Honey x Honey Drops

January 14, 2011

Oh what the heck. I thought I should just watch the 2 episode OVA of Honey x Honey Drops. You know those short shoujo romance drama series tend to attract me in a certain way. Not that I’m turning into a softie whatsoever but I guess I was curious to know what it was since ‘accidentally’ spotting this 2006 production over the web.

Episode 1
Hot guy, Kai Renge, force kisses cutie girl, Yuzuru Hagino. Result? She slaps him. Any girl would even if he’s such a good looking stud. That isn’t the end of it. While trying to clean herself, Kai barges into the shower and continues his harassment! But he isn’t the perverted kind of guy. From the way he says things, he’s doing it out of revenge and reminds her that he is her Master and she is his Honey as long as they’re students of Hojo High School. Same thing happened at school. Another force kiss at the basketball court. She tries to slap him but his hand was fast enough to grab hers. She tries to take off her ear piercing which signifies the Master-Honey relationship but to her dismay she can’t and as long as she has it on, she cannot disobey him. If she doesn’t, she will be expelled if she quits being a Honey. Even if Yuzuru tells him off, I’m getting this weird feeling that she’s going to fall for him because she starts blushing when he just made his cool slam dunk. WTF. Don’t tell me she’s that easy after all that resistance.

As narrated, the school has a private course within the academy called Kuge for the rich people. There are some other criteria to enrol in this system too but once successful, the students taking the Kuge course becomes Masters and take on an assistant called Honey. The Honey has his/her expenses and other stuff totally taken care of and in return the Honey must serve his/her Master to his/her every whim and fancies. Like a sick master-slave relationship if you ask me. Yuzuru tries to wake Kai up for art class and when the sleepy head wakes up, he agrees to go but on 1 condition: He wants to draw her naked! Sexual harassment! Yuzuru reluctantly gives in after thinking back how her family was elated to learn she became a Honey because all their troubles had been taken care of. As Yuzuru bites the bullet and starts unbuttoning her dress, Kai changes his mind and says he’d rather paint scenery than her naked body. Insult or compliment? Either way, Yuzuru is safe. On their way out, Yuzuru accidentally drops her paint tools. When Kai picks it up, she starts blushing. So he may not be a wicked bastard after all but what the hell? Flustering? Oh yeah, tells a lot about her…

At the basketball court, Kai tells Yuzuru that the Master and Honey will pair in a basketball tournament for a Drop Game. Meaning the team that finishes last will be fired. And Yuzuru’s not good at basketball, you know. But Kai isn’t worried as he does several cool dunking techniques (oh come on Yuzuru, still blushing after seeing those hot moves?). Kai mentions it would be troubling if his toy isn’t around. Now that is definitely an insult but you know Yuzuru’s head must be clouded with so much thoughts of him that she isn’t thinking straight. I think. On match day, the basketball court seems to be on a floating pad over the swimming pool. The other Master-Honey team seems to be targeting Yuzuru. Why not, she’s the weakest. Yuzuru is approached by a guy wearing a traditional yukata, Chihaya Yurioka. Claiming that he has no Honey, he advises her to drop out for her own good since Kai plays around with his Honeys before throwing them away. Yuzuru becomes disturbed by the thought that she may actually be Kai’s toy (you mean she thought it was a joke all along and never crossed her mind after all that tormenting and harassing?).

The match starts with Kai-Yuzuru taking on the cocky Nagi Uran’s team. Kai is doing awesome by himself (yeah, Yuzuru just standing there blushing and admiring him) so Nagi thinks they need an unconventional plan to beat him. That is, by throwing fake basketballs to Yuzuru. Those include an armadillo and a bomb! OMG! Hey, it’s a death match by the way. But I can’t believe Yuzuru to be so dumb to stand there holding the bomb (probably thinking what the heck it was. Hello? That ticking timer gave you a hint?) that Kai had to come to her rescue. Because of that, they lost the match. During the break, Kai tells her off for not concentrating before storming away to change. Chihaya approaches Yuzuru once more. He realizes Yuzuru can’t stop being a Honey due to monetary reasons so he wants her to become his Honey instead. Some guy overheard their conversation and reports to Kai but the latter doesn’t buy it.

The next match has Kai and Yuzuru facing off with the cocky Ibara pair. What a mismatched pair. One so big, the other so small. Anyway Yuzuru is spacing out so much that she’s just standing there like an idiot. Kai gets pissed off and forfeits the match because he isn’t going to play like this. Bummer. Kai then ‘wakes’ Yuzuru up by fondling her boobs right in public! Not to mention the heartbreaking “You’re a toy I bought with money” line. “Why is this such a shock?” says Yuzuru?! Excuse me, girl… One more game and Kai-Yuzuru team is finished. They face off with Torikabuto team but it seems Chihaya is taking his place. Whether the real guy went missing or not, like it or loathe it, Chihaya is his so called replacement. Chihaya whispers to Yuzuru that he’ll protect her so Kai tells her if she’s going to betray him, don’t hold back. So it becomes 3 on 1 with Yuzuru siding with Chihaya but still Kai manages to stay close behind. Then Yuzuru slips and her back is going to hit against the hard pillar when Kai uses his hand to shield her, injuring it in the process. So now Yuzuru’s mind is clouded on why Kai did that to save her even if he considered her as just a toy. With time running out and Kai trailing by a single point, Yuzuru decides to shoot for Kai’s sake but it bounces off. Luckily Kai finishes it with his slam dunk and wins the match. Kai and Yuzuru embrace as he tells her that she is his Honey and will never let her go.

Episode 2
Yuzuru is running late for school because she overslept while Kai arrives in his limo. Since all that running has made Yuzuru’s stomach, growl, Kai gives her some food to make her happy. Chihaya watches from afar and isn’t happy to what he is seeing. During the sports period, Yuzuru once again is running late because she forgot to bring her gym clothes. Chihaya tells her to skip the class rather than being humiliated when Kai comes in. He then forcefully takes her to the infirmary giving an excuse that he has a headache and wants her to take care of it. Chihaya warns him to be gentle with her or else. At the infirmary, seems Kai is unleashing another round of sexual harassment upon poor Yuzuru. This time she manages to break free and runs away. And she’s wondering why he’s harassing her like that? He’s a guy, duh! And well look at this. Yuzuru spots Kai sleeping on the bench and I guess his handsome face is too good to resist even if he’s a sadistic Master and tries to touch it. She accidentally touches his piercing and this abruptly wakes him up. He grabs her hands and chides her for trying to betray him again. Though this isn’t her intention, Kai storms off. Then at the cafeteria, both their hands touched when they try to get the glass of water. The glass rolls off the table and breaks. Yuzuru becomes very apologetic and promises never to touch him again but he just left.

At the rooftop, Yuzuru’s mind is heavy with all those thoughts when Chihaya comes by. They talk and it seems he’s trying to convince her that if he becomes her Master, he’ll treasure her more. Kai gets word from his pals, Nayuta and Genjo about Yuzuru’s possible whereabouts and goes looking for her. Chihaya knows Kai has just arrived so he suddenly gives her a kiss. You know what this means when the other guy is watching, right? Kai isn’t happy she is betraying him for this guy. We all know this isn’t what Yuzuru had in mind but Kai doesn’t believe her. Having had enough of this, he decides to end this by keying a code to release Yuzuru’s piercing. Next day, Yuzuru waits outside the Kuge Course’s gates in hopes of seeing Kai but sees Chihaya instead. He apologizes for his actions but has an idea to make her see him (students without the piercing cannot enter this section). Nayuta and Genjo confront Kai about releasing Yuzuru as his Honey. But Kai is surprised they heard it from the office that told them to tell Kai to hand back the piercing if he is dismissing a Honey. At the office, Kai sees the form when Yuzuru happily comes in to see him but to get another cold treatment from him. She has another piercing on her ear and it seems she belongs to Chihaya now. Chihaya says that once a Master dismisses a Honey, they can never go back to the same Master again. Oh, so now Yuzuru wants Kai back. Too late for that.

Kai isn’t going to let it end like that as there is a way to get his Honey back by enforcing an old Ribbon rule. However this involves having the majority of the Masters in his class to give up their piercing to invalid the contract. Since nobody would want to do so, Kai is going to do it by force. Meanwhile Yuzuru learns the cold harsh truth of Chihaya. He is no better and in fact worse than Kai. He plans to drop her out and has being planning this from the start. Oh, so now Yuzuru admits Kai is her true Master. Don’t appreciate it when you have it, want it when you lose it. Kai is there to stop Chihaya from doing more harm and wants Yuzuru to take off her piercing. However Chihaya challenges him to a game of tag. It’s simple. If Kai manages to catch him, he wins. But the time limit will be when the Ferris wheel carriage in which Yuzuru is in along with Nayuta and Genjo (as observers) makes a full cycle. It’s odd to see 2 guys playing tag at the amusement park. May give the wrong idea. But why this amusement park? Seems Chihaya’s family owns it so it’s like his home ground.

Kai is having a tough time trying to catch Chihaya. So I guess he was desperate enough to crash their go-kart. Yuzuru also gets desperate as she climbs out of her carriage and to the top. Well technically if she doesn’t reach the ground, the game is not over, right? Chihaya is stumped to see Kai still having the energy and will power to come after him (why is Kai climbing the roller coaster tracks?). Why is he going this far for her? His answer: He has found the right Honey for himself. Too bad clumsy Yuzuru slips off but luckily into the arms of her prince charming Kai. A little messed up, though. Seems Kai has got Chihaya’s piercing and he asserts he will never let her go again. Next day at the basketball court, they are given a new pair of piercings and both Master and Honey kiss. No force this time.

Horny x Money Talks
You know that weird Kuge Course system is of course still absolutely weird to me. It gives an impression that the rich can do whatever they want as long as they have the cash to splash. Well, we may not know if the school upholds any traditional values or whatsoever but my guess for having such a system was probably to spice up life for the students. The main focus here is the twisted and hot-cold relationship between Kai and Yuzuru. At first sight, Kai seemed like a cold hearted jerk toying around with the heart of a poor girl but even in these couple of episodes, he realizes her importance even if she’s a klutz. Maybe he was treating her coldly as a way to show his love? Being overprotective, you know what I mean? Yuzuru was annoying herself at the start because I thought she was going to hate him for his harassment but she quickly flustered soon after. But I really can’t blame her seeing she has her hands tied. I still don’t understand why Chihaya dislikes Yuzuru and I thought his presence would serve more for an intense love triangle. Then I found out Chihaya’s attitude was more of the other way round. He likes Kai and not Yuzuru. Is he gay?

It was a little disturbing seeing Kai sexually harassing and fondling Yuzuru. It might not be very graphic to consider this series a hentai one but at least his boldness will be enough to send shivers down first-timer’s spine. Not good if you’re the a feminist. Maybe it’s his way to keep Yuzuru in line and to tell her that she is his property. But you can’t entirely blame Yuzuru for not fighting back at times because she has her hands tied for her family and money woes concerned. But at the end of the day, both parties eventually realize they are the right ones for each other and hopefully their relationship will improve. If there is ever a continuation made, that is.

Since this was just a short OVA, I guess you can’t conclude anything more such as the storyline or the other characters. Too brief to say anything. Even the manga itself was brief, lasting only 8 volumes. Even if this OVA doesn’t amount to anything much, I’m sure those who love bishie people will at least take comfort that everyone here are drawn to be good looking, be it guys or girls. So even if there is such a system in the real world, I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach it. I mean, having a Honey doesn’t mean treating him/her like a toy. They are not toys but normal human beings with feelings. But if you’re talking about those anime maids, then that’s an entirely different case.

Honey x Honey Drops

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