Wait. What?! WHAT?! There’s still some more? Oh heck. I guess they really want to play into our nostalgia and introduce newbies to it. Because it has been more than 5 years since Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation graced the airwaves and then all of a sudden… Boom! Hyperdimension Neptunia Summer Vacation OVA! Like I have said, this single OVA is to make old veterans like yours truly feel nostalgic and sentimental and perhaps go back and watch everything again, or expose this ‘old’ series to newcomers in hopes that they will be attracted and start buying some of the merchandise. Yeah, the bottom line. I don’t know how popular this series is but I suppose it does has its followers in Japan. Enough to make this single OVA that doesn’t has no relation or continuation with the TV plot whatsoever. So like even yours truly who has forgotten almost everything can just jump in and watch it without losing much.

Summer haze & dreams…
WTF is this dramatic start?! Neptune is dying?! Oh the horror! Nepgear tries to tell her to hold on because help is on the way. Yeah, as you would come to expect this dramatic exaggeration, IF and Compa finally bring out the shaved ice treats… Yeah, we’re all dying for that for summer! Histoire reminds Neptune that she has a lot of work to be done but apparently she doesn’t want to waste her summer so she continues playing more video games… We see our lovely sisters take a summer trip to the pristine mountains. Nothing like some outdoor activity to relax, huh? Later as Nepgear and Uni try to find Ram and Rom, they see them being attacked by a giant beetle. Bad news: They cannot transform. Good news: Neptune comes to save the day with her kickass kung fu kick. Hiya! As quickly noted, this is not the Neptune we know and she is from another dimension. When the young ones try to bring Neptune back to their villa, it is not there. This is when Neptune realizes they have crossed over to another dimension. They must have passed through a giant shrine. But don’t despair, as explained by her own mini Historia, Croire says that the gate opens briefly every half a day. So while they are being stuck here for the time being, Neptune offers to take care of them. Nepgear observes Neptune to be very reliable as she can’t help make comparisons to her other carefree sister. Speaking of the other sisters, they are seemingly locked in some video game battle! Is this more fun than nature? But it isn’t that they don’t care. You see, time flows differently in this other dimension and much faster. Hence in their original dimension, it is still noon compared to night time here. This Neptune also wishes she had a nice and cute sister like Nepgear. They know they can’t stay like this forever so they are glad they met each other and spend whatever time they have together.

In the original world, it evening and the sisters are worried their young ones haven’t returned. They start looking for them. Meanwhile in the other dimension, it is morning and it is about time the young ones depart back. Apparently there are monsters on both sides of the dimension so it’s some excuse for the girls to transform and kick some butt. To show the focus on Neptune and Nepgear, they hear each other’s voice resonating from the other side of the gate. Uhm, their hands touch and voila! Your sexy transformation scene to blow away all those negligible monsters. The sisters are reunited and when Nepgear wants to introduce Neptune to her other counterpart, luck has it that the portal is closing so the other mature Neptune has enough time to say her goodbye. Yeah. We’ll always remember you. From that confident and charming voice, our Neptune can tell she is a cool person. It’s good she thinks highly of herself… And the sisters return to the villa and continue to have their usual (Japanese) summer fun of baths and fireworks till IF and Compa arrive to pick them up. Definitely the best and weirdest summer vacation ever.

The Sister You Have Always Dreamt Of…
Oh well, I guess that’s it. But it is hinted there might be more because you know how ambiguous ‘mata ne’ (see you again) sounds, right? I’ll probably watch it when that happens because, no harm, right? Gotta have more dopamine of nostalgia! Anyway, as far as this OVA is concerned, it’s relatively simple and straightforward. The focus is on Nepgear who has experienced the mature and reliable big sister should her actual Neptune be this cool and steadfast. Thankfully because of all the cuteness and adorability of this series’ pace, nothing twisted or dark is going to happen like Nepgear suddenly wanting to be this alternate Neptune’s sister and ditching her real one. Or telling her Neptune to buck up. No siree. Can’t have that here because we can see all the sisters love each other so much that they might as well be married to each other. Oops. Gone too far there. Alas, this experience only has Nepgear appreciating her own Neptune even more because you know, Neptune is Neptune. There are some things you can’t change. Even all the more so, this Neptune is her Neptune. You just accept it as it is.

The other motivation for me to watch this series as well as the other factor that increases my nostalgia points is that I get to hear the voices of veteran seiyuus. Rie Tanaka, Yui Horie, Eri Kitamura and Kana Asumi are great to hear again since the more seasons of new animes pass, the lesser I get to hear them as they are already in semi-retirement and with the competition of the voice acting industry heating up with new ones coming out, I guess old ones like them have to take a back seat and let the newer generation take the spotlight. Hey, don’t want to do this for your entire life, right? Well, maybe. Some like Rina Satou and Yui Ogura are still in the industry but it is sad to note and come to realization that there will be a time that the seiyuus I recognized will completely stop and retire. Will there be another dimension where they will always do voice acting forever? Only in your dreams. So yeah, probably this OVA has invoked a lot of these kind of thoughts and the lesson learnt is to appreciate what you’re doing now. Because it won’t last forever. Even one day the annual summers will stop coming… :’(. Better go get some shaved ice while I still can.

Remember the video game consoles that are personified as goddesses in a certain anime? No? Well, you don’t need to remember or understand all that stuff if you just jump into watching Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation OVA. Just like many animes these days, it is a typical strategy for companies to make a few bucks by releasing the OVA well after the TV series has ended and right after the all the BD volumes have been released. If you don’t take advantage of that, how are you going to retain fans of the series? Or will the interest be lost by the time the OVA comes out? Since I am not really a big fan of the TV series or the game that it is based on, I’m just watching for the sake of ‘completeness’. After all, they say the OVA is the 13th episode from the TV series but as usual, don’t expect too much of it. Don’t get your hopes high up that there would be some sort of plot development or something new. It is just Neptune and the rest in… Well, just watch to see the kind of adventure they end up here.

The Promised True End
Nepgear is in a dilemma. She has to cut down Neptune as sacrifice in order to defeat the enemy. With her heavy heart, she does so but Neptune turns into several furballs and overwhelm Nepgear. This turns out to be a nightmare she is having as Nepgear is sick. It is the same case with Uni who is dreaming of Magiquone stuffing an eggplant into her mouth. Definitely traumatic. Don’t forget the twins too. They might be grown up and in the midst of a wedding. But they’re married to Trick and he is licking them all over!!! Marital rape! Histoire notes that some Shimmering Flower is the only cure. However she isn’t sure if they exist in this dimension as the last known place was the cave border between Lowee and Lastation. There is another place but it is quite far away. While Noire and Blanc go find the cave, Neptune and Vert are thrown into the other dimension. They are happy to come here because this is where Pururut and Peashy live. But upon arrival, it seems they cannot transform into their goddess form. They are greeted by Pururut and also meet this dimension’s Vert, Blanc, Noire and Histoire. At first Peashy is scared to meet Neptune but eventually she runs to hug her. If you expect an emotional happy reunion, think again. Peashy elbows in her gut! Some things never change.

The gang are outside a tower with 10,000 floors and the Shimmering Flowers are believed to be on the top floor. However they have only 3 hours to clear the floors because the next gate will open in 3 years. Can they clear it in time? Well, for convenience, there is an elevator that takes them from the fourth floor to the 9,999th floor. The catch: The ride takes 2 hours!!! Of course they are faced with level guardians and I suppose this is where they showcase this dimension’s goddesses in their goddess form to take them on. Neptune, Vert and Peashy take the ride up to the final floor and they split up to look for the flower. Although Neptune finds them, she is attacked by powerful beasts. Peashy transforms to buy them time to escape. However seeing that Peashy is in trouble, Neptune gives the flowers to Vert to head back while she stays back to help her. Although Vert is reluctant to leave Neptune behind, she is reminded of her goal here. Pururut assures that Neptune will be fine. When the 3 hours are up, Vert is teleported back to her dimension. Neptune and Peashy finally defeat the enemies. Peashy isn’t happy Neptune didn’t go but the latter explains she just can’t leave her alone in trouble and got to fight alongside her. Cue for emotional hug. Regrouping with the rest, they are trying to activate the gate to get out when a bright light is emitted. A big hole is before them and it seems the original Blanc and Noire are before them. Both counterparts meet each other for the first time. As explained, due to some malfunction, the gate will stay open for now. This means that both dimensions can travel to the other side with ease. With the young ones healed and Peashy being her naughty self stealing Nepgear’s new game, Pururut shows IF and Compa a photo of their counterparts in her dimension. Cute lolis? Then it’s time for pudding. Everyone eats the pudding Peashy makes and give toast to their dimensions and Gaminindustri. Cheers! Lastly, we see the counterparts of both dimensions getting along well with each other.

Double Dose Of Goddesses
As expected. Nothing much to shout about. Just another random adventure from Neptune and the other goddesses in another dimension that feels just like their own. Nothing different. Watching this OVA as a standalone is cool but casual viewers who have never seen the TV series might be thinking what the hell this OVA is about. Even those who did catch the TV series won’t be amused that this OVA is just like what I have said, a random adventure that has no bearing to the storyline. In that sense, it might be a little disappointing since the focus we get most is Neptune and Peashy’s ever ‘volatile’ relationship. The loli is still naughty and cheeky that she is annoying. But some people like it that way. Oh, a piece of good news: Abnes does not appear in this OVA! She is definitely the most annoying of the annoying. And I can’t believe that the gate malfunction was just a convenient excuse to link both worlds together. I bet there are lots of other caves that link to other dimensions as well. Now that it has ended up like this, it might open up a new possibility now that both dimensions are freely accessible. Yeah. Everyone might be confused which goddess is which. Oh what the heck. As long as they are that goddess, it means double the worship and power or something of that sort. But don’t go buy 2 video game consoles or another copy of video games. Unless you are that kind of obsessed collector who keeps a few copies for different purposes. One for personal use, one for exchange with friends, one for preservation, one for backup, one for…

War is bad. No sides really ever benefit from it without having lost something. Therefore, it’s a lose-lose situation. What better way than to end the mindless attacks just to dominate by calling a truce and cooperate and share resources with each other? I’m not talking about civil wars or wars between nations. It’s the war between gaming consoles! Oh yeah. That’s what I thought Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation to be. I never owned a game console before (since I am more of a PC person) but I suppose with the tight competition between the console wars, trying to get more market share from your opponent is much better. In the real world, that’s another story but as far as this anime is concerned (which is based on quite a popular role playing game of the same name), the world of Gaminindustri (gaming industry, geddit?) has been fighting for power for so long that they’ve decided that enough is enough. They’re going to work together for the good of all nations and its people. Sounds like a good plan, right? Well, it takes them to uncharted territories but I guess it is more fun and exciting following this way.

Episode 1
After many years of strife, today is the historic whereby the goddess of four countries, Lastation (Black Heart governed by Noire), Lowee (White Heart by Blanc), Leanbox (Green Heart by Vert), and Planeptune (Purple Heart by Neptune) sign a peace treaty to prohibit forceful taking of Share Energy. No more wars! Hooray! After the signing ceremony, the goddesses return to their true form and celebrate. But after month, Histoire is pissed because Neptune has been spending her entire time playing video games! Unplug it! Neptune and her sister Nepgear are summoned before Histoire and after a long lecture of who knows what, she shows them that their Share Energy is declining. Because the people’s belief in their goddess dictates how much Share Energy they get, it is not a good sign since it signals people are starting to lose their faith. This means Neptune has to work harder, right? Of course she doesn’t want to but she suggests doing training with Noire. That is just a blatant excuse to get away from Histoire’s nagging because she is napping in her country! Uni, Noire’s sister comes in with some documents. However she laments that whatever she does, doesn’t earn her praise. Nepgear comforts and if it’s any consolation, she along with Ram and Rom can’t transform either. Meanwhile Ram and Rom argue with their sister Blanc that they can’t go to other countries since the treaty was signed. But Blanc tells them to shut it since she is busy. Noire gets a monster hunting request from her citizens so she brings Neptune along. As usual, Neptune is not interested… Noire transforms into her goddess form in front of her awe struck villagers so as the let them bear full witness of her majesty. The field is invaded with lots of… Erm… Cute slime doggies? Anyway they are needed to be dealt with so Noire orders Neptune to get the job done to increase her reputation.

Neptune and Nepgear go into action slicing those cute creatures. Since there are too many of them, IF and Compa also join in. Then the doggies start to get perverted on them… Now I understand why they are in liquid form… IF becomes a killing machine when she couldn’t take the perversion anymore. Uni wants to help out but Noire wouldn’t allow it because the point is for them to deal it themselves. When the doggies are done, Noire chides Neptune for being the best slacker around and had others do the job for her. Noire decides to settle the rest herself and enters a nearby cave to fight off other ferocious beasts. She encounters an ancient dragon but her goddess form is nullified by some kid. Before she gets owned, Neptune comes to her rescue and this is where she transforms into her goddess form to kick ass. Noire saves Neptune from getting nullified so the latter manages to slay the dragon. Neptune knows Noire’s intention that she selected this area so that when rumours spread across the nation, Neptune could replenish her Share Energy when people hear her valiant efforts. Neptune returns to her original cheeky form and teases she is going to tell how Noire got her butt kicked. Anyway the rumours got out of hand in the sense that the villagers are in super awe that the duo kicked ass. Magiquone and Warechu are impressed the goddess cleared the cave for them. Now they don’t have to search so hard. Back at Planeptune, Histoire thinks it is Noire that did the job that made their Share Energy increased. Not convinced that Neptune was the one, eh? However they hear Nepgear’s scream and it turns out those ‘pervy’ pictures of her were uploaded on the internet. So this is the reason why their Share Energy went up? Goes to show the people are perverts. And guess what? Neptune thinks of spreading them even more to increase their Share Energy! Do it for our Share Energy! Worried about the direction of this country is heading? Absolutely.

Episode 2
Neptune, Noire and their sisters are on their way to Lowee. I guess Ram and Rom got so much free time that they could play a trick on the maid and even doodle in Blanc’s books. Hey, she’s turning mad just like in their drawing! When the gang arrives, Neptune wants to head to the newly opened amusement park. Blanc tells them to take her sisters too and cites her work as reason not to come. I know she should take her work seriously but sometimes you got to relax too. Of course, don’t be like that Neptune slacker. At the park, Ram and Rom happily go collect coins (I thought this park resembles a bit like Mario’s world). However they got kidnapped by a lolicon monster called Trick and his assistant, Linda. He’s licking all over the girls! Nepgear and Uni saw them being kidnapped but couldn’t do anything. Worse, Trick doesn’t want those ‘old ladies’! The gang return trying to talk to Blanc but she has locked herself in her room blaming herself for not looking after her sisters. Suddenly an annoying loli, Abnes (supposedly some famous web idol) barges in to interview Blanc about her sisters’ kidnap. She is against lolis being goddesses and thus tries to drive a point in the interview this goddess thing is bad. Neptune comes in to kick her ass and both girls start calling each other little girl (case of kettle calling the pot black) before Abnes and her crew are kicked out. Blanc then collapses and they fear it is her Share Energy running low since her people saw the interview and lost faith. Vert doesn’t think their faith could sway easily and feels the need to rescue the sisters. She reveals the plan she and Blanc had been working on. Lowee had some satellite imagery service but it was low resolution. Leanbox has analyzed the data and with some software, turned to images of the land into high resolution. After having the maps of the world, they wanted to share it with the other countries. This was supposed to be the surprise and was looking for a good opportunity to announce it.

Soon they discover the kidnappers’ hideout, which is under the park’s construction area. Vert heads in first and offers her voluptuous body. Unfortunately, Trick who was happily licking the lolis (Eww!) turns her down because he isn’t into such ‘cancerous growth’. Vert blows her top when the lolicon comments about her sagging. She transforms and beats the crap out of him and sends him flying away. However he had the sisters in his hands. Or tongue. Meanwhile Noire and Uni confront Linda. She tries to weasel her way out by saying they were doing this due to some request of a mysterious woman. Even so, no mercy. She’s sent flying too. Trick is going to ‘rescue’ his lolis but is stop dead in his tracks when Blanc arrives. She’s mad. Nobody touches her sisters. Since he is flattered of being called a pervert, now it’s time to be flattened by her hammer! She transforms and sends the lolicon flying again. Blanc immediately apologizes to her sisters and they give her the rare coins they collected. Elsewhere, the maid turns out to be Magiquone and she has obtained a little rock called Anti-Crystal. Back at Blanc’s place, she reveals she collapsed due to lack of sleep. When Rom and Ram doodle her book since there are so many of the same copies, the rest realize she is doing her own doujinshi. Blanc gets further embarrassed when they start reading it. Girl who fell from the sky. Boy with special powers. Save the world together. Destiny. New power awakened! Stop reading!!!

Episode 3
The gang minus Vert are at Leanbox to attend a concert by 5pb while Warechu is underwater looking for an Anti-Crystal. After that, they head to Vert’s home and try to find where the heck she is only to discover she is busy playing her online games. She is supposed to hold a welcome party after the concert but it looks it has to wait after she topples the enemy castle. Seeing they have come all the way here, they don’t want to waste the party and start cleaning up and prepare for it themselves. Rom and Ram slack around (doodling in books) and I’m sure Neptune wants to slack too but with Noire in command, she can’t. Compa bumps into Warechu during her errand. The mouse accidentally drops the Anti-Crystal. Warechu is smitten by Compa’s kindness. Love at first sight. Nepgear touches the Anti-Crystal and she suddenly loses all energy. Warechu snatches it and runs away. Back home, Vert welcomes them to her party despite not doing a single sh*t. The party begins when she uses some 3D technology to turn Neptune and Noie into slime dogs for their own fighting game. Meanwhile Warechu returns to Magiquone. Now that they have 4 Anti-Crystals, she is going to change the rules of this gaming world. Our goddesses’ party is cut short when they receive info that a large amount of monsters are showing up on a little island known as Zune. Due to the low tide, the island is connected to the mainland. So the big sisters transform and head there to deal with the problem, not knowing it is a trap set by Magiquone to lure them. IF receives information from her informant, Otome that Warechu is actually a wanted criminal and blacklisted in every country’s list. Compa is shocked that the cute mouse is a villain. She realizes that the monsters at Zune were spawned by somebody on purpose. IF is going to check things out but Nepgear wants to tag along. The goddesses easily destroy the monsters. When they least expected it, they fall into a trap. Wires bind them and they can’t break out since Magiquone unleashes the Anti-Crystals to drain their power. As long as Share Energy is the power source, they will be helpless against it. Warechu takes pictures of them in embarrassing positions to be uploaded to the world. So this is their plan? I believe that instead of losing followers, such ambiguous sexy pose might just increase the love and faith in them! Anyway, IF and Nepgear arrive at Zune. Nepgear is disheartened to see her sister like this.

Episode 4
Magiquone and Warechu are among themselves about their importance since they did their fair share in finding the Anti-Crystals. The goddesses return to their original form as IF takes Nepgear and flee as they are no match for the monsters. Magiquone lets them go since she doesn’t consider them a threat as they can’t transform. Back at the house, IF reports this to Histoire and hopes she could find information about the Anti-Crystals. It’ll take her 3 days. The sisters are to return to their respective countries but they won’t go back without their big sisters. Nepgear blames herself if she had only spoken up when she touched the Anti-Crystals then. Uni gets upset that it turned out like this so she takes out her frustration on Nepgear that she should have been in Noire’s place. Neptune seems to be optimistic, ignoring Magiquone and calling her names. But the goddesses note that something is slowly dripping from within them. All I understand is, once it accumulates, they’ll die. After Noire apologizes for her outburst, the little sisters discuss how they always rely on their big sisters. Since they want to save them, they just need to train until they are not afraid anymore since they think fear is a limiter that prevents them from transforming. They use Vert’s game for training when Abnes suddenly barges in. Oh God… Meanwhile Warechu is trying to upload pictures to the internet but it’s going to take time because he is only connected to a 56k modem!!!! Holy sh*t!!! I just remembered how old I am!!! Ah… Those modem beeps trying to establish contact still rings fresh in my mind…

With the goddesses gone, Abnes feels this is her chance to bring back Rom and Ram (she considers the rest of the ‘grown ups’ as no hopers) back to the girly ways. However she can’t refuse their offer when they say they want to play Vert’s game. And so Abnes is made into a punching back as the girls do their training on her. Take it all out on her! They could have used the AI but we all know why they want to just beat her up… At the end of the training, IF shows them an uploaded picture of the goddess. If it spreads like wildfire, there is going to be lots of panic and Share Crystals crash. They have to get moving and save their sisters before it happens. Neptune continues with her blind optimism. She might be giving false hopes but it’s better than being gloomy, right? Then they talk about their sisters and how much they love them. It is perhaps they want them to stay that way, the reason they can’t transform. The little sisters arrive on scene and get into action fighting the monsters. But they are too overwhelming and at this rate they will die. Nepgear feels guilty she will cause their deaths and calls out to her sister. She realizes she is once more relying on her and the reason she is scared is because not losing her sister, but becoming stronger than her. But her determination that she wants to become stronger than anyone else in the world and bring her back causes her to make her first transformation. Nepgear kicks ass!

Episode 5
Nepgear destroys all the monsters and they make way to where their sisters are being held. Magiquone’s evil introduction is dampened when Warechu starts fawning over Compa. Magiquone’s intention is to create a world where anybody can be a goddess. In short, she wants to be a goddess, no? She doesn’t mind anybody stronger than her knocking her off the throne if it ever happens. At first she was jealous about the goddesses’ power but not anymore. Because now she has obtained them! Her ability is to copy others so she unleashes the finishing techniques of the other goddesses upon their little sisters. Nepgear takes a beating. Rom and Ram couldn’t bear see this. They hate the baddie so much that they transform. But still no match. Uni continues to hesitate and laments she is the only one who can’t transform. But when she concentrates and clears her mind, she finally transforms. The new goddesses fight back but it seems the drip has accumulated so our trapped goddesses are being swallowed by the darkness. IF has Compa distract that love stricken mouse so that she could tell the goddesses about the bad news? Histoire says that not only Anti-Crystals sever links with their Share Crystals, it will convert them into Anti-Energy, thus killing them. After being totally swallowed, the quartet find themselves in some suspended animation but they manage to unite and resonate with each other. Magiquone is about to send Nepgear to where her sisters are but the latter stands back up and fights back. Because glimmer of lights are shining from within the Anti-Crystal barrier. As the Share Energy is resonating with the little sisters, it disperses the Anti-Crystal. Magiquone flees but they are not going to let her get away. Nepgear kills 2 birds with a stone when she uses her blast to destroy Magiquone and the Anti-Crystal barrier. Learning that their big sisters are doing fine and well, the little ones emotionally reunite with them. Since Vert has no sister, Nepgear also hugs and thanks her. But it’s not the end of the villains yet. Thanks to Warechu, he manages to get away and bring wounded Magiquone along. Some villainy friendship thingy he’s quoting. Yeah, they got time to jab at each other too. Back at Planeptune, though their Share Energy didn’t go down that much, Histoire is still worried that they are still on the declining trend. The other nations too had their decline but they took steps to increase support to recover them so it’s back to square one. Neptune, Nepgear, IF and Compa are having a picnic when suddenly an eager beaver loli, Peashy finds them. Who the heck is she?

Episode 6
Unknown to Noire, somebody is secretly watching her change via hidden camera. Meanwhile, Peashy is currently living with Neptune and co and nothing much is known about her. Peashy is so active and bratty that she forces Neptune to play with her. How to when she is so engrossed in her video game? Cut the cable! Yes, not unplug but cut! Think Neptune can get this brat? Wait till she gets a taste of her super punch. Blanc discusses with Noire that there are traces of security breach in Lastation’s server. Noire doesn’t believe it because the chances are like a person falling from the sky. Speaking of which, here comes Neptune crashing into Noire from the sky!!! Such precision. What was she saying about chances again? The goddesses discuss about the breach and based from Vert’s specialist, they determine the hacker’s whereabouts. Meanwhile Peashy gets acquainted with Ram and Rom and the loli trio run riot with their bandicoot pet, Clutter. Nepgear and Uni test out a hidden camera trick when they suddenly see several different angles from inside the house. They realize there are other hidden cameras too! They try to trace the hacker but see the goddesses flying away. Thinking they’re on the say case, they follow them. The goddesses find the hacker, Anonydeath the drag queen in his hideout. He admits he is Noire’s fan and shows all the pictures he has of her! Embarrassing meter on the rise. Noire tries not to get distracted but Anonydeath shows more pictures of her sewing and cosplay. Wow. A side you never see of Noire. Now into meltdown mode. Anonydeath can’t leave this place because if he does, automatically the pictures will leak to the internet. He thought of keeping it for himself but now the thought of spreading Noire’s cuteness to the world doesn’t seem bad (though it’s just a lie). While the goddesses have to handle the pictures attacking them, Anonydeath makes his escape. He is tackled by Peashy who came chasing Clutter. Man, that loli really packs a punch. Anonydeath somewhat recognizes her but when Uni sees the photos of her sister, she gets angry and transforms to beat him up. With Noire and co coming into the picture, Anonydeath gives up. After he gets arrested, Noire is going to have an uphill battle about those photos. It’s not likely they’re going to forget what they see. When Anonydeath is in prison, he contacts somebody to inform that after all the hacking he has done, he found a certain someone easily through other means. Uni supports Noire’s passion to cosplay but this moment is ruined when a girl comes crashing onto Noire from the sky! Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? She is Pururut and claims to be the goddess for Planeptune. Eh? What?!

Episode 7
Everyone welcomes Pururut (acting like a retard) and over dinner, Neptune is not amused since her most hated dish eggplants are served. Meanwhile Histoire speaks to her mini counterpart who was responsible in sending Pururut here. They are from another dimension. It seems she has detected a large flow of energy into this dimension. It’s like someone moved it here. It holds so much energy that if they let go, their world would run out of energy to sustain itself. That’s why Pururut is sent to look for that missing thing and bring it back. When IF and Compa are riding out, they are ambushed by Magiquone and Warechu. IF becomes her hostage and her picture is sent to Neptune and co. When IF wakes up, she learns that Magiquone is going to have a revenge. She thinks she can defeat Neptune? Yes. She has bought this large piece of farm land of eggplants!!! Then she forces an eggplant down IF’s throat. I don’t know if this scene is supposed to be erotic or not… When Neptune and co arrive, Neptune is weakened by the smell of eggplants that she loses her goddess form. She might dislike it but can it kill her? Oh yes. Magiquone transforms the eggplants into eggplants with lances on Pegasus? WTF. Nepgear is the only one doing the real job dispatching the eggplants since Neptune is only running away in fear while Pururut is just being useless standing there and getting poke. Magiquone tortures IF by forcing down more eggplants into her throat. That’s when Pururut gets pissed off. Her stomp nearly causes an earthquake and when Magiquone admits IF is her hostage, Pururut transforms into her goddess form (I thought she looked like Accel World’s Black Snow Princess). Man, she is totally a different character because she is a sadist! She enjoys beating up Magiquone! Neptune and Nepgear take care the rest and rescue IF. Magiquone has an ace up her sleeve. She transforms into a giant eggplant! That’s her ace? The rest mock her (and even the pun she put in her name). In an instant, they took her out. So much for that. Meanwhile Compa wakes up beside Warechu on a straw roof. That mouse wants to express her feelings by trying to defile her with a kiss. Unfortunately the mouse is stopped when the sadist arrives to beat him up! Oh sh*t! Mouse abuse! Compa is impressed his body is like rubber. I don’t think that’s the problem. Back home, Neptune finds Pururut terrifying and will next time try to minimize her chances of transforming. More eggplant dinner is served since Peashy requested it. And you thought Neptune had overcome her phobia, eh? Not. But the most traumatic one is IF because she starts screaming at the sight of eggplants. Poor girl… As for Magiquone and Warechu. They’ve decided to give up world domination and harvest their eggplant farm. She has put all her money here and has nowhere else to go. Can you blame her after all that sadistic beating? For the first time, she felt alive.

Episode 8
What’s yours is mine! Why does Peashy always wants Neptune’s pudding? Neptune and Peashy are in another one of their kiddie arguments and it ends up with Peashy running away in tears. The rest sees this and comments on Neptune’s immaturity and big bully. But they have a bigger problem. They have to head to an island called R-18 as it is believed to be housing an artillery battery like as though somebody is getting ready for war. I guess this is your fanservice episode with the goddesses plus Nepgear heading towards the island to do their investigation. Because Blanc and Pururut’s breasts are close to non-existent, can they go in as adults? Apparently the system security doesn’t believe them so Blanc destroys it! There’s your authorization. They are greeted by Linda but she asserts she has turned over a new leaf. She brings them to a famous beach spot where everyone is in the nude!!! Thanks to those shiny light thingy who love to cling around lewd body parts, I guess everybody can boldly do as they please. Neptune, Vert, Pururut and Nepgear start stripping to join in the fun. They try to entice Noire and Blanc but they see through their ploy because those girls used mirage like as though they’ve taken off their swimsuit but are wearing swimsuits underneath those lights. It seems only Nepgear is the one who fell victim to this trick. After some fun at the beach, Linda drugs the drinks and Neptune chugs it down first. Then she starts acting embarrassed. Not the Neptune we use to know! They suspect Linda and true enough it is her. Blanc wanted to give her a piece of her mind but was upstaged by Pururut. Since Linda admits she is a true blue villain, Pururut transforms into a sadist. No turning back. Get ready for hell. I’m sure those who have seen Pururut in her true form would think twice about letting her transform again. After the punishment, Linda has really changed. Wow. She’s now like a robot as she brings them to the artillery battery. Turns out to be a giant bubble maker with everybody discoing and partying. What a let-down. Noire thought she is seeing things when she thought she saw Anonydeath. Meanwhile a woman, Rei Kiseijou enters Neptune’s home to see Peashy, claiming to be her mom. When Histoire goes off to get something, Rei lets Peashy smell something and it turns her under her command. Peashy acknowledges Rei as her mom and wants to go home. When the goddesses return, they are shocked to learn Peashy has left so abruptly without saying goodbye. Not as upset as Neptune because I guess they haven’t settled things between themselves. Rei brings Peashy to Anonydeath. She feels guilty in doing this and starts asking about but he tells her to only do so when there’s a point in hearing the answer.

Episode 9
Neptune and Nepgear have been going out on patrols early every day. Neptune? Doing her job? Yeah. Something is eating her. IF, Compa, Uni, Rom and Com have traced a satellite imagery of Peashy’s whereabouts. They enter a building but there is nobody in but lots of poster and banners with anti-goddesses words. IF and Compa remember being hand out such flyers. Meanwhile Rei laments how she got involved in all this. She hates goddesses and is just a social activist and thinks she is being forced to do them. She wants to leave but Anonydeath tells her she is an accomplice for kidnapping Peashy (undergoing some test). Anonydeath doesn’t know his client’s true identity. All he knows is that they pay well and will get the job done. Neptune seems to be aggressive in killing monsters even if they are not threatening. Pururut doesn’t like Neptune lying to herself. So she fights her as an excuse of wanting to bully her more. In the end, Neptune breaks down and regrets not spending enough time with Peashy. If she had only told her to stay. Pururut offers the comfort in her boobs but she transforms back. I guess Neptune fears the other form so the washboard will do. Nepgear then receives a call from Histoire that a new country has been formed on R-18. The usual goddesses return to R-18 only to be greeted by Anonydeath. He declares this island a new country called Eden. His body in prison is just a double. The goddesses are not amused because they have no goddess or enough Share Energy to defeat them. On the contrary. Suddenly a goddess falls onto Noire! Not again! She is Yellow Heart, Eden’s goddess. Doesn’t she sound familiar? Because the goddess wants to capture Anonydeath, Yellow Heart becomes agitated and fights them. Doesn’t her power punch sound familiar? Despite just swinging her punches around, she doesn’t take any damage and wants to have more fun playing with them. Meanwhile Pururut confronts Rei who dismisses she knows anything about the cannon. Then Pururut transforms… Oh no… Pururut hates lies…Yeah. Rei spilling out everything she’s got. Pururut also hates those who play the victim. Before she could punish Rei, Yellow Heart attacks her. It seems there is somebody who can match up to her power! When the 4 goddesses corner Yellow Heart, they pound her down into the sea. When she emerges, everyone is shocked to learn she is Peashy. She returns to her papa (Anonydeath) and mama (Rei). Even more shocking for Neptune that Peashy tells her to go away and hates those who hurt her parents. Neptune thought Anonydeath has done something to her but he denies and is just a consul. Reintroducing Peashy as Eden’s goddess, he makes Rei read aloud an important announcement. Eden demands permission to export adult goods manufactured here to other countries in unlimited quantities. Otherwise it will be considered a declaration of war. The question is, can the girls risk going to war against Peashy?

Episode 10
Eden’s army is moving towards Planeptune. The other nations can’t help because they have their own problem. Their own citizens are rioting due to some protest of some freedom thingy. This is of course orchestrated by Anonydeath. Nepgear is forced to hold the fort alone and fight Peashy (enjoying the fun of ‘playing’ with ‘bad goddesses’) since Neptune is just stoning in her room. Meanwhile Histoire’s counterpart mentions her world is on the brink of destruction. Peashy is that energy thingy and the reason she recognized Neptune and co was because they looked their counterparts in the other dimension. Whatever. Pururut must bring her back even by force but she isn’t quite happy about this. Neptune gets a call from Noire, a pep talk about sulking but that isn’t even enough to change her. Till Pururut mentions she doesn’t need to and can just stay back and relax, play her usual games. Slacking is cool too? That’s when Pururut realizes she is running away from reality. Before Nepgear gets pounded by Peashy, she is saved by Neptune. This time she will be her plaything. Neptune transforms into her original form and lets Peashy beats her up. She won’t fight back and wants Peashy to remember her. However Peashy asserts she doesn’t know who she is although bits and pieces of her memories are confusing her. Neptune takes a real beating and doesn’t let go of Peashy as the latter continues to whack and whack. Noire and Pururut are at the artillery but their presence is discovered when Linda discovers them. Anonydeath tries to fire the cannons at Noire as she is reduced to just evading them. Thanks to Linda’s info, Pururut is able to find a way in exchange for leaving alone Linda’s chastity. She made the right choice. Noire has also managed to enter the fort by smashing her way in. They wreck the building apart and surprised to see a machine creating Share Energy. This is the source of Eden’s power? Guess what happens when they destroy it? Only one way to find out. Soon all the rioters are snapped out of their brainwash and Peashy returns back to her loli form. Despite her still throwing a tantrum and hating Neptune, Neptune on the other hand loves her and doesn’t mind if she hates her as long as she is here. Things soon return to normal but only Peashy’s memories never returned. On the day Histoire’s counterpart, Pururut and Peashy are to return to their own world, everyone except Neptune sees them off. I guess the heroine always arrives late. Neptune gives Pururut a hug and Peashy a pudding. Right when the portal closes, that’s when Peashy remembers who Neptune is. Bye…

Episode 11
Thanks to the end of Eden’s invasion, Planeptune’s Share Energy skyrockets surpassing many times the other nations. To thank her people, Neptune plans to hold a big time celebration at an amusement park. She even invites the other goddesses to come but they are not thrilled. No mood for celebration. It’s like trying to show off just because your Share Energy increased. They decline her invitation and leave citing their busy schedule. Meanwhile Rei is in prison lamenting her fate. At the amusement park… Oh no… I really totally forgot about her but… That annoying Abnes is back! She is going to reveal the conspiracy this amusement park has since it’s gathering lots of lolis. Too bad when she bumps into Neptune and Nepgear, they don’t remember her and thought she’s a volunteer to help out!!! Neptune then gets a call to meet Blanc. However the latter suddenly attacks her. She accuses Neptune of stealing their Share Energy because coincidentally Lowee’s Share Energy decreases by the same amount that Planeptune increased. Same goes with the other countries too. Neptune doesn’t know anything about this but Blanc doesn’t believe her. Rom and Ram stop the fight so Blanc stands down and warns her if she continues to feign ignorance, she’ll declare war. Noire is called to see Anonydeath in his maximum security cell. Since he had so much time on his hands, he investigated his client and it turns out to be Rei. Wasn’t she jus a social activist who got dragged in? Apparently Rei must be a very good con person and she is more sinister than she looks. Speaking of which, Rei gets engulfed in some dark aura and breaks free from her chains. A floating island rises from within Planeptune’s grounds. When Neptune returns, she confronts Rei in her goddess form. She claims she is the goddess of Tari, an ancient superpower continent believed destroyed long ago. Thing is, it was not destroyed and was waiting for the right time to resurface. Rei wants all the nations and its inhabitants but Neptune sure isn’t going to hand it to her on a silver platter, right? To demonstrate she means business, Rei fires a powerful laser beam at the amusement park. Stupid Abnes wants to save her camera when the rook is collapsing on her! It took Nepgear to save her ass. Think that threat would change Neptune’s mind? It only made her resolved even more to protect her people and kick Rei’s ass.

Episode 12
No matter what Neptune does, she can’t break through the barrier and easily takes on damage. With their Share Energy running low, Nepgear can’t transform to help her sister. When Rei decides to fire on the people, the other goddesses arrive in time to lend a helping hand while 5pb gives moral support to the people. They notice a machine that creates Share Energy at the bottom of the floating island. Their goal now is to destroy it but Rei won’t let them close. They realize that machine is stealing their Share Energy and rendering weak. I guess that’s how the nations’ Share Energy decreased too. The laser beam is close to recharge and this time she really fires it. Thankfully (again) the people are saved by Rom and Ram’s power and Blanc destroys the crystal from underground so that she can’t be hit by the barrier’s lightning. With their Share Energy back, the goddesses and their sisters are going to fight back. Rei reveals her true goal in destroying everything. Tari once cracked down on their citizens who showed discontent. It causes the people to lose faith and Share Energy which led to their downfall. She accuses those people of stealing her nation and now it’s her turn to steal back. Neptune pities her that she never had any friends. Even so, she can’t have their world. Neptune and the rest cooperate to destroy the machine and send the floating island crashing down. But Rei still has enough hatred to blow up half the world. She’s crazy enough to do it. All our goddesses hold hands and show us that with the power of love, they can contain this big blast of hatred. In the aftermath, our goddesses are out but not Rei. She still won’t give up. Here comes an unlikely ally. Magiquone tells her that conquering the world is hers so don’t you dare touch it. I thought she gave up? I guess you can’t put a true villain down. She uses her Anti-Crystal to seal Rei’s power. Rei starts screaming when she loses all her powers and reverts to her shy social activist form. Despite Magiquone still considering the goddesses as her enemies, Neptune is nevertheless grateful and thanks her. Many months later, the Share Energy of the countries has stabilized. It proves their people never lost faith in them. Blanc apologizes to Neptune for accusing and attacking her that day. She doesn’t mind and in fact had fun (oh, really?). That’s why she came up with an idea. After officially opening a tower, Neptune declares the treaty null and void! This is because they don’t need something old anymore as they’re already true friends! I guess this also means they can fight each other fair and square. And right off the bat, the goddesses start engaging in an exhibition match.

Have Faith In Your Games!
It never hit me until somewhere in the middle of the series that the countries are closely taken after the names of real life consoles. You know, Lastation as in Playstation? Then if we have Lowee (Nintendo Wii) and Leanbox (Microsoft Xbox), where is Sega then? By deduction, Sega has got to be Planeptune, right? But it doesn’t rhyme or sound close… I don’t think that Planeptune is made in reference to any Sega consoles and I am pretty sure it is on its own. Well, Sega is actually the distributor and publisher (on a trivial note, the reason why Neptune and Noire are close is because this game was released on Playstation platform. See the connection?). Heck, even those consoles match the coloured hearts they were assigned to. At least that’s what I think that black goes well with Playstation, green for Xbox and the whiteness that is the Wii. So is Sega purple? I would have chosen blue due to a certain hedgehog :). Then we have the old continent called Tari which is of course from that old game system of Atari (anyone old enough to remember that?). I guess with Rei trying to revive it and failed, it shows that this console is never coming back.

Then what about Eden? I don’t know if it’s in reference to Smartphones or iOS apps since these mobile devices are now the in-thing for games. Yeah. I don’t even own one of those cool Apple iPods or iPads or Tablets and whatever gadgets young people love stuffing their faces into these days. Or maybe it’s PC. Don’t count computers out when it comes to gaming consoles too. Hmm… This is by a long shot but I think Neptune and Planeptune or Neptunia is in reference to that Sega Saturn console. You know, the planets? Yeah. That. I don’t know how many other game references they made in this anime since I’m not an avid gamer but it made me wonder if this show is filled with them because of Rei’s Pong Laser. Remember Pong, anyone? Those hair accessories on Neptune’s head, don’t they remind us of the gamepad controller’s buttons? I wonder if you can press and enter some cheat code on them… I may be wrong but I think Anonydeath reminds me of Metroid Prime. And Clutter, doesn’t that feel like a resemblance to Playstation’s mascot, Crash Bandicoot? I’m sure that with this game and anime taking place in the gaming world, there must be lots of other references and resemblances to gaming stuff that they are taken after which I’m not aware of since I’m not an avid gamer now and then.

Anyway back to the anime. Overall, I think everything is rather okay (my typical answer for almost every series when I can’t determine it is super good or terrible bad and somewhere in the middle). I didn’t play the game nor did I start falling in love with it that made me want to try my hands on this. The characters are rather fun themselves with most of them having their own peculiar behaviour that will have us remember them for a while. Like our main heroine Neptune who is more of a carefree and energetic fun loving goddess in her other form. Best slacker in town. The kind that you would never see take things seriously or shoulder serious responsibility. It’s like she is some sort of Jekyll and Hyde. Different personalities like day and night. Like her other goddess counterparts, once they transform into their goddess form, they become different than their original girly form. Okay, so Blanc and Noire aren’t very much different but you get the point. When it comes to protecting their friends and people, they don’t goof around (otherwise, fun seems to be the norm for Neptune). Having people believe in you is a serious matter and it’s only right that you reciprocate their trust.

Another Jekyll and Hyde character is Pururut and it is obvious. On one hand she seems to be an even greater slacker than Neptune. She’s got that sleepy and dreamy look on her face that makes you want to assume that she’s a retard. That by far is already her safest form and you better wish she stays like this otherwise her sadistic nature could send you traumatized even in the afterlife. If that’s the case, I can imagine what kind of believers she has. Yeah. The masochist kind. Is it a wonder why she is the goddess of Planeptune of another dimension? It’s a good thing they’ve gone back to their own world. Who knows what will happen if she stayed longer and perhaps would have turned this world upside down. Most annoying character goes to Peashy because of her bratty behaviour but then again, that’s Peashy for you. She’s only a kid. It’s a love-hate relationship between her and Neptune. Maybe it’s their way of loving each other. To annoy the hell out of each other! You don’t know what you’re missing till the other is gone, no? Oh wait… I take that back about Peashy being the most annoying. That title goes to Abnes! Hah. I almost forgot about her. I don’t know what happened to her that she has to make it her personal mission to save little girls from goddesses but from the way I see it, she is more annoying than helpful in any sense. Has she ever thought that little girls like Ram and Rom will grow up? If that happens, will her obsession of ‘saving’ them be abandoned? The sisters of the other goddesses too are trying to step out from their sister’s shadow and walk their own path. Though I feel the part where they all finally transformed into their goddess form during Magiquone’s ambush felt rather rushed.

I think this is just highly speculation because I think villains can change for the better and turn over a new leaf if they come into contact by Pururut! See how Magiquone, Warechu and Linda were tremendously changed after their fated meeting with the sadist? Magiquone may still be putting up her tough villain act in the end and issuing villainous-like statement. Ultimately her hand in helping take down Rei is just as good as her siding with the goddesses, right? I’m still boggled how she became a goddess. Is there some sort of device like the Share Energy machine that can turn you into one? And after her defeat, is she still considered a goddess or have such powers? Well, maybe her statement of making a comeback to take over the world one day isn’t just empty talk. Assuming that her eggplant farm isn’t profitable in the long run! Haha! Also, has Warechu given up on Compa after being abused by Pururut? Because it made him realize he’ll never be good enough for her :\.Now that the threat of Tari and Rei has subsided, did the goddesses take preventive measures so that it won’t happen again? Since we didn’t see what happen to her, I assume that it will be safe since Rei is a pretty remorseful person in her social activist form. I can imagine what will happen if Pururut actually admonished her punishment on her. Even more remorseful? I think Anonydeath will even turn straight if that happens.

Talking about the action part, each goddess possesses their own unique fighting skills and fancily termed as well. Not that I can remember them anyway. It packs quite a power punch but I suppose to fully appreciate or understand the impact of their fighting abilities, you have to play the game where I believe their repertoire is much expanded. I appreciate the comedy parts better since there are some really funny moments. I think some of those funny moments are purposely made into a running joke but not as frequent that it will annoy you. Like for instance, goddesses keep falling and landing on Noire. It’s like she is some sort of beacon that signals to goddesses falling from the sky, “Hey! I’m over here! Land on me!”, kind of thingy. A homing device? Then there’s the part where Peashy always gives Neptune her super punch and you’ll see that incredulous expression on the latter’s face. My favourite comical bit is the next episode preview. Not so much of what is coming in the next episode (there is none, and just next episode’s title), but the blooper scene which happens to be one of the short scenes in that episode. They replay it again but twist it with a funnier outcome. For example, when IF showed the girls the goddesses’ lewd positions being uploaded onto the internet, she accidentally showed them of sexy Compa sleeping in her lingerie. Or when Uni transformed into her goddess form, the little sister goddesses are in awe because her boobs turned small just like them. Or when Rei is about to read the announcement of Eden’s war declaration, she read out her erotic novel instead. Oh, what about the time when Neptune is about to crash into Noire but misses and creates a hole in the ground instead. Homing device off? Before Pururut left, she gave Nepgear a doll resembling her. In this twisted version, she gave one that resembled a blockhead robot. Nepgear is forced to take and treasure it because Pururut is giving her that sadistic stare…

When the goddesses transform, of course their tight and almost revealing outfit seems to be for fanservice bits and despite them looking more ferocious than their original form, I just can’t help eel that their design in the goddess form resembles somewhat closely to those little characters in Busou Shinki. Just without those hideous joint lines on the arms and legs. Speaking of fanservice, there is a handful but not something you should look forward to. With Vert having the biggest bust among the goddesses, I guess it is something she really holds proud of because when Peashy turned into her goddess form with an equally big bust, it seems Vert’s ‘unique’ existence is threatened. Unless you tell me her followers believe in her because of her big boobs and just because some other goddess can match those racks, she is worried that she would lose some Share Energy? Or maybe it’s just her pride of having the biggest. In the initial episodes, Compa or Nepgear was set to become the fanservice girl because of how she frequently accidentally gets into fanservice scenes like those slime dogs and such. Whatever happened to that subsequently? And that R-18 beach feels like a rip-off! I wonder if those lewd loving shiny lights will be taken out in the DVDs and thus a change in the scene and dialogue. Maybe just enough for the required tits dose and make you a little happy. Then there are those transformation scenes into goddess mode although not every character who turns into goddess like Peashy or Rei has a lengthy transformation-cum-fanservice scene.

One plus point of this series I consider is the voice acting part. This series has tons of famous seiyuus lending their roles. But the most intriguing and ‘unbelievable’ one is Rie Tanaka as Neptune. I couldn’t really believe it is her voice behind the pitchy lively voice. At first I thought they used another seiyuu for this Neptune but it is the same person. I still couldn’t believe it. After hearing Rie Tanaka as Maria from Hayate No Gotoku and Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden, I truly find it hard to believe that it is her voice behind Neptune. I cannot imagine it is her! Really. It is only when she transforms to her goddess form then her voice is back to familiar territory. That is the Rie Tanaka I know. But little Neptune? Really cannot imagine this is really her. Maybe it goes back to the days in Chobits but even so, that character wasn’t really talkative. But still, hats off to her for portraying very different versions of Neptune. Many of the other seiyuus show the flexibility in their voice acting role, especially those characters that can transform into their goddess form. Kana Hanazawa as Pururut, it really brings back memories of her retard or slow characters like Karuta from Inu x Boku SS. Then come to her goddess form, she sounds more dominant and sadistic. Just what I imagine her like Mahiru in Kamisama Dolls. Kana Asumi as Blanc although didn’t portray her joker voice as I love so much, in her original form, Blanc sounds more like the unmotivated Sasami from Sasami-san@Ganbaranai while in her goddess form, there is this feeling of danger just like Madoka in Inu To Hasami Tsukaiyou. Either way, she’s a serious character and no joker parts about that.

Yu Kobayashi as Rei, I thought I would never hear her in her crazy voice since her limited appearance was just confined to that social activist form. She sounds so shy like as though her voice cannot come out. And when she transforms, it’s back to familiar territory. Going crazy, screaming her head off just like many of her wild characters she portrays (think Kaere of Zetsubou Sayonara Sensei). That’s the Yu Kobayashi I know. Aoi Yuuki still has that little girl’s voice and as Peashy she really makes her character sound bratty and at the same time having so much fun. Just think of Senki Zesshou Symphogear’s Hibiki gone wild or reverting to her childish nature. Ironically, Neeko (whose only other major voice acting role was Reborn in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn) who is the voice of Warechu, voices a mouse when her pen name means a cat… The rest of the other star-studded casts that I recognize include Eri Kitamura as Uni (Rin in Kodomo No Jikan), Yui Horie as Nepgear (Kotori in Da Capo), Kana Ueda as IF (Rin in Fate/Stay Night) and Yui Ogura as Rom (Hinata in Ro-Kyu-Bu – if there are any lolis that you need cute voices, this is the girl you go to). Barely recognizing their seiyuus include Rina Satou as Vert (Haruka in Minami-ke series) and Mika Kanai as Histoire (Vanilla/Nomad in Galaxy Angel series).

The rest of the line-up includes Asami Imai as Noire (Chelsea in Shukufuku No Campanella), Chiaki Takahashi as Magiquone (Nanami in School Days), Yuuki Fujiwara as Anonydeath (Belphegor in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn), Kanako Sakai as Compa (Kikuri in Jigoku Shoujo), Kaori Ishihara as Ram (Konoe in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru), Yui Shoji as Abnes (Nina in Mamotte Lollipop), Junko Minagawa as Linda (Ryouma in Prince Of Tennis) and songstress Nao doing her voice acting debut as 5pb. The opening theme is your typical lively anime pop, Dimension Tripper by Nao. I thought being the in-anime idol, she would sing the rest of the songs but apparently the ending themes are sung by other groups. The main ending theme is Neptune Sagashite by Afilia Saga, another lively girl group anime pop tune with the potential of turning this song into a dance machine especially with that infectious pop synthesizer in the background. This group also sings the special ending for episode 10, Ito. A slow parting song needs to befit a farewell scene, right? If you’re too absorbed into this song, you might feel you want to just cry. I didn’t. The other ending theme is Go Love&Peace by Ayane, a moderate anime pop piece.

Well, games are supposed to be fun and relaxing so what is the point of stressing out yourself or vent your frustration at a game when you clearly aren’t supposed to? So the point is as shown in this anime, despite the different countries/consoles and the many different followers/believers, everyone is unique in their own sense and can still come together to have lots of fun. No point outdoing each other or even destroying the entire world because where would the fun be when you don’t even have a place or something to have fun with. But don’t spend too much time having fun because you won’t get anything done. I suppose it is true that a game would last longer and for eternity if they have memorable characters (aside the plot, graphics or gameplay, which don’t amount to anything if you don’t have noteworthy characters to begin with). It’s a reason why a certain moustachioed plumber and a blue speedy hedgehog or even that yellow pallet gobbling circle remains relevant and ever popular these days. They could be even more if they’re personified as girls. Let anime show them how it’s done! Or just think Lara Croft. That would sure bring in the believers in no time. But I’d definitely be a firm believer if a console goddess would be a maid…

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