Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

October 26, 2007

Something must have made me decide to watch the sequel Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny. No, it can’t be those oversized bouncy boobs. Definitely I’m not into all those fanservice, panty shots or ecchi scenes. How about the storyline? Me, a person who looks for animes with storyline? Please, I can’t believe it myself. I suppose it was the comedy factor. Don’t get me wrong here. The second season to the Ikkitousen series is somewhat less funnier than the first.
Having said so, I don’t really remember if the sequel has more fanservice and panty shots as compared to the first one but fans of the series can still expect to see them here. There’s no shortage of them in each episode. Plus, there is a storyline and more drama as it continues off (though not directly) after the end of the first season. The drawing and art looks different and more refined than its prequel so most probably that’s why I thought of having to check it out. I could also say that the fight scenes are more choreographed and well, exaggerated as usual as you’ll see the characters flying, twisting and sommersaulting in mid-air as their fists connect and trade blows while the surrounding takes a substantial damage due to the intensity of their power. I guess I’m amused by this part. Be warned though. The fight may be a little violent and bloody.
At least now they put the words ‘loosely based on the Chinese classic novel Romance Of The Three Kingdoms (ROTK)’. So which means it’s an excuse to deviate from the what actually happened in the real history and not follow it accordingly. I suppose it’s alright seeing that it’s ‘loosely based’. You see, each of the main characters in the series are somewhat a reincarnation of the ROTK famous and legendary characters. So it’s like their destiny (because they’re bound to it anyway) to live and die like their ROTK characters.
This second season has only 12 episodes. I was wondering why it’s short 1 episode than the first season. Maybe there’s not much of a storyline to tell and drag it on? Besides this season introduces several new characters. Maybe not just several but many of them. So much so I can’t really remember all their names and some even had their appearance so short and brief it made me go like "Hey, wait a minute. He/She’s a newbie and now he/she is gone just like that?". Talk about easy come easy go. Besides, when they introduce a character, the screen will display some large kanji writings of that character’s name, school and grade. Nice but I still can’t remember some of them.
A short recap of what happened at the end of the first season. Throughout dunno how long, there has been 7 schools who’re always fighting each other for supremacy. The advent of Nanyou Academy’s Junior Lord of Lords, Hakufu, is supposed to bring the schools together. But that dimwit, densed and not too bright girl is more interested in getting her usual fix of thrill by fighting instead of that destiny crap thing. So the Rakuyou Academy’s main antagonist Toutaku, who’s masterminding some evil scheme of his through some tournament, died alongside with his ex-comrade turned traitor, Ryofu. Nanyou’s counterpart, and 1 of the 4 Devas, Saji, is also part of the mastermind to change his destiny crap but failed and tried to commit suicide but was stopped by Hakufu. In the end, Hakufu herself managed to defy her destiny to be killed by the hands of Ukitsu and continues to live and fight happily. Also, Kaku of Rakuyou defected and aligned herself with Kyosho Academy’s side as they won the tainted tournament by default.
Since I don’t really remember much of the second season, I’m planning to keep my blog brief and not go into extreme bit by bit details like how many strands of hair each characters have on their head (hahaha. Just kidding about the exaggeration). I mean, while watching the series, it wasn’t like I was totally glued to the screen so much so I lost track of time.
Thus we begin in episode 1 whereby we see Nanyou’s Ryomou, that eye-patched lady who sometimes dresses like a French maid (but this time she spots a purple cheongsam), entering some temple in Hong Kong to retrieve some round golden Dragon Jade. Of course it’s not like she could just walk in and take it like as though it’s her home as she meets some resistance (supposedly the guardians of the temple guarding the Dragon Jade). This is also a chance for her to strut her stuff and give viewers their first taste of fanservice. Then another rival comes in a challenges her for the Dragon Jade. She is Kakouen Myousai, a lady in a white cheongsam. Fight fight fight. Some grappling moves here and there some panty shots here and there.
In the end, Ryomou manages to get away but she is slightly injured as she takes a shower back at the hotel where she is temporarily staying. But Kakouen isn’t giving up yet and is still hot on her heels as she makes her way to ambush Ryomou in that hotel. Luckily for Ryomou, she has already finished her shower and now is in her maid costume. Another round of fight but Ryomou escapes once more.
If the previous season was more on Hakufu and Nanyou Academy, this particular season focuses more on Kanwu of Seito Academy. That’s at least how I felt. Back at Seito Academy, we see Kanwu doing some practice and her master chatting with her. Also new characters for Seito Academy are introduced. Firstly, the brute and crude Chouhi Eitoku and the ‘weak’ bookworm Ryuubi Gentoku. Unlike Hakufu, Ryuubi prefers to spend her time reading rather than fight and her shy and low self-esteem isn’t really something what their academy needs as a leader. A leader? Yeah, how ironic and contrasting that Ryuubi is the leader for Seito Academy, just like Hakufu for Nanyou. Ryuubi looks more like a sissy at first glance. So if you’ve read ROTK you’ll notice that these 3 close friends Ryuubi, Kanwu and Chouhi resembles Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei respectively. As for Kyosho Academy we see that their leader Sousou Moutoku and that basics guy Kakouton Genjou are quite close to each other. What’s this, Kaku is having an affair and sex with one of Moutoku’s close aids, Kakuka Houkou. That woman is really a slut. I don’t really remember what information they’re exchanging but I guess I was more ‘stunned’ into what those 2 are doing at the moment. Not that you can really see it but at that sort of angle and reaction, you pretty much could guess it.
Okay, let me just go on to episode 2 then. The main focus of this episode is how Kakouton got his eyepatch. No, not that he wanted to follow Ryomou but while he and Moutoku are at some alley, they’re being ambushed by some other schools who think that they need to get rid of Kyosho’s Academy supremacy before anything could happen. So there’s this 1 brief appearance of some white haired assassin girl who’s gonna take out Moutoku and his buddy after the rest of those ‘useless’ guys lost and got beaten up so badly. Since Moutoku is a little injured, Kakouton steps in to defend him but a slight mistake allows that girl assassin to pierce a sharp needle blinding his left eye. Ouch. Motouko watches in fury and suddenly some super red aura (something awakening in his body) emits and in his rage as he wallop that girl without mercy. Yeah, he smashed her head on to the wall! Won’t be seeing her anymore.
Another focus of this episode is about a group of students who dress up like Shinto monks (I’m guessing they’re from Kyosho Academy) decides to ambush Seito Academy. So we see Kanwu in action and if you like big boobs, you can gawk at how ‘delicious’ Kanwu’s one are (note that delicious quote is actually one of the lines said by one of those monks and not from me, okay). If you remember in the previous season, Kanwu’s arm has been injured due to her battle with Ryomou but I suppose now it’s all healed. Kanwu shows them that she’s still a fighther to be reckon with as she protects them from reaching Ryuubi and soon the enemy retreats. I can’t believe that Ryuubi is still that weak. But I shouldn’t jump to conclusions yet.
After their enemies left, it seems Ryomou arrives at Seito Academy in episode 3. Kanwu recognizes her and tells Chouhi that she isn’t one of Kyosho’s (wo)men. To cut things short, Ryomou is here to test that Dragon Jade. Because just like Hakufu, Ryuubi has some sleeping dragong hibernating within her and Ryomou uses that Dragon Jade to awaken it. So we see how scary when Ryuubi’s inner dragon awakens. She’s overwhelming powerful and is going berserk. So Ryomou retreats and Kanwu has to calm a possessed Ryuubi down. So much so, Ryuubi has to be chained and locked up deep within some dark dungeon within the academy (not to mention naked too! I suppose they got no time to put some clothes on her).
But the main part of this episode is how Kakuka is assassinated. Yup, back at Kyosho Academy, Moutoku unleashes some super power clothes ripping punishment for those monks failure. Then Kakuka has his last bedding with Kaku and after he left that night, he bumps into some girl while walking down the street. He knows she’s no ordinary girl and so a brief struggle there before she pierces him right through his heart! What a way to die. You won’t be seeing him anymore. Because of that, Kyosho is focusing on targeting Nanyou because they find out that the sharp object that had pierced Kakuka originates from Nanyou. So it’s a setup and frame job from my perspective. While Kakouton reminisces the good old days when the trio are together, finally at the end, Hakufu makes her long awaited appearance (okay, maybe not that long). Yeah, she’s still as goofy as ever. Some things never change. Even her mom, Goei, is there too. Remember, just don’t call Goei an old lady if you know what’s good for you.
So episode 4 Moutoku orders Kakouton to avenge their buddies death but Kakouton is a warrior with chivalry and will do it his own way and not stoop to low dirty tactics. Primarily, Koukin and Hakufu notices Ryomou is missing from their school for quite some time and decides to go to Seito Academy to look for her. Well of course their arrival would naturally raise a little suspicion, especially Chouhi, as why would a rival school come to theirs. Definitely not to say hi. Okay, maybe in Hakufu’s case. Also, Ryuubi is back to normal. Kanwu tells them that Ryomou was at their place earlier on but had already left.
Back at Hakufu’s place, a little more fanservice (heck, the entire episodes past and future will be filled with them) we see some crow guy and his henchmen ambushing them in the middle of the night. It’s so dark, I wonder why he wear sunglasses. Maybe he thinks he looks cool or something. Thing is, that crow guy didn’t get a sound beating from Hakufu nor Koukin, but Goei instead! Remember my warning earlier on. Well, I don’t remember if he really said that, but it seems Goei taught him a lesson properly. Soon Kakouton arrives and doesn’t like the way that crow guy cowardly handles this. Before they retreat, Kakouton tells them briefly about their current situation, Kakuka’s assassination and such. I suppose because of last season, Kakouton has some kind of ‘bond’ with Hakufu and this feels like a ‘warning in advance’.
More characters introduced in episode 5 to start the ball rolling. At Kyosho Academy, we see some wheelchair ridden lady, Shiba-I, who seems to have some plan of her own even though she’s under Moutoku. While Ryomou is visiting Ryofu’s grave, she’s been attacked by some goth loli girl, Teni, who uses some crossbow as her weapon. She’s been sent by Shiba-I to take the Dragon Jade from her. So lots of fighting and explosive action here. Yeah, first thing you’ll notice besides the substantial environmental damage (no respect to those graves) is that their clothes getting ripped off (sounds familiar isn’t it?) right down to their undies. You wonder why their undies are the only thing not scratched a little (besides that fanservice and to cover necessary parts). The same reason why the entire airplane isn’t made out of the same materials used to make the black box. So some flashback from Teni on how Shiba-I took her away from her abusive life and brought her up in some Christian nun kind of environment. Not that interested. However, their superb fight is being interrupted by a third party. Another girl with long white hair and wields a katana, Chouun Shiryuu. She’s from Seito Academy and in the end, Chouun takes the Dragon Jade from Ryomou. As for Teni, though this won’t be the last time you’ll see her, the rest of the episodes make you wonder where she went after this.
Ryomou comes to and finds herself resting at Hakufu’s place. Even Gakushuu’s there. Thing is, why is he dressed in Kannei’s clothes? Did he miss that guy. In the last season, Kannei has been hospitalized due to the injuries he sustained and mainly because he went crazy. So in this season, you won’t see Kannei around. Of course this is the first time the Nanyou guys see Ryomou since her disappearance as she relates where she has been all this while. So a little flashback how she got word from some weird dressing monk guy who tells her about the Dragon Jade that she must get it before something bad really happens. I don’t remember except for the fact it’s to save Hakufu. But it seems important enough for Ryomou to take his advice.
Other developments in this episode is that we see another dragon awakening power from Motouku. Remember that crow guy? I don’t know what he said to piss off Motouku that’s because Motouku unleashes his power and rips that side character into half! Uh-huh. Into half. Kakouton is a little worried and wonders if this is the same Motouku he knows. Also, Shiba-I and her assistant Chouryou Bunen tells slut Kaku that she’s no longer needed and reliefs her of her duties and position with a usual clothes ripping power blast. Though it won’t be the last you’ll see of Kaku, but I feel that her presence from now on is somewhat redundant.
Back to Seito Academy in episode 6. We see the Dragon Jade in their possession. So Kanwu’s master tells them some long guest story/explanation which as usual I’m so blur at. Anyway what I do remember is that the trio Kanwu, Chouhi and Ryuubi need to go and get some super terror genius advisor named Shokatsutyou Koumei, so that she could properly guide their leader Ryuubi during battle. She’s the Zhuge Liang of ROTK fame if you notice. Thus the trio set out on foot to some forest and there they encounter some weird looking old man (may remind you of Rousai of Basilisk). Looks like an alien. Must be his eyes. Kanwu thinks it’s some test so she and that old geezer had some fight and looks like that old man is having the upper hand. Likewise, Chouhi takes on a stout monk, Kouchu Kanshou, and Ryuubi… she wandered off somewhere. Unknowingly, Ryuubi bumps into Koumei and saw how the latter is fishing when suddenly a blue dragon emerges from the lake. What a big catch. But that dragon is too strong as it pulls Koumei into the lake. Ryuubi is guided by her instincts to save that little girl even though she herself doesn’t know how to swim.
I suppose they all pass the whatever test as we see them resting at that old man’s hut (partly because I can’t remember what happened too ;P). Some talking, drama and more importantly fanservice as the ladies take a hot bath. You get the idea. I’m not sure if Koumei is really into yuri as she wants Ryuubi all to herself. I suppose Kanwu should admit defeat here otherwise. So in the end, the trio head back to the city along with Koumei and Kouchu whereas that old geezer decides to stay back. That’s the last you’ll see of him. Back at Nanyou Academy, as expected they’ve been framed for Kakuka’s death and that we see that Kaku girl once more who’s trying to order Kakouen to attack Nanyou. I think she’s trying to do things her way after that last incident.
Kakouen’s lone assault on Nanyou Academy begins in episode 7 as each of those ‘weak and useless’ Nanyou students try to stop her but failed miserably. Even that Gakushuu had a go but he’s just big size for show. Koukin too had a hand and gets a little wounded before Kakouen withdraws. Besides that diagnose Ryomou got from her doctor (something about her eye under that eyepatch), Moutoku orders Kakouton and his armies to invade Seito. His main objective is to capture Kanwu.
At the night of the festival, the Seito Academy protagonists are having their time (at least for Ryuubi). Kanwu isn’t with the gang (I think she wants time for herself after seeing how close Ryuubi and Koumei are) when she’s being attacked by those 3 monks of Kyosho Academy. At the same time, Kakouton and his henchmen surround the other Seito Academy warriors. So after Kanwu and the monks duke it out, Kanwu is in a dilemma because if she doesn’t surrender to them, 1 word from them and Ryuubi and co will be relentlessly crushed. What will Kanwu do now? How will she decide?
In order to save her leader, Kanwu decides to surrender herself to Kyosho Academy in episode 8. Of course before that we see more fighting from Kanwu and the Seito Academy gang. When word reached the Kyosho group surrounding the Seito warriors, Kakouton tells his men to withdraw since their objective has been met. So we hear the narrator saying like how in the ROTK that Guan Yu’s loyalty to Liu Bei is still true despite his crossover to Cao Cao’s side (Moutoku in this case). Also, it seems Moutoku has been wanting to get Kanwu’s loyalty for a long time and has finally done so. Moutoku may have Kanwu now, but her actual heart is with Ryuubi.
So the Seito Academy gang are in a dilemma as they can’t really go all out and attack Kyosho Academy for a rescue attempt either. Meanwhile that ever fight loving Hakufu decides to go to Kyosho Academy to have a duel with Moutoku but is instead faced with Kanwu. Of course Hakufu doesn’t really know what’s going on or why she really switch sides but what the heck, she’s just here for the fight. During the fight Hakufu’s inner dragon awakens and unleashes her usual latent super power. Though Hakufu and Kanwu are on par with each other. Just then Moutoku shows up and decides to interrupt Kanwu’s battle and takes over for her against Kanwu’s will. In short, Moutoku’s inner dragon power is more powerful than Hakufu’s as he blasts Hakufu into smithereens. Oh no. Is this the end of Hakufu? Is this a heroine’s end? Well, since she’s one of the heroines for the series, she won’t die that easily, right? This is just to add to the suspense.
Remember 1 of the 4 Devas of Nanyou Academy, Saji? Yeah, he finally makes his real appearance in episode 9. A bit late don’t you think? And no, the opening credits or that flashback in the first episode don’t count. Saji’s saying something like he’s meditating in the woods all these while. Not too sure if he actually said that. Okay, Saji’s back and the 4 Devas are now a whole. Looks like Koukin has taken Kannei’s place obviously. Saji is still that lecherous self as the gang have heard that Hakufu have died during her lone battle with Moutoku at Kyosho Academy. While the rest are in shock, Saji thinks otherwise. Then Saji proceeds to show them why Hakufu may not be dead at some shrine temple. Can’t remember anything here accept that some girl from Seito Academy showed up to go meet Koumei. I don’t know about Saji’s explanations but Saji revealed that this girl was the one who assassinated Kakuka under the orders of Koumei.
So the 4 Devas of Nanyou head to Seito Academy and Saji is making his advances on Ryuubi. Luckily Ryuubi isn’t that kind of girl who would fall for such ‘charms’ as she calls Saji a pervert. But that aside, the main thing here is that the reason why Koumei wants to meet her Nanyou counterparts is that she is thinking of making a Seito-Nanyou alliance against the Kyosho threat. Just like in ROTK whereby Shu Han and Eastern Wu team up to defeat a strong and advancing Cao Wei state. Also, it seems Koumei is planning to reenact that great final Battle Of Chibi again and says it’s inevitable. Nightfall back at Kyosho Academy, it seems Kakouton is planning to set Kanwu free because he knows of her loyalty to Ryuubi and also this isn’t the fair and square way of how he do things. Kanwu admires Kakouton as a great warrior and leaves the school grounds. However, Moutoku is watching Kakouton and isn’t too fond of his actions. We see some ROTK warrior spirit emerging out from Moutoku’s body and is as though he possessed Moutoku. Soon the 2 engage in a short fight but that possessed Moutoku is much stronger. Holy #&*#!!! Kakouton’s fingers are one bloody messed up &*@#!!! Moutoku goes in for the killing blow. Is this the end of him?
More drama in episode 10 as we further see Moutoku being further possessed by that ROTK warrior ghost. Therefore, Shiba-I, acting as though it’s like Motouku’s orders, commands the Kyosho warriors to hunt and exterminate warriors which are not alligned with Kyosho. Which means Seito and Nanyou are their likely targets. And since Moutoku is dangerously powerful, Shiba-I kept him chained up in some dark room. Is that enough to keep him at bay? Also, Koumei has entrusted that Dragon Jade to the Nanyou side. And more of those fighting from Seito-Nanyou against the weaker Kyosho warriors.
As I’ve mentioned earlier on, Hakufu won’t die easily as we see her unconscious near a waterfall cave deep in the forest. So if you’re wondering when will that Ukitsu girl show up, it’s right here. Another late appearance. So is that old Choukou guy. Also another new character introduced, Rikuson Hakugen, a bespectacled Nanyou Academy girl who supposedly found Hakufu floating in the river after her battle with Moutoku and is a student of Choukou. I felt that this Hakugen girl didn’t pretty do much even though there are a few more episodes left in the series. Choukou plans on reviving Hakufu though he only successfully awakened her inner dragon. You should see that elaborated revival method as that inner dragon took over Hakufu and goes on a rampage. But in order to revive Hakufu’s body, that is Ukitsu’s job, since in history she was the one supposed to kill Hakufu so theoratically, the one who could also revive her. Besides, Hakufu’s water dragon is needed so that she could be combined with Ryuubi’s lightning dragon in order to douse Moutoku’s fire dragon. I think it’s something like that. Meanwhile Kanwu is back at Seito Academy but decides not to let Ryuubi know that she’s back with them just yet, though she met Koukin there.
The final battle between Seito-Nanyou against Kyosho is set to be at a place which look somewhat like an abandoned oil refinery in episode 11. So some words from Koumei about that destiny crap thing as the Dragon Jade is now at stake. Meanwhile Shiba-I is talking to a chained up Moutoku when that ROTK ghost in a way possesses her to prove her loyalty and borrows her powers. While the Seito-Nanyou gang are waiting for the Kyosho warriors to arrive, we see Ukitsu trying to revive Hakufu as the latter have some weird flashbacks. Hakufu’s dragon is going wild (yeah, it’s really causing waves) when Chouun is gonna take her out (she’s under Koumei’s orders to kill Hakufu if the dragon consumes her. I think) but Ukitsu stops her in time. Kinda reminds you of Ichigo’s case from Bleach when he nearly transformed into a Hollow, huh? Ukitsu mentions that she finally manage to revive Hakufu’s body as she collapsed.
Sunset, and the Kyosho warriors have arrived. But Moutoku isn’t there and Shiba-I says that she’s here in place of him rather than being a coward as what Koumei suggested. As the battle begins, Koumei and Ryuubi stick together and watch just like spectators (actually to watch over the Dragon Jade) as with the same with Shiba-I. So it’s a one-on-one battle with Ryomou continuing her duel with Kakouen, Chouryou taking on Saji, whereas Gakushuu, Chouhi and Koukin fights a Kyosho monk each. I kinda feel that the fights are somewhat short (maybe they need to show how each of them fared) and didn’t amount to anything spectacular. Of course the Seito-Nanyou warriors win their respective matches except for Chouhi who’s struggling with hers. Because Chouhi is down, Ryuubi has to step in for her but she’s just defending. Just then Kanwu appears and says it’s gonna be a fair six-on-six battle. Oh yeah, I just remembered, there’s a big-sized girl from Kyosho whose name I can’t seem to remember. I think Chouhi was taking on her initially and then that monk. So it’s a 1 on 2. Anyway, Ryuubi’s glad to see Kanwu back on their side.
It isn’t necessarily over yet even though we see the other fallen Kyosho warriors badly beaten, brusied an unconscious at the start of the final episode 12. Kanwu gets to defeat the remaining ones and this pisses off Shiba-I. I find this part funny because she drove the car she was sitting in right to the top of the refinery where Koumei and Ryuubi are. So much so the refinery caught fire because of the broken pipes the car caused. I thought she’s wheelchair ridden. Maybe she just like to sit and be pushed around. Haha. Yeah, that woman can now stand. Kanwu in a flash goes to the top and slashes Shiba-I. But it isn’t over yet. Shiba-I’s body glow with a red radiance so much so it awakens Moutoku back at Kyosho, as he breaks his chains and flies to the battle place. Everyone is surprised at Moutoku and it seems his dragon is trying to awake Ryuubi’s inner dragon as well as the latter goes into a trance. Since Ryuubi’s control over her dragon isn’t good, in no time, she’ll be engulfed by Moutoku’s. Thus Koumei says that they need the wind in order to change their current situation. I suppose this is the only part which is simiar to the ROTK Battle Of Chibi, using the wind factor to achieve victory. Kanwu pleads to Moutoku that she’ll join his army in exchange for Ryuubi’s release. But I don’t think that guy’s listening.
However, it isn’t the wind that saved the day, but rain water. Rain water? Uh-huh. It’s Hakufu! She’s back and she spots a new outfit but still that same old character. With renewed determination and hope from both Hakufu and Ryuubi, they both combined their strength together with the Dragon Jade, eventually that possessed ROTK warrior in Moutoku is defeated. What happens to Moutoku himself, I don’t really know whether he’s dead for sure or just vanished somewhere. Next we see the aftermath of the event 1 month later. Ukitsu has already died with Choukou and Hakugen praying at her grave. Come to think of it, those 2 people didn’t meet anybody else in this series. Koumei and that girl she sent to assassinate Kakuka are attracting a large crowd with their fishing. Chouhi is digging in Kouchu’s dish while Gakushuu is working at some convenient store. However he broke the store’s window glass when he tried to quell some small fry troublemaker who’s harrassing some lady (yeah, that lady is in love with him now). Kyosho’s 3 monks are doing some meditation of their own, which is some tourist attraction. Big-sized Kyosho girl is playing some power volleyball. Teni and Chouryou attend to some horses while Chouun tries her luck at flower arrangement. Meanwhile Saji is still flirting with girls at a fast food outlet and Koukin is trying to study for his exams. Has the schools ever been into that since all the students are concerned with fighting and supremacy all this while. Hakufu and Ryomou gets into some sexy cat maid outfit for their waitressing job. Ryuubi is seen doing what she loves most, reading, as she suggests and hands a book for Kanwu to read. A book on Ikkitousen? I think ROTK would be better. Plus, if she had read this in the first place, all this could’ve been avoided, right? Finally we see Kaku wandering around in the city as she spots Kakouton sitting dejectedly. This guy’s still alive but has some sort of amnesia as he’s wondering where his buddies Moutoku and Kakuka are now.
Overall, I think the whole anime is just average though I feel that it’s somewhat a little better than the first one. Although with the way things ended I still felt a little let down, especially some of the characters like Kaku and Kakouton. Like as though there may be another sequel. For now, if there’s one, I’m not planning to continue watching. Still if you’re planning on watching this series (most likely recommended not to unless you’re an ecchi and/or fanservice addict), then you should go watch the previous season first rather than jump straight right into this one. Unless of course, you don’t really want to follow the plot. And if you still can’t get enough, there’s still the manga and the video game to satisfy your craving.
As mentioned, the drawing and art seems a little better. So some of the characters may look a little different from the first season, like Saji and Koukin. It took me a while to recognize them and even so it was because according to common sense he’s the only one left due to certain criteria and such.
But this time the opening theme song is quite nice and resembles like a dance song to get viewers into the mood of the show. It’s called Heart & Soul, sung by Mai Kariyuki, and the chorus has a catchy line which goes something like "Ba ba baning (I found out later it’s actually ‘burning’). I think it’ll sound better if you enhance the bass sound. The ending theme, Garasu No Hana by IORI is a slower ballad.
Later I came to a conclusion why the second season has only 12 episodes is probably because there are 3 OVA episodes after that. What I read is just a 3 minute episode an is filled with nakedness and bouncy boobs. Yeah, female warriors in the flesh. They really go bare all out here. I’m not so interested in watching it. Speaking on the topic of ecchiness, you can already tell how much of it from the opening credits itself. Also, the mid-intermission has the ladies posing in sexy outfits with some heavy and fierce but short rock music in the background.
While even there is an anime series on ROTK itself, it’s still best to read the classic literature (couldn’t say the same for myself). Watch this just for the sake of fun and amusement. If those ROTK warriors ever see this, I think they’ll shake their heads and moan. I wouldn’t say they’re rewriting history but the future and destiny of Japan is in the hand of a bunch of teens. I can see how it is all gonna turn out. At least the female clothing industry will still be around the way those girls rip their clothes everytime they go into a fist fight.
Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny


April 27, 2007

I call this show, ‘The Panty Showing Show’. Why? Based on the title that I’ve just given, you could have guessed that the anime series Ikkitousen, has lots of those fan service ecchi elements. Uh-huh. I felt that the producers did it on purpose just to satisfy those perverted fans (no, I’m not one of them). In every episode you can see a little slip, if not most of it, of the girl’s panties. And the way they show at a certain angle, makes it even obvious that it was ‘meant to be seen’.
But the main reason why I decided to watch this 13 episode series was because that there’re gonna be some cool fights. Of course, the usual comedy element which attracts me as well. Though there are some fight scenes, it wasn’t as grand as I thought it should be. Most of them have been ‘overwhelmed’ by the fan service thingy. Yeah, even in those fight scenes, lots of those too. Intentionally. In addition to it all, the girls here have oversized busty bouncy breasts. Uh-huh. No further explanations needed.
Also, there are some historical aspects in this series. I didn’t really study the classical Chinese literature, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms (ROTK), but it seems that this series the characters are supposed to be a reflection of those in ROTK. Yeah, at first it was kinda weird and confusing that those Japanese school kids have this Chinese ROTK names in addition to their Japanese names and I don’t know how true it is but by the end of each episode, you can hear the narrator narrating about their role in ROTK and its outcome. Not that I understand anything.
The basic storyline is something like this. In Japan, there’re 7 rival high schools who’re always battling each other for whatever supremacy. So much so the students have become highly skilled fighters. Gives you an impression that those delinquents don’t study and would rather fight one another. In addition, their lives, fate and destinies are controlled by some strange looking earpiece jewels called magatama. Yeah, another something which has got to do with ROTK. No not the magatama, but the destiny thing.
So we focused on 1 of the 7 schools, Nanyou Academy, that is. Why? Because there’s this destiny sh*t thing again that this busty energetic air-headed girl Hakufu Sonsaku, who recently moved to Japan, has been fated to unite all the 7 schools. Nicknamed the Junior Lords of Lords, this girl somewhat reminds me of Excel of Excel Saga. Yeah, she’s as goofy and incompetent as her but a more ecchi version. At one point she even admits that she’s dumb and dim-witted. Yeah, all that fighting must have numbed her skull. And that’s what she only cares about or enjoys doing, not giving a damn about that destiny thing. More like blur case. Ignorance is bliss. But her fighting skills are exceptional and has some latent powers though she hasn’t realized it yet.
As seen in episode 1, her first day at Nanyou Academy starts off on a fighting note. Yeah, she wants to fight. Is that all she ever thinks. I think it’s because those guys are gawking at her sexiness which enables Hakufu to beat them all up so easily. Maybe. Then comes along some big muscle ripping guy, Gakushuu, whom Hakufu nicknames the hair-band guy. This guy wants to test and see if this is the rumoured reincarnation of that legendary guy. Hakufu lands him 1 kick but with no effect, in which Gakushuu easily disposes her off and concludes that’s it’s all a false alarm. But that kick Hakufu landed on him earlier on seems to have a delayed effect. Uh-huh, only much later did Gakushuu felt the pain and have second thoughts about Hakufu.
It may seem that Gakushuu looks big, but he’s actually the weakest among ‘The Big 4 Gods’ of Nanyou Academy. These 4 fighters are supposed to be the toughest fighters in their school under the mysterious never-seen-his-face-before leader of the whole academy, Enjutsu Kouro. The other 3 include, Saji Genpou, who is a basically a womanizer and is nicknamed lingerie salesman by Hakufu (he groped her when she first confronted Gakushuu but she didn’t mind it…?!), Ryomou Shimei, a tough girl who wears an eyepatch though she isn’t blind (and nicknamed by Hakufu, sty person), and the blood crazy violent, tongue sticking out dishonourable guy Kannei Kouha who wields a pair of tonfas.
I just want to note that everytime when Hakufu gets into a fight, you’ll notice that her school uniform will always be ripped and torn apart! Makes you wonder how many uniform she has. Maybe it’s part of her strategy to distract her opponents or move better. But it’s not that she know or cares. Yeah, fan service thing. The same thing goes when she kicks (or any other girls with short skirt), flashing her undies.
Since Hakufu is new in town, she needs a place to live, that is, at her cousins house, Shuuyu Koukin. Though he isn’t much of a fighter (even so a weak one) he is quite concern for Hakufu and tries to look out for her. Furthermore, Hakufu’s mom, Goei, has come down to live with them too. She looks kinda young to be Hakufu’s mom. Plus, she may be a little flirtatious at times. And sometimes she and Hakufu gets into arguments. Goei despises being called an ‘old lady’ and when Hakufu calls her one, Goei uses her secret weapon to counter her attack, that is, to tell her no food for her. And this will send Hakufu apologizing on her knees desperately. So funny. Haih… At least besides fighting, Hakufu likes to eat and sleep. I wonder how she got that busty shape with such an appetite. Must be all those fighting that slims her down. But girls at home, don’t try this method too.
Anyway, because of Hakufu’s hidden power, in episode 2, Enjutsu sends an imperial rescript through SMS to kill Hakufu. Besides some flashback between Hakufu and Koukin, and that molesting act from Saji, Kannei’s taking this opportunity to satisfy his crave for blood when Hakufu returned to school as she forgot something. Koukin found out when a bunch of Nanyou students show him the SMS. Since Koukin’s job is to protect Hakufu, he has no choice but to take on all of them. Not bad for a person who’s not much of a fighter. Or perhaps all those bunch aren’t up to par.
While Hakufu gladly took on a wild Kannei, Koukin rushed to school only to find Saji in his path. Do you think Saji’s gonna let him pass even if Koukin asks nicely? You guessed it. But Hakufu’s fight was interrupted when Ryomou intercepted and finishes off Kannei with her grappling move and then uses Kannei’s tonfa and smack him! Violent. Bloody. Meanwhile, Koukin too gets beaten real badly, though we didn’t see how. Then Gakushuu, with lots of bandage on his face, seems to have become ‘soft’. Yeah, he’s telling Saji about Hakufu and all that crap which I don’t understand.
The reason why Ryomou beats up Kannei was so that she could fight Hakufu herself and see if she’s really the Junior Lord Of Lords. After a few kicks and punches, Ryomou felt disappointed when she downed Hakufu. But it seems Hakufu just got up each time Ryomou uses her strongest attack against her. While Saji’s just watching the match and giving lip service, just when Ryomou thought she had finally finish Hakufu, Hakufu suddenly gets up and uses a grappling move on Ryomou, shocking her and knocking her out. Koukin was barely conscious when he saw what Hakufu did and told her not to let the soul eat her before fainting. Yeah, reminds me of Tenjou Tenge. Because Hakufu too has got some sort of dragon inside her which will make her go wild when unleashed. I suppose Ryomou’s pretty convinced after that.
So episode 3 just see how Hakufu and Koukin recuperating at their home. Some flashbacks of that previous night’s battle. Even Ryomou too is sorta hospitalized but she looks okay. That Saji guy… though he’s a little injured, he’s molesting that cute nurse. The thing is, even though that the nurse says not to do it, I think she actually likes it. I mean, she just stood there and let him molest her! Then back at some dark place, Gakushuu confronts Kannei who still intends to kill Hakufu and Ryomou, to tell him that the order from Enjutsu has been withdrawn.
Later during Hakufu’s outing, because of her sexiness, 2 guys decided to ‘date’ her and then… you know. But of course, Hakufu’s the blur case and accepts because the treats on them. Before they could make their final move, those guys are being beaten up by a dark skinned girl, Ukitsu. But I thing this girl has some hidden agenda, making friends fast with Hakufu. And as the 2 walk along the bridge, they caught a glimpse of another fighter, Kakouton Genjou of Kyosho Academy, taking several other fighters at once. He’s an honourable fighter who affectionately loves using the basics of combat. Soon those baddies too saw Hakufu and wants a piece of her but Hakufu gave them a kick in the face. So Hakufu and Genjou teamed up to bash those losers. The funny thing about Genjou is that after a match, he patches up all the damages that has been caused during the battle. Strange but at least his intentions are good. And he and Hakufu soon become friends.
Meanwhile at Yoshuu Gakuen, another fighter, Taishiji Shigi, has been given orders by his elders to take out Hakufu. Also, Saji goes to visit Rakuyou Academy and meets a real busty Ryofu Housen who proceeds to tell him that her leader, Toutaku Chuuhei is in the orchid room. Though Toutaku has lots of bandages around him, he’s quite powerful, evil and cruel and likes spending his time in his flower garden. I don’t know what those 2 talk about, but it seems Saji is shivering a little with Toutaku saying "Welcome back, Saji".
In episode 4, Koukin finds out from Gakushuu that Rakuyou may be targeting Hakufu and will most likely crush her and Nanyou. Also, something about several schools teaming up for an anti-Toutaku movement. Later when Koukin walks home, he’s being kidnapped as a bait by fighters from Yoshuu. They then called Hakufu in which she hurried there to save Koukin. Meanwhile, the Yoshuu fighters are gonna beat Koukin up for his big mouth at some dump area when Tashiji arrives and tells them off for being dishonourable. Then Koukin tries to take on Tashiji himself when Hakufu arrives in a bicycle, but her jump overshot (haha) and crashed into the dumpster opposite. With that, Tashiji lands Koukin 1 good punch which sends him reeling. When Hakufu recovers, she’s mad that Tashiji has hurt him. But Tashiji said some honourable words like how Koukin used his life to stand up for her and such. Soon, Hakufu and Tashiji fights.
But during the fight, Hakufu unleash some super power pack punch which sends Tashiji flying. Of course as the 2 continue their battle seriously this time, even though Hakufu lost, Tashiji admits that she’s a strong warrior and told his men to retreat, much to their dismay, because they thought they’re supposed to finish her. And later on, those men stabbed Tashiji in the back with a knife and calls him a betrayer. And back at Rakuyou, it seems the way Toutaku said things, he wants Saji eliminated. Well, we don’t get to see how, but Ryofu did the job as we see her clothes ripped and Saji just lying there motionless in his pool of blood. And finally, Toutaku receiving an SMS from Yoshuu that they’ve ‘taken care’ of Tashiji and something about the upcoming Great Fighter’s Tournament.
In episode 5, we find out certain things before the start of the tournament like how the tournament is about to see who will hold true authority over the rest with The Mark Of Emperor, a seal as some sort of its proof. And it seems 2 years ago, the last tournament ended ugly with Toutaku winning and crushing everyone else. Each school can have a maximum of 5 fighters representing them and it seems the mysterious Enjutsu has ordered Gakushuu, Koukin and Hakufu to take part since Kannei’s gone mad and Saji’s gone missing. What about Ryomou? She’s talking to some wheel chair ridden guy in casts at some home. I don’t really understand what or how is it related to Ryomou even when the series ended.
Also, Hakufu learns about Tashiji’s conditions and visits him at the hospital. Looks like Tashiji’s case is serious as he’s in a coma. Because of that, she heads over to Yoshuu Academy to confront those responsible. And those guys think that they’re up against with just a busty girl. In her rage, Hakufu wipes out the entire fighters of Yoshuu there. And because of that, Yoshuu won’t be participating in the upcoming tournament even before it starts. Yeah, a total wipe out. We also see all the other potential fighters from other schools and Ryomou confronts Ryofu and some talk like as though they’re his girlfriend and are so ‘concern’ about him. Okay I’m just guessing about that one. In the end, you’ll know a catfight will soon ensue.
So episode 6 starts off with that fight between Ryomou and Ryofu. The former humiliatingly lost and I think Ryofu did something hentai to her. We won’t get to really see what it is. So the tournament begins with Nanyou up against Yoshuu at some underground parking lot and the match will be referee-ed by a neutral school Keishu Academy. Hey, I thought Yoshuu’s been eliminated? I later find out that it’s another school. Though it’s a different writing, but the pronunciation is the same. The trio of Nanyou thought they’re short in numbers when Yoshuu sends only 2 fighters. Is this a trick? But the duo seems to be quite dominating and when Nanyou is on the verge of losing, Ryomou shows up and defeats them. Thus, Nanyou advances to the next round. Looks like Gakushuu’s pretty beaten up real bad again.
Meanwhile, Seito Academy sends only 1 fighter, a girl named Kan-u Unchou to take on 5 fighters of some school in some train. They think Seito’s looking down on them and will win this one easily. But it seems that they’re the ones getting beaten up as Kan-u dominates the match and wins. Which means the next match is between Nanyou and Seito. But before that could happen, Kannei appears and is going crazy and about to kill Hakufu. To Koukin’s horror, Kannei shows an SMS that Enjutsu has given new orders to kill Hakufu as Kannei chases her. At the same time, it seems Ryomou can only make it for the next fight. So it’s a one on one battle.
That’s what episode 7 is mainly about. Ryomou and Kan-u exchanging blows and pulling off some manoeuvres. I’m not sure about this but Ukitsu seems to be watching them. Then the climax of the match is when Ryomou’s got Kan-u in one of her grappling moves and Kanwu sacrifices one of her arms to get out of her situation. But in the end, Kan-u admits defeat, admires Ryomou’s skills and leaves. Another win notched up for Nanyou. Also, Kyosho seems to be doing pretty well too with Genjou again doing his basics thingy as they enter the finals and Koukin getting hurt because of Kannei and ends up unable to participate with the final match between Nanyou and Kyosho.
The beginning of episode 8 starts of with Ryofu sleeping naked with another girl, Chinkyuu Koudai, who’s Ryofu’s best friend too. I think those 2 are lesbians. Must be. But there’s gonna be a twist to the story. That’s because, Toutaku’s second in command, the bespectacled Kaku Bunwa, wants to take Ryofu to see Toutaku but she refused and said to try if she can. Must be some betrayal thing. Yeah, earlier on it seems that Ryofu just put up an act in disposing of Saji. He’s actually still alive and they even bedded with each other! Is Ryofu in love with him? Maybe she’s bisexual too, huh? Anyone also can.
Meanwhile, the finals between Nanyou and Kyosho starts and Hakufu is glad to meet Genjou there. It seems that Goei is there too. But she seems to be supporting Kyosho because of the bishounen there. Haih… And this Hakufu, she lost the match with Genjou when the latter just trips her leg many times. It’s like they’re not serious nor do they want to hurt each other. Then when Ryomou confronts Genjou, she ‘suffocated’ him with her usual thigh locking manoeuvre. But in the end, it was too much for Ryomou as Nanyou lost. Oh well, their challenge ends here as Kyosho advances to the final to meet the seeded Rakuyo Academy.
So while those Gakushuu finds out they have lost, but he isn’t all mad. I guess they just accept it as they eat and drink at some restaurant. Ryomou goes missing for a while but encounters with Saji. Back at Toutaku’s orchid room, looks like he’s planning something. Yeah, when it’s time for the final fight, Kaku tells the Kyosho fighters that Rakuyo has withdrawn. At first Genjou thought that they won and could have the seal. But Kaku said that Rakuyo’s keeping the seal since they didn’t lose, incurring the wrath of Kyosho fighters. Looks like it’s some dirty underhanded trick to end the tournament and perhaps a prelude to something big.
The usual hotspring vacation in episode 9 as Goei takes Hakufu and Koukin there. But Goei is planning to try and prevent that destiny thing on her daughter. Yeah, something like if Hakufu follows her destiny, she’ll die tragically at the end. There she meets an old person, Choukou Shikou, Hakufu’s grandpa, and discuss things like destiny and those crap. We learn that Goei’s husband, Sonkan, lost his life too while abiding the magatama’s destiny. Maybe that’s why Goei wants to prevent history from repeating itself. Hmmm… Looks like Ryofu and Ukitsu are at that area too.
Meanwhile, Kaku and Toutaku are making out in the orchid room while talking things… I’m thinking that sex is the main drive of this series. Also, Gakushuu tries to find out about Enjutsu since it’s been months they haven’t seen him and he’s been contacting them through SMS. But Gakushuu got ambushed from behind. Back at the hotsprings, some fun, some flashback, Goei meets Ryofu and talks with her, Ryomou and Hakufu meets Choukou with Choukou giving Ryomou some training lessons. So Ryomou and Hakufu teams up to fight against Choukou and it seems Choukou is pleased with the outcome.
Later on, Ryomou and Hakufu bumps into Ryofu but the latter thought and was getting ready for a rematch. However, Ryomou wasn’t interested as she and Hakufu walks away. Also that night, Choukou asking Ukitsu to return to the city and awaken the dragon within Hakufu. Yeah, more of those hotspring baths. Enjoy it while you can girls.
Though in episode 10, Koukin and Hakufu are enjoying themselves at the pool (I like the funny part where Hakufu just slams dunk the beach ball on a poor Koukin several times), Toutaku visits an unsuspecting Hakufu and brings her some watermelons and asks her to come visit him if she wants more. Yeah, seems that Hakufu doesn’t realize who he is yet and is quite excited about it. Before Toutaku left, he pats his hand on Hakufu’s left shoulder. Must be something they way they show it. Also Ukitsu arrives at Hakufu’s home but only to find Goei there. Goei realizes to late when Ukitsu left but she couldn’t do anything. She’s so sad that her daughter’s gonna die. Yeah, something like according to that ROTK destiny, Hakufu’s supposed to be killed by Ukitsu. Luckily Ryomou’s passing by and heard from Goei about it and decides to go after Ukitsu.
Meanwhile Kaku and her subordinates faces Chinkyuu and is gonna teach her a lesson. After those subordinates bashed her up, they proceeded to rape her! Oh, the horror! What’s this? Kaku too having a hidden agenda of her own as we see her with the seal and something not wanting to follow that destiny crap. Ryofu at some bar finds out to her horror what has happened to Chinkyuu and rushes over there and beats up those subordinates in her rage. Don’t underestimate this girl. At the same time, Ukitsu arrives at the pool and is going to bring out the dragon in Hakufu as the 2 prepares to fight. In this crowded area? Though Koukin tries to stop them, but eventually he could only watch. Oh oh. Is that an evil look in Hakufu’s eyes?
But that fight never materialized in episode 11. That’s because Hakufu fainted from that venomous touch Toutaku gave her earlier on. Because of that Ukitsu leaves and Ryomou arrives just too late. Back at home, Koukin and Ryomou hear some explanations from Goei as Hakufu lies in bed unconscious, something about the dragon inside her is burning bla bla bla. And there seems to be a dark shadow dragon mark on her body. If it reaches her heart, Hakufu will die. A funny part was when Goei decides to wake up Hakufu by screaming to her "Wake up or else there’ll be no dinner for you!". Hakufu then instantly gets up and says her usual apologetic stuffs. Something like Pavlov’s Bell, isn’t it. Then at Toutaku’s place, he’s telling Kaku and thinking of inviting Hakufu over, much to Kaku’s surprise. And probably because Kaku raised her voice (though she apologized), Toutaku strips her naked and does… you know.
Back at Nanyou, Koukin notices that Gakushuu is missing and has some chat with Saji. Saji mentions that Gakushuu may be at Enjutsu’s place and takes him there. Then at some dark underground, before Koukin knows it, Saji knee kicks his stomach and crazy Kannei whacks his head from behind. Before Koukin passes out, he saw Gakushuu badly beaten up and tied up. Hmm.. Something fishy is really going on.
At the hospital where Ryofu’s by Chinkyuu’s side, some emotional talk before Chinkyuu passes away. Now Ryofu’s real mad that her best buddy has died before her. She wants Toutaku’s head now. Speaking of which, Ryomou and Hakufu has arrived at the orchid place and managed to dispose all of those low level fighters easily before finally confronting Toutaku. It seems Toutaku is pretty strong. He’s got Ryomou by her neck. And that venom thing in Hakufu is taking its effect and speeding it everytime she starts to fight, weakening her. Toutaku says that he’ll kill Ryomou unless Hakufu kills a girl on his behalf. And he’s talking about Ryofu, who’s also on her way here.
Back at the dark passageway, Koukin comes to and finds out that the real Enjutsu has died sitting! Woah! His face looks horrible! And it is Saji’s who’s been manipulating and playing as Enjutsu all this while. Yeah, and in Kannei’s mind Enjutsu’s still alive as Kannei proceeds to bash Gakushuu only to be given a kick by Saji. Later, Saji mentions that his real name is Ouin Shishi. Looks like he too has plans of his own. The plot thickens…
Episode 12 begins with a flashback of Kannei and Saji of how Saji isn’t satisfy with Enjutsu and Saji suggests that he ‘overthrow’ him. Of course, Kannei accidentally killed him and was shocked over what he has done. But Saji psychos Kannei that Enjutsu’s still alive. Back at the orchid room, Hakufu battles with Toutaku but that venom mark is nearly reaching her heart. Toutaku threatens to kill a weakened Ryomou so Hakufu has no choice but to accept the deal. Meanwhile, Kaku plans to align herself with Kyosho Academy and has took the seal as a gift to them. Maybe too much sexual harassment from Toutaku, huh?
Ryofu then arrives and looks like Hakufu has to dispose of her and even told Ryofu nicely that she’s sorry that she has to do this to save her friend. Unfortunately when Hakufu charged, Ryofu blows Hakufu away in 1 blow. Then Ryomou decides to help and Toutaku allows her. Soon Hakufu comes to but it seems that it’s that dragon inside her that’s awakening. And the 2 traded powerful kicks so much so that the glass of the orchid room shatters. They both downed each other.
Some last words by Hakufu before she faints in Ryomou’s arms. Yeah, the venom has reached her heart. And Ryofu’s too weak to do anything. Toutaku heads over to Ryofu to finish her. Ryomou tries to stop him but was easily disposed off. Then Ryofu decides to do something to end this once and for all. She’s gonna kill herself together with Toutaku! Toutaku’s really afraid. She grabs onto him and unleashes some powerful blast. Wow! That’s a lot of blood gushing out. You know when you’re dying, you can see flashbacks of your past when you’re little. Uh-huh, that’s what Ryofu saw. Herself and Chinkyuu. Before Toutaku really dies, he decides to heal Hakufu. And with a tap on her shoulder, the venom mark disappears and Hakufu opened her eyes. Yeah, looks like Toutaku knows that even if he’s going down, he’s gonna bring Saji along with him as he explains to those 2.
Goei is really glad to see her daughter alive when the 2 arrive back home. As Hakufu recuperates at home. Ryomou confronts Saji at school and he tells her to meet them some place somewhere. Later at some mountainous cliffs, Hakufu and Ryomou arrives to see Gakushuu and Koukin being held prisoner by Saji and Kannei. So Saji explains to them how everything up till now was part of his plan. Yeah, flashbacks of certain points of the show. Also something about how Saji knew he couldn’t control Hakufu’s power in its current state so he went to Toutaku’s place and make it seem like he’s gonna assassinate him to get Ryofu. And how he avoided Hakufu and Kanwu to fight and crush each other by sending that order to Kannei to ‘kill’ Hakufu.
So Hakufu has to take on Saji or else he won’t release Gakushuu and Koukin. As usual Hakufu gets a lot of blows and seem like losing to a more powerful Saji. And then her inner dragon awakens and charges towards him. But this is what Saji wants. He wants to control Hakufu and use her as a puppet to control the country. Uh-huh, he’s hypnotizing her to come to his side. Ryomou has her hands full as she’s taking on Kannei. Koukin then notices Hakufu’s magatama is a different colour but that of Toutaku’s. What does it mean? Looks like that tap on the shoulder to heal Hakufu wasn’t just a heal. It was also to transfer part of Toutaku’s mind and soul into her. Toutaku then took over Hakufu’s body and grabs Saji’s throat with both hands and asking him to come die with him. Now Saji’s really afraid.
The final episode 13 continues from where the previous left off. And it seems Kannei interrupts a possessed Hakufu. But Hakufu easily beats the crap out of Kannei and she’s enjoying it. Pounding him even after he’s down. And all that blood splattering, makes you wonder if Kannei’s dead. Koukin tries to stop her but got bashed instead. Gakushuu then tries to intervene but was told by Saji that he didn’t awaken her dragon but Toutaku’s vengeful spirit disguised as a dragon. Ukitsu arrives and thanks Saji for nurturing the dragon as she starts to fight Hakufu. During the fight, Hakufu’s inner dragon responded to Ukitsu and swallows up Toutaku, returning her magatama back to her own colour.
Hakufu returns to normal and weeps as she tells how that ‘watermelon guy’ kept telling her to kill everyone but she doesn’t want to do so. Then Saji realizes something and brags something about obsessed about the destiny crap and how sick he was about it and wants to break the chain as he walks towards the edge of the cliff. Yeah, Saji’s trying to kill himself but Hakufu manages to grab his hand before he completely falls into the ravine and tells him not to act so cool. Saji tries to push himself down but Ryomou and Gakushuu helps Hakufu to prevent him from doing so.
The next day, everything seems to be back to normal. Choukou and Goei having some chat back at their home. Hakufu and Koukin visits Gakushuu in hospital. Gakushuu tells Koukin to protect the future leader of Nanyou, in which Koukin felt honoured. And what’s this?! Saji lying in the hospital bed molesting that cute nurse again cukup-cukup shock shock. He’s really doing it extremely this time. Molesting her breasts and her private part!!! And she’s just standing there ‘enjoying it’ even though she’s saying not to and how his wounds aren’t healed yet. Yeah, I think his wounds are after that. Well, until Ryomou comes in. Some chat here and there.
Also at Kyosho Academy, it seems that Kaku really wants to align herself and asks that they put Rakuyou Academy under their control. Yeah, that slut even now decides to be with Kyosho’s leader, the seemingly sleepy but eccentric Sousou Moutoku. And back at Nanyou, Ukitsu and Hakufu continued their bloody fight. They seem to be enjoying it this time with all the other students looking on. Looks like the fight has awakened Hakufu’s dragon and she’s going wild. Her punch are so powerful that it ripped Ukitsu’s clothes and she’s close to being naked. And she’s gonna turn on Koukin as well. As she’s about to punch him, she stop short right in front of his face. Tears streaming down her eyes before screaming then collapsing.
Has Hakufu controlled the dragon within her? I mean, she’s back to normal when she opened her eyes. She mentions about wanting to continue fighting and takes off her magatama. Ukitsu agrees and does the same and they continue fighting. And it seems it’s gonna be a daily affair. Everyday Ukitsu visits Nanyou and Hakufu looks forward to it. Haih… And the rest of her pals just let her. Then some end narration about ROTK which I didn’t get and some blabbings from Choukou to Goei about it. Yup, it ends there.
That’s it?! Another open ended ending. Well, that’s because currently in Japan they’re showing the second season called Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny. I’m guessing there’s gonna be more ecchi stuffs and fights in this continuation. The drawing for the second season looks a little different however. But I’m not sure about the storyline and plot.
So back to the first season. Everything from the drawing, art, animation and the voice acting seems pretty decent to me. Nothing much to shout about. Perhaps the main drive is the ecchiness. Even the mid-intermission is ecchi. You could see the kanji words of ‘Ikkitousen’ written on Hakufu’s butt as the wind flips her back portion of her skirt. Even the still pic scene changer, albeit not many, has certain ladies in sexy positions. I wonder what’s that sword that we see Hakufu holding in those still pic scenes. She never use it nor do we see it in the series. Not that I really care actually.
If you really want to know and learn more about ROTK, it’s best to read the original Chinese works and not something embedded scantily (like the girl’s dressing) into an anime series. Besides, I read that some viewers didn’t like it at all because of the silly ecchi stuffs. So if you want to watch this, you have to be an ecchi fan if not watch for the pure silly entertainment. Or else you may feel disgusted and a complete waste of time.

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