Homeroom Affairs

December 23, 2011

Gee… Somehow I find there are some similarities after watching Homeroom Affairs AKA Tanin No Kankei with another OVA I recently watched, Very Private Lesson. Let’s see, both involves the relationship between a young male teacher and his fellow female student, the guy just like any other men may be a little pervy but he’s trying to live the good and honest life while the flirty girl takes a liking for her homeroom teacher getting cheeky whenever possible. What’s more, the girl’s father approves of them and leaves it to the teacher to take care of his daughter (a way to neglect parenting, eh?). Both series are also quite an old OVA, only having a couple of episodes that lasts over 40 minutes and were produced in the 90’s. Only thing is this one is produced much earlier way back in 1994 and the other ‘big’ difference is that there is more ecchi and fanservice stuff. Oh yeah. Fanservice…

Episode 1
Miyako Hase must be one of those kind of girls who sleeps around, eh? Well, I guess that guy must be quite happy. Yeah, it’s a going to be a nice clear morning. On the other hand, Tokiro Ehara is going to start his day as a teacher of a prestigious all-girls school Mitsuba Academy. Perhaps he is still young so he can’t help fantasize being surrounded by lovely girls falling for him like his own harem. Yeah, snap out of it will you. Even the apartment supervisor teases him for that. Otherwise, Ehara is a good man. Just don’t get think too much of those naughty thoughts, okay? As he takes a train to school, he spots a pretty student (Miyako). The train is crowded so getting off at his destination is going to take a while with all that pushing. He accidentally bumps into Miyako as she drops her bag. He tries to pick up her belongings and to his shock, spots a box of condom! Want to shout that out louder? Don’t think the crowd heard you. Trying to set a good example as a teacher, Ehara reprimands Miyako at the school’s shoe locker area. But Miyako is unfazed. She even flips up his skirt to show what’s underneath! That’s enough to ‘shut him up’. During the assembly, both Miyako and Ehara are shocked to see each other. Well, I would forgive them at first if they didn’t think they would be in the same school since Ehara as the new teacher won’t know the student’s school uniform. But if Ehara was reprimanding her at the shoe locker, it means that he should’ve guessed she’s a student, right? And as for Miyako, can some stranger just enter a prestigious school? So it has to be a teacher, right? Geez. Anyway, after that flashing incident, all Miyako needs is to make sure they never meet. Ever. How funny fate works because Ehara becomes her homeroom teacher. Bummer. Even her pal Emi wonders if she knows the new teacher seeing her reaction. But of course she wouldn’t think so since she believes Miyako is a serious girl and wouldn’t have any relations with a guy. Like they say, still water runs deep.

I guess Ehara can’t leave Miyako alone. Yeah, he still wants to give her a pep talk about her attitude. Guess what? Miyako strips to her undies and in an inviting position, threatens to cry rape! Now, if anybody walks in you know who will be in big sh*t, right? So Miyako’s advice? If they both keep quiet, then things will be okay, right? Well Ehara, are you shaken from your first day? Apparently, he thinks this is some sort of test from God so after school he pays Miyako a visit at her apartment so that he could meet her parents. Too his dismay, she is not only home alone but lives alone (her parents are divorced) and she thinks he is here to do something ecchi. After letting him in, you think she’s going to just let him sit still? Uh huh. She undresses herself and becomes the cock teaser that would send any other guys to go f*ck her right away. Ehara is paralyzed by the shock so as Miyako undresses him, she gets more than what she bargained for. Ehara’s inner pervertness snaps as he becomes a demon and turns the tables on Miyako! Is he going to finally rape his own student?! He’s getting pretty rough! Oh no! OH NO!!! Did she get done in? What does that scream tell you? Morning comes and Ehara wakes up to realize he’s sleeping next to naked Miyako. Well, he’s got his briefs on so does that mean you’re safe? He can’t remember much from last night and his legs are weak. Meaning, he falls down each time he starts walking. What does that tell you? Don’t worry. As Miyako pointed out, he is just weak from losing a lot of blood after seeing her naked last night and passed out. Phew. So they didn’t cross the student-teacher line. Yeah, his virginity is still intact. Oh hey. He’s still a virgin at 26? No wonder Miyako finds him fun to tease. As a full month passes, Ehara observes that Miyako is an intelligent and active girl, excelling in studies in sports. It’s just that her attitude sucks. She had the nerve to bare her boobs when he’s teaching in class! Is this the reason why he is depressed?

On the rooftop as Ehara has lots on his mind, Miyako comes by. He puts his foot down and wants her to stop all this nonsense but she puts on crocodile tears that he had forgotten all about that passionate night. Then she wants him to kiss her and promises if he does so, this will be the last time he’ll have to put up with her pranks. After thinking real hard about it and nerve wrecking moments, Ehara sums up his courage to kiss her but she pulls out and was just joking. What does this mean? They’ll get to play some more tomorrow and the day after and the next. Oh boy. Looks like it’s too fun to stop. After school, Ehara visits her place again but he sees her welcoming an older man. Upset that she’s into this kind of unrepentant thing, he goes over her and slaps her! While giving her a good ticking off, the man hammers his head with a flower pot from behind. Yup, he is her father. Ehara comes to and learns about the truth. Daddy thought Ehara was one of Miyako’s jealous lovers so he hit him without any second thought. Seems even her dad ‘approves’ of Miyako’s behaviour. He is here to give Miyako’s monthly allowance and wanted to see her personally. Otherwise, transferring cash through bank would be a much easier alternative. As the guys leave, Miyako cheekily ‘warns’ Ehara that she’s going to make him pay dearly for hitting her. Ehara and Miyako’s dad have some food at a roadside stall and discuss about Miyako’s behaviour. Daddy seems pretty lenient on her. “Use the right contraceptive too”. Haha. Is he saying he accepts him to f*ck his daughter?! He starts talking how he always tried to make her happy even though there are many things going on in the family. She may seem like a brat but is a good kid deep down. In short, if anything should happen to cause her pain, daddy wants him to be by her side. At this point, Ehara is drunk so he accepts it. Yeah, he even writes it down and signs his pledge to protect Miyako upon daddy’s request!

Next morning, Ehara wakes up to another shocking discovery that Miyako will be staying with him. Yeah, she has her stuff moved in. She hits her head thinking all this is a dream but she whacks him back with the vacuum stick. Nope. Not a dream. So how did she get in? She told the supervisor that she is his younger sister and was given the key. That easy, huh? Of course she’s not going to stay for free and will throw in a lot of extra service. Uh huh. Stripping and all over him again. How can she be so indecent so early in the morning? This time Ehara’s face is serious and worried. He starts thinking if a teacher and a student is caught living under the same roof, he’ll be fired from his job. But Miyako is hurt by those words. She accuses him that he uses kind words but only thinks about himself. Because he doesn’t want to get into trouble, he is just like everybody else. If that’s the case, he should have stopped messing into other people’s business like visiting her home thingy. Miyako is truly saddened and runs away. He sees the note that he wrote last night but doesn’t give much thought to it. Later as he lazes around, he notices she still hasn’t come back and goes to her place. However he is shocked to hear from the apartment manager that her father’s company went bust and that she moved out this morning. He thinks Ehara is here to see the place as a potential buyer. Then it hit Ehara. He realized what her dad meant when he wanted her to leave Miyako in his care. He rushes out to look for Miyako and during his frantic search, feels guilty that she came to his place to stay but he turned her away in her hour of need. His mind starts straying and fearing the worse that Miyako may end up staying with one of her bad ex-boyfriends who in turn will use her body to do lots of bad stuff and sell her body for money. In the end, Miyako will be left heart-broken because her ex will dump her after he got all the money he needed and she outlived her usefulness. Oh Ehara. It’s a little too late to regret now, eh?

He goes back home after failing to find her. Thinking back at all those naughty and teasing times they had, he screams her name and suddenly a leg kicks out from his closet. Hey, Miyako is sleeping in there?! Well, she had nowhere to go and ran away for a while. When she came back, he was gone. She hid in here to scare him but fell asleep while waiting. Man, that must be one long wait. Ehara accepts her as he tells her to unpack and even notes how this place is going to get smaller. She is happy but tells him that if he was stubborn and insisted, she would have resorted to blackmail. Oh, this girl really has her mind set on that. Yeah, that was supposed to be the price for hitting her earlier. She pecks him on his cheek. While Ehara is bathing, Miyako comes in wearing a swimsuit and proceeds to scrub his body with hers in a very stimulating way. Feels good, huh? Yeah, she’s going to enjoy teasing this virgin. Maybe she’d be the first one who will pop his cherry. Haha! But while the couple frolics in the bathroom, the guy that Miyako was seen sleeping with at the start of the episode, Kouichi, is seen lingering outside the apartment. Oh no. He knows where she is now. I fear something bad is going to happen when you mess with a gangster’s chick.

Episode 2
You know when a girl asks you if you want to eat her for breakfast, it’s got to only be a dream, right? Well, thankfully that was one for Ehara. But it’s like out of the pan and into the fire because Miyako is indeed on top of him wondering what kind of nightmare he had. Because she notices his solid erection, she thinks he must have had some wonderful dream and suggests she continue where he left off and takes off her clothes. Sorry dude. This time this one is no dream. Later as Ehara soaks in the bath, he tells Miyako off thinking it’s another one of her teasing. However she gets a little annoyed and says that wasn’t a tease and if he’s going to be that dense, might as well be a virgin for the rest of his life. Ooohh… I guess those words should hurt. Because of that, Ehara worries too much if Miyako is mad. He couldn’t concentrate during the teacher’s conference and was told to pay attention after calling his name numerous times. As Miyako talks to Emi, she notices how Emi may have a thing for Ehara because she finds him cute and the kind of guy she likes to unleash her maternal instincts like iron his clothes. Miyako almost let her tongue slip when she mentions she’ll be careful not to let that sort of thing happen again.

As Miyako returns home, she is surprised to see Kouichi coming up to her. Long time no see. He knows what she’s been doing and wants to talk to her. Because she doesn’t want to talk in Ehara’s place, he takes her elsewhere: A love hotel. Oh great. Miyako remembers how she first met him. Then, she didn’t felt lonely and I guess being with him, her loneliness will disappear. Maybe it’s because of great sex, eh? Ehara is back home and thinks Miyako is still mad at him seeing she’s not back yet. He starts thinking that not too long ago, he was a happy bachelor without a care. But living with Miyako now, whenever she’s not around, he feels empty inside. Well, at the love hotel, Kouichi is serious that he wants Miyako to live with him as he has heard about her family’s circumstances. She is rather reluctant so Kouichi starts caressing and making love to her to remind her the passion that they had. Yeah, even if she has forgotten that she has been living with him longer than that teacher, he’s going to at least make her body remember that. But Miyako fakes that she needs to go to the toilet. She escapes via window by sliding down from the pole. Kouichi senses something amiss and breaks in. The shock was not that she’s gone. It’s rather she slide down from the fourth floor!!! Crazy!

Miyako calls Ehara to pick her up outside the train station. He meets her and he gets a shock of his life when she shows him underneath her skirt. She’s not wearing anything (Kouichi took her panties). She makes up a tall story that she was being raped by some demon king and that her shoes and panties were traded in exchange for her body. Well, up to you to believe. Since she can’t walk from her relief, Ehara has to carry her all the way back while tolerating stares from other people. Ehara tries to tell her about his thoughts of him for her today but it seems she fell asleep. Next morning as they go to school, they come into Kouichi. Miyako apologizes and wants him to go home but he holds her chin instead. Ehara tells him to stop so Kouichi says he wants to meet him and will contact him on where and when to meet. Inside the train, Ehara demands an explanation so Miyako comes clean. I guess Ehara didn’t believe her so she starts talking so loud that everyone else could hear the juicy details. Anyway Miyako doesn’t want Ehara to meet Kouichi. In school, Ehara gets the much awaited call from Kouichi. After school, Miyako continues to persuade Ehara not to go. She mentions Kouichi is a dangerous person and the reason he quit school was because he beat up his homeroom teacher. Miyako also knows when and where they will meet. Not because she eavesdropped the phone call, but she knows how Kouichi thinks. So will he give up on the meet? Nope. This is all the more for him to go see Kouichi. And since it’s like that, Miyako wants to tag along.

Meeting Kouichi at a deserted place, looks like the delinquent has also brought a few friends of his. As he mocks Ehara, Miyako tells Kouichi to stop this sh*t. That’s when he forces himself on her and his buddies surround and beat up defenceless Ehara. Kouichi tries to convince Ehara is just an arrogant weakling with no guts and wants her to leave him. Miyako puts up another fake act to kiss him. While he is distracted, she runs up to a car and strips herself naked!!! WTF?! The cronies stop their beating because looking at a girl’s naked body is much more awesome. A chance you can’t miss. Sounds of the police siren have them flee while Miyako screams in frustration over Ehara’s unconscious body. Thank goodness he just suffered a light concussion as he wakes up in hospital with Miyako by her side. I wonder how her clothes remained dry and she didn’t catch a cold since it was raining heavily when the beating up started. Next day, Ehara is discharged and is back home. But it looks like he’ll need more time to recover from his facial bruises. Before Miyako leaves first for school, he wants her to promise never to do that rash stunt again. She kisses him on the lips and cheekily notes she was born reckless.

In the train, Miyako is surprised to see Kouichi. Don’t worry. He’s not here for revenge. He wants to know why she did that stripping so she replies she got carried away and didn’t have time to think. He wonders what good she sees in that teacher since he isn’t rich, not a ladies’ man and weak. Miyako realized that Ehara indeed didn’t have all those good qualities. Clumsy, serious and definitely not her type but couldn’t figure out what it was. Kouichi leaves on the next stop and says his farewell to Miyako. It means she’s free from him, eh? He notes that since she doesn’t know what she likes in Ehara, it means she likes everything about him. Then also on the train, the vice principal of Mitsuba, Kishida. He approaches Miyako and wants her to come to the principal’s office today. When she enters to room, Miyako is surprised to see Ehara there. Wait a minute. If Miyako left home first, how did Ehara arrived at school first? Unless she went somewhere else but that’s not it because Kishida isn’t the guy who would be off school grounds during school hours, right? After school? Well, he mentioned she didn’t need to attend class today so I guess it means she has to see the principal the first thing she sets foot in school. Ehara and Miyako learn from the principal that they were attacked by gangsters last night. The police caught one of them and questioned him. This led them to do an investigation and they found out the duo living together. Oh no. Secret is out. The principal is worried about the scandal that will affect the reputation of the school and wants Ehara to resign and Miyako to voluntarily leave the school! Ehara dreads this moment but his mind starts thinking the thing he must do to protect Miyako. Then he refuses to do what the principal suggested because what they’re doing isn’t wrong. Why? That’s because they’re getting married! WOAH! They started living together as pre-requisite of married life. Plus, there is no rule to say a teacher can’t marry his own student. But what if this scandal leaks outside? Well, if they don’t allow it, Ehara will personally leak it to the media!

Thanks to that bold act, the duo got a little temporary reprieved. As they walk out of school, Ehara tries to tell Miyako that what he said back then wasn’t really at a whim. In fact he has been thinking long about it and asks if she would want to marry him for real! BUT SHE REJECTS HIM!!! Oh why?! Now she’s saying she doesn’t want to think about marriage at this age. Oh Ehara, it must be heart breaking. But you know Miyako. She was just joking. If it’s him, she’ll gladly accept his hand in marriage. After all, nobody has ever been so protective of her. As she puts her head on his back, they attract the attention of all the other girls! Man, how will they keep this a secret now? They were too engrossed expressing out to each other that they didn’t realize they were in public? All the girls are ecstatic and happy for them. Except for the principal and his vice of course. Miyako is back to her teasing ways as she mentions since she is going to be his wife, she’ll have to give him lots of service! Wink, wink. Ehara’s face gets redder in public while the other girls continue to be amused with the new hot couple. Yeah, show your support for them. GANBARE!!! Back home, Miyako locks the bathroom door as she takes a bath alone. It’s a precaution so Ehara won’t peep. But would he? Hey, what about the loads of service she said? No more free service? Yeah, perhaps it’s another one of her cheeky tease but it got me thinking. Before a couple gets married, they do lots of exciting stuff, right? Now after they got hitched, things like sex shouldn’t be any restriction, right? And in this case, the girl becomes restrictive. So is it a wonder why people stray and flirt around?

Don’t Wash Your Dirty Linen In Public…
Hehe. It was a little enjoyable for the short while. So a happy ending for the new couple? Whether or not they will take their relationship to new heights is another matter. Miyako is a rather playful and sporting girl but she just likes to tease and get a little flirty with Ehara because I guess being a virgin, it’s fun to see a first timer’s reaction. To some, Miyako pulling off her top and flipping up her skirt may not be very lady-like or what any girl should do. Some may get offended by that harmless fun. I don’t know if Miyako has really slept with many other guys or with just Kouichi alone, but it’s a good thing that after meeting a nice guy like Ehara, she feels loved and accepted. Something that she never got a lot in her life. Ehara too as mentioned is a nice guy. If it wasn’t Miyako, he would have helped out any other girl in need. Just perhaps Miyako stood out more than the rest. And by meeting Miyako, he gets to learn about being in the company and love of someone. Kouichi isn’t such a bad guy himself. Though he wants Miyako for himself, but he too ultimately realizes he has to give up on her since her heart is already set on that teacher.

There is a little nudity in this series because whenever Miyako strips, you can see her tits. Unlike in Very Private Lesson, there were none. Ehara has seen Miyako’s free service so many times that at the end, he should be immune to it. But looks like he still blushes when she gets flashy. That’s why he’s a virgin… However I find the second episode to contain less ecchi than the first one. Maybe it’s because Miyako didn’t flash her panties as much as she first got to know Ehara? There’s always that kind of excitement for first things. The drawing and animation are pretty old and you can easily tell it’s from the 90’s era. Anime people from that time had a certain look. From certain angles, I thought Miyako looked pretty much like the female Ranma! Just that she doesn’t have pigtails and don’t turn into a guy whenever she gets splashed by cold water :). Everybody else has that ‘typical look’. Ehara got that typical good teacher look, Kouichi a typical delinquent’s look, the principal and vice principal with that typical serious older guy look. At least it’s a good thing I can tell them apart.

Maybe during that time, a teacher-student relationship is very much taboo. I mean it is still taboo but I feel in today’s time it is more liberal and receptive as compared to back then. With incest and the different types of relationships, this world is one big messed up place. But everything else doesn’t matter when all that is important is the one you love, right? So I hope Ehara and Miyako will make sure their homeroom affairs are in order and won’t neglect their responsibilities as a teacher and her studies respectively. Hmm… If they can’t wait and do marry each other while she’s still in school, it’s going to be like that case… Yeah, remembering that anime series Oku-sama Wa Joshi Kousei. Just remember to keep all the flashing and striptease to themselves.

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