April 18, 2009

You might be forgiven if the name of this anime title sounds like it’s targeted for younger audiences. On the other hand, you may be partly correct if you think that the name has something associated with adult materials. Happiness! is another one of those many PC H-game simulations given the anime treatment. And even though the game itself has adult contents, it is pretty much toned down in the TV series. Albeit that there are a few fanservice elements.
If you like a little high school teenage romance with a little magic, then I suppose that this 12 episode TV series should suit you fine. With a motto of "It’s a happy and heartful school life", I’m sure that’s one reason why they call this game-turned-TV series so. Yeah, read between the lines too. If you know what I mean ;p.
Having said that magic is part of the theme of the series, in this world there are those who could use magic and are deemed mages. Well, if we call them magicians, first thing comes to mind is that they are that performers and entertainers you see on stage. Plus, you can tell whether that particular person is a mage or not because each mage carries a unique talking wand of their own. You can’t cast a spell without them, right?
Just like our main heroine, Haruhi Kamisaka, who is currently a very skilled mage in training at Mizuhosaka Academy. Probably the best at her grade. I found out that her wand, Soprano, is actually a straightened-out trumpet. Why is she so keen on learning magic? As seen in episode 1, back when she was a little girl, she was bullied by several young lads. Ah, the dark side of human nature still alive and kicking well. She is ‘rescued’ when a boy her age uses his magic to teach those bullies a lesson they’ll never forget. Albeit that magic was a little too strong. Ever since then, Haruhi has been interested to learn about magic and hopes to meet that mysterious boy who saved her. You could also say that she harbours a crush on him.
This episode also introduces the other characters. Like Haruhi’s self-proclaimed friend-cum-rival, Anri Hiiragi and her wand Paella. Some may describe Anri as a walking disaster because even though she’s a mage in training just like Haruhi, her magic seems to screw up in the end causing hilarious and sometimes dangerous magic effect. Needs more training, though. Although viewers may find her annoying in the sense that she wants to best everything Haruhi does, she still comes to the aid of her friends whenever needed. Then there’s their 1 year senior Koyuki Takamine and her squeaky lively green ball which partly acts as her wand, Tama. Koyuki may sound like a dreamy girl but she’s actually the member of the school’s Divination Club and her specialty is fortune telling or prediction. Well, the only member of her club, that is.
There are 2 sections at Mizuhosaka Academy. One of course is the Magic Section and those who do not posses them go under the Regular Section. Like our main male protagonist, Yuuma Kohinata. Your typical normal nice guy who won’t hesitate to help his buddies in need. Then he has 2 close friends one of them being Hachisuke Takamizo or Hachi for short, your typical loser guy who wants to get a girlfriend of his own but couldn’t. But thankfully, he’s not as bad as most perverts in other animes. Finally the ‘interesting’ one is Jun Watarase. Looks like a lively and bubbly girl at first sight, right? Well, not quite accurate. Jun is actually a guy! OMG! Another cross-dresser. One can’t help think how pretty this guy look while dressing up and act like a girl but cringe on the fact that he’s still actually a guy beneath all that. Sheesh… Looks can be deceiving. It would be spine chilling to think that if he ever had her own fan base of her own. Wait a minute, there’s an imagination on that one in this episode! *Cringes*. Plus, Jun at times has an ironic tendency to criticise the male species like on how they think on love and such. And he’s a guy you know…
Also in this episode, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and the girls are trying to buy chocolates for their loved ones. Of course Haruhi only has her mind on that mysterious little saviour. I can’t believe Anri even came out with the idea that Haruhi is thinking of buying Valentine Chocolates to give to guys so that she can even be more popular. Jealous or what? Not wanting to lose out, Anri decides to tag along with Haruhi to go Valentine chocolate shopping. At the store, it’s packed with desperate (oops) girls and Koyuki too is having a hard time because previously lots of girls came seeking her prediction what kind of chocolates will bring them good luck. After they’re done shopping, on their way home, Haruhi spots a couple of nasty boys picking on a little girl’s little Valentine chocolate gift. Deja vu? Yuuma then comes by to stop them but those brats tossed the chocolate before running away and leaving that poor girl in tears. Haruhi uses her magic to return the chocolate back to normal which makes her happy once more.
The next day at school in an empty hall, Anri is pestering Haruhi who she’s going to give her chocolates to because Anri is going to give hers to that same guy too. Real kiasu case. Haruhi laments the fact she won’t be giving her chocolates to any guy this year so Anri gets upset and starts to use her magic to take it by force. Of course it goes out of control and is heading towards Yuuma and co, who was just passing by. Yuuma shoves Hachi out of the way and nearly got a direct hit. It could’ve been fatal. Luckily he’s not wounded. Haruhi comes by to apologize and decides to give her Valentine chocolates out of her whim instead. Yuuma accepts and that is when Anri decides to give him hers too. Kiasu betul. After they leave, Hachi rues the fact that he should’ve been hit by that magic instead. Loser. That night, Haruhi thinks how Yuuma resembles closely to her mysterious saviour. Well, they certainly almost do look close. The next day while watching TV, there has been a report that the Magic Section of Mizuhosaka Academy has been hit by a gas explosion so the students of the Magic Section will be temporarily transferred to the Regular Section. Not surprisingly, Haruhi and Anri end up in the same class as Yuuma and his buddies. Coincidence or fate? But certainly not magic.
Episode 2 begins with the new magic students introducing herself. Haruhi must be relieved to note that pretty Jun is actually a guy and that she has a chance to get closer to Yuuma. Just kidding on that last bid. Since this is also the new school term, everyone is preparing to set up chairs in the hall for the ceremony. In order to hasten the process, Anri uses her magic. Good thing is she lined them up all properly. Bad thing is, they’re upside down on the ceiling. It’s starting to rain chairs! Take cover everyone! With such a bad record, nobody is going to trust her magic skills anymore. So the entrance ceremony goes on without a hitch the next day and we learn that Yuuma’s little sister, Sumomo, will be attending the same school too. In class, in Hachi’s attempt to hit on the mage babes, he invites them to a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and gets Yuuma to wake up early and pick a spot. Yuuma and Haruhi are doing their errands for the hanami as Haruhi tells him about her saviour and the reason she got to take up magic. However it seems Yuuma isn’t too fond of those using and relying on magic because he thinks it won’t always bring happiness.
The next day Haruhi wakes up early to find that Yuuma is sleeping at their booked spot. I guess she didn’t want him to wait alone. Then Sumomo turns up and we learn that she and Haruhi were once childhood friends. So how come Yuuma doesn’t know about Haruhi? Well, it seems Sumomo isn’t his real sister related by blood too and that they only got to know each other since Sumomo entered elementary grade. Ah, I should’ve seen this coming. Then as Jun and Hachi arrived, Hachi regrets his earlier scheming plan and should’ve been the one to come and wait instead. Loser will always be a loser. While at that, Anri comes crashing into Hachi riding her Paella, knocking him out. Then the gang finds out that the reason why their spot is less crowded was because of Koyuki who put up a barrier there last night. Yup, she’s there too. Koyuki then uses her magic to create more food (a whole fridge of fresh food?) when it started raining. Sure, there’s a spell to change the weather, but to put what Koyuki exactly said: "If you don’t mind the risk of destroying the world…". Anri uses this opportunity and her kiasu-ness to cast a spell to stop the rain but it got even heavier. Not only that, it’s raining sake! Hey, there are minors here, you know. Then it started to flood. While Hachi is absolutely drunk, Haruhi tries to use her magic but couldn’t and collapses. In the end, it was Koyuki’s magic which stopped it all as she and Yuuma carried the rest back to their respective homes. Koyuki asks if Yuuma hates magic in which he denies. Haruhi is talking in her sleep as she says how she’ll make everyone happy with her magic.
In episode 3, the school cafeteria, Oasis, is experiencing bad business. The food must suck so much that the students are bringing their own bentos to school for lunch. So in order to help bring business back, Anri who is working there part time decides to help advertise. But it still didn’t work out. In her desperate attempt, she uses her screwed up magic which has large animals coming out from the student’s bento (WTF?!). Then Haruhi suggests going to Oasis but Yuuma seems reluctant. But he is being dragged along anyway. Now we find out about his reluctance. It seems that Oasis’s owner is his young mom, Otoha. It’s understandable that any kid at that age wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by their parents. At first the other students start to patron the cafe but since Anri is doing an awful job as a waitress (yeah, she’s the only one), they start to leave. Later the gang finds out that the reason why Anri is working part time is to earn and save enough money so that she could study at a famous magic institute in Europe and be Japan’s number 1 mage. Since it’s her dream, even Haruhi supports her and tells her to keep working harder.
So Jun teaches Anri the finer points of being a waitress. A little odd, isn’t it? But she’s still too brute and definitely doesn’t fit it. Then Hachi says about Anri’s fashion sense to attract customers by suggesting a naked apron and earning himself Jun’s trademark Patriot Missile Kick in the face. Ouch! But that night, Anri did made a waitress outfit of her own. Erm… Looks more like cosplay but I guess it’s enough to attract customers in. I’m not saying that the food tastes bad but even if it did, they could feast their eyes on this lovely girl. Hehe. But that’s just the guys. What about the girls? Koyuki uses her fortune telling for those girls in need to eat at Oasis to improve their luck. Slick. Because Anri’s the only waitress there, the increasing number of customers means she has extra burden to shoulder. So she creates several clones of herself to help out. Of course they soon turn haywire messing up orders and over-refill glasses. Anri tries to destroy them but they’ve gotten ‘smarter’ and deflect her attacks. But with the support of Haruhi and Yuuma, for once Anri’s magic manages to send all her clones into oblivion. She collapses due to exhaustion as she dreams about the first time how she met Haruhi. Yeah, she challenged the top magic student but since Haruhi felt Anri was being herself and not too formal like the rest, I guess that’s where their weird relationship hit off. Anri wakes up to find sakura petals floating everywhere and soon she continues working at Oasis to achieve her dream.
In episode 4, Sumomo thinks of joining Koyuki’s Divination Club in order to avoid it of to be shut down and pleads for the rest to join too. I guess they can’t turn down a cute loli, can’t they? The funny part was when Koyuki decides to introduce the other ghost members of the club (meaning, inactive members) but they turn out to be real ghosts instead! Now we know why nobody wants to join. Then their first activity is to make their own Tama. The end result of the Tama they produced depends very much on their kneading. Anri’s one was so bad-ass with an attitude that it turned red and exploded! They all could’ve been blown to bits if not of Koyuki’s quick action. I can’t believe that Koyuki actually keeps count of how many Tamas she has made so far. Ah well, she is its creator. However, one of the Tamas feels that she is being left out and not remembered by Koyuki. So that night she runs away from home. The next morning, Koyuki tells of the gang about Tama’s disappearance so they go in search of her. How can they find a little green ball in this big town?
Luckily Haruhi and Yuuma managed to find Tama at a magic exhibition hall and found out her reason for running away. For the record, this Tama is number 984. Then the recreation of the ancient Sphere-Tom is about to start as they go watch. However that old guy seems not to know his chanting lines well as the Sphere-Tom turns into a big black menacing round monster. As everyone in the hall panics and starts running helter-skelter, Yuuma notes this is what happens when one uses magic to attract customers. As the black blob goes on a rampage, the gang converges at the place as Tama 984 meets up with Koyuki. She tells her that she hasn’t forgotten about her at all and goes on to describe each of her other Tama’s unique characteristic. She does remember them all. With that they have reconciled. The blob is soon going to explode and Tama 984 decides to make her explosive finale. I don’t know how but how can a little green ball lift up a seemingly heavy black blob into the sky? Boom. The next day, Sumomo learns that everyone else decides to drop out from the Divination Club because they can’t stand getting detailed misfortune SMS on their handphone. What about the club’s fortune’s then? Haruhi explains that the chairman of this school is Yuzuha, which is Koyuki’s mom. Which means it won’t be shut down even if it has 1 member. Sumomo is still concern that it will be lonely for Koyuki. Thus her club is relocated in Oasis and her fortune telling corner has grown to be quite popular.
In episode 5, Hachi goes back to retrieve his playboy magazine at school in the dead heat of the night when he spots a cute ghost girl. He gets knocked out upon approaching her. So the next morning as his pals wonder about Hachi’s whereabouts, they are shocked to find Hachi still passed out on the school steps! He’s still having that magazine in hand. Later he tells his buddies about it and is real adamant to help that ghost girl ascend to heaven. I’m not sure if it’s his heaven he’s talking about. That night Hachi leads the gang in search of that ghost girl but meets Koyuki instead. She tells them that she predicted something evil and has cast a barrier on the school. Plus, she felt an intrusion other than their presence. Hachi in his happiness rushes off to find the ghost girl, in which he did as he spots her crying on the stairways. He closes in to ascend her to heaven but once again experiences blackout. The next day, the gang notices the ghost girl’s school uniform same as theirs from the photo that Hachi managed to take of her. They come out with questions of how this girl came to this school.
That night they do another round but this time they spot another girl who then flies away in her umbrella (like Mary Poppins style?) once her presence has become known. Anri who ran ahead of the group ends up in an empty room and casts a spell to prevent whoever got away but instead turned the plants into man-eating plants. Run for your lives (again)! Hachi too got separated and this time he meets the ghost girl in a classroom. He learns her name as Saya Kamijou. They’re both talking different things when the overgrown man-eating plant grabs Saya and soon the others in its grasps. Then some guy with a wooden sword comes by to cut them all lose and end the menacing threat. Later the gang learns that he is Shinya and is Saya’s twin brother. They’re supposed to be transfer students at their school and the reason they’re here at night is because Shinya has a very bad sense of direction! Another guy who gets lost often. Yeah, he’s training himself to get to school without getting lost. Didn’t work, huh? But the funny part is that since Saya is his twin, they have that sort of link in the sense that whenever she is in danger, he can sense where she is and head straight there in a split second! Wow! So Hachi’s blackout was due to Shinya’s arrival and knocking him out cold. Yeah, he thinks Hachi is a pervert trying to do something bad on Saya. Thus the next day, Saya and Shinya are transferred into the same class with Yuuma and co. But Shinya isn’t here because he’s lost as expected. Jun gets a nasty idea to get him come as he pushes Hachi close to Saya, like as though he’s going to hug her. With that, Shinya instantly barges in and starts attacking Hachi. Oh boy.
As Haruhi practices her magic in a park at night in episode 6, she spots Saya talking to a girl but they go away after she calls to Saya. That girl, Ibuki Shikimori, seems to be another transfer student at Mizuhosaka Academy and is in the same class as Sumomo. Now the first thing viewers will notice that Ibuki is your typical stuck up obnoxious brat. But 1 thing which bugs me is that her voice sounds hoarse! I was expecting her to sound squeaky but she sounds a little brute. Kinda reminds me a little like Rukia of Bleach. Besides, she did made short appearances in the previous episodes if you notice. Anyway Sumomo is excited to let Yuuma and co meet her new friend (haha, they all think Sumomo has got herself a boyfriend). Hachi tries to get acquainted with Ibuki but deservingly gets zapped by her magic wand, Bisaimu. They learn that she is the next successor to her Shikimori family and is somewhat like a celebrity among mages. Furthermore, Shinya and Saya are Ibuki’s servants as their Kamijou family has always been to the Shikimori. However, Ibuki is quite cold and doesn’t want to make friends so the gang devices several plans to know her better. Like getting Sumomo to ask for her handphone number or exchange diaries but it all ended up in big time failure. Then Hachi comes up with a plan whereby he suggests Jun, Anri and Yuuma to dress up as gangsters and harass Ibuki. Then Sumomo comes in to save the day. But as they get prepared, Ibuki bumps into several real punks. As they threaten her, she uses her magic to zap them all. Good thing they didn’t go ahead or else they would’ve been toast!
Soon Sumomo seeks Koyuki’s advice but the latter didn’t give a direct answer so she decides to make a croquette lunch bento for Ibuki. But as usual, she rejects. Seeing how hard Sumomo is trying her best, Saya gives her a hint that Ibuki’s favourite food is omelette. After putting all her hard effort, Ibuki still refuses to accept and since she’s mad of her persistence, Ibuki accidentally knocks over and spills the omelette. Though she feels bad but I guess her pride made her say that it’s her fault and never to come near her again. B*tch! Later she and Saya had a little talk in which Saya advices her to reconsider her feelings. So she goes back to Sumomo’s class and decides to use her magic to fix back the bento but remembers her late sister Natsu’s words that the reason why she didn’t use magic to make food was that it tastes better when one makes it with sincerity. With that, Ibuki thinks that by doing so, it’ll not be acknowledging her labour love. Thus she picks up the omelette and eats it and finds it delicious. She also says she has accepted her sincerity and that she wouldn’t mind eating whatever bento she makes tomorrow. Yeah, the annoyance starts now. Ever since then, Sumomo has her lunch with Ibuki though the latter isn’t still too fond of her getting too close to her.
Just as episode 7’s title suggests, this episode has Sumomo and her gang trying to befriend further a still reluctant Ibuki. I’m sure Ibuki must be wondering why she has to go through all this crap since she herself doesn’t seem to really enjoy Sumomo’s company for lunch. If eating with Sumomo alone was just bad, think about eating lunch with the rest of her pals! Yeah, each of them bought their own bento and would they expect a girl like Ibuki to finish them all even if she’s not on diet or anything? She leaves without touching a single food. To deepen their relationship, they decide to invite her to a video arcade. She tried her hands on a racing game, a dance game and the crane game but flopped big time, upsetting her even further (she thinks Sumomo is making her lose face) and leaves. The rest are stumped as on how to improve their friendship when Koyuki suggests for them to take her out bowling since going out to a video arcade may not go down well with school authorities. That night, Ibuki has a chat with Shinya and Saya bout Sumomo and her pal’s annoying persistence and comes up with a conclusion that all she needs is to show her true powers and skills to those irritating buggers and that they’ll leave her once and for all and thus decides to join their bowling game. Even so, Ibuki doesn’t have the skills for bowling. I mean you’d see that typical joke when beginner bowlers make their first bowl. The bowling ball Ibuki bowl went missing right after she throws it. Well, actually it landed on Hachi’s head. Then the one whereby her fingers got stuck and she bowled herself sliding across the lane instead. Yeah, some killer move. More like hurting her pride.
Once Ibuki gets it right, Haruhi suggests a team-based competition in pairs and that the winner gets to eat whatever they want and the last team be punished. Then we get to see how bad Shinya’s sense of direction is because he bowled at somebody else’s lane! There’s no limit or cure to his lack of directional sense. In the end, team Haruhi-Anri wins while team Jun-Koyuki takes second place. Third place goes to Yuuma-Hachi team while the Kamijo siblings came in fourth. Which means team Ibuki-Sumomo occupies bottom spot. Is she bad luck or what. With that, their punishment would be a photo cosplay. Doesn’t sound that bad, right? In order not to make them feel ‘isolated’, the others too get into cosplay outfits (can’t say it look good on the guys) as they start taking several shots. At the end of the day, Ibuki doesn’t think the bunch isn’t that all bad and wonders if she could go bowling with them again (on the pretext that her lost was an embarrassment to her family). Even so, I find her still a brat at times.
Episode 8 is the real reason why this series is called so because it’s a beach episode with your typical fanservice and our magical girls in their bikinis. Okay, maybe I’m just kidding about the first part. The jin-jang gang takes a summer vacation trip to Mizuhosaka Academy’s Practice Grounds which is located near the forest mountains next to the trip, courtesy of Koyuki. Yeah, it seems she hasn’t completely erased their names from her club, which allows them to use the grounds for the holidays. Call it a blessing in disguise if you will. Plus, Ibuki, Shinya and Saya have temporarily joined the club and Otoha tags along with them. Also, it seems Jun is trying to play matchmaker between Yuuma and Haruhi as he tells Yuuma to get along well with Haruhi and treat her nicely. So expect the swimsuit fanservice, sun lotion rubbing fanservice, and the watermelon splitting event whereby blindfolded Koyuki has to hit the real watermelon or else it’s Tama or Hachi’s head that will be split! Thankfully she didn’t miss. Then a competition in pairs to see who can hike first to the hilltop as the last team will have to do meal duties. Guess who made it last? Don’t worry, it isn’t Ibuki this time. Why, Shinya’s lost-ness has taken to a whole new level. I’m still wondering how did he get lost on a buoy at sea! Also, Jun gave Haruhi and Yuuma a fake map so they’ll take a longer time to reach their destination. Because of that, the duo had a little time of their own and ended up at a waterfall. Haruhi decides to take a short swim when a tree log falls over. She tries to use her magic but couldn’t do so in time and if not for Yuuma’s quick reflexes, she would’ve been a goner. Because of that, Yuuma scolds her about relying too much on magic. Other developments in this episode sees Ibuki and the Kamijo siblings doing an investigation of their own in the forest and come across a weak magical barrier and suspects that Haruhi may be the daughter of ‘that woman’.
That night, as everyone gathers to watch the fireworks, Haruhi and Yuuma have another round of chat. They are then being ambushed by a pack of wild dogs. Haruhi remembers Yuuma’s words so she’s a little hesitant to use her magic. But when the pack overpowers them, she decides to use her magic even if Yuuma will hate her. After zapping the dogs, they reconcile and Yuuma tells her that he doesn’t really hate the use of magic. They hold hands and looked up at the beautiful starry night sky. The next day, everyone takes a train ride home as Haruhi notes how she got along fine with Yuuma for this trip.
Ibuki and the Kamijous continue to try and break the barrier in that forest called Shikimori Forest in episode 9 and thinks Haruhi is the daughter of that woman who stole the Shikimori Treasure. Back at Mizuhosaka Academy, it’s the school festival and Yuuma’s class is doing a cafe. I know Jun is eager to get into a maid outfit and looks pretty but no matter how you look at it, it disgusts the guys because they can’t help think of his true gender underneath all that. Otoha gave some stuff to Yuuma and Haruhi for their class and teases them if Haruhi should bring her son to the after-festival dance party. I guess by this time now all the other guys in Yuuma’s class are so jealous that he’s got Haruhi all to himself. Jun notes how dumb guys are. He’s the one to say… As Yuuma and Haruhi make their way back to class, they bump into their school teacher, Suzuri Minagi. She tells them that she’ll be going for an overseas business trip and wants Haruhi to notify her if there is any intrusion at the Shikimori Forest as she has placed a slight barrier seeing that somebody tried to do so. That night Haruhi has a nightmare about Yuuma in danger. Ibuki then makes her move by hypnotizing her and orders her to break the barrier and hand over the secret treasure. I don’t know how or why but luckily Anri managed to foil her plans and snap Haruhi back to reality. You can count on Ibuki to be back again.
The next day as the festival begins, Haruhi still doesn’t believe that it was Ibuki’s doing when Anri told her about what happened. Later Haruhi SMS a message to Yuuma saying that she can’t be his partner for the after-festival party as she has something to do. Plus, she indicates how she feels Yuuma isn’t the same boy who saved her years ago. Don’t get her wrong. She’d loved to dance with him. Just that she felt that now isn’t the appropriate time to do so. As Yuuma reads this message, Ibuki comes by. It seems Ibuki is using Yuuma as bait to lure Haruhi into giving the secret. Yeah, he’s been ‘tied’ to Ibuki’s magical spell in mid-air. It’s either the boy or the secret. The duo then engaged in a magical duel. At the same time, Saya and Shinya are looking for Ibuki and since Saya can’t find her, she tells Sumomo about it. Soon Sumomo and Saya arrive during the midst of the heated battle. Yuuma is upset that the girls are using magic to kill themselves and tells them to stop. He then unleashes some latent power to set off a series of stray explosions and set himself free. Unfortunately one of the explosions hit innocent Sumomo and Yuuma is bloody devastated when he finds out about that. Play with magic some more lah.
In episode 10, Sumomo’s life is delicately hanging in the balance. Her soul is on the verge of leaving her body. Literally. As she’s being rushed to hospital, we see Sumomo in a coma and her soul dangerously floating in and out of her body. Though in medical sense she is safe, in magical sense Sumomo is still in danger of losing her soul and ultimately her life. Yuuma is pissed about the whole thing and leaves even if Haruhi tries to calm him down and explain things. At the same time Otoha has arrived at hospital while Jun and Hachi learns the reason Yuuma and the rest had left early without telling them. On their way home, the duo spot Yuuma sitting dejectedly alone on a bench in the rain. Soon Suzuri comes back because she sense something was amiss. So they send him back to his home and I know Jun’s trying to cheer him up but suggesting to wash his back and strips naked? Yeah, this confirms it. He’s wearing panties alright. Thankfully, Hachi restrains Jun from his ‘unholy’ act. Anyway Suzuri tells them that due to Sumomo’s condition, any slight provocation may cause her soul to leave her body and when that happens, her soul won’t be able to return to her body anymore. Thus she suggests to transfer Sumomo’s body to a safer environment, which is her own room. There, Suzuri explains everything. It seems Suzuri and Otoha are best friends but the surprising thing was that Yuuma is actually the real son of Suzuri! Back when Yuuma was young, he had great powers but was unable to control them. They were so powerful that they caused others more harm than good. So Yuuma was indeed that boy who saved Haruhi back then. Even though there were no serious injuries and those bully kids’ parents held Yuuma personally responsible, that wasn’t the main reason why Suzuri had to put Yuuma under Otoha’s care and sealed his memories about his magic and that she was his real mom.
Back then, a young Shinya and Saya were saddened about their mom’s death so their dad asked them if they would like to see her once more. One night he stole the Shikimori Treasure and started chanting some lines to break its seal. However it went wrong and unleashes demon angels instead. He perished. The odd thing is that the Shikimori Treasure is indeed some demon angel and when used differently, it could be used to revive the dead. By that time, news of the Shikimori Treasure’s seal has been broken so mages like Suzuri and Yuzuha came back to reseal them but their numbers and power were too great. One way to reseal it was to sacrifice a life and that was what Natsu (who feels that she should be the one held responsible for all this) did in her final attempt as she blows her flute to seal them all. In present time, Ibuki is alone in the dark, yearning to see her sister again. So at least we know her goal now.
Episode 11 continues with Suzuri’s explanation saying that the Shikimori’s Treasure being stolen was the main reason Yuuma’s care was transferred to Otoha since both incidents occurred nearly at the same time. Even if the Shikimori Treasure is sealed, its power to seal them remains strong so they hid it within the Shikimori Forest and built Mizuhosaka Academy next to it so that Suzuri could keep watch over it. Sumomo’s condition is getting worse so Suzuri can’t delay any further. She gives Haruhi Natsu’s flute and tells her to give it to Yuuma if she sees him so that he could use his magic to a certain degree. As Suzuri works her magic to heal Sumomo, Shinya and Saya has found where the treasure is and manages to break the seal (albeit just a small one) and reports this back to Ibuki. The next morning, Jun decides to cheer Yuuma up by taking him to an aquarium while Haruhi and Anri prepares to stop Ibuki, finds Koyuki collapsed at their feet. Thankfully she just hadn’t eaten due to her intense divination (she saw herself and her pals laying unconscious. A bad sign?). After getting some nourishment, Koyuki tells them that she and Ibuki were playmates when they were young and Ibuki had known about the treasure early in the year and had penetrated the school grounds. In order to stop her, Koyuki ambushed her first but was unsuccessful. Thus she was the cause of the explosion and destruction of the Magic Section. I see. Soon they detected somebody has entered the Shikimori Forest. Koyuki tells Haruhi that she has to find Yuuma while Koyuki herself and Anri will try and stop Ibuki.
Meanwhile Yuuma is still dejected and feeling guilty (he’s wondering what he’s going to do if anything happens to Sumomo) at the aquarium but got separated from Jun. Then this odd part is when a little naughty kid lifts up Jun’s skirt and runs away. Though Jun’s reaction is like any other upset girl who has her modesty outraged, I hope that little kid will get the shock of his life if he ever learns Jun is a he. That’ll stop him from his mischievous pranks. Also that proves how feminine Jun is ;p. Hachi gets a shocking call from Haruhi and thinks she digs him (get real!). Actually she’s calling him to find out about Yuuma’s whereabouts. Though disappointed, Hachi decides to help find him too. Koyuki and Anri arrives at the spot where the seal is broken but Ibuki and co surprisingly hasn’t arrived yet. They soon do and we find out the reason for being late was that Shinya was leading the way. Haha. What about Saya? She got permission from Ibuki to have a little rest and will catch up with them soon. Ibuki should’ve known better than depend on him. Putting that aside, it’s showdown time.
Well we won’t get to see how that fight go in episode 12 because it begins with Koyuki and Anri lying unconsciously on the ground as Ibuki and Shinya make their way into the shrine cave. Then we find out it was Koyuki’s ploy to act as though they are defeated. Is this how she interpreted her divinations? But I guess it’s good because nobody got hurt. Just before Koyuki and Anri could enter the place, Saya arrives and tells them to turn back. Even though she knows all this is wrong, her loyalty has no choice but to follow her master’s wishes even if it’s down the wrong path. Ibuki has found the treasure and says how she’s going to use it to fulfil all her desires. And I thought she just wanted to see Natsu. I guess it’s natural for humans to lose their senses to greed when they are in grasped of power. She unleashes the treasure but her happiness of seeing Natsu turned into horror when she realizes something has turned wrong. Well, she didn’t exactly learn from the last time this happened although she wasn’t involved then. The seal then unleashes uncontrollable spirits and is turning violent. The demon angels start attacking Ibuki as Shinya tries to defend her.
At the same time, Hachi has found Yuuma sitting all alone on the park bench and calls Jun. I guess it’s Hachi’s turn to say how it’s a man’s intuition when Jun himself is unable to locate Yuuma. Haruhi then comes by and tells Yuuma how Sumomo is under the care of Suzuri. Haruhi tries to persuade Yuuma to come but he’s still thinking that using magic may cause more harm than good and that his is disastrous and won’t make anyone happy. However Haruhi dismisses about it and tells him how his magic did made her happy and that she was when he saved a little girl back then. Yuuma is still reluctant when he heard a female voice from the flute. As Haruhi gives him the flute, all his sealed memories came back. Yuuma asks Haruhi if it’s possible he can pull through this one and her reply was that she believes in him and asks him to use his courage. Haruhi then kisses Yuuma, leaving Hachi and Jun in extreme shock. I hope the kiss isn’t the reason Yuuma decides to use his magic ;p. Meanwhile Ibuki has a hard time defending herself because Shinya has been totally wounded as she tries to protect themselves with her weakening barrier. Ibuki can’t leave Shinya alone even if he tells her too. On the outside, more demon angels are spawning. Koyuki, Saya and Anri are even having a tough time subduing them as they are heading towards town. They can’t let it slip or else innocent lives will be in danger.
Yuuma comes in to save the day as he plays the flute like pro with the guidance of Natsu’s spirit to seal all the demon angels. But it’s going to be a tough job. Inside the cave, as he is going to make the final seal, the other demon angels combined each other into a giant one to give Yuuma a run for his money. It is then that all the mages decides to lend him their powers to put a stop to this (it bugs me to see why they show a visual of the girls’ spirit as the only ones naked when they lend their powers to him. Fanservice? probably). He manages to do so without having to resort to sacrificing his own life. Yuuma passes the flute to Ibuki who then is temporarily ‘transported’ to another setting as she meets with Natsu. They are glad to see each other as Natsu tells her that there are other people around her who cares for her and to treasure them as well. Ibuki cries when she comes back to reality. At the same time, Sumomo has awaken from her coma and notes her mom sleeping next to her as she covers a blanket over her. In the aftermath, we see Tama telling everything of what has happened to Suzuri and Yuzuha. We also see the rest of the gang going about with their daily normal lives. Like Anri is still waitressing at Oasis with Otoha, Sumomo still having her lunch with Ibuki (though her expression of the latter still indicates annoyance), Shinya still getting lost and finally Jun telling Hachi that Yuuma has been transferred to the Magic Section. Haruhi comes by to see Yuuma trying to control his little magic to grow a little stalk. It then surprised them as it grows into a giant tree in full bloom of the sakura petals. Not only this tree but the other trees around them too starts to sprout those lovely cherry blossoms. Well, I guess he needs more practice. And as Haruhi notes, there’s a little feeling of happiness in it. So are they a couple?
But it’s not really over yet because there is an OVA episode which is mainly on Jun and how he turned into a girl for a short spell. That’s right. You heard me correct. As Jun and Yuuma are on their way to school, they pass a couple of boys and one of them says how cute that girl is until his buddy pointed out that the number 1 beauty in this town is actually a guy. Outside the school gates, I’m even amazed that Jun has his own fanclub! A good mix of guys and girls too! Wow! It goes to show that it doesn’t matter if your appearance inside or outside that matters but the heart. And you know Jun is quite a lively person himself. At the same time, Anri is practising her disastrous magic which still produces disastrous results so Haruhi has to unleash her defensive magic. Koyuki also does a mistake on her divination spell while Shinya is going to teach Hachi a lesson with his magic because he believes he saw that pervert hugging Saya so happily and Ibuki orders Bisaimu to use her magic to scare off pestering Sumomo. Now all that magic somehow combined and are heading towards Jun and Yuuma’s direction. But Jun got hit since he decide to head in first. After that, Jun felt something strange and wishes himself to be excused. At the toilet, he examines himself and thanks God that he has turned into a girl! Yeah, he’s loving it and so happy that this day has come. Jun excitedly announces his change of gender in front of his classmates and of course they too are in disbelieve. Believe it! As Jun happily continues to live with his newfound body changes, Haruhi concludes how all their magic has turned Jun into the fairer sex. Now there are more guys admiring her! I guess since she’s a girl now, they won’t cringe on the fact that he’s a guy anymore. But I still wonder why the Jun club members aren’t too fond at first. Are they implying that the guys in this club are gay and like him as a boy dressed up as a girl?! Not until Jun tells them that they can still hold activities together, did they all rejoice and love Jun even more.
Later Hachi goes up to Jun and says since that they’ve known each other for so long, he wants to kiss her! Jun isn’t amused with his joke and lands him the trademark Patriot Missile Kick. But it isn’t powerful as before because of the change in body mass with Jun even losing balance. Hachi thinks Jun has accepted his love and continues to hound him but was hit away by Shinya, who in return wants a kiss from Jun! Is this guy turning into a pervert too?! Well not only him, all the other guys too! Even the male teachers! Like perverted zombies they are, they start chasing Jun around school as he tries to escape. So was it better for him to remain a cross-dressed guy then?
Jun finds refuge in Suzuri’s office and when Yuuma asks her how to remove the magic, Jun protests because he really does like this girl body of his. Suzuri explains that since his body was turned into one due to magic, it has more charm than a normal girl would have and to a point where guys lose themselves. Just thinking at all those kiss obsessed perverts would send a shrivelling chill down Jun’s spine. They have to undo the spell now or else Jun will forever be a girl and everyday will be as chaotic as today. Because Jun doesn’t want anyone to get hurt and that she loves everyone, she agrees to be turn back into a guy. Yeah, he even notes how it’s a sin to be beautiful. The cure is to use up all the temporary magic stored in her body. He dresses up in a magical girl outfit as Haruhi teaches him some simple incantation lines. Then they go on a spree to gather all the guys at one spot as Jun chant his lines from the school top, releasing several sakura petals as they float down. All the guys are saying how happy they are as Jun returns back to normal. Before they go home, Jun tells Hachi to stand at a spot as the former does his Patriot Missile Kick to send him flying. Ah, back as before. I guess he wouldn’t have it any other way. Now if you noticed during the time Jun turned into a girl, how come Yuuma wasn’t affected? Then everyone notices how Yuuma has got boobs! OMG! Yuuma’s a girl! And he even didn’t noticed it! While Jun got zapped from the combined magic, Yuuma was nearby too so I guess he got caught by the radiation. All the other guys come up to him and says how beautiful he looked. WARGH!!! Here we go again. Another thing which bugged me was, how come the guys only chased Jun and not Yuuma when they’re both girls? Perhaps Yuuma didn’t obviously look like one.
Maybe they should’ve made more light-hearted episodes like the OVA then perhaps I would really enjoy it even more. I’m not saying that the series is boring or not enjoyable but rather decent in overall sense (if you don’t mind the few fanservice here and there). Basically I felt that story loses its plot in the middle of the series before picking it up a few episodes before the end. But I guess for those episodes, they’re pretty okay and fun to watch as well.
Ibuki may be the ‘villain’ here but it’s more of because she’s lost rather than anything else. After all, all she wanted was just to see her sister whom she missed dearly and I guess she’ll use any underhanded means in order to achieve her goals. And I found out later that Ibuki has mistaken Haruhi for the daughter of that woman who stole the Shikimori Treasure. So who is that woman anyway? As for Anri, I noticed her character isn’t as annoying as she used to be in the beginning. In the end, she doesn’t really challenge Haruhi to just about anything from the start. My guess is that it’s better for her to prove herself at her own pace rather than living up to direct challenges. Her magic still need lots of fine tuning, though. Koyuki’s way of saying how she predicted it to turn out like that still boggles me. Does she prefer to watch all the action unfold? Of course I find Tama’s bubbly personality infectious. Even though Jun doesn’t have any magic abilities, I sometimes find that his cross-dressing personality has a magic charm of his own. Though I’m not sure if Jun was joking because he did said somewhere in the series that he wanted to marry Yuuma. But I’m glad that in the end, Yuuma manages to overcome his fear that his magic causes trouble for those around him and hopefully just like Haruhi, will use it to help people and make them happy. Even if it’s magic, it’ll take some time to nurture. One won’t pop to be good just because of having them. Even mages are imperfect (Anri’s the best case).
The name of the opening theme is the same as the name of this series and is sung by Ayumi Murata. Sounds like a lively pop song if you ask me. I wonder what’s with the opening credits animation which has something to do with time. The ending theme is Magical Generation by Yui Sakakibara (who is also the voice of Haruhi) and feels like a dance pop song. On a trivial note, I noticed that Haruhi does the narration for the next episode preview and she seems to be fumbling on how to make a good preview, thus wasting time and before she knows it, her time is up. Even if she has got it right as the series progresses, it still doesn’t touch on what the next episode is about. As the characters chant their lines to cast a spell, I think they’re saying it in some Latin language. Some fansubber groups do take the trouble to subtitle the words they say (though it may or may not be accurate) while others just took the easy way out by putting "Chants spell" line throughout the incantation. I’m not saying they’re lazy or what, just that it feels complete with those words (not that I would understand anyway).
Although magic such as seen here don’t really exist in this world, but I’m sure if we take a closer look, we’ll find that there are a lot of tiny miracles happening all around us. Even a small helpful gesture or deed may be seen as magic to someone else. Just like how animes are magic to me. Hehehe. Now that’s where my real happiness lies…

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