris). He felt hurt and returned to Japan. I mean, even if he comes from a rich famous family in Japan, who is he in France? A kid against some big shot. Might as well return. She has to cut short this embrace when her pager rings because Tsukasa is looking for her. She lies to him about her whereabouts. The next night, the same tryst with Rui happens. The duo are just feeling sad in their own ways and try to console each other. That’s when Rui kisses her. I’m sure this will be the shock of her life. No, not the kiss. Because Tsukasa is watching them. He can’t contain his anger and punches Rui! He also doesn’t want to speak to Tsukushi too and goes off angrily.

Left behind – That’s what Tsukasa did when he flew off from the island himself leaving the rest stranded. If not for Kazuya’s tugboat, they’d be stranded here for who knows how long. When Akira and Soujirou learn what Rui has done, they obviously get mad because they all know better that Tsukasa is in love with Tsukushi and he knows better than to do this. It’s like he can’t have Shizuka and is gunning for Tsukushi instead, which is true.

Date with Rui – It’s odd. Now that Tsukushi has finally dated the guy whom she admired first, she feels he is different than Tsukasa. She compared their kisses and Rui’s wasn’t as warm as Tsukasa’s! Even when Tsukasa was in his killer mode then, his kiss was warmer. Rui doesn’t seem like very considerate of Tsukushi too since he walks at his own pace and he walks in while she is using the toilet at a fast food joint (though his excuse was he was tired of waiting for her. WTF)! And then when they’re back at his house, Rui just falls asleep. Nothing much happens after that. Well, don’t want another scandal, don’t we?

Tsubaki – Tsukasa’s sister has returned home and she is not afraid in slapping her brother when he isn’t putting on his right behaviour. Even so, he doesn’t give a damn. Tsukushi’s fate in meeting this woman is when some guy persistently tries to hit on her but was told off by Tsubaki. She takes an interest in Tsukushi and brings her back to her home, something that Tsukushi wouldn’t want to now since she just saw Tsukasa doing well getting along with Sakurako.

F3 –Tsukasa kicks out Rui from the group. Oh dear. How can this be? This is going to cause a big shock at Eitoku. And I don’t know if this is a joke or not but somehow Kazuya was considered to be Rui’s replacement! How the heck did this come about? I don’t really think it will work out…

Expulsion – Tsukasa is dead serious in wanting Rui and Tsukushi to be expelled from Eitoku that he threatens the principal to do it or he will cut the school’s funding. No amount of arguing can change this guy’s mind. Sure, they’ve got people to quit Eitoku and that’s what makes them cool (which I think not) but expelling them? This is going too far. When Tsubaki learns about this, she storms in and the siblings become loggerheads.

Slam dunk! – There is only one way to solve this and it is going to be 3-on-3 basketball. Rui, Tsukushi and Kazuya versus Tsukasa, Akira and Soujirou. F4 does have experience in playing basketball but what about Tsukushi and Kazuya? Looks like training is going to be tough. During the game in which Tsubaki is the referee, Rui seems like doing all the work, Tsukushi trying her best and Kazuya is just being a doofus. Tsukasa’s team is doing great and leading by a mile. Till Rui has Tsukushi conspire with him to get very close. This riles up Tsukasa as he loses his focus. But this isn’t enough for them to win. The students are calling for their expulsion. Tsukasa suddenly doesn’t feel like playing and abandons everything. So their expulsion doesn’t matter anymore?

New York, New York! – Tsukasa decides to leave Eitoku and live his life in New York instead for the next 2 years. Before that happens, Tsukasa and Rui made up and become friends. That means, F4 is back, right? The former doesn’t blame the latter for what is happening and has planned this even before the basketball game. Rui also will give up on Tsukushi seeing he realized he is still in love with Shizuka.

It’s a sin to be poor – Tsukushi’s family is having their own problems. Daddy lost his job. They’re surviving on what mommy earns in her part time job. Food on the table is so pitiful and the pressure is even greater on Tsukushi to marry a rich guy. Yeah, who says being poor but as long as you’re a family is happy? Things take a turn for the worse when daddy gambled away he borrowed. They lost everything. The family is in the midst of breaking down when Tsukushi gets a call from a saviour… Not. Why on Earth is that dude calling her at her most frantic hour?

Welcome to Canada – Shocking as it may be but I don’t know how he screwed it up because Tsukasa ended up in Vancouver, Canada! Oh, he agrees to give Tsukushi his ‘pocket money’ to clear off her family’s debts if she comes to get him in Vancouver. So is she going or not? She might still dislike this jerk but if that’s the only way to get the much needed funds to save her family… And so, Tsukushi along with the other F4 guys, Yuuki, Sakurako and I don’t even know how the b*tch trio too end up arriving at Vancouver’s airport and at Tsukasa’s Canadian mansion. This guy even has a house here…

Out in the cold part 2 – The b*tch trio are up to no good again. They trick Tsukushi that Yuuki might still be outside in the blizzard and she takes off just to go find her. And before she knows it, she collapses in the bitter and dark winter snow. The F4 are not happy when they learn of this. Tsukasa does another reckless move to search for her.

Body warmth – It must be a miracle for Tsukasa to find Tsukushi (after he crashed his snow mobile, that is). I wonder how he could see that little blinking red thing from her toy when she’s covered with snow. Anyway he carries her to a nearby cabin whereby the strip to semi-naked (leaving their pants on for obvious reasons) and as reluctant or stubborn Tsukushi may be (she’s got to be a dirty person if she can even worry about him doing ecchi stuffs to her), she has no choice but to let this guy warm her up with his body warmth. Next morning, they get a rude awakening by a couple of skiers who probably came in to use to cabin.

You get what you deserve – When Tsukasa returns to his mansion, he reprimands the b*tch trio (something that I revel in). They are made to work hard breakfast for them with Sakurako supervising them. Tsukushi and Tsukasa are embarrass about the cabin embracing incident though Akira and Soujirou get a little naughty in teasing them what might have happened. Later, Tsukasa once again tries to say his feelings to Tsukushi. But something loud always drowns out what he says or something else distracts Tsukushi. Maybe it’s just not to right time…

Junpei Oribe – This nerd in glasses wants to be Tsukushi’s friend. And he doesn’t fear F4 too. You know what this means when Tsukasa sees her hanging out too much with him. One day Junpei brings Tsukushi along to his workplace. Somehow he gets her to help him out and little did she realize that he is actually some hot magazine model. That picture of Junpei and Tsukushi ends up as the magazine’s front cover. Of course this leads to a showdown between Tsukasa and Junpei. Junpei asks if she likes Tsukasa but she is confused. She starts crying after Tsukasa beats Junpei to a pulp. Junpei goes to console her and vows to protect her. And all of a sudden, everybody in Eitoku recognizes him. What the? Just because he puts on some glasses, they couldn’t see his handsome face?

Bad luck? – Junpei saves Tsukushi several times from being hurt like a flowerpot almost dropped onto her. Tsukushi and Junpei’s locker receives a red slip. Maybe Tsukasa is really out to get them. And then… Tsukushi gets kidnapped!

It’s right under your nose – Tsukushi wakes up in an abandoned warehouse surrounded by her kidnappers. The ringleader turns out to be… Junpei! Did you see this coming? He admits he is the one who set up all the mishaps and the red slip. Apparently Junpei is using her to as bait to lure Tsukasa here and get back at him. Remember the guy that Tsukasa beat up so bad and hospitalized? Yup. That’s his brother. Someone Junpei looked up to and was affected by that humiliation. Junpei tries to force kiss her but was bitten. Tsukushi is sure Tsukasa won’t come after all that has happened but surprise! Here he is and alone too. With Tsukushi as hostage, the other ruffians beat up Tsukasa. He takes all the beating and doesn’t fight back! Tsukushi is reduced to watching and screaming in horror but Junpei and co won’t listen and beat him up to their heart’s content. So are they done yet? Junpei is about to beat him with a chair when Tsukushi comes flying to be his body armour. I guess that’s enough for today. After they leave, Tsukushi wants to know why he didn’t fight back. He could have easily defeated all of them singlehandedly. It’s to protect her. If he fought back, it’s his loss. Then he collapses (what do you expect with broken ribs?). Now she doesn’t want him to die.

Tsukasa dies! – When Tsukushi visits Tsukasa at hospital, she is shocked to see a white cloth over his face and his F4 pals are crying over his body! Gasp! Say it’s not true! I guess when a person is dead, you tend to say things when you don’t when he is alive. Suddenly Tsukasa bursts back to live and his pals start laughing! Psych! She really had it…

Look who’s back and then gone – Surprisingly, Junpei comes visiting Tsukasa. But he’s not here to seek revenge but to apologize and rant about his brother, the reason why it led up to all this. After all that? Suddenly a change of heart? Yeah well, maybe to Tsukushi for using her. I suppose Tsukushi doesn’t trust this guy anymore and wants him to leave even though he has seemingly reflected over his actions. It’s just too bad that he lost a valuable friendship. Oh, his other ruffian friends got easily beaten up by F4 and their head shaved.

Brand new look – Tsukushi cuts her hair shorter. Note: I still prefer her with long hair. Period.

Mother-in-law – F4 knows Tsukasa’s mother, Kaede is one scary mother. Elegant. Perfectionist. Arrogant. Snob. She owns the famous Maple Hotel chains around the world. Tsukushi’s first meeting with her began when she is invited to Tsukasa’s birthday party. I’m not sure what their intentions here for inviting Tsukushi to the party knowing well that Kaede won’t allow such low class girl to even go near her son. So when she approaches Tsukasa seen mingling with Tsukushi, she wants to know who this woman is. His reply? The most important woman in his life. Akira and Soujirou try to cut in and give in excuses but were immediately shut told to up. No talking back. Kaede is unsure of her family status as she has never heard the Makino name before. Rui lies that Tsukushi’s dad is the president of the Makino Corporation. Kaede wants proof. If she is a daughter of an elite family, she should be able to play a music instrument. Can she? Well, she just simply pounds away! I guess that says everything. Mother’s verdict? Her son is never to see her ever again. Since he insists he likes her, he got slapped. Tsubaki can’t stand this torment anymore and with the rest of F4, they help Tsukasa and Tsukushi get away in a taxi while they hold of Kaede’s bodyguards. They both end up and spend the night on his cruiser. But Kaede isn’t going to give up yet. She has her men gather information about Tsukushi’s family and she has a plan…

Calm before the storm – While on Tsukasa’s cruiser, Tsukushi manages to give him her handmade cookies to him which she never got the chance to (because she was being tsundere). Anyway the cookies look like his face! He starts mocking it and she tries to take it back. While doing that, he kisses her. What a looooooooong kiss… Is it any wonder why this kid has a big happy smile on his face? Next morning when he sends her home with a message that says “I love you”, that dense girl doesn’t understand what it means. Duh? What else could it mean? And Tsukasa is so happy that he had to go bug Rui in his sleep. It’s 6.30 in the morning! Come on!

Money talks – Tsukushi and her family are stunned when Kaede and her bodyguard enter the house. She wants Tsukushi to break up with Tsukasa and never see him again. Of course, she is willing to offer an incentive. A suitcase containing 50 million Yen! OMG! This would solve their financial woes. Guess what? The next shocking move sees Tsukushi’s mom pouring up a cup of sugar over Kaede’s head and tells her to take her money and leave! OMG!!!!!! She, doing that?! Never seen it coming! And you’d thought those money hungry parents would straight away do it for the money. Kaede maintains her composure and leaves. Just when Tsukushi is going to have a new respect for her mom for standing up to her, her true colours are revealed. She rejected the 50 million because if she marries Tsukasa, they could get more!!! GREEDY!!!!!!! WTF???!!!

Meet the fiancée – Apparently Kaede isn’t going down with a fight yet. First, she has one of her men invite Tsukushi to come to one of her hotel chains. She is surprised to see Tsukasa in a traditional wedding outfit although he is struggling that he is against all this. And then another party pops in. She is Shigeru Ookawahara and is Tsukasa’s fiancée! Arranged marriage, I take. So this is Kaede’s plan to shoo off Tsukushi?

Elope – Tsukasa takes Tsukushi by the hand and escapes out into the freezing night. Thing is, he took the wrong hand and dragged Shigeru’s instead! How the hell did he screw this up? He ignores her but the monkey girl keep pestering her to take responsibility and even jumps on his back and bites his ear! He shakes her off and leaves her but she finds him an interesting guy. Seriously? After that kind of treatment-cum-abuse and she takes a liking for him? And thanks to this little mistake, Tsukushi just can’t get that scene out of her mind. So… If she doesn’t care about that jerk, why get so bothered thinking about it? Yeah… We all know why…

Best friends, best rivals? – Somehow Shigeru ends up becoming Tsukushi’s best friend and is interested to know her so she can know Tsukasa better. Well, she even asks if they already had sex before. Since Tsukushi continues to assert she isn’t in love with Tsukasa, I guess this is good news for Shigeru because she wants her to collaborate so that she can get Tsukasa. So much so, Shigeru even joins Tsukushi and her family with dinner at home. Of course, you can tell the kind of reaction mommy puts on when she realizes this is Tsukasa’s fiancée. Should have taken the money, no? Really, this mother has no pride…

Another quiet moment with Rui – While Tsukushi is spending her usual time with Rui at his favourite place, somehow she trips and falls but he catches her and in this kind of position, you know that it will lead to that. If you stare at each other too long… Oh wait. Rui snaps out of it and lets go of her, making her head hit the stone. Ouch. Jerk.

Tears of joy – Tsukushi is surprised to see Shigeru crying. Did something happen between her and Tsukasa? Apparently he asked to her to go out with him. Wait a minute. Did I hear that correctly? I guess I did. So no wonder that girl is crying. Though, I won’t count on it since you know, Tsukasa is just ‘willing’ to go out with Shigeru just to get back at Tsukushi who has been a pain in the ass for not noticing his love.

Lover’s quarrel? – Even if Shigeru and Tsukasa are going out, the latter still acts nonchalant and doesn’t care about her. It’s just like he’s tagging along. She even has to fake some tears just to get his attention to care for her. Then as Tsukushi and Rui are hanging out their usual spot in school, they hear Shigeru yelling to Tsukasa. Shigeru wants him to kiss her as proof that he loves her. He does that. So why is Tsukushi feeling all so uncomfortable in her heart just at the sight of this kissing scene if she doesn’t care about that jerk. Yeah… We all know why… Oh, did I repeat myself with this line before?

Forced vacation – Tsukushi was out with Rui in a café. Somehow the next customer who came in turn out to be Shigeru and Tsukasa. Oh boy. Suddenly Shigeru gets this idea of a double date and what’s more invites them all to go to her villa. Before you know it, Tsukushi is whisked away in her limo and to her home complete with hotspring.

Things that go bump in the night – These only things ‘memorable’ on this trip. Tsukushi stayed in the hot bath too long and passes out. Shigeru panics and runs out close to naked to seek help. Tsukasa upon hearing Tsukushi in danger immediately goes to her rescue. What does he see? Rui carrying unconscious Tsukushi and brings her to his room. When Tsukushi comes to, she realizes she is sleeping naked in Rui’s room. She becomes an irritated annoying girl throwing a tantrum that a guy has seen her body. It can’t be help, right? As for Shigeru, she is concerned that Tsukasa harbours feelings for Tsukushi. She got desperate enough to disrobe herself, throw herself around him. She wants to talk about their marriage but she is not ready to hear this answer. In fact she doesn’t want to hear it and knows what it is. Yup. Tsukasa tells her right in her face that she is not the one. I think there’s a fit of rage somewhere, Tsukasa throwing a chair through the window (possibly thinking about Tsukushi and the possibility what she might be doing with Rui). So Tsukushi was worried enough to go see what the loud crash was about and when she enters Tsukasa’s room, only to see Shigeru on top of him, barely clothed. I guess the broken window didn’t matter anymore. Sorry for intruding. Well, it certainly was one hell of a trip. And for the next few episodes, Tsukushi has a hard time about the Shigeru-on-top-Tsukasa scene. She can’t stop thinking about it. It’s really bugging her. Really. Was it the sex scene or was it Tsukasa she’s worried about?

Home alone – When Tsukushi returns home, she is shocked to see her family packing up! Running away from loan sharks? Well, since daddy failed to land any job since he got fired, the family is going to move back to the countryside where one of their relatives resides. Papa can try his luck being a fisherman. However Tsukushi will only be staying back because mama thinks she must not give up on completing her studies in Eitoku. So hard to enter that school and you can’t just walk out due to circumstances, right? After all that she’s been through, quitting now is not an option, don’t you think? But look on the bright side, she has got some privacy and a chance to learn to be independent. And just like that, her family moves away. Start missing them? Or feeling the taste of freedom?

New kid on the block – There is a little commotion at Eitoku. Several bulldozers are tearing down old parts of the building because new ones are set to be there. Tsukushi is shocked to learn the sponsor of this new block. Does the name Ookawahara ring a bell? Yeah. In addition, Shigeru has transferred to Eitoku and she is already wearing their school uniform. And you thought things won’t get any worse, right? Well, it did. And Shigeru is doing this not to give some rivalry to Tsukushi. Rather to e close to Tsukasa 24/7. I guess she’s not going to give up on him easily.

Triple threat – After a long absence (rather, she became a minor side character), Sakurako somewhat returns and with a bold declaration to Shigeru to stay away from Tsukasa! I guess she accepted when she ‘lost’ to Tsukushi but when this new player comes in and to be Tsukasa’s number one, I suppose that’s when Sakurako had to draw the line. And guess what Shigeru’s reaction is? She’s happy instead because Eitoku is filled with interesting people! So she’s saying her old school was a boring place? Yeah. She should have heard the time everyone turned into a murderous bully against Tsukushi. In addition to her smiling face, Shigeru hugs and comments on Sakurako’s cuteness. Just WTF.

The return of the lady – Rui is hanging out in his usual favourite spot when suddenly there is this beautiful elegant lady before him. Looks familiar? Of course. It’s Shizuka! She’s back from France to get him! I think I have never seen Rui pulled off this very shocking look on his face. But that guy is still unsure. What can he do for her? Is he good enough for her? Say, what happened to the guy she was supposed to be engaged too? Anyway, Shizuka mentions he can play his violin for her. Is that the only good thing he has? Well, it’s enough to convince him for them to start anew.

Bonjour! – Yes. Rui is going to leave for France to be with Shizuka. But there is this test for students who are interested to be in a study exchange programme in America. All expenses will be paid for. Tsukushi is of course interested because as a poor girl, money is a big motivation. But you know that is just an excuse to run away from her feelings for Tsukasa (after all, Rui’s comment on how something she love is right in front of her and couldn’t even reach out to grab it really hit her hard). Because that cocky guy mocks her and doesn’t believe she can make it, Tsukushi is going to make him eat his words and show it to him. I have a feeling that the rest of them want to sabotage her exam because on the night before the exam as Tsukushi is trying to cram in last minute everything, Shigeru and the rest come to her house to party as an early celebration for passing the test. Counting the chickens? Obviously Tsukushi is in no mood and has to put up with the antics. She didn’t get much sleep. Can she make it for the test? When the results are posted, Tsukushi has passed!

Last goodbyes? – Those who believed in Tsukushi congratulate her. Those who don’t (like certain b*tches) claim she cheated. Shigeru doesn’t want her to go now that she has transferred here but Tsukushi has made up her mind. Tsukasa even congratulates her, teases her and hugs her. He doesn’t want her to go too (of course). But you know… She’s made up her mind.

It’s all a scam! – Tsukasa learns that having Tsukushi go overseas was part of mommy’s plan. I mean, how could a girl like her ace such a tough exam and she was even sleep deprived on that day. And so Tsukasa lashes out at Kaede without mercy. She thought she had given him the freedom, live, etc and this is the thanks she gets? On the contrary, she was never there to raise him and when she came back, she screwed up his life. He never considered her his mother. Then he throws the towel in her face. Unfaithful son? But there’s lots of truth in what he said, you know.

Please don’t go – So Tsukasa comes knocking on Tsukushi’s door, telling her not to go because this is all part of mother’s plan. She still wants to go because she thinks it will change her and that he has Shigeru. But after Tsukasa explains that night he confessed Shigeru wasn’t the one and hurt her feelings, he admits that he loves Tsukushi and all those other sweet words (he’ll chase after her till the end of the world and if she doesn’t come, he’ll come into hers). To shut her up, he kisses her. I guess after all that resisting, she must have realized it is futile and gives in. So she’s ready to stay and start a new relationship with him? That easy for a weed who has been defying for a long time.

Brand new girl – Wow. It’s like Tsukushi turned into another person. She feels so happy and can’t wait to see Tsukasa. All this time she’s been pushing him away and now when she really wants to see him, he isn’t around. Tsukushi has also been so cheery that she plays hopscotch herself and leap frog with her friends. WTF. She also doesn’t scorn the b*tches when they tease her. She smiles back and it gave them the creeps.

Prison in your own home – When Tsukasa is thought to be playing truant from school, Shigeru comes to tell Tsukushi and F4 that there are bodyguards all over his residence and she wasn’t given a clear answer. Of course, this is mommy’s doing to make him realize his own place and what he is doing will ruin the family’s name and what she has built up. It’s all about her, isn’t it?

The confrontation and confession – Tsukushi, Shigeru and F4 make their way to Tsukasa’s mansion. It’s the only thing to do. Surprisingly, they are easily let in to see Kaede who tells them there is nothing to worry. Really? That’s when Tsukushi goes up to Kaede to tell her about the different world they’re both in. Tsukasa has always jumped to her aid in times of her need and she kept pushing him away. Blah, blah, blah. There are things money can’t buy. Yada, yada, yada. Mommy is afraid that there will come a day Tsukasa won’t need her anymore. Kaede thinks her son’s love is just temporal but Tsukushi replies even if he does come to know she isn’t worth it, it will be on his own realization and won’t be forced upon.

Slap this b*tch! – When Tsukushi mentions if she loses her family name, she loses everything, Kaede slaps her. Tsukushi slaps her back!

CRASH! – Well, Tsukasa must have finally got tired of his cage so he throws the furniture through his window to break out. Then he comes crashing through the glass window just to see Tsukushi. Yeah. He’s like a bull.

Game over –So the duo have a nice talk together. Tsukushi tells him the wonderful feelings she had and the thought of starting things anew. However if things go on the way they are now, it will never end. Neither of them will last. That’s why she wants to call it quits. She walks away, thanks him, wishing him goodbye. Tsukasa didn’t go after her because he finally realizes how she feels.

The simple life – The normal life that Tsukushi always wanted. Without drama. No excitement. Nothing. Happy?

Life goes on – Rui joins Shizuka in France. Tsukasa and Shigeru stopped coming to school and so F4 becomes F2 with only Soujirou and Akira left. But really. Do these 2 really matter? The b*tch trio found somebody new to bully and it might be bad hearted of Tsukushi not to go stop them but I guess she has had enough hell with them and wants to stay out of it. Kazuya and Sakurako are hanging out more often together. Just short of being publicly called a couple. Tsukushi’s family are adapting well to the countryside. They may just become a great family of fisherman. Also, Tsukushi gets a 50 Yen raise in her part time job, which is a bloody miracle considering her poor status. And what’s this? Tsukushi is interested in a guy and ponders if she should go out with him?! Well, at least he’s a nobody. We don’t even know his name. Do we care?

Getting married – Haven’t you heard? Tsukasa and Shigeru are getting married! But they’re still in high school! And they’ve got Eitoku to have a grand send off on their luxurious liner for their honeymoon. But why Tsukushi isn’t looking happy? Why isn’t Tsukasa looking happy? Lingering feelings?

The letter – Before the ship departs, Tsukushi is delivered a letter supposedly from Tsukasa. Its contents read that Tsukasa plans to disappear to another country after the ship departs. He’s getting out of this marriage and will return once everything cools down. Tsukushi is so enraged that she runs from where she is and jumps onto to the ship, grabbing the rope like Tarzan! Woah! People, don’t ever pull off this dangerous stunt.

That familiar kick in the face again – That’s what Tsukushi did for Tsukasa. She wants answers about his actions and to think what will happen to Shigeru if he does that. Tsukasa isn’t sure what the hell she is talking about.

You’ve been had – Shigeru reveals all this was an elaborated setup to outsmart Kaede. After Tsukasa rejected Shigeru, she felt the need to get him with Tsukushi together. Tsukasa fell into shock after being rejected by Tsukushi so Shigeru hired some actors and friends for this plan. Thus the wedding is not real. The letter was Rui’s idea and he wrote it imitating Tsukasa’s handwriting. I guess his handwriting is that terrible. Oh yeah. All their other friends had a hand in this. Then Shigeru does another stunt that should not be imitated by others because she jumps off the liner into the ocean! Though she is picked up in Kazuya and friends’ tugboat.

If you can’t beat them, join them – You think Kaede is going to be a real b*tch and stop the ship. Because when she calls the ship’s captain, she hopes to leave her son and daughter-in-law in his care. Wohoo! Is this the sign of approval?

The long stare – That’s it?! That’s what Tsukasa and Tsukushi did as reward for us fans in the end? No kiss? Maybe they had a couple along the way but really… No happy ending kiss?

Love Is Simple. Human Complicates…
I have to admit that I’m not really a fan of this series (hey, I never said I was one) so please forgive me if my end review sounds a bit bias to the negative side. After many episodes, I feel that the series has turned boring and draggy. Even the ending shocker wasn’t enough to move me but at least it made me go “Huh? What? She really did that?” since I didn’t see it coming. Heck, I was yawning for many of the episodes so it is no surprise that I wasn’t really going to see anything for the last one. Was it a good ending? Well, I’m sure Tsukasa x Tsukushi fans would get really riled up had the guy end up with Shigeru. So yeah. It took a good damn 51 episodes just for their next romance chapter to begin. That’s a long time considering in anime context. I suppose you need to read the manga if you want to fully appreciate the entire story but you know in my case, that’s not going to happen.

At first it was amusing to see how Tsukushi went up against F4 because unlike all the other rich kids, she had nothing to fear. It was when she got closer to F4 (or rather F4 takes an interest in her) that I felt where the mundane and boring level sets it. Because for most of the time (if not every time), it is just plain Tsukushi denying her feelings. It was understandable and okay but to do it for the rest of the series? I mean, doesn’t she get tired? Don’t tell me her denial is that strong. In that case she must have been running away from reality for a very long time. So it gets somewhat annoying that she continues to deny her feelings for Rui and Tsukasa and using some sort of excuse (like it is Tsukasa is the one who is chasing after her) to not confront her own feelings. That’s why it led to so many problems. Had she been straight, they wouldn’t have been going through as seen. Other than this love problem, I think Tsukushi is a strong and sticks to her beliefs. Well, some may call her stubborn. I would only in regards to the love department. She is a tough girl and won’t give up without a fight. That’s why she is different than the rest of the girls who only know how to suck up to rich boys. Isn’t it any wonder why F4 takes an interest in her? Because she is poor, she is realistic in her approach. Sometimes it’s a sin to be poor but it’s also a blessing because you don’t waste and appreciate the minimal stuffs you have. There are things that money can’t buy. Can’t buy me love. Yeah, if it was only easily understood.

F4 may appear to be that snobbish bunch of rich boys doing as they please. Well, aside some of their behaviour that isn’t role model material, they are good guys. Mainly I see it’s mostly about Tsukasa and Rui. Soujirou and Akira feel like, how should I put it, just extras. It’s like they really don’t matter to the main thing. I don’t really feel Soujirou and Akira having an impact in the overall series as much as Tsukasa and Rui. Maybe it’s because they aren’t as romantically involved with Tsukushi as those two. I don’t know if I should say this but because of Tsukushi, F4 undergoes a few bad patches especially between Tsukasa and Rui. Yup. Because of a girl, F4 wasn’t really a whole at one time with Rui being expelled by the supremo leader Tsukasa. Because of a girl, this led to some tension between them. So was it all Tsukushi’s fault? But without her, F4 wouldn’t have been as pleasant as we see them. They might have continued their high and mighty attitude without a care. So it takes somebody of a different class to make things interesting. She’s like a blessing and a curse. Of course Tsukasa got the biggest blessing in the end. Shigeru is a fine girl too. She tries hard to understand Tsukasa, make him look her way and perhaps like Tsukushi she was in denial when she knows he is not in love with her. It’s quite noble of her to do everything after that for Tsukushi’s sake. She is not obligated to bring them back together but she did. Even if she has lost, she doesn’t want others to lose so in the end, even though her best friend got her ex-fiancee, it’s still a win-win situation for her. Shizuka exudes that beauty and grace but too bad she doesn’t appear often.

Other characters aren’t so prominent since the big focus is on Tsukushi-Tsukasa-Rui relationship. Some even I feel don’t feel significant anymore. Like Sakurako, she was causing a hell lot of chaos with that fake scandal. After she has been busted, her role has been significantly reduced to the level of Kazuya. Just short being a retard for comic relief. Yeah. That’s what that guy is all about. In the end, I notice he even didn’t go calling “Tsukushi, Tsukushi-chan” as often as he did. So really? Kazuya x Sakurako? That’ll be another story. Tsubaki too I feel, when she first appeared, she was like the only fierce thing aside Tsukushi that could stand up to Tsukasa’s bad attitude. Then when Kaede came into the picture, she became docile, a lost lamb. What happened to that fiery woman? Kaede and the b*tch trio are characters you would love to hate because one is very imposing and controlling and the other bunch are just a bunch of bullies-cum-vampires (they want leech of the rich, right?). It is hard to say wrong or right of Kaede to want to protect the family’s name thought I can’t say that her methods are right. After all, she is still his mother despite never being around.

Of course, the biggest disturbing thing in this series is the bullying. The b*tch trio are already a handful themselves, what more the rest of Eitoku students ganging up on Tsukushi on that episode. Is this what kids learn in school these days? I mean, even if F4 declares you the enemy with the red slip, does it give them the right to attack like savages? Maybe it has become like Pavlov’s bell. Fear of being bullied, might as well be you than me. So somebody gets red slip, we get the hell out of you. Remember people, bullying is bad. Say a big NO to bullying! Tsukushi’s parents are amusing because mommy is always bugging her daughter to marry a rich guy (in a sense she is looking out for her future) and daddy is always unemployed. Will their financial woes be solved if Tsukushi snags a rich boyfriend? Well, maybe that chance seems possible now but as poor people, they should know better than to take the easy way out. It’s always hard work that pays. Greed doesn’t. Mommy learnt that the hard way, didn’t she? Only crazy people would reject 50 million Yen… That chance is so never going to happen again.

Some other characters made me think whatever in the world happened to them. For instance, Junpei. For that short arc, he became the ‘antagonist’. Then after everything has settled, you don’t see him anymore. Same case with Thomas. He looks like a cool guy but when the cat is out of the bag, he’s just a big wimp. Good riddance he is never mentioned after that. It’s like he never existed. Which brings me to some of the plots that really didn’t make sense. Maybe it’s because I think too much. For Junpei’s case, how can a hot and famous young model that every girl would swoon over in a second be so unrecognizable at school? Don’t tell me he is pulling off that Superman-Clark Kent spectacles disguise. And after his arc is done, where did he go? Didn’t hear of him transferring out whatsoever. Nobody spoke of him again so it’s like he never existed. In Shizuka’s case, her return to get Rui feels fishy. I mean, wasn’t she engaged to some high profile politician? Unless they broke off somewhere but usually that kind of high profile news, everybody would have get hold of such news. Oh wait. I remember the internet wasn’t that advanced yet back then. And after all this time, why now? Why come back to take Rui back? If she loves Rui, shouldn’t she have come to get Rui when he left? Shouldn’t she have read the signs that Rui as a guy felt useless to do anything for the girl he loves? Unless she was so engrossed studying law that she didn’t realize he had gone back.

I guess in contemporary animes, romance has evolved to become more complicated and sophisticated than this. You can say that this one is just a simple love story with lots of denial and at some points a love triangle or polygon. I suppose back in those times with not much great romance stories around, that is why the series became quite popular with many fans. Personally, the draggy romance is the main thing that had me classified this series as so. Tsukushi and Tsukasa are so hot headed and always arguing just about anything and you know, with Tsukushi always in denial, it makes it even harder for everything. Tsukasa isn’t as bright as he thinks he is but he doesn’t give up but still have that obnoxious attitude. Rui is so in a world of his own that it’s hard for us to tell what he is thinking. His gentle demeanour is so different than Tsukasa. Rui might be gentle and soft but the way he treats a girl is so cold (aside Shizuka). Tsukasa might be a little brute and crude but he knows how to handle and give that warmth feeling.

The drawing and art is of course old school so after seeing so many contemporary Japanese anime style drawings, this one really feels old and brings about ‘that era’ feel. The main characters of course look good in that era’s standard but at other times I thought it was hard to tell the difference between some of the characters because they almost look the same. For example, Sakurako before her change in hairstyle, I thought she looked like one of the bullies from the b*tch trio. Because Tsukushi and Shigeru have short hair, at certain angles I thought they both look alike. On a trivial note, I still prefer Tsukushi with her long hair. As for the background and scenery, some of them look like water colour paint job not done well. It’s like the scene is just a piece of art and the characters is on one big stage. I know it’s that style from that era but seriously, I thought they could do better if they can make guys look handsome and girls looking beautiful. I don’t know if the mid-intermission serves as some sort of fanservice because we see Tsukushi enjoying herself soaking in the bathtub. Then we have the F4 guys with that ‘bewildered’ look, ‘spying’ on her bathing before she gives them the tongue. Just huh?

The opening theme, Futsuu No Nichiyoubi Ni by Tomohiko Kikuta sounds pretty fine and pleasant. Though it won’t end up in my top 100 of favourite anime songs but this is worth listening again and one of the more interesting parts of the series when it started to get draggy. It’s just odd to see the characters of the series dancing together. If only everybody was this happy and friendly with each other. The first ending theme is a slow pop ballad, Kenka No Ato De also by Tomohiko Kikuta. I guess this one is not bad too and gives that romantic feeling. I wished that they remained this song till the end of the series but they had to change to another ending theme after 3/5 of the series. Todoku Ka Na by Cayoko is a rock pop kinda piece and I didn’t really like the sound of it. It somewhat ruins (or should I say ‘disrupts’) the overall romance feel of the series. Especially the singer’s voice during the chorus, I thought it just sounded a little unrefined. Besides, they put in some sound effects (for the anime ending credits) and I thought the cry of the seagull was a girl giving a blood curling scream! It made me go “What the hell was that” at first. Of course I got used to this second ending but if you ask me, I still prefer the first one a lot. As for the background music, although there are a variety of them, the most ‘noticeable’ ones are the dramatic orchestra type. Maybe dramatic is understating it. Hearing some of them, I thought Jaws was coming! Or Dracula is here! And it gets loud enough to make me think that the computer ramp up the volume by itself. I know it’s for the dramatic effect but I can’t help raise an eyebrow or two each time I hear such pieces.

There isn’t anything much I can say on this series. Though I said it is boring, it isn’t that bad either. You can learn a thing or two. Like bullying is bad and that you should be humble and remember your roots. So what your daddy’s a rich person, owns properties around the world, sits in the highest position in the company and has lots of money five times over than the GNP of the poorest African nations combined. It’s not yours, right? Still, you’re a human being. You still fall in love with an ordinary plain girl. It just proves that opposite attracts. Rich guy loves poor girl. Poor people want to fall in love with rich ones. The grass is always greener on the other side. The rich can use money, power and influence to bring you down if they don’t like you. See, we can learn a lot about life and love from this old classic anime. Ah love. So simple yet made so complicated. Will I ever find mine? At this rate, I’ll turn out to be anime over girls.

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