Hataage! Kemono Michi

March 22, 2020

Initially, I wanted to pass up on this anime Hataage! Kemono Michi. You know, I wasn’t so interested in a comedy series that has a pro wrestler who is an animal lover, opening a pet shop in another world. Yup, another isekai genre. But without so much the main character being overpowered. Well, technically he is strong but not overpowered. Anyway, the thing that got me curious and changed my mind eventually was the synopsis. As I read on, I realized the main character did a German suplex on a princess because he refused her request!!! OMG!!! Some half naked guy doing a wrestling move on a cute princess?! This… This… This (hilarious) atrocity I must see! And that was the clincher that had me watching this series. Yeah, first impressions count and I’m glad it did.

Episode 1
Genzo Shibata is a famous pro wrestler under the moniker, Animal Mask. During an important title match, just as he is about to deliver the finishing blow to his opponent, he and his pet dog, Hiroyuki have been teleported to another world. It seems cutie Princess Altena has summoned a hero in hopes he could help defeat the beasts in the forests. However that is a taboo word for Genzo. As an animal lover, that will not do. So he does a German suplex on her!!! OMFG!!! Girl or not, you’re f*cked if you say you want to kill animals! Oh, nice pantsu… Naturally the guards are out for his head so he has to run. Of course in town everyone sees him as suspicious. Naked guy in a mask. While hiding in the alley, beastmen Misha and her brother Wolfgang are about to rob him. But Genzo loves their furry traits and starts molesting Wolfgang! OMFG! Freaking gay moment!!! Yeah, he rubs him until he is docile like a tame dog. He is about to rape target Misha next but then Edgar comes out with Shigure as a tied up slave. Yup, no mercy. German suplex on this old dude for ‘mistreating’ a furry! Shigure thanks him although she explains she was being sold as a slave due to the debts she owed him. Of course, Genzo can tell that she has money issues… The first thing to do is to join a hunter’s guild. They go see the guild master but that old dude doesn’t understand what Genzo is talking about for his love of animals! A couple of adventurers barge in to report a few of their comrades have been done in by a cerberus pack. Don’t worry. Genzo is going to settle this. Those 3 headed dogs don’t scare him a bit. In fact, he tackles their leader and pets it until it submits. And soon the rest of the pack follows. Damn, this guy has got God’s Hands! After getting his reward, Genzo decides to open a pet shop in this world and hopes to teach people and animals can coexist. Shigure would be glad to help but since when this giant ant joined their party?!

Episode 2
While Genzo cares about the animals, Shigure cares about the money! Yeah, this pet shop is going to be a hit, right? Unfortunately, nobody say the buzzword or call him a beast killer because he’ll do a submission move on you! Like this great adventurer, Kagerou. And Shigure ‘steals’ his sword… To earn some cash, they start off with hunting salamanders. Of course Genzo tames it and takes it back. He goes back to pay Edgar to clear Shigure’s debt. Obviously Wolfgang still having gay traumas of him… Meanwhile half-dragon girl, Lindabrea Fafnir Gildmerag is bored being cooped up in her castle and eating boring foods so she escapes. Her mad servant is hell bent on bringing her home. Genzo has tamed and picked up lots of strange animals. The problem now is that he needs a place to house them all. The job that will give a decent reward to buy a house is one involving stopping those damn orcs from stealing human crops. Instantly Genzo loses interests. Because he deems orcs the same as humans. I guess they don’t have furry traits… They make their journey there and while stopping for a break, Shigure baths in the lake. However Genzo is more interested in this unicorn than seeing her naked body. Are you happy or mad? At the orcs’ village, Genzo faces off with the leader. Right off the bat he starts wrestling him! I guess this is the only way how true men do talking, huh? They both trade wrestling moves until Genzo emerges the champion. With that Genzo is technically their new king but he leaves the old one to be in charge while he returns home. Yeah, he is friends with the orcs now. Now that Genzo has got a barn, he needs to get a loan and some permit to run his business. Only, if the banker, Clause knows what the heck a pet shop is…

Episode 3
A weird romantic encounter of Genzo with a full furry kobold lady… Weird for us but romance for him! When Hiroyuki smells somebody in the bushes, Genzo finds a collapsed Lindabrea. Hungry dragon girl wants to eat his dog! So after Genzo explains his pet shop concept, Lindabrea wants to buy Hiroyuki and eat him! Genzo will not allow that! Soon Genzo is called by the guild because it is believed a dragon is attacking people at night. Genzo has his suspicions but just to be safe, he dons his mask and sets a trap. Oh well, instantly Lindabrea gets caught in it. Then the guards hunt them down because you know, Animal Mask looks so suspicious. The duo try to avoid being detected but are found by Carmilla Vanstein who is Lindabrea’s servant. Lindabrea pretends not to know her so Carmilla attacks Genzo. She is initially confident of her strength but then gets overpowered by Genzo! Is he really human?! They manage to run and Genzo has this ‘brilliant’ idea of lending a spare mask to Lindabrea to hide her identity. She is now Hanako! They return home but Carmilla easily follows them. I’m amazed Carmilla can follow Lindabrea’s scent to this town but fail to identify Genzo and Animal Mask as the same person? She is about to kill Genzo after he learns Lindabrea’s name and status as from one of the 4 families who serve the Demon King. So Shigure hands him some holy water and garlic to put her into submission! Yup, she’s a vampire. Lindabrea hopes he could spare her and reveals her reason to run away. She was tired of eating all sorts of meat and wanted to taste some sweets as she saw in a magazine. Thinking fate led her to this, Lindabrea wants to help Genzo and his pet shop. To hide her name and status, she is more willing to be called Hanako from now on. As for the attacker, the culprit is Carmilla and she did it for fun because she couldn’t resist it. Here’s a German suplex serving right up on you now! Hey, did that almost killed the vampire?!

Episode 4
I guess it took her 3 episodes to recover. Finally Altena shows up but everybody can’t stop snickering at her. Even her subjects. Yeah, that nice ass she showed the world. Hence her nickname Princess Butt! Poor princess. No wonder she wants Genzo found. Meanwhile Shigure is worried about their money woes. Genzo is just playing around with his pets, Hanako just eats and Carmilla is like your drunk mother asking for money. Worse, she sees Genzo picking up a new cat and that cheesy romance between Genzo and that kobold lady. Want to sleep in her belly, huh? Will equally love her kobold husband, huh? Sorry to interrupt but things are going to be different if they don’t start working and getting the cash because Clause warns the loan will be off then. And so we see them do odd jobs but thanks to their idiotic nature, they get fired and end up with way less money than they started! Lost Shigure sees guild master’s advice. If they defeat this griffon, there will be a hefty reward. So they go search for this griffon and it seems in nature, griffon parents will let their newly born offspring fight each other. The winner will be taken care of while the loser abandoned and left to die. Cruel law of survival of the fittest. The moment one loses, Genzo immediately kidnaps it. Of course the parents aren’t happy and start chasing them. Carmilla is pretty useless, getting owned before she could even start. All that is left is for Genzo to wrestle them. He ends up hugging and molesting them so the griffon got freaked out and smashed him against the wall. Wow. Genzo knocked out and lost? All up to Hanako now… She can’t resist those tasty griffon drumstick. In the end, it tasted bad so she took her comrades and ran. Shigure is going to have more headache as Genzo adopts the griffon and the next day it has grown big! Food costs rising. But thankfully Shigure still manages to stay afloat financially. Yup, she sold all of Kagerou’s dropped swords. They fetch a really high price. Such a blessing.

Episode 5
Macadamian Ogre AKA MAO always loses to Animal Mask no matter how many times he trains and gets his rematch. So on the night when Animal Mask disappeared in the midst of their fight, MAO was visibly upset thinking he ran away. Even holding a press conference to call him out and settle it! But it was to no avail. Animal Mask was never seen again. And Animal Mask’s manager? Yeah, he is into pro women wrestling now. So we see him down in the dumps like as though he is suffering from some withdrawal symptom. Yeah… As Genzo and co are away for a quest, Wolfgang and Misha try to kidnap Hiroyuki just to get back at Genzo. The plan is to lure it with some meat and then snatch! However Wolfgang starts fawning over how cute Hiroyuki is eating the meat. Why didn’t just Misha snatch it away in the bag then?! Because of that, the ant worker spots them. Misha manages to run away but Wolfgang got owned. Meanwhile, back to Genzo and co, looks like Genzo is so disinterested because the quest involves fetching some plant creatures. Yup. Not animals. Then some argument about money and animal loving. Mission failed because Hanako ate all of the plant creatures!!! When they return, they heard what happened from the ant guy. You’d think Wolfgang has finally learnt his lesson and will not go after Genzo again. But here comes that wrestler dude! He barges in and is mad! Oh sh*t! Damn you’re truly f*cked this time!!! Genzo does some wrestling move on him till he is satisfied. So no mercy for even a furry? Yeah, don’t mess with his pup. Oh damn it’s true, the doctor even diagnoses MAO with some Animal Mask obsession syndrome! Please do something else to take your mind off him. So knitting? Not going to last long. Joanna Joannascore Adorian Uljika who is the heir to be the vampire leader, conducts a ritual to summon the Demon King to defeat the hero. Uh oh. I can see where this is going. Yup, MAO is summoned.

Episode 6
When MAO is shown a picture of Animal Mask, the hero whom he must defeat, MAO laughs with glee thinking this is where he ran away. Without question, he will bring down this hero. Joanna’s ultimate goal is to get revenge on Lindabrea. As she is the only person that she has lost to, she became interested in knowing how to beat her but was puzzled she only likes eating, a ditz and is no good in everything else. How the f*ck is she so strong? The ultimate challenge one day came when Lindabrea not only forgot her but ignored her. Yup, she’s in a hurry to taste some chef’s cooking. Knowing that Carmilla is a lesser vampire who serves her and also a loser, she will have her own servant, Rose (a higher ranking vampire) to challenge Carmilla. If Rose wins, she will have another servant replace Carmilla. This is of course part of her ploy since that new servant will be under her control and will spy on Lindabrea to find her weakness. Lindabrea didn’t bat an eyelid to admit Carmilla is a loser but accepts only because the food might finish if they drag on! During the fight, Carmilla gets owned and definitely no match for Rose. Definitely Rose’s win. Even so, Lindabrea wants Carmilla to remain. Joanna takes this as a break in promise and wants compensation. Without hesitating, Lindabrea prostrates. At first shocked she would go this far for her servant, Joanna finally felt she has won over her. On their way back as they revel in this victory, Lindabrea stops them. She’s not here to admit how useless Carmilla is again, is she? To put things short, Lindabrea comes from a warmongering family and if they hear about this loss, she’ll never hear the end of it. Hence she is here to take revenge on Carmilla’s behalf. Lindabrea requests a duel and transforms into a huge dragon! Enough to make the duo shrivel in fear! Safe to say, they got hammered. Now, Joanna thinks Lindabrea isn’t just a stupid glutton. Noticing she ran away from home the same time Genzo appeared, she thinks she wants to find him to defeat her. That’s why Joanna can’t let her get to him and will defeat the hero herself.

Episode 7
A warrior named Celes comes in to challenge Genzo. She said the taboo word so no mercy even if she’s a woman! Smack down! She is here to become the strongest. Not by challenging him but to become his student! He refuses. Since she is begging and he noticed something different about her, oh man, she is actually a lizardman (though scales only on her stomach and back) and accepts! So we see all of them chip in to train Celes. I don’t think Hanako catching weird wildlife as food will help. Worse, WTF is Carmilla’s sexy pose got to do?! In the end, Celes becomes a pro wrestler?! Not what she wanted! When she mentions the reason she sought his help, Genzo becomes enraged! He barges down to the guild and executes everybody!!! So apparently the hunters have been harassing Celes and her people. Genzo won’t stand for that animal abuse! However Celes has realized it is all just trivial and forgives them. Everyone apologizes too. Happy ending? Not quite. Genzo will not accept this! Hence there is going to be a duel between Celes and a hunter. Beat them flat and show them how strong you are! Celes uses all that she knows until she does that sexy pose. The hunter feels so insulted that he lost all respect. But perfect chance for her to do a German suplex on him and win it. And you think everybody has made up and ready to go home happy, WTF Genzo still won’t accept this?! Need to make an example out of them so as there will be no such repeats?! WTF???!!! GENZO!!!! Even Shigure is offering to let you caress her ears. LET IT GO!!! The guild master mentions that the hunters were recently depressed because some mysterious weirdo kept stealing their prey. Sounds like Genzo… Suspicious… Later Clause talks to Genzo. He has seen that mock fight and thinks he should do mock public fights as entertainment. Of course they can make money by selling food and merchandise. Not to mention, fight money. You heard that, Shigure? Obviously Genzo accepts thinking he can help the animals.

Episode 8
The tournament is here but Genzo feels something is missing. Yeah, he wants animals to participate! Oh, it’s that kobold lady again. This gives Genzo the idea to march down to her home! You bet kobold husband gets the wrong idea that Genzo is trying to steal his wife. They start fighting and this reignites his passion when he was a delinquent. This distraction has Genzo owning him and this is when kobold husband decides to follow his youthful passion once more and follows him. Eh, did the wife lose out? Yeah, the men going their way. Wolfgang is having a full blown trauma. Even more so when Genzo barges into recruit him for the tournament. Since this makes him even more traumatic, Misha enters on his behalf. Genzo even gets the orcs as well as those freeloaders back home to participate. And so Genzo explains on the rules and everything. Tiring, isn’t it? Shigure is making a killing selling secret pictures to girls who love muscle men. With the tournament going on well, Genzo still isn’t satisfied. Need to keep to the rules of the sport? Eh? Why so troublesome? And Hanako is just eating everything. Everything is going so well and still not enough? What now, Genzo? Need drama and rivalry?! Anyway the main event is a tag team match. Genzo and Carmilla up against Kagerou and Misha. Obviously Carmilla tries to sabotage and beat up Genzo. Is this the drama and rivalry he is talking about? When Wolfgang is spotted among the crowd, Misha thought he is here to support her. Clause who is the sponsor for this tournament, requests for a change in participation. Hence Wolfgang replaces Kagerou. You think the siblings are going to make a great come back but Carmilla instantly owns Misha and poor Wolfgang gets molested by Genzo. Again. In public. This guy is so dead. Everybody celebrates after a successful event. Shigure feeling emotional how heart-warming such event is. Until all the suppliers give her the bill. Literally with all the damage, Hanako pigging out and other costs, it wiped out all the profits that Shigure earned. I guess future editions are cancelled?

Episode 9
Carmilla is being a lazy ass freeloader. Until Genzo does German suplex on her, exposing her pantsu to the public, only did she get her ass moving. Soon, Altena comes knocking on his door. She has finally found him. He doesn’t remember her at first (no, she isn’t a hooker!) and when he does, the first thing he does is to do German suplex on her! OMG. History repeating itself? Yeah, looks like this town is now infamous for a couple of babes exposing their butts. Our butt exposing ladies get into an argument themselves about Genzo. Altena wants him to come with her to go defeat the Demon King but Carmilla obviously doesn’t want that since they’re serving under him. Of course Genzo still refuses Altena’s request. He can’t fight animals, even more so if the Demon King is the king of all animals. With that, Altena orders her knights to kill him since you can’t summon more than 1 hero to this world. However Genzo owns them with his wrestling! OMG! Genzo much stronger than those men in armour! And these are her finest knights?! Eventually, Altena comes every day to persuade Genzo but always gets her butt exposed by her German suplex. Gee… Thanks for the free show? Meanwhile Joanna has gathered all the demonic beasts and has MAO lead them. As per Shigure’s suggestion, Genzo heads to the guild to find out more about the Demon King. Because of his bravery to tackle this by himself, the guild will support him all the way! In the end, Genzo learns nothing because they too know nothing. Hanako worries Genzo will really find out about the Demon King so Carmilla offers to describe fake descriptions for him. Of course Genzo sketches with glee. This hideous thing is the Demon King? But Genzo so loving it. Hanako isn’t. She smacks Carmilla. Once more, Altena flashing her butt… This time after she mentions the Demon King has summoned a Demon King from another world. Great. 2 Demon Kings? Double the happiness for Genzo. Speaking of that, MAO decimates the orc village with his wrestling moves to force them to tell Genzo’s whereabouts. When Genzo and co are on the hunt, a couple of orcs plead for their help. Back at the orc village, they tell how their leader was beaten but never spilled about Genzo. Sketching the perpetrator, Genzo recognizes him…

Episode 10
I guess Altena doesn’t learn. Back to bug Genzo again, huh? He isn’t even interested about whoever summoned the Demon King who then decimated the villages and could target this town next, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, Altena making herself like home now sometimes it feels she’s like a stalker… When Genzo decides to go walk Hiroyuki, his dog is gone! HORROR! Meanwhile sees a poster of Genzo doing a German suplex on Carmilla. This confirms his rival is here and he is itching to fight him. Genzo searches all over time. Hiroyuki > kobold lady. Yeah, he ignores her. Nobody in town has seen this dog. But everyone recognizes Altena’s butt!!! Oh dear, when kids have their butts expose, this just shows… Fortunately, Clause saw Hiroyuki and it seems a wealthy noble now owns him. Catherine FKA Hiroyuki is now the pet of little Maria. Her father won’t give it back since he paid a handsome amount. Furthermore, he did nothing wrong. If they really want it back, pay up. Altena rushes home thinking if she uses her treasury to do so, Genzo will be indebted to her and will then start his hero duties. Since Hiroyuki is more interested in the good food than Genzo, I guess this guy has to finally suck up and give up. But when Maria sees the sadness in Genzo’s eyes, he wants to give Catherine back. If she had a dog when she was young and it was taken away, she wouldn’t like it too. Wow, this girl is mature. But daddy paid a lot… Puppy dog eyes from little Maria… Uhm, at least pay half the price. More puppy dog eyes… Half of that… And half of that… And half of that… Back home, Shigure breaks a secret safe. It’s a meagre stash but it’s enough. This amount was supposed to help open the pet shop but I guess this is emergency. With that, Hiroyuki FKA Catherine is bought back. Happy ending. Oh Altena, you’re too late… Shigure then asks the merchant who sold Hiroyuki. Hmm… Sounds like Edgar’s party. Hence Genzo marches down there to beat up those guys! No mercy! Not even for Misha! When they return home, it seems MAO, Joanna and Rose are waiting for them. MAO challenges him to a fight and the same with Joanna for Hanako. Clause thinks it is a good time for another tournament. Oh Shigure… $$$… YEAH! That night, Genzo seriously trains because he knows MAO as a professional wrestler unlike all the amateurs he fought before. Surprisingly, Carmilla pleads for him to teach her to become a pro wrestler because there is someone she needs to beat.

Episode 11
Carmilla’s training is proceeding nicely. Lots of pain, that is. Clause has blueprints to create a huge stadium. One that will house 10x more audience than before. Yeah. Shigure, $$$!!! And yes, it will have more food stalls! Hanako, yeah!!! As the tournament will be team Genzo vs team MAO, there are 5 fights scheduled. Because they need to make a good impression, the first few fights should be a team match. But since they are lacking members, time to go recruit. Before Edgar’s side could scream trauma, please hear Genzo out and join his side for the tournament. I guess they’ve no choice anyway. Or Wolfgang gets molested!!! Still short of 1 member, huh? Oh look. Altena coming in ranting that she’ll do anything for whatever. Heh. Settled. And so wrestling night is here and this event is a sell-out. The first match is Kagerou, Celes and Altena against the demon beasts. Altena manages to hide her identity with a mask but everyone knows her signature butt exposure… Yeah. But all those stares now has awakened something inside her. Yup, she’s turned into a masochist! Stare at her with those filthy eyes! She’s lovin’ it! Anyway, Genzo’s team wins it. The second match is kobold husband and the orc boss against another pair of demon beasts. An easy win for team Genzo. The third match pits Wolfgang and Misha against some truly fearsome giants. They got owned. Yup, first win for team MAO. Now it’s the fourth match between the vampire b*tches, Carmilla vs Rose! Thanks to Genzo’s training, Carmilla is able to use some moves to turn the tables on Rose. Why, she even defeats her! Had she not been so happy celebrating and instead quickly pin Rose down for the count, because she let her guard down, Rose recovers and does a German suplex on her. Rose wins again. Carmilla is sad over her loss but Genzo views it as a good fight. As for Hanako, she saw it as a victory because Carmilla fought for her own pride on the line. In that sense, she won. With the score tied at 2-2, it’s down to the final match. The highlight of the tournament that we’ve all been waiting for: Genzo vs MAO!

Episode 12
The kobold lady realizes her love again for her husband. She apologizes to Genzo she can’t be with him anymore. Eh? Was there ever that kind of romance? The final match gets underway. Both sides are waiting to see what the other will do. MAO narrating how he had a miserable time since Genzo disappeared. This distraction causes Genzo to attack him first. Well, better get going. The crowd is already half asleep with no action. So we see them trade blows as they talk about Genzo’s plan to open a pet shop as well he didn’t run away that night on their important match. MAO thinks Genzo is using his same ol’ trick to beat him again. Because MAO has fear of animals. He tried going to a petting zoo but that was too much. Worse, he beat up all the animals at the zoo???!!! Joanna and Rose get this devilish idea to kidnap Hiroyuki. When they do so, Genzo goes after them. A little helter-skelter off the ring before Hiroyuki is in safe hands again. But at this point, a few accidents has caused the humans and beastmen to brawl with each other. Free for all! Royal rumble! Then Genzo and MAO resume their match in the ring before Genzo finally pinning MAO down with his German suplex for the win. MAO realizes he can’t beat his love for animals. He just wanted to fight him. Genzo says he can do that anytime. In great sportsmanship, both acknowledge each other. Joanna and Rose try to escape during the trophy presentation. Hanako confronts them and warns that she will be the one to observe the hero. Not them. Now scram! Shigure thinks the best part of reaping the cash is here. However Clause points out with all the damage and food eaten, she ends up owing instead! You bet Shigure is so mad as she storms down to the after-match party to stop everybody from raking up the bill. But she sees humans and beastmen enjoying themselves together. Maybe she’ll let this one slide. So she sells Genzo’s trophy… An eye for an eye? Next day, MAO leaves on his journey. He wants to train more so that he’ll fight Genzo again and win. It’s back to the usual for the rest. Genzo fawning over his animals, Shigure b*tching about taking the next job, Hanako pigging out and Carmilla getting drunk. Nothing to see here. Very normal. And then a job request about a rampaging minotaur… You know the drill.

Hard Gay! Kemono Friends x Pet Shop Goons
The ending felt… Uhm… Normal. It wasn’t so much of an ending at all and it just tells us that life goes on as usual for our losers, uhm, I mean champions and heroes. There is no foreshadowing of anything dangerous or something that would be left as a cliff-hanger so as to piss us off viewers that there might be another season. Or worse, an OVA episode for an unaired episode just to make few quick bucks. I’m sure Shigure would approve of it. And because it doesn’t have all that, the ending in a way felt pretty average. Nothing exciting. You mean the pro wrestlers have resigned to their fate to live the rest of their lives in this new world? What about their old world? This only shows that they don’t really have much anything of importance or great attachment for them to not even think about going back. Do they not have families, friends or other important things? Oh screw that. As long as they can pro wrestle, they’ll do it anywhere! And yes, as long as Genzo can open his pet shop dream, it doesn’t matter if it is heaven or hell. Nobody gets in the way of his dreams. Literally, nobody.

The story isn’t anything special nor are there any interesting or convoluted plots that will have your head wrap around it. But thanks to the random antics that Genzo and his comrades do, it doesn’t feel boring at all and by the time the foreshadowing and building up of the main event finally props up, you realize that it is already the end of the season. Sometimes the running jokes, especially the characters’ weird personalities threaten to turn this into a boring mundane chore. Like Genzo haphazardly adding animals to his collection even before he is anywhere near opening his dream pet shop, Shigure worrying about money woes, Carmilla getting owned by Genzo for just being stupid, Kagerou getting owned by Genzo for repeating his mistakes, Shigure stealing his sword, Hanako stuffing her face with food and yes, who could ever forget Princess Butt exposing her ass to us. Delicious. Thanks. It all seems somewhat repetitive. But thankfully, perhaps simpletons like yours truly, as long as you can keep me entertained with funny and silly frolics, I’m all good. This means the setting and workings of this fantasy world feels pretty much ignored. Who are the dark lord families that rule over the darkness and the dark beasts that run rampage throughout the land. I guess there’s no standout story to be made from that so let’s just focus on a wrestler trying to open his pet shop.

Lacking a proper and even a good storyline, it is up to the characters to deliver and make the show interesting. Thankfully, they are a bunch of goofballs so it worked very well for this series. For instance, Genzo’s love for animals have been taken to the extreme and he would somehow find a way to tame them no matter how wild and dangerous they are. Though, sometimes I find his love for animals to be selective. Like those orcs before he became friends with them. Just because they have no obvious animal traits, he uses whatever excuses to show no interests in them. Like, yeah, they could talk and communicate like humans. So do other beastmen as well. And there are other beastmen in the case of Celes and Shigure who show more human features than their beast side. Just that small portion of theirs showing some sort of animal trait, Genzo uses this as an excuse to somewhat accept them. Of course nobody harms his Hiroyuki (supposedly the normal pet mascot of the series?) because human or beastmen, you’ll get a good one from Genzo. Hope Wolfgang and Misha learn from this. You can call Genzo a pervert but never call him a beast destroyer!

This show is technically considered an isekai genre and has the basic ingredients to be considered one. Yup, normal guy from our world summoned to another fantasy world. Thankfully he didn’t need to die. Now, to consider Genzo an overpowered main character is both right and wrong. You see, unlike many other main characters of the isekai genre who somehow magically obtain their power and strength in some ways, be it being easily bestowed/granted or via training, Genzo pretty much stays the same. The only reason he looks overpowered is because everybody else is a wuss here. Also, Genzo uses pro wrestling as his fighting technique, a type of martial arts that is never seen before in this world. Hence nobody has any true way to counter his brute strength and is always owned. In some ways, giving Genzo the ‘authority’ to around and pin people down if you get on his bad side. Plus, if you make him mad and insult animals, this powers him up even more. Therefore Genzo in that sense is different than many isekai protagonists. He is already strong in his own right to begin with and nobody else is stronger than him or even matches up to his strength to take him down. Not even Carmilla. Also, Genzo isn’t interested in saving the world. Got animals, will pet.

The idea of opening a pet shop in this world looks like a distraction and side plot. Even though it is Genzo’s main goal but at the rate things are going, this is not going to happen in the nearest possible future. This guy is a good wrestler and his love for animals is unrivalled (possibly making Steve Irwin looking more like a baby!). But nobody said he was a good businessman and entrepreneur in the first place. Overspending money that is supposed to be towards the opening of his pet shop and frolicking with the animals he found, you’d start thinking that he might just want to be a pet owner and collect the animals all for himself rather than selling them. I don’t know if I can take his word and dream to open a pet shop seriously. Because I also don’t see him try to educate the people or at least the people in the neighbourhood on the pros of coexisting with animals or be a good pet owner. It’s like Genzo just wants to have fun. And fun he has lots of them. Oh boy. Pet shop dream drifting away…

I suppose Shigure is the only sensible member of the group (though I won’t go as far as to say that she isn’t an idiot too). She is the one trying to make everything work but the idiots just keep ruining her plan. Yes, this girl’s flaw is that she is money minded but I don’t see anything wrong with that. Unless she is a real greedy money grubbing lover than that’s a different story. I don’t see this in Shigure however and money might be her buzzword that gets her to go the extra mile, she isn’t all that greedy. But thank all the swords Kagerou ‘dropped’ so she could sell them and stay afloat. In time, Shigure has come to learn and accept everyone’s idiocy so much so you can hear a certain sadness in her sigh. It’s like she just given up and go with the flow with these goons. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to change, right? Just go with it. And hope all this would pay off in the end. You’d think she would just cut her losses and leave the group but I guess there are some things that money can’t buy. Like friendship. Yeah, this friendship sucks. Hope she finds it worthy somehow. She could’ve been a great pair with Clause but I think this guy has a sneaky scheme of organizing events so as to make money off Shigure by putting her in debt. Oh well… Hope he can recover all that bad debt. And so sorry folks, if you’re hoping to see any sort of real romance, especially Genzo x Shigure, don’t even think about it because his love for animals pushes out all other kinds of love. Hence that pseudo flirting moment with the kobold lady, he’s just after your soft fur. Worse, your furry husband!

From first looks, Hanako looks like an idiotic glutton. A dragon girl who only thinks of nothing but eating, eating and more eating. While this is certainly true to a certain extent, I believe there is something that is more than meets the eye. In fact, she could be the smartest among all the characters, if I should say. Noticed that at certain times, you can see her give a blank stare or stay quiet. No, this is not a sign that she’s being a retard. In fact, my guts tell me that she is quite the observant girl and there is more to it than what she actually says and does. In all cases, I think she is even stronger than Genzo but just chooses not to display her strength. There’s no reason to. Thus I speculate that she is only acting like a retard just to hide her true character. This is also evident as we see her being nice to Carmilla and giving her advice whenever she really needs it. Or else, she is just like Genzo, beating the crap out of this lesser vampire. While Genzo beats her up plainly because for being a loudmouth stupid ass, Hanako also does the same but it is just to shut her up before this dumb vampire b*tch reveals something more than she should. Carmilla is more brawn than brains since she speaks without thinking and loves to get drunk on alcohol. I do want to blame the alcohol for her bad behaviour but I realize that Carmilla is just naturally asinine. Be glad that Hanako is her master. A master that has 2 faces, maybe. Yeah, maybe she keeps Carmilla by her side because who knows this lesser vampire may be some secret weapon or something. Could it be that Hanako has a real hidden goal and ulterior motive to observe Genzo? A mission that was secretly bestowed by the actual Demon King who has not even showed his face here? Hmm…

The rest of the other minor characters aren’t anything much. It’s like a double edge sword that they are only known for their personality that sometimes is the running joke of the series. Like Kagerou as we know, calls himself the greatest hero but I suppose being a hero doesn’t make him a wise one so he often gets what’s coming to him before he could even finish his sentence. Yup, he never learns never to say the taboo word of hunting down beasts. Maybe all that beat down from Genzo has made him stupider? But his handsome face still looks alright. And of course, cue for him to drop his sword for Shigure to steal. Like, where does he get all those rare and legendary swords anyway? And to give up just like that? Not sure he realizes he even lost them or something. Then there is Joanna trying to be the villain of the series but she turns out to be more bratty than anything. She claims she wants to make Hanako pay for whatever humiliation. But I think she just wants to be friends with her. Also, Joanna acts like she knows everything but she just makes them up. I suppose she needs to feel superior to Rose whom she explains these stuffs to. And maybe Rose just needs to make her master feel superior just because she’s her servant. And MAO acting like Genzo’s main rival, maybe this guy just wants to be friends with him too. All that talk about a rematch, maybe that is how pro wrestlers connect. That’s their friendship way. I don’t know. Don’t ask me. I’m not a pro wrestler. Worse, this guy might be gay for Genzo because he had withdrawal symptoms of him when he was gone! Yikes!

Wolfgang turned into the most pitiful character ever. As though his character is written to have some pseudo gay moment with Genzo, the main source of his trauma. Genzo spells trouble for him in every way. Either he gets molested and becomes some obedient dog or he gets thrown about by him. And if Genzo’s not directly involved, getting involved with his plan karma also becomes his b*tch. Poor guy. I can see him losing his mind in the future. And there’s nothing that Misha could do. And don’t even think of avenging. That would do more damage than before. I thought Celes would become part of Genzo’s groupie but after she achieved her mini goal, she just fell back and become a minor character. Speaking of a really recurring minor character, I keep wondering who that ant is working in Genzo’s place? Without this ant helper, Genzo’s place would have been in much dire straits. Shigure definitely can’t help much with the manual labour and thank goodness for having this ant around to do all the chores. So, worker ant, really? Best part? He has no dialogue! I greatly speculate that the ant might be the Demon King in disguise!!! Holy sh*t! A bit of a stretch here but after all that we’ve seen, I’m going to expect something crazy of this level.

Having said all that, I guess we can’t leave out Altena now, can we? Yes, we must talk about her butt, oops, I mean, her character. It says a lot when you have the people of your kingdom giving you a new nickname and chuckling behind your back. It’s like they never respected her in the first place. Because I understand she can’t really lash out at her people even if they’re this disrespectful. It’s so unprincess-like. Besides, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. So the only way is to tolerate it all? At first I felt pity for her character but ever since she found where Genzo is and started barging into his home to request the impossible (at least from Genzo’s point of view), she never learns from her mistakes and that’s when I thought she’s just another idiotic character. Yeah, no wonder the people don’t respect her. During that time when she got her ass exposed by Genzo many times, I thought it was weird that she just wanted to show us her different coloured panties she wore every time she got a German suplex done on her. After the first humiliation, you’d thought she would wise up to wear some shorts underneath if this ever happened. Did she not even think of that?! Anyway, thanks for the nice fanservice. So good of you to serve your people this way.

I have this disturbing feeling that she wants Genzo to fall for her. Because so many times when Genzo seemingly gets up close to her, she starts thinking it is some romantic move and blushes. Only for some painful wrestling move to befall on her. Sure, he is the hero she summoned but I don’t think it’s the kind of ideal hero she had in mind. Taking responsibility, huh? Besides, are there no other princes who is interested in this beauty? Now with her new reputation, I don’t think any would. Worse, the taunting got so bad that she has now awakened to be some masochistic princess. Don’t blame Genzo. Blame yourself for not being strong enough. Though, I will give it to her that she might be one of the strongest princesses in anime because no princess like her without any sort of training could survive Genzo’s first German suplex, let alone multiple more after that. I guess the stupid are really invincible, huh? And so Altena remains as the only princess across all fantasy, fiction and non-fiction works that got a German suplex by a man and that man got away with it scot free. She really gives a whole new meaning to the term dumb blonde. Same case with Carmilla, these blonde babes give us the best fanservice this series has to offer. Itadakimasu! I don’t think Altena has been bitten by the wrestling bug. It’s just another excuse to feed her masochism.

The action scenes are mostly pro wrestling moves. But they are just very limited as we see Genzo bulldozes away his opponents with ease just because he is so much stronger than them. And he doesn’t even take any sort of magic supplements or power boosting herbs or anything. And of course, when he is enraged, it’s like his rage meter is filled up and you can see him punch away his opponent and he will fly away and be sent crashing through the walls. Yup, over-exaggeration. But I guess that is what the sport of pro wrestling is, right? Fake! At least the American type and not the original Greek version. Accept it pro wrestling fans, the sport is FAKE!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I was expecting the final match between Genzo and MAO to be exciting but for the first half, it felt boring. Because the action is mostly still pictures! Are they trying to rip us off?! Don’t give me that budget limit excuse! They can’t be worse off than Shigure, can they?! When the action really gets good, oh it’s time for Genzo to nail the winner. It’s over.

Art and animation look pretty okay and standard. Not really a masterpiece but it is passable with no major issues that I could see. I suppose that means it is a good job for ENGI studio who produced this series because this is their first ever production. Though, some characters I thought look a bit weird. Like Genzo he is supposed to look buff but at certain angles he just comes off as fat. Seriously. Then MAO has this weird angry retard look on his face which is worse than Hanako in retard mode. And Joanna, I thought she looked like a frog!

For the voice acting, I thought Genzo was voiced by Tomokazu Seki because whenever he raises his voice, he sounded like those characters he voiced like Nodame Cantabile’s Chiaki and Nanbaka’s Hajime. Turns out to be Katsuyuki Konishi behind Genzo’s voice (Laxus in Fairy Tail). For the rest of the casts, didn’t really identify any except for Daisuke Ono making a small cameo as the orc boss. They are Akira Sekine as Shigure (Princess in Princess Principal), Yuki Yagi as Hanako (Kanata in Boku No Kanojo Ga Majime Sugiru Shobitch Na Ken), Arisa Sakuraba as Carmilla (Nozomi in Hanebado), Sora Amamiya as Joanna (Elizabeth in Nanatsu No Taizai), Kana Aoi as Rose (Akane in Flying Witch), Tetsu Inada as MAO (Ioryogi in Kobato), Rie Suegara as Altena (Emily in Harukana Receive), Aoi Koga as Celes (Kaguya in Kaguya-sama Wa Kokurasetai), Jun Fukushima as Kagerou (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Kenichirou Matsuda as Wolfgang (Shangri La in Conception), Hana Tamegai as Misha, Taketora as Edgar (Bear in Killing Bites) and even Hiroyuki as somebody voicing its cute yapping, Mie Sonozaki (Hazuki in Happy Lesson).

I guess every major pro wrestler needs to have his epic entrance song. Hence the opening theme, Toukon! Kemono Mask matches the theme very well with its lively epic rock style. However I thought it was JAM Project who could only pull off singing such rock vocals as heard in One Punch Man, Dragonball series and many other tokusatsu series. However it is sung by NoB featuring Katsuyuki Konishi. I couldn’t find any other info over the internet if NoB is actually the new moniker for Hironobu Kageyama, the guitarist and vocals for JAM Project. You know Hiro-NoB-u?! Geddit???!!! For the ending theme, Anecdote by Momosu Momosu is another rock outfit but it could be just me that I can’t hear what she is singing. Probably the rock music is louder than what she is murmuring. Besides, I find her singing to be somewhat flat. The weirdest part of this series is a weirdly rendered CGI of Hiroyuki getting up on his hind legs and dancing. Like, WTF????!!!! Worse, nothing special because it’s just looping the same thing. Not cute but weird.

Overall, this is a fun and entertaining series to watch if you can put aside your thinking cap and logic. There are probably a few questions you want to ask but it is easier and much simpler to just go with the flow of running jokes and laugh at all the silly antics these characters bring to you. The more you try to resist its brand of humour, the more it will backfire on you and soon you will find yourself being given the German suplex treatment by this anime. Be warned, detractors and haters. That is, thinking too much and trying to find faults might fry your brain cells and circuits when it is just a simple minded show just purely doing simple minded things for the sake of entertainment. I mean, that is what pro wrestling (and in many extent, other sports) supposed to do, right? This series sufficiently did just that. It might not be memorable in a few more seasons and it won’t win any awards in any category but it did what it needed to do and in that sense, it has won for the night. One… Two… Three! Ding, ding! Just like that, it won our hearts.

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