He Is My Master

May 20, 2006

A mix of cuteness and comedy with a little hentai. Yup, that’s what I’d say after watching He Is My Master. Though there’re only 12 episodes in this series, but each episode is enough to make me laugh out real loud.
So basically this is the plot. Izumi Sawatari and her younger sister, Mitsuki, just ran away from home with their pet alligator, Pocchi (wonder how they could fit him in that little bag in the first place. Plus, it looks so unlike a real alligator, if you know what I mean). They then stumble upon a huge (very huge) mansion right smack in the middle of the city.
Just their luck, the mansion’s owner is looking for maids to work in the mansion. So the 2 girls of course gave it a try at first. To their horror, they discovered that the mansion’s owner, Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, is a 14 year old millionaire who inherited his parent’s enormous wealth after their demise. Plus, he is rather loud-mouth, bossy, perverted and has a fetish for uniforms.
You see, the 2 girls could’ve just turned down the offer, but unfortunately Izumi had to bump and break Yoshitaka’s priceless items. Thus, incurring his wrath and she had to somehow pay back by working as his maid. Yup, so young already got debt problems already. Plus, if they were to go away, they won’t have any place to stay or go to.
Speaking of Yoshitaka, at first he may seem arrogant and would want to do things his way. But when Izumi’s really in trouble, he’d suddenly got a change of heart and becomes a gentleman. You’d stop for a moment to think that, hey, maybe he isn’t so bad after all. But in the end, you’ll realize that it’s all just a fake. And he’ll go back to his normal self again. And Izumi will usually bashed and beat him up (but she does this to him all the other times as well).
If two maid’s a company and three’s a crowd, then you’re right. It gets even more chaotic with a third maid Yoshitaka hired, Anna. At first she was in love with him. But after a series of misunderstandings from Izumi, Anna began to fall in love with her and would do anything for her and to be with her. Yup, she turned into a lesbian. Really.
Once you’ve seen a few episodes, you can guess the plot and what’s going to happen next. Everytime when there’s some problem or disagreement, the scheming Mitsuki will come up with some sort of weird contest and usually Izumi is always pulled into it no matter how hard she tries to stay out of it. Then there’s lots of chaos and mayhem (in a silly way). In the end, whatever the results, the real loser is always Izumi. Always pity her lah. Yeah, caught in a bind. Realized too late that this was all a set up by her little sister. Then she accidentally breaks another of Yoshitaka’s prized possessions and her debts increases again, wiping out whatever earlier efforts to reduce that debt, as shown in the end of each episodes her accumulated debts. And you’ll see Yoshitaka planning what’s next for the girls in his room. Plus, since the mansion is riddled with hidden cameras, Mitsuki takes advantage of this and usually posts pictures of her sister on the Internet. Yeah, izumi’s got a huge fan base and Mitsuki’s running it. Plus she uses sales from pictures she sold from the Internet to help offset her sister’s debt. You can look at this from a good or negative perspective. Hmmm… Izumi’s still the loser here.
Besides the silly and comical actions, the other characters too are quite silly and amusing themselves. For instance Pocchi. That alligator has got some human preferences. I mean, he likes girls and is very attached to Izumi (seen trying to rip a clothes off. Can that be sexual harrasement?). Then there’s that Mitsuki bodyguard squad. A squad made up of her classmates who admire her and will go to any length to protect her. Wonder what happened to them after that fake rescue attempt ‘Die-Hard’ spoof show.
Speaking of which, Mitsuki is really a lucky girl isn’t she as compared to her sister. I mean she’s got it her own bodyguard squad, doesn’t get into trouble (but often looks for one for her sister, if you look at it that way), so carefree that she always agrees with Yoshitaka’s ideas (much to the ire of Izumi of course).
Then there’s Izumi and Mitsuki’s father. In some ways also a pervert (one reason why they left home) and at times always wanting to make an escape plan to bring back the girls. Speaking of which, their mom seems to be quite sly and conspiring too. You’ll notice this as she often asks Mitsuki whether that this is her plan or comment something on it. Some parents, I’d say.
Plus, if you really pay attention, you’d find even more funny stuffs. Like everytime when Izumi asks if there’s a God or if He really exists, you’ll see for a few short moments as God here is portrait as an alligator and a hamster doing some fun things like fishing in the clouds. Then there’s an episode where Izumi’s little sister Karin, pays them a visit and got lost in the mansion. She stumbled upon a rack full of dolls. And if you’re an anime geek, you’ll quickly recognize that the dolls come from several animes like Evangelion, Kare Kano, Gunbuster, FLCL and Mahoromatic. There are even dolls of Izumi and Mitsuki as well. This provides some eye candy.
So it really pays to keep your eyes and ears peeled. Of course, you need to have some knowledge and know-hows of other animes as well. There’s really quite a number of trivias/reference/spoofs made here. Like that last episode ‘Exchange of Equivalency‘ liner said by Seiichirou, which is made in reference with Fullmetal Alchemist (yeah, he was the voice of Edward in that anime too. How fitting).
The title of the episodes isn’t spared. Especially in episode 5 and 6. The title was so long and covered nearly the entire screen and when the narrator read it, she read it so fast that it was so darn funny lah. So much so I don’t even know what she’s trying to say.
The last few episodes see how Izumi took the opportunity to get away from Yoshitaka by working for Yoshitaka’s filthy rich cousin, Seiichirou and becoming some Idol at the same time. Yeah, Izumi felt great at first. No more wearing weird maid outfits, being so stressed up doing things for Yoshitaka, plus Seiichirou seems to be a little more gentleman and less pervert than Yoshitaka (of course later on you’ll find out that he shares the same hobbies of pervertness like Yoshitaka).
But this forced Yoshitaka into depression and bankruptcy, thus he had no choice but to sell his mansion to their family’s rival Takami. Well, you know Izumi, worried but at the same time couldn’t decide if she wanted to go back to him. But eventually she did and had a face off with Takami, this time the roles being reversed as Mitsuki is now the prize in additon.
Before you know it, Izumi of course won but not without some fight back from Takami. Then you’ll realize that this again is actually a big elaborated scheme by Mitsuki and Yoshitaka to win back Izumi. Shucks… Didn’t see that one coming. Yeah, his depression and bankruptcy is so real so that Izumi would be convinced. But in the end, Izumi and co went back to Yoshitaka, after the part where she was duped into finally signing the contract. So this whole love-hate relationship is back to normal once again. I wonder if Takami was really part of that scheme as well. Didn’t say, though. They seemed so friendly in the end.
In conclusion, I really enjoyed this anime. The characters and silly plots never fail to make me laugh. Though there’re some scenes where the girls were naked but it didn’t when as far as showing their breasts or any other ‘controversial’ parts. It’s ‘strategically covered or blocked’. Hahaha…. Poor Izumi….

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