Hand Maid May

April 4, 2008

I’m sure all of us desire to have a maid help out with our daily chores since our lives are filled with lots and lots of other ‘important’ busy stuffs. Sure, I guess the most ideal maids are from France but more closer to home (of course cost is a factor) we have mostly from Indonesia and the Philippines to handle the cooking, cleaning, babysitting, etc.
But enough of reality already. I’m sure that anime geeks who have maid fetish would find anime maids to be moe. Yeah well, if you really do have maid fetish, then you should try checking out Hand Maid May as well. Me, I don’t have maid fetish at all. It’s just that I read that this series has some comedy element and as usual I’ve always been a sucker for such genres. After giving much thought I decided to give it a go. Though there are some ecchi elements as well but I suppose if you’re watching a maid genre series, this is to be expected. I think. Which guy wouldn’t find a sexy maid outfit a turn-on thing? Hey, why are you staring at me with those eyes…
All in all, there are only 11 episodes in total. Such an odd number. Why not the usual 12 or 13 episodes. Is it because there isn’t much to tell? If so, then it should’ve been 1 episode. Hehehe. Well actually, the actual series has only 10 episodes while the 11th episode is actually an extra bonus episode on the DVD. To me, that last episode sounds like a filler episode. In a way, it is one.
Anyway let’s meet the lucky guy Kazuya Saotome, who’s some sort of a computer geek as seen in episode 1. He’s currently doing some A.I. programming project for his college and has somewhat created an interacting squid-like doll called Ikaria. Well, I guess there’s still room for improvement. He lives in an apartment and oddly there’s a ladder connecting from his window to the landlady’s daughter’s room, Kasumi Tani. It’s like a sore thumb sticking out. But this ladder is useful as Kasumi always uses it as a shortcut to drop by and visit Kazuya (usually to remind him for his late rental payment or late for his college). Obviously, you’ll guess that this girl has a crush on Kazuya but that nerd is too busy in his project to notice anything. Luckily, he’s not a total geek. Kazuya is ‘normal’ in a way in the sense that he’s slightly perverted. Whenever ladies get into certain exposing situations or gets too close, this guy will not hesitate to take a peek! But of course his pervertness is the passive kind and it’s not like he’ll lose control of himself and start pouncing. Ah, men will be men. Kazuya will of course snap himself out of it soon after and act like it’s all nothing while blushing. Naughty naughty. Seriously even so, Kazuya isn’t a bad kid. It’s pretty normal for guys at that age.
I would also like to mention Kazuya’s self-proclaimed ‘greatest enemy and best friend’ Kotaro Nanbara. Now that’s 2 in 1. This obnoxious filthy rich kid has always been jealous of Kazuya’s ‘popularity’ and is always trying to outdo him behind his back. Not only that, Nanbara loves to see Kazuya suffer but his plans always backfire. But Kazuya doesn’t think ill of him and it makes me wonder if Kazuya really does know what this loudmouth hyped-up scheming devil-in-disguise’s real intention is. So in college as part of Nanbara’s plan to wreck Kazuya’s hopes and dreams, he gives him some CD which supposedly contains some super virus that’ll destroy his computer. Of course Kazuya accepts it since he doesn’t suspect anything.
So back home, Kazuya loads the CD and soon his pc starts to go haywire. I’m not sure if a virus attack is that elaborate. But being a pro he is, Kazuya manages to counter that attack but accidentally access some website called Cyberdyne Co. Before he knows it, he accidentally orders a CBD (Cyberdoll) maid. I suppose every company should practice such super fast delivery time. That’s because within a minute, Kazuya receives a package at his doorstep. Is this service or what (not to mention more fanservice coming. Haha). Kazuya takes the box in and soon hears a voice asking someone to let her out since it’s too dark. When Kazuya does so, he is surprised to find a miniature maid (1/6 the size of a normal human) the size of his palm, named May. Thus the name of the title, Hand Maid May. I guess anybody would be shocked to see a life-like robot doll as Kazuya accidentally drops May out from his window. Though he manages to catch May, the box wasn’t so lucky as it crashes down and breaks.
Anyway the duo gets acquainted and May starts showing off what she can do, like the ability to change tv channels with her own power. I guess whether it’s useful or not, it’s still amazing. But this took up too much power and May needs to be recharged. However May’s recharger was in that box which had been broken. Necessity is the mother of all invention as Kazuya improvises a new charger for May. Erm… How come May’s charging point is at her butt?! Holy cow! It’s quite funny to see May walking around with a cable sticking out from her butt. As May gets ready to resume her job, Kasumi suddenly comes in and spots May. Kazuya tries to explain things but eventually Kasumi allows Kazuya to let May stay and charges a child’s rate for the extra occupant.
So I kinda notice it’s like this in most episodes. May and Kazuya does some things or go about in whatever adventure as they bond further and closer. You’ll also notice May will gradually start to have feelings for Kazuya and you’ll wonder if it’s possible for robots to have emotions. Why not. Since CBDs have the ultimate technology in making life-like maids who walk, talk and act just like a real human-being, I suppose it won’t be surprising if the CBDs have emotions as well. Of course May won’t know that she’s really falling in love with Kazuya and at the same time Kasumi too will be in a dilemma, spacing out whenever she sees Kazuya and May get too close. Throughout the series, Kasumi will never confess her true feelings to Kazuya. Probably it’s better for them to stay as it is now. Oh, did I mention that this is also a harem anime as well? Yeah, more and more girls will flock around Kazuya. The more the merrier, they say.
I also want to mention that there is an occupant named Shikishima, who’s Kazuya’s neighbour. You’ll never see or hear this guy because he’s as slippery as an eel. Kasumi has a tough time catching him because he’s back 1 minute and gone the next. That’s super fast. You’ll notice Shikishima is back when something noisy occurs next door like the slamming of his door or the rev of his car. Well Kasumi, keep trying, since his rent payments have been late for who knows how long. I wonder why Kasumi just won’t kick him out. Ah, can’t catch him in the first place, right?
Thus episode 2 sees May trying to do household chores but it must be tough since she’s a small fry. With May’s determination, she does get by. We’re also introduced to a new character, Sara, another CBD who’s supposed to collect payment from Kazuya after the latter got his delivery but this lady is so obsessed into eating her ramen noodles (yeah, bowl after bowl. She’s got a huge stomach for them!) and when she realizes that she’s forgetting her job, she rushes down to Kazuya’s place. Meanwhile, Nanbara decides to call Kazuya to hear the bad news but is surprised to hear May’s voice. Thinking Kazuya may have succeeded in some programming behind his back, Nanbara too rushes down there. Sara and Nanbara accidentally meet and the former thinks the latter is Kazuya and asks for payment. Hmm… I guess buying a CBD is expensive because it’s worth a few million Yen! As the duo quarrel, Kasumi spots them and threatens to call the police for trespassing and soon the duo leaves in a jiffy. The duo then formed a somewhat odd alliance to recover May. Well since it’s Sara’s job to repossess the CBD if Kazuya defaults on payment, it’s okay. But that Nanbara guy’s reasons are to see Kazuya reel from disappointment and also he wants to see how May works by stealing her. At the same time, May decides to deliver a package by herself to Kazuya from Kasumi. Unfortunately, she got lost.
When Kazuya returns home, he’s too distressed to find May missing rather than listen to the blabbings of Sara if he doesn’t pay or even her existence. As Kazuya rushes out to find May, Sara uses her own tracking device and manages to spot May. Nanbara tries to follow but a bicycle hit him. Kazuya to is having a hard time finding May but some mysterious cyborg guy is leaving clues to where May is. May is recharging at a convenience store when Sara has found. A hilarious chase ensue and when Sara is going to grab her, Kazuya appears and May comes flying into his arms. Furthermore, Nanbara comes by crazily in his bicycle chasing Sara in his fury. Yeah, something about leaving him behind and that he’s going to have his revenge. Sicko. Back home, Kazuya tells May not to leave home by herself next time as it could be very dangerous. Finally it’s revealed that inside the package are little clothes for May to try on. May is happy and promises not to cause anymore trouble for Kazuya.
Episode 3 sees Kazuya daydreaming about undressing May so that he could ‘check’ her thoroughly but is snapped back to reality when he finds that it’s inhumane to do so. Meanwhile, the uneasy alliance of Nanbara and Sara is still on and back at Nanbara’s mansion, Sara has a disk which contains plans on how to recover May but accidentally drops it into her ramen bowl. Nanbara freaks out about the disk while Sara her ramen. That girl has nothing but ramen on her mind. So much for that secret info. As Kazuya and May go about in their shopping (May has to act like a doll to prevent her identity being found out), Sara and Nanbara are spying on the duo because they got word that the Cyberdyne has send some collector to retrieve May but are unsure of who the collector is. So every girl that Kazuya meets, the spying duo thinks it’s her because Kazuya hints his slightly perverted side or the girl flaunts her sexy side or smile. However it’s nothing but disappointment as the girl soon goes away and not the collector that they expected to be.
This episode also introduces another character, a young girl named Rena who seems to know Kazuya. Yeah, she spots him in the middle of town and even asks him out. Rena even spots May talking and knows she’s no ordinary doll. Rena lets out a building-shaking scream when Kazuya doesn’t agree to her ‘demands’ but luckily Ikaria fell out of Kazuya’s backpack and this soothed Rena. You could say Rena really takes a liking for Ikaria and a beautiful friendship between them begins. No choice, Kazuya has to let Rena tag along with them. You’ll notice that Rena isn’t an ordinary girl when she could change the traffic lights with just a snap of her finger to let an old lady cross the road. Soon Kazuya brings Rena to the police station to report a lost child but Rena is pretty sneaky herself as she tells her address is Kazuya’s apartment. Yeah, the policewoman send her back there. Uh huh. That ‘lovey-dovey’ policewoman drags Kazuya back to the police station so that she could ‘lecture’ him about the responsibilities of leaving a lost child behind. Kasumi has no choice but to go there and bring Kazuya back.
Soon Rena decides to have her own walk with Ikaria as Nanbara and Sara spies on her. They’re pretty amazed how that little kid has tripped and fell several times. Rena spots the duo and decides to play a trick on them. The furious duo can’t lose to a kid as they chased her but Rena does her traffic light changing trick to make them do some dangerous acrobatic ‘dance’ in the middle of the street. Don’t the drivers slow down to see pedestrian crossing? They just obey the lights blindly, huh. Rena’s really having fun but to her surprise, Kazuya arrives to stop her. It seems Kazuya knows that Rena is a CBD too and tells her not to do it again because it’ll cause a massive traffic jam. I think these drivers are really following the lights blindly. How do they get their licence? Back home, Rena is sulking because she doesn’t understand what Kazuya meant and all that. So after some words from Ikaria (that squid has its A.I. upgraded and has a little intelligence of its own), Rena realizes and they’re back on good terms. Of course Kasumi won’t allow Kazuya to have another girl living with him so Rena has to live with Kasumi instead. Probably he can’t afford to pay extra or doesn’t want him to unleash his inner pervertness. Later Rena tells Nanbara and Sara that she’s the Cyberdyne collector but since she has become friends with Ikaria, she’s not going to continue her job and continue living at Kasumi’s place, shocking the duo.
Sara and Nanbara gets word of another collector sent by Cyberdyne in episode 4. This time a super intelligent CBD named Kei. Her data is quite accurate as she can think of 500,000 steps in advance. Is that equivalent to being a psychic? So Kazuya is informed by Kei that she’s quite interested in his project and would gladly sponsor him. Would a guy like him pass an offer from a lovely lady? Before I go on, I’d like to mention that the CBDs enjoy watching a tv series called Whirlwind Of Love, which’s some tearjerker romance series. I don’t really see what’s so good about it. After that Rena causing some little ruckus, May gets a little depressed when she hears from Kazuya about a new girl working with him at college. Obviously she’s having some jealous feelings. The next day, Kazuya brings along Ikaria and May to meet with Kei at a restaurant. After some compliments from Kei, they decide to got to college with Nanbara and Sara spying on them. Kei wants to conduct some experiments on May but Kazuya won’t allow it. Kei then asks Kazuya to get some juice. We see Sara and Nanbara spying from a storeroom and Sara asks why Kei didn’t retrieve May. Kei says that May isn’t an ordinary doll and wants to analyze her first before completing her job.
Of course Kei gets too close to Kazuya to make May feel a little jealous. Kei even came back to Kazuya’s place to see him work in person. May sinks into further depression and Kasumi spots this and went to chat with her. Upon learning it, she yelled back at Kazuya before slamming the window. The next day at the college, Kei tells Nanbara and Sara to step into the storeroom. They did so only to find out Kei had locked them in. Sara tries to super punch her way out but Kei told her the steel door is 31mm thick. Since Sara could only bust through the door that’s 30mm thick, she just lost by a mere 1mm. Now that’s really accurate data. Back at home, Kazuya finds out from Rena that Kei had left with May. This causes Kazuya to leave in a hurry. So it seems Kei wants to further analyze May. Looks like she’s outraging May’s modesty. A short flashback a day before how Kazuya turned down Kei’s offer to examine May. May must’ve misinterpreted the situation then when she saw the duo talking from afar. Kazuya soon arrives but is mad about what Kei has done. Some talk here and there and Kei realize that May’s programming isn’t an ordinary one. Soon the system starts to overload and Kei screams in pain as she can’t disconnect. Kazuya gets Kei away from the machine before anything damaging happens. Once it’s over, Nanbara and Sara gets a video message from Kei saying that she’s not going to finish her job and is going to leave forever on journey. But that didn’t happen because the next day, Kei is back at Kazuya’s place and it seems she’s planning to stay here to do more research, pissing off May and Kasumi. But it gets a little serious because Sara comes in and tells Kazuya that if he doesn’t come up with the payment, she’ll have May confiscated next afternoon. Oh oh. Sara should’ve done this right from the start.
While Rena has become Kasumi’s assistant in collecting rent (some otaku geek really wants to have her) and Kei built some hi-tech room (some secret elevator, that is) in Kazuya’s closet, in episode 5, Kazuya is depressed because he can’t come up with any money to pay for May. He’s on a tight budget. I mean, he has his rent to think off and other bills too. How about a loan? Maybe the bank will reject it. I wonder why Kasumi won’t allow a waiver on his rent. Probably since May costs millions, it’ll be like letting him stay for free. Plus I don’t think Kasumi’s mom will allow it. Kasumi notices this and decides to give Kazuya a pair of tickets to an amusement park so that he could spend his last day with May. Is she implying that there’s no way to save or keep May? So the duo had their fun there but it seems that cyborg guy is watching them. It’s already evening and if Sara isn’t obsessed chowing down bowls of ramen, she could have got the job done. Plus, there’s a traffic jam so Nanbara is bloody mad that he’s going to miss seeing the disappointed face of Kazuya. Of course Sara manages to arrive and asks Kazuya to hand over May. A few emotional goodbyes and I’ll-never-forget-you talk as Sara takes May.
More spacing out and depression from Kazuya the next day since May isn’t around anymore. Everything seems so sombre. Kazuya comes back from college that evening to find that cyborg guy waiting for him. It seems this cyborg likes milk and enjoys it very much when Kazuya gives him 1. He introduces himself as Cyber X and tells Kazuya that Cyberdyne is interested in his work as they’re always looking for talented programmers. Cyber X asks him if he wants a CBD to help with his work in which Kazuya immediately say yes. Soon Cyber X plug cables from himself to Kazuya’s pc and starts programming away. Something like ordering another CBD. Kazuya also finds out that when a CBD is returned to the factory, their memories will be erased and everything resetted. Though Kazuya is furious he still wants the CBD May even if there’re other advanced models. The order is done but how about the payment? Cyber X says he’ll take that refreshing milk as it before leaving. So Kazuya is debt free. That evening, Kazuya excitedly rushes to the door when he heard the doorbell. He quickly unwraps the package only to his horror, finds nothing but cables. Where is May? Kazuya dropped to his knees. But soon a familiar voice greets him. To Kazuya’s surprise, he find that the delivery woman is May herself! Wah! She’s life-size now! Plus she still has her old memories. Kazuya is one happy fella.
Obviously with May in a normal human size, it makes chores a little easier in episode 6. Though May’s still a little clumsy and there’s room for improvement. At least everybody’s 1 big happy family. If you think you’ve seen the last of Sara, you’re wrong. That’s because she’s been given new orders by Cyberdyne to observe them. I think Nanbara has the same idea to… To see Kazuya’s downfall. I really find it weird that Sara could make calls with her hand like a telephone. But this episode is mainly about the gang heading for the night festivals and we get to see the CBDs in their yukatas. Everybody is enjoying themselves at the festival and it was pretty hilarious to see Ikaria freaking out when there’s a stall selling fried squid. Kei seems to be pretty obsessed with that goldfish catching game and she’s quite good in it. What do you expect? She’s a robot. Because it got really crowded, the gang got separated. So Kazuya had a hard time trying to locate the rest and regrouping them at a spot. Kasumi seems to space out whenever she sees May and Kazuya together. If you don’t get it off your chest girl, it’s going to explode 1 day. Nanbara and Sara arrives but it seems a couple of Kasumi’s little baseball players accidentally played a trick on Nanbara and that guy is pissed off so much so he chases them while Sara decides to try out the stall’s ramen. What else? Sara remembers her mission to find Kazuya but Kazuya passed by her, saving the trouble for Sara to look for him. Though Kazuya was a little injured during all that pushing, Sara too has injuries but was quickly healed. The duo then had some chat and it looks like Sara has fallen in love with Kazuya with the way things look because Kazuya did mention how he treats both CBDs and humans alike.
Nanbara is still chasing those kids but a realized a lost girl tugging his shirt. So Nanbara had no choice but to babysit her for awhile when May comes by. It seems this girl is came along with Kazuya and the gang to the festival. This is the first time Nanbara sees May in human size and is overwhelmed by her beauty. Yeah, he’s fallen head over heels for her but can’t remember if he’s seen her before or not. Then it hit him that this May was that little palm size robot but he didn’t care about how she’d grown so big because all he wants is to date her. The gang soon regroups and it’s time for the fireworks but it started drizzling. I don’t know if a little hopeful talking could make the rain stop. Soon the fireworks resume as everyone watches in awe.
In episode 7, Kazuya’s 2 college buddies are practising some greeting to ask the ‘beautiful lady who always appear at 11.10am’ out to tea. It seems that lady is Kei and to their surprise, they find out Kazuya knows her. Not only that, when May comes by, they’re taken in by her beauty as well. This Kazuya guy is sure lucky. This episode introduces the last of the CBD ladies to Kazuya’s harem. See, isn’t this guy a babe magnet? Hahaha. That CBD is Mami. Her favourite quote is "Ara ara" (my my) and prepare to hear that in every sentence. She’s quite positive though she may sound dreamy. Even so, she’s quite knowledgeable and knows how to do lots of things. A perfect maid? Anyway she’s been sent by Kazuya’s dad in USA (I believe) to assist Kazuya in his household chores. If only they knew he had other CBDs staying with him. I wonder if Mami’s roller skates are faster than the cars on the highway because she’s travelling at the same speed and even asks a passing Nanbara the way to Kazuya’s place. Mami soon arrives at the place and Kasumi brings her in thinking that Kazuya has a guest. Before he knows it, Mami hugs Kazuya, pressing him hard on her chest. Now that’s a real shocker. I guess it’s soft rather than metal hard. Haha. Kazuya decides to give his mom a call to confirm but she didn’t know anything and says it could be possible that his Canadian uncle may have sent Mami. Meanwhile Mami is efficiently doing all the cleaning up while Kazuya’s on the phone. This is how a maid should be. Then Kazuya’s sisters overheard their conversation and interrupts by saying if he has ‘done it’ after hearing several female voices in the background. Kazuya gets embarrassed and hangs up. So May took some maid lessons from Mami because May wanted to impress Kazuya too. Nanbara arrives and presents a surprised May with his bouquet of purple roses only for Sara to interrupt as they start bickering. But when Kazuya comes out, Sara is soon swooning over him.
Mami spots them and decides to play an omiai (wedding meeting) game. It’s like a Q&A session. It’s pretty obvious that all the ladies are asking Kazuya questions and that loser Nanbara has nothing better to do than giving his own unwelcome answers. Mami then tells everyone to close their eyes and asks those who likes Kazuya to raise their hands. Well well, all the girls did. Didn’t I tell you this guy’s a babe magnet. After that, they did some tea leaves fortune telling and then the ‘Love Machine’ (Kazuya’s bed covered with petals of roses). You’ve guessed it that Nanbara strips himself and quickly dives onto the bed, waiting to do it with May. That guy is so full of himself. While Sara seems to be in a sexy pose, ready to do hers with Kazuya on the floor. Mami realizes it’s evening and needs to prepare dinner thus abandoning that Love Machine game, upsetting Nanbara and Sara. Mami asks May to do some shopping as everyone else cleans up but since Mami realized May forgot to bring along some money, she tells Kazuya to bring it to her. Looks like part of Mami’s plan to get the duo closer together. Kazuya catches up and after doing some shopping together, they got a little carried away with themselves by riding down a grassy hill slope on a cardboard. Of course when they come back, everyone suspects that something might be going on since their clothes are a little dirty. Well, they brush it off though they’re blushing. While the gang had a splendid dinner, Kasumi is soaking in her bathtub and spacing out again… Tsk tsk tsk. Mami tells May that she’d do the dishes so that May could spend more time with Kazuya, which made her happy. You’ll notice that Mami does try to make May and Kazuya together with her schemes even if they seem outrageous.
A typhoon is coming in episode 8 and everyone is making preparations for the storm. While nailing some boards, May accidentally falls as Kazuya tries to grab her. Funny part was that Nanbara and Sara frantically rushes to catch their respective love ones but Sara saved Kazuya by stepping on Nanbara’s head. May is safe as she’s been caught by Kasumi and Mami. But mainly this episode is about that ladder when May asked about it. Some interesting (okay maybe rather abnormal things) happened on that ladder. No, no ecchi things happened okay. But I guess it’s a useful mat dryer too. Anyway Kazuya realizes Kasumi isn’t around and decides to go look for her. Nanbara thinks he can fool around with May but May decides to follow Sara who is going after Kazuya. Too bad loser. Nanbara tries to follow but it’s just not his day. Yeah, things keep smashing into him. Kazuya spots Kasumi sitting on a swing reminiscing the old days when Kazuya’s place was empty and she accidentally dropped her envelope of rental collections. Kazuya had just moved in then and greets her, in which she blushed embarrassingly. Then Kazuya returns her dropped envelope but she thinks he’d stole it. She realizes that it’s her fault and feels guilty. Is she falling for him? Then 1 day Kasumi returns from school to see Kazuya removing the ladder. He did that because there was a bird’s nest near the roof. When the birds grew up, they could place some food for it to eat on the ladder. See, the ladder’s pretty useful. Not only that, it was an easy way for Kazuya to get to Kasumi’s place whenever she had trouble with her pc. They also did most of their talkings on it. This ladder is special.
Back in reality, Kasumi apologizes for causing trouble as they head home. But the storm grows fiercer and May upon seeing how that precious ladder is going to be torn apart, tries her best to hold it down. Umm… Is standing on it, putting some weight really work? Anyway the rest soon follow except for Kei who’s obsessed in conducting some research of her own with the weather. Funny part is, another statue hits Nanbara in the face while Mami is gone with the wind. As for Kazuya and Kasumi, I can’t believe they took refuge behind a pole as Kazuya shields Kasumi with his body. Can he last like that? For a brief moment, the storm stopped. So the duo took the chance to head home. That was just the eye of the storm. Round 2 coming. With lots of determination, the gang manages to hold the ladder till the storm subsides. Later Kasumi and May had a little chat as May says how she wants to make precious memories with Kazuya and that she’ll always try her best. Back at Nanbara’s mansion, for once, Sara has no appetite for ramen. Is it the storm? I’m not sure what syndrome she’s referring to. However, a guy in a superhero-like armour outfit comes busting in and grabs Nanbara. He also wears a mask and has a ‘Z’ logo on it. At first looks he looks like the Zorro of the future. This must be the most surprising moment in Nanbara’s life as he’s freaking out.
That guy calls himself Commander Z in episode 9 and it seems Sara knows him. He is the president of Cyberdyne and is Nanbara’s descendant! His real name is Dotaro. Holy schmoly! He’s from the future. Which means Sara must be from there too. When he takes off his mask, he looks just like Nanbara except he has red hair and moustache. Okay, so the 2 are alike, because they started bickering with their whatever male egos. While the 2 are at it, Sara decides to go spy on Kazuya. Meanwhile Mami has won a pair of tickets to the amusement park and gives 1 to Kazuya. As for the other, she decides a competition to see who’ll get to go with that lucky guy. Of course everyone is game. First is some weird game show and since Mami felt the questions were to tough, she decides to change the challenge. Mami hides the ticket somewhere and whoever finds it first, will get to date Kazuya. Off everyone goes in search of that sole ticket. Funny part is that while they’re searching the place, they spot several porn DVDs in Kazuya’s collection. Haha. Busted. Kazuya gives excuses that he’s just holding for a friend or that some pal of his forgot to take it home. Yeah yeah. At least this guy isn’t a total nerd. Anyway they threw it all away and even poured boiling hot water to cleanse it. Extreme. But the winner is Sara because when she arrived, she spot some weird thing sticking on to Kazuya’s back. So that’s where the ticket was. But the other girls weren’t happy because they think Sara wasn’t part of the game from start. So Mami decides another challenge. Whoever catches her first will get the ticket. A hilarious chase of trying to outdo each other ensues. Rena tried to cheat but her tracking device ended up on Kei and they caught each other. So it’s Kasumi and May. I’m not sure how it went because May won. As for Sara, eating ramen is her priority so she’s definitely behind. However, Sara has isn’t feeling too good, didn’t eat her usual portion and coughed violently.
The next day, May and Kazuya prepare themselves to go to the amusement park and had another round of fun. We see Sara still in her gloomy mood but this time she collapses, prompting the shop lady to panic. Sara is brought back to Nanbara’s mansion and Nanbara is worried because without her, who’d do all the chores. Hey, doesn’t this guy have other maids? Anyway Dotaro tells him that ‘it’ has started. Then the scene changes to a field with lots of CBDs lying in pain and Cyber X is tending to them. Where in the world is that? While Kazuya and May are having a swell time, back home, the other CBDs are starting to fall sick. Their fever is burning up. Kasumi is in a panic as she and Ikaria do all they can to cool them down. Those ice in the fridge isn’t enough. Nanbara comes barging in and pleads to Kasumi to take care of Sara while he go looks for Kazuya. Remember kids, no matter how serious or urgent, don’t drive recklessly like Nanbara. Yeah, he crashes the car at the park. He tells Kazuya and May of their current situation as they rush home. They come back to find that some sort of virus is spreading throughout the CBDs. To cut things short, this virus is rampant in the future and every darn programmer can’t solve it. So Dotaro had to go back to the past in order to nip the problem in the bud. If nothing is done, all memories of the CBDs will be erased. However, only May isn’t affected. I’m not sure about the explanations, but I sounded like May’s system had evolved immune to it. Uh huh. Something like how every CBD’s programme contains that virus when their programming is installed. Dotaro says that Kazuya is the original programmer for CBDs and that only he can save them. Must be the shockest news Kazuya has ever heard.
Kazuya is trying his best to do some programming in episode 10 but the situation is worsening. Even in that field of CBDs isn’t improving. They’re connected to some angel-like girl. I don’t know who or what’s that all about. Time is running out. May then offers herself to save them since she’s immune to it. Because 1 pc isn’t enough, Nanbara drives to college and brings back dozens of pcs! I wonder if the pcs will break, since the way he drives is so reckless. Back home, the cable connections are bloody messy. May is connected with the other CBDs and she seems to be in some pain but decides to continue. Kasumi is still chipping some ice but at this rate, it’s not going to be enough. Remember that Shikishima guy? For once he did something good by leaving a huge stack of ice at their doorstep (trails of ice coming from his room). Kasumi thanks him and says probably it’s payment for dunno how many months worth of rent. After lots of typing, we see that virus is that Nanbara’s virus back in the 1st episode. What the? That virus is taunting Kazuya and praising Nanbara. Kazuya types even faster to the extend that his fingers are bleeding! Wow. Before Kazuya faints, Cyber X arrives in time to catch him and continues his typing. Hey, how did he arrive so fast? With that, the virus is destroyed and all the CBDs regain consciousness again. Yay! So the one who saved the day is Cyber X, not Kazuya as said by Dotaro. Uh huh, Dotaro quipped he appeared at a bloody good time and make it as though he’s the hero.
But it’s not over yet. Though May regains consciousness, Cyber X is alarmed when Dotaro mentions something about May’s secret memory area. In short, May sacrificed her memories to save everyone else. Oh oh. And the May know is a resetted one. Everyone is in horror. Kazuya tries his best to recover May’s memories but it seems futile while everyone waits with a gloomy atmosphere outside. It’s like the 1st time May has met Kazuya. No memories, no nothing. Finally everybody comes into the room and said some positive things like how they’re going to make precious memories with everybody bla bla bla. I’m not sure because of that, May starts to remember, the way she say things and May did have several flashbacks of the time spent with Kazuya. Must be lah. Don’t want this to end in a sad way, wouldn’t we? In the end, we see the entire gang having a picnic sponsored by the production of Whirlwind Of Love. It’s revealed that Cyber X is Takuya, a descendent of Kazuya. Looks like another one from the future. At least not a robot. Just donning a suit of one. It ends with a mysterious cliffhanger. While the gang are having fun, the ground suddenly shook like as though a monster had stomped nearby. Then May looked up and says "Shikishima?". Well, we won’t get to really see what is it actually.
You won’t find any answer to that in episode 11. This episode feels like a filler episode. Mami is back somewhere doing her chores and because of that she decides to send some delivery package to May. Deja vu? "Somebody let me out, it’s so dark in here". May opens the package to find 5 palm size versions of herself! In assortment of colours too. May decides to recharge them but an accident causes May to faint and her personalities split into the other 5 little Mays. Besides the normal one, we have the flirty and always want to look pretty, the slightly rude and crude girl, the very very shy one, and a glutton. Yes, a glutton who just wants to eat. Anyway Rena doesn’t realize that there are 5 little Mays watching Whirlwind Of Love with her until it’s too late. So she decides to go out do some shopping with them. Meanwhile Nanbara and Dotaro are irritatingly trying to outdo each other with some embarrassing hip shaking groove move in front of several children at the playground. One of the mothers at the park was so engrossed in talking that she accidentally unknowingly pushed her baby carriage downhill. Luckily, Rena and the 5 Mays are there when the carriage bump into them. Rena decides to take the baby home. Meanwhile, Kasumi has her friend, Hikari drive her home. I know everybody should be a safe driver like her, but Hikari’s really adhering to the rules and playing it safe that the bicycles seem to zoom pass her! Yeah, even Kasumi hopes that she’ll reach home before nightfall.
It’s pretty funny to see that as the other characters come home and finds that Rena has a baby, they want to hold the little kid but Rena says that holding the baby is her privilege and it’s good enough that they can hold Ikaria, sending that squid into depression. Haha. Of course the baby did made a little ruckus and Rena thinks she’s hungry and decides to breast feed it and strips! Just kidding. She didn’t manage to. Nanbara comes home to find his beloved May unconscious and decides to wake her up with his kiss. Fortunately, crude ol’ May is there to protect her lips. Even if he’s being tied up, Nanbara is still going to die trying. So did he get his 1st kiss? Well, partly yes. Thing is, crude ol’ May uses Ikaria and thus Nanbara’s kiss is with a squid. Hahaha. Ikaria’s pretty depressed about it. Soon that lady who lost her baby relates her trauma to the police. Hikari was passing by and previously noticed a baby carriage at Kasumi’s place. Hikari leads the police to Kasumi’s place but because she’s as slow as a snail… you know lah. In times of emergency, it’s best to be calm, not slow. So the gang finally get some tips on what to do with a baby from Mami and they manage to do well. Oh my! They showed the baby’s crotch! Maybe in a way, it’s nothing much. Soon they have to part because that baby’s mom arrive and apologizes for all the trouble. Kasumi wonders if it’s possible that the CBDs can bear children and Mami tells them that Kazuya’s dream run deep. Meaning, it may be possible lah. It ends just like the beginning of this episode. The usual ruckus and all from the gang. Life goes on.
Overall, I guess this whole series is rather okay to me. I just love those funny moments when it involves Nanbara. He’s still the most amusing character in the series and without him, life would’ve been bliss. Okay, maybe what I meant to say was it won’t be that funny. But I suppose we could use less of such guys in this world, right? With the drawing and art made to appeal to bishie and maid lovers, I guess that even if you’re not going for the storyline, the CBD maids themselves provide a little eye candy. If you don’t mind the little ecchiness and fanservice, that is. Speaking of the storyline, I still find it hard to swallow that back from the future thing. If the virus had destroyed them in the present, wouldn’t there be none of them in the future? I mean, the descendents came back just to correct this seems a little far-fetched.
Maria Yamamoto did quite a good job making May sound quite positive and blur at times. She’s also the voice for Yucie in Petite Princess Yucie and Kano Miyazawa in Kare Kano. Mikako Takahashi voices Kasumi who also did roles like Rushuna in Grenadier and Montmorency in Zero No Tsukaima. Other casts include Kikuko Inoue as Mami (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama, Kasumi in Ranma 1/2, Mizuho in Onegai Teacher), Rie Kugimiya as Rena (Shana in Shakugan No Shana and Rizel in Rizelmine), Omi Minami as Kei (Hyatt in Excel Saga), Kyoko Hikami as Sara (Rabi en Rose of Di Gi Charat, Kyoko of Girl’s High) and Yuji Ueda as Nanbara (Morita in Honey And Clover).
The opening theme song Jump – Meippai Dakishimete by P-Chicks sounds like a lively all-girl group band dance song. Well, it did make me get up and jump. Quite fitting really. At first I was surprised as I thought the opening lines of this song was "Shaking my ass…". Then I found out they’re actually saying "Shaking my hands…". Shame on me. The ending theme Hontou No Kimochi by Mikako Takahashi is a more slower tune but I didn’t like it very much. I just want to mention that there’s a background music whenever Nanbara’s around or scheming, which sounds quite steamy with the way the trumpet style is being played. That tune really suits him.
There’s 1 question which still bugs me. If the CBDs need electricity power just to recharge themselves, then why do they really need to eat meals too? Is it so that they simulate like a real maid person? Or is it since they need to cook for their masters, they need to taste what they’re cooking? Furthermore, just thinking about that angelic CBD just brings me more headache than anything. As for Kazuya, I think not only he wants to spend time and be with May, but with the other CBDs as well, don’t you think? Yeah, it’s like a harem for a geek. Robo style.
I’m sure in real life we really do wish we have such pretty and helpful maids around. I’m thinking if there are mail order brides, could there be mail order maids too? Well, it did happen here. Possibly in the near future as technology advances, we might really have life-like robots complete with feelings and emotions. Sounds like human cloning? What if the robots get too intelligent and decides to wipe us all out? Inventions made for our convenience has turned inconvenient. But that’s another story. Right now, let’s just keep dreaming of those pretty anime maids… Oh great. It sounded like I have developed maid fetish.
Hand Maid May

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