Hand Maid Mai

August 15, 2008

At first I thought that there was some typo error when I heard the anime Hand Maid Mai. I mean, I did watch that ecchi comedy maid series Hand Maid May, and I thought that it’s over after the way things ended. To my surprise, it isn’t a typo error after all and that Hand Maid Mai is actually an OVA spin-off from the original series.
Well, no harm in trying to watch this episode to satisfy my curiosity on how different this is from its predecessor. From what I can see, it’s really different from the original in terms of storyline and characters. You won’t really see the main characters of the previous series appearing here. This time around, we have a new guy called Ozu Hideo, who is an editor of some shady adult video company. You know what this means. I guess if they’re going to make another ecchi maid series, might as well start off with this.
At the start of the episode, Ozu receives a sudden mail from a childhood friend, Mai Kurosawa, wanting to meet him. Ozu also narrates how he has never been able to finish a movie he filmed on her. How long was it? Nine years. Woah. Nine years! That’s a real long time and it’s still not finished, huh? Plus, Mai is an actress wanna-be and it has been 4 years since the 2 had seen each other. As Ozu watches his old videos he filmed of Mai throughout time, he remembers a memorial pendant Mai threw away into the river.
But Ozu gets a whack on his head by the company director, Yamamoto, for using the company’s computer for personal use. As he continues yelling at Ozu, he notices pretty Mai and tells him to bring her in sometimes for some filming. Of course, Ozu won’t want his beloved childhood friend to do some porn. Yamamoto reminds him how he bailed him out when he had trouble paying his rent. No choice but to submit and get back to work. Later, Ozu finds himself wearing a monster squid outfit. He has to help act because the original somehow got mad and went home. He’s up against a sexy martial arts actress, Aya, who’s acting as a champion from the planet of light. Looks like a typical sentai movie but with adult elements. Ozu gets ‘pinned’ by Aya and you’ll wonder is he such a bad actor while Yamamoto ‘passionately’ directs from the top of his voice. "If you can’t beat that alien, you’re going to become poor and never be in love ever!". Anyway, Ozu really did passed out from all that submission moves. Even so, Yamamoto wants another guy to replace Ozu to continue shooting. Later backstage, Aya meets up with Ozu and invites him for dinner but Ozu declines. Aya mentions that he has a date with Mai, which pisses off Ozu for looking into other people’s mail. Ozu further explains that Mai wants to become a movie star and is currently taking private lessons from a famous actor and that he hasn’t seen her in 4 years. Aya and Yamamoto think Mai has been done in. Yamamoto wants Ozu to finish the editing by tomorrow afternoon. Aya tries to tease Ozu by rubbing her boobs on his back. Ozu tries to resist and immediately stands up, hitting his crotch with the table. Amateur.
Ozu arrives at a hotel and meets Mai in her room. He has also brought all the tapes he has filmed of her for the past 9 years, as requested by her. As Mai looks through the bag of tapes, Ozu mentions how it’s her birthday today and that he has bought a new camera and wants to shoot some scenes of her. But Mai suddenly slaps his hand, making him drop and break the camera. Taken aback, a man named Kouzou Ooshima comes in and introduces himself as a movie producer from the famous production group, Aurora Productions, and tells him how Mai is from a world totally different from his. He continues that there is a press interview at this hotel for Mai’s movie debut and that the reason Ozu is called here is that they want to confiscate all his tapes of Mai as they deem it valueless and doesn’t help Mai in her future career. Furthermore, Kouzou wants Ozu to stop meeting her anymore. He then hands over a cheque worth 10,000,000 Yen for the tapes but Ozu refuses. Mai then slaps Ozu and chides him about how he has followed her around for 9 years like a stalker and that movie he has always talked about never materialized. She tells him to take the cheque and never to see her again. Ozu picks up his camera and leaves while promising to return the videotapes to her.
Of course, when Ozu left, he just left not wanting to cause any trouble. But deep down in his heart, he is hurt. The press conference continues and Mai is seen answering some questions. That night, Ozu is upset about the whole thing and gets drunk. On the way home, he gets a little noisy singing in the streets, which prompts Kasumi to tell him to shut up and get lost. Yeah, that’s a short cameo appearance from her. Ozu must be real drunk because he started to relieve himself in the middle of the streets as Kasumi screams pervert. Just then, a cyberdoll named Sara (if this is the Sara from the original series, she looks a little different because she has blonde hair now) comes up to him and wants him to stamp on an agreement letter. Ozu is obviously to drunk to understand what’s happening as he’s admiring her boobs. This causes Sara to put some lipstick on his lips, the smack the letter right into his face. Now, there’s an official stamp from Ozu. By force, I’d say. With that, Sara says that the package has been delivered to his house.
Ozu comes back home to find 3 maid ladies waiting and welcoming him. He thinks he has got the wrong house and goes away. The trio manages to hold him before he goes any further. Ozu then notices a striking resemblance to one of them which is holding on to him. Why, she looks like a little version of Mai. However, she refutes and says that she is Mie and that Mai is behind. He turns around to see a little grown up version of Mai. But she again refutes and says that she is Ai while the real Mai is behind her. Ozu is surprised to see Mai and instantly hugs her. Mai says that there has been a request and requires him a username entry. Mai then takes Ozu’s right index finger and sucks it. I don’t know if this is how certification is done but it feels kinda odd. Once it’s done, Mai wants to know how to address him. Ozu is still drunk and falls asleep on his boobs while murmuring kantoku (director). With that, the trio acknowledges to call him that.
Ozu wakes up the next morning to find himself sleeping in the bosoms of Mai and his house is squeaky clean. As Mai introduces himself as a cyberdoll, Ozu wonders about the things that have happened last night. Furthermore, the 3 cyberdolls looked like 3 different age variations of his childhood friend. Mie and Ai comes in after taking out the garbage. Ozu is further surprised to see a little Mai, a medium Mai as compared to the big Mai. Mie wonders if he has forgotten while Ai says he was quite drunk last night. Ozu thinks this is a nightmare and fears that he has did something bad. Teen prostitutes! Lolita rape! Haha. Terms which you can only hear from an adult film editor. All this must be happening too fast. Anyway, Ozu calms down after having a bowl of ramen and notes how they came from 50 years in the future, though he doesn’t believe it. The trio tells them they have special in-built features and that the future Irainashi-san wanted to give them to him as a present. Huh?
But Ozu soon gets a call from Yamamoto asking about the editing. Ozu remembers that he hasn’t started on it but Yamamoto isn’t mad and wants him to take his time. Why is he so nice? Though Yamamoto says he has a cold, but we see him in bed with Aya… Anyway Ozu decides to go to office to complete his job but finds his computer is down and has been taken to a technician to fix it. Ozu returns home depressed and relates this to the trio. Mie says that this old computer is working but Ozu mentions that it’s an obsolete model. Mai then says she has in-built editing tools which can help make a home pc produce quality films. Yeah, remember in the previous series, the cable or plug of the robot maid is in the butt? Uh huh. Well, erm. Let’s just say this time Mai didn’t take that plug out from her butt but from her front… And she’s making that weird noise… After buying more cables from the store, Ozu tries to finish his editing. It’s kinda funny and hilarious to hear Aya making that weird ‘pleasure-ful’ sound in the background. I don’t know how that porn scene has got to do with that squid monster attack. I find myself laughing out loud here. He then notices some parts are missing and with his camera broken, he can’t do anything. Mie and Ai offers to help as they have in-built cameras in them. They did some testing and Ozu wants to peep further on some lady changing because they say peeping is bad.
With the necessary equipments all in place, all that’s left is for Ozu to call Aya to film the rest. Fortunately, Aya is seen sleeping in his bed. Something about missing last night’s train. Well, at least it has saved them some time. However, Mai is taken aback a little when she looks at Aya. Now that I think about it, Aya looks a bit like Sara… So the filming begins with Ai in that monster squid suit while Mie in a cute robot outfit (R2D2 look-alike?). Then there’s a scene whereby Aya gets brainwashed by the alien and is going to seduce the princess played by Mai. Since Mai hasn’t done anything like this before, she is kinda hesitant. But experienced porn star Aya makes a bold move on her by spreading her legs and did some yuri hentai thingy on her. Scary. Better be gentle with her. She’s not a porn star, you know.
Later while editing the film, Ozu must be feeling a little guilty because Mai is seen sobbing after being so violated and for her modesty being outraged. Poor girl. Must have been real tough. He pleads for her to stop crying. She apologizes and vows to do their best. Once done, Ozu presents his work to Yamamoto. What’s this? A spoof of Star Wars?! Star Rose?! Even the background music is a parody of it! Anyway Yamamoto isn’t too happy because he didn’t expect this adult video which only need girls crying out in pleasure, has been turned into a space movie. Ozu apologizes and leaves but it seems Yamamoto thinks the film isn’t that bad either. Outside, Ozu tells them that his boss scolded him and the trio apologizes for not being able to help. However Ozu says he’s still proud of his work no matter what Yamamoto says.
Meanwhile Aya is eating ramen while watching tv when the programme talks about Mai Kurosawa’s debut movie. Ozu and the maids come in to watch. We see the movie director Kimio Teshigawara, telling the hostess that this movie debut is the life documentary of Mai Kurosawa. This film covers her growth from her childhood days and that the videos have been recovered through advanced technology. Furthermore, no one has seen this footages before. Horror! Those bastards are plagiarising and using Ozu’s work and claiming it as their own! No wonder they wanted his films. Ozu is disgusted that such a big company would stoop this low by using his videos to make their own film. Unforgivable. Mie then suggests for him to start making them all over again. Why not? They do look like several age variations of Mai, right? With that, Ozu decides to remake his film with the help of the trio from his heart.
Well, actually that isn’t the end of it yet. There are a total of 3 episodes in this OVA but so far however 1 episode has only been released so far. And this spin-off OVA is actually a year 2003 production! What happened? I did a little research and found out that the company producing this series, Wonder Farm, has been filed for bankruptcy during that year and the remaining episodes are severely delayed. In other words, we won’t be seeing anymore episodes of this series unless there is a miraculous turn around. Hmm… Doesn’t this remind you of Ozu’s unfinished 9 year video project?
Even with this short series, I can’t help find that as compared to its predecessors, the maid robots here are not as pretty as they should be. I seem to prefer the maids of the previous series as they look much more cuter. Perhaps since the maid robots here take after Mai Kurosawa, who isn’t such a bishie herself. Hahaha. Just kidding. Don’t go sue me, okay.
I’m guessing that in the remaining episodes, Ozu and his maids will make a comeback and teach those ingrates in Aurora Productions a thing or two and show them who has higher class and respect. I know, it’s a dog-eat-dog-world even in show business. Maybe as Ozu and the maids go along, we see them bond (not to mention spontaneous comedy and ecchi as well). Yeah, he may find himself falling in love with a female robot who has a much better personality than his human counterpart. Whatever the outcome, it seems robot maids are not confined to just household chores. They even come complete with movie making tools. So for those with maid fetish, thinking of making a maid-themed porn movie, anyone?
Hand Maid Mai

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