Man, I never thought this series would be continued let alone finished. That’s because when veteran mangaka Rumiko Takahashi decided to conclude her long running series Inu Yasha back in mid 2008, I guess it is right and timely for the producers to finish the anime as well. After a 5 year lapse, Inu Yasha: The Final Act is all set to tantalize viewers and fans to bring this series to a close.
One thing to note for newbies who wish to hop in and watch this series, you’re going to get confused if you have no background knowledge or watched its prequel. Yup, this sequel relies heavily on all that knowledge fans and viewers who have read and watched the TV anime so do yourself a favour if you want to understand things better by doing some reading or retro watching. Because of that, the sequel gets straight to the point and does away with filler episodes. Meaning, you get intense developments and plots all compact into 26 episodes of non-stop action and drama. Better than lasting for 167 episodes, right? Right. Thus this final act covers the remaining chapters of the manga and stays true to it.
For the uninitiated, a short recap on what this series is about. It’s about some middle high school girl, Kagome, who is able to travel back to the feudal era via her family shrine’s well. She gets entangled in a battle over a little piece of jewel called Shikon Jewel that supposedly grants great powers, rule the world, you know, that kind of stuff. And of course she travels across the land to find the broken pieces of jewel shards with our half-youkai (demon) Inuyasha, a cursed but lecherous monk Miroku, demon slayer Sango and her flying pet cat Kirara and puny fox youkai Shippou. Add in lots of characters and battles and you have one heck of a first season. And the last time the series ended, the jewel is near completion and in the hands of the series’ main bad-ass guy Naraku.
Enough of the retro stuff so let’s skip to the first episode in this sequel. Naraku’s detachments, Hakudoushi and Gouryoumaru are making a pact with Kagura against Naraku to collect all the Shikon shards. Kagome returns to the feudal era with Inuyasha but is attacked by Hakudoushi as he steals her shard. Likewise Sesshoumaru’s group is looking for Naraku’s heart. Kouga faces off with Mouryoumaru but the latter retreats after barely escaping from a scared arrow shot courtesy from Kikyo. Kohaku on a demon hunt comes face to face with Kagura. As they fight, Kagura reveals she knows Naraku’s heart’s whereabouts but wants Kohaku dead. However she tells him to run away because it’ll be problematic if they got his heart. Hakudoushi appears and thinks Kagura has betrayed him and fights her. Inuyasha and co arrive to save Kagura. Gouryoumaru transforms into Mouryoumaru and chases after Kohaku. Kagura says Akago with Naraku’s heart is inside Mouryoumaru. Hakudoushi and Akago plan to strengthen Mouryoumaru to replace Naraku. Naraku interferes from afar so that Hakudoushi could become vulnerable as Miroku sucks him into his Wind Tunnel. They felt they’re being used to get rid of Hakudoushi. Kagura flies away by herself but Inuyasha promises to get her heart back. Mouryoumaru has got Kohaku in his grasps but was intercepted by Sango and then Inuyasha before fleeing. Sango realizes her brother has got his memories back but he is reluctant to be with his sister.
In episode 2, Inuyasha stays guard at a grave of Midoriko, supposedly a priestess who absorbed youkais and her soul crystallized to create the Shikon Jewel. He spots Kikyo’s Shinidamachu (Soul Collector) and follows it to meet her. She tells him his sword won’t kill Naraku and if they need to obliterate his soul, their best chance is the Shikon Jewel. They need to collect the shards quick and have only 1 shot at it. At that point the jewel will be defiled and fused with Naraku and at this moment they have to purify Naraku. Kikyo of course thinks she’s the only one capable of pulling off this job. She then disappears. Inuyasha doesn’t agree to that idea since it will mean taking a part of Kohaku’s shard which is keeping him alive. But the kid knows what he has got to do and doesn’t mind. Well, he says he’s not going to die, but to defeat Naraku. Erm, just putting it in a different perspective is he? Meanwhile Kouga defeats the guardian of some Wolf Tribe’s grave to obtain a claw weapon, Goraishi. Kagura comes to face to face with Naraku, who gives her back her heart and freedom. But he pierces her body, fills it with miasma and misses her vital organs so that she could die a slow and painful pathetic death. As Sesshoumaru battles Mouryoumaru, though the latter’s shell armour is think and hard, Sesshoumaru manages to break it. But the price is that his Tokijin sword broke. Mouryoumaru uses this chance to escape. Weakened Kagura knows her time is up as she lay in a field of flowers. She is surprised to see Sesshoumaru. He notes not even Tenseiga could save her. Kagura dies as Inuyasha and co arrive too late. He asks Sesshoumaru if she has suffered and his reply: She smiled.
Inuyasha and co enter an exam ground of some fox youkais in episode 3 who are tricking the group in order to obtain higher ranking. Shippou gets hyped up that he can advance by tricking or beating up Inuyasha and does so, earning the 3 little fox youkai admirers. Shippou then meets a girl named Mujina who plans to avenger her father’s death so sympathetic Shippou agrees to help as she uses her sword, Dakki to absorb Inuyasha’s Tessaiga’s demonic aura and powers. She tricks Shippou several times whenever she gets cornered. In the end, she can’t beat Inuyasha and is revealed to be some old uncle raccoon dog, much to Shippou’s dismay. Inuyasha is suspicious of Dakki’s abilities and decides to investigate. Toutousai approaches Sesshoumaru to reforge his Tenseiga into a fighting sword. Its new ability includes opening up a meidou (path of darkness) to send the enemy’s body to the other world of the dead. Thus the move is called Meidou Zangetsuha.
In episode 4, Inuyasha brings Dakki to Toutousai. The old guy says if it was a real one, he would’ve been dead meat and Tessaiga rusted and unable to return to its current state if it completely absorbs all its demonic aura. The gang fight off a giant youkai hunting down a blacksmith, Toushuu who forged his Dakki. When Inuyasha beats him, Toushuu absorbs the youkai and the Dakki has scales on them. His obsession in possessing the most powerful sword has him clash with Inuyasha. Dakki is also fusing with Toushuu and scales are starting to grow over his skin. Inuyasha’s Tessaiga is on the brink of breaking each time the swords clash while having its demonic powers absorbed. In the end, Dakki didn’t want itself to be destroyed and lets Toushuu absorb the final blow and Tessaiga, killing the guy. Tessaiga absorbs the fallen Dakki and now has scales. Meanwhile another new detachment of Naraku, illusionist Byakuya blackmails a young Wolf Tribe member into bringing Kouga’s shards or else his little brother will die. Eventually Kouda and Inuyasha meet up to face Mouryoumaru once more. Inuyasha tests his new dragon-scaled Tessaiga and though its overwhelming powers absorb Mouryoumaru’s large amount of demonic powers, it heats up till it explodes a little and hurt Inuyasha. Mouryoumaru is heavily wounded but escapes. Byakuya makes his appearance and greets the gang a little before flying off in his huge paper crane.
Mouryoumaru is in the midst of absorbing youkais to strengthen himself in episode 5 when Sesshoumaru shows up to test his Tenseiga. But with Naraku’s orders and Byakuya’s distraction, the baddies fled. Kohaku joins Kikyo on her quest to hunt Naraku and is prepared to lay his life for the cause. Toutousai is brought to see what’s wrong with Tessaiga. He mentions nothing is wrong with the sword but it’s Inuyasha instead. In short, since the sword powered up, he too needs to train and match its level to be able to control it. He suggests seeking a sage named Yourei Taisei. They find him to be like a 2D house cloth because he claims an ogre took his innards. Plus, Tessaiga is sealed so Inuyasha won’t rashly unsheathe and start hurting innocent youkais. As they go around searching for the ogre, they find a menacing snake-lady youkai. Inuyasha uses his claws and smelling sense to find her demonic aura point to defeat her. But she wasn’t the real deal. The real ox ogre who claimed to have killed the sage now attacks him. With his determination to avenge the sage’s death, he unsheathes his sword to locate and destroy the ogre. It’s revealed all this was just an illusion and training for Inuyasha to enable him to see the true demonic aura and how to use the dragon-scaled Tessaiga. As pointed out, it’s a sword to cut demons and not absorb demonic aura.
In episode 6, Naraku absorbs a youkai and demon-eating tree named Youmeiju. While chasing Mouryoumaru, Kouga bumps into Kikyo. She wants him to hand over his shards but he refuses. Mouryoumaru confronts Naraku as they fight. Naraku acknowledges he knew that they will betray him when they got detached. Mouryoumaru absorbs Naraku and the jewel to near completion. He goes after the remaining shards and targets Kouga nearby so both Kouga and Inuyasha team up to but Inuyasha can’t see its demonic aura so Mouryoumaru has them in his grasp. Kagome’s arrow frees Inuyasha as Mouryoumaru escapes. Akago senses he is unable to use the Shikon Jewel when Naraku appears and says he is devouring him from within and destroys his barrier via Youmeiju. Naraku then takes over Mouryoumaru’s body. Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to suck him in but it’s taking a heavy toll. Inuyasha stops him though he managed to suck in Akago’s guardian stone. Naraku mocks them for not finishing him (because he still has his heart) and will regret it before disappearing. Kikyo notes how miasma has affected Miroku’s body and if his Wind Tunnel is closed a second late, he could’ve died. The rest plead to her to save him.
Kikyo heals and purifies Miroku in episode 7 though miasma is spreading in her own body. Naraku reunites with what seems to be a clone of himself, supposedly his negative feelings and hints he knew of Kikyo’s plan to purify him with the jewel. Later, Kikyo gets trapped in a web trap by Naraku and has Kohaku stay as far away so as not to taint his shard. Inuyasha and Kagome come to her rescue but fell into Naraku’s web trap. Kagome sees the sad past of Inuyasha and Kikyo. When they come to, Kikyo tells them of Naraku’s plan to separate Kohaku from her, using her to lure Inuyasha out and showed Kagome those visions to sow negative feelings in her. Kagome is Kikyo’s only hope to be saved as she tells to retrieve a bow from Mount Azusa’s mausoleum. Kohaku is being attacked by Byakuya who is going to taint his shard but is saved by Sesshoumaru. Byakuya then flees. Inuyasha stays with Kikyo while the rest head to Mount Azusa. Of course Inuyasha and Kikyo had to go there too after sensing some danger. Kagome climbs up Mount Azusa and sees a spirit impersonating as Kikyo. She sees visions that amount to hate, selfishness and jealousy but in the end, her resolve to save Kikyo was strong and broke free from the spirit’s illusion test and Naraku’s web. However, she starts falling off as she calls for Inuyasha to save her while Naraku notes he has to kill Kikyo.
Inuyasha catches Kagome in time in episode 8 but Naraku captures the rest, especially Kikyo. Kouga fights off Naraku’s offence as Kikyo notices his shards purifying and hopes to use this chance to destroy Naraku. Miroku tried using his Wind Tunnel but is just absorbing miasma. Inuyasha shows up and fights him using his dragon-scaled Tessaiga to open up a dark portal believed to be Naraku’s body whereby Kagome spots the Shikon Jewel. With Inuyasha off to save falling Kikyo, Kouga tasks upon himself to destroy the shard but Kagome suddenly senses it disappeared. Naraku has got Kouga in his tentacles and his shards tainted. Kagome realizes the Shikon Jewel is being hidden in Kikyo so she fires her arrow at her while Naraku tries to intercept. Kagome’s arrow reaches the Shikon Jewel in time and sends the purified jewel back to Naraku but the thick miasma layer is tainting the jewel so Naraku absorbs everything. Inuyasha takes Kouga away from Naraku’s grasp leaving behind Kouga’s shards. The Shikon Jewel is totally tainted as Naraku proclaims victory so weakened Kikyo tells Kagome to protect the final shard in Kohaku. He taunts them all before disappearing to retrieve the final shard. In the aftermath, Kagome feels guilty for not being able to save Kikyo. Everyone reflects on how Kikyo did her best to save them. Dying Kikyo spend her last moments in Inuyasha’s arms. A tearful and heartbreaking final moment talk you usually see in such tragic love movies. "I have always loved you", things like that, bla bla bla. And yes. They shared a final kiss before Kikyo dies. I don’t know but I get a feeling that anti-Kikyo people are rejoicing about this.
Kouga parts with Inuyasha’s gang in episode 9. That’s the last you’ll see of that dude. On the other hand, Kohaku follows Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru’s mom pays him a visit and uses her Meidou Stone to unleash a dog youkai so Sesshoumaru uses his Meidou Zangetsuha to cut it. The youkai didn’t die but instead snatched Rin and Kohaku to the other world. Sesshoumaru follows closely into the other realm. Though he manages to kill the youkai, Kohaku is still alive due to the shard but Rin is seemingly dead. They follow the dark path and defeat the Master of Darkness but Rin is still lifeless. Sesshoumaru gets frustrated over the results when his Tenseiga glows a bright light, healing all the dead corpses around it. He and the kids return back to the normal world via a bigger meidou portal and mom notes how his Tenseiga has matured. However she warns him that Tenseiga can only be used to save a life once, among other lectures like fear, sadness and compassion. Do you think Sesshoumaru really cares for all that? Mom puts her Meidou Stone over lifeless Rin and a bright light soon emits from it, bringing Rin back to life. Sesshoumaru is pleased and leaves. Mom warns Kohaku his life is just like Rin’s, meaning it too can’t be saved by Tenseiga.
Inuyasha and co take refuge in a village filled with flowers in episode 10. But they learn the village head, Kaou, a youkai that can read the sadness of one’s heart and show them dreams to feed on their tranquillity. Inuyasha gets trapped in his illusion and is shown a dream whereby Kikyo beckons him to follow her. He’s so calm that he’s crying blood in reality! Luckily he snaps out of it after hearing Kagome’s voice as the duo soon combine their powers to destroy Kaou and rid the village of his parasitic flowers. The gang continue their journey and are being told by villagers about weird happenings at a lake. They check it out to find a large reflection of Kanna’s mirror in the middle. A giant youkai warrior, Mirror Spirit, emerges from it and surprises the gang as it wields a Tessaiga of its own. As Inuyasha battles it, he shockingly finds he can’t pull off special abilities from Tessaiga. Ironically, with Kanna’s instruction, Mirror Spirit is able to unleash Tessaiga’s moves. Shippou uses his tricks to let his comrades escape so Kanna and Mirror Spirit go in search of them.
As Kanna searches for them in episode 11, she reminisces about Kagura and wonders if she has attained freedom. She manages to find and break through Inuyasha and co’s temporary barrier. Attacks against Mirror Spirit are useless as Byakuya watches alongside emotionless Kanna. Each time Mirror Spirit takes a hit, it regenerates but at a price. That spot taken the hit is reflected on Kanna’s body as it cracks. Inuyasha’s determination to fight back that replica Tessaiga has his face nearly turned into a youkai. As the fight continues and both sides taking its toll, the gang realize Kanna’s cracks and Naraku’s intention to destroy them both. They try to tell her to stop but she continues. Inuyasha tries to take back Tessaiga’s powers by cutting Mirror Spirit’s Tessaiga but Kanna uses her limbs to prevent it and cracks further. Inuyasha successfully lands a hit on Mirror Spirit’s Tessaiga and regains its power back. His face also reverts back to normal. With Kanna cracking up (no pun intended), Inuyasha doesn’t kill her as Kagome tells her she is free. But Naraku orders Kanna her final task. That is to bring them along to her grave. Like a time bomb, Kanna explodes. Before Inuyasha’s Tessaiga’s barrier protected them, a fragment stabs right into Kagome’s eye as she sees a vision of the tainted Shikon Jewel with a sliver of purity. She hears Kanna’s last words that the light will kill Naraku. Byakuya notes how cruel Naraku is and thinks he has to be cautious and soon flies away. Kagome tells the rest what she has seen and that Kanna didn’t really want to die.
Miroku and Sango are having a tough time battling a bone youkai in episode 12. Miroku has absorbed too much miasma and Sango poisons her Hiraikotsu to defeat the youkai but it’s ultimately Inuyasha who delivers the finishing blow. Myouga suggests to go see a drunken youkai sage, Yakurou Dokusen, to fix Hiraikotsu. Sango faces a test of the many youkais that made up Hiraikotsu. She wants them to fight alongside her again but they feel betrayed. They will do so if she promises to leave Miroku, something she can’t as she says she can’t live without that monk because he gave her strength bla bla bla. I’m sure with that answer, you can tell the youkais aren’t pleased. Miroku on the other hand sees Yakurou about his poison in his body. Yakurou gives him a medicine-cum-poison. If he drinks it, he will feel no pain while absorbing poison but it serves only as a painkiller as it doesn’t heal or cure his miasma problem. Miroku is determined and drinks it, though Inuyasha has his reservations. Because of Miroku’s strong determination, the Hiraikotsu youkais decide to fight alongside Sango once more and Hiraikotsu is repaired. As Sango thanks Yakurou, he mentions that Hiraikotsu isn’t the same before and has changed. She will only understand it when she fights.
In episode 13, Sesshoumaru fights Shishinki, one who claims to have fought his dad but lost. He also claims Meidou Zangetsuha was a technique his dad stole from him. Shishinki’s meidou may be smaller but it’s a complete circle as compared to Sesshoumaru’s crescent. Inuyasha and co are also there but Sesshoumaru warns them not to interfere. Shishinki further reveals that Tenseiga was originally a part of Tessaiga. Furthermore, it is a sword casted away with unwanted and incomplete techniques from Tessaiga. Sesshoumaru is obviously vexed and couldn’t comprehend why his dad did all those stuff while Shishinki continues mocking him. In the final fight, Sesshoumaru couldn’t care less about all those reasons. He feels Tenseiga resonating and thinks it’s telling him to fight alongside Tessaiga and save Inuyasha. He draws Tenseiga and a super large and complete meidou appear above Shishinki and sucks him into the other world (aside from devastatingly changing the landscape). Sesshoumaru isn’t satisfied because he feels Meidou Zangetsuha was complete only when it was resonating alongside Tessaiga. Inuyasha probably tries to cheer him up but Sesshoumaru is cold as ever and tells him they are destined to fight till their deaths.
Sesshoumaru alone goes to confront Toutousai in episode 14 and claims he knew everything from the start. Well, he admits he was the one who separated Tenseiga from Tessaiga. Sesshoumaru also realizes his dad’s plan to have him master Meidou Zangetsuha and then get it absorbed back into Tessaiga. He tries to kill Toutousai but he hid well and told him he won’t understand daddy’s long term plans and to throw away his attachment to the sword and hatred for Inuyasha. Elsewhere, Naraku approaches Kohaku and tries to take his shard but a purifying light from it stops him and allows Kohaku to escape with Rin and Jaken. Naraku plans to cut off Kohaku’s head and slowly defile it as he chases the pack with his miasma. Inuyasha and co rush over but Byakuya stops them. The rest take him on to buy time for Sango to go ahead. She intercepts before Kohaku (under semi-control from Naraku) could cut his own head off. Naraku mocks her but she remains steadfast. She throws Hiraikotsu at cocky Naraku and he is surprised by its different power (Hiraikotsu has the power to draw in and shatter demonic aura now). Noting that he has no time to recover from a different poison, Naraku barely escapes. While recovering, Naraku tells Byakuya to take a fragment from Mirror Spirit and send it to Sesshoumaru whom he is going to use as his pawn. Kohaku is being healed by Kagome as they chat about how he felt Kikyo’s purifying light powers flowing through Naraku’s tentacles when he tried to take his shard. Kagome thinks Kikyo’s power still remains in Naraku and remembers Kanna’s last words. Sango says it straight to her little brother that he is weak in heart and strength, the reason Naraku is taking advantage of him. He can’t be freed from Naraku if he fights alone. Miroku notes miasma has spread further in his body.
In episode 15, Sesshoumaru receives the fragment from Byakuya and spreads it over Tenseiga so it will have similar abilities to Tessaiga. Though he knows this is part of Naraku’s plan to get an advantage over them, he thinks this trap is worthwhile. He returns to fight Inuyasha and because of the fragment, it’s like deja vu. Inuyasha’s Tessaiga can’t unleash its usual moves while Tenseiga imitates them all. The gang aren’t happy and Inuyasha thinks he sank this low just to get Tessaiga. Byakuya transport the feuding brothers to another youkai realm to fight so as not for the rest to interfere. Inuyasha turns into a demon to regain Tessaiga’s abilities. Sesshoumaru uses Meidou Zangetsuha to suck Inuyasha in. Thinking it is over, he throws Tenseiga into the vortex. Tessaiga turns into its dragon-scaled version so Inuyasha uses it to cut his own demonic energy. The energy flows through his body and Tessaiga so Naraku tries to kill him by taking control of Tenseiga. As soon that happens, Sesshoumaru hops in and reclaims Tenseiga and continues to attack Inuyasha. As the swords clash, the Mirror Spirit’s fragment fell off and Tenseiga broke. It seems Sesshoumaru did it on purpose as he acknowledges Inuyasha as its true heir. Tessaiga turns black and supposedly it’s Meidou Zangetsuha version (both swords have become one, that is). But they are in danger of being trapped in the other world as Inuyasha loses his demonic energy and reverts back to his normal self. Inuyasha sees a strip of light (Tenseiga) and cuts it, sending both brothers back to their normal living world. Toutousai tells Sesshoumaru to take Tenseiga from the other world (though its ability has reverted back to its original form, that is, it can only heal and cut things that are not of this world) but he shows no interest and goes off. Rin takes it along hoping Sesshoumaru may change his mind.
A little flashback in episode 16. 15 years ago, Hitomiko had powers on level with Kikyo to repel Naraku. In present day, Naraku uses his spider web to kill her. Before she dies, she told the villagers to separate her body and head but they bury her as a whole thinking it as respect. Inuyasha and co arrive after following the spider web and being told by the villagers what happened. They see Hitomiko alive but being manipulated by Naraku who wants to take away Kagome’s powers and kill her. A trap sends Kagome right into Hitomiko’s barrier. Kagome wants to save her but Naraku mocks her the only way out is to kill her through the spider in her chest. Either way, Naraku wins because Hitomiko’s soul will suffer eternally and Kagome’s heart will become corrupt. Hitomiko is not always under Naraku’s spell as she managed to give hints to Kagome on how to defeat her such as using the spiritual energy residing in her bow she got from Mount Azusa and the reason she was named Kagome. Kagome thinks hard but couldn’t make sense of it except her mom named her so because she some light on her chest resembling some overlapping squares and that when she played with other kids, she knew who was behind her. She sees the symbol in the spider so Kagome wishes upon the bow’s power and fires a shot. The arrow disappears before Hitomiko and reappears behind her and heads straight to shatter hidden Naraku behind and bring them both back to the normal world. Before Hitomiko passes away, she tells Kagome that her power was only unleashed when she fired the arrow and something is sealing her powers. She thinks it is Kikyo.
According to Kaede, she thinks it’s the evil will residing inside Shikon Jewel, Magatsuhi, that is sealing Kagome’s powers out of fear. In episode 17, many youkais are trying to kill Sesshoumaru after learning he has lost Tenseiga but were easily killed by his claws. All talk only. Naraku tells the tainted Shikon to rid the purity light inside it and allows it to borrow his body as Magatsuhi materializes from Naraku’s body. Magatsuhi fights Sesshoumaru and mocks he is weak. Kohaku, thinking he is one of Naraku’s incarnations and couldn’t defile his shard, attacks but it backfires as Magatsuhi taints it and makes him unconscious. Sesshoumaru is in a bind when Inuyasha and co arrive to help. Magatsuhi stares at Kagome and causes her to pass out. As they continue to battle, the tide is always in Magatsuhi’s favour. Sesshoumaru finally uses Tenseiga to cut the youkais that made up Magatsuhi’s body but is unable to cut his flesh so he gets engulfed by his tentacles. Suddenly a bright light emits from his missing left arm as he slashes the wrapping tentacles. Not only has he got his left arm back, but a new sword, Bakusaiga. Bakusaiga’s effect has Magatsuhi unable to regenerate and its effect continues to spread. Sesshoumaru finishes him off but he barely escapes. In the aftermath, Toutousai tells him Bakusaiga has always been hidden in him. In order to use it, he has to stand on his own as a greater youkai.
Kagome wakes up from a nightmare in episode 18 that she failed her exams. See, skipped so many classes to play in the past lah. She tries to purify Kohaku’s shard but is unsuccessful. They think Magatsuhi has sealed her powers and the reason Kikyo’s powers didn’t work on him was probably she was focused on defeating Naraku. Sesshoumaru goes off alone to find and kill Magatsuhi. Kagome returns to her world to study for her entrance exam. Since her family is away on a hotspring trip, she is home alone. Inuyasha pays her a visit so they both chat about stuff like Kikyo. Inuyasha vows to protect her with his life. They could’ve kissed if Kagome’s family didn’t return home. Oh, the perfect time. On the day of her entrance exam, Inuyasha tries to bring her back to the feudal world but gets caught in a frantic chase to search for Kagome’s lost bag in a crowded train. Though they managed to find it, Kagome is disheartened to find her exam ticket is missing and thinks her life is over. Not till mommy shows up at school to give it to her because she left it on her table. Phew. Thankfully, she passes her exams. Theoretically, if she wasn’t messing in the past, she could’ve been a top model student, right?
Inuyasha’s supposed to stay for dinner but he destroyed the kitchen while trying to kill a cockroach with his Kaze No Kizu in episode 19. Haha. Overreacted. Meanwhile Byakuya distracts Sesshoumaru by letting him fight a fake Magatsuhi. When he realizes the illusion, he uses Bakusaiga to destroy the thousand youkais Byakuya summoned to keep him company. He didn’t expect that new powerful move, didn’t he? The real Magatsuhi possesses Kohaku and before he flies away, he stabs Sango as Miroku has absorbed too much youkai poison and his miasma scar is inching closer to his heart. Inuyasha and Kagome return to find out what has happened and goes after Kohaku. Sango spends a little private moment with unconscious Miroku. She kisses him as gratitude for always risking his life to protect her and Kohaku. When Inuyasha and Kagome catch up (and Sango soon to follow), Magatsuhi tells them Kohaku is seeing repeated visions of his scary past of killing everyone. Kohaku in fear, sees Kikyo’s Shinidamachu and follows it. He sees his sister pleading for him to save her and Miroku because she believes in him. Kohaku snaps out of the spell as a purifying light emits from his tainted shard. He decides to do a crazy stunt to force Magatsuhi out by jumping down the abyss.
I don’t know how but Magatsuhi has been forced out just like that in episode 20. Naraku’s tentacles grab Kohaku so Sango uses Hiraikotsu to free him. Sesshoumaru appears to destroy (but not kill) Magatsuhi with his Bakusaiga and Tenseiga. He returns to the village upon learning Rin’s fate. Naraku then appears and holds Kagome hostage. Kagome senses his Shikon Jewel and tells Inuyasha it is in his right shoulder. Inuyasha and Sango cooperate to hit that spot but it seems Naraku’s body is made of the armour Mouryoumaru got when he absorbed the latter. Naraku wants Kohaku to hand over his shard or else he will kill Kagome. Kohaku agrees on 1 condition, that he release her unharmed. As Naraku grabs and brings him closer, Kohaku takes out Kagome’s dropped purified arrow and strikes at the jewel. Taken aback and fearing this will harm him further, he releases Kohaku while Inuyasha unleashes Kongosouha to free Kagome as Naraku flees into the sky. Meanwhile Miroku and Rin are up and feeling better since Magatsuhi’s presence is gone. But while Jaken and Rin are taking a walk, a youkai believed to be from Magatsuhi kidnaps Rin. When Sesshoumaru returns and learns of this, he realizes Naraku’s intention to seal the powers of Bakusaiga and Tenseiga. One of Naraku’s tentacles is stealthily crawling from behind. In a flash, it pierces through Kohaku’s neck, taking his shard with it up to the sky. Kohaku falls lifeless while Sango becomes an emotional wreck. Naraku combines the final shard and with his powers, defiles it totally and Kikyo’s speck of light in it is gone. Upset Inuyasha and Kagome use their last efforts to locate and destroy Naraku but he mocks the weak beings they are and how Inuyasha wasn’t able to save Kohaku like Kikyo’s case before disappearing for good. As motionless Kohaku lie in Sango’s arms, a speck of bright light emits from his back. It seems to be Kikyo’s speck of light. It left the shard when it was taken and stayed with Kohaku. The gang figured Kikyo considered saving Kohaku’s life more important than destroying Naraku.
Kagome returns to her modern world in episode 21 for a short while to find she has passed her entrance exam and even attends graduation ceremony. Then it’s back to the feudal world. Can I say she has best of both worlds? Naraku absorbs the Shikon Jewel and emits so much miasma that the surrounding creatures instantly turn into bag of bones and the entire area into miasma zone. Devastating. Worse than global warming effect. Inuyasha and co go face Naraku while leaving Shippou and Kohaku behind with Kaede. Naraku’s body is now a large spider and the inside is larger than it seems. They see Sesshoumaru there as he enters to body to save Rin. They too follow. Since they’re fighting Naraku’s body parts, he can regenerate and it is useless to go on. Inuyasha is going to use Meidou Zangetsuha but changes his mind after seeing a vision of Rin walking around aimlessly. Kagome tells the rest to find and destroy the Shikon Jewel since sensing its strong presence deep within Naraku’s body and that the jewel is still in its original form. The gang are separated when Inuyasha suddenly turns into a youkai and violently turns on Kagome. As Naraku explains, since they’re near the jewel, his soul has been toxified by it because he’s a weak youkai. Kagome makes a run but Naraku offers her a solution. He gives her a miasma-filled arrow and wants her to shoot it at Inuyasha to save herself. Kagome refuses so she falls deep down the pit.
Naraku shows Miroku and Sango a horrifying vision of how Miroku’s dad was killed by his own Wind Tunnel in episode 22. Sango is petrified so Miroku tries to calm her down that this all a trap. But as Naraku continues his attack and Sango in danger, Miroku has no choice but to use his Wind Tunnel. Its tear is widening so he seals it for the time being. He bids farewell to Sango and decides to go solo, much to her dismay. Youkai Inuyasha walks around aimlessly and after thinking about Kikyo and Kagome, returns to his normal self (see what thinking about women can do), but Naraku continues to mock him so he turns back into a youkai (damn). Kagome wakes up to see Sesshoumaru driving Naraku’s inner youkais away. She follows him. Rin wakes up and gets scared upon seeing Magatsuhi and runs away but bumps into Inuyasha who is going to kill her. However Inuyasha still has little control of himself so he attacks Magatsuhi instead. By the time Sesshoumaru and Kagome show up, Naraku’s body swallows up Rin as Magatsuhi possesses Inuyasha. Meanwhile Kohaku, Shippou and Jaken fly into Naraku via Sesshoumaru’s double-headed beast A-un. Magatsuhi throws away Tessaiga since it’s the final link between Inuyasha and his mind. As Sesshoumaru fights his possessed brother, Inuyasha has many thoughts of spending time with Kagome (is that thinking about women again lah) so he is able to break free from Magatsuhi’s control. Kagome throws him Tessaiga so he has full control over himself but as he approaches her, Magatsuhi tries to possess Kagome. Tessaiga turns into its dragon-scaled version and Inuyasha’s youkai vortex has taken hold of Magatsuhi’s. This allows Sesshoumaru to use his Tenseiga and kill Magatsuhi for good.
Inuyasha returns to his normal form in episode 23 and Kagome has her purification powers back and also the speck of light returns to the Shikon Jewel. Kohaku, Shippou and Jaken got separated from each other. Byakuya intends to make Miroku use his Wind Tunnel to kill himself along with the fake Naraku Miroku is seeing before him. Likewise, Sango too sees a fake Naraku holding Rin hostage. He taunts her that this is her chance to kill him and at the same time sacrificing Rin to save Miroku. Inuyasha and Kagome arrive just in time to stop Miroku before he could use his Wind Tunnel. Sango in a dilemma, is ready to sacrifice Rin and throws her Hiraikotsu. She is under a spell so she can’t hear Kohaku calling out to her. Kagome pulls off that disappearing arrow move and manages to injure Naraku. Enough time for Hiraikotsu to miss Rin and Byakuya to lose an arm. Byakuya explains what is happening so Sango feels guilty. On top of that, Sesshoumaru’s there. Guilt ridden Sango has no qualms of being torn apart by Sesshoumaru but requests him to wait till Naraku is defeated and Miroku’s life saved. Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku follow a different light to reach the real Naraku. He continues to taunt them as Inuyasha unleashes Meidou Zangetsuha but misses. Well, it nearly got Shippou. He sees Byakuya taking some demonic energy from Meidou Zangetsuha with his sword. Naraku unleashes an even poisonous killer miasma but Inuyasha uses his Tessaiga barrier to shield themselves. Proof that Naraku is getting desperate despite his mocking and calm appearance?
Sango enters the fray in episode 24 and throws her Hiraikotsu at Naraku but it returns with miasma, weakening her. She falls into the pit as Miroku follows her. Both lovebirds huddle close together and resigned to their fate. Their despair powers Naraku as he unites with the tainted Shikon Jewel. So much so he can’t be sucked to the other world by although he takes a direct hit from Meidou Zangetsuha. When Naraku says even if he dies, the Shikon Jewel will always remain, this prompts Kagome to think the reason why he tried to destroy their bonds was because the jewel didn’t grant his real wish and that he understood the pain of loss. Now it’s Inuyasha’s turn to lecture. Something about them being half youkais and possessing both human and demon heart. He unleashes Meidou Zangetsuha this time in blade form and cuts Naraku. Seems that it has transformed based on Tessaiga’s ability as compared to Tenseiga so you could say Inuyasha has fully mastered the move. Jaken reunites with Sesshoumaru, Kohaku and Rin. Sesshoumaru senses Naraku getting desperate since his body is violently shaking and more miasma is released so he uses Bakusaiga to wreck havoc and Naraku’s body unable to regenerate. Shippou on the other hand reunites with Miroku and Sango and gives them a pill to remove miasma from their body. Seems Miroku’s Wind Tunnel curse is weakening since Naraku has taken some damage. Kagome knows Tessaiga and Bakusaiga can’t kill Naraku’s soul and that’s what her purification powers are for. She aims her arrow at him when suddenly Byakuya appears from behind and slashes her with his Meidou Zangetsuha sword. Inuyasha returns the favour and sends him to the other world but Byakuya has no regrets playing his final role because he knows he will only die when Naraku dies. Finally everyone assembles as they face off with Naraku.
The final assault on Naraku begins in episode 25 but Naraku merges his soul with the Shikon Jewel to turn into a monster. Though Naraku’s body is falling apart, the gang realize his intention to destroy the village below. The miasma-laden body is dropping and destroying the land below as the villagers make a run. As the heroes reach the ground below, Kagome spots the jewel and takes a shot and directly pierces it. We see Naraku’s wish was to have Kikyo’s heart. The miasma vanishes and before Naraku dies (he’s like a head sticking out from his vertebrate), he tells them that he made a wish upon the jewel that it would be granted when he dies after Byakuya slashed Kagome. A wish that the jewel forced him to make for itself. To prove Naraku is no longer in this world, Miroku’s Wind Tunnel is gone. But their happiness is cut short as meidou opens up behind Kagome and swallows her. The well from the village that Kagome used to travel between both worlds is also gone. Then Inuyasha realized if the Shikon Jewel wanted to survive, it wouldn’t have let Kagome survived so he cuts open a meidou and enters it to search for her. Kagome finds herself living a normal high school life. She is stumped that her shrine with a well is a storage shed and the sacred tree has no scar. Then she realized it’s an illusion by the Shikon Jewel. She sees her family and friends frantically calling out to her at the place the well once was. She meets the jewel who tells her to make a wish to return to that normal world of hers or forever be trapped in this darkness and be alone for all eternity where no one will come. Inuyasha is faced with several youkais who tell him he is inside the jewel. In addition, Kagome has a fear of the darkness and will give in to her desire to make that wish. Among the other gibberish I understood was, it’s some plan to imprison Kagome and fight an eternal battle with the youkais till the jewel falls into the hands of another who will use it for dark purposes since the jewel is indestructible. Some vicious never-ending cycle. Kagome is overcome with fear as Inuyasha hopes she won’t make any wish.
Inuyasha fights of the hordes of regenerating youkais in episode 26. He sees sleeping Naraku and fighting Midoriko and being told about some eternal battle between the souls. Inuyasha disagrees with all that crap because he gives that lecture of how he learned many things with Kagome and without her he won’t be here and have no friends bla bla bla. His faint voice managed to reach Kagome but she is still in a dilemma as the jewel pesters her to make a wish, even if it’s seeing Inuyasha. Remembering her grandpa’s words that the jewel will be totally purified when the correct wish is made (also the fact that it never grants one’s true wish), she decides not to make a wish because she believes Inuyasha will come for her. Inuyasha follows Meidou Zangetsuha’s instinct to cut open a light path and is reunited with Kagome. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. They kissed! Woot! Kagome now knows the correct wish (hope it wasn’t from that kiss), that is she wants the Shikon Jewel to disappear forever. It cracks before being purified by the light and then destroyed for good.
In the aftermath, it has been 3 years since that incident. Miroku and Sango have started their own family and have kids. Three of them. Way to go, monk. He narrates how back then a pillar of light appeared which causes the well to reappear but only Inuyasha came out alone though he said Kagome was safe. Kagome is back in her own world, graduated from high school. She also thinks back then how the well reappeared in her shrine and rushed into the arms of her worried but relieved family. But Inuyasha suddenly disappeared back down the well and ever since, she has been unable to go back to the feudal era. Just like Kaede concluded, probably her ability to travel back then was to fulfil her role to destroy the jewel. Then 1 day, she sees the sky at the bottom of the well and mommy tells her it’s okay. Inuyasha on the other hand rushes over to the familiar scent at the well. He reaches his hand in and pulls out Kagome. Everyone is happy to see her. I don’t know how but probably it was her desire to see Inuyasha again that got this thing to work again. Whereabouts of other characters include Shippou continuing his training to be a full fledged fox youkai, Kohaku training to be a stronger demon slayer, Myouga and Toutousai travelling together, Kouga marries Ayame and becomes head of his wolf tribe and Rin lives with Kaede. Finally it seems Kagome has decided to live her life in the feudal era as a priestess and be with Inuyasha forever because she’s calling passing by Sesshoumaru her brother! He looks so annoyed just like Inuyasha! I bet we’ve never since that kind of expression before. Oh yeah, that Jaken imp is still tagging along by Sesshoumaru’s side.
So okay, the ending was satisfying. No complains in the sense that I want it to end better. The good guys win at the end and peace is restored, right? But it just bugs me a little to note that Kagome decides to continue living the rest of her life in the past. I mean, she rarely attends high school or have any other activities in her daily life so it’s just fitting to go back to the place whereby she’s most familiar and comfortable with. I thought her brother was joking but it’s true when he said her sister married right after graduation when his buddies pestered him to introduce his hot sister to them. Haha. Even that Houjou guy who supposedly has a crush on Kagome is seen having a new girl. Better that way, pal. I wonder how this will affect the effects of time. I mean, somebody from the future going back to live in the past. I wonder how she’s going to tell people her age. Born in year XXXX, currently living through year YYYY. Hey, she’s negative ZZZ years old! Don’t you think? And I suppose Inuyasha can’t complain too since Kagome is believed to be a reincarnation of Kikyo. If he can’t have his first love, might as well settle for this one. And see, how a woman can change a (half) human? Inuyasha may still be the rash and crude dude but he’s at least better off than when he first started.
With the fast paced of the series, I find a number of new and old characters come and go. Especially Naraku’s reincarnations. Well, I guess they’re disposable in the first place. Seeing that even Kikyo died, I too was hoping some other main characters will perish, such as Kohaku. But I guess you can’t turn it into a real tragedy, eh? For Sango’s case, I find her an emotional wreck in some ways. The main contributing factor is knowing about Miroku’s cursed fate and Kohaku’s near-death experiences. Every time they do some death defying stunt, you can expect Sango to get all concerned. Can’t blame her since they are important people in her life. Miroku may be less lecherous in this season but that’s just because he’s got much of his Wind Tunnel to worry about. He could die any moment with his Wind Tunnel widening. The reason why Sesshoumaru still keeps Rin around still boggles me since as far as I know, he hates humans. Some sort of attachment and his ego can’t let him say of this exception?
Then there are those main characters which I personally feel are like excess baggage and don’t do much. Such as Shippou and Jaken. It’s like their roles are not only limited but I felt the series could go on even without them. They’re like comic relief in the sense that even though they talk big like how they are also able to do this and that, when faced with the real thing, they start finding excuses to chicken out. Especially the final assault on Naraku. Then Myouga’s case was like that flea’s role was just to reveal Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru’s dad’s plans and reasons for doing things in such mysterious ways but nothing else important. I would really have forgotten about Kouga if he wasn’t shown in the end. After getting his shards stolen by Naraku, it’s like he knew he would be a burden to Inuyasha and co and decided to go back. You could say his character is killed off in a way, right? It’s such a waste since he got Goraishi and just a short time using it. I thought he liked Kagome too. Maybe he knows deep down that girl will always look at Inuyasha. Hey, now I remember that raccoon dog, Hachi. Remember that companion of Miroku? What happened to him? I know he’s just a minor character making very little appearance in the first season but he doesn’t make a single one here! Not important, huh?
Naraku is so vile to the end that he makes a cool villain. Always keeping a step ahead of the gang and his mockery really does get to you after hearing one too often. I was predicting Byakuya would betray Naraku somehow but I guess his role was just mainly observing the heroes. With a number of detachments defecting, it’s about time Naraku had one which doesn’t (apart from Kanna, that is). As for the Shikon Jewel, it finally occurred to me that the little ball is just one greater form of evil. No wonder Kikyo decided to destroy it along with her death 50 years ago. But you know, evil don’t really die… Imagine all the trouble that comes with it and just because of a little ball. Sheesh. And I thought Magatsuhi being the evil will residing in it will be gone after he was destroyed but no, there’s another one as the jewel itself. Another development factor in this series is also seen in Tessaiga. Over both seasons, we see how Tessaiga developed several techniques and each skill it gains, it becomes more mature and stronger. So I guess it’s no surprise that the earlier skills that he mastered like Kaze No Kizu is used much lesser once Inuyasha truly mastered the ultimate Meidou Zangetsuha move. Just to keep Sesshoumaru fans happy, I felt Bakusaiga was ‘given’ to him as a ‘consolation prize’.
Viewers who have watched the first season can still identify with the many materials retained and being used in this sequel such as seiyuus, background music, drawing, art, animation and even the title screen. The opening theme is a rock pop piece by Do As Infinity, Kimi Ga Inai Mirai. The first ending theme by AAA called With You, feels like techno pop. The second ending theme by Alan entitled Diamond, resembles more of a moderate pop tune. The final ending theme, Tooi Michi No Sake De by Takekawa Ai has R&B flavour in it with a little rapping. On a trivial note, I find the sponsor screen right after the opening credits to be a little funny. We see Shippou and Jaken playing some Red Light, Green Light game. Every time Shippou takes a peek behind his back, Jaken stops his task of inching closer to Shippou by making a funny pose or face. What the?!
That’s it for this series I guess. No more sequels whatsoever. Even if they intend to make one, perhaps it will be some filler OVA or a feature length movie. But for me, I have my fill of this series. I’m not a big fan but rather, how should I put it, someone who prefers to finish what he has started since it’s not that bad. At least I know I don’t want to be going back in time to fight youkais, levelling up my abilities just save the world and future. Heck, not even stay there. The way is forward with watching more animes! :). I still can’t believe a little jewel is the source of tons of misery in the first place. Maybe I need to beware of those little golf balls.

Inu Yasha

Inu Yasha

November 10, 2007

When the local tv station finally decide to air the anime series Inu Yasha more than a year ago, I decided to give it a go and watch the series. I don’t really know if it’s the tv station bad habits or what that’s because I tend to notice that anime series with more than 100 episodes have a tendency to stop halfway. Same case here for this series but it didn’t even reach halfway. Heck, not even 1/3 of it.
Probably they ran out of money because they decide to rerun the entire series from episode 1 up till, oh wait. They’ve already stopped showing it after a few episodes into the rerun. Because of that, I decided to go on my own and finish watching the series on some online video sharing site which shall remain nameless ;P. Initially I thought of watching it halfway then quit because of the hefty amount of episodes. Thank goodness that I finally manage to watch each and every episode right till the end.
Based on the manga of the same name, the series has been adapted into a weekly tv anime series spanning over 167 episodes. That’s a pretty long time if you’re to watch it religiously week by week. By I suppose it’s lesser compared to One Piece or Naruto with over 200 episodes, or even Detective Conan (400 over episodes! Imagine that). If this series bear a little uncanny resemblance in terms of character design and drawing to Ranma 1/2, then don’t be surprise because the author and creator of the series, Rumiko Takahashi, is also responsible for it.
But unlike in Ranma 1/2, this series doesn’t focus on mix up love triangles and quadriples. It’s mainly more on the adventure and fantasy of the feudal era in Japan. Sort of. Yes, there is some romance but it’s not the main core. Of course, there is some comedy element in it, which is partly why I kept watching this series. Not to say that every episode will make you laugh out loud, usually the filler episode does. Besides that, you have a more serious action drama to keep viewers in sight of the storyline and plot.
Basically we have this half dog half demon guy Inuyasha as the main protagonist. Note that I differentiate the spacing when I spell Inuyasha’s name apart from the title so as not to confuse myself even though it means the same thing. This Inuyasha guy wants to be a full fledge demon so that he could become the most powerful being ever (what else is new) and decides to steal the Shikon Jewels in order to do so. However, he inadvertently falls in love with a miko priestess, Kikyo, who’s supposed to guard the jewel and in a way you could say that their relationship starts off there. Since Inuyasha isn’t the only one after the jewel, there are other monsters and youkais (demons) who are after it so much so Inuyasha and Kikyo have been tricked into fighting each other. It ends with tragedy with Kikyo getting clawed by Inuyasha and Inuyasha himself getting pinned to a tree that transcends time by Kikyo’s arrow before she draws her last breath. Kikyo is then cremated along with the jewel and Inuyasha is stuck to that tree for 50 years.
That’s in the past. Fast forward to the present day where we have a high school 15 year old Kagome Higurashi, who lives in a shrine run by her grandpa along with her single parent mom and little brother Souta. There is a well in their shrine and one day Kagome is looking for her pet cat when some centipede monster comes out of the well and drags her into it. The next thing Kagome knows is that she’s in the feudal era and has to run away from the monster or else. I don’t really see any obvious resemblance but every character in the feudal era seems to see Kagome as a reincarnation of Kikyo as she bears her resemblance. Kagome reaches the tree where Inuyasha is trapped at and at the same time the villagers decides to take Kagome and let her see Kaede, Kikyo’s little sister who is an old woman now. After hearing the story between Inuyasha and Kikyo, that monster centipede attacks again. Kagome has no choice but to release the arrow that is lunged in Inuyasha’s body. With that, Inuyasha easily defeats the monster. Looks like his skills haven’t got all rusty yet. To prevent Inuyasha from running away with the jewel, Kaede casts some beads around his neck, which Kagome can restrain him by saying "Osuwari" (to sit) and in a flash, Inuyasha will come crashing to the ground like a good obedient dog. It’s funny to see Kagome do that everytime when she’s pissed off or decides to teach him a lesson. Imagine going "Suwari suwari suwari suwari suwari". Bam bam bam bam bam. Now that’s gotta hurt. Basically, I find that this is the only command which she can say and he to obey.
However, more and more demons are coming after the jewel because of wanting to become more powerful so much so during a battle with a crow-like demon, the jewel has been shattered into several shards and is spread throughout the land. Thus, Inuyasha and Kagome have to go on a journey to retrieve the shards. Isn’t it like finding a needle in a haystack? Well you see, Kagome has an uncanny ability to sense the presence of a shard when it’s nearby. So that really does save some time. Furthermore, Kagome is a natural archer and from time to time she will shoot her purified arrow at her enemies to purify the corrupted darkness. In addition to that, whenever any corrupted shard is in her possession, she can somehow purify it. Now she’s really useful. So really a reincarnation of Kikyo?
Of course the 2 don’t really get off on a good start at first. I mean, Inuyasha’s your typical rough, crude, grumpy and couldn’t care less about anything else except his own. You get the picture. So as the series progresses, you’ll notice that Inuyasha and Kagome will have a special bond and in a way like each other. However, you won’t see them confessing face to face because Inuyasha’s the kind of guy who has his pride. I mean, even though he cares for the one he loves, he doesn’t really show it upfront and does it in another manner (his way). Just like any other dog, Inuyasha has a keen sense of smell and wears a red robe which is believed to be impenetrable. However I find as the series progresses, his robe doesn’t really protect him much as it gets pierced through and such. Is he being ‘ripped off’? Since Inuyasha isn’t the selfish kind, he sometimes give his robe to protect Kagome from dangerous things. Also, Inuyasha’s a half-demon (hanyou), he turns into a human every night of the full moon. Not only his hair turns black, he’ll lose all his demon powers and is vulnerable at this state. Better not let his enemies find out.
With a whole bunch of episodes, it’s not only about these 2 searching for the jewel shards in every episode. That will be downright boring. Of course there are other characters thrown into the fray. Let me briefly state Inuyasha and Kagome’s companions who will be joining them on their journey to search for the Shikon shards. First, a little tiny fox demon kid called Shippou who doesn’t get along well with Inuyasha. Those 2 are like loggerheads but because of Inuyasha’s bigger size, he gets the better of him (being bullied that is). Plus, Shippou has an ability to magnify little things like toys in size. With that, the weight of it too magnifies. He can also transform himself into some weird pink balloon and give whoever rides on him a lift, albeit for a short period of time only. Over the series, I kinda find this Shippou a little big mouth and coward though his intentions are good. Well, during battles, he gets scared and even when he pledges to protect Kagome, he’s shivering in fear. Probably is because he’s just a kid. Also a tiny flea called Myoga who in a way is also a coward. But thing is he provides useful information to Inuyasha and friends before fleeing (oh the pun) when the going gets tough. Myoga usually enters the scene by sucking a little blood from the character he jumps on to and is usually smacked like a mosquito (natural reaction for anybody who is bitten, right?) soon after.
Then we have the lecherous monk, Miroku. His a total flirt when he sees a pretty girl’s face and always come up to them and say "Will you bear my children?". I know he may be a little good looking but what on Earth is his thinking. Plus, rubbing a woman’s butt is his form of greeting? If he’s in this world, he’ll be facing lots of lawsuits. He carries along with him a staff and some sutra chants to ward off demons but his main power is his Wind Tunnel (Kazaana) in his right palm. It’s like some super vacuum cleaner which can suck anything into it. Don’t get caught in it. You won’t know where you’ll end up. Miroku has a racoon dog side kick called Hachiemon or Hachi for short. Though he doesn’t follow the gang around and only makes his appearance here and there, I can’t help mention that Hachi can transform himself into a large long piece of sh*t (really! That’s what it look like to me at first!) or rather piece of club with a funny face and fly. Some kind of transport mode, I’d say.
Also there is a demon exterminator lady, Sango and her pet Kirara. Sango has some sort of a large oversize boomerang, Hiraikotsu, which she can fling and destroy many demons. Kirara on the other hand can transform herself into a much larger and ferocious beast on fire to help out. Over the series, you’ll notice the love chemistry between Sango and Miroku but because of Miroku’s lecherous ways, it always spoils the mood. So much so Sango has to keep him in check. I wonder what Sango really does see in him after all that flirting moments. Ah ha. She’s just like all the other helpless women who fall for his lame charms. Haha. Just kidding.
There are lots more detailed and comprehensive information about the characters, storyline, weapons and other stuffs over the internet. So if you want to more about them (perhaps you’ve turned into an Inuyasha obsessive freak) then you can go to dedicated fansites or even wikipedia to learn more about the series. It’s just like Star Wars or Harry Potter cult but I somehow don’t feel its worldwide impact like those 2 mentioned. For this blog of mine, I’m just gonna blog on important and significant points. In other words, parts which I could remember ;P.
One thing I like to mention first is that since Kagome literally goes back in time to the feudal era, how come her actions don’t really have any effect or repercussions on the future? I mean, if they say she went back an alternate world of the feudal era, that’s understandable. But she just went straight back into the past. So who invented the bicycle? A Japanese which goes by the name of Kagome because she does bring her bicycle back into the well to travel during her journey. But later in the series, Inuyasha would just carry her on his back because her bicycle’s destroyed and I suppose it’s much faster that way. What about the food and snacks she brought back then? Did those feudal era villagers get inspiration to make such unusual food from her? Plus, if there were hordes of youkais back then, what happened to them in the future? Extinct like dinosaurs? Wiped out by a single comet? Haih… So much to think about. But I shouldn’t let that get to me. And I suppose the producers could really draw any monsters anyhow they like so long as they are real ugly and mean looking. Yeah, there’re are plenty of them, mostly to be slaughtered.
In addition to Inuyasha’s Sankontessou (Iron Reaver Soul Stealer) claws to slash his enemies, Inuyasha has a sword called Tessaiga, which is made from his late father’s fang. Initially, he and his brother Sesshoumaru fought over it at their father’s grave over its possession. Though neither one of them pulls the sword out, surprisingly it’s Kagome who does but since she’s siding with Inuyasha, she gives it to him. Tessaiga is a special sword which can wipe out 100 youkais in a single swing and don’t be fooled by its run down appearance at first. But with a sincere heart (I think), whenever Inuyasha decides to use it, it will transform its shape into a mighty looking one.
Speaking of Sesshoumaru, he is a full fledge dog demon and it seems that he and Inuyasha don’t get along to well. He is your typical no emotion, stoic, silent anti-hero of the series. Looks cool in that outfit. He’s neither the bad guy nor the good guy as he does things his way. Though he possesses the Tensaiga, another sword created from their late father’s fang, which can restore life and kill spirits of the afterworld (I later found out that spirits of the afterworld and demons are 2 different beings), Sesshoumaru never understood why his father left him with Tensaiga and not Tessaiga. A reason which I myself still don’t know after watching the series. By the way, Sesshoumaru has a little imp following him around called Jaken. Wielding a 2 headed staff, Jaken is like somewhat a comical factor and provides a little comical relief with his hesitation, pessimism and bunglingness. They also have a 2 headed dragon as its beast of burden named A-un. But I notice that Sesshoumaru prefers to walk rather than ride on it.
Another important event is the resurrection of Kikyo. Some old youkai dame decides to resurrect Kikyo for reasons I can’t remember but she herself got burned by her own doing. Since Kikyo’s back alive, Inuyasha is in a dilemma. Yeah, that dog boy still have some feelings for her. So Kagome has to play the patient and understanding girl. Sometimes so frustrating to see them like that. However, the feeling isn’t mutual for Kikyo herself since before she died, she has deep hatred for Inuyasha and her revival doesn’t really change a thing. She still wants Inuyasha dead. Since Kikyo is like the walking dead, she gets her life revitalised through several Shinidamachu (Soul Collectors), some weird looking white eel-like serpent insects which brings souls of the dead and feed it to her. Obviously, she’s not gonna join Inuyasha and co in their quest and wanders around here and there when resurrected. Though I feel that Kikyo harbours less hatred towards Inuyasha towards the end of the series. I also happen to notice that most viewers hate Kikyo. I wonder why? They prefer the Inuyasha-Kagome pair and thinks Kikyo is an obnoxious b*tch. I’m not kidding. To me, she’s just okay.
But the baddest and most vile villain of the series is called Naraku. He’s so bad and evil so much so that he manages to manipulate and use people around him to his plans and is always 1 step ahead of our heroes. He’s so bad and evil that he wears some sort of a baboon outfit to hide his face. Why? I think he likes to monkey with other people. Haha. Naraku’s a villain everyone will love to hate. In fact he has a hand in nearly each of everything that happens, which includes the miserable past of our heroes. For instance, Miroku’s Wind Tunnel is supposed to be a curse from him and would one day destroy Miroku himself. Thus, the only way to stop this is to defeat Naraku himself, hence another reason why Miroku joins the party. So why can’t Miroku use his Wind Tunnel and suck Naraku and the likes into it? That’s because everytime Miroku is thinking of doing that, there’ll be some poisonous insects called Saimyoushou hovering around. And if Miroku sucks them up, poison will flow through his body rendering him weak and he could possibly die if he takes in more. So it’s a little funny to see everytime he’s gonna use his Wind Tunnel, the wasps shows up. It’s like oh bummer, can’t use it. 
Likewise, Sango’s entire family of demon exterminators has been wiped out when Naraku uses Sango’s beloved little Kohaku to kill everyone. Therefore Sango is out for revenge. As the series goes by you’ll notice that Kohaku is still alive because Naraku has implanted a piece of Shikon Jewel shard in him to keep him alive and do his bidding. In addition, Kohaku’s memories have been erased but not completely as he has that deja vu feeling everytime Sango appears. Speaking of Jewel shards, if 1 small tiny insy bit is powerful enough to do all sorts of wonders, imagine what powers it would hold if it’s a whole, albeit it’s still a tiny jewel. No wonder everyone and everything wants to gets its hands, paws or limbs on it. All in the name of power.
Anyway back to Naraku. You’ll also find out that Naraku’s the main culprit and instigator between Inuyasha and Kikyo’s feud. Though Inuyasha tries to convince Kikyo that it’s Naraku’s doing but that miko priestess isn’t listening. Over the series, you’ll see clips of Kikyo and Inuyasha flashback and quite late in the series, there are 2 back to back episodes dedicated about how Inuyasha and Kikyo started and ended. So it’s like putting all the clips together and adding several new ones and wa lah. You’ve got 2 extra episodes with some never seen before clips for viewers to watch. It also tells why Kaede is partially blinded and has an eyepatch, not because she’s a pirate wannabe. Naraku has a large spider scar on his back and usually doesn’t appear directly in front of his enemies. Everytime Inuyasha and co gets to slash Naraku, you’ll see that they just slashed some puppet of Naraku and the big bad boss himself is sitting somewhere far away safe and warm. Though Naraku wants to obtain the Shikon Jewels, he can’t do it by himself. Not because he’s incapable, it’s more like he’s the boss and he should have his own minions to do so. So over the series there’ll be several detachments or creations of Naraku. I’ll just mention the important and longer lasting ones first.
First up is a white little girl named Kanna who doesn’t really speak much and carries a mirror around with her. I feel that Kanna doesn’t really appear that much and even so it made me think where she wass all these while. Kanna is very loyal to Naraku but unlike her, another one of Naraku’s creations, Kagura, has a more independent mind and though she is the wind sorceress and does Naraku’s bidding in her earlier appearances, later on, she decides to gain her freedom by using indirect ways to get rid of Naraku but often fails. She has to be careful since Naraku is holding her heart and he can just squish it and kill her anytime. I find it funny that everytime Kagura needs to escape she’ll just pick out a feather from her head and that feather will become enlarged as she flies away. Gone with the wind. I also find that Kagura seems to do more of the offensive part rather than Kanna. Maybe Kanna’s got her hand full by always holding up that mirror.
The Inuyasha-Kikyo-Kagome love triangle takes another interesting step with the appearance of Kouga, the leader of the wolf tribe. Kouga is super fast because he has 2 jewel shards implanted in his legs and his poor henchmen Ginta and Hakkaku is always seen trying to catch up to him and catching their breath. Since Inuyasha and Kouga don’t really like each other, any slightest little thing would cause them to quarrel or fight. Only with Kagome around will they be able to calm down (Inuyasha by force of course). Kouga has no qualms about confessing his love for Kagome, which of course makes Inuyasha jealous (this guy won’t admit it of course). I suppose the others enjoy watching the love suspense drama between them. But overall that Inuyasha is still a bloody dense guy when it comes to love. Kagome even notes how he brings density to a whole new level. Even with this 2 loggerheads around, Kouga proves that he is an ally of Inuyasha and gang from time to time especially against Naraku. Yup, that evil guy is responsible for slaughtering Kouga’s men that’s why Kouga is always on the hunt for Naraku.
Adding to Sesshoumaru’s party is a little human girl named Rin. She’s an orphaned girl traumatized by demons who slayed her parents and couldn’t speak a word until she met him. Though Sesshoumaru doesn’t give a damn about her, he has no qualms about her following around. Then 1 day, the village that Rin was staying in gets slaughtered again by Kouga’s men. Rin died and I think Sesshoumaru wanted to test his Tensaiga and resurrected Rin. Because of that, Rin felt grateful and decides to follow him. Also after being given a second chance at life, Rin can now speak and is as energetic and curious as a little girl her age. It’s ironic to see that a guy like Sesshoumaru who hates humans taking in one. As mentioned though he lets her do what she wants, at times she comes to her rescue when in trouble. Throughout the series, the reason why Sesshoumaru lets her follow him around isn’t revealed.
As the series progresses, not only you’ll see the relationship and friendship bonding of our heroes, but Inuyasha gets a chance to power up and learn new skills as well. For instance, a deadly battle leaves Inuyasha’s Tessaiga broken so he has to forge a new one by seeking out a skilled sword craftsman named Totosai. At first glance, Totosai may look like an old senile idiot. Yes he is one, but he’s quite good in his skills though he doesn’t give direct answers to Inuyasha. Probably he thinks it’s better to let him find out and learn it himself. With a new Tessaiga made out from one of the defeated creations of Naraku, Inuyasha also learns a new skill so that he won’t just simply charge and blindly swing his sword. Hey, if you’re gonna use that sword, might as well do it with some skill and style. One of the first techniques Inuyasha will learn using the Tessaiga is the Wind Scar (Kaze No Kizu). I’m not sure about Totosai’s explanations, it uses the wind (obviously) and it has a devastating blow and leaves a trail of destruction (like a scar). Another skill learned along the way is the Backlash Wave (Bakuryuuha) which uses the youkai’s own energy projection against itself. Also, Myoga suggests about powering up Tessaiga by defeating some powerful evil bat (bad bat doesn’t sound nice) in order to break Naraku’s strong barrier. Having done so, Each time Inuyasha uses his Tessaiga to break Naraku’s barrier, the Tessaiga will turn blood red and is able to penetrate it.
Besides Inuyasha’s power up and the gang’s quest to hunt down Naraku, there are other episodes which involves the other characters as well. Meaning, filler episodes and are usually when the main story arc finishes and before a new one starts. Like how Shippou falls in love with a young human girl and tries to protect her, Shippou getting a challenge from a younger sibling of the deceased Thunder Brothers, Myoga running away from his bride to be (just like men and responsibility, huh?), Kirara went missing and the gang thought they took advantage of her as they try to find her but finds out that Kirara went to help carry some stuff for Myoga and Totosai, Inuyasha doing some chores for Totosai thinking that it’s some rigid training (but they’re indeed his normal chores), a group of young girls wanting Sango to teach them demon slaying techniques but their true intentions are actually to steal the demon exterminator’s weapons and fight the youkais themselves, Shippou getting possessed by a parasitic youkai bug, a childhood friend of Sango who wants to marry her after meeting her again and witnessing her demon extermination techniques but in the end gave up because he thinks she has found a better partner (Miroku, that is. How ironic), Kikyo’s rival shrine maiden Tsubaki who wants to take revenge on the former for ‘taking away’ her beauty and youth (more like her own doing).
Miroku finds that he has bore several children of a woman (which is of course a trick of a woman youkai), Miroku’s master and his last days as the gang decides to make his last moments a memorable one but in the end finds out that he’s just drunk and doing find, a woman (later found out being possessed by demons) who loves Sesshoumaru and tries to please him by stealing the Tessaiga but Sesshoumaru isn’t too amuse by her, Kouga’s bride-to-be Ayame who comes back and tries to make Kouga remember his promise back then to make her his bride (that guy is trying to run away from his responsibility too? Is he two-timing Kagome? Not. Kouga’s pretty much more into Kagome than Ayame), an odd-demon exterminator old woman who doesn’t look like one but gets things done when needed (a fluke, I’d say), Jaken falling ill as Rin tries to find a cure before he dies, Jaken trying to steal the Tessaiga, Hachi impersonating as Miroku to flirt with women and in a way gives him a bad name, Kikyo helping a repentant bandit find some salvation, some split personality guy who creates fake Shikon Jewels, fighting against the Panther tribe before they revive their great cat leader (it’s cats vs dogs here), helping other villagers or gentle and docile youkais against evil human bandits and spirits (whether it’s from their constant rampaging or preventing their lovely and pretty daughter being taken away as a bride), are among the many stand alone fillers which can serve as an episode itself and not necessarily have any relation to the main story arc. Though it’s best to see them in order.
Since Kagome isn’t making this feudal era her permanent home (more like her second home actually), at times she goes back to her own world. Usually when after she and Inuyasha ends up after a quarrel (like a lover’s one. Hehehe), when she has to replenish her supplies or is sick. Speaking of which, because Kagome is spending much of her adventures in the past, her grandpa always has to cook up some elaborated reasons about Kagome’s illness. Yeah, some we’ve never even heard of. But you can’t argue with the shrine master, can’t you? It’s a wonder how Kagome gets to catch up on her work. Not to say that she’s the brightest student and pass with flying colours, she manages to get by each time. Then there are Kagome’s girl pals, Yuka, Eri and Ayumi. The trio are like busybodies and since they know Kagome has a crush on a boy called Houjo, they try to play matchmaking. But that’s before Kagome met Inuyasha. So it’s quite funny to see Kagome trying not to give too much away about Inuyasha to her friends as they think Kagome’s two-timing the guys. Even Kagome’s description of Inuyasha as an abusive and tough boyfriend don’t help much as the trio wonders why she still stick around with him.
Sometimes Inuyasha can’t wait patiently for Kagome to come back so much so he goes into the well and into her world to look for her. It seems that not everyone can do time travelling. So far only Kagome, Inuyasha and a handful of youkais can do so through that well. It would be plain weird for the modern people to see somebody with dog ears running around. It seems Souta seems to think of Inuyasha as his big bro and Inuyasha likes to ‘play’ with the family’s pet cat whenever he’s waiting in their house (not chase after it, but rather hold up its 2 hind legs with his hands). Eventually Kagome’s pals manage to meet Inuyasha face to face after all that dodging Kagome did to hide him. But they didn’t make a big deal out of it and don’t think he’s a such a bad guy after all. Filler episodes in Kagome’s world include Kagome helping her buddies for the school festival but when some youkai appears it’s up to her and Inuyasha to stop them (I like the part whereby an unsuspecting Inuyasha is facing off Houjo for Kagome on a stage play. Then a youkai comes and Inuyasha beats it up with his Wind Scar which totally destroys the stage. Everybody loves it because the effects were so real), Kagome trying to study for her upcoming test, and even trying to help Souta confess to his first love Hitomi (what’s with that Detective Conan outfit?).
Back to the feudal era, Kagura tries to gain her freedom by asking Sesshoumaru to kill Naraku but Sesshoumaru doesn’t take orders from anybody, pissing Kagura off. Later on, Naraku abducts Rin and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t kill Inuyasha. Later, Rin escapes from her captive’s place with Kohaku but since the latter is under Naraku’s control, he orders him to kill Rin. I’m not sure if Sesshoumaru actually cares for Rin or not but in the end in a way he abandons his match with Naraku to save her when he confronts Kohaku just in time before he slashes her. Inuyasha is fearing the worst because Sesshoumaru won’t have any mercy on human beings. However, Sesshoumaru decides to spare the boy’s life because he refuses to do Naraku’s bidding (which he thinks is to kill Kohaku) and leaves. After this, Sesshoumaru changes his objective to hunt down Sesshoumaru from his initial desire for Tessaiga. Also, during the battle between Naraku, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, Naraku’s barrier was destroyed by Inuyasha’s red Tessaiga leaving Naraku a little surprised. Naraku decides to escape and over the next several episodes, we won’t be seeing Naraku for quite a while. He’s hiding himself to make himself stronger. As for our heroes, they’ll need all the clues they can get to locate Naraku.
I somehow got interested with the resurrection of the Band Of Seven (Shichinintai) story arc. They were once a group of merciless and bloodthirsty mercenaries who were executed. It is rumoured that Naraku had resurrected them since there is a jewel shard in each of them (Naraku has a near complete possession of the Shikon Jewel) but Naraku’s whereabouts and appearance remains unknown. They include the leader Bankotsu who is the leader and the youngest one and wields a large halberd, the pretty boy Jakotsu with his snake sword (at first I thought he was a she because he looks like a girl and sounds like one. A homosexual, I’d say. Not only that he loves Inuyasha’s looks and wants to fight him), Renkotsu who spits fire and has an ulterior motive, the double claw wielding Suikotsu who also seem to have a split personality, Ginkotsu who has several weaponry and looks like that character from an American horror movie, little petite poison master Mukotsu, and the huge giant Kyoukotsu. Hmmm.. Why do their names end with ~kotsu? Brothers? So which means Sango’s Hiraikotsu is… Nah, no relation actually. So we see Inuyasha and gang, along with Kouga, Sesshoumaru and even Kikyo all coming into the picture to hunt down Naraku but are met with the resistance of the Band Of Seven. With the fights, twist and turn in the plots, I think this is the most interesting arc in the series. Also the good guys are suspecting something about Mt Hakurei. It’s a place where no evil spirits or youkai could enter and even if they do enter, they’ll be purified. So it’s bad news for Inuyasha even though he’s a hanyou as they try to check things out.
Later it is revealed that indeed Naraku resurrected the Band Of Seven to stall Inuyasha and those after his head so that he could recover. Moreover, Naraku is hiding inside Mt Hakurei itself. If such a holy place has a purifying effect on youkais, first thought is that this would be the last place to look for, right? Sango and Miroku went ahead to check things out but only met Kagura. The duo found out that some semi-dead monk is responsible for putting up the strong barrier and is working for Naraku. Why? Some back story on how he wanted to become a living Buddha to help people so much so the villagers buried him alive. Then it hit him why am I so dumb therefore I don’t wanna die. During that time, Naraku appeared at his weakest moment and convinced him to be on his side. That sly cunning guy. Even so, this monk is believed by the villagers to be some legendary protector of the land. See, even guys like him can cross over to the dark side.
So one by one our heroes (and anti-heroes as well) dispose the Band Of Seven. Beginning with Kouga defeating Kyoukotsu (what a short appearance for this guy which lasted for 1 episode only). Followed by Sesshoumaru who slashed Mukotsu without mercy (thus saving Kagome from becoming that ugly shorty’s bride), Ginkotsu is next but Inuyasha only manage to destroy his body as Renkotsu remakes Ginkotsu’s body into a stronger armour tank. Ginkotsu self destructs during his later battle with Inuyasha and Kouga. Then Kikyo helped purify and release Suikotsu also partly because of the latter’s good half who doesn’t want to hurt anymore people. Though Renkotsu has his battle with Inuyasha and Kouga, his intention is to obtain as much jewel shards so that he could defeat Bankotsu. Eventually, Bankotsu himself kills Renkotsu. No match at all as Bankotsu shows him who the real boss is. Though Bankotsu is wicked, he still has some honour and pride like not betraying one’s own comrades. Jakotsu gets his wish to take on Inuyasha but ultimately looses. Thus it’s a final one on one match between Inuyasha and Bankotsu. A match to see whose sword is the mightiest. Since Inuyasha is the hero, of course he wins lah. But he didn’t really kill Bankotsu. After Bankotsu’s defeat, Naraku appears! This time he has discarded his baboon suit and looks more ferocious with tentacles and thorns sprouting out from his back. With Naraku coming back, Mt Hakurei collapses (probably to show how big and bad Naraku’s return with) as Kagura and Kanna flees.
However, there is another reason why Naraku went through all this elaborated set up. He wants to get rid of Kikyo. Before all this, you’ll see pieces of episode about Kikyo and Naraku. It seems that Naraku is also a hanyou and his current body originates from a bandit called Onigumo. Onigumo is recuperating in some cave with Kikyo attending to his wounds when Naraku commands all the youkais to ‘eat him’ so that he could become stronger. But Onigumo has 1 flaw, he is in love with Kikyo and because of that, Naraku has a hard time disposing a resurrected Kikyo. There’s even an episode whereby Onigumo detaches himself from Naraku’s body and goes on to find his memories and Kikyo under the name of Musou. But eventually he got reunited with Naraku’s body. So back to this story, without Onigumo’s heart, Naraku eventually manages to face Kikyo and kills her! Those who hate her must be real happy. Unfortunately, Inuyasha isn’t. He’s depressed and guilty by the fact that he couldn’t protect her. I also seem to notice that after this story arc, Kouga won’t be appearing anymore. Maybe he’s off on a wild goose chase after Naraku.
So for several episodes, the gang continue their quest to search for Naraku. Thus more filler episodes and other youkai terminating quests like the episode whereby Kagome discovers one of Houjo’s ancestors, Akitoki. It alls started when Houjo brings his family tree scroll to school and they save Kagome’s name there. So is that guy married to her back in the past? This short story arc sees Akitoki requesting Inuyasha’s help to seal some super halberd. Of course some demon called Hoshiyomi wants to steal it and combine it with another sword kept apart so that he could be powerful. He has 4 demon ninjas to help him stall Inuyasha and co but I felt that their fight was short because Miroku sucked them all up with his Wind Tunnel. Yeah, one of the demon ninja is like gay, and that match with him and Akitoki is pathetic and gay-like. Hilarious. As usual, some back story about him a youkai falling in love with a human mortal, Tsukiyomi, and just like Inuyasha-Kikyo’s case, she ‘betrayed’ him and sealed him. She has her reason for doing so that is to stop him from going insane. Hoshiyomi realizes everything bla bla bla things go back to normal, day is saved. So did Kagome end up being Akitoki’s bride? Well, Akitoki ‘admits’ defeat to Inuyasha, but along the way, he picked up lady and decides to call her Kagome.
Back to the Naraku story arc. After the Mt Hakurei incident, it seems Naraku is now after Kagome’s eyes. That’s because with Kikyo’s demise, only Kagome has this ability to see the jewel shards. Not only that, Naraku has a new creation in a form of a baby. It seems Naraku has nearly completed the Shikon Jewel with the exception of 1 in Kohaku’s body and 2 in Kouga’s legs. Which means there is 1 more shard left. Where could it be? Naraku enlists the help of some demon with long ears to hear where it is and he concludes that the final shard is at the border between the dead and the living world. To cut things short, that place is where Inuyasha’s father’s tomb is. Yup, he’s been there before when he fought Sesshoumaru for the Tessaiga but the problem is how to get back there (I supposed that black pearl in Inuyasha’s eye can only be used once). Meanwhile, Naraku’s baby is killing shinto priests to find a path to the next world with Kagura accompanying him when he is sliced into 2 by a strong priest before the latter breaths his final breath. But that isn’t the end of Hakudoushi, with his body split into 2, one of them remains a baby called Akago and Kanna takes the responsibility of carrying it with her while the other half grows into a young kid. Soon Hakudoushi manages to tame and master a powerful demonic horse, Entei.
True to his evil self, Naraku tries to use Inuyasha and co as a bait to find the path to the next world like making them go head first in some cave which is the gate to the afterlife only to be faced with stone guards. But there is a catch, which is, one must die to enter the next world (seems logic, right?). And if you try to go in otherwise, you’ll turn into stone. So Inuyasha and co have to find another way. Meanwhile Naraku enlists the help of some bird demon, Abihime, who is in the midst of terrorizing human villagers and draining their blood so that she could use it and cure her sick mom, Tekkei, hiding underneath some large mountain. Naraku promises her that if she helps him, he’ll help her obtain human blood faster and gives her some spear made from his bones to help ward off Inuyasha. Though Abihime is sceptical, she goes on her usual routine of destroying villagers but I guess it’s kinda annoying when she has to meet Inuyasha everytime so much so Inuyasha and co thinks she’s in cahoots with Naraku. Well, indirectly.
I suppose the series can’t be complete without Kikyo. Yup, that miko priestess is brought back to life again. See when Naraku disposes off Kikyo at Mt Hakurei, he didn’t really do a proper job. And I thought if you want a job done, you have to do it yourself. Looks like he’s careless. Kikyo is languishing in some waterfall area and she has 2 little shikigami children as her… sidekick? They’re Asuka and Kocho. During Abihime’s onslaught on the villages, a mysterious figure who look like Kikyo, under the guise of some saint, saves them with their purification arrow. So is it her. It look so much like her. Anyway, Kagome manages to find Kikyo in that pool and I think it’s some out-of-body experience thing which enables her to go around saving villagers. I think. Kagome decides to save Kikyo as she tries to purify the poison within her body. Kagome successful does and wah la! Kikyo’s back but is still her usual self and goes off to hunt Naraku. Not joining the gang anytime. In a way, I suppose Inuyasha is glad. Also at this point in time, Kohaku’s encounter with Sango has made him regain his memories. But he decides not to let anyone know yet and still acts like as though he’s under Naraku’s control in order not to raise any suspicions so that he could kill Naraku.
So it’s a showdown between Naraku, Inuyasha and Abihime as Tekkei is finally cured and is gonna wreck havoc (looks like a giant rooster). Tekkei shows her gratitude towards Naraku by devouring him. But that’s part of his plan. He can’t die that easily. Naraku then bursts and emerges from Tekkei’s body, making Abihime horrified. He then uses that spear he gave to Abihime against her and kills her outright. It seems that the plan is to create a river of blood which will open the path to the border to the next world. Naraku heads in with Inuyasha close on his heels as they enter into the next world. What about Sesshoumaru? He gets word from Kagura about Naraku’s whereabouts as she leads him to that cave. How did Sesshoumaru pass whereby everyone else fails. Since he’s wielding the Tensaiga, a sword not of this world, he is allowed to enter. That easy?
The gang finally reaches the border of the next world and Inuyasha’s father’s tomb. Brings back memories, huh? The shard is embedded in Housenki, the deceased demon who created that black pearl. But Housenki is not giving up the shard. Soon Naraku arrives and a battle ensues. Also, Inuyasha’s Tessaiga does another power up. I’ll skip the details. This time, it’s called Kongousouha (Adamant Barrage. But diamond spear wave is a much better translation) whereby Tessaiga becomes hardened like a diamond and is now able to shoot solid crystals. Sesshoumaru soon arrives and attacks Naraku. In short, with the combined attacks of Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha’s Kongousouha and Kagome’s super purification arrow (given by a resurrected Kikyo earlier on), they manage to defeat Naraku once more. But that guy is as slippery as an eel as he make his escape once more. How did Naraku get back? It seems his link back to their world is through Hakudoushi. Don’t remember much about it but as for Inuyasha and co, I’m thinking they follow Sesshoumaru back to that cave (they didn’t show how they got out). At least that final shard is in Kagome’s possession.
Back to their real world, Naraku is aware that Kikyo is still alive and orders Hakudoushi and Kohaku to unleash unlimited demon rats to ravage villages in order to draw Kikyo out. Sango is disheartened to find out Kohaku is behind this but he has no choice. Yeah, lucky for Kohaku, Saimyoushou is watching and observing him. After overcoming this rat problem, Kikyo tells Inuyasha the reason why Naraku cannot die after countless time of blasting and ripping him apart may be due to the fact that his heart is somewhere. Therefore, they need to find it in order to have a chance to destroy Naraku. In short, that Akago is supposedly Naraku’s heart and Kanna’s guarding it at some cave. That girl is gonna get bored.
Lately, Inuyasha can’t smell Naraku’s presence and the gang finds out that Naraku has obtained an orb called Fuyouseki, in which he stole from a slumbering mountain youkai, Gakusaijin, which hides his demonic aura. Naraku should’ve done this a long time ago. Fuyouseki is seen in the hands of Akago and Gakusaijin gives Inuyasha and co some crystals so that they could trace Naraku. However, it seems Hakudoushi is unleashing random attacks of experimenting monsters (like trying to assemble different parts of monsters and put them into 1) on Inuyasha and co. It seems that his intention is to steal the crystal and Hakudoushi and his creation, Mouryoumaru manage to do so.
Thus the gang has to look for Fuyouseki without it and it leads them to some guy called Goryomaru at a temple. This guy has a demon arm which shoot lights to destroy youkais. Meanwhile Kagura is trying to investigate Akago and Naraku’s heart which leads her to Goryomaru’s temple. I don’t remember the reason but Kagura concludes that Naraku is really playing safe like hiding a leaf in a forest because that temple is overwhelmed with other youkais, in a way it hides the presence of Naraku’s heart. Thus Kagura launches an attack but got blast instead. Is this the end of her? Soon Hakudoushi appears and kills Goryomaru. So happened that Sesshoumaru and his entourage were passing by when Rin spots Kagura floating in the water and proceeds to rescue her, ignoring Jaken’s advice. But luckily for Kagura, since her heart is in Naraku’s possession, she can’t really die yet as she regenerates back to her normal self. I wonder why it took so long to regenerate. But Kagura tells Sesshoumaru about Naraku’s weakness and his heart in hopes of getting him to destroy Naraku.
The final episode of the series sees Naraku purposely making Kagura to lead Inuyasha and gang to the cave where Kanna and Akago are hiding. Upon arrival, Kanna flees with Akago and Inuyahsa realizes that it’s a trap because they’re deep within what supposedly is a stone demon’s stomach. They need to get out quick or else the stomach acid will dissolve them. Plus, Inuyasha’s Wind Scar can’t do much so he suggests for Kagome to put her single Shikon shard on his Tessaiga to increase its power. This is also part of Naraku’s plan because he knows that the shard is purified when it’s with Kagome. Once it leaves her hands, Inuyasha will transform into a full demon. And Inuyasha’s losing it. It got me thinking, that Inuyasha may be weak! That’s because I don’t recall other demons turning into such when they get a hold of a piece of Shikon shard. Naraku’s a bad ass himself so nothing more to say. Oh wait, I just remembered Inuyasha’s a hanyou and weak full fledge youkais did loose their sanity and went berserk when they came into possession of it. So Kagome has to run over to him, risking her life, hugs him in order to purify the shard and return Inuyasha back to his hanyou self. With that, Inuyasha and Kagome blasts their way out of the demon stomach to foil Naraku’s plans once again. Meanwhile Kikyo arrives to encounter Kanna and tries to shoot her with her arrow but Mouryoumaru protects and sweeps Kanna and Akago to safety and disappears. Sesshoumaru arrives at Goryomaru’s temple only to find it a rubble and leaves.
With that, I find the ending a little dissatisfying. In fact, it didn’t end at all. We see Kagome recuperating but since her injuries aren’t that bad, she continues her journey to find the Shikon shards and Naraku with Inuyasha and co. Everything goes on for the other characters. Kagome’s mom is seen buying a new pair of shoes for Kagome (after her old one got dissolved in that demon’s stomach), Souta dating Hitomi, Kagome’s 3 pals are bringing Houjo somewhere and Kagome’s grandpa is still around doing some cataloguing. Even in the feudal era, Totosai continues to forge swords, Naraku and Hakudoushi are seen together with his near complete Shikon Jewel as Kagura looks on, Kanna still carrying Akago and trekking somewhere with Mouryoumaru, while Kohaku is practising with his weapon somewhere. Kikyo is standing and overlooking the scenery (wonder what happened to Asuka and Kosho), Sesshoumaru and his followers are still walking somewhere, Kouga and his 2 followers are still running somewhere. You get the point.
Overall, I was hoping that it would all end at the last episode but I later found out that even though the anime series has ended the manga is still ongoing. So if you’re interested in knowing more characters, storylines and weapon abilities, you’ll be better off reading the 30 over volumes. And this manga series is still ongoing. Will it ever end? Well, it ends here for me since I’m not really that obsessed about this series. Even at the end of the last episode, Inuyasha and Kagome thank faithful viewers who have been with them for 4 years. Wow. That feels like a long time. However, after the series ended, there is 1 Inu Yasha movie out per year. So far 4 movies have been released. There’s even a videogame on the series for those who can’t get enough. I think I’ll pass since I’ve got more than enough.
I want to note that I watched the entire series over 3 different languages. First it was the Malay dubbed on the local tv, then the English dubbed version over the Internet soon after, and finally the original Japanese version later on (around near the end of the Band Of Seven story arc). Of course I’d say I still prefer the original Japanese one. Another thing I want to note about the Japanese version is that, besides Inuyasha and his main group of travelling companions, all other major, side, supporting characters and even those who would play a significant or important role in a story arc or only a particular episode, will have their names appearing on the screen when they’re first introduced. Now that’s a way to drill their name into your head. But later on, it gets a little annoying because it made me go "Hey, you don’t have to tell me his/her name. I already know it lah!". Also, the Japanese version has a short section at the end of most of the episodes called Inuyasha Jar, whereby they ask viewers to guess some jumbled up picture in a box, which will be revealed after the next episode preview.
The drawing, art and animation seems pretty okay to me but at times, the scenes may get a little dark and gory especially when it involves those hideous youkais. One thing I would like to note is that I seem to notice that the ordinary villagers and peasants do look the same from 1 village to another. I mean, all the women villagers have that 1 typical look, so do the farmers, the young children and even those samurai warriors. Though in a way, their role may be insignificant, it sometimes made me feel like deja vu like have I seen this face before in some previous episode. Also, not to say this is anything but I kinda notice that the mid-intermission of the series on average happen around the 16th minute. That’s because other mid-intermissions of other animes usually happen even before the halfway point and not even reaching a full 10 minutes. Am I that picky to notice such insignificant things? There are also several artbooks if you can’t get enough of the drawings.
There are quite a variety of background music over the series ranging from slow ballads to upbeat battle themes to comical tunes and eerie ones, though I find some of them to sound the same but they vary in terms of the beat and musical instruments used so as to suite the mood and scene. Of all the opening and ending themes of the series, the ones I like best is still the first opening song, Change The World, by v-6, and the first ending song, My Will, by Dream. The 4th opening theme, Grip, by Every Little Thing sounds okay too while the 6th opening theme, Angelus, sung by Hitmoi Shimatani, sounds very much like a samba song. Nearly made me get up and do the samba. Of course there are others from slow ballads like the 3rd ending song by Ayumi Hamasaki, Dearest, the 5th opening theme, One Day One Dream by Tackey & Tsubasa, and the 4th ending song by Boa, Every Heart, to the more rock-like ones such as the 3rd opening theme Owaranai Yume by Nanase Aikawa. The 6th ending theme Come, by Namie Amuro sounds a little techno while the 2nd ending theme Fukai Mori by Do As Infinity is more of a slow rock. The rest sound like pop songs which include the 2nd opening theme, I Am, by Hitomi, the 6th ending theme, Itazurana Kiss, by Day After Tomorrow, and the 8th ending theme, Brand New World, by v-6.
Kappei Yamaguchi is the voice of Inuyasha, and is famous for other roles like the male Ranma of Ranma 1/2 and Hideyoshi of The Law Of Ueki. Noriko Hidaka who voices Kikyo also voices Akane of Ranma 1/2 and Soujiro of Rurouni Kenshin. See the connection between Inu Yasha and Ranma 1/2 lovers even in the seiyuu? Satsuki Yukino is Kagome and is also well known as Chidori of Full Metal Panic, Mutsumi of Love Hina, Kouda of Girl’s High, Mei Li of Chuuka Ichiban, Tina of Ai Yori Aoshi, Ayu of Ultra Maniac and the human form of Yoruichi in Bleach. Ken Narita does Sesshoumaru and you can recognize him as Lin of Ghost Hunt. Naraku is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa who also voices Mitsuomi of Tenjou Tenge, Homura in Gensoumaden Saiyuki and The King Of Devils in Shuffle. Miroku’s voice actor is Kouji Tsujitani who is the voice behind Dr Akai in Maburaho while Houko Kuwashima is Sango who also does Kagura of Azumanga Daioh and Ryouta of Kyo No Go No Ni. The high pitched and funny sounding Shippou is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe and you might recognize her as the voice of Keroro in Keroro Gunso. I was a little surprised that the voice of Enma Ai in Jigoku Shoujo, Mamiko Noto, is the voice behind Rin. This lady has voiced a lot of anime characters.
So if you like good versus evil kind of anime with some hint of comedy and romance, this series is worth checking out. Besides, since it has accumulated lots of fans around the globe, I’m sure it has to be something. I don’t think Inuyasha will ever get to confess his true feelings likewise Miroku won’t stop his lecherous ways even though he told Sango that he’d be with her after all this ends. At the rate they’re going, heh heh. So is it an excuse for him to flirt around before he commits? Ah, men.
See how 1 tiny little jewel can cause so much havoc and trouble. It’s like making a mountain out of a molehill. No, make that an erupting volcano mountain. In a way, it seems pretty much similar to some things in our world, right? If such jewel were to exist in our world, I’m wondering how much it would fetch at Yahoo! Auctions. Ah ha. I see it has effected me as well.

My Will

July 28, 2006

  Tsuyogaru koto dake shiri sugite ita watashi,
  Dakedo ano toki kara mayoi wa kieta yo
Actually those verses above are the middle part of My Will, the first ending song of the anime Inu Yasha. Why is it so rather than the first or second verses? You see, that’s because the tv version of this song starts of from these lines. It’s funny and rare for an anime to have a video clip and the whole song start at different points (and distance wise too).
  Misetai to omou mono ga kitto atte,
  Kikasetai kotoba mo takusan aru
When I first heard this song after finishing watching the first episode of Inu Yasha, I was really hooked to it. But when I downloaded the full length song, I was rather a little disappointed. Yeah, it seems that I somehow find the tv version sounds better then than the real thing. How ironic. It should be the other way round, with the full length version enhancing the tv version.
  Egao nakigao mo zembu mite hoshikute,
  Matte iru watashi wa yamete CHANSU wo tsukamu yo
Anyway, this isn’t a relatively tough song to sing either. No really really high pitches or long voice sustaining notes. Even the end part where the singer, Dream, goes a tone higher, but I can still manage that. Phew… Good for me. As usual the song starts off with a slow pace and then gradually turns into a faster piece. Love the synthesizers part (if that’s the instruments used).
  Anata no koto wo omou,
  Sore dake de kokoro ga,
  Tsuyoku nareru ki ga suru yo
But the thing is, this isn’t actually a karaoke version. Yup, it’s more like an instrumental or off-vocal version. Therefore, there are no background vocals to support my lead singing. So it feels kinda awkward, so empty, so unfulfilling. But I can’t complain. At least this is one of those few songs where I can sing with some confidence and ease.
  Hakanai omoi zutto,
  Donna toki demo negau yo,
  Anata ni todoku you ni to…
Ah… if you just realized, all of those lines above are the whole lines sung from the tv version. Short, simple and nice.

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