High School DxD Hero

September 8, 2018

Holy titties! I never would have expected it. That the High School DxD franchise would be given another season. After the fiasco and disappointing season, it was safe to say that it wasn’t going to get another season. But 3 years later, here we are having this surprising fourth season, High School DxD Hero. Do they think fans have forgotten? After all, 3 years isn’t particularly a long time but maybe it is so in anime terms. And since I have forgotten a lot about this series except for the fact that a boy wants to be harem king and has this privilege of touching boobs from his harem and also fighting demons to protect them (sure, there are other bits of details I remember from this series but ecchi fanservice is what I and mostly all of us would prominently remember), I suppose it is time to forgive and give them a chance to make amends and move on. Okay, seriously, we’re here for the tits, right?

Episode 0
This episode supposedly ‘fixes’ the deviation. From last season after Issei defeated Diodora, the latter is killed off by Shalba. Issei sinks into further depression when is told Asia has been erased from this dimension. This turns his Juggernaut Drive berserk as Issei is now in his Red Dragon armour (not sure to what evolution he powered up) and destroying everything. He pounds Shalba and even kills him! But still, he continues to go berserk and at this rate, he will deplete his own life force. Here comes Vali and his men. Surprise or not, they found Asia totally by chance floating in another dimension. Convenient. Yeah, she’s still alive. Totally convenient. Their focus now is to save Issei but they can’t even get near him. Vali hints there is one way to snap him out. Everyone staring at Rias’ tits. Who’d knew the answer is so simple. The problem is approaching him. One way to approach a rampaging dragon is an ancient melody. Fear not. Because here comes Irina with a giant projector as she plays that children’s dragon boobs song!!! With Issei reacting to it, now it is Rias’ chance to let him touch her nipples. And just like that, Issei returns to normal. Flanked and hugged by his girls, Issei sees Asia and is about to hug her only to be usurped by an emotional Xenovia. Like how rainbows in the sky is a sign of a good ending, this series’ ‘rainbow’ is the appearance of the Great Red. Vali reminds us it is his dream to defeat him. Even Ophis pops up to say hi for a while. Vali and Issei make a vow to return stronger and settle their score another day. A sign to go home with Issei collapsing from exhaustion. Issei keeps his promise to team up with Asia for the 3-legged race. With him further exhausted, Asia heals him. Bonus for Issei because she kisses him and confesses she loves him. Now he collapses from happiness. I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!!!!!!

Episode 1
What a way to start the episode. Since Issei will be going on a field trip to Kyoto, Akeno wants to f*ck him so as to fill up her loneliness while he is gone. It’s just 2 days, right? Of course Rias won’t allow it but since there is also competition from Koneko and Asia, Rias does a boobs slam in his face! I’M SO JEALOUS OF YOU, ISSEI!!! Later, Koneko ups the ante with her skinship healing technique and suggests some amorous techniques. That’s a weird way of saying sex. Of course, no sex if you follow the school rules. Rias and her subordinates visit her family to report. Discussing with Sirzechs, they suggest the removal of several unnecessary rules for the Rating Game so that both sides can go all out. Sairaorg wants to spar with Issei. We see both of them trading powerful punches that could easily rip the place apart. Asia then shouts out about the need for Issei to power up by touching boobs. With everyone agreeing and double confirming about his boobs relying power (why does it sound to make him embarrassed), Rias embarrassingly offers her boobs to be touched. Issei would gladly take up this offer but Sairaorg ends the match. As this would mean Issei would be showing his trump card, he believes Issei is still trying to reach for new heights. He hopes they can settle it all in their upcoming Rating Game. Before they leave, Millicas throws Issei the question if he would still call Rias as buchou once she graduates. Issei is too excited for the trip that he can’t sleep. With Rias giving him ultimate boobs smothering fanservice, he can’t sleep even further. Boobs are better than coffee in keeping you awake. At the train station, Rias gives Issei 2 ‘gifts’. First, a special pass to allow him to enter all those holy temple places that Kyoto is so famous for (remember, Issei is a demon). Second, a great goodbye kiss for the road.

Episode 2
Issei enters the consciousness of his Sacred Gear. There are many former Red Dragon users but they are now mostly like vegetable mode. One of them looks like a boy his age and just like the rest was overwhelmed by his own strength and perished. Ddraig introduces Issei to Elsha who was the partner to Belzard, the most powerful Red Dragon Emperor who defeated 2 White Dragon Emperors by himself. She gives him a box and a key that supposedly holds his Red Dragon Emperor potential. However he must take responsibility once he opens it. It’s like a Pandora’s Box. So he opens it but he doesn’t remember what it is as he returns to reality. Furthermore, he lost it! Ddraig assures because of their strong bonds, it will come back to him eventually. I think we get a hint of what it is. Because Matsuda is fondling Motohama’s ‘boobs’!!!! So gay!!! Even when they reach Kyoto, Issei sees a random guy trying to fondle a random woman’s boobs. During the shrine visit, Issei is attacked by a fox girl, Kuno and her youkai minions. She accuses him of kidnapping her mom and wants her back. Issei doesn’t know what she is talking about but she doesn’t believe him. With the help of Xenovia, Irina and Asia, they stave off the attack but Kuno vows to be back. Back in the hotel, not sure why Issei is hanging out alone in his room (wasn’t he supposed to watch porn with his friends?!), so he decides to go peek on the girls bathing. Rossweisse gets in his way. Ally or not, nothing is going to stop him from peeping at boobs! From the guy who naturally gets to see Rias and Akeno’s boobs every day. Issei defeats he with his Dress Break. There goes the cheap cute jersey she bought. All for the sake for our fanservice pleasure. More fanservice pleasure as we take a detour watching Rias and Akeno getting into a boob challenge, arguing Issei likes their boobs better. During dinner, Issei learns from Serafall that the current head of the youkai clan is missing. This explains the attack and Chaos Brigade is most likely behind this infiltration. Azazel will do his best about the situation and wants the kids to enjoy the field trip.

Episode 3
Flashback shows after the 3-legged race, Issei and Rias fought a member of the Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction. Although defeated, he turned into some shadow. During the Kyoto sightseeing, Issei and co are surrounded by the youkai. Rossweisse says this is as instructed by Azazel to bring them to the youkai world. Kuno apologizes to them for jumping the gun without doing any investigations. Discussing about their missing head, Princess Yasaka who is also Kuno’s mom, they believe Chaos Brigade is definitely behind the kidnapping since the underworld real doesn’t know anything about this. They show a picture of how Yasaka looks like so that we can have Issei fantasize lewd things with her! That night when Issei’s buddies came to his room to bug him, he hides inside the closet with Asia. Cue for some romantic moments and Asia to kiss him because she isn’t satisfied Rias gave him one before the trip. Their unholy act is discovered by Xenovia and Irina who also want in on this. Xenovia has no qualms for them taking turns to kiss him as well as make babies! Oh sh*t. Girls struggling to f*ck him? I guess that’s why this tight closet space is the excuse for more ‘close quarter skirmish’. Rossweisse and her reinforcements are waiting for Issei to show up. Well, they got Matsuda and Motohama good. Sensing something amiss that Issei is no show, she realizes something is wrong when Asia and co aren’t in the bath. She rushes down to Issei’s room and catches them all with their pants down in an unholy orgy. Next day, Kuno makes good on her promise to give Issei’s groupie a tour of Kyoto as repentance. On the bridge, suddenly they are transported to another dimension. Kuno recognizes this purple mist that is believed to have kidnapped her mom. Before them is Chaos Brigade’s Hero Faction.

Episode 4
The leader of Hero Faction, Cao Cao admits of kidnapping Yasaka for an experiment. He is here to greet and spar with them. He has Leonardo materialize several anti-monsters for Issei’s side to fight. Thanks to Issei making strategic moves, they are easily dealt with. Azazel fights Cao Cao as he now understands why Hero Faction sent assassins to various camps. It is to obtain data to create the best anti-monster, Colossus that is capable of obliterating the Gods. After done with the anti-monsters, Issei’s side fight Siegfried. He has 3 arms? Each wielding a legendary sword? Azazel questions Hero Faction’s move now. Cao Cao explains it is to unearth human’s full potential. Of all the races, humans have always been the ones capable of eliminating those at the top. They want to see how far they can push this limit while remaining human. The giant Gogmagog, a weapon once created by the Gods pops up. It is sent by Le Fey Pendragon from Vali’s side to give Cao Cao a warning. Pendragon is a fan of Issei and wants to shake his hands. Damn, I thought she was going to let him touch her boobs. After Gogmagog falls and Rossweisse realising a flurry of attacking beams in her drunken stupor, Cao Cao ends the fight. He invites them to watch their experiment tonight where he will use Yasaka to conduct something on Nijou Castle. Back at the hotel, Azazel assigns roles to them in taking down Hero Faction and rescuing Yasaka. He will also enlist the help of some professionals since it is unknown how many dangerous guys Cao Cao will bring. Azazel also assigns Saji to be on Issei’s side to restrain him in case the latter goes berserk. Later Azazel returns a pink gem to Issei. Apparently this is his escaped potential from the box that went berserk groping women all over Kyoto. So it’s all his fault to begin with. Issei asks Azazel on what it means to be a hero since it was one of his goals. I thought he wanted to be harem king? The mist covers the land and separates Issei from the rest (he only has Kuno as company). He faces off with that shadow dude again. So if Issei can’t touch the shadow but the shadow can touch and restrain him?

Episode 5
Issei’s flames burns him. Time for the loser to rant about Sacred Gear discrimination that he doesn’t mind being a puppet for somebody because it gives his life meaning. But since he isn’t main character, we don’t give a damn. I guess we’re done with the warm up match so Issei reunites with the rest as they prepare to face Cao Cao and his men. He has Georg turn Yasaka into a giant youkai fox. His experiment is to summon Great Red with this fox and the city’s power. Not sure about this power showing from Xenovia because it’s like to show us she has a new sword, Ex-Durandal (Excalibur x Durandal) and wipes out almost half the city! Good thing this is the alternate dimension. Now we see some matchups, Siegfried fighting both Xenovia and Yuuto, Jeanne choosing Irina, Heracles against Rossweisse while Saji in his Prism Dragon form take on the fox. We see the Hero Faction’s Balance Breaker with Siegfried able to have maximum 6 arms with 6 different swords, Jeanne making a dragon out of holy swords and Heracles just being spiky and shooting missiles. Issei could have died from Cao Cao’s lethal attack but uses his Phoenix Tears to heal. He strikes back and does some lethal damage but is shocked to see Cao Cao also possessing a Phoenix Tears to heal up. Issei takes another devastating blow so he wants Ddraig to fix the armour. At this points, all his comrades lost. Even the serpent lost to the snake. Time for Issei to lose hope and lament how weak and useless he is at crucial points. Don’t worry. Here comes Elsha ex machina. After telling him that potential thingy, he must unleash his own potential with that gem. Uh huh. His own set of boobs. You heard that right. So the gem materializes boob zombies?! Actually these are the wills of all those who became boob molesters because of him and their desires materialized into a human form. Yeah, there are so many of them! Finally all of them combine as Issei summons his set of boobs. Whose set? Rias! Yeah, she was in the middle of changing her underwear.

Episode 6
Elsha guides Issei on how to pinch her boobs! I’m sure Rias is shocked and confused but since it’s Issei, she’ll give him a free pass for now. Upon pressing her tits, is this the best orgasm she ever felt? She is transported back to where she is while Issei receives a massive boost. Feel the power just bursting from within! All because of buchou’s boobs! Heck, he even has a last vision of Elsha giving her final blessing as well as Belzard’s final words of pinching and twirling? Aren’t those the lyrics to Issei’s dragon boobs song? With this new power, Issei is faster, tougher and can change between modes quickly to pound Cao Cao. Thanks to his Sacred Gear, Cao Cao survives without much damage. Cao Cao notes his move is illegal (compared to some chess move) but Ddraig sees it as some 3-pronged attack. Before the fight continues, here comes Yu Long the Mischievous Dragon along with Son Goku. He has a bone to pick with Cao Cao. We see Goku’s tremendous power in handling Cao Cao and his subordinates while Yu Long tames the fox. Cao Cao and co is about to retreat but Issei fires a powerful shot in his face. This makes Cao Cao very mad and wants to retaliate but upon realizing they are at their limits, they back out for now. It’s redundant to tell him to be stronger than Vali. He is going to do that. Issei and Goku unleash some power so Kuno could talk to her mom and return her to her buxom human form. All is fine as well. Lots of thanking before Issei’s party leave for home. Issei’s only regret is that he couldn’t touch Yasaka’s boobs. I guess buchou’s boobs weren’t enough. Speaking of which, back home the group gets reprimanded by Rias but after Azazel explains about the new power he received, I guess she’ll let it slide. Azazel also informs that Ravel will soon be transferring to their school as she has now taken interest in Japan (who wouldn’t?). Now they have to prepare for the upcoming school festival as well as the Rating Game with Sairaorg.

Episode 7
Issei puts up a splendid stage performance as Oppai Dragon! It’s really a hit! The kids love him! Even doing that signature twirling and pinching finger movements?! What are they teaching kids these days?! Fanservice moments at the backstage as Irina has to replace the announcer who sprained her foot. The dress is so tight that her boobs literally rips it apart! As though like they’re screaming they don’t want to be constraint by it. Cue for Irina to do an unholy activity of smothering her boobs on him. Cue for other girls to come in to do the same because all their boobs belong to him. Wow. A plethora of boobs! Issei you lucky bastard! Until Rias tells them to get ready for the next stage. After the show, Issei personally signs an autograph for a boy who turned up late for the event, Rirencs. Rias’ mom comes by to congratulate their splendid play. She also has Issei think about advancing his relationship with Rias. Time to stop calling her buchou? Ravel has officially transferred but she is quite meek instead of being prideful because she is nervous and not used in dealing humans? Gee, so around demons she knows she’s like a, uhm, demon? Issei thought of Koneko showing her around to help ease her anxiety but looks like a storm is brewing instead. Rias requests Issei to come with her as the butler of Sairaorg’s mom has a personal request. She tells him the story of Misla Bael, who hails from one of the 72 pillars of the demon clan. After she gave birth to Sairaorg, the joy was short-lived as he had no magic powers. They became scorned by the clan. She raised him within the Bael area and despite the Gremory clan offered to take them in, they were rejected. She took care of him tirelessly until she became sick with a terrible demonic illness. Now in a deep coma, the butler hopes that Issei’s power of communicating via boobs would wake her up. Yes, he has their permission to touch her boobs. But in the end, despite pushing himself past his Balance Breaker, she still sleeps. Understandably he is depressed. Sairaorg comes to see him to thank him after hearing what happened. But they both assure that this past will not stop them from going all out with each other at their upcoming Rating Game. Rias notes Issei looks like a worthy man now. But he is still the same oppai pervert, right?

Episode 8
Rias’ team is practising for the Rating Game. However they have to stop and reserve some energy since there is a press conference tomorrow. Yes, their match is highly publicized and will be watched all over. I suppose that is why Issei is surprised when Saji tells him his side his having a Rating Game against the Agares clan at the same time but it is so low key and everybody else is paying attention to Rias-Sairaorg Rating Game. At the press conference, the press seems to hound Issei on boobs! Is he going to poke Rias’ boobs?! A slip of his tongue and the media goes into a frenzy bombarding him with boob questions that just makes them uncomfortable and embarrassed. Even Sairaorg throws in his own cheeky comments. While Issei is reflecting in the sauna, here comes hot naked Rias wanting to get down and dirty with him! Is this the moment where Issei would finally lose his virginity? But all of a sudden… The moment he calls her buchou, she loses her mood and leaves enraged. Oh my. All it takes was a title for a boner to a downer. It is a bit awkward when the duo meet for their strategy meeting. As Azazel is appointed their advisor, Sairaorg has Diehauser Belial who is a former Rating Game champion. After the meeting, Ravel’s mom drops a line to say hi to her daughter as well as hoping Issei would take care of her. Who else better than the Red Dragon Emperor himself, right? With Issei agreeing and mom hoping Ravel to improve her relationship with him, it looks like this is giving Rias the worries. So she asks Issei and some of them if they would protect her. Of course. Then she asks Issei what she is to him. Buchou is always buchou. That’s it. That taboo word has Rias calling him an idiot as she runs away. All the ladies agree it is Issei’s fault although he (and yours truly) are clueless in how he messed up. I’m sure it has something to do with their long standing bonds together but I just can’t piece the pieces together… Dang, a woman’s heart is so hard to understand! Even more so a devil woman so to speak!

Episode 9
We hear Issei reflecting on himself. Basically he wants them to be more than just master-servant relationship but fears Rias doesn’t share the same feelings. One wrong move and it’s all over. Yeah, understanding women is hard. Apparently Akeno, Koneko and Asia overheard this so they also share his sympathy. In order to be fair to them, they will equally share their love. Oh man. Is it this early to get naked tits treatment? Fine with me! Let the sexual healing begin! But Asia senses Issei still has some feelings for Reinare. He notes she is his first girlfriend and killed him. In the end he had to kill her and he doesn’t want to feel such ever again. With everyone reassuring their love for him and always be together, let’s put aside the tears and continue our sexual healing. And then Xenovia and Irina had to pass by and see this unholy act. They too want in on the action. The real struggle begins. Yeah, it’s really hard to understand women. Rias’ team are at the hotel and are met with Hades. So Greek Gods like Poseidon are even coming to see this tournament? Rias gets an important advice from Riser about believing in her teammates as well as leaving Ravel in their care. This guy is so much on their side now. More booster for Issei as Sirzechs sees him to let him watch a video of young kids who are fans of Oppai Dragon cheering on him. Tons of fan letters too. As of before the start of the match, we are being briefed over the format of the game. Looks like it isn’t battle royale like I knew it from last time. Both kings will roll the dice. Their total value will determine what kind of pieces they can put forth into the match (each chess piece has a corresponding value like Pawns = 1 and Rooks = 5, so forth). Those who represent multiple pieces like Issei who represents 8 Pawns will be worth 8 points. Both sides roll to a total of 3. This means they can either only use a Knight or Bishop (Sairaorg’s Pawns are also held by the same person). Rias chooses Yuuto for this battle. His opponent is, uhm, also a full-fledged knight. Gee, it’s really the battle of the Knights.

Episode 10
Here are this episode’s Rating Game highlights:

Match 1: Yuuto vs Beluka Furcas (and Altobrau the horse): As dubbed the battle of the Knights, both sides clone themselves for an all-out melee battle that ends with Yuuto being victorious. First blood to Rias’ camp!

Match 2: Rossweisse-Koneko vs Liban Crocell-Gandoma Balam: The duo try their best against the gravity swordsman and discount Thing. In the end, Rossweisse miscalculated her attack and although got both her opponents, Koneko bore the brunt of Gandoma’s final attack. Rossweisse’s survival meant that Rias’ team wins but Koneko and like those who have lost cannot be featured in future matches.

Match 3: Issei vs Coriana Andrealphus: Dubbed the battle of the sexy! Sairaorg thinks this trump card has what it takes to nullify Issei’s perverted powers. True enough, she starts a striptease show and slowly undresses! Issei could have finished her with a single power move but he cannot attack a lady while undressing! Damn perverted pride. However this is the deal breaker. Coriana starts taking off her panties first before her bra! Issei does not approve of this order and fires away! WTF???!!! So he prefers to see the boobs first before her vagina/ass?! What a ‘terrible’ match…

Match 4: Xenovia-Gasper vs Ladora Bune-Misteeta Sabnock: The plan is to have Gasper support Xenovia as she takes on the offensive. However she got cursed by the priestess and is now being hunted by malnourished-guy-turned-mighty-dragon. As Gasper’s healing takes time, against everyone’s wish and to show how manly and useful he is, he becomes bait and sacrifices himself. Yup, we see Gasper getting owned by the duo. With Gasper not giving up, it’s supposed to make us cheer for him and pull our heartstrings. In the end, they focused too much on vampire boy and Xenovia has enough time to recover and blast them away. Too bad Gasper is out, though.

Match 5: Akeno vs Kuisha Abaddon: The battle of the Queens and the fastest! After watching Gasper’s feat, the other Rias members are resolved to lower their opponent’s fighting strength. Yup, this means Akeno lost in this black hole match quickly although I don’t see her dealing much damage to Kuisha.

Match 6: Yuuto-Rossweisse-Xenovia vs Sairaorg: Oh, time’s up for this episode. But we know how this will turn out, right? Yeah, just a warm up match for Sairaorg…

Episode 11
As expected, Sairaorg wipes the floor with them. Though with all their might they put up challenge and eventually cut off an arm of his, they are still no match and are defeated. Issei is so mad that his next match with Kuisha, he doesn’t even think of groping her and quickly defeats her! Actually, had not Sairaorg ordered her to withdraw, Issei would have killed her with his punch! OMG! Issei the killer???!!! Because of the dumb rules, Sairaorg suggests discarding it and have a team match with the remaining members. Approved of course since it is getting too predictable and boring. So we’re starting off with a power punch from the guys already? While the duo duke it out, Sairaorg’s only member left turns into his true form, a giant golden lion. Some legend about it being a battle axe whom Sairaorg found after its original wielder was killed by bandits. He faces off with Rias. I wonder what Asia is doing since she is the only other member left. Don’t want to get in the way maybe? Issei beats up Sairaorg after taking advantage of his weakness that was made known by his comrades in the previous match. But this is interrupted when the lion has mauled Rias and she will bleed to death. Issei uses his Phoenix Tears to save her. The lion wants Sairaorg to wield him but he refuses. This is when Issei reminds him of their promise to go all out with each other, not holding back any punches. Sairaorg fuses with the lion to become a golden armour! Saint Seiya???!!! Yeah, Issei gets owned. Hence he is before the council of past failed Red Dragon users who are forcing him to use the Juggernaut Drive. Issei is on the verge of giving in until he hears his fans Oppai Dragon fans’ motivation! Led by Irina, it’s damn weird to hear the entire stadium with kids shouting out boobs. With that, Issei fights back against the council. He won’t give in to resentment and become a tyrant because he is a lecher. Then this guy pops up, supposedly one of the past White Dragon user tells him to try it out because if anything happens, he’ll save him. Gee, thanks for the assurance. With Issei giving the council hope about the future (not to mention thinking about boobs and the woman he loves), Issei takes his transformation of his Red Dragon armour to the next mighty level.

Episode 12
So we see Issei not only powering up but confesses to the entire world he loves Rias. If he draws his power from love, so be it. So the epic punching begins. Until Sairaorg falls. He could have stayed down if not the ghost of his mom tells him to get up?! At least not the cliché power of friendship. The punching continues but Sairaorg takes more beating until Issei loses his armour because he overuses his power? Issei would have continued with his own bare fists until he realizes (as well as the plot script) Sairaorg has passed out a long time. Only his will made him continue to fight. Issei cries manly tears for his manly heroics. And with that, Rias’ side wins this Rating Game. Issei and Sairaorg recuperate in hospital. The latter doesn’t feel bitter about his loss but strangely satisfied. Sirzechs talks to Issei and he is considering promoting Issei to mid-level demon. Yuuto and Akeno are also potential to be promoted. After Issei is discharged, we see the school having their cultural festival. Issei and Rias are finally alone together. No time is wasted for him to confess how much he loves her. No need to be alarmed by her tears. Those are tears of happiness. She has been waiting for this moment. Especially for Issei to call her by her name. If she had only said it from the start… But she was too afraid to do so. Oh… Now I see… As Rias confesses she loves him back and they are about to kiss, those damn pesky friends are spotted eavesdropping. Heck, they even congratulate and even make cheeky remarks they can officially steal him. Hey, they’re demons, right? Rias blames them for ruining her most important moment in life. Even Issei is not spared. Yeah, it’s his fault for confessing here. But don’t worry, the rest set them up to do it all over this time. Alone. Guaranteed. Finally with no interruptions, the kiss that we have all been waiting for! Yahoo! Such bliss. In the aftermath, more good news because Sairaorg’s mom wakes up from coma. We also see Azazel being mad at Indra for knowing about Cao Cao’s existence before them. Indra thinks it is justified as they know each other since young. Indra agrees to ‘officially’ help him but warns if Issei threatens the world, he will annihilate his soul. He views his own group as the only ones worthy of being made under heaven.

Boobs Without Tits Are Totally Pointless!
Phew. Thank goodness this season didn’t suck. I’m not sure if it is because they decided to follow back the original light novel works or because it has been too long (yes, 3 years seems like a very long time to me nowadays) that I couldn’t remember the detailed bits. Even though I knew the third season was disappointing but time somewhat ‘healed’ it. Or maybe this season is just awesome in its own right. Either way, thank goodness this series came back from the ashes like a fiery phoenix and roared its way through like a dragon. Even if the final scenes were intriguing, it still feels like it has set up an interesting potential for another season. After all, Issei and Rias officially becoming an item isn’t the end of the entire story.

One of the biggest differences that viewers will notice is the animation and art style of this season. Previously the series was handled by TNK but now it is done by Passione (Citrus, Rokka No Yuusha, Hinako Note and Rail Wars). Although the art style is not so different that you cannot make head or tail of the usual characters, there is noticeable difference that makes it obvious it definitely looks different from its predecessors. How should I put it… If you ask me, this season’s art style looks somewhat a bit cute. Uh huh. Slightly this more moe looking style. Not to say the predecessors do not have this cute looks but the former series have this bishoujo feel and look. Thus they have this teen look but the current season makes them look a bit younger. Maybe because of the ‘roundness’ and ‘smoothness’ (heck, what am I saying, boobs are always round and smooth but I’m not referring to those in this context) as well as the colour and hue looking smoother and brighter. So it is either you will hate or love this new art style. Me, I got used to it in no time. Hey, it doesn’t matter if boobs are in 2D or 3D. Boobs are boobs, we get to see a bunch here, is that not enough???!!!

Despite the change in art style, one big sigh of relief for fans is that the original seiyuus in its predecessors are all maintained in this season. Your demon sexy Rias and cutie pie Asia might look lightly different than usual but at least they still sound the same like last time. I guess this is good because if they entirely changed the casts, we might be slightly more confused if this dude is Issei. Because let’s face it, nobody sounds perfect playing Issei other than Yuuki Kaji. Hence the new ones joining the ever expanding list of this series include Sora Tokui as Kuno (Hideri in Blend S), You Taichi as Yasaka (Albus in Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho), Kousuke Toriumi as Cao Cao (Acnologia in Fairy Tail), Jun Fukushima as Siegfried (Kazuma in KonoSuba), Airi Ootsu as Leonardo (Maria in Marchen Madchen), Sho Nogami as Georg, Ayaka Asai as Jeanne (Hazuki in Hibike! Euphonium), Mugihito as Goku (Wombat in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu), Rie Tanaka as Elsha (Suigin Tou in Rozen Maiden) and Yutaka Aoyama as Belzard (Yamada in To Be Hero).

I keep wondering if there was any sort of meaning to the second title the series has. The second season was New, followed by Born and now we have Hero. String that together and we have New Born Hero. Seems legit and possible if you’re talking about Issei. Thus it makes me wonder if they’re going to make another season, what moniker they will put for that fifth season. Pervert? New Born Hero Pervert doesn’t seem so far-fetched…

Character wise, they are pretty sufficient this season despite the main focus is on Issei and Rias, especially the drama and issue of trying to take their relationship above the master-servant connection. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying because it mirrors in real life that when something is wrong, the women won’t say and the men must figure it out. Even demons Sure, Issei has been with Rias long enough but that doesn’t mean he can read her mind. It felt like everything could have been solved had Rias pointed it out but I suppose that takes the fun out of everything and it will be too easy and Issei will not learn if he doesn’t figure things out on his own. After all, he has got to prove that he is more than just a guy who likes to grope and poke boobs. Yeah… Thankfully for the sake of this season’s happy ending, Issei got all the buttons right. Phew. Next step: Marriage? I know Issei is an admirable guy but sometimes the way he over-admires his opponents with too much respect like how he is so awed with everything Sairaorg does in his fight but ultimately his own dream is the most priority, well, it sounds like he is trying too hard and overdoing? Just one step away from being annoying…

I know in line with this series’ fanservice and ecchi element, sometimes it feels cliché and super unrealistic that all the girls want to spam their boobs for Issei like as though he is their public property. Especially Xenovia who has no qualms in getting down and dirty with him. As though sex is nothing sacred. But the oddest part is that now Issei has a great following in his Oppai Dragon brand name, it just feels weird to see kids rooting and shouting boobs! I mean, young boys and girls chanting “Oppai! Oppai”, like as though it is nothing. Starting them young, eh? Damn guy has got theme song of his own! It could be the national anthem for boobs kingdom for all you know!

For the other characters under Rias’ peerage, they don’t seem too prominent this season too. Almost forgettable until the situation calls for it so that we can see Issei isn’t just a one-man show and has to rely on some things on his comrades. In a way, the need to prove or at least tell us they are still relevant. Of course they are but not in the limelight focus sense. For example, Gasper. Weak vampire boy who has a penchant of hiding in boxes tries to show us how manly he is despite looking, sounding and acting so much like a girl. Man, doesn’t it pull some heartstrings to see Gasper get pounded (not in a sexual way!) like that and not give up?! As this series has many other characters as well, some feel redundant this season like Ravel. Her appearance may be for future potentials and development but this season feels like as though her cameo is that so you don’t forget about her. I mean, we can’t disregard a cute demon girl who is a potential for Issei’s harem, right? New characters like Kuno also feel this way. But to be fair, this season is her debut and now she too is a furry potential for Issei’s harem.

Chaos Brigade makes their much needed appearance but only time will tell if they will become a formidable foe. Because it’s like we take a break now from fighting baddies as we bring you the most hyped Rating Game of the decade. With the irony of heroes becoming the villains (maybe that is what the title of this season refers to), I also hope to see a mishmash of other characters from folklores and tales. It would really be super epic mess with everyone and everything in the fray.

Action bits are pretty exaggerated but still fun to watch. With all the power ups and boosters especially for Issei, you wonder how much stronger he can become and evolve because it seems like as though there is no end to his evolution and transformation to become the Red Dragon Emperor. Not that it is entirely a bad thing but to think about how he started out as a normal pervert and slowly becomes one of the most powerful characters ever, that’s really something. But one thing I can’t help but smirk and find it sound odd is how when Ddraig initiates multiple boosters for Issei, he will start repeatedly say, “Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost! Boost!~”. Since he says that in quick succession, he sounds like saying “Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!~”. Like, WTF?! I guess it works for Issei in both ways since the power of boobs gives him the boosts.

Other characters like Xenovia, Rossweisse and Yuuto also help display some of their power and abilities but essentially it all comes down to Issei. Hence it makes me wonder if Issei and the raw brute strength of Sairaorg would eventually become annoying overpowered characters. Heck, they’re not the only ones because there are still other opponents like Vali and Cao Cao to deal with. But I suppose we will come to acknowledge their superiority because we get to see Issei acquire it through sheer hard work (or boobs fondling at least) unlike a certain character in that Smartphone crap series that started out way too God-like overpowered from the start.

I guess Rias vs Sairaorg’s Rating Game was so awesome and good that we have forgotten about the other Rating Game that was supposed to go on simultaneously: Saji’s one against the Agares clan. Yup, whatever happened to that? Not even a hint. I thought this would foreshadow something when they put it like that but not a word out of its results. You know, Saji’s side shockingly loss and there is some ulterior motive by the Agares clan to destroy the world. Something like that. No? I assume they won too and without much fanfare. But then again, if all the focus is on Rias and Sairaorg’s Rating Game and assuming people would prefer to watch that, maybe Saji’s Rating Game was played to empty seats?

This season’s opening theme is Switch by Minami. Nothing really great but I think it is rather okay for this season. Generic anime pop song with a pinch of techno dance genre. As for the ending theme, it is Motenai Kuseni by Tapimiru. Also feels like a generic anime rock pop song. I remember the first 2 seasons the ending credits animation had very sexy and erotic dancing. This was ‘downgraded’ in the third season without all that fanservice and the same can be same with this season. It is much toned down. Despite the amount of bare tits were have been exposed to here (especially the mid-intermission like always, they show the girl covered up in the first half because exposing her top in the next half), they just give us Issei’s harem in their beach bikini posing in moderate sexy poses. Disappointing? But then again, we want to remember this series for its awesome story, characters and tits rather than being remembered for, “Oh right, this was the series that had an excellent erotic ending credits animation ever”. Yeah…

Overall, this season is a very much welcomed and giving the series a new breath of life for future developments. It still isn’t perfect but at least it is much better than its previous season. You thought that it would only take one small negative impact to ruin the entire reputation built up and herculean efforts to try and do damage control. This season proves that as long as you have the right amount of tits and boobs (and done nicely of course), those negative sentiments don’t stay long. Ah, boobs. Who’d knew that boobs are the perfect instruments for power up and world peace. Sing along with me, people! Oppai daisuki doragon koi oshita/ Suichi hime no oppai watotemo suki da/ Doragon, doragon oppai doragon momimomi pochito boing boing/ Takusan oppai aru kedo, yappari suichi hime ga daisuki! Wow… Such an epic piece. This is one boob job Issei and us guys will never get tired of.

High School DxD BorN OVA

February 12, 2016

After the shockingly disappointing third season, I suppose we are all here in hoping that High School DxD BorN OVA would have some sort of little redemption. I knew I don’t expect this single OVA to save the entire season but at least make this season be remembered as less awful. Heh. Like that would help either. Anyhow, I hope that the fanservice and bare tits here will help ‘nurse’ our ‘broken hearts’.

The Unresurrected Phoenix
Time to dig deep into your memories. Ravel sees Rias and Issei to talk about her brother Riser. If you remember the end of the first season when Rias’ ex-fiancé lost to Issei and had their engagement cancelled, that guy has been holing up in his room ever since. Ah, this explains why he was missing for the past couple of seasons. His defeat was so bad that he has been emotionally traumatized especially by anything dragon related. He hasn’t played any Rating Games since and only runs simulations of them all day long and on occasions only summons people to play chess with him. Yes, it is that bad. Ravel hopes for them to teach him fortitude in hopes for him to rise back up as a man again. I mean, he is after all still her brother. I’m sure Issei will agree to do so seeing he was mainly responsible for this trauma. Outside his room, Riser still doesn’t want to see anybody but upon hearing Rias’ voice, he thinks she is here to mock him. Then he starts getting traumatized once he learns Issei is with her. He tries to hide under his bed sheets! Wow. I didn’t know it was THIS bad. Riser still complains that he doesn’t need this training crap and wants to run away. Even more so when Tannin is here to help with the training. Oh sh*t. You’re screwed. You can’t run away. Ever. Man up to your fears! Good luck pal. You’re going to need it. In the mountains of the dragons, Riser will be trained under another strict dragon who is Tannin’s subordinate. He can’t let Issei handle his training from scratch since he knows Issei is too kind. While Riser begins his hellish days, we take a brief detour to the rest of Issei’s harem and watch them soak naked in a hotspring. Ah, time for boobs.

Issei and Ravel could only watch over Riser as they talk over things like thanking her for that tears potion she gave to him at the party. Ravel seems to be blushing and hinting things to him. Of course it’s time for Issei to size her up too so he takes a good look at her and realizes that if she enrols in his high school, she would be his junior. That itself is splendid if you consider she has a great physique and assets that even bests Asia! When Issei learns there is a hotspring nearby, as expected his thoughts suddenly spring to that of peeking at Rias and co. Yeah, he can’t sleep that night and feels the urgent need to go peek on them. But he needs to sneak out without Riser noticing him. Then he realizes Riser has awfully been quiet because he has already given him the slip! He thinks Riser might have overheard their conversation and his heading to the hotspring to see the boobs all by himself! Issei is hell bent on protecting those boobs. Yeah… Well, I thought Riser was running away but he actually is on his way to see Rias boobs! And so the big battle in the sky between the guys. As Rias’ ex-fiancé, Riser just wants to see her tits once. And most probably Akeno’s too. Issei says no way Jose because all those tits belong to him! Hey. Since when did he own them?! While the fighting rages on, we have another round of watching all those delicious tits. Man, how long are those girls going to soak in there? Finally Issei did a look-over-there trick but kicks Riser too hard that he passes out. Issei is glad he has safeguarded those boobs but now finds himself in the hotspring area. The girls see him. Some are thrilled. Some are not. Enjoy those free tits. Ravel gets embarrassed when Issei sees her boobs and commented how great her body is. Was that compliment necessary? Here is your obligatory power blast. In the end, the guys reconcile. Riser agrees to give up Rias forever. But on one condition: Just let him have one last peek at Rias’ tits! No way Jose! The guys are at it fighting over tits again. Nothing riles up a man more than looking at one’s woman’s tits, right? And with this, Tannin believes Riser is alright now. Yeah. Tits. Truly awesome.

Fall Of The Dragon…
It has been a little fun but overall once this OVA ended, the dreadful feeling that it didn’t really do anything to salvage the season after all. Although I didn’t feel that disappointed because mainly the third season was disappointing enough that I didn’t put my hope for any chance of revival. Even the tits fanservice feels lacking oomph. I mean, when you have seen them for the umpteenth time, things start to lose its charm even if you get to see new boobs like Rossweisse and Ravel. Especially in here when you have nothing special except for the girls standing around naked for a while with their exposed boobs. There are no accidental boobs fondling are perverted hijinks that ensued to make it funny. Heck, sad to say the funniest part was Riser’s trauma when he was reeling from that big loss. It makes him look so different than before. How great the fall of the phoenix has become. Not to say that he has risen (pun not intended) but at least he is much better off than before and not at his lowest point anymore. Well, maybe if they keep continue to argue about Rias’ boobs, that will be the main motivation to for Riser to rise (pun again not intended) once more. Calm down people! It’s only boobs! And there are more than enough boobs to go around for everyone! Haha! And so the phoenix hasn’t rise and the dragon continues to fall. Not because of the poor outing of the third season but because of boobs. Yeah. Tits. Truly fearsome.

High School DxD BorN

November 21, 2015

It is here! The much anticipated third season of the series, High School DxD BorN! This is one of the few series whereby the great storyline and characters are not being overshadowed by the ecchi fanservice although the latter factor is also a great reason why this series is doing great. A series that doesn’t necessarily rely solely on fanservice or use it to dilute the worth of everything. It’s just different, that’s why we come back for a third time. With a lot going on and building up in the past 2 seasons (short summary of what it’s about: A high school kid who wants his own harem just got turned into a demon servant and gets involved in some war that involves a great deal of factions and species and at the same time wants to grope boobs), it is without doubt that expectations for the third season are going to be high but given the series’ track record, I doubt that there would be anything that could derail all this. Unless…

Episode 1
OMG! Bare tits of Issei’s harem as the opener! Supreme bliss! Till this Yuuma girl laments at Issei for forgetting about her. Yeah. Still remember the demon girl who tried to kill him in the first season? He wakes up from this dream but it is still blissful because his harem is sleeping by him naked! Great morning! Because Akeno is too bold flirting with him, Rias warns her not to touch her belonging. This leads to a standoff and then throwing of pillows. Imbued with magic. Oh dear. Not looking good… Issei’s house has been remodelled into a huge mansion overnight. Even scarier is how his parents accept this and go with the flow. When life gives you lemons… Rias will be returning to her estate for the summer vacation and this means the rest of her servants and slaves will come too. The train journey to the underworld is long. Once they reach the destination, the train comes to a complete halt. Seems some big shot is passing and they’re just giving way. Suddenly the train disappears and everyone falls down to the ground below. Rias and Azazel are missing. A hostile dragon attacks so Akeno assumes authority to convey orders to her team to take it down. But the dragon is too powerful and their attack is just like scratching. Azazel then stops this fight. Seems this is just a test to gauge their strength (as instructed by Sirzechs). He now knows the extent of it and has set a training regimen. But Azazel is more worried about Rias whom he feels is the one lacking growth due to her indecisiveness and kindness towards her subordinates. This dragon is Tannin and was once the dragon king of yore. He reincarnated into a demon in exchange for something. Ddraig knows Tannin but didn’t say anything because this whole setup was a farce. Because Tannin didn’t even use a thousandth of his power! The gang cleans themselves up in the hotspring. Gasper is sending mixed signals he can’t go in the male’s section… He’s a guy, right?! Azazel teaches Issei the finer points of boobs and that pressing nipples is just like pressing a doorbell. Only, they give out weird noises! Teach me more! Rias is deeply disturbed by Azazel’s words and can’t help ponder what he meant. Yuuto is worried about Koneko because she disobeyed Akeno’s orders in the fight and got injured. Something must be wrong. Meanwhile Bikou talks to Kuroka about their next job. But all she cares is bringing back her little sister, Shirone. Koneko?

Episode 2
Arriving at the freaking huge Gremory mansion, they are being treated by the hospitality of Rias’ father. They also meet Millicas (Sirzechs’ son and Rias’ nephew) and Venelana (Rias’ mom who is so hot that Issei can’t take his eyes off and needs some warning from Rias). Issei can’t sleep because his room and bed are so big. So is that why Xenovia and Asia come to sleep with him? Because they can’t sleep when there is such a big space? Or just some lame excuse to go cuddle with him? But if space is the problem, how is Gasper holding out? Don’t worry. He found a box to hide inside… Next day, everyone has their own personal trainer for their customized training like Akeno being trained by her father, Barachiel whom she refuses to acknowledge. Issei gets Tannin. He’s screwed. Thankfully he lasted for 3 full days without being killed although he failed to find his Balance Breaker. Sairaorg was watching Issei’s training and advises him that despite his stamina improved, it isn’t enough to become the best. Koneko has overworked herself during training and is being put to rest. Rias tells Issei the story behind Koneko’s past. As she is a cat youkai, she had an older sister who was picked up and turned into a demon by her master. However her latent power went berserk and killed him. She went missing shortly. Fearing the same would happen to Koneko, the demons wanted to kill her to prevent the same thing but Sirzechs took her in and put her under Rias’ care. Koneko is a survivor of the strongest cat demon group, the Nekoshou clan. Thus she is a descendent from a lineage of high level youkais. Rias and her subordinates are at a party that gathers all young demons to prevent any untoward incident. But you can’t help it when young hot headed demons with differing views start to fight. Sairaorg easily puts them out of commission when they don’t listen. Rias explains Sairaorg is the heir to the Bael family and the strongest of the young demons around. Oh, he is also Rias’ cousin. Ravel sees Issei and gives him some gift to mark their acquaintance. She claims she is no longer under Riser and traded to become a servant under her mom. Even more confusing for Issei is how Ravel tells him she is into baking. Get the hint? I guess not. Issei and Rias see Koneko leaving the party in a rush and go to find her. Koneko has detected a familiar presence. Indeed. She is reunited with her older sister, Kuroka.

Episode 3
Koneko told Rias that she wanted to be strong but is afraid of the latent powers and didn’t want to resort to that. Otherwise she might end up just like Kuroka. Odin has arrived at the party as per Sirzechs’ request. He comments on Serafall’s clothing so she transforms herself into a magical girl outfit. His assistant, Rossweisse doesn’t want him to fool around as he represents Valhalla. And when he comments on her serious attitude that has her no luck with guys, she breaks down crying in public! WTF?! Rias and Issei could have continued spying on Koneko’s chat with Kuroka only had not Bikou lured them out. He plans to fight them just to buy time. But Tannin comes forth to take care of Bikou and wants Issei to show him to fruits of his training by defeating Kuroka who is bent on taking Koneko away by force. Odin is here to sign some treaty but before he could do that, Loki interrupts as he is against this. He summons his demon wolf, Fenrir to attack. Akeno becomes his target but her father saves her. She still refuses to acknowledge him. It ends when Ajuka teleports Loki away. Koneko is close to break down as she reminds us about that power she doesn’t want to awaken. She is willing to go with Kuroka so as to let Rias and Issei go. Rias’ warmth and assurance makes Koneko want to stay by her side even more. Kuroka then surrounds the area with poison gas to stop them from running away. Issei is not affected because of his dragon bond. But he gets pounded while protecting them. Now he beats himself up by saying he is a useless dragon. Why does everybody have to start feeling useless? And as usual, Koneko boosts his morale that he is the first Red Dragon Emperor who is kind and not being consumed by its power. The problem now as Ddraig says, he needs some sort of catalyst to use his Balance Breaker. It just hit him what they are. He wants Rias to let him poke her boobs! She allows him but here’s the bigger problem: Which side to poke first? Left or right? To Issei they are not the same and it’s not trivial! Rias just tells him to do both! Tannin just feels disappointed his training might have all gone to waste. After Issei pokes them both, you see how much he powers up and leaves Kuroka shocked where she is standing (the surroundings are decimated). He warns her not to touch his family or else. Bikou takes Kuroka to escape because they sense Loki’s presence is no longer around. Rias reports to Sirzechs that Kuroka and Bikou are part of Chaos Brigade and Sirzechs is glad to have left Koneko in her care.

Episode 4
Azazel explains Ajuka has teleported and seal Loki in a faraway place but that will only last for another day. This means it will not be enough time for Odin who has returned to retrieve his hammer, Mjolnir to stop Ragnarok, a big scale war that would destroy the world. This is what Loki and Chaos Brigade want. Rias suggests stalling Loki in the mean time. Ajuka can only teleport about 10 people there for now so those who are going include Rias’ household (minus Asia and Gasper), Souna’s household, Irina and Rossweisse. Before they leave, they are given Phoenix Tears as they would lack the healings of Bishop during the battle. Saji tells Issei about Souna’s dream to open a school for low level devils so they can play Rating Game. Because many Demons laughed at her dream, the reason why she volunteered for this mission to change their perspective. Saji’s dream is to be a teacher in her school. Loki has broken free from his seal. He summons Fenrir, its offspring and the Midgard Serpent for our young ones to fight. Among those power up we see include Irina being able to transform into her angel version, Koneko accepting and using her nekomata power (because as long as if it is with Issei, it is okay) and Saji facing off with Loki with his very much powerfully tweaked Vitra’s Sacred Gear. Loki won’t admit defeat and uses all his power to destroy the planes. Since it is hastening Ragnarok, he is fine with it. All the Phoenix Tears are used to revive and heal some of the wounded. When Mjolnir appears, Rossweisse tells Issei that by orders of Odin, he is to wield it. Time for the big hero’s part? I supposed he got too confident in getting it and didn’t expect a surprise attack from Fenrir. Issei dies!!! OMFG! ISSEI IS DEAD!!! Sad girls, mad girls… See the power of anger? They power up so much to destroy the mythical beasts. The most upset one is of course Rias. She doesn’t care if the world is destroyed. She won’t forgive Loki. Does this mean either way the world is screwed?

Episode 5
I don’t know what power up Rias was going to do but she sees Ravel’s gift dropping out. Loki orders Fenrir to destroy Mjolnir but it becomes restrained by Kuroka’s binds. Arthur Pendragon tells Loki that Fenrir is Vali’s real target because he wants the fangs that can kill gods. Blame yourself for being fooled by this partnership. After they escape, Loki is shocked to see Issei revived. Ravel’s gift contains a Phoenix Tears. Issei uses the hammer to pound him but before Loki gets sealed, he curses them. Sairaorg destroys the serpent and is impressed with Issei’s growth. He hopes to play a Rating Game with Rias one day to determine who the best is. Rias and her subordinates say goodbye to her family as they leave for Earth. With Millicas calling Venelana his mom, the gang realize who Sirzechs’ wife is… On the train, Koneko hogs Issei’s lap and sleeps on it. I guess she deserves it. Akeno also wants to borrow Issei for a day and since Rias realizes she is going to tell him something, she agrees. Back on Earth, the gang have to deal with reality: Homework! Damn. Fighting baddies were better, right? And because Issei is thinking too much about boobs, he can’t concentrate. Then here comes Akeno. Is it sexy time? She has a request of him: Be her boyfriend for a day. You’re not hearing things, Issei. While on the date, they can guess who those ‘cosplay stalkers’ are. Rias is most concerned because she never realized Akeno would be this close to Issei and hold his arms like that. Issei and Akeno run to lose them. But they ran into the love hotel area. However they also ran into Odin and Barachiel. Father is suspicious of Akeno’s meeting with Issei. She blames him for letting her mom die. He doesn’t need him but Issei. So leave! When Akeno composes herself, she tells Issei of her past. Her mom, Shuri Himejima met Barachiel, an injured Fallen Angel and fell in love with him. Because of that she was banished from her family. But Akeno’s black wings have caused more hatred to grow and one day they decided to kill the family. Shuri died protecting her. Akeno ran away until she was stumbled upon by Rias. Akeno wants Issei to make her forget all that and allows him to rape her. I don’t think that guy is in the mood after hearing her story. Suddenly Issei could read her true feelings. She didn’t really hate her father and placed the blame on him so that she could cope with the stress. She really wants to meet him. Akeno reconciles with Barachiel by giving him her cooked food on his trip back. Mmm… Tastes just like Shuri’s cooking.

Episode 6
Issei’s class gets a new transfer student: Irina! Due to Chaos Brigade running wild, Michael thought it would be better to send extra help and heaven’s representative to protect the school. Just with Demons having ranks based on chess, Angels have ranks based on cards so Irina’s position is Ace. While Irina is a happy girl meeting Rias and co, why is Rossweisse crying? Seems Odin left for home and he forgot to take her! So what’s her ranting of being single has got to do with it? In the streets, Asia bumps into Diodora Astaroth. He claims they know each other from a long time. She doesn’t remember at first but after seeing his deep scar, she remembers he was the Demon she helped healed and led to her expulsion from the church. Diodora wants to repay that thanks. He is in love with her and wants to marry her! Oh dear. Will Issei allow this for his harem? To compound his problem, Azazel mentions Issei is quite famous in the Underworld. Not because of his heroics in defeating Loki, though. There is a documentary edited about him screaming for boobs. It is a hit with kids and he has been nicknamed Breast Dragon Emperor! There is even a song for this! It is no wonder Ddraig is crying in despair that his fearsome name has been reduced to something pathetic. Issei gets tricked to be paired up with Asia for the 3-legged-race. I bet you there’s going to be lots of accidents and tripping. More woes for Issei as he dreams of Diodora taking Asia’s hand in marriage. He won’t allow it! Asia assures she won’t marry soon. Good, because he’d die of loneliness if that happens. Issei you liar! How can you die from loneliness when you have a harem???!!! Diodora’s harassment continues as he sends Asia letters, gifts, etc. Rias will get rid of them but she is worried as she sees Issei’s concerned face. Doesn’t he put up that face for all the girls when they’re in trouble? Xenovia brings more trouble for Issei. More of her misunderstanding about wanting to have an affair with him (I think she’s making a pun about this and winning the race) and allows Asia to have this secret affair with him. Issei is in such a dilemma. His hands are moving on its own groping those delicious boobs. It only ends when Irina barges in to put a stop to their unholy act. Her concern is that this place is unsanitary and they should do it on a bed! Rias informs her subordinates of the Rating Game. It was supposed to be held during summer break but Loki interfered. Good news: They avoid Sairaorg for the first round. Bad news? Diodora is their first opponent.

Episode 7
Rias and co watch Sairaorg’s Rating Game. Let’s say he is just too freaking powerful. Diodora pays them a visit and wants to exchange Bishops. Of course Rias will not allow that as Asia is an important family member. Because Diodora badmouths Issei, Asia slaps him. Diodora throws down a challenge to Issei and if he beats him in the Rating Game, Asia will accept his love. While Issei and Koneko are out doing their demon duty, they bump into Kuroka who wants to have Issei’s baby! More accurately, she wants a dragon baby. Of course Issei refuses her. To his surprise, Vali is here to see him as he is here to warn him about something because Rias won’t listen to him. When they go home, the other girls are dressed in sexy outfits in their bid to make Issei happy. This is for everything he has done for them? Then it becomes a heated competition between Rias and Akeno over him. This might turn ugly if they resort to letting him touch their boobs… After Issei lends his sword to Xenovia as practice, she pecks his cheek as thanks. Is his day getting better or what? Meanwhile, Sirzechs and Azazel discuss about Rias’ report regarding Vali’s warning. There might be a connection with Diodora’s sudden increase in power and the mysterious death of Glasya Labolas’ supposed heir. When Rias and co head to the battlefield for their Rating Game, what greets them isn’t Diodora’s family but an entire army of Satan’s old faction who is now under Chaos Brigade. Worse, Diodora is part of Chaos Brigade and takes Asia hostage. He will have the rest killed while he takes Asia to the temple. Odin makes his surprise appearance. He explains that Azazel planned this by using them as bait to lure them out so that Odin could destroy them in one fell swoop. Sorry for keeping them in the dark, though. The rest head to the temple to save Asia while Odin and Azazel’s troops begin their big assault.

Episode 8
At the temple, Diodora suggests playing their own Rating Game. He has a group of Pawns and Rooks and another group with a Queen and Bishops. Rias assigns Issei, Gasper, Koneko and Xenovia to fight the first group. Rias gives Issei permission to use his Dress Break. However the opponents can still fight back despite being naked. Now Issei can’t concentrate and gets beaten up! Because they attack in absolute precision, Issei uses his power to read their hearts and find out who is being targeted. More like heart of the boobs because it feels like the boobs are talking… They defeat the Pawns and shortly Xenovia is done with the Rooks. But it is not so rosy on the other side so Koneko suggests Issei tell Akeno that he will date her if she wins. See the motivation? And because this jealousy makes Rias powers up too, they defeat the Queen and Bishops in no time. Making their way in, they are shocked to see Freed. He claims Vali picked him up and restored him. Is he Diodora’s Knight now? Actually he ate them both and has turned into some powerful monster. He reveals Diodora’s household that they just fought were supposed to be some sort of holy maidens. It is Diodora’s passion to lure and bait them to his hell. One day he stumbled upon Asia but seeing how she was protected by the church and cannot easily kidnap her, he devised a plan to become a wounded demon so that the church would expel her. His plan was to ravish her when she is at the bottom of despair but Issei and Rias showed up to save her. Issei is visibly mad but Yuuto tells him to save that anger for Diodora. Yuuto easily cuts up Freed and kills him! No match! Before Diodora, he explains he cannot feed on Asia yet as hope is still in her. He further reveals that the Fallen Angel Issei first disposed off, Reinare was supposed to be killed by Diodora and then give Asia an Evil Piece but made the mistake of waiting and let Issei finished her off. But thanks to this, he is now able to give Asia more despair. Imagine how fun it will be to rape her while she screams out his name! I guess this is enough to make Issei’s blood boil and summon up all his power to beat Diodora to a pulp. I suppose that is why he said all those spiteful words so we could hate him and feel no mercy because Diodora is so weak getting his ass handed over it is just painful to watch. Still cannot believe you’re losing? Issei cannot free Asia because thanks to some Longinus bind, it will only free her if Diodora wins but in the even if he loses, it will absorb her. If he cannot have Asia, nobody can! Issei doesn’t give a damn about all that and uses his ultimate power to break Asia free! Who is the weakling now? After all that emotional reunion, Asia makes a prayer to the Lord to protect Issei and the rest and to live happily with them. Instantly she vanishes.

Episode 9
Who is the villain standing before them now? Shalba Beelzebub claims he is the true successor to Satan. The one responsible for Glasya Labolas’ heir’s death kills off Diodora when the weakling seeks his help. Meanwhile, Creusery Asmodeus appears before Azazel and Sirzechs. He is against Sirzechs for teaming up with Angels and Fallen Angels but is he the one to say for joining a ragtag team of Chaos Brigade? Sirzechs easily kills this guy. So much for his 10 seconds debut. Then here comes Ophis, the leader of Chaos Brigade. She mentions her goal of a world of silence. She wishes to return to the Dimensional Gap where her home is and reclaim that silence. Issei is so broken that it is just heart-wrenching to see him look for Asia whom he thinks is hiding. When Shalba says he has tossed Asia into some Dimensional Gap faraway and is as good as dead, Issei becomes so mad that he powers up (or gets absorbed rather) into his fearsome dragon form, Red Dragon of Domination. Freaking powerful enough to blow Shalba away. His power keeps increasing that Rias and co have to fly away for safety while Shalba gets blown to pieces. So much for his 10 minutes debut. Vali and his team make a surprise entry. They have Asia in their hands. They coincidentally found her floating inside the Dimensional Gap. Vali sees Issei’s form and notes it is incomplete. Because of that, there is still hope of turning him back but his life will be in danger. Rias believes she is good enough to bring Issei back to normal and just needs to tell him Asia is still alive. Vali helps out by using his Juggernaut Drive to knock down a notch Issei’s growing power. Issei is going berserk. All he could see is Asia’s kindness and Reinare mocking him. He unconsciously attacks Rias. But you know, her heartfelt speech that she can’t live without him and rather die would eventually reach his heart. Especially when her tear drops onto him and breaks him free of his armour. Time for your emotional reunion with everybody. You thought Issei is most emotional to see Asia live? Wrong! It’s Xenovia! A huge red dragon appears in the sky. Vali explains that is the Dragon of Dragons or also known as DxD. This is the true Red Dragon God Emperor, the Great Red who chose to live in the Dimensional Gap and flies there for all eternity. He is Ophis’ objective and it is Vali’s goal to defeat him to become the true White Dragon God Emperor. Ophis is the Infinity Dragon also known as the Ouroboros Dragon. After renewing his rivalry with Vali, you thought everybody can go home happy. Not quite yet because now it’s Issei turn to turn up the drama by collapsing.

Episode 10
Issei is unconscious. Oh Asia… Don’t start the blame game… Anyway Azazel thinks Asia’s Sacred Gear might heal Issei although he is not sure of the risk. Only one way to find out. Indeed, Issei wakes up again. I guess it’s now or never so Asia kisses him and confesses she loves him. Everybody else is watching but they’re not going to bother with the details. Issei is back up and all that is what matters. Azazel discusses with Sirzechs that the recent skirmish has wiped out the old Satan faction. Vali had never intended to be allies with them in the first place. Currently there is world balance because Great Red is ruling in the Dimensional Gap but that balance is fragile and they know Loki will intervene again because Ophis did something troublesome again. With Issei back, you’d think it is happy ending for everyone? Not quite. Yet again, Rossweisse is in tears because Odin left her behind again! What’s this about being single again? Rias is also spacing out more often because she felt she couldn’t do anything to save Issei and that recent one where Asia healed him just nailed it in her heart. Later Azazel tells Issei a secret that he knew what to do because Ddraig told him. He talked to Ddraig about the power Issei unleashed and it seemed he invoked Juggernaut Drive and broke some seal that caused all the power in his Sacred Treasure to let loose. It is the kind of power that even surpasses the gods but in exchange on will pay for his life or his lifespan reduced drastically. The thing is, something activated that and Ddraig sensed Issei’s despair and anger surpassing its limit that caused it. However he also sensed something else controlling Issei and is not sure. Issei is seen walking into Rias’ room and then assuring her everything is alright. But then we see Issei and Koneko returning from practice and find Gasper collapsed outside. He is relieved to see the real Issei. Seems the fake Issei has got Rias under his control. Thanks to Gasper’s time freeze, he is able to save them before the explosion engulfs the place. Rias is subsequently missing. Azazel explains that Valhalla has sent a warning to Rossweisse but apparently it was too late. This is all part of Loki’s doing. In his bid for Ragnarok, he placed a cursed on Issei and Rias before being sealed. Before Odin could interrogate him further, Loki crystallizes himself to make that old guy regret for having Issei use Mjolnir. It might be Issei’s subconscious, his fear of what the girls think about him that activated whatever and the same can be said for Rias. They believe Rias is lost in Dimensional Gap. Going there is like going to a certain death if you stay there for too long. Chaos Brigade is made up of various individuals and they might be using unknown methods to use it as their base. Issei wants Koneko to contact Kuroka. He wants to have a word with Vali.

Episode 11
Sirzechs warns that many lives were lost in the recent battle. Contacting Vali may be seen as associating with Chaos Brigade and spread discontent again. You know, all Issei cares about is Rias, not the world. Azazel suggests he gives up being a Demon. He can turn all of them into Fallen Angels to avoid any potential fallouts among the Demons but this will only be a last resort. If they get Rias back successfully, then there is no need for this. With everyone pleading how dear Rias is to them, I guess Sirzechs has no choice but to relent and tell them to save his sister. Issei and Koneko see Kuroka. She agrees to let them meet Vali but in exchange Koneko must come back to her. Issei won’t agree to that. Negotiation is over then? Because they become annoyingly persistent, Vali makes his appearance. What if he refuses to let them go to the Dimensional Gap? Yeah, Issei you gonna fight him? He will if he must. Because Vali views him as still weak and would rob him of his pleasure to defeat him, he has Arthur guide them there using his holy royal sword, Collbrande that could cut through dimensions. Arthur tells them the barrier they are in prevents them from being eaten by Dimensional Gap. But they only have 1 hour to do so before they are forced back to their realm. He hints that Dimensional Gap is influenced by their strong emotions. They figure out in no time that all they need to do is wish to meet Rias from the bottom of their heart. True enough they see her. However she attacks them! They sense this is the real Rias but why is she not recognizing them? It must be Loki’s curse. Everyone tries to let their heartfelt words reach her heart. It always works, right? Not this time. Because you thought everything might be back to normal when you see tears in her eyes but that is just a troll and switch for her to transform into a Red Dragon armour similar to Issei’s Balance Breaker. Just with a few parts expose for sexiness. The attack continues and Akeno believes Issei has no choice but to fight her. At first he doesn’t want to do this, not to his beloved buchou. Then I guess he realizes what needs to be done. The promise of bringing her back even if the world gets destroyed. Yeah, screw the world. All he wants is her (and her boobs). He transforms into his Balance Breaker version and the great impact of their fight weakens the Dimensional Gap.

Episode 12
Yes, Issei. We know that you’re going to protect Rias not because of the contract but your love for her. We are spammed montage of their times together as he struggles to free her. After all that, her armour finally shatters and the Rias we know comes returning back into Issei’s arms. But now Issei is to face off with his fake imposter who turns into Dragon of Supremacy. The rest are blown back into reality as Azazel deduces Loki hijacked a fragment of Dragon of Supremacy from Issei and made a copy out of it. What they can do now is pray and believe in Issei. Yeah, you do that. And of course, Issei’s strong feelings mean he defeats the imposter. They are blown into the Dimensional Whirlpool when Great Red happens to pass by. It seems to be guiding them out of here. But they end up in some dimensional beach so I guess it is time for Issei and Rias to spend some quality time together, talking about the feelings of the heart and yes, a nice kiss before going back to reality. Although their memories are fuzzy on their return, everyone else is so glad to see them back in one piece. Later, Issei knows he is in a dream when he sees Ddraig in his true form. He is here to tell him that another power aside Dragon of Supremacy lies dormant inside him although Ddraig himself isn’t sure what it is. When Issei wakes up, it is like waking up in his dream because his harem girls are sleeping naked around him! Don’t want to lose him after all they’ve been through, eh? Yeah. I’m sure Issei loves this too. What a win-win situation. And of course the best boobs reward goes to Rias. Issei’s parents return from their trip. They treat Asia more like their daughter than Issei their son. Too cute to pass up, eh? Rias surprises them by introducing Rossweisse who is a teacher at their school and plans to stay here. Say what?! We see how Rias showed Rossweisse the benefits of some insurance plan from her side as compared to Valhalla. She then offered Rossweisse to be her Rook under her household as she needs mobile magical artillery. Tempted by everything, Rossweisse agrees and turns into a Demon. Partly this is to get back at Odin too. Now Rias’ household is complete (remember, Issei is powerful as 8 Pawns so she doesn’t need extras). Azazel mentions about Issei’s TV debut in the Underworld. Turns out to be a children’s programme with a children’s song. All about boobs!!! And he is already a hit there! Later Azazel talks to Issei about the incoming threat from Chaos Brigade and more fighting will be expected. But once the war is over, what will he do? Simple. He’ll pursue his own dreams of becoming harem king. Oh Issei, don’t you know that you are already one?

Dragon-boobs & Poke-boobs!
Before I started watching this season and while it was still being aired over the airwaves, I have been reading a lot of comments regarding this season. From what I gather, there have been a lot of differing opinions and heated discussions about the direction of the third season. Yes, this season deviated from the original light novel works. Thus there are so many clashes of opinions from purists of the light novels who disregard this deviation as pure blasphemy of the series and those who are so called ‘open minded’ and viewing this season as ‘just anime only’. The former hated the third season’s adaptation with varying degrees (depending on how ‘loyal’ they are to the light novels) while the latter tried viewing this from an anime-only perspective. Thus some feel that the producers have gone to make the first 2 seasons great and with that established track record in the minds of fans and viewers, decided to betray that trust by tricking everyone into watching this atrocious season and milk more money from them. Those are some of the sentiments lingering even after the season has ended.

Therefore with this in mind as I watched the third season, I am wondering if this is the reason why I do not find the third season as charming as the first 2 seasons. Could this have also clouded my opinions and thoughts for this season? Would I have reached a slightly different and better conclusion had I not read the many dissatisfied and arguing comments over the internet? Although I have never touched the light novels myself, personally I could say that this season lacks the excitement that I felt watching the previous seasons. Everything feels lacking. The characters, the storyline and even the fanservice just feel so much less. By itself, this season doesn’t suck so badly and like those in the latter category have said, if it is judged based solely as an anime without any relation to the light novels, it is fine. Though, not that great either. This is also my thoughts about this season. It isn’t bad but there is nothing that would make me sing praises that the third season is great. In fact it just passes.

I don’t know, personally I think putting in the final arc of saving Rias somewhat killed it. I know it is to show how much everybody cares for her and she cares for everybody but somehow it just feels forced. Something about it just doesn’t feel right. Because with so many other potential good stuffs and storyline (from the light novel works), they ended the season with this ‘weak’ story of rescuing their club president. If poor sentiments were already building up halfway, then it would be sure to increase by the time it reaches the end. I think they’re trying to build some drama, showcasing the close relationship the Occult Club members have with each other and especially with Issei, seeking to tug some heartstrings whenever you see the characters getting worried or worked up over the other when something doesn’t augur well. You get the point. I felt too much of that isn’t necessarily good for the direction of this series.

Another downfall to this season is the characters. Both old and new. This series itself already boasts a lot of characters. And I mean really, really, really, really, really lots of them. Just rechecking the character list since the last time, I am not sure if I has been expanded or not but it feels a lot longer now that I have relooked at it again. Because it isn’t just your typical Demons, Angels and Fallen Angels or even gods from other mythologies but historical characters (fictional or non-fictional) as well! I mean, when you have characters from King Arthur’s times and even the Chinese’s Three Kingdoms, you’d start wondering if they will be putting in Greek philosophers, world conquerors (like Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great) or even… Presidents of the United States! Oh yeah! One big hell of mish-mash of everything! While it is great and unique to see this kind of mix-up of everything in one big fairytale story (or just one big nonsensical crap), the problem lies with having too many of these characters but not making a good impact or leaving any sort of lasting impression. That is what I feel the problem for the character development for this season.

It is not like they have introduced a whole bunch of new characters but even those that had newly appeared in this season feels a lot lacking. The biggest casualty is Rossweisse herself. My guts told me she would become part of Issei’s harem. As she is of Norse source, I wonder how can a Valkyrie turn into a demon just like that? But just in case, I guess that is why they make it last minute that Rossweisse completes Rias’ household. Just in time? Feels so rushed. (In the light novel as I read from a summary somewhere, she is one of those female characters who initially isn’t sure if she is in love with Issei or not till some sort of event occurs that made it confirm it is so). Well, it isn’t necessary to be part of Rias’ household if you want to fall in love with Issei, right? The way Rossweisse is lacking in presence and role impact in this season. The way her character played makes it feel like she is an anime-only character. The only thing that I would remember about her is her penchant for being too emo (whenever there isn’t any serious fighting or stuffs) and ranting about being single. That might not be a bad thing entirely but the way they executed her character this season is just feels sorry. It feels like she has been side-lined in a way to give some prominence to the relationship development between Issei and some of his Occult Club girls.

The rest of the other new characters also doesn’t fare that well. Either they lack impact or they get killed off quickly with a high chance of never ever returning in the future storyline ever again (looking at you, Shalba and Diodora. I’m wondering if Freed is killed off for good this time too). I suppose everything is still too early so Chaos Brigade isn’t much of an antagonist yet. I don’t know what Sairaorg’s role is for in this season because does it really matter? But I am sure he is one of those guys (like Vali) who are up to challenge Issei in a fight when the time is right to see who is strongest (no prizes in guessing who will come up tops at the end). Even if Barachiel had a little screen time to make amends with his estranged daughter, it just feels disconnected and doesn’t fit into the pace of everything this season. Perhaps Odin is the only one among the new characters that feel it made some sort of impact although this also felt minimal. Why do old and powerful guys always have to be perverts? Know that old turtle guy from Dragonball? Know that old little guy from Ranma 1/2? Know that old sage in Naruto? Yeah… See the pattern? I hope Odin doesn’t frequent Japan now that he has got to know about boobs bars… Boobs bars… They have that in Japan? Oh, do you still remember Rias’ family? Milli-what’s-his-name or Vene-what’s-her-name already?

If new characters didn’t leave much of an impact, does this mean the old ones do, especially the Occult Club members? Not quite either. Issei on one hand is a perverted kid who wants his own harem but unknowingly has already amassed one. The reason he doesn’t really touch them unless when given permission is because he respects them so it is like he is in an eternal dilemma to become harem king or not. Because from where I see his character (as well as others from many other animes), he is the kind of main protagonist and hero who doesn’t really care about the world and would even go as far as to let it be destroyed at the expense of the safety of his girls. Don’t you agree with me? So technically if you want the world to be safe from Ragnarok or Armageddon, if you are a girl, be part of his harem, if you are a guy, become his friend. That way with the ‘extended’ family theoretically he would go all out to save you if some sort of world threatening befalls. So like when Rias was endangered, he will go all out and dig deep into his feelings just to get her back. At the same time spamming his calling out to her. “Buchou! Buchou! BUCHOU!!!!!!”.

The rest of the Occult Club members also do not have decent development thanks to the short duration of the series and the way they force cram a few of them. We get to know a little about Koneko and her sister, Akeno and her dissatisfaction with her father and some precious moments for Asia. And then it ends with Rias’ growing insecurity of Issei’s love for her that led to the inevitable. Because it seems the other girls in the harem are making ground and headway in their personal relationship with Issei so Rias has all the right to be worried. Despite she is the president of the Occult Club and the head of her household team, she is at the same level when it comes to being a woman and wanting Issei’s affections. This undermines her exclusivity and privilege that she has with Issei now that everyone seems to be catching up especially Akeno who is more daring than ever. To the point that she is even confrontational. I believe Yuuto’s story and past was done in previous season so it feels like this time he feels like ‘neglected’. Xenovia feels like she’s being reduced to ‘cultivating a good friendship with Asia’. Gasper’s fear of wide public spaces is still funny but you realize that when the going gets tough, his phobia doesn’t kick in. All in the mind?

Let’s see about the other recurring characters… Mmm… Rather okay or so-so. Sirzechs is trying to do his best as the current Satan while Azazel seems to be playing the know-it-all sensei part. Irina isn’t part of Rias’ household so she doesn’t have much screen time and only hangs out with her ex fellow church member Xenovia whenever she gets the chance. Serafall and Ravel could have been forgotten had they not made their short little cameo which doesn’t really amount to anything. At least Saji this season put up a decent badass power up fight despite his limited screen time too. I thought they were going to bring back Yuuma/Reinare, the way they tease us by making Issei remember this nightmare from time to time. Guess not. Thank goodness.

Although this season still has its trademark fanservice of uncensored naked tits and boobs galore, somehow it feels less. I don’t know. Maybe it is because that feeling of mediocrity that is undermining this department too. In a way it is good and bad because you don’t want too much fanservice to dilute the worth of this series but then again, boobs fanservice is the reason why this series is popular in the first place. Yeah, lots of pervy guys out there. So in addition to groping boobs, now you have poking boobs? You learn something new every day… Fanservice quality for the mid-intermission remains the same. First half shows the girls in sexy poses and then in the second half, all the clothes come off and it feels like a must to show and expose their tits to us.

Action bits also feel less. I remember in the previous seasons we had lots of terms and power ups whenever we see Issei and the team fight. I don’t think this season added any much of those new moves and the power fights also seem to lack that oomph thanks to all that drama going on. And there is always some sort of hidden power inside Issei that we don’t know of. How many more times can he power up till he reaches the ultimate of the ultimate? Is it me or is the quality towards the end of the series getting a little bad? Like as though the animators really want to get their chest off this bad season and end it all quickly.

This season’s opening and ending theme didn’t appeal to me again. Bless Your Name by ChouCho as the opener sounds like a generic anime rock outfit while the Stylips sings the ending theme, Give Me Secret. Lively, exuberant and resembling like a dance song but still I didn’t find it quite to my liking although I would prefer this than the opening theme. Hmm… I think this season’s ending credits animation also contributed to the overall unexciting feel of this season. In the first season, we were treated to sexy pole dancing fanservice. Then in the second season, there was this weird but erotic dance and it was still sexy enough despite Gasper being part of the dancing troupe and in bikini. In this third season, there are none of those or anything similar and despite spamming Issei’s naked harem, it just doesn’t feel the same as before.

Overall, this season is not that bad and it only is when you have read the light novels and start expecting the adaptation to follow very closely. Then expect to be very disappointed. The third season as an anime itself is okay but it is not nearly as great as its past 2 seasons. It is still pretty much decent (oh, the irony). Therefore like any other animes that follow this sort of precedent (great start but faltering sequels), the only way to pick itself up is to make another fourth season. Maybe this is all part and parcel of the bigger plan and cycle. Happy, happier, disappointment and then happy again. Maybe that is what life is all about. When you have a series of choices, it isn’t necessary that you need to pick one over the other. Like if you don’t know which boobs to poke, just poke ‘em both! Double the fun, double the satisfaction!

I’m wondering why it took so long to come out but I think there is no other better way than to remind us of an upcoming sequel by releasing an OVA weeks before it. Yes, people. And so you might have heard it a long time ago that with High School DxD getting a third season, we get High School DxD New OVA (which is also the 13th episode of the second season) as a big bonus to welcome the new season (which is in the midst of running by the time of this blog). Ah yes. Delicious fanservice. Delicious boobs. I know this is one of the few ecchi animes that has a good storyline despite the ecchi theme but I am sure they are the reason why we come back for more. That is why we get a third season… :).

I’m Enveloped In Boobs!
Right off the bat, Asia is being attacked by a perverted monster stealing her undies. And those are her favourite. Our usual heroes come to her rescue but the obligatory tentacle rape scene is a must for the girls. Before Issei could do anything (because that pervert is enjoy watching it all), Irina cuts them down and destroys the monster. As she explains, she is investigating the person controlling the monster. The church believes the Legendary Sage is behind this and wants him arrested. Rias is baffled that someone of such status is being pursued by the church. Isn’t this case is just like catching a panty thief? The gang head deep into a building where this Sage is believed to be. They see him collecting a range of lingerie and picks out those with the finest quality! They confront him and he isn’t worried. He even got the cheek to ask them to donate their lingerie for his experiment. Then he starts narrating his story how he was a man of God and served the Lord, blah, blah, blah. Then one day he accidentally touched the boobs of a nun and that is when his life started to change. He became distraught something so beautiful was forbidden but some angel who called himself the Ero God gave his blessings that it is alright for him to steal female lingerie. And so that is when he began his experimenting. Issei is touched with his story and understands. He reveals his great ability to rip girls’ clothes with just a mere touch. But Sage calls it pathetic. He demonstrates he can rip it apart without touching and even see through clothes with his x-ray vision. Issei is defeated and feels there is much to learn! Azazel drops in and won’t let them disrupt Sage’s experiment. Because this guy is the closest in creating the Philosopher’s Stone, he wants to observe until the end.

After aligning all the lingerie, he starts chanting and with the ‘boost aid’ of a porn magazine, he tries to merge with the lingerie. Yeah, no wonder the church wants him arrested. It is embarrassing to have a man of God doing this. However the process falls apart and Sage notes he needs more boost. How about the girls show him their panties? How about using his x-ray vision? He can’t as he is in intense concentration. Issei pleads for the girls to show him! Koneko shows Gasper’s and Sage becomes shocked seeing the trap. The process goes out of control and he turns into a giant bundle of lingerie. He’s got the power to rip their clothes and make their bras like magnet. This means the chicks are drawn to each other and start rubbing each other’s bodies. Sexy fanservice! Yuuto and Gasper could have done something had not lingerie cover their eyes. Issei is busy enjoying this scene. Irina tries to cut him down but got her clothes ripped. She is not wearing any underwear beneath because Sage previously stole hers. He notes her lingerie was the finest and was used as the base of his magic. Irina won’t forgive this humiliation (the reason whys she volunteered on this mission). Sage uses the bra as handcuffs so Rias tells Issei to do something instead of staring. I don’t he is giving much effort in thinking to solve this. Rias suggests showing male underwear as Sage doesn’t like it. Issei unzips himself but Sage won’t let him and has all the girls glomp him in their breasts. This is what heaven must feels like.

Sage soon gets jealous that Issei is the one getting his face drowned in so many boobs instead of him. Issei then stands back up to tell him if this is just what he wants? To become lingerie? Because what is more important lies beneath it. Yeah, he is waxing lyrical about boobs and all the goodness about it. Somebody arrest this nut too. Sage feels he has been wrong all the time. So now his eyes are opened? Azazel feels disappointed that this has got nothing to do with the Philosopher’s Stone and hints to Issei to end this. Before him are lingerie and the girls trapped in it are as good as wearing them. It’s time to use his special skill. With a single punch, he frees the ladies as well as Sage. He is arrested and has final words for Issei. He doesn’t want him to deviate from his chosen path and will someday conquer that path himself. Wanting Issei to inherit his legacy, he gives him his lingerie collection. Shouldn’t those be given back to their rightful owners? Rias lets him keep them temporarily as reward for working hard. She phrases it as a huge inconvenience returning them and needs a volunteer to handle them. Seriously?! Lingerie party!

Boobs All Around!
Fanservice doesn’t disappoint… Lingerie don’t disappoint… Boobs don’t disappoint… Tits don’t disappoint… Character development and storyline progression… Don’t care! As long as they got those holy trinity covered, everything is fine in this OVA! Haha! It is already indecent so might as well go all the way. That should sum it up for this OVA. So are you ready now for the third season now that this little OVA has whetted your appetite? I’m sure those who are looking forward to would. Fan of this series would welcome this OVA a lot, ecchi haters should stay clear from it and for beginners, it is much advised to start right at the top (from the first season to its OVA and specials). If you are going to be ‘corrupted’ by the show’s fanservice, might as well do it properly instead of being half-assed. Don’t worry, you can still go to heaven even if you harbour dirty thoughts ;p. Despite how this OVA is telling us that it is okay to do this to boobs and underwear, as long those fantasies are confined in your head, it is just fine. Because remember people, stealing lingerie is still a crime no matter what the excuse!

High School DxD New

April 12, 2014

Finally the boobs have arrived! Oops! I mean, when you think of High School DxD, you also think about boobs, right? It can’t be helped since some animes go synonymous and hand in hand with fanservice like Freezing or Queen’s Blade. Would you believe it that I am watching the second season, High School DxD New not because for the boobs fanservice but for the interesting storyline? Yeah. Hard to believe but believe it. As said in my previous blog on this series, this is one of the very few ecchi themed shows that has a plot and got me interested in the story instead of staying for the fanservice. That’s just extra bonus. As we know, our heroic but perverted Issei who dreams to have a harem of his own and be king of it is now a low level Demon. But he’s got this powerful gear that boosts everyone’s power and an attitude to protect his friends that would make girls slowly fall head over heels if he plays his card right. And then there is that war against the different factions of Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels, no? I know it’s complicated but it is all somewhat interesting.

I have been thinking why they have given the word ‘New’ as the name of the second season. I am sure that they mean it is a new season but if you think about it, that just sounds pretty lame. New characters? New plot? New development? New surprises? Yeah. Perhaps a bit of all of that. But still, don’t you think it doesn’t sound as cool? At least in my opinion. I thought they could do better than that in the naming department. The only plausible reason why I think they named it so is because they can design the alphabet ‘w’ as a pair of women’s breast. Yup. You’ll notice that in the design of that word quickly. But seriously, there are many other words that have ‘w’ in it. Say, women, power, winner and even meow. Meow? Hah. I just think of whatever words comes to mind.

Episode 1
What a way to start an episode. A naked girl sleeping right next to a guy. This is not a dream. Issei is surprised to find naked Rias next to him. Even better. She is willing to get ecchi with him. Till Asia knocks on the door to remind them about training. Think she’ll get jealous or freak out? Actually, she doesn’t want to lose and strips! Woah! Now there are 2 naked girls! Great start! At school, Issei’s jealous pals, Matsuda and Motohama are admonishing him about rumours that he is sleeping with the Occult Club beauties. Hell, they’re the ones who spread it so they won’t get jealous! Aren’t they jealous? They even made up rumours of Issei x Yuuto! Even classmate Aika Kiryuu is puzzled that Asia had to choose this loser when there are lots of great guys out there. Issei is about to deny all that nightly interlocking stuff talk when his left hand starts acting up so he excuses himself. At the clubroom, he has Akeno drain the power of his dragon. The way they show it sounds so slutty… Akeno sucking his finger but from that position it looks like… And he’s in a towel. She is in a wet robe. You get the picture. Let’s do this again another time? The Occult Club members are having their club meeting at Issei’s place since the building is undergoing cleaning. Issei’s mother who loves their company brings in old photo albums of Issei. The girls just love him. Stark naked. Some sort of fetish must be awakening… But Yuuto sounds envy that Issei gets to live with his family. He points out a photo with Issei and another kid he used to spend time a lot at the church with but moved due to the change in the father’s job. Yuuto points out the holy sword in the background. Later Issei goes out to get more demon contracts and since he’d do anything, he accompanies that guy drinking in his home.

Issei then meets up with the rest to slay a stray demon in an abandoned factory. Why do such demons have to spew clothes disintegrating liquid? Although the stray demon has been eliminated, Yuuto’s spacing out got the rest in danger. He isn’t his usual self. Rias even slaps him after that but Yuuto owns up and wishes to be excuse for tonight. Issei tries to get him to talk about his problem. They’re friends, right? Yeah. Who says? Yuuto hints he just remembered what he is fighting for: Revenge. He only lives to destroy the holy sword, Excalibur. Later Rias explains how Excalibur is the ultimate demon slaying sword and can kill demons by a mere touch. Its only downfall is that only a selected few can wield it. That’s why the Church tried to create artificial beings to hold it via Holy Sword Project. It happened so long ago although the project ended in failure. Yuuto is a survivor of that project. Issei shows Rias the photo which got Yuuto to act strange. This isn’t Excalibur but is nevertheless a holy sword. One that probably annihilated Rias’ ancestors in this area. Enough of serious talk. It’s time to sleep. And Rias can’t sleep if she isn’t naked. And she wants to sleep with Issei! Guess what for Asia? She doesn’t want to lose, right? This dream is going to be the sweetest. Meanwhile Xenovia and Irina Shidou are at the decimated church. Irina once lived here. And yeah. She is that kid who used to play with Issei as she has that photo too. So that kid’s not a boy? Yuuto is wandering around in the streets when he sees Freed killing a priest. Since Yuuto is in a bad mood and Freed wants revenge, it’s the right time for them to draw their swords. Oh. Freed’s sword is Excalibur!

Episode 2
Yuuto has his chance fighting Freed but since the latter got some sort of call, he makes his exit. Another morning with Issei being flanked by 2 lovely naked girls sleeping by his side. Damn how lucky this guy. Ddraig talks to Issei just to warn him about the strong enemies that will appear before him. Especially the White One known as Vanishing Dragon. They’re both known as the Heavenly Dragons and are those possessing them are destined to fight each other. In other words, there is somebody out there like Issei who possesses the Sacred Gear. Issei and Asia return to the newly cleaned clubroom. They learn Yuuto is taking time off from school. Fearing it has something to do with the holy sword, he has Rias explain further. Since the original Excalibur was destroyed in battle ages ago, the Church gathered its remains and used alchemy to create 7 new swords under the Excalibur name. Yuuto wasn’t the only child in the project who couldn’t use it. Nobody could. As the project was a failure, the monk in charge killed them all. Yuuto somehow survived but on the verge of death, that’s where Rias picked him up. She thought of using his anger for revenge to help the demons. Souna then comes in requesting Rias to follow her back to her home where they can talk safely. Rias knows this has gotten serious. It seems a couple of church officials are in town and they want to negotiate with Rias and will come see her in her clubroom tomorrow. Souna had to accept their proposal since they have a holy sword.

Issei and Asia have a bad feeling when they return home. Thinking something might have happened to his mother, he rushes in only to see Xenovia and Irina talking to mother. Mother reminds him that Irina is that child in the photo. Issei is surprised because all the while he thought that kid was a boy. Now she’s so feminine. Later when Rias comes home, she is so relieved that the both of them are okay, she vows to protect them even more from now. She was even willing to oblige Issei’s boobs request if not for Asia. Xenovia and Irina begin their negotiation with Rias. Explaining that of the 7 holy swords, 1 is missing and the rest in the custody of 3 factions of the Church. However Fallen Angels have somehow taken 3 of them. Xenovia and Irina show their respective holy swords, Excalibur Destruction and Excalibur Mimicry. Rias could guess that they are worried if Demons joined forces with Fallen Angels and will do something to the holy sword. Xenovia threatens she will destroy her, causing Rias to grow angry. Rias assures she will not tarnish her family’s name and will not help the Fallen Angels. This means she also won’t help them. Before they leave, Xenovia recognizes Asia as the Witch and one who has fallen from a holy maiden. She wonders if she still believes in God and despite she has become a Demon, she looks like the type who cannot forget their old beliefs. If that’s the case, she wants her to let her cut her up so God will send His helping hand. Issei is obviously quite upset that they belittled Asia and jumps to her defence. He doesn’t give a damn about their religion after they labelled her so and so on their own. Nobody understands Asia loneliness and if they’re going to lay a hand on her, he’ll fight each and every one of them. Xenovia takes this as a challenge against the Church. So happen Yuuto has returned and he too wants to be their opponent. Issei-Yuuto vs Xenovia-Irina in an unofficial match. That means keeping it to a level where they won’t kill them. That’s still pretty bad, right?

Episode 3
It’s a pretty much destructive match between Xenovia and Yuuto. But on to Irina and Issei, the latter is trying to rip her clothes with his Sacred Gear! Thankfully she is warned by Koneko. Why tell the enemy his plan? Because Issei is the enemy of all women! Issei continues to put all his effort in turning Irina naked. He misses and hits Asia and Koneko instead. Despite getting punched by Koneko, that guy still won’t give up. He includes a passionate speech how he will one day destroy girls’ clothes just by looking at them. I wonder how sinful that is. In the end, that carelessness has Issei being scratched by her Excalibur. It drains out a lot of energy and his Sacred Gear disappears. Rias acknowledges the victory to Irina. Yuuto also loses his match when he is unable to control his bigger demon swords and in exchange took away his speed. Rias wonders if they have identified the Fallen Angel who stole the holy swords. Grigori’s Upper Echelon, Kokabiel. It is a risky mission akin to a suicide but they rather destroy the holy sword than letting the Fallen Angel use it. One of their colleagues sent to investigate has already perished. Yuuto knows him because he saw him getting killed by Freed. Yuuto doesn’t heed Rias’ words and goes off on his own.

Issei remembers Saji. Do we? He ropes him in to help him destroy the holy sword. He vehemently protests because he will face backlash from Souna. He wants to leave but Koneko won’t let him. Seems Issei’s plan is to work together with the church duo. They could still salvage the parts of Excalibur after it’s being destroyed and Yuuto wants to destroy them. Despite different goals, the end result is the same. That’s why they should offer their help. They find the church duo begging for donations. I suppose even if they’re skilful agents of God, when you don’t have money, you’re poor. And it’s ironic they’ve been saved by the Demons and treated to tons of food. Xenovia agrees to let them help out and destroy one of the swords. Irina disagrees but Xenovia notes that collecting all the holy swords is extremely difficult. Survival rate is 30% and their upper brass sent them knowing they would sacrifice themselves on this mission. They find Yuuto and tell him about this plan. Xenovia understands his anger. That’s why the project was considered a heretic and excommunicated from the Church. He lets him know the person responsible for the massacre is Balba Galilei AKA The Slaughtering Archbishop. It is uncommon for excommunicated priests like Balba and Freed to be working together. Yuuto agrees to cooperate. He doesn’t want his friends to get involve because this is his hatred and revenge. Issei insists on this friendship thingy and won’t let his previous friend turn into a stray. Not just him but everyone else will be sad if he’s gone. Yuuto narrates his flashback how all the experimented kids continued to believe in God despite the torture they went through. When the projected terminated, they were all poisoned to death. Everyone cooperated to allow Yuuto to escape. That’s when he met Rias and was welcomed into her house. He credits his survival because of his comrades who died just to let him escape. He poured his resentment into his swords and must destroy Excalibur. It’s his atonement as the only survivor. Saji is so touched by his story that he is willing to help him out. Who cares about the punishment. Koneko also wants to help seeing it’ll be lonely if Yuuto isn’t around. That night Issei leaves his house late to meet up with his ragtag gang to go hunt and destroy Excalibur.

Episode 4
The church duo and Demons split into groups for the hunt. The Demons encounter Freed and he is as crazy as usual. Freed can match Yuuto’s speed. Issei wants to help boost Yuuto. If he could just sit still for a while. Saji uses his Sacred Gear, Absorption Line to tie down Freed. Want to guess his Sacred Gear is a dragon too? Koneko tosses Issei towards Yuuto to boost him. Before Freed gets cut by his swords, here comes Balba telling him how to use the holy sword. He channels his elements into it and powers up to cut himself free. Xenovia and Irina arrive on scene. Balba isn’t going to fight with Excalibur users so he has Freed create an escape route. Yuuto and the church duo go after them. For those left behind, their bosses (Rias and Souna) appear and want an explanation over this fiasco. They are reprimanded and reminded their actions could have caused trouble for all Demons. Issei must be lucky to have Rias as his master because hugs them and expresses how worried she was. Unlike Saji. His butt is going to hurt after getting magical slams by Souna. Ouch. Oh. I take that back. Rias is going to magical butt spank Issei too to discipline him. Now show me your butt! We take a little time off for some fanservice because when Issei returns home, he is greeted by Asia in a naked apron. Mother approves! Rias also wants in and has mother help her out. She notes Asia has become quite a little pervert since she has taken the initiative. Asia tells Issei that she found something more precious than her feelings for God. The school, her friends, her club members, Issei’s parents and of course Issei himself. Wow. That’s a lot. She hugs him but all he could think of is whether to fondle her naked butt. He couldn’t since Rias is out and showing off her naked apron too.

Yuuto has not contacted them since so Rias has sent familiars to find their whereabouts. They only find Irina who is beaten to a pulp. Actually, her clothes are just torn. As she is exhausted, she tells them the others manage to escape but not her. She cautions not to underestimate that guy’s strength. After Tsubaki takes her away to Souna’s house for medical facilities, Freed comes into the picture. But he is not here to fight but his boss, Kokabiel wants to talk to Rias (he put Irina as the bait to lure them here). Kokabiel is wondering if he should create havoc in this city starting with Kuou Academy. Doing so means Sirzechs won’t sit back and do nothing. Ever since the great war ended, he is feeling bored and wants to initiate another all-out war between Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels. He thought snatching Excalibur would have Michael come after him but disappointingly he sent a couple of Excalibur wielders and an exorcist. He also mentions his fellow comrade Azazel who acts as the governor for Fallen Angels is interested in collecting Sacred Gears and has been obsessively doing research on them. Though, he is against Kokabiel’s idea for war. Freed is amazed by Kokabiel’s insanity that he shows them a couple of Excalibur swords he has now. One of them is Excalibur Mimic he got after beating up Irina. Kokabiel wants to start a war with Rias and fires several warning shots before heading off to Kuou Academy. They could have easily destroyed this entire city if they want to from the kind of power they possess. Balba initiates the next phase in his plan at Kuou Academy.

Episode 5
The student council puts a barrier around the academy. Akeno has taken the liberty to contact Sirzechs’ assistance because she knows Rias can’t handle a situation of this magnitude by herself. Backup will arrive in an hour. Kokabiel shoots a large beam and destroys the entire gym just to show the kind of power he has. He has them play with his pets, Cerberus. Issei’s boosting did little to help increase his comrade’s power. Till Xenovia comes in and starts slashing away with her Excalibur. That sword makes it look so easy, eh? Ddraig informs Issei that the charging has been complete so now he can give maximum boost to Rias and Akeno. After all the Cerberus are destroyed, Akeno attacks Kokabiel but was deflected and it destroys another big portion of the school. Balba has finished fusing the Excalibur swords together for one big powerful mother. If they don’t want this entire city to be flattened, they better defeat Kokabiel. Still no match for him. Now it’s Yuuto’s turn to show up and he has a grudge against Balba. However Kokabiel orders Freed to kill everyone with the new Excalibur. Who wants to be the first victim? Balba gives his thanks to Yuuto and his comrades that because of them, the research has been completed. Something about some genetic element that all candidates possessed wasn’t high enough to allow them to wield the holy sword. So he removed it and after its crystallization, it was completed. He shows Yuuto what it looks like being crystallized and the only one left. Freed adds everyone except him died because they couldn’t handle it. So does this make him a special person? Xenovia also remembers when someone who could use Excalibur was receiving their blessing, they accepted that into their body. It’s like making up for what they lack. Yuuto wonders why Balba had to kill his comrades because he mentioned the Church using the same extract. Because he considers them as lab rats and it’s natural to only dispose of them once the experiment is done. Yuuto becomes distraught that they were just that despite their belief in God.

Balba tosses the crystal to him. He can have it as he has found a way to mass produce something like that with higher purity. Yuuto is so upset and with the crystal in his hands, it released all the souls from the crystal. He hears the voice of his comrades telling him not to worry because they’re all here. Their hearts will always be with him. So touchy this drama that even Issei and Asia can’t stop crying. Yuuto knows his comrades don’t want him to avenge their deaths. But he will punish this evil so that there will be no repeat. Everyone encourages him to defeat Freed and destroy that Excalibur. Because of Yuuto’s strong feelings, he puts them along with his comrade’s into the sword and this awakens his forbidden Sacred Treasure, Balance Breaker. His Sword of Betrayer carries both holy and demonic powers. Xenovia wants to help Yuuto destroy that Excalibur because by the way it is used, it is no longer a holy sword. She summons another holy sword, Durandal, believed to be on equal footing with Excalibur and can cut through anything. Because it is hard to control it, she locks it up in another dimension. Balba realizes she is a natural holy sword wielder. Yuuto and Xenovia’s cooperation and their strong feelings manage to destroy the Excalibur and do some damage to Freed. Balba is about to realize the impact of having a combination of both holy and demonic powers together and the shift in the power balance when suddenly Kokabiel kills him. Now that the side show has ended, it’s time for the real show. Kokabiel wants Issei to charge his power to the maximum and give anyone that power boost. Because seriously, does anyone think they can’t defeat this mighty Fallen Angel? Issei takes Rias’ hand as they make their way forward.

Episode 6
Even with the maximum boosting, Rias still cannot best Kokabiel. Not even with Akeno’s help. Kokabiel identifies her as the daughter of Barakiel, a Fallen Angel using the same thunder powers as her. I suppose Issei is the only one who doesn’t fear Kokabiel because he’s telling him to shut up and wants to beat the crap out of him for hurting Rias and Akeno. Yuuto, Koneko and Xenovia fight the Fallen Angel to buy Yuuto some time to recharge. I think Yuuto was trying some santouryuu wielding not only swords in both hands but in his mouth as well. It was enough to at least scratch Kokabiel’s face. Since Kokabiel is going to start the war, he lets everyone out on a secret: God and the 4 Demon Lords died in the great war! Therefore servants of God have been masterless ever since. But who is keeping the balance of everything if God is dead? Michael is doing a pretty fine job in his stead although all prayers and blessing effects have a limited effect. The Upper Echelons of all sides never told this to anyone because they want everyone’s faith to be kept intact. But what angers Kokabiel most is the fact that the war ended after God and the 4 Demon Lords died. Victory could have been theirs and Azazel didn’t want another war. Due to this, there has been significant decrease in people believing in God, pure Angels can no longer be born and pure blooded Demons are a rare find. Also, that is why the hybrid sword of Balance Breaker can be created. Issei tells him to shut the f*ck up. Because if he destroys this town, he won’t be able to achieve his dream of becoming a harem king. Serious. If that is what he wants, Kokabiel invites him to join him and they can find all the beautiful women he wants. Issei is really tempted so much so Rias had to tell him off if that is what he wants so much, she’ll let him do anything to her when they get back. Anything. This was enough to give enough boost to Issei. Super motivation. Wow. The power of boobs. Never underestimate it. So powerful that he manages to land a few clean punches on Kokabiel’s face. I guess he really wants to suck her boobs that much.

Suddenly the barrier shatters. Floating down from the sky is believed to be the Vanishing Dragon. He is faster than Kokabiel and takes him out by surprise. He even seemingly nullifies his power. He introduces himself as Albion and Divine Dividing is his Sacred Gear. It halves the power of anything he touches every 10 seconds. It is a total opposite of Issei’s Sacred Gear because his gives power. Albion considers Kokabiel a bore and sends him back to where he belongs since Azazel ordered him to be brought back. Albion then takes Freed as he needs to interrogate him before his execution. Ddraig greets Albion and they are confident they will meet again. Happy ending? Not for Issei. Thanks to Albion, his chance of sucking Rias’ breasts has vanished. Can you say Rias’ chastity is saved? But Albion tells Issei to get stronger first. Then they can fight. Yuuto apologizes for his betrayal and everything but everyone welcomes him back. He swears a new oath to Rias. Of course, he is not spared from her butt spanking. Next day back in the clubroom, everyone gets a surprise when Xenovia becomes a transfer student and club member. Rias has also appointed her as her Knight. This means Xenovia is now a demon?! True! I guess with God gone, her life is meaningless. But to be a Demon’s servant? Did she make the right choice? As for Irina, she went back to headquarters. Her faith in God is still strong but who knows what her reaction will be. She apologizes for saying mean things to Asia. The girls make up and they carry on with their club activities. On a last note, the guy who has been summoning Issei for company all this while turns out to be Azazel.

Episode 7
Azazel mentions he snuck into this town when he learnt Kokabiel wanted to start a war. Things would have gotten out of hand had he stopped him himself so he sent Albion instead. Issei’s conclusion? He is to be blamed for the missed opportunity to suck Rias’ breasts! Azazel admits he is interested in his Sacred Gear. From what has happened, there is going to be a summit among Angels, Fallen Angels and Demons. Rias is not too happy about it since it is going to be held in this town. Furthermore, Azazel got up close to her cute Issei without her knowing it. Jealous? She’ll definitely protect him. Extra bonus: Smothering him in her boobs. As part of their thanks to the student council for helping them out, the Occult Club members will clean the pool (abandoned for over a year – see all those green funny stuffs growing?) and in return they get to be the first ones to use it. While changing, Yuuto vows to repay the favour to Issei and protect him. Sure. Only if it doesn’t sound so gay… Because Issei has fought with the more powerful, his Sacred Gear is acting up quicker and needs Akeno’s help to drain its power. To a point where Rias is getting suspicious what they’re doing alone. True enough, she catches them in the act. Well, Akeno was the one who suggested having an illegal sexual affair. She really means it. Then when Issei puts lotion on Rias’ back, she even allows him to rub oil on her boobs! However Akeno interjects and wants to borrow him. Friend or no friend, this has gone too far. Akeno is not afraid of Rias and doesn’t heed her order that Issei is hers. This leads to them throwing powerful projectiles at each other. Wow. Issei causing the most powerful girls in his harem to fight over him?

Issei escapes only to bump into Xenovia. She has a favour of him. Make babies with him. She’s serious. But with him? She figured that now she doesn’t follow God’s path, Rias told her to live the life she wants. She makes it her goal to be more feminine and part of being that is to have babies. Don’t even ask how she arrives at this. She’s about to get down and dirty with him and even tell him to take the lead because she has no experience when Rias and the rest of the girls catch them in their unholy act. Does Xenovia understand what making a child means because she’s saying it so nonchalantly that makes the other ladies blush. Sirzechs pays a surprise visit to the Occult Club. In addition to Parent’s Day (he is after all her guardian despite being the king of Demons), he plans of having the summit right here in this school. Sirzechs even stays over at Issei’s place as his parents welcome him with great hospitality. Mind you, they don’t know he is the Demon Lord. Such great people. So why does the Demon Lord want to sleep in the same room with Issei? (Too bad Rias can’t creep in this time). I guess when you are in this position, you’re tired with all the treatment and exclusivity. He is glad Issei treats him like a normal guest, something which he will never experience anywhere. Yeah. Just come down to Earth any time and you’ll be treated like scum if you don’t flaunt your money or status. He updates Issei on Kokabiel. He is being imprisoned in a crystal for eternity by Azazel. He guarantees to protect Issei from Azazel because he too knows he is interested in colleting Sacred Gears. Then he changes the subject to Issei’s preference to big breast women. He gives him an idea what happens if he uses his Sacred Gear to boost Rias’ breasts. Bigger? Rounder? Smoother? Shinier? Could it be an imagination off the charts? Yeah. He is thinking so much about it that he couldn’t sleep all night. The next day as Issei goes to school, this guy named Vali Lucifer walks up to him and knows he is the wielder of the Welsh Dragon, Emperor of the Red Dragon. Because he is the Emperor of the White Dragon, Vanishing Dragon.

Episode 8
Yuuto and Xenovia warn Vali not to do anything stupid to Issei. Of course he isn’t afraid. If they aren’t afraid of innocent bystanders getting hurt, he’ll gladly fight them. With the entire Occult Club here, Rias wants to know his intention of coming here. He is just here to tell them those influenced by the dragons can never live decent lives. He wonders if this applies to her. He is not here to fight but just as greeting. Issei is worried because he could feel Rias’ sweaty palms. Later talking to Ddraig about the dragons’ relationship, long ago when the war between the 3 sides started, 2 dragons started fighting among each other in the midst for reasons they have forgotten because it was so long ago. It caused massive destruction to the point all the sides called a temporary truce to stop them. Of course the dragons didn’t like others interfering with their fight but in the end they were cut into pieces and sealed away in Sacred Gears. Since then, both dragons have used humans as a medium to continue their battle. There have been times when a host dies before the dragons meet and thus no fight. When Issei returns to class, he gets punched by Matsuda and Motohama. Yup. Another jealousy case about Xenovia joining the Occult Club. They are suspicious if he has already made a move on her. Things get worse when Xenovia is here to apologize and will do it properly. She shows a bunch of condoms for him to use and practice!

During Parent’s Day, they are allowed to come into class and observe the lesson. Issei’s class is supposed to sculpt something out of clay. What is it that he really desires? Mmm… He is thinking about Rias’ boobs and perfect body and before he realizes it, he has sculpted a magnificent masterpiece of Rias! Everyone is impressed. Or not impressed if you’re a Rias fan. So much so they want to even buy his sculpture! Issei’s parents are so happy. For they never knew such perversion could be a lucrative business. Even Aika commented for him to make such a perfect model, he must have touched Rias’ body. Even Akeno hints she would like one and allow him to touch every inch of her naked body. I’m sure Issei would love it if not for Rias and Asia’s objection. There is a commotion at the gym and a girl cosplaying as Magical Girl Milky Spiral Seven is attracting the guys. Saji shoos them away but Souna is not happy seeing her. Serafall Leviathan is her older sister and one of the current 4 Demon Kings. Somehow, I understand why Souna doesn’t get along well with her sister. Because Serafall fawns over her and is obsessed about magical girl stuffs. To a point it makes Souna cry and run away! Bet you never see this side of hers, eh? Not even the student council president can put her foot down and tell her to restrain herself. And then Rias’ father meets Issei’s parents. They even have a feast back home. Is this going to be a common practice when Rias family visits? They go through the recorded clips of their children during Parent’s Day. Rias got so embarrassed that she retreats to her room. That was like hell, wasn’t it? Ironic. Issei goes to console her and she takes the first strike by kissing him. That felt good, huh? I guess she learnt something from Akeno. Of course this doesn’t sit well with Asia and she wants a piece of the action too. Too bad Sirzechs have to ruin it because he thinks it is time for Rias to release her other Bishop. Previously she was too weak to control it but after watching her battle against Raiser and Kokabiel, he changed his mind. Her strength has increased and there are more people in her house now. If this is what he wants, she will comply.

Episode 9
There is a sealed room in the school building where the supposed Bishop is sealed. However they released the seal every night for the Bishop to roam free but apparently the Bishop is a shut-in. Ironically this Bishop also gets the most contract fulfilled. Just by opening the door, Gasper Vladi starts cowering in fear and whines she likes it in here, blah, blah, blah. Issei is happy to see a young blonde girl just like Asia. She might not have boobs but at least another girl to add to his harem. But Rias mentions Gasper is a boy. Say what? Cross-dressing is his hobby. Disappointed, eh? He never knew how screwed up this world is. Yeah. His mind is screwed up too. Rias adds before becoming a Demon, he is a child of a vampire and human. Gasper is so frightened that he seemingly disappears to a corner. Also explained that he possesses the Sacred Gear, Evil Eye That Stops The World. When he is nervous, it will momentarily stop time. It is because he cannot control this power, Sirzechs ordered him to be sealed away. But his power increases when he is unconscious and may even possess Balance Breaker. Gasper continues to hide in a box and is happy with his recluse life. Rias, Akeno and Yuuto are heading off to a meeting and she wants the rest to help educate him. Xenovia seems like a Spartan trying to train her physically. I thought she looked more like a bully. Is she enjoying this? Even Koneko. She’s throwing garlic at him. Loving it, aren’t they? Saji pays a visit and is thrilled to see the newbie till he is told about the cross-dressing. Disappointing, eh? When Azazel appears, everyone gets on their guard. He is disappointed Yuuto is not around. He advises Gasper of his Sacred Gear. It is dangerous if he doesn’t have enough magical power. Noting Saji’s Absorption Line, it belongs to the Black Dragon’s Vein. He even tells him some functions he never knew exist. Like using his line to drain Gasper’s excess power as it is one of the 5 great dragon kings, Prison Dragon Vritra. There is another faster way too. Suck Issei’s blood as he is the host of the Red Dragon. But can a cowardly guy like Gasper do so? He’s already complaining he hates blood. Despite being half-vampire. The  ‘re-education’ of Gasper continues but the no progress. More whining and crying.

He locks himself back in the room. Rias has to be called in the middle of the meeting. She explains there is a reason he is acting so. His father is from a distinguished vampire family while his mother an ordinary human. Because of that, he is shunned by other family members and when he came to the human world, everyone bullied him. Given that he couldn’t control his power, he was also hated. After hearing such fine speech, Issei takes it upon himself to handle it so Rias goes back to the meeting. He sits outside his door and talks to Gasper his usual way. Relating his experience when he was afraid to use his Sacred Gear at first, moving forward and never wanting to see Rias cry again. Gasper feels he is a hindrance to everyone but to Issei, he has never seen him as one as he is her precious junior and friend. He hopes he could lend his power to support Rias. Still afraid of his power? In fact, Issei envies it. Imagine he could stop time and stare underneath girls’ skirt and fondle boobs as much as he wants. Now that the ice is broken, Issei goes in to continue talking about his plan. The kind to fondle Rias’ boobs. That’s his current goal, right? Yuuto returns and is happy they are getting along fine. Issei has a plan for the guys. Gasper will freeze time to let Issei grope boobs. How does Yuuto fit in? He will defend him from anyone trying to stop him from executing his plan! He’d do anything for him, right? The other girls return and they want to be Gasper’s friend. Xenovia slams a paper bag on his head and suddenly he feels comfortable! He likes it! Thank Asia for this idea. Gasper is doing great. At least his confidence is there. Later Akeno wants Issei to meet her at the shrine. Can Demons be at such a place? It was abandoned but Rias made arrangement to gain ownership for her. An Angel with golden wings descends and he is Michael. Wow. Issei is lucky to have met the heads of all the factions.

Episode 10
Michael shows him a holy sword used to kill dragons, Dragon Slayer Ascalon. He wants Issei to have it and see how it assimilates with his Sacred Gear. Why him? He heard rumours he is the weakest successor (it’s a fact) and thought this would be a good auxiliary weapon for him. Although the majority doesn’t want to go to war, there is a minority faction that longs for it. If nothing is done, everyone will die in the end. There is also the threat of outside forces. Creatures from other myths and legends that may strike first. That is why it is necessary for the 3 sides to join forces to prevent needless bloodshed. Issei takes Ascalon and it perfectly fuses with his Sacred Gear. After Michael leaves, Issei asks Akeno about Barakiel. Did he step on a landmine? Akeno explains she was born from Barakiel and an ordinary temple woman. She picked him up when he was injured and that’s when Akeno was conceived. She shows him both wings of a Demon and Fallen Angel she has. She wants to know what Issei thinks. He must hate her because Fallen Angels once hurt Asia and attempted to destroy his city. He admits he hates Fallen Angels but Akeno is an exception because she is kind. And all the other nice things about her. I guess this turns on her feminine switch so she hugs him. She has decided. To be his number 3. She doesn’t mind adultery and wants him to spoil her more often. Issei couldn’t resist her seduction and lies on her lap pillow. What if Rias finds out? Oops. Too late. There she is. His cheeks got pinched. Thank goodness it is only that. Obviously she leaves mad and despite Akeno calling her the number one candidate, it doesn’t please her at all because she thought she was the furthest. Issei and Asia continue with Gasper’s training. He easily gives up but Issei reminds him about their goal. Yeah. His goal to grope women’s boobs. He is willing to play the devil as long as Gasper gets strong. Nice reasoning? Well, it motivated Gasper to carry on. Meanwhile Vali is seen talking to Azazel. The former regrets being born in this era because God is no more. He wanted a chance to defeat Him and is not interested in this boring world. Rias takes her Occult Club members (with the exception of Gasper and Koneko who stayed back) to the summit. All the important characters are here. They talk about Kokabiel’s attempts to start a war and Azazel sounds quite obnoxious in answering. He let Kokabiel roam free to see his intention and asked the White Dragon to dispose of him so he’s not going to come back ever. Azazel wants to get over with this boring discussion and form an alliance to get over this. He points out this is what the Demons wanted since the beginning.

Episode 11
Azazel asks the opinion of the dragons since they don’t belong to any faction but have the power to change the world. Vali just wants to fight strong people but he can do that without resorting to war, right? Issei can’t come up with an answer so Azazel puts it this way. If there is a war, he won’t get to sleep with Rias. Imagine there is peace, he’ll be able to have sex with her and produce babies every night. Not a bad deal, right? With that, Issei votes for peace and blurts out he wants to have sex with Rias. Oops. Issei has a question for Michael. Why did he expel Asia who was faithful to God? After His demise, only the system remained. It is barely functioning with him at the centre and hence anything that could negatively affect it must be purged. That’s why Asia and Xenovia were branded as heretics otherwise they couldn’t have maintained the system as they rely on the faith of the people. Michael is deeply sorry over it but Xenovia and Asia inform that they are living a great life as Demons. Suddenly time stops. Only high levelled entities and sword users are not frozen. Magicians swamp down into the place and start attacking. They deduce Gasper may have been captured and forced to amplify his power. Issei learns Gasper is more powerful than he thinks because he is a Mutation Piece (made up of several chess pieces from what I understand). Rias didn’t leave Koneko behind for no reason. Because she can do castling (a king and rook swap places). Grayfia suggests Rias can take along one more person if Sirzechs uses his power. Issei will go. Vali thinks it would be easier to just kill off Gasper and the enemy but Azazel reminds that they are here to make peace. So he orders Vali to fight the magicians and throw them into disarray. Vali easily transforms into his dragon form and kicks ass. Before Rias and Issei go, Azazel gives them an armband. One is for Issei to use as last resort to achieve Balance Breaker. The other is for Gasper to control his power.

After they leave, Cattleya appears before everyone. She is the descendent of Leviathan and was one of the Demon Kings before Serafall took over. She is all for war and chaos. She has concluded that after God and the Demon Kings death, a new world needs to be recreated as seen fit. Azazel decides to fight her alone. Noting her powerful aura, he knows descendents cannot be this powerful and wonders who is supporting her from behind. She isn’t telling. Rias is surprised to see Cattleya. Explaining to Issei, after the Demon Kings died, new ones assumed their names. The Demons could have been totally wiped out had the war not been stopped but the descendents of the old Demon Kings wished for the war to continue and were banished to a corner of the Underworld. Cattleya is that descendent of that old Demon Lord Leviathan. But they can’t be preoccupied with this fight as they have to rescue Gasper and Koneko. Rias orders Issei to promote himself into Queen. When they break in, Gasper wants them to kill him. He regrets causing trouble again. Rias tells him off not to say such foolish things and reminds him when she picked him up, she told him to live for her sake and at the same time find a way of life that he finds satisfying. In short, she will never abandon him. She treasures her servants and it’s okay for him to cause her lots of problems (like Issei?) because she will continue to scold him again, comfort him again but will never let him go. Issei nails it that everyone is his comrades. So don’t give up and fight. He summons Ascalon just to cut his own hand and fling his blood towards Gasper. A taste of that little drip causes Gasper to power up, stopping time to free himself and Koneko. Then he goes on a batty rampage against his captors with Issei performing his finishing move of breaking their robes. Say, why are all those magicians females? Now he wants to grope their perfect boobs but of course at this time of chaos, Rias won’t let him. They have to hurry back to the rest.

Episode 12
Once Gasper is in Sirzechs’ hands, Rias and co go on the offensive. But seeing them in action is not enough for Gasper. It’s that guilt trip again. He feels he wants to be a more manly man to help them so he takes off the armband. This causes time to resume normally and unfreeze those affected. Azazel takes out Downfall Dragon Spear, an artificial Sacred Gear he made and turns himself into a Dragon Armour. In a swift blow, he deals quite a damage to Cattleya. She is not going down alone and plans to take him along so Azazel sacrifices his left arm to kill her off. After the rest of the other magicians are eliminated, Vali attacks and almost hits Azazel and Issei. Turns out Vali is the traitor among the group. Azazel wants to confirm something from him. His deputy, Shemhaza deduced somebody has been collecting dangerous elements among the 3 forces and formed an organization called Khaos Brigade. The one holding them together is Uroboros Dragon, Ophis, believed to be the strongest dragon even God fears. Vali admits he joined forces with Ophis but has no interest in this world. People who wish to use their power simply flock to them on their own. Everyone is surprised to learn Vali is the descendent of the previous Demon King. His father a Demon King and mother a mere human. A half breed. Because of this mixture, Vali considers himself to be miraculously strong and makes comparisons with Issei whom he considers weak. He thinks of awakening Issei’s brutal side by killing his parents. Issei is so upset with those words that he over boosts and transforms into his armoured version. All that hatred has channelled to draw out the dragon’s true power. However Vali is still superior since he is able to absorb his power. Vali has another idea. Maybe he should kill his friends first and then go for his parents. Issei is totally worked up and pummels Vali. He even lets him absorb all the power so his armour breaks from the overflow. But you know what? Vali could easily regain his armour.

Issei is going to do a move that is considered suicide but he isn’t going to die yet. Not until he has taken Rias’ virginity. He is willing to bear the pain. And so Issei tries to absorb and fuse Vali’s power. Vali thinks it is impossible because the White and Red Dragon are opposites. But seeing Yuuto did with his hybrid sword have opened up this possibility. He might be a fool with no talent. He’ll just do it with all his emotions. Vali gets serious when he starts distorting the dimension so Azazel plans to do one more experiment. He makes it easier for Issei to understand. Vali’s power halves everything, right? So imagine if Rias’ boobs are halved. Oh. He gets the idea. The horror if all the boobs in the world are halved! See the tremendous power overflowing through Issei! Unforgivable! He becomes stronger and faster and connects every punch into Vali’s face. This is for Rias’ boobs! Akeno! Xenovia! Asia! Not forgetting Koneko too! Vali wants to unleash Juggernaut Drive but Albion advises this is not the place to do it. Issei is already near his limit. Vali’s subordinate, Bikou breaks the fight. He is supposed to be Son Goku from the Journey To The West. He informs they’re going to be fighting Earth Gods in the north so they’ve been called back. Till the next time they meet, Vali hopes Issei will go stronger. Issei is glad he has protected those boobs. And is rewarded with Rias’. He asks Michael for one last favour. To let Xenovia and Asia offer their prayer. Since they are okay that God is dead, they still want to do so. He is willing to tweak the system for them as a couple of demons doing so won’t be any different. Irina apologizes for jumping to conclusion that they betrayed the faith, now that she knows the truth. Next day, the Occult Club members get a surprise because Azazel has become their advisor and will be staying on Earth for a while. He got Sirzechs’ permission and also Souna somewhat sold them out because she was ‘threatened’ that Serafall would be transferred here. Azazel’s left arm is now mechanical and equipped with lots of gadgets. Another condition for his stay here is that he is to help develop their Sacred Gears and will hammer in the results of his research. Oh, one last message from Sirzechs. During his stay at Issei’s place, he noticed the importance of skinship to Issei. Thus he allows all girls of the club to stay at his place! And so, Akeno, Xenovia and Koneko move in. It’s going to be crowded. The competition is going to be intense. Maybe they should get a bigger house. And with peaceful times around, the girls get to fight over Issei as they walk to school. Azazel notes white the white desires power, the red desires women. Even without God, the world still turns.

Boobs For World Peace!
It doesn’t disappoint and I can say that this season is as good as the previous, if not getting better. Despite the handful of new characters and terms introduced, thankfully I can still manage it and it made me even more curious to find out what next. So please, let’s have another third season, okay? Even if the ending as usual isn’t one that really ends but opens up a whole lot of new possibilities, I suppose the execution was done right to leave viewers like me wanting more of the series in terms of the plot rather than the fanservice. Yes. Believe it. I prefer the story to the fanservice which just comes off as extra bonus.

So let’s talk about the fanservice first and get this out of the way. The version I saw was the uncensored one just like last season. (As usual they gave 2 choices of censored or uncensored and I opted the latter not because I am a pervert but rather the fansubs of the show that previously did this and I am sticking too took that version). This means there are lots of naked big boobs zoom in (courtesy of Rias and Akeno providing lots of them) and panty shots from certain angle just to tease our horny desires. So what is the point of buying the DVDs if you can watch these uncensored already? As I found out, the DVDs contain extra fanservice scenes so a normal episode that runs approximately 24 minutes is blown up to close to 30 minutes! Wow. Extra fanservice moments and I can guess which scenes they are. Since I’m not really that hard up, I will pass. Really. The mid-intermission is still another place for topless fanservice that is worthy of being a Playboy pull-out. The girls in random poses and in very ambiguous positions but enough to cover the necessary parts so as not to make this hentai. Just the disturbing thing is that Gasper did have one or two poses of his own. Is the trap fetish rising in the world? I know I would be sorely disappointed too…

Issei is still the same person as we know in the first season. He truly treasures his friends and is willing to stand up for them. However there is something about the way he gets worked up when somebody says bad about them. I know it’s a good thing but he is filled with so much angst that you can’t help feel that as though that person belongs to Issei. For instance, people badmouth Asia and Issei really tells them off. But the way he says it makes it feel as though Asia is his property and belongs to nobody else. Why not? That’s what a harem is all about, right? He is even kind enough to ask Michael to let Asia and Xenovia say some prayers to God. Nobody would have gotten this for them, would they? It would be a pain (literally) to see them say their prayers and then feel the effects of headache. Cute but pitiful. Power wise, he may still be the weakest but he is still growing and thanks to his perverted power and his ultimate goal of taking Rias’ virginity, it proves that the power of perversion is the most powerful instant power of all time. More powerful than the glucose athletes take for power before their serious competition. Well, at least he has a goal in life. From the looks of it, it seems that Issei has a lot more to go and a lot more ways he could power up and fuse stuffs and weapons. It all boils down to the will of his heart. Even a fool can turn the impossible possible. Also, despite Issei’s power up and improvement, it feels like he didn’t go anywhere. His Sacred Gear may have been through several evolutions but from an overall perspective, he is still pretty much weak due to his physical abilities. Then there is his goal of becoming harem king. Doesn’t feel like he is an inch closer although we can sense that the Occult Club girls are getting closer to him by the day. But still in this sense, he didn’t move much, didn’t he?

It is also nice to see some of the Occult Club members like Yuuto and Akeno to have their past revealed with the first half heavily focusing on Yuuto. I guess this is partly to show that Issei isn’t the only guy who has to hog the spotlight. Well, not the harem spotlight, that is. You can count on everyone in the Occult Club to still be the same people they are except with some minor or major improvements in their battle repertoire. Though, I somehow felt Koneko was very much side-lined in this season and as far as I can remember her main role is to be the deadpan tsukkomi part for Issei’s perversion. It’s great to see the Occult Club gaining more members and Rias is slowly on her way to complete her own set of chess pieces. All that is left now is a rook and 7 more pawns. Or maybe Issei is too big of a pawn that he fills up all the pawn roles. Xenovia sounds serious but sometimes I can’t help feel she is a little airhead especially when it comes to anything else other than fighting or praying to God. Her making babies statement is one good example. She doesn’t sound desperate. She doesn’t sound like she understood the entire concept of it. Like a robot, maybe? I guess with mature women and lolis in the club, they try to have a trap feature with Gasper. It’s because of his low self-confidence and whiny ways that makes him sound girly. So girly that I thought he should also be staying in Issei’s house. It’s all in the mind… I’m not sure if he understands the implication of helping Issei’s perverted dream but at least it boosts his self-confidence.

New characters bring in new breathe of life into the storyline with the heads of the 3 main factions as cool as the position they sit in. Azazel is cool because he has confidence in everything he says despite there is a pinch of arrogance in it. It’s like he knows a lot of things. Probably thanks to his research. Michael seems to be holding out playing God’s role quite well. He wouldn’t have been God’s archangel if he starts feeling the strain of everything. Vali is superbly powerful and could be the next big antagonist if there is ever another season. He recharges fast and loves challenging strong people. Ironically even though he views Issei as the weakest, he sees potential in him and wants him to grow stronger before their ultimate showdown in the future. Minor characters from the first season like Saji have been given a little more screen time with his surprise Sacred Gear and who knows what kind of potential this guy would have. Will he be Issei’s ally or rival? Some new characters don’t seem to have much impact yet such as Serafall. Just this season, she is shown as a magical girl fanatic who dotes on her younger sister. Likewise with Irina, during Kokabiel’s arc and after his defeat, I don’t feel much of her impact overall. Instead it went to Xenovia since she joined the club. Then there are those like Cattleya who just appeared for the final 2 episodes and got killed off. Finally, I’m wondering what happened to Freed. He was in Albion’s hands the last we saw him. Have they got what they wanted from him? Either way, will he be back in the future?

The romance part may not be developing that much but you can see some developments in the sense that Rias is getting more and more concerned about Issei, especially if she takes his eyes off him. Because for all you know the seductive Akeno may just steal him from underneath her nose. Akeno has always been able to keep her cool and in this sense she is quite a ‘dangerous’ person if she were to snatch Issei away from her. I know Issei will always consider Rias to be her number one but when you are a guy whose horniness does the talking, any sexy girl who can give you such pleasure will definitely take top spot. As seen many times when it comes to Issei, Akeno is willing to defy her master and make her move. Or is it just a ploy to get Rias to realize what is important to her and make her move first? It makes me wonder if Akeno considers herself as number 3, who is number 2 then? Asia or Xenovia? Because Asia has been living with Issei and they have this closeness and bond whereas Xenovia may be clueless but she’s bold enough to even bring in the condoms and doesn’t get nervy when she uses the sex word. I thought Irina would have been another major player in Issei’s potential harem since she is her childhood friend but looks could be deceiving. But I guess she’s more faithful to God. Maybe next time.

The action is rather okay this season and with the new power ups and several terms, it doesn’t feel heavy or overwhelming. Each fight is packed with power and you could feel the energy brimming especially from Issei when he boosts up. Maybe as we progress, there will be lots more other terms coming into play since as hinted there are other supernatural creatures from legends and myths around in addition to the 3 great factions. Yeah. I have a feeling this show is going to be a big messy melting pot involving monsters, aliens, gods and demi-gods. If everybody starts fighting, Earth is going to be one hell of a messed up place. That means no time for fooling around in your harem. So remember people. Always vote for peace!

But the mind boggling part is that God is dead for a long time. Someone we all believed to be the Creator of the universe is dead? Not even eternal? That’s news. If that is the case, it just brings more questions if there is another higher being than God. Because if God was really powerful and almighty, the great war wouldn’t have taken so long and victory would have been on Heaven’s side. Don’t tell me everything was just a ploy because God was just playing dead to test the faith of everyone, He is in hiding for some ultimate plan of His, so and so. That would be major disappointing. Assuming God in this anime is really dead, it proves that life can still go on. Not to say that we don’t need God to carry on life, rather like what Asia implied, there is more to life than just concentrating everything onto the Lord. You’ll experience lots of other stuffs that way. I think that is what God wants too. Another irony seen is that the Demons are like the good guys as far as this anime is concerned. But don’t let your type pigeonhole everything. It’s not your status or creature type that counts. It’s the inside. Now you understand why some girls flock over to Issei despite his obvious perverted brain and not his buddies?

With seiyuus of last season retained, many joined this season’s cast that includes Rikiya Koyama as Azazel (Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero), Ryota Ohsaka as Vali (Staz in Blood Lad), Risa Taneda as Xenovia (Yukari in Yuyushiki), Ayane Sakura as Gasper (Miyabi in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru), Ai Shimizu as Serafall (Ren in DearS), Maaya Uchida as Irina (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Michael (Shihcika in Katanagatari, Arata in Chihayafuru), Hiroki Yasumoto as Kokabiel (Sado in Bleach), Ryota Takeuchi as Albion (Drake in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Eizou Tsuda as Balba (Heinemann in Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse) and Harumi Sakurai as Cattleya (Lisanna in Fairy Tail).

For this season, there are 2 opening and ending themes. Somehow they all don’t appeal to me. Probably it sounded and looked too generic. The first opening theme is Sympathy by Larval Stage Planning while the second opening song is Gekijouron by ZAQ. The ending themes are sung by the Occult Club female members. The first one being Houteishiki Wa Kotaenai and the second one, Lovely Devil. Both animations are filled with fanservice with the first one having naked unknown girls whom I believe are Issei’s classmates. Since last season we had pole dancing fanservice, this time for the second ending credits animation we have some sort of funny erotic dance. Either in some sort of erotic animal suit or S&M bikini. The most disturbing part is that Gasper is part of it (including singing the song). See! Do I sense some sort of trap fetish here?! It could have been straightforward if Gasper was casted as a girl but noooo… They had to screw the minds of us who are not trap fetish with so many scenes in the anime having Gasper in certain ambiguous positions. Sure Gasper looks cute and lovely… But remember… He’s a guy… So screwed up… I understand how Issei and Saji feel…

Overall, the second season is just as fun as the first with more characters and more storyline-cum-politics from all the factions to drive the plot somewhere. It will be great to see another season in the works and probably they could make this one last longer. Of course there is a caution that when you have so high expectations, the sequels will not turn out as great as you think. But still, I have really high hopes for this series. Packing in some drama, action, supernatural fantasy, romance and comedy all into one. Oh yeah. Don’t forget the ecchi fanservice. You can’t do this series without it. Now can we use sex as an argument and excuse to advocate for world peace? Maybe. If you’re Issei with a badass Sacred Gear. Otherwise just vote for peace and be a closet pervert. Because when war comes, nobody gets time to enjoy their favourite perverted past time. Then there would be a big world filled with angry and people full of rage not getting their daily dose of porn.

High School DxD OVA

September 13, 2013

Before they released the much anticipated second season (which is running now), they released High School DxD OVA as an appetizer before the main course. It may be almost a year since the first season ended and to some that may have felt like ages. So to whip up those craving for perversion once more, I guess it is necessary to bring back those old perverted memories and feelings of this series with a single OVA episode. This is actually the fourteenth episode of the first season but if you want to talk about plot and all, don’t bother about it. Besides, although this series is a rare one whereby the plot is interesting, the main reason you’re watching this show because of the fanservice and tits, right? RIGHT?!

I’m Searching For Breasts!
Rias gives the green light to Issei and Asia to follow and observe what the demons do on their usual job. First, they follow Koneko to play a fighting video game with Morisawa (Koneko beats him flat – no pun intended). Next, they follow Yuuto and it seems this pretty busty lady, Mika is expecting him and wanting the usual. Does he provide such service? Actually, the usual is for Yuuto to cook for her while she catches up on sleep after a busy day at work. And then it is Akeno’s turn. What could possibly be wrong that the powerful president of a large company needs her help? Assassinating a rival?! Nope! Sexual service?! Well… It almost seems that way since the president is putting up such an ambiguous satisfying face and moaning with Akeno in S&M outfit. She’s actually massaging his feet. What a way to relief stress, huh? Finally, Rias too gets a big job herself and this time her entire team follows her. Archaeologist Professor Nishiura has excavated a coffin from some Egyptian ruin. The demons feel some evil aura from it. As explained, all those involved got into some sort of misfortune. There is some sort of curse on it. But the first thing Issei sees is a pair of hieroglyphs that resembles boobs. Nishiura continues that to lift the curse, a beautiful busty woman is needed. All those who got misfortune were old scientist guys. I guess this explains it. We know what kind of mummy is locked underneath it. Rias takes a closer look and her boobs accidentally press against the boobs hieroglyphs. The coffin opens.

Issei takes a closer look when he is suddenly possessed by the spirit of this mummified shaman, Unas. Issei is reduced to a spectator in his own body. Unas claims himself to be a high class priest who has been cursed by a high level female demon related to Archduke Agares, a lineage only second to the Demon King. In his quest to increase his power, he summoned the high class demon but during the negotiation, he got cursed into a long slumber. If they want Issei’s body back, they must undo the curse. Well, Rias doesn’t want anyone else messing with her cute servant, eh? There are 3 curses that need to be removed. First, Rias must where a skimpy outfit and dance. Oh yeah! Belly dancing! Shake those hips! Shake those boobs! As proof it is not some perverted rip-off, a seal of the curse disappears. To lift the next curse, he must be kissed by a beautiful lady. Unas targets Koneko since he thought she was looking at him passionately. Actually she was trying to determine if the pervertness was stemming from Issei or Unas. Unas tries to force kiss Koneko and Issei fears he will be punched instead. Or maybe she might just give in and kiss him. Not a chance. Punched! Unas falls back and trips. Asia tries to catch him but also trips. Accidentally she kisses him on the cheek. Second curse lifted. The final one must have him fondle the breasts. Who has the biggest breast? Akeno, that’s you. Wow. Issei must be enjoying this possession. But he won’t let Unas do it because he heard his thoughts that undoing the curse means his revival. That’s something bad, right? Issei and Unas are fighting each other with the former trying to restrain his own body from doing something perverted. But Unas tries to convince him about this supreme moment of bliss. Imagine if he can sink his face into Akeno’s boobs. Not a bad idea, eh?

Once Unas does that, the curse is totally lifted. Issei’s worst fears come true. Unas has revived and he is going to avenge Agares for sealing him. Rias had her suspicions on him from the start. She just wants to know why he was cursed. He reveals when he summoned Agares, he got enthralled by her beauty and wanted her to be his wife slave. Of course when you summon something such high class, it needs something of equivalent value, right? That’s why she got pissed and cursed him. And so it is decided they will beat the crap out of him. No, erase him from the face of this earth. Nishiura even gives his permission as long as they don’t destroy the coffin. However Unas binds the girls with his bandages. Why does this tentacle rape scene always happen to them? Rias hints to Issei to do that so he boosts his Gear and touches the girls. Their clothes break and this sets them free. Although they are in their birthday suit. While Unas is revelling in such a beautiful sight of naked ladies, they use this chance to blast him with all they’ve got. No mercy. So back home, Issei more or else gets an idea what demons have been doing as their way of life. It’s almost similar to what they have been doing. Akeno comes in with another request from Nishiura that he has unearthed a coffin from the ruins of China. Rias wants to pass this job up and to some other high level demon due to the recent incident. Issei is one disappointed pervert…

Curse Of The Pervert
Well, it seems pretty (in)decent for an OVA. At least they don’t have tits in your face every 5 seconds. I guess that’s bearable. Enough fanservice for a single OVA. Don’t be so greedy. So does it bring back the memories and nostalgia of what this series is all about? The main characters are still the very same as how I remember them from the first season. Rias the cool leader, Issei the big pervert but also has a big heart (I guess he is still a long way from being his own harem king), Akeno the carefree and sometimes sadistic with an eternal smile on her face, Yuuto the gentleman, Koneko the stoic and emotionless, and Asia the naive cutie who still has trouble about differentiating which side she belongs to. When will she remember that thinking about God will only land her major headaches if you pray or mention His name? I guess it seems that even if you are a pervert thousands of years ago, you’ll still always be a pervert when you wake up from your slumber. Some things never change. Won’t change. I’m sure Issei can relate to how Unas feels to a point. Except that don’t mess with his girls. Well, they’re not entirely his yet. But you get what I mean. I remember I said the last time in my blog that I am looking forward to the sequel and that interest still has not diminished. I won’t start right away but once I am ready, I know when to begin. There is no rush in trying to finish it, right? Take your time. The pervert and fanservice aren’t going anywhere.

It’s been a long time since I have done another versus blog. I really wanted to do one between the ecchi themed animes of High School DxD (DxD) and Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai (Boku H) for a long time since I spotted several similarities but kept dragging my feet and that procrastination got the better of me. So one day I decided whether or not I have all the details I need to do this versus, I better do it now before I forget them. And so, not one of my best versus anyway but here goes.

School attended
DxD: Kuou Academy.
Boku H: Momozono Academy.

The main hero
They’re both perverted too…
DxD: Issei Hyoudo.
Boku H: Ryousuke Kaga.

The main heroine
They are both red heads and whom the hero is contracted to. Oh, they end up living in his place too.
DxD: Rias Gremory.
Boku H: Lisara Restall.

How the hero and heroine met
DxD: Issei noticed Rias looking at him from her club room after he got beaten up by girls accusing him of peeping.
Boku H: Ryousuke sees Lisara standing outside his house under the rain and offers her to come in and dry.

The hero almost died
DxD: Issei got killed on his first date by his first girlfriend but was revived by Rias.
Boku H: Lisara stabs him with a broken sword in his heart to take his energy. Later, Ryousuke learns he has got 3 months to live unless they find the special specimen to save his life.

Hidden power within him
DxD: A Sacred Gear called Boosted Gear in which he wears on his left arm.
Boku H: Half of a broken sword called Gram.

His expanding power
DxD: As the lowest ranking chess piece, pawn, his position’s specialty is Promotion whereby he can gain abilities of other pieces/opponents if he gets behind enemy lines.
Boku H: As long as he has got his perverted power, this will provide Lisara with the source of energy needed. Horniness = Love = Justice!

His pervertness
DxD: Wants to create his own harem by becoming the Harem King.
Boku H: His energy is derived from his ‘kingdom’, his ‘Cosmos’.

Her pedigree
DxD: Rias is from one the highest ranking families in the demon world, Gremory.
Boku H: Lisara is from the heiress of the highest esteemed family of Grimworld.

The club
The one that our hero joined.
DxD: Occult Club.
Boku H: I’m not sure what the official name of Ryousuke’s club is but he seems to be the emperor of this perverted club.

Other supporting friends
DxD: Akeno Himejima, Koneko Toujou, Yuuto Kiba and Asia Argento.
Boku H: Mina Okura, Quele Zeria and Iria Fukumune.

The classmate
Supposedly the hero’s friend or classmate.
DxD: Matsuda and Motohama. Perverted partners in crime with Issei.
Boku H: Ohira. Not much is known about him due to his short cameo appearance.

Main antagonist
DxD: Initially Reinare then Raiser Phenex.
Boku H: Galdarblog.

Antagonist’s plan
DxD: To marry Rias and attain ultimate control.
Boku H: To destroy the border between Grimworld and Earth so as to lengthen the lifespan of both sides.

Enemy types
DxD: Demons, angels and fallen angels.
Boku H: Grim Reapers and monsters.

The maid
DxD: Grayfia.
Boku H: Hild and Urs.

Emotionless girl
DxD: Koneko.
Boku H: Dalnia Earheart.

DxD: Ravel.
Boku H: Lisara.

DxD: Raiser.
Boku H: Hikaru Tamano.

DxD: Asia has a little dragon familiar called Rassei. It always zaps Issei if he gets too close to her.
Boku H: Ryousuke has a German shepherd dog named Caesar.

Hero’s parents
DxD: Issei’s parents know about his perverted nature seemed to have given up on him having to find a wife. Imagine their happiness when there is a girl they think ‘dumb enough’ to stay with him.
Boku H: Ryousuke’s single mother, Satomi is currently working away at Germany. His father has the same name as him and somewhat disappeared when Satomi was carrying her unborn son.

The big war
DxD: A three-way war between demons, angels and fallen angels that seemed to last for eternity ended with no clear winner and all sides suffering heavy casualties.
Boku H: A war breaks out between rival factions in Grimworld to take control of the Tuleslay tower that gathers and stores energy from humans and also the gate that links Grimworld to Earth.

Rescue mission
DxD: Issei and co go all out to save Asia when she is kidnapped by Reinare who wants her Sacred Gear.
Boku H: Ryousuke and the girls dive into Grimworld to rescue Mina after being kidnapped by Galdarblog. They might have saved her but it causes both worlds to fuse.

More rescue mission
DxD: Issei goes to confront Raiser in a one on one match at his engagement party to rescue Rias from being forever his wife.
Boku H: After Ryousuke goes into comatose state, Lisara has to separate her soul from her body and dive into Ryousuke’s mind to bring his soul back.

Games people play
DxD: Rias and her team play the Rating Game with Raiser and his chess pieces over their engagement. Rias surrenders and concedes defeat just to have Issei’s life spared.
Boku H: In order to keep Ryousuke from leaving home and to prevent him from finding out the truth of the world’s merger, they play a game of cards in which the loser stripes a piece of clothing. Guess who cheated and ended up getting busted with all the cards up his sleeve?

Training day
DxD: To prepare for the Rating Game, the 10 day period will be used to strengthen Issei for the game with the other friends giving him one-on-one lessons.
Boku H: Ryousuke does his training with an invisible dictionary! It replenishes his ‘kingdom’ power by associating perverted words and visualizes them.

Studio production
DxD:  TNK.
Boku H: feel.

Number of episodes
DxD: 12 episodes + 2 OVAs and 6 specials from the DVD. A second season started its run in mid 2013.
Boku H: 12 episodes + 1 recap episode and 1 OVA. No sequel has been announced yet.

Opening theme
DxD: Trip -Innocent of D- by Larval Stage Planning.
Boku H: Reason why XXX by Sayaka Sasaki.

Ending theme
DxD: STUDYxSTUDY by StylipS (consists of the seiyuus of the female members of Occult Club).
Boku H: Platinum 17 by Yozuca.

In many ways, I still prefer High School DxD as compared to Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai since the former has lots of potential in terms of character development and plot despite the various terms and many other characters that have yet to come in the fray. Just to cut a long story short, both animes have its own share of fanservice, action and romance but of course like I have said I still favour the former to be better in many areas than the latter. It goes to show that even being perverts, you can end up from being ero to hero and then maybe back to ero again. Haha! Once a pervert, always a pervert.

High School DxD

December 16, 2012

If you think the relationship between Gods and Demons were just like cats and dogs, then you don’t really know much about all those deeper and complicated stuff that happened way before you were born in a place that wasn’t on Earth. I won’t say watching High School DxD would be suffice to explain that first line, in fact it is just a prelude, tip of the iceberg. Don’t fret. This anime isn’t intended to make you change your faith to either God or Demons. Instead, you’re supposed to be in for the ecchi fanservice. Yeah! Love that word? Unless you have zero tolerance for ecchi then you should get the hell out of here because it might just contaminate your pure soul as every bad ecchi scene is like the tainted demon.

So basically for the storyline, all you need to know is just this. Normal high school guy is a pervert. Yes, you need that in the main protagonist if you’re going to make this ecchi genre work. He wants his own harem. He can’t. Because he’s a loser. By the time he amazingly gets his first girlfriend (note, no divine intervention), he steps into something dark and sinister. Gets killed, revived, become somebody’s servant and learns he possesses something really valuable and powerful within his body. Must learn to control it, use that powerful wisely because he’ll be facing loads of powerful creatures who wants him dead. In the mean time, being a servant to some master isn’t all that bad if your master is a real hot sexy busty babe. Oh yeah. And if she has a club with a few girls in it, he is one step closer to his harem dream, eh? Can he become his own harem king or will they step all over him? Who cares about all that complicated Angels and Demons stuff because what he needs (and us) are some girls flocking around his side while he gets used to his new life. I suppose some exciting things in life only happen after you die.

Just like in very heavily ecchi themed animes, there will always be the eternal choice of 2 types of viewing. Depending on how desperate/perverted/conscious-minded you are, it’s either you want to watch the censored version or the uncensored one. And if you really want to see everything off and have the patience, wait for the DVDs and Blu-Rays to come out. So the version that I have watched is the uncensored one. Not because I’m a major pervert like the main protagonist (okay, you can blame a part of me for that but not entirely) but I guess from everybody’s comment and ‘past experience’ that if you are going to decide and watch this kind of genre, viewing some skin and in this series, bare tits are a necessary evil. At least for this series they don’t overdo it like Seikon No Qwaser or Manyuu Hikenchou so the bare breasts are still bearable (mind the pun).

Episode 1
Why are perverts like Issei Hyoudou, Matsuda and Motohama in Kuou Academy? It was once an all-girls school and now it has gone co-ed. What does this mean? They’re here to make their own harem. But 2 years have passed and they’re still girlfriendless. More accurately, losers. Unless you’re like the handsome honours student, Yuuto Kiba that girls would swoon over, kiss that dream goodbye. Still they haven’t give up and go peep at the kendo girls changing. The commotion they caused trying to take a peep has alerted their presence and I suppose they must be regulars for the girls to note that it is theses bozos again. It’s time for pain. While Issei is ruing his chance to his pals, they notice a red haired girl, Rias Gremory looking at them from her Occult Club. She too seems to take a curiosity towards Issei. That evening, a girl Yuuma Amano claims she has been watching Issei for a long time and wants him to go out with her. Woah. WOAH! Wait a minute! This better not be a dream! Issei brags to his buddies that he has a girlfriend now and even plan to go out on a date this weekend. Meanwhile Rias has her subjects observe Issei. They will leave things as they are now because everything will be up to him. As Issei waits for Yuuma, a strange promoter gives him a strange card. But after that it’s the highly anticipated date. Yeah, he’s having so much fun especially looking at her boobs that he almost choked on his drink. That good, huh? At the end of the day, she wants a final request. Can this be it? Kiss? Sex? Neither. Die. Eh? Say what? JUST DIE! Yuuma transforms into her true form. Let’s say she has black feather wings and in even scanty clothes. So scanty that Issei could even quip he saw her naked boobs during her transformation. Yuuma stabs him with her Spear of Light and says if he wants to blame somebody, curse the gods who placed the sacred gear within his body. Issei lies in his pool of blood, confused what’s going on. Even in near death he got the cheek to say he should’ve touched those boobs if he knew he was going to die. Regret now? Yeah, he would even prefer to die in Rias’ humungous boobs. Then suddenly an insignia is formed over his blood and from the strange card emerges Rias. She too has those wings as she tells him that since he is going to die, she’ll pick up his soul. He will be living for her sake. This better be a dream.

Seems like it when Issei wakes up in his bed next morning. His friends have no recollection who Yuuma is. There is no proof that she exists. Not even the email that she gave Issei is in his handphone anymore. While his friends are watching porn, Issei just feels one kind. Something is wrong. Even though they shut off the lights, the room still feels bright for him. Then he leaves. He notices his visions have heightened in the darkness and can also hear distance voices. He wanders to the park where he supposedly died. A Fallen Angel, Donashik appears before him and well, tries to kill him. He is saying Issei has no magic sign or symbol on him. No indication of any master or allies. He must be a Stray. Get all what he is saying? No? Then run! Issei runs for his life and even quips if he is going to get killed again, might as well be that cute babe. No such luck this time. His lance already stabbed through his stomach. He would’ve been dead for real if Rias and her underlings didn’t show up to protect Issei. Donashik recognizes Rias as the next head of the Gremory family. They both exchange ‘pleasantries’ and warn each other if the other is being careless. Donashik backs down for now and flies away. Rias admits she was careless over Issei but won’t let him die. Next morning, Issei wakes up in his room. Naked. Was it a dream? Then he sees Rias sleeping next to him. NAKED! Do you want this to be a dream or not?! No choice. Rias says this is reality. Here is another reality check. She is a Demon and is Issei’s master. I don’t this has anything to do with S&M play.

Episode 2
What happens when you mother walks into the room? In Issei’s case, she ran out to complain to daddy that despite it’s normal for boys to masturbate in the morning (is it? I think daddy must’ve done it himself before), her son is having intercourse with a foreigner! This is going to be an international scandal! Rias allows Issei to look at her breasts all he wants (Hallelujah!) and explains how she shared her powers to heal his body. That’s why they’re naked (Praise the Lord!). Don’t worry, she’s still a virgin. Why does Issei looked so disappointed? So when popular idol such as Rias walks to school with a loser like Issei, there are lots of fans and admirers from both sides of the gender in shock. What the hell? Later Yuuto picks up Issei to bring him to the Occult Club. I’m sure those girls are darn jealous and worried Issei might just ‘taint’ him. I think they got too wild an imagination. In the club room, he is introduced to loli Koneko Toujou and vice president Akeno Himejima. I’m sure he is loving this place. Great girls and there’s a shower to boot. Oh, here comes Rias out of the shower. Wonderful club! On to serious stuff, Rias explains this club is just a facade. They are all Demons. Yes, you heard that right. Fallen Angels were Angels who once served God but cast away due to their wickedness. They try to take control of humans to destroy Demons. Since ancient times, there has been a war for supremacy for hell between Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels. So it’s basically a three-way fight. Why the heaven would Angels want to control hell? This is too much for Issei to comprehend. I guess if it doesn’t involve boobs and panties, he’s not interested. Rias shows him a picture of Amano. Proof that she really exists. About others don’t remember about her, she used her powers to erase memories (just like what Rias did to Issei’s parents to make them open minded about their morning nudity). The Fallen Angels’ goal was to kill him after ascertaining if he had a weapon that could kill them. That weapon is Sacred Gear and has enough power to kill Fallen Angels and Demons. Rias has Issei draw out his Sacred Gear. But I guess with him so fixated on a certain part of her body, he can’t fully concentration. Yeah, his concentration is elsewhere. As for Issei being alive, when he was dying, he summoned her via the strange card with a pentagram. So Issei is being reborn as a Demon’s servant. Issei couldn’t believe he is one of them now. Better believe it because he got those wings too.

However there is one plus point to all this. As no one can draw magic circles to summon Demons nowadays, they give out those cards to people whom they think can summon them. So Issei may get his own servants and yeah, do lots of stuff he wants on them. Oh yes! He’s glad he’s not human anymore. He wasn’t one to begin with in the decency and morals department. Koneko has got some contracts so Rias wants Issei to help out and he might get his very own pact. She gives him the mark of the Gremory Clan on his palm. But all that hyped set up of the setup is for nought because Issei can’t teleport. So he has to pathetically ride all the way there with his bicycle. Yeah, a Demon on a bike. The person who is supposed to sign the contract, Morisawa isn’t happy it isn’t Koneko because it was her he summoned. Till Issei throws his pathetic tantrum that he lets him in. Then they get into some debate about their strongest favourite character of a manga series. Huh? In the end, Issei left without getting him to sign the contract. Suddenly a Fallen Angel babe appears. She is not happy Issei is alive because he is supposed to be dead. She sees his mark and never thought the Gremory Clan would take him in. Is Issei going to die again? Thinking he needs a power to beat her, remembering Rias’ words to focus and the inspiration from that debate with Morisawa, his Sacred Gear materializes on his left hand and blows that babe away. At least stark naked. She is so shocked with his power that she decides to report back first before she kills him. I guess this means he lives for another day. Though Rias praises Issei for being able to summon his Sacred Gear, this has also put them in a bad spot because the Fallen Angels have learnt he has been rescued and resurrected as a Demon. Next morning, it is one of those aftermath mornings. Don’t feel too good after getting scolded by Rias. That kind of worried feeling if he’ll screw up. But the day is brightened up when a cute loli nun trips, Asia Argento accidentally giving him a great full fanservice view of her white pantsu. Just the great morning kick start he needs.

Episode 3
Yeah, Issei even thinks the need of taking advantage of this cute girl. Asia seems lost so Issei guides her to the only church in town. Along the way, he witnesses her healing a boy’s wound and his left hand reacted. Though at a distance, Issei could feel the uneasiness of the church. What do you expect when a Demon trespasses on God’s property? Asia thanks Issei for his kindness and hopes he would drop by the church. Issei tells this to Rias and he gets another lecture not to go there. I mean it’s pretty common sense, right? Demons and Angels don’t mix. Getting close to a church is like accepting your own death. Especially if there is an Exorcist affiliated with the church and some of them can use Sacred Gear. The gang gets word there is a Stray Demon. The kind that betray or kill their master to do as they please. Their mission tonight is to suppress one. Rias explains about chess pieces and how high level Demons can bestow such characteristics to their underlings. They are the Evil Pieces and she wants Issei to watch them fight. The Stray appears but all Issei sees is an exhibitionist women with great boobs. Such a pervert in such dangerous times. Till she starts shooting acid from her boobs! As her underlings attack, Rias explains their roles and characteristics. Yuuto the knight has his attribute in speed and specializes in sword, Koneko the rook has insane strength and defence and Akeno the queen though possesses all other attributes of the other pieces, her focus in on attacking via magic power. It looks like Akeno is a sadist when she’s at her top form. With Rias as the king, she finishes off the Stray. Of course Issei is curious to know his role. He is a pawn because he is a soldier. Man, that’s the lowest and weakest of them all. What does he expect? Bishop?

Issei enters a house for another contract job. However he finds blood all over the place and the summoners dead. The Stray Exorcist, Freed Sellzen is responsible for this. He is crazy and reckless. He does not show mercy on those who seek to make a contract with demons. He whips out his Sword of Light and gun with anti-Demon bullets. Issei got shot in his thigh. Then Asia screams because the beginner priestess just realized the horror she is getting into. Asia is shocked to learn Issei is a demon but even so, she protects him from Freed’s harm because she believes Issei is a wonderful person. Freed is not amused and proceeds to punish her. Rape? I think it is him who has something wrong in his head. Despite the bullet weakening him, Issei manages to stand up and punch that jerk in the face. Freed is really going to kill him when a magic circle appears. Herald his comrades. For an Exorcist, Freed really has a foul mouth and his words and ideals are twisted. Rias apologizes to Issei that because of the barrier, she couldn’t detect a Stray Exorcist and let him got hurt again. Freed blames Asia for failing to setup the barrier and beats her up. Rias is going to punish him for hurting her servant and harming his own belonging (that’s Asia) and is going to punish him. Freed realizes the powerful sh*t he is getting into but Koneko detects the presence of multiple Fallen Angels. Since their priority is to rescue Issei, Rias orders Akeno to prepare to teleport. But Issei desperately wants Rias to save Asia as well. Unfortunately, her servants can only use the teleport. There goes his harem.

Episode 4
Issei gets his naked healing for Rias. But it’s not a time to be a pervert because we learn not only their kind can end up as Strays. Those expelled from the church end up serving Fallen Angels and Asia is one of them. Issei blames himself as a weak pawn and tries to do some training. I think it’ll take more than just chin-ups at the park. But he unexpectedly bumps into Asia. Instead of fretting over what happened, he takes her out to lunch and play some games at the arcade. Asia notices the injury he got from Freed and completely heals it. Now it’s time for a little storytelling. Asia was found abandoned at a church in a small European town as a baby. When her healing miracle was discovered, she gained fame and everyone flocked to see her to get healed. She was so happy she could help people. But one day, she healed an injured demon and everyone condemned her as a witch. Nowhere to go, she got picked up by a Fallen Angel. Despite all the horrible things going on, she still feels grateful to God and thinks this is a test. If she overcomes it, she’ll get her dream to make friends because she has none. Issei says he will be her friend. They had always been that since the day they met. The mood is interrupted with the appearance of Yuuma or Reinare, her real name. Seems Asia has run away from the church and she is here to bring her back. Issei won’t allow it and summons his Sacred Gear. Reinare laughs it off because all the while she was being told it was some dangerous item. This Twice Critical AKA Dragon’s Hand just doubles his power. That’s all. And with the powers he has now it makes no difference. Issei is going to power up and fight back anyway but by that time, Reinare’s spear stabs through his body. Asia heals it so Reinare mentions her Sacred Gear called Twilight Healing is very important and will spare Issei’s life if she comes back. Issei won’t allow that but the impact of the spear throws him into the pond. Reinare missed that on purpose but the next time it won’t. Asia understands and agrees to follow her back. So it’s goodbye Issei for the second time. NOOOO!!!

Issei gets slapped by Rias for trying to be a hero and warns him never to do that again. He is stubborn and is willing to risk getting kicked out of her household. After all, what is a single pawn, right? Wrong. Rias tells him the pawn isn’t the weakest piece. Just what is a pawn’s specialty? Promotion. This means if you get behind enemy lines (say for instance, the church), he’ll be able to gain abilities of other pieces other than the king. As for his Sacred Gear, she reminds him the greater his willpower, the more powerful it will become. But she warns even a pawn that is promoted stands no chance against a Fallen Angel. Rias and Akeno leave to attend to matters. Issei is still bent on saving his (girl)friend. Seeing he won’t listen, Yuuto and Koneko will back him up since it was implied in Rias’ hidden words. Rias and Akeno meet Mittelt, a Fallen Angel. Seems she is guarding the church to prevent any interruptions on the ritual. Despite being told Issei and the rest had already sneaked in through the front, she is unfazed because she notes the only the 2 of them pose a real threat in interrupting the ritual. Issei and co enter the church and come face to face with Freed once more. He is crazier than ever and wants revenge for that humiliation. He tells Asia’s location because he is confident they’ll not get past him. The trio fight and Issei is impressed that Yuuto’s skills are for real. He’s not just a pretty boy, you know. His Sacred Gear, Holy Eraser is a sword of darkness that consumes all light. Issei Promotes to a rook to obtain Koneko’s insane strength and gives Freed a good punch. Since he doesn’t want to be killed by demons yet, he escapes. Mittelt summons Calvana and Donashik to her aid. But Akeno turns the entire area into a giant barrier like a bird cage (Fallen Angels are like birds?) because their real objective was to get rid of them. The Fallen Angels are confident that the ritual is soon finishing and by then they won’t stand a chance. Issei and co head underground where the ritual on Asia is being held. This ritual is to take Asia’s Sacred Gear and the price to pay is her life.

Episode 5
Reinare absorbs the Sacred Gear and brags how strong she has become. As ‘gratitude’, she gives Asia back to him. Then she belittles and mocks him as her ex-boyfriend despite Issei who was then ready to make her the happiest girl in the world. He notes her attitude stinks like a demon so Issei takes Asia out from the place while Yuuto and Koneko hold back the low level priests. Coming out from the underground, Issei and Asia had their last conversation. You know. The kind whereby I’m-happy-to-be-your-friend and don’t-leave-me. Add lots of tears and emotion to it and you’ll have a good recipe for a tear-jerking drama. Issei is so desperate that he prays to God to save her. Ironic that a demon is praying to God, eh? That became a subject of mockery for Reinare. Meanwhile Mittelt and the rest mock Issei’s pathetic romance. When they try to finish the job, Rias easily deflects their spears. Because they belittled his slave, her strongest pawn, they’re going to feel her wrath. Too late to realize the sh*t that they’ll be getting in. They picked the wrong person to piss off. So it’s another drama face off between Issei and Reinare. Issei couldn’t care less about Demons and Fallen Angels because all he wants for Asia is for her to lead a peaceful life. Reinare disagrees because the fate of those wielding Sacred Gear will be shunned by humans. With each passing sentence, Issei gets even worked up and his Sacred Gear starts to activate. Reinare sticks her spears into Issei’s thighs. Despite losing power and feeling all the pain, Issei still manages to stand back up. Reinare thought he had become insane from the pain because Issei notes that God isn’t helping and now turns his plea to the Demon King for help. His Sacred Gear powers up so much that it scares the sh*t out of that Fallen Angel b*tch. She realizes it must be some super tool not to be toyed with and tries to escape. But Issei is so mad that he wouldn’t let her. So pissed with her f*cking face and attitude, Issei summons all the power to knock her into the sky! How does it feel to let out all that rage?

The rest of his comrades gather and it seems they have been watching. Rias ordered the rest not to interfere because she believes Issei can defeat a Fallen Angel on his own. Issei learns Rias’ nickname as the Crimson Haired Ruin Princess because of the way she annihilate her enemies. Let’s say Mittelt and co have been reduced to black feathers and Akeno is cleaning the place up. Scary. Koneko drags Reinare back and before her execution, Rias explains they know of her intention ever since she targeted Issei. As for Issei’s Sacred Gear that changed its shape, it is not just Twice Critical. It can increase its wielder’s powers immeasurable every 10 seconds to a point it can kill God or Demon King. That’s why it is called the Crimson Dragon Emperor’s Gauntlet, Boosted Gear and one of the 13 Longinus’ Gears. Its slow powering up is only its setback. Now that it’s time to finish Reinare off, she turns into Yuuma and tries to play on Issei’s heart, pleading him to save her. She even kept the gift he bought her. But Issei is not convinced that she would sink this low and lets Rias finish the job. Bye. It’s for the best. Don’t want your ex-girlfriend to haunt you in the future, right? Asia’s Sacred Gear is now in Rias hands but that isn’t enough to save her. Issei starts blaming himself but there is another way. Showing him a bishop chess piece, Rias will resurrect Asia to be her slave with an excuse that she needs her powers to heal her comrades. With Asia opening her eyes, Issei is so happy that he hugs her. Next morning at the club, Issei wonders if there are going to be 7 more pawns since they are like the chess pieces (he hates getting more rivals. After all, he already has his harem here, right?). Rias explains he is her only pawn. The potential number of Evil Pieces consumed changes depending on how one develops the power. For Issei, it took Rias 8 pawn pieces. She knew the risk and took a gamble. With his Sacred Gear and her nickname, they seem like a perfect team and hopes he will become her strongest pawn. She pecks her forehead and cautions about showering too much love for him or else a certain somebody might get jealous: Asia. She is now a student in Kuou thanks to Rias’ dad (guess which position he sits in this school?) and will need some time to adjust being a demon (she has this habit of praying to God). She is happy to be with Issei and Akeno comes in with a cake to celebrate their new member.

Episode 6
Issei could’ve been a panty thief and a peeping Tom at Asia bathing if not for Koneko warning him it’s a crime. Rias thinks it is important for Issei to build his strength so she picks him up early in the morning to do some basic training with him. It’s like heaven and hell because while doing those excruciating training, he’s got physical contact with her body parts. Soon Asia meets up with them and Rias brings them to Issei’s house. Why is Asia’s stuff at his doorstep? When Rias asked Asia where she would like to live, she wanted to stay with Issei. So starting today Asia will live with him. But will his parents accept this? Seeing how sweet, polite and nice she is, they are glad to have this girl stay with them. They just caution her about their useless perverted son. With Rias suggesting to train her to be like a wife, the parents become very elated that there’s a girl alive dumb enough to marry their son! When Issei point out the difference between training and being a real wife, Rias puts on a sad look. I guess Rias also pulled some strings that have Asia ending up in the same class with Issei. The guys totally dig this blonde chick. Till they learn she is living with him. Super jealous! Rias thinks Asia should debut in helping to sign contracts so Issei offers to let him handle this job as Asia is not used to Japan’s customs yet. He might regret this. Why? Because the weirdo who summoned a demon is a big ugly man wearing a magical girl outfit ending his sentences with “Nyan”! FFFFUUUUUU!!! He wants to be turned into a magical girl!!! I don’t know how but Issei ended up watching the magical girl DVD with him. And failed to sign the contract. Why does he always get nutcases? Beats me. Next day in school, Issei ponders Rias must be disappointed in yet another failure so he goes to sleep at the infirmary. When he wakes up, he is shocked to see Rias sleeping next to him. Naked! Oh, what’s this? He blames his right hand moving on his own to her breasts? Then Rias wakes up. Seems she felt tired and wanted to sleep but Issei was here first. About her nudity? She can’t sleep unless she is naked. Noting Issei likes breasts (he didn’t hesitate to say yes), she will allow him to touch them provided he secures her one contract. That’s all the motivation he needs to go on his next job. Rias will be coming along too to supervise so Issei is pretty sure he will not fail this mission.

They land in a room of an exchange foreigner student who loves Japan’s culture. She’s a girl. Susan. Why is she wearing a shogun’s armour? She thought they may be bad demons and was ready to slash them if they were. Her request is to accompany her to school and retrieve her notebook because she finds Japanese schools scary. I think she’s scarier. When she swings her sword. With mission accomplished, Issei wastes no time in fantasizing the delicious tits he’ll get to squeeze. Oh yeah. Come to papa. Can’t wait to get back. However it will have to wait a little longer as Susan has another request. Rias doesn’t mind. Oh… Seems there is this guy she likes but too shy to tell her feelings and she wants to do it without the power of the Demons. So why need them? I guess she needed some girly advice. Rias’ direct approach suggestion is shot down so Issei suggests writing a letter. However she writes in a poem. I wonder if that guy will understand it. Rias says what is important is the feelings and not the product. And there she goes again with that sad face. So when the gang wait to see if this guy turns up, he did but in a knight’s armour! He understood her letter and before you know it, they became an item! Love really works in mysterious ways. Have they ever considered taking off their armour? I mean, they’re even wearing it while taking a photo together. So back at the club room, I guess Issei had his fair share of dating experience so in a way he is right to say dating someone you don’t love is something you should never do. Now it’s for the moment Issei has been waiting for. The promise. The boobs. The tits squeezing! Oh yes. Rias will count to 5 and during that, these breasts will be all his. The decision has taken Issei by surprise as he has to calm himself but the timer is ticking. He is even in a dilemma whether he should touch the left or right breast! Just go for both of them! By the time he is going for it, the rest comes in. Time’s up. Bummer. But since he really wanted to touch her breasts, Rias gives him a little service by hugging him. She tells him to try harder in his place. Akeno recognizes that expression she is putting on and it doesn’t seem good.

Episode 7
Rias thinks it’s time for Issei and Asia to get their own familiars. The rest show them each of their own familiar and Rias’ is a bat (and that promoter lady who first hand Issei the card). Then the student council body, president Souna Shitori and vice president Tsubaki Shinra enter the room to introduce new servants, including Genshirou Saji. Seems they too are Demons and I’m not sure if there is a reason why Souna and Rias turned a blind eye against each other that’s why the newbies don’t know that there are other Demons in this school. Since Saji is the same level pawn as Issei, they are to be on good terms with each other. But you know guys. They exchange ‘pleasantries’ and hate each other’s guts. Especially when Asia is caught in the middle. Since familiars only come once a month, they decide to hold a match to see who shall claim it. Souna thought she would be doing a Rating Game but Rias dismisses it since she won’t get permission for that. Souna agrees taking into account her health but Rias brushes that off too. The match will be tennis doubles between the president and vice president. So the duel gathers lots of crowds and perverts too because they love seeing the girls flashing their underpants when they pull off those super moves. Don’t want it to end, eh? But like everything else, it comes to an end albeit with no winner. That’s because the racket is smashed up! So the next group match will be dodgeball tomorrow night at the gym. Before the match starts, Issei sews headbands for his teammates and they’re happy for this gesture. During the match, the dodgeball hit Issei’s crotch. Ouch! Asia wants to heal it but I guess there’s a limit to how perverted he can get. Yeah, he can’t really strip his pants to let her hands do the healing. Even if she did it over his pants, it seems so awkward. In the end, Rias’ team defeats Souna’s team and claims the right to see the master of familiars, Zatouji who only appears on nights of a full moon. He can get you any kind of familiar you want. Really? Guess what kind of familiars Issei have in mind?

Zatouji introduces to the water sprite known as Undine. See how powerful Issei’s imagination of this beautiful lady familiar that he will take advantage of perversely? Till he sees it like a macho body builder. Is that even a woman?! She looks like she wants to kill him anytime! Next they see a little blue dragon known as Sprite Dragon. Issei thinks this will be his good familiar when suddenly green slimes start to drop on the girls and devour their clothes till they’re naked! And those ambiguous sound tones… Ooohhh! Wow! What a lovely sight for Issei! Even lovelier that these slimes only melt female clothing. Yeah! He wants this slime to be his familiar! He even got a name picked out for it. Then the girls instantly destroy the slime and the only ones left are on defenceless Asia. Issei quickly protects Asia to shield the slime. The rest are bent on destroying the evil that is so perverted but Issei blabs about destiny and fate. Whatever. Asia is just glad that Issei is holding her tightly. Then the dragon zaps Issei and the last of the slime. NOOOO!!! The dragon became hostile only in violent situations and it thought Issei and the slime were attacking Asia. Since the dragon is attached to Asia, it becomes her familiar as she calls it Rassei. It’s a mix of lightning (rai) and Issei’s name. And with Rassei clinging close to Asia, he’s not letting that pervert Issei a step closer to her. ZAP!!! Now begins the rivalry. How dare a dragon cut in between his cute Asia?! ZAP!!! Should’ve got the slime, eh? But I guess Issei isn’t giving up yet because he’ll find a familiar that’ll take everyone’s clothes off. Maybe next time then. Maybe better hope he doesn’t.

Episode 8
Issei dreams that he is being married to Rias! Not too bad, eh? Yeah, his friends thought it was some sort of conspiracy. I’m sure all Issei could think of about wedding is baby making. Get that? Suddenly the wedding is interrupted and Issei hears a voice wanting to greet him since they’ve become partners but couldn’t because he’s too weak. That voice turns out to be his Sacred Gear. In class, Issei brags about his lifestyle with Asia to his friends so plead for him to hook them up with any one of the girls for the ‘gentleman VIP seat’. Well, he did give them a name of the girl. Miru-tan. Isn’t that guy the hideous magical girl wannabe cross-dresser? So Issei and his pals are spying on the girls changing. Yeah, those voluptuous boobs and curves. Make sure your record them hard in your inner HDD! They’ve been busted by Koneko and Issei gets a real beating. Well, he reaped what he sewed. Asia even though of letting him see hers if he likes seeing naked bodies (I guess doing on purpose defeats the purpose of the thrill) and Rias even notes how he has looked at hers multiple times. Akeno notes that despite Issei failing to secure a contract, all those he contacted with are happy and had fun with that guy. But Rias is concerned. If this goes on, she fears Issei may lose his confidence and needs to show more support. Back home, Issei dreams of being his own harem king and walks into the bathroom without realizing Asia is taking a bath. She doesn’t mind him and wants him to stay. She heard that in Japan, people do learn each other on a deeper level via naked bath culture (where did she hear that from?) and her body touches Issei’s. Can he contain his sanity? More importantly, can he contain his lust? Till mommy walks in. After that, he tries to recite Buddha chants to be a clean person but visions of naked Asia just sweeps across his head. Hey. Demon chanting Buddha verses? Suddenly Rias enters the room and wants him to sleep with her. Say what? Take her virginity. Not clear enough? HAVE SEX! Okay, maybe she didn’t say the last bit but I’m sure that’s what we all were hoping for, right? So it gets hotter and hotter for Issei as Rias undresses herself and goes on top of it. He’ll just have to ‘put it in there’, right? There is no countdown this time so he can take his time. Really? Is this for real? Don’t want to let her down, does he? By the time Issei is ready to embrace her, then comes in Grayfia, the queen of Rias’ brother, Sirzechs. Too late. Yeah, even Issei thought this maid is pretty cute. Though she is disappointed in Rias’ actions, she realizes Issei as the one who wields Boosted Gear. Rias suggests talking at her place. She pecks Issei on his cheek and hopes he’ll forgive her tonight.

While walking to school next day, Issei’s thought weighs heavily on this when his friends come to beat him up. Yeah, they found out about Miru-tan. His manly friends look more like bears… Oh, the trauma. Die, bastard! When everyone gathers in the Occult Club, Issei is surprised to see Grayfia there. Before Rias could talk to everyone, then comes in Raiser Phenex. Who is this bastard you may ask? Rias’ fiancée. You can tell Issei hates this disgusting jerk. Besides the point he is molesting her, I think Issei wouldn’t want any other guys touching his idol. Rias tells him off she will not marry him. But he reminds her that she can’t be selfish since her family has their backs against the wall. Then there is some talk about power struggle in the Demon world and maintaining the lineage of pure blooded Demons. Still, Rias will not marry him. As the face of the Phenex family, Raiser can’t have her sully his honour and will drag her back to the underworld if it means killing her servants. Grayfia interferes before things get out of hand. She has been instructed that if no agreement is reached, she is in charge to carry out the last resort measures. If Rias insists on her position, she is welcomed to settle it via Rating Game. A game where upper class Demons fight using their servants like a chess game (that’s why the servants are named after chess pieces). Raiser notices Rias’ very few servants so he shows off his full set. All Issei sees is a group of 15 beautiful (cosplay) girls! Wow! He is so taken in by this manly harem thingy that he cried! Learning his goal to have a harem, Raiser summons one of his servants, Yubelluna and makes out with her right in front of them! He mocks Issei he will never be able to do such things but Issei chides him he’ll still flirt with other girls even if he marries Rias (I have this feeling Issei would be the same). Issei doesn’t give a sh*t about his standing and will gladly take him out now. Raiser orders Mira to handle it and in one swoop, Issei is taken out. Don’t underestimate a little girl. Because Raiser badmouths Issei as a useless trash despite having Boosted Gear, this riles Rias up as she agrees to play Rating Game. She’s going to blast him away.

Episode 9
Rating Game will commence in 10 days and Rias will use this period to turn Issei stronger via training camp. He’s already having so much trouble carrying his large backpack. Don’t even compare that with Yuuto or Koneko. Lesson 1: Sword fight with Yuuto. Let’s say Issei easily lost. Lesson 2: Magic focusing with Akeno. Let’s say Asia made more headway than him. Despite being told he needs to use his imagination as point of focus, guess what that pervert imagined? Lesson 3: I don’t know what it is but it involves Issei getting beat up by Koneko. Feeling down and out, Koneko points out that each one has their own strengths. For Issei, it is perversion. Haha! Damn right. But seriously, his other strength is to never give up. Lesson 4: Cooking. Is this even a real lesson? Anyway Issei uses the magic focus he learnt and somehow realizes he can peel the skin off potatoes and onions in an instant! He remembers this feeling it was the first time he first activated his Sacred Gear. He went on a peeling streak till he realized he peeled every skin. Now they’ve got a glut of potatoes and onions for dinner. It’s time to take a bath so Rias even invites Issei to come in with them! For real? I mean, Akeno and Asia don’t mind but Koneko totally rejects it and the idea is shot down. You mean this is not based on majority?! That night, Issei wants to borrow Asia’s clothes. No, it’s not his horniness is working up but he wants to practice and perfect his secret ultimate move. Well, let’s say it needs more perfection. Asia got in the way and got her clothes ripped instead. Issei hopes she can keep this a secret till he masters it. Now we get some history lesson from Rias. During the war between the 3 sides that seemed lasted for eternity, there were no winners and each side suffered heavy casualties. To make up for their eternal lifespan, Demons produce offspring slowly and due to the war, many families died out. Of the 72 Pillars of pure blooded and noble Demons, only Gremory, Shitori and Phenex remained. That’s why Demons use reincarnated humans as their servants. Soon Rating Game was created and to allow servants to experience real life battle and the masters to demonstrate their abilities. Thus one’s performance in the game has a huge influence on rank and position. Since Asia was an ex-nun, it’s her turn to tell them something from God’s side. Well, I’m sure she couldn’t touch the holy water or Bible now no matter how much she wanted to. The gang aren’t even sure if she’s trying to be funny or serious.

That night when Issei can’t sleep, he goes to talk to Rias. She explains about the Phenex family being related to the legendary Phoenix bird and even shares its trait of immortality. In other words, they are invincible. Their Rating Game record stands at 8 wins and 2 loses. The lost are to allied families and were on purpose. Rias explains her opposition to this marriage. Everywhere she goes, the Gremory name follows her. She wants someone who loves her as Rias and not a Gremory. Issei says he doesn’t give a damn about rankings and social hierarchy of demons because he loves her the way she is now, regardless of rank and name. She is his number one (I thought he was aiming for a harem?). As for her title as Ruin Princess, those powers are not natural but cultivated by the family for many generations so it belongs to both her and Gremory. That’s why she won’t lose. There is no other choice but to win. Issei still realizes he is the most useless of the lost despite possessing Boosted Gear. Rias hugs him and notes if it is confidence he needs, she will give it to him. I hope it’s not something naughty. But then again, something perverted might just be the right motivation for him. Next morning, practice resume and Rias has Issei power up his Sacred Gear. Despite boosting its power 12 times, she makes him realize before this camp, he couldn’t have been able to handle so many boosts. With the accumulated power, he takes on Yuuto and unleashes his magic at full power. Wow! It shaved the top of the mountain! A shot that is equivalent to a high class Demon attack! Rias points out Issei will be the decisive factor in the game as his attack power will greatly influence the outcome. So believe in everyone and himself. Yes, believe!

Episode 10
An hour before the game starts, Asia sits next to Issei and hopes she can be with him forever. Moments before the battle, Souna tells Rias she’ll be watching her match as a spectator. Grayfia also informs that her brother the Demon King, Lucifer will also be watching it. Did you hear that right? Lucifer is Rias’ brother? The Demon King? Well, the previous Demon King went missing after the war so it is Sirzechs that is filling in that position now and that’s why Rias is the heir to the Gremory clan. Rias and her servants are transported to the alternate dimension where the battle will take place. The setting as Rias wished will be a replica of Kuou Academy. Her headquarters will be the Occult Club’s room while Raiser’s will be the principal’s office in the new building. Raiser is confident he can win this easy game but wants his servants to go all out and smash Rias’ pride. Rias plan and discuss their tactics. This includes trying to control the gym as it is akin as the centre of the chess board. After delegating duties to her servants, Rias has a special duty for Issei. Lie on her lap. What? Serious? Issei must be the happiest man alive. I hope the power he is feeling flowing through his body isn’t his perversion power. In actual fact, she is in a process to remove some of his seals. When she used 8 pawn pieces to resurrect him, his body wasn’t ready to handle the power. That’s why she sealed it and thus the training for him to be able to handle it. So once that is done and her servants finished placing the traps (Issei just got rudely rolled off her lap), it is all out war. Issei and Koneko enter the gym and they are faced with Shue the rook and pawns, Mira as well as twins Niru and Neru. Koneko will handle the high level rook which she feels has powers similar to of a queen while Issei handles the pawns. Meanwhile pawns Shuria, Maria and Guren are trying to sneak into the enemy headquarters but are besiege with traps in the heavy mist.

Issei seems to be running away. You don’t want to be cut by the twins’ chainsaw, do you? So once he has boosted up and ready to fight back, he touches the pawns to plant his mana on them. Now he unleashes his secret ultimate move: Dress Break! All the clothing on the girls ripped to bits! Nothing left! Totally naked! Flashback reveals how he perfected this move with Asia. I don’t know how many times Asia had to change clothes for this technique. It was sure worth it, eh? Yeah, that’s putting good use of his best trait: Perversion. Dream come true for a pervert who always dreams of having talent to make girls naked. I’m sure Koneko hates him now. By the way, she too has amazingly beat Shue. Then the duo seemingly abandon the gym and run out. Why? Because it is cue for Akeno to annihilate the gym with her lightning! Oh sh*t! Nothing left! Don’t mess with this girl. Despite Raiser losing 4 pieces, Rias is still greatly outnumbered and needs them to move on to their next plan while Akeno replenishes her magic. The pawns trio in the mist step into a trap set by Rias as they confront Yuuto. As Koneko and Issei prepare to move on to the next stage, a sudden blast from the sky by Yubelluna takes out Koneko by surprise.

Episode 11
Issei is one angry vengeful kid. Rias tells him to calm down as those who are no longer fight are transported to a different location to receive treatment. Akeno will take on Yubelluna in a battle of the queens. Issei moves on and meets Yuuto who has just defeated the 3 pawns. Due to Koneko’s ‘departure’, there is a change in plan. Rias and Asia plan to sneak into Raiser’s HQ and need them to delay the enemy as long as possible. Though kings don’t leave their HQ as it will make them vulnerable, this is probably what the enemy is thinking and with both queens pitted against each other, they should have the upper hand. Though the Phoenix’s body is immortal, its soul isn’t. So if they launch a strong attack that makes Raiser lose his fighting spirit, they can win. So the guys meet Caramine the knight and Yuuto decides to fight her. Soon, all the other pieces gather around Issei and this is exactly what Rias predicted as she and Asia sneak into the building. However Raiser is expecting them. But wait. Rias also predicted this? Ravel may be a b*tch but she doesn’t want to fight Issei and sends Isabella the rook to fight him. As explained, Ravel is Raiser’s true sister reborn as a Demon. Something about his little sister fetish though he doesn’t really care about her and made her part of the team as a bishop. As Caramine fights and breaks Yuuto’s sword, he manage to pull out another one. So what kind of Sacred Gear does he possess? Actually he doesn’t have them. He makes them with his magic sword builder, Sword Birth. He can create swords at will and even unleashes blades protruding from the ground. Meanwhile Issei boosts his power up and realizes his explosion is far more powerful than ever. Then using Dress Break to stun Isabella, he finishes her off with his explosion. That’s another rook biting the dust.

But the battle between the kings has just begun on the rooftop. Ravel sends her other pieces to fight Issei who is worried about Rias. She tells him not to mind her because she believes in him. Those words were enough to give Issei the inner strength to boost his Sacred Gear. So powerful that not only it blocks and breaks swords, but it changes to another shape. Noticing its true power, Issei wants Yuuto to release his Sacred Gear towards him. Boosted Gear absorbs Yuuto’s Sword Birth and replicates its sword-protruding-from-the-ground power across the field, taking out all the enemy pieces except Ravel. Awesome! Before Issei could celebrate his victory, Akeno is defeated. Shortly, so is Yuuto. Seems Yubelluna has used Tears of the Phoenix to heal any wound instantaneously (at this point, everyone is worn out from the battle). Issei steps into the building and undergoes Promotion to a queen. Then he goes up to the rooftop to rendezvous with Rias. Raiser is playing mind games on Rias to resign and as much as Rias fires back at him, his body regenerates. Yubelluna drops her bomb on Issei and Asia but Issei shields her with his body (partly thanks to the Promotion as queen). Though she is just unconscious, this seals off Twilight Healing. Issei is going to win at all cost as he charges straight. Then like a comical error, he slips off the roof. As explained, the more Boosted Gear takes on other Sacred Gears, the greater the damage it can to do the host’s body. In other words, magic is becoming poison to Issei. Raiser mocks him at his limit but Issei stands back up, claiming he can still fight. He will fight. He will keep his promise. Raiser beats him to a pulp as Issei defies Rias order to stand down. Why? Because he wants to see her smile. The last straw came when Raiser is going to burn him till nothing is left. Rias couldn’t bear seeing him in this horrible state and drops herself into Raiser’s arms to save Issei’s life. In tears, she calls to resign. Checkmate. Raiser wins. NOOO!!!

Episode 12
Issei hears the voice of his Sacred Gear again. It is believed Issei can control dragons but should not let anyone find out or the white one may laugh at him. The white one whom he is destined to fight and meet some time later. When that time comes, he will give him more power and the more he sacrifices, the more power he will get. The Sacred Gear introduces himself as the Welsh dragon, also known as Crimson Emperor Dragon, Ddraig. Issei wakes up with Grayfia before him. The lost was real. Tonight is Rias and Raiser’s engagement party and everyone will be there except for Asia who is permitted to stay by his side to heal him. Issei beats himself up over his weakness despite promising he will win. Though Grayfia says what Rias did was strategic and the loss was something she wished for, Issei is upset that Rias has to go through something she doesn’t want to. Not with that bastard. Grayfia is amused to see him showing emotions so easily. Even Sirzechs thinks so. She gives him a magic card that he can use to turn up for tonight’s engagement party. When Asia comes in, she is very relived Issei has come to because he was out cold for 2 days, she thought he would never open his eyes again. Issei wants to bring Rias back and despite Asia wants to come along to fight, she wants her to stay here but needs a favour. Then he summons Ddraig and wants to make a deal. Rias gets dressed for the party and is not amused with Raiser making her wear a wedding dress even if this isn’t their official wedding yet. Rias remembers how Issei passed out in her arms. She knew he couldn’t use his magic properly and tried to keep him out of actual battle but realized she was the fool herself because she nearly lost him when he fought with all he’s got for her. Souna is at the party talking to Akeno and co. She notes that everyone who saw the game know it was an unfair match. They know it isn’t over yet. As Raiser gets the party going, Issei barges in. First thing, he declares Rias’ virginity belongs to him! WOW! Are you man enough to admit that?! Before Issei kick ass, Sirzechs comes into the picture. Noting he has watched the Rating Game and his sister had been at a disadvantage, it is not that he is unsatisfied with the game but doesn’t want this evening to be ruined with such theatrics. Because he wants to see Issei’s dragon power with his own eyes, he suggests a one-to-one fight with Raiser. Yes. Dragon versus Phoenix. Legendary beings duking it out. All Issei wants at the end of this match is for Rias to come back.

You think Issei may be cocky when he says he will settle this in 10 seconds. Then he summons Ddraig and his entire body turns into armour! He’s like a tokusatsu armoured hero! Flashback of the deal he made with Ddraig is he needs to sacrifice a part of his body for power. Either his face or hand for now because his other parts won’t last (I thought his dick would’ve… Oops. Forget it). The fight begins and Raiser is taken by surprise with his super speed and strength. Then Raiser felt pain too. What has Issei done? He’s got Asia’s cross in his hand. But won’t Demons be weak against crosses? You see, Issei sacrificed his hand to the dragon meaning that part of his body is no longer a Demon and thus Demon’s weaknesses won’t apply to this part anymore. Before Issei could land his ultimate Dream Drill move, the countdown ends and Issei loses his powers. He is willing to sacrifice another part but Ddraig he is at his limit. He reminds his immense powers were only temporary. This means fighting against the immortal Phoenix still means nothing. But Issei hasn’t given up yet. How do you put out fire? With water of course. But not just any ordinary water because Issei pours holy water over Raiser. It’s burning him! As explained, even a Phoenix cannot revive if his soul is consumed in flames. Issei uses everything his comrades taught him and Raiser knows he is in big sh*t if he uses his power. But Issei couldn’t care less about understanding those complicated stuff. Because he only understood one thing. After Rias’ lost, he saw her crying. That was enough a reason for him to kick the sh*t out of his ass! With Raiser down, Ravel tries to protect her brother but Issei looked so cool that she may even start falling for him! The place crumbles so Ravel takes her brother away while Koneko throws Issei into Rias’ arms. They are given a griffin to ride on and as excuse for Issei to accompany Rias for a night flight. Sirzechs discusses with Grayfia that their fathers of each clan felt sorry for all that happened. He felt the union won’t be a proper one either. As for the Welsh dragon, he never thought the red dragon would come to their side and perhaps it won’t be long before he meets the Vanishing Dragon, the white dragon, that is. Rias thanks Issei for everything but warns that there may be other engagements in the future. Issei isn’t fazed. When the time comes, he’ll come to rescue her, sacrifice a few more limbs if he has to. That’s because he is her pawn. Rias gives him a lovely kiss. That’s her proper first kiss. And because she wants to get to know her ‘slave’ better, she will be staying at his house. Imagine the shock of his parents. Worse, how jealous will Asia be now? In the aftermath, Asia and Akeno’s healing keep Issei’s human hand back intact albeit it is only temporary. Issei continues to be a pervert peeping on the kendo girls changing. Some things never change. But what he does know now is that he wants to protect Rias not because of any contract. It’s because he wants to. What is a guy if he can’t protect his harem?

Episode 13 (OVA)
The gang are chasing a Stray Demon and catches him. They note him so Issei-like because of his pervertness. He loves staring at Rias big tits and his familiar was poking Akeno’s huge racks. As they send him to Hell for judgement, this dude doesn’t seem to be panicking but instead is glad he has done what was needed to be done. In class, Issei remembers after that, they went to destroy his research lab and of course his weird obsession for boobs. That word was enough to rile up his loser friends as they seek for answers. Speaking of big boobs, they notice that lots of girls have been absent and going home early. All of them have a single trait: They have big boobs. They fear this school will lack girls with big boobs if this trend continues. Yeah, what would their goal of coming to school be? I don’t think studying is one of them. Back at the club room, Grayfia relays her investigation results to the gang. It seems that Stray Demon had been experimenting with some chimera and it was set loose in the city. Yuuto and Koneko return from their scouting and have found the carnivorous plant-cum-dragon chimera. They observe how a couple of Issei’s hypnotized female classmates are walking straight to the chimera and getting their boobs suck by its tentacles. Observation shows that it is sucking their life force but enough to keep them alive. Of course now that they are here, they’re going to destroy the chimera when it suddenly grabs all the girls with its tentacles. Oh dear. Not tentacle rape play. To Issei’s pleasure, not only it’s sucking their boobs, some liquid is disintegrating their clothes! Wow! If he waits a little longer, he’ll get the best view ever! He even admires its ability and is super f*king jealous of that damn lucky monster.

The chimera throws away Koneko and Asia because their boobs are small. Grayfia relays new information on her investigation that this chimera has a special ability. If one were to consume the boob fruits harvested by it, the girl’s breast will grow to an abundant size no matter how small. From the Stray Demon’s mouth himself, if every guy were to see those huge tits, they would get the confidence they need to realize their dreams. All hail big tits! Small tits are a crime! Issei marvels at his idea of tits and peace. Yeah, now he is siding the monster. If they let it live, all girls with small boobs will have their problems solved! Koneko isn’t listening. She just lost it after hearing that small boobs are a crime line. She uproots a huge tree and smacks it! Soon Yuuto frees the ladies but Issei is trying to convince her he is fighting for the hope and future of women around the world. Oh, is he? Rias throws down the ultimatum. If he gets rids of the chimera, he can do whatever he wants with her and Akeno’s tits all night long. Wow! Time to think. Every girl may grow huge tits but all he will be able to do is admire from afar and in secret. So now he has a chance to do anything with their tits, he’ll take this offer. He boosts up his Sacred Gear powerful enough to lend Rias to finish it off. Yeah, now the part he has been waiting for. Glorious boobs time. He’s not going to get them. Say what? Rias mentions he hurt her feelings so that will have to wait. He sided with the monster, right? Koneko throws him into a hole and buries him, leaving on his head sticking out. They leave him alone to reflect on his actions. All alone and no boobs. Hope he learnt his lesson.

Release The Swaying Delusions Special
That is what these are 3 minute specials that come with the Blu-Ray discs are called. Nothing to do with the plot whatsoever. You can already tell from its title what to expect. For those who can’t get enough of the fanservice, these short specials are like desserts with even more fanservice. That’s why you watch this show, right?

Special 1 : Issei walks into the club while the girls are changing. Slap! Then they teleport to the beach to have some fun. Rias wants Issei to put lotion on her and leave no stones unturned. Oh yeah. I’m sure he’ll enjoy every bit of it. But the lotion is too slippery that he starts slipping. So slippery that he is sliding and molesting parts of her body! I’m not sure if he’s doing it on purpose. Calling Asia for help, she too slips and Issei’s face is caught between the slippery boobs of the girls. Heaven or hell? Next scene shows Issei being buried in the sand and his head is only sticking out. Yeah. Punishment. You know how whacking the watermelon game goes, right? Guess what Issei’s head represents? And Koneko is the hitter. Oh sh*t! And she isn’t even blindfolded! Definitely won’t miss! But he’ll really die! Don’t worry, Asia will patch him up real good. Oh sh***************t! Whether his head split or not, that’s for you to imagine. Don’t have splitting headache thinking about it.

Special 2 : Akeno is going to give Issei a special private training lesson. You think he wants to pass this chance up? First lesson has Issei changed into his shorts but they’re not going swimming. Could it be? Don’t get your hopes up too high. It’s just water purification training. Because Akeno’s clothes are soaked through, he passes out. Akeno quickly does CPR on him and when Issei realizes her doing out, he passes out again. Akeno made parfait for him but he spilled it over her. What does white cream all over her face look like to you? Pervert… Because it’ll be such a waste, she really wants him to taste it and lick it all over her breast! Serious! Itadakimasu! He starts digging in her boobs. Once he is full, it’s time to begin his magic training. Akeno straightaway zaps him with her lightning as he tries to frantically avoid them. Turns out to be a big dream as Issei is hugging onto Asia. His relief is only short-lived because Rassei zaps him with his lightning. Yeah, it seemed like he assaulted Asia.

Special 3 : Asia serves her brewed tea to Koneko. She instantly falls asleep. Actually those leaves as Rias mentioned had a spell casted on them. She wanted to use it on Issei to fix his perversion. Well, we know the reversion spell is working when Koneko wakes up and suddenly gets horny! From a serious behaviour to a serial molester?! Definitely worked. Koneko starts molesting those marvellous tits and even ends her sentences with “~Nyan”. Since they can’t let her leave and cause trouble, they have no choice but to hold it in and play with her in this room till the effects wear off. Play with her? Maybe that wasn’t the right word. Koneko continues to be playful and she couldn’t get enough of squeezing their boobs. She’s out of control! I bet Issei even won’t be this bad even if he is in full perverted mode. Okay, maybe. Then she strips naked and takes a bath with them. The molestation continues. Till Issei comes in and hears all the ambiguous sounds…

Special 4 : This is an expansion on how Issei developed his Dress Break. While practising with Asia, he feels something is missing. Next day as he is peeping on the kendo girls changing, once more it’s déjà vu. He gets spotted, they chase, he trips on a banana peel. To block their strike, his hands come into contact with theirs. They think they’ve been infected with some disease and rush to the infirmary to get disinfected. Issei could feel his magic still active and connected to the girls. So when he snaps his fingers, their clothes tear apart right in the middle of the public eye! Wow! Free service! Issei happily reports this secret move to Rias and even demonstrates it on Akeno who wants to see it. Now he wants to try it on Rias! I’m sure after seeing how ‘horrifying’ it is, she’s not going to let him demonstrate on her but he insists. Akeno quips this ‘amazing skill’ could even scare away Rias. Eventually Issei catches up and Dress Break on her. Happy? You bet he is.

Special 5 : As losers of the dodgeball game, Souna and Tsubaki are preparing from scratch udon meal for the Occult Club members. Souna insists she doesn’t need Rias’ help despite the latter wants to only assure the udon tastes good. No need to get worked up ladies. So eventually the girls help out with the kneading and based on tradition, it’s okay to knead them via feet. Like stepping on those grapes for wine, eh? I’m sure Issei is enjoying the ‘view’. I bet he loves the udon process more than the end product now. After kneading, Souna is going to use magic to finish it off but everybody got distracted when clumsy Asia tripped and spilled eggs all over herself (fanservice cue!). When the gang is going to dig in, Souna seems pale. When she used magic on the broth, she had a bad feeling. Suddenly the udon becomes alive and does tentacle rape on the girls! Alive! It’s alive! Issei is even more in love with this perverted udon. Souna explains that she lost concentration during Asia’s slip that is the cause of this very lively udon. Maybe she should do something about it instead of letting it happen? Nah… Otherwise we wouldn’t get such great service!

Special 6 : In line of becoming a Demon, Asia thinks the need of becoming badass. Uh? I think she looks cuter as a delinquent than evil. Firstly, does she even know how to be bad? There’s even a magazine guiding you how to dress the part? She’s got it all wrong. Issei says she shouldn’t be evil just because she turned into Demon. However she notes all his panties peeking activities and porn magazines. That’s evil, right? Well, he’s been doing that before he turned into a Demon too. Asia even plans the bad deeds she will do like drinking someone’s delivered milk, switching shoes and ignoring a dropped eraser. But she is devastated she could come up with such evil thoughts and prays to God for forgiveness. Ouch! Headache! So the next evil thing she did is to seduce Issei with her charms. These include pushing him down on the bed, undress her top and kissing him on the neck. She isn’t sure what to do next because she followed the instructions from a source magazine. She’s got it all wrong… Heck, she doesn’t even know what seduce means. In the end, Issei tells her just to be herself because everyone accepts her as she is, as one of them. Happy Asia hugs him. So that pervert is happily thinking how cute this little girl is while cleaning. So annoying his smirk that Rias had to tell him to at least cover up that lipstick mark on his neck.

The Boy Who Would Become Harem King
I didn’t expect to find myself enjoying this series. No, not just the fanservice bit. Yes, though the fanservice were the parts that made everything enjoyable, it is also the characters, the action, the drama and the direction of the story that is making the entire series interesting. It was a shame that it ended after a dozen episodes and I hope that there will be a sequel. So to satiate my curiosity, I went to Wikipedia to find out a little more. And boy was I surprised at the huge encyclopaedia of names, groups, terminologies, power ups and items! It’s like as though a lot there has happened for Issei and the adventures and action he and his Occult Club members had gone through. Just wow. Instead of your usual Demons, Angels and Fallen Angels, there are also other creatures in the form of mythological deities (as in Greek, Indian and Norse), dragons, Japanese folklore ghosts and, won’t you believe it, vampires. Uh huh. Vampires. They are just short of putting in aliens from Mars and people from the parallel world :). Seems interesting with lots of potential and yet daunting (to me, that is). Well, if I can’t wait, there are always the light novel volumes (12 of them so far and they’re still ongoing). But you know me and reading. Like water and oil. Also, my imagination is very lacking so how do fantasize/imagine those delicious ecchi scenes if you’re reading a novel? Better to go watch the TV series… Oops, almost drooled there ;p. Hopefully there will be a sequel for this series. And yes there will be one since at the end of the OVA it was announced the confirmation of a second season! Wohoo! More boobs! Oops!

Issei is the most amusing and perhaps the funniest character in the series. Lovable and yet loathable. What makes him funny is his tendency to stay true to his pervertness. Of all the ecchi animes and characters that I have known, Issei may be one of the perverted characters that boast the best perverted lines. Even in times of danger he can say the darnest perverted lines. If he didn’t end up as a Demon’s slave, I’m pretty sure as a human being he would have went on and become a big hit in the porn industry. Sure, his perversion may be disgusting and not a good sign but this is provided if you’re the purest creature to ever walk the face of this planet. Let those who have not sin cast the first stone! Saying that his perversion is clean good fun won’t be right either because unlike you’re like his eternal target like the kendo girls (don’t they ever learn after getting peeped so many times – say, seal up the entire place and the lockers with no holes?), you’re going to be more than just irk when this voyeur comes down doing his usual stuff. Aside from his perverted side, Issei just like any other good guy also has his own version of justice. You need people like him who don’t care about social standings to fight back people in the top of the hierarchy abusing the system. Because he stays true to his principles, he is able to emerge victorious in the overall aspect. Sure, he may get beaten up a lot in the process but as Koneko says, his other true strength is his ability to soldier on without giving up. He is willing to sacrifice parts of his physical body to become stronger and protect those who are dear to him. It was just a funny thought that I envisioned what happens if he needed to sacrifice a certain lower anatomy to gain ultimate power? Haha. Don’t say. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be crazy enough to do it if you make Rias cry bad enough. There is an item that Issei has that amuses me. It’s his alarm clock. It’s the kind that 2D otaku lovers would love to have. Each morning time waking up scene, we see a different girl in different outfits and personalities trying to wake him up. Whether it’s your cute sister setting or the typical tsundere, the wakeup call continues till he presses the off button. Yeah, I want to have such alarm clock too.

Rias may seem like the headstrong leader of her Occult Club and heir to the Gremory family but beneath that strong facade lies a fragile and delicate person. As Demon, she might be one of the strongest, possesses the most devastating power but as a woman, she is like any other when it comes to matters of the heart. She may call Issei her strongest pawn, her cute slave and such but look how she broke down seeing him strive so hard and nearly at the cost of his life during the Rating Game. It shows that she is not just her pawn or slave. Like any one of her subordinates, she loves and cares them dearly rather than treating them as an object. Asia is no exception despite giving reasons that she needs her Twilight Healing. That was just convenient for her so she won’t lose face. I think her ability not to maintain her composure is also what gives her a commanding presence. How can your subjects respect you if you easily show your emotions? Look at Issei and his perversion. The other characters in the club play a supporting role too. Despite chess being a single player game, but the pieces itself makes it a team game. You can’t really checkmate your enemy with the king only, can you? So for Akeno, despite her eternal smiling face and seemingly easy going nature, she supports Rias from the back. Sometimes her smile could just mean anything. She’s happy, she smiles. She’s sadistic, she smiles. She’s going to kick your ass, she smiles. Can you tell the difference? Yeah, dangerous. Asia may still be naive and innocent but with Issei vowing to protect her (because he was the one who dragged her into this Demon thingy), I’m sure she’ll get by. It’s just odd and funny to see an ex-nun trying to pray to God. As we have seen in the series, Demons get headaches when they pray to the side of the light. We know Asia is trying to be grateful despite being on the other side now, but can’t God cut her some slack? Maybe if Demons are good enough, can they convert into Angels? Like how Angels can turn into Fallen Angels? Is it just a one way trip? Koneko doesn’t show any emotions but this doesn’t mean she is a heartless Hercules because you can tell from her actions that she cares for her comrades. Yuuto isn’t just a boy with a pretty face and his exceptional sword skills speak volumes. It helps the club a lot since it won’t seem like Issei’s unofficial harem and monopolize the girls for himself. I take that last bit back because it’s more like the girls won’t give him an inch to let him step over them.

Staying true to the fanservice, every episode you’ll have your eyes feasting at the top nudity of the girls, whether they are changing clothes or their clothes getting ripped. Just watching the opening credits animation with the main girls with bare tops will give you an idea on what to expect. It makes you really wonder that if such humongous boobs are possible. Of course not. It’s so unhuman-like. In addition to that, you’ll be bombarded with lots of panty shots and I think it’s safe to say that every main and supporting female characters have ‘done their bit’ in showing us their slip. The mid-intermission is also another place to get your fanservice fix. For each episode, we see a girl from the Occult Club in tempting positions and in their lingerie. Towards the end, they pose in total nudity! Of course with the necessary parts being strategically covered or hidden. As for the ending credits animation, you’ll see the girls doing pole dancing. Isn’t this great? Romance wise, with the fanservice as the main focus, it is hard to see any real romance. We get a feeling it will be Issei x Rias but can he stay true to make her his only girl even after declaring her as his number one and getting her back? I mean, he always wanted a harem, right? And any girl is okay with him. Will there be more members (girls preferably) added to the Occult Club? We’ll just have to wait and see since Rias hasn’t used up all her chess pieces yet. Now that his bravery has earned him Rias’ first kiss and even made her move into his home, what are the chances of that happening? Well, the option to get his own slaves is always open. Asia is clearly showing signs that she likes him but she can’t make any bold moves maybe because Rias is her master or she is just too shy. Sometimes all she could do is just pout in jealousy. It makes her look cute. All the girls in the Occult Club except Koneko actually don’t mind if Issei flirts with them. But if he goes overboard, they just put their foot down. The action part doesn’t disappoint either. At least I was glued to the screen while watching the fights. The way they blend the concepts into the battles make it an interesting watch. With Issei possessing the mysterious Boosted Gear filled with lots of latent power, it gets exciting to see how much he can power up each time he becomes more powerful and unleash his hidden potential. So when Rias and her team go into battle, you can’t help feel like cheering on for them despite making up just a small team because of the closeness knitted together among themselves, you want them to stay together right till the end.

Because of the short duration of the series, perhaps there are things in the larger picture that I didn’t understand. Yeah, I’m so like Issei when it comes to understanding the three-way war. So from what I read from Wikipedia, as far as I understand from the previous God died and the current Demon Lord missing. Gee, God died? How can God die? So just like how Sirzechs temporarily became the head for hell, I guess there must be somebody stepping in God’s place, eh? Sometimes what constitutes you to be a Demon or Angel goes beyond than just your personality. As a human, we believe that Demons are supposed to be evil creatures, rotten to the core. But from what we see here, they aren’t that bad people. We see how Rias treats her subjects with care and respect and got the same in return. Even Sirzechs seems like a good person as far as everything goes now so holding on to the Demon Lord name is just a title. Of course there are some just as rotten as Raiser who will do what it takes to get what he wants. I’m not sure if his lost to Issei means he will be calling off his engagement for good. I heard Phoenix are immortal but are they vengeful birds? And I’m sure if you can think that Demons can be this good, there might be Angels who can turn bad and abuse the system. That is what the term Fallen Angel is for but you’ll never know. Not every Angel is angelic. But so far, we haven’t seen Angels making their appearance for this season so I can’t say for sure. Just speculate like a sceptical human being. Another gripe due to the short length of this season is some of the supporting characters. You people still remember Freed? Yeah, what happened to that crazy dude? His ideals and words are so twisted that it makes him amusing only second to Issei. The series that started off as recruiting Issei as a Demon slave and a conflict with Fallen Angels who are after Asia’s Twilight Healing soon ends after Asia is saved and Freed is never heard off again. Then it takes a little detour to find Issei a familiar (which he’ll have to wait for another chance and perhaps longer if he wants one that makes his pervy dream come true) before the big battle clash with Raiser in a rating game and ending it with a bang via personal fight with the face of Phenex family himself. By the time the series ends, you might have forgotten some of the least important tasks that Issei used to do like handing out those cards and the hilarious visit to Demon summoners. Yeah, he always ends up with nutcases. What’s the worse could happen? He’s already dead, right? So he can’t die anymore. Maybe he’ll have to do it for eternity… Say, what happened to that Saji guy? I thought he was going to be Issei’s biggest idiotic rival but after the dodgeball competition, we don’t see him again.

Youko Hikasa as Rias must have took on a lot of a variety of roles ever since I got to know her as her role as Mio in K-ON! From degenerated characters like Hana from Seikon No Qwaser to disciplined characters such as Infinite Stratos’ Houki or quirky ones as in Linda from Rio – Rainbow Gate, she definitely has grown into playing a variety of characters so it’s a good thing. Though, I can’t still recognize her voice. Another voice that I’m supposed to be familiar but yet couldn’t catch is Ayana Taketatsu as Koneko. I guess when she’s voicing a character with no emotions, I can’t tell her trademark voice like she did as Azusa in K-ON!, Tsugumi in Guilty Crown and Mio in MM. Other casts include Yuuki Kaji as Issei (Shu in Guilty Crown, Kouichi in Hanasaku Iroha), Azumi Asakura as Asia (Akira in Mahou Sensei Negima series), Shizuka Itou as Akeno (Hinagiku in Hayate No Gotoku), Kenji Nojima as Yuuto (Sayonaki/Vlad in Hidan No Aria), Takehito Koyasu as Raiser (Adam Blade in Needless), Saori Seto as Grayfia (Evergreen in Fairy Tail), Junichi Suwabe as Sirzechs (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis), Natsumi Takamori as Souna (Saki in Acchi Kocchi), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Freed (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Hitomi Nabatame as Yuuma/Reinare (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Asuka Nishi as Ravel (Urusla in Mouretsu Pirates) and a cameo appearance by Ayako Kawasumi in her identifiable trademark voice as Susan (Nodame in Nodame Cantabile).

So I would say it is rare and isn’t bad for an anime overwhelming labelled and seen as an ecchi genre to have such potential storyline. At times I caught myself drawing out certain emotions because of the friendship drama and the closeness that have been fostered by the main characters. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Demon or an Angel or whatever you are called because as we have seen it is the contents of the heart. You don’t have to be an angel to do good. You don’t need to be the devil if you need to do something nasty (if you’re talking in the context of kicking someone’s butt big time because they hurt your friends, then from my standards it is acceptable). Well, I certainly won’t be rushing to try and summon to become some Demon’s slave. I bet the results won’t be as all sugary and sweet like they painted the perverted fantasies in this series. But there is no harm in always dreaming for us guys to get our own harem and perhaps a little naughty along the way. Ah, there’s always a little demon inside each and every one of us.

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