Ichigo 100% OVA

October 6, 2006

More compromising situations and indecisiveness from Junpei. That’s what I thought when I watched Ichigo 100% OVA. Uh-huh, seems that there’s an extension to the tv series. This time there’s only 5 episodes but longer airtime. Yup, it’s close to 30 minutes as compared to the usual 21-24 minutes long. Plus, all the ending credits of the OVA are different from each other.
Like I’ve said, that I felt that the OVA was more of an extension of the series rather than anything new. As you can see the first episode continues where the tv series ended. Junpei and the rest of the photography club members take a trip to some cabin in the forest to film some movie of theirs during the holidays. Except for Toujou who didn’t tag along as she had something else to do first and she’ll be joining them much later.
So as usual, the gang needs to get use to their surroundings, have some trouble setting up stuffs for the filming, and Junpei can’t seem to focus on the script since he’s been handpicked by Misuzu to play the lead role along with Nishino. Speaking of which, Misuzu seems to proclaim herself as the director in charge, and later sends Junpei to greet and fetch Toujou who’ll be arriving at the train station.
Nothing much when Junpei finally meets Toujou. However, since it’s the holiday season the bus schedule isn’t so frequent and the intervals for the next one are hours apart. So they decided to walk. It’s gonna be a long and far walk. That’s why birds fly south. No lah. Just joking. That has no relevance to the story, the bird part of course. Not surprisingly too, they got lost and a thunderstorm is brewing. And luckily there’s an abandoned house nearby. So the 2 decided to take shelter in there for the night. So can you see the plot or what’s going to happen already?
Yup, I sort of guessed it. Put 2 young teenagers alone in an abandoned hut, a stormy outside weather makes them stick in it and can’t go anywhere else, their clothes are wet and in order not to catch a cold, they have to… ahem ahem, you know the rest lah. Also, this is Junpei’s chance of getting close to Toujou, since she’s the one that started his strawberry panties fantasy craze. Wants to confess but can’t, that kind of situation or tension lah. I don’t think Junpei has had such moment of intimacy with Toujou before. Not that I can remember.
At the same time the rest of the gang are worried about them and even goes out in the storm to look for them. So call it bad luck or a good thing as Nishino enters the abandoned hut right at the moment just before Junpei and Toujou are caught in a ‘compromising situation’. Aw… Yet so close yet so far, or rather, phew, What a close shave. Luckily, Nishino didn’t get mad, just glad that they’re both okay, and proceeded to head back to the cabin afterwards.
Later, the film gets rolling with Misuzu coming up with a ‘scheming’ idea for it. She wants the lead actor and actress to play their part like a real couple. So she came up with the ‘test of courage’ thing. Yup, Junpei and Nishino got paired together. Yeah, the rest of them were trying to scare the couple so they’d be close to each other. Eventually their scheme is exposed. But the thing I like is that part where Junpei and Nishino were together and there’re fireflies around them. The scenery and atmosphere was quite nice there. Though they both weren’t acting, the rest of the crew think the acting was so genuine too. Another moment of intimacy for Junpei but this time with Nishino. Yeah, another yet so close yet so far thing. But I guess that’s the only scene that I like throughout this whole OVA.
In the second episode, the gang returns from their holiday filming trip. And it’s that time again in school. Yup, the time where classes have to organise events for their school cultural festival. As the gang are setting up their room, due to some ‘unfortunate circumstances’, the whole classroom gets messed up and the props destroyed. There goes all the hard work.
In addition, I felt that the producers decided to add another girl to Junpei’s harem. She’s Chinami Hashimoto. And she’s some sort of a two-timer (or three four five-timer) with her angry ‘boyfriends’ chasing after her and wanting to get some explanation about it. To make matters worse, she tries to run away from it all by suddenly saying she’s Junpei’s girlfriend. Oh, the shockness those guys and Junpei’s friends they must be. Especially Satsuki. Yeah, I guess she and Chinami locked heads with each other. In the end all her boyfriends had to leave. Now Junpei’s got another problem in his hands.
Back to the earlier event. As their class room’s in a mess, the gang didn’t want to clean it up and insist that Junpei do it because it was his fault in the first place. So poor Junpei has to do it all until evening where nobody’s around. A concerned Toujou later arrives to help Junpei clean up. However, during their cleaning up, one of the structure was going to fall on Toujou but Junpei manage to prevent so by using his body to protect her. If you look at in a way, another compromising situation for Junpei. Yeah, they can’t move because of the structure’s collapsed around them. Therefore, another moment of intimacy between Junpei and Toujou.
Eventually they manage to break free. But you know, some leakage, their clothes get wet, have to take them off. Isn’t this all to familiar? Yeah, and you’d probably guessed it already too. The rest of the gang comes back later that night to help Junpei clean up most probably their conscience is telling them so. Then they spot the semi-naked 2. What do you think happened? The usual super kick from Satsuki and the rest of them this time really misinterprets the situation. They thought he was doing something bad to Toujou. Too bad Junpei. With so many such circumstances you’ve been, you should’ve seen this one coming.
So the next day when the school festival starts, they decided to make a cafe then and Junpei’s been caged like a wild animal in some small cage, and partially naked too. Yeah, their class’s special attraction. Pity him. Must be really embarrassing, huh.
More perverted situations (what do you expect) in episode 3 when Junpei has to reluctantly return notes that Yui borrowed from her friends at her school. The thing is, Yui’s sick and is unable to do so but she needs to return it today. And since Junpei’s late for his school, might as well do so. Another catch is that, the school that Yui goes to, Oumi Gakuen, is an all-girls school, the same school which Nishino attends. Hey what’s so bad about an all-girl’s school? Well, this one in particular is very protective of their female students.
As Junpei will find out after he sneaks into the school. Manage to return the notes but needs to hide as he heard that the girls are coming back. Problem is, it’s in the changing room locker he hid in. *Smack*. Unfortunately, the girls changing in there found out about a pervert (Junpei, that is) spying on them in their school compound, sounding the red alert. Yeah, there’re crazy teachers, security guards and even electric security fences, trying to catch the pervert.
Junpei manage to hide in some store room after a lot of running about here and there. But a girl comes in. Oh no. Busted. Phew… It’s actually Nishino. She couldn’t believe his story at first but soon she does after Junpei explains the whole thing. Thus, Nishino became an ‘accomplice’ to hide Junpei until things settle down. Looks like they’ll need to wait after school hours. Fortunately, at the end of the day, things end well for them.
Another summer holiday as the gang decides to work at some inn deep in the remote mountains in episode 4. Another thing, I also felt that the producers too decided to add another girl to Junpei’s harem for no reason. Yup, for no reason too, another girl, Kozue Mukai joins the gang for this. She’s just like Toujou, shy and quiet but more extreme. Hmm…
So why did the gang decide to do something like this. It’s because the owner of the inn promised them ‘exceptional wages’ which the gang needs for their filming club. Unfortunately, it’s all just a ploy. Yeah, the 3 staffs at the inn has hidden intentions. While working, the 3 staffs make it look like it’s Junpei’s fault for breaking a very expensive vase. Therefore they need to work really really hard to repay back the loan.
Yeah, those guys are really perverted too, making the ladies wear all sorts of funny and revealing uniforms. Also, those 3 staffs have their eyes on certain girls and are going to do perverted stuffs to them. The thing is, I felt that these 3 losers have bad tastes. Do you know why? The targeted girls were Satsuki, Misuzu and Chinami. The first 2 being so violent, they’d wouldn’t stand a chance. Of course, their plans to get even close to them backfired with a lot of comical ‘accidents’ and near misses.
In the end, their plans were foiled when the gang found out there’re actually many other similar vases hidden behind some secret compartment. Actually one of the staffs was going to make his move on Satsuki. Noramally, she’d beat up the guy, but she was thinking ofd paying off Junpei’s debts so she let her guard down. Of course Junpei barged in and tried to stopped him. But was stopped by the other 2. Then he accidentily hit a corner and the fake wall of the hidden compartment is revealed. Busted. Good for them. Then the others proceed to beat them up real good. Just in time the real owner of the inn (one of the staff’s dad) came back, found out what’s happened and had a ‘real good talk’ with him and the other 2. Oh yeah, this time Junpei’s brief moment of intimacy’s with Satsuki. Ah… another one of those ‘compromising situation’. I guess the other girl’s jealous too.
Episode 5 is really crap. It’s about Junpei and the other guys who noticed that the girls are acting really strange. Yeah, the shy Toujou is now so bold, and the bold Satsuki is now so shy and innocent. What happened? To save all the trouble, the girls are actually being mind-controlled by aliens who are in the form of strawberry panties that they’re wearing. Isn’t it crap, I tell you. So the guys have to run from them while the strawberry aliens try to take over Earth and catch them.
Yeah, it’s just like some survival series as Komiyama and Hiroshi getting picked off and leaving Junpei all alone. So what is he gonna do when cornered. He came up with the sickest idea in the history of hentainess. He took one of the strawberry panties and proceed to wear it!!! Oh my goodness!!! Then suddenly the strawberry alien just shrieked in pain (or rather embarrassment after looking at such horrible act) and disappeared. Then the girls are back to normal. Because of that, they saw Junpei in strawberry panties and misunderstood everything and without a second beats him up.
Then this whole thing was exposed to be just a film they’re making. Even so, it’s really sick. Yeah, Hiroshi and Sotomura decided to let the girls vent their anger (or embarrassment) on Junpei for a little while longer. Hey, if it’s just a film, why did the girls allow him to do so for this scene? Maybe they’d think he wouldn’t do it. Wrong, he did it. Probably he deserves being beaten up.
Overall, I guess this OVA is just decent with the hentai part being funny and just for plain entertainment only. Or else, I wouldn’t have watched it either, since the tv series is better in comparison. The drawing and animation seems a little ‘richer’. But the only thing is Komiyama now looks even ‘uglier’ than before. Yeah he really looked like some weird octopus this time. Hey, there’s no Okusa too this time. Probably Junpei had cut all contacts with him since he went to a different school.
So will Junpei finally decide which girl’s gonna be? Don’t think so at this rate. With his indecisiveness, the girls’ will be waiting until kingdom come. Better dump him and find somebody else. But the girls seem to tolerate him. And with new additions like Chinami and Kozue who didn’t pretty do much too, I couldn’t see where their relationship with Junpei heading towards to, since they made a few appearances only and in such short time. Well, at least they’re unofficially part of the gang (or harem).
When I think back to those times when I watched this series, I’ll just probably smile and laugh in my mind all those antics. Not that I want to be like him. Let’s just leave it like that.

Ichigo 100%

June 10, 2006

I was somehow caught by surprise when I finished watching Ichigo 100%. No, it’s not that this is such a super terror-merror good anime with a terror-merror storyline. It’s just that I thought that this anime had 24 episodes in total.
Yup, I’m only half right. 24 episodes of 15 minutes each. Meaning, that 1 show actually shows 2 episodes. I’d only realized this when I last the last episode, where the ending credits seemed a little different and there was no preview of the next episode. So I decided to check it out, and that’s when I was a little surprised. Stupid me.
Anyway, to start things off, this anime has a little hentai element in it. From first looks, you’ll pretty much guess that this is another one of those animes where there’re a few girls who’re chasing after 1 guy’s affection. Just like Da Capo, Shuffle, or even Ranma 1/2.
In episode 1, we see this guy, Junpei Mannaka, sneaking away towards the rooftop of his school building, when suddenly some girl fell in front of him. Thing is, her panties were exposed and it was strawbery patterned. And that Junpei guy suddenly fell in love with that girl (talk about love at first sight, if you know what I mean). But the girl left abruptly leaving her notebook behind. So eversince then, he vowed to find her and make a film or movie with that scene in it. Sounds pretty perverted. But Junpei is a film director aspirant and it’s his dream to be one. So with this as an inspirational start?
However, Junpei doesn’t really know who the girl is. So he decided to ask his friends Komiyama and Okusa about their opinions. They suggested that it might be the Nishino Tsukasa, the school’s prettiest girl. At first they were talking so loud in the school corridor about strawberry panties and such, that Nishino overheard it and told them off. Coincidently, those guys caught a glimpse of what Nishino’s wearing too. Yup, it’s strawberry patterned panties too. So this made Junpei believed that she’s the girl who earlier fell down before his eyes.
So desperately needing to confess his feelings, Junpei did some chin-ups to steal Nishino’s heart. Amazingly, after watching such stunt, Nishino agreed to be Junpei’s boyfriend. Wah, so easy. If only there’re girls like that in this world (maybe got also). So as the two started to date, they had to juggle with their studies as well as the high school entrance exam is just around the corner.
So Junpei enlists the help of one of his classmates, Aya Toujou. At first impressions, wearing thick glasses and having those braided pig-tails, you’d come to think that she’s a nerd. I mean, everyone in school thinks she’s ugly and unpopular. Hey, but to me she looks pretty fine. Anyway, as the story progresses, you’ll find out that Aya is actually the girl who fell in front of Junpei’s eyes earlier on. Just like that Superman disguise. Eventually, when she loose those specs and her hair, she seemed more beautiful and every guy just stared at her with awe. Unable to recognize that this was the same Aya as before. So it’s the same for Junpei too. At the same time, you’ll notice that Aya has some sort of a crush on Junpei and she has a quite a talent in writing scripts (much to Junpei’s joy).
So entrance exam comes, they sit for it, wait for the results and what do you know, Junpei and Komiyama flunked! Oh the horror, the only high school with a film club, his dreams of attending such high school is dashed. However Junpei and Komiyama managed to enter it because somebody who passed gave up their place, as they were on the reserved list. Who is it? To Junpei’s surprise, it was Nishino! Yeah, she said something like how much this film club thing meant to him, bla bla bla. Plus she sat for another entrance exam at another school. So it wasn’t any big deal. At this point, I could see that their relationship too hit rock bottom. So fast already got cracks.
So anyway, before the start of the new semester, Junpei got a new camera for his film club and started practising with it in the park, only to accidently film a girl’s panties. That girl, Satsuki Kitaouji, of course would feel violated and proceed to throw his camera into the lake. Now, Junpei’s really sad and mad, but in the first place it’s his bad (nice rhyme).
And as school starts, to add to Junpei’s woes even further, Satsuki is also attending the same class with him! So an argument ensues. They got reprimanded by the teacher. And there’re series of violent ‘attacks’ from Satsuki towards Junpei. But surprisingly, after all that whacking and violence, Satsuki actually confessed boldy to Junpei that she’s in love with him! Why? That’s because he’s so fun to be with. Uh-huh. I guess that pervertness earlier on doesn’t really matter now huh.
Moving on, in order to start the film club, Junpei supposedly needs 5 members initially. With himself, Aya, Komiyama and Hiroshi Sotomura (you can never get to see his eyes), they needed another member. Luckily there was Satsuki and in a way you could say she saved the day. Plus the film club’s teacher representative, Shiori Kurokawa is one of those sporting and hyped kind of lady. With such a nice figure and bust to add to it, you know the situation, right? Oh yeah, the reason why Komiyama and Hiroshi joined the film club was to get girls!  They think that the film club is just a facade to hide it’s true intentions of getting to watch half-naked girls in bikinis or undies without any backlash. Some perverted guys they are.
Up till now, if you’ve counted that there’re 3 girls already showing interests in Junpei. So in episode 9 (or 4 if you like), we’re introduced to another girl, Yui Minamito. Although petite in size, she’s only 1 year Junpei’s junior and in some ways acts as a child too. Her sudden return to stay with Junpei has really caught him by surprise. Another thing about Yui is that, she can somehow take off her clothes while sleeping!!! And she likes to sleep naked too! But with such a child’s body, there’s really nothing much to see, if you know what I mean.
So the rest of the episodes generally sees how he girls vye for his affections. Well, not really. Since Nishino is attending another high school far away, the relationship between her and Junpei doesn’t really go anywhere. Because of this, Nishino dropped a bombshell to Junpei that she wants to break up with him. Also, it’s because of Junpei’s hessitation and indecisiveness to really choose which girl he really wants to be with.
Though, Aya really likes Junpei deep down in her heart, she’s quite shy to express her feelings to him. And most of the time it just doesn’t materialize and she usually gives way. While Yui’s relatioship with Junpei has taken more of a older brother kind of relationship. So not really lover’s kind. As for Satsuki, although there’re times that she boldly confesses to Junpei, she however seems to be rejected. But that doesn’t stop her as she’ll always try again the next time.
So as mentioned above, there’ll be events like that film club’s summer trip to get some inspiration to make their first film, or Valentine’s Day where Junpei didn’t know he received which chocolates from which of the girls, or Junpei and Satsuki working part time at some fast food outlet. Mostly Junpei gets into situations that are misunderstood or he tries to help out. That kind of stuff. But generally he’s a nice guy though perverted too at times.
So at the end of episode 21, as Junpei and Aya finished watching a movie together, we’re introduced to another girl, discussing and debating some differing views about the movie they just watched. Seems arrogant though. Another girl soon to be after Junpei’s heart? Well, good thing, no. You’ll find out she’s Misuzu Sotomora. Yup, Hiroshi’s younger sister. No nonsense and serious, later she joins Junpei’s film club and installs herself as the vice president of the film club. Yeah… she and Satsuki don’t seem to get along. Those 2 will be at each other’s throat most of the time. Both also hot-headed and violent.
So the last episode sees how the movie club needs somebody to play the heroine part. Though Satsuki wanted to play it very much. But Misuzu seems to oppose it because she caught a glimpse of the perfect person for the role earlier on but didn’t get to know her name. So the gang went to search for this mysterious girl. As it turned out, it’s actually Nishino! What a small world. So as Junpei asks Nishino to play the lead role, she unconditionally excepted it. And that’s the end of the story. You’ll see the end credits with the gang in filming action.
Though there’re many funny moments, there’re some tense moments as well. Well, in the end Junpei didn’t really decide which girl he wants to be his girlfriend. Plus, like Da Capo and Shuffle, there isn’t any fist fights among the girls who’re in love with Junpei. I felt that they just love him at their own pace. I’d say that the animation colour is like, how’d you put it, ‘bright and rich‘. Something like that. The storyline’s rather ok and decent too. Didn’t really felt anything great but couldn’t help that sometimes I feel that Junpei’s indecisiveness is so irritating. Why can’t he just be straight or true to his feelings. Yeah, I know, he wants to have them all but doesn’t want to hurt them. Come to think of it, I think I also like that if I’m in such situation. Hehehe.

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