June 5, 2015

People these days are getting androgynous enough that you can’t really tell whether they are male or female. The lines between what looks like a boy and girl from the outside is now blurred so much that it just blows away your traditional perspective of what a boy and a girl are supposed to be. Yeah well, we can thank anime for screwing our minds on that. Throughout the history of anime shows, there has been countless cross-dressers and of course, traps. But has there been an anime whereby more than half of the characters are traps? Holy cow!!! Say what?! Technically it is so because Himegoto may be a short anime lasting only 4 minutes each and doesn’t have a wide range of characters, therefore you can say half of them are traps. So if you really have trap fetish, you should watch this show. Me? I’m here to see how this very effeminate guy is forced to become the dog of certain unscrupulous people taking advantage of his cross-dressing ways. There is no end to the shame… It’s a funny show, by the way so don’t go calling me a black hearted sadist.

Episode 1
A couple of guys are cornering Hime Arikawa. What kind of heartless bastards would do such a thing to a maid?! One of them wants to toy around with Hime despite knowing he is a guy! HOLY SH*T! Even better because he is a cross-dresser?! There are really some sick people in this world. Fortunately Hime is saved by the Shimoshina High School student council trio of 18-kin, Unko and Albertina II AKA Bell. Don’t mess with these girls. The trio also find how cute Hime is and make him part of the student council. Because it is their policy to make cute girls part of the body. Imagine their surprise when Hime says he is a guy. At first they don’t believe but after flipping up his skirt. Oh, the horror! Hime explains he was forced to wear this by those guys and was going to be sold off thanks to his parents’ debts. Yup, they travel round the world and rack up the debts in Hime’s name. What kind of parents are they?! 18-kin says the student council will pay off his debts and has the money to show for it! But in exchange, he must live the rest of his life as a cross-dresser in this school and serve as the student council’s dog. Oh God. Doesn’t this feel much worse than being sold off? So Hime is introduced to the school. No reaction? And they don’t hesitate to flip up his skirt to show he is a boy. Some think he is cute! There really are sick people in this world…

Episode 2
Hime returns home to be hugged by his sister, Kaguya. Actually, Kaguya is his brother! Oh sh*t! Another cross-dresser?! He is so happy big brother has ‘joined the club’. In school, Hime’s old friend, Yuuma Tadokoro teases him for cross-dressing. He even brings up the traumatic memories how Hime used to be forced to cross-dress. However he seriously thinks he could go for him right now! He starts the harassment but gets a kick from Unko. Hime is the property and toy of the student council! He is taken by 18-kin’s beauty but she warns him if he wants to come close, he must cross-dress. Tadokoro seeks Hime’s advice on how to wear a bra… Hime doesn’t wear a bra… The rest point out he wears panties underneath the skirt. Kaguya is not happy his brother is being harassed. Similarly, Mitsunaga “Mittan” Oda of the public morals committee and maid Hiro are watching and the former doesn’t like this a bit. When Mittan and Kaguya get to know each other, they realize they can be allies since their common enemy is the student council. Their goal is to take them down. Kaguya promises to Hime he will save him from that perverted student council. But the student council thinks Kaguya might join the public morals committee as the same birds flock together. Because Mittan is a cross-dresser as well! O…M…F…G…

Episode 3
18-kin’s father is the board of this school and since he pumps in cash, they have to do his weird orders every month. This time they are to offer their support to club activities. Hime is made to dress in a cheerleading outfit to help cheer for the guys’ cheerleading squad. Everyone is smitten by Hime. And they know he is a guy… Which makes it better… They make him do several cute poses that sends 18-kin into a fit of jealousy. Yeah. Hime is so cute from doing everything including how he apologizes. Too cute. Then during the volleyball game, their school is losing. Hime is sent to cheer on them but he slips and reveals his panties. Instantly their side get so motivated that you could hear the hall rock, to make a comeback win! Hime wears several cosplay outfits to be the model of the photography club. Too cute. What parts are they looking at?! Again, 18-kin becomes jealous and breaks them up. Later when the photos are developed, Hime doesn’t remember he was in some of them. They Photoshop in most of them and are planning to sell them… Yeah… It’s going to fetch a high price. Hime tries to persuade them to dispose of it all since that is not even a girl in the photos. The way he blushes and says that… Damn, he is cute!

Episode 4
Hime is forced to pose a semi-nude shot for a couple of art club girls to draw! Yeah, they’re loving it. However they weren’t drawing lewd enough so Bell blows her top and demonstrates sketching a very lewd picture of Hime. Once they realize who Bell is, they want her autograph. As Hime finds out, Bell is a famous manga artist for a yuri manga magazine. There is a new series she started that has the main magical boy character looking a lot like Hime… Hmm… Hime is shocked to hear Bell’s foul mouth, though she ‘warns’ her stuffed doll, Magyorubo not to say such things. Yeah. Half of the words in her sentences are censored. Though Hime is happy to learn more about his seniors, another round of foul mouth ranting makes him realize how scary Bell can be.

Episode 5
Hime’s test marks aren’t good and even more insulting that Unko is top of the grade! 18-kin and Bell also rank in the top 5! Something is so wrong… So they’re going to give Hime some private tutoring? On health studies? So suspicious… And those top students can even talk about how babies come from cabbages and storks?! They move on to the subject of cross-dressing mysteries. Is there even such a subject? They start arguing what kind of panties suit him and decide he should wear a white t-back tomorrow. Hime thought she is getting some real tutoring when Unko guides her. However 18-kin turns it into some penalty game. One wrong answer means a piece of clothing stripped! I think they’re making up the answers… In the event if Hime is totally naked (in which she is now!), they’ll just put those random white lights and steam! I think 18-kin isn’t so interested in tutoring him because she’s more interested in ‘polishing’ his femininity.

Episode 6
There is a long line at Bell’s booth at the Comiket. Hime is forced to work while the rest just supervise. Bell just loves the thought that everyone here is mistaking Hime’s gender. Her booth is completely sold out but no rest for Hime yet. Time for her cosplay action. And we’ve got lots of guys enjoying taking pictures of Hime. Low shots okay? When 18-kin hands out her business card that she is this cross-dresser’s manager, the guy seems disappointed. Is his world ruined? On the contrary, he loves it! The world is so screwed… Mittan and co are here to stop their despicable activity but the crowd mistakes them for fellow cosplayers as well (the maid…). They are forced to join in. In the end, the gang celebrates their great success. Bell is impressed with Hiro’s taste in manga while Hime vows never to cosplay again. 18-kin points out everyone was happy taking pictures of him although Hime wasn’t thrilled he spent his entire time trying to hide his gender when everyone knew about it. 18-kin shows a photo of Hime sincerely smiling. A beautiful smile that shows he had lots of fun. It is something he should be proud of. Hime blushes. Kaguya looks worried but as Ichigou says, he will always be the cutest.

Episode 7
The student council are supposed to meet the swimming club. Yeah. Hime in a swimsuit. I don’t even… But the boys are getting turned out… Hime is getting swamped… Sickos… Of course Mittan doesn’t approve of all this and because 18-kin is also doesn’t like Mittan’s suggestion, Unko suggests they have a race. The winner dictates the loser. First up is Unko versus Kaguya. Obviously the athletic Unko beats Kaguya flat (no pun intended) although 18-kin points out Kaguya’s loss was his ‘little rudder’ down there. Next are Mittan and Hime. However they realized too late that Hime cannot swim (why the heck did he jump in?). He is sinking like a rock so 18-kin dives in to pull him out. Time to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation. That won’t be needed. Hime instantly wakes up from the shock that he might be kissed. But once he learns 18-kin saved his life, he thanks her. Although she blushes, she points out his tits are showing… Wait a minute. Is there technically a problem with this?

Episode 8
Sighs… There is even not let up on weekends. Hime is still forced to cross-dress while going out with the student council trio. A couple of guys are trying to hit on Hime. You think the trio are going the beat them up and save him? Well, they put the dudes’ hands on Hime’s crotch! Once they realize, they run away! That should scare them off! So why are they shopping? They’re here to get a new bra for Hime! Why does he even need one? He is completely flat. However just by hearing that word, Bell erupts into a rage and thinks she is being insulted. She then forcefully takes Hime away to measure her chest. Feels like she is taking out her frustrations on him… Anything he says is like an insult. Time for punishment! How small can the measurement go? The panicking clerk outside thinks they’re doing some kinky S&M play… In the end, Hime is forced to buy lots of bras. So as not to go to waste, he tries them on. Kaguya sees this… That snicker… Oh sh*t!

Episode 9
This time… Hime is forced to take part in a swimsuit beauty pageant. He is joined by the rest of the student council. So as not to lose out, Kaguya also joins and has Mittan and Hiro take part too. Hime wonders how Kaguya could hide his ‘little buddy’ in such a skimpy outfit. He is wearing some support designed for cosplaying. Well, Hime isn’t wearing any because 18-kin insisted it would be better if it ‘slipped out’. When it is time for the contestants to make their appeal, 18-kin pushes Hime and he falls down exposing his… Uhm… Children, close your eyes!!!! Guess what? The crowd loves it!!!!!!!!!! And Hime won first place!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS JUST SO WRONG AND SICK!!!!!!!

Episode 10
Kaguya and Ichigou enter the room only to see Hiro doing something steamy to Mittan!!! HOLY SH*T!!! Later as they are at the school gates to check for rule breakers, Kaguya wonders if they are lovers. Hiro admits they are something like that but Mittan vehemently denies. Kaguya thinks he is tsundere. Then this big revelation… HIRO IS A GUY!!! OMFG!!!! A GUY CROSS-DRESSING AS A MAID???!!! But what about those big boobs? Hiro takes it off and shows the fake boobs behind it. Mittan wonders about Kaguya and Ichigou’s relationship too when another revelation… ICHIGOU IS A GIRL AND ALSO A CROSS-DRESSER!!! Therefore it bugs Mittan to think where they cross-dressers stand when it comes to uniform violation. Mittan wants to tell off 18-kin for that indecent exposure but is totally ignored. Unko crashes her bicycle into Mittan and thus some lewd exposure… In the end, all the public morals committee members’ names are also taken down. Technically, they’re dressing the wrong uniform for their gender, right? Mittan wonders why Ichigou cross-dresses. She hints it has something to do for Kaguya. She guesses that Mittan also does the same for Hiro but Mittan starts blushing.

Episode 11
Mittan invited Hime, Kaguya and Ichigou but how come the student council trio are here too? Well, they overheard and came. Dang. Since it is rude to push away guests who come (says Hiro), they are invited in. As usual, the trio run their mouths about Mittan’s big mansion that her father may be into something shady. Heck, they even make themselves really at home in her room. When Mittan leaves, Kaguya is in cohorts with the trio to find Mittan’s secret stuffs! Hiro shows them the cupboard where she keeps her fancy bras! There’s a G-string too… Mittan returns in a kimono, something he usually wears at home. He also has prepared kimonos for the siblings. Because they are not used to it, they become clumsy and accidentally pull each other’s top down. Fanservice? Knowing that they are traps… Eww… After they leave, Mittan relishes it is going to get quiet but Hiro points out his lax face which is a big indicator he actually enjoyed it.

Episode 12
A couple of guys try to peek into the girls’ changing room. Hime stops them but gets clumsy. They know Hime is a cross-dresser but can’t help find him cute. He tries to warn them but they are about to get rough with him. At this point, seeing how cute he is, they don’t care he is a trap anymore and strips him!!! OMFG!!! Ultimate molestation!!! The student council trio are hiding behind the bushes enjoying and watching… Luckily Mittan is here to stop this unholy act as Hiro ‘steals’ their belt to drop their pants. Mittan then calls out the hiding trio. As usual, they’re being casual about it but this is the last straw for Hime. He feels disappointed. He was trying to fulfil her duty as a student council member and this is the thanks he gets? This is not funny anymore! Oh dear… He looks serious. And for once they feel really bad that they have done something wrong. Even back home, Kaguya can tell something is really wrong with Hime. You can’t mistake that gloominess. Next day, Kaguya confronts the student council trio to tell them that Hime is quitting the student council. Wow. They look genuinely shocked. Hime continues to space out… That sadness…

Episode 13
Gloomy mood. Well, I didn’t know the student council trio cared. But 18-kin tries to stay ‘positive’ that they just need to find a new toy. However Bell asks her if she likes Hime only because he cross-dresses. Hime is having lunch with Kaguya and as the latter mentions, though it makes him sad that he has got used to seeing Hime cross-dressed, now that he has quit the student council, he is not obliged to do so anymore. On the way home, Hime gets assaulted by a couple of boys who have truly awakened to their trap passion! OMG! OMFG!!!! What the f*ck is wrong with these kids these days?! Thanks to Unko’s kick, Hime’s chastity is saved. Surprisingly, Unko and Bell start crying to him. It has been lonely without him around and they promise they won’t play around with his virginity anymore. No comment… 18-kin can’t find the right words. No need to because Hime also ends up crying. With Hime back in the student council, they cosplay and work in the school’s cafeteria to increase its profits. Mittan isn’t happy over their indecent dressing while Kaguya wants to join them. Since Hime is being whiny, 18-kin kisses him to shut him up! OMG! His first kiss… Ah well, at least everything is back to normal.

Look Out! It’s A… TRAP!!!
Thank goodness… I didn’t awaken to the trap passion!!! Thank Heavens! Thank God!!! It was funny while it lasted and thankfully each episode is just as short because I don’t know if I would still be the same if this series was like those normal 24 minutes duration anime. Can you imagine 24 minutes of trap hell and passion? I can’t. So with everything back to normal, it just makes me wonder if they will ever learn their lesson because my guts is telling that once this is blown over, everything is forgotten and Hime becomes the victim again. But that is another trap story. Therefore the big lesson of this series: Learn to appreciate your trap because you’ll never know the true value of one till you lose them. Okay, I made that up. But you can see how important Hime has become, right? Uh huh. Who else would be so gullible to be screwed around so easily and then fluster oh so real like a girl. Yup. Better appreciate your traps.

Everyone here is so twisted one way or another. Because for our main and supporting characters, if not for many of the guys cute enough to cross-dress as a girl or a girl plain enough to cross-dress as a guy, those who are straight are screwed up in the head. You can see their f*cked up and couldn’t-care-less attitude that makes you wonder the future of the nation. People like these in the student council are worrying, no? Yeah, they act like the school is their playground and other people (Hime in particular) like their property. No respect. Like they care. And for minor background characters, it seems they too are as sick as the rest because the guys, they just don’t care if Hime is a boy. Heck, once they know, it is like their inner trap fetish awakens and they really want to do all sorts of stuffs to him. Rape him. Seriously. Doesn’t it make them gay? Like they care. I mean as long as Hime looks like a girl, sounds like a girl and acts like a girl, he has got to be a girl, right? Sure, he is downright a boy as far as his physique is concerned. But 3 out of 4 isn’t bad, right? Yeah. That. And so with this logic, I suppose that is why the men, young or old, couldn’t resist succumbing to their sick trap fetish and find Hime super cute. So gay… Are they really trying to awaken our trap fetish?!

Every episode sees how Hime gets screwed up, sexually assaulted and being forced into by the student council trio’s naughty schemes and it feels pitiful to see what kind of sick plot he has to go through every time. It is already bad enough that he is made to cross-dress in various outfits, it is even worse that people know he is a cross-dresser and approve it! If embarrassment was a disease, Hime’s life would have been cut short and died by the time the anime ends. Well, you can’t blame Hime because his overall character is so effeminate that you can’t help feel tempted to take advantage of it. So cute in blushing, so cute in denying, so cute in agreeing. So cute in everything! If he was crude and more assertive, Hime wouldn’t have become a victim of this predicament and also he might have been less cute, which defeats the purpose of this anime anyway. Therefore when the penultimate episode sees Hime having had enough, this little crisis and drama were just probably to make our hearts skip a little. But my guts and experience tell me that it won’t stay that way and true enough it didn’t. All is well, ends well? Yeah, abnormal of having so many people cross-dressing or having trap fetish is the normalcy.

The most mind boggling fact of the series is how Hime is named so. I know that there are many Japanese names that are gender neutral but definitely there are some which are gender specific like Sakura, Sanae, Haruka and even I believe Hime itself is reserved for females. So how on Earth did Hime end up with such a girly name? Ah, remember his irresponsible parents? That. Now it explains everything. Some of the other character names too raise an eyebrow because like Unko, that literally translate to sh*t. I know it matches her personality but having a character named so is just bad enough. Or it could mean lucky child (in which her official name actually spells out this way) but we are more inclined to think of it as sh*t. Then there is 18-kin whose name itself reveals that she is more than 18 years old and thus the reason she might by staying back in school is because she is too dumb to graduate and thus held back. Haha!

I wonder if there is some sort of romance brewing for 18-kin towards Hime. There are quite a number of scenes that hint on this. You will notice 18-kin’s body reaction of getting jealous or stopping something when it gets too steamy. Her reactions of blushing and all feel genuine. Like as though she has some sort of feelings for Hime and can’t stand to see him being violated anymore although the irony is that at times she and her gang enjoy watching her in embarrassing situations. That final kiss may have increased that possibility. I also wonder if Mittan has any sort of crush on one of the student council members because despite his goal to take them down, we never hear the reason behind it. Could it be that he is jealous and being tsundere? There are no obvious hints like how we see 18-kin for Hime and is just purely speculation. But Hiro x Mittan… Hmm… Is this considered yaoi or yuri? I’m so confused.

The drawing and design of the characters make them look cute and pretty especially our traps. Like as though they’re trying to make us fawn over them and awaken our inner trap fetish for them. But at the same time with the constant reminder that they are guys underneath the skirt, it’s like screwing with our minds but at the same time hoping we would be enthralled and be lured into the world of traps. With so many pretty boys looking like pretty girls, it feels like God made a mistake to put them in a wrong body and thus the only way to correct this is to cross-dress. Of course the best one is Hiro because of the maid dress… Oh sh*t! Am I awakening to the trap fetish too?! It’s the maid, not the guy underneath it. The maid! THE MAID, I tell you! God damn it! They know my weakness and took advantage of it!

Therefore it is a big dilemma for the fanservice parts because although we get to see delicious shima pantsu shots and even glorious tits! Yes, exposed tits, I tell you! But then you realize they belong to guys and that sudden happiness-cum-disappointment. To see such tits and flatness on guys that look so cute like girls just feels super weird. Holy cow. It’s so wrong but yet deep down in our hearts, we have come to accept it. Have we awakened to the trap fetish? Thank God I didn’t…

Most of the casts are comprised of new or unknown seiyuus such as Yuuki Kuwahara as Hime (Rattle in Freezing: Vibration), Yuka Saotome as 18-kin (Sano in Plastic Nee-san), Saki Ono as Unko, Hisako Toujoui as Bell (Kana in Haitai Nanafa) and Azusa Tadokoro as Hiro (Kotori in Gokukoku No Brynhildr). Chinatsu Akasaki as Kaguya (Maki in Love Lab), Minami Tsuda as Ichigou (Sensei in Denki-gai No Honya-san) and Takuya Eguchi as Tadokoro (Kon in Ixion Saga DT) may have a longer list of voice acting roles but I didn’t really recognize them. The only one recognizable is Ayane Sakura as Mittan because you can’t mistake that bratty voice like the same one as Tokyo Raven’s Suzuka and Vividred Operation’s Akane. Both the opening and ending themes are sung by I My Me Mine, which is basically the seiyuus of the student council quartet. Troublemaker is the lively anime pop opener while the ending theme, Make-up is equally as dynamic.

I am not sure if the series’ title is a play on words to play hidden princess (the word ‘hime’ can mean both princess and to hide) but considering that a big majority of the characters know about Hime’s trap, how can this be something hidden? Or it could just mean ‘princess thing’ or Hime’s thing. Maybe a subtle hint to mean scream (himei) because I believe that is what Hime wants to do every time he gets screwed up and draws the end of the short stick. Unfortunately with him being so princess, you’ll hear no shrieks. Just screaming in his heart, eh?

Come to think of it now, don’t their parents or some morally upright guy start screaming their head off objecting to this cross-dressing thing? Oh yeah, I forgot. Even if we don’t see the characters’ parents here, I bet they are as screwed as the other characters because what kind of parents would let their sons become a trap? Because deep down inside all of us guys, there is this female screaming to get out. And when that happens, you start cross-dressing. I mean, it must have become a norm for Hime that when he temporarily quit the student council, why the heck is he still cross-dressing?! So used to it, huh?

Therefore you should only watch this anime if you are here for some sick twisted laughs-cum-entertainment because you’re a sick twisted sadistic person or you are one of the many characters in this anime who have awakened to the trap fetish. Because after watching this twisted trap theme, it’s like saying men is okay raping other men because women don’t quite make the cut anymore. Because women are now into hot handsome men rape each other. Because we live in a twisted screwed up world so it’s okay. No it’s not! So beware if you want to watch this show and risk getting your dreams crushed and your sexuality confused. You’ve been warned of this trap…

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