Hanaukyo Maid Tai

August 4, 2006

Everytime when I think about Hanaukyo Maid Tai, somehow nudity and hentai comes to mind. Yeah, this anime series has got ladies really going bare-chested or showing their breasts in an obvious way. I guess that’s the main reason and formula for this show to be funny or else it wouldn’t be worth watching. Plus, if you really like shows with lots and lots of ladies in maid’s outfit, then I think you’d love this too.
Anyway, here’s the main story. 12 year old Taro Hanaukyo has just lost his mom. Therefore, he has to take a trip to Tokyo to live with his grandpa. As seen in the first episode, trekking through some wilderness (does Tokyo really have such a jungle there?). Just his luck, he stumbles a really really huge mansion. Seems like a serene place.
Then all of a sudden, sounds of stampede approaching. What could it be? Wilderbeasts? Nope. Hundreds of beautiful maids rushing to greet him. Wah… Talk about service at your feet. Of course, Taro’s pretty much caught by surprised by it all, wouldn’t you? And what’s with that French Kiss, tongue to tongue kiss with one of the maids? Wah… So young already get to experience this kind of kiss. Actually, that maid force it upon him.
At first glance, these maids seem so happy upon Taro’s arrival, that they’re living for him and only him. But all their excitement is contained when the maid head, Mariel, shows up. No, she’s not the kind where she’s strict and fierce, but rather more gentle, soft-spoken and kind. And it’s no wonder when Taro first laid his eyes on her, you guess it that he’s got a soft spot for her already.
But as the episode progress, you’ll find that Taro’s grandpa had also passed away. But before he died, he left in his will to Taro, his entire mansion and the entire maid force to go with it. Why him? Something about his disagreement of Taro’s mom marrying a nobody bla bla bla.
So Taro’s grandpa must be a real perverted person, right? Yup, I think so too. That’s the reason why he hired so many maids in the first place. Something like heaven on Earth, live like a king, with beautiful girls doing your every bidding. Some guy. If you look at it in a way, that these maids really have got no life, devoting themselves entirely to their master. Since Taro have never seen his grandpa before, that movie clip about the whole explanation doesn’t help either. Bit who cares, when you’ve inherited all this luxury.
So if you think Taro is gonna get corrupted by all these, think again. Surprisingly, throughout the series, Taro remains an understanding and kind kid, rather than changed into a spoilt perverted brat. That’s something good about him. So the rest of the first episode sees how he gets used to the 24 hour 7 days a week maid services. And I mean it’s round the clock service. For instance, when Taro wants to take a leak, there’re maids there even ready to unzip his pants and do the rest. But Taro isn’t comfortable with this and with the maids’ insisting, he accidentily pee-ed on his pants. So funny.
Ah, there’s another catch to this. You see, Taro is allergic to girls. Huh? Allergic to girls? Yes, it seems that if he ever comes into physical contact with a girl, his whole body will change colour and he’ll be some sort of paralyzed. Geez, what kind of an allergy is that. However, the only girl that doesn’t have such reaction on him is Mariel. Yeah, another reason why I think he likes her. Feels comfortable when he’s around her.
So the rest of the episodes are somewhat like that. Well, nearly. In episode 2, sees Taro attending school. But it won’t be just him attending school. Some of the maids will tag along secretly to ensure Taro’s safety and well-being. Of course, Taro won’t suspect anything with the maids’ careful coordination and planning making every move hidden so that Taro’s suspiscion is laid down to rest. I like the funny part is that when he’s playing basketball and there’re ‘invisible’ strings and wires to make him manoever and jump real high. Haih… Still didn’t suspect a thing.
Episode 3 is focus mainly on one of the maids, Ikuyo Suzuki. She’s the inventive one and behind all the inventions created in the mansion. But her inventions usually goes wrong and some hillarious after effect results. Especially her latest invention something to do with weather. Anyway, it overloads and the explosion causes all those in contact with its fragments, to lose their clothes (yeah, they become naked). Except for Mariel. Why is that? Donno. Seems that she’s the only one that won’t be ‘unclothed’.
What would a rich family be without a family rival. So in episode 4, introduces the Hanaukyo’s eternal family rival, Jihiyo Ryuka, who seems to be obnoxious, stuck-up and arrogant kinda person. Just as rich as the Hanaukyos but this time instead of maids, she’s got hundreds of handsome male bodyguards/butlers/servants in those nice black suits. Her purpose of her visit was to see Hanaukyo’s new head since Taro’s grandpa’s already gone. But to her surprise, a young kid like Taro? She couldn’t believe it and tries to have things her way. But in the end, some faulty invention of Ikuyo causes Jihiyo’s airship (in which she grandly arrives) to explode into smithereens (and partly the mansion too). Must be real embarrassed and angry.
There’s always one who’s strict and no nonsense, right? With the return of Konoe Tsurugi in episode 5 after some overseas business trip, she’s shocked to see the ‘saddened state of the Hanaukyo maids’. She thinks that they’ve gone soft and aren’t providing their best to their master. That’s because Taro’s been helping rebuilding the mansion since the last incident and Konoe believes that Taro shouldn’t be lifting a finger. But in the end, she accepts Taro’s decision for who he is.
In episode 6, the maid’s presence at school is busted. Yup, Taro finally found out when he got a paper cut and some girl sucks his fingers (you know what happens lah) and is warded to the infirmry. There he notice some band aid similar to one of the maid’s he bumped earlier on before leaving home. As Mariel was apologizing, as usual, Taro doens’t scold back, instead he said it was fun since now that he’s being noticed.
Episode 7 is just the whole gang going to their summer home. And the funny part is that in the hot springs, where the maids wanted to take a bath together with Taro (to his disagreement of course), and the part where they were asking Taro to take a peep at them (since there’s a hole in the wooden barrier). Yeah, you’ll get to see Mariel in her swimsuit (not a flashy one) but that’s about the best you get to see her, if you know what I mean.
Episode 8 is another episode which focuses on one of the maids. This time it’s Cynthia. Previously, she’s a young shy maid and mute. But here we discover that when she goes to sleep, her other self will be awaken. She’s now Grace, and is said to be the brains of the Hanaukyo team and mansion. Yeah, she’s pretty smart and more sarcastic, but she seems rather busy and has no time to relax.
For once, Taro would have a nice quiet day wihout his hundred maids. That’s because in episode 9, donno some festival, the maids are given several days off back to their family. Of course, except Mariel, Cynthia, and Konoe who stayed behind. Since it was really quiet, Taro decided to muster up his courage and confess his feelings to Mariel, only to be interupted with all his maids coming back. Why so fast? It’s because they said that their real family is Taro too. Didn’t I just mentioned that these ladies don’t have a life.
It’s more service and that’s what Taro’ll get in episode 10. You see, according to Mariel, since there’re so many maids in the mansion, each one is designated her specific task and time to be with Taro. So there’s a very tight schedule that Taro needs to follow. If not, then the maids will not be needed anymore and will be fired. And each time the maids think they get fired, some weird imagination of ending up doing some porn thing always comes to mind. Really got nothing else better to do. So, in order not for it to happen, Taro just obliged it and suffering in silence too. The funny part is where he has to eat alot to finish the ‘over-produced dishes’ made (becoming fat) and then going for excersice in the evening (becoming thin). So fat thin fat thin fat thin. Hahaha. Eventually, Mariel notices Taro’s suffering and something happened which I can’t remember. Some sort of a compromise I think.
Remember Jihiyo? Yeah, at her home, we hear that in order for her to inherit the entire Ryuka’s fortune she has to marry one guy… the head of the Hanaukyo. WHAT!!!!! Hahaha. Padan muka. If she don’t then she won’t get a cent and would she give up her living style? Definitely not. So here she goes trying and attempting to be Taro’s bride. I wonder why the maids of the Hanaukyo household let her in. Isn’t she the family rival. Hmmm… This Taro also… Lets her stay. Soon she’ll find out about Taro’s allergy and discover it won’t be an easy task.
Last episode, on Taro’s birthday. Every maid, including Jihiyo, has given Taro their present except for Mariel. This made Taro a little upset. Could it be that she forgot? Nope, in fact, she’s the last person to do so. And her gift to him… a cup of handmade ice cream. I forgot the reason why. Something to do with Taro’s mom. But in the end, he wasn’t mad at her anymore.
Overall, because it’s a relatively short series in episodes and time (10 minutes or so without opening and ending credits), I was inclined to watch it through the end. But I didn’t like those nude parts. Oh yeah, there’s a 3 part ova after that, but I read that it’s more on Taro and his adventures with one of the maids in each episode. I’m not sure if I want to watch it or not.
Plus, I’ve watched 1 later episode of Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite. The characters here seemed less cute and strange. Because of this, they look really weird. Also, it’s also less funnier and more serious and action packed (at least for that particular episode I’ve watched). This version claims to be a ‘more true’ version of the manga version as it follows closely to its storyline. But I don’t think I feel like watching it after that first and only time.
Oh yeah, did you notice that all of the characters in this anime have a white patch on top of their hair. Just like a snow capped mountain. So odd lah. Maybe it’s the character trademark for this anime. And in La Verite, it’s like a white ring around their hair, like wearing a white halo. Really odd lah.

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