I read the reason for producing Hyakka Ryouran Samurai After was to introduce a new character to the series and give her some screen time. Well, nothing wrong with that but I thought it was just an excuse not to make another season and introduce her somewhere along the way or at the start instead of condemning her debut to a couple of OVAs. Heh. That’s just my opinion after all. And of course if you know about this series, you would know better about its brand of fanservice offered and thus all the more reason why we buy the DVDs to see samurai boobs and more samurai boobs. Oh yeah, samurai boobs save Japan!

Episode 1
WOW! Samurai girls making out right at the start!!! Keiji and Kagekatsu Uesgi making love, kissing and caressing!!! Kagekatsu has Keiji’s hand put on her stomach and it starts glowing! Wait a minute. Is she going to give birth to some super samurai?! Keiji notes her great qi thanks to all the training but there is still room for improvement. Meanwhile, the tussle for Muneakira continues. They’re arguing there is a big difference being a Samurai Bride and a wife. Yeah… Big difference… Even Gisen gets into the fray although she’s more into being his mistress thingy. Kanetsugu… What the heck is she talking about changing wives every 3 months?! Before things get ugly, they’re being attacked by Kagekatsu’s power arrow. Kanetsugu recognizes her friend. Seems she respects her for being kind to her. Yeah, unlike some girls who loves to subject this retard to abuse, right? Seems Keiji is here too and to see Muneakira. This shocks everyone especially Kagekatsu. Maybe except Juubei who is more than delighted thinking she might want to be Muneakira’s bride too. Since everyone starts arguing they are the best to be his wife, Keiji proposes a match to determine who will be his wife. However it will be decided via third parties. Yup, something like a reality TV. All of them will try to act and please him as much while raking votes from online viewers. The one with the highest votes wins. Matabei and Hanzou are in a dilemma to enter or support their masters so Gisen suggests they should refrain so as not to embarrass their master. Because Juubei thinks the more the merrier, Keiji agrees to join in. This causes Kagekatsu to be jealous and she also wants in. But shortly Keiji withdraws because somebody needs to take care of the notes. Did Kagekatsu get tricked into this? Thanks to some technology, viewers will have a first person view via lens that Muneakira is wearing. What he sees, everybody sees.

And so on day 1, we see Sen ordering her servants to clean about as she acts like the dominant master. I guess some guys dig this sadistic side. Yukimura shows her great finance management skills by saving more power during hot summer by wearing swimsuits. That sure brings in the votes. But it couldn’t be more insulting to them because Juubei is just fooling around with Muneakira and she scores the most points! Kanetsugu and Kagekatsu do the naked apron gig. The latter’s clumsiness causes the ingredients that like some ambiguous liquid splash over her face and chest. And with clumsy Kanetsugu slipping and accidentally pulling down her pantsu, wow, the ratings are going up. This infuriates Sen and Yukimura. Two can play that game! So they try more lewd stuffs by getting wet or skimpier swimsuits (saves 70% more energy!). Juubei continues to fool around her usual way and gets Muneakira into a compromising position. Kanetsugu thinks she can show her the better way so she transforms into her magical girl outfit. Only 1 problem: She’s totally naked! OMG! Ratings shoot through the roof! And this was unintentional for her side. Everybody got free fanservice. Meanwhile Kagekatsu is feeling down and the one lagging behind. Keiji talks to her and hopes she would actively participate. But Kagekatsu is in a dilemma. If she wins, she will no longer be Keiji’s bride anymore. Keiji says the problem is not becoming somebody’s wife. She hints she wants to have a size of a football team for children! At least half of them if Kagekatsu can’t ‘produce’ that much.

For the next few days, the intense competition continues with all the competitors being neck to neck in ratings. The weirder the attempt, the higher the votes. I think the one getting the most kick out of this is Keiji. Look at her laughing… On the last day, things get desperate. The girls are competing to wash his back. Kagekatsu’s accident with her boobs has the rest start using their boobs on him. The ultimate one whereby Muneakira slips and has his face planted in Juubei’s crotch! Matabei and Hanzou are helpless in seeing this fight as they too want to help their masters. But Gisen tells them they must win this battle by their own terms. And the servants just relegate to taking a bath while listening to Gisen’s ‘wisdom’. Since the tug of war might tear apart Muneakira’s limbs, I guess the girls are getting serious now to beat the crap out of each other. That is when Muneakira has had it and tells them to stop. He believes this is not the right way to choose and become his bride. He has them remember when they all turned into their Samurai Bride form, their hearts were in unison. So why make this disappear now? Choosing a bride is something that requires reflection and time. The girls couldn’t be more ashamed of themselves. Keiji lauds Muneakira’s words. Hey wait. Isn’t she the one who suggested this game? Of course. All just to see Kagekatsu’s worried face. Don’t worry. She had a great time. Yeah, everybody just felt they are the biggest loser. The participants, the viewers… Scammed… The only real winners are perhaps Gisen, Matabei and Hanzou who were right in staying behind. Keiji asks Kagekatsu’s opinion on Muneakira. Truly, he is an interesting man.

Episode 2
Unheeding Nia’ word, Sen breaks into a sealed tomb and opens a sealed box. Oh no. Looks like Pandora’s Box from the way things look. Muneakira thought Gisen crept up into his bed again but surprise! It’s Sen! Oh, Gisen is on his other side. So she did creep into his bed. As usual, the morning jinx with the girls around, Muneakira rushes to the toilet to clean himself up but bumps into naked Kanetsugu and sees her entirety. The rest of the day must be tiring for Muneakira because he has to escape from Sen’s seduction attempts. While Kanetsugu is complaining in her kennel about Muneakira, suddenly Sen kisses her and turns her into her minion. Muneakira can tell something is wrong when Juubei and Gisen start wanting to do bold things with him. Looks like they are under Sen’s spell too. This is all part of Sen’s plan to force Muneakira to marry her since he is taking too long over her proposal. She transforms into the legendary wedding dress that she got from Toyotomi’s hidden treasure. Hmm… This black revealing jester outfit is the legendary wedding dress? Luckily Yukimura and Matabei are here to stop their shenanigans. They have noticed Sen acting weird lately and have been observing her. They have also done their research that she is not wearing the legendary wedding dress which is supposed to be white. This dress is supposed to be worn after the wedding ceremony. Based on records, those who wear the legendary dress will be married for sure. To counter other powers, the black version was created to please men by gathering concubines. In other words, a harem. Sen is not convinced since she did her research based from Yoshihiko’s documents. But if so, how come Muneakira is not charmed by her? Before Sen and her underlings could give him the ultimate pleasure, Yukimura’s light bomb comes in handy for their escape.

Yukimura explains about both dresses being kept in the same place to balance out each other’s power. Separating the dress would mean unbalanced power and Sen will slowly go berserk if she is left alone. The only way is to take off the dress and put it back in the seal. Sen interrogates Nia about the dress but her lips are tightly sealed. Sen does some nipple torture but why is Hanzou the one feeling ‘good’ about it? Muneakira and Yukimura barge into surprise attack and capture Sen. There is some sort of ritual to take off the dress by fondling and squeezing the boobs in certain directions 3 times? Finally, press the nipples! Did it work? When Muneakira goes to free Nia, Sen wakes up and kisses Yukimura followed by Matabei. Game over. Juubei is still her usual self as she continues to flirt and then kiss Muneakira. She transforms into her Master Samurai form. Seems she wasn’t under Sen’s spell. Was she playing along? Don’t know. She’s too airhead as always to tell. As they make a run, Nia explains that Yoshihiko sent her to stop Sen from this mess when she learnt about the treasure. Although she failed, why didn’t she fall into Sen’s spell? Yoshihiko gave her a charm to protect her against that. In order to defeat the black dress, they need the white dress’ power. To activate it, Juubei will have to wear it and kiss Muneakira. Why is he flustering? Hasn’t he done this many times? No time to think or even be hesitant (because Juubei can’t help wonder about the implications of putting on a wedding dress) since Nia is at her limit stalling Sen and co. Juubei puts on the dress. Looks magnificent. Now for the kiss. Sen tries to intercept them. Muneakira freaks out so Juubei forces kiss him. The superb power frees all the girls and a special warmth feeling as bonus. But now another battle will take place… Juubei back to her airhead self is claiming she is his official wife since she is wearing this. Not so fast! The other girls claim this dress belongs to their family’s property and start fighting over it. Don’t rip the dress apart please!

Special 1
A short special lasting 5 minutes, a first person view, through the eyes of the protagonist, although no dialogue from the him but I am guessing it is supposedly Muneakira (those manly hands) or the viewer. Kagekatsu is the featured girl as we see her waking you up and you getting naughty with her while she makes breakfast. Then you both go for a walk and you fell asleep on her lap in which by the time you wake up, you see her sleeping face. Back home, you join her in the shower (I thought this borders like porn logic since which girl would be more than happy to let you in and when you surprise her while she takes a bath). And yeah… Washing those delicious parts… And the moment you’ve been waiting for. After shower sex… And then suddenly Kagekatsu wakes up from this dream… What a letdown…

Special 2
It is Sen’s t turn but this time the view is from a video camera. Here we are at the beautiful beach but Sen tells us to stop recording the beautiful blue sea, skies and sandy beach and record her instead! Okay. And when you’re too focused on her ‘prized assets’ she tells you not to just record her all the time! Women! Make up your mind! Now it’s time to put sunscreen. Man, I think you’re good in filming with one hand while putting lotion on her back with the other. Can’t help resist poking her? Now it’s her turn to do the same. With her boobs. Damn. Why did the recording stop! Hands can’t be still? Anyway the filming continues as we see Sen in various beach activities. But during the watermelon breaking one, she accidentally smashes your head! Thank goodness the camera is still okay! Finally as she basks in the sunset glow, you have the cheek to record up close her boobs and fondle them! Then I guess she has really had it. Drop the camera and screw with her! Oh yeah! Sorry, folks. No footage for this one :).

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Specials

Prior to Samurai After, there were short specials lasting around 3 minutes for Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride if you get your hands on the DVD releases. What else? Fanservce! Even samurai girls need to take a break from their rigorous training and missions to relax and let their boobs out. Oops, I mean let their hair down. But really… They let their boobs out literally.

Special 1
Sasuke and Musashi are about to enter the public bath. Only one problem: No pets allowed! Juubei has got this ‘brilliant’ idea and turns Sasuke into her human form. Yay! Next problem: No money! I suppose Musashi has to pay for them otherwise we won’t have our fanservice fix of seeing their tits, rubbing, molesting and even licking them! I think it got too intense to Sasuke reverts back to a monkey. A staff heard an animal sound and comes in to check. What is this monkey fooling around in the bath? Erm… That’s not a monkey. That’s a towel! Gee, ‘brilliant’ cover there, ladies. And to prove it, she uses Sasuke to scrub Musashi’s back. Monkey abuse!

Special 2
Kojirou believes this maid outfit is the one corrupting her beloved Musashi. She puts it on and tries to act one to see for herself. Gisen catches her in the act and despite how embarrassed Kojirou is, Gisen is going to teach her the finer points of being a maid so she can snag the heart of that special someone. First, she rips the chest area and the skirt to make those delicious parts more exposed. Then she teachers her how to pose in very sexy poses and greetings. Is she teaching her how to do maid porn? Later when Matabei realizes that one of the maid outfits is missing and from her smell realizes the missing outfit belongs to Kanetsugu, Gisen lies that it could have been blown away by the wind. In actual fact, Kojirou has taken it back with her, fantasizing Musashi will be all hers…

Special 3
Mataemon is trying different swimsuit outfits and the more she tries, the more risqué and super sexy it becomes. And she loves it! Then she hears Sen is also trying out in the next cubicle. Can’t believe that she has chosen a boring outfit, she forces it off her and force dresses a sexy one on her. Wow. This looks good on her. Your unique charm is really shining. Kanetsugu in the next cubicle heard this and also wants her opinion. As usual, Mataemon is appalled at this boring fashion sense and proceeds to strip and dress another sexy swimsuit for her. Flawless victory! But it cannot be more insulting for Mataemon as the ladies leave satisfied after their purchase thinking how this store clerk looks so much like Mataemon.

Special 4
One of the most taboo things for Yukimura: Talking about her small boobs! But Keiji asks her if she is really content with them right now. Of course not. Don’t worry. She has a method that will help increase it up to D-cup in no time by using qi. I suppose Yukimura must be desperate enough to follow the silly rules of pinching her nipples and then rotate her hips both ways (so as to evenly grow both sides) round and round. So this method is supposed to bring out your female hormones and accelerate your boob growth? Well, do it a few more times and she’ll get that bust she has always wanted. It seems Inshun is also eavesdropping on them and trying out this embarrassing method. Once done and Yukimura leaves, Keiji tells Inshun to stop following it because it was just a trick! Yeah, she had her fill of making fun of small tits for today.

Special 5
Nia sounds tired as she comes home, completed her secret report. There are hidden videos she has recorded of Matabei and Hanzou doing intensive training. Nia is not sure what the points of these training are for but tries them out and thus that weary and unfortunate soul you see her now. Whether it is sitting on an exercise ball, soaking for a long time in hot water or standing under the waterfall to detect and avoid falling logs, she is not sure if these training methods are somewhat related to them transforming into Master Samurai. Then she receives mail about her credit card that she lost a little while ago. It is the bill. Why do all the charges come from the maid cafe???!!! OMG! Musashi and co you sneaky charges!!! Wow. You can say Nia is completely drained out physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially!

Special 6
Juubei and Musashi are soaking together in the hot bath. The rest of their group are sleeping because it was indeed a fun filled day for them playing at the beach. They reminisce at all the fun things they did together from building sand castles to beach volleyball to eating shaved ice cream and sunbathing. Coincidentally they also checked into the same inn and took a bath at the same time. Yeah, fun and crazy indeed. Juubei hopes everyone should come back here again.

Samurai Bachelor & Samurai Harem
Well… To be honest, it was rather okay. Just like any other OVA that does not contribute to the main plot of the series. If you remember them, that is. But personally the funny thing is I thought Kagekatsu would be appearing for both OVAs and instead only appeared for the first one. Doesn’t it feel wasted? Because the second seems to be focused on Sen like as though Sen fans have written a complaint about their favourite samurai girl not getting her due screen time but eventually it has to be Juubei who steals the limelight, eh? And so having Kagekatsu appear for just an episode like I said feels wasted because although she isn’t interested in Muneakira (for now) why bother getting her mixed up in the cat fight over him? If Sasuke’s role was just pathetic in the second season, then in the OVAs she is even more so and reduced to only appearing as a mascot during scene changers. At least better than Musashi and co who are non-existent, which make the OVAs feel like all this happened before them. But if Keiji is around then they should be. Or could it be after, like the second title suggests?

Seeing the other recurring characters does bring back the nostalgia for the series in me. Like Juubei’s airhead and completely in a world of her own, Sen and Yukimura continue to butt heads and lead the harem cat fight over the main man, Kanetsugu continues to be the resident idiot and bully victim of the pack (you always need somebody to be a punching bag and to be treated like a pet dog), Matabei still looking dangerous as she is still wearing a skimpy loincloth as her underwear, Hanzou still having that masochist fantasies for her master, Gisen being deceptively playful and sly although it is still hard to read her intentions if she is really gunning for Muneakira or if there is an ulterior motive underneath it, Nia the very loyalist to Yoshihiko and Keiji love screwing around with others and have fun watching their reactions. Well, I suppose it is the right thing for Muneakira to bring some sense to the samurai girls about their desperation to pick one of them to be his wife (and the rest his concubines) because it is true to what he said. Outwitting each other to be his wife isn’t a competition. Nor is it for the amusement for others to watch. Being his wife means responsibility and respecting the sacredness of marriage. And now that he has ‘delayed’ choosing his bride, looks like the harem cat fight will continue… Yeah, the very basic cliché problem of every undecided harem shows. I think it is worth the run for a few seasons material of reality TV…

Here comes the bride… All dress in white… Eh? What do you mean they are not married yet? I thought judging from the title, Muneakira would have been married to Juubei or at least with one if not all of the other females around him! I guess it is partly my fault for trying to judge the storyline based on the title. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride indeed is the sequel to Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls but this season it is not about seeing which of the girls fight over Muneakira’s attention and becoming his wife. The threat over Great Japan still looms. Yeah. Even if our heroes barely managed to save the day with the skin of their teeth in last season’s finale from the rampage of the deadly Shiro Amakusa, there are still other threats that want to bring Great Ol’ Japan down. What is it that makes people want to crush Japan? Why is it that some hate it so much and others love it obsessively? For the latter, I know it’s because of anime, manga and games! Wohoo! Ahem… And so it is up to our heroes once more to save Japan. But what does this bride thing has got to do with it anyway?

Episode 1
Nia and her army take on the Dark Samurais at the grave. Muneakira has finally returned after a trip that lasted him 6 months. It also has been that long since the events of that last battle and he has trained and improved himself to prevent Amakusa’s revival and protect Great Japan. Back at the dojo, he meets Matabei and summarizes his journey. Though he has lots to learn, he notices the mushrooming of maid cafes all over Japan and is glad it hasn’t caught up back here. Looks like he has to eat his words because the dojo has turned into a maid cafe! True Shadow Maid Cafe welcomes you! Juubei in a maid outfit too?! So what happened when he was gone? Apparently Yukimura invested her shares and bonds and due to the Leiman Shock (that’s Lehman, right? Nyuk, nyuk), she lost all her investment so this maid cafe is a way to make money. Shouldn’t they get some reward from the government after that last heroic battle? Apparently they got nothing because Yoshihiko was declared the hero and gotten all the reward. Sen and Yukimura blame each other but Muneakira hoped at least they would do something more respectful to make money. But they want fast money. Easy money. Plus, they have put the dojo as collateral for loan to open up the cafe so if everything goes bust, so will the dojo. Just great. No choice, Muneakira has to resign to fate, cast away his samurai pride and work alongside them. He feels somebody is missing. Darn right. Apparently the girls sent Kanetsugu to hand out flyers of their cafe’s opening at the graveyard!!! Will she invite ghosts? What a way to get rid of that annoyance. Anyway, Kanetsugu really thinks there are ghosts because 4 Dark Samurai babes see her flyer but are interested to know the location of Yagyuu Dojo. Imagine their shock when they find the place as a maid cafe. This can’t be it, right? Since they’re here, they become customers and because they have that super black credit card, wow, superb service. Especially Juubei with Moe-Moe-Kyun-Kyun omelette rice special. And the rest are scheming to increase fees and service charge. Ripping them off… But they got our heroes’ attention when they are looking for Juubei. They don’t believe this maid to be the real one. However they realize Muneakira is the real deal. Finally Kanetsugu returns but sees no one in and thinks everyone is slacking off while she works her butt off. Oh… They’re outside preparing to fight. Don’t want to wreck the collateral, eh?

Kanetsugu is not happy that she has been tricked and on top of that, she is being insulted by her comrades that she was the one who showed the Dark Samurais the way here, she decides to take things into her own hands and charge at her enemies. However she was easily taken out. This has the gang look at them seriously. Sen detects their power on par with Master Samurai. Muneakira wants all of them to transform into Master Samurai but it seems Juubei can’t transform. Could it be for real that her other self has left since that last battle? The Dark Samurais are getting impatient to face the real Juubei and know they are lying about her taking a trip. They claim they are stronger than any Master Samurai. To prove that, Musashi Miyamoto easily nullifies Muneakira’s General power and blasts him away. Then Kojirou Sasaki easily penetrates Yukimura’s defence to defeat her. Mataemon Araki is faster, more powerful and strikes Sen out with a single blow. Inshun Houzoin binds and absorbs Muneakira’s essence. There are chains over his arms and this is a sign that his General powers have been sealed. It will become permanent if he doesn’t do something about it. In the end he will lose all his General abilities and never wield a sword again. They will wait for 1 month for them to bring the real Juubei to them. Muneakira admits defeat that they are not strong to beat them. The curse is real and it seems he can’t even hold his sword. They really need the other Juubei. Next day, they are surprised that Musashi returns. Hey, nobody said she couldn’t come back as a customer, right? Besides, she didn’t pay yesterday’s bill. It’s going to be hefty since Kanetsugu’s bill costs a bomb. But that was her own fault, right? And all because of money, they have to serve her as usual. Yeah. Musashi likes that Moe-Moe-Kyun-Kyun spell… Can you believe it? They lost to somebody like this. Don’t tell me they’ve gone weak.

Episode 2
Yukimura and Sen notice the Master Samurai seal on Juubei’s cleavage which proves that Muneakira’s General power still remains. They need Juubei to transform if they are to stand a chance with the Dark Samurais. There seems to be an intruder breaking in and only stealing Yukimura’s panties. She is somewhat happy and happier if the culprit is Muneakira. What makes her think it’s him? He has been journeying alone for so long and deprived of female contact and so when he returns, his horniness takes control. Some theory. Sen does not approve of it and in the event if it’s true, she’ll dance naked in front of everyone. Better hope it isn’t true. So while Yukimura hatches her plan to seduce Muneakira, Sen tries to find out where Muneakira keeps the stolen panties in hopes to clear his name. So far so good. When Matabei is doing the laundry, she senses something steal Yukimura’s panties she is about to wash. Muneakira stumbles upon a funny looking monkey outside and since it is hungry, invites the monkey to eat some fruits. Matabei reports to Yukimura and this leads them to think this is an inside job. Because Matabei’s smelling sense is like a dog, Yukimura makes her small her panties so she can sniff out where the perpetrator is. Muneakira notices the monkey’s bag and opens it to find panties. Yeah. That’s when the girls come in and misinterpret the situation. Muneakira the panty thief? The monkey tries to escape in the midst of the chaos but was caught. Yukimura recognizes it as Sasuke Sarutobi. Before she and Matabei left for the academy, Sasuke tried to follow but was banished. Sasuke is the one who is stealing all the panties because she was desperate to see them and had to stave off her loneliness and resort to stealing. Ironically, Juubei is the only one who can understand monkey language. I guess they are familiar in that sense. But Juubei doesn’t make a good translator since her Japanese isn’t so good. Back to square one. Sasuke found this place when she was lost in the graveyard and a girl (Inshun) pointed the direction.

Kanetsugu is one unhappy girl. Because this place is not enough for 2 pets! Yeah. The dog and the monkey. So she admits she’s a dog? They become great nemesis. And you thought cats and dogs were natural enemies, huh? But Sasuke proves to be ‘smarter’ than Kanetsugu and manages to get the dog to get all riled up. When Musashi visits the cafe again, Kanetsugu is bent on showing she is the number one maid. She didn’t realize Sasuke stole her panties so Kanetsugu flashed her naked butt at Musashi!!! Late that night, Sasuke tries to leave the place because she overheard Yukimura concerned about their living expenses. If Sasuke stays, their food expenses will increase and they are already in the red zone without the monkey. But Sasuke bumps into Juubei and Muneakira. Juubei can tell she is leaving and doesn’t want her to. Kanetsugu heard the ruckus and won’t allow the monkey to leave after that humiliation and have a score to settle. She manhandles the monkey and throws her back into the dojo so Muneakira tries to catch it but trips and falls into the pond. At the same time, his lips meet with Sasuke’s and the monkey transforms into her human version of Master Samurai! Unbelievable! Hanzou confirms her Master Samurai attributes and this proves Muneakira’s powers are still working. Thanks to Sasuke, their maid business thrives because all the girls are flocking over to see this cute Sasuke. Whether in human or monkey form, they love her! Kanetsugu is sulking as she is worried she will be kicked out at this rate. But if she has time to sulk and slack off, might as well take a first class ride back to her hometown! Get your ass moving!

Episode 3
Kanetsugu comes up with a maid competition. The one that generates the highest revenue will be number one and the lowest one must leave the dojo. Obviously, a ploy to kick out Sasuke because she is confident she is still a monkey. Easy victory? That’s just in theory because Sasuke is clearly leading the competition! Not only Kanetsugu is in dead last but her score is negative!!! Don’t blame cheat codes or anything! Kanetsugu spies on the rest and they are doing relatively well. At this rate, she fears she’ll be the one sent packing. Thinking it is because Sasuke had Master Samurai powers, Kanetsugu plans to seduce Muneakira. That’s one hideous makeup she put on. She creeps in only to hear something disheartening. Despite the increase in sales, they are still making losses because of Kanetsugu! She is the root of the problem as Sen and Yukimura point out. Every time she screws up, the deficit increases. They can’t afford to keep her any longer. Muneakira doesn’t think so. He views her as one of them and came up with this competition to save this dojo. That’s why they can’t afford to lose such great comrade. Touching. After he leaves, Kanetsugu continues to eavesdrop the girls. They know how Kanetsugu thinks and can guess she is planning to become Master Samurai. When her cover is blown, they tell her not to do stupid things that put them into more debt. The truth hurts. And it must be really hurt deep inside because Kanetsugu is not reacting back with her idiotic behaviour. And so Kanetsugu packs her stuffs and leaves. Sasuke sees this and follows her. The rest realize Kanetsugu is gone for good not only she isn’t to be found anywhere, the dog kennel she lives in is also missing! They go in search for her and hope Sasuke is with her seeing the monkey is not around too.

I’m not sure if Kanetsugu got lost but she bumps into Mataemon who seems to be exuding some blood thirsty evil aura. She is going to kill Kanetsugu but Sasuke transforms to fend her off. Muneakira and Juubei see banana peels and realize Sasuke must have left tracks for them to follow. Sasuke’s transformation is limited so Kanetsugu has to fight back herself. Unfortunately her hammer broke when she charges straight in. She gets beaten up so that Sasuke could escape. It’s not that Sasuke really wanted to escape, it’s just to bring Muneakira and Juubei for help. By the time they arrive, Mataemon has thrown Kanetsugu into the river. Muneakira dives in to bring her back up. However she is not breathing. He becomes frantic trying to revive her via CPR while Juubei and Sasuke try to hold off Mataemon who is slowly inching closer. Kanetsugu could hear Muneakira’s voice and feel his tears. The mouth to mouth resuscitation is like a kiss, right? And finally it is this joker’s turn to become Master Samurai! Believe it! With her new powers, Kanetsugu is able to go head on with Mataemon. In the end, Mataemon is awakened from her spell so she lets her off the hook by letting them live. And Kanetsugu was so confident she smashed her into a pancake. Ah look. Her new hammer is totally smashed. When the other girls arrive, they are shocked to see Kanetsugu’s transformation. Sen and Yukimura are not pleased Muneakira has kissed her. But that’s due to circumstances, right? A kiss is still a kiss. Kanetsugu’s transformation proves that she still trusts him. Everyone returns home and this means Kanetsugu too. Yes. The dojo is her home. Where would the fun be without the resident idiot?

Episode 4
Kojirou is not pleased that Musashi continues to patron True Shadows and warns her about losing sight of their goal. Yukimura is happy business is making profit but due to the opening of another maid cafe nearby, they need to hire another maid. However Gisen is back! And she wants to be employed! She assures them that Amakusa will not be resurrected at least for another 100 years and has some rather useful information for them. As we all know about Master Samurai, there is also something called Samurai Bride AKA the Sword Princess. It is the most powerful samurai ever and only one can inherit that. However she is not sure of the methods to become one. Though Juubei is willing to accept her, Muneakira can’t easily trust her seeing the last events how she manipulated them with her Evil Eye. Gisen easily unties herself from Hanzou’s S&M knots and will leave. Since they can’t have a dangerous person walking around freely, I guess they accept her employment. She is made to stay in an annex building with Juubei gladly guarding outside. That night, she has Juubei call Yukimura. She thinks she knows a way to become a Samurai Bride and views her as the most suitable one. Maker herself bustier. And so Yukimura starts drinking milk. Can she finish all that? Net, Gisen calls for Sen and tells her the same thing but this time the thing she needs is spirit and endurance. Sen undergoes Hanzou’s S&M training. Lastly Kanetsugu is summoned and is told she needs to do something more than just kissing. She got so embarrassed on what that next step is that her dog kennel exploded! As we all could have guessed, it is Gisen’s ploy to see which of those methods are correct. Or will the General hold the final decision? Juubei also wants to help out so Gisen gives her a task to practice her swings in secret 10,000 times.

Next morning, True Shadow is closed because our Master Samurais were up doing their ‘training’. Muneakira is surprised Yukimura is busty, Sen is elegant while Kanetsugu waltzes in with nothing but her panties! They are trying to seduce him but end up fighting with each other when Kanetsugu spins Sen and unveils Yukimura’s fake boobs. Yeah. There’s no way they could have gone that big overnight. It’s such a sorry state that after getting out of the red, now they’re back in it. Because True Shadow is closed, the customers are upset for waiting so long in line and some don’t even want to come again. Kojirou sees Musashi visiting again despite her warning and vows to kill Juubei. Muneakira goes to see how Gisen is doing but falls into her trap as she tries to seduce him. Sen and Yukimura get their stories straight and realize they have been had by Gisen. They enter the annex and misinterpret Muneakira may be doing something funny to her. Gisen was this close in verifying his General strength. Wink, wink. Of course she flees as she notes she still failed to verify his ability. Kojirou approaches Juubei who is now 9,500 swings and counting. Kojirou mentions she will kill her and puts on her visor that hypnotizes Juubei to die by falling down the stairs. Luckily she is saved by Gisen and snapped out of her spell. Kojirou is surprised to see her alive and not too happy Gisen is on Juubei’s side. Gisen threatens to use her Evil Eye and test to see which of their abilities is stronger. Kojirou escapes seeing Muneakira is coming into the picture. When the other Master Samurai girls arrive to give their piece of mind to Gisen, she suddenly apologizes like a guilt ridden girl. Is she putting up an act? They can’t tell. But they find out she saved Juubei and her punishment will be to work really hard at the cafe. Muneakira concludes she must have lost he Evil Eye because she could have used it but didn’t. He doesn’t think her Samurai Bride theory is a lie and was just using them to test out different methods. She is after all planning to be Amakusa’s Samurai Bride. Sen and Yukimura turn their attention to Muneakira asking him which one of them he should choose to become Samurai Bride. Certainly not a monkey or dog, right? Of course he can’t answer that and runs away.

Episode 5
Hanzou hosts the first ever M-1 Grand Prix, a competition between maid cafes and the finalists are True Shadow (consist of Sen, Yukimura, Juubei and Gisen) and Kengo Restuden that consists of the Dark Samurai quartet. Flashback reveals that True Shadow is experiencing slow business due to the mushrooming of many maid cafes. Muneakira thought this would be last on their list to participate but Gisen had an idea that by joining and winning would increase their popularity. So with 128 teams in the fray and with matches ranging from the norm of cooking and studying to the ridiculous such as plate spinning (is this a circus?) and sleeping (WTF), the event is narrowed down to 2 teams. Of course there is a reason how those 2 got there. Because Yoshihiko gave permission to use his name and left them in charge of organizing it, Sen and Yukimura used all means necessary to attain easy victory. They also locked up that troublemaker (read: that dog) so she won’t cause any trouble (I guess that’s why she’s not part of the team). However she causes a stir when she comes flying in for being left out but flopped of course. Thank Sasuke for bringing that idiot away. As for the Dark Samurais, they decided to participate because Musashi felt Juubei emanating her own energy. She didn’t felt it at first but her frequent visits showed she had something. That’s why they will participate to find out. Although Sen and Yukimura receive their application, their plan to approve is so that they could observe their abilities. Hanzou is supposed to wait for the right timing to press the button so that the match ups will be advantageous to them. However Kanetsugu interrupted the show slightly. She lost count and they end up in unfavourably line ups. There goes Yukimura’s strategic planning. Matabei has been tasked to record everything from the sidelines. The first match is capture the flag and pits Inshun against Gisen. At first it may seem like True Shadow’s easy victory with Gisen making a fast dash. But she went to secure Muneakira’s ‘stick’ instead! Cool Inshun captures the flag and wins it. And Muneakira gets blamed for sabotaging…

The blindfold battle has Kojirou up against Sen. They must traverse a field with mines to smash a watermelon while having their visions covered. Sen trips at first go. Kojirou easily avoids all the bombs and cuts up the watermelon nicely. Sen thought she eventually hit the watermelon but it was Muneakira’s head. How on Earth? With 2 losses, Sen uses her dirty trick by using a voiceover as Yoshihiko that the next match will be awarded 4 points. Mataemon will take on Yukimura in an endless hula hoop battle. The first one to drop loses. Yukimura teases Mataemon she is not fast enough so the latter spins faster till everybody flies away. I guess True Shadow lost again, huh? With the last match left, once again Sen abuses her authority to make an announcement as Yoshihiko that the last match will get 8 points. All the earlier matches didn’t matter, eh? Besides, there is no crowd. Either they got blown away or walked away due to the ridiculousness of everything. So in this sword battle, Musashi and Juubei must not only fight each other but avoid traps planted in the area. It got off to a bad start when, you guessed it, Kanetsugu rushes in and accidentally activates all the traps. Musashi slices and dices through all of them. Yeah. It felt all the traps were aimed towards Musashi, eh? Once the idiot is taken off by some tentacle squid, Musashi has had enough of this farce and will be getting serious. Muneakira jumps in to concede defeat so Juubei doesn’t have to fight but Musashi isn’t listening. She hits him away and this causes Juubei to get upset. So mad that she emits a deadly aura. This is what Musashi has been waiting for. They collide and it leaves a huge crater in the sand. Musashi walks away and concedes defeat since she has finished her business here. She hopes Juubei will regain her full power by the deadline. And so M-1 Grand Prix is won by the unlikely Team True Shadow! After all the tricks and string pulling, it’s not hard to see why.

Episode 6
Some pretty babe is giving the Dark Samurais a worth of their money. They can’t touch her and her boobs fetish is getting to them. Just when they are about to get serious, she escapes via her badass bike. Kanetsugu is appalled that True Shadow is closed! What gives?! Didn’t she hear last night’s meeting? Yukimura calculated that they have cleared their debts from M-1 Grand Prix’s winning prize money and thus no more reason to continue this cafe. Kanetsugu is not going to accept that but wasn’t she there are the meeting too? I guess she was spacing out and not listening. That’s her problem, right? Also, last night they had a meeting about ki training. Apparently when Matabei showed the footages of the Dark Samurais, they exerted lots of ki energy. It is a reason why they are holding such immense power. Juubei too did emit such ki during the final moments but perhaps she was doing it unconscious. The problem is now learning how to use it if they’re going to defeat the Dark Samurais. They heard this Keiji Maeda of Yonezawa is a great ki master and looking through the records she was once a student of this academy. Since she hates men, a reason why Muneakira didn’t find her during his journey. Yukimura orders Matabei to track and bring back Keiji here since she has a very keen sense of smell and will not be fooled with the master of disguise as well. Instead of waiting, the rest will train and do whatever they can. Kanetsugu can’t take this crap and throws a tantrum but when Muneakira touches her to calm her down, she blasts him away into the sky. So as the gang begin their ki training first with meditation, sour puss Kanetsugu starts sabotaging by pouring slipper oil. If this is what breaks their concentration, they are just no good, right? Only Juubei takes her seriously. Next is the bath but the water is hot. Again, sore loser Kanetsugu is the one behind this. Can stand the heat, ladies? Only Juubei endures it. Then when they meditate under the waterfall, Kanetsugu drops the logs! While the rest ran for their lives, Juubei is the only one standing in place and because of that all the logs miss her.

Fearing the loser will do something to the dojo, they rush back and need to get to her. Sen sends Hanzou in first and she falls for an obvious trap. Shameful. Muneakira wants to sincerely apologize. Had he not listen to Juubei’s warning to duck, he would have gotten a sucker punch in his face when he opened the door. Juubei accompanies Muneakira into the dojo and it seems she can sense all the traps. When they reach Kanetsugu, dog girl is not happy Juubei is the only one who worked diligently. Kanetsugu says she was helping them out with their ki training. Then they realize this Kanetsugu feels different. She is not the loser they know and is more arrogant. Matabei suddenly returns. She couldn’t find Keiji in Yonezawa and followed her scent back to this dojo. Can you guess it already? They say Keiji is a master of disguise, right? Kanetsugu will prove to Muneakira the benefits of her training as she makes Juubei kiss Muneakira. In that instant, Juubei turns into her Master Samurai and other alter ego. Keiji unveils herself disguising as Kanetsugu. The real one is locked up in the storeroom like a real loser. That’s more like it. Oops. She is here because she saw their M-1 Grand Prix victory and wanted to have cute maids fawn all over her only to find it closed. She notes their way of practising ki was wrong but was hilarious to watch. Muneakira thanks her but accidentally touches her so Keiji sends him flying through the roof. After the real Kanetsugu is brought out, Keiji hopes she would forgive her childhood friend. She has to otherwise she might tell an embarrassing episode about their past. Juubei assures that despite her change in appearance, she has been with everyone since the start and did not lose her memories. She will also not lose her memories if she returns to her normal form. When she says onii-chan, it gives everyone the shivers. Yeah. The goofy Juubei sounds cuter when she calls him that. In order not to waste and drain the ki powers, Juubei is advised to turn back to normal. However she can’t. This could be another problem.

Episode 7
Keiji throws a big party. Why? First she records Yukimura transform into Master Samurai. In the footage, she points out that she has already been gathering ki when she transforms. But the problem is when she reverts back to normal. How do they do that? Not too sure. When the fight is over, they just transform back. Keiji points out gathering ki is difficult but releasing is easy. Therefore the party is to help relax and release ki. But in Juubei’s case, she is like a bike on full throttle and a little training to master her ki is required. She’ll teach the girls but not the guy. He can watch though. First, they are made to wear naked apron. There must be some deep significance, right? Nope. It’s just her fetish. Keiji has them undergo retraining of their earlier methods starting off with balancing on a ball. Kanetsugu didn’t like how Keiji is stealing the spotlight and tries to interrupt but backfires. That’s the loser we all know. Same case for the soaking in hot water. Kanetsugu throws in coal but Keiji hits it out back at her. While meditating underneath the waterfall, Kanetsugu wanted to throw chestnuts but accidentally cut down the tree. The ladies are able to sense the ki and deflect the log as well as Kanetsugu. Yeah. She’s the one with the strange ki. Muneakira secretly does his training when Gisen tries to seduce him. But he wants to seriously train together with her as he knows she has something to regain. The Dark Samurais learn of Keiji’s identity as well as her current location at the dojo. Because they also learn the return of the real Juubei, they start making their move.

Juubei excels in her training that her ki is magnificent. But when she tries to undo it, it backfires and causes her discomfort. There is only one way to solve this. Keep pouring your own ki into it. Though this is just to buy time while she tries to control it and in worst case scenario, both of them may lose their lives. Because Muneakira is her General, it is obvious he will stake his life for her. He starts putting his ki into her but it’s not enough. Sen and Yukimura want to help but were told to stay out as they have not mastered their ki and will drain it instead. Keiji will help give a push. Even though she hates men, she likes idiots like him. Keiji may have given a little too much of her ki because she feels weakened but Muneakira feels a great flow of ki flowing through his body. She goes outside to take a breather but in actual fact is to stop the Dark Samurais from getting close to the dojo. They can sense she is weak and do not want any business with her. Despite getting beaten to a pulp, Keiji did not give up and keeps them bust to prevent them from closer. Muneakira is at his limit so Sen and Yukimura suggest he kiss Juubei because that is his General power. When he does, Juubei felt his warmth as well as the duo’s warmth. She is able to regain her power. Musashi is furious when she senses Juubei’s powerful ki gone. She wants to fight her now but was told they had a promised deadline. Even so Juubei is weak and not near her powerful self that defeated Amakusa. If she wants to fight her at full strength, come back another time. Musashi and co leave disappointed and hope by then Juubei will build up her strength. Next morning, the gang wants to give Keiji a feast as thanks but she has already left. It seems her job to teach them about ki is done. Because she loves this country and would do anything to protect it even if it means training those idiots.

Episode 8
When Yukimura and Matabei are walking back at night, they are attacked by a mysterious phantom exuding lots of ki energy. The phantom’s ki is powerful enough to paralyze them and it is looking for some Chingo Stone. But thanks to Inshun’s discreet intervention of light blasts, the phantom retreats. Back at the dojo, Matabei feels sad that she is weak and not able to help Yukimura when it needed most. Hanzou understands her feelings. They fear that if they cannot defeat the Dark Samurais, the curse on Muneakira’s arms would mean he won’t be able to keep the dojo and will leave. This will cause a cascading effect to the rest to leave and no one will be left. They vow to get stronger. Muneakira discuses with the rest about this mysterious attacker whom they believed has been terrorizing the streets too. They think it is the Dark Samurais since its appearance were around the same time Dark Samurais appear but Yukimura doesn’t think so as its ki felt different. Juubei and Sasuke are training at the waterfall when Sasuke notices the crows watching them. They follow it and it leads them to Inshun. Since goofy Juubei had no reason to fight, they become friends and go on an outing that includes having a nice view of Mt Fuji, praying at the shrine, taking fortunes and feeding pigeons. Inshun can’t help smile. Who wouldn’t? Especially with Juubei and Sasuke reduced to being monkeys (okay, so the latter is one), how could you not laugh when even the pigeon purposely farts at them?! At the end of the day, Juubei gives Inshun a charm. She hopes once the battle is over, they can still be good friends. Why not continue to be friends?

Hanzou and Matabei talk about the possibility if Muneakira married their master. What would their relationship be then? It would be more like master-servant relationship. But they believe he will be a reliable guy. Then they see Muneakira telepathically talking to Sen and Yukimura. Because they have controlled their ki, they are able to use Wave Motion Spirit Vision Technique and able to communicate with each other with ease. Midnight, they plan to capture the attacker. Except for Kanetsugu who is soundly asleep in her kennel. I think that’s the best. As they split into groups (Team A? Team K? Team B? AKB?! Seriously?), Sen is suspicious if Hanzou wants to become Samurai Bride. She denies and just feels frustrated at how weak she is. They come into contact with the phantom first. Sen’s arrogance got to her head. She thought she could be different than Yukimura but I guess she got paralyzed and almost tentacle raped too. The phantom noting she is the Tokugawa princess, thinks she knows where the Chingo Stone is and is going to make her tell. Hanzou’s attack was ineffective and had to be saved by Muneakira. When everyone gathers, a bright light once again forces the phantom to retreat and leave no trace of its ki. Hanzou is on the verge of breaking down because she thought she could have lost Sen for good then. Juubei thought she saw Inshun at a distance. They think she is the mysterious attacker.

Episode 9
The attacker’s identity is revealed: Mataemon. However she has no memories when she turned into a phantom whenever she reverts back. Yoshihiko’s priests are almost there fixing the barrier. Only a few more days till it is fully restored. Nia reports to him that Sen is asking for information regarding the Chingo Stone but is told to ignore her. She doesn’t need to know it. As pointed out, the Chingo Stone was damaged during the battle against Amakusa and it caused the return of the Dark Samurais. Muneakira discusses with the rest about the attacker’s intention for the Chingo Stone. Because Inshun is the main suspect, this doesn’t sit well with Juubei. Hanzou and Matabei are in their own training. To kiss each other? Well, it didn’t work out. Sad. Then comes in the pest. Oh no. Kanetsugu. She’s bragging to them about becoming Master Samurai and will gladly teach them. Because Hanzou and Matabei are too deep in their fantasies about kissing Muneakira, they unwittingly take out on Kanetsugu. Judo throw! Backbone crusher! I guess in a way she deserves it. Juubei is sulking by herself when she meets Musashi. Telling her about how Inshun has become a prime suspect, Musashi assures she isn’t and if she is, she will beat her up real good. Because the battle with her is all that matters. Kojirou sees Mataemon turning into a phantom and decides to follow it to see what it does. Muneakira and the rest have another strategic meeting to find the attacker. Musashi senses a great evil aura and is appalled to see Inshun. If she had only make it clear that she wasn’t the attacker, Musashi wouldn’t have engaged in a sword battle with her. Why oh why couldn’t she just say it? With reports that the attacker is within the vicinity, Muneakira and co move out. They find it nearby in the woods and it is looking for Sen. Hanzou wanted to be a hero and initiates the first attack. Futile. She got captured. Now that she is a hostage, Sen hesitated in charging straight and got captured too.

The phantom looks into Sen’s memories for clues of the Chingo Stone. Sen remembers that during the aftermath of the battle with Amakusa, she heard Yoshihiko talking on the phone about some damaged barrier and Chingo Stone. When he realized she was around, he stopped talking. Muneakira is at a lost so Matabei wants him to kiss her and make her his Master Samurai. Finally after all this time, Matabei has turned into a Master Samurai with a giant brush-cum-spear as her power up weapon! She frees Hanzou but Sen is still in the phantom’s grasp. While Matabei is fighting it, Hanzou wants Muneakira to turn her into a Master Samurai. And finally all the girls in the harem have finally upgraded their status to Master Samurai! Hanzou has more power on her data and relays the exact moment when to attack the phantom. Of course Hanzou’s shuriken also powers up and deals a great deal of damage. Inshun was distracted by that loud crashing battle so it allowed Musashi to somewhat defeat her. Although Inshun escaped and this proves she is not the culprit. Everyone is surprised to see Mataemon but she doesn’t know why she is here. Kojirou takes her away. Next morning, the gang discuss that although Inshun may not be the phantom, because the other Dark Samurai was involved, she could still have a hand in it. Trying to put the puzzle pieces together, Gisen voices her opinion. The battle is just an excuse for the Dark Samurais to stay at this dojo. Their real goal is the Chingo Stone. She suspects their ultimate goal is to destroy the stone which acts as a barrier to protect Japan, which will allow them to wipe this country off the map.

Episode 10
Kojirou confronts the phantom at the grave. She wants to know why the Dark Samurais were resurrected, though the phantom does not want to tell her and orders her to just eliminate their enemies. Kanetsugu is yapping and blowing her top for being left out of some top secret meeting despite her status elevated to Master Samurai. STFU, woman. Matabei ‘puts her to sleep’. Muneakira, Juubei, Yukimura and Sen are called to see Yoshihiko. Since it has come to this stage, there is no harm in revealing the secrets of Chingo Stone. If Japan was a human body, it is filled with ki. The country is stable when ki flows normally but when disrupted, there will be natural disasters and wars. To stabilize that flow of ki, that is where the Chingo Stone comes in. It serves as a point where all the ki converges. It is located at the foot of Mt Fuji. Of course some people do not want peace and try to damage the stone. That is why throughout history, humans fought each other with their silly wars. Blame the stone? Amakusa has been a habitual offender trying to damage it many times. Since Japan came close to destruction during World War, the Tokugawa government has ordered a special barrier around it and its central core lies in Buou Academy. It keeps away enemies and as long the barrier is intact, the Chingo Stone will be safe. Because of their last battle with Amakusa, he was smart enough to use Gisen and entered the academy in a pure state, bypassing the barrier unharmed and resurrecting from within. Although the plan failed, damage had been done to the stone and Juubei partly had a hand to play in that too. Because of the damage, it also resurrected ghosts (that phantom) harbouring grudges against the Tokugawa. It has tried possessing humans, animals and reanimating corpse but thanks to Nia, they have been kept at bay. Till recently they did a final attempt by resurrecting 4 of history’s most power samurai. Yup. The Dark Samurais. Their goals are to destroy Yoshihiko, destroy the Chingo Stone and bring chaos. When Nia fought them, she and her army were no match. Musashi thought Nia had defeated the most powerful Master Samurai but Nia as instructed by Yoshihiko when she is backed to the corner, to reveal Juubei’s name as the most powerful Master Samurai. That’s why they showed up at the dojo. But this is to buy time while the barrier is being healed. Yoshihiko would’ve been more grateful had they bought him one more day. Because the barrier is scheduled to complete on the day of their battle. Though it was sheer luck that had them postponed the battle (Musashi’s fixation on fighting Juubei at full power).

At the same time, the phantom tells Kojirou all this and reveals why it possessed Mataemon to do the job. Because she is easier to manipulate compared to Musashi or Kojirou. Plus, Mataemon’s body had some mechanical alterations. As for Inshun, she is just an empty vessel. So the plan now for our heroes is to carry on with their promise and just win their match. Because once the barrier is fully repaired, the ghost will be immobilized and cannot lend its strength to the Dark Samurais. Of course Yukimura needs something to assure their victory and it’s every information on becoming Samurai Bride. Yoshihiko will arrange for every document to be sent to the dojo. When Musashi returns, she sees Kojirou shell shocked. She tells her the truth. When the phantom released Mataemon from its possession, Mataemon was aware and heard everything. She did not repent and liked how her new mechanical body functioned and went off to find the Chingo Stone. She had a pretty good idea where it is since she entered Sen’s mind. Kojirou asks Musashi if she prefers a world of peace or war. She doesn’t care as long as she can fight the strongest. With 2 more days to the decisive battle, everyone enters their own training. Muneakira still can’t lift a sword while Yukimura uses her speed reading to read up on all the details. Kanetsugu is training hard too. Train hard to eat more rice! Finally Yukimura summons everyone and has deciphered the requirements to become a Samurai Bride. Before that, Kanetsugu deservingly gets a kick through the wall because she starts gloating how she’ll be the one, blah, blah, blah. STFU, woman! Anyway, there are multiple requirements to be one. First, there must be at least 7 Master Samurais who have made a pact with the General. Oh lucky. They just got that number. Don’t forget Sasuke! Funnily, I thought they should be forgetting to include Kanetsugu instead of the monkey ;p. Second requirement: All must share a strong bond and trust and must focus on the one intended to become the Samurai Bride. They then must all pour their ki into her and channel it via the General. This is the tricky part. What happens when one is drained of all ki? Not only the Master Samurai would lose their abilities, the General’s life will be in danger. There are cases of death when trying this out. In short, when a Samurai Bride is born, the rest dies. Just great. I didn’t know becoming a bride is such a life and death thingy. Oh wait… There may be some truth in that… Oops…

Episode 11
The death of Generals in such attempts is a reason why there aren’t many around these days. But they have to give it a shot since they have an important match tomorrow. But have they chosen who to be the Samurai Bride? Oh Kanetsugu, please don’t say it’s you! And can somebody please shut that joker up?! Thank you Matabei. Thank you Hanzou. Anyway to be the Samurai Bride, it is only stated that the appropriate person will be chosen at the appropriate time. I can guess who that is. In the mean time, they have to test it out. All the Master Samurais channel their ki through Muneakira but he feels immense pain so they are forced to stop. Inshun returns to Musashi at the graveyard. She is not here to settle their match but gives a talisman that will undo Muneakira’s curse. Mataemon is outside the cave mouth and thinks this is where the Chingo Stone is. Because there are lots of guards. Kojirou stops her and won’t let her do this alone (Inshun was supposed to watch over Mataemon but ran off somewhere). Besides, this is not where the stone is. It’s just a trap. Using her visors, she locates the real entrance and they make their charge. Yoshihiko receives report of intruders so Nia will go face them to buy time. Though she is not in tip top condition, she is grateful to have served him and have no regrets if she dies. Kojirou and Mataemon start hitting the Chingo Stone. Meanwhile Musashi alone goes to face Muneakira and his Master Samurais. Suddenly the sky turns dark. This is what happens when 0.1mm crack is on the Chingo Stone?! Wow. Everyone thought Musashi played dirty and broke her promise but from her reaction, she is unaware what her comrades are doing and is in shock. Musashi laments she is being used and wants to undo Muneakira’s curse but Juubei (the alter ego one) provokes her to fight her. This is what she is here for, right? Juubei chose to fight because last night’s meeting, she deduces the Dark Samurais were chosen not just on their power but their strong lingering regrets. She wants to purge them of those.

While Muneakira supports Juubei, the other Master Samurais rush to protect the Chingo Stone. Kojirou and Mataemon continue to hit it but Inshun stands in their way. Nia evens the odds but Kojirou unleashes Mataemon’s true power as the latter runs rampage and takes out Inshun. The duo then gang up on Nia. Before Nia can meet her fate, Gisen intervenes. She uses her Evil Eye on them but they escaped. When the Master Samurai arrive (no Kanetsugu, they escaped not because they sense you), they conclude they are going to destroy the regenerating barrier. Speaking of which, it is 99.9% complete and one more hour. So far… Feels like an eternity. The phantom feels it is time for resurrection. It gives Musashi a surge of power, enough to blast away Juubei and Muneakira. Musashi tries to fight against it. All she cares about is her fight with Juubei. The phantom burns away the talisman. Musashi says if she cannot have a fair fight, she will kill herself. Before she can do that, Keiji deflects her sword. She tells Muneakira to blow the curse away with his ki. Why didn’t he think of this? It was so much easier?! Muneakira is back to normal but the good news is overshadowed by a bigger bad news. Keiji feels a large evil mass of ki and it is starting to move. The phantom summons all the begrudged spirits and absorbs into Inshun’s body. I guess that’s her role as an empty vessel is for. It also absorbs the other Dark Samurais as it turns into one big bad mother Dark Samurai Knight. Power off the scales!!! The monster is aiming to destroy the barrier but how long can our little Master Samurais hang in there?

Episode 12
Our Master Samurais are no match for the monster and got owned. However the monster didn’t finish them off because its main goal is to destroy the barrier. Though the Master Samurais are okay, Gisen and Nia are missing. So it’s a race to stop the monster. Estimated time for the barrier to be 100% complete: 20 minutes. Estimated time till it breaches through all the defensive barriers of the academy: 13 minutes. You do the math. But that’s no reason to give up, right? Our Master Samurais do all they can to stop the monster. However it proves futile. It begins with Hanzou. She died while trying to protect Sen who blindly charged straight towards it. Then while she is weeping for her not to die, she got killed by the monster. Their bodies are also being absorbed. Then the rest of the Master Samurais fall like flies. Sasuke, Kanetsugu, Matabei and finally Yukimura herself. Fallen and absorbed. Muneakira is so mad that his harem Master Samurais are killed off that he too charges blindly. Yup. He got stabbed. Had not Keiji intervened, he could’ve been a goner. Oh dear. Now it’s Juubei’s turn to get mad. She transforms into her other self and attacks but fails. She is inside the Chingo Stone, which is acting as the monster’s heart. She is happy to see Inshun but the latter wants her to kill and free them. She doesn’t want to be used anymore. Juubei can’t go on because Muneakira is gone but Inshun assures he is still alive. Juubei is purged out and sees Keiji pouring all her ki to bring Muneakira back to life. Juubei wonders if becoming a Samurai Bride can stop the monster but Keiji has her doubts. If it was, why is the title Bride instead of King or Great? She is sceptical that the powers are only those of a bride. I guess for those staying single won’t know the power of getting married, huh? Haha… Juubei doesn’t want to be left alone but Keiji says only they are the ones who can stop it. Four minutes till the barrier’s completion. And three minutes till all the defence are broken down. Oohh… So close… Is that estimate accurate or not? Don’t give Yoshihiko a heart attack!

Juubei’s tears awaken Muneakira. He thought they should get out now but Juubei says Inshun told her how to defeat it. Destroy the core and free the begrudged souls. They kiss and power up. The monster is annoyed by the umpteenth time at those obstructers but now it has Yoshihiko to deal with. He is the last line of defence. Muneakira and Yagyuu enter the core and realize Inshun has been possessed. But they are not going to get absorbed by it yet. Shortly, the other Master Samurais converge. Their mind is too strong that the monster couldn’t absorb them. Juubei didn’t come here to fight but to save everyone. How will they do that without fighting? Beats me. But they all trust Juubei to do her stuff. Everyone pours their ki into Muneakira and he channels it to Juubei. Looks like it is decided. She’ll be the Samurai Bride. Though Muneakira in white may look like a groom, I just thought Juubei didn’t look anywhere near like a bride. Besides her hair being white, she has got fox ears and a badass rocket booster. The duo shoot their light enlightenment at the core. Kojirou and Mataemon try to stop them but felt the calmness of the light and are freed. Inshun and the rest of the begrudged souls are also purged by the light. But the monster is not done yet. Although back in its phantom form, it has saved an ace up its sleeve. Using Musashi, it is going to rid Juubei once and for all. I guess they both get to clash after all. So Juubei and Musashi have their destructive power battle (at least it doesn’t turn black and white like last season’s battle finale with Juubei and Gisen) and in the end Juubei triumphs with Purified Ascension move that also frees Musashi. The barrier is repaired and stability returns to all of Japan. What a great relief. Made it in time. Phew. Good job everybody. And now for some more good news. Remember last season how Juubei sacrificed herself, died but descended from the sky alive? Now it is role reversed because the other Master Samurais are descending from heaven and given a second shot at life. Happy reunion, everyone is happy. Even Gisen and Nia are shown to be alive and well, resting somewhere. Lastly, before you can say, “Oh no!! There is a little crack in the Chingo Stone that is getting bigger!!!”, cheeky Sasuke slaps the talisman to seal it for good. That’s a wrap. Ukki!

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Maids
Well, I thought that they were going to be samurai-cum-maids for the rest of the season. That only lasted halfway and after True Shadow closed down, I thought it would be temporary and would come back up right at the end after some farce. Heh. How did I even come up with that idea. At least it was fun while it lasted. How low can a samurai go and even use the dojo as collateral to operate a maid cafe? Thankfully they didn’t go bust because they might have to do hara kiri for bringing shame and failure to the school and family name. So after True Shadow shuts down for good, the story picks up pace and gets a little more serious with the revelation of the Chingo Stone and the mysterious phantom that just wants to destroy Japan after the first half which seem pretty much like ‘fooling around’. I guess you need some sort of antagonist for this season since Amakusa won’t be waking up from his slumber for a century. And I don’t think it would be possible too if somebody aligned to him would use some fast forward spell to wake him up so soon. Unless Muneakira and his Master Samurais live for the next 100 years, it is safe to say that they won’t be facing Amakusa ever again, right? That will be the next generation to figure out and handle as well.

So I guess for this season, everything was rather okay. Nothing that spectacular. It gives another reason for our heroes to battle evil and save Great Japan once more from another threat. Mostly the characters from the previous season from what I can say remain the same and didn’t change that much. Although there are some that I noticed such as Hanzou who doesn’t display much of her S&M nature as much as I can remember she did in the last season. She still is one but it isn’t obvious here. Juubei remains the carefree and child-like Master Samurai and even though she is still goofy but not as goofy as I find her to be. Is it because I have gotten used to her ways? As of course the most amusing one still goes to Kanetsugu. True to her role as a comic relief and joker, she can even be her haughty self even in times of pinch and seriousness! It is hard to love her and at the same time it is hard to hate her. But it’s not hard to always laugh at her and the punishment she gets as retribution. That’s why even if she is the target of ridicule or even often ignored by the rest, it is hard to kick her out of the group because otherwise, who else would they beat up and vent their frustration? Okay, perhaps they would not have been so annoyed had not Kanetsugu show her stupidity but look at it on a positive side. She’s trying to cheer everyone up. On second thought, maybe not. Maybe she’s just plain idiotic. And when Kanetsugu actually went into depression and tried to leave, I don’t know, funny I felt my heart sank! Honest! I didn’t really want her to leave too! It’s not that I really like her character but I guess I’m a sadistic wanting to see her in her comical ways. In that sense, she is useful, right? Bad me.

Adding Sasuke into the group felt like it was just because the group needed a pet mascot. Ever since Sasuke surprisingly became the fourth Master Samurai, the monkey’s presence felt lacking after that. It wasn’t as significant when she first appeared. I thought that since she can’t really stay long in her Master Samurai form, it is like a reason why she doesn’t join in on the action when the other Master Samurais go into action. With Keiji in the picture, I thought she too will be part of the harem but from her dominant looks, I don’t think she can stand having a man as her master. So she’s just more of a teacher and coach as far as this season is concerned. It still bugs me that with the training of ki, Muneakira can burst out from his curse. I know I said he should have done this from the start but he didn’t probably because he didn’t have the proper ki training. And perhaps he has mastered it unknowingly but the situation turned dire before he could try it out. Casting the Dark Samurais as the initial antagonist, something tells me that we’re not going to see one-on-one matches with the Master Samurais. True enough, the phantom becomes the main villain and used them for its goal. I mean, would it really be nice seeing babes like them lose? Besides, they may act and exude some deadly aura but they don’t look and have the cut to be villains in the first place. And best of all, Juubei gets to save and free their souls. So everything is not lost, eh?

Yoshihiko doesn’t exude that air of arrogance and intimidation that he was in the previous season. Sure, he still looks confident and reliable but maybe because we get to know him as the good guy, that superior exterior doesn’t feel like it is there. Besides, he is ‘kind’ enough to shed a tear or two when Muneakira and his Master Samurais got temporarily killed by the monster. He’s such a great and kind guy, eh? Just like him, I also feel Nia’s presence is quite lacking. She literally doesn’t do much as both their roles are confined in secretly trying to heal the barrier. Gisen felt like she didn’t make an impact. It’s like as though her appearance was just to remind us she is still around but not yet relevant. What is a girl got to do when her beloved Amakusa will only resurrect in 100 years’ time? I suppose bum around like a harmless girl. Heck, can she even live that long? And maybe in the meantime do seduce Muneakira a little here and there. I wonder how Gisen got her Evil Eye back. Unless you tell me it’s that secret training she did with Muneakira. So finally everyone in the Muneakira’s group gets to become Master Samurai except for Gisen. Although she isn’t officially part of the group, but you know, something tells me that she might become part of it despite asserting Juubei is hers, blah, blah, blah. After all, she is still trying to seduce Muneakira, right? Is it really to check out his abilities? Gisen being quite docile doesn’t feel right but I wouldn’t want her to go back to her antagonistic ways either. So maybe, just maybe in the future Gisen would give up becoming Amakusa’s ally and be Muneakira’s Master Samurai. It is unlikely but nobody saw Sasuke becoming his Master Samurai either.

One of the obvious aspects in last season was the fanservice and how those ink blots and strokes serve as censors for the series. For this season, I watched the uncensored version all the way so there are no more those annoying blotches popping up on the screen like as thought the artist had too much ink on his brush and accidentally spilled some all over the storyboard whenever those necessary fanservice scenes are being played. So for ecchi fans, you can revel in the tits galore and panty shots without all the irritating spots. However because of that, I have this feeling that the fanservice is not that much. I may be wrong because last season’s blot censors were too many and thus unconsciously I kept count on the fanservice scenes. No, I didn’t count the exact number of censors, mind you. So without those blotches, it is hard to tell if there were more or less or same amount of fanservice scenes since I wasn’t annoyed that much. And the way some of the girls dressed are obviously for fanservice purposes. Like Matabei still wears the most minimal cloth for her bottom and it makes you feel she is as close as wearing nothing. Then there is Mataemon who does not unbutton her top shirt and let it all loose from her cleavage down to her stomach and midriff. Of course, when Sasuke transforms into her Master Samurai form, the only reason I can think of why she can last no longer than 3 minutes is because she will be running around naked! It will obviously be too dangerous to let her go on for more than that duration, no? Another obvious fanservice point is the nearly-nearly full frontal nudity. You will see this quite a number of times. You see the girls before you naked from top to bottom. There are no censors to even cover that lower female anatomy. Is it because it is not ‘drawn’ at all? I don’t know. It is made to look very close to being hentai if that is the case.

Retaining the style of art and drawing from last time, it is still refreshing to see the water colour-like scenery and background after watching too many conventional Japanese anime art over the years has become somewhat saturated. It is still odd to see modern contraptions in feudal Japan and the mix of old and new devices still brings mix feelings of weird and cool. Of course who would have thought having a maid cafe theme for this season would look even weirder. I know Japanese invented the maid cafe concept but to think it existed this early…  I can imagine what kind of concepts and themes they will come up next if they ever make a sequel. As for the action part, they are still interesting and some to a point a little flashy. You can’t have plain moves when you have upgraded into Master Samurai, can’t you? So great the power of everything that it is amazing the city still stands after all that power destruction. It’s not easy to take down Great Japan and even so you have got to go through these protectors first. When we see the characters upgraded to Muneakira’s Master Samurai (or Samurai Bride in Juubei’s case) in this sequel, we only get to see their cool upgraded move once and that’s it. I know it will be a bore if they keep using the same move over and over again but because of that too, they aren’t really that memorable.

The next episode preview still provides an amusing watch. For example, Hanzou anticipating with glee the kind of title the next episode has that will lead to them becoming the next Master Samurai because in the past, whenever this certain word that pops up, there is a high chance that a Master Samurai will be born. Well, I never noticed. Then there’s one whereby Yukimura and Sen are concerned about their lack of screen time due to the bunch of many new characters. How to solve it? Eliminate existing ones! Guess who is the first on the hit list? Oh, Kanetsugu… Where are you… Hmm… Maybe that is why I felt some of the characters from the previous season lack any impact for this sequel. Then there is Sen making a simple blooper and thus insisting this preview to be re-recorded again and Yoshihiko wanting Nia to be part of his film. Not that she would agree with him since she fears the camera will suck her soul! For a Master Samurai that has vanquished spirits, she is afraid of some modern contraption?

All the last season’s cast were retained for this season. With new characters means new additions. Chinatsu Akasaki as Sasuke (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby, Chiwa in OreShura) must really have the easiest lines because the monkey doesn’t have any proper human speeches! But try going “Ukki! Ukki!” for the rest of the series. You’d go bananas. One thing I am ashamed of myself is that I was unable to recognize Mamiko Noto as Keiji!!! How did her heavenly voice slipped my auto-Mamiko’s-voice-detection?! Indeed she was putting on a lower voice but I should have at least recognized her. Hearing Keiji speak again, it is confirmed that it is really her voice behind the character! So ashamed… Even I could at least identify Haruka Tomatsu later on as Mataemon since she is putting on a lower voice like her other roles, Ranmaru of Binbougami Ga and Yuuka of Beelzebub. Shame on me indeed. Other new casts include Youko Hikasa as Musashi (Mio in K-ON!), Naomi Shindou as Kojirou (Shizuru in Mai-HiME) and Satomi Satou as Inshun (Wendy in Fairy Tail). At first I thought Faylan was the one singing the opening theme for this season again. However to my surprise, AI DO is actually sung by Miyuki Hashimoto. Not that I can identify her voice anyway and it sounded quite close to Faylan. I personally feel that the rock opening theme this time around didn’t match the exuberance and liveliness of the first season. It feels like it tries to retain that but somehow falls short. The ending theme, Kekka, Guuzen De Gozasourou is sung by the trio seiyuus of Juubei, Sen and Yukimura. Sounds like your typical anime pop and of course still sounds silly.

I still do not understand the concept of this Samurai Bride thingy and why it is called so. I don’t really see how Juubei exhibited bridal qualities when she transformed into one. Unless you’re telling me that purifying move signifies the purity of all brides when they walk down the aisle. And the idea that everyone dies and only the Samurai Bride lives might be an indication if that a girl marries the guy, all the other girls ‘die’ in the sense that they have to give up on him. So why didn’t our Master Samurais die? Because they were already dead! Remember? So as not to leave a bad aftertaste in our mouth, they were somehow miraculously brought back to life. Unexplained. Don’t ask. Life won’t be the same if Juubei is the only one who hogs Muneakira. Therefore calling this power up as Samurai Bride may seem a little out of place. Heck, I thought naming it as Supreme Legendary Ultimate Grand Master Samurai would sound better but when you have historical people being turned into girls in this alternative world, I guess it is appropriate to give some feminine title. So what’s the next level after Samurai Bride? Samurai Wife?! I have got a feeling that this is going to be a tougher job than saving Great Japan. Imagine your waifu displaying lots of super human powers that could level an entire city. And when you have a domestic argument on this scale, can Japan save itself from this war?

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