Iketeru Futari

September 21, 2007

Even though this is an old school anime production (around year 1999, that is), Iketeru Futari is another one of those ecchi romance comedy animes. So ecchi fans out there should want to take a look at this title. As for the rest, even if a little ecchi seems to disgust you, stay away from this.
Though ecchi is the main theme of this series, however it doesn’t go as far as hentai as you’ll just see the girl’s breasts being bared, that’s all. Nothing more than that. Besides that, it’s filled with lots of panty shots and perverted moments. I suppose that’s what makes this anime funny.
This series has only 16 episodes. But each episode is only 5 minutes long! Which means that you could actually finish watching the entire series in 1 sitting as it would take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to do so. I’d say that’s equivalent to a movie length but I think it’s better to cut and put those ecchi bits into several parts and episodes.
Our main male protagonist is a 16 year old student which goes by the name os Keisuke Saji. He may look like a monkey at first and because this is an ecchi series, expect this guy to be a pervert. Yes, he is actually one typical lecherous dirty old pervert. Must be those hormones for boys at that age to ‘feel the urge’. Though he’s a pervert, I kinda find him not as extreme or desparate case as Bachi-Guu of Green Green fame. But a pervert is still a pervert.
In episode 1, we see Saji playing some ecchi dating simulation game when he receives a message from his handphone from a girl named Alice. She’s saying that if anybody wants to get something for her, she’ll be waiting at Shibuya tomorrow evening. Alice further describes her ‘bios and stats’ and says she’ll repay them in ecchi and that any kind of play is fine with her. As expected, Saji really gets excited and hyped up about it.
The next day at school, Saji is showing off to his pals the new handphone he ‘stole’ from his dad. Of course his friends wanna take a look at it but Saji tries to avoid them. He inadvertantly bumps into a petite girl, Akira Koizumi, who looks a little bit like Akane from Ranma 1/2. They both fall down and he saw her panties before apologizing. She gives back the handphone and walks away. Yup, it’s love at first sight for Saji and he wants to get to know her more.
That night at Shibuya, Saji is looking around for Alice and noticed that there are other men looking for Alice too. Saji spots Koizumi sitting near a fountain and snickering to herself. He calls her and asks what she’s doing here as she explains how she’s watching in amusement those ‘dirty old men’ calling for Alice. Saji realizes the same voice as the phone message last night. Koizumi continues that they’re all fools and there’s no Alice actually. When Saji says that Koizumi’s the Alice, he thought he had make her mad. That’s because she stood up and before Saji knew it, she took his hands and the 2 went on a date and had their fun. In the end, Koizumi says "I promised didn’t I? So I’ll be your Alice. Alice doesn’t lie". The 2 stared at each other then.
Episode 2 starts off with Saji fantasizing ‘doing it’ with Koizumi through… Saji Vision?! What the? Yeah, he’s even saying how good it was fantasizing about her. The next morning, Saji is greeted by his big-breasted-childhood-friend-who-has-a-secret-crush-on-him, Yuki Umemiya. She’s commenting that Saji’s ‘playing with himself’ since he gots those bags under his eyes, much to his annoyance. Yuki then leaves for her club meeting. You know, Yuki’s breasts are so big it really makes you wonder how they defy gravity.
In the bus, Koizumi is being paged ‘good morning’ by Saji, much to her annoyance and wonders how he got her number. Her 2 friends, Maki Amakasu and Ryoko Arigase, are teasing her when Koizumi replies that Saji’s just stupid. When the bus stops, Koizumi saw Saji waiting there, again to her dismay. Saji’s following her to school and some lovers talk from him like "I’ll be there for you" and such. Koizumi denies and don’t understand what he’s talking about and walks off with her friends. Saji is in shock. Of course Saji’s buddies came and teased him like how he’s being dumped. This causes Saji to go into a frenzy about that fantasizing being just a dream. Koizumi then gets another pager message from Saji saying "I love you" this time. She gets mad and bashes him up. Meanwhile, Yuki’s hearing from her friend how Saji’s all over Koizumi even though the latter keeps rejecting him but the former’s still adamant. Yuki looking a little worried and spacing out. So typical.
In the hallway, Koizumi is carrying a stack of books and bumps into Yuki from the back. Yuki turns around suddenly with her oversized breasts hitting the top portion of the books away as she apologizes. Yuki notices that this girl is Koizumi and proceeds to ask her what she thinks of Saji and is it true she gets around. Koizumi then says she wouldn’t mind doing it if it’s with Yuki and proceeds to rub her face on Yuki’s breasts. Yuki is caught by surprise and ran away in embarrassment. Koizumu picks up her books and walks away cooly. It seems all the guys there who have saw and heard their conversation, misinterpreted the situation as something yuri. Haha.
Episode 3 sees Saji in one of his perverted modes as he’s crawling around looking at girl’s panties until he spots Koizumi and hugs her. Somebody call the police and arrest this sicko please. Of course Koizumi didn’t like it and bashes him up. Is pain his pleasure? After Saji finishes his daydreaming, he follows her around, much to her chagrin. Just then, Saji lifts and carries her off and Koizumi thought he’s kidnapping her. Saji then ‘forces’ her to take a photo with him at a photo booth and a pic came out with Koizumi bitting Saji’s hand. Koizumi’s pals are laughing so hard and mad at it and asks her why is she so foraward with Saji. She replies that he has no brain and continues pounding him. Then Koizumi receives a pager message from a friend. She apologizes as she has to leave. Saji finds out from Koizumi’s 2 friends that even though they don’t know much about her like where she lives, but they know she’s a good girl and not the kind that sells her body. Plus, Koizumi’s the kind where she doesn’t like boys much so Saji must be something in a way. Saji thanks them and calls them Friend A and Friend B but they hit him and introduced themselves.
In the bathtub, Yuki is thinking about that incident with Koizumi and saying though she’s cute but it scares her even more. She wonders if Saji would choose her but is confident that she’ll win him over with her boobs. Meanwhile, Saji is daydreaming and fantasizing about Koizumi being his wife and doing ecchi things when he is brought back to reality when Koizumi punches him away at the school canteen. She then walks away furiously leaving Saji in a little daze. Saji and friends later are peeking at Koizumi and other classmate girls playing basketball when Koizumi suddenly faints. Saji rushes in the speed of light and provides his body as a soft cushion. Now that’s really fast. Koizumi is lying there unconscious and not responding as Saji shouting and telling her to get a hold of herself.
Looks like Koizumi has a cold as said by the nurse in the infirmary in episode 4. She also suggest someone take her home. Saji barges in and volunteers. Saji gives Koizumi a piggyback ride with Arigase accompanying them to find Koizumi’s home but it seems Saji’s playing with Koizumi’s butt as he carries her. So that’s his intention. They finally reached her place. It looks huge but it’s empty and her room is situated at the highest level of the apartment. Inside, Saji suggests Arigase to go back to school while he takes care of Koizumi, much to her dismay. Arigase agrees and leaves. Koizumi is devastated and is saying to herself how this is probably part of her plan and that she’s enjoying all of this.
Saji tries cooking but is causing more ruckus than ever. Besides, does he really know how to cook? Saji then asks Koizumi if she wanna do whatever to make the night fly by. She says okay and strips! Saji is bloody surprised. Didn’t see that one coming, huh. He’s asking her to stop as her temperature may increase. Koizumi just say she’ll change and go to sleep and tells him to go home as she’s used to living all alone. Koizumi soon collapses but Saji manages to catch her. She then asks him to take her to her bed and asks him to come along and take off his clothes. Is this for real? The next thing you know, they’re sleeping together naked and Koizumi is sleeping calmly. Is she doing it for real or is it because she isn’t feeling well?
Koizumi and Saji are walking to school together the next day in episode 5. Saji is annoying her with his talk like going on a date, etc. Koizumi then borrows his handphone to make some arrangement to meet some client of hers tonight. She tells Saji now that he knows what kind of a school girl she is. Some teaser she made like licking her fingers to get Saji all excited. But she soon wishes goodbye and leaves. But Saji is determined to find out who the client is as he saw Koizumi getting in a taxi. Just then, Saji’s classmate passes by him in his bike and Saji ‘stole’ it from him (something about friendship thingy) so that he could follow Koizumi.
At the hotel lobby, Koizumi is waiting as Saji is hiding and spying on her. A lady comes in and Koizumi walks up to her. Saji saw that lady’s just a girl and thought Koizumi’s just waiting for her friend when the lady kissed Koizumi on her lips! Yeow! Saji’s freaking out and confused what’s going on. That lady, Misa, says to go somewhere fun but Koizumi stops her and says that they should stop seeing each other. Misa asks if she’s dumping her but Koizumi replies that for the 1st time in her life she had a great night with a guy. Misa doesn’t believe. Koizumi then shows that photo to her she took the other day and Misa too laughed like mad when she saw it. Saji then appears and say how touched he is that she cares for him but Koizumi denies and say it’s just a ploy to convince Misa. Saji is gonna jump on Koizumi in his happiness but she kicks him away as Misa’s wondering what’s going on.
In episode 6, Saji desparately wants Koizumi to teach her… maths. You’re expecting something ecchi, weren’t you? And he’s clinging on to her. Of course Koizumi is bloody annoyed and kicks him away. Because of that he saw her panties and this time she really kicks him away and sends him flying back only to bounce of Yuki’s breasts. Yuki asks him if he wants to come over to her place and study. So that Saji fantasizes about Yuki in a sexy pose and voice tone teaching him maths when his daydreaming has been intercepted by Koizumi when she kicks his head and says that he’s got a good tutor before walking away. This guy can stand lots of abuse. Arigase and Amakasu enjoying the ‘show’ and saying how easy not it is to understand Koizumi.
Saji is studying at the park calls Koizumi, who’s at home, with his handphone and still wants her to teach him. She asks what about Yuki but he says no point doing work he doesn’t like it if he isn’t with her. This made Koizumi to pause for a while. Is her heart going a little soft? Because of that, she invites him to her place to study. Saji arrives and she tells him she’ll kill him if he touches anything. Probably that guy isn’t listening because he’s opening her underwear drawer and continues to fantasize. Koizumi punches him and warns him again. Saji then saw a glass ball accessory case with the ring inside (the ring which he bought for her while they’re dating back in the 1st episode). He mentions how this ring was the beginning of their relationship when he don’t really know her yet. He’s glad she’s still having it. Koizumi smiled a little before the 2 went to study. Later as Koizumi is seeing off Saji and tells him to do his best, Saji is gonna kiss her when the elevator door opens. Koizumi kicks him in and sticks out her tongue at him. Hehe. While walking back, Saji wonders what the ring means to her and takes out from his pocket… Koizumi’s panties! This guy… He’s in ecstacy when a policeman stops him and thinks he’s a perverted underwear thief. We see Saji apologizing at the police station. Sometimes such lessons are good for him, but will he learn?
Apparently not as Saji continues his fantasizing of doing something hentai on Koizumi in episode 7 when she punches his face and wakes him up. Saji goes crashing into the classroom’s chairs and tables. But he still hugs her in front of his buddies and tells them they’ve got things going. Koizumi lands another punch and sends him flying to his buddies. She denies it and says she’s never gonna talk to him again and walks off coldly. Arigase and Amakasu says that if Saji doesn’t think before he talks, Koizumi is gonna hate him. Saji is in a frenzy and clings tightly to Amakasu’s leg as he pleads for them to help him. When everything’s settled down, Amakasu’s leg is red and swollen.
As the trio head out of school, they discuss about things like why Koizumi is attracted and talks to him. Saji says it’s his hot passion and sexual energy (yeah right) but Arigase says it’s more of his toughness, nerve and character. At Koizumi’s home, she’s stitting alone and thinking conversation with Misa whereby she asks her about her feelings on Saji, which she reply she doesn’t care. Soon she receives a phone call from Amakasu to meet her at some place at a certain time. Koizumi is walking out of the apartment and we see Saji and the 2 girls are hiding behind some bush. Saji confronts Koizumi but before he could say anything, Koizumi says it’s useless to use her friends to get her. Saji then changes story and say she shouldn’t blame Amakasu as they couldn’t leave him all depressed. Amakasu’s pissed off but Arigase’s holding her back. Saji gets on his knees and is asking for forgiveness pathetically. You know that ‘don’t leave me, can’t live without you’ kinda talk.
Saji then says how he rather die than go on a day without her. Koizumi says then go and die. Be careful what you say next time. So Saji has to eat his words as he agrees and runs off, shocking the girls. He heads for the fountain and is going to drown himself but it’s too shallow so he didn’t make an appointment with death. Saji says before he dies, he wants to know if it’s embarrassing to her to let other people know that they’re together. Koizumi looking pretty concerned but she answered yes. Now that’s adding salt to the wounds. Saji is in shock but Koizumi continues that the way everyone’s saying this and that, she’s getting more embarrassed. Saji then say it’s okay being embarrassed and yells happily that she doesn’t really hate him, much to his relief. Arigase and Amakasu too felt relieved. Suddenly Saji sneezes and catches a cold. Well there’s Japanese saying that idiots don’t catch cold, if you know what I mean.
More dreaming and fantasizing from Saji in episode 8 about Koizumi giving him a ‘present’ for Valentine’s Day. But this time his dream isn’t interrupted by Koizumi’s punch, but rather, he fell out of bed. At school, Saji asks Koizumi about 14th of February but she replies that it’s a Sunday and don’t have to see him, much to Saji’s sadness. He is determined to get Koizumi’s sweetheart Valentine special as his fantasy’s running wild again. Koizumi is alone at a cafe and saw Saji and Yuki walked passed by. She’s feeling a little concerned before she realizes that it isn’t really of her concern and walks away embarrassed. Later Saji rings the door bell at Koizumi’s place, much to her dismay. She called the cops and say there’s a stalker at her door. But later it seems Saji is crying and saying how mean she is to do it as she lets him in. Saji then says he’ll give his as he makes chocolate in her kitchen. But that useless guy cut his own fingers so much so Koizumi eventually helps.
When they’re finished, Saji is gonna eat the chocolates when he said how he eventually got to eat chocolates made by Koizumi. Koizumi is in a little shock and realized she has been duped and blushed. She snatches the chocolates from him and is gonna eat the whole thing herself. Saji trying to grab the chocolates back but as they struggle they fell and Saji is on top of Koizumi. She blushes again and apologizes. Saji says he doesn’t want the chocolates but her and wants to eat her! Koizumi breaks down and cries. She asks him not to do it as he’s always messing with her head and went on saying how defenceless she is everytime she’s with him. Thus she doesn’t want to lose the Saji she trusts right now. Saji getting happy and thought he’s got her heart as he flips up her skirt. She gets annoyed and kicks him away. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.
Koizumi and Misa are having their usual chat in episode 9. Koizumi plays that Alice prank again when Saji comes rushing in and manages to find Koizumi and scolds her about doing it. He gives her some ‘lecture’ about guys are like wolves and would do stuffs to her. He’s the one to talk. Because Saji’s exaggerating so much, Koizumi just kicks him away. Later Saji finds out that Koizumi lost her keycard to her apartment. Koizumi says she needs a place to stay and asks Saji to let her stay at his place. Saji is surprised and in ecstacy.
At Saji’s home, Koizumi’s surprised to see his room in a mess. Soon they both argue and Koizumi hits him. Later she even helps to clean up his room. Suddenly after watching her, Saji propose that they get married. Koizumi taken aback and says how can he come up with such stuff like this when she’s just cleaning his room. She pushes him onto his bed and is on top of him. Before you know it, they both kissed! Koizumi realized what she’s doing and says that she didn’t mean it and asks him to forget about it as she quickly go to sleep. At night while Koizumi’s sleeping, Saji crawls on top of her and is gonna do something hentai when Koizumi manages to catch him in the act and hits him away. Saji’s neighbour is annoyed by the commotion and tells him to be quiet when she saw a shooting star. Well, it’s actually Saji flying away through the orbit while saying "Alright! Fly me away, my cosmos!". Quote of the series.
Episode 10 introduces another character. A 1st year boy named Sakurai (looks a bit like the female Ranma of Ranma 1/2), which is the same height as Koizumi approaches her and wants to talk to her about something. Saji appears and asks if there’s anything troubling him. Looks like he’s being overprotective and giving Sakurai that look. Poor kid, he gets frightened and says no. Koizumi elbows Saji as Sakurai runs away, dropping a letter. Koizumi picks it up and keeps it. Arigase and Amakasu are talking about Koizumi being approached by a pretty young boy and Koizumi seems spaced out. Then Saji thinking that Koizumi could be into that. Her 2 friends also think the same thing but Koizumi denies. As Saji is in shock, his buddies tease him about that pretty boy and Koizumi being lovey-dovey together, making Saji angry.
At the park, Sakurai is confessing to Koizumi that he likes her and that he’s still a virgin. Then she take his hands and say something like he’s silly to worry about things like that. Then in the storeroom, Koizumi is on top of Sakurai and they’re both semi-naked! Sakurai is a little hesitant and indecisive but Koizumi says not to be afraid and it’s okay. Some moaning from the 2 then a loud scream from Saji in the middle of the class. Aww, looks like it’s his imagination only. Later Saji calls Koizumi to meet him at the school rooftop about Sakurai. Saji is worried about her that she may like that junior student. Koizumi asks if he really likes her that much. Some pausing and staring before Saji says he loves her and is crazy about her. Koizumi than passed that letter to Saji with his name on it. Saji reads it happily and thought it’s a love letter from her. He then saw Sakarai’s name at the bottom of the letter and froze.
Sakurai appears in a girl’s uniform and notices that Saji has read his letter and winks at him. Saji is feeling uneasy as Sakurai mentions that since that they’re both guys, he fell in love with him and was curious about Saji and Koizumi’s relationship, therefore he came to talk with Koizumi. Koizumi pushes Saji to Sakurai and Saji inadvertantly hugs Sakurai making the latter happy. Koizumi walks off and leaves them both alone as Saji’s asking her to help him out. But soon Saji asks Sakurai what’s underneath that skirt as he flips it up. Sakurai saying how ecchi he is while Saji replies it’s okay since they’re both guys. Koizumi felt disgusted by that and gets mad before hitting him away and says he’s the worse. Looks like anything is okay for this guy as long as on the outside he/she looks like a girl.
It’s a cold day in episode 11 as Saji and Koizumi are walking together when Saji begs her to let him come in. He clings on to her thighs and is fantasizing as he’s smelling her panties. Real sicko. As usual, she gets annoyed and hits him with a rock and tells him to go and die. Back at Koizumi’s place, her central heating breaks down, much to her horror. Meanwhile Saji is sitting outside still fantasizing about messing ‘some place warmer’ of Koizumi’s when she lands him a super kick. Saji asks why he did that (he should know better) when she replied that she’s bored. The 2 of them sat at the park bench and Koizumi is freezing. Saji asks her to go home since she’s cold and she tells what really happened. Saji scolds her for not telling him earlier. But Koizumi looked and sounded quite pitiful. Saji fantasizing a hentai scene whereby the 2 huddled each other naked in some igloo. Koizumi pours cold water on him and tells him to cool off.
At Saji’s home, the 2 had to climb up a ladder to enter his room through his window since Saji lost his key. Since Koizumi went up first, Saji is having a nice view at the bottom and he’s enjoying it. Koizumi kicks him down. Inside the room, Koizumi is enjoying the kotatsu. Saji comes up with another perverted scheme whereby he goes underneath the kotatsu and touches Koizumi here and there. Koizumi tries to get away and just when Saji is gonna pound on her, Saji’s mom opens the door and yells at him, freaking him out. Soon his mom politely asks Koizumi to stay for the night and take a hot shower. Koizumi asks if Saji’s gonna be okay and Saji’s mom (with that sly look) says he won’t die. Saji seems to be stuck in some snow on the rooftop yelling "My cosmos is going to freeze!". Koizumi enjoys a hot bath as Saji’s yelling can be heard in the background. She quips that he hasn’t frozen yet and that’s too bad. It’s better to leave things the way as it is now.
Arigase and Amakasu invites Koizumi for a pyjama party in episode 12 when Saji sneaks up behind Koizumi and squeeze her breasts, asking her to go. She pounds him and tells him not to do it. He replies that he’s just making them bigger and with that she continues kicking him. At the hallway, Saji’s trying to persuade Koizumi to go, which is annoying her very much. He asks why she’s against it. Koizumi says that since she’s never been to one, she’s kinda scared. Saji then mentioned about the time she spent at his place but before he could finish, she punched him in the mouth. Koizumi adds that she doesn’t like people to know much about her and her 2 friends stick close to her without asking much. So if they get too close and find out too much, they might leave her. Saji says doesn’t she trust them. Koizumi gets up and says she doesn’t know their place. The 2 friends say they’ll wait for her and go together.
At the train station, Amakasu picks up Koizumi, who’s waiting there when the latter felt like someone is watching them before leaving. She’s right alright. Saji’s behind the bench snickering to himself and saying how Koizumi can become a normal girl and goes on fantasizing. Just then, Sakurai pops up and suggests why not the 2 organize a sleepover. Saji runs away. In Arigase’s room, Arigase and Amakasu dressed themselves in sexy lingerie pyjamas, surprising Koizumi. Amakasu then strips Koizumi and thinks they should get ‘acquainted’. Some talk like how they want to know more about her, asking her to open her heart a little, we’re best friends, bla bla bla. Koizumi starts crying but her pals say how cute she is when she’s crying. Koizumi denies and says how they had all this planned as they hug her. Then they carry Koizumi off to take a bath together. Looks like they’re not giving any breathing space to her. Saji is hiding and eavesdropping behind the closet and is overjoyed and fantasizing excitedly. He picks up Koizumi’s clothes and gets excited when he smells it. Just then, Koizumi and Amakasu came out naked playfully when they spot Saji. He gets a nosebleed and the 2 girls got very angry. Saji says a pun "Pajama de o jama" meaning "Am I disturbing your pyjama party?". The girls give him a super kick as Saji flies out through the window and onto the road below. Is he gonna be okay? Well, Sakurai in a nurse outfit drags him away.
It gets a little serious (not entirely) in episode 13 as we see Koizumi taking a train to somewhere. Saji and Amakasu are sneakily following her. It’s raining as Koizumi enters a hotel as the 2 busybodies continue to spy and follow her while wondering why Koizumi’s meeting her dad at such place. Inside the hotel, Amakasu complains how her clothes are all wet and can’t go around walking like this. Saji like his perverted self, stares and fantasizes at Amakasu. Of course she punches him. Amakasu then spots an equipment room and has an idea. The 2 dressed themselves as hotel staffs so that no one will suspect them. Saji is admiring her short skirt. They then went into hiding and eavesdropping when they heard a couple mentioning about Koizumi’s name whether she has arrived or not. Saji isn’t really concentrating as he is more focused on Amakasu’s panties and is getting really excited to touch it and hopes Koizumi would forgive him (don’t count on it buddy). When the elevator door opens and the couple get in, Amakasu tells Saji to follow them and gets up, accidentally her knee hits Saji face. Haha. That’s what you get.
The duo tried many ways to follow the couple like in the laundry cart and through the ventilation. Of course some ‘playful’ and tempting moments from Amakasu but it’s just all an act to catch Saji off guard. They finally arrive when they heard how Koizumi’s protesting to go back and live with her dad in Los Angeles because there’re lots of people whom she doesn’t want to part with now. Koizumi then runs off crying passes by Saji and Amakasu who’re hiding there. The duo are shocked to hear what they’ve just heard. Can it be true?
At school, Saji is thinking and spacing out in episode 14 about what if Koizumi’s gonna follow her dad to L.A. when Yuki spots him. A flashback from Yuki on how Saji comforts her when a guy dumps her because she’s too tall and how Saji asked her to join a basketball club due to her height. Meanwhile a basketball member, Noburu Hitachi, is chiding Saji how he never turns up for basketball practices and calls him a ghost member. The 2 then started to argue. Just then, Koizumi and her 2 pals arrive and ask if Saji plays basketball. Amakasu says how cool basketball is with Koizumi nodding in agreement. This made Saji to be very happy as he shows off his basketball skills but is interrupted by Hitachi as the 2 are still at it. Yuki interrupted and ask them to stop, hitting them both. She scolds them for never practising and always pretend to do amazing things. Saji refutes and tells her the same thing as he ‘fondles’ with her breasts, much to her embarrassment. Saji gets his usual punishment when Koizumi punches him.
Hitachi is depressed that Saji caught Koizumi’s heart and tells how he was rejected by her when he confessed that time. Saji teases him and went on bragging how Koizumi had slept in his room. Hitachi and Yuki in shock, so is Arigase and Amakasu. Koizumi gets very mad when Saji grabs her thighs and asks her for forgiveness. Hitachi then challenges Saji over Koizumi to a 3 on 3 basketball match this Sunday and Saji accepts. Koizumi tries to stop them but the guys aren’t listening and walks away. Saji thinking that if Koizumi accepts him through basketball, maybe she won’t move to L.A. and that he’ll bet everything on it.
In episode 15, Yuki confronts Saji and asks if he likes ‘big ones’. She says how it’s a burden in practice and embarrassing it is when the other boys comment on it. Sometimes big isn’t necessarily beautiful. Yuki even puts Saji’s face in it and asks does it feel good. As usual, that pervert is fantasizing as Yuki goes on saying she’ll ‘give it’ to him and do lots of things for him. But when she mentions to stop chasing that weird girl, Saji gets up and tells her how serious he is to win this game so Koizumi won’t have to go to L.A. as he walks away.
At a cafe, Koizumi and Misa are chatting when the latter says how she’s gonna go live with her dad in L.A. and that Koizumi should come too so that they can have fun over there and asks her to think about it. Koizumi asks what’s the time now and Misa asks if she’s to go on a date but Koizumi denies it isn’t something like that. It’s the basketball match day and Saji’s team is losing and Yuki is on Hitachi’s team since she’s his classmate so it’s natural she can’t turn him down. Then some words by Yuki like how she’s gonna show Koizumi his ‘powerplay’ and if he loses, he has to withdraw. Then Hitachi’s saying how he’ll use this chance to attack again. Saji’s pals thinks it’s unfair since Hitachi’s team members are all basketball players.
Meanwhile Misa learns that Koizumi is the prize for that basketball match and asksif she loves him and the reason why she won’t go to L.A. However Koizumi sounds sad and saying it doesn’t matter. Back to the match, Saji’s team is still losing and Hitachi is confident of winning while Yuki is spacing out. Amakasu and Arigase cheering Saji on and mentions how they can’t imagine anyone else but Saji as Koizumi’s boyfriend. Then a funny hentai panty showing cheering part from Sakurai which disgusts Saji’s pals as they say don’t show them that. At the same time, Saji is frustrated and says if only Koizumi is watching this. You mean, he could do better if she’s here. Probably. Such cases works most of the time.
Everytime Saji tries to intercept, he gets blocked and bounced off by Yuki’s enormous breasts in the final episode 16. Hitachi is fantasizing how he’ll get his chance again when he’s being hit on the head by the basketball and Yuki telling him they’re still in the game. Arigase and Amakasu found Koizumi at the cafe with Misa and tells her Saji’s team is losing but Koizumi says it’s too bad. They asks if she’s gonna go and Koizumi replies it’s stupid and a waste of time. Misa mentions even though she said that, she’s the one most afraid of the results. Koizumi still denies and says she won’t fall in love with anyone, that men are weak and cold and hates them. Arigase puts her hand on Koizumi’s shoulder and says she knows Saji is different. Maybe his pervertness is the thing which makes him different.
At the match, Hitachi’s teasing how Koizumi has given up and abandoned Saji but Saji is very focused and thinking about Koizumi when she arrives. Speak of the devil. Looks like she decides to come after all. Saji immediately jumps and grabs her, much to her surprise and embarrassment. With that, Hitachi sinks into depression and Saji goes on babbling when Misa hits him and tells him to get back in the game. Saji gets up and returned to the game. Amakasu says how red Koizumi’s face is but Misa isn’t amused. Koizumi gives an excuse that she’s suffocating from Saji’s earlier hug. Just before the match resumes, Koizumi makes a request for a player switch in Saji’s team. Oh, she’s gonna play and help Saji too. Hitachi looking worried. Saji approaches Koizumi and before he could say anything, she pulled his ears and tells him to do as she says because if he loses, she’s gonna kill him. Hitachi is in tears as the match continues. Yuki looking happy and satisfied with the outcome. Has she given up on Saji and accepted Koizumi as his girlfriend? Looks like it.
Next day at school, Arigase and Amakasu telling how cool Saji was playing the game but he lost. Yup, he lost. Saji thinking back after the match, he asked Koizumi if she’s going back to L.A. but she didn’t give an answer. As Saji pleads for her not to go, she just ran off. Just then, Saji is surprised and saw Koizumi outside through his classroom window. Arigase and Amakasu gave Saji their double panty showing kick and sends him crashing outside in front of Koizumi. In Saji’s joy, he’s gonna hug her when she punches him and reminds him that since he lost, in her heart he died yesterday and wishes goodbye before leaving. Saji’s making a fuss and asks her not to do this to him and says "Where will my cosmos go". Koizumi says "Baka" and tells him how she hate guys but figure out that Saji’s okay. Then Saji says that she should’ve said that sooner when Koizumi replies on second thought he should just die with his cosmos and gives him a super kick. Everything is back to normal.
Overall I wouldn’t really say it’s decent. Besides, there’s nothing decent being a pervert. So it’s your typical love-hate relationship betweem 2 teenagers though Koizumi didn’t really admit out loud that she likes Saji but judging from her character, I’m sure deep down in her heart, Saji’s special to her. I’m sure Saji’s a tough guy, withstanding all those beatings from Koizumi. But he deserves it. Won’t Koizumi get tired of doing the same ol’ thing to him? Maybe it’s her way of taking out her frustrations. Since Saji won’t learn from his pervertness, I guess he’ll have to live with it as well. And with her buddies watching from the sidelines, it’s really gonna get livelier and interesting.
The drawing, art and colouring may not really appeal to anime fans these days because it really looks old school and worn out. As mentioned that there are too many ecchi scenes and girls baring their breasts. Even the short next episode preview is ecchi. You’ll hear a single gun shot sound and a sexy/ecchi pose of one of the female characters in the series. And then there’s that dog with huge round perverted eyes, which I believe is to be some mascot of the series as you could see it in the title screen and sometimes making its cameo appearance in the series but it doesn’t do much.
After watching this series, I didn’t turn into a pervert or feel horny. Please, I’m better than that. So why I watched the show? Because it’s short and I was curious to find out what it’s about. At moments I caught myself laughing at Saji’s antics and at times felt a bit disgusted by the naked scenes. So I would say that I enjoyed the series mainly is because of the funny and comedy stuffs and not the naked part. For those who are still curious to find out and watch what the series is about, you have been warned. Let’s just hope that in this world, there won’t be any people like Saji around. One is already bad enough, don’t you think?

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