Hantsu x Trash OVA 3

April 14, 2017

There is only one reason why we watch Hantsu x Trash OVA 3. There is only one mission for this third OVA. You very well know what it is. Don’t make me spell it out again. So get to it on the double! Stop wasting time! What else could be more important than boobs and tits in this world?!

Mission CKB
Hamaji is surprised the guys are finally getting excited about water polo. Not really. Led by Nakajima, they are revved up to peep on girls and confirm their nipples’ colour! Oh yeah. That’s more like it. At first Hamaji didn’t want to join in but after Nakajima squeezes his balls to remind him to become a man and knowing he has Hagiwara in mind, everything is set to go as planned. Because knowing a girl’s nipples colour is every man’s dream! During the water polo practice, Hayami notices the boys staring at her. She dislikes it but doesn’t mind if it’s Hamaji. At night, the guys peep from the girls outside their bath. Your usual tits fondling and free tits fanservice. Hayami asks Hagiwara if she is dating Hamaji. She feels relieved that she is not. After Hamaji switches with another guy, that idiot couldn’t control his urges after seeing those pair of rocket boobs. He starts screaming about it, alerting the girls. Time to retreat. Despite missing their best chance, those pervy boys won’t give up. Yeah, there are other ways. Like purposely putting lingerie in the middle of the hallway so when a girl bends down to pick it up, a guy in the ventilation is waiting to snap her tit when it exposes. Or like Nakajima who is hiding underneath the drainage in the girls’ locker room. And that rocket boobs guy has been in a trance since so when he sees any pair of rocket boobs, he assaults that poor girl! OMG! Animal! She beats him up and has a baseball bat shoved up his ass!

In another practice, Hayami notices the guys staring again. Feeling uncomfortable, she dives into the pool without warming up and her leg cramps up. Hamaji is first to dive in to save her. In the infirmary, she is resting and alright. Then Miyoshi teases him to look at the nipples of a mature woman. Oh heck. She pulls his face to her tits and lets him suck them! Feels good to be violated by a virgin, eh? Later when Hayami wakes up, after thanking him she wants him to look at her boobs. Say what? So let me get her logic. To overcome her fear of men staring at her boobs, she wants him to look at them. Okay. Sounds fine to me. And so Hayami lets him unhook her bra and stare at those delicious pink tits. He got extra bonus when she suddenly kisses him! She then sprints out realizing that she is in love with him. We figured that out a long time ago. She bumps into Hagiwara and announces that she will not lose out. Hagiwara thinks she is referring to the water polo game. Meanwhile Nakajima and co are being confronted by the other girls who have got hold of their nipple colour chart. Beaten up and the chart torn up for good. The dream is dead.

Nipples, Boobs Are Pointless Without Them!
So what else can I say? Did you enjoy them? Because it seems by this time they decided to ramp up the fanservice by giving us more exposed tits compared to the previous OVAs. You thought it would be more of the same silly fanservice but then they decided to engage a higher gear and make us have boners throughout the 15 minute duration of the show. Yes people, despite the horrible animation that remains the same like the previous OVAs, because of the free tits and rocket boobs, we are too distracted watching them than noticing the atrocious art style. Because of free tits and rocket boobs, all is forgiven. But I noticed no obvious lesbian stuffs from Shinozaki on Hagiwara this time. Unless you consider that boobs fondling moments as one.

As usual, the plot is pretty much non-existent because it already doesn’t make sense why there is a water polo club for both guys and girls. I mean, in real life there are but when you have it in anime, the reasons are obviously shady. With all the pervy antics, you would think that the guys would have been kicked out by now but here they are and I guarantee as long as they have their seishun with them, they’re not going to stop letting their libido take over. And maybe Miyoshi just loves to see the perverted antics of those youthful kids. Sighs. Nobody wants an old mature woman so what better way to get her arousal via watching others? The only progress if I should say is the confirmation of Hayami’s feelings for Hamaji (obviously) since this OVA focuses mostly on her. And at least Nakajima has somewhat of an active leading role here instead of being relegated to weird gay dream sequences or unimportant extra.

They should just stop releasing periodic releases of OVAs and make this series into a proper TV series for a single cour even if its usual running time is half than the normal. That way we can expect more boobs and tits fanservice at regular intervals. Haha! Ahem…Because we all know that the plot is going to suck in addition to be typically cliché and the animation isn’t going to be top notched with super special effects whatsoever. Just cheap thrill fanservice for poor and cheap horny guys who can’t even afford to pay for porn ;p. Now, tell me again why would you as a guy want to join a water polo club? Rocket boobs FTW!

Hantsu x Trash OVA 2

October 7, 2016

Hey wait a minute. There’s more of that sexy and stupid water polo comedy? I guess it wasn’t enough so they had to do another OVA for Hantsu x Trash just to satisfy our horny desires in the water polo field. Yeah right. If you can’t remember what the previous OVA was or have never watch it, don’t bother. We’re all here for the fanservice :-).

Boobs Water Polo
Something must be going on. The water polo guys are dead serious. They are staking their lives for their upcoming match. With the girls cheering on them, the guys miraculously win their match! First victory! Then the whole truth comes out. The reason and main motivation why the guys worked so hard and won is because their teacher Miyoshi promised them to let them fondle her boobs if they win! No wonder! Now that they have won, the guys can’t wait to fondle her boobs. So impatience that they come running to her down the hallways with in their birthday suits!!! OMFG!!! So hard up for it?! Since the guys kept their part of the bargain, she must keep hers. So in a private room, she strips down to her bra but the horny guys want more. Take the bra off! Oh yeah! Real huge tits!

Meanwhile Hamaji is stationed outside as he guards the entrance. Hayami comes to congratulate him and his team when she hears the boys in the room screaming about breasts. Hamaji tries to prevent her from peeking and thus accidentally falls onto her. And thus creating a lame excuse for him to fantasize about him molesting Hayami’s boobs while he helps her stretch out before swimming. Back to the boobs party, Miyoshi lays down the rules to fondle her boobs. They get only 3 seconds each. Yeah. Whatever. So we see the guys fondling and even sucking her tits that send her into ecstasy. Admit it. She’s a whore. She loves it. And yet to hide this slutty behaviour of hers she punches them out once their time limit is over. They don’t care. They’re in heaven already. It was f*cking worth it.

Back to Hamaji, Hagiwara and Shinozaki are telling him they want to hold a celebration party for the guys for their first win. While Hagiwara is excited about it, Shinozaki isn’t. For some weird (horny) reason, Shinozaki starts fondling Hagiwara’s boobs. Hence another lame excuse for Hamaji to fantasize the duo making out in a love hotel. And because lesbianism isn’t enough, he joins in to make it a threesome citing he won’t lose out to that! Nakajima is the last guy left to fondle Miyoshi’s boobs. This guy is good that Miyoshi starts feeling orgasmic that he went over the 3 second limit. Luckily Miyoshi returns to her senses and knocks him out. Now this slut b*tch is already so aroused that she needs more of it. Yeah. You know what I’m thinking? Who is the only boy left? Save the best for last, huh?

Miyoshi takes Hamaji in and is willing to get down and dirty with him. He is the only guy she claims can satisfy her and even takes off her bottom! F*cking bastard gets the best privilege ever! Luckily for Hamaji (and unluckily for Miyoshi), Hamaji remembers Hagiwara and the promise she would be the first one he will give his virginity. So he runs away screaming Hagiwara’s name while Miyoshi can only lament another missed opportunity. But she’s not giving up yet because if Hagiwara continues to dilly-dally, she’ll take him away from her. Hamaji bumps into Hagiwara. The girls have already left for the celebration and since the guys are nowhere to be seen (Hamaji claims they are ‘tired’) Hagiwara suggests doing the celebrations next time. But for today, Hagiwara will treat him as her reward for working hard in today’s match.

Boobs x Nipples x Fondling
What did I just watch again? Just like the first OVA, there is nothing pretty much happening in the second one as the only ‘highlight’ is just as always the boobs fanservice no matter how absurd and silly they are. I guess the guys worked so hard and finally they are now so hard on down there that they get their wish. Well, at least in this second OVA, there isn’t any of that gay Nakajima dream that Hamaji always ends up getting when his dreaming is getting to the good part. Really. That was hilarious and at the same time cringing. Also, Hamaji doesn’t really feel like the main character here since half of the time the focus is on Miyoshi getting fondled. This is the true ‘plot’ for this second OVA. But who cares about all that because we are here for the fanservice, right? I fear that if she continues to give this reward for the guys’ water polo team to win every time, she is going to end up getting raped because fondling tits are like drugs. You need more of it to reach the same level of satisfaction.

Having said all that, this means just like in the previous OVA, the character development is still as pathetic as ever. In the sense that you wonder what the heck those other characters especially the other girls are here for. Of course if you have watched the first OVA it might help a little but still it doesn’t tell you much. Our veteran ecchi guts will tell us that these girls are of course to serve as Hamaji’s harem and love interest but we don’t get to see any of that. Oh right. We don’t care as long as we get to see some tits, do we? This means the atrocious drawing and animation did not improve from the last OVA and the characters still look weird from certain angles. In a nutshell, the second OVA isn’t any better than the first other than the fact to give us our short term fix in ecchi fanservice. That’s about it. You watch those boobs, you enjoy them, then you cringe at its guilty pleasure and then you go back to your ordinary life or find better porn to fap to if this has got you even aroused. If water polo doesn’t quite cut it anymore, beach volleyball, anyone?

Hantsu x Trash

May 27, 2016

There was never a water polo themed anime before. There was never a reason too. Unless it is for… Fanservice! With a weird name like Hantsu x Trash, it gets you curious what this anime is about. After reading its tagline “Sexy and stupid water polo comedy!”, you can’t help to be even more curious than before. Let’s find out more. Then you see the poster. A cute girl with such humongous boobs. Oh yeah. Like it? Now watch the 12 minute OVA.

Dream a little dream…
I guess this is a reason why water polo isn’t a popular club in other animes you see. Because perverted guys could just dive underwater and have awesome crotch shots of sexy girls. And why the heck are boys and girls playing together in the first place? Don’t care. Because when you have mixed gender in such a game, there is going to be nip slips. Like in the case of Youhei Hamaji. He is going to stop a shot made by Chisato Hagiwara. Accidentally her boobs slip out and in her embarrassment, slams the ball in his face. He wakes up in the infirmary after hearing strange sounds coming from the next bed. It is Mai Shinozaki doing lesbian stuffs on Hagiwara! OMG! So f*cking steamy! Understandably he can’t just sit by the sidelines and watch so he wants to join in. Before he knows it, he is on top of this macho dude, Nakajima who is okay with getting gay with him! FFFFFUUUUU!!!! He wakes up screaming. Hagiwara is by his side as he pushes her down. Luckily Shinozaki kicks him out cold.

Maki Hayami finds him on the floor. She remembers this guy is from the swimming club. As he regains consciousness, the first thing he does is put his hand on her breast. Slap out to dream land again. When he wakes up again, Hayami is sitting next to him, feeling sorry what she did. As atonement, she strips her bra and allows him to do anything to her. He takes up her offer to grope her boobs but suddenly she turns into Nakajima! OMFG! Not another gay time?! Waking up for real this time, he finds somebody is messing below underneath the covers. Hey, isn’t that his teacher, Manami Miyoshi? She starts flirting with him and even undresses herself. By this time, Hamaji thinks this must be another damn dream. But as she gets bolder and letting him touch all over her, I think he is starting to like it. Yeah, this dream is too f*cking real! Then he starts fearing when Nakajima didn’t show up. This must be real! He runs away but unfortunately he slips and knocks himself out. Miyoshi can’t help feel disappointed she couldn’t take his virginity.

It is already night time when he wakes up. Hagiwara is next to him. She sees his boner and understands. So she takes off her swimsuit to let him touch her boobs. He gives in to the temptation when suddenly… NAKAJIMA!!! OMFFFFFFFFG!!! How could he forget!!! Enough of these gay scenes already!!! Rude awakening again. Hagiwara again by his side. She was worried after what happened earlier in the day. She apologizes for it while Hamaji is trying to hold off his perverted thoughts otherwise… She thanks him for participating in that training and likes those who tried their best. And I am pretty sure his relieved face is because this is reality and not a dream.

Pantsu x Boobs x Crap
What did I just watch? I think it did live up to its title as a sexy and stupid water polo comedy in the purest sense. But overall I cannot help feel disappointed because I thought that there was going to be at least a decent plot. Heh. Why the hell do you need any plot when you can have freaking boobs fanservice all the way? I mean, this entire OVA is just about a hapless perverted chap getting knocked out and going back and forth between dream and reality, fondling some of the series’ girls’ boobs for fanservice and then giving us that rude and shocking awakening by inserting gay Nakajima whenever it gets steamy. Sure, it was funny. But it feels too rushed and too repetitive and by the end, you just wonder what the f*cking heck just happened or all that was for.

I feel that the only reason why this single OVA for the series came out was to test the market. You know, this episode feels more like a ‘trailer’ to see if viewers like what they see and if the response is good, they might turn it into a full series. Heck, even the art and drawing just feel mediocre. Reading the synopsis of this series my guess is that it is actually the synopsis of the manga and this OVA comes nowhere close to it. A luckless guy in love being coaxed to join the water polo club by a senior so that they can touch girls all they want. Where the heck was all that? Therefore there is hardly any plot to even get to know of, characters you could hardly care less about since some of the girls make their exit as fast as they enter and you hardly know what their connection is to Hamaji. And if they thought they could cover that up with such fanservice, well, they better hope lots of perverts out there will give them good response and make their dream come true. Make our dreams come true. Sure, we did enjoy a little guilty pleasure but that is all there is to. It is just like watching porn and after you finish masturbating, it’s that empty feeling. Yeah… But still we never learn or could get enough of it because like Hamaji’s dream, we horny guys will still fall for the same trick and relive the same consequences over and over again. Yeah, we like that very much, thank you.

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