Hit Wo Nerae

December 30, 2011

Funny how time flies and that you forget about it. Well, what I meant was back then when I was a newbie in the world of the anime, I watched that ecchi harem love comedy, Love Love. Even though at the end of it I didn’t quite like it, I also remembered how I never wanted to watch its sequel spin-off, Cosmopolitan Prayers and Hit Wo Nerae. So oddly maybe as I grow older, my taste changed (I doubt it) and somehow decided to make an appointment to watch the latter which is also known as Smash Hit.

Believe me. It wasn’t the little ecchi fanservice that prompted me to watch this short (no pun intended for the main protagonist. You’ll see what I mean) series with only 8 episodes that lasts approximately 14 minutes each. So what was the main reason why I changed my mind to give it a try? If I had not found out that Mamiko Noto voiced the main character, this show would have been on my “Never ever and I mean EVER, going to watch it” list. Yes, believe it. Mamiko Noto. The motivation for me to watch and fawn over her beautiful voice. Believe it.

Mamiko Noto plays Mitsuki Ikita, who was a side character in the Love Love series. Here, she is the star of her very own sequel spin-off. She works for a film company called Houchiku Corporation and is very good in producing R-rated films. Ahem, ahem. But you’re not going to see any clips of those works here. Mitsuki loves detective flicks and her dream is to produce one. However that dream comes crashing down when she is put in charge of a hero flick for kids. To make matters worse, she looks like a kid and her fashion sense leans towards the kiddie side! Standing at only 146cm tall, is it a wonder why everyone finds it hard to treat her like an adult? Well, she doesn’t really stand out either. Oh, no pun intended on that one. Grow up please, everyone. Ah hehe, sorry. That one not intended too.

Episode 1
Mitsuki works on a show till she is dead tired. She gets disheartened her mom didn’t wake her up as she is late for work. But as mom says, she needs to be responsible for her own daily routine as taught by dad. Mitsuki quickly shuts off the TV showing a talk show about girls and nudity and yes, prints pantsu (something Mitsuki likes wearing). As narrated, she has lots of experience making R-rated films and thus knows quite a few things about men and thinks she’s a perfect mature woman. Even so, this doesn’t stop her from getting her skirt flipped by her naughty brother. Every morning. At Houchiku, she gives her colleague of the Copyright Department, Yayoi Tanigawa some edited video. Mitsuki is happy that today is the day she’ll get her dream debut of making a detective film. As Mitsuki goes to see her boss, she passes by Ryou Amemiya of the vice head of the Televising Department. Tooru Sato, the Televising Department head seeing her in high spirits, he tells her she will be the assistant producer of their new work from today. He can tell from her face that she’s suitable for the job. Before he can finish his sentence, she goes off. But outside, she meets her rival, Kenjirou Kurume AKA Dracula (maybe he looks like one if you’re imagination is that wild), the Televising Department producer. He gives her a dirty smirk and unknowingly she ends up in an audition section being handled by the assistant supervisor, Ryuunosuke Takahashi. The place is filled with girls trying their luck for the audition. Mitsuki meets Sayaka Inamura and the latter as the ‘veteran’ teaches her how things are done before she gets into an argument of ‘body maturity’ with Natsumi Yagami. As it is Mitsuki’s turn to wow the judges, they are impressed that she is perfect. But to her horror, she sees Dracula as part of the panel! He is not too happy because she’s supposed to be on the working side! He chides her that they’re supposed to be doing a new hero programme, Super Transforming Cosprayers! A brand new concept starring only girls. There goes her dream of producing her detective film. She pours out her woes to Yayoi later at a bar and insists how much she wanted to do a detective flick. To make it worse, she has to work with Dracula who only mocked her about her kiddie appearance. She plans on handing in her resignation and won’t mind starting all over from the bottom again. But she gets shocked to see a mountain of scripts she has to look over given by Dracula. He is making her the main producer for Cosprayers since he will be taking temporary leave on some business trip. Dracula continues to mock her childish and immature attitude and even quoted a line from her favourite detective flick! “Our job requires us to become demons in order to create our dreams”. He tells her she can quit if she wants since he isn’t putting much faith in her for shouldering this task. I guess she got taken in at the spur of the moment so she accepts the challenge. Well, she may be regretting it later but she’s going to make it a success and make him eat his words. However she gets appalled after skimming through the script.

Episode 2
Mitsuki shows Amemiya the script and thinks of changing it but as mentioned, it is written by their sponsor Takahara so changing it will have problems. He quickly changes the subject about looking forward to the group of girls playing Cosprayers before lifting up her skirt. As Mitsuki complains this to Yayoi, she gets a call. She meets Naoto Ooizumi and is shocked to learn a high school student is the original writer. As explained, he is hired off-the-books because of issues with the sponsor. Anyway, he too doesn’t like the way the script is written since it’s too childish and its depth lost. Mitsuki bumps into one of the actresses of Cosprayers, Miku Hayasaka who thinks Naoto is her boyfriend. She got so embarrassed that she exploded and got herself a new afro. Then of all people, Dracula passes by to give her a word of caution. Making a small change to the script is the same as making him write 2 different scripts. Since his works costs a million yen each, they may need to pay him again if it’s different. But it’s up to her since she’s in charge. Mitsuki and Naoto talk to Takahara but he is adamant of maintaining the way he wants it. He adds these shows are made for kids and solely for kids. If adult issues are hidden in it, it completely misses the point. In short, it’s not meant for people like them. But Mitsuki asserts that she’s in charge. Naoto continues his argument about his earlier works and how he loved it and that times changed, everything today is different. But Takahara throws him a challenge to throw away everything he has written and rewrite everything himself. And if he manages to satisfy him, he’ll accept it. I guess Naoto got scared so he ran away. He thinks he can’t do it but Mitsuki slaps him. She tells him if this is how much she cares about hero flicks. She explains her love for detective flicks and how everyone is looking down on her. She promised herself she’ll do it one day even if she has to be Cosprayer’s producer. Though she feels like running away, she plans to do it because running away won’t bring her closer to her dream. So she’s going to do it or else nothing will begin. Now it’s Naoto’s turn to explain. When he was young, he spent most of his time in hospital due to asthma attacks. He watched hero flicks and got inspired to be like them and became active. Before he knew it, his asthma is gone. That’s why he loves hero flicks till today and wanted to show kids a new hero and pushed himself to be a screenwriter. Thus he’s going to do it without running away. Some time later, Mitsuki shows the rewritten script to Dracula with Takahara’s approval. He lets her do as she pleases since she is the producer. As Mitsuki goes to meet her crew, they didn’t believe she was the producer. Even if they do, they start treating her like a kid. Can’t believe a midget like her will be their producer, eh? It gets worse and more embarrassing for Mitsuki when she slipped on a marker and revealed her pantsu. She’s in for a tough time.

Episode 3
As filming begins, it isn’t without its set of problems. In the editing department, there’s a scene whereby Natsumi got her panties in full view when it’s supposed not to. Then Mitsuki has to become a moderator between a feud between Natsumi and Youko Katsuragi. Though I think they both settled it themselves as they won’t lose out to each other. On site, the production lead, Jouji Nirazawa and the production copy editor, Hiroe Miyako are also there. Mitsuki goes to see the filming in progress. Supervisor Masaya Mikimoto thinks it isn’t bad but the filming supervisor, Tatsuo Kanou thinks this crap has zero sex appeal! Maybe he’s a lolicon because he’s staring at Mitsuki’s butt. Then it’s that shiver down her spine because Dracula is also there! Mitsuki blushes and seems to love his compliment when he says she looks like a real producer. Mitsuki thought she has everything under control till Dracula tells her they are running out of time and need to start official filming of episodes 3 and 4. Suddenly, Kazumi Hayakawa the producer of the composition department calls her that there are some problems. Due to the glut of kiddie programmes and decisions from the higher ups, their show will be delayed. Mitsuki pleads to Nirazawa for help but he isn’t interested in listening to her since they’re running on a very tight schedule. He even tells her to solve the problem herself before coming back to filming. Desperate, Mitsuki goes to see Takahara and Naoto and hopes they could compact the script so that everything can be running on time. But Takahara tells her to go home since she’s just bringing loads of problems. She begs on her knee but I’m not sure about Takahara’s sword play about using 2 swords are sometimes better than 1. I guess it must be some sort of hint because Naoto understood his wise words. Mitsuki goes back confident with the solution of fixing the script and splitting the filming of Cosprayers into 2 groups. However Miyako tells her to get real because this would mean double the salary of the staff and they need more manpower in which they don’t have. Though Nirazawa wasn’t going to listen further and tells her to talk to Dracula, but that’s what he would normally say. He still will help her out. Mitsuki goes to see Dracula and gets a lecture from him about the harsh realities one must face and constantly alter their objective in order to achieve their dream. Only that way results can be achieved and that’s what a producer’s job is all about. It’s not as easy as running blindly in the dark. With filming a success, Hayakawa is happy over her success. When Mitsuki buys a drink at the vending machine and drops it, she realizes her very short skirt is showing her slip. But Hayakawa caresses her and wants her to show her more. Oh dear.

Episode 4
But what she meant was she needs to keep showing more and more girls since this show is filled with pretty girls. However Hayakawa has 1 more favour to ask her. She wants… A guy! Say what? A sexy guy to play Cosprayers to appeal to mothers watching with their children! Yeah, she already have the designs and roles all worked out. I guess she was so eager that Mitsuki had no choice but to accept her proposal. What’s more, she already got a popular idol racer, Toshihide Nagasaka to play the role. Nirazawa doesn’t seem amused but I guess what’s done is done. However there is a problem. The suit is quite tall so Nagasaka won’t be able to fit in it. Mitsuki goes to meet the modelling director, Akira Ozu in hopes he can remake everything in 2 weeks. He accepts since she’s putting up a cute face (after getting scared by one of his monster costumes). Once again, Mitsuki gets the approval of a change in script from Takahara and they made it in time. A fortnight later, Mitsuki sees twin peaks of papers on her desk. Fan mail? Nope. Complaints of how absurd certain scenes in Cosprayers are! Amemiya touches the butt of Mitsuki and Yayoi as part of his little sexual harassment thrill. They confront and slap him. He tries to change the topic and hides his face behind the newspaper. To Mitsuki’s horror, she sees the headlines that Nagasaka is critically injured in a race crash. He’ll be out for a few weeks and they just can’t abandon this idea since preparations have already been made for it. Mitsuki runs around looking for a replacement but to no avail. She spots a video left by Dracula on her desk. She watches it as it turns out to be the first episode of Cosprayers. Then she sees a hot guy in the video. She calls Naoto and thinks of using this guy but as mentioned, that guy is supposed to appear in 1 episode and is dead. You know how stories are created around characters and their fate left unknown or unclear? Yeah, so it’s convenient for them to revive them if the need ever arises. With a little twist to the plot, Kyouhei Katagiri who played that character, his profile seems to be coincidentally the same as Nagasaka’s. Mitsuki is elated that everything is worked out when she gets a call from Hayakawa. She is happy that the idol group Gekokujou has accepted her proposal in doing the role! Yeah, they’ve been fans of hero flicks so they don’t mind helping her out. Oh, now there is a glut of handsome men…

Episode 5
The enterprising associate and section chief of the character division of Fantas, Takayuki Seta is explaining about adding some robot and equipment toys to add to the popularity of the Cosprayers. In addition, there will be a Cosprayers Only Festival soon as the series has been given the green-lit for a second season. With that, Naoto has to push extra hard in his script and put in a mega robot. It’s going to be a problem since they don’t have an opponent for it to fight. The show is also being produced jointly with another studio. Then Yayoi brings news that some big shot company besides Fantas will be set up there so they’ve rented out a big site and everyone will be there. They’ve hired actresses and also thinking of holding a big battle show and having members hand out fliers and souvenirs. Yayoi wears a revealing tight suit, causing the other Cosprayers girls to feel envy and at the same time desire much about their own body. Mitsuki is also going to help out and will wear her secret suit. Erm… Some kind of priestess outfit? Public filming seems to be going on well attracting loads of perverts, oops I mean enthusiastic fans snapping happily with their cameras. Mitsuki sees Takahashi doing well in his director role. Flashback reveals she insisted in appointing him as that role to Nirazawa. He is grateful for putting her trust in him and all his colleagues get fired up and motivated to do better. Dracula is also at the event and makes a comment about her costume. But he notes she made a good decision in making Takahashi the director. Inside the hall, Mitsuki’s brother tries to sneak and flip her skirt. But she senses him and avoids by doing a cool back flip somersault! However she lands lamely and sprains her ankle, revealing her strawberry panties. He teases her about her kiddie side. Well, it’s the summer holidays so he he’s not going to stay home all day, right? Mitsuki gets a call from Miyazawa that due to the jam, they’ll be late in transporting some of the actresses. Mitsuki will think of something till they arrive and lets this know to Takahashi. He continues filming till the rest arrives. The event is a success and at the end of the day as they gather to take a group picture, Mitsuki gets a call from Naoto. He gets an idea of how to fit in the mega robot. Something about combining Gekokujou into a giant monster against Cosprayers who will also combine into their robot made up of utility cars for the ultimate crash. They both continue talking and adding good ideas for the show.

Episode 6
Mitsuki enthusiastically watches her favourite detective flick and notes how that time has come and is looking forward to it. On her way out, her mom informs her that her older brother has returned and will come over with his fiancee tonight. Mitsuki visits Sato at the hospital. He tells her the ‘complaints’ other staffs have about her. But he also tells her a person who complimented her. It unlikely came from Dracula! Hey, Mitsuki calls him by his real name for once and from forth. He was also the one who convinced everybody to work with Mitsuki. Sato asks her the most important role of a producer. It isn’t someone who creates their dream on some set but someone whom everyone entrusts their own dream to. And Kurume found discovered that potential in her. Woah. She never realized he saw her in that light. Later Mitsuki spots Amemiya and Kanou exchanging suspicious pictures. I guess she was too short for them to realize she’s standing behind them. Till Yayoi calls out to Mitsuki, it gave them the fright of their lives. They dropped the pictures and Mitsuki is surprised to see sexy shots of Yayoi during the festival. They change the subject that they expect a lot from her in their next shooting and are confident they can succeed and take good care of their dream. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?  She snaps out of it when Yayoi hands her more piles of papers. Yeah, complaints, complaints, complaints. It’s a wonder this show is a hit. Then Mitsuki meets Masaya Tatekabe, the Soft Works division producer of the music corporation and is shown a very stimulating bath video of the Cosprayers. He thinks of adding some music clip as icing on the cake and is sure the sales of Colors‘ first single will increase and also appeal to the TV audiences. Also, he hopes she can create a scene where the members of Colors will sing together in the show instead of having it as an extra. She accepts because… Everyone’s dream was entrusted to her. Keep that confidence up, girl. Filming is about to begin when the actor who plays Mitsuki’s favourite detective shows up. She goes up to greet him but he ignores her. She continues ranting everything good and how a big fan she is. Suddenly she gets a rude shock when he tells her to STFU! He tells her off that it’s because of people like her he is always typecast in that old role from that stupid drama! Even more shocking, he doesn’t believe that ‘create your own dream’ crap. As everyone else stood looking in silence, Mitsuki is utterly shocked, stunned and heartbroken that she can’t bear staying for the shoot. She runs away in tears and sees Kurume. She thinks he is the only one who has supported her all this time. She hugs him and is going to pour her woes when he pushes her away. Adding salt to her wounds, he told her before that they’re in a place where they create their dreams and not just think about them. The shock is too much for her so she runs out into the rain and trips, unknowingly dropping her handphone.

Episode 7
Flashback reveals Mitsuki and her older brother, Kiyotaka love watching detective flicks together. Five years ago, he had to leave for New York as a detective so Mitsuki vowed to work hard so she can show him her detective flick one day. Mitsuki goes back all drenched and messed up giving an excuse she tripped in the rain because she wanted to see Kiyotaka badly. She gets acquainted with his busty fiancee, Luce Campbell. Oh man, Kiyotaka now spots a beard! So different. But what is more shocking is that Mitsuki learns he has quit being a detective and now runs a farm. That’s where he met Luce. Mitsuki gets very upset that he threw away their dream and broke their promise. She runs and hides in her room, reflecting those harsh words from that detective guy but still refuses to believe them. She immerses herself in work and meets Naoto about some change in the storyline by making that revived baddie a good guy. Naoto is vehemently against it but Mitsuki tells him off she is the producer and if he doesn’t like it, he can resign. Next day, a very visibly upset Hayakawa confronts Mitsuki. She’s been trying to call her all the while. Seems there are more complaints (nothing new, isn’t it?) but it has got to a point where it’s starting to get out of hand. She mentions that the Inspection Committee is reviewing this and if this keeps up, Cosprayers will be cancelled. Mitsuki says she’ll go talk and convince the committee herself because she isn’t giving up on her dream. Mitsuki works hard and stays late till she dozes off. Yayoi comes in. With more piles of complaints… Then later she meets with Naoto as he has rewritten his script. She didn’t check his work because she trusts him. Even if Mitsuki goes him, it’s just for a short while as she ignores Kiyotaka. During the editing of the show, Kanou comes to sit next to her and knows she’s been busy pulling an all-nighter. He comments Natsumi’s scene. Though she has made some great progress, he notices she is okay when she is being filmed with the rest but messes up when she is alone, thus making the filming a little hard. Later, Mitsuki sees Kurume standing at his office door. He notes that she is going to see the committee so she thinks he’s going to mock her for being childish. However he departs her with ‘nice words’. “It’s not a dream you can see right away. It’s one you create by laying brick after brick, slowly watching it come together as a whole”. And to top it: “A dream is something you create with everyone. Not alone”. Stunned, Mitsuki?

Episode 8
As Mitsuki continues working, she gets a call from Hayakawa that the show may really be cancelled. Then the bad news really came. Both girls are hauled up by the committee to explain their case. But I guess in the end, they weren’t convinced and the show got cancelled. I mean, a programme for children with materials not suitable for kids. Were you hoping for a miracle? Back at her office, the other Cosprayers girls wonder why she is down but she pretends to be energetic. Then as she takes a shower with them, Miku notices Mitsuki crying but she brushes it off as nothing. Mitsuki sees Nirazawa and apologizes that she tried her best but wasn’t good enough. He calls all the staff so that they could hear Mitsuki’s apology. They didn’t want to let it end this way but as Mitsuki notes, there is nothing more they can do. Nirazawa tells everyone the project is cancelled then and everyone will be reassigned for the new project planning next week. Back home, Mitsuki’s mom tells her Kiyotaka and Luce have already left for home. She also says she prefers his current face than his old scary face when chasing down criminals. She relays a message from him that he wants to create a town where everyone can smile and get along with one another (one of the lines in their favourite detective flick). Then it hit Mitsuki that Kiyotaka was working hard towards his dream and has never forgotten about it. With Mitsuki being ‘very free’, everyone else is busy with their new project assignment. Then she gets a surprise visit from Natsumi who is very sad that everything is ending this way. Mitsuki hugs and comforts her and is glad that she isn’t the only one who feels that way. To their surprise, Natsumi’s other Cosprayers co-actresses are outside her house. They say they plan to work with her if she starts her next project. But this heart-warming scene is ruined when Mitsuki’s little brother zooms by and flips up all their skirts. Mitsuki gets the confidence to work again if it’s starting all over again. She’s going to take it a step a time. As she walks into her office, all her crew members greet her. What is the meaning of this? Kurume asks if she learned something from trying to do everything alone and becoming all mixed up. They are all producers and everyone’s dream is entrusted to us and they constantly give them an outlook on how it’ll end up. Nothing can be done alone and with everyone focused on the same thing, they can begin fulfilling the work given. Naoto passes her the script of Cosprayers that everyone agreed. As Kurume explains, the subsequent Cosprayers episodes and story will be reworked for a mass market DVD release (is this a hint?). That means it’s back on track in a way! Mitsuki is so happy that she is glad to go back working with everyone.

Though there are 4 OVA episodes, I have only watched the first two. The first one takes place when she is first put in charge of the Cosprayers production. Mitsuki is reluctant to wear her school uniform but when she puts it on, it’s a perfect fit! She really looks like a middle school girl! She hasn’t grown, hasn’t she? Flashback reveals how the Cosprayers girls were dressing up in fittingly tight outfits as they also tease Mitsuki as a kid. This doesn’t help when Sayaka mentions though she mistaken her as a newbie at the audition and was shocked to see her as a judge, she’s still as cute as a kid. Yeah, they even thought of throwing her an extra minor role in the show as a school girl! Mitsuki’s brother is up to his skirt flipping pranks again. He strikes once more! As Mitsuki passionately explains the show is being put in charge of, her skirt rips and drops so brother teases her she’ll always be a kid. Making a kid’s show for kids. Mitsuki laments how she’s always being treated as a kid and as she watches the video of Cosprayers, she notices Natsumi and Youko’s well endowed body. Of course, this makes her like a ‘sister’ to the rest of the flat chest. At the set, Kanou and Mikimoto give Mitsuki a lollipop. When Hayakawa comes in, the guys properly greet her as she exudes confidence of an adult woman. Thus Mitsuki plans to focus on her outward appearance to match her adult self. First up is to eliminate kiddie panties. As she walks to the lingerie store, she conjures up what kind of adult panties are suitable. Must be her luck since the wind blows up other girls’ skirt to reveal their pantsu and make Mitsuki think twice. At the store, she eventually chooses a kiddie panty and also bumps into Miku. Next plan is to enhance her breasts. She goes for a massage and at the end of the session, she is happy to learn it has grown 3mm! Then she spots Yayoi next door and sees her humongous boobs. Based on some complex formula and calculation, she is going to end up spending a fortune if she’s going to reach that size! The final plan is to eliminate her kiddie fashion. Thinking what sexy outfit suits, her she chances upon Natsumi and her friend Matsuri Inui. They try out different clothes but they all don’t seem to suit Mitsuki. I guess they eventually have no hope for her because they’re saying if she wasn’t this short or have this kind of style, she could’ve fared better. Then Mitsuki spots Hayakawa. Back home, she is exhausted. Yeah, being an adult is one. But up on her wall is the light blue suit she bought that becomes her trademark dress for the series.

During a filming scene of Natsumi in action, the wind blew too hard that it revealed her panties.  Once more, the production director, Haruo Oushouji isn’t satisfied that he has to cut for the umpteenth time. In the trailer, a staff tries to calm Natsumi down as she is complaining about Oushoji’s stubbornness. She really hates all those fanservice and butt shots but vows to get use to it. Nearby, Hayakawa is mentioning something about sex… Oh, say what? Oh, why is she caressing Mitsuki’s lap? Oooh… Actually what she meant was, she wants more sexy shots in Cosprayers. However Mitsuki disagrees seeing this is a kid’s show and using sex appeal to sell better isn’t going to bring out the pure heroic maiden, bla bla bla. Oh? Who cares about that?! Hayakawa tells her straight that it is what viewers want and thus the most important thing is ratings! Yeah, she’s got a point so add more fanservice, will ‘ya! Anyway, she’s already decided the next shoot to be a hotspring location. As Mitsuki contemplates to find somebody to support and agree with her, Kanou is doing some perverted low shot angle peeping at ladies’ undies. I don’t know what thrill he is seeking in the unrevealed hidden truth of female bodies. Then she overhears Oushouji making Natsumi redo a screen test in only panties underneath just to draw her expression out. But Mitsuki thinks he may agree with her removing unnecessary sex appeal and goes to talk to him. To her dismay, he is all for it and is excited of the idea of seeing maidens getting wet… Then she goes to talk to Youko but she too is willing to do it. Seems she is practising herself to do this kind of scene because she feels she isn’t one of those famous girls so she needs to expose herself more and make others notice her. Next, she hopes in convincing an office staff, Reiko Asami of Luna Music Production. Watching her talk on the phone like as though she’s going to ‘kill’ the other person (her fiery even crushed the handphone!), Mitsuki starts having doubts. So about the sex appeal? In her sweet girl mode, she okays it since everyone in office agrees since the promotional video of Colors was a big hit. Then when she hears rumours that Natsumi is going to be made to strip naked, she goes to talk to her. However Natsumi is willing to do it. This is her chance to show that she doesn’t possess a nice body though her acting isn’t quite good yet. Natsumi shows the confidence she has by stripping naked! Actually she’s wearing a skin suit. With this on, she can do her best. Then Youko calls Mitsuki and confides in her that if Natsumi isn’t up to it, she will be glad to take her place. But Natsumi and Youko ended up in a showdown and poor Mitsuki got caught in the middle not knowing what’s going on. During the shoot, Mitsuki is puzzled because the scene now involves Natsumi’s character fighting some armoured warrior. Then Youko comes by and says it’s supposed to be her character but in the armour. She notes there’s a flower blooming in that girl but it isn’t herself. Suddenly the eccentric choreography artist, Takashi Matsumura does a German suplex on her! Then he gets poetry about water, flower, shining and disappearing. What he meant and Mitsuki found out later, it is his way of refining new actresses. Soon Natsumi had her share. Because of that, they were able to save themselves from whatever horrible crisis because he believes “the essence of action lies beyond relying on Eros”. Huh? Mitsuki needs to do her best to but she loses her balance and ends up like in that German suplex position.

Hit or miss, the show must go on…
So producing a movie and even a TV series isn’t as easy as one thinks. There are lots of background work and cooperation from many parties that come together and put in all that collaborative effort to make the film or series a successful one. Here, we see how Mitsuki interacts with many people in different departments and organizations in order to get her job done. Each have their own specific role and responsibilities to ensure that the output is up to mark and most importantly, on schedule. Sure, everyone is an armchair critic and it is easy for us to pinpoint the downs and bad points but do we really know what it’s going on behind the scenes? Therefore next time you think Michael Bay’s Transformers are filled with nothing but mind-numbing mashing and destruction, think again of the other aspects, okay? And yes, when the film ends, don’t just walk out of the cinema or turn off your DVD player, take a moment and see the roll of credits. It’s a long list of all the ‘unsung heroes’ that made this flick possible.

I’m not sure if Mitsuki will get her dream job of producing a detective flick. But putting her in charge of a hero flick helps her broaden her horizon and perspective. It’s a good experience and eye opener for her to learn that even in show business, it’s a dog-eat-dog-world out there. Harsh reality can set it with all the pressures of deadlines to meet can really put you down. After putting in all the effort, it is always a producer’s nightmare to hear that the show will be cancelled. Other factors and considerations to consider? Well, like I said, it’s easy being a critic. Kurume/Dracula may look like your typical snobbish villain but actually he is the one who plays the most supporting role in helping Mitsuki. He wants her to know that a producer’s life isn’t a bed of roses and I think he purposely made her the production manager after he overheard Mitsuki’s complaint and ranting to Yayoi at the bar in the first episode. Kurume does it pretty well and smooth to ‘teach’ Mitsuki the facts of the show business and how things are done. Thus you can’t consider Kurume a ‘Horrible Boss’. He’s a rare gem when it comes to this. In the end, don’t you see that all the crew respects Mitsuki? Despite still having her kiddie fashion (I guess there are some things that don’t change), she gets the job done (after lots of complaints, meetings, scolding, lectures, etc) Well as for treating as a kid (for pranks only of course), we’ll still have to see. But really, in Mitsuki’s case, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Maybe she should drink more milk…

Maybe it’s my one-sided admiration for Mamiko Noto that I see her portraying Mitsuki to perfect, making her sound in all sorts of emotions ranging from cute to puzzled to even heartbroken. But after thinking about it, I guess her husky and mature voice is much suited for a character for Mitsuki because if you use a high squeaky voice for her, I’m sure it will give a feel that a middle high school girl is actually a producer. So with Mamiko Noto’s voice, it lessens the effect of Mitsuki being looked upon as a kid. The opening is the same name as the title of this series. No matter how much I want to deny it, Mamiko Noto singing this typical anime pop doesn’t seem fitting. But I guess she has to since the song is about Mitsuki herself (including describing her height!) and doing her best. That’s right. We see her the superwoman she is by doing the impossible, accomplishing everything she has too. However it’s just a dream as she’s sleeping on the job with all her other less-than-amused crew watching on. Dream on, girl. The ending theme is the lively Todoketai Yume by Ayano Ahane. It’s funny to see Mitsuki working like a dog here. Waking up from morning and starting her work fresh but as the day progresses and the piling up of work, running here, running there, she is really at her limits, tired from just about doing everything. Have a well deserved bath. Well, only 99 more ‘things’ to accomplish. Whatever that means. A sign that a producer’s job is never done?

The fanservice here is just enough and if you’re hardcore, this series won’t satisfy you. There are very few scenes showing the girls’ tits but unless you’re a lolicon, who wants to see Mitsuki’s flat ‘washboard’? Oops, sorry. It’s amazing that Mitsuki’s little brother has this penchant for flipping up his sister’s skirt and teasing her about her kiddie fashion. I don’t think he even watched the sexy Cosprayers. I hope he won’t turn into a pervert when he grows up. Another mind boggling thing is the weekly mountain of papers Mitsuki receives. That absurd, huh? Hey, it’s a show for kids. Then again… Fanservice? Are they trying to start them young on this? But you know the power of fans. Just like customers, they yield the power to what is wrong and right based on their beliefs. It’s amazing that it took the production this long for the show to get cancelled. Perhaps if you want to understand a little better, you have to see all the 3 related series because some of the characters from Love Love do make their appearance here. Why not? They’re all inter-related. So show business isn’t anything that glamorous or money-making raking in millions. It is tedious, hard work, hard effort and perseverance. All that glittery stuff comes after that provided if the show is successful. Now that I have seen this series, will I go and watch the other and final sequel spin-off? Not now. Maybe in the next 10 years. Because I still don’t like it. Besides, I have other ‘better’ animes to watch. Hah. It’s just so easy being a critic and find excuses.

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