Happy Seven

March 2, 2008

Harem animes. Ah, somehow I have a tendency to go watch them. Happy Seven was no different either. The title may sound that it contains explicit adult material. I assure you it’s nothing near that. So if isn’t so, then it must sound like as though it’s intended for younger audiences, no? Not really either. This isn’t a Sesame Street type of educational series either.
I would say this series is more for teens as it has that bishonen and bishoujo feel mix with some fantasy and comedy element. Of course, as mentioned, another harem anime. Having said so, this isn’t the kind of harem anime whereby that sole lucky guy is a pervert. More like, he’s oblivious (not sure on purpose or not) to the love of the other girls around him.
This is a short series spanning only 13 episodes and it’s about the main protagonist Amano Sakogami. She’s the kind of girl who looks, thinks and does things probably like any other high school student her age. However, she has 1 big flaw. She’s an unlucky girl, meaning misfortune always fall on her. What were you expecting? Some sort of physical flaw? It’s amazing how she could still go on living with all that misfortunes. Maybe it’s because they’re not at a catastrophic level yet. Besides, if such misfortunes were fatal at an early stage, I’m sure the Gods Of Mischief wouldn’t get to play anymore tricks on here, wouldn’t they? Oops. Sorry. I don’t mean to insult her.
Thus episode 1 sees some kind of a flashback in the year 1333 when Japan is still a feudal country. Some red meteorite crashes into the area. Some chaotic events ensued but is it all just a dream? That’s because Amano wakes up and thinks it’s a nightmare. But there’s a real nightmare she has to face. There is a test tomorrow and Amano is still lagging behind! But her bad luck is just about to start. Not only she trips on her chair, she accidentally steps and squashes her new handphone. Bummer. All of a sudden she sees a bright red light from her window and Amano is soon in a trance. The next thing she knows, she’s at her school and spots a girl in purple kimono, Kokuanten, floating in mid-air. Kokuanten asks for her name in which Amano tells her. With that, Kokuanten unleashes several demons to kill Amano. I wouldn’t say it’s the end of her bad luck or what, because some guy in a shining white armour comes swooping down and saves Amano. You could pretty much tell that Amano has fallen head over heels over him. Then a bunch of 7 ladies in some cosplay outfit, proclaiming themselves as the Happy Seven, appears and kick some monster butt. Once it’s all over, the prince in shining armour gives Amano some stone which erases her memory.
Amano wakes up the next morning to find herself in bed at home. So was it all really just a dream? If it was, that guy was absolutely hot! I guess it’s a good thing she had that dream. So the day proceeds normally and in class we see Amano with her 2 best buddies, Mimi Masuko of the school’s reporting club and Nene Tokuda of the school’s newspaper club are planning to do a story on Amano’s streak of amazing bad luck. Erm… You could say that it’s like an insult but a reporter has got to do whatever it takes to get a story. Amano then spots that guy in her dreams outside and decides to go see him. On her way, she trips down the stairs and into a room called the Better Fortune Research Organization (BFRO). A bevy of beauties are waiting for her. Just like their club name suggests, the purpose of the club is to help students get rid of their bad luck and since 1 of the girls spots a dark aura of misfortune on Amano, they decide to help her.
So let me just introduce the members of the BFRO who are also the Happy Seven, which has member ladies ranging from young adults to high school goers and even kindergarten kids. There are high school girls Kuriya Kuroda (the ‘normal’ brunette), Okiku Sarasugawa (a little prideful and vain) and Tamon Kitayama (the shy and cry baby blonde). Then the young adults Miku Manakata (I think she’s the school’s physician and likes making adult jokes or comments when she can. Don’t worry, it won’t be very often) and Mahiru Oki (this monotonous expressionless sounding lady loves fish and anything to do with it. Nothing fishy, though ;P). Finally kindergarten kids are the lethargic-sounding pair of twins with weak bodies, Nami and Mina Kotobuki. Aside these 7, there are additional 2 members, Kuan Kitayama (the bespectacled computer genius) and Shouko Shouda AKA Shoujo (her true form is a pink puppy). Though these 2 don’t go into battles with the other 7, they are the ones who will help in detaching the bad luck. So it’s actually 9 of them. Why don’t call it Happy Nine, then? Because 7 is considered an auspicious number for Japanese people. Oh wait, if you include that prince in shining armour guy, Kikunosuke Kagawa, there’re actually a total of 10 of them. So this is the harem part. Hmm… I’m thinking that there may be a little bit of traces from the anime Happy Lesson, in terms of the characters. Hey, Mahiru is almost as close as Kisaragi, Miku like Yayoi, Amano like Uzuki, Kuriya a bit like Mutsuki and Tamon is a less crude version of Satsuki. Don’t you think? The BFRO needs to keep their Happy Seven identity the secret from everyone else and if there are any witnesses, they’ll use that stone to erase their memories.
After they introduced themselves, they suggest to Amano a way to rid of her bad luck. That is, by going to some stone secluded in some forests and pray for happiness. I guess Amano would do anything to get rid of her misfortune and does so. While praying, a bright light shines out from the stone. Amano hears a voice and Amano’s dark aura soon separates from her. That dark aura turned into a Magatsugami, monsters who are invisible and cling on to their prey so misfortunes befall on them. So that’s why Amano is having bad luck all the time.
Since the Magatsugami’s identity is exposed, it’s going to dispose Amano off when the Happy Seven girls, who were watching Amano from behind the bushes all the while, comes out and transform into the Happy Seven. I’m not sure if I should really consider this series to be a magical girl genre because the henshin (transformation) is equally lengthy. With that, they get to power up and go into battle. Soon Kikunosuke appears and transform into his prince in shining armour. Amano remembers him, which sends panic signals to the rest because Amano’s supposed to have forgotten about the whole event. Yup, that wasn’t a dream after all.
So in episode 2, we see the Happy Seven facing off with the Magatsugami. Fight fight fight. And if you know how it’ll all end, it all ends well with our hero and heroines triumphing. Unfortunately, before they could finish the Magatsugami off, Kokuanten and her partner in crime, Kiku Tomoya, appears and whisks the monster away. Amano seems to know who Tomoya is because that bad kid is the president of the student council. Yeah, they’re the BFOR’s natural enemies. I find it funny to see Tomoya’s office in the midst of the clouds and Kokuanten’s always soaking herself in a flying bathtub, as they discuss their next moves.
Also, the stone which is supposed to erase Amano’s memories didn’t seem to work and she has remembered everything since their first encounter. So the BFRO ladies decide to help Amano even further. We see that the gang lives in some run down cheap house as their base. Something to do with economical sense, as Kuriya mentioned (cheap rent, that is). Here’s a classic comment from Miku: "It’s best to put virginity under stingy people". Oh how true. Anyway, the gang needs some cooperation from Amano and did some Divine Spirit tests on her to determine why her memories weren’t erase because she’s got a little powers which are different from normal humans. Uh… I find that Shoujo’s tests by licking Amano here and there (ahem ahem) a little too… hot to handle, though Amano’s naked and that scene was done under that blanket. Still enough to make my mind go wild. No, I’m not a pervert. We also see Amano really takes a liking for Kikunosuke and the other girls are really ‘concern’ about this. This is a harem anime, remember? Furthermore, Kikunosuke took the liberty to guard outside Amano’s house while she’s asleep. Love meter rising up. The next day at school, Tomoya decides to make his move. He frames Kikunosuke for having cigarettes as the discipline teacher summons him (later the admits that he was wrong and lets Kikunosuke go) and uses a fake Kikunosuke to draw a love struck Amano up to the rooftop. Soon that fake Kikunosuke turned into that Magatsugami but before it can pound Amano, Kuriya and Okiku arrives in time to do a henshin and beat the crap out of it for good. You know, that Sky Canon combo move is equally lengthy and elaborate. Cool weapon. In the end, Amano decides to become the manager of the BFRO club. Well, though the girls weren’t so sure about it (especially Okiku, who’s against it), since Kikunosuke gave the green light, I’m sure there’s nothing more they could do. Yeah, I guess the only reason why Amano decides to do this even though she has no special powers or fighting skills is to be close to her boyfriend. Love meter going up even further.
So the rest of the episodes will follow a similar trend. The BFRO with Amano tries to help out unlucky people. Of course they know there are some Magatsugami attached to them and tries various ways to detach them. Why didn’t they try praying at the stone like Amano did? That’s because they don’t believe in such crap. Well, there are several different Magatsugami’s, each 1 has a different name and does a different type of mischief or bad luck. Once the Magatsugami is detached, the BFRO will turn into Happy Seven with their lengthy henshins. Since it’s too long to show each one of them, they’ll show the ones who’ll be taking on the Magatsugami. Yeah, not all of them will enter the fight. Don’t worry, each 1 of them will have their chance to show us their henshin. By the way, the background music during the henshin sounds like a video game music. And if you notice, when they transform into the Happy Seven, their characters change too. Like Mahiru now has more more expression, Nami and Mina are more energetic and genki, Tamon is no longer that shy girl while Miku becomes a serious person. After a short battle in which the Happy Seven always triumph, the Magatsugami is then turned into a paper charm once it’s defeated. All’s well ends well.
By the way, I can’t help think that if the student council body is so powerful (even having ties with the local police force), I’m wondering why Tomoya didn’t just finish off the Happy Seven once and for all. I mean, I find that their co-existance a little weird. Though they won’t meet each other face to face most of the times, it’s like Tomoya is just playing the waiting game. And indeed he is waiting. He sees some latent powers in Amano which is enough to awake some Red Star power, which is located right beneath their school. Remember that flashback in the 1st episode? Yeah, it’s their school grounds alright. So Tomoya’s waiting for the day in which Amano’s latent power will mature, in which he’ll use it to unleash the Red Star’s power.
In episode 3, we find out that the Happy Seven girls are taken after 7 Gods of Happiness. Not that I understand nor do I want to delve further into that. Anyway, this episode sees how the BFRO has turned into some place where students and teachers alike blurt out their unlucky personal problems. Yeah. That’s because Amano wanted to make the BFRO club more popular and made this suggestion. I find it weird that the BFRO girls can detect a dark aura on a person when they put their fingers together to make a diamond-like hole in the middle. So a very short elderly teacher Chazawa, comes to the BFRO to seek some help. He’s sad that he’s got no girlfriend. Of course, since he has a Magatsugami clinging on to him, the BFRO girls advices him to go to the praying stone, which he dismisses to do such foolish thing. So the girls decide to help him out in a way like cooking for him and massaging his back to ease his loneliness. Since Chazawa was so happy, his Magatsugami was detached. Yup, another way to do so. If a person is happy, its power is enough to detach the Magatsugami. Since Chazawa fainted, the girls didn’t need to use that memory erasing stone on him and transforms into Happy Seven and soon defeats it. The end part was a little bit far-fetched. That’s because when Chazawa comes to, some random ex-student girl of his rushes in and hugs him, saying that how she wants to marry him. What the? So the shorty teacher finally gets married to his tall ex-student and they seem so happy in the wedding photo. Is there any such cases in the real life?
In episode 4, it is revealed that all of BFRO girls are secretly in love with Kikunosuke but are bound by some oath. Something about they cannot have an intimate relationship with him and must maintain it as friends, something about if Kikunosuke likes another girl they must support his decision and not be jealous. Uh huh. Tough luck. And I thought it would be fun to see some tugging in this harem anime. Ah, if girls in this world were only like that. Just kidding. Of course, Kikunosuke doesn’t know about this all and the girls try to hide this oath whenever he’s around. As mentioned, this guy is bloody oblivious to the love the girls show him, especially Amano. But I suppose this guy doesn’t want to turn a girl down and obliges whatever she gives and such. It’s so obvious Amano’s really head over heels over him. She can’t help fantasize everytime she just think about him. And she’ll be all sad and gloomy if he’s not around. Furthermore, Amano doesn’t know the other girls like him.
I guess love is in the air because Mimi too seems to have fallen in love with a cute guy named Kaoru Sajime. Since he’s in Kuan’s class, Mimi along with Amano and Nene to find out more about him. However, Kuan tells them that Kaoru is a girl who likes to dress as a guy. Oh the heartbreak for Mimi. Good thing she’s not into yuri. Well, is this considered to be her bad luck? Anyway, Kaoru is always alone and not mixing around so the gang did sense a Magatsugami clinging on to her. So the gang try to help her out by making her more feminine like do some shopping and such but they got carried away. Didn’t work. Then they did some research on her background like how she like to make plastic toy models and was even a model club member. During that time she was all cute and girly. So Okiku has a plan by asking Kaoru to make some plastic models with them along with the other male model club members. They find out that Kaoru was forced to quite the club when her parents found out and doesn’t like her to be in one. Since she was so happy that she could make models again, the Magatsugami detaches itself and a short battle with Happy Seven ensued with the latter emerging victorious. In the end, Kaoru becomes normal again (dressing up in a girl’s uniform, that is) and rejoins the model club again. Now all the guys are drooling. While the BFRO girls are saying some moral value lines, Amano comes in and excitedly tells them that the model club has a funny rule. She tells them that if any guys are caught falling in love with Kaoru, will be immediately kicked out of the club. As Amano laughs at it, the other girls aren’t. They’re pissed off but just manage to control their rage. Dense girl Amano says she could "feel a murderous intent" but brushes it off. Oh you don’t know how similar and close this same rule is.
Because of an occurance of a missing kid in episode 5, the gang decides to do some watch by working at some stalls at the festival. Guess what Mahiru is selling. Fish of course! I guess Amano’s pretty happy that she gets to go sightseeing with Kikunosuke but during that outing, Amano accidentally dirties Kikunosuke’s clothes when she drop some food stuff Kikunosuke handed her. A young lady, Wakana, passes by and offers to wash it and invites them to her house nearby. They hear her sad story of how her husband ran away leaving her all alone while drinking tea, but Wakana seems okay with that fact. Miku and Shoujo even suggests for Kikunosuke to go seduce her to cheer her up! Oh the horror for Amano. But that’s because they detect a Magatsugami on her. Poor Kikunosuke, he gets flustered up while trying to do so. That guys is really so innocent. Soon the gang decides to investigate a warehouse because Shoujo’s ears detect a sound of a boy. They find that missing boy wrapped in a cocoon and before anything could happen, Wakana ties up the gang with her web. Wakana’s saying how if she consumes the boy’s youth, she’ll look younger and her husband will come back to her. Like that will happen. The gang gives her their lecture on inner beauty and such. Bla bla bla. I guess those words are enough to detach the Magatsugami as the gang frees themselves and do battle. Love triumphs over (just kidding, more like the good guys win) and in the end, as the gang regroups, they notice Amano a little gloomy because she couldn’t do much nor help out. But when Kikunosuke quotes how cute Amano’s yukata is, all the gloominess is lifted and she gets her confidence back. That’s all it takes to make this girl happy.
If you’re having problems telling the twins apart, it’s not that you have eye problems. I still can’t tell them apart and in episode 6 is mainly about them. They refuse to wear any different ornaments because they want to be the same. But during a night fight with some mirror Magatsugami changes everything. Because the Magatsugami changes its appearance as 1 of the twins, the other twin has a hard time distinguishing which is the real one and ends up hesitating. Though she manages to choose the real one, the Magatsugami flees when the other Happy Seven arrives. And I thought twins had this instinct to tell each other apart at least. Because of that, the twins ended up quarrelling so much so they don’t see each other eye to eye. Funny thing is that, even so, they’re still sitting and walking together. Just not looking at each other. It’s so awkward. Can’t be really separated, huh? But you’ll notice that even though they don’t like each other at that point, they’re still concern about each other, albeit they try to hide it. Then 1 evening at a park, Kikunosuke advices 1 of them that Mina is Mina and Nami is Nami, that it’s okay to be different. So the twins got some different hair accessories to differentiate themselves and soon it’s round 2 with that mirror Magatsugami. It does the same duplicate trick but because of the hair accessory, they manage to tell each other apart and defeat that scumbag. In the end, we see the twins back on good terms and wearing several accessories from head to toe. Not that I could differentiate them still. Uh huh. Even if they said Mina has this shape accessory and Nami has this type, it’s all too confusing. By the way, I kinda notice that the rest of the episodes that follows, the twins aren’t wearing them anymore. It’s like they’ve discarded it and it’s all back to square one. No mention on what happened to the accessories either.
Episode 7 sees Kokuanten infiltrating the school as a transfer student to understand why those puny humans are so happy and what’s so interesting about school life. Well I find it kinda weird that Kokuanten goes around and unleashes her super power which causes a little havoc throughout school and still nobody really notices some extraordinary about it. Haih. Well, blur girl didn’t recognize who Kokuanten is when she accidentally bumps into her and even gives her some spice believed to have some love effect. So off Kokuanten goes to make that concoction in the lab when Amano’s playing some baseball below and the ball just hit through the glass window and ruins Kokuanten’s dish. Though Amano tries to apologize, Kokuanten’s naturally pissed off and before you know it she transforms back to her purple kimono and starts blasting away. Lucky Kikunosuke’s there to save her. So it’s a 1 sided battle in terms of numbers. Eight versus one. What are the odds. Even so, Kokuanten is still unbeatable and even quips that this is 1/1000 of her strength. Is she that powerful? Not only that, she did mention how Kikunosuke is the only 1 fit to be her husband. Holy schmoly! This bad chic too has a crush on him! This Kikunosuke’s 1 hell of a babe magnet! Lucky him. Anyway the battle ended with Kokuanten on the losing side and Kikunosuke’s going to deal the finishing blow when Amano comes between them to stop him. I don’t remember what she said, but it was enough to let Kokuanten go. Ever since then, Kokuanten’s having second thoughts about Amano and even spacing out. Back at that heavenly office of theirs as Kokuanten recuperates from her wounds in her usual bathtub, Tomoyo mentions how Kokuanten can’t die now because she’s important to him… as a tool.
Episode 8 feels like a filler episode because there are no henshins or Magatsugami fighting here. In this episode, because Amano is totally fantasizing on her beloved Kikunosuke, she accidentally signs up for some singing contest. This pisses off Okiku because I think she wanted to do this singing thing badly. So how bad is Amano in singing? Why, she’s tone-deaf! There goes their chances of winning. I mean, when she just opens her mouth, you could see the window of the club shatter and everyone is like as though being hit by a bomb. But Okiku decides to train her after she thinks that by doing so, she’ll be praised for changing this tone-deaf girl into a super idol. Haha. Dream on. So I don’t know how the training works because 1 of them involves running on a treadmill and if Amano doesn’t run fast enough, she’ll get electrocuted if she lags behind. Too bad Okiku gets roasted too. Then a time where Amano has to howl like a dog! Shoujo’s suggestion lah. But there’s 1 time when Amano opened her mouth and a beautiful melody comes out from it. Yeah, notice that Kikunosuke’s there watching. Ah, I see. So this guy must be in her presence if Amano’s going to do well. Okiku thinks that her plan has succeeded and calls the other girls to listen to her results. Since Kikunosuke’s not there, Amano opens her mouth again and not only the glass window of the club breaks, but the frame falls off this time! That’s twice already! So on competition day, Okiku thinks of even substituting Amano by wearing some big fake head mask. However, Amano really wants to do this (not after causing the stage to be messed up in some ruckus and making the competition postponed to afternoon) and after seeing Kikunosuke who gives her a moral boost, we hear Amano’s stunning performance. Yeah, singing and all comes from the heart. Though in the end she didn’t win, Amano felt happy because she get to sing in front of everyone and thanks everyone. Amano has another daydreaming of her own, which resulted in her again accidentally to sign for a participation in a manzai comedy. I guess this one will suit Amano well, playing the boke part. Yeah, Okiku can take her frustration out on her here. More training!
Episode 9 is a sad episode. It all started when Amano has to be hospitalized for falling down a flight of stairs. I thought her bad luck is over. Nah, maybe this is just her usual in-built clumsiness. At the hospital, Amano meets a young boy, Kouji, who tries to impress the other patients with his magic trick but fails. I also find it funny that the twins ended up in hospital after being tired out. Amano and Kouji became instant friends and she finds out that Kouji’s from her same school but because of his illness, he’s always away and in hospital for treatement. Amano then decides to make life happier for Kouji by calling her BFRO members and help him out with his magic performance. They did impress the crowd and Kouji’s mom is glad that her son looks happy. Then later on the rooftop as the gang takes Kouji for more practice but Kouji’s doctor is against it all. Soon we see a Magatsugami emerging from the doctor and before you know it, another Happy Seven battle. Kouji is shocked to see what’s happening. However the Magatsugami tells Kouji that he could make him stronger with 1 condition that he lets it possess his body. Since Kouji is desperate he dismisses the Happy Seven’s advice, pushes Amano away, and allows the Magatsugami to posses him, much to the girl’s horror. Of course the Magatsugami is doing as it wishes, causing more havoc. However, Amano’s hugging power is too much for the Magatsugami to handle and it detaches itself before being turned into a paper charm by the Happy Seven. Later, Kikunosuke tells Amano that she needs to give that memory erasing stone to Kouji because their identity has been revealed. But Amano refuses to do it and causes a fuss because she thinks all that wonderful memories will be gone. So she rushes to the hospital only to find that Kouji has passed away. Blinded by sadness, anger and disbelief, she runs out in the rain and even avoids Kikunosuke who tries to give her an umbrella. No words could reach her broken heart. Just then Kouji’s mom gave Amano a pic of them having their fun during their stay and is happy for what the gang did for Kouji. Amano could no longer contain her sadness and cries her heart out as Kikunosuke embraces her.
Tomoya decides to make his move first in episode 10 by wanting the reporting and newspaper club to do a pamphlet on each of the school’s club. So which club did Nene and Mimi choose first? The BFRO of course. The duo decides to do an interview on Kikunosuke and to Amano’s horror, she thinks they’re on to Kikunosuke as well! Yeah, they’re asking him questions like what’s his ideal girl. I don’t mean to be sadistic, I just thought that Amano deserves to feel such a way. While Mimi and Nene are doing their interview, several BFRO members are investigating a girl named Tomomi Sasaki who has a Magatsugami attached to her, so much so she doesn’t believe nor trust anybody. Soon Tomomi is brought to the BFRO’s room and as part of the ritual, the gang takes Tomomi to that praying stone. As she prays alongside Amano, the Magatsugami detaches itself but it seems it’s all part of Kokuanten’s plan as she throws some projection into the Magatsugami so that the Happy Seven can’t transform. Since Mimi and Nene is so excited about getting the scoop, they rush to the scene to take pics but got in the path of that projection. Amano tries to push them away but got caught. The next henshin scene is out of this world. Because Amano and pals transformed into… The Lucky Three! What the? Miko priestess outfit? Happy Seven, Lucky Three. Sounds like a happy go lucky slot machine combo . Hahaha. What’s this? Their weapons look like some celery? Anyway, the whole Happy Seven gang are in shock to see that the trio too has some super powers as they blast away the Magatsugami. However, this will be the last time you’ll see the Lucky Three in action because Kikunosuke gives Mimi and Nene that memory erasing stone. Dang. I suppose the Happy Seven don’t need a rival, even though they’d be their ally. Tomomi on the other hand is back to normal. In the end, Amano finds out that Mimi and Nene did all this info searching on Kikunosuke is so that they could give it to Amano. Hah, and she was doubting them in the first place. She’s lucky to have pals like them. But Tomoya isn’t perturbed at all as he prepares for the final battle. Probably he sees Amano’s latent powers making some progress.
Amano gets a flu in episode 11 when she’s been splashed by a puddle of water after a car zooms by. Too bad. She could’ve ask Kikunosuke out on a date to that amusement park Happy Land if she was well. Before that, we see Kikunosuke alone at the supposed Happy Land at night and that amusement park lady seems to be seducing him! OMG! Even a random lady loves this guy. This guy is too lucky! On the other hand, the BFRO girls notice that they’ve been trying to get close to that oblivious Kikunosuke, who’s just obliging them. I like the part whereby in the bathroom Mahiru offers to scrub his back while Miku offers to scrub his ‘front’. Haha. Of course that guy runs away in embarrassment. Because of this, the gang decides to do a rock-scissors-paper to decide which 2 lucky girls will get to be with Kikunosuke (consider this a date). The winners are Kuriya and Tamon. Lucky duo. So they went out with Kikunosuke and the rest doesn’t seem satisfied and proceeds to spy on their every move through Kuan’s computer technology, fearing that they may break that oath of theirs. The dating trio then heads into Happy Land. However, Mimi and Nene spots Kikunosuke with the other 2 and proceeds to call Amano. Amano who has just received the shocking news somehow got all the strength she needed to rush there! She’s no longer sick isn’t she? On a bench at Happy Land, Kikunosuke is tired and is asleep, Kuriya and Tamon uses this chance to peck on his cheek. However, to Amano’s horror she saw this. Yeah, selfish girl screams in disbelief and passes out. At this time, that amusement park lady who earlier seduced Kikunosuke actually had a Magatsugami attached to her. Kikunosuke decides to take this one himself and tells the rest to take care of Amano. We find out that this Magatsugami has some love confusing power, the reason why Kikunosuke wanted to do this alone in the 1st place. Uh huh, nearly got a yuri moment there when the Magatsugami’s projection hit the girls. In the end, Kikunosuke defeats the monster. The next day however, Amano confronts Kuriya and Tamon and the duo are fearing a backlash. Suspicious at first, eventually Amano forgives them thinking that they were under the Magatsugami’s spell. Phew. Safe. Lucky she’s not that bright either.
See, if your daydream too much about your boyfriend, it’ll affect your grades. That’s what happened to Amano in episode 12. But this episode begins with a flashback of Amano’s ancestor back during the feudal times, Sadakane. Um… Some alien invasion back then? Sadakane seals something powerful underground, supposedly the Red Star. In present time, we see Kikunosuke meeting up with Tomoya and Kokuanten on the beach. We hear that Tomoya blames Kikunosuke and co for the death of his brother but Kikunosuke denies if it was anything like that. However, there’s no back story to tell how this came to be. Perhaps you need to read the manga. The conversation makes Kokuanten thinks about that fiery ‘love’ encounter with Amano several episodes back. Next day at the school library, Kikunosuke catches Kuriya in his arms who falls off the stool, making the other BFRO girls jealous. But Kikunosuke has something important to tell them. If you’re guessing that he’s going to choose which girl he loves, then you’re totally wrong. Back at the base, he tells them that the Red Star is… the Evil Spirit Star. Tadah! Wow, I’m so shocked, I didn’t know about it. Puhleese! I thought it was something more than that but just something crappy. Besides, don’t they have at least a little idea that the Red Star is some evil source from the start? Meanwhile Amano is praying at a shrine and is still fantasizing about kissing Kikunosuke. She’s so full of herself. As she rushes off to meet Kikuno, to her surprise she sees him standing there. Nope, it’s Tomoya. Tricked again by Kikunosuke’s phone call part 2. To cut things short, Tomoya blurts out the whole truth about the BFRO girl’s oath about loving Kikunosuke. I wonder how he got that scroll in BFRO room. Amano is in total shock. With that, her screams created some explosion and her eyes changed. Her scream is loud enough to make the BFRO gang rush to the scene. I guess this shockwave is what Tomoya has been waiting for. That seal which Sadakane has appears on Amano and the Red Star beneath the school starts to glow, causing some earthquake. The BFRO gang arrive and Kikunosuke has Amano in her arms. Amano apologizes that she had no idea everyone loves Kikunosuke. She confesses that she loves Kikunosuke before she dies. OMG! Is she dead? It can’t be! Everyone is sad. It’s hard to hate this selfish girl now and I couldn’t say I like it that she’s gone but at least she realized it.
So the Red Star AKA Evil Star can be seen floating in the night sky in episode 13. Everybody in town is in awe witnessing such out of this world phenomenon. Tomoya decides to call it his Nirvana and it’s revealed it’s some sort of weapon. Amano is glowing in some light and is wrapped around Nirvana. Kokuanten heads towards Nirvana and powers up. Yeah, she even has her own henshin. So it’s 8 versus 1 again but Kokuanten is much stronger now and can even heal herself. However she stops attacking when she spots Amano in Nirvana. Some alien life force takes over Amano and begins to tell them how the alien race was fighting among themselves and this weapon was built to end it all. But they miscalculated its power and decides to bury it in Planet Earth. How powerful is it? Well, it could destroy the whole Milky Way, galaxy and the entire universe! Now that’s playing God. So back then during feudal Japan, those aliens made a deal with the emperor but the emperor went insane and betrayed then so they had no choice but to leave it to Sadakane. This goes to show that aliens indeed landed on out planet a long time ago. Since then they’ve detected some disturbance in the system and they’re on their way here to take back the weapon. You know, it’s pretty annoying that the alien starts off each line with ‘ware ware’ (meaning we). The system of the weapon is overloading and is going to destroy everything in 7 minutes. Yeah, it’s that lucky number again. The Happy Seven tries to stop it but can’t and realize that they must all channel their power through Kikunosuke. But that guy even mentions it’s not enough and needs Kokuanten’s powers. That bad chic is hesitating, which makes Tomoya panic. I’ve never seen Tomoya so frantic before. He’s pleading to her not to listen to them, saying that she’s got all the power she needed. Uh huh. This Tomoya kid thinks that since his brother’s demise, there’s nothing left for him in this world and that everything should just vanish. Sick kid. So which part of it did Tomoya intend to use Kokuanten as a tool? Maybe it’s to get rid of the Happy Seven.
Probably Kokuanten still harbours some feelings for Kikunosuke and decides to help him after all and brush aside Tomoya. In the nick of time, their combined powers managed to stop the system and frees Amano too. Then this far fetched part sees those aliens who planted that dangerous thing on this planet, arriving and beaming it up. They thank the gang and leave. You know, if you ask me, those aliens should’ve dismantled the whole thing in the first place rather than hid it on Earth. Dumb. Now they took it back. By the way, Amano’s alive and well. So the ending scene sees how Amano, her pals and the gang rush to school. Uh huh, now their school has a huge lake crater caused by Nirvana. Some last comments by Amano as the gang heads off to school while Kokuanten watches them from afar. The end. Yeah, Amano is still that klutzy girl, tripping on her way. Can’t blame it on bad luck.
Overall, this whole series was just pretty okay to me. Nothing that spectacular. Though it ended on a happy note, there were many unanswered questions like since everybody has witnessed that extra-terrestrial event, did the BFRO gang gave them the memory erasing stone? What about Tomoya. What happened to him? Aside being seen knocked out before the alien leaves. How does he know about the Red Star in the first place? And Amano. Does she still want to hog Kikunosuke all for herself or is she ready for some serious love battle. Whichever, at least she acknowledges that everybody loves him. Even so, Kikunosuke’s pretty oblivious when it comes to this.
One thing that I like about this show is the part where the characters go into chibi mode. Usually in comical situations and I must say they really do look cute. Like the mid-intermissions, not only the song is cute but each of the characters will have their chibi turn to say ‘Happy Seven’. At the end of most episodes, there’ll be a segment called Happy Channel whereby it’s hosted by Mimi and Nene as they introduced the BFRO characters 1 by 1 and they’ll do their specialties after reading some fanmail, all in chibi mode. My favourite one was the twins Nami and Mina. Some viewer asks them if they could divert all their energy into 1 body and when they do so, 1 of them becomes real weak and they other real hyped up! She’s really making funny hyped out sounds! Then there’s one where Miku gives some fanservice to the viewers… in chibi form. That doesn’t count. So if you’re wondering why they’re wearing Miko priestess outfits during the Lucky Three episode, probably it was from here. Also, since Amano is behind the scenes, she’s always waiting for a chance her buddies will introduce her but gets depressed as they seem to leave her out. Yeah, Amano always bear the brunt of some unfortunate consequences like getting bombarded with a rain of missiles. Then the as last Happy Channel introduces Kikunosuke, Amano wishes for him to introduce her, in which he did. By the time she gets on camera, Tomoya and Kokuanten takes over and says how the final battle will begin. Haha. Too late. Also, if you notice that during the interview in Happy Channel, there’ll be a small tv appearing at the bottom of the screen for the next episode preview. I’m sure with all the hoollo-balla going on, you won’t be able to see or focus on it.
Though both the opening and ending songs aren’t that appealing to me, they both sound happy, lively and upbeat. Quite fitting for the series. The opening theme is Akiramenaide by Little Non and the guitar playing style sounds like rock n roll. The ending theme Funny Girl is sung by YUKA and the entire song is in English. Well, probably with that heavy Japanese accent, you may not be able to guess it at first. Though the voice acting sounds okay, my favourite ones are still the twins, both voiced by Omi Minami (maybe the decide to name it after her and split her name in 2). She did an amazing job in making them really sound lethargic. She also did other voice roles like Hyatt in Excel Saga, Kei in Hand Maid May and Akira in CLAMP Campus Detectives. Oh, Mai Nakahara who’s the voice of Mai Tokiha in Mai-HiME, voices Okiku here. Mahiru is still the most amusing character to me in terms of fish. Yeah, I’ve never know somebody so attached to them and I’ll never look at one the same way again. As for Amano, I read many viewers hate her because of her selfishness (see that fish word in between. Haha, just kidding) in hogging Kikunosuke. But I can’t really blame her totally because she’s in loooove. Who wouldn’t?
I wouldn’t really emphasis that sharing is a good value here. I mean generally, sharing is a good thing but it depends too. I don’t want to be sharing somebody else’s disease, let alone boyfriend/girlfriend. But there are other better things to share such as kindness and happiness. If so, wouldn’t the world be a much better place? I’m just wondering that if they ever make a second season (unlikely), I’m just hoping to see some love battles over Kikunosuke. Yeah, I know I may sound a little sick. Love sick. Hahaha. Just kidding. Now, I wonder if all those bad lucks that I’ve previously experienced, was it really caused by those Magatsugamis? At least I know who to call. Ghostbusters are so yesteryear. But most importantly, be happy!
Happy Seven
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